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Chapter 22


“You’re not wearing your necklace,” Eve murmured, rubbing her hand over Villanelle’s bare neck, cuddled up next to her after waking up. They did sleep, it wasn’t the only thing they did, but they did eventually go to sleep. After Eve wrapped Villanelle’s knuckles in gauze, they quickly found themselves back at the blonde’s apartment (after they had checked that both patients from the car accident were being taken care of) and Eve obviously spent the night.


“Oh.. right,” Villanelle turned to her nightstand, opening the top drawer and pulling out the necklace which was in….a plastic bag?


“It... I don’t know what to call it...” She said holding the bag in front of the brunette’s face.


The necklace had rusted. It was all copper and half-green. 


“Oh, V, I’m so sorry, I knew it was cheap but..” Eve started inspecting the necklace, rubbing her thumb over the plastic bag.


“Eve. Do not be sorry. I love the necklace and I will cherish it forever. But… forever in the plastic bag, because as much as I love it, I will choose to not get my neck green.” Villanelle reassured, rubbing small designs on the brunette’s back, staring at the necklace as well. 


Eve had an idea. The blonde was going to love it, but it’ll have to stay a secret for a little longer.


“As much as I don’t want to mention it… we should probably get to work.” She said, taking the plastic bag and putting it back in the drawer. When she started to sit up, Eve wrapped a leg around her waist, straddling her.


“Maybe,” The consultant whispered, leaning into Villanelle, “we can be late.”




When they finally got to the hospital, they were greeted with Elena, Kenny, and Hugo in the Lounge.


“Oh hi guys, you’re...” Hugo checked his watch, “quite late.”


“Yeah, where have you been?” Kenny chimed in, oblivious.


Villanelle smirked while Eve’s face went very very red.


“Traffic,” Eve said shortly, turning toward the changing room.


“Foot traffic?” Elena called out, grinning, but both Villanelle and Eve had left to change into their scrubs.


“We’re going to have to tell people eventually,” The blonde snaked her arms around the brunette’s waist and pulled her closer, “It’s very hard to keep my hands off of you…” She started trailing kisses down the shorter woman’s neck.


“Mmm well, you might need to learn some self-control.” Eve smiled, turning around to face the blonde.


Villanelle could flirt all day, but she wasn’t joking. They were really going to have to tell people about their relationship. Sooner rather than later. And she really didn’t want to hide behind closed doors anymore. 


“Eve… I don’t want to be a secret anymore. I did that with Anna and that...” Villanelle was looking down, shaking her head slightly, unable to make eye contact with the brunette. 


As grateful as she was for Eve apologizing and both of them acknowledging their mistakes, she still found it difficult to be so emotionally vulnerable. All in due time.


“I don’t want you to be a secret either,” Eve replied, cupping the taller woman’s face.


Hazel eyes perked up then.


“So you want to…” She furrowed her brow, eyes wide, waiting for the brunette to finish her sentence.


“I want to tell people. Not everyone, but the people we care about. Like Kenny, Hugo,” She wrapped her arms around the blonde’s neck, “When I thought you were in that car accident, the first thing I thought of was... well, that you were in the accident... but, I mostly thought about how stupid I was.” Eve was fiddling with Villanelle’s hair while she talked, the blonde wrapping her arms around the brunette’s waist.


“You asked me to be your girlfriend, something new and scary to you, and I went behind your back, making you not trust me or... yourself. I was so stupid asking for us to be a secret because I see this going somewhere and I… I don’t want to hide that anymore.” 


She was thinking about dropping the ‘L’ bomb, but she thought it was too early. They hadn’t even talked about whether they were back together or not, so using the ‘L-word’ might be too much for both of them right now. Eve wasn’t even sure if she felt it... yet.


The blonde couldn’t believe what she was hearing. This was all that she wanted and more. She found someone that wasn’t ashamed to be with her. She found someone that wanted the world to know how they felt about her.


“That... that would be amazing, Eve. Thank you.” She bent down and pressed a chaste kiss to Eve’s lips.


“Does this mean you’re my girlfriend again?” Villanelle murmured, her forehead pressed to Eve’s.


The brunette couldn’t help but giggle. Are we sure they are surgeons in a hospital and not teenagers in high school?


“Yes, I am your girlfriend... again.” 


This time, she was sure.




“How about tomorrow, we could all go get drinks and we can tell everyone?” Eve grinned.


“Perfect.” Villanelle captured Eve’s lips with her own, again.




It was Friday, which meant it was, technically, Villanelle’s last day on General (unless she was called in during the weekend). She had actually enjoyed the week a lot. Obviously, she enjoyed today much more because she and Eve were back together, but she did like working with Bill. And she only saw Nadia a few times, so there were very few awkward encounters.


Except, she didn’t feel it. As much as she liked Bill, she didn’t like General. It was nice, necessary of course, but Villanelle knew it wasn’t going to be her specialty. And at this point, she was getting very upset at herself. She just wanted to pick a specialty and be done with this choice. Hopefully, whatever specialty she was on next week was one she could see herself doing in the future. She was tired of all this .


When the day finally ended, she pulled out her phone and saw a text from Eve with an attached address.


Eve: I’m taking you out to dinner tonight. Go home, dress sexy (please), and then meet me here at 8. x


Eve had a wonderful day. She and Elena were in the Trauma center (literally where else would they be?) and didn’t have any surgeries the whole day. This happened from time to time, and the brunette was more than grateful for a relaxed day. 


They went to see a few patients that needed to be checked on, but they spent most of the day talking to each other (how very unprofessional of them). Elena, obviously, noticed how different Eve was acting and due to her sixth-sense, she chalked it up to her being back together with Villanelle.


“I’m just… she makes me so happy. I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever been this happy before.” She said, walking next to Elena toward the Lounge.


“Babe, honestly, you’re actually glowing. I’m so happy for you, really.” 


Eve couldn’t help but smile. Her best friend is happy and supportive of her and Villanelle. That’s on everyone’s checklist when in a relationship. She’d gotten the best friend stamp of approval. She’d kind of already had it, but now it was official.


“I do have something to tell you, Eve...”


“Is everything okay?” The consultant stopped and turned to her.


“Yes! Yes... sorry bad way to start. I… well, while you and V were on a ‘break’,” She air quoted ‘break’ and Eve rolled her eyes, “Kenny and I kind of… got together..” She was nervous. This was the first time Eve had seen Elena nervous. Oh my god.


“No fucking way! Why didn’t you tell me?” Eve’s grin was so big, Elena had to roll her eyes.


“I don’t want an ‘I told you so’... it just kind of happened, okay? And you had a lot going on.” Elena shrugged and continued walking.


Eve knew she shouldn’t mention how often she had said they’d be great together… Even though she had obviously been right. So, she just wrapped her arm around Elena’s shoulder and rested her head on the other woman.


“I’m happy for you too.”


Eve’s happiness was skyrocketing. She wanted to keep it going so she thought she’d take Villanelle on a date. She didn’t know if they had been on an official date yet. 


There was Cherry on Top, but they weren’t together yet…

There was The Telephone, but they had just decided on ‘friends’ while they were there...

There was the coffee shop where Villanelle asked her to be her girlfriend, but that wasn’t a date-date….


Oh, well, there was the fun-fair. 


That was a date, right? I don’t think either had said it was, but it definitely seemed like one. But, they broke up after that. Okay, so, technically, this was their second official date, but, it was their first official date since they got back together. And Eve was going to make it count. 


She sent that text to Villanelle as soon as she got off work, already preparing to make the night as special as possible for her girlfriend. 




I don’t think Villanelle was more excited than at that moment. She was rushing home, even though she had plenty of time because she, just like Eve, was beyond happy. She had never felt this supported, cared for, or trusted. Also, as much as she loved to surprise Eve, she liked the change of Eve surprising her. She had no idea what the other woman had planned, other than dinner. And she loved the mystery.


She finally picked her outfit. Eve told her to dress sexy and she happily obliged. She was wearing a velvet dark purple sleeveless V-neck dress that went down to her mid-thigh, pairing it with black heels. The dress showed a lot of cleavage, which was something she knew Eve would appreciate. She curled her hair, slightly, and let it down.


She took an Uber to the address Eve had sent, bouncing her leg up and down the entire way. She was very nervous. No one had taken her out on a date before. When she stepped out, she arrived at the restaurant. Clos Maggiore. The exterior was beautiful; a red wooden door, plants lined the black gate surrounding the few tables that were outside, with a dark red overhead. This place was very fancy.


She walked inside, meeting the hostess. 


“Do you have a reservation?” Was that an Italian accent?


“Oh uh...” Eve hadn’t given her any details about what to do when she got there.


“Are you Ms. Astankova?” The hostess looked down at what Villanelle assumed to be the list of reservations and then looked back up to her. How did she know? What was Eve up to?


“Yes, I am.” 


“Right this way,” The woman gestured to follow her, and Villanelle did.


And she was led to one of the most beautiful rooms she had ever seen. There was soft jazz music playing in the background, dim lighting, a roaring fire in a huge fireplace, colorful paintings around the walls, and… the flowers.


The room’s roof was covered by a canopy of branches and blossoms intertwined with white fairy lights. The pillars throughout the room were wrapped in vines, creating the effect of being in a cherry blossom vineyard. Villanelle assumed they weren’t real trees and the blossoms would create quite a mess, but real or not, they were stunning. And not to brag, but Villanelle was fluent in both French and Italian so she knew Clos was the French word for ‘enclosed’, and maggiore the Italian word for ‘greater’. They had it spot on.


She was looking in every direction as she followed the hostess, taking in the beautiful scenery. But then, as they approached the table closest to the fireplace, she saw her. 




The brunette turned to her and smiled, standing up from her chair, revealing her dress. It was a black backless dress with criss-cross straps, wrapping around her neck. Her hair was in a high-bun, which Villanelle wasn’t too pleased about, but the dress hung to her waist so perfectly and that was something Villanelle was very pleased about. 


The hostess stepped aside and gestured toward the table, letting the blonde by, before she turned around back to the front of the restaurant. Villanelle sauntered up to Eve, looking her up and down. Eve was doing the same, but she was able to do it much more subtly than the blonde.


“You look ravishing,” The blonde whispered, pulling Eve for a kiss.


“You too, and how have I not seen you in this before?” She looked down again, studying Villanelle’s velvet dress and definitely not looking at her chest.


“All you have to do is tell me to dress sexy, Eve.” They both sat down, facing each other. 


“Hmmm, duly noted.” Eve grinned, putting her hand out, palm-up, on the table for the blonde to take. She quickly did. 


Villanelle looked around the room again, still enraptured by the lights and the flowers, as she rubbed her thumb over Eve’s hand on the table.


“It’s so beautiful...” 


“It is,” Eve smiled, her eyes not moving from the blonde in front of her.


“And I’m the charmer?” Villanelle looked back at her, rolling her eyes, smirking.


Eve shrugged, still grinning.


“Je suis si heureuse d'être ici avec toi, mon amour,” Villanelle leaned forward on her elbows. Fuck, not the accents. Eve couldn’t take that right now. They were in public.


“Moi aussi.”


“Eve, you speak French and you didn’t tell me?” Villanelle sat back in faux-disappointment.


“I took a little in high school… and in college.” She shrugged. She liked learning languages but she’d never had time after University to continue studying them.


“Tu sei la cosa più bella che mi sia mai capitata.” Villanelle whispered, her hazel eyes piercing into Eve’s brown.


“But, I did not take Italian,” Being a surgeon in the UK, she was at least able to pick up the fact that Villanelle was speaking Italian. However, she’d have to try and remember what Villanelle said and look it up later.


“Mmm, va bene amore mio. Un giorno ti porto,” The blonde smirked, pulling Eve hand up to her lips and kissing her knuckles. She wasn’t kidding, she was going to take Eve to Italy one day.


“Drinks, ladies?” A waiter came up next to their table, speaking with a slight French accent.


“What would you like?” Eve turned from the waiter toward the blonde.


“Pourrions-nous obtenir une bouteille de Louis Roederer Brut Premier, s'il vous plaît?” Villanelle asked the waiter, in a perfect French accent.


“Oh uh oui, oui.” The waiter nodded and walked away, slightly taken aback by the beautiful woman speaking amazing French.


“God, you are so hot.” Eve breathed. She really loved accents. Don’t judge.


“Merci, mon amour, mais tu es la plus belle...” Villanelle rested her chin on her hand, taking her other hand away from Eve’s and pulling it below the table.


“How ‘bout we wait for that ‘till we get home, yeah?” Eve said, putting her hand on top of Villanelle’s as it reached the top of her thigh.


The blonde swears her heart skipped a beat when Eve said ‘home’. 


“Your champagne… are you two ready to order?” The waiter said, setting the bottle of champagne and two glasses in the middle of the table.


Neither of them had looked at the menu but they said yes anyway. They both looked down and picked the first thing they saw. Eve got the Coq Au Vin and Villanelle ordered the Pappardella pasta. The brunette took the champagne glass and popped it open, some bubbles spilling over the top and onto the tablecloth, getting a chuckle from Villanelle. Eve poured them both glasses, raising her own, her girlfriend doing the same. 


“To us,” 


“To us.”


They clinked glasses.




“So, did you like working with Bill?” The brunette asked, finishing the last of her chicken.


“Eve, you can just ask if you think I’m going to go into general surgery.” She smirked into her glass.


“Are you?”


“No. I liked Bill a lot but it just wasn’t…”






“I have something for you.” Eve pulled her purse from the side of her chair and opened it, fishing around for something.


“Oh, a gift? Pour moi?” Villanelle smiled, pointing at herself.


“Yes, for you,” The brunette bit her lip, “I hope you like it.” 


She stood up, walking to stand behind Villanelle.


On the way to the restaurant, Eve stopped at a fancy jewelry store. It may have cost half a month’s rent, but for Villanelle, it was worth it. She pushed the honey-blonde hair to the side, wrapping the 14k gold necklace around her neck. Villanelle’s breath hitched when her fingers ran over the actual gold heart pendant as the brunette sat back down across the table. It was just like the one from the fun-fair that had rusted.




The heart was engraved with a …. a ‘V’. 


Villanelle’s heart melted. Eve understood how much that name meant to her. No one had gotten her such a meaningful gift. 


“You like it?” Eve breathed.


“I love it, Eve. So much. Thank you.” Villanelle bent over the table, Eve doing the same, their lips meeting in the middle.




“As much as I love this dress, it needs to go,” Villanelle whispered in Eve’s ear, “Now.”


They were back at Villanelle’s apartment, both surprised to have made it to the bed with their clothes on. The blonde practically pounced on Eve as soon as she heard the door close.


Eve understands what the blonde means so she turns, her back facing the other woman. She feels the zipper go down, slower than she’d like, but the dress finally puddles around her feet and she quickly kicks it away. Then she instantly feels lips trailing her neck, up to her jaw. She turns, meeting what usually are bright eyes, but are now very very dark.


Eve just raises her eyebrow, a suggestion of what Villanelle should do next.


The blonde bit her lip and does just what Eve did a second ago. She turned, feeling goosebumps form as the zipper slid down. Then the dress is gone. Quickly, Villanelle’s calves hit the side of her bed. Then Eve is straddling her. Then Eve is kissing her.


“Eve... your hair...” The blonde mumbled on her lips.


The brunette smirks, using her free hand to pull the tie out of her hair, letting it all flow down.


“Sensationnel,” Villanelle said, in a french accent, and pushed her hands into the untamed hair, pulling her closer until their mouths met again. Eve felt the pressure build between her thighs so she nipped at the blonde’s bottom lip, enticing what she considered a moan. This encouraged her enough to push Villanelle fully onto the bed. Eve moves lower, taking her time, making the blonde wait. When she gets an opportunity to tease, you know she’s going to take it.


Villanelle spreads her legs wider, and Eve looks at her, her kiss-swollen lips and blown pupils, as she puts her tongue where Villanelle needed her. The blonde’s hips buck up involuntarily. Her hands are still in Eve’s dark curls, scraping at her scalp.


“Eve,” she breathes, “Please– ”


Eve puts her mouth on the bundle of nerves and sucks, nibbles, and licks. Anything. Everything. Villanelle's hips push up closer and closer into her mouth. She's not sure which one of them is moaning. Maybe both of them. Honestly, it’s probably both of them. She sucks until her chin is dripping, and Villanelle's thighs tighten around her shoulders and the blonde’s back is arching off the bed, her head back on the sheets, and her mouth open in a silent moan. She's panting, her breathing uneven, her ab muscles flexing. 


“Eve,” The blonde says eventually, “Eve.”


Villanelle grabs her arms and pulls Eve up onto her, kissing her deeply. 


“My turn.”


They wake up entangled in each other’s arms. It’s happened so frequently, it feels normal. Like this how they should wake up every day. Eve, surprisingly, wakes up first, her head on Villanelle’s chest. She moves her head up slightly, looking at Villanelle, sleeping. She was wearing the necklace. Her hair was everywhere and her lips were parted just a little. She was gorgeous.


“I can feel your eyes on me.” The blonde says, her eyes still closed.


“Sorry,” Eve looks away, blushing.


“It’s okay, I like it,” Villanelle’s eyes opening, her finger pushing Eve’s chin upwards so they’re looking at each other, “You’re so beautiful in the morning, Eve.”


As if Eve wasn’t already blushing, she definitely was now. Her hair was an absolute mess, she still had her makeup on, and she hadn’t had a shower last night. Still, Villanelle thought she was beautiful.


“You know what today is?” Eve asked, tilting her head.


“Uhhh... Saturday?” 


“Exactly, which means we can sleep in.” She leans in, capturing the blonde’s lips with her own.


“Or... we could go get breakfast? I really worked up an appetite last night.” Villanelle smirks as Eve slumps back onto the pillows.


“Fine, just… let me shower first.” The brunette says, turning to get off the bed, her eyes meeting the dresses rumpled on the floor.


“Can I…” She turns to Villanelle who is still fucking smirking and looking her up and down. Does she ever stop?


“Borrow clothes? Why, yes of course.” She says, jumping up, naked, to the dresser to look through her clothes.


Eve just rolls her eyes before grabbing her phone, walking into the bathroom, and closing the door.




Villanelle easily picked clothes for Eve. 


She knows what she likes, and… she knows what Eve likes. They are not the same, so she compromised. Mom jeans and a v-neck t-shirt. Eve will appreciate the comfort of non-skinny jeans. She might not appreciate how low the t-shirt goes, but Villanelle will. Compromise.


After the blonde picked out the clothes for Eve and changed into her own, she sat on the bed waiting for the brunette. She didn’t hear the water running anymore. The other woman had been in there for a long time. When she walked up the door, she heard her voice, mumbling something frantically. She must be on the phone?


Villanelle was sitting on the side of the bed, her legs swaying back and forth, when Eve came out, her eyes red with tears coming down her face.


“Eve, what’s wrong?” The blonde jumped up toward the other woman, putting her arms on the side of her arms.


“My mom… she-... she’s coming to London….she says she has a- … a brain tumor.” Eve breaks out into a sob, falling into Villanelle’s arms.