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Chapter 11


Villanelle was right. They had gotten to the hospital faster than they would have if they had walked. Except, Villanelle broke 2 or 3 traffic laws doing so. Eve didn’t say anything because she knew that was her first and last time on a motorcycle.


Villanelle parked right outside and they both jogged into the Trauma center, where Elena was standing there, waiting for them.


“Here!” She yelled, throwing both Eve and Villanelle some lab coats. 


They took off their jackets and put the white coat on over their clothes. It was an emergency, they just didn’t have time. They would change into their scrubs before surgery, but, they hoped none of the kids would need an operation.


“What happened?” Eve asked, tying her hair up, speed-walking between Elena and Villanelle.


“School bus coming back from a field trip crashed into the side of another truck. The bus driver was asleep at the bloody wheel. Luckily, the truck driver wasn’t hurt but there are 10 kids and the bus driver here. Two of the kids are fine, just needed a cast.” She gestured toward two teenagers, both sitting on the hospital bed closest to them.


“Hugo and Jess are over there, with the youngest ones. Bill and Konstantin are around here somewhere too. The rest of the kids need immediate attention, though. We needed everyone we could get, so I called you.” Elena continued, still speed-walking through the center, Eve and Villanelle in tow, surveying their surroundings.


The trauma center normally doesn’t have many people in it at once so this was an unusual sight. Nevertheless, Eve was completely focused. This is what she has dedicated her life to do. Villanelle was just as focused. This is what she has trained for. And she was going to do it right.


“We’ll go over here and look at those boys.” Eve gestured to her right at two boys laying in beds next to each other.


“Right okay, I’ll be over here. Shout if you need me!” Elena rushed in the other direction.


Eve and Villanelle took a couple of steps toward the boys. They looked asleep. One was smaller than the other, must’ve been only 12 or 13. The other seemed older, maybe 17 or 18. 


“I’ll take this one, you get that one.” Eve nodded her head in the direction of the older kid and then gestured to the younger one for Villanelle.


“‘Kay, boss.” Villanelle quickly nodded and walked around Eve to the side of the younger boy’s bed. 


Eve walked to the opposite side of the older boy’s bed. 


She looked at his chart and scanned it quickly. Eve had been right with her guess, he was only 18. 


It looked like he had a neck fracture and a possible broken tibia. His neck fracture, Eve saw on the X-ray, was very minor and he would only need brace for a few months. No need for surgery.


She saw he had already gotten an X-ray of his leg. She only took a few seconds to realize that his tibia was definitely broken. It was pretty bad. He would need surgery to repair it. Eve was trying to think about which method would be best when the boy woke up. 


“Is it bad?” The boy asked groggily.


“Oh, hi…” She looked back at his chart to find his name.


“James. James, how are you feeling? How’s the pain?” She asked, coming closer to his bed, scanning his injuries.


“Pretty bad. My leg hurts quite a bit.” He winced when he tried to sit up.


“Don’t sit up, James. Your neck has a minor fracture and your tibia is broken.” Eve gently placed her arm on his shoulder, preventing him from sitting upwards any more. 


“Do I .. will I need surgery?” James inquired, now looking at Eve.


“Unfortunately, yes. Your tibia is in pretty bad shape so we will have to take you into the OR. Luckily, I’ve been doing this a while so you’re in good hands.” Eve smiled softly. 


She knew this must’ve been a lot to take in so she was being as patient as she could. 


“Doing this a while? What do you mean? You look 25! I thought you were a med student at first.” James chuckled lightly, holding his chest.


“Hah! You’re funny. Thank you, James. That’s very sweet. But no, I’m the Trauma surgeon consultant.” Eve laughed loudly. 


James was being kind and taking all this news quite well. Eve wanted him to feel as comfortable as possible, especially before a big surgery. 


Eve was laughing was when Villanelle’s eyes snapped up. 


She had been examining the younger boy, who she found out was named Devin. He had also gotten a few X-rays when he arrived. He was extremely lucky because he only had a sprained wrist. Villanelle was putting it in a splint when she heard Eve’s laugh. She assumed the boy, the patient, complimented her since Eve was blushing.


“Well James, Dr. Astankova here will quickly prep you for surgery and I’ll see you in there, alright?” Eve gestured to Villanelle, who was now walking around to James’s bed.


“Yes, thanks so much Doc.” James said smiling and waving slightly. 


Eve was gorgeous, who wouldn’t have a crush on her?


Eve turned toward Villanelle, who was now behind her. She placed a hand on her shoulder and smiled, an indication of gratitude, and then walked away.


Villanelle couldn’t stop smiling after that. She never knew such a simple act could make her feel so much. Hopefully, she wasn’t blushing. 


“She’s real fit, isn’t she?” James asked, staring at the direction Eve walked in, while Villanelle prepared him to go to the OR.


Villanelle clenched her jaw. She wasn’t jealous of an 18-year old boy . She couldn’t be. That would be ridiculous. But.. she kinda was. Not jealous , per se. More...envious, maybe? 


She didn’t really know what she was feeling, all she did know was that she wanted Eve. Not as a friend.


“Yes, very.” She replied, honestly. What harm would it do?




Eve and Villanelle had both changed into their scrubs when they met in the OR. Eve had been scrubbing in for a few minutes when Villanelle walked in. 


Usually, Villanelle would be pulled wherever Konstantin was since she was technically still on Cardio until Monday. But, he was already in surgery with Kenny. It was easier just to go in with Eve. Especially, since they arrived together and Villanelle had already prepped James for the operation. 


Those were both Villanelle’s and Eve’s reasons. It would’ve been just as easy for Eve to bring Elena, but she didn’t think about that. 


Eve wanted silence while she scrubbed in. She wanted to focus on what her surgery would involve and she did not want to talk to Villanelle. It would be awkward, right?


Still, despite the potential awkwardness, Eve wanted to be around her. She wanted to do this surgery with her . She just wanted to avoid talking about the… almost kiss. 


She kept thinking about the fact that if Elena hadn’t called her, she’d probably have kissed Villanelle. Just the thought of that was overwhelming. It consumed her. But she knew it couldn’t, Eve told herself. Not only was she literally about to perform surgery on a young boy, but she couldn’t let these feelings about a registrar half her age occupy her mind. 


“Eve… we should probably talk about...” Villanelle started to say, looking at her hands.


Villanelle knew, from experience, that avoiding conversations never helped the situation. 


She needed to talk to Eve. Before it made the situation worse. How would she have felt if she had kissed her? Would she have pulled away? Villanelle doubted it, but she still wanted to know. Did Eve want it to happen again? 


What did Eve want? The million-dollar question. 


Was Eve just looking for someone to fuck? Or was she looking for someone to date? To be fair, Villanelle didn’t know exactly what she wanted either. Just that she wanted Eve. To be around here. To learn more about her. To know her. 


To her surprise, she also wanted Eve to know her . She’d never wanted that before. She’d always preferred to be a mystery and share as little about herself as she could. But, she didn’t want that with Eve. 


It’d take time but, she wanted to tell Eve everything. She just needed Eve to talk to her. She couldn’t pull away. She couldn’t leave her. Everyone had left her.


“Not right now, later, okay?” Eve didn’t even wait for Villanelle’s response before she rushed into the OR.