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Chapter 10


Being friends with Villanelle was even harder than Eve originally thought. They had moved to sit at the bar to finish their drinks and while they were sitting, four women had already come up to them, trying to flirt with Villanelle. Four . There had been one man too! They’d only been there for an hour, an hour-and-a-half tops.


Eve couldn’t believe it. Well, yes, she could. Villanelle was gorgeous and young. But it still bothered her nonetheless. She tried not to let it, telling herself that Villanelle was her friend and could flirt with anyone she wanted. However, Eve wanted that person to be her. Not random people at bars.


To her credit, Villanelle had turned every woman (and that one man) down. Telling them she wasn’t interested because she was out with a friend for the night. It made Eve happy that she didn’t entertain any of them for more than a few seconds. Except, the fourth woman. 


Eve had increasingly shown her annoyance of the women that kept walking to Villanelle. It was hard not to. Obviously, the man wasn’t going to get anywhere so she forgot about him as soon as Villanelle quickly brushed him away. 


At first, it was just looking away from them, then it was rolling her eyes, and then it was audibly groaning when another woman walked up. Every time, Villanelle’s smirk got bigger. She liked jealous Eve. Even though, they were “just friends”.


So, when the fourth woman walked up to Villanelle, asking a variation of “can I buy you a drink?” or “are you here alone?” Eve couldn’t have cared less. 


That’s a lie, she visibly rolled her eyes, looking back to the bar, muttering an “oh my god, not again.” She cared quite a bit.


Sure, she and Villanelle weren’t in the middle of an important conversation, they were just discussing the hospital, the staff, and specialties. Normal surgeon stuff. Then the woman interrupts them. Rude nonetheless, Eve thought.


Eve was snapped out of her annoyance when Villanelle continued to speak to the woman. She’d assumed she’d have turned her away, like the others, by now.


“You’re very pretty, I really do love your hair.” She heard Villanelle say, now in a posh British accent. 


How the hell did she do that? And how was Eve attracted to a woman flirting with another woman right in front of her? Accents. Stupid accents.


Her head snapped up hearing the change in accent and she saw Villanelle running her hands through the hair of some woman. Closer to Villanelle’s age, looking nothing like Eve. 


She was tall, straight long brown hair, brown eyes. Nothing special, Eve thought. Then she shook her head, why was she getting mean? Even if that thought was in her head, it wasn’t right. She wasn’t jealous. She shouldn’t be jealous. Stupid green-eyed monster.


Villanelle could feel Eve’s rage, without even looking at her. Villanelle was enjoying this. Winding the other woman up was very very fun. 


Eve knew what Villanelle was doing but she couldn’t stop herself. She was annoyed. But, they were just friends, nothing more. Her brain kept telling her that friends don’t get jealous of friends flirting with other people. 


Eve didn’t listen to her brain.


“Actually, she’s here with me, so...” Eve stated looking directly at the brunette, not caring who she was or what her name was. 


She just wanted her gone. She wanted to spend time with Villanelle, alone. As friends . Even if her comment made it sound like they were more than friends, it didn’t matter. Anything to get the woman to leave them alone, right?


“Oh, so sorry, I just assumed..” The brunette said, bewildered that Eve spoke to her.


“Yeah, sorry.” Villanelle said distractedly, looking at Eve. 


She was shocked, impressed, and a little aroused that Eve spoke to the woman. Sometimes, jealousy was hot. The brunette quickly walked away, feeling very embarrassed and slightly confused.


“Eve, you are a terrible wing woman.” Villanelle teased, returning back to her Russian accent, turning fully towards Eve.


“Yeah, sorry. Just didn’t think you were all that interested, my bad.” Eve retorted, sipping her drink, avoiding eye contact.


“Now why would you think that?” Villanelle purred, slipping back into that British accent, leaning towards her, the smirk never faltering.


“No reason.” Eve blurted out. Fuck those accents. Why was she so good at them?


Do friends talk like this to each other? Eve had other friends, and those friends definitely didn’t talk to her like this.


“Hmm.” Villanelle chuckled slightly, leaning back, satisfied with her teasing for now.


Eve was desperately trying to change the subject. No more flirting, no more topics about flirting, no more strangers to flirt with.


“Why did you change your name?’ Eve inquired, instantly regretting it. It was the only thing she could think of.


Villanelle’s jaw clenched and her lips pursed. She didn’t even know what to say or what not to say. Did she tell Eve about Anna and what happened in Liverpool? No, it was too much. Did she tell her about her parents? No, again, probably too much.


“I wanted a new life. Let’s just say that... Russia... wasn’t all that great.” Villanelle sighed, trying to smile. That was enough information, right?


Eve was now looking at her, Villanelle could feel it. 


Shit, Eve thought. This was definitely personal. Why did she ask?


“Villanelle... I’m here for you. You can tell me... if you want to.” Eve put her hand on Villanelle’s forearm, who now instantly looked up at her. 


“My parents.. they were umm.. they weren’t great parents. They weren’t great people either. So as soon as I could, I got out. As far away as possible. I ended up in Scotland briefly, then in Liverpool. I just wanted to forget about them and forget about Russia. So I changed my name. I thought that would help.” Villanelle murmured, happy with the amount (or lack of) detail she gave Eve. 


Luckily, the bar wasn’t actually that loud so Eve could hear her. But after hearing that , Eve felt terrible.


She had grown up with fantastic parents, both were supportive and kind, pushing her to be the best she could be. Without them, she had no idea where she would be. When she lost her dad, she lost a lot of that support. 


But she was able to continue, in her life and then in her career, because of what he had taught her. She could hardly imagine what growing up with two parents, neither supportive, would’ve been like. What that would do to a child. A young girl.


Even though she knew there was more that Villanelle wasn’t saying, Eve could tell she wasn’t ready to talk about it. Eve was here, though, whenever she was. 


“I’m so sorry Villanelle. That must’ve been awful.” Eve said, her hand lowering until her and Villanelle’s hands were intertwined. Villanelle looked up at Eve, more emotional than she had expected to be. She had barely given any details. 


Yet, here she was, on the edge of tears, holding hands with a woman she really liked. A woman she could see herself dating. Villanelle never dated anyone. She had flings, one-night-stands. None of those meant anything to her. She, technically, hadn’t even dated Anna, who was someone that had meant something to her. 


They both just looked at each other for a moment. Eve was trying to express that she was here for Villanelle if she wanted to talk about it. She already cared for the younger woman, and knowing what a terrible childhood she must’ve gone through, it just made her care more. She wanted to make her feel better, she wanted her to know that she never had to go back to Russia. 


Villanelle was avoiding expressing how scared she was. Scared of telling Eve anymore of her past, scared of what she was feeling for Eve, scared of how Eve would react if she kissed her. For a surgeon, her brain was very bad at listening because Villanelle, only just thinking about kissing Eve, felt her eyes dip to the other woman’s lips.


Eve saw this but didn’t make any attempt to move away. Her eyes also went to Villanelle’s lips and she had no idea why. She wanted to kiss her, yes, but they couldn’t. They had decided on friends. Maybe not indefinitely, but for now. 


Kissing, Eve knew, was not what friends were supposed to do.


As Villanelle started to lean in, her lips became only a breath away from hers. Eve even felt her eyes begin to close.


Then, Eve’s phone buzzed. Elena. It broke her out of whatever trance she was just in. She grabbed her phone, leaning back from Villanelle, who was now sitting back and looking away from Eve.


“Hey, Elena.” Eve said, phone to her ear.


“Eve! Emergency at the hospital! There was a huge school bus crash on the bridge and they’re sending the kids to us. I know you’re not on-call but we need you and Villanelle at the hospital now!” Elena shouted, seeming frantic.


“Oh my god! Yeah ok, we’re on the way now…. did you know I was with Villanelle?” Eve questioned. What was going on? Elena’s sixth-sense couldn’t extend this far.


“Oh uh, no idea. Lucky guess. Anyway, get to the hospital quick. Bye!” Elena swiftly hung up the phone.


Eve was still very confused, but she had bigger issues. They both needed to get to the hospital. 


“We need to get to the hospital. Bus crash.” Eve said, tapping her phone, looking for any news on the crash, but Villanelle already had her coat on and was holding Eve’s out to her.


“Oh, uh thanks.” Eve stammered, as she looked up and took her coat from her. This was awkward, right?


They quickly walked out, Eve throwing some banknotes on the bar as they left. There were kids on a school bus. Eve loved her job, but sometimes it was really hard seeing horrifying things happen to such young people.


As Eve walked out, she realized how close they actually were to the hospital. They could walk and be there in less than 15 minutes. When Eve turned toward the direction of the hospital, Villanelle grabbed her arm, stopping her. 


Eve was still thinking about what would’ve happened if Elena hadn’t called.


“What? We can get there in 10 minutes if we speed walk.” Eve blurted out, quickly.


“No, I rode here. We can get there even quicker.” Villanelle replied, pulling her by the arm to the end of the sidewalk, where there was a shiny black motorcycle parked.


“That’s yours? You have a motorcycle?! No no I’m not getting on that. Do you know how dangerous that is?” Eve exclaimed, gesturing towards it.


“Eve...I am a fantastic driver. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you safe.” She gave a quick wink, already starting to sit on the motorcycle, holding out an extra helmet towards Eve.


“Oh my god. I can’t believe this.” Eve muttered, mostly to herself, taking the helmet and sitting behind Villanelle. They did need to get to the hospital as fast as possible.


As Villanelle started the engine, she felt Eve wrap her arms around her waist and squeeze. Eve was lucky she couldn’t see her smirk under the helmet.