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you are the best thing, that's ever been mine

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[7:12] Mickey
Wake up fuckface
Take your meds

[7:16] E
Shut the fuck up, Mickey
I’m up 

[7:17] Mickey
Bullshit you were
Why’d you reply so late then, huh?

[7:18] E
Jesus. You’re obsessed with me 
I was taking a shit. Is that alright with you? 

[7:20] Mickey
Fuck you is what I am 

[7:21] E
Fuck me is what you can do 

[7:23] Mickey
And I’m obsessed? 

[7:24] E
Fuck off. You’re the one on my ass about replying two seconds late, bitch

[7:25] Mickey
Just makin sure 
So what?

[7:26] E
He’s the one sleeping
Don’t see you gettin mad at him

[7:28] Mickey
Cause he ain’t gotta take his meds
and he’s too cute to wake up

[7:30] E
And I’m not cute enough?
I hope you remember you married me
Not our dog

[7:32] Mickey
Yeah, yeah
Don’t go gettin jealous of Rocky

[7:33] E
He’s a better cuddle buddy anyways

[7:35] Mickey
Fuck off. Take your pills stupid bitch

[7:36] E
I’ll have you know Rock loves me a lot
Probably woke up to all your bitching

[7:37] Mickey
Mm probably woke up cause he’s missin me
But whatever helps, Gallagher

[7:38] E
Okay, Gallagher ;)

[7:40] Mickey
Go fuckin get ready for work, man
Annoying fuck

[7:42] E
I don’t wanna leave him

[7:43] Mickey
Didn’t wanna leave you either
Don’t see me complainin

[7:45] E
You took a picture of me?

[7:46] Mickey
No, a fuckin ghost did
What sorta stupid question?

[7:47] E
A stupid question you can answer instead of being a dick

[7:50] Mickey
Yeah, I took a picture of your ugly face
Come to think, you two look the fuckin same

[7:51] E
Mm, you love my face and me
You’re so sweet, Mick 😍

[7:52] Mickey

[7:53] E
Mickey Mickey Mickey
Such a softie
U love me so much

[7:55] Mickey
I wanna kill you so much

[8:30] E
Before you start another bitch fit, I’m at work
And, we should get another dog

[8:33] Mickey
Yeah. Whatever

[8:34] E
Great, we’re goin to the shelter after I’m done work. I’ll pick you up
Love you
Gotta go

[8:36] Mickey
You fuckhead