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Chapter 8


When Eve awoke, she felt she had just slept more than in the past week combined. But as she surveyed the surroundings, she realized she was still on Villanelle’s couch. She rushed to grab her purse next to her on the floor, find her phone, and check the time.


6:49 AM.


Wow. Her body was really used to her sleeping schedule. Except, it hadn’t considered she wouldn’t be at her apartment. She sat up, ruffled out her hair, and sighed. She needed a shower, new clothes, and she really needed breakfast. Also coffee.


She needed a lot of things.


It was only then she heard footsteps. Fuck.


Villanelle, in a silk robe, walked into the living room holding two coffees.


“Good morning sleepyhead.” Villanelle said, her accent in a lower pitch, sounding as if she had also just woken up. Fuck, Eve really liked accents.


“I’m so sorry I fell asleep. I didn’t mean to, I must’ve been so tired after yesterday and the movie…” Eve didn’t know how to finish her sentence, still very embarrassed she fell asleep on the woman’s couch.


“Eve, it’s alright. I’d rather you fall asleep here than on the train.” Villanelle smiled, sitting down on the couch next to her. Her robe slipped down ever so slightly when she sat. Eve had to clear her throat and grab the coffee so she wouldn’t look. Did she always wear silk robes in the morning? Or was it just because she was here?


“Thanks, uhm, is there any way I could shower and maybe… borrow some clothes?” She pulled at her sweater -- which was the same one she wore out and fell asleep in.


“Of course! The shower is through the bedroom and I’ll grab you some clothes while you’re in there.” Villanelle replied, standing up and already heading to the bedroom.


Eve swallowed, trying to collect herself before she would not only be in the blonde’s bedroom but in her shower. 


She would be wearing her clothes. This felt too much like… well, it felt too much like dating . All Eve could think about was that she was her supervisor. There had to be some type of rule against it, right?


Eve followed Villanelle into her bedroom. Again, it was chic as shit. At this point, Eve expected nothing less. It was elegant and spacious, just like the rest of the apartment. The bed was a queen with silk grey sheets, despite it being obvious that it was just Villanelle living here. There was a dresser opposite it, filled with expensive clothes, Eve assumed. 


The bathroom door was adjacent to the bed. The bathroom was huge, Eve guessed it was about two-and-a-half times bigger than hers. A shower, a bath, and a vanity. 


“Go ahead and shower, I’ll pick out some clothes for you.” Villanelle was already looking through her drawers, smirking, as she was very excited to dress Eve.


Eve went into the bathroom and shut the door. This was a bit much for her. A woman she had just met was letting her sleepover, use her shower, and borrow her clothes. Either she was very friendly or she liked Eve. Eve secretly hoped it was the latter. 


There was obviously a sexual attraction between them. Villanelle made that quite clear but Eve definitely felt it too. She wasn’t as forward as Villanelle, but yes, of course she found her very attractive. Her beautiful hazel eyes, that stupid smirk she had when she made Eve nervous, her full lips that Eve really wanted to kiss. God, all of it. 


There was something more, though. Something which scared Eve way more than the physical attraction. 


She liked her. She had since they first spoke, but especially after yesterday, she really liked her. She felt 17 years old again, so she thought she’d use the same terminology. She liked liked her. 


Eve opening up to Villanelle about her father, Villanelle opening up to Eve about her name . It had made Eve feel close to the other woman. Eve hadn’t fully processed what she had told her last night, but she knew that the whole story would take time for Villanelle to tell her. She was just grateful Villanelle felt comfortable enough to share what she did. It was obviously something she didn’t tell most people.


Eve did have questions though. Why change her name? Why Villanelle? Did something happen in Russia that caused her to? Was she in danger? Why did she keep the necklace if she changed her name? Eve would ask...eventually. She wasn’t going to rush anyone, but especially not Villanelle, to share something before they were ready.


Villanelle felt the same. She felt a weight off her shoulders -- not completely, but she felt more… free. For Eve to know her ‘real’ name made her feel that the woman knew her. Something Villanelle hadn’t felt in a while.


She knew that Eve hadn’t said much about her father for a reason, Villanelle knew better than to push her. She was glad Eve said something though. It meant she trusted her. It was that feeling again. Trust. 


Villanelle hadn’t even thought about trusting anyone since Anna. It didn’t work well for her that time, and yet, here she was. Picking out clothes for the woman using her shower.


She usually didn’t let her one-night stands stay the night, let alone take a shower. But she knew Eve would not be a one-night stand. That thought terrified Villanelle. The last time she had felt this way, it had all gone to shit. Anna had said and done the most hurtful things. Was Eve the same? Would she betray her too?


Villanelle wanted to believe that Eve was different. Sometimes, she could feel that she was. But there was still a small part of her brain that said everyone was the same. Everyone would betray her. Everyone was untrustworthy. She’d have to be proved wrong.


Eve felt reenergized after a hot shower. Great water pressure. She made it quick though, not to waste all the hot water, and she had to get to work.


As she stepped out of the shower, she realized she would have to go out of the bathroom to get the clothes Villanelle picked out. Eve rolled her eyes, she knew Villanelle did that on purpose. 


Whatever game they were playing, Eve didn’t want to lose. No matter how much she should not be playing this game. Not with Villanelle. Not with a registrar.


But her brain lost the battle. She grabbed the smaller towel from next to the shower and wrapped it around herself. It barely covered her thighs.


She opened the door to find Villanelle looking out the window, now in jeans and a blue sweater with her hair in a low-bun. She looked… soft. This all felt a bit too domestic to Eve. 


When Villanelle heard the door open, she turned her head. And to her dismay, she let her jaw drop a little. She could see all of Eve’s legs. Her eyes lingered on Eve’s legs as they slowly made their way up her body. I guess this is what Eve must’ve felt like yesterday. 


Eve smirked. She won that round.


“Can I have some clothes? I can’t show up to work in a towel.” Eve stated, still grinning.


“No god of course you can’t. Here, jeans and a shirt.” Villanelle walked over to hand the clothes to Eve, mentally cursing at how lame she sounded. 


“Thank you.” Eve said, taking the clothes from Villanelle and turning back into the bathroom. She could still feel Villanelle’s eyes on her as she closed the door.


The shirt was a V-cut, of course. And the jeans were skinny jeans, of course. What did Eve expect? That Villanelle would give her oversized clothes to cover her body?


When Eve left the bathroom after changing and freshening up, Villanelle was no longer in the bedroom. She walked into the kitchen and there was Villanelle, making breakfast.


Fuck. It was like they lived together. Or it was like they were dating and Eve had just stayed over. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.


“Breakfast?” Villanelle said looking up, putting two plates on the counter.


“Oh uh yeah sure, thanks.” Eve mumbled. She checked her phone again. 7:08 AM. Damn it, they did have time for breakfast.


They sat next to each other in a comfortable silence as they ate. Eve gave Villanelle many compliments on her sausage and eggs, boosting the younger woman’s ego. 


When they were finished, Villanelle took their plates, and Eve’s nerves were sky-high. She still couldn’t believe she was here. She had stayed at Elena’s and Bill’s many times but this felt completely different. 


There was that potential for it being more than just a friend staying over. Eve couldn’t let it go there, she could lose her job. No matter the attraction she felt to the younger woman, she needed to squash it. 


But, on the other hand, the woman had just opened up to her. As a person, Eve couldn’t ignore that. She knew the blonde needed someone there for her, even if Eve didn’t know why , exactly.


“Probably time to head to work.” Eve said, looking at her phone. They had time but she wasn’t wrong in that they should leave soon.


“Yeah, let’s go. Ready?” Villanelle said, already putting on a coat. Eve nodded in response.


When Eve stood up and pulled on her coat, Villanelle handed her a thermos. Coffee. 


Eve smiled, genuinely. It had been years since anyone had made her coffee. The last person had been her husband, someone she was married to. 


Oh god, this was going to be really hard.


They walked to Westminster Bridge, sipping their coffees and talking about nothing in particular. People, buildings, statues that they passed. Villanelle was so interested in history, architecture, and anthropology. Eve assumed she knew about many more things as Villanelle discussed these topics in heavy detail on their walk. 


Eve was amazed. Someone of her age, in her stage of career, knowing about such a variety of topics, was fascinating. Eve, again, was surprised at the younger woman.


They finally got to the hospital. Eve still had half of the thermos left to go, so she didn’t stop at a coffee stand today. She was already changing.


“Eve, want to come out with me tonight? I was thinking of going to a bar that is not named after an animal.” Villanelle said, pressing the elevator button.


Shit. Of course, Eve wanted to go out with Villanelle. Especially to a bar. She could get drunk and her inhibitions would finally go down. But then she thought of the last time they were in a bar. She thought of the feelings she knew she would feel for the woman if she continued to spend time with her. It was a bad idea.


“Oh I can’t. I have plans with Elena.” Eve replied, she hated lying.


“It’s ok. Another time.” Villanelle looked down at her shoes, disappointed. She couldn’t tell if Eve was lying or not. Either way, she wanted to spend more time with her.


“Yeah.” Eve said, half-heartedly. This already hurt more than she thought. 


The elevator opened and all the registrars were inside. Hugo, Kenny, Elena, and even Nadia. Great.


“Good morning everyone.” Villanelle said, striding into the elevator. Eve followed, now standing opposite her.


Everyone gave unenthusiastic greetings. Eve understood. She remembered when she was a registrar, a lot of work, a lot of hours. She was tired too.


“Hey V, Eve.” Elena said warily, looking at Eve’s outfit and giving her a look. Damn Elena’s sixth-sense.


Eve gave Elena a look back. She knew. Eve tried to express ‘please don’t say anything that will make this more awkward’ on her face.


“Eve, I love your jeans. They made your legs and arse look great! Good on ya.” Elena smirked, nudging Eve a little with her elbow.


Eve smiled, looking down, trying not to make eye contact with Villanelle who she knows was smirking her ass off right now. She failed. 


She looked up and yep, she was right. Villanelle was smirking her ass off and checking Eve out. For God’s sake, she was wearing her jeans. 


After what felt like hours, they got to the second floor and Eve raced off towards the Lounge. She got changed into her scrubs -- out of Villanelle’s clothes -- before anyone could come into the changing room. 


When she walked into the Lounge and the registrars that were in the elevator, along with Jaime and Konstantin, were there. Her eyes instantly went to Villanelle, who was talking to Nadia at the circular table.  


Why the hell was she talking to Nadia? Villanelle said they didn’t talk, that it was awkward after… after Villanelle slept with her. Then, it clicked. 


Eve realized she wasn’t special. Villanelle just wanted to fuck her. So when she hadn’t -- she had fallen asleep instead -- and then didn’t want to go out for drinks with her, Villanelle had moved on. 


She was on to Nadia, someone she had already fucked so she knew she could do it again. Eve was furious but then she deflated. She was more sad than angry. 


She knew, deep inside, she had felt something for Villanelle, despite knowing her for such a little time. She wanted to see their relationship go somewhere. But now, she knew more than ever, she could never be with her. 


All the more reason to avoid her. She needed to move on too.


She headed to the Trauma Center as quickly as she could, eager to start the day and try and avoid Villanelle, as hard as she knew it would be.




The rest of Eve’s week went by surprisingly quickly. She had a few surgeries that Wednesday, one on Thursday, and now it was already Friday. All her surgeries had gone well, nothing too serious and all her patients were recovering nicely. However, she only saw Villanelle, in passing, twice. 


She had been successfully avoiding her by either making plans with Elena, getting to work just in time, or leaving work as soon as possible. It hurt her to do this but every time she would see her, she would get this feeling in her chest. 


A feeling that she knew she shouldn’t be having for a registrar 20 years younger than her. She had to stop it somehow. She couldn’t get over whatever these feelings were in a day, it, unfortunately, would take a little time. Still, Eve couldn’t help but wonder what Villanelle was thinking. Had she even noticed she was avoiding her? Was she already on to someone else?


Villanelle had a shit couple days. Konstantin kept delegating a lot of his surgeries to her and Kenny so she would have to spend hours on end with the boring young man. He was kind, normal, but he didn’t talk during their surgeries. She was so bored.


Also, she had barely seen Eve since Wednesday morning. She could tell the woman was avoiding her. But, why? They had a nice Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. She bought her ice cream, let her sleep on her couch, let her borrow her clothes. Why was Eve avoiding her? She needed to find out because she was starting to get upset and bored. Not a good combination.


As her final surgery on Friday ended -- patient healthy and on the road to recovery-- Villanelle headed straight for the Lounge, where she found who she was looking for. 




She was sitting on the couch, scrolling through Instagram on her phone.


“Elena, hi, can I have Eve’s phone number?”