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Play my game (not my heart)

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“Jimin! Look this way!”

“Smile for the camera!”

“Jimin, you look amazing today!”

“What a cute smile!”


“Park Jimin!”

The couple dozen flashes from the paparazzis surrounding him leave him breathless every time.


It has been more than two years since Park Jimin, the son of an average family, rose to fame and became one of the most popular and influential people in the world, all thanks to his videos posted on YouTube about make-up and his exquisite technique when applying it, as well as his wide knowledge about it. His good looks were also no joke since the very beginning, but what made people all over the world fall for him was none other than his charm. He is one of those people who fight for what they want and they work as hard as they can to accomplish it, yet when they have it all they never fail to stay humble and not once they forget where they came from. Jimin was an ordinary boy from Busan when he first started his career as a beauty guru on YouTube, and now he is a worldwide star with millions of followers, with paparazzis following him everywhere and with a brand under his name, yet he is still the same ambitious boy as before all of it came his way. This is why people like him. This is Park Jimin.

He bows politely to the reporters before going inside the venue where the annual beauty convention in Seoul is held. He sighs when he finally leaves the flashes behind and he can finally take off his glasses. He doesn’t understand how there’s people who stand right there without sunglasses and end up looking good in the pictures. He knows that if he ever does that, he will end up appearing in all of the pictures with his eyes closed— which, now that he thinks about it, wouldn’t be that much of a big deal because everyone could see his smokey eyeshadow better. But that’s another thing. He gleefully walks past the entrance door, which has white and pink roses adorning the frame. It’s like entering another world made of candy floss and pink sweets when he steps inside the room where the event is hosted. This year’s theme was ‘sweet things’, so that’s why him and most of the gurus there decided to dress with pastel colours to attend this event. Jimin feels really good when he’s in his element, inside these places where he seems to have control over everything. He has always been an outgoing person, but he still feels slightly uncomfortable going to places where he knows nothing nor anyone there. Yet in here, he might not know everyone but all the faces around him are familiar and the place is cozy and welcoming. He is bound to have a good time today.

“Oh my god, Park Jimin?” A sweet and gentle voice calls his name, so naturally, Jimin turns around to greet them. A girl way smaller than him is smiling at him, with a perfect purple cut crease that matches her skirt that looks out of a fairytale.

“Oh, hi!” Jimin greets with a smile that reaches his eyes as well.

“I’m such a fan of you! I think I’ve watched every single one of your videos!” She says, excitedly.

“Aw! That makes me so happy to hear.” Jimin replies, making himself smaller because even now he still gets embarrassed when people compliment him.

“Can we take a picture together? My name is Sori, by the way.” She says, already with her phone out in her hand. Jimin nods and gets closer to her, and in less than a second she is snapping at least ten pictures. He talks to her for a while longer and then she disappears to find someone else, mumbling to herself that she can’t believe she talked to the Park Jimin. 

“Mr. Park?” Another voice calls him and he now turns around to the other side. It looks like the man is a staff member in charge of the event. “Follow me, please, I will lead you to your seat for the opening presentation.” He says, gesturing with his hands to step forward. Jimin nods and follows the man, nicely dressed with a black suit and a pastel pink tie.

The presentation isn’t as long and boring as Jimin thought it would be, and before he even knew it there was a singer on stage performing as a closing act of the presentation. Jimin was having a good day so far and he felt like nothing could ruin his mood today. He had wanted to come here with Taehyung but the man had to take his driver’s license test for the tenth time today and he didn’t want to risk it and be late. Jimin had told him to just take a taxi everywhere like he does, or that he could hire a driver for him if he wanted, but Taehyung refused. Nothing seemed to go wrong, and Jimin definitely was not going to let anything ruin his good mood today.

Suddenly, everyone’s phones start to go off with notifications, some later than others, some at the exact same second. Jimin pays it no mind because he’s surrounded by influencers after all, but he does find it a little weird that suddenly everyone’s phones went off. And then, he feels his own vibrate in his pocket. He frowns and takes it out, unlocking it and seeing the non-stop messages from Taehyung.


My soulmate <3









Are you okay?

What’s going on?


My soulmate <3





I’m wHAT?!?!


Jimin looks up and that’s when he notices that everyone around him is stealing glances at him, looking at him with judgemental eyes and even whispering things to one another without taking their eyes off of him. His heartbeat quickens but he tries to remain calm because it’s probably just a misunderstanding and it’s all in his head. There is no way he’s having backlash when he has never made a wrong move in his whole career. He has always been extremely careful with    he does and says on his social media. Jimin breathes out and puts his attention back to his phone screen as he taps the Twitter app on his phone and his account opens a few seconds later. He goes straight to his notifications and sees the usual amount of comments and mentions, which are a lot, but this time the comments are way longer and they keep coming nonstop. He checks his mentions and scrolls down, reading some words that make his head hurt because he doesn’t understand what’s happening yet those sound really, really harsh. He then stops when he scrolls past a tweet linking an article that reads:


“Park Jimin, the beauty guru and owner of his brand Park Cosmetics, under fire after claims of his new eyeshadow palette being cruelty-free end up being lies”


Jimin clicks on the article and reads it through quickly, heart feeling like it is about to come out of his chest. He has to fight back the whine when he reads “it has been proven by experts that some of the eyeshadows indeed contain carmine, which is a pigment of a bright red colour obtained from the aluminium salt of carmine acid found in scale insects.”

What the fuck.

Okay, this right here definitely ruined his day.

He gets up from his seat and rushes out of the venue whilst he dials Taehyung’s number and everyone else in the room is giving him the side eye. “Jimin?! Are you okay?” It’s the first thing Taehyung says when he picks up the phone.

“What the hell is all of this, Taehyung?!” Jimin sounds alarmed.

“The minute I saw it I texted you. I don’t understand, did you lie about the palette being cruelty free?” He asks.

“No! Of course I didn’t lie! The lab I worked with explicitly told me they weren’t using carmine on my eyeshadows! I made sure of that!” Jimin sighs, frustrated.

“Then what the hell happened? Because they tested the eyeshadows and they indeed have carmine in them…” Taehyung says.

“How?! I don’t understand.” Jimin screams to the phone, stomping his foot on the floor harshly. “It can’t be! The lab told me they didn’t use it!”

“What if they lied? So you would work with them anyway?” Taehyung suddenly says. “We all know you want all your products to be vegan… so what if they lied to you so you would still pick them to work with you?”

“But then what about the hundreds of tests we did on every single eyeshadow?” Jimin asks, whiny. He thinks about everything that’s coming on top of him and he wants to cry. He has never fucked up, not even once, and this had to happen right now?

“They could have easily altered the results.” Taehyung replies. After that, Jimin tries to recall every time they did a test on the products and stays silent for a couple of instants.

“Fuck.” Jimin breathes out, eyes widening. “Fuck, Taehyung. Fuck, fuck, fuck.” He keeps speaking more to himself than to anyone else. “The NDA. They made me sign an NDA.”

“What? Why would a laboratory make you sign a contract like that?”

“I don’t know. Fuck, they said some bullshit that I don't even remember and had me sign it. I’ll go home right now and look over it again.”

“I’ll be waiting for you at home, I just finished my test.” Jimin hears Taehyung say when he starts running to the door and bracing himself for the hoard of paparazzis that will be on his way to his car in a few seconds.

“How did it go?” He asks, looking straight forward and stopping his tracks for a second, seeing all the people around the entrance of the venue looking distressed and with their cameras ready to shoot the very first images of him after the scandal that just broke out around him.

“I failed again.” Taehyung says, and that’s the last thing Jimin hears from him before he steps outside of the venue and everyone is rushing to him, asking him a million questions that fall deaf because all the voices together merge into something incomprehensible.




“Dude, kill him already!” Yoongi screams over the loud music playing in the background, some tune with a trap beat that he has been obsessed with lately.

“I’m fucking trying!”

“Hey! Don’t fucking swear or they’ll ban my account!” Jeongguk says, nudging his Hyung with his elbow, eyes glued to the screen in front of them.

“You just swore, dumbass!” Yoongi laughs, smirk in display. His fans in the comments must be screaming right now.

“You’re so bad at this, oh my god!” Seokjin’s voice is heard from the other room, making the three of them laugh.

“Oh, I’m sorry for not being in the top five gamers of the year.” Namjoon rolls his eyes, dropping the controller and giving up on the game. A few minutes later, the game finishes and Jeongguk and Yoongi win against the bots.

“Next time let’s play against some real people.” Jeongguk says excitedly. He gets up from the floor and walks to where his phone is to read some of the comments of his viewers.

“We could’ve done it if Joonie wasn’t so bad at it.” Yoongi rolls his eyes, plopping down on the couch and leaning on Namjoon’s shoulder, teasing him.

“What game should we play next, guys?” Jeongguk asks the camera and almost instantly there are dozens of comments with different names of games that are really popular and other that aren’t at all.

“Animal crossing.” Namjoon says.

“Yes, please!” Jin says from the kitchen.

“Are you done with the popcorn yet?” Yoongi asks Jin, but he has no response. Jeongguk is still checking the comments, face on full display on the screen. Since today they had been playing a game on his PS4, he had to stream with his phone instead of his usual setup he has on his gaming desk.

“What if we play some retro games next time?” Jeongguk asks, turning around to ask his friends as well.

“That would be a great idea.” Seokjin says, walking into frame past Jeongguk and sitting on the couch, handing a giant bowl of popcorn to Yoongi whilst he takes the other one. “Don’t eat them all.” He tells the younger, which earns him a glare from Yoongi’s cat-like eyes.

“Are you gonna attend this year’s gaming convention in Seoul?” Jeongguk reads one of the comments out loud. Yoongi and Namjoon scream a ‘fuck yeah!’ And Jeongguk simply smiles and nods his head shyly.

“Ew, you guys are gross.” Yoongi says, talking to Namjoon and Seokjin, who just started cuddling on one side of the couch. “Let me read some of the comments.” He adds, getting up from the couch and sitting on the floor next to Jeongguk to have a better look at the screen, handing him the bowl of popcorn. The viewers see an up close of their faces whilst they eat popcorn, completely blocking the view of Namjoon and Seokjin being a gross couple on screen.

Jeongguk makes a disgusted face and looks down at the popcorn. “Do these have butter in them?” He mumbles to himself.

“What games are you most excited to play?” Yoongi reads out loud, enthusiastically. “Personally, I am so excited to play this one called Cyberpunk. And you, Jeonggukkie?”

“Ah, I want to play the new Avengers one. For the PC.” He simply says.

“Here goes the Avengers nerd.” Yoongi jokes, wrapping one arm around the younger’s shoulder.

“Ah, the sun is starting to go down…” Jeongguk says, looking out the window behind the screen of his cell phone.

“Should we say bye for today, then?” Yoongi asks, Jeongguk nods.

“Well guys, this has been me and my friends today! I know you like it more when I don’t have Yoongi-hyung annoying me—”

“Hey!” Yoongi says, flicking his finger on his head not too hard, making him laugh.

“I’ll come back tomorrow and maybe play with some of you! Thank you as always for watching me and supporting me!” He says with his usual bunny smile, and then they both say goodbye and turn the livestream off.

“Ah! I definitely kicked your asses today.” Yoongi says, getting up from the floor and stretching his limbs.

“It’s all luck.” Namjoon says, finally detaching himself from Seokjin.

“Sure it is.” Yoongi plops down on the couch between the couple on purpose.

“I’m gonna kick your ass someday.” Seokjin tells Yoongi with a deathly stare.

“Please, I’d like to see you try.”

“Guys, oh my god.” Jeongguk gasps. He turns around and his friends look at him with confusion in their eyes. “I just realised that VidCon is in a week.” He breathes out. “Oh shit—”

“Haven’t you been attending it for like… two or three years already?” Seokjin asks.

“Yeah, but he still gets really anxious about it.” Namjoon says.

“There’s a lot of people in there, and a lot of them are like— my literal idols. I always have a mental breakdown or a fanboy moment before entering, there is no in between.” Jeongguk says, gesturing with his arms, hands hidden by the sleeves of his oversized black hoodie that makes him look extremely soft.

“You always talk as if you weren’t the most famous and skilled gamer of the century.” Yoongi says, almost cooing.

“It’s so cute.” Seokjin agrees.

“You don’t have to worry, Jeonggukkie, you’ll be with us.” Namjoon reassures him. “We’ll probably disappear for a while but you’ll have us one call away, remember?”

“Yeah… yeah you’re right.” Jeongguk nods. “Okay! Now all of you, finish these popcorn and leave! I have things to prepare for tomorrow’s stream.”

“Geez, you only want us to game with you.” Yoongi says, pressing his hand on his chest and acting like it hurts.

“You’ll forget about us when you find someone that’s better at gaming than us.” Namjoon adds.

“That’s not true, Hyung!” Jeongguk says, almost with puppy eyes. God knows how much Jeongguk adores Namjoon, he would literally do everything for him.

After half an hour more or less, Jeongguk’s friends leave his apartment and he is left alone with nothing but silence and a messy living room. He sighs at the sight of his living room and shakes his head, but doesn’t waste one more second and starts cleaning it all. Anyone would say it’s not that dirty, but Jeongguk being the clean freak that he is can’t stand the sight of his pillows and being all over the place and some pieces of popcorn to be on the floor and under the couch. How did they even get under there? He spends fifteen minutes to put everything back in his place and then starts humming a song that Yoongi had been playing before as he walks to the bathroom, taking off his clothes on his way there. He takes a hot shower, so hot that the steam of the water fogs up the tall mirror in the room. Once he’s done, he wraps one towel around his waist and uses another one to dry his brown hair as he walks upstairs to his bedroom. Before purchasing this apartment, he had thought that it was too much for him. At the end of the day, it’s just him living here and he doesn’t need that much, but now he thinks he made a good decision because the views he has from his room are exceptional. He wakes up and the first thing he sees in the morning is the skyline of Seoul, and that also is the last thing he sees before falling asleep. He sits down on his mattress, still drying his hair, when his phone goes off. He looks at it and sees he got a notification from Ubisoft asking him to be one of the beta testers for the new game that they will be releasing in 2021. He jumps of excitement and replies right away, saying that he will do it —of course he will, what the hell?

He still can’t believe he achieved so much by dedicating his life to his hobby. He had seen a video of a YouTuber around three years ago and he thought that he could do the same thing, and soon after he decided to switch platforms and start his career as a streamer and gamer on Twitch. Right away, people started to recognise him for his amazing skills and the tricks no one else knew how to do, and Jeongguk was the happiest. He had just finished high school and never wanted to follow the path his parents had wanted for him, and this was the perfect opportunity for him, so he took it. And it went amazing for him. In less than a year, he had already been to the most important conferences in the world, won prizes and was recognised as a star globally. The fame, however, scared him a lot in the beginning. It still does, if he’s completely honest, but there’s always a negative side to every job in the world, isn’t it?

“Mom? Hi!” Jeongguk says, laying on top of the mattress.

“Hello, Jeongguk. How are you?” She replies when she picks up the phone.

“I’m actually so happy right now!” He says. “Ubisoft just contacted me and I am officially one of their beta testers for the new game they’re developing.” He explains.

“That’s good, I guess?”

“So good!” Jeongguk laughs.

“Jeongguk, I know you like this a lot but… don’t you think at some point all of this is going to stop? What will you do then?” Jeongguk rolls his eyes at those words, he already knows where this conversation is going.

“You know I am focusing on the present right now, mom. And you should do it too! I’m just 21, my life just started.” He says, trying to sound as cheerful as possible, but he knows it won’t be easy.

“It’s not too late to go to medical school, son. Your grades have always been incredibly good, I’m sure you could still apply to go next year and you'd slay all your exams!” She says. Jeongguk notices the slight annoyance in her voice from having had this conversation at least ten times but he decides not to dwell on it.

“Sure mom, I will have something planned if something goes wrong with what I’m doing right now.” Jeongguk rolls his eyes. “I’ll call you another time again, bye.” He hangs up as quickly as he can. He was so happy just a moment ago, why did he have to call her in the first place? Maybe he still seeks their approval even after being obvious they just want him to become a doctor regardless of what his wishes are. He might be an adult yet in his heart still lives the five year old that wants to impress his parents and to make them proud. He sighs, tossing his phone on the other side of the bed and he falls asleep just like that.



“I want to cry!” Jimin whines, throwing the papers of his signed contract with the laboratory on the table.

“Jimin, don’t lose it just yet, okay? Maybe there’s something in here we can use against them—”

“There is literally nothing I can do, Tae! Here—” He grabs one of the papers hurriedly, wrinkling it by gripping it too tight. “—says that I can’t say anything about what happened inside the lab, tests or formulas until the contract is over, which is next year. Next year!” He exclaims with an exasperated sigh.

“Here also says that they are not obliged to disclose every single product they used to create the eyeshadow formulas…” Taehyung says with a thin voice when he reads over another page.

Jimin grunts. “God! Why would they do this to me? This is so shady, what the fuck! They lied to my face over the products being absolutely cruelty-free and even faked the tests? And I can’t say any single thing and basically take the blame for them for an entire year?” Jimin gets up from the chair and walks over to the couch, laying there with a loud thud and hiding his face with the pillows.

Taehyung sighs, leaning back on the chair and rolling the sleeves of his shirt up. “I’ll talk to my attorney and ask him if there’s something else we can do to fix this mess.” He says.

Jimin perks up at that, looking up from the pillows with a frown. “Since when do you have an attorney?”

“Since I have failed the driver’s license test ten times and I was basically convinced the examiners had plotted something against me so I could never pass.” Taehyung says, nonchalantly.

“Some of us are just not made for the road.” Jimin shrugs, smiling a little bit.

Taehyung’s smile fades away when he sees Jimin try to stay positive in a moment like that. He had taken Jimin’s phone and laptop away so he couldn’t check his social media nor his YouTube channel. They both know how toxic it can get and Jimin is one to stay hours on end reading comments that only make him feel even worse. Both of them decided to just go back home and find a solution instead of giving attention to unnecessary hate. The thing is that it is a very big thing when your brand has claimed they are cruelty-free and then it comes out that they are not. It not only makes the brand look bad, the CEO is the one who is at fault for basically lying, and hundreds of people that trusted you now have lost all their respect towards you and the brand. For Jimin it’s even more frustrating, because the ones that lied were the people working at the lab, which lead to him making claims thinking they were 100% true when they were not, and now he can’t say anything about it to defend himself until the NDA is over. He really feels like his life is falling apart.

“Let’s watch some TV, okay?” Taehyung gets up from the chair and walks over to the TV to turn it on and try to cheer his best friend up a little. When he turns it on, the first thing that appears is a news channel with a giant picture of Jimin walking out of the convention venue after the scandal broke out and a sensationalist headline that gives him an immediate headache. Taehyung panics and looks back at Jimin, who grunts and covers his face back with one of the pillows. “For fuck’s sake.” He mumbles, grabbing the remote and turning the TV off as fast as he can. The apartment is then silent around them with only the faint sound of some cars driving by from time to time. Taehyung walks over to the couch and sits next to Jimin’s feet, looking at him with sad eyes. “VidCon is in a week.” He speaks up, knowing it’s probably not the best time to talk about it but he still feels like he has to.

“I know.” Jimin whines, turning around to lay on his back and look at Taehyung.

“Will you attend?”

“I have to.” Jimin says, determined. “My career might be over for now but I can’t let this bring me down, especially when it’s not my fault. Well, I mean— I was dumb enough to believe what everyone in that lab told me, so part of me is at fault—”

“Don’t say that—” Taehyung starts, but Jimin gestures him to brush it off.

“I’ll go to VidCon. it’s the least I can do. Maybe we find a solution by then and I can talk about this publicly there. I really don’t want to hide like some others do, that just makes it worse.” He shrugs. “Will you come with me, though?” He asks, eyes suddenly turning into puppy ones.

“Of course! You forget that I’m a daily vlogger and I talk about my bad luck with cars and my photoshoots.” Taehyung turns his head to Jimin and smiles cockily.

“I should go to bed. My head feels like it’s about to explode.” Jimin says, getting up from the couch slowly.

“Do you want me to stay over?” Tae asks. He always does that whenever Jimin is having a hard time, sleeping on the guest room —that’s more of a ‘Tae’s room’, at the end of the day— just to keep him company.

“No. It’s fine. I’ll be okay.” Jimin smiles weakly at him and Taehyung nods. He hugs him goodbye and he takes a little too long to actually leave, just to make sure his best friend is okay. He is determined to do anything to fix this mess.



On the next morning, the sun shining directly at him wakes Jeongguk up. He stretches his limbs and sighs tiredly as he does so, not actually wanting to get up from the bed. He tosses and turns for a couple of minutes until he feels a shiver run all over his body. He opens his eyes and waits until they adjust to the light, only to then look down at his body and realise that he’s naked. Oh, yeah, he fell asleep right after hanging up the phone call with his mother and he didn’t even bother to put a pair of boxers on. The towel wrapped around his waist is now laying on the floor and he has slept without the blankets covering him in the middle of winter. It’s starting to be not as cold as before but it isn’t time to be sleeping naked without a blanket just yet. He sits up and feels another shiver, this time making the hair on his arms prickle. He gets up quickly and goes straight back into the shower to get under the hot water and take this cold feeling out of his body. When he’s inside the bathroom, though, he sneezes a couple of times and feels his nose is now runny. Great, he has a cold now.

Today is Wednesday so that means he has to stream in the morning. He gets out of the hot shower and puts a pair of grey sweatpants and a baggy, black hoodie with orange strings and calls it a day. He looks in the mirror and sees how his eyes are puffy and his nose is red but he can’t really do anything about it, so he only grabs a pack of tissues and walks to his gaming room. It’s decorated with purple and blue lights, and his computer with three screens is at the end of the room. His black chair, the most comfortable thing in the world, is waiting for him like every other day, yet he never gets tired of it. He sits down on it and turns the computer on, immediately going to check his twitch and seeing the new subscribers and donations. He smiles when he sees he’s gained 200 subscribers overnight and then goes on to prepare the camera and microphone for today’s stream. Today he wants to play something relaxing, so he decides to go with ‘Gris’. When the clock strikes 10am, he turns the stream on and the light of the camera on his right side turns green. It only takes two seconds for all his viewers to start entering the stream and in no time the comment section is flooded with comments and emojis for him to read. Jeongguk stays silent for a couple of seconds, with only the music in the background playing.

“Hello, everyone.” He says after a short while. On the screen right in front of him he sees the main screen of the game, which is what everyone will see in a minute. Right now, his face occupies the screen of everyone watching his stream. On the screen on his right, he can see the comment section and the sub count, and on the one on the left he sees the music he’s playing. He pauses and reads some of the comments to himself. Some of them make him chuckle softly and that makes some more comments saying how cute he is appear on the screen almost right on cue. “Today I am playing a game that’s more relaxing than usual. I hope you all like it and are not too bored~” He says with a slurred, teasing manner. He doesn’t have to look at the comments to know what people are saying this time. “I did something really stupid yesterday.” He chuckles, staring right at the camera. The sub count increases every minute, the views do every second. “I was so tired that I fell asleep right after I took a shower, didn’t even have time to put clothes on or get under the covers, and now I’m sick.” He says, showing the pack of tissues and sniffing. He looks to the comments and one of them stands out to him. “I still wonder how your body must be. You always hide under baggy sweatshirts and sweatpants.” He reads out loud. Jeongguk looks back at the camera and smiles cheekily. “And that’s how you’re always going to see me.” He winks at the camera and the hearts on the bottom of the screen increase right away. Jeongguk only wants to game and have fun streaming, that’s why he never gives in to such requests from girls and boys whom have a crush on him and watch his streams in hopes they’ll see a little bit of skin. “Anyway, shall we start, then?” He says. “The game I’m going to play today is called ‘Gris’. I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about it and it has been sitting on the bottom of my drawer for months now, so let’s give it a go.” He explains as he touches some buttons and now the main screen of the stream shows the game and his face is on the left upper corner. “Since it’s more of a relaxing game I’ll be reading your comments and answering some questions if you want me to.” He says after he presses play, and right on cue the comment section is flooded with questions again. He lowers the music on his headphones and focuses on the comments as the game loads. It seems like it might take a while so he starts answering. “How old are you?” He reads. “This year I turned 21.” He says, smiling. “I always get this question.” He mumbles to himself. “What’s your favourite game? Well, call me basic if you want, but some of you already know that I love Overwatch.” He chuckles. “Do you have a girlfriend? The probability of that is none.” He laughs out loud this time, throwing his head back. However, when he does that, he ends up sneezing two times because of his cold and he has to wipe his nose with a tissue. “Can you notice my cold in my voice? I think you can. My voice always sounds different when I get sick.” He leans a little forward and the game starts. He turns his attention to the screen in the middle and he plays for a while, throwing some comments here and there about the visuals and the storyline itself. “What game should I play tomorrow? I’m waiting for some new releases for the switch and my PS4 to get to my house.” He thinks out loud when he streams and everyone finds it endearing. He plays at least for two hours and every single one of his viewers is as invested as he is in the game. Even if it’s relaxing they’re all hooked on the way Jeongguk plays so skilfully even if he’s never done it before. “Okay, pause.” Jeongguk says after a long time, saving the game and getting up from the chair, leaving the gaming room for a few minutes. He comes back with a bottle of banana milk and a straw, and he sits back down on his chair with what looks like the most uncomfortable position ever. “I’m going to read you some more and then dip because I have some things to attend to today.” He says, looking straight into the camera lens. He sees more donations popping up and a comment that stands out the most from the rest because it has nothing to do with gaming at all. “Have you seen the scandal with this beauty guru named Park Jimin?” He reads, then takes a sip from his banana milk and frowns. “Who’s that?” He asks, tilting his head. He sees the comments switching the conversation and everyone seems to know about what’s going on. “He claimed his brand was cruelty-free but it came out that he was lying and he still hasn’t addressed the situation.” He reads out loud from one of the comments. “Damn.” He breathes out, raising his eyebrows. “That’s kinda messed up.” He leans back on the chair. “Why does everyone seem to know who this guy is? Is he really popular?” He chuckles, spinning his chair around. “What do you mean, JK? He is the most famous influencer right now! He was even invited to model for brands like Prada and Yves Saint Laurent.” He reads. “He is so hot and cute at the same time.” Another comment says. “Well, I guess I’ll have to check him out.” He perks up, sitting straight on the chair. “Although I don’t like liars…” He trails. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Maybe all of this is a big misunderstanding, who knows.” He ends his little chit-chat about beauty gurus and the conversation switches back to gaming for a little while longer before he has to turn the stream off.



“Hello, my beauty loves! Today—”

“Jimin, it’s baby loves, not beauty loves.” Hoseok interrupts him from behind the camera. Jimin grunts in frustration and throws himself back on his bed. He shakes his body as if he were a toddler throwing a tantrum for a full minute and then sits back up.

“I can’t even do my own intro right.” He sighs. “That’s it. I’m doomed. My career is over.” Jimin exclaims.

“Don’t be so dramatic, come on.” Taehyung says, rolling his eyes.

“Just tell me how am I supposed to film a video without acknowledging what’s going on?” Jimin says, looking up at his two best friends with a pout on his lips. “It’s eating me alive.”

“But you can’t disappear just like that either.” Taehyung replies.

“Ugh, I know.” Jimin looks down and feels like a lost puppy. “What am I supposed to do if I can’t talk about it? Everyone’s expecting me to say something…” He trails. Then, all of a sudden Hoseok, who has been eyeing his phone for a while, lets out a quiet gasp and his eyes widen like plates. “What?”

“What is it?” Taehyung asks as well, turning his attention to him.

“Ah, this is not good.” Hoseok mumbles.

“What? Why? What’s up now?” Jimin shoots questions one after another.

“Your scandal even reached out other communities like the family channels on YouTube or the twitch streamers.” He says, looking up from his phone to lock eyes with Jimin.

“Twitch streamers?” Jimin asks and Hoseok nods.

“I follow this one gamer that’s like… extremely popular in his field, maybe probably the best gamer ever, and he’s talked about you in his today’s stream.” Hoseok explains, coming from behind the camera and sitting down next to him on the bed. “Someone commented on his stream about you and then he talked about you with his viewers for a while, take a look.” He hands Jimin his phone and the younger presses play on the video paused on the screen. Taehyung rushes to Jimin’s side and they both watch it attentively.

The boy on the top left of the screen gets closer to the camera and reads out loud: “Have you seen the scandal with this beauty guru named Park Jimin?”. Then, he takes a sip from his banana milk and frowns. “Who’s that?” He asks, tilting his head. He waits for a few seconds and he looks like he’s reading the comments he’s getting. “He claimed his brand was cruelty-free but it came out that he was lying and he still hasn’t addressed the situation.” He reads out loud from one of the comments. “Damn.” He breathes out, raising his eyebrows, leaving the container of his banana milk on top of his desk. “That’s kinda messed up.” He leans back on the chair.

Jimin rolls his eyes. He seems kind of cocky. 

“Why does everyone seem to know who this guy is? Is he really popular?” He chuckles, spinning his chair around.

Taehyung looks at Jimin right there, and Jimin shakes his head. “I’m not offended that a random gamer doesn’t know who I am.”

“He is not just a random gamer, Jimin.” Hoseok intervenes.

“Sure, sure.” He looks at his Hyung with a smile and a roll of his eyes. “I won’t insult your idol, don’t worry.” He teases.

“He’s not— I’m not saying it because of that!” Hoseok whines, trying to explain himself, but Taehyung and Jimin just brush it off.

“What do you mean, JK? He is the most famous influencer right now! He was even invited to model for brands like Prada and Yves Saint Laurent.” He reads.  

“Exactly.” Jimin says out loud.

“He is so hot and cute at the same time.” Another comment says.

Jeongguk seems unfazed by it and Jimin is kind of offended that he isn’t curious in the slightest to know how he looks like after having read that out loud.

 “Well, I guess I’ll have to check him out.” He perks up, sitting straight on the chair.

That satisfies Jimin a little bit. 

“Although I don’t like liars…” He trails.

Jimin pauses the video right there. “I don’t like him.” He says pettily.

“Why did it sound hot when he said that.” Taehyung says out loud, making Jimin throw him a dirty look. “I thought all gamers were extreme nerds with pimples and bowl-cut hair!” He says.

“You have such a stereotyped conception of gamers, I’m ashamed.” Hoseok says, pressing his hands to his heart as if it hurt. “Jeongguk is like— extremely attractive even if he doesn’t try to. Like right now.”

“I’m not attracted to him in the slightest. Maybe if he didn’t call me a liar in front of all his followers… how does he not know who I am?” Jimin exclaims, getting up from the bed and pacing back and forth in his room.

“It’s just a comment from someone who doesn’t know you at all, baby. Don’t let it get to you.” Taehyung says, getting up and caressing his arm gently.

“I need to do something. I can’t just sit myself here and post a dumb make-up haul when my image has been stained this way!!” Jimin exclaims. “Look at what this kid said about me, and he probably doesn’t even know how bad it is to claim something is cruelty-free when it’s not. Guys, this is the end of my career. I am doomed forever.”

“Stop saying that, will you?!” Taehyung scolds him.

“What if we say something?” Hoseok suddenly says. “We didn’t sign any contract.” He shrugs. Both friends look at Hoseok, completely still.

“Will people believe you guys? It might look very biased.” Jimin says.

“It’s better than to stay silent and act like nothing happened.” Hoseok replies.

“You’re right. At least people will have something to have a little faith in you until the NDA is over.” Taehyung nods. “But we can’t really say much, though… just in case.”

“I know, I know.” Jimin replies. “I really don’t want you to receive any backlash because of me.” Jimin says, sitting back down on the bed between his two friends.

“We’re your best friends and we know you didn’t do anything wrong.” Hoseok says. “We’ll be fine. This will die down in a few days and you will be able to go to VidCon with a clear mind.” He smiles, and it is all it takes to reassure Jimin. Around lunchtime, his friends left his apartment and Jimin tried to film the stupid haul he had planned for today, but he ended up taking much more time to do it than what he had planned and the sun was already hiding behind the skyscrapers. He had a few missed calls from his manager when he checked his phone and they both talked for a while about the scandal, the manager assured him he’d be getting in contact with a lawyer and doing whatever they could to fix this mess. Around nighttime, he logged inside Instagram for the first time since the scandal broke out and the first thing he saw was Taehyung’s and Hoseok’s stories.


@kimvtae     2hrs ago


My best friend Park Jimin is aware of everything that is going on since yesterday morning and he is deeply saddened by this situation. Although he cannot legally speak up about it until some time passes, I hope you all have a little faith and wait for his explanation because there are a lot of things that happened behind closed doors and that, again, he is not legally allowed to speak up about yet. — Kim Taehyung



@junghobi   2hrs ago


Jimin is aware of the situation at the moment. He would like to come out and explain everything in detail since there is a lot of things the public doesn’t know about, but because of legal reasons he cannot talk about it. I am asking you to please be patient and not attack him until he comes out with a statement, even if the situation might look awful right now. With love, Jung Hoseok.


Jimin looks at his phone and, for the first time since everything seemed to crumble down, he cries. Because even between all this mess, he still has his two best friends who care about him dearly.

Throughout the course of the week, news articles dragged Jimin and his brand to filth, some of them were more respectful whilst other were like a long hate comment. Drama channels on YouTube had mixed opinions but all of them gave him the benefit of the doubt thanks to what Taehyung and Hoseok had posted, and Jimin ended up posting his make-up haul finally. The comments weren’t the nicest but a lot of them were constructive criticism as well. He received private messages telling him to cheer up and encouraging him to stay positive even through a situation like this and he had a lot of supporters waiting for his explanation. He lost a few thousand subscribers but he thought it would be way worse.

“Park Jimin has never been in a scandal before and he has always stood up for vegan products. He is constantly spreading awareness and reposting posts of abandoned animals that need home as soon as possible. I find it very confusing that he’d be doing something like this and I think there is more to this story that we don’t know about.” Is the comment that stuck out to him the most. It really summarised his exact thoughts and what he would like everyone to think. He lost a few brand deals but he was fine with it because the most important ones are still untouched.

And that is why he is actually excited to attend VidCon today. He woke up earlier than usual and has already taken a shower. He is in the middle of styling his hair when someone gets inside his apartment. Taehyung and Hoseok are the only ones who have the keys so it’s one of them. By the way the steps are small and hurried, Jimin knows it’s Taehyung.

“Okay, so I have a problem.” He yells from the living room.

“What is it?” Jimin asks, careful not to burn himself with the curling iron.

“Look.” He says, right before stepping inside Jimin’s bathroom. When he’s inside, Jimin’s jaw drops to the floor when he sees his best friend’s reflection in the mirror.

“Your hair is bright red.” Jimin says, almost dropping the curling iron on the floor. He gets up from his chair and walks to Taehyung to take a better look at his hair.

“It is! I got bored yesterday and I decided to paint it red with a har dye that I had from a month ago. And now it’s fried.” Taehyung says. “Touch it.” Jimin obeys.

“Ah, it really is.” Jimin whispers.

“Help me!! There’s a lot of cute youtubers I want to meet today and I don’t want them to see my fried noodle hair!” He exclaims.

“Okay, slow down— it’s not that bad! If we style it it’ll look good. You just need to apply some heat to it.”

“Doesn’t that damage it more?” Taehyung frowns.

Jimin stops rummaging around his cabinets to find the straightener and looks back at him with a blank expression “Do you want it to look good or not?”

“Yes, yes. Okay.” Taehyung waits until Jimin finishes doing his hair and then proceeds to style Taehyung’s, and just like he had said, it looks far from fried. “Are you nervous?” He says when Jimin is straightening the last pieces of his hair.

He stays silent for a few moments until he is done with Taehyung’s hair. “A little.” He admits.

“I’ll be with you all the time, don’t worry.”





“Wait let me—”

“Ah, can you get off me already—”

“Your tie is not right—”

“Yoongi if you dare slap my boyfriend’s hand away…”

“Please, someone take me out of this car.” Jeongguk mumbles, looking out the window as his friends keep bickering next to him. Seokjin wants to fix Yoongi’s tie but Yoongi says he wants to wear it this way because that’s his style and Jin keeps pushing. Namjoon, as always, is trying to put peace between them two, and Jeongguk is just keeping quiet until they finally stop. They are five minutes away from VidCon and Jeongguk already feels his palms become sweaty. There are a lot of cool youtubers and streamers he wants to meet, but he is lowkey intimidated by them and he worries that he will make a fool out of himself. His friends tell him that it’s probably the other way around and that those people will feel intimidated by him, but Jeongguk doesn’t believe that. Out in public, when he is not behind a screen and without a controller in his hands, he is nothing more than an awkward, barely-legal adult.

“Are you not presenting anything this year?” Namjoon asks Jeongguk.

“No. They asked me, though, to MC the opening event. But I said no.” Jeongguk shrugs.

“You don’t know how cool that would’ve been.” Yoongi rolls his eyes, still wishing he would have done it.

“Having an underrated youtuber or streamer do it is much better. These kind of things give a lot of exposure. And I’m just— awkward up on a stage.” Jeongguk smiles.

“You’re a baby.” Seokjin coos at him. “So cute.” He giggles.

“We’re here.” The driver announces. The friends step out of the car and make their way to the big venue, surrounded by bodyguards protecting them from the cameras and the first fans that have spotted them. Jeongguk likes VidCon because he can get to see and talk to a lot of his fans, but that doesn’t make it less overwhelming for him. It’s like in the two years he’s been doing this he still hasn’t processed that has millions of followers looking up to him.

“I’m having a fan meeting starting at 2pm.” Jeongguk says.

“Come by to my stand later and let’s play some games.” Yoongi says, wrapping one arm around his shoulders.

“Cool.” Jeongguk says. They finally enter the venue and they see all the people in there, waiting to try new products from their favourite youtubers, some of them are waiting in line to meet them, to talk to them… some of them wait for them to appear and watch how they put on make-up and others explain how they edit their pictures and videos. Some people recognise him and his friends right away and Jeongguk already feels curious eyes on him. He handles it much better now and he even smiles at people whom he locks eyes with politely. The security guides them to where the opening event is being hosted and points to their seats. They are in a separate place where all the content creators are gathered to prevent them from being mobbed while the event lasts. They arrived just in time because not even five minutes later, the lights go down and everyone’s attention is on the girl up on the stage, wishing them all to have fun.

“There’s an afterparty for all content creators later.” Seokjin says, looking down at his phone.

“Really?” Yoongi perks up at that.

“Yeah, apparently it’s in the hotel that’s next to this venue.” He replies.

“I saw it on our way here.” Namjoon remarks.

“Should we go?” Yoongi asks, looking at every single one of his friends. “Jeonggukkie?”

Jeongguk keeps silent for a few seconds. “If I’m not too tired I’ll go.” He says, which makes his hyungs smile widely. “If not you can go without me, I’ll just go back home.”

“You’re not going home without us!” Yoongi says, smirking like always.

“You will be able to talk to everyone you want if you go. You could ask Gray to game with you.” He says, wiggling his eyebrows.

“He’s never gonna approach his gamer crush, Jin, I don’t know how you haven’t figured it out yet.” Namjoon teases him, which makes Jeongguk turn even smaller.

“Stop calling it a ‘gamer crush’, it sounds like I’m in love with him. I just like his streams.” He says, shrugging.

“Sure, sure.” Yoongi brushes it off.

“It’s true!” Jeongguk whines.

When the opening act finishes, all the content creators get back to their respective stands and small stages, so that means the four friends have to part their ways for a while.




Jimin had just finished his everyday make-up routine demonstration when Taehyung appeared at his stand. The crowd had started to disappear so now there were just a few people around there and Jimin was waving at them. “You won’t believe this.” He says, with wide eyes and his large palms finding their way to Jimin’s shoulders.

“What’s up? Did someone notice your hair is fried?” Jimin laughs.

“No. Actually, a lot of people complimented it.” Taehyung replies.

“I told you.” Jimin smirks and feels proud of himself.

“There’s a content creator party afterwards. We have to go.” Taehyung says, gripping Jimin’s shoulders tightly and shaking him a little.

“I don’t know…” Jimin trails.

“You do know! We get free drinks, I say hi to some people and then we leave.” Taehyung says, excitedly. “Please.” He pouts.

“I feel like everyone is giving me the side-eyes because of the scandal.” He says, looking around and lowering his voice.

“Oh, come on. No one remembers that already!” Taehyung rolls his eyes.

“Yeah? Then tell me why my follower count is dropping and my social blade is in the red.” Jimin sighs. “I feel like every beauty guru here is judging me harder than what they did to Laura Lee when she posted that apology video. I don’t know if I’ll stand it much longer to go to an afterparty.”

“Well… I have another suggestion for you, then.” Taehyung smirks. Jimin raises one of his eyebrows at him and frowns. “Remember that gamer that talked about you?” He starts.

“The cocky one? How to forget him.” Jimin snorts.

“Well I’ve been… kind of obsessed with his streams since Hoseok showed us that clip of him. And he isn’t cocky in the slightest.” Taehyung admits, talking so fast that Jimin barely has time to process what he’s saying.

“You’re a traitor.” Jimin gasps.

“I just want to say hi to him! And then we can go! He is like— so nice!! And you have to see how he plays, oh my god. Now I understand Hoseok’s endless rantings about him.”

“I can’t believe this.” Jimin shakes his head as he looks at his best friend with disbelief.

“You won’t have to be around any beauty guru! We can stay with the gamers and leave as soon as possible.” He says, pulling the cute puppy eyes on Jimin— because he knows they always work and Jimin can never say no to him.

Jimin sighs, rolling his eyes, wanting to scream but fighting it back. “Fine. We’ll go.” Taehyung starts jumping around excitedly. “But you just say hi and we leave, okay? I don’t want more eyes on me.”

“Sigh, and to think you once were in love with the attention.” Taehyung says, gaining his composure again.

“I still am, but I won’t like it until people stop thinking I’m a liar.” Jimin replies.


Keep it up - Chase Atlantic

It wasn’t just “say hi and leave” like Taehyung had promised Jimin. Right now, after the convention was over and all the guests had left, the content creators had moved to the room in the basement of the hotel right next to the venue, and everyone was partying and celebrating with their friends. The ones at the tables at the back were either talking business or scheduling some future collaborations. Taehyung was wandering around the place with one glass of champagne of his hand, greeting every single person he had seen on his YouTube or Twitter feed and starting a conversation with them. Jimin would have been acting like him as well if the image of his career sinking wasn’t bothering him all the hours of the day, every day. So that is why he is currently sitting on one of the white seats, with a glass of red wine on his hand, completely untouched. He keeps playing with the liquid but none a single time have his lips touched it. The lights around him are a combination of pink and purple and they combine with his eyeshadow and the shade of his hair. The only thing that consoles him a little is the fact that the beauty gurus are all the way back to the other side of the room, so they cannot see him at all unless they approach the bar to ask for a drink. Every time they do, however, they all shamelessly stare at Jimin and some of them even scoff at them. If he were to be drunk, he would’ve cussed some of them out and he wouldn’t be feeling any kind of remorse.

He takes out his phone to text Hoseok for a while and some other friends and he doesn’t notice when someone else sits beside him, on the white seat glued to his.

“Don’t you like wine?” A voice says, deep but extremely sweet at the same time. It’s unexpectedly close to Jimin so he startles a little, almost dropping his phone before he catches it with his free hand. Jimin turns to where the voice came from and is encountered with the same man he saw a week ago through Hoseok’s phone screen, leaving him speechless and frozen. “It looks like you didn’t take a single sip of it.” He adds, nodding to the glass cup between his fingers.

“I’m not really in the mood for wine.” Jimin replies, baffled at the situation. Never in a million years he would have thought a twitch streamer and gamer would approach him to… to do what? To talk to him? He tries to hide his amusement and act as natural as possible.

“Ah, that’s a shame. It’s a really good one.” Jeongguk says, leaning back on the wall behind him.

Jimin stays silent for a couple of seconds before he looks down at the cup of wine. “Do you want it?” He offers.

“Are you sure?” Jeongguk replies with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah. It’s all yours.” Jimin replies with an awkward smile. The gamer reciprocates it and chugs a considerable amount of it in one go.

“I’m Jeon Jeongguk.” He says, this time with a smirk and a quick raise of both of his eyebrows. Jimin stays silent, still not believing that this dude that called him a liar in front of his millions of viewers just approached him and is acting nice and welcoming. “Ah— right, you probably don’t know who I am. I’m a ga—”

“I know who you are.” Jimin says, this time with a smile that looks more fake. Jeongguk stops talking and Jimin continues. “You’re the one who doesn’t like liars and you like to talk about them on your streams.” Jimin says, calm and with that fake smile, passive aggressively.

“So you saw that, hm?” Jeongguk chuckles.

“Yeah.” Jimin crosses one leg over the other, with his front turned to Jeongguk. “And that’s why I don’t understand why you’re approaching me like this.” He says, truthfully.

Jeongguk locks his black eyes with Jimin’s and they disappear when he smiles. “I might have something to offer to you.” He says.

Jimin frowns. “What do you think you have that I want?” He snorts.

“A career that’s not falling apart?” Jeongguk wonders out loud.

“Very funny.” Jimin snaps. How can his friends say he’s not cocky? “You know, people say you’re shy and not cocky at all, but right now I can’t see any of that.” He says, truthfully. From the way that he moves to the way he talks Jimin only can describe the man in front of him as a flirt and an arrogant man.

Jeongguk only chuckles but he doesn’t agree nor deny what Jimin just said. “I saw your social medias and the numbers on your social blade after that stream.” He starts.

“Oh, so you just want to make fun of me? Is that why you’re here?” Jimin says with a grin.

“No. I looked into it a little bit and there’s something more to it than just you lying to the millions of people that bought your products, right?” He says, and Jimin is left speechless once again. “So I wanted to make a deal with you.”

“What kind of deal?” Jimin raises one of his eyebrows, suddenly interested. Jeongguk smiles sideways and his eyes turn more cat-like for some reason.

“My account grows a lot every single day and I have new subscribers all the time. Now everyone in your community is focused on your scandal, so why don’t we give them a new scandal to talk about?” He shrugs.

“Like what?” Jimin is really interested by now. Is it the way he talks that hooks everyone to him?

“Like you and I dating.” Jeongguk says, and Jimin’s eyes go wide like plates. He backs away, suddenly aware that he had been getting closer and closer to the gamer.

“Woah, hold up.” Jimin chuckles awkwardly.

“If people see you with me, regardless of what you’ve done, a vast majority will follow you and be on your side only because you’re associated with me.” Jeongguk continues explaining.

“Wait—what? But what if it’s the other way around? As in— what if it’s you who will be viewed badly because you’re associated with me?” Jimin stutters. Why is he stuttering?!

“My followers couldn’t give less of a shit about make-up. They just want to see me play games and try to hold my swear words in front of a camera.” Jeongguk chuckles. “People right now only see you as this rich beauty guru that does his make-up flawlessly. They don’t know more besides that. If they see you gaming and having fun while being yourself maybe they think differently.” He shrugs again.

Jimin can’t help but think that he’s in the right. “How do you know this will turn out good?” Jimin asks.

“I’ve weighed the pros and cons and I think it’ll turn out flawlessly, if I do say so myself.” He nods.

“Okay— but that sounds way too good to be true.” Jimin shakes his head. “What do you want in return, then?” He squints his eyes. The half-lidded eyes and the smirk on Jeongguk’s face are replaced by a pair of puppy eyes and a wide grin.

“I want you to pay for all the games I have to buy for my streams.” Jeongguk says, with an aura completely different to the one he had before.

“…That’s it?”

“Yep.” Jeongguk nods.

“Don’t game developers give you their games for free?” Jimin wonders out loud.

“Not all of them.” Jeongguk replies.

“Ah.” Jimin nods slowly.

“I have to go. I’ll let you think about it.” Jeongguk says then, getting up from his seat and handing him a piece of paper with a number scribbled on it. “Text me when you’ve made up your mind.” He says, smirk back on his lips. He walks away just like that, and Jimin is left with that piece of paper on his hand. He opens it and what he reads makes him roll his eyes.

Here is my number. Faking a relationship when you’re famous is so easy. — JK. ”


Chapter Text

“Faking a relationship when you’re famous is so easy.”

Jimin raises the small piece of paper above his face, looking at it while laying down on the bed, back resting on the soft mattress. The sunlight coming from the windows makes the ink on the paper shine and Jimin gets lost in his own thoughts whilst his two friends keep talking. Hoseok, who is resting his back on the doorframe, arms crossed, had been saying something about the news before Jimin stopped listening, and Taehyung is sitting on the small couch on one side of the room with a bunch of pillows surrounding him.

“Should I do it?” Jimin mumbles, making Hoseok stop talking and turn his attention to him.

“Are you back at it again?” Hoseok sighs, standing back straight and stepping inside the room to sit down next to Jimin on the bed. Jimin’s hair is a pink mess on the pillows and he hasn’t even bothered to change into something different than his green pyjama.

“This fucking piece of paper has been bothering me since the very first moment Jeongguk gave it to me.” Jimin admits, waving the paper around and looking at it with a frustrated expression.

“I mean— If you want my honest, most truthful opinion—“

“I assume you’re always being honest to me, what—”

“He wasn’t honest when you bought that Gucci fit.” Taehyung says, with a playful tone.

Jimin turns his head to Hoseok and looks at him, offended. “You didn’t like it?!” He exclaims.

“That’s not the point right now!”

“I think it is…” Taehyung continues, wanting to tease the older.

“Tae, seriously, shut up, or else—” Hoseok throws him a deathly stare.

“Or else, what?” Taehyung tries to fight back his smirk but he fails miserably.

“Okay, stop. Please don’t fight, my head already hurts enough.” Jimin lets out a low whine, caressing his forehead with one hand whilst the other is still raising the piece of paper above his face.

Hoseok sighs and then goes back to the initial topic. “What I’m trying to say is that maybe it’s not that bad of an idea.” Hoseok shrugs. Taehyung gets more comfortable on the couch and Jimin looks at him attentively. “Celebrities do it all the time, and it would certainly get the people talking about you two for a while.” He nods.

“Besides— if you end up appearing on his livestreams and you show the world how you really are maybe they are more on your side.” Taehyung adds.

“That’s also what he said.” Jimin mumbles.

“Ah, he’s a genius then.” Taehyung jokes.

Jimin keeps silent while Hoseok and Taehyung start bickering again, this time like their usual banter that he is too used to hear at this point. He thinks hard about it for at least five minutes, thoughts of what could happen and what not if he accepts the gamer’s request and if he doesn’t are running through his mind at full speed. His heart beats faster with the image of himself being hated forever and then even harder when Jeongguk’s face comes to his head. With that, he snaps his eyes open and gets up from the bed instantly, startling both of his friends.

“I’m not doing it.” He says, as if he was announcing something life-changing. Maybe he actually was and he wasn’t aware of it.

“Huh?” Taehyung tilts his head.

“I am not gonna let him have this power over me! Listen to what he said about me!”

“Did you even finish watching the video?” Hoseok rolls his eyes.

“Who cares about that?” Jimin snaps. “I’m not even that desperate.” He shakes his head and sighs.

“You sounded desperate not too long ago.” Taehyung comments.

“Yeah, for example when you opened the door for us this morning.” Hoseok adds.

“I am not doing it. Faking a relationship with this guy? Who does he think I am? He isn’t even my type.” Jimin scoffs, wrinkling the paper and leaving it on top of the coffee table in front of the small couch Taehyung is sitting on.

“You’ve seen his face once.” Hoseok rolls his eyes.

“Twice.” Jimin corrects, counting the time he saw him through a screen.

“Okay— but you don’t know anything about him. How can you say he’s not your type?” Taehyung giggles, having fun with the way the conversation is going.

“I like models with big muscles.” Jimin closes his eyes and hums.

“And big dicks.” Taehyung jokes.

“Exactly.” Jimin nods.

“How do you know he is not like that?” Hoseok asks, looking at Jimin with raised eyebrows.

Jimin snorts. “He is definitely not. He looks like a baby, come on.” He then goes to his closet that’s more of a separate room inside his bedroom and disappears behind the door to find an outfit and finally change his clothes to start the day.

“I know Jeongguk’s dick is big. I just know it.” Hoseok says, massaging his temples.

“You just sounded like that meme.” Taehyung laughs.

“Whatever! I’m still not doing it! I am not starting a fake relationship with this dude! Nope! Never in a million years!” Jimin yells from inside the closet, making his friends look at each other with a knowing glance. “I am not that desperate.” He repeats, this time more to himself.

“Anyway— I should get going. Today we are finally filming my choreography and I have to dance too.” Hoseok says, standing up from the bed and walking towards the door.

“One day I’ll sneak in and finally film one of your lessons for the world to see how Jung Hoseok from One Million Dance Academy teaches his dances. Just wait and see.” Taehyung says, also standing up and making his way to the older with cute little jumps as if he were an excited kid. After that, they both say goodbye to Jimin behind the door of the closet and leave his apartment that might as well be theirs too since they spend the majority of their days in there.

Jimin changes into a pair of brown slacks, a grey sweater and a black coat on top, a checkered beret on his head and a black mask on— he’s only going to buy some new make-up that has just been launched in the market and he wants to be the first one to film a video trying it out, but he has to look good even if he’s just going to the nearest Sephora.





“Jeongguk! Move!” Seokjin screams right next to his ear.

“Ah! Don’t shout!” Yoongi screams back.

“I can’t move, the enemy froze me for two minutes. I already told you, Hyung!” Jeongguk whines.

“This is a mess.” Namjoon says, looking around and seeing the million papers on the floor, filled with scribbles of all colours with the strategy his friends are supposed to be following to level up in the game and finally beat the final boss.

“Shut up, Namjoon.” Seokjin snaps at his own boyfriend, to whom he always talks with the sweetest pouty voice.

“Oh my god.” Namjoon gasps. Him and the rest of his friends know how they get whenever they play games together with Jeongguk. It’s like they all turn into feral creatures that are willing to bite at any second.

“Jeongguk, are you biting me?!” Seokjin screams, squirming around so Jeongguk stops biting at his shoulder with his mouth wide open.

“I just can’t stand it! Why is the time going by so slow now?!” He grunts, picking at his nails instead of biting Jin.

“This is impossible.” Yoongi says, throwing the controller away from his hands.

“I swear to fucking god, Min Yoongi. If you don’t pick up that damn controller right now I’m gonna make sure you don’t see your balls for the rest of your life.” Seokjin says through gritted teeth and an aggressive voice. His character is the only fighting against the final boss on the screen and there is sweat running down his forehead only thinking about it.

“Damn, okay.” Yoongi’s eyes widen and he picks up the controller again.

“How many times— Yay! I can finally move!” Jeongguk yells, and then his character goes to help Seokjin out right away. “—How many times have I said not to swear in my streams?!” He continues with what he wanted to say. “I will end up banned.” He says, eyes glued to the screen as the enemies start disappearing one after the other. Soon after, the game finally ends with them winning, thanks to Jeongguk killing the final boss with a special trick neither Seokjin nor Yoongi knew about.

“So I hate this game.” Seokjin says right to the camera. “Next time Joonie is playing with you.” He says, turning his eyesight back to his friends.

“No!” Yoongi refuses. “You play better than him.”

“Can you stop coming at me for my gaming skills?!” His voice is heard from behind the camera. The viewers flood the comments with compliments for Namjoon and Seokjin smiles when he sees them. “I’m a computer engineer, not a gamer. Give me a break, please.” He says, making Yoongi grunt but smile nonetheless.

“Guys, we are not playing this game again together.” Jeongguk says, getting closer to the camera. “You can’t see it but my living room right now is a mess. It looks like an actual dumpster.”

“You’re so dramatic.” Seokjin smacks the back of his neck gently.

“I am not.” Jeongguk argues. “Anyway, that was all for today’s stream! I hope you all liked it.” He says, looking at the camera with his big eyes that glisten with the light coming from the window behind his phone. “I hope you liked seeing us get frustrated and basically screaming for two hours straight.” He chuckles, making his friends laugh as well. “See you tomorrow! I’ll think of some options to play and post a poll on Twitter for you to decide!” He smiles and waves at the camera, saying goodbye to the audience and turning the stream off then. “You better clean this mess.” He says to his friends, standing up from the floor and grabbing his phone. “Meanwhile, I’m gonna order some food because I’m starving.” He says, leaving the living room and stepping into the open kitchen.

“Order some Chinese takeout!” Seokjin says, starting to clean the mess of papers and markers around them with Yoongi’s help.

“Yes, sir.” Jeongguk lowers his voice and takes out his phone to call his favourite restaurant that’s not too far away from his house.

“Ah, by the way—” Namjoon starts, but Jeongguk raises his pointer finger to make everyone go quiet to order their food and not get distracted. Once he finishes, he hangs up and puts the phone in his pocket, nodding towards Namjoon to make him continue. “—I saw you yesterday talking to that beauty guru at the party? Or was it just me?” Namjoon asks, sparking everyone’s interest.

Jeongguk looks at him from behind the kitchen island and then Seokjin and Yoongi both look at him when he doesn’t say anything. “Yes.” He says, resting his hands on top of it and leaning slightly forward.

“So you talk to that guy but not Gray? embarrassing.” Yoongi sighs, shaking his head.

“Since when do you know him?” Seokjin asks.

“I don’t.” Jeongguk says, turning around to grab a bottle of banana milk from his fridge.

“Then why did you talk to him?” Yoongi wonders, sitting back on the couch with his legs spread.

“To make a deal with him.” The younger replies after taking a small sip from his bottle.

“Please, elaborate. I’m interested.” Namjoon says, sitting next to Seokjin on the couch and the older wrapping one arm around his shoulders.

Jeongguk sighs and looks at them before starting to talk. “I told him to start a fake relationship.” He says, with no further explanation.

“You—what?” Yoongi chokes with his own saliva.

“Huh?!” Seokjin’s eyes widen and Namjoon scrunches his nose. “Why would you want to do that?”

“Because it’s publicity!” It’ll be nice to have some of that. Besides, his career is on the brink of collapsing and if there’s rumours that we are ‘dating’ the media will put their attention to that instead of his scandal.” He says, shrugging, the straw still between his lips.

“Since when do you care about Park Jimin’s career?” Namjoon tilts his head.

“I don’t.” Jeongguk replies, walking around the kitchen island and sitting on top of one of the corners to be closer to his friends. “But if he agrees he will be buying all the games I want for me. It’s a pretty good deal for me.” He smiles pleasantly. Seokjin looks at him with squinted eyes whilst Namjoon and Yoongi nod, finding his reason valid enough.

“And… did he say yes?”

“No. He didn’t give me an answer yet.” Jeongguk replies. “I gave him my number so I’m waiting for him to text me.” He explains.

“So you don’t know him but you’ve decided to help him?” Seokjin intervenes when the conversation seems to have ended. “And you even gave him your number which you don’t give out that easily.” He observes.

“How could he contact me, if not? He only knows I’m a gamer that’s talked about him in one of his streams and he pretty much doesn’t like me.” Jeongguk rolls his eyes. The doorbell rings, indicating that the food is here. He jumps off the kitchen island counter and heads to the main door.

“Then what makes you think he will accept your offer?” Namjoon asks.

Jeongguk turns around before opening the door and says: “Nothing. He probably won’t.” Which leaves his friends wondering what the hell is going through his mind and why would he do something like that.




“What is it, Tae? I’m about to enter Sephora and I don’t want people to recognise me.” He says, speaking lowly to the phone.

“Are you really not going to accept Jeongguk’s offer?” His best friend asks. Jimin stops his tracks and keeps quiet for a couple of seconds. “It really could be good for you. I’m not saying it because I watch his streams now and I’m biased, though. I really mean it.”

Jimin chuckles. “Don’t worry, Tae. I will be fine. I really don’t need this kind of help.” Jimin says. “I didn’t lie to my fans, but if I do accept his offer it won’t make me any better because at the end of the day I will be lying to them anyway.” He says, having noticed how Taehyung’s voice sounds a little more concerned than what it has been for the past week.

“You’re right, but still…”

“Keep talking, I’m entering the store, okay?” Jimin announces, whispering close to the phone.

“Sure.” Taehyung continues talking without expecting a response from Jimin all the time to prevent people from recognising him. Jimin goes directly to the shelves he knows the new products are, having been to this store so many times that he already memorised every single corner of it. He listens to Tae’s voice as he picks out his items of choice and throws them inside the small basket he has picked up at the entrance. Then, when Taehyung is still talking, his voice becomes more like a background noise because his ears are now focused on what the two girls a few steps away from him are saying.

“Yeah, that’s him.” One of the girls says.

“Wow, I can’t believe he still has the audacity to show up here after what he did.” The other one gasps.

“Such a snake.”

“I’d be embarrassed to even walk out of home but I guess bastards like him really don’t care about anything.” They chuckle, thinking no one is hearing them.

Jimin’s blood boils and tears start to form in the corners of his eyes. They don’t know anything. They are just judging him without even giving him a chance. Why are they being so mean? He hurries to get out of their sight and pays as quickly as he can to get out of that store.

When he finally feels the still slightly cold breeze of the winter that’s saying goodbye, he takes a deep breath and speaks loudly again. “You know what, Taehyung?” His best friend immediately stops talking and listens, expectantly. “You’re right.”

“I’m right?” Taehyung asks.

“I’ll do it. I’ll accept his offer.” Jimin says, determined. Suddenly, a small petal of a cherry blossom lays on his nose and he catches it between his tiny fingers. He can hear Taehyung going crazy on the other side of the phone call and screaming all kinds of questions at him.  He looks down at the petal in his hand and says with a soft voice. “Like the sun that comes after the rain. Like the Spring that comes after Winter. Maybe he will be like that.”

“Oh.” Taehyung doesn’t know what to say, taken aback by Jimin’s words. “Did something happen?” He asks. Jimin smiles and says no with his head, but then remembers he’s in a phone call and Taehyung can’t see him.

“No, it’s fine.” He lies. “I’ll go home right now and text him.” He says, and with that, he hangs up without even saying goodbye to Taehyung. The younger looks at his phone with confusion as Jimin rushes back home.



Hello, this is Park Jimin

I thought about your offer

I accept it. Let’s do it.


Suddenly, his phone goes off and there is an incoming call from the one and only Jeon Jeongguk. Jimin blinks twice and he still can’t believe what he’s seeing. Why is he calling him? Why can’t he just reply to his texts? They’ve talked once in their entire life… why doesn’t he find this awkward? Jimin clears his throat and tilts his head, not having any other option but to pick up the phone call. He slides the green button to the middle of the screen and presses the device to his ear. “…Hello?” He says with a soft and shy voice.

“Ah, hi, Jimin! you’ve finally made up your mind.” He chuckles. He talks enthusiastically and Jimin really can’t understand how he is not feeling awkward. Didn’t Tae and Hoseok say he’s shy? Why isn’t he shy around him, then?

“I guess…” Jimin trails, frowning his eyebrows.

“Oh, by the way, sorry if you hear any noises… that’s my computer. I’m gaming right now. You’re on speaker.” Jeongguk says, nonchalantly.

“What?!” All of Jimin’s alarms go off in his brain. Is he out of his mind? “You’re streaming right now?!” He almost yells at the phone, but Jeongguk doesn’t seem to be as alarmed as he is.

“No, I’m just playing for fun right now. You thought I was already playing pretend?”

“It does baffle me a little that you’re already this comfortable around me, so yeah, I thought you were just acting for a second.” Jimin says, sitting cross-legged on the bed.

Jeongguk laughs loudly and the microphone catches it perfectly, along with what seems to be the tapping of his fingers against the keyboard of his computer.

“If we are going to be fake-dating it’s better to stop being awkward around one another, don’t you think?” Jeongguk asks.

“Aren’t you going too quickly, though?” Jimin replies, making Jeongguk smile faintly even if Jimin doesn’t get to see it. “Are you sure about this?” He adds.

“I am.” Jeongguk replies without hesitating. “Are you?” Jimin can’t see him but he is sure he has one of his eyebrows raised and his lips are hiding a smirk.

“Of course.” Jimin nods, defiantly.

“Then you’d better drop that cold attitude and warm up to me.” Jeongguk says, which leaves Jimin speechless. “Are you a good actor, Jimin?”

“It’s making me really mad that you’re not even using honorifics.” Jimin chuckles bitterly.

“Boyfriends don’t use them, though.” Jeongguk says with a teasing manner.

“I see you’re having fun with this.” Jimin observes.

“I like trying out new things.” Jeongguk shrugs. It makes Jimin smile but he won’t let the younger know that. “Anyway, are you a good actor?” He repeats his question again.

“I like to say that I’m decent.” Jimin replies.

“Cool, then should we jump right into it?” Jeongguk suggests.

“But what are we supposed to do?” Jimin wonders, laying down on the mattress of his bed.

“I don’t know, do you have any ideas?” Jeongguk says. There’s some more sounds that seem to come out of his computer and Jimin tries to ignore them.

“You’ve— you’ve come to me with this deal and you don’t even know what to do?” Jimin stutters.

“I was just asking! I do have ideas.” Jeongguk chuckles. “What about we meet at some café to talk? If someone spots us that will be enough to get things started.” He says. “We could then go to each other’s places so it would be more credible, then you could say something while I’m streaming so people know you’re there…” he trails.

“Woah, you’ve really thought about it.” Jimin says, impressed.

“Anything for free games.” Jeongguk jokes.

Jimin chuckles a little, although he does it more to fill the silence on his part. “Let’s start with going to each other’s houses better, then…” He trails.


“Not that I want to see your house or anything.” He quickly adds.

“I know.”

“I just— I think we need to talk more about what we will do and stuff.” Jimin talks in a shy voice.

“Yeah, sure. Let’s do that.” Jeongguk agrees so easily that Jimin needs to stop being so weirded out or he’ll grow wrinkles on his forehead by frowning too much. “Should I go to yours first?”

“No!” Jimin quickly replies. He is not letting that kid step inside his apartment just yet.

“Okay, then. I’ll text you my address. See you tomorrow!” He says cheerfully before proceeding to hang up.

“Wait— Tomorrow already?!” He exclaims, but he doesn’t have time to say anything else because Jeongguk has already hung up the phone. The younger spins around on his chair and then pulls it closer, putting all his focus back on his game, whilst Jimin just stays on his bed, sitting cross-legged, staring at the phone on his hand. “Fuck. What did I just do?” He whispers to himself.



“I fucked up.” Jimin says, looking at his reflection on the mirror whilst his phone camera is pointing right at him. Taehyung and Hoseok are on a FaceTime call with him from their respective apartments and giving him what seems the third pep-talk of the day. The sun is starting to go down and hiding behind the tallest buildings of Seoul, so there is a warm orange tone in the sky that makes Jimin feel like he’s in a movie set. “I shouldn’t have said yes. This is going to go so bad.” He says, fixing some front strands of his hair with the straightener.

“Jimin, please, stop overthinking it already.” Taehyung rolls over his bed.

“I don’t know shit about this dude!” Jimin slaps his cheeks with his hands in an exasperated manner.

“Well— you didn’t know shit about that lab and you still worked with them, didn’t you?” Hoseok asks.

“That was so mean.” Jimin whines, looking at the part of the screen where Hoseok’s face is.

“Don’t worry. Just go to his house and if you think it’s too much then tell him to stop.” Taehyung intervenes.

“Yeah, just try it out.” The older shrugs.

“I can’t believe you’re encouraging me to blatantly lie to my fans.” Jimin exclaims, getting closer to the mirror to curl his eyelashes.

“It’s just a little white lie to save your ass for a while.” Hoseok trails. “I don’t think it’s that bad.”

“Me neither.” Taehyung adds. 

“Okay… I’m done.” Jimin announces. “I should text him before heading there, right?” He wonders out loud. He picks up his phone from where it’s resting on the sink and goes to his messaging apps, the video call still on so his friends see his face from an angle that would make everyone look bad besides him. “Or should I just knock on his door?” Jimin caresses his forehead, thinking. “Ahh… what should I do?” He closes his eyes and Taehyung laughs.

“Anyone would think you’re going on an actual date with your crush by the way you’re acting.” He says.

“Ha, ha. So funny Taehyung.” Jimin says, sarcastically. “I’m gonna text him now.” He does without thinking too much and Jeongguk is replying right away. Is he always on his phone or was he already waiting for him? Jimin has to hang up the call afterwards and he grabs his things to exit his apartment and head to Jeongguk’s place. His driver is waiting outside at the front door and he gets on the back seat, telling him the address and to please try to be sneaky about it. His acting starts now. He decided to wear clothes that would hide his face and his hair so it looks more believable just in case someone spots him. No one that’s famous would go visit his secret boyfriend with his face completely visible, Jimin had learned that from all the previous scandals he’s witnessed in his career. The drive to Jeongguk’s house isn’t too long, and soon they’re stopping in front of a tall building, similar to the one Jimin lives in, decorated with black walls and golden window frames.



I’m here


Jeon Jeongguk (the gamer)


Wait in the car for a bit

I’m coming down



You don’t have to


Jeon Jeongguk (the gamer)

You’ll get lost if not



It can’t be this difficult to find your apartment lol


Jeon Jeongguk (the gamer)

Whatever you say…

I’m at the elevator right now



You don’t have to report everything to me


Jeon Jeongguk (the gamer)

The elevator has stopped at the 133rd floor





Jeon Jeongguk (the gamer)

You can get out of the car now






Jimin steps outside of the car, fixing the scarf around his neck and lowering the front of his beret down. He makes his way to the front door of the building and just time a figure opens  the door from inside the building. Jeongguk peeks his head out a little bit from the door and Jimin notices his hair is messy and he is wearing a baggy shirt with an open collar, almost leaving his collarbones on full display for the world to see. Jimin is wearing a black mask on his face so he doesn’t need to smile when he sees him. He rushes to the door and Jeongguk silently steps to the side to make more space for him. Once the door is closed behind Jimin, he stands  still right in front of the younger without knowing what to do or what to say next. The man is taller than what Jimin had expected, since the first time they saw each other they were both sitting down, and he has messy brown hair but it looks perfect at the same time. It seems that an eternity passes, but in reality it’s just a couple of seconds before Jeongguk grabs Jimin’s wrist with his left hand and silently guides him to the elevator. Jimin’s eyes widen and the scarf slides a little down his shoulder when the younger pulls him to walk behind him. He looks around for a split second and everyone standing in the lobby has their eyes fixed on them. At the realisation, he can’t help but feel a shiver run down his spine. He is actually going through with this and he is actually terrified of the outcome. Once they both enter inside the elevator and the doors close before them, Jeongguk lets go of Jimin’s wrist and turns his body towards him.

“Hey.” Jeongguk says. “Sorry for grabbing you like that, I thought it would look cool.” He smiles.

Jimin looks at him with a frown and doesn’t know what to say to the younger. He circles his wrist with his other hand and caresses the skin, still feeling the traces of Jeongguk’s fingers there. “It’s okay.” Jimin mumbles.

“I think it worked, everyone was looking at us.” Jeongguk smirks proudly.

“I noticed too… some people really have no shame when it comes to staring.” Jimin comments, which makes Jeongguk laugh.

“Being a celebrity for this long I thought you would be used to it already.” Jeongguk says, but Jimin stays quiet when he sees the younger take out a key from his pocket and inserting it inside one of the keyholes placed on one side of the panel of buttons on the elevator. He twists the key and then the elevator starts moving up. “I told you you’d get lost if you tried to get to my apartment alone.” Jeongguk speaks up again and locks eyes with Jimin. The older shifts his eyes back to the doors and clears his throat.

“I didn’t know your apartment took up the entirety of a floor, my bad.” He says, sarcastically.

“There’s a lot of things you don’t know, beauty guru.” Jeongguk says, nudging Jimin’s side a little, making the older stiffen.

The elevator doors finally open and they step outside, Jimin following the younger. There is only a black door at the end of a short hallway that opens by putting a secret code on one side of the doorframe. They step inside the apartment and Jimin can see a staircase that leads to the floor upstairs. It is an open-concept apartment, with barely any walls that separate the different rooms that form it. On the side opposite of the staircase there is a modern-looking fountain with neon colours changing with a perfect pattern.

“Welcome to my house.” Jeongguk chuckles when he looks at Jimin and sees him taking off his beret and the mask with parted lips. They walk further inside the place and they step into what looks like the living room. There is a huge screen hung up on the wall in front of them, and next to it there is a giant window that has a black table and white chairs in front of it. The views are astounding and a few steps to the left side there is the kitchen with a giant island. Jimin is surprised, but at the same time he was kind of expecting the posters of what look like game covers and promotional pictures of them hung up on the walls of the living room. There is a huge red velvet couch in front of the TV and three bean bags of the same colour next to it. A coffee table is right in the middle of the space and has countless cases of video games stacked neatly under it.

“Wow.” Jimin snorts. “I was not expecting that.”

“What is ‘that’, exactly?” Jeongguk laughs.

“Uh…” Jimin takes his scarf off. “There is literally a fountain in the lobby.” He says as if it’s so obvious. “And this—” He points to the TV. “—is insanely big.”

“Well, I’ll take that as a compliment, so thank you.” Jeongguk says.

“You should.” Jimin nods, still with the same glare he’s been staring at him since the very beginning, back at the party.

“Also— nice choice of clothes. It will look even more real if you cover yourself up.” He says, looking Jimin up and down.

Jimin gulps and takes off his coat, suddenly feeling hot. “Sure.” He clears his throat again. He leaves his clothes on top of the couch and then Jeongguk leads him upstairs.

“Here is my gaming room.” He says, opening the first door he sees when they reach the second floor. There’s a purple light illuminating the room and a few beanbags there as well, a lot of shelves around the walls with action figures and trophies and all that stuff Jimin knows nothing about. In the middle of the room there is a computer with lights inside of it and three big screens one next to the other, a keyboard that has rainbow lights around every key and a black chair that looks oddly comfortable.

“I didn’t ask for a room tour.” Jimin only says, trying to mask the fact that this is probably the coolest room he’s ever seen in his entire life. Jeongguk goes out of the room with a laugh and Jimin follows him with a subtle roll of his eyes.

“And here’s my bedroom.” Jeongguk says, opening the other door and stepping inside. Jimin stays behind him and leans on the doorframe.

“So when are we starting to talk about what we’ll be doing?” Jimin says with a louder voice, eyes everywhere but looking inside the main bedroom. Call him old-fashioned, but he still thinks seeing someone’s bedroom is quite intimate and he much rather would like to keep the image of this guy’s bedroom unknown forever.

Jeongguk looks at him with a tilted head from the bed and sighs, getting up and closing the door behind him. Jimin, who is distracted looking at the ceiling, doesn’t see the younger approaching him, so when he lowers his gaze he notices that they are almost chest-to-chest with one another. “I thought my fake boyfriend should know where everything is since he’ll be spending a lot of time here now.” Jeongguk says, his voice sounding softer than before. Jimin stutters and takes two steps backwards very awkwardly.

“O—okay.” Jimin replies, fixing his hair even if it doesn’t need any fixing, as a result of a nervous habit.

“Let’s go downstairs to talk for a bit, then?” Jeongguk asks, going back to look like his usual child-like self. Jimin had spent the night before watching some of his old streams to get the gist of who JJK197 is and for the first time since he stepped in this apartment he saw the same look that he has in his streams. They get back downstairs and they sit on the couch, each of them on either side of it. “The paparazzi pictures should be coming out tonight or tomorrow morning.” Jeongguk starts.

Jimin is staring at one poster with a picture of a prince wearing a blue crown when Jeongguk talks, and then he turns his head to him. “There were paparazzi at the entrance?” Jimin asks.

“Yeah.” Jeongguk leans back on the couch with a small grunt. “I said on Twitter that I ran out of ramen and that I would probably go out and buy some.” He says, smirking. “And that’s enough for the paparazzi to come here. A good trap, may I say.” He chuckles and Jimin snorts softly, the corners of his mouth tightening in a smile that’s barely noticeable. They fall in a silence that’s awkward for Jimin, so he starts to pick at his fingers a little bit. Jeongguk notices and sits back straight. “So, tell me. What made you say yes to my offer?” He asks. Jimin’s eyes widen slightly. “To be honest, I was almost convinced you’d refuse.” He says. Jimin is taken aback by that. He had thought Jeongguk was confident he’d say yes, he had looked very sure of himself. He bites his bottom lip before speaking up.

“I heard some girls saying some nasty stuff about me, assuming how I am like and that they were not even surprised I was acting this way.” Jimin says. “And they don’t know anything about me. They don’t know who I am, and that made me think of what you told me.” Jeongguk nods. “If people see the real me through your screen maybe they believe me more.” Jimin says, and Jeongguk looks at him without saying anything. “That’s why I said yes in the end.”

Jeongguk hums. “Great! Then I have a few things to go over with you.” He says, finally getting closer to Jimin on the couch and taking out a piece of paper and a pen, handing them to Jimin. “Write it down if you want.” He says. Jimin frowns and takes the paper and the pen while hesitating a little. “I have made up kind of like a schedule in my mind, so tell me what you think and you can write it down.” He says, and Jimin nods. He starts talking about everything that he has thought of and how it will work because he has everything calculated, which has Jimin looking at him with a weirded out face.

“How do you know all of this will go according to your plan, though?” Jimin asks once Jeongguk is done.

“Because this is like a video game. If you move the controller the right way and you push the right buttons, no matter what the opponent does, you will end up winning.” Jeongguk says, looking so sure of himself, just like he did back at the party. “If we do this exactly how I planned it you will go back to being a loved person and I will have a lot of free games. And no one will never know this was a fake relationship.” He clasps his hands together.

“Is there something that could mess everything up?” Jimin asks.

Jeongguk hums and stays quiet for a few seconds. “I don’t think so.” He pouts, but after a couple of instants he raises his pointer finger again. “Well— the only thing that comes to my mind is if one of us falls in love with the other.” Jeongguk says, those words making Jimin stiffen and press his lips together. “That could complicate things and maybe even fuck everything up.” He shrugs. Jeongguk then turns his head back to Jimin and smiles widely, eyes almost disappearing like when he wins in a game. “But that’s not going to happen, so don’t worry.” He says, and Jimin nods slowly. “Anyway, let’s talk about my games now.”

“Oh yeah.” Jimin says, grabbing the pen back and getting ready to write the names down.

“I want the ‘DOOM Eternal’, ‘Resident Evil 3’, ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’, ‘The Last of Us: Part II’, ‘Ghost of Tsushima’, ‘Marvel's Avengers’, ‘Cyberpunk 2077’…”

“Woah, woah, woah. Slow down. I only got the first two.” Jimin exclaims, making Jeongguk stop his endless naming.

Jeongguk sighs and looks at the paper. “You also got the first name wrong.” He rolls his eyes.

“I’m sorry I don’t know anything of what you’re talking about.” Jimin rolls his eyes to imitate him. Jeongguk starts talking again but this time he goes slower, checking if Jimin is writing the names down correctly and scooting closer to him to do so.

“Do you want something to drink?” Jeongguk asks once they’re done and Jimin is already freaking out internally at the thought of all the names that are written on the list and how much they will all cost.

“I’m fine with water.” Jimin says. Jeongguk gets up from the couch and walks over to the kitchen, reaches for the cupboard above the sink and takes one glass out. He goes to the fridge and grabs one of his banana milk bottles and the water. Jimin gets up from the couch too and walks over to the other side of the kitchen island, standing in front of Jeongguk but with the furniture in between them. “You like banana milk?” He says, surprised.

“Yeah.” Jeongguk says, handing the glass of water to Jimin and then taking a sip from his bottle. “You don’t?”

Jimin shakes his head at the same time as he scrunches his nose. “Too sweet for me.” He says, gulping the water down afterwards.

“More for me, then.” Jeongguk says with a petty look.

“I should get going, anyway. Tomorrow I have some videos to film.” Jimin says, looking out the window and seeing that it’s already nighttime outside.

“Okay.” Jeongguk nods. Jimin gets his stuff and covers himself back up. Jeongguk hands him his scarf with a smile and Jimin throws him a suspicious look, putting it on nonetheless. “You should look more in love, my dear boyfriend.” Jeongguk jokes. “Smile a little.” He adds, pulling the corners of his own lips upwards.

“The last thing I want to do right now is smile knowing all the money I’ll have to spend on your games.” Jimin says, putting his mask on.

Jeongguk laughs out loud and opens the door for him. “Get home safely.” He says. Jimin doesn’t look back when he walks to the elevator but Jeongguk stays at the door until Jimin steps inside the elevator.




Jimin is woken up by the sound of his door being knocked on like crazy, almost sounding like the person on the other side is going to bust the door down with how much force they’re hitting at it. Jimin grunts when he opens his eyes and there is too much light coming from the window. He rubs them for a short amount of time and then struggles a little to get up the bed. He does it slowly so he doesn’t feel dizzy like the doctor had told him and walks over to the door with one slipper on and the other off. When he opens the door, two bodies get inside the apartment without a single word and Jimin almost falls over when one of them bumps into him. “The pictures! Have you seen the internet?! Everyone’s talking about it!!” Hoseok’s loud voice gets inside Jimin’s ears and that somehow awakens him more than the sunlight.

“Why were you knocking like that?” Jimin whines with his bed voice. “I gave you the keys for some reason.” He yawns.

“Remember the last time we came in the morning without telling you in advance? I never want to walk in on you sucking someone’s dick like that.” Taehyung makes a barfing sound.

“God, no—” Jimin swallows and closes his eyes with a disgusted expression. “Don’t put that situation in my head again.” He palms his forehead and looks away from his friends, finally starting to come to his senses and being completely awake.

“The paparazzi posted these pictures, look at them!” Hoseok says, shoving his phone right at Jimin’s face. Jimin blinks and squints his eyes.

“Wait a minute— I need my glasses.” He says, going back to his room for a second and putting his round glasses on. He then takes Hoseok’s phone and scrolls down to look at the pictures. In them, Jeongguk’s face is clearly visible, sticking out of the front door of his apartment building. Jimin, on the other hand, is walking towards him with huge steps.

“Did I really walk like that?” Jimin mumbles.

“It looks like you’re eager to meet him after a long time.” Taehyung laughs. “You thought of everything.” He adds. Jimin laughs as well, not saying that he didn’t actually do it on purpose, but it looks good nonetheless.

“Social media is going crazy. Some people are sure it’s you whilst some others still have their doubts, but regardless of that, I haven’t seen any new article about the scandal!” Hoseok says, excitedly.

“So he was right…” Jimin says, sitting down on his couch, cross-legged.

“Was he nice?” Taehyung asks, curious. Jimin looks at him and pushes his glasses up with his middle and pointer finger.

“You came here only so I could tell you that, didn’t you?” Jimin asks and Taehyung laughs mischievously.

“I mean—” Taehyung starts, but Hoseok sits down on his lap and makes him shut up.

“He’s okay, I guess.” Jimin shrugs. “I still think he’s an arrogant flirt, but whatever.”

“A flirt?!” Taehyung yells, startling Hoseok.

Jimin nods. “He got like— this close to my face.” He says, raising his hand until it’s a few inches from his face. He hears Hoseok gasp and Tae covers his mouth. “He did it to startle me on purpose but who does that to someone whom they've just met? Only flirts do that.” He says, with wide eyes, now finally wide awake when his mind wanders to what he lived the day before.

“There is no way.” Hoseok speaks up. “He is like— a baby when he streams. He’s said on multiple occasions that he’s shy and I firmly believe that because you can just see it in his face.” He says, and Taehyung hums and nods.

Jimin raises his hands and sighs. “Okay, don’t believe me then.”

“The only way to believe you is if we meet him in real life.” Hoseok wiggles his eyebrows. Jimin rolls his eyes at what he’s hinting.

“Bye.” Jimin gets up from the couch. “Go to your favourite gamer and leave me alone with my career on the brink of being extinct.” He says dramatically, walking to his bathroom to take a shower.

“Stop being dramatic! Jeongguk is helping you get back on track.” Taehyung laughs.

“Oh yeah, let’s thank my lord and saviour Jeon Jeongguk.” Jimin shouts sarcastically from the bathroom.


“So I’m guessing he said yes?” Namjoon says, looking down at his phone whilst Jeongguk is checking everything for today’s stream.

“Hm?” Jeongguk says, not looking at him and focusing on some cables in his hand.

“Park Jimin.” He says.

“Oh, yeah.” Jeongguk says, straightening his back and walking over to the chair to sit down. “You saw the photos?” He asks. He turns his head to Namjoon and the older lifts up his phone and shows him the pictures on the screen. “They look good, don’t they?” He smirks, giggling like a little kid afterwards.

“I can’t believe you’re doing this only for free games you have no problem in paying.” Namjoon says, locking his phone and sitting on a spare chair from Jeongguk’s bedroom that they’ve brought to the gaming room. Jeongguk shrugs and turns the stream on.

“Hello, everyone!” He smiles at the camera like always. “Today I’m here with Namjoon-hyung.”

“Hi.” Namjoon waves at the camera like he’s done so many times now.

“Today we’ll be teaching him how to play Overwatch and laugh at him when he fails at it.” He says, cheekily. Namjoon starts whining about what he just said and the comment section is filled with laughs and people cheering and complimenting him. “If you have the game and you have time, get on it and let’s play together.” He says, winking at the camera. In no time, they’re playing with a few subscribers and talking to them, answering their questions and talking about the new releases this month. At one point, Namjoon is playing alone whilst Jeongguk is sipping from his daily bottle of banana milk and reading the comments that keep popping up. He doesn’t say anything and ignores the few comments that talk about the pictures or asking if the mystery guy is really Park Jimin. Jeongguk only tries to fight back his smile on purpose so people talk about it later. He’s seen enough dramas and rumours that he already knows how to play his cards well to make people talk about what he wants them to.

His phone goes off and the notification startles Namjoon and him. “You didn’t turn it off?” He asks, eyes still glued to the screen.

“I forgot.” Jeongguk says, reaching for his phone on the table and goes to put it on silent mode before he sees the text he received.


Boyfie lol

What time should I come tomorrow?



Don’t you know when do I stream?


Boyfie lol

I knew about your existence the minute

you talked about me on your stream

And because one of my friends told me

So no.



You hurt me


Boyfie lol


So what time?



Tomorrow I stream after lunch

So come over around 1pm?


Boyfie lol


I’ll be there


Namjoon nudges him and Jeongguk snaps his head back up. He looks up at him, silently asking him why did he just do that, and Namjoon stares at him with a frown. “You were giggling like a schoolgirl.” He says, with a hint of disgust on his face. “It was disturbing.”

“Oh.” Jeongguk says, locking his phone and putting it on silent then. He sits cross-legged on top of the chair and grabs the controller. “I want to play again.” He says, clearing his throat.




“Have you seen this article?” Taehyung says, laughing.

“Let me see!” Hoseok says, running towards Jimin’s bathroom.

“Don’t you have a house of your own?” Jimin rolls his eyes as he is applying some red lip tint on.

“It’s more interesting being here anyway.” Hoseok says.

“Exactly, alone at my house, who can I discuss these things with?” Taehyung says, as Hoseok slides one of his arms around him, resting his upper body on him.

“You can do that with each other.” Jimin says, pointing at them with the lips tint stick. “Go ahead and do it without me, I won’t be offended.” He says. He finishes his make-up as his friends keep reading every single article of Jimin’s and Jeongguk’s rumour and watching every single video made by the drama channels on YouTube. “Okay, I’m done.” He says, standing up from his chair. “I’ll get going. Don’t cause too much trouble when I’m gone.” He tells his friends, getting out of the bathroom and putting his coat on, along with a velvet beret and a pair of orange sunglasses that are too big for his face yet they look good on him.

He gets to Jeongguk’s apartment right at 1pm, and this time Jeongguk is waiting for him at the lobby of the building. There’s curious glances of the people entering and exiting the building like two days before.

“Hey.” Jimin greets him, with a low voice.

Jeongguk is wearing the hood of his sweatshirt over his head, hiding his face a little from everyone. However, his signature baggy clothes are enough to know exactly who he is. “Hello.” He says with a smile that only Jimin can see. It takes a few minutes to enter inside the apartment since it’s on the last floor of the whole building. “Did you see the articles?” It’s the first thing Jeongguk says when he closes the door behind him.

“My friends couldn’t stop talking about it.” Jimin says, rolling his eyes.

“Same.” Jeongguk laughs, grabbing Jimin’s coat, beret and scarf when he takes them off. “I’m starting the stream in forty-five minutes. Have you eaten?” Jeongguk asks, getting up the stairs and Jimin following him.

“Yeah.” Jimin replies.

Jeongguk turns around to steal a glance from him and nods. “Okay.” He leaves the clothes on a beanbag inside of his gaming room that isn’t visible from where the camera is and they’re left staring at each other, standing right there.

“Okay— so what am I supposed to do?” Jimin asks, brushing his hands on his thighs to feel less awkward inside this room with a dim, purple lighting and Jeongguk staring at him without saying anything.

“Oh, yeah.” He says, suddenly feeling a little awkward as well. He slides his hands inside the pocket of his sweatshirt and makes himself a little smaller. “Basically the idea is that I have to be streaming and you have to open the door and call my name, and then be like ‘Oh, oops’, and close the door.” He says, making his voice more high-pitched when he says what Jimin is supposed to say.

“I don’t talk like that.” Jimin scoffs.

“Sure you don’t.” Jeongguk snorts. “Anyway— should we try it?” He says, taking the hood off his head.

“Yeah.” Jimin nods. Jeongguk sits down on his chair and faces his back to Jimin.

“Let’s pretend I’m gaming.” He says, and then he starts touching random keys on his computer. Jimin closes the door and then enters, just like that.

“Jeongguk— oh, oops.” Jimin says, without any kind of expression whatsoever.

Jeongguk turns his chair around and frowns. “That sounded like you had no soul.” He says, and Jimin frowns as well.

“Excuse me?” He says, offended.

“Let’s try again.” Jeongguk nods.

Jimin sighs and closes the door again. He opens it and—

“I wasn’t even in my position yet!” Jeongguk exclaims.

“Who cares?! We’re just practicing.” Jimin says with the same tone.

“Let’s do it again. Wait around two or three seconds before entering.” Jeongguk says.

“Fine.” Jimin snaps, closing the door and waiting behind it for three seconds. “So he’s gonna order me around like that?” He mumbles to himself before he opens the door again and steps inside. “Jeongguk— Oh, oops.” Jimin says, this time with much more enthusiasm.

“Okay, good.” Jeongguk nods. “That was better. Let’s do it one more time.”

Jimin grunts but does what he’s told. “Jeongguk—Oh, oops.”

“Maybe it’s better if you don’t speak too loud or else it’s gonna sound so forced.” Jeongguk says.

“My god, are you a cinema director or what?” Jimin rolls his eyes. “No one is going to notice that.”

“Are you sure you’re a decent actor?” Jeongguk raises an eyebrow.

“I never said I was an actor, only that my acting skills weren’t awful.” Jimin replies, pettily.

“What if instead of saying my name you say something else? Couples usually use pet names with each other.” Jeongguk says, completely ignoring Jimin’s last words.

“I am not calling you any pet names, Jeongguk.” Jimin says quickly, crossing his arms over his chest.

“What? I think it will look more real this way.” Jeongguk says, spinning his chair around two times.

“I’ll stick to your name only.” Jimin replies. “I already do enough by letting you call my name without honorifics.” He says, and Jeongguk stares blankly at him.

“Okay.” He says, rolling his eyes. “Let’s try one more time?” He smirks.

“Fuck off.” Jimin snaps, making Jeongguk laugh.


Mist - ATEEZ

The minutes pass quickly and Jimin has to wait outside the door when Jeongguk starts streaming. He had said to wait at least half an hour after he started the stream, in case it looked too forced since it happened right at the beginning. So there Jimin was, pacing around the hallway since he was too uncomfortable to wait inside Jeongguk’s room. Call him dumb, he’ll handle it. He looks at the clock on his phone and sees that Jeongguk is already around 45 minutes into the stream and Jimin really wants to get this done so he can finally calm his nerves down, so he walks up to the door and grabs the handle tightly. He takes a few more seconds before he finally tugs it and he hears Jeongguk’s voice talking. He then remembers what he said about calling him some kind of pet name. What is wrong with this guy? It’s like he’s having so much fun with this.

Jimin tugs the door handle towards him.

Why the hell would Jeongguk think Jimin would be willing to call him a pet name, even if they were faking it?

He steps inside the gaming room.

Who calls their boyfriend baby nowadays, though?

“Baby I— Oh.” Jimin says, and then the world seems to freeze around them both.

Jeongguk whips his head around to look at Jimin behind him, totally not expecting what just came out of his mouth. “Fuck.” Jimin mumbles, closing the door afterwards. He brings his hands to his cheeks and feels how red they are. “What happened? Why did I just say that?” Jimin whispers to himself. He was thinking about the pet name that he actually ended up saying it in the first place and he wants to die of embarrassment. Right now, he’d pick his things up and flee the apartment right away, but his clothes are inside the gaming room and he’s too embarrassed to face Jeongguk right now. He takes a deep breath and ends up walking downstairs and pouring himself a glass of cool water. He goes to the couch and figures out how to turn the TV on to forget about his slip up and wait for the younger to finish his gaming session. He leaves a historical drama on whilst he waits for Jeongguk and the latter ends up coming down sooner than what he had expected.

“That was awesome! It was so believable that it took me off guard too.” Jeongguk says, sitting next to Jimin on the couch.

Jimin looks at him and he doesn’t know what to say nor why the younger is acting so nonchalant about it. “You— You weren’t weirded out about it?”

“Hm? Why would I?” He asks, opening a bag of chips he probably had picked from the kitchen before approaching Jimin. “What are you watching?” He says after putting a few chips in his mouth.

“I— didn’t you find it weird that I called you ‘baby’ even after I said I wouldn’t?” Jimin asks, confused.

“No? I told you it would be more believable if you did it. And you did, so there’s nothing to be weirded out about.” He shrugs.

Jimin stares at him with curious eyes and a blank mind. He’s probably right, but Jimin still feels a little uncomfortable.

“You don’t have to worry about it. We are fake-dating, after all. I know all you say and do to me is not actually real and you don’t mean it, so don’t worry about me being uncomfortable or misunderstanding you. I won’t.” Jeongguk shrugs and Jimin nods.


“Just act like you would with your actual partner, it’ll be better if you think this way instead of trying to script our conversations every time.” He adds.

“Okay, okay, I’ll do that.” Jimin nods eagerly. At this point, he is willing to do anything to save his career, and right now this seems to be working. In no time, there are clips about this moment all over YouTube and Jeongguk laughs at the comments making fun of his reaction.

“I’m telling you, the whole stream went silent for a whole minute, even the comments stopped when you closed the door.” Jeongguk says. “As if everyone went in a trance.”

“What do we have to do next?” Jimin says, getting up and grabbing the clothes Jeongguk has brought down with him.

“Next is coffee.” He says, following him with his eyes. “You’re leaving already?” He asks.

“Yeah— I still haven’t uploaded today’s video.” Jimin says, putting the beret on.

“What is it about?” Jeongguk asks, walking him to the door.

“Go watch it once it’s up and give me views. Then you’ll know.” Jimin says with a smirk. Jeongguk rolls his eyes and unlocks the door.

“Okay then.” Jeongguk says, opening the door and watching him until he disappears behind the doors of the elevator.



“It’s a get ready with me.” Jeongguk mumbles, having seen the title of the video on his phone screen.

“What?” Yoongi says, stopping to stuff his mouth with noodles. It’s night time and he had knocked on Jeongguk’s door because Jin and Namjoon weren’t answering and he was bored.

“Nothing.” Jeongguk says, locking his phone and going back to eat his bowl of noodles.



“Jeon Jeongguk’s mystery boy. Who is it?”

“Park Jimin and Jeon Jeongguk might be meeting in secret?”

“Is Park Jimin’s career starting to get back on track?”


The articles for the rest of the week surrounding him had been all filled with the words ‘gamer’, ‘boyfriend’ and ‘Jeon Jeongguk’ at some point. Jimin read every single one of them— maybe because Hoseok kept track of every time something new came out, or maybe because he wanted to see it for himself even if he was tired of reading the same thing over and over again. Jimin wasn’t having that much of a hard time as he thought he would at first, but then again, it was probably thanks to what him and Jeongguk were doing. A week had gone by since they started this pretend relationship and so far they had only seen each other twice, good enough to stir some things up but not too much to make it obvious that it was all a set-up.

“Look to the right, please.” The photographer says to Jimin and he does exactly what he has been told. The man snaps a picture with flash on that makes Jimin’s eyes burn. He is currently working on a photoshoot for his new partnership with a Korean make-up brand and the pictures are turning out good. “Okay, let’s rest for a little bit, we’re almost done.” The photographer said, and his crew turn off the lights illuminating Jimin’s figure right after. He gets out of the booth and goes to grab his phone to tell Taehyung that the photoshoot is doing great, but he has a few messages that he wasn’t expecting.


Jeon Jeongguk (the gamer)


Are you done with your photoshoot?



How did you know I am in a photoshoot?


Jeon Jeongguk (the gamer)

I saw twitter

And your instagram stories




Ah right

I am almost done



Jeon Jeongguk (the gamer)

Tell me where is it

I’ll pick you up



What? No


Jeon Jeongguk (the gamer)

Why not?

Weren’t we supposed to get coffee

at some point?



I mean


But to come here and pick me up….


Jeon Jeongguk (the gamer)

What’s wrong with that?



Won’t it be too much?


Jeon Jeongguk (the gamer)

No, it’ll be fine

Don’t worry



Okay if u say so

[location sent]

Here u go


Jeon Jeongguk (the gamer)

Thank u

I’ll get going then

I’ll be waiting outside once you’re done





Jeon Jeongguk (the gamer)

I drive an electric blue car btw







The photoshoot lasts for another ten minutes and then they are officially done. Jimin sighs and lets the make-up girls guide him back to the side of the room where all their stuff is and they help him get rid of the heavy make-up on his face. Jimin feels his skin breathing after a long shoot and he relaxes as one of the girls applies a cool cream on his face.

“You have flawless skin.” The girl compliments him.

“Ah, thank you.” Jimin smiles gently.

“It’s so nice to the touch.” She adds.

“Use this cream before going to bed and you’ll see that it works wonders!” Jimin says, grabbing his phone and showing her a picture of the product he is talking about.

The girl nods excitedly and thanks him for being so kind and talking to her for a little while. And then, when his face is completely bare, he has to leave. He gets out of the building and sees an electric blue car parked on one side of the road. It looks modern and expensive so he figures that must be Jeongguk’s car. He crosses the road when the light turns green and he jogs until he reaches the passenger door, grabbing the handle and waiting a few seconds until he hears a click that means the door is now unlocked. He steps inside the car and leans back on the seat, sighing and closing his eyes.


Stay here - Jay Park


“Hello.” Jeongguk says, one hand on the steering wheel whilst the other is on his lap.

“Hi.” Jimin replies, finally opening his eyes. He turns to look at Jeongguk but he gets distracted by the insides of the car. He doesn’t understand anything about cars, but he can appreciate the cool ones when he sees them. The white leather on the sides of the doors and the seats contrast with the blue and purple string of lights around the lines of the glove box and the gear shift.

“You look good without make-up.” Jeongguk’s voice startles him and makes him turn his attention back on him. Oh, right, he had a bare face on that not much people have seen before. And yet Jeon Jeongguk is staring at him just like that.

“O-oh… Yeah. Thank you.” Jimin stutters. “So where are we going?” He says, looking out the window and clearing his voice afterwards.

Jeongguk chuckles and shakes his head. “Wanna get some coffee, my dear boyfriend?” He jokes, making Jimin turn his head back to him and throw him a glare.

“You’re paying because of what you just said.” Jimin says, pettily.

“I was going to anyway.” Jeongguk shrugs, turning the engine on. He drives off the parking spot and Jimin stares at him more than what he would like to admit while he does so.

“Have you never seen someone drive or…?” Jeongguk says, turning around to check the back of the car.

“I— no. It’s just that— well.” Jimin clears his throat again. “I don’t have a license.” He admits.

Jeongguk then places the car on the road skilfully and he drives away. “Oh.” He nods, understanding everything now.

“That’s it.” Jimin adds. “I wasn’t staring at you, particularly.” He says, making Jeongguk chuckle.

“Of course.” He says. He drives with one hand whilst the other is resting on the edge of the window, making it seem like it’s the easiest thing ever when it really is not. At least not for Jimin. He steals a few more glances from the younger and he tries to be slick about it until they reach the coffee shop Jeongguk wanted to go.

When they get inside, Jimin goes straight to the table at the very back and he hates the fact that he didn’t bring anything to cover himself with. He has a pink, oversized sweater on and grey slacks, and everyone knows how much he likes dressing like that, not to mention that his hair is also bright pink and everyone could recognise him. Jeongguk goes to the counter and orders two coffees and a small piece of cake for them to share, and when he approaches the table he sees how Jimin is looking around, seeming uncomfortable.

“Here you go.” Jeongguk places the coffee in front of Jimin and the latter mumbles a small ‘thank you’ in response.

“I feel like everyone is staring at me.” Jimin replies as Jeongguk sits down in front of him. The younger takes a look around and doesn’t really see anyone paying attention, but that really doesn’t matter when you feel observed. “I should’ve brought something to cover up.” He says, mostly to himself. Jeongguk hears it and then a brilliant idea crosses his mind.

“Here, wait—” He says, and then stands up from the chair. He proceeds to take off his oversized olive green sweatshirt and hands it to Jimin. “Put it on. The hood will hide your face.” He says. Jeongguk then gets closer to him, with one hand resting on top of the table and leaning back down to whisper on Jimin’s ear. “Besides, it’ll look good if someone takes any pictures.” He smirks and then goes back to his seat. Jimin looks at him with parted lips but he puts the sweatshirt on anyway. The minute he has it on, he feels a strong scent surrounding him, the scent of Jeongguk’s cologne mixed with his own body smell. The sleeves even cover his hands and the hood barely lets him see anything.

“I knew this coffee would be good.” Jeongguk says after sipping at the straw for a few seconds. He rests his elbows on top of the table and the short sleeves of the white shirt he is wearing tighten around the arms when he does so, leaving Jimin frozen with his lips puckered around the straw of his coffee. He definitely wasn’t expecting this at all. Jeongguk’s arms are way bigger than what he had thought, but then again he couldn’t have known because his clothes always hide his body with how baggy they are. “Aren’t you going to taste it?” Jeongguk asks, tilting his head to the side, referring to the coffee.

“Yeah, yeah.” Jimin mumbles, taking his eyes off of Jeongguk’s arms and tasting the coffee. He takes a long breath after he does so and all he can smell is Jeongguk’s scent around him.

“Oh, by the way. I will need one of the games from that list by Friday.” Jeongguk says.

“Okay. Any preference?” Jimin asks, leaving the coffee on top of the table and resting his hands on there too.

“Not really.” Jeongguk shrugs. “Whatever you choose will be fine.”

“Okay. And where am I supposed to buy it?” Jimin snorts.

“At any gaming store that you see around the streets. They’re everywhere if you take a closer look.” Jeongguk says and Jimin nods.

“Okay, I’ll go buy it on Thursday, then. I have the day off.” He smiles.

“Lucky you.” Jeongguk returns the gesture as well. Then, from the corner of his eye, he sees two girls looking at them with curious eyes as they whisper things to each other, one of them with her phone in his hand. Jeongguk’s eyes glisten and he smirks a little bit. “Jimin, I’m gonna do something, don’t get startled.” He says.

“O-okay.” Jimin says, suddenly feeling his body go stiff. Jeongguk leans closer and takes Jimin’s hand in his over the table. Jimin’s cheeks grow pink under the hood and thanks god that no one can see it, not even the younger. Jeongguk’s fingers intertwine with his small ones and they caress this palm. “Your fingers are so short.” Jeongguk comments, which makes Jimin mumble a couple of things with a whiny tone. “There’s these girls over there and I think they are taking pictures of us.” He mumbles, barely opening his mouth so no one catches it.

Jimin nods slowly and they continue talking just like that, but Jeongguk’s hand keeps playing with his and Jimin can’t focus on the conversation for too long.


Cartier - Bazzi


“Oh! I just thought of something.” Jimin says when they’re back inside Jeongguk’s car.

“What is it?” Jeongguk asks, perking up.

“What if I take a selfie with your sweatshirt later and post it on my story?” Jimin asks. Jeongguk starts the engine.

“That would be awesome.” Jeongguk nods. “This is what we should be doing all the time.”

“Acting as if you were my real boyfriend, not my fake one.” Jimin nods. “I think I’m starting to get the hang of it.” He says, proudly.

Jeongguk drives him to his apartment and parks right before the building. “Here we are, then.” He says, stopping the car. Jimin unbuckles his seatbelt and puts the hood back on just in case. He says bye to Jeongguk and opens the door of the car, and when he steps out of it he already sees the paparazzi hiding behind some bushes at the entrance of the building. He closes the door slowly as his brain thinks of something to do, but then the voice inside his head tells him not to. He thinks about it for a few seconds and then slams the door of the car, and he is determined when instead of walking towards the door, he surrounds the car and places himself next to the driver’s seat door. Jeongguk follows his moves with his eyes and rolls the window down when Jimin is standing right next to him. They look at each other silently and then Jimin sneaks his head inside the car, stopping when he’s one inch away from Jeongguk’s face. Jeongguk blinks and his ears grow red. “W-What—”

“There’s paparazzi hiding behind those bushes.” Jimin whispers. “I’m just giving them something to talk about.” Jimin says, standing there for a couple more seconds and then getting back out of the car. Without a single word, Jimin walks away and soon disappears behind the doors of his apartment building.

Jeongguk breathes out and nods slowly. “Yeah— that’s exactly what we should be doing.” Jeongguk sighs one last time and drives away to his own apartment. He’s not even back at home when his phone goes off with countless messages from his friends laughing and screaming at the pictures that just came out of him and Jimin at the coffee shop.


“Bro why do you look so good together?!” Yoongi laughs in one of the voice memos he’s sent to the group chat they have together.

“The sweatshirt looks adorable on him.” Seokjin says as well.

“Everything looks good on this boy.” Namjoon adds.

Jeongguk doesn’t say anything about the pictures that will probably come out in the morning and just sticks to laughing at what his friends say and the way they are so exaggerated.


The world goes crazy when the pictures come out the morning after. Jimin’s manager is calling him the second after the paparazzi release them and he’s screaming at him on the phone, making sure Jimin is confident this will turn out good. Jimin listens to him talk and rant about how one day he’s going to have a heart attack because of him and Jimin tries to hold back his laugh at that. His friends go crazy as well and they ask him if Jeongguk smells as good as everyone thinks he does. Jimin avoids that question for the next two days. On Thursday morning he wakes up realising that he forgot to post a selfie with Jeongguk’s sweatshirt on, so he decides to post one then. He does his everyday make-up and snaps a couple of selfies with the collar of the sweater completely visible. He puts a song on the story and the time and then posts it. In less than a minute, he already has a lot of replies asking him if that sweatshirt is from Jeongguk and he feels proud for accomplishing his mission.



It worked


Jeon Jeongguk (the gamer)

I just saw the story haha

You look good

Fake boyfriend



Shut up ahah

I’ll go get your game today


Jeon Jeongguk (the gamer)



Jimin goes out to buy the game after lunch, where not many people are around the streets so he can walk more freely. This time he’s only wearing Jeongguk’s sweatshirt because he’s found out that it is actually so warm and soft and it will be good if they spot him somewhere. He still feels a little weird with this whole thing but he can’t deny that now he is starting to have a little more fun in playing pretend. He gets inside the first gaming shop he spots and asks the cashier for one of the games written on that piece of paper.

“No way.” He hears someone gasp behind him.

“It can’t be, stop!” Another voice says, whispering.

Jimin looks up and turns around to see two boys that are around thirteen years old. They gasp and hide behind one of the shelves when Jimin sees them. He smiles and turns back to the cashier.

“Here you have it.” He says.

“Thank you— can I also get uh… The Final Fantasy VII Remake?” He asks and the man nods. He must be around Jimin’s age, maybe a little younger. He gets the game for him and Jimin pays. His heart hurts when he hears the total amount but he pays either way.

“Excuse me…” The cashier then says, after handing the bag with the two video games to Jimin. “Where did you get that sweatshirt?” He asks.

“Ah…” Jimin looks down at his own chest. “It’s my boyfriend’s.” He says with a smile. A chill runs down his spine.


“Why do you ask? It’s cool right?” Jimin tugs at the fabric.

“Oh yeah, it’s so cool. But I was asking because only one person has it. It’s a unique item.” The man says, and Jimin feels his soul leave his body. So he basically just confirmed that he’s ‘dating’ Jeon Jeongguk to a random worker of a gaming shop. Cool.

Jimin laughs awkwardly and leaves the shop slowly, wanting to slap himself on the face.



I got your game

You didn’t tell me the sweatshirt you gave me

is a unique item?!?!


Jeon Jeongguk (the gamer)

Oh yeah

The Ubisoft team made it just for me

And nice! I can’t wait for tomorrow when you play with me!





Jeongguk I won’t play that



I won’t play!!!

Chapter Text

“Here you go.” Jimin says, handing the bag with the video games inside to Jeongguk the moment he opens the door to his apartment.

Jeongguk nods and lets the older walk inside with a small ‘thank you’. Jimin takes his coat off as Jeongguk takes a look inside the bag. “You bought two games!” He says, excitedly. He looks up at Jimin and the latter finds it amusing to see how quickly his mood changed to a happier one.

“Well… yeah. I was already there.” Jimin says, shrugging. And then that’s when Jeongguk notices the sweatshirt he is wearing.

“You’re wearing my sweatshirt.” Jeongguk points out.

Jimin hums and tugs at the ends of it. “Yeah, to give it back to you.” He says, taking it off and handing it to Jeongguk as well. “I washed it so don’t worry.”

“Okay.” Jeongguk says, pressing the fabric to his nose shamelessly and smelling the sweet scent of Jimin’s cologne. “Thank you.” He says, nodding slowly.

Jimin looks around the lobby and clears his throat.

“Well… that’s it so I’m gonna go—”

“Nope. You’re playing games with me today.” Jeongguk says, grabbing Jimin by the wrist in an instinctive act just in case he wanted to walk away. Jimin looks down at their hands but  doesn’t say anything and Jeongguk doesn’t take it away either.

“Jeongguk, I’m so bad at these things.” Jimin whines. “It’ll be so embarrassing.”

“Not if I teach you!” He says, insisting. He shakes their hands from side to side and Jimin rolls his eyes. “You’ll have the best teacher in the whole world, it’s impossible you’ll do bad.” He adds, which makes Jimin snort.

“You sound so confident.” Jimin comments.

“I am confident in just a few things and one of them is this.” He replies, looking at Jimin with wide and daring eyes that if they could speak they would lure Jimin in completely. “Come on.” He says, this time with a small pout. Jimin sighs and nods.

“Fine, okay. Let’s do it.” Jimin accepts, which makes Jeongguk curl his fist in a victory gesture and almost drags Jimin upstairs by the wrist.

“I’ll start the stream right away, go grab the chair inside my bedroom, please.” Jeongguk says whilst touching and grabbing some cables that Jimin assumes are part of the equipment to stream his gaming sessions. He nods and silently walks towards the younger’s bedroom, feeling his stomach twist a little inside of him. It’s just a bedroom, calm down. It’s not like you’ll be sleeping in there, Jimin. He repeats to himself internally. He opens the door to the room and sees the giant bed with black sheets, surrounded by white and grey pillows. The headboard is made out of wood and it’s painted black as well, with a few white paint dots resembling a starry night. Right next to it there is a giant floor-to-ceiling window that is halfway covered by grey curtains. On the opposite side of the room there is a chair and a minimalist-looking table, and Jimin walks up to it. When he grabs the chair and starts making his way back to the door, he sees that there is a giant TV screen in front of the bed and on that same wall there is another door that must lead to the bathroom because the wardrobe is right behind Jimin. He tightens his lips at the sight of the black bedsheets and leaves the room afterwards. He struggles a little to get the chair to the gaming room because it’s quite big and a little difficult to carry but he makes it either way. He places it next to Jeongguk’s chair and sits down, taking a long breath.

“I’ve never seen black bedsheets before.” Jimin comments whilst Jeongguk is finishing setting up the camera and the microphone.

“So what do you think about them?” Jeongguk chuckles.

“They look expensive.” Jimin comments and Jeongguk shakes his head, probably not expecting that answer at all. “Are you ready?” He turns to look at Jimin.

“Not really, but I’m not gonna be ready anytime soon so let’s do it anyway.” Jimin replies and Jeongguk takes that answer as a cue to turn on the stream of the day. Before that, though, he helps Jimin put a pair of headphones on and explains to him that he’s going to be hearing the ambient music coming from his computer and also the sounds from the game when they start to play. He turns the stream on and he keeps    for a couple of instants like he always does, waiting for people to join the stream and seeing as the first comments start popping up.

Jimin doesn’t know what to say or what to do, so he just stays sitting there and waits until Jeongguk says something, looking at the camera lens silently. His eyes turn to the screen showing all of the comments and sees that everyone is screaming about him being in the stream with Jeongguk and he can’t help but smile a little.

“Hello everyone! Welcome back once again.” Jeongguk says to the camera. Jimin looks at him as he does so, watching how comfortable he is even if he’s aware that soon there will be millions of people watching what he’s doing. “As you might have noticed already, I am here with a special guest today.” He says, turning his chair slightly towards Jimin. The older’s brain stops at the word ‘special’ and he already starts to think about what people will say because of that. “He is Park Jimin. Say hi.” He says, talking sweetly.

“Hi guys.” Jimin says, waving shyly at the camera.

“He is a little shy right now but we’ll forgive him this time, right?” Jeongguk says. The comments agree but there are also a lot of questions asking what’s happening and why is he there. Jeongguk ignores all of them and only looks at Jimin. “Today we’ll be teaching him how to play some games. I have the new ‘Resident Evil 3’ and ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’, which one should we play?” He asks the audience and the people watching comment their preference. Jeongguk leans forward to read the comments and hums. “What would you like to play, Jimin?” He asks, turning his head to him.

Jimin’s eyes widen and he hesitates a little, suddenly feeling watched not only by Jeongguk but to everyone else watching the stream. “The Final Fantasy sounds better to me.” He says and Jeongguk nods.

“Should we play that one, then?” He tells the audience and waits for a few seconds. “Okay, we’ll play this one in a minute, but first let’s answer some questions.” Jimin tenses a little bit but tries to mask it as good as he can. “Someone says ‘Is he going to be better than Namjoon?’” Jeongguk reads. “Probably, Namjoon-hyung is that bad.” He chuckles. “Jimin, have you ever played any video games?” Someone asks. Jeongguk turns to look at the older and Jimin straightens his back.

“I used to play with my younger brother when he asked me to play with him as a kid, but it’s been years now.” He says, smiling awkwardly.

“What games did you play with him?” Jeongguk asks, this time the question is his.

“They would be football games or the shooter style.” Jimin says after thinking about it for a split second.

“Oh, you even know what a ‘shooter’ is? Guys, he did his homework.” Jeongguk says, teasingly.

“I would’ve prepared myself better if you didn’t tell me so suddenly that I had to appear in your stream.” Jimin replies with the same slurred voice, a little lower than him, though.

Jeongguk chuckles and reads some more comments. “Jimin, I love your videos.. I’ve been subscribed to you for a while now!” He reads.

Jimin’s eyes sparkle with that comment. “Aw! Thank you so much. I’m glad to hear that, thank you.” He says with a cooing voice.

“Is he your boyfriend?” Jeongguk reads. Both of them go silent, Jeongguk looking back to stare at Jimin without saying a single word. “Are we boyfriends, Hyung?” He says, raising an eyebrow. Jimin knows this is just acting but it sounds and looks so convincing by the way Jeongguk is looking at him and how his voice got deep and flirty.

Jimin giggles nervously and slaps him on the shoulder, making the younger look back at the camera and dropping the question.

“Now you call me hyung?” Jimin asks, raising his eyebrows, and the comments go crazy.

“Anyway! Let’s start.” Jeongguk says, clicking some things and the game is then on. “Okay, Jimin, first of all you have to know how to move. It’s like this.” He says, showing him the keys he should press.

“I have to move with the left hand? I’m so bad at this!” Jimin exclaims.

“Yeah, because on the right hand you’ll have the mouse.” Jeongguk says. Jimin looks up at Jeongguk from the keyboard and notices how close they are to one another.

“I uh— what should I do with the mouse…?” He mumbles, and Jeongguk explains it to him calmly. The viewers are going crazy and there are constant donations right now.

“Okay, try to move and kill off that enemy.” Jeongguk says after he’s explained to him how he is supposed to play.

Jimin struggles to even move and Jeongguk tries so hard not to laugh. His character on the screen is walking forward way too slowly because Jimin is afraid of getting closer to the enemy. “Okay, so I press this and then—” He says out loud, tongue peeking out as he finally starts approaching the enemy on the game, but then— “Fuck, wait, how was it?! Oh no, he’s getting closer to me!” He screams, making Jeongguk and the rest of the viewers to burst out laughing. “Jeongguk!! What do I do?! He’s gonna kill me!” Jimin keeps yelling, touching every button he can and basically making his character start running from the enemy. Jeongguk is almost crying of laughter at this point, as Jimin gets up from the chair and starts bouncing on his spot. “Okay, okay— I’ll try it. Ahh no!! Did he just shoot me?!? You didn’t tell me they could attack me too!” Jimin exclaims.

“Of course they can! Did you think it’s that easy?!” Jeongguk laughs so hard that he has to take his headphones off.

“Fuck, fuck!! What do I do??” Jimin says as he touches some keys and finally starts attacking him. It takes him a while to kill the enemy off completely but he ends up doing it. “Oof, it’s over now.” Jimin says, falling back on his chair and letting out a long breath.

“I’m crying.” Jeongguk says, still chuckling at Jimin’s reaction.

“I told you I would be very bad at this…” Jimin replies, pouting. However, when he looks at the comments, there are some people encouraging him whilst others are saying that he’s a funny guy and that he should try again.

“At least you made me laugh.” He says, pulling his chair closer to him. “Do you want to continue? The game is still on.” He says, looking at him with sparkling eyes.

“Okay.” He nods. He then looks at the camera and sighs. “I’m so sorry, this must be very frustrating and disappointing to watch.” He shakes his head.

“I’m pretty sure people are having fun.” Jeongguk says. “They all like it when Namjoon messes up at the end of the day.” He adds.

Jimin smiles and Jeongguk teaches him how to attack again. He tries it two more times and he gets agitated and starts screaming every time one of the enemies comes closer to him. Jeongguk looks at the screen with a bunny smile when Jimin does that and lets him do his thing. “I need a break.” Jimin says, sighing exasperated.

Jeongguk rolls his eyes and nods. “Okay. I’ll play for a while now.” Jeongguk tells the audience, adjusting his headphones and sitting back comfortably. Jimin moves his chair a little to the side and focuses on the comments and the song that’s playing. “Do you want to change the song?” Jeongguk asks all of a sudden, right before the game starts.

“...Can I?” Jimin says, eyes turning into puppy eyes.

“Sure.” Jeongguk says, still playing his game. “You can change it or search for another one by touching the screen on your right. It’s a touch screen.” He explains.

“Oh, okay.” Jimin mumbles, approaching his chair to the table and reaching his hand up to touch the screen and type in a song that’s been stuck in his mind lately. When the song starts, there is a few seconds where Jeongguk doesn’t say anything and then turns to look at him.

“You like this song?” Jeongguk asks with his head tilted to one side.

“Yeah…” Jimin frowns a little.

“I would’ve never guessed it.” He comments.

Jeongguk hums along the songs Jimin plays as the older has fun reading the comments from people telling him that his music taste is really good and that they didn’t expect him to like that kind of music.

“I like a lot of genres and styles of music.” Jimin says. “I thought you guys would like these.” He says, smiling sweetly at the camera. Right on cue, Jeongguk yells and curses at the video game, startling Jimin. “So what song should I play next?” He says. There are a few comments with suggestions but the majority of them are focusing on the gameplay and Jimin reads over them as well, not understanding half of the things they’re saying. He plays one last song of his before Jeongguk tells him to try to play again. Jimin refuses at first but he ends up giving in (he seriously should start saying no to him because he just realised he said ‘yes’ to everything he’s said until now). Jeongguk helps him learn a few more tricks that have Jimin yelling even more because they’re even more difficult that the ones he tried before, which has everyone laughing.

They play for a half an hour more and then Jeongguk saves the game and turns back to the camera. “This has been today’s stream, we should get going now.” Jeongguk says, Jimin nodding happily. “I hope you had a great time today, because I did.” He says, glancing at Jimin.

“I did too.” He giggles.

“Let me know if you want Jimin to appear another day, okay?” Jeongguk says, reaching to turn the camera off. “Goodbye! See you tomorrow!” He says, Jimin waving his hands behind him. “That was so good! I think people loved it.”

“I was so scared at the beginning! Everyone was so quiet and I thought people would find me so annoying because I couldn’t even move properly in the game!” Jimin says between chuckles, which makes Jeongguk stop for a second and stare at the older while he talks.

“I’m sure they loved you.” He says, reassuring him. Jimin stops laughing and sees the rather serious expression on Jeongguk’s face and he stops as well. They both look at each other silently and Jimin notices how close both of their chairs are. “You should check your social media!” Jeongguk says suddenly, followed by him clearing his throat and rubbing the back of his neck.

“Oh, yeah!”Jimin looks down at his lap and takes his phone out of his pocket awkwardly. He logs in to Twitter and Instagram and sees that his followers are increasing again. “Oh! No way.”

“What is it?” Jeongguk asks, getting up from the chair and walking towards the door. Jimin gets up and follows right behind him.

“I’m gaining followers again.” He says with a soft voice, not believing his eyes.

“That’s good, isn’t it?” Jeongguk says as they walk down the stairs. “I told you it would work if we followed my plans.” He shrugs.

“Don’t give yourself too much credit.” Jimin teases him, rolling his eyes. Suddenly, Jeongguk stops his tracks while walking down the stairs and twists his body around at the same time to look at Jimin. Jimin bumps into him and they are just two inches apart from each other.

“I won’t since it’s you who asked.” Jeongguk says, voice low and slurred. Jimin stops breathing for a second and then— “My dear boyfriend.” He adds. Jimin pushes him away and rolls his eyes with a grunt.

“I’m starting to see that you’re so annoying.” Jimin says, walking past him and reaching the first floor quicker than Jeongguk.

“Thanks.” Jeongguk says cheekily. “Do you want to stay over and have lunch together?” He asks.

“I can’t. I told Hoseok and Tae already.” Jimin says, going to the couch to grab his coat and his usual beret. “I should get going now.”

“Okay.” Jeongguk says, voice sounding a little down for Jimin’s perception but it’s probably just his mind imagining things. He takes his phone out and snaps a picture of one part of Jeongguk’s living room. “What are you doing?” He asks.

“Posting this on my story so my fans go crazy.” Jimin says, adding a heart emoji on the picture and posting it. “Goodbye!” He walks out of the door and Jeongguk rushes behind him, and as always, he watches as Jimin gets inside the elevator, but this time, Jimin waves him goodbye, clearly showing his good mood. And Jeongguk smiles.


Jimin enters inside the restaurant Hoseok had booked the day before for them three, located rather close to Jeongguk’s apartment so Jimin got there just in time. He finds his two best friends being led to their table by one of the waiters and Jimin catches up to them quickly.

“Hey!” Jimin greets them with a smile. Both of them turn around and their faces illuminate.

“You’re here already! I thought you were still at Jeongguk’s place.” Taehyung says, sitting down on his chair. Jimin stays silent for a split second and looks over to the waiter to see if he knows what they’re talking about, but the man seems completely unfazed by Taehyung’s comment.

“I left right after the stream ended.” Jimin replies, taking off his coat and sitting down.

“I saw the stream.” Hoseok speaks up. “And let me tell you…” He gets closer to him and whispers only for him and Taehyung to hear. “Even I believed you were dating.”

“I know right? Their acting is so good.” Taehyung says, leaning into Hoseok a little.

“Their chemistry is unmatched.” Hoseok nods with big eyes.

Jimin clears his throat. “I’m right here.” He says, mumbling. “Stop it, please. It’s embarrassing.” He says.

“The way he said ‘baby’ on the last livestream?” Taehyung continues, with a high-pitched voice.

“I died a little.” Hoseok says, sighing and pressing his hands to his chest.

Jimin’s cheeks blush and he sinks down on his seat, making himself smaller.

“Your acting skills are immaculate, are you sure you both don’t want to try for Hollywood?”

“Stop teasing me.” Jimin whines like a baby, making his friends laugh.

“Okay, okay. But really, you are doing a great job.” Hoseok says, resting his back on the chair.

“Thank you… I checked my social media and things are starting to get back to normal… or at least that’s what it seems like.” Jimin explains with a relaxed expression.

The waiter comes then and they order their favourite dishes from the menu.

“What will you do with him now?” Taehyung asks.

“I thought about filming a video with him for my channel.” Jimin says, resting his face on his palm. “But I don’t know… you know I’m not one of those to let anyone inside my house.”

“And that’s why you should! People know you don’t welcome random people inside your house that easily.” Hoseok intervenes.

“You’re right.” Taehyung nods.

Jimin thinks about it for a little longer. If he’s completely honest, he’s always wanted to film videos like ‘my boyfriend does my make-up’ or ‘the boyfriend tag’ or ‘doing my boyfriend’s make-up blindfolded’. It sounds cliché and dumb in his head but he has always wanted to try it out. But would it really be the same if he did it with Jeongguk? They’re not dating at the end of the day, so would it have the same effect on him? Would he enjoy it as much?

“Are you guys gonna kiss someday?” Hoseok’s voice takes him out of his thoughts and startles him a little.

“Huh?!” Jimin exclaims.

“I mean— people will start asking for a kiss at some point.”

“I won’t kiss Jeongguk, what the fuck.” Jimin shakes his head. “No way I’m doing it. I already do enough by letting him drop the honorifics on me.” He adds, making both of his friends chuckle.

“If they don’t see it they’ll think you’re just pretending.” Taehyung adds.

“Only because I don’t kiss him on camera? That doesn’t make any sense. I won’t give the fans everything they ask me.” He says, a little pettily.

Hoseok and Taehyung drop the subject then and they go on to talk about their days, making their usual flirty comments here and there which don’t catch Jimin by surprise at all anymore. His friends have always been dumb and oblivious at the end of the day.



I have been thinking


Jeon Jeongguk (the gamer)

Good for you…?



It’s not like that you



Jeon Jeongguk (the gamer)

Omg you cussed me out

The relationship is evolving <3




I thought about it

And if you want

You can appear on my YouTube channel for

my next video


Jeon Jeongguk (the  gamer)

If I want?

Isn’t it your video?



Well yeah


Jeon Jeongguk (the gamer)

Isn’t it you the one who would

want me to appear in it?



Do you want to or not??


Jeon Jeongguk (the gamer)


Say you want me to appear in it

And I will




Jeon Jeongguk (the gamer)

Come on

Im waiting



I’d like you to appear in my video


Jeon Jeongguk (the gamer)

Good boy



… don’t ever call me that

Ever again


Jeon Jeongguk (the gamer)




I mean it

Never again


Jeon Jeongguk (the gamer)

Yes sir


My viewers loved the stream so

Let’s do another one in a few days?


Jimin ends up showing up at Jeongguk’s door three days later, after having filmed a YouTube video with Taehyung in which they went shopping to a few stores of high-end brands.

“Hello.” Jeongguk greets him with a wide smile. Jimin is taken aback by the cheerful greeting but he returns the gesture nonetheless.

“Hi. What’s with the happy mood?” Jimin asks, stepping inside the apartment and handing his coat to Jeongguk as usual.

“I got invited to a showcase for the new game Ubisoft is releasing.” Jeongguk says, excitedly. “It’s something super exclusive apparently.” He adds.

“Oh, wow.” Jimin says. “But why does that surprise you, though?” He frowns in confusion.

“Huh? What do mean?” Jeongguk asks, walking up the stairs.

Jimin hesitates for a second but he decides to speak his mind either way. “You’re like— the best gamer in the world. Of course they would invite you.” He says, a little shyly.

“You think I’m the best gamer in the world?” Jeongguk says, turning around with sparkly eyes and a wide smile.

“I mean— I don’t know! It’s what everyone says.” He says with a little panicky voice, since the younger is back to being so close to him and he is looking at him with an intense stare, expecting some kind of reply from the older. Jimin doesn’t want to admit he’s never seen someone play as well as he does, but then again, he hasn’t seen that many people do so, and he tends to be easily impressed when it comes to seeing people do things he can’t do.

“But what do you think?” Jeongguk asks, raising his eyebrows.

“I guess… you’re great.” Jimin replies with a pout.

“Just great…?” The corners of Jeongguk’s mouth turn upwards.

“Ah, yeah, whatever.” Jimin scoffs, feeling his cheeks turn slightly hotter, caused by the intense stare of the younger along with that cheeky smile. “Let’s just film another stream and go.” He says, walking inside of the gaming room, leaving Jeongguk to laugh softly at the older’s reaction.

This time they play a game that Jimin chooses from all of the boxes in Jeongguk’s shelves. It’s easier compared to the one they played not too long ago but Jeongguk still insists to teach him all the tricks and Jimin pretends to get confused every time. The stream is filled with screams, giggles and a lot of teasing from one another and Jimin doesn’t even realise how great of a time he is having at that moment.

“Wow, I didn’t realise Park Jimin would be like this! He’s funny and nice!” Jeongguk reads one of the comments out loud whilst Jimin is focused on his game. The older smiles widely with his eyes still glued to the screen. “I told you guys that all of that scandal would be a big misunderstanding. How can someone this cute do something so nasty?” Jeongguk says, grabbing Jimin’s face and cupping his cheeks with puckered lips as he says so. Jimin’s eyes widen, not only because of the action that looks so much like something a couple would do, but also because of his words.

Jimin looks right into his eyes and pouts that. “You really said that?” He whispers. Jeongguk hums and nods in response. “When?” He asks again, completely forgetting about the camera that is filming them and only focusing on the younger, who still has his large hands pressed to his cheeks.

“In that video that you saw of me talking about you.” Jeongguk says. “Probably right after you turned it off.” He chuckles.

Jimin’s eyes widen and now he understands why Taehyung and Hoseok were so insistent on him finishing the whole video. Jeongguk believed him since the very first moment he heard of his existence. And he had never doubted him, to the point that he even had wanted to help him out. Jimin is speechless.

“Oh.” Jimin mumbles.

“Yeah, ‘oh’.” Jeongguk teases him, finally letting go of his cheeks finally and leaning back on his chair, looking at the comment section. He chuckles. “Everyone’s saying how cute we are.”

Jimin clears his throat and goes back to the game. “Of course we are.” Jimin says with a shrug of his shoulders.

By the end of the stream, one of Jeongguk’s arms is around the chair Jimin is sitting on and the older is slightly leaning onto Jeongguk’s shoulder. None of them bring it up as they say goodbye to the audience nor when Jimin is exiting the younger’s apartment. Whilst the elevator is about to reach Jeongguk’s floor, Jimin debates with himself if he should really speak up right now or wait until he’s home to text him what’s on his mind. He looks up at the small screen indicating where the elevator is and sees that there’s still a full minute left until it arrives.

“Come over tomorrow.” He says, turning around abruptly to look back at Jeongguk. He is resting the side of his body on the door frame, like always, and looks at him with a surprised look.

“Okay.” Jeongguk says, nodding.

“I’ll send you the address.” Jimin adds, Jeongguk nods again. Jimin stares at him without saying anything else. Silence surrounds them but it’s not awkward anymore, at least not to Jimin. The elevator doors open. Jimin takes a deep breath and before going inside he speaks up one more time. “Thank you for believing in me.” He says, going inside the elevator right after without waiting to see Jeongguk’s reaction.


The next day, Jimin texts Jeongguk his address at 6:30am, which wakes the younger up at that hour because he forgot to put his phone on silent mode. He rolls around on his bed and reaches for his phone on the night stand with a grunt. He touches the screen so the device lights up and his eyes burn instantly, making him hiss in discomfort.


Boyfie lol


Here’s my address

Dress nicely

We’re filming a YouTube video


Jeongguk’s sleepy eyes read over the text messages and he needs a couple of seconds to process what he just wrote, and who just texted him. And when his brain finally realises, he sits up on the bed at lightning speed, eyes widening and instantly wide awake. He can’t go back to sleep after that. He gets up and takes a cold shower, taking way longer to scrub his body perfectly and wash his hair three times. It’s barely eight in the morning and he’s already had breakfast and brushed his teeth twice. He’s restless for the rest of the day until he has to head out to Jimin’s apartment and he doesn’t even know why. Yoongi calls him on his way to Jimin’s apartment to tell him that he’s almost walked in on Namjoon and Seokjin doing things he doesn’t want to be a witness of and Jeongguk laughs at him, telling him that he should start knocking on their door instead of just randomly coming inside their apartment. He can feel the older roll his eyes at his answer playfully. 

“I’m heading to Jimin’s apartment.” Jeongguk says, turning the car around like the GPS indicates him.

“Oh, to film a video?”

“Yeah. He told me yesterday that he wants me to appear on his channel.” Jeongguk says.

“So he’s ready to show you to his subscribers, huh?” Yoongi hums.

“Yes, but it’s not like we’re actually together.” Jeongguk shrugs. “I just hope people don’t post too much negative comments under that video.”

“Why would they?”

“For no particular reason. Some of the comments are so bad, I can’t believe how he hasn’t lost it yet.” Jeongguk says, sighing.

“He looks like a strong guy.” Yoongi points out and Jeongguk nods, finally spotting the building in which Jimin lives.

“He is.” Jeongguk agrees. “I have to go now, I just got to his building. Let’s talk later, okay?”

“Okay! See ya! Have fun…” He trails the last bit.

Jeongguk hangs up the phone call and parks his car easily. Then, he takes a deep breath and puts a black bucket hat on to hide his face a little more, but it’s no surprise that paparazzi spot him either way. He’s chosen to dress with a thin and a slightly big and white shirt, with a pair of black jeans and his usual black and big boots. He thought that would be enough to look more formal since Jimin told him to dress nicely, so he confidently steps inside the apartment building and tries his best to ignore the paparazzi’s camera clicks. Jimin is waiting for him at the lobby, just like he did the first time they met in the younger’s apartment. He’s wearing a black turtleneck shirt under an open sweater that’s the same colour as his hair and a pair of black jeans as well.

“Hey.” Jimin says, walking up to him with a few small and rushed steps, cutely.

“Hey.” Jeongguk smiles. “You didn’t need to wait for me at the lobby.” He says, just like Jimin had said.

“You could’ve gotten lost.” Jimin shrugs, imitating Jeongguk as well. They both chuckle softly and go straight towards the elevator. Jimin only presses the button of the last floor and they wait until they reach it. This building is slightly taller than the one Jeongguk lives in, but the views are just as amazing, and the younger can confirm it because there is a huge window on one side of the hall. Jimin steals a glance and sees Jeongguk stop in his tracks for a few seconds to stare at the views. He heads towards one of the doors and Jeongguk then follows him with quick steps, reaching a white door in the middle of the floor. “I don’t have a whole floor to myself, sadly.” Jimin jokes.

“I can deal with it, don’t worry.” Jeongguk replies. Jimin smiles at him and opens the door, stepping inside first to hold it open for the younger. The first thing Jeongguk sees is three stairs that lead to the living room, with the sunlight coming inside the apartment through the floor-to-ceiling windows that delimit the shape of the apartment. There is a white coffee table in the middle of it with three candles lit up that smell like vanilla on top of it. There is also a light grey couch right in front of the table, with fluffy pillows of different colours like pastel pink, white and dark grey. There are fairy lights decorating the wall above the couch, and next to them there is a mirror with a round shape and some plants hung up on the walls. There is also a chair with what seems a blanket made of white faux fur and a lot of cute marble vases with pink and white flowers by the windows and next to the television. There’s a few more candles lit up next to the TV and on top of the dining table, what’s also white. The kitchen is open like Jeongguk’s and it’s connected with the living room.

“Wow. This is like entering heaven.” Jeongguk snorts.

“I like pink and white, I guess you can tell.” Jimin chuckles.

“Why so many candles, though?” Jeongguk asks, frowning.

“They make this place cosier.” Jimin shrugs and Jeongguk hums.

Jimin then leads him around the apartment for a quick tour and Jeongguk notices that it’s way larger than his but it only has one floor. “Here’s my bedroom.” He says, stepping in front of one of the doors. “And this is the bathroom for my guests.” He points to the door next to him. “Over there, there’s the guest room and the laundry room.” He says, heading to that side of the room. “And here is the room where I film most of my videos.” He says with a wider smile. They step inside and Jeongguk recognises the background that appears on Jimin’s videos. It’s a smaller room, with huge professional lights, a huge desk full of make-up and three mirrors around it, a nice chair and a string of fairy lights with pictures of him and his friends hung up on one of the walls. 

“What are we going to be filming?” Jeongguk asks.

“We will do the ‘I do my boyfriend’s make-up’ challenge.” Jimin says, rather excitedly. “I’ve always wanted to do it.” He says, truthfully.

“it’ll be an honor to be your first, then.” Jeongguk jokes, bowing down and earning a smack on the head by Jimin.

“Don’t say it like that!” He whines. Jeongguk takes a second to process what he just said and then starts laughing, what makes Jimin laugh too. “Okay, let’s get right on with it, we don’t have all day.” Jimin says, clapping his hands and starting to organise everything he needs for the video. Jeongguk offers to help but Jimin only tells him to sit down on the chair next to his and wait, so the younger does just that. It doesn’t take much for Jimin to have it all set up and then they can finally start the video. Jimin presses the record button and sits down next to Jeongguk afterwards. He looks at them through the viewfinder and notices how small he looks beside Jeongguk, probably because of the shirt that defines his shape more than his usual baggy clothes. He clears his throat, straightens his back and looks directly at the camera. “Hello, my baby loves!” He greets the camera with his usual intro, but Jeongguk can’t help but laugh.

“I’m sorry.” Jeongguk snorts. Jimin throws him a dirty look.

“Don’t laugh!” Jimin says with a whiny tone and a pout.

“It’s just that your voice gets really high— it’s cute.” Jeongguk replies, and that compliment seems enough for Jimin to let it go and do it again, this time Jeongguk only smiles widely. “As you can see by the thumbnail and the title of this video, I am here with Jeon Jeongguk!” He says, smiling and clapping afterwards, Jeongguk joining as well. “—my boyfriend.” He adds. He looks at the younger to make sure it’s okay to say it and Jeongguk nods in reassurance. “As you might have figured out by now, I am going to be doing his make-up as we read through some of your experiences you’ve had with your partners and exes that I’ve asked you to send me. Of course, they’re all going to be anonymous.” Jimin introduces the topic of today’s video. “Oh, by the way— for those of you who may not know, I’ll let Jeongguk introduce himself.” He says, turning to look at the younger with a smile.

Today it’s Jeongguk’s turn to be a little awkward in front of the camera, now that he’s in an environment that he isn’t used to be in. “Uh— I’m Jeon Jeongguk, a professional gamer and streamer from Twitch.” He says. “I hope I can do good in today’s video and you can take good care of me.” He says, bowing politely.

Jimin looks at him and then turns to the camera. “Isn’t he cute?” He says with a small whine as if he couldn’t handle it. “Let’s get into it, then.” Jimin takes out his phone and hands it to Jeongguk. “Here, read from here the stories that you think are the most interesting.” Jimin says, as he goes to grab the first make-up items. “As always, all the products will be listed on the description box so I don’t have to stop him all the time from talking.” Jimin tells the audience. And just like that, they start the main part of the video. Jimin applies some cream on his fingers and taps Jeongguk’s soft skin a few times. “Wow, your skin is so smooth and soft.” Jimin comments.

“Thank you.” Jeongguk says, with the same small tone Jimin has used. Jimin doesn’t say it but he thinks they’re looking pretty good for the camera. They do sound like a couple when they do things like that. “Okay, i’m gonna start with the first story.” Jeongguk says, looking at the camera one last time before Jimin grabs him by the chin and does whatever he wants with his face. “When I was 18, I had a boyfriend who would surprise me right after my exam season by coming over to my house (my parents let him in) and we would spend the night together.” Jeongguk starts reading as Jimin starts applying foundation on his face with his beauty blender.

“That sounds sweet.” Jimin comments.

“I decided to do the same thing after his exams ended, and since he lived alone (he was a couple years older than me) I went to his apartment with the key he had lent me. When I got in there, I saw clothes scattered everywhere around the floor— oh no.” Jeongguk gasps. “And my heart broke into a million pieces. The worst part of it all is that I caught him cheating on  me with my Maths teacher!!”

“What?!” Jimin exclaims.

“Oh my god.” Jeongguk replies.

“I hope you dumped his ass. Men ain’t shit.” Jimin replies, making Jeongguk laugh. He then proceeds to put concealer on Jeongguk’s face.

“The next one says ‘I was sitting on my girlfriend’s lap and she said something so funny that I peed on her by accident.”

“Oh my god, you guys—”

“I mean it’s an accident that can happen to anybody.” Jeongguk shrugs. Jimin throws him a dirty look and grabs his eyelash curler. “Oh— what the hell is that?” Jeongguk exclaims.

“It’s an eyelash curler, you’ve never seen one before?” Jimin asks.

“Nope.” Jeongguk replies, leaning slightly away from Jimin.

“Come here, let’s curl your eyelashes.” Jimin says, bringing the object closer to Jeongguk’s eyes.

“Woah, woah. Let’s skip that part better, shall we?”

“No! You will look so much better!” Jimin says, putting his free hand on the back of Jeongguk’s neck and bringing him closer, so close that the younger can feel Jimin’s minty breath on him. 

“Ah— ah, Jimin you’re gonna hurt—“

“I’m not gonna hurt you! I know what I’m doing!” Jimin whines. Jeongguk keeps whining and tries to get out of his grip. “I promise it won’t hurt! I’ll go very slowly and carefully.” He says.

Jeongguk suddenly stops fighting and freezes. “Why does that sound so bad?” He says with a serious expression.

Jimin’s eyes widen and his cheeks turn red. “Stop being perverted!” Jimin laughs out loud, resting his forehead on Jeongguk’s shoulder for a little bit more than a few seconds. Jeongguk reads a few more stories as Jimin continues to work on his make-up look, finally giving in and not curling Jeongguk’s eyelashes like he had wanted at the beginning of the video.

“This one seems interesting.” Jeongguk says when Jimin is finishing the eyeshadow look. “A few years ago, I had to pretend I was dating this guy because one of his friends couldn’t stop pressuring him into dating them, so he made up that him and I were in a relationship already. It’s been two years now, and we’ve barely done everything together. We’ve kissed, gone on trips, met each other’s families, and even slept together. Are we fake-dating still?” Jeongguk reads.

Jimin drops the lipstick bar that he was about to press to Jeongguk’s lips. “I think you’re pretty much in love.” Jeongguk laughs. Jimin picks up the lipstick and leans back to Jeongguk.

“That sounds straight out of a movie plot.” Jimin comments, smiling at Jeongguk as he applies the product on the younger’s lips. “We’re done!” He says. “Ready to see yourself in the mirror?” Jimin asks, holding a small hand mirror to his chest.

“Do I look pretty?” Jeongguk asks the camera. Jimin hands him the mirror and Jeongguk gasps at how red his lips are and how his eyes look even bigger and rounder. “Wow.”

“Do you like it?” Jimin asks, expectantly waiting for his answer.

“I do. You’re so good at it.” Jeongguk compliments him. “Now I understand your hype.” He jokes.

“Thank you.” Jimin replies, kind of shyly.

“It’s the truth, baby.” Jeongguk says, leaning over and suddenly planting a kiss to Jimin’s cheek, leaving a faint mark on it.

Jimin’s eyes widen and then looks back at the camera. Jeongguk is smiling and in his mind there’s the thought that Jimin should use this frame as the thumbnail. “Jeongguk!!” Jimin exclaims, getting up from the chair, heart beating so hard he can almost hear his heartbeat. “Warn me if you’re going to do these kinds of things!”

“I thought it would look cute if I just did it all of a sudden!” Jeongguk raises his hands up. “I’m sorry. I should’ve asked you first.” He says, looking down.

Jimin sighs, sitting back down. “It’s fine, don’t worry. It did look cute, though.” Jimin agrees. “I’ll use that as my thumbnail.”

“You’re gonna get so much clicks with that.” Jeongguk wiggles his eyebrows.

Then, they both film the outro of the video and turn the camera off.

“You can take off the make-up if you want.” Jimin says, getting out of the room to head to the kitchen and pour himself a glass of water.

“No it’s fine.” Jeongguk replies, following him. “I sometimes put make-up on too, but never this good.” He compliments once again.

Jimin laughs shyly. “You’re feeding my ego too much.” He says, turning around to look at him. “Do you want something to drink? To eat?”

“I mean… it’d be great if my fake boyfriend cooked something for me…” He trails.

Jimin looks at the time and sees that it’s past 12pm and it’s time to start cooking lunch. “Okay. Let me see what can I prepare.”

“Wait— I was joking.” Jeongguk replies, grabbing Jimin by the arm and pulling him closer before he goes to the freezer to see what he has with the intention of cooking something for him.

“I am not.” Jimin says, eyes turning into crescents. “I’ll cook something for both of us. You can leave whenever you want.” He says. “The more you’re here, the more the paparazzi and the media will go crazy, at the end of the day.” He shrugs.

Jeongguk nods, knowing he’s right. “About the media…” He starts, peeking Jimin’s interest. “And about what I did back in the room—”

“It’s fine! It was just a kiss on the cheek for the fans.” Jimin says again, dismissing the fact that the tips of his ears are feeling hot again.

“Yeah— well. What I wanted to say is that… don’t you think the fans will start asking more and more?” Jeongguk starts.

“More…Like what?” Jimin asks.

“Like a kiss. An actual kiss that’s not just a silly cheek kiss like what I just did.” Jeongguk stares down at Jimin with his usual dark and big eyes that make the older feel a little small under their gaze.

“Well… we can just deny it… it’s not like the viewers or the media will force us to do so.” Jimin shrugs, looking everywhere but Jeongguk’s eyes.

“Won’t people start questioning our relationship if we don’t even kiss once?” Jeongguk asks.

“I don’t know…” Jimin looks down at the large hard wrapped around his forearm gently, fingertips only brushing the skin. It’s just like how his friends had said before. Nowadays, famous people like them are not afraid of showing their relationship to the public, and considering that they started ‘dating’ right after Jimin’s scandal, it looks suspicious to some people. Jimin has definitely read comments from people that don’t believe the stunt they’re trying to pull, so what better way to prove them that this is ‘real’ with a real kiss? He thinks it’s actually rather easy to solve this problem. “You’re right.” Jimin replies. He finally looks up at Jeongguk again and notices that the distance between them is rather small. “But I don’t think I can fake something like a kiss.” Jimin adds.

Jeongguk nods and speaks slowly and gently. “You just have to act as if you had the main role of a movie.” He says. “Like this.” He then reaches his hand up, pushing Jimin’s hair behind his ear and then cupping his cheek. His other hand resting on his waist. “Just follow me.” Jeongguk whispers.

Jimin feels the younger pull him closer slightly, gently, nothing too harsh or strong. Jimin could break out of his grip at any given moment and Jeongguk wouldn’t oppose any kind of resistance, but the older only flutters his eyes closed and starts leaning in slowly.

There’s suddenly a loud noise coming from outside the door and then it suddenly flies open. Jimin’s eyes widen and they both detach from each other right at that second. Jimin’s breathing is agitated when he turns to the door and sees his two best friends enter the apartment, bickering about something Jimin right now can’t seem to care in the slightest.

“Oh my god.” Taehyung breathes out.

“What?!” Jimin replies, quickly and a little too loud.

“Jeon Jeongguk is in your house!” His two best friends say at the same time.

“H-he was about to go!”

“Oh, really?” Taehyung tilts his head.

“Was I?” Jeongguk asks, just as confused as Jimin’s friends.

“Jiminie…” Hoseok trails. “You should cook something for him!”

“Yes! And we can totally help you out!”

“You never help me to cook.” Jimin deadpans.

“Whaaat?!” Taehyung laughs awkwardly. “That’s not true at all!” He looks at Jimin with a glare that turns into a gentle smile when he looks back at Jeongguk. “It’s really not.” He says, looking at the younger.

“You’re just trying to impress your favourite gamer.” Jimin says, rolling his eyes. “Trust me, he can tell.”

“I actually—” Jeongguk starts, but Jimin stops him.

“He can tell.” Jimin speaks up. “Why did you come anyway?” Jimin asks his friends.

“We brought this for you.” Hoseok says, pointing at the entrance of the apartment to a box on the floor.

“That’s what made that terribly loud noise?” Jeongguk asks.

“Hoseok dropped it!” Taehyung accuses the older.

“Taehyung I didn’t! Stop saying that!” Hoseok whines.

Jimin sighs as they both start to bicker again. “Well, these are my friends. Hoseok and Taehyung.” Jimin talks to Jeongguk softly. “They’re huge fans of you so I’m sorry in advance.” He chuckles and that makes Jeongguk smile too. Jimin goes to the box and opens it, only to see a lot of new make-up products, brushes and mirrors inside. “You bought this?” He says after a loud gasp.

“Yes!” Taehyung stops fighting with Hoseok for a second. “We thought that would motivate you to make new content!”

“Thank you so much, guys.” He says, happily walking over to them and engulfing them in a big hug. “I still have in mind that you decided to bring it over right when you knew your favourite gamer was here, though.” He whispers to their ears and they all laugh guiltily.

“Anyway!” Taehyung detaches from the hug first. “Let’s cook some lunch for our guest.” He says, smiling at Jeongguk.

“He’s my guest, Taehyung.”

“Oh, jealous much?” Hoseok teases.

“What?” Jimin exclaims.

“Yeah, are you jealous, my dear fake boyfriend?” Jeongguk adds in with the teasing and all eyes are on Jimin.

“No! Stop looking at me like that.” Jimin whines.

They all end up helping with the food and soon after they’re all enjoying the dishes they had prepared whilst sitting around the lunch table on the living room of Jimin’s apartment. The candles make the place have a faint scent of vanilla that makes it cozy, like Jimin had told Jeongguk when he first stepped inside the apartment.

“Ah, by the way, Jimin.” Jeongguk speaks up.

“Yeah?” He says, almost choking on a spoonful of rice and kimchi by the sudden call of his name.

“This weekend there’s the Ubisoft showcase I told you about. The one I got invited to.” Jeongguk says.

“Ah, yeah. I remember.” Jimin nods.

“You should come with me.” Jeongguk suggests, and Jimin chokes for real this time.

“I— what?” Jimin exclaims. “I can’t do that.” He shakes his head.

“Why not? You’re supposed to be my boyfriend. Your friends can tag along too.” He says, looking over to Hoseok and Taehyung with a wide smile.

Jimin’s friends start nodding like crazy and making puppy eyes. “I still know nothing about games! I would stand out like a sore thumb there. I have no reason to be there.”

“The reason is that you want to be there with me. And that’s a valid enough reason.” Jeongguk says. “So let’s just go together, okay?” He says, placing one of his hands on top of Jimin’s over the table. Taehyung and Hoseok notice but they don’t say anything.

“…Okay.” Jimin nods.


The weekend comes faster than what had Jimin expected. He had insisted that he didn’t fit in that kind of event but Jeongguk had reassured him every single time. It was oddly comfortable to have him talk to him in that voice, almost like a coo, telling him that everything would be fine and that no one would find it weird. In fact, it would be even better because the media would think they are totally serious about this relationship since they go to each other’s events. Jimin had spent the entire day looking for an outfit that would go accordingly with the theme of this gathering, but nothing seemed to fit.

“I don’t know what to wear for tonight.” He speaks up.

“And you’re calling because—”

“Jeongguk! I’ve never been in one of these things! I need to know how people dress up.”

“I don’t know! With clothes.” He shrugs.

“Do you seriously not check what other people are wearing when you go to these kinds of events?” Jimin rolls his eyes.

“No, I really don’t.” Jeongguk replies, truthfully.

Jimin sighs, exasperated. “Well, what do you wear, then?” He asks.

“Just a plain shirt and jeans.” Jeongguk replies. “And my Balenciagas.”

“Fine, I’ll work with that.” Jimin replies.

“Remember I’m picking you up at 6!” Jeongguk singsongs.

“Yeah, yeah.”

“Don’t be late.”

“I won’t.” Jimin then hangs up the phone and chooses the final outfit for the night. It’s a simple white shirt with a small, loose bow on the collar and a pair of black jeans, along with his white shoes to have a little more of a casual vibe.

Hoseok and Taehyung keep screaming on the group chat and then over the FaceTime call they have whilst getting ready.

“I really can’t believe we’re attending the showcase thanks to Jeon Jeongguk! The Jeon Jeongguk!” Taehyung exclaims.

“It’s like a dream come true.” Hoseok says.

“It really is.” Taehyung agrees. “The downfall of Jimin’s career led us to meet Jeongguk— this is insane.”

“You’re welcome.” Jimin says, sarcastically.

“And he’s so nice! And cute!” Hoseok says.

“Okay, stop complimenting him, I will puke.” Jimin cuts their fantasies and Taehyung calls him a party pooper.

“Stop being jealous, baby. We won’t replace you.” Hoseok jokes.

“I’m not jealous.” Jimin whines.

“You’re so cute, Jiminie.” Taehyung coos.

“Cuter than Jeon Jeongguk?” He says, batting his eyelashes at the camera.

“Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.” Hoseok jokes, making the three friends burst out laughing.

“How are you going to get to the event, guys?” Jimin asks, styling his hair.

“Hoseok is driving.” Taehyung announces.

“Next time you’ll be the one driving.”

“I should get my license for that, don’t you think?” Taehyung rolls his eyes at his comment.

“Oh god, that’s right. How many times have you failed as of now?” Hoseok laughs.

“I don't want to talk about it.” Taehyung replies, which makes Hoseok laugh even harder. “stop laughing at my disgraces! You’re such a bad friend.” He pouts.

“Maybe we’re not meant to be friends.” Hoseok replies, this time softer. Jimin’s eyes widen and he snaps his head to the camera abruptly. However, Taehyung doesn’t seem to have noticed what Hoseok said or at least he hasn’t interpreted it like Jimin did. Jimin doesn’t say anything about it, though, and Hoseok seems to brush his own comment off when he gets no reaction from Taehyung. “How are you going there, Jimin?” He decides to ask.

“Jeongguk is picking me up at 6.” Jimin answers.

“Ah, it sounds like a date.” Taehyung says out loud.

“You sound like you ship them.” Hoseok says.

“I do! It’s like— my favourite trope ever. Fake relationship that turns into a real one when the characters find out they actually have feelings for each other.” Taehyung says, excitedly.

Jimin keeps silent for a second, standing still while looking at the camera. A small flash of him and Jeongguk being an inch away and about to kiss runs through his brain, and he snaps out of it a second later.

“That won’t happen so… you can stop hoping for that.” Jimin says, looking then at the time and seeing that he only has half an hour left to prepare himself. He hangs up the phone and goes to his closet to put his clothes on. He looks in the mirror and thinks that he looks too… plain. He isn’t so excited about this outfit but he wears it anyway to fit in with the other people around him. He doesn’t want to stand out even more than what he actually will, since he has never been in such an event and he’s going solely because of the fact that Jeongguk is there. The minutes pass by quicker than he had expected and soon Jeongguk is knocking on his door. He rushes to it— he doesn’t know why he’s running to the door if they’re not even late but whatever. He opens the door and the first thing he sees is Jeongguk wearing a black leather jacket, with a black turtleneck and black skinny jeans that hug his legs perfectly. Jimin can see the small waist in contrast to his wide shoulders and chest, but he doesn’t say anything and tries not to let his surprise show.

“Hey,  you look good.” Jeongguk compliments him.

“Don’t say this just for the sake of saying it.” Jimin chuckles. “I look so plain.”

“That’s not true!” Jeongguk replies, almost defensively, which makes Jimin blink twice. “You always look good even if you’re wearing ‘plain clothes’ like you say you are.” Jeongguk says. “Which are not, by the way.” He smiles.

The corners of Jimin’s lips turn upwards. “And some people said you’re a shy person.” He snorts.

“I am.” Jeongguk nods, putting his hands inside his pockets.

“That’s a lie to me.” Jimin replies. “You’ve never been shy around me.” Jimin states. “A shy person can’t just go around saying this stuff just like that!”

“I guess I’m not shy around you because—” Jeongguk starts, but his phone rings loudly and he loses his train of thought. It’s Yoongi telling him that he’s already at the showcase. “We should get going.” Jeongguk says once the phone call is over. Jimin nods and they leave the apartment just like that, with Jimin wondering what he had wanted to say. They get to Jeongguk’s car and since the sun is setting the lights inside the vehicle are a little brighter thanks to the contrast, and Jimin can’t stop staring at them. Jeongguk plays some music from his playlist and lets the older change the song whenever he doesn’t like it. They end up singing songs by Troye Sivan and from Alec Benjamin out loud as they drive around the streets of Seoul to the venue where the event is being hosted. When they arrive, there’s loud music playing in the inside that can be heard from the outside.

“Ready for the paparazzi?” Jeongguk asks, unbuckling his seatbelt but staying still sat on the driver’s seat.

Jimin sighs and nods. “Should we walk in like celebrities do?” Jimin chuckles.

“What do you mean?” Jeongguk turns his head to look at Jimin.

“With your hand on my lower back.” Jimin replies, a little shyly. “That will make the media go crazy.” He adds, nodding as if he were trying to convince himself.

“Oh, of course.” Jeongguk replies. “I was going to either way.” He shrugs. Jimin’s heart stops for half a second and then nods, finally exiting the vehicle. He sees the camera flashes immediately approaching them. From the corner of his eye he sees a pair of security guards walking towards them as well and Jimin can breathe once again. Jeongguk rushes to his side of the car after locking it and presses his large hand on the small of his back just like they had talked a few minutes before. Jimin feels an odd sense of comfort and protection the second he feels Jeongguk’s hand there and his side pressed to his body. “Let’s go.” The younger says, smiling down at him, countless of camera flashes capturing that moment for the rest of the world to see the next day.

They get inside the venue while smiling at the cameras. Once they are inside, most of them reporters that approach them only want to talk to Jeongguk about gaming things Jimin doesn’t understand very well, so he steps aside and lets the younger talk. And that’s when he sees it. The shy Jeongguk. He’s been dying to know why people say he’s shy when he’s really not, but he might be witnessing it just now. As the reporter holds the microphone close to his face, Jeongguk smiles awkwardly, he stutters a few times and he looks around to avoid looking at the reporter and the camera. Jimin thinks it’s kind of cute how he gets shy when someone else approaches him with a camera but he’s completely himself when the camera inside his gaming room is filming him. Once he’s done, he comes back to Jimin and they both make their way to an exclusive section so they can watch the opening event before the showcase of the new game starts. Jimin’s friends are seated on the large crowd since they’re not gamers but Jimin has the ‘privilege’ since he’s Jeon Jeongguk’s companion. They text each other to meet once the event is over and Jimin tells Jeongguk, to which he nods eagerly. The opening event is basically a gameplay of the game with epic music in the background which Jimin finds quite funny. Everyone cheers and reacts the same way and that only impresses Jimin even more, who isn’t understanding a single thing.

“I made this gameplay.” Jeongguk leans closer to Jimin, whispering in his ear.

“Really?” Jimin asks, to which Jeongguk smiles fondly. “I mean— I don’t get anything that’s going on in the screen but it seems pretty cool.” He makes Jeongguk chuckle softly. Once the video is over, which is about twenty minutes long, there is a fifteen minute break before the actual explanation of the game starts. Jimin and Jeongguk go right where they were supposed to meet with Jimin’s friends, and right after they spot them, a reporter gets on their path and doesn’t let them go.

“Hi, Jeon Jeongguk! It’s a pleasure to see you once again here.” The girl says, to which Jeongguk smiles politely. “Someone told me you were the one who was actually playing the game in the video, is it true?” She asks. Her cameraman practically shoves the camera on Jeongguk’s face.

“U-uh… yeah. That was me.” He chuckles awkwardly.

“You were so good! Also, I see you’re with someone tonight.” She says, the cameraman then does the same with Jimin.

“Yeah, hi.” Jimin says, as awkwardly as Jeongguk did.

“Are you two together?” She asks.

“I think it’s a little obvious at this point.” Jeongguk says, a little passive-aggressively.

“How is it that you guys started dating?” She insists.

“It just happened.” Jimin chuckles, trying to dismiss the questions.

“Are you aware that a lot of people say your relationship is a PR stunt?” She finally drops the question Jimin saw coming.

“What? Who thinks that?” Jeongguk asks.

“A lot of people do, actually.” She replies. Is there a way you can prove it? With a kiss, maybe?” She pushes. God, she is so annoying.

“We don’t need to prove anything to anyone as long as I know it’s real.” Jeongguk replies. Jimin wants to scream at him because that answer is something you should never say in situations like this one.

“Wouldn’t you want to shut all those rumours by kissing your boyfriend just for a second?” The woman keeps pushing. Jimin thinks she only needs to start drooling to look even creepier. Jeongguk huffs and turns to Jimin, planting a kiss on his cheek just like he had done a couple of days before for his YouTube video. It seems like the cameraman is satisfied, but the woman not so much. “Aw, come on! A kiss on the cheek can be done by anyone now!” She keeps pushing and pushing, and Jimin is so done with her that he considers grabbing her microphone and sticking it up her—

But then he has a better idea. In a matter of seconds, and without thinking too much just to prevent himself from backing away last second, he turns to Jeongguk and he is determined. He grabs him by the collar of his leather jacket and pulls him to his body, clashing their chests together. Right before Jimin closes his eyes, he looks right into Jeongguk’s, which are now wide like plates. Silently, and without a gesture, Jimin tells him that it’s okay and the older gets on his tippy toes to attach his lips to Jeongguk’s. He kisses him first with a peck, but he opens his mouth a few instants later to make it even more real. Jeongguk follows his lead and opens his mouth too, melting into the kiss and circling Jimin’s waist with his arms, pulling him as close as he can. Jimin’s hands clutch at the collar of Jeongguk’s leather jacket and he even whines a little into the kiss, but it’s so low that no one can hear it besides the younger. The world at that moment seems to have gone silent, and maybe it has since Jimin can only focus on Jeongguk’s lips and the tight grip on his waist.

Pretty good to be a fake kiss, he thinks.

But for some reason, he doesn’t like that idea very much.


Chapter Text

There are a few things in life which one can be completely sure of. Like the existence of gravity, that midnight strolls are one of the best cures to clear your head, that Hoseok is the personification of the sun itself— and that Jeongguk is a great kisser. Of course not everyone knows that, and Jimin has just found this out right at the moment where he pulled the younger in to kiss in the middle of a gaming convention. It was just a kiss that lasted less than two minutes, but it was enough for the older to know that the shy gamer was a natural when it came to kissing. Jimin was definitely not expecting that. Jimin melts into the kiss as Jeongguk wraps his arms around his waist tightly, pulling him as close as he can, with their chests almost touching. Jeongguk’s shoulders relax when Jimin opens his mouth to deepen the kiss and he even lets out a small minty breath that Jimin catches before closing their gap again. Of course, they’ve caught the attention from different people around them and the reporter must be trying to control her drool right now. When Jimin finally pulls away, slowly and with his eyes so wide because of his discovery of Jeongguk being such a good kisser, the younger looks down at him with half-lidded eyes and his hands still loosely holding onto his waist.

“Happy?” Jimin asks, with a fake smile and a high-pitched tone, one of his hands pressing on Jeongguk’s chest, head leaning slightly to his shoulder.

“You seem to be very fond of one another.” The woman says, with a smile that’s not as creepy as before.

“We are.” Jeongguk jumps into the conversation before Jimin can say anything. “If you excuse us—” He adds, and then her and the cameraman finally back away from their path and they can finally reach Taehyung and Hoseok. The first thing they see when they lock eyes with Jimin’s friends is their face of utter shock that they are trying to mask but failing miserably at it.

“What the—” Taehyung starts, whispering when Jimin places himself right in front of him.

“Don’t freak out.” Jimin whispers back at him.

“How can I not?!” Taehyung whisper-shouts, through gritted teeth so no one figures out what he’s saying.

“Man, that looked good.” Jimin hears Hoseok talk to Jeongguk.

“Thanks…” Jeongguk replies, shyly. Jimin tries to contain his laugh because two minutes ago he was shamelessly kissing him and now he’s shy around Hoseok.

“I wish someone kissed me like that.” Taehyung sighs, looking at the ceiling of the venue that has a   of coloured lights. Hoseok looks at him with a side eye but the younger doesn’t notice. Jimin locks eyes with Hoseok then and the older mouths the -words ‘am I a joke to him?’ And Jimin’s eyes widen like plates. He has known the feelings and the mutual pining from his two best friends towards one another but it feels weird now that Hoseok is finally embracing them. At first, both of them kept denying it, but it seems that Hoseok is already past that. However, Taehyung is a completely different thing. He still hasn’t even admitted to Jimin that he has feelings for him even if he knows that Jimin knows.

They go to a quieter place that Jeongguk leads them to, Jimin still feeling the sensation of Jeongguk’s lips on his. There’s only ten minutes until the rest of the event takes place and they have to go back to their seats, but Hoseok and Taehyung manage to scream about anything and everything throughout it. Jeongguk laughs out loud at their reactions and Jimin chuckles lowly because he feels a little embarrassed to have done that in front of everyone. When the break is over, they get back to their seats, Jeongguk’s hand resting on Jimin’s lower back.

“Are you okay?” Jeongguk leans in to whisper in his ear once they’re sat down.

“Yeah.” Jimin nods quickly. “I just feel a little…” Jimin trails, not knowing what to say exactly.

“Weird?” Jeongguk says, smiling, looking at Jimin with sparkly eyes.

“Yeah, exactly.” Jimin smiles as well with just seeing the younger.

Jeongguk nods at the reply. “Just pretend no one is watching.” He says. “It’s what I always do at events like these.” He says, and then proceeds to circle Jimin’s shoulders with his arm and press his palm on Jimin’s head, making him rest it on Jeongguk’s shoulders. Jimin freaks out for an instant, but he relaxes right away when he feels Jeongguk’s hand still on his head, caressing his hair gently, so he stays like that for the rest of the event. Jeongguk whispers things in his ear so he can also understand everything that it’s been talked about and Jimin listens closely. He had never imagined that he’d be paying attention to something like video games, something so different to his likings.

After the event, Jeongguk gets a text message from Namjoon saying that they should hang out for a while, that he wants to play some games all together. “Do you want to come?” Jeongguk asks, looking up from his phone and locking eyes with Jimin, who is walking next to him.

“I don’t know.” Jimin shrugs. “It’s better if you spend time with them without me.” He smiles weakly at him.

Jeongguk looks at him with a saddened expression and Jimin then adds. “Don’t worry about me, Hoseok and Taehyung can drive me back home, or I can call a taxi.” He says with a gentle smile.

Jeongguk keeps silent for a few seconds and grabs Jimin’s hands gently. “I want you to meet my friends.” He says, truthfully.

Jimin’s eyes widen and they look up from their intertwined hands to stare right inside Jeongguk’s, which are glistening as if he held the stars inside of his eyes. “Really?”

“Yeah! They’re nice. I mean— I met your friends so it’s only fair that you meet mine.” He shrugs, speaking with a soft tone of voice. “I mean—If you want to.” He quickly adds. “I won’t force you to meet them if you want to. I don’t want to force you. It’s okay if you don’t. I am just—” He begins to ramble, suddenly becoming as shy as he was back when the reporters were interviewing him and asking him all kinds of questions.

Jimin chuckles at the way the younger is suddenly blushing and is rubbing the back of his neck with his hands. “I want to.” Jimin nods with a wide smile. “Don’t worry, I do want to meet your friends.” He says, placing his hands on Jeongguk’s biceps and squishing a little in a way to short comfort. “But I told my friends we’d hang out later—” Jimin starts, and sees the way Jeongguk’s eyes sparkle once again with excitement.

“It’s fine! They can come with us too!” Jeongguk says, not even letting Jimin finish the sentence.

“Are you sure?” Jimin asks, looking around to try and spot his friends in the crowd of people getting out of the venue.

“Of course! It’ll be fun, and if we all get along we can meet up some other day.” Jeongguk shrugs. Jimin nods and doesn’t say anything else, but he wonders how is it that Jeongguk has always been so welcoming with him and his friends. Why would he, considering the reputation he has? After being accused of lying, Jeongguk came to him and offered his help without doubting! He didn’t even consider doubting him when he first found out about all those rumours! And now, to Jimin’s surprise, he’s inviting him to spend time with his friends and making him feel comfortable in environments that aren’t that familiar to him. Jimin feels his heart beat faster and harder against his chest at that thought. What is this?

“Okay, I’ll tell them to come with us.” Jimin says, smiling softly. Jeongguk turns his head to look at him and his eyes tell something Jimin doesn’t understand. He finds Hoseok and Taehyung, as always, bickering about something next to a stand where food is sold.

“I told you that one would taste better.” Taehyung says.

“Then why didn’t you buy it for yourself?” Hoseok rolls his eyes, snatching the candy from Taehyung’s hands.

“Because I wanted to share with you!” Taehyung whines, reaching to grab the candy again, but Hoseok puts his hand on his back right before the younger can touch it. “You’re annoying.”

“You keep whining that you don’t like how it tastes!” Hoseok says, with the same tone and puppy eyes as Taehyung,

“Hey guys.” Jimin decides to step in to create some peace between them. Both of his friends suddenly stop arguing and turn their attention to Jimin. “I don’t know if you will like what I’m about to say but Jeongguk invited us to play—“

“Yes!!” Taehyung and Hoseok exclaim at the same time, with hopeful eyes. Jimin isn’t surprised at all by their response but he is slightly taken aback because they didn’t even hesitate for a split second.

“Tell him we’ll go.” Taehyung says.

“Oh my god, playing with him, I can’t believe this is my life right now.” Hoseok sighs out loud, with his hands pressed to his chest.

Jimin looks between them and chuckles. “You’re such nerds.” He says, and his friends’ face suddenly turn into an offended frown. “Let’s go.” Jimin circles both of his friends’ shoulders with his arms before they can say anything else and they all make their way back to Jeongguk, who is talking on the phone with someone, and to Jimin’s impression they seem to be his friends.

“My friends are already heading to my place, shall we go now?” Jeongguk says, and the boys nod eagerly.

They take a little longer to arrive because of the traffic from all the people leaving the venue at the same time, but the sun is still up and warm coming from the large windows in Jeongguk’s apartment. They had all settled down on the living room and Jeongguk had started his PS4 and all of them were debating what game they should play. Then, the doorbell rings and Jeongguk goes to answer the door.

“Hey! We brought food.” Seokjin says with a cheerful voice. Taehyung, Hoseok and Jimin turn their heads towards the door and they stand up immediately, bowing politely to Jeongguk’s friends. “Oh, wow. What a cute welcoming.” He giggles, leaving the bags of food on the table and walking towards the group of friends after. “Hi, I’m Kim Seokjin.” He says, bowing as well.

“Yup he’s the oldest among us.” Jeongguk steps in.

Seokjin doesn’t stop smiling and talks to him with a softer voice through gritted teeth. “Do you have to say that every time?”

“These two over here are Min Yoongi and Kim Namjoon.” Jeongguk says, ignoring Jin’s comment and earning a smack on the head because of it. “They are Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung and Jung Hoseok.”

“Hey guys.” Yoongi waves from the kitchen, as he’s putting the food on the bags he was carrying into some plates.

“Hey.” Namjoon says with a smile, showing two deep dimples that make him look really cute.

“We were talking about what game we should play tonight.” Jeongguk speaks up.

“Something Namjoon knows how to play.” Yoongi teases.


“And Jimin, for that matter.” Jeongguk says.

“You said I was better than him!” Jimin whines. Seokjin starts bringing the food to the coffee table in front of the TV.

Namjoon gasps. “You did?! That is slander, by the way.” He says, sitting down on the couch.

“There’s only one way to prove it.” Taehyung wiggles his eyebrows. And that’s how Namjoon and Jimin end up competing against each other on Super Smash Bros on Jeongguk’s and  Yoongi’s Nintendo Switch.

“He’s gonna win.” Hoseok says, referring to Namjoon.

“Shut up!!” Jimin exclaims, moving around on the couch and sitting all different kinds of ways to calm his nerves down.

“Jimin it’s over for you!” Namjoon also shouts.

“Not yet, loser!” He replies.

Their friends are rolling of laughter watching them play and scream at each other as their life depended on it. It’s funny to see them freak out and struggle and that’s why Jeongguk thinks people like to see others play games. The game is practically over and Jimin is about to lose when a pair of hands cover his and take the gaming console from him subtly. Jimin looks to his side and finds Jeongguk trying to subtly play for him whilst he tries not to look like he’s the one playing, and Jimin’s cheeks flush a little with the gesture. The game ends with Jimin’s character finally winning and beating Namjoon’s at the very last minute.

“What?! How did he do that?” He stands up and looks around.

“I saved the best for last.” Jimin replies, shrugging his shoulders and looking satisfied. Namjoon frowns but he lets it go easily. Jeongguk winks at Jimin and presses his pointer finger to his lips to shush him and then it’s his and Yoongi’s turn to play against Hoseok and Taehyung. Jimin gets up from the couch and goes to the bathroom, and then comes back and sits between Jeongguk and Seokjin on the couch. Jeongguk is busy concentrating on his game and he somehow looks good while doing that, so Jimin can’t help but stare at him.

Seokjin looks at him and wraps one of his arms around his shoulders. “You really like him, don’t you?” He asks, whispering.

Jimin tenses up and whips his head towards Jin abruptly. “What? No, I—”

“Okay, okay.” Seokjin laughs. “Sorry. I asked that question too early.” He adds, swinging his hand from side to side to dismiss the topic of conversation. Jimin doesn’t say anything else and puts that question on the back of his mind, and they start talking about fashion and dogs. When the game finishes and Jeongguk wins again, everyone is complaining that he’s too good and that he shouldn’t be allowed to play, which makes Jeongguk whine and argue that this is his house.

“We should get going.” Seokjin says after a couple of hours more. “Tomorrow we have stuff to do.” He looks at Namjoon and the younger nods.

“I also should go, even if I don’t want to.” Hoseok says with a hurt expression.

“Don’t leave me alone, you traitor.” Taehyung whines, clinging to Hoseok like a baby.

“I have to wake up early to get to the first dance lesson of the day, it’s not like I want to.” Hoseok rolls his eyes, clutching his hands to Taehyung’s shirt so he stays still close to him.

“Then I should also go…” Jimin stands up from the couch like the rest of his friends, but Jeongguk stops him by grabbing his wrist.

“Wait, I want to show you something.” Jeongguk says with a soft tone.

“Well, see you tomorrow, Jeonggukkie!” Namjoon says, and the younger waves at them as they head to the door. Jimin turns to look at them and sees how Seokjin is staring at him with a knowing expression, even if he doesn’t know exactly what it is that he knows.

“Will you get home safely, Jimin?” Hoseok asks.

“Of course! I can just call a taxi or my driver.” He shrugs.

“Okay! Let’s talk tomorrow!” Taehyung says from the door. Jeongguk walks them out and closes the door behind them when they’re gone. When he comes back, Jimin looks at the younger with his head tilted.

“What is it you wanted to show me?” Jimin asks.

“Look.” Jeongguk says, taking a piece of paper out of his pocket and handing it to the older.

“What is it?” Jimin smiles. He takes a look at it and sees the word ‘gray’ written in the middle of the paper, with a bold and silver font.

“It’s an invitation for Gray’s party next weekend!” Jeongguk says, excitedly.

“Really?” Jimin says. “Isn’t that like your favourite gamer?” He asks.

“He is!” He replies. “He invited me and I’ll be meeting him! Well, if I gather enough courage to do so, I guess.”

“I’m so happy for you!” Jimin wraps his arms around Jeongguk’s body and tugs him close to hug him. After a couple of seconds, though, he realises what he’s done and tries to get away from him, but Jeongguk’s grip on him is tight and he doesn’t let go, so they stay hugged to the other for a while.

“Come with me.” Jeongguk suddenly says. Jimin’s cheeks heat up.

“Are you sure?”

“It’s a fancy party, of course.” Jeongguk chuckles. “You’ll like it more than today’s showcase.”

“If you say so…” Jimin trails, making Jeongguk take a step back and finally let go of Jimin. He feels a sudden cold on his body but he pays it no mind. “I’ll come with you.”

“Great! Cool. Yeah.” Jeongguk says, putting the paper back in his pocket.

“Okay, uh— I should definitely get going, now.” Jimin says, scratching the back of his neck nervously.

“I don’t think you should.” Jeongguk’s voice suddenly turns deep, startling Jimin.

“W-what?” Jimin stutters.

“There’s paparazzi outside the building and we’ve been ‘dating’ for a while. Don’t you think people would expect us to spend the night at each other’s places?” Jeongguk asks, Jimin’s eyes going wide with the implications.

“I mean—” Jimin starts, trying to find the words and gather his thoughts in his brain.

“Couples have sex, Jimin.” Jeongguk says, rolling his eyes.

“I know! God, don't say it like that.” Jimin’s cheeks are visibly red even through the foundation he has on.

“Why? Are you embarrassed?” Jeongguk wiggles his eyebrows and takes a step closer, which makes Jimin take a step back and make himself smaller.

“Why the fuck would I be?!” Jimin exclaims, face all red with embarrassment.

“Okay, okay. Geez.” Jeongguk backs away and raises his hands in a peace sign.

“So you want me to spend the night here? So people think we’re like… sleeping together.” Jimin says after he’s calmed down.

“Unless you don’t want to—” Jeongguk trails.

“No it’s fine. It’s fine. I’ll stay the night.” He finally agrees.

“Okay.” Jeongguk nods.“Okay. Great.” Jimin repeats his action.

“Perfect.” Jeongguk says again, putting his hands in his pockets and heading to the kitchen. “Anything you want to eat?”

“We’ve already eaten the take out food your friends brought.” Jimin frowns.

Jeongguk stops his tracks and chuckles nervously. “You’re right.” He turns around and gets back to the living room. “So what do you want to do?” He asks.

“Watch some TV?” Jimin suggests.

“Yeah, that’s fine for me.” Jeongguk agrees, plops himself down on the couch and turns the TV on. They end up watching some Spanish show on Netflix that has way too many heated up kissing scenes. Jimin clears his throat when it happens for the first time, suddenly remembering what happened a few hours prior with that reporter and her cameraman. Luckily, the scene isn’t really long so he can relax again, but soon after there is another one appearing on screen, and this one is much more passionate and steamy, which makes Jeongguk shift in his seat as he still feels the trace of Jimin’s plump lips against his. And then, it escalates to a sex scene and Jeongguk is jumping from the couch and turning the TV off. He turns to look at Jimin and sees his cheeks all red and puffy.

“I turned it off because it was so boring. Sorry.” What a lie.

“Don’t worry, I felt the same way. Super boring.” Jimin nods his head.

“It’s dark outside already.” Jeongguk announces as if Jimin hadn’t noticed yet. “Do you want to take a shower or something?”

“Ah, no I’m good.” Jimin says. “I shower in the morning.” He adds.

“Okay. I’ll take a quick shower, then.” Jeongguk says, pointing upstairs. Jimin nods. “I won’t take long. Just— act as if this is your home.” He says, before rushing up the stairs and getting inside his bathroom. Once Jeongguk can’t see him anymore, Jimin lets out a long sigh and rests his back on the couch, sitting comfortably and telling himself silently to stop being so awkward around him. Who cares if they’re alone at night in an apartment that occupies the whole floor and they could be doing all the noise they wanted to and no one would complain? Jimin’s eyes widen and he sits back straight when that thought runs through his mind. He gets up and goes upstairs to the gaming room. He’s curious to see if there’s any game that he would like to play, so he steps inside and looks at every game box on the shelves with curiosity. He figures that he’s really not made for gaming and heads out of the room to go downstairs. Once he opens the door, though, he bumps into something wet and very much naked. Jimin looks up and sees Jeongguk’s bare and wet torso right in front of him, with tattoos on his arms and chest and ribs, wearing a towel loosely around his hips and his damp hair slightly curled at the ends.

“I told you it would be quick.” Jeongguk says, with his hands grabbing Jimin’s shoulders to prevent him from stumbling when they bumped into one another.

“I, um—”

“Let me get dressed and then my room is all yours.” Jeongguk says, with a blinding smile.

“Wait, what?” Jimin asks. Oh god, don’t look down, please, Jimin, don’t look down.

“I don’t have a guest room here, but don’t worry! My couch is so cool that it can turn into this gigantic bed.” Jeongguk explains. “I’ll sleep there and you can sleep in my room.” He lets go of Jimin and turns around to head to his room.

“But I’m the guest!” Jimin says.

“That’s why you should sleep on my bed.” Jeongguk says, turning his head around to look at him before closing his door and changing to some grey pants and a white tee shirt. “I prepared some clothes for you.” He says, stepping out of the room.

“Oh, okay. Thank you.” Jimin says, shyly.

“I’ll be downstairs.” Jeongguk says, nonchalantly.

Jimin steps inside the room and closes the door, only to find a pair of sweatpants, a shirt and a hoodie neatly folded on top of the mattress. Jimin puts the clothes on and leaves his on the chair on one side of the room. The minute he puts the hoodie on, the strong scent of Jeongguk wraps around him. The shirt already smelled like him, but the hoodie was something else. Jimin reluctantly tugs at the collar of the fabric and without giving it much thought, he buries his nose into it and inhales the sweet yet strong scent as much as he can. Then, looks at himself and sees how big the clothes look on him and he chuckles. He gets out of the room then, going back downstairs. He finds the younger laying on the couch that has now turned into a bed. Jeongguk looks up from his phone and he takes a few seconds to speak up.

“Do you have make-up remover? Or make-up wipes?” Jimin asks.

“Oh, sure.” Jeongguk says, leading him back upstairs to the bathroom. Once they enter, it’s still hot inside because of the shower Jeongguk had taken not too long ago and the mirror is slightly fogged up still. Jeongguk opens one of the drawers and takes out a package of make-up wipes for Jimin. The older takes them with a smile and wipes all the make-up off his face. Since it was an important event he had put on more than what he does on a daily basis and it felt good finally taking it off.

“Thank you.” Jimin says, turning to look at Jeongguk, who is looking at him whilst leaning on the doorframe.

“You’re welcome.” Jeongguk says, taking the wipe from Jimin’s hands without hesitation and going to throw it in the trash. “Well, tell me if you need something, I’m gonna sleep now.” He says, leaving Jimin upstairs.

“Wait!” Jimin suddenly says. “I’m not sleepy yet, let’s do something else.” He says, not even  fully understanding why he’s saying that.

“Um… sure, then.” Jeongguk laughs. Jimin rushes downstairs and follow Jeongguk to the couch.

“What should we do?” Jimin asks.

“Play some games?” Jeongguk suggests.

“I’m so bad at it though.” Jimin says, shoulders falling.

“We watch a movie on Netflix that doesn’t have that many kissing scenes?” Jeongguk shrugs his shoulders and Jimin nods. “Can we watch The Avengers?”

“I will never say no to that.” Jimin replies, getting on the couch that’s now a bed, next to Jeongguk. The younger puts the movie on and they silently watch it, even if Jeongguk has seen it a thousand times he still enjoys it like the first. When the movie is halfway in, Jimin is already passed out on the mattress next to Jeongguk, with Jeongguk’s hoodie shrugged up his torso letting his lower stomach be seen. He sleeps so soundly that Jeongguk doesn’t have it in him to wake him up and make him go upstairs, so he turns the TV off and puts the covers of the bed over him and stands up, ready to head to his room. But then, he looks one more time at Jimin and he looks so cute and peaceful, almost like an angel, and Jeongguk clicks his tongue and gets inside the bed with him.

The last thing he remembers before falling asleep is Jimin’s face pressed up against his pillow and his plump lips slightly parted from staring at him too much.



The sun rays wake Jimin up, because they’re so bright and warm that they even take him away from his dream. He grunts, stretching his limbs as wide as he can, feeling the covers slide down his body. He turns his head to the side and he finally starts to open his eyes, with a lot of laziness still in his body. His eyes hurt a little because he just remembered he fell asleep with his contacts still on. When his vision adjusts better to the light, he distinguishes Jeongguk’s silhouette under the covers, sleeping just a few inches away from him. Jimin doesn’t give it any kind of importance at first, but when he stretches again and his brain seems to have processed that information better, his eyes widen like plates. He turns to look at him again, but this time he finds a pair of big, black eyes staring back at him. Jimin’s heart skips a beat.

“You woke up already?” Jeongguk says, with a very deep and husky voice.

“Yeah.” Jimin says, hesitating a little.

“Do you want something for breakfast?” Jeongguk asks, sitting up and brushing his hands through his face and hair.

“Coffee?” Jimin answers. Jeongguk only nods and sleepily goes to the kitchen to make coffee for the both of them. Jimin doesn’t say it out loud but wonders how is it possible that Jeongguk isn’t freaking out even a little bit about waking up next to him. It’s not like it’s a bad surprise for Jimin, but Jeongguk feels totally okay with it.

Jeongguk comes back with two cups of coffee and hands one to Jimin. The latter drinks it all rather quickly as Jeongguk still tries to fight his sleepiness and keep his eyes open. “I’m so sleepy. I think this is the best I’ve slept in months.” He mumbles out loud, and Jimin almost chokes on his coffee.

“I should get going soon. I have a video to film and edit today.” Jimin says when Jeongguk is done with his coffee.

“Okay.” Jeongguk nods. Then, Jimin goes upstairs to change into the clothes he wore the day before and he texts his driver to come pick him up. Jeongguk walks him to the door and speaks before he opens it. “I’ll text you to talk about Gray’s party.” He says. “It’s a fancy thing so I think I might need some help.” He says, shyly.

He gasps. “Are you asking me to give you a makeover, Jeon Jeongguk?” Jimin wiggles his eyebrows.

“I just need some advice and new clothes.” Jeongguk says, opening the door and letting Jimin go.


A few days go by and Jeongguk texts him to meet that afternoon to go shopping. Jimin still has part of the video to edit but he lies and says he’s already done with it. He doesn’t know why he lies, though. A few minutes later, around 10 am, the doorbell rings and the door swings open right after, and Jimin figures out it’s either one of his friends or his manager.

“Jimin” His manager says the minute he enters his apartment, coat on his hand and hair a mess. He looks distressed and Jimin’s heart beats faster when he sees the look in his eyes.

“What’s up?” Jimin says, a little worked up.

“I’ve been talking to the lawyers.” He starts, dropping his coat to the floor and opening the bag on his other hand, taking out a stack of papers from inside. He hands them to Jimin and the latter looks at them with a mix of expectancy and worry. He then locks eyes with his manager and his eyes glisten with hope. The man nods and puts his hands over Jimin’s. “We’ve found a way to sue the laboratory. After the trial you’ll be able to speak about it publicly, but until then we can send a report to the news so your story begins to be talked about and people know the truth.” He says, out of breath. It’s clear that he has rushed from the lawyers’ office to Jimin’s apartment the second they found a solution, and Jimin can’t be happier.

“Oh my god, are you serious?!” Jimin exclaims, leaving the papers on top of the table beside him.

“Yes! Yes, there was this part on the contract that we didn’t see the first time we went through it, and it can be used against them! I’m gonna spare the details but you have a lot of chances to win.” He smiles happily, which only makes Jimin smile even more.

“I’m so happy! Oh, thank you so much!” Jimin says, excitedly jumping on his spot and then hugging his manager tightly.

“O-oh— you’re welcome, Jiminie. It’s my job to keep you safe.” He smiles. “Soon you’ll be able to prove the world that you didn’t do anything wrong.” He says, and Jimin nods enthusiastically. However, though, there is something in his mind which he can’t stop thinking about at the same time. 

Drive - Jay Park ft. Gray

Jeongguk picks him up with his car and they drive to the shopping centre with luxury brands like Jimin had told him to do. When they get there, it’s no surprise that some people recognise them, but people who shop there are also very important people so they don’t need to worry about their surroundings. They first enter inside of Gucci, and Jimin picks some things for Jeongguk to try on but he doesn’t like none of them. Jimin says it’s fine and they move to the Chanel store and same thing happens.

“Okay, do you want to wear a suit or not?” Jimin asks Jeongguk whilst the younger is behind the curtain of the dressing room, changing back to his clothes.

“I wouldn’t mind.” Jeongguk says.

“Okay. I swear to god, if you don’t like anything of where I’m going to bring you next I will give up.” Jimin warns, making him laugh. They make their way to the Armani store, and Jimin sighs in adoration when he sees all the suits in there. “This is the paradise of all the CEOs. And me.” He giggles, grabbing Jeongguk’s hand and guiding him around the store. They decide to pick a burgundy suit, a black one and a grey one to try it on. “The black is too boring and loose on the pants.” Jimin says. Jeongguk turns back around and gets inside the changing room again. He comes out with the grey one next. “Why is the blazer like that? It seems like you have no neck.” Jimin frowns. He gestures with his finger for Jeongguk to turn around and change again. He comes out with the burgundy next. “This is the one.” Jimin says, lost of breath. His eyes sparkle when he sees him. It’s a suit made not to war anything underneath, so the blazer exposes part of his chest. The ink of one tattoo that’s hidden there is peeking from one side and the pants hug perfectly where they should. “You have to get this one.”

“Are you sure?” Jeongguk pouts.

“Yes! You look so hot in that.” Jimin exclaims, not having thought through what he just blurted out.

“O-oh. Thank you.” Jeongguk stutters. Jimin clears his throat when he realises what he has just said and tells him to change back into his clothes so they can pay.



Should we hold hands on the way out?


Jimin laughs at the message and lets Jeongguk intertwine his fingers with his on their way to the cashier, and doesn’t let go. Not even when they’re on the line to get some ice-cream, nor when they’re walking around the mall with three more bags full of clothes for Jimin, nor when when they’re on the escalators and Jeongguk kisses his forehead in front of everyone, making Jimin’s heart skip a beat. 




“Are you gonna tell him?” Taehyung asks, sitting on top of Jimin’s bedroom, stomach facing the ceiling as he throws one of the pillows up and then catches it again. It’s Wednesday and Gray’s party is approaching, which makes Jimin even more nervous than what he already is right now.

“I have to.” Jimin is pacing up and down his bedroom, not even realising what he’s doing. “I don’t know when, though.”

Taehyung looks up and frowns. “What do you mean?”

“I can’t just be like ‘Oh yeah, my lawyer solved the issue, bye we aren’t fake dating anymore’.” He says, acting out what he would say.

“Why not? It’s not like you’re actually dumping him. You both agreed to stop this once your scandal died down.” Taehyung shrugs, sitting up and leaving the pillow on his lap. “Unless it’s not about fake-dating anymore.” He adds, looking at Jimin with intense eyes, as if he were trying to scan the older.

“What? What would it be about, then?” Jimin asks, nervously.

Taehyung keeps silent for a couple of seconds before he speaks up. “Do you have feelings for him?” He asks.

“Huh?!” Jimin exclaims. “Of course I don’t!” He practically jumps when Taehyung says that, but the latter is rather unimpressed. He already knew he’d react like this.

“Then why are you so scared of telling him that your legal team found a solution to the problem?”

“Because then it won’t make sense to continue this fake dating thing.” Jimin says, frustratedly brushing his hands through his hair.

“Wasn’t that the point of your plan?” Taehyung smirks.

“Yes! But that was before—” Jimin is almost screaming now.

“Before what?” Taehyung kneels on the bed and gets closer to the edge to shorten the distance between him and Jimin.

Jimin stops his tracks and looks down at the floor. “Before I got to know him.” He says, quieter this time.

Taehyung doesn’t say anything else and just smiles, laying down back on the bed. “You know you can still keep in touch with him after this is over, right?” He says after a while.

Jimin kept silent until then. “Yeah, I guess.”

Taehyung stays a while longer until he notices the sun is setting and he says he has to go down to the river to film some things for his next vlog, so he he hugs him tightly as a goodbye and leaves with his usual bubbly smile.

Jimin gets to cook something for dinner when he receives a few messages and he rushes to check them immediately, which is weird because he tends to ignore his phone whenever it goes off and he replies whenever he feels like it. This time, however, what he sees on the screen makes him smile.



Im hungry

Should I come over

and have a romantic date with

my fake boyfriend?


Jimin rolls his eyes and types a quick response, witty enough to make Jeongguk smile but still a little cold so the younger doesn’t find out he has actually been waiting for a text like this. He gets to cooking a larger portion of Samgyeopsal for the both of them whilst Jeongguk is making his way towards his home. Now that everyone knows they’re ‘dating’, it’s better for them because they don’t have to pretend not wanting to be seen and covering up their faces more than usual. Jimin puts on his cooking playlist and dances around as he prepares the side dishes, some kimchi and places the plates and tableware neatly on the table in his living room. He takes out two big glasses of wine and one of the bottles he has reserved for special occasions. He considers not opening it for a second, since this isn’t really something that should be considered a ‘special occasion’, but he then ends up justifying himself by saying that if he doesn’t drink it soon it’ll go bad. Jeongguk doesn’t take too long to arrive after that, and Jimin hears the bell ring when he’s placing the food on the middle of the table. He jumps a little at the sound, takes off his apron and throws it somewhere around the kitchen. He rushes to the entrance of the apartment and fixes his hair in front of the mirror for a second, and then opens the door. He chose to wear a pair of tight, washed-out jeans, with black boots and a yellow shirt tucked in. He had his coat on his hand since it was warm inside the building compared to the outside world.

“Hey.” Jimin greets, stepping to the side and letting the younger walk in.

“Mmh, it smells so good in here.” Jeongguk says, closing his eyes. Jimin takes his coat and leaves it on one side of the couch. “Did you cook for me?” Jeongguk raises an eyebrow and smirks, to what Jimin only responds by rolling his eyes and trying to hide the blush on his cheeks.

“Just sit down.” Jimin mumbles, urging the younger to sit down across from him.

“I love Samgyeopsal.” Jeongguk comments as Jimin is pouring some wine on their cups. “I’ve never had it with wine, though.”

“You’ll be impressed, then.” Jimin chuckles and they start to eat without much to say.

“This is awesome, I can’t believe you made this.” Jeongguk says, with his mouth full of food after having the first bite. “Is there something you can’t do?” He asks.

“Playing your stupid games.” Jimin replies, stuffing his mouth with food afterwards too. Even himself is impressed with how good it tastes, it has never tasted this good before.

“First of all, they’re not stupid; second of all, you’re not that bad.” Jeongguk rolls his eyes, pointing at him with his chopsticks.

“Then tell me why I didn’t win a single time we were playing with your friends.” Jimin replies. “I won against Namjoon because you helped me!”

“That’s because he might be bad but he has experience. You’re bad and you don’t have experience.” Jeongguk explains, which ears himself a kick on the legs underneath the table.

“You just admitted it!” They both laugh at their playful bickering as they eat and talk about their days. Inside of Jimin’s mind, more than once the thought of telling Jeongguk that his situation is almost solved appears, but Jimin pushes it away and tries to enjoy himself tonight. As selfish and dumb as it might sound, he has learnt to appreciate these moments and he really doesn’t  want them to end. Not when Jeongguk is laughing so hard that his nose is scrunched and Jimin almost chokes with his wine because of something the younger has said. Not when Jeongguk cares for him and he tries to make him comfortable as he has always done. Not when he agreed to helping him so easily.

He just can’t let it go.

Star 1117 - ATEEZ

“The food was delicious.” Jeongguk says, leaning back on the chair. “I’m sure that if you weren’t a make-up artist, you’d be a famous chef.”

“You’re exaggerating too much here. Stop feeding my ego.” Jimin laughs.

“I’m certain, though!” Jeongguk claps his hands.

“Do you want something more?” Jimin offers. “I have beer, soju, ice-cream…”

Jeongguk looks at him and then towards the bottle of wine that’s almost empty. “Let’s drink some Somaek!” He exclaims, getting up from the chair and sitting on the couch as Jimin nods and grabs some cans of beer and a bottle of soju from the kitchen. He places them on the coffee table in front of the couch and sits down on the floor whilst Jeongguk is sitting on the edge of the couch to reach the table. Jimin skilfully mixes the liquor with the beer and hands one of the drinks to Jeongguk, who chugs it down immediately. Jimin takes a little longer to finish it but he goes quickly regardless. They drink three glasses more each and Jeongguk is already tipsy.

“We should play a game!” Jimin exclaims with a giggly tone of voice.

“What is it about?” Jeongguk asks, both of them lightheaded.

“It’s called the submarine. We have to put the glass of soju inside of the glass of beer and make it float. If it sinks, we have to drink the entire thing.” Jimin explains, already filling the small cups of soju and handing one of them to Jeongguk.

“Okay.” Jeongguk says, sliding down the couch and sitting on the floor next to Jimin.

“On the count of three.” Jimin says. Both of them prepare themselves and count to three, and then they try to put the shot glass as gently as they can inside the glass of beer. Jimin’s is the one that sinks first, so he has to drink the entire glass of somaek fast. Then, Jeongguk suggests to play Sam-yuk-gu, a game that consists in chanting numbers and clapping whenever that number contains a 3, a 6 or a 9. Both of them equally take shots of soju because they go as fast as they can to make the other fail, and they end up giving up because they are almost totally drunk right now.

“I don’t know how I’m gonna get home.” Jeongguk laughs, Jimin joins too.

“This is so bad… it’s all your fault!” Jimin whines.

“How is it my fault?!” Jeongguk says, offended.

“I told you we shouldn’t have played the sense game!” Jimin laughs, leaning over Jeongguk slightly.

“It’s not my fault we always think of the same numbers?!” Jeongguk exclaims, brushing his hands through his hair and making it all messy.

“Still!” Jimin pouts and leans his head on Jeongguk’s shoulder, closing his eyes. Jeongguk rests his cheek on Jimin’s head and they stay like that for a couple of seconds. Then, slowly Jimin opens his eyes and looks up, seeing Jeongguk is already looking at him. And maybe it’s the alcohol, how hot it is inside this apartment, his dizzy head or his lack of shyness, but he leans in and closes his eyes, closing the gap between the two of them, pressing his plump lips against Jeongguk’s in a long peck. When they’re both starting to open their mouths, though, Jimin’s head goes back to reality and he pulls away, stuttering. “I— I’m sorry.” He looks down. “I just—” He’s even more dizzy now and he doesn’t even know how to gather his own thoughts. “I sometimes find it difficult to distinguish when we’re faking and when we’re not.” He mumbles, before closing his eyes and falling back on Jeongguk’s shoulder, falling asleep at that same moment, completely passed out.

Jeongguk blinks and presses one of his hands on Jimin’s head. “Me too.” He says, with a blush across his face.


Jeongguk wakes up first the next day. It’s because his phone starts to ring and the sound is so loud to his ears that he sits up right away, so abruptly that Jimin’s head resting on his shoulder slides down his arm and rests on his lap. Jimin squirms around a little and ends up comfortably laying on the floor with his head resting on Jeongguk’s thigh.

“Shit.” Jeongguk mumbles, head gathering his memories from the day before and not believing what had happened. The phone continues to ring and he picks it up. “Hello?” He whispers.

“Where are you? We said to meet at your place for today’s stream!” Yoongi’s voice is loud against his ears.

“Ah, shit. I’m coming, wait a bit.” Jeongguk says, trying to get up from the floor without waking Jimin up.

“Why are you whispering?” Yoongi sounds confused on the other side of the line.

“I might have been drinking with Jimin until late yesterday and now he’s sleeping on my lap.” He says, and then there’s a silence.

“He what?!?!” Seokjin’s voice is so loud that he hears it through the phone.

“I’ll get my things and come here right away, give me ten minutes.” Jeongguk says, hanging up before Yoongi can say anything else. He gathers the trash on the table and throws it away, leaving Jimin on the floor for a few minutes. Then, once he’s done, he picks Jimin up from the floor and walks to his bedroom, laying him down on the mattress and grabbing a blanket folded on top of the chair next to the window and places it on top of him. He spends a few seconds watching him without saying anything.

“I sometimes find it difficult to distinguish when we’re faking and when we’re not.” This sentence keeps repeating itself inside his mind. The sensation against his lips still lingers.

“I don’t think I can keep pretending much longer, Jimin.” Jeongguk whispers, getting out of the apartment afterwards.


“I kissed Jeongguk while drunk.” Jimin wakes up abruptly and that’s the first thing he says out loud. “Oh my god. Oh my god.” Jimin says, getting out of the bed. The minute he stands straight he feels a strong pain in his head. “I’m hungover. Shit.” He whines. He makes his way to the kitchen and fills a glass with water and takes a pill to make his headache go away. “What do I do now?” He whines, brushing his hands all over his hair, desperately. “Ah, why did I even do that?!” He whines louder. “I’m so dumb… I scared him away for sure…”

His phone goes off right then, and he checks his notifications.



Don’t forget I’m picking you up on Saturday at 7.

Don’t be late!!


“Or not…?” Jimin says out loud.




Also about yesterday…



Ah, don’t worry about it

We always do dumb shit when we’re drunk

It’s fine!



Ah, okay

Thank you for

U know

Taking me to bed



It’s nothing

I have to leave u now

I’m streaming




Have fun then!!



He decided not to tell anything about that night to anyone, not even Taehyung or Hoseok. It would be their small secret, just something that happened because they were both drunk and they didn’t know what they were doing. It was best to keep it that way since he really didn’t want to find another explanation for it. He didn’t want to think about it anymore either. Jimin is currently waiting on his couch, with his navy blue suit on, waiting until the clock strikes 7pm and Jeongguk knocks on his door to head to Gray’s party. It’s funny because he’s only known this guy by his gaming handle, but he has no clue what his actual name is. He wonders what might he look like, what must he be like if Jeongguk likes him that much. Is it possible that he has a crush on him? Why doesn’t that idea make him feel well? His thoughts vanish from his head when the doorbell rings and he rushes to the door to greet Jeongguk.

“Hey, you look good.” Jeongguk says. Jimin had thought it would be awkward between them since they kissed right in this apartment for some reason, but Jeongguk doesn’t seem uncomfortable in the slightest. “Are you ready?”

“You said I had to by 7.” Jimin shrugs, joking a little.

Jeongguk raises his eyebrows and nods. “Good boy.”

Jimin steps out of the apartment and they both get out of the building hand in hand making their way to Jeongguk’s car. Today someone else is driving, so they both hop on the back. It doesn’t take too long to reach Gray’s house, which is a huge three-floor house next to Itaewon. Jeongguk gives the invitation card to the security guard and he lets them both enter the house. The sun is setting over them and the sky is tinted with purple, pink and orange colours that Jimin thinks they look almost magical. Jeongguk walks with his hand on Jimin’s lower back and the older doesn’t complain one bit. His hand is big and secure, and it has a sense of reassurance on Jimin whenever they walk like that. He’s realised that Jeongguk does that in places where Jimin has never been or isn’t really familiar with, like right now, surrounded by people he doesn’t know except him and the guy who carries the name of his favourite gamer yet doesn’t even know what he looks like.

“Are you going to say hi to Gray?” Jimin asks, looking up at Jeongguk.

“I think so. He invited me here, after all.” Jeongguk shrugs. “Although I’ll maybe make a fool out of myself.” He chuckles.

“That’s impossible. You didn’t with me.” Jimin smiles.

“But that’s different.”

“How is it any different?” Jimin asks, curious. Jeongguk leads them to the bar in the garden and orders two drinks.

“It just is.” He shrugs. The guy gives him the drinks and Jimin chooses the one he likes the most. He takes a sip from the straw and decides to let that topic go since the drink is too good. There’s a little bit of alcohol but nothing too intense. They walk around and Jeongguk introduces Jimin to a few of his friends that aren’t that close, the majority of them know him because they’ve done collaborations with him or they’ve gamed together. Jimin is polite to everyone and he even feels a connection with a girl named Mina. She’s short and cute, and looks very young, yet mature. She’s very funny and straightforward, and teases Jeongguk a lot, which the older likes to see.

When the sun is already down and they’re both on their third drink, Jeongguk gasps. “That’s him.”

“Gray?” Jimin asks, looking towards the direction Jeongguk is staring. He finds a guy more or less around his height, with slicked black hair and an undercut. His arms are way more muscular than Jimin’s, though, and he has a few tattoos on his forearms. “What’s his actual name?”

“Lee Seonghwa.” Jeongguk replies.

“Go talk to him.” Jimin encourages the younger.

“Yeah, I should.” Jeongguk nods, yet doesn’t move from his seat.

“Okay, then go.” Jimin pushes him forward and he finally starts moving towards him. Jimin smiles when he sees Jeongguk approach him and then turns to the bartender and asks for yet another drink. The sun is down already and the stars are coming out. Jimin looks up and sees all the fairy lights that disguise themselves as stars above him. It feels like an eternity passes by and Jeongguk and Seonghwa are still talking, still laughing and nudging at each other’s shoulders. Jimin rests his cheek on his palm and wonders what they’re talking about. What is so funny that Jeongguk is laughing so hard that he’s scrunching his nose? He’s only done that with him once and it seems like he can’t stop doing it with this guy. Some more people approach Seonghwa as they talk and Jeongguk still doesn’t leave yet.

Jimin suddenly feels left out. He’s waiting for him in the bar and Jeongguk seems to have found some other people to have a great time with. Not that he is hurt by it, it’s normal that he feels comfortable around this place and Jimin doesn’t. They are all probably talking about games and shit that Jimin doesn’t understand as much as he tries to.

Sunshine - Stray Kids

“Not having a great time?” A voice stops his thoughts and he’s met with Mina again.

“I wouldn’t be saying it like that.” Jimin chuckles.

“One beer, please.” She tells the bartender. “He’s very popular.” She says. Jimin immediately knows she’s talking about Jeongguk. “Even if he doesn’t believe it.” She adds.

“I know.” Jimin replies. “It always baffles me when he says he’s a shy person yet he does things like this.” He chuckles. “He has never been shy around me, though.”

“Really?” Mina exclaims.

Jimin nods. “I wonder why.”

“He’s your boyfriend at the end of the day, right? Maybe it’s because he’s comfortable around you.” She says.

Jimin keeps quiet and only looks at Jeongguk. yeah, it probably might be it, but they’re not actually dating. “What’s so funny?” He says out loud before he even realises it.

Mina looks at him and tries to fight back her laughter. “Seonghwa-oppa is a very funny guy.” She says.

“He hasn’t stopped laughing since he walked up to him.” Jimin says, talking in pout. “How long is it been already? Three hours?”

“Just one hour, I think.” Mina replies.

“Isn’t that enough time to catch up?” Jimin says, sighing.

“If I got it right, him and Gray have never talked before. Maybe they’re talking about meeting up to play some games.” She shrugs.

“Ah, of course.” Jimin rolls his eyes.

“Why? Are you jealous?” She wiggles her eyebrows.

“What? Of course not! I’m just pissed he left me here and practically forgot about me to talk to him.” He shrugs.

“So you’re jealous.” Mina concludes.

“I’m not!” Jimin whines.

“Oop, he’s coming back!” Mina perks up and Jimin turns around immediately to see him, in fact, walking back to Jimin.

“What were you telling him now, huh?” Jeongguk talks to Mina and the girl puts her hands up in defence.

“I was just keeping him company.” She rolls his eyes. “But since you’re here already, I’ll get back to my table.” She slides off the bar counter and leaves.

“Did she treat you well?” Jeongguk says, with one hand on Jimin’s hip.

“Of course she did.” Jimin chuckles. “How was your talk with Gray?” He then asks.

“Awesome! I’ve never met someone like him. I don’t know why I was so scared to talk to him, he’s actually so nice and kind!”

“I’m glad to hear that.” Jimin smiles. He really does, but if he didn’t laugh so much he would’ve liked it as much or even a little more.

“We’re gonna play some games in a while.” Jeongguk tells him.

“Tonight?” Jimin asks.

“Yeah! We also scheduled a day to play together to one of the new games you gifted me.” He says, very excitedly.

“That’s so cool.” Jimin smiles.

“Anyway— I’ll go back with him. Tell me when the dinner is starting to be served and I’ll come back to you!” He says, and leaves him back alone at the bar before Jimin can say anything else.

“Another drink?” He hears the bartender offer.

“If I drink more I’ll end up doing something stupid.” He refuses.

One more hour goes by and the tables are starting to get served. Jimin texts Jeongguk to come back since he’s nowhere to be seen around the garden, and one of the waiters guides him to the table assigned for him and Jeongguk. But he sees three chairs around it.

“Oh, I think this chair isn’t on its place—”

“Jimin!” Jeongguk’s voice calls him and—

“Of course.” Jimin mumbles. Lee Seonghwa is heading to their table as well.

“Hey, I’m Seonghwa.” The man extends his hand and Jimin shakes it politely.

Seonghwa even sits in the middle of the two so Jimin is nowhere close to Jeongguk. Why does it bother him so much, though? They keep talking about games, and computers and whatnot when the waiter is serving them. Jimin lost his appetite a few hours ago, so now he’s playing with his food.

“Don’t you like it?” Jeongguk asks, leaning slightly forward.

“I’m just not hungry.” Jimin replies, clearly sulking.

“But you have to eat something, okay?” He talks tenderly towards him, so that makes him slightly happier. Jimin nods and ends up finishing his plate, slowly.

“Wait— you two are together, right?” Seonghwa suddenly asks.”

“Yes.” Jimin replies immediately.

“Aw, that’s so cute!” He coos. “You guys make a good couple.”

“Thank you, we love each other very much.” Jimin says with a sassy tone. Jeongguk frowns and tilts his head at Jimin’s sudden aggressiveness.

“Excuse me for a second, I’ll go get another bottle of wine.” Seonghwa gets up and runs inside the house.

“Have you seen that? He’s so nice.” Jeongguk starts to gush over him again and Jimin is finally done with it.

“Your crush is showing.” Jimin snaps.

“Hm?” Jeongguk wonders, clueless.

“I get it, you’re probably in love with him. Do you have to be so obvious about it?” Jimin says, resting his cheek on his palm.

“What?” Jeongguk chuckles. “I’m not in love with him, what the hell?” He laughs out loud.

“Well it seems like it.” Jimin snaps, not laughing even in the slightest. Jeongguk keeps laughing and Jimin feels dumb because he’s laughing at him and not with him.

“I only like you, my baby.” Jeongguk says in a joking manner.

Jimin snaps and leaves his cutlery on top of the ceramic plate harshly. “Shut up.” He hisses at the younger, which leaves him speechless. Jimin gets inside the house in search for a bathroom and even crosses paths with Seonghwa, but he doesn’t say anything to him and the latter looks confused. After a while, he comes back to the table and they’re still talking as if nothing has happened, which makes Jimin feel even worse.

“Jimin, then we’ll all go to my basement and play some music. Jeongguk told me you like to dance.” Seonghwa turns to him. “It’s not an actual club, but I think it’s close enough with how I’ve decorated it.” He smiles.

“Cool, thank you.” Jimin never leaves his good manners with other people. Why is it that with Jeongguk he lost his nerves for a second?

The rest of the dinner goes like that, Seonghwa and Jeongguk talking and Jimin staring at his plate and eating silently whenever the waiter brings a new dish to try. And then it’s finally time for the party at his basement. It is actually really cool. There’s huge speakers, neon lights and another bar with drinks next to an enormous couch. Jimin, however, doesn’t feel like dancing at all, especially alone. Jeongguk has tried to establish some kind of conversation with him, but they all went really bad or didn’t even start thanks to Jimin’s pettiness. If he has to ignore him all night until now, he can do that too.

“Wanna dance?” Jeongguk walks up to him from behind and wraps his arms around Jimin’s waist.

“I’m not in the mood, sorry.” Jimin replies.

Jeongguk’s hands disappear from his waist at that moment. “Oh, okay.”

“I’ll go upstairs to take some fresh air.” Jimin adds, not even looking back at him.

“Okay, I’ll come—”

“No, stay here with Seonghwa.” Jimin says, and disappears from the basement. He goes upstairs but he decides to take a walk around the house, since the garden is too familiar to him by now. He gets to a room full of books that doesn’t have any light switch on. It’s only illuminated by the light coming from the tall window on one of the walls. It’s quiet in there and he can see the sky perfectly from the window. It’s the perfect spot.


“I don’t know what’s going on with Jimin.” Jeongguk says when he’s sitting on the couch with Seonghwa. “I thought he would like this party. You know— it’s all fancy and shit.” Jeongguk shrugs. “I even let him choose this suit for me.”

Seonghwa laughs out loud, so much that he almost spills his drink. “Dude, you really didn’t notice?”

“Notice what?” Jeongguk blinks in confusion.

“I mean, I don’t know one hundred percent but, he seemed very jealous to me.”

“Jealous of what?!” Jeongguk sits straight.

“You’ve been all night talking to me and you’ve barely paid him any attention.”

Jeongguk gasps. “Have I really?”

Seonghwa nods.

“Oh no. I kept glancing at him and he looked fine so that’s why I didn’t walk up to him!” Jeongguk replies. He had kept an eye on Jimin at all times and he didn’t look like he needed him by his side.

“Well, maybe he didn’t ‘need’ you, but you’re his date after all. You brought him here. You’re his boyfriend, and you were paying more attention to a gamer than your own boyfriend.” Seonghwa says.

But he’s not my real boyfriend. He thinks.

“So he was jealous…” Jeongguk mumbles to himself.

“Do you usually pay a lot of attention to him?” Seonghwa asks.

Jeongguk snorts. “When am I not paying attention to him is the real question.”

“Then go upstairs and solve things with him. You’re cute but I’m also ten years older than you and I am very much straight, so he has nothing to worry about.” He jokes.

Jeongguk nods and makes it his mission to find Jimin inside this incredibly big house. He looks around the garden, the bathrooms, the bedrooms, yet he’s nowhere to be found. He feels his heart beat hard in his chest when he walks around the house with what he just found out. Jimin was jealous. Jealous. This word shouldn’t sound so good in his head but it does when he has never imagined something like this would happen. He opens one door and sees a lot of shelves up until the ceiling full of books and a large window illuminating the place. And there he is,  standing there and looking out the window. At the sound of his footsteps, Jimin turns around slightly and freezes when he sees it’s Jeongguk.

Replay - Jay Park

“Hey.” Jeongguk starts. Jimin turns his head back to the window.

“What are you doing here?” Jimin asks.

“I was looking for you.” He replies, approaching him slowly. Jimin can feel he’s getting closer to him.

“Why? Did you run out of things to laugh about with Seonghwa?” Jimin snorts sarcastically.

“What is it with Seonghwa? You were the one who said to go talk to him.” Jeongguk wonders.

Jimin finally turns around, they’re both facing each other next to the window. “I said to talk to him, not to completely dump me and ignore me the whole night.” He replies, calmly, but still a little harshly.

“Are you jealous?” Jeongguk smirks, tilting his head to the side and taking a step closer to Jimin.

Jimin scoffs. “You fucking wish.”

“Is that so?” Jeongguk quirks one eyebrow up. “So if I go back with him you won’t be upset?”

“Don’t.” Jimin replies right away with a whisper, grabbing Jeongguk’s wrist even though he wasn’t going to go anywhere.

Jeongguk’s fingers itch with that, but he is suddenly frozen in place. He can only look at their hands and then back at Jimin. He feels like his stomach is about to eat him alive with how much it’s hurting right now. All the hairs in his body are prickling and it doesn’t make it easier the fact that Jimin also looks up and locks his eyes with his. The world is quiet around them, Jeongguk can only hear the nervous breaths from Jimin and the few crickets coming from outside at the garden.

“Sorry.” Jimin says, letting go of Jeongguk’s wrist after a while, but still looking at his eyes. “I don’t know what I’m doing—”

Jeongguk interrupts him. “Me neither.” Jeongguk wraps his arms around Jimin’s waist and attaches his lips to his in a long but soft peck. None of them move, they’re just standing there and trying to process what’s going on. Jeongguk pulls away and starts to panic. “Shit. I’m sorry. I really don’t—”

But Jimin doesn’t let him finish because he’s grabbing him by the neck and pulling him down until they’re kissing again, this time starting a proper kiss. Jimin kisses him slowly but needy, tugging at the hair on the back of Jeongguk’s neck. Jeongguk brings him even closer until their chests are touching and deepens the kiss by opening his mouth and sliding his tongue with Jimin’s. Jimin hums in satisfaction when he does that, and right now he thinks about nothing else. Just Jeongguk and how well he kisses. Just Jeongguk and how well he touches him. Jimin gets on his tippy toes and wraps his arms around Jeongguk’s shoulders and neck to have him even closer, and Jeongguk slides his hands down so they’re resting on his ass. Jimin takes a second to catch his breath and Jeongguk takes that as an opportunity to bring his kisses down his jaw and to his neck, leaving a wet trail of open-mouthed kisses that make the older bite his lip or else he’s going to start moaning right then and there. He lowers down until the collar of Jimin’s shirt gets in the way and then goes back up until he’s kissing his lips again. Jimin turns into putty in his hands when Jeongguk slides one leg between Jimin’s and guides his hips so he can rub against him, all while still kissing him. At this point, the kisses are hungry and rushed and everything but cute. Jimin clutches at Jeongguk’s back and moans into his mouth when he feels the younger angle his thigh a little more and the rubs become more intense.

“Jeongguk.” Jimin breathes out.

“Yeah?” He says, as out of breath as Jimin. However, Jimin doesn’t reply and just goes back to kissing him again. It’s like his kisses are addicting, he can’t ever get enough of them. Jimin moans again since he hasn’t stopped moving his hips. “Does that feel good?” He asks, voice husky like when he woke up next to him.

“Mhm, a lot.” Jimin says, whining, against Jeongguk’s mouth.

Jeongguk can’t believe he would ever be hearing Jimin moaning like that against his mouth or close to his ear. He thought that only would be happening in his dreams, and yet here he is. “Take me home.” Jimin slurs, the movement of his hips starting to become a little erratic.

“A-are you sure?” He asks even though his fingers are already itching with excitement.

“Yes, please.” Jimin replies, needy. He attaches their lips together once again and Jeongguk hums.

“Okay. Your house or my house?” Jeongguk asks again.

“I don’t fucking care, I just want to leave this place.” Jimin replies, a little more aggressively.

“What a brat.” Jeongguk laughs. He easily lifts Jimin off the ground and the older clings to him on their way out of the house, kissing Jeongguk’s neck instead of his lips so he knows where he’s going. When they’re on the door to the garden, Jimin gets back on his feet and sighs because his hormones are taking the worst of him. He sees Jeongguk’s lips covered in lipgloss and he chuckles because that’s his, but the younger doesn’t seem mind. They make their way out of Seonghwa’s house without even saying goodbye but none of them give a single fuck about that right now. Jeongguk’s driver is waiting for them at the entrance and they both hop inside the backseat of the vehicle. “To my house.” Jeongguk tells him.

Since it’s a normal car and not one that has windows like the ones chauffeurs drive, they can’t do anything other than some touches here and there on their thighs and their hands. The drive back to Jeongguk’s car feels eternal but they make it eventually. The minute they hop out of the car they’re both searching for one another. They’re still out in the street, still in front of Jeongguk’s apartment building, but they don’t care. Jeongguk tugs him as close as he can and they kiss and kiss until they reach the door to the building. It’s silly and messy but Jeongguk feels the happiest right at that moment. They get inside the elevator and Jeongguk puts the key on before pining Jimin against the wall of the elevator and starts unbuttoning his blazer and his shirt, finally having more access down his neck and kissing more harshly then.

“Ah, Jeongguk. You’ll leave a mark.” Jimin whines with his fingers deep in Jeongguk’s hair when he sucks particularly hard.

“Can I?” Jeongguk asks, stopping for a second and looking at Jimin in the eyes.

“Yeah, yeah.” Jimin replies immediately, with half-lidded eyes. How could he say no to him?

The elevator finally stops at his apartment and he makes Jimin jump on his arms again, wrapping his legs around his torso so he can carry him around. Jeongguk easily goes up the stairs and to his bedroom, where he throws Jimin on top of the mattress gently. The black sheets are a contrast to his milky skin and pink cheeks. Jimin’s limbs are shaking with excitement as Jeongguk opens his bedside table and takes a bottle of lube and a pair of condoms out of the first drawer. He leaves them on the bed next to Jimin and he climbs on the mattress so he hovers over him. Jimin doesn’t take another second more to kiss him again and starts unbuttoning his burgundy blazer with nothing underneath. He takes it off of him harshly so he can run his hands up and down his chest freely. Jeongguk seems to like that because he can feel goosebumps under his fingertips. Jeongguk does the same with Jimin and the older lays down with his blazer and shirt completely open and halfway off one shoulder. Jeongguk kisses down his jaw, then his neck and then finally reaches his collarbones. Jimin looks down at him as Jeongguk trails kisses down his torso and even takes his time with one of his nipples, making the older squirm and bend his back. When he finally reaches the hem of his slacks, Jeongguk looks up at him and Jimin nods his head, a signal to pull his pants and boxers down at the same time.

“Wait, let me blow you first, please.” Jimin asks, and Jeongguk can’t say no to an offer like that. Jeongguk sits on the bed and rests his back on the bed frame, with his slacks still on yet feeling so tight. Jimin licks his lips and takes Jeongguk’s pants on, leaving his underwear on. He kisses him again as he sits down on his lap, completely naked. The brush of their naked skin makes both of them shiver. Jimin’s hand slowly lowers towards Jeongguk’s boxers and he starts to palm him painfully slowly through the fabric. Jeongguk is already breathing heavily with the first three strokes. Jimin then nips at the skin on his neck and after a while he finally slides his hands inside the boxers and wraps his tiny hand around Jeongguk's dick, which is fully hard by now. Jeongguk lets out a quiet moan at the contact and Jimin thinks it’s the cutest thing he’s ever heard. He starts with slow strokes, then focuses only on the head, and he finally jerks him off with a faster pace that has his legs twitching from time to time. Jimin sees as his dick grows bigger and thicker and his mouth almost starts watering at that. He then stops kissing him and lowers down, making Jeongguk’s heart skip a beat. Jimin licks two times at the length and then wraps the tip of Jeongguk’s dick with his plump lips and sucks. With every bob of his head, Jimin lowers down until he has half of it inside of his mouth, making squelching sounds fill the room and making Jeongguk’s cheeks go all red. With his other hand, he touches the part he can’t reach with his mouth and Jeongguk feels like he’s in heaven right now. He rolls his head backwards and rests it on the mattress, the sight making him feel dizzy. Jimin even moans a few times and the vibrations make Jeongguk moan even more.

“Jimin.” Jeongguk moans particularly loud. It’s deep and breathy. “I’m gonna come if you don’t stop.” He says, placing his hand on Jimin’s hair.

“Good.” Jimin says, and then begins to lower down again.

“No— I want to come inside of you.” Jeongguk says, and Jimin feels like that is a good idea.

“Okay.” He says, suddenly shy as if he hadn’t just put his dick in his mouth. Jeongguk manhandles him well and easy, so in no time he’s laying down on his back and opening his legs for Jeongguk. He gets the lube and slicks two of his fingers with a fair amount of it, making it wet. “Hurry up.” Jimin whines, looking at him with puppy eyes. That expression should be illegal, Jeongguk thinks. Jeongguk teases Jimin’s rim with one of his fingers as he sucks hickies on the inside of his thighs and pulls soft moans from Jimin. He finally starts putting one of his fingers inside Jimin’s hole and Jimin his frowning.

“Does it hurt?” Jeongguk asks right away.

“N-no.” He stutters. “It’s just— your fingers are long.” That makes Jeongguk chuckle and keep deepening it until his knuckle.

“Is that a good thing?” Jeongguk asks. By the look on Jimin’s face, it really is.

“So good.” Jimin nods, biting his bottom lip. He starts to move his finger around so he can stretch him and make him feel good at the same time. He starts off slow, but not too long after Jimin is already demanding for a second and a third finger. Jimin spreads his legs even wider and he moans loudly with only Jeongguk’s fingers inside of him, moving with a fast pace because he keeps asking for more and more.

“Jeongguk, please. Just fuck me.” Jimin says, grabbing Jeongguk’s wrist and taking the three fingers out of him right away.

“I will, baby.” Jeongguk whispers, hovering over him and kissing him as good as he can. Jimin hums inside his mouth as he reaches down and starts touching Jeongguk again. Jeongguk sits up and reaches out for the condom, but Jimin stops him before he tears the envelope open.

“Are you clean?” Jimin asks.

“Yeah.” Jeongguk replies. “I haven’t um— had sex in a while. It was before I got tested.”

“Good, because same.” Jimin replies, grabbing the condom and throwing it on the floor. Jeongguk smiles and Jimin wraps his arms around him to make him lay down on top of him and kiss him senseless. They kiss and kiss until they feel like they can’t breathe anymore and  then Jeongguk sits up. Grabbing the lube, he pours some more on his dick and spreads it evenly.

“Okay, hm?” Jeongguk says, looking at Jimin as he starts to tease his hole with the tip. Jimin hums and blushes at the sight until he finally feels it press inside of him. It’s wide and big and has Jimin mewling for more the second he starts pushing in. It burns a little but it’s the good kind of burn, enough pain to make it feel good. Jimin lets out a few moans and hisses whilst Jeongguk pants. “Good?”

“You’re so big, holy fuck.” Jimin ignores his question, completely lost in the feeling. Once Jeongguk is completely inside, he gives Jimin a few instants to adjust to the size, but it’s not too long until he starts begging him to start moving. Jeongguk does just that. He begins by moving back and fort, tugging soft moans from Jimin. He doesn’t go too harsh because he wants to last, since Jimin looking like that and the feeling of fucking into him would be able to make him finish in just two minutes. He lowers down and kisses Jimin, and then starts thrusting slowly into him. He takes out only the tip, and then thrusts back in, a few wet sounds from time to time.

“Faster.” Jimin whines against Jeongguk’s lips.

“Patience, baby.” Jeongguk slurs. Jimin squirms when he thrusts harder this time. He picks up the pace only a little and continues like that until he takes out all his cock to then push it back in. Jimin is begging at this point to go fast.

“Please, Jeongguk.” He whines, almost about to cry.

“What is it that you want?” Jeongguk says, pulling out.

“Fuck me. Fuck me fast and hard.” Jimin begs. “So fast and hard that I forget everything.” He adds.

Jeongguk smirks evilly. “You’re going to feel so good.” He says, and then thrusts in harshly. Then another one. And another one. Until he suddenly stops going slow and picks up such a fast pace Jimin has never experienced before. Jimin’s hands grip Jeongguk’s biceps as he thrusts into him fast, and then even faster, making the older moan so loud in pleasure all the neighbours would be hearing him if they had them.

“Oh my god.” Jimin moans, looking down and seeing how Jeongguk’s dick sinks inside of him, how good it feels inside of him. Jimin wraps his legs around Jeongguk’s torso and he makes a movement that the next thrust feels ten times better than before, and that tugs a loud whine from Jimin.

“There it is.” Jeongguk smirks against the skin of his neck. He rubs the tip on that particular spot and Jimin’s legs shake. “I think this spot makes you go crazy.”

“Yeah, please.” Jimin says. Jeongguk picks up his thrusting and Jimin turns into a hot mess below him. His skin is sweaty and pinky, his cheeks are puffed out and red, his eyes are closed and his mouth is parted. “Ah, right there, please, don’t stop.” Jimin keeps moaning and that’s what sends Jeongguk to the edge. Jimin’s voice turns high and loud when he moans, and he comes right before Jimin does too, as his dick keeps abusing his prostate. He rides out both of their orgasms and slowly starts to slow down his pace until they’re both panting in each other’s mouths.

“I think I’ve never nutted this hard.” Jeongguk laughs, making a sleepy Jimin chuckle as well.

“Me neither.” Jimin replies.

Jeongguk slowly pulls out and Jimin hisses. He leaves the room and comes back with a wet towel to clean himself and Jimin off. Jimin is almost asleep by then and Jeongguk lends him one of his oversized shirts to sleep.


The next day, Jimin wakes up with his head throbbing. It’s also really hot around him and he’s all sweaty and sticky, he opens his eyes and frowns. That’s not his bedroom. He turns around and his eyes widen. That is Jeon Jeongguk. Shirtless.

He lifts up the covers. Oh god, naked.

“Oh shit.” Jimin mumbles. “No way.” He sits up and looks around, spotting all the clothes scattered on the floor and the bottle of lube and condoms on the bedside table. “Fuck.” He swears under his breath, slowly getting out of the bed and gathering his things. “What did I do?” He starts to panic internally. He puts his shoes and his pants on, not really caring about changing his shirt. He goes to the bathroom and gasps when he sees the hickeys on his neck and the remains of his make-up. He calls his driver and tells him to pick him up as lowkey as possible. He slowly goes out of the bathroom, makes sure Jeongguk is still asleep and leaves the apartment as quickly as he can. He uses the blazer to cover himself on the way out and hop inside the car.

“Everything okay, Mr. Park?” He asks him.

Jimin wonders what kind of face must he have if he asks him that question. “Yeah, yeah. Just— please, get me back home.” He replies, acting as cool as possible. But in reality, he is about to lose his shit. What was he even thinking?! Jeongguk and him were just faking their relationship! For Jimin’s career’s sake! He can’t have actual feelings for him?! That’s not what it should go like! Jeongguk even said everything would go to shit if one had feelings for the other, and Jimin pretty much has a lot of feelings for Jeongguk as of right now. Oh god— how didn’t he realise earlier? He had been waiting for him to text him every day and he put much more effort in his make-up so he could get a compliment from Jeongguk! And now this. They fucked. He got disked down by Jeon Jeongguk, probably the only person he shouldn’t have feelings for. And now what?! They’re still pretending for the world to see! How is Jimin supposed to continue doing that now that they had sex? Jeongguk totally thought of that as a one-time thing, that’s for sure. Why would he offer a fake relationship, if not? He doesn’t want a relationship with Jimin at all. What even was he thinking?

“Mr. Park!” The driver calls him for the fourth time and Jimin finally snaps.

“Yeah?” He asks.

“We’re here.” He says, and Jimin finally understands. He’s at home.

“Oh. Okay, thank you.” Jimin replies. He gets out of the car and rushes inside as quickly as possible. Once he’s taken a shower and overthought everything at least ten times, he decides what is best to do.



I can’t continue with this

i’m sorry

Thank you


Chapter Text

“You did what?!” Taehyung screams, sitting up from the couch and looking at Jimin with wide eyes. Jimin is standing in the middle of the living room, feeling small under his two best friends’ stares.

“I’m sorry!” Jimin whines.

“I want to punch him in the face. Tell me I can punch him in the face.” Taehyung breathes out, trying to keep his composure as he turns to look at Hoseok with a baffled expression.

“You’re unbelievable.” Hoseok shakes his head.

Jimin wants to say something but Taehyung interrupts him, still not wanting to believe what’s happening. “So you fuck with him and then you dump him by text?!” “We weren’t even together!” Jimin replies with the same whiny tone as before.

“You fled his apartment after fucking with him!” Taehyung tries to reason with him. “It barely started.”

“Jimin, this is a mess.” Hoseok says, calmly in comparison to Taehyung’s sudden outbursts.

“It’s how it should be! I have feelings for him.” Jimin argues.

“So you just make yourself sad by… not acting on them? After you had his dick in you?!” Taehyung continues.“This doesn’t make any sense.” Hoseok shakes his head, sitting down on the couch and bringing Taehyung down with him to try and calm him down.

“I shouldn’t have feelings for him! That’s the thing!” Jimin tries to reason with his friends, although he knows he isn’t making any sense right now because not even his thoughts make any fucking sense. His head is a mess and everything is so fucked up.

“Why the fuck not?” Taehyung exclaims.

“Because if someone develops feelings while we’re fake dating it will make it go to shit.” Jimin explains, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Well, you can just actually date!” Hoseok shrugs. “I don’t see a problem with that.”

“No!” Jimin refuses.

“Why not?”

“Because he doesn’t have feelings for me! That most likely was a one night stand for him.”

“You don’t know that.” Taehyung butts in but Jimin ignores his comments.

“—And if I have feelings for him, that means fucking everything up. I can’t have him acting like he’s in love for the cameras when he’s actually not yet I have actual feelings for him.” Jimin sighs, sitting down between the two friends and closing his eyes.

“Hasn’t it crossed your mind that maybe he’s in the same situation as you?” Hoseok asks.

“Why would he be? He was the one approaching me with this fake dating deal. If he had wanted an actual relationship he would’ve just asked.” Jimin shrugs.

“You know what? I give up.” Taehyung says, raising his hands up and standing up from the couch once again. He proceeds to pace around the living room for a good ten minutes without saying a single word more. 

“Please, talk to him.” Hoseok tells Jimin with a calm voice.

“He must be devastated.” Taehyung sighs, loud enough for the two of them to hear.

“He left me on seen.” Jimin announces, looking at his feet with a blank expression.

“God Jimin, I wish I could snap some sense into you.” Taehyung says through gritted teeth after having this new information.“Well, what’s done is done. I can’t turn back time now.” Jimin gets up, trying to sound more positive. “I’ll tell my manager to release the statement today and that’s it, the whole fake dating thing can be over from this point onwards.” He sighs and smiles. “Besides, I’m travelling to New York in less than two weeks, I have to have a clear mind.” He adds, resting his hands on his hips. He walks to his bedroom to grab his phone and text his manager, leaving his two best friends alone in the living room.

“How is he not heartbroken by what he just did?” Hoseok wonders with a soft tone so only Taehyung can hear it.“Just give it three days.” Taehyung nods, crossing his arms and looking at Jimin’s bedroom door.



The sound of his alarm wakes him up. He forgot to turn it off before heading to the party, since he had been so nervous that his mind couldn’t stop thinking about Jimin and possibly meeting Lee Seonghwa. He reaches his hand out with his eyes still closed to the bedside table and feels the surface until he finds his phone, knocking something to the floor. Jeongguk opens his eyes at the noise and sees one condom on the floor next to his bottle of lube and he finally comes to his senses. He sits up with a grunt since his limbs are sore and he looks to his side with a smile, but said smile fades away when he sees there’s no one by his side. He doesn’t think much of it though, because Jimin could be in the bathroom or downstairs, ready to greet him with a kiss and a hug, but his dreams crash when he sees that not even his clothes are there. Not even his shoes. Not even his wallet or his phone. Jeongguk slowly gets out of bed, putting on a pair of sweatpants and feeling his body covered in dried sweat. He inspects every room and he finds nothing and no one in there with him. He’s woken up alone. His heart shrinks a little bit with the thought of Jimin sneaking out purposely before he woke up, but there’s still a little bit of hope inside of him that tells him that maybe he just had stuff to do or videos to film and edit, so he goes to check his messages. However, what he reads is definitely not what he had been expecting.


Jimin ❤️

I can’t continue with this

i’m sorry

Thank you


Jeongguk’s heart sinks and his body goes frozen. Any single thought inside of his brain vanishes and he feels his world crashing down around him, even if this is probably something insignificant for the world. He feels like his life is falling apart only by this text. He then wonders what happened. What had he done that lead Jimin to say that? He thought they were okay, more than okay, in fact. The night before was one of the best nights— screw that— the best night of his life because he finally got to keep Jimin close, to feel him, to kiss him like he had wanted to for what he felt like an eternity. And now he’s gone. He vanished as quickly as he  stayed between his arms. And Jeongguk felt horrible. That isn’t how this was supposed to go. They were supposed to wake up next to one another the next day, cuddle some more until they were drowning in sweat again, kiss until they were out of breath, maybe have a shower together, fool around all day and then stop the fake relationship to begin a true one. This was he had been thinking as he hovered over Jimin and unbuttoned his shirt, as he kissed his neck and left marks that he hoped would last an eternity, because that’s what his feelings for Jimin were like.

But instead here he was, with his heart aching after coming down from his high.

Maybe that’s how it was supposed to be after all. A fake relationship that ends in a one night stand. That’s probably what Jimin thought of it and that’s why he sent that text after all.

Suddenly there is a knock on the door that snaps him back to reality and he rushes to the door to open it in hopes of being Jimin and all of this being a big misunderstanding. When he opens it, he is met with Seokjin, whose face twitches in a second when he sees Jeongguk’s face.

“Hey, what’s up?” Jin asks, stepping inside the apartment with a frown. He takes a better look at Jeongguk and sees the red and purple marks on his neck and chest, his messy hair and his shiny skin.

“Hyung.” Jeongguk says with a soft voice, almost impossible to hear.

Seokjin immediately notices that something isn’t right. “What happened?”   

“I don’t know I— Jimin and I…” He trails, not wanting to go into too much details. “But he wasn’t here when I woke up and— and…” Jeongguk stutters, raising his phone to Seokjin’s eyes and letting him read the texts. Seokjin’s frown deepens and is as confused as Jeongguk.

“Okay, uh…” Jin says, grabbing Jeongguk by the shoulders and walking him to the couch.

“He doesn’t want me, Hyung.” He says, with his voice turning slightly shaky.

“Jeongguk, I doubt that’s true…” Seokjin trails with a weak voice. He can’t stand seeing Jeongguk sad because his protective instincts come out and his heart aches for the younger. “I’ve seen the way he looks at you.”

Jeongguk’s first tears start running down his cheeks, creating a wet trail that extends to his neck, wetting the red spots Jimin had left on him a few hours prior. “Well he clearly that isn’t enough.” He says, shrugging.

Seokjin doesn’t know what to say or do. Why would Jimin do something like that? He was convinced Jimin had feelings for Jeongguk. “What if you um… talk to him? So he can give you an explanation?”

“No.” Jeongguk refuses. “No, it will hurt more if I do.” He shakes his head.


“Hyung.” Jeongguk’s tears don’t stop falling now. “I finally had him in my arms and he left just like that.” He whispers between choked sobs.

“Oh, no, Jeonggukkie.” Seokjin engulfs him into a big hug and lets him cry until he’s satisfied.


The next day, there was the truth about Jimin’s scandal all over the news. Jeongguk saw it whilst having a bowl of cereal with chocolate milk for breakfast before his friends came over to play games. He had been doing everything he could to forget the night he spent with him, to the point that he started sleeping on the couch instead of his own bedroom. He scrubbed his skin extra hard and put all kinds of creams and shit on his skin to get rid of the hickeys, but nothing seemed to work. Not when the sound of Jimin’s voice along with his face was engraved in his mind and he kept wishing to relive it all again even if that would hurt him even more. He even tried to text him back, but that just made him feel even worse. He knew he wanted an explanation, but he was still too vulnerable to hear it. And now, looking at his gigantic TV and seeing his face all over the screen, confirming that he had been the victim all this time, Jeongguk is sure the older doesn’t need him anymore. He wants to be angry at Jimin. Of course he is. He dumped him like a pack of used tissues and disappeared, but there’s a part of him that blames himself, and that part isn’t precisely small. He knows that he should have talked to Jimin first, he should have confessed his feelings before sleeping with him, he should have explained his real intentions and feelings way before all of this happened. He shouldn’t even have approached him like that in the first place. But he did, and part of this big mess is his fault. At the end of the day, Jeongguk had told Jimin they could stop pretending when he found a solution to the scandal, and he already did. There was no point in keeping this whole game up. Besides the fact that Jeongguk thought Jimin felt something similar for him. He felt there was something more than just a stupid deal, that it meant something more for Jimin, just like it did for Jeongguk. But he was wrong. He was so blinded by his own feelings that he didn’t see Jimin was not feeling the same way.

“You need to stop sulking.” Yoongi says from behind him, turning the TV off.

“It’s been two days.” Seokjin smacks Yoongi on the head.

“Enough time to be sulking over someone!” Yoongi continues. “You have to show him that you’re doing great, that you are not affected by what he did to you at all.”

“Yeah, definitely don’t do that.” Namjoon says, grabbing Yoongi by the wrist and pulling him to the side.

“Why not?! Okay, then. Let’s shove one of his make-up brushes up his—”

“Okay, time to choose the game we’re playing today!” Seokjin shouts, clapping his hands before Yoongi can finish his sentence.

“You should talk to him.” Namjoon tells Jeongguk on their way to the gaming room, squishing his shoulder in a comfort manner.


“Okay— three, two, one—”

“Hello, my beauty loves, I am—”

“Jimin, it’s baby loves.” Taehyung interrupts him from behind the camera. “You always get your greeting mixed up whenever you’re not okay.” He points out, to which Jimin snorts.

“What are you talking about? It’s just because I’m sleepy.” He rolls his eyes. “Hurry up and let’s get this video done, I wanna go shopping later.”

He messes up three more times throughout the video. He is practically a professional by now, but today it seems like it isn’t his day.

“Are you nervous or something?” Taehyung decides to take a different approach once the video is finally done.

“A little. The media keeps talking about my scandal. Some people think it’s fake and they are sticking with the ‘Park Jimin is an evil liar’ narrative, but I guess I can’t blame them. At least this all will be over very soon.” He messages his temples as he talks.

“Anything else bothering you?” His best friend says.

“Nope. All good.” Jimin replies, shaking his head. He shoots a smile towards Taehyung, getting up from his chair and walking to his room to grab a thin scarf, his coat and a pair of pink glasses. “Stay here if you want. I’m gonna go shopping for a while.” Jimin tells Taehyung when he’s at the door.

“You’re going all alone?” Taehyung asks, confused.

“Yeah. I have to think of outfits for my trip to New York and I need to be concentrated. See you in a while!” He says, cheerfully. He walks out of his apartment and his driver drops him at the same shopping centre he went with Jeongguk a week ago. He walks inside the Gucci store first, but for some reason nothing seems to catch his eye. Then he moves to the Yves Saint Laurent one, and same thing happens. Truth to be told is that he hasn’t been feeling very well lately. He woke up that morning with a headache and a bad feeling on his stomach that kept hurting more and more as images of Jeongguk and him kept appearing in his brain. He didn’t tell anyone, of course, because he was doing fine. He was handling it better that what he had expected, and he didn’t want anyone to interfere with it. He was dealing with it. Jimin knew distancing himself from Jeongguk was the right thing to do since he found out he had feelings for him and Jeongguk didn’t. It was all good. He just needed a few more days to get everything back on track, and hopefully go to New York with his inspiration and his fashion sense back with him. It was all okay.

“Excuse me Sir?” One young voice calls his attention and he turns to its owner with a smile. “Are you okay?” She asks, looking inside of Jimin’s eyes. He tilts his head and reaches up to his cheeks, feeling a wet trail, and that’s when he realises he had been crying and he hadn’t even noticed.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I—” Jimin stutters.

“I’ll bring you a tissue, wait here.” She says, taking something from Jimin’s hands with her. When Jimin looks down at the clothes she took, he sees the same burgundy suit Jeongguk wore to the party between her hands.

Okay, maybe not everything was okay.


“Jeongguk, what’s going on with you today?” Yoongi teases him. “I’ve won you two times!”

“It’s my turn against him now!” Namjoon says, taking the controller from Yoongi’s hands and plopping on the chair next to Jeongguk’s.

The viewers of today’s stream are all commenting and cheering for Jeongguk and Namjoon when they play another round. Yoongi and Seokjin stay reading the questions and answering some of them. There are a few that involve Jimin and they purposely avoid all of those. Some of them even noticed the fading marks on Jeongguk’s neck but he decided to ignore all the comments today, so he didn’t realise that they were very visible to everyone.

“No way! I won!” Namjoon cheers, getting up from the chair and celebrating his first win against Jeongguk. The younger plays along and dances with him, pretending to be okay, pretending to care about this stupid game. When was the last time he called a game ‘stupid’?

“Okay, yeah, guys. I’m not in the best shape today.” Jeongguk jokes around, looking at the camera. He never thought it would be so hard to smile at it. “I will finish the stream here today! See you tomorrow!” Jeongguk says, shutting the camera off and unplugging the microphone as quickly as possible.

“Everything alright?” Yoongi asks him, to which Jeongguk replies with a faint nod and then asks them if they can leave so he can clean the whole apartment. His friends comply after insisting that they can help him but Jeongguk keeps telling them he wants to do it alone.  Once they’re gone, the only thing he does is lay in his bed and tries to find the scent of Jimin that might still linger around.


Jimin sees his living room decorated with lights when he steps inside his apartment and he gasps. “What is this?” He asks with a big smile from ear to ear. He sees Taehyung approach him and engulf him with his arms.

“You’re going to New York in less than a week! We had to throw you a party!” He says. “It’s only the three of us, but it’s enough, I think.” He shrugs.

“You’re acting as if I’m leaving for two years.” Jimin laughs. “I’ll be there for only two weeks.” He rolls his eyes, struggling to hug Taehyung back since he’s carrying a lot of bags in his hands. He finally found some clothes for New York and he couldn’t waste the opportunity to get them all.

Taehyung rushes back to the kitchen when Hoseok calls his name and meanwhile Jimin takes his time to take off his shoes. “We cooked Samgyeopsal!” Hoseok says, cheerfully from the kitchen, as Jimin walks further into the apartment and sees them putting the food on three dishes. Jimin lets go of his bags automatically, knees going week. It’s been a hard week for him and even a stupid dish reminds him of Jeongguk. Why aren’t things getting better for him? Isn’t that what happens when you choose the right thing to do? He feels like his chest is about to burst when he remembers how happy he was with him playing drinking games, how excited he was when he was cooking knowing he would come over anytime soon. Jeongguk definitely made his days brighter from the very first moment they met and he didn’t realise it until now.

“Hey, are you okay?” Hoseok asks, frowning when he sees the change of expression from Jimin.

“Y-yeah. I’m just— I…” He sniffles, and without wanting to, his tears start to fall down his cheeks, which causes his two friends to run towards him without a second thought.

“Jimin, baby, no…” Taehyung coos at him, patting his head as Hoseok hugs him tightly.

“I’m so dumb, I really am.” Jimin whispers between shaky breaths. “Why did I have to catch feelings for him?” He wonders out loud. Neither Taehyung nor Hoseok say anything and they just let him cry. Once he finally lets it all out, they eat dinner but it doesn’t taste the same as it did when Jeongguk and him ate the same food not too long ago. The days have been feeling like months to Jimin, but in reality it had just been barely a week since they last saw each other.

“You should talk to him.” Hoseok speaks up when Taehyung and him are both walking to the door to leave.

“He will probably leave me on seen again.” Jimin shrugs, looking at the tips of his feet.

“You don’t know that.” Taehyung points out, leaving a kiss on his best friend’s hair and they both leave afterwards.

Jimin finishes cleaning up the few things they left on the table and heads to his room, letting his body fall down on the mattress and facing the ceiling. The pink in his hair is barely there anymore because he hasn’t even had time nor energy to go dye it again, so it is now a washed-out blonde with a slight pink undertone. He thinks it looks good like that so he isn’t planning to change it anytime soon. He brushes his hands through his hair, the rings on his fingers getting tangled with some of his locks as he does so. He sighs and thinks about what Hoseok and Taehyung told him. Talk to Jeongguk. Talk to him… about what? He probably thinks he has used the younger and now he doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore, and that’s why he left him on seen. What would he even say? That he has feelings for him? Only to get rejected afterwards? He actually considers it for a split second, but when he’s typing his name on his list of contacts, he throws his phone to the other side of the bed and sighs again, this time more exasperated. He runs his hands over his face this time, as if that would somehow help him clear his mind. Then, another idea runs through his mind. He’s aware that he probably shouldn’t do it and if he does his heart will probably hurt more, but he can’t help it once he has his phone back in his hand and is creating a brand new account on twitch in search of a certain streamer’s handle. He types in ‘JJK197’ on the search bar and the first account that appears is no other than Jeongguk’s, with a purple verified tick next to an up-close picture of him with wide eyes and puckered lips. Jimin’s heart clenches when he sees the picture and he stares at it for longer than he would like to admit. He clicks on his profile and a box on one corner of the screen indicates that there is a live stream right now. Jimin jumps on the bed and he sits down on top of it with his legs crossed. He takes a few seconds to finally click on the stream since the voice inside his head is telling him not to, but he barely listens to it anyway. His phone screen turns black for a second and right after he has Jeongguk’s face occupying the whole screen. Jimin gasps softly and turns the volume of his phone up to listen to him better.

“Okay, so after this game, which one should I play now?” He says, looking straight into the camera. Jimin ignores the faint blush on his cheeks. Jeongguk looks like he’s reading some comments for some time and then the door to his gaming room opens, revealing someone behind it. The person walks up to the chair next to Jeongguk’s and Jimin’s expression falls right after he can see his face properly.

“I’m back.” Gray says, smiling with his perfectly white teeth.

“Now that Hyung is back, let’s answer some questions before playing something else.” Jeongguk says, leaning back on the chair and waiting for the questions to start flooding the chat.

“JKlover asks how did we meet.” Gray reads the first question.“Well, I knew about Jeongguk for the first time when he did his third stream I think. Everyone talked about him, they said he was no joke. We had never met until I invited him to a party not long ago.”

“Exactly.” Jeongguk nods. “I was actually afraid of approaching him. Hyung had always been one of my favourite streamers.” Jeongguk confesses.

“19bre asks if we will make another collab soon.”

“If you show me that you liked it, of course!” Jeongguk smiles. Hundreds of hearts appear on the right side of the screen and make both men chuckle.

“He doesn’t seem sad at all.” Jimin says to himself out loud. Gray then reads some more questions but Jimin doesn’t pay attention because he’s focused on typing a comment himself.  Once he has it all written out, he hesitates to send it, but after two whole minutes of debating with himself, he finally presses send, only to then throw his phone across the mattress again and squeal like a little kid. When his small freak out moment finishes, he grabs the phone again and continues watching. He sees both Jeongguk and Seonghwa leaning forward to the camera, up close.

“Beautylover123 asks if you had a great time at the party you went together.” Gray says, and Jimin’s eyes widen because it just hit him what a fucking dumb username he used.

“Fuck, the username.” Jimin sighs in exasperation.

“Yeah, it was a great party. I enjoyed myself a lot.” Jeongguk replies, looking straight to the camera. Jimin feels like he’s talking to him. Deep down he wishes Jeongguk knows this question was asked by him.

“But you went home earlier and without saying goodbye!” Seonghwa complains, shaking his head.

“That’s because I had to… take care of something.” Jeongguk trails, putting it that way makes Jimin blush. He covers his mouth with his free hand at the comment Seonghwa makes next.

“Jimin might have been happy, then.” He looks at Jeongguk with a side-eye stare and the younger almost chokes with his own saliva.

“Anyway— let’s get started with the second game of the night.” Jeongguk says, pulling the collar of his hoodie down so he doesn’t sweat that much.

The screen splits into two and on the upper left corner there’s Jeongguk’s and Seonghwa’s faces whilst the rest of t he screen shows the game itself, and that’s where they start talking about the strategy they will be using and Jimin gets a little lost. He doesn’t know when nor how, but he ends up falling asleep with the sound of Jeongguk’s voice talking about some new feature in that game and how could his viewers find it.


A few days later, Jimin’s manager appears into his apartment once again, all jumpy and stressed as always. Jimin has wanted to give him a proper break for the longest time, but he refuses because ‘a good manager never rests’, as he likes to tell him. So he comes inside the apartment the minute Jimin opens the door for him and starts talking to him about legal things and court and Jimin just woke up and he still has Jeongguk’s voice in his head that doesn’t let him concentrate.

“Please, just tell me what I have to do. Spare me the details.” Jimin says, rubbing his eyes with the back of his palms.

“Once you come back from New York the trial of the lawsuit against the lab is starting. Don’t worry, we have gathered enough proof to win, and they have nothing but one signature of a contract that is fraudulent.” He says, shoulders rising and back stretching, feeling proud of himself.

“Thank you so much.” Jimin breathes out.

“Okay, next thing is— You’re going to New York in three days.” He continues rambling as Jimin walks to the kitchen to make some coffee. He offers some to his manager but he refuses by saying he’d already took three cups since he woke up. Jimin doesn’t say anything but now that he mentioned it, he can definitely tell. “I got you first class seats as always, your time of departure is at 7am so you have to be at the airport around 5am. I contacted your driver and he’ll be here around 4am to pick you up.” He says, taking a deep breath. “I also booked a hotel right in the middle of Times Square, since you said you know how to move around there.”

“Yeah, I’m more familiar with that part of the city.” Jimin nods, pouring the coffee in one cup.

“Perfect. You’re staying there for 15 days sharp and your flight back here comes back on the 27th at 11pm.”

“Why can’t you come with me? It’s always better than going alone.” Jimin whines, pouring some milk in the coffee.

“I already told you, I have to be here in case something new happens with the lab.” He says, also sounding slightly disappointed. “But you don’t have to worry about anything, I have it all perfectly under control. If something happens, just call me and it’ll be solved in a matter of seconds.” He smiles.

“You’re the best, Haneul.” Jimin smiles really wide.

“I know.” His manager holds that compliment dearly. “Okay, continuing—”

“Go ahead.” Jimin says, bringing the cup to his lips and sipping the warm coffee slowly, sitting down on one of the stools next to the kitchen island.

“The Beauty Con is happening two days after you get there, the schedule is the same as last year. I have booked you an interview the morning before but you can say no if you’re too jet-lagged or you want to take a few days to walk around the city. Then, three days later you have the shooting for a commercial and a meeting with Sephora to bring your products into America. You know, to finally sign the contract and stuff like that.”

“Okay, I’ll make sure this one isn’t a scam.” Jimin nods, which makes Haneul chuckle.

“Lastly, there is a runway show for the new Prada collection so I got you a seat. Figured you’d like it.”

Jimin gasps and nods excitedly. “Oh my god! Thank you!” He even giggles a bit.

“I booked another seat next to you, just in case you want to bring some of your friends there.” Haneul adds.

“They’re not really my friends, just acquaintances.” Jimin rolls his eyes playfully.

“Well, it’s always nice to watch a fashion show to make friends.” He shrugs his shoulders and Jimin tilts his head. “That’s all for now. The rest of days you’re completely free, so shop a lot and visit a lot of cool places.” He says, handing him the flight tickets, the papers and his passport to get into the United States.


Jeongguk has invited his friends over to watch a movie and eat some junk food today. He figured it would be great because they hadn’t done it in a while and he missed all of them. Now that he was starting to feel used not to have Jimin around anymore, he missed those days where he and his friends would just stay up all night playing games and laughing at poorly-done horror movies. They’re all laying on the floor or on the couch, with two slices of pizza each, candy and popcorn on the table waiting for them next. Namjoon and Jeongguk are laughing at an episode of Rick and Morty playing on the gigantic screen, whilst Yoongi takes another slice of pizza and Seokjin is distracted looking at his phone. Suddenly, the older gasps and stops scrolling. His friends turn to look at him with a frown.

“What is it?” Namjoon asks.

“No, no. It’s nothing.” Jin tries to brush it off.

“Well, if it weren’t nothing you wouldn’t have gasped like that.” Yoongi points out.

“I swear! It’s nothing.” He says, looking over to Jeongguk for a split second. The younger locks eyes with him and he has a feeling he knows why he isn’t saying anything.

“Just say it, Hyung. It’s fine.” Jeongguk shrugs.

Seokjin looks at him with concerned eyes and sighs. “Jimin is flying to New York in three days.”

“Oh.” Yoongi and Namjoon say at the same time.

“Cool.” Jeongguk replies, shrugging his shoulders and putting his attention back to the TV.

“But… He isn’t staying there forever, right?” Namjoon says softly, but that doesn’t prevent Jeongguk from whipping his head around again.

“I mean— I don’t think so…” Seokjin says with a rise of his shoulders. “But here it doesn’t say anything of when he’s coming back…” He trails, scrolling up and down the article he just showed his friends and finding nothing.

“Anyway, who wants more soda?” Yoongi says, getting up from the couch and grabbing the bottle of coke from the table, dismissing the conversation and changing the topic quickly. That night, Jeongguk can’t sleep.


Gravity - Chase Atlantic


Jimin spends the rest of the days before his trip filming videos, editing them, and scheduling them for the two weeks he’ll be gone. He also plans on filming a vlog of his stay there, so he also has to pack all his equipment before he leaves. He’s a little stressed because he takes so long to edit his videos and he has to leave in just a few days, so he barely does anything else besides filming and editing. Well, at night, he sometimes watches Jeongguk’s lives if he’s still streaming by the time Jimin decides it’s time to rest for the day. He comments a few more times but Jeongguk doesn’t get to read them, so he stops doing it. On the day before leaving to the airport, Jimin still has to prepare his luggage and pack his camera equipment when the clock strikes 8pm. He’s tired and just wants to go to bed because in just a few hours he’ll have to wake up at the crack of dawn just to catch a flight of 14 hours. Nice. He paces back and forth across his apartment, gathering clothes, chargers, hygienic items and accessories and quickly fits them in his luggage bag, making some space for his camera, laptop, microphone and tripod. Once he checks he hasn’t left anything behind three times, he finally closes the suitcase and sighs, finally being able to stop stressing about everything. It’s now 10:30pm and his stomach growls, so he goes to the kitchen and sees that he has barely anything left in the freezer. He checks some other cabinets and doesn’t even find a pack of ramen, so he heads down to the nearest convenience store he can find. He walks dragging the soles of his shoes against the pavement, humming one song he had been listening to whilst packing his bags. The sun is long gone but the few cherry blossom petals that already flourished don’t stop falling down. Jimin looks up and sees he’s walking on a street full of cherry blossoms on each side, the branches hiding the sky over him. He thinks of New York and its skyscrapers that make the sun hide behind them and smiles. He lowers his eyesight back down to look at the front and the silhouette a couple of meters before him makes him stop in his tracks.

Jeongguk is standing right in front of him, frozen and with his mouth parted, just like Jimin is staring at him. He has his hands inside the pockets of his green sweatshirt and Jimin has his inside the ones on his long, cream coat. Jimin gulps and looks down at his feet, embarrassed. An awkward silence washes over them and Jimin is waiting for some kind of excuse to get out of this uncomfortable situation. But nothing happens, and Jeongguk just silently stares at him, with pink petals falling on his hair and shoulders. The lights of the street illuminate the tip of his nose and his cheeks, and Jimin has to look away to keep his composure. So he just picks up his pace and walks towards him, with his head down, nose buried into the thin scarf around his neck.

He’s about to walk past him when he hears Jeongguk chuckle bitterly. “You’re really not going to say anything?” Jeongguk says, with a soft yet lightly aggressive voice.

Jimin stops walking and turns around slowly.

“Not even a simple ‘hello’?” Jeongguk adds, looking from the floor right at Jimin’s eyes. They look dark and they don’t have the little spark inside of them anymore.

“What am I supposed to say?” Jimin asks, rising his shoulders only to let them fall again. He just wishes he doesn’t start crying right now. He hates being vulnerable around other people, but lately he hasn’t been anything but that.

“I don’t know.” The younger shrugs, with his eyes half-lidded.

“I don’t want to ruin things between us.” Jimin mumbles.

“Yeah, well I think it’s a little late for that.” Jeongguk says, clicking his tongue.

“I should just go.” Jimin shakes his head, lowering it back again. His tears threaten to fall again. “Goodbye.” He says, starting to walk on the opposite direction as Jeongguk.

“You know what?” Jeongguk says, turning back around to say one last thing. Jimin stops but he doesn’t turn around. His knees feel wobbly and he’s afraid he’ll run out of strength. “All of this was a huge mistake. I shouldn’t have offered you that deal.” He starts. Jimin closes his eyes and feels as his heart begins to shatter inside of him. “Not if I knew it would end up like this.” He says the last part while hesitating a little.

“I’m sorry. I just can’t.” Jimin says, leaving Jeongguk behind without saying one last thing on his mind. ‘I’ve fallen for something that isn’t real. I’ve fallen for you.’

Jeongguk watches as Jimin walks away and doesn’t look back, just like the first time he left his apartment and didn’t look back at him for even a second.

“Why is it so hard to make you fall in love with me?” Jeongguk whispers when Jimin turns left and disappears behind a building.


Electric love - BØRNS


The room is pitch black, with not even a drop of light coming from anywhere. The loud alarm goes off and Jimin stands up immediately afterwards. He turns the alarm off and the ramen he ate not a long time ago repeats on him. How gross. He goes to the kitchen and eats an energy bar, then goes to brush his teeth and put comfortable clothes for the flight that’s ahead of him. He doesn’t even put make-up on, just covers his face with a black mask and a black beret. His mind is still reliving the moment where him and Jeongguk crossed paths and every time his words ring in his ears he has to hold back his tears. But thankfully, Haneul had made sure that his schedule was packed so he won’t have much time to think of him when he lands in New York. Unfortunately, 14 hours being stuck in a plane by himself will be enough for his brain to go crazy, so he makes a promise to himself that he will sleep the entirety of the flight. His driver picks him up exactly at 4am, helps him get his bags on the car and drives him to Incheon Airport. There, Jimin checks his bags and waits around by entering the shops and he ends up buying a book that sounds interesting enough just in case he can’t fall asleep. He waits and waits until the gates for his flight open and before he knows it, the plane is taking off and flying in the sky. Jimin sighs and reclines his seat slightly, taking the book out of his handbag and taking another look at it.

“Why the hell did I buy a romance book?” He mumbles to himself, leaving it on his lap with a small fit of rage. He sighs, leaning his head on the pillow behind him. Then, his head rolls to the side and sees the pretty clouds with the sun behind it, still tinting the sky with orange and yellow colours since it’s not fully out yet.


Jeongguk changes positions on the bed. He goes from resting on his right side, staring at the sun rising through the window to laying on his back, staring at the empty white ceiling. He hadn’t even had a single drop of sleep throughout the entire night and his heart shrinks whenever he remembers what he had said to Jimin. He feels like he was too cruel when in reality he wanted to jump in his arms. But what was he supposed to do? Jimin definitely wasn’t happy to see him in the slightest. He really wants to tell him all that’s on his mind though. At least make him understand what’s going on inside his head. He thought there was something special, some kind of connection and he is sure Jimin felt it too. He had never felt something so strong with someone else than what he did with Jimin on that night. Nothing could compare to it, nothing would ever come close to the feeling he had when he was holding Jimin’s body against his, inhaling his scent and brushing his lips against his from time to time. There was no way he could let that go. He didn’t want to. Seokjin had always told him to fight for what he wanted to, and he wanted Jimin. He wanted Jimin for as long as he could remember and now he didn’t want to let go of him yet, at least not without an explanation. It was dumb and probably really fucking stupid, but he couldn’t wait around anymore. Not after two weeks after feeling completely empty because that’s just life came to be without Jimin by his side. He probably hadn’t even noticed, but Jeongguk was way happier with him by his side, and he wasn’t afraid of saying it out loud. Sure, his heart still ached when he thought of him, but he thought that maybe with an explanation on why he suddenly vanished he could understand him better.


After 14 hours of being sat inside a plane, Jimin finally lands in New York. He remembers it all covered in snow from when he came the year before in January. It was so cold compared to this time of the year, when all the trees and flowers were beautifully blossomed and the sun was warm enough to wear a thin coat. He stretches his limbs before getting up from the seat and puts his black mask back on, as well as the beret. He makes his way out of the plane and says goodbye to the flight attendants politely. He then lazily makes his way to grab his luggage and then to the customs part of the airport to check his visa and passport. The line is rather long so he turns his phone data on and checks his messages from his friends, some from his managers, and a few other beauty gurus that will be attending this year’s Beauty Con. He replies to them all and it’s finally his turn to go. Then, he finally makes his way out of the airport and calls a taxi to get to his hotel. It takes almost an hour because of the endless traffic of the city, and when he finally enters his room, he doesn’t hesitate to throw himself on the bed to rest for a while. He’s caught so many flights already that he isn’t that jet-lagged anymore.

The next day he has breakfast at his favourite pancake store in Times Square and then spends the rest of the day wandering around the streets, buying new clothes and some presents for Hoseok and Taehyung. Jen, one of the girls that flew from Mexico to attend the Beauty Con, texts him asking if he wants to meet to grab a couple of drinks that night and catch up with each other. Jimin agrees and they meet in front of his hotel.

“Jimin!” She says, her long and shiny brown hair waves with the wind as she runs to him. She was one of the first people that supported him when he had just started posting videos and she had never lost her faith in him. Jimin didn’t realise how much he had missed her until he had her right in front of him.

“Jen, I missed you so much!” He says with a weak smile.

“Hey, hey. What’s that sad smile?” She says, frowning. “I won’t have you sad around me, mister.”

Jimin chuckles. “A lot of things happened lately.” He says.

Jen hums. “You better start telling me!” She says, grabbing him by the arm and linking their limbs together, heading to the bar she chose this time, since the last time they saw each other it was Jimin’s turn to choose. They drink a couple of drinks and Jimin is already explaining everything to Jen, and she listens closely.

“And now I’m sad and I just want to kiss him again.” He whines, leaving the cup on the table with a loud thud.

“I wish I could slap you right now.” Jen says.

“Ah, that’s what Taehyung said too.” Jimin adds, resting his head on top of the table.

“You have to talk to him! I’m sure he likes you back. Stop chickening out!”

“I’m not chickening out!” Jimin whines. Jen stares at him, blankly. “Okay, maybe I am.”

“Exactly.” Jen nods. “When you get back to Seoul you have to talk to him. Like grown adults. And don’t be afraid.”

“Okay.” Jimin nods. When they get out of the bar to get back to their respective hotels to rest it’s raining outside. It’s not a strong rain, but it’s enough to cool down the temperature. Since it was hot inside the bar, it is the perfect contrast for Jimin to have a clear head, empty of thoughts, until the next morning. He wakes up early to get ready for the convention since he decided to cancel the interview. The questions weren’t even interesting. He takes a long shower, does his make-up as perfect as he can, chooses a classy outfit and styles his hair. This time, he curls the ends of his locks and puts a pair of round and thin glasses on. It’s still quite early so he goes to a cafeteria near the hotel to get some breakfast before heading to the convention. On his way there, he looks up at the sky and sees that it’s more cloudy than the day before, and they’re of a grey colour. He is glad he took an umbrella with him because it seems like it will rain anytime soon. Once he’s done with breakfast, he text Jen that he’s already make his way there and hops in one taxi after trying for ten minutes to get one. He gets to the venue not too long after, to his surprise, and waits for Jen to arrive. They go up the stairs that look similar to the ones at the MET and they enter through the two front doors. The place is huge, with a stage and a lot of small stands and booths in which people can try make-up on and test the newest brands. Of course, they can buy some products too, and then some beauty gurus and CEOs of make-up brands go on stage to talk a little bit about their lives and answer questions. Jimin spends the day minding his own business with Jen, since their brands aren’t that popular in the States yet. They buy make-up and try new stuff that they would never use on the other. Jimin has a great time. Jen is the serotonin boost he needed on this trip. They greet some other instagram influencers and youtubers they come across and talk for a while.

“I’m starving.” Jimin says around lunch time.

“Me too.” Jen says. “Let’s go upstairs, apparently there’s a buffet for the accredited people.” She says. Of course, both of them fit in that label. When they get there, there’s food from all over the world to choose from, so they all want to try a little bit of everything. Once they’re full, they stay some time on the small table for both of them and then get back downstairs to watch the presentations from the CEOs. They last about three hours in total, with breaks from time to time. By the second one, Jimin is already done with them, so he goes back upstairs so get some coffee because there’s still a few more hours of this event to go. It’s starting to get dark outside, and as he looks through the window, it starts to rain. This time is stronger than the night before. The sun is completely hidden behind the dark clouds and Jimin can’t help but wonder if the city is showing him how he feels like inside. After a while, with the cup of coffee still half full, he goes downstairs to meet with Jen again. He doesn’t spot her around and he figures she went to the bathroom, so he approaches some booths he passed by the first time.


Still with you - Jungkook

As he’s sipping from his coffee and looking at some blue make-up brushes, he feels the sensation that someone is staring at him. A cold shiver runs down his spine and he pays attention to what’s being said about him.

“Yeah—- he’s the guy who scammed everyone saying his products were cruelty-free when they actually aren’t.” One voice says.

“Ah, that’s too bad.” The other one replies. “But it doesn’t surprise me though, he looks like a total snake.”

“Right? His energy is so off.” The first one laughs. “Honestly, he should go back to his country.”

Jimin’s heart stops with that last comment. No one had ever said something like that to him, and for some reason it hurt. A lot. Along with the other things they were saying between low chuckles and whispers, he suddenly feels like he’s in a small cage and he can’t breathe, like there’s a million eyes judging him and they all think the same thing as these two people he doesn’t even want to spare a look at. He excuses himself to the girl on the other side of the booth and goes to the bathroom to wash his hands and get away from everything for a second. He thought everything would be over by now, at least that’s what it felt like at first. If he’s completely honest, he really hadn’t thought about the backlash even when he couldn’t say anything because Jeongguk— That’s right. Because Jeongguk was by his side. At all times, at places where people would say bad stuff about him, at that first party they met. He had been there all along, all the time, without a single reason to be there other than the fact that Jimin was there. He had been in his mind so much that he didn’t even think about the hate since he appeared in his life. And then it all clicks for him— Jeongguk came into his life to keep him from falling apart, not to save his career from falling apart.

He looks up at the mirror in front of him and gasps. He can’t let go something like that, not this way, not ever. He fidgets with his pockets and takes his phone out, only for the device to start vibrating in his hand. Jimin’s heart stops at the name that pops up.

“Jeongguk?” Jimin whispers into the speaker, phone tightly held to his ear, with a shaky voice and a shaky body overall.

“Jimin I— I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Hyung.” It’s the first time he has heard Jeongguk call him that.

“What? Why? I’m the one who should be—”

“I did something really stupid.” The younger cuts him. Jimin can hear how he sniffs.

“What? What do you mean?” Jimin starts panicking. “What did you do? Are you okay?” Jimin asks frantically.

“Yeah, yeah.” Jeongguk replies with a low chuckle. “I’m just a little cold. I forgot to bring an umbrella with me.”

“Oh.” Jimin says, calming down again. “Jeongguk I’m—”

“I might have booked a flight to New York and I might be standing right in front of the venue where you are.” Jeongguk says, voice cracking into a small sob.

Jimin’s whole world stops with that. No way, he can’t be here, just when he needed him again. “W-what?” Jimin tears up too.

“And I might be really fucking cold because I ran all the way here in the pouring rain since there was too much traffic.” Jeongguk adds, bursting into a laugh mixed with tears.

And with that, Jimin rushes out of the bathroom, bumps into a few people and doesn’t even care to say sorry. He rushes to the entrance of the building and bursts the doors open with a strong push. And there he is, Jeongguk standing at the bottom of the stairs, wet from head to toe, rain pouring down on him and clothes sticking to his body as he shivers from time to time. Jimin’s eyes fill with tears and lowers his phone from his ear. Jeongguk looks up and hangs up the call. They stare at each other for a few seconds, hesitating, unsure of what to do next, thinking of what’s the right thing to do. But Jimin is tired of trying to do the right thing. He just wants to do something. And the only thing that comes to his mind right now is run down those stairs and hug Jeongguk very tightly. So he does. He runs as fast as he can down the stairs, careful not to trip, with tears wetting his cheeks along with the rain falling down on him, having forgotten his umbrella inside. Jeongguk takes a few steps closer and Jimin runs to him as he gets to the bottom of the stairs. Jimin instantly feels renewed the moment his body comes in contact with Jeongguk’s, cold and wet but still so warm, so gentle, so… Jeongguk. He buries his face in the crook of Jeongguk’s neck as the younger inhales Jimin’s scent by doing the same with him. Jeongguk’s hands hold Jimin tight and close as if they were afraid of letting go in case Jimin were to slip away anytime soon.

“Why does this city have so much fucking traffic?” Jeongguk says, making Jimin chuckle and hug him ever tighter.

“Welcome to New York.” Jimin says, with a sweet voice. They stay hugging in silence for a few instants and then Jimin can’t hold it in anymore.


“I have feelings for you.” Jimin blurts out, cutting Jeongguk before he can say anything else and gives him a second more to overthink everything. “I like you a lot.” He shuts his eyes, waiting for the younger to do something.

“Say it again.” Jeongguk simply says, breathless.

Jimin takes a step back so he can look directly at Jeongguk’s eyes. “I have feelings for you.” Jimin repeats. Jeongguk feels like he’ll melt at any point right now. “I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t and that you probably don’t feel anything for me. I couldn’t just keep pretending that I felt nothing for you after that night, and I was afraid of telling you how I felt because you would reject me. I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have left you like that.” Jimin says, rushing over his words and stuttering more than what he’d like to admit. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m probably making you so uncomfortable right now, god. You probably don’t feel the same.”

“Jimin—” Jeongguk cups both of Jimin’s cheeks and caresses them with his thumbs. “I literally flew to goddamn New York to see you.” Jeongguk says, staring deep into his eyes. “Me saying I have feelings for you would be an understatement.” He adds. Jimin’s eyes widen and flush with tears again.

Jimin chuckles. “Is that so?”

“That is very much it.” Jeongguk nods, resting his forehead on Jimin’s tenderly. “I was honestly so hurt when I saw that text when I woke up.” He closes his eyes and feels Jimin tense around him.


“Shh, let me explain.” Jeongguk shushes him by pressing one of his thumbs on Jimin’s lips. Jimin nods and the younger continues. “I thought you just wanted a one night stand and then you… I don’t know— regretted it.” He says. “I felt so bad because after that night all I wanted to do was hold you close to me, wake up next to you and have a lazy day just the two of us together. Finally confess to you, because I’ve had the longest crush on you since forever.” He says. Jimin is surprised with that statement, but he lets him finish. “I don’t know. I’m sorry for hurting you even more when we bumped into one another. I knew I made you cry when I said those things and I really don’t know why I did.”

“Jeongguk, you were hurt and I understand, you don’t have to apologise for that.” Jimin says, looking up and locking his eyes with Jeongguk’s.

“I just— god. I like you way too much.” Jeongguk sighs. The sparkle inside his eyes is back.

“You know… I’ve always wondered what a kiss under the rain feels like.” Jimin says, smiling.

Jeongguk nods and without hesitation he leans down and presses his lips to Jimin’s in a slow kiss, that starts only with them pressing their lips together, and then Jeongguk opens his mouth and deepens it.

“How is it?” Jeongguk asks after a while, lips still against Jimin’s, referring to a kiss in the rain.

“It’s wet.” He says, as if it wasn’t obvious. “But perfect.” He adds, kissing him again and smiling into the kiss.

“Shouldn’t you get back inside?” Jeongguk says when he pulls away, missing the contact of Jimin’s lips instantly.

“It was boring anyway. And I’m completely drenched.” Jimin shrugs.

“Yeah, talking about that— I can barely feel my fingers now.” Jeongguk says, making Jimin’s alarms go off in his head.

“Oh my god! Let’s get you to your hotel right now.” Jimin says.

“Uh, funny story.” Jeongguk squints and smiles awkwardly. “I came here in such a rush that I didn’t even book a hotel room. I don’t even know how many days I’ll stay here.” Jeongguk makes himself smaller and smaller as he talks.

Jimin looks at him in disbelief. “You’re so fucking adorable.” He blurts out. “Okay! We’ll go to my hotel room. Of course, you can stay with me and as long as you want.” He smiles. “Actually— you’re staying with me, there is no other option.” He nods, and then turns around. “Let me grab my things and come back, okay? Can you wait for me just a little more?” He says, pouting slightly just by the thought of Jeongguk staying in the rain for a second more.

“Of course.” Jeongguk smiles.

Jimin nods and goes back up the stairs, disappearing behind the doors of the building. He sees a lot of eyes staring at him, but he doesn’t care about them at all. Jeongguk is here with him and he is not spending another second without him.

“Woah, what happened to you?” Jimin hears Jen’s voice behind him as he’s picking up his coat, umbrella and wallet.

“Jen, you won’t believe this.” Jimin exhales.

“Surprise me.” Jen replies.

“Jeongguk is here! He came here to see me!” He squeals.

Jen laughs. “And you still think he doesn’t like you back?”

“No! I very much think that now.” Jimin giggles. “There’s some things we still have to talk about but I’m very happy right now.” 

“Then go on! Go to him! I’ll be waiting for the details some other day.” She winks, and with that, Jimin leaves the building without a single care in this world. When he gets back outside, he gives his coat to Jeongguk, who refuses it three times, but Jimin is stubborn so he finally gets him to wear it on their way back to the hotel. Jeongguk’s jaw falls to the floor when they get to the room, awed by how fancy and expensive it looks. Jimin had been so caught up in his own thoughts that he didn’t even get to appreciate how beautiful the room actually was. A suite with a kitchen of its own, a bathroom the same size of the bedroom and a lounge area in front of the kitchen.

“Go take a shower, I’ll call some room service to get us something to eat.” Jimin says, taking the coat from Jeongguk’s hands and tugging on the fabric of his hoodie to tell him silently to take it off as well. The only luggage Jeongguk had with him was a black sports bag hung over one shoulder, so he leaves it to the floor.

“But you’re also all drenched.” Jeongguk says, taking off his hoodie and handing it to Jimin.

“It’s fine, you’re colder than me anyway.” Jimin shrugs.

“Just come with me to the shower.” Jeongguk suggests, making Jimin blush. He thinks about it for a split second and then he shakes his head.

“You go first, big guy.” He pats his chest and turns towards the kitchen in hopes there is a washing machine and a dryer for their clothes. Jeongguk whines like a baby from the bathroom door that makes Jimin laugh.

And just like that, the clouds cleared and there were millions of stars illuminating the sky of the city that never sleeps.

Chapter Text

Jeongguk is laying on the bed in the middle of the hotel room, with a pair of grey sweatpants hanging low on his waist and a zip-up hoodie of the same colour closed up to his chest. Jimin walks out of the shower with an oversized shirt and a pair of black boxers and sees the younger, with part of his chest exposed from not having anything underneath the hoodie and he has to make a double take. They’ve seen each other naked already, but Jimin won’t get used to Jeongguk’s beauty anytime soon.

“Thought you would’ve already fallen asleep.” Jimin smiles, drying his hair with a white towel.

“I’m holding up because of you.” Jeongguk says with a tired voice, leaving his phone on the bedside table and patting the spot next to him on the bed so the older comes closer to him. When his hair isn’t dripping anymore, Jimin tosses the towel to the side and climbs up the bed, sitting down next to Jeongguk.

“Are you hungry?” Jimin asks. “I can order some food for you if you want.” He adds. However, Jeongguk shakes his head and smiles gently.

“I honestly only want to sleep.” Jeongguk sighs. Jimin nods and turns the lights of the suite off. He hesitates at first, but he turns to look at Jeongguk and the younger is already scooting closer and grabbing him by the arm to pull him down next to him. Jimin rests his head on Jeongguk’s chest as the younger circles his waist with his arms. He knows that by the time he wakes up his right arm will be completely numb, but he doesn’t care because he wants to feel Jimin close to him at all times.

“What do you want to do tomorrow?” Jimin suddenly asks, tilting his head up to look at Jeongguk. From this angle he can see the shape of his jawline even in the dark. He brings his hand up and presses it on Jeongguk’s chest, dragging his fingertips slowly up and down, creating cute patterns on the younger’s skin.

“Whatever you want.” Jeongguk replies, hand sneaking on Jimin’s hair and cradling his fingers through it. “You’re the one who knows this city like the back of his hand.”

Jimin giggles. “Okay. I’ll show you all the cool places I know. I’ll be your personal guide of this trip.”

“You better.” Jeongguk says, closing his eyes and feeling his heart at ease for the first time in almost three weeks.

“Have a good night, Jeonggukkie.” Jimin says with a sweet voice, resting his weight with one elbow and leaning in to press a small peck on Jeongguk’s lips. He feels giddy once he pulls away as fast as he can, but Jeongguk’s hand sneaks behind his nape and holds him right there, with only a few inches away from his lips. The younger smirks and opens his eyes only in the slightest.

“Okay, Beautylover123.” Jeongguk says with a tired yet teasing tone.

Jimin is mortified the minute his brain processes what Jeongguk has just said. He thought it was quite obvious but not that obvious!

“Oh my god— you knew?!” Jimin exclaims, covering his face with the hand that was caressing Jeongguk’s chest. The gasp of fear that Jimin just let out makes Jeongguk start laughing really loud, to the point he starts scrunching his nose. Jimin notices and takes a few seconds to look at him attentively to hold this moment in his memories. He can also make him smile like that.

“Jimin, baby, you had one of your pictures as the avatar of that profile!” Jeongguk says, making the older blush madly.

“So if you knew why didn’t you say anything?!” Jimin whines, hiding his face inside the crook of Jeongguk’s neck out of pure embarrassment.

Jeongguk caresses the back of his head. “Because I was angry and hurt, and I just couldn’t understand why you’d do that.”

“Because I was dumb and I missed you.” Jimin replies. “I mean… I’m still dumb—”

“Don’t say that about yourself.” Jeongguk says, voice turning softer and lips turning into a pout.

“But I was! If I hadn’t run away I would’ve known you also had feelings for me.” Jimin replies with a thin voice.

“Hey, look at me.” Jeongguk says, placing his hand under Jimin’s chin and making him look right in his eyes. “Everything’s fine, okay? That’s what really matters.” He says, and Jimin nods slowly. “Come here.” Jeongguk says, even if Jimin is already pressed up against him. Jeongguk sits up slightly, with his upper back and head resting against the header of the bed.

“What are you doing?” Jimin asks, sitting down on the mattress.

“I wanna kiss for a bit.” Jeongguk says bluntly. He must notice the blush on Jimin’s cheeks because he then is rising one of his eyebrows and smirking. “Do you like the idea?”

Jimin nods and slowly gets comfortable on Jeongguk’s lap. He leans in and they start to kiss slowly, with Jimin’s hands roaming up and down Jeongguk’s buff chest. He sometimes tugs at the zipper and lowers it just a tiny bit, exposing more of his skin that is now burning hot in comparison to before. Jeongguk’s hands rest on Jimin’s lower back and they sometimes reach  down his knees, and then back up from his inner thighs. They make out slowly and silently, with only the sounds of their lips and Jimin’s hums from time to time, especially when Jeongguk tugs at his bottom lip or when he kisses down his neck a little harsher than before. Jimin feels on cloud 9, and so does Jeongguk. They fall asleep cuddled next to each other between kisses and caresses, and Jimin thinks New York suddenly is much more beautiful than all those years he’s been visiting it.


The next day Jimin wakes up with Jeongguk’s body on top of him, shirtless. He might have been hot during the night so he decided to take the hoodie off. Jimin feels his buff body covered in tattoos crushing him to the mattress. The younger is sleeping soundly with his head buried in the crook of Jimin’s neck, with his arms on either side of Jimin’s head, and his chest pressed up to Jimin’s. One of his legs is draped around Jimin’s middle and the older wonders when did they change positions while sleeping. He giggles softly and since Jeongguk isn’t as heavy as he thought he would be on top of him, he waits until the younger wakes up by himself. The sun is peeking through the windows so it won’t take longer for him to wake up anyway. Jimin takes his time to massage Jeongguk’s head and play with his hair, caress his arms and back, run his fingers down his spine very, very slowly, scrape his nails ever so gently on Jeongguk’s lower back. Jimin is so endeared and he feels so safe that he doesn’t notice when Jeongguk finally wakes up and turns his head towards him.

“Are you petting me?” He says, with his usual husky voice right after waking up.

Jimin feels his heart skip a beat but he continues to run his hands up and down Jeongguk’s back.

Jimin hums as a yes. “Do you like it?” He asks.

“Yeah.” Jeongguk says, changing his position slightly, nuzzling into Jimin’s neck like an actual cat.

“Then I’ll do it more.” Jimin continues to do so for what feels like an eternity to Jeongguk. He feels like he might fall asleep again like that, but before he closes his eyes again, he remembers that they’re in New York and they’ll already have more time to laze around like this. He smiles when he thinks about it. They’ll have time to laze around. Jeongguk still can’t believe all of this.

“We should get ready and visit the city.” Jeongguk sits up, missing Jimin’s contact already. The older agrees and they get out of the bed to get ready for the day. Jimin dresses in cute yet comfortable clothes and Jeongguk wears his signature all-black, all-oversized clothes. Jimin takes his umbrella with him just in case and Jeongguk holds his hand on their way out of the suite.

“Let’s get some breakfast first. What do you want?” Jimin asks, looking at Jeongguk with a smile as they hop into the elevator.

“I don’t know…” Jeongguk trails, wrapping his arms around Jimin’s waist from behind right after the doors close before them. He presses a couple of wet kisses on Jimin’s neck and the older squirms.

“I didn’t think of you as the clingy one.” Jimin jokes, placing his hands over Jeongguk’s.

“Oh, you’ll get tired of me, then.” Jeongguk jokes.

“I don’t think so.” Jimin scrunches his nose. “I’m also very clingy.” He says, pecking him.

Suddenly the doors of the elevator open again and they both jump away from one another, not too far away but enough to save themselves from being in an awkward situation with someone else. Jeongguk clears his throat and Jimin looks down until they finally reach the reception lobby. They walk out and Jimin suggests getting Starbucks.

All the way up - Jay Park

“That’s so American of you.” Jeongguk teases, intertwining their fingers.

“Is that a yes or a no?”

“Absolutely yes.” Jeongguk replies. They walk hand in hand, swinging their hands back and forth as they talk about anything and everything until they find a Starbucks place in the middle of Times Square. Jimin is glad he doesn’t have to hide from people as much as he has to back in Korea, nor does Jeongguk. However, the younger still wears a black bucket hat that looks really cute on him, so Jimin can’t really complain.

“What if we go shopping today and then visit the Liberty Statue? The views are beautiful there.” Jimin says after he takes a long sip of his coffee.

“I’d love that. Honestly, I was such in a hurry that I barely brought any clothes.” Jeongguk chuckles.

“Yeah, I saw that.” Jimin joins. “You’re gonna love New York. Or at least I hope you do.” Jimin adds.

“I’m sure I will as long as I’m with you.” Jeongguk whispers, making Jimin blush madly. Jimin takes him to the 5th avenue, showing him his favourite shops on their way there and telling him where the best cafés and restaurants are. “We should have dinner at a fancy restaurant before leaving.” Jeongguk suggests.

“That’s an amazing idea, but to do that you need fancy clothes.” Jimin says, nudging him with his elbow.

“That’s why you’re here, baby.” Jeongguk says. Jimin feels his heart get warmer with the pet name.

“I like it when you call me that.” Jimin says, shyly hiding his nose in his thin scarf as they walk hand in hand, looking away from the younger.

“I figured.” Jeongguk shrugs. Jimin leads him inside one of the shops that he likes the most.

“Really? How?” Jimin asks, starting to look for clothes.

Jeongguk stands behind him, leaning in to whisper in his ear “You moaned louder every time I called you that when we had sex.” He says, right in the middle of the shop. Jimin’s knees go weak and he has to grab Jeongguk’s arm in case he faints of how much his body started boiling.

“Jeongguk!” Jimin whisper-shouts, turning around with wide eyes and a shocked expression plastered all over his face.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Jeongguk says, trying not to be too loud in this too quiet store. “I just missed teasing you.” He says, hugging him from behind as Jimin turns around to focus back on the clothes on the hangers.

Jimin decides to clear his throat and ignore Jeongguk’s comment. “Do you like this one?” Jimin says, pulling out a white, short-sleeved shirt with the brand name on the middle in a grey colour and a simple font. “It’s a little wide on the sleeves, I like how these shirts look on you.” He says, sincerely.

“I’ll try it on.” Jeongguk says right away.

Jimin takes it with him and searches for more. He comes across a striped shirt made out of the same material but different colours and Jeongguk says he also likes that one. They walk around the store with Jeongguk back-hugging Jimin. The older gets shy when he catches people staring but Jeongguk definitely does not care. It’s because he’s in a different country and no one really recognises him here, and he’s also wearing a hat that covers almost the entirety of his face. He takes a few more pieces of clothing and Jeongguk heads to the line for the changing rooms whilst Jimin searches some more. He sees a pair of black jeans and a pair of high boots and brings them over to Jeongguk too.

“Hi.” Jimin gets inside the changing room just like that, looking down at the jeans in his hands. “I thought these would look nice on you.” He says with a smile. When he looks up, he finds Jeongguk frozen, cheeks blushing.

“I— you’re inside here.” Jeongguk states the obvious.

And Jimin finally clicks. “Oh my god.” He gasps. “I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry, oh my god. I came in here without your permission, I’ll go right away—”

“It’s fine, please stay. I was just surprised.” Jeongguk says, grabbing Jimin’s wrist before he can get out of the small room. “Normally people do that when they have a lot of trust between one another, that’s all.” Jeongguk explains. “But stay, I like it when you’re close to me.”

“O-okay…” Jimin says, suddenly seeing Jeongguk is without a shirt on. Again. He awkwardly hands him the pants and Jeongguk tries them on with the white shirt tucked in. Jimin compliments how good he looks and that he likes this style very much.

“Do you think this would reach to your upper thighs?” Jeongguk wonders, tugging at the white shirt.

“I think so… why?” Jimin asks, taking it from Jeongguk as the younger takes it off and hands it to him.

“Because I’d like to see you in it.” Jeongguk smirks, and Jimin really thinks he’s going to be the death of him.

“How are you suddenly so bold?” Jimin asks, raising an eyebrow.

“I honestly don’t know.” Jeongguk shrugs. He steps closer to Jimin until he’s cornering him against the wall, without a single complaint from the older. “I guess you just make me lose all my inhibitions.” He whispers the last part against Jimin’s lips, only to then attack him with a million silly kisses that have Jimin laughing out loud as he tries to get out of his grip. The girl working at the store even asks if they’re okay and they finally stop fooling around. Jeongguk tries on the rest of the clothes and finds that Jimin’s advice isn’t really useful because he likes everything on Jeongguk. They end up leaving with half the clothes Jeongguk tried on and they walk out with the younger’s hand securely holding Jimin’s waist. They spend the rest of the morning shopping for fancy and casual clothes for Jeongguk. Jimin can’t resist it so he tries some things on for himself too and Jeongguk sneaks in his fitting room just like Jimin had done, unless this time they’re at the Chanel store and Jeongguk is sucking a hickey on Jimin’s collarbone and the latter is trying not to let out any sound. After they pay and Jimin makes sure for the tenth time that his hickey isn’t visible, they get back to the hotel to leave all their bags in there. They order some delivery food for lunch and they stay in watching TV on the afternoon because it rains again. Jimin is a little bummed out because he wanted to show Jeongguk around Times Square before going to the Liberty Statue but now he can’t.

“It’s fine, Jimin. We have a lot of time to see everything.” Jeongguk says, holding him close as they watch the rain fall and stain the windows. Jimin leans his back on Jeongguk’s chest and plays with his hands. “Let’s stay in for the rest of the day and visit the Statue tomorrow.” Jeongguk says with a soft voice, to which Jimin agrees.

They end up going to a vegan shop not too far away from their hotel and buy some groceries to cook dinner together. They film it for Jimin’s channel and they have a great time, so good that it goes by so fast. Jimin looks at the footage whilst Jeongguk is laying on the bed watching Netflix, rubbing his stomach because he’s full. He notices how smiley they both are, more than in their other videos they filmed together.

“We look cute.” Jimin mumbles, catching Jeongguk’s attention.

“I told you we’d make a cute couple since the very beginning.” Jeongguk says, nonchalantly. “Now leave that for another day and cuddle me.” Jeongguk says, making grabby hands at him like a baby. Jimin smiles and leaves his computer aside, throwing himself on top of Jeongguk and wrapping himself around him. He sighs in content at the warm sensation and he is actually pretty amazed at how their relationship took a turn for the better. It’s like being two weeks away from each other has made them be extremely needy of the other’s presence. The show playing on the TV is long forgotten at some point, the only thing they’re focused on is their lips against the other’s, hands under shirts, lips on necks, fingers on hair. Jeongguk rolls them both around when Jimin starts to rub on his lap, making the older get under him, blushing right at the action. Jimin wraps his arms and legs around Jeongguk like a koala to resume what he was doing but Jeongguk places one firm hand on his stomach.

“Let’s slow down a bit.” He says, whispering against his lips. He kisses him gently and slowly then, calming Jimin down, and himself for that matter.

“Okay.” Jimin pants slightly, untangling his legs from Jeongguk’s middle. “I’m excited for tomorrow.” He says, Jeongguk plops down on top of him like he did in the morning. Jimin caresses his hair gently. “In two days I have a photoshoot and it will probably last the entire day. Will you be okay?” He asks the younger.

Jeongguk snorts. “As if I couldn’t live without you.” He says with a teasing tone.

Jimin rolls his eyes at him and continues to pepper kisses all over Jeongguk’s face, neck and hair. They fall asleep just like that, and the next morning Jimin wakes up all cuddled up to Jeongguk and he doesn’t plan on letting go.

Jeongguk wakes up almost an hour later, feeling Jimin’s fingers draw small patterns on his lower stomach, and his lips pressed to his bare shoulder gently. His eyes flutter open and the first thing he sees once his vision focuses is Jimin standing up and hovering over him, looking at him with a sleepy smile, and Jeongguk feels like he’s in heaven, as if he’s floating in a cloud and the most precious angel has just greeted him.

“Good morning, sleeping beauty.” Jimin teases, lowering down to press a lingering kiss on Jeongguk’s lips.

“Morning.” Jeongguk trails, reaching up to brush Jimin’s hair out of his face. “I’m still not used to jet lags.” He says with a husky voice.

“Let’s get ready, we have a lot of things to see today.” Jimin says, getting up and walking out of the bedroom. Jeongguk takes a quick shower and when he gets out, Jimin is already dressed up and he’s holding two cups of coffee and a paper bag with pastries inside.

“What’s all of this? A late breakfast in bed?” Jeongguk asks, letting his towel fall to the floor. Jimin is about to look away but he sees the younger already put boxers on.

“It’s a treat.” Jimin shrugs. “I hope you like these.” He says, reaching out to hand the paper bag to Jeongguk. “They’re donuts from a food truck right at the corner. They’re the best in the entire city.”

“A one-dollar donut is the best thing in the entire city? Bet.” Jeongguk smirks, taking one of the bag and biting at it as wide as he can. His eyes widen when he gets to taste it. Jimin might have been exaggerating, but that was definitely one of the best donuts he’s ever tried.

Jeongguk takes his time savouring the donuts Jimin bought for him and then he finishes getting ready, which apparently Jimin loves to witness since he feels his eyes on him all the time as he gets dressed. Then, they head outside and they walk hand in hand through the busy streets of New York until they reach a subway station close enough that will take them to the ferry they have to catch to get to the Liberty island. Jimin insisted in bringing his camera with him, so they take a lot of pictures and also film quite a bit of their walk towards the station. At one point, when they’re already sitting on the train, Jimin takes out his camera again and points it at them. Jimin is resting his head on Jeongguk’s wide shoulder and the younger is looking around inside the coach. It’s very different from the ones they have in Seoul so he really wants to take a good look at it to remember as much as he can.

“Hello guys.” Jimin says, waving at the camera as he talks with the most fond smile ever. “Today we’re going to visit the Liberty statue. I’ve been there a couple of times but since it’s Jeonggukkie’s first time in New York, we definitely have to see it!” He says. At the mention of his name, Jeongguk turns to the camera and looks directly at the lease, getting closer to it. Jimin can’t wait to see that clip because he’s sure he will look adorable in it.

“Jeonggukkie?” Jeongguk asks, looking down at Jimin with a raised eyebrow.

“Mhm.” Jimin hums. “It’s a cute nickname.” He looks back at him, as if the camera didn’t exist. They stare at each other for a couple more seconds before Jeongguk leans in and kisses hims short and sweet because they’re still in public at eleven in the morning. Jimin seems satisfied, however. “We went shopping yesterday, but I didn’t get to film anything.” He adds, looking at the camera once again.

“I bought a lot of oversized shirts and pants.” Jeongguk informs.

“But they look good on him, so it’s okay.” Jimin talks to the audience. “I hope we take a lot of pictures here because my Instagram feed is dead.”

“I can take all the pictures you want.” Jeongguk offers, placing his hand on his thigh and squishing slightly.

“Thank you!” Jimin says excitedly. He finishes the video afterward and a couple of minutes later they get off the coach. They reach the ferry and Jeongguk pays for two tickets this time. It’s a little windy but it’s fine because this way Jimin has the excuse to cling onto the younger, but even if he didn’t have one he would’ve done it either way. Jeongguk is amazed when he sees the statue, and he says out loud all his thoughts.

“I thought it would be bigger.” Jeongguk says, not knowing Jimin is filming him. “It looks bigger in the movies.” He adds.

“Are you disappointed?” Jimin chuckles, which makes Jeongguk turn to him abruptly and gasp.

“No! Of course not!” He says, defensively. Jimin takes more shots as they reach the island, of the water, the ferry, the clouds in the sky, the statue itself, of Jeongguk— Especially of Jeongguk. He just can’t get his eyes off of him. Every time he gasps in awe because he still can’t process he’s here, every time he giggles, when he tries to say something in English and he gets surprised because he’s actually good at it, when he takes his own pictures of the skyline of the city and calls for Jimin to take a picture with him. Jimin can’t believe he fought with his own feelings that much when having feelings for him was this easy. Jeongguk was just so lovable, so incredibly sweet and gentle and—

“Let’s take a picture kissing, with the city in the background.” Jeongguk specifies.

And, god, who’s Jimin to say no to that? When Jeongguk’s eyes sparkle and his hair is messy because of the wind, his nose is red because of the cold breeze and he looks like the most adorable puppy in the world?

“Okay.” Jimin agrees, and he lets the younger take his phone out and kiss him again and again, snapping hundreds of pictures as Jimin just lets himself melt in Jeongguk’s embrace. Jimin feels his heart bump harder and harder against his chest as a thought runs through his mind. He’s a little scared to say it at first, but he figures that he shouldn’t be when Jeongguk looks at him with those eyes full of hope. He wonders if Jeongguk knows Jimin looks at him like that too.

“Let’s go to a fancy restaurant tonight. I’m paying.” Jimin says when Jeongguk thinks there’s enough pictures already.

“Okay, but you’re most likely not paying.” Jeongguk shakes his head.

“I most likely am.” Jimin argues, playfully.

“You’re not.” Jeongguk insists. And they bicker and bicker all the time, joking around like two teenagers in love, with not a single care in the world. And Jimin realises that with Jeongguk, all his worries go away just like that. With his presence, he feels automatically better. And he never wants to let that go.

Once they get back to the hotel after spending all day outside, Jimin gets inside the shower quickly to gather his thoughts. Had he been clear enough that he was asking Jeongguk on a date? Like an actual date? Sure, they’ve spent two days together and slept in the same bed since Jeongguk appeared here, and now they’re acting like a couple, almost. Jimin blushes at that and turns the water slightly colder. Sure, they’ve done all of that, but they’re still not officially together, they haven’t even gone on an official date yet. When he gets out of the shower, Jeongguk rushes to clean himself as well, and Jimin stays in the living room of the suite for a while, peeking inside the bedroom once Jeongguk is done. He sees him dress nicely, and he figures he understood it. Jimin proceeds to get ready on cue and when the clock strikes 7pm they’re both ready.

똑같은 날 - RaD

Jimin takes them to a restaurant Jen had recommended him, since he didn’t know much about restaurants out of the middle of Times Square. It’s an Italian restaurant, dimly-lit, with wooden tables and chairs and a lot of plants hanging from the ceiling. There’s candles and flowers in the middle of every table, and there’s a soft classical music playing in the background. Jimin figures Jeongguk realised this is a date when the younger pulls him closer and whispers in his ear. “I love this.”,with his thumb rubbing at his lower back.

It’s a nice dinner. Jimin orders spaghetti with a fancy sauce and Jeongguk some steak, and they share both dishes like they do back in Korea. They drink an expensive white wine that makes Jimin the tiniest bit lightheaded, which he appreciates because if not he’d be melting right then and there by the way Jeongguk is looking at him. After dinner, Jimin insists they should go to the Empire State, because the view at night is incredibly beautiful and it isn’t the same if you go in the morning. So Jeongguk accepts. The light buzz of the wine disappears from Jimin when they get there, and his heart fills with joy when he sees Jeongguk with his mouth agape the minute they get outside the terrace of the building. The sky is completely dark above them, but there’s an infinity of lights that illuminate their surroundings, the tallest buildings outstanding from the rest, and the lights are extended into what seems like infinity, like the city never ended. Looking at New York from above has always made Jimin feel powerful, but this time he felt so weak, with Jeongguk by his side and making his way into his heart like he was doing, really fast and really hard. Jimin didn’t know if he could take it much longer, he felt completely and utterly—

“Be my boyfriend.” Jeongguk blurts out when they’re both looking out of the balcony. Jimin’s heart stops abruptly. They turn to look at each other at the same time. “Please. I can’t stand a second more without you being mine.” He whispers, and Jimin doesn’t know if he wants to laugh or cry. A mix of emotions rushes through him, and he’s never been the best at expressing them, so he only nods and pulls Jeongguk into a kiss, hoping he gets to convey everything he’s feeling to Jeongguk. The younger grabs him by the cheeks and he caresses his skin with his thumbs as they kiss, tenderly and a little shy, even.

Which completely takes a turn the minute they get inside the hotel suite, and they’re both clutching at each other’s coats, desperately trying to get them off and feel each other. Feel skin, feel the hairs on the back of their necks prickle, feel the sides of their stomach twitch with unexpected kisses and licks. They barely make it to the bedroom, stumbling and awkwardly taking off their shoes, undoing each other’s buttons and belts. Jimin yelps into the kiss when Jeongguk grabs him by the underside of his thighs and pulls him up. Jimin immediately circles his legs around his torso and the younger finally reaches the bedroom. However, he doesn’t go to the bed and instead stays with Jimin pressed up against the wall as he sinks his lips on the older’s neck.

“Jeongguk—- nggh, don’t leave marks…” Jimin hates saying that. “The commercial…” Right, Jimin had a commercial shooting the day after.

“Fuck.” Jeongguk cusses, detaching his lips from his neck and reaching lower to continue working his magic. Jimin tugs at Jeongguk’s hair hard enough for it to be a little bit painful, but it’s the good kind of pain. He’s squirming and moaning against Jeongguk’s ear, moving his hips to create some kind of friction between them. “Fuck taking things slow.” Jeongguk says, and then reaches down Jimin’s halfway done pants and cups him inside his boxers. Jimin’s legs tighten around Jeongguk and that’s how he knows Jimin likes it. He jerks him off for a while until he’s hard.

“Babe, the lube. Grab the lube.” Jimin says, desperately, between low moans.

Jeongguk then stops, head coming back to reality and wanting to smack himself in the face. “I didn’t bring any with me.” He breathes out, as agitated as Jimin is. “Shit. I was so desperate that I didn’t—” He starts rambling but Jimin pulls him in for another kiss.

“I have it.” Jimin whispers against Jeongguk’s lips. “I brought some with me.”

Jeongguk looks at Jimin with a raised eyebrow.

“What? Did you think I’d spend two weeks alone without touching myself after I got to taste what’s it like with you?” Jimin snaps. Jeongguk laughs and lets him back on the floor to go get the lube. “I’ve been horny-sad for weeks now. Weeks.” He adds, and Jeongguk laughs harder. He gets this opportunity to take off his shirt completely and pull down his pants as well. He grabs the bottle inside of Jimin’s luggage and get back to him.

Jeongguk kneels down to help Jimin out of the rest of his clothes and leaves a few naughty kisses and bites close to his crotch, making the older sigh in pleasure. He gets back on his feet and grabs one of Jimin’s legs, circling it around his lower stomach and holding it in place with one hand. Jimin helps him by pouring some of the lube on Jeongguk’s fingers and warms it up. Jeongguk kisses him once more and he starts teasing him with it, making Jimin hiss and whine whenever it feels like he’s going to finally push inside but then he backs away. He does that until Jimin gets a little bratty and he finally pushes his first finger inside. He goes slow but doesn’t stop either. It doesn’t burn as much as it did last time, since Jimin has been playing with himself lately due to the lack of Jeongguk.

“Fuck, you’re tight.” Jeongguk breathes out against Jimin’s lips, eyes closed.

“One more, please.” Jimin asks, and Jeongguk does what he’s told. He moves his fingers in and out skilfully, not too fast nor too deep, only enough to get him stretched, but he still gets Jimin moaning and sighing. He adds one more finger and Jimin is begging him to reach deeper so he can brush against where he needs him the most. However, Jeongguk doesn’t listen and instead takes all the fingers out.

“Should I— Should I blow you?” Jimin asks, looking down at Jeongguk’s boxers, nails digging in his biceps.

“No, I’m already hard as a rock by just having you like that.” Jeongguk whispers. It’s dirty and vulgar but it still makes Jimin laugh.

Jimin pulls Jeongguk’s boxers down and he takes his time putting some more lube on him. They both like it wet, especially when the sounds mix with their pants and moans, so Jimin pours a little too much. Jeongguk then grabs his other leg, pulling him up. Jimin circles his arms around Jeongguk’s neck but he barely has to do anything because Jeongguk is holding him tight and strong against the wall easily. He slowly starts to push the tip of his dick inside of Jimin, making the older clench around the size immediately. Jeongguk pants as he pushes deeper and deeper inside, finally feeling something where he was aching. Jimin has his hands everywhere on Jeongguk’s back as he starts to thrust inside. First with steady thrusts, hard but slow, and then he starts to pick up his pace, slowly going faster, pulling more moans out of Jimin. It’s no surprise Jimin is loud again, but Jeongguk isn’t silent either. His moans are more breathy and he hisses a lot more, and as he thrusts harder and faster, he begins to cuss under his breath.

Jimin finds Jeongguk’s lips after a while, swallowing every moan from the younger, and him doing the same thing. He feels stretched out, so full, so good.

“Fuck, baby.” Jeongguk breathes out. He feels his knees wobble because he starts to get tired, his thrusts are no longer that hard as before.

“Yeah?” Jimin asks, out of it, with pleasure clouding his mind. He begins to fuck himself on Jeongguk’s dick when the younger slows down to recover for a few seconds. Jimin grinds and presses him as deep as he can. Jeongguk grunts and pushes Jimin slightly up, changing the angle, and when he thrusts back inside Jimin lets out a loud, high-pitched moan. “Fuck, right there.” Jimin says with a pant. Sweat is running down their bodies but neither of them care. He pushes Jeongguk’s hair out of his face and he looks at him, with half-lidded eyes as he pounds into him, right against his prostate. Jimin feels the knot in his stomach begin to build, and Jeongguk feels weak at the mere view of Jimin looking at him like that.

“Ah, baby—" Jeongguk thrusts three more times inside Jimin and he comes just a few seconds before the older reaches his high, as Jeongguk jerks him off through his orgasm so he can both ride it out. Jeongguk slows down and then walks them to the bed, letting their bodies crash into the mattress almost carelessly. They’re both panting against each other’s mouths, blissfully looking at each other as they come down their highs, hands still roaming everywhere, Jeongguk still balls deep inside of Jimin’s leaking hole. “I am so in love with you, oh my god.” Jeongguk breathes out without thinking much about it.

Jimin goes still but relaxes right away. “Me too, Jeongguk.” Jimin replies. “I think I am desperately in love with you too.” He whispers against Jeongguk’s chest, full of sweat, but he couldn’t care less.

“When you know it 100%, tell me again.” Jeongguk replies, brushing Jimin’s messy blonde hair.

“Okay.” Jimin nods.

“Meanwhile, I’ll tell you every day, until you’re sure of it.” Jeongguk says, rolling them over so he is hovering over him. “I’ve loved you for the longest time, Park Jimin.” He says, and Jimin wants to ask what he means with that exactly, but it’s too late because Jeongguk falls asleep right away, collapsing on top of him and crushing him to the mattress. But Jimin doesn’t care, he wants to feel close to him as much as he can.


Waking up to a naked Jeongguk and sore limbs might be Jimin’s new favourite thing to wake up to. Especially when Jeongguk is being clingy and doesn’t want to let Jimin go to head to the shooting of that commercial.

“I have a meeting with Sephora on the afternoon, so you’ll be alone all day.” Jimin informs him, which only makes Jeongguk’s pout grow even bigger. “I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to you. I promise.”

“What will I do all day without you?” Jeongguk whines.

“Since when are you so whiny?” Jimin laughs, figuring he can laze around for five more minutes, so he gets back in bed and cuddles with Jeongguk a bit more.

“Since my boyfriend is leaving me alone for an entire day in a city I know nothing about.” Jeongguk says, hugging Jimin as tight as he can.

“Hm, that word sounds good.” Jimin pinpoints. “Especially when it’s true.” He adds, recalling the days where they were still fake-dating, which felt like ages ago.

“I know, right?” Jeongguk says, a little more excitedly. “Baby, what should I do today?” He asks. Jimin feels so warm every time Jeongguk calls him that.

“You should visit some art galleries. There are a lot of different photographers’ exhibitions right now. You should definitely check them out.” Jimin replies. Jeongguk nods and takes a mental note to check them out. “By the way, what are you going to do with your streams?”

“I recorded myself gaming for the entire day I knew you were flying here and my friends are posting clips of those to my YouTube channel every two days. It’s not the same, but at least I don’t leave my viewers hanging for two weeks.” He shrugs. Jimin sees the time and he has to hurry up and put some clothes on.

“I’m sorry.” He suddenly says.

“Don’t be.” Jeongguk shakes his head. “I love spending time with you and having a small break.”

“If I hadn’t been that dramatic…” Jimin trails, but Jeongguk cages him to the bed playfully.

“If you weren’t dramatic you wouldn’t be Park Jimin, and I’m in for every single bit of him. So you can be as dramatic as you want because I’m not gonna give up on you anytime soon.” He says, with a dumb grin that makes Jimin melt.

Seriously, how had he taken so long to realise his feelings for Jeongguk? Like this, Jimin feels like he can never grow tired of looking at the man.

“You’re adorable, but I really have to go now.” Jimin says, and Jeongguk whines again.

“Have fun at the photoshoot as you leave me all alone here.” Jeongguk says, dramatically. Jimin laughs and kisses him deeply for a few seconds, then rushes to the shower to clean himself up and in record time he is heading out of the hotel suite.


Jeongguk spends the day visiting every art gallery that appears on the internet, trying to interpret all the pieces that catch his attention, but his mind keeps wandering back to Jimin. About everything they’ve lived together up until today. He wonders if he’s dreaming sometimes, thinking about how is it possible the Park Jimin is now his boyfriend. He texts his friends in the middle of the art gallery, as he looks at a painting of two kids running after a colourful kite. “Jimin and I are boyfriends. Real boyfriends.” He types, and then puts his phone in his pocket and doesn’t look at it again for the rest of the day. He thinks of the painting of the two kids chasing the kite. It was full of vibrant colours and the kids looked around five years old at best. Jeongguk thought about what the artist was trying to tell to the audience. Maybe it’s chasing one’s dreams with hope, like kids do? Follow your instincts? Or was it a mere representation of their past childhood selves? Jeongguk thinks back at his childhood days, and he doesn’t remember as colourful as that painting looked. He only remembers one time where the earth seemed to shine with colours.

He smiles at the memory.

Blue - Keshi

Jeongguk had just finished school and was heading back home. Everyone knew each other in his neighbourhood, so his parents let him walk home alone when school was over. He always made sure to say hello to Mr. Jang, the fisherman that was always selling a new type of fish every day that he had caught early in the morning. Jeongguk has always been sensitive to smells, so he hated the smell of his shop, but Mr. Jang was always so warm and cheerful, and he always asked him how his day had been. Jeongguk replied with a ‘it was good’, as always, even though he didn’t think ‘good’ was the accurate answer. Mr. Jang would give him candy from time to time, and when he had them, a small limited edition ice-cream cone that came from the city, the city 5-year-old Jeongguk was so curious to know about. The small gestures of the older man always made Jeongguk happy, as if his cheerfulness got into Jeongguk as well.

“You’re always with your nose in that video game of yours.” The man said as Jeongguk said goodbye and focused back on his new gaming console, the newest in the market! It was grey and it had a big green screen. He could play a total of three games and they were so entertaining!

Truth is, he didn’t have any friends, so the small gaming console made up for it. No other kids wanted to be his friends for reasons Jeongguk never understood. He was a quiet and shy kid but he wasn’t rude! Yet no one seemed to want anything to do with him, so his parents bought him video games to entertain himself with those in the afternoons, since they were out working and he couldn’t play with any kids his age. That afternoon, however, three boys from his class approached him as he was walking by the playground near his house. The taller one, Byungho, called his name and Jeongguk startled, backpack falling down one shoulder because no one ever said his name unless it was his parents or Mr. Jang.

“Jeongguk! Come here!” The boy said, with a welcoming smile, waving at him. Jeongguk gripped his gaming console tighter, in excitement and fear at the same time. He had never been approached by anyone at his school! And now it finally was happening! He took quick but little steps towards the three boys, who were in front of the swings.

“Hi.” Jeongguk said, with a string of voice, shyly. His rosy cheeks showed the excitement within himself, but he was too happy to care.

“Do you want to play with us?” Byungho asked, to which Jeongguk nodded eagerly.

“Okay, then give us this.” One of the other kids said, reaching out and snatching the gaming console away from him.

Jeongguk gasped and tried to say something. His dad had said not to share it with anyone, because it was expensive and kids were cruel.

“Ah! You got it so easily!” Byungho said, but Jeongguk didn’t understand what he meant.

“How does this work?” The other kid said, looking down at Jeongguk. As a kid, Jeongguk had always been the smallest of them all.

“Ah! It’s very easy— look.” Jeongguk stepped forward, going to grab his console again when Byungho put himself in between.

“Don’t touch it.” He said, referring to the device.

“B-but— then how can I show you…?” Jeongguk says with a faint voice. Suddenly, he looked up and Byungho’s voice wasn’t as gentle anymore and his smile wasn’t welcoming either.

“You must be very spoiled to have a gaming console like this.” One of the other kids intervened.

Jeongguk didn’t know what that meant either. He was starting to get scared and he only wanted to get his device back and go home. “I have to go home.” Jeongguk managed to say with a string of voice.

“Okay.” Byungho and the other kids snorted. “Go.” He shrugged.

“But my gaming console—“

“It’s not yours anymore.” They all mocked him. “You gave it to us, remember?”

“N-no I— was sharing with you!” Jeongguk said, looking between the three boys. “Like friends do!” He tried to say, a little more cheerfully.

“We are not friends.” Byungho said, expression twitching into a disgust one. “You don’t have any friends.” He remarked.

Jeongguk wanted to say something, asking why they were being so mean to him. But nothing came out of his mouth. He was so shy he didn’t even know how to stand up for himself.

“You will never have any friends.” The boy with his console in his hands said. “No one will ever be friends with a nerd like you.” The three boys laughed out loud.

“You’re dumb for thinking we’re friends now.” Byungho said, pushing Jeongguk by the shoulders and making him trip and fall on his butt. “You’ll never have friends.” He said with a despicable tone. He got closer to him, blocking the sun falling right on Jeongguk’s face, frowning, with his hand curled into a fist. Jeongguk knew what was coming, but it never did.

“Byungho, get off!” Some other kid shouted from behind him. The boy stopped right away what was doing.

“Who are you?” One of the other boys said.

“I’m his friend.” The kid said, pointing at Jeongguk on the floor.

The three friends snorted. “Sure. Go away.”

“I think you should go away.” The kid didn’t back down even if the three boys were looking directly at him. Jeongguk was scared, but for some reason, this other boy wasn’t. He was wearing a red bucket hat with overalls and a red shirt underneath and he looked taller than the rest of them. “And treat your elders with respect. I’m your hyung!” The boy said, with a loud voice that ended in a subtle whine. 

“I don’t care.” Byungho clicked his tongue and rolled his eyes.

“You will care when I tell your mom what you’re doing.” The overalls kid threatened, crossing his arms over his chest. He had rosy and full cheeks.

“No! You won’t do that!” Byungho screamed like a baby.

“Oh, I will! And I will tell your school that you still wet the bed if you don’t stop messing with my friend!” The kid kept pushing, laughing evilly afterwards.

“No!” Byungho and his friends said at the same time.

“Then leave him alone and give him back his toy thing!” The boy with the gaming console gave it back to Jeongguk and left running, following by the other kid. Byungho stayed for two more seconds before glaring at them both and following suit.

Jeongguk couldn’t process what was happening. The kid in the red hat helped him up and cleaned his jeans, that were covered in sand from when Byungho pushed him to the floor.

“You are not my friend.” Jeongguk blurted out.

The boy smiled. “At least you have me.” He shrugs.

“Why did you help me?”

“You can always come to me if you need someone to love you.” The kid smiled widely. He had a crooked tooth and it was adorable how it sometimes got caught between his lips when he smiled.

“I don’t love you! I don’t even know who you are” Jeongguk said, making himself smaller and grabbing the gaming console tighter between his hands.

“I’m Park Jimin. You don’t need to call me hyung. And you?” The boy— Park Jimin, tilted his head, never ceasing to smile.

“I’m Jeongguk.” He only said, cheeks blushing because he was probably the most beautiful boy in the world, even if he had his face dirty from playing with the sand and the hair under his hat was all messy.

“Okay, well, Jeongguk-ah. You might not love me now, but when you are 100% sure you do, then come to find me.” Jimin said, and with that, he left towards the opposite direction Jeongguk was headed.

So he did just that, when a lot of years later he was browsing on the internet and found a YouTube channel from someone named “Park Jimin beauty”. He clicked on one of his videos and saw the same kid from a decade ago, with the same slightly crooked tooth and full cheeks. He now was more than beautiful, and his voice had become lower and deeper, yet he still talked sweetly and gently, like a prince. Jeongguk, naturally, binge-watched all of his videos, even if he wasn’t interested in make-up back in that time. He would wait for Jimin to upload every Friday, and he would watch him do crazy looks on his eyes and the most beautiful colour combinations he’d never could come up with. And slowly, but surely, began to fall in love with that same kid that called him his friend and told him to reach out when he was sure that he loved him. He kept his (not so) little crush on the older for years, with only Seokjin knowing. The older had insisted why was he so persistent on creating a gaming channel. He really wanted to do it because it was his passion, but because if he got famous enough, Park Jimin would recognise him in the middle of all the paparazzi flashes. And more years went by, until Jimin was the number 1 beauty guru and Jeongguk the number 1 twitch streamer. Yet their paths had never crossed. Jimin had never heard of Jeongguk, and the younger was sure he didn’t remember him. But he was fine with it. At some point, he’d meet his crush and eventually make him fall in love with him. And then the scandal happened, and Jeongguk saw the opportunity to finally approach him, help him out, get to know him. Would he be the same Jimin he met at the park all those years ago? Would Jimin recognise him when he saw him? Would his eternal crush on him fade away the minute they met each other? All those questions ran through his mind as he was getting ready to approach him at that party, having acted as if he didn’t know who he was on live. But Jimin was nothing like Jeongguk remembered. He was much more sassy, much more shy and much more fearful. And Jeongguk wanted to help him, of course he wanted to, but he was sure his crush would disappear because he had created an imaginary Jimin in his mind. Until they started to hang out and Jeongguk started to fall for the real Jimin this time. And it wasn’t just a crush, those were actual feelings. He couldn’t believe he got the courage to do all of that, to follow his advice as a kid and tell him once he was in love with him. And he had done it, as if the stars had written their destiny, Jeongguk thought Jimin and him were destined to be together. Because after all those years, all those relationships and empty promises he had experienced with other people, nothing compared to what Jimin made him feel.

Jeongguk chuckles lowly, thinking of how far they’ve both become. He is sure that he will eventually tell Jimin if he doesn’t remember, that he once saved him from those scary boys back when he was 5 years old and destiny made their paths cross again. Jeongguk hopes it will last for a long, long time. Just like his crush on Jimin, he hopes his feelings for him last forever. 


Jimin calls him saying he’s done with everything and asks him why are Taehyung and Hoseok freaking out over texts. When they meet back in the middle of Times Square, they grab dinner and get back to their hotel room, and spend an awful lot of hours video calling Hoseok and Taehyung. They look much more endeared with the other as usual, but Jimin doesn’t comment on it. He wonders how long will it take for them to finally realise their feelings.

The rest of the days they spend them by visiting every part of the city Jimin thinks is worth visiting. Jen brings them to a club one night and they get drunk, which leads to Jimin sucking Jeongguk off in the bathroom, and then the younger fucking him against the windows of their suite. Jimin feels like he’s in a honeymoon, and he never wants it to end. He films a cooking video with Jeongguk and uploads it a couple of days later. Everyone is swooning and talking about how cute they look in the comments, and this time Jimin feels his heart get bigger with those. He lets Jeongguk do his make-up one time, and he finally knows what it feels like to film videos like this with his boyfriend: it feels wonderful. They’re all giggles, and sneaky kisses, and light-hearted bickering, and steamy make outs, and cute dates and meaningful sex.

They end up ditching the Prada runway Jimin was supposed to go with someone else, so he ends up giving his tickets for Jen and her girlfriend, and instead they spend the night exploring New York at night. Jeongguk can’t be happier than this. Jimin can’t believe he found someone as wonderful as Jeongguk. And when it’s time to go, it feels like their little bubble is about to burst, but Jimin is determined to make things work. They’ve done it all that time they were fake-dating, so there is nothing to be worried about, right?

Jeongguk got lucky and could book another first class seat next to Jimin’s, so they cuddled all the way back to Seoul. They were so all over each other that Jimin had to get up to go to the bathroom and wash his face with cold water or else he’d end up riding Jeongguk right then and there. Jeongguk laughed a good amount when Jimin told him that.

“Don’t worry about it, once we get home I’ll let you do whatever you want.” Jeongguk had whispered, biting his earlobe right afterwards. 14 hours later, their plane was landing and Jimin was preparing himself to be met with nosy paparazzi and news reporters, but instead, they were greeted by nothing but peace. No one really knew when they were coming back, so they both sighed when they found no one really paid attention to them. They walked out of the doors, grabbed their suitcases and headed out where Taehyung had insisted to pick them up. Jimin was calm, especially happy because he was finally back home with Jeongguk.

He spots Taehyung leaning his back on one column, waiting, and Jimin is about to call his name when out of nowhere, Hoseok appears and invades his space, pressing against him and giving a long kiss to his lips. Jimin’s jaw falls open and he lets out the loudest screech ever. He lets go of Jeongguk’s hand and his bags, running afterwards towards his two best friends to basically scream at their faces.

“Oh my god, Kim Taehyung!!” Jimin yells, making half of the people in the airport turn around. Hoseok detaches himself from Taehyung at the sound of Jimin’s voice awkwardly.

Taehyung stands straight and sees Jimin’s surprised expression get close to them. “Surprise!” He says, laughing awkwardly, seeing Jeongguk approaching them behind Jimin.

“I think we all have a lot to catch up on.” Jeongguk says, looking between Jimin and his friends.


The trial starts two days after Jimin and Jeongguk get back to Seoul. Jimin is restless and Jeongguk somehow manages to overcome his jet lag quickly, so he gets back to streaming like he normally does and he stays the night with Jimin to calm him down. The night before the first day of trial, Jimin begs him to literally ‘fuck the stress out of him’ and Jeongguk is glad to do it, with a lot of kisses, cuddles and caresses once they’re done. The week goes well. Even if Jimin gets home pissed and he becomes kind of irritable, Jeongguk is there for him, to listen to his endless rants and his long, long complaints about how this should’ve never happened to him.

“Look at it from this perspective: if you hadn’t gone through that, we wouldn’t have met.” Jeongguk says, with Jimin between his arms and legs, both of them laying on Jeongguk’s bed, covered by the black sheets.

“You’re right.” Jimin mumbles, cheeks blushing slightly. Jeongguk smiles against Jimin’s hair after pressing a kiss there, and thinks about their relationship actually started, and he can’t wait to tell the older.

“Wanna play a game tomorrow with me?” Jeongguk suggests, switching positions so now Jimin is on his back and he is hovering over the older.

“Sure.” Jimin smiles, tugging him forward to kiss him until they both fall asleep.


After a week, the trial is finally over and Jimin wins. All the accusations against him vanished from the internet incredibly quickly, and they got replaced by thousands of new articles explaining the entire situation. Jimin’s social media explodes with tons of new followers, direct messages and cute comments of support. But Jimin doesn’t pay any attention to all of that.

He parks his car and gets out, with his black beret and a black mask covering his face. He enters the shop and asks the guy at the other side of the counter to help him with what he wants to buy. The boy can barely move because he recognises Jimin this time. Of course he would! He’s the guy that keeps showing up on TV and looks like a god sculpted his face.

“Thank you! Come back again.” The boy says as Jimin exits de shop with a smile, bags on both hands.


Jeongguk is putting his clothes on when the doorbell rings. He rushes to open it, with his hair slightly messy still. “When did you wake up today?” Jeongguk asks, not even greeting Jimin with a good morning. “I woke up alone and with no texts from you and I thought you already got tired of me.” He says, with puppy eyes and a pout.

Jimin laughs and gets on his tippy toes to kiss him. “Here you go.” He adds, shoving two full bags in front of him.

“What’s this?” Jeongguk wonders, taking one of the bags and opening it. inside, he finds the rest of the games he asked Jimin to buy at the beginning of their fake relationship. It was only an excuse, at the end of the day, but his face lights up like an excited baby.

“All the games you wanted me to buy for you.” Jimin replies. Jeongguk is so grateful and happy that Jimin even remembered this that he can’t help it but lift the older off his feet, spin him around while dropping the bags on the floor, and starts to kiss him all over. Jimin clings to him like he always does, desperately and needy, and Jeongguk will never get enough of it. He walks inside the living room and lays Jimin down on the couch, starting to unbutton his shirt and Jimin doing the same with his pants. They still have a little bit of time until the stream has to begin so they can use it like this. Jeongguk trails down Jimin’s neck with open-mouthed kisses that make the older shiver and hum softly. Jimin tugs at Jeongguk’s hair and makes a moan come out from the back of his throat. Jimin successfully pushes Jeongguk’s baggy shirt off of him and Jeongguk is about to put his hand inside Jimin’s jeans—

“Yah! Jeongguk your door is wide open!” Seokjin says, entering the apartment. “Oh my god—” He gasps when he sees the two lovebirds on the couch, with Jeongguk half naked and Jimin under him.

“Jin-hyung!” Jeongguk whines, awkwardly trying to push himself off of Jimin and failing miserably, ending up falling down the couch and hitting the floor with a loud thud. Jimin gets up and fixes his hair and pants, wishing no one’s eyes have travelled down enough to notice his semi-hard tucked uncomfortably inside his jeans.

Namjoon and Yoongi stay in a corner trying not to laugh, whilst Jeongguk grabs his shirt and puts it on. Jimin is all shades of red and he wants the world to swallow him right then and there. “Ah, kids these days.” Seokjin jokes, shaking his head.

“Don’t talk like an old man.” Namjoon scrunches his nose.

“We’ll get going upstairs.” Yoongi decides to say, pushing the other couple up the stairs.

Jeongguk looks at Jimin with an apologetic smile and the older waddles to him, hiding his burning face on the crook of his neck. “I’m embarrassed.”

“No need to be.” Jeongguk caresses Jimin’s hair. “We’ve all seen worse, Jin-hyung can’t say anything.” He chuckles. Jimin doesn’t want to ask but he figures it’s something regarding Seokjin and Namjoon. 

“Jeonggukie.” Jimin says, with his voice softer this time.

“Yeah, baby?” Jeongguk says, loosening his hold on Jimin so he can look at him directly.

“I love you.” Jimin blurts out. He’s known for a while now. Especially during the trial, where Jeongguk was by his side even if he was extremely annoying and got angry over everything.

Jeongguk seems to enjoy those words by the way his eyes flutter closed for a few seconds. “I love you too, baby.” He replies, kissing him longingly and sweetly.

“Are you coming or not?!” Yoongi shouts from upstairs.

Jimin and Jeongguk both smile into their kiss and then put their foreheads together.

And Jimin was no longer scared, not even for the future backlash he would get eventually, because everything was fine, everything was okay if he had Jeongguk by his side.

He truly loved him,

And that was enough.