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Chapter 4


What was Eve doing? She was now on her third round of shots and she had to work tomorrow. They all did.


When Bear brought a round of shots as a “congrats on being surgeons” (his words), Eve just being polite when she had one. 


The second and the third were also just her being polite.


“Next rounds on me!!” Hugo says jumping up and stumbling to the bar. 


Villanelle looked back at the bar and Elena gave Kenny a look.


“I should go stop him. I think he’s actually about to fall over.” Kenny mumbled, stepping up from the booth and heading to Hugo, who was saying something to a few annoyed girls at the bar.


Villanelle slowly got up as well. She had just as much to drink as the rest of them but didn’t seem drunk whatsoever.


“I’m just going to head to the restroom.” She said, looking at Eve.


They’ve had a nice conversation, everyone getting to know Villanelle while also telling Villanelle about themselves. 


Villanelle talked about Russia, Edinburgh, and Liverpool and how different they all were. She also spoke about other places she had been. She talked about Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin. She loved to travel, Eve learned. 


Villanelle could do the perfect Scottish, Scouse, and French accent too. She did all of them for the table when Hugo said he thought she was lying. Eve swallowed because she really liked accents. If Eve didn’t already know she was attracted to the woman, she definitely knew then. 


Elena talked about how her dad was also a doctor and how he motivated her to be a surgeon, Kenny briefly talked about his mom, and Hugo… well no one really listened to Hugo after he mentioned Oxford for the seventh time.


Eve didn’t know how to bring up her father passing after a car accident and how it inspired her to be a trauma surgeon. She wanted to do her best to prevent someone from going through that same pain she went through when they lost someone so close to them. 


She found that this part of her life killed the mood and caused people to pity her so she tended not to discuss it. Also, she cried almost every time she brought up her dad so Elena was the only one at the table who knew about him.


Instead, she talked about her family vaguely and how they grew up in Connecticut and that her family was very supportive of her being a surgeon. Throughout this, she looked almost exclusively at Villanelle. 


She told herself it was because they were there for Villanelle and for her to get to know them better. However, she really just wanted to look at Villanelle. 


Eve could also tell she was actively listening, giving nods and noises of agreement throughout her stories. Her eyes were also laser-focused. Yet, Eve never felt glared at. She felt the opposite. She felt admired, appreciated.


When Eve spoke, all Villanelle thought she could do was stare. The way her eyes lit up when she talked about Connecticut, the way her eyebrows bunched up when Kenny asked her a question, the way she smiled when Elena made a joke. All of it, Villanelle was so focused.


When Villanelle walked to the bathroom, Eve watched her. This young woman was intoxicating and they had only met today. Eve could barely believe it when she found herself thinking about this woman throughout the entire night. 


It felt they had known each other for years, the way they acted around each other and around the others. It was a feeling Eve never had before. She had never connected with someone this quickly.


“Youuuu likkee heerrrrrr.” Elena said, in a high-pitched tone while poking at Eve’s forearms.


“She’s just… intriguing.” Eve said, thinking she just gave the understatement of the year. Villanelle was more than intriguing but Eve had yet to discover what she was.


“Mmmhmm.” Elena said, making a show of rolling her eyes.


With some courage, probably from the alcohol, Eve got up and headed to the restroom too.


“Ooo get her girl.” Elena said. She was very drunk.


It was then Eve’s turn to roll her eyes.


Eve did have to use the restroom but she knew she’d run into Villanelle. She hoped for it, actually. And they’d most likely be alone, in a room, together. That’s why she needed a lot of courage to walk through the restroom’s wooden door.


She walked down the thin hallway to the women’s bathroom, slowly. It was the alcohol, she really wasn’t at her best. The wooden door was one of those that swung back and forth, to ease the foot traffic on busy nights.


When Eve arrived at the door she could hear noises coming from the restroom. At first, she had no idea what was making the sound but then she realized what it was. Moans. A woman’s moans. They couldn’t be Villanelles, the voice was too high. But then again, Eve wouldn’t really know. 


Eve, unfortunately, didn’t stop at the door. Before she could even think, she swung the wooden door open. She came face-to-face with Villanelle’s back which was on the other side of the room, pressed against the body of the woman who Eve recognized to be their waitress. Villanelle’s hand was in the other woman’s pants with her mouth on the woman’s neck. Eve was right about one thing, it was the waitress who was moaning. 


Instantly, the waitress noticed Eve but Villanelle hadn’t seemed to. At that point though, Eve didn’t care. She quickly turned around and rushed back to the booth as fast as she could, feeling instantly sober.


She couldn’t be jealous, right? It wasn’t her place. Villanelle was young and beautiful, she could do whatever -- whoever -- she wanted. Eve had no right to think anything of it. Except, she did thinking something of it. She was jealous. Shit, Eve thought. This isn’t good.


When Eve got back to the booth, Kenny and Hugo were back. Elena and Kenny were basically carrying Hugo upright.


“I think it’s time for him to go home.” Kenny said, tilting his head to gesture to Hugo, who was half unconscious.


“Yeah, me too.” Eve said, trying to forget what she had seen.




When Eve got to her apartment, she took off whatever makeup she had on, took a shower, and crashed into bed.


“Fuck!” She said, into her pillow.




Villanelle hadn’t expected Eve to come into the restroom. Honestly, she didn’t think she’d still be in the restroom. When she first walked in, the waitress was in there and it just kind of happened. These kinds of things do.


She thought that maybe, just maybe, because the waitress looked similar to Eve, she could get Eve out of her head. She could know for sure that this obsession she had for the day, was just that. A short-lived, temporary, transient, obsession. Nothing serious. No feelings. 


Well, luckily for Villanelle, when she heard and then saw Eve through the corner of her eye she realized there were feelings. She wouldn’t have cared if it was anyone else who walked in, but, because it was Eve, she felt guilty. An emotion she didn’t feel often and one she really didn’t like to feel.


Now, as she woke for work the next morning, she knew that there were now three things she had focused on for more than 24 hours: Anna, surgery, and Eve.




Eve made her way to work, half-asleep and half-hungover, mostly relying on muscle memory to walk herself to the hospital. 


When she got there, she picked a coffee stand and relayed her order to the young barista. She waited next to the stand for the coffee, scrolling through something on her phone. 


She heard heels tapping on the white tiles with the sound stopping at the front of the coffee stand. It was only when she heard the Russian accent, she looked up.


“One vanilla latte, please.” Villanelle said, not that loudly but Eve’s ears couldn’t help but be pained -- just a little. Why did she drink last night? 


The memory of Villanelle fucking the waitress in the bar’s bathroom came rushing back to her. Unwelcomed. 


“Good morning, Eve.” The blonde said, looking at the other woman. She looked perfect, as always. Not hungover, not tired. She definitely didn’t need the coffee.


Villanelle has to admit that when she walked into the hospital, she wasn’t going to get a coffee. But when she saw Eve at the coffee stand, she decided that she might as well try the different stands in the hospital. Just to find her favorite one.


Eve’s americano and Villanelle’s latte were suddenly placed on the stand, the barista relaying their orders aloud. They both picked up their respective cups.


“Morning. How are you?” Eve finally said, looking down at her cup as they headed to the elevator. Shit, the elevator. Not again.


“I’m pretty good. Bear’s was fun, right? Even though that name is quite stupid.” Villanelle grinned, pressing the up elevator button.


She wanted to bring up last night and gauge Eve’s reaction. Did Eve even care about that waitress? Was all this one-sided?


Villanelle hoped she cared. It would show that maybe she had a chance with Eve. A chance for what, Villanelle had no idea. Sex? A relationship? Something in-between?


Villanelle had never been a real relationship before. She never felt the need to or even want to. She never met anyone she could see herself with for more than a night. Other than Anna, but that was different. She couldn’t bear thinking about Anna for too long or she’d have to go punch something.


So, when she asked about the bar, she wanted Eve to feel something. Preferably, jealousy. She wanted to be wanted. Wanted by Eve. Because Villanelle wanted her .


And, Eve did. She was very jealous. More than she even realized at the time. But, as Eve thought about what happened more and more, it made her realize she could never be with Villanelle. 


Not only was she almost 20 years older, but she was her supervisor. She was meant to be teaching Villanelle, not whatever else Eve was thinking about doing with her. 


Eve barely slept the night before. All she could think about was Villanelle. What she was feeling, why she was feeling it, and why it had to stop. 


Luckily, St. Thomas was a pretty big hospital. She could avoid a surgical registrar, right? Probably not, but she could try.


On the other hand, Eve was a kind person. She knew exactly what Villanelle was feeling. Coming in as a new registrar, into a big brand-new city and hospital, with no friends. It would be cruel to try and befriend her one day and then try to avoid her the next. She would just have to find a balance. Keep her at a distance, if you will.


If she continued to grow closer to Villanelle, her feelings, whatever they were, would increase. But, if she could keep her at a distance, maybe -- just maybe-- her feelings would go away. She could live with that. 


“Hah yes his name is quite...uncommon... but yea the bar erm it was nice.” Eve chuckled at Villanelle’s brutal honesty but her mind kept going back to that damned bathroom. 


Finally, the elevator doors opened. These elevators really needed to be quicker, especially in a hospital, Eve thought. 


“After you, Eve.” Villanelle smirked, holding the door open, reminding Eve of the lounge doors yesterday. Did Villanelle check her out again? Oh god. This really wasn’t good.


When they got in, Eve realized there was no one else in there. Just her luck. On a crowded morning in a hospital no less, there was no one else in the elevator? Why was the universe against her?


When they got in, they were standing right next to each other. They couldn’t have stood further apart? They had the whole elevator. 


Villanelle never really believed in personal space when it came to beautiful women she likes.


Eve tried so so desperately not to look at Villanelle. But they were just so close in that stupid cursed elevator. 


When she turned her head, as subtly as possible, she mentally rolled her eyes. Of course, Villanelle looked good in the fluorescent elevator light. How was that even possible?


Eve tried to look away but she couldn’t. She scanned Villanelle’s face, the freckles around her eyes, her long eyebrows, her lips. God, this was definitely not keeping a distance.


Just when she thought she got away with looking at her, Villanelle turned to her. Except she didn’t just turn her head, she turned her whole body towards her. Eve swallowed and her breath hitched. She hoped Villanelle hadn’t heard that. 


Villanelle’s smirk was filling her whole face at this point. She could feel Eve’s eyes when they were on her and now she knew. Eve wanted her too. This was going to be fun.


“So Eve, my place is still filled with boxes and since you offered so graciously last night, would you like to help me unpack and show me some of London tonight? After work?” Villanelle grinned, looking Eve up and down. 


Why did she have to do that? She couldn’t have asked normally? 


Eve took longer than she should’ve to make words come out of her mouth but eventually her brain took over.


“Yep sure sounds good, great.” Eve sputtered out, bumbling over her words. This was not fair and Eve was very determined to make Villanelle feel how she was feeling.


“Great. See you then, Eve.” Villanelle said, leaning closer (which Eve didn’t think was possible), and then she swiftly walked out of the elevator and down the hall. 


Eve froze for a moment, before being forced back into reality when the elevator doors started to close before she could step out. What the hell was she going to do? Why did she offer to help her unpack and show her London? She was trying to keep her distance and now she was going to her apartment. Tonight.


Eve put her head in her hands. Her day hadn’t even started yet.


“Morning Eve! What’s up?” Elena skipped up to her.