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Sexy Times For Every Fandom

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Your eyes slowly open as you feel warm lips begin to kiss down your neck. A firm hand slides up your bare stomach to your chest, fingers brushing over the sensitive skin there and causing you to moan. As your brain begins to wake up, you process where you are and who is touching you in such an intimate manner. You met him last night at a local martini place. He said his name was Grant Ward. After eye contact across the bar, he walked over to take the seat next to yours, ordering you each a whiskey on the rocks. You talked, laughed, flirted. It wasn’t long before you were leaving with him, taking him back to your place. As you entered your bedroom, tongues tangling and clothes falling to the floor, you assured each other it was a one-time thing, a stress relief from the work you were both struggling with. What ensued after was one of the most amazing nights of your life.
                And it looked like your morning was heading in the same direction. As his lips continued their path down your neck, you sigh contentedly, arching yourself back against his very obvious excitement. Rolling over, you eagerly bring his face up to yours, capturing his lips and pressing your tongue inside his mouth to become intimate with his. Languidly, his hands begin wandering your body, quickly bringing to mind the night before and instantly bringing back your desire for him. You feel him slide one hand down past your stomach and begin teasing you. Moaning into his mouth, your hands find their way to his hair, tugging at it and earning you a groan in return. He rolls you both over so that you are on top of him. You release his mouth and sit up to straddle him. Leaning back down, you brush your bare chest over his as you begin to kiss and bite down his neck to his chest. Teasing his most sensitive spots, you make your way down his body, past his stomach, his fabulous abs, his hips, to his ever growing excitement. Using your mouth, you begin pleasing him until he is almost undone, quickly reaching his hand down and getting you to slide back up his body. He captures your lips as you straddle him once again, finishing what you started with your mouth.
                Moments later, you both lay panting in the bed, smiling stupidly and taking a moment to catch your breath. Once you both feel more together, Grant gets out of bed, taking your hand and leading you down the hall. Without a word, he leads you into the bathroom and starts the shower, already working up to round two for the morning as his lips find yours once again.

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“Does this man ever cook?” you think to yourself, opening several cupboards in Tony Stark’s kitchen, only to find them empty. Ever since the mission, you had been staying in Stark Tower, your injuries not enough to justify hospitalization but enough to need someone keeping an eye on you until you healed properly. But you were feeling better and the babysitting was just annoying at this point.
                You finally settle for a box of macaroni and cheese and walk over to the stove to start boiling water. As you stand at the burner, waiting for the water to boil, you suddenly feel fingers trace up your outer thigh, over your ass, and continue up your side. A body presses lightly against you from behind and you don’t need to look to know it is Tony himself, the cool metal of his arc reactor resting lightly on the skin between your shoulder blades, exposed by the thin straps of your tank top. Tony and you had been flirting on and off since you got there but nothing ever really came of it. Tony seemed determined to change that right now.
                You feel him lean down, gliding his teeth gently over the skin of your neck before whispering in your ear,
                “Whatcha’ doin?”
                You turn around, finding his face only inches from your own, his arms now on either side of you as he leans against the stove. Taking a moment to regain your composure, you finally reply,
                “Attempting to make macaroni and cheese. But there seems to be someone distracting me.”
                “Forget the mac and cheese,” he replies, leaning down to brush his lips lightly over your collarbone, sending a shiver down your spine, “I’ll order in. And perhaps we can find something to occupy our time until it arrives.”
                He lifts his head, his lips now even closer to yours, his breath ghosting over you. You realize you smell whiskey on his breath.
                “Are you drunk?” you inquire, still not even attempting to move from where he has you pinned.
                “No…not drunk…but not sober. Does that matter?”
                “It could.”           
                “Why? Are you really going to pretend we haven’t been building up to this over the last few weeks? Because I notice those glances you send me. But it’s always so crowded around here, I never had a chance to get you alone.”
                “And we’re alone now?”
                “Completely. Only two in the tower.”
                You swallow hard, your brain out of reasons why something shouldn’t happen right there and then. Tony reaches over to the knob, turning off the stove and smiling wickedly at you. You glance one more time at his lips, an action he notices and takes as permission to lower them to yours, capturing your mouth in a searing kiss that instantly leaves you breathless and sends heat through your body. His hands leave their place on the stove, sliding up your stomach to grasp at your chest. One hand stays stroking your chest through your tank top as the other makes its way behind your neck, pulling you closer to him and holding your lips on his as his tongue sinks into your mouth. Moaning, you thread your fingers in his hair, wrenching and pulling at the strands, causing an equally desirous groan to emit from his throat. Suddenly, he turns you both around, pushing you back against the counter behind you. His mouth leaves yours and you sigh at the loss as his lips once again begin travelling down your neck, more eager this time as his hands roam your body, his intensity indicating he has thought about doing this just as much as you. As he kisses lower down your chest, he finds clothes a hindrance, pulling your camisole over your head and tossing it to the floor. Your knees weaken as he begins exploring all the newly exposed skin with his tongue and teeth, sucking eagerly at your most sensitive spots. When your legs are almost completely jelly, he lifts you onto the counter, using his hand gently on your sternum to lay you down on the cold marble. He takes his own shirt off and lays down over you, sucking a dark mark into your neck before capturing your lips again. Tongues tangling, he kisses you until you are both gasping for air. He then slides down your body, sinking down in front of you as he removes your sweatpants. Agonizingly slow, he begins kissing up each leg, starting at your ankle and trailing his tongue and lips up to your inner thigh, just short of where he knows you want him to be. He then performs the same treatment on the other leg, stopping short, his breath ghosting over your remaining scrap of fabric until you are panting with frustration.
                “Tony!” you beg out, grabbing for his hair to direct his mouth where you want it to be.
                With a impious grin on his face, he reaches up, looping his thumbs in the sides of your knickers, dragging them down your legs as he finally brings his mouth up, spending the next hour using his tongue and mouth to bring you to pleasure multiple times before finally relenting. Standing up, a huge shit-eating grin on his face, he leans in to kiss you soundly, saying cheekily,
                “Well I just ate. What do you want?”
                Sliding off the counter, you looking flirtatiously at him. Keeping eye contact, you sink to your knees, taking a moment to appreciate the obvious excitement tenting his own sweatpants before you slide them down his legs, along with his boxers. Looking up at him one more time, you reply,
                “I have some ideas.”

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When he kisses you tonight, you know that it’s going to go farther. You’ve been on several dates now with Dr. Bruce Banner, and he’s the sweetest guy you’ve ever known. Earlier this evening, you assured him once again that you don’t mind The Other Guy; you know he has it under control. The good night kiss on every date so far has been more passionate than the last, and tonight, there’s something different behind it…something more urgent.
His tongue runs along your lips and you sigh as you open them, your arms wrapping around his neck to pull him closer.  He runs his hands down your arms and then down your sides to your hips, his hands tightening as you lean into him until he is pressed against your front door.
You free one of your hands to hastily get your door unlocked and opened, still devouring his mouth with yours, until you both stumble in, hands wandering all over each other. You kick the door closed behind you and immediately start undoing the buttons down the front of his shirt. Once his shirt is open, you finally come up for air, releasing his lips and taking his hand to pull him to your bedroom.
Your lips are back on his instantly, and you quickly push his shirt away and fumble at his pants. He, meanwhile, has undone the zipper down the back of your dress. You pause to let him remove the dress from you, then push his pants down. You kick your shoes away and he leads you over to the bed, lowering you down onto it as he lowers himself on top of you. 
Bruce looks at you for a moment, gives you another kiss, and then sits up for a moment to shyly remove his shoes and socks. A moment later, he is above you again, and kisses you with renewed passion. After several moments, he releases your lips and moves his mouth to your neck, gently travelling down it, occasionally licking and sucking at the soft skin there. His hands are caressing the curves of your body as he does this, occasionally sliding up your thighs and getting close to where you want them to go, but not quite getting there.
His mouth finds your collarbone, then moves lower, and he slides a hand under you to undo your bra and toss it to the floor. Now, his mouth has new territory to explore, and as this exploration begins, you arch against him and run your hands through his dark hair. When his hand moves up your thigh and finally reaches the area where you are most yearning for him, his fingers moving over the fabric; you let out a soft groan.
When he hears you make this sound, his excitement grows, and you can feel it against your leg. His mouth has left your chest and continued its path south, now brushing down your stomach and making you tremble. When he finally, finally reaches the last bit of fabric on your body, he slowly removes it and then replaces it with his lips and tongue, making sure you are more than satisfied before even thinking of himself.
Once he has finished this task, you pull at his shoulders until he slides back up you, and your hand moves to the front of the boxers he’s still wearing, which have become tight with desire. You free him from the constraining fabric and then your hands move to pull his mouth back down to yours, lifting your hips into him as you do, making him moan. He looks pained for a moment, as if not sure if he’ll be able to stop himself.
“I want you,” you tell him.
“What if the Other Guy—”
“He won’t,” you assure him. He seems to accept this as reassurance, and finally gives into his desires for you, and not stopping for several hours until you are both spent and exhausted and fall asleep in each other’s arms. 

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When he calls you into his office, you have mixed feelings. On the one hand, what if you’re in trouble? Coulson can be scary when he’s angry. On the other hand, you never mind being alone with him. You have an unbelievable sexual attraction to him, and if you’re interpreting the sexual tension correctly, he feels it too.
When you get to his office, he looks up and pushes a file folder aside.
“Close the door, please, Agent,” he says, and sudden fear overtakes you. You close the door and attempt to step closer, but he stops you. “Lock it, please.”
Once this is done, you go over to his desk, afraid that you’ve done something horribly wrong, and stand opposite him, awaiting your fate.
“I asked you in here today to discuss your wardrobe, Agent.”
“My wardrobe?” you ask innocently, although you are astounded that he noticed how lately you’ve been wearing slightly tighter pencil skirts and slightly lower-cut tops. As a means of getting his attention, it clearly worked. However, is it good attention?
“Your attire recently has been a bit…distracting,” he says professionally, although you’ve been trained to pick up on body language, and you notice that his pupils have dilated. He stands up and puts his hands on his desk, leaning across the desk toward you.  “Agent, it is difficult for men to do their work when an attractive woman is flaunting her figure at them.”
You know it’s a risky move, but you notice the way his eyes just subtly glanced at your cleavage, and the way his tongue wet his lips. You know there could be bad repercussions if you’re misinterpreting things, but you can’t help but respond,
“I did not realize you find me attractive, Director Coulson, and therefore, was not aware I would be a distraction.”
“Is that so?” Coulson asks, his mouth now curving into a wicked smirk.  Without knowing it, you have just given him the green light.  “Maybe I have not made myself clear, Agent.  The clothes have got to go.” He waits, hoping you will catch his meaning, and you do.
“Alright, Director,” you reply, and immediately begin undoing the buttons of your blouse, walking around to the other side of his desk. He swivels his chair toward you to watch, waiting until you let the shirt fall to the floor. “Is that better?”
“That is a marked improvement,” he says approvingly, and you continue obeying his order as you wiggle out of your skirt.  “Come here,” he adds, and you obey by straddling him in his chair. He takes a moment to look over your body, sliding his hands over your sides, and then lifts his head to capture your lips. For a moment, you are shocked, despite what has already happened in his locked office, but soon you loosen his tie a bit and then start unbuttoning his crisp white shirt.
The two of you finally become breathless and stop kissing for a moment, gasping for air, and you take the opportunity to get off of him and lower yourself down to the floor, kneeling between his knees.
“Am I less of a distraction now, Director?” you ask him coyly, looking up at him from between his legs, where you’re slowly undoing his belt.
“I’m afraid it’s quite the opposite, Agent,” he informs you.
“Well, relaxation has been shown to actually increase productivity,” you tell him matter-of-factly, “and I have a great relaxation technique.”
You get his pants around his ankles and then move his blue boxers out of the way, giving him a devious smirk as you lower your head between his thighs. He throws his head back with a moan, threading his fingers into your hair, and you gratify him until he is nearly undone. When you stand up again, he groans in protest, but then realizes that you have other plans for finishing what you started.  He stands up and kisses you lustfully, then turns you around and pulls you into him. You can feel his excitement against your ass through your lace knickers, and you lean back against him, sighing as his hands slide up you and up to your chest, stroking through the lace as he nips at your neck. His hands move down lower, reaching around to the front of your knickers, and you moan with desire, wanting him to get to the main activity.
A moment later, he pushes your shoulders forward so that you’re bending over his desk, and he moves the tiny scrap of lace out of his way so that he can bring you both the satisfaction you’ve both been wanting for months. 

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Normally, you’re not a morning person but this opportunity was too good to give up. It had been several days since you’d seen your boyfriend, Detective Inspector Greg Lestrade. There was a huge case looming which meant late nights and early mornings spent at the office and no time for you. But you knew how stressed out he got when his schedule was like this and you were determined to get him to relax a little bit, if even for a moment. So, that morning, donning nothing but a trench coat, you snuck into his office and hid beneath his desk, knowing he would be in soon.
                You don’t have to wait very long before you hear his door open and he slowly walks into the office. You hear him set his briefcase down beside the desk before pulling out his chair and sitting down.  He scoots the chair in and you take your opportunity to let him know you are there. Very lightly, you slide your hand up the fabric of his trousers, smiling wide as he jumps in his seat.
                “What the bloody hell?” he says, about to pull back his chair and look; but you hold his chair in place, not yet wanting him to see you.
                He sniffs the air, smelling the perfume you put on, knowing it’s his favorite.
                “Darling, is that you?” he asks, confusedly.
                “It might be,” you reply coyly.
                “What on earth are you doing beneath my desk?”
                “Helping you relax.”
                He is about to say something further but any words he was forming are caught off by the gasp he lets out as you run your hand up the front of his trousers, across the zipper. He clears his throat loudly, trying to maintain control despite the growing excitement already beginning to present itself beneath the fabric of his trousers.
                “Darling, I’m not sure quite what you’re planning but at least let me close the door.”
                “Why? Barely anyone else is here yet. Besides, no one can see me.”
                Once again, the protests he had are lost as you slowly unzip his trousers, slipping your hand inside to feel him through his pants. His excitement continues growing as you run your fingers over him through the fabric, smiling even wider as you hear his breath quicken. Knowing you have him good and flustered already, you slide his trousers down, giving you better access to the fabric beneath. Your mouth replaces your hand, your tongue and lips already beginning to work him over as Greg loses all semblance of control, leaning his head back against his chair.
                “Love, that feels amazing,” he manages to breathe out.
                “Good,” you reply, grinning as you reach into his pants and free him from the constraints of the fabric.
                Once again, your hand begins stroking him, working him up even further as his breathing becomes even more ragged.
                “Darling, I won’t last long if you keep that up.”
                “Well, then you better brace yourself for what’s next.”
                With that, you lean up further on your knees, your head moving between his thighs as you take him in completely. You hear your boyfriend gasp loudly as your mouth works on bringing him the release he so desperately needs.
                Soon, he is spent and you finally crawl from beneath the desk. Before you have a chance to go further, he pulls you into his lap, kissing you deeply as he threads his fingers in your hair.
                “You are incredible,” he tells you, still working on catching his breath, “That was the sexiest thing a woman has ever done for me.”
                You kiss him one more time before standing and walking over to his door. Closing it, you lock it behind you before walking back towards the desk.
                “You haven’t seen what I have planned next,” you reply wickedly, finally dropping the trench coat and straddling your boyfriend in his chair to set off round two.

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You heard him say it to everyone in the entire bar.
“Hi. Captain Jack Harkness.”
Men, women, old, young, it doesn’t matter. He’s said it to them all, and it sounded like a proposition every time. Therefore, it’s not really a surprise when he approaches you.
“Hi. Captain Jack Harkness,” he says with a charming smile. You’ve met charmers before, and so you’re kind of a cynic, but when you look at him, you can’t help but have the same gooey reaction everyone else does.
“Hi,” you smile back, admiring the way his blue eyes match his shirt. He really is gorgeous.
“You look like you could use another drink,” he guesses, and he’s not wrong. “Want to talk about it?”
“Not really.”
“Any hints?”
“I was just cheated on and dumped recently.”
“A gal like you? Really?”
“You don’t have to do that. You’re just as much of a player as he is. I saw how you’ve been hitting on every person in here.”
“What can I say? I like people. At least I’m honest about it.”
“That’s true,” you admit. “I just know I’m done with dating. From now on it’s just casual sex for me,” you tell him, then realize that’s kind of a brazen thing to say to a stranger and blush. However, he just smiles.
“Well, in that case, do you want to get out of here?”
“Hey, I wasn’t saying that to try to get into your pants,” you correct him.
“I know. I just wanted to put the offer out there.”
“Oh. Well, I appreciate it. I just…I don’t know.”  You’re flustered now.
“I won’t be offended if you say no,” he promises. “However, if you want to get out of here, I promise to show you a night you’ll never forget. No strings.”
Well, hell, how could you say no? You simply nod slowly and he pays for both of your drinks, and you two head outside. You lead him to your car in a daze.
“Well, where to?” he asks, buckling in. You think about taking him to your place, but your bed still reminds you of your ex, and frankly, you don’t want this to be sentimental. You decide on the closest motel, one that isn’t too sketchy, but is still cheap. You feel a little weird checking in, especially since the front desk guy is giving you a knowing look. Jack gives him a little smile and nod, and you roll your eyes. You’re handed a key and you two go off to find your room. Once you’re inside, you just sort of stand there, unsure how to get things started.
Jack takes off his long coat and tosses it onto the chair, then sits on the chair to remove his shoes and socks. Next comes his suspenders, and then he’s undoing the buttons of his shirt. When the shirt is gone, he stands up and undoes his pants, then pushes them and his boxer briefs down in one motion.
Now he’s walking over to you, completely naked, and stops right before you just as you’re toeing out of your shoes. He smiles down at you for a moment and then puts a hand on the back of your neck and starts kissing you. Now that the kissing has started, you feel much less awkward and just relax into the kiss, running your hands up his bare chest. It feels good to be touched by someone again.
He uses his free hand to slide the zipper down the back of your dress and then pulls it down until it’s a pool around your feet. Jack lifts your hips so that you wrap your legs around him, his tongue ravishing your mouth hungrily. He walks you to the bed and lays you down on it, lowering himself on top of you and quickly removing your undergarments.
Now you’re both laying there naked, and he runs his hands over your body, finding your sensitive areas before following with his mouth, sucking and nibbling on those parts of your skin. He lavishes kisses on your neck and chest, and while he’s doing this his hand slides up your thigh until it reaches an intimate area, and you moan and writhe while he watches you. He bites your neck, his fingers still teasing you, until you are entirely satisfied.
You move your hand lower down his body, trying to return the favor, but he moves out of your reach and starts sliding down your body, his mouth moving along your stomach, down even farther, and he begins kissing up your inner thighs, slowly teasing you for round two. When you are practically begging him, he puts his mouth to use bringing you the second wave of pleasure.
You’re sweating and breathing heavily, but you still want more, so you grab handfuls of his hair and pull him up, becoming even more aroused at the groan that comes from his throat, and you can feel his excitement growing on your hip as he realizes that it’s his turn to be satisfied. However, as the main event is taking place, he still makes sure you reach the goal first before finally giving in to his own pleasure, making you both collapse exhausted next to each other on the bed.

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You don’t see the car coming, only hear the screeching of tires as it rapidly turns the corner, paying no mind to the possibility of pedestrians. Next thing you know, something hard hits your body and you are suddenly on the ground as the car speeds off. You try to regain brain functioning, attempting to determine what the weight on top of you is, realizing that at some point you closed your eyes. Slowly opening them, you find yourself staring into a set of the bluest eyes you have ever seen. Those eyes are attached to an incredibly attractive man with shaggy brown hair and a defined jaw. The man looks at you with great concern.
                “Are you alright?” he inquires, his voice deeper than his face would have led you to believe; somehow the sound of it sends shivers through your body.
                “Y..yes, I think so,” you manage to stammer out, trying to get your bearings back.
                You slowly start to sit up, him following suit as he gets off you. He stands up and helps you to your feet, allowing you to finally get a good look at him. He is wearing a white shirt with a blue blazer over it, completed with a matching tie and brown trench coat. You dust yourself off, checking for any permanent damage. Seeming to be okay, you turn once again to the handsome stranger who saved you.
                “Thank you for saving my life,” you say, extending your hand and introducing yourself.
                “You are most welcome. I am Castiel.”
                “Castiel…interesting name. I like it. Well, Castiel, I live just around the corner. Would you like to come in for a minute? I could make tea or something…perhaps a drink?”
                “I would enjoy that,” he replies, his eyes seeming to wander over you, causing you to blush.
                You lead him to your building, taking him to your floor and unlocking the front door. Going inside, you head to the kitchen, seeing what you have to offer in the way of strong beverages.
                “Make yourself comfortable,” you call.
                Finally finding some whiskey, you pour each of you a glass and join him in the living room. He is sitting on the couch, only his shoes having been removed.
                “You can take off your coat too, if you like,” you tell him, handing him the glass.
                “Thank you,” he replies, slipping off the coat and taking the drink from you.
                For awhile, you sip in silence, unsure of what to say in the presence of someone so attractive and, honestly, a bit intimidating. Castiel finishes his drink quickly and sets the glass down on the table, turning shyly to you.
                “So, I am quite new to feelings like these but I wanted to tell you I find you very attractive.”
                You blush, smiling at his odd phrasing of such a compliment.
                “Thank you,” you reply, finishing your own drink and looking at him, “I must admit the feeling is mutual.”
                “May I…may I kiss you?” he asks, fixing you with a stare that sends shivers and fire through you at the same time.
                Tongue-tied, you nod slowly and he scoots over on the couch closer to you. He pauses a moment before lifting his hand to behind your neck, bringing your mouth closer to his. Lips meeting, he kisses you, gently and unsure at first, but soon growing in confidence as his mouth molds against yours. You sigh into the kiss, amazed at the feelings rushing through you; you have never been kissed like this before. One of your hands comes to rest on his leg while the other slides up his shirt to rest in his hair. Finally both breathless, he relinquishes your mouth. The shy exterior returning, he looks at you,
                “Was that…okay?”
                “Yes,” you reply, beaming at him, “Why did you stop?”
                “I…I don’t know.”
                Grabbing his tie, you bring his mouth back to yours, this time allowing your tongue to slide past his lips to meet with his. After a moment, you break the kiss, deciding you want to take this to a more comfortable setting. Still holding his tie, you lead him into your bedroom. You close the door and walk over to where he is standing by the bed. Without a word, you smile up at him and remove his tie, quickly tossing it aside and moving to the buttons on his shirt. He lets you undress him as his hands reach over, running over your curves, slowly exploring the way your body feels. Soon, you have him in just his white boxers. You smile at his awkward manner before stepping over to him and kissing him passionately, running your hands up his chest and moving his hand to the zipper of your dress, encouraging him to undress you as well. He unzips your dress as he continues kissing you. Pushing the dress off your shoulders, he moves his lips hesitantly to your neck, kissing lightly down it. You sigh and reach behind you to undo your bra. Now both in just your underwear, you turn so that your back is to the bed. Your hand behind his neck, you bring him down with you, seizing his lips again. For a long while, you both just lay there, exchanging kisses, hands wandering as you learn the body of the other. Soon, your hand slides down to where his excitement tents his boxers. Slowly, you stroke him through the fabric, causing him to release your lips and bury his head in your neck, groaning.
                “That feels…wonderful.”
                Smiling, you take a moment to slide his boxers off, returning your hand to its previous task, his groan practically turning into a growl. You then slide your own knickers off, giving him one more firm kiss as you roll the two of you over so you’re straddling him. On top, you turn your attentions to his chest and neck, kissing every sensitive spot while you grind your hips against his, until his breathing has become ragged and his hands wander desperately up your hips and over your chest. Thinking he has endured enough teasing, you look deep into his blue eyes.
                “I’ll take this slow,” you promise, raising yourself up and sinking onto him.
                Both groaning, you begin moving, keeping your promise long into the night until both of you are fully sated multiple times, finally falling asleep, tangled together.

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The tower is silent as you slip on your dressing gown and walk down to the kitchen. As a new agent for S.H.I.E.L.D., it has taken some time to get adjusted to the life, especially since you got assigned to live in Stark Tower and are constantly surrounded by attractive men. The man most attractive to you is Steve Rogers, aka Captain America. His blonde hair and blue eyes make you go weak at the knees every time you see him and his manners and shy demeanor only increase your desire for him. After far too many experiences with jerks, it is nice to meet a man who knows how to treat a lady right. Granted, you wouldn’t mind if he let loose once in a while, specifically if he let loose with you. The only time you have seen him relax in that way was late one night when the two of you were watching a movie. To this day, you aren’t quite sure what caused you to suddenly lean over and kiss him. But it happened. For awhile, the two of you just sat exchanging kisses on the couch. But suddenly, he pulled away from you, returning to his proper self as he apologized and went to bed. Ever since then, you haven’t been able to stop thinking about how you want to do that again and how much you want to take it even further.
                The kitchen is empty as you go over to the coffee pot, pouring grounds into the filter and pressing the on button. As coffee drips into the pot, you being rummaging around in the refrigerator, determined to have breakfast ready by the time everyone else wakes up. You are just reaching up to grab some eggs when you suddenly feel large hands grasping your hips.
                “Tony, what have I told you about personal boundaries?” you sigh, pushing the hands away.
                “It’s not Tony,” you hear a deep voice say behind you.
                “Yeah,” Steve replies as you feel his lips move to your neck.
                Confused, you turn around to face him.
                “Are you okay? You’re being more…affectionate…than usual.”
                “I’m fine. I just…I can’t stop thinking about you.”
                “I can’t stop thinking about you, especially that night we kissed. Listen, most people think I am just this proper, prudish gentleman who knows nothing about sex. But that’s not true. I am just picky about who I take to bed with me. And, well, I can’t stop thinking about you. So much so that it’s distracting. And, if you stop me right now, I won’t bring it up again. But…I am hoping I have been reading the signals correctly and that you want this as much as I do.”
                You can’t form words, only nod your head, as he steps back into your personal space, taking your agreement as a green light to capture your lips with his. As he kisses you, a floodgate opens for both of you and soon you are both kissing with intense fervor, tongues dueling as your hand grasps the front of his white t-shirt, yanking him closer to you, his hand slamming into the fridge door as his other hand wraps behind your neck. His lips soon release yours, moving to your neck where he eagerly kisses and sucks his way down, nipping at your collarbone before move to the other side to perform the same treatment. As your hands tangle in his mussed up hair, moaning at the feeling of his hot lips on your skin, his hand leaves the fridge to grope at your chest through the robe. You gasp as he clutches at your chest, moving his other hand beneath the bottom of the robe to trace his fingers over your knickers. Returning the treatment, you reach down, sliding your hand over him through his pajama pants, the fabric providing a glorious friction that makes him groan and drop his head to your shoulder. You continue stroking him, loving the sounds he is making. Both of you know someone could come in at any moment but you are both too far gone to care as he suddenly spins you around, pressing your front into the refrigerator. One hand slides his pajama pants down just enough and his excitement now presses against you as he lifts your robe enough to expose your knickers. Before long, he has moved the remaining fabric out of the way and he groans into your neck as he frantically brings you both to waves of pleasure. Moments later, as you both work on putting yourselves back together, he smiles at you, leaning down to give you one more heated kiss before whispering to you,
                “Tonight, I will take my time with you. Promise.”
                And with that, he vanishes from the kitchen, leaving you breathless as you go back to your original task of preparing breakfast.

Chapter Text

It is odd to see him in this state, odd but wonderful. You have been dating your Asgardian boyfriend, Thor, for several months now and it has been amazing. He is so powerful and you always feel safe around him. And there are no words for how incredible your time in the bedroom is with him. But, although he has never hurt you and never would, his powerful demeanor carries over between the sheets. You love the way he makes love to you but an idea had been formulating lately that you finally found the courage to ask about; you wanted to bind your man to a chair and take complete control for once. When you suggested this to him, his eyes lit up and he eagerly agreed, the arousal he felt from the idea quite clear.
                Now, after slowly stripping him of his armor and teasing him, Thor is bound to a chair in front of you, smiling up at you and eagerly waiting for what you will do next. You unhurriedly begin stripping of your clothing, starting with your gown and working your way down to your undergarments. His excitement grows as you gradually become naked before him and his mighty arms strain against the ties you placed around them, his desire to touch you overtaking him. Walking over to him, you straddle his lap, moving your body against his, giving him a sensual lap dance, teasing him further as his breathing gets ragged. You lean down and kiss him passionately, your tongue slowly exploring his mouth as you run your hands up his sculpted chest. All too soon, in his opinion, you pull away, walking over to a table where you placed another surprise for him. His eyes open wider as you return to him, bottle of chocolate syrup in hand. You drip some chocolate into your mouth before bringing your lips back to his. He groans, pushing his tongue inside your mouth to sweep the chocolate away, relishing the way the taste of it combines with the familiar taste of you. When you are both breathless, you pull away, dripping more chocolate down his chest and following its path with your tongue. You continue teasing him in this manner, licking, sucking, and nipping at all his most sensitive spots, working your way down his body. At this point, Thor is desperate to touch you, to take you, and you are loving being in control. With an evil smirk on your face, you drop to your knees before him, situating yourself between his legs with the chocolate. Slowly, you drip the sweet syrup over his thighs, taking your time to lick it off as he growls in frustration and eagerness. You decide to finally have mercy on him, trickling the chocolate over the area you know his wants your mouth the most. As you lower your head between his thighs, you use your mouth to remove the chocolate, continuing your task until he finally has the release he has been craving. As you stand up, you walk behind him, working on removing the bindings holding him, knowing the moment he is free, he will make it his sole task to return the pleasure you gave him for the rest of the evening.

Chapter Text

For a couple of weeks you’ve been staying at an old hotel for protection. You unwittingly made a demon angry and a vampire and his human team of demon fighters took you in to keep you safe. It’s a little boring there sometimes, but you’ve really connected with Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, the Englishman who does most of the research for the group. You two have stayed up late almost every night having long conversations, discussing everything from mythology to poetry to how you like your coffee, and he has really made your stay there enjoyable.

In addition to finding him excellent intellectual company, you also feel this incredible sexual attraction to him, stronger than you’ve ever felt in your life. Every time you’re with him, you feel this strong desire to rip his clothes off and have your way with him, and the deep, intelligent conversations you have with him only strengthen this desire. However, you know that he doesn’t see you that way and simply sees you as someone interesting to talk to.

One night, you are having another one of your late-night discussions in his study, sitting on his desk while he is comfortably seated in his wingback chair. You mention something about your favorite piece of historical literature, and could not be more surprised when Wesley launches himself out of his chair and practically devours your mouth with his. He is kissing you like a starving man seeing food for the first time, his lips moving over yours with heavy breaths, his tongue sliding into your mouth as one hand tangles into your hair and the other wraps around your waist. You feel fire spread through you at his touch, but it is over far too soon as he backs away suddenly, and the two of you stare at each other, panting.

“I’m so sorry,” he gasps, “I don’t know what came over me, I…”

“Why did you stop? I’ve wanted you to do that for weeks,” you whimper, missing his mouth on yours.

“You have?” he asks, clearly surprised. Apparently he was just as clueless as you were about each other’s feelings.

“Yes, I have, and if you don’t get back here this minute, I’ll—”

You don’t get to finish telling him what you’ll do, because his mouth is back on yours, his hands moving all over your body as if he can’t get enough of you. You hastily rip open his button-up shirt and push it away from his shoulders, releasing his mouth to kiss and bite at his neck, and he lets out a soft moan as you find the sensitive spot below his ear, running your teeth and tongue over it. He quickly pulls your shirt off over your head and captures your mouth again, biting your bottom lip and then unhooking your bra. You fumble to undo his belt and quickly get him out of his pants and boxers in one motion, sliding your hand down to his arousal and wrapping it around him tightly and enjoying the loud groan that escapes from his throat.

You wrap your legs around him and he grabs you by the ass to lift you off the desk. He deposits you into his chair and kneels in front of you, leaning forward to ravish your chest with his mouth, teasing you with his tongue while his hands tease you lower, sliding up your skirt to where your desire is burning for him. He continues nipping at your sensitive skin while he works your skirt and knickers down until they’re on the floor, then lowers his head to put his mouth to use until you’re screaming his name, not caring if you wake up everyone else.

Once he has made sure you’re entirely satisfied, you get up and push him down into the chair, unable to contain your lust any longer, and straddle him. He throws his head back and moans again as you lower yourself onto him, and you two spend the entire night burning for each other until the sun starts to rise and you hear Cordelia making coffee in the other room. You two silently get dressed and you give him one more searing kiss before going about the day like nothing happened, knowing that the following night would be a continuation of what you two just finished.

Chapter Text

You and Spike found love with each other when you were both bitter about being rejected – now, you’re happier than you’ve ever been. Sure, your relationship with the vampire isn’t perfect, but it works for you two.

Your sex life with him so far has typically been frantic and filled with lust, needing each other right then and there; you’re a bit taken off-guard, therefore, when you arrive at his crypt and he slowly walks toward you, kisses you languidly, and pulls you over to his “bed”, which is surrounded by lit candles.

“What’s all this?” you ask him.

“I just thought I’d mix it up a bit, love. Show you I can be just as bloody romantic as anyone else.”

“You don’t have to do that,” you inform him. “I don’t love anyone else.”

“Well, you deserve to be treated like a classy bird once in a while,” he tells you. “Besides, we’ve got all the time in the world. Why rush things when I can take my sweet time with you?”

“Is there something in particular you had in mind?” you ask, intrigued. You can practically feel your pupils dilate when he pulls out a pair of handcuffs.
“I thought I’d make sure you don’t go anywhere before I’m done with you,” is his answer. You don’t say anything, interested in how this is going to play out. “Of course, I can’t get started if you’ve got all those clothes on,” he says cheekily, eyeing your body. You figure out his meaning and begin to slowly undress for him as he sits on his bed and watches. You first slide your shirt over your head, taking your time to let him observe your body as you stretch your arms and make your chest more prominent. You kick off your shoes and then turn around and undo your jeans, wiggling them down over your hips as you bend over to give him a nice view of your ass through your black knickers. When you turn back around, you can see that the front of his jeans are already beginning to tent with his arousal. You unhook your bra and toss it away, running your hands down your torso to entice him, then slowly slide your knickers off, making yourself completely exposed to him. Finally, you lay down on the bed, ready for him to commence whatever plans he happens to have.

He takes your arms and handcuffs them to the headboard, then lowers himself down on top of you and kisses you again, slowly but passionately, letting his tongue explore your mouth in new ways. He kisses along your jaw to your ear, sucking on the skin below it and running his teeth over the spot, not quite using his fangs just yet. Next, he sits up a bit and runs his fingers all over your body, teasing, stroking, pinching, scratching, making your skin experience ever sensation imaginable.

Next, he has his lips on your collarbone, nipping at it while his hands continue their slow wander, his mouth making its way down to your chest, and you moan and strain against the handcuffs as he sucks at the skin. He grinds against you, the fabric of his jeans rubbing against your most sensitive area as you fight the handcuffs again, but are restrained from touching him.

He gradually starts sucking and nibbling his way down your stomach, over your hipbone, down your thighs, all the way to your ankles before working his way back up your legs, his lips and tongue moving slowly toward where you want them to go. Finally, after what feels like a torturous eternity, his mouth gets there and you cry out and pull at the handcuffs. He brings you almost to the point of bliss, but stops just short, making you whimper weakly, needing him to continue.

He stands up and takes his time removing every scrap of his clothing, making himself just as naked as you, then moves back between your legs and puts them over his shoulders. He continues teasing you with his mouth, once again bringing you to the edge of satisfaction, but not allowing you release.

“Spike, please,” you beg him, panting.

“I told you I was going to take my time with you, love,” he says evilly. He kisses your thighs again, then slides back up your body and gives your lips a searing kiss. “But since you asked so nicely…”

With that, he fits you together and you once more writhe against the handcuffs as he moves with excruciating slowness, bringing you minute by minute closer to pleasure. Finally, he has mercy on you and brings you past the threshold, and his face changes to his vampire form as he sinks his fangs into your neck at the exact moment, heightening the sensation all the more as he tastes your blood. He isn’t biting to kill, just to become more intimate with you.

His gratification comes just after yours, and he lifts his head from your neck and groans before collapsing next to you, both of you spent from the lovemaking. You need to rest for a moment, but you know that once you’ve regained your energy, you will definitely return the favor of taking your time with him.

Chapter Text

You wake up with a start, sitting up and gasping as sweat makes the sheet cling to your body. Another nightmare. You curl your knees into your chest and rest your forehead against them, tears welling up as you try to orient yourself again. You feel movement in the bed next to you and then feel the smooth, cool lips pressing against your shoulder, kissing slowly across your neck.

“What is it, my queen?” Loki asks you, his voice laced with concern. His fingers trace comforting shapes over your back.

“I had a horrible dream…” you tell him weakly, lifting you head to curl into his chest.

“Another one, my love?” he asks, stroking your hair and kissing your forehead. “Tell me about it so I may soothe your fears.”

“I dreamt that…you left my like everyone else,” you confess, tears coming back. “You saw who I really am and were repulsed, and you left me.”

“My queen, that is impossible,” Loki tells you, lifting your chin to kiss your lips lovingly. “I love you more than life itself. I see everything you are and cannot imagine not being by your side. You loved me when all others hated me. You love me even in my true form,” he adds, momentarily turning blue as he transforms into his Jotun form, then changing back. “I love you, and I often fear you will grow to stop loving me.”

“Loki, I am completely yours. That will never happen.”

“And I am yours, my love. Now, lay down and sleep. You need rest.”

“I can’t sleep now. I’m too afraid I’ll have more nightmares.”

“Then I will stay awake with you,” he insists.

“I love you so much. Thank you.”

“Anything for you. Now, how shall we occupy the time until morning? Reading? Storytelling?”

“Actually, I have another idea,” you tell him, your hand slipping under the covers to grab him intimately. He smiles wickedly and growls, pushing you back down to the mattress and ravishing your mouth.

You sigh into his lips and tug at his sleek black hair, causing him to growl again. He frees your lips and nips at the spot below your ear that drives you crazy. From there, he begins a slow descent down your body, sucking and biting at your skin, leaving dark marks behind as you scratch lines up his back.

Loki’s mouth reaches your stomach and his head disappears beneath the sheet. He runs his teeth over your hip bones before settling his face right between them, using his famous silver tongue to bring you to a state of bliss many times over.

You finally pull him up by the hair and roll so that you’re on top. You scratch into his chest, then slide down his body and begin pleasing him with your mouth, listening to his moans and growls as you bring him to the edge. Then you stop.

Loki rolls you two over again and his head falls down onto your shoulder as he passionately makes love to you, giving you pleasure before allowing his own.
As the sun starts to rise, you two finally curl up in each other’s arms, exhausted.

“I love you, my queen,” you hear him whisper, and you say it back before falling into a deep, peaceful sleep.

Chapter Text

  It was a good book; he had to understand that. Your boyfriend, James Barnes, aka Bucky, had just come back from a mission for S.H.I.E.L.D and decided to jump in the shower. An invitation was extended to you to join him but your book was just getting to a really good part. And you can always shower with him another time. He gave you a look but went and got in the shower anyway, leaving you to your book.
                Moments later, you hear the water turn off. You don’t think much of it until he wanders into the room, wearing nothing but his towel. For a second, you are not thinking about your book as your eyes wander over his toned muscles, the water dripping down them somehow making him even sexier. He gives you a smirk when he notices your stare, approaching the bed as you go back to your book. You feel the bed sink by your feet seconds later and you glance down to see Bucky crawling onto the bed, staring up at you. The look in his eyes can’t be described as anything but pure hunger. You wonder what he is up to when he suddenly slides up to your ankle, beginning to kiss up your leg. His metal arm slides up your thigh and you sigh, about to set your book aside.
                “No,” he instructs, continuing to caress your skin, “keep reading.”
                You give him a curious look, waiting for him to explain.
                “The idea of you out here reading was such a tease while I was in the shower. Now I plan on teasing you. See if you can stay focused on your book while I worship your body. Perhaps you will see I am much better than what is between those pages.”
                He smiles that mischievous grin at you as you slowly pick your book up again, trying to focus on the words as Bucky resumes kissing up your leg, his metal fingers playing with the hem of the skirt you’re wearing. You read the same sentence for the fifth time as Bucky’s lips get higher on your thigh, working their way beneath your skirt. Suddenly, you jump, letting out a gasp as Bucky traces a finger over the thin fabric of your knickers.
                “Keep reading,” he intones, reaching up to remove your skirt all together.
                The words swim on the page as he continues running his fingers over you, kissing ever higher. Without warning, you feel his lips and tongue take the place of his hand, still not removing your knickers as he begins to drive you crazy. You moan and feel him grin against you as you attempt to just keep your book in your hand; actually reading is completely out of the question at this point. Before long, you are panting, mentally begging him to remove the fabric and forget about the teasing. The book still in hand, your other one reaches for his hair, trying to direct his mouth. He grabs your wrist, thwarting your efforts but rewarding you by sliding off the slip of lace and replacing his mouth where it had been. All sense is lost as you set the book down, threading your hands in his hair. He stops abruptly, leaving you whimpering at the loss.
                “Read the book out loud,” he tells you, that impish grin still plastered on his face.
                You pick up the book, cursing him and loving him at the same time. You begin to read out loud as his mouth and tongue return to their task. Soon words are becoming gasps and moans, pleas in between the plot as Bucky uses both mouth and fingers to bring you closer to pleasure. Eventually, you can’t read anymore and the words of the story become just one word, his name, that you scream as he finally brings you release.
                As you come down off your high, you toss the book aside, practically tackling your boyfriend onto the bed and straddling him. It is definitely payback time.

Chapter Text

You wake up in the middle of the night, reaching over to the other side of the bed for your boyfriend, Jefferson. But your hands only touch the empty sheets. You wait a few minutes, thinking he could just be getting some water or something. When he doesn’t come back, you decide to go in search of him. His house is quite large but after some looking, you find him in his hat room. This is what you feared. Sighing, you look at him bent over his table, working on another hat. While he gave up the idea of going back to the Enchanted Forest, his mind still drives him crazy at night and he spends his insomniatic times working on more hats.
                You walk over to him, wrapping your arms around his shoulders and placing a kiss on the large scar on his neck.
                “Jefferson, dear,” you croon in his ear, “please come back to bed.”
                “Can’t sleep…just need to finish the hat…”
                You know that he tends to have a one track mind and if you can simply get his attention away from his work and onto you, you can easily convince him to come back to bed with you. You nuzzle his ear, running your teeth over it, and his hands stop moving for a moment. Continuing with your plan, you begin kissing down his neck, slowly working on removing the shirt he is wearing and running your hands over his bare chest. He leans back in his chair, enjoying the sensations of your fingertips brushing over sensitive areas. You know you have his attention now and you use the opportunity to keep him focused on you the rest of the night by scratching your nails up his chest before you pull the shirt completely off. You can almost see the switch in his brain as he groans and turns suddenly in his chair, standing abruptly and devouring your mouth with his. His hands frantically wander your body as he backs you against the wall of hats behind you. With frenzied affections, he rips your robe off, his hands now free to brush your completely naked body beneath it. His tongue plunges into your mouth as one of his hands wanders down past your stomach to tease you.  As he swallows your moan, he turns you, taking a moment to sweep everything from his table and lay you down on it. Releasing your lips, he removes his own pants and, naked, climbs on top of you. His lips find your neck, kissing down it while you reach one hand down to stroke him. Groaning, he leans his head into your shoulder, finally getting it together enough to position himself perfectly on top of you. With his focus completely on you, he spends the next few hours bringing you wave after wave of pleasure before he finally allows you to return the favor.

Chapter Text

  Warmth runs through you as you take another sip of your margarita. It’s just another typical Friday for you, sitting at your favorite bar, spending time with your boyfriend as he tends bar. He travels a lot so the only time you really get to spend with him is when he is working. Granted, the term boyfriend might be a stretch since you don’t really go on dates with him or anything but for the last three years you have been his girl. It’s what he calls you and he is your man; everyone at the restaurant knows it. And every weekend, you spend your evenings in the bar, chatting with him when you can, stealing kisses and glances between his drink making. Tonight something seems different though; he seems distracted and distant from you. Granted, it is a fairly busy night and you know that you might not get to talk to him much but it doesn’t matter. You are crazy about him and will take what time you can get.
                As you sip on your drink, you feel someone sit down next to you. Turning, you see an incredibly attractive guy with spiky brown hair, bright green eyes, and the scruff of a five o’clock shadow that gives him a rugged, manly look. He orders a beer and takes a long drag from it, downing half of it before setting it down. You realize you’ve been staring and, just as you are about to turn away, he looks at you.
                “Hey,” he says, a flirtatious smile on his face, “I’m Dean.”
                You introduce yourself, taking another sip of your drink.
                “How’s your night going?” he asks, drinking more of his beer.
                “Good,” you reply, the huge smile returning to your face as you glance at your guy walking by, “yours?”
                “Just fine. So, what brings you here?”
                “My boyfriend actually,” you reply.
                You begin telling him all about your man when your attention is suddenly drawn to something behind him, something that steals your breath and stops your heart from beating.
                “What is it?” Dean asks looking behind him.
                “That’s…that’s my guy…and…he’s…he’s…” but you can’t finish your sentence.
                “Where? Wait…the one kissing that white trash whore?”
                You nod slowly, unable to process what is happening. All feeling has drained from you as you watch your guy once again lower his lips down to those of the girl that has been after him for the last several months. You knew she was trouble the first time you watched her flirt with your man, throwing herself at him shamelessly. But he always denied her advances, turning a cheek when she tried to kiss him and removing her hand from his ass repeatedly. So what happened?
                “I’m confused,” Dean said, looking at you, “I thought he was your boyfriend.”
                “He was…is…kind of…I don’t…”
                You take a large gulp of your margarita, beginning to explain to Dean the situation.
                “but now he’s kissing her…I don’t understand,” you conclude.
                “That son of a bitch,” Dean swears under his breath, looking at the guy again, “well, listen, you know the way to handle this? Make his jealous.”
                “You don’t show him you’re upset by this,” Dean continues, reaching over to casually brush away the tear that fell down your cheek, “You show him it doesn’t bother you, that you can get someone new as easily as he can.”
                You look skeptically at Dean.
                “Trust me on this,” he says, “I’m a guy and I know how this works.”
                You still aren’t sure but the storm of emotions racing through your brain right now tells you that he might have a point. You nod your head at Dean,
                “Okay, so what do I do?”
                “Well, this, for starters,” he says, suddenly pressing his lips to yours.
                Your breath catches as he molds his mouth to yours and for a moment, you forget all about your now-ex, focusing only on the incredible guy kissing you right now. Damn, he is good! All too soon, Dean pulls away, a sexy smirk on his face. You take a moment to regain your composure as Dean directs you to look at the bartender who used to be your man. He is staring at you. But he quickly turns away, going back to the other girl and putting his arm around her shoulders. As you look at the two of them, the realization that it is over slowly sinks in and you suddenly want to leave.
                “Besides,” you say to Dean, “if he goes for a girl like her, I probably don’t want him anyway.”
                “You got that right. He clearly has no taste in women. I mean, you are clearly way hotter plus you don’t look like the type that will sleep with anyone with a penis...unlike her.”
                You smile and laugh a bit, still trying to fight away the tears. Dean suddenly lifts your chin to look at you.
                “I mean that. Seriously. The man is an idiot for leaving you. I mean, I would kill to have even one night with a girl like you.”
                “Really,” Dean confirms, an impish grin crossing his face as he looks at you again, noticing the look on your face, “Why? You saying you’re interested?”
                You blush furiously as you stumble with words, his kiss still seared into your brain.
                “Well…maybe…I mean…”
                He cuts you off with another intense kiss, one that leaves you breathless at the loss when he pulls away.
                “You just say the word,” he tells you, “I won’t think badly of you one way or the other.”
                You take one more glance at your ex, watching the way he looks at the new girl the same way he looked at you for the last three years.
                “Let’s go,” you say, quickly polishing off your margarita and throwing some cash on the bar.
                It is a short drive to your place which you find yourself thankful for since Dean, once given the green light, proves to be quite the tease, tracing his fingers up and down your thigh as he smirks at you. You pull up at your place and lead Dean upstairs. The moment you get in the door, Dean has you pressed against the wood, his mouth ravishing yours as his hands slide all over your body, bringing sensations you haven’t felt in a long time. Your hands clutch at his hair as his mouth releases yours and travels down your neck. Travelling to the bedroom, you leave a line of clothes behind you, both completely naked by the time you reach the bed. Dean lays you down on it, hovering over you as his eyes travel over your body.
                “Dumbass,” you hear him mutter under his breath, causing you to smile.
                Now that Dean has you in bed, his eager exploration of you slows as he lays his body on top of yours, kissing you languorously, his tongue dipping past your lips to discover how each way he kisses you causes you to react. His hands glide over your curves, taking their time to touch you in new ways, tracing over sensitive parts and causing you to gasp and moan. For the remainder of the evening, Dean worships your body, using his lips and hands to bring you to completion several times before finally allowing himself to slowly make love to you, each position unhurried with him first on top, then from behind, spooning you, taking the time to bring you multiple crests of pleasure before ultimately bringing himself, and you, to completion one more time. Exhausted and smiling, you both drift off to sleep, his arm still wrapped tightly around you.

Chapter Text

You knew it wasn’t proper to invite him back to your chambers, but who was truly proper this day and age? His doting attentions at the wedding reception made you want him more that you usually did. Because normally the brave and handsome knight known as Lancelot never noticed a servant like you. Or at least you thought he didn’t. The many glasses of wine and celebratory nature of Gwen and Arthur’s wedding, however, led him to reveal that he had been watching you since you arrived at the castle a few weeks before. This information from him led to your eventual decision to ask that he accompany you to your chambers that evening.
                You arrive at your room with him quicker than you imagined and as the large door looms before you, you are beginning to wonder if this is a good idea. But Lancelot calms your fears, reaching behind you to open the door, his eyes dropping briefly to your lips before he ushers you inside. He follows you in and shuts the door firmly behind him. With no more inquisitive eyes on you, Lancelot steps into your personal space, his hands threading in your hair as he brings his lips to yours. His kiss is passionate and loving, not predatory like most men tended to be with servants such as you. His hands soon begin wandering your body and you realize that this night will be spent on your pleasure instead of his and you could cry at that realization. The sexual tension built up during many dances and flirtations at the wedding lead you both to move quickly to the bed as he works on removing your dress. Once you are unclothed, you rapidly remove his garments, the many layers he wears still being much easier than the ones you are used to lacing the ladies into. Soon, you are both naked, standing by the bed and just taking each other in. Lancelot breathes out a sigh, glancing over you as he says,
                “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever had the pleasure of encountering. And I plan on spending the remainder of this evening convincing you of this.”
                Before you have a chance to reply, he lowers his lips to yours once again, guiding you back to the simple bed and crawling under the covers with you. His mouth releases yours and begins kissing down your body, his fingers tracing over sensitive nerves, smiling at the gasps and moans you make as he learns your curves. His head vanishes beneath the covers as he continues discovering the many ways you enjoy being touched and heat runs through your body as he dips his tongue between your thighs, bringing you to satisfaction in a way you have only heard other women talk about. Once you come down from the high he brought you to, his name being gasped past your lips, he slides back up your body, taking the time to kiss you breathless before settling himself between your legs once again, this time slowly moving and making love to you, bringing you both to ecstasy as your moans combine, ringing off the walls. Both fully sated, you fall asleep on his chest, his fingers playing with your hair until he, too, drifts off, a smile on his face.

Chapter Text

“Would you ever hire a doll?” you ask your boyfriend, Topher Brink.
                The two of you are laying in bed, cuddling before you fall asleep after a long day at work.
                “No. Why do you ask?” he replies, his fingers twiddling with your hair.
                “Just curious. You don’t have any fantasies you would live out if you got the chance? No idea of a perfect woman or scenario?”
                “Are you kidding me?” he asks you, sitting up so he can gaze down at you, “why would I need a doll when I have you?”
                You shake your head at him.
                “You don’t have to say that just because I’m your girlfriend. Everyone has fantasies.”    
                “No, I mean that. You’re smart, beautiful, and best of all, you put up with me.”
                He leans down and kisses you soundly, his lips fitting perfectly against yours. When he finally sits back up, there is a new look in his eyes.
                “Do you need me to prove it?” he asks flirtatiously.
                You love when Topher gets in these moods. Most of the time, his mind is on his work and far from the physical part of your relationship. You don’t take it personally; it’s just who he is. But sometimes, he gets this look in his eyes, a look that tells you how much he loves you and how he must have you right that very moment. Smiling wickedly at him, you lean up, tracing your tongue over his neck, causing him to gasp, before replying,
                “Yeah…I think I might need some proof on that, Mr. Scientist Man.”
                The look he gives you is one of pure lust as he leans down and catches your lips once again, this time with more hunger, his tongue earnestly pushing past them to become thoroughly intimate with yours. You groan as his hands wander your body, finally coming to rest on your chest as his thumbs draw small circles that cause you to arch against him. Returning the favor, you slide your hand down to the grey boxer-briefs he is wearing, grabbing him firmly through the fabric and beginning to stroke him slowly. He moans loudly, his mouth leaving yours as he drops his head to your shoulder, unable to think from the wonderful sensations you are giving him.
                “Darling, I won’t last long if you keep that up. And there is no way I am allowed to finish first.”
                He removes your hand, placing it beside you as he begins to slide down your body. You know exactly where he is headed and moan at the thought. His lips reach your knickers and he slowly teases you through them before sliding them off you, returning his mouth to between your legs. He groans against you as you tug at his hair while his tongue pleasures you. It is only moments before you are gasping his name and he emerges from your thighs, a cocky grin on his face as he slides back up to kiss you thoroughly. Not letting him have all the satisfaction, you roll him over, straddling him. His pupils expand rapidly as you begin grinding on him, his hands gripping your hips to control your movements on him. His breath is already ragged when you finally sit up a bit, taking a moment to remove his undergarment before sinking onto him fully, his gasp music to your ears as you begin slowly moving. And it is not too long before another wave of pleasure overtakes you, followed closely by your name being gasped from his lips as he finds his own release. Exhausted and happy, you collapse down on his chest, kissing him sweetly before rolling off him. He spoons you, tracing his fingers up your arm, saying as you drift off to sleep,
                “See, babe, I don’t need a doll because you are my fantasy.”
                There are no words for how big your smile is as you fade into slumber.

Chapter Text

You wander the streets of Storybrooke, mind and hormones racing. It’s not like you had done it on purpose. How were you supposed to know that the man you were flirting with at the bar was the betrothed of an evil, bitchy, sorceress? Now, you had to wander the streets, searching desperately for a man to relieve the lust spell she placed you under, a spell that could only be broken by…well…yeah. Unfortunately, it is the middle of the night and very few people are around. How will you ever find a guy who is willing to help you out before the spell kills you, as the witch said it would?
                Suddenly, hope appears in the form of Robin Hood. The attractive gentleman is walking down the street, sauntering really. You stride up to him, the libido pumping inside you making you bolder than you ever would normally be. Before he knows what is happening, your hand wraps behind his head and you bring his lips to yours, kissing him hungrily, like you can’t get enough of him. As he begins kissing you back, going on instinct, you already feel the intensity of the spell beginning to ease up a bit. Soon you can’t breathe and you both pull out of the kiss.
                “Umm,” he says, looking at you curiously, “what just happened?”
                “I am so sorry,” you apologize, “but I’m under a lust spell. I can’t help it.”
                “A lust spell?”
                “Yeah, I apparently hit on the wrong guy and his scary witch of a fiancé cursed me. The only way to break the spell is to…well…yeah…with a guy. And if I don’t in time, she said it will kill me.”
                “Well,” Robin said, beaming a charming smile your way, “we can’t have you dying such a horrible death. I think I might have a solution to your problem.”
                “Really?” you ask, looking at him with utter gratitude.
                “Of course,” he replies.
                He leans in to kiss you again, wrapping his arms firmly around your waist as he draws you against his body. His lips on yours are magic, causing heat to course through your body. You have never kissed a man so talented with his lips, using the perfect amount of tongue to tease you as he slips it past your lips. You wrap your arms behind his neck and one of his hands comes up to grip your hair, holding your mouth against his. The hardness growing against your leg tells you that he is enjoying this as much as you and you shouldn’t feel like you are just using him to break a curse. Breathless once again, your lips finally release each other and the two of you take a step back.
                “Perhaps we should take this indoors,” he says.
                You nod and you lead him to your place just down the street. The moment the door is shut, you shove him against it, seizing his lips again, your hands beginning to tear at his clothes as the spell begins burning hotter and making you desperate and needy for his body on yours. Sensing your urgency, he hurriedly undresses you as well, kissing you over to the bed. His lips attack your neck, sucking and biting as lust overcomes him too. Reaching down, you stroke him steadily, pulling a moan from his lips as he positions himself. His eyes lock on yours as he pushes inside, his head dropping to your shoulder while you gasp, urging him to move. At a frenzied, eager pace, he brings you to the edge, not stopping once you’ve fallen over it, continuing to make love to you until you have reached ecstasy twice more, his own release coming just moments later. He crumples beside you, panting for breath as he kisses you firmly once more.
                “Well that should take care of the curse I imagine?” he asks cheekily.
                “Definitely,” you pant out, “that was incredible.”
                You both lay there in silence for a moment before he finally says,
                “Any chance you’d want to go again? Even without a curse?”
                “Hell yes.”
                Smiling, he rolls on top of you again, ravishing your mouth as he gears up for round two.

Chapter Text

  “I thought about writing a girl like you, so lost” you hear a deep voice say behind you.
                Turning from the bar, you see a man staring at you. His shaggy brown hair falls haphazardly in his face while his magical green-brown eyes search yours. Despite his crumbled white shirt and wrinkled brown jacket, he reeks of class and sensuality and you can’t help but feel drawn to him. Slowly, you take the drink the bartender just handed you and make your way over to the table he is sitting at.
                “And just what makes you think I’m lost, Mr…?”
                “Hemingway,” he replies extending his hand to shake yours, “Ernest Hemingway.”
                “Alright Mr. Hemingway, just what makes you think I’m lost?”
                “There’s a vastness in your eyes and the way they wander over your surroundings, searching for meaning. You are clearly a woman of intelligence whose mind is never satisfied with the simple things. You are also a woman of great beauty and for these qualities, I invite you to share a drink with me.”
                He motions to the chair across from him and you sit down, still unsure if this is a good idea. The moment he told you his name, you recognized the great American writer, currently living in Paris in pursuit of his next story amongst the people of the most glorious city of the Jazz Age. You also know his reputation well and his history with women. The sensible part of you wants to politely decline his advances and head back home. But there is another part of you, the bigger part, that wants to stay, to experience whatever this man has to offer you and live like every other young woman is doing in this new era of freedom. That wilder side of you wins and you take a long sip of your drink, sitting and chatting with Ernest Hemingway long into the night.
                Several drinks later, you are leaving with the writer, the alcohol you have both consumed increasing your affection for one another as he takes your hand and places it in the crook of his arm, leading you down the street. Every nerve in your body is on fire as you walk down the boulevard with him, a man who exudes sex and masculinity. It is no wonder he has had so many women; he is completely irresistible.
A soft rain begins falling as you stroll, his boisterous voice filling the night air as he regales you with tales from the war. Suddenly, he stops you beneath a streetlight, just staring at you, his eyes wandering over you as if he was undressing you already. Moments later, his lips are on yours, devouring them, his hand tangled messily in your hair as he pulls you tight against his body. You feel your breath leave you as your head spins, and you know it’s not the alcohol. Yours hands glide up his jacket, coming to rest behind his neck and you sigh as his tongue slips along your lips, probing them open to deepen the kiss. All too soon, he pulls back and your world is still reeling. A smug smirk on his face, he looks down at you,
                “I would apologize but I am only a man, too weak to resist a woman so striking as you. Would you like to accompany me back to my place?”
                You nod weakly, still unable to form words as his arm goes around your waist and he leads you the few blocks to his place. Once inside, he takes your coat, his hands lingering as he slides it off your arms. He places a discreet kiss on your neck and you feel the heat return to your body at even just these small touches. He hangs up your coat before returning to you, gazing down at you once again, his eyes enchanting you as you reach out to pull him closer to you. Your lips meet once again, the fire in your body intensifying as this time, his tongue pushes forcefully into your mouth and he groans against your lips at just the taste of you. You feel his hands reach up, slowly sliding the straps of your dress down. His mouth decides to follow the path of the fabric down your body as he slowly reveals the skin beneath. You have never been undressed so slowly or so carefully and you can tell just by the way his lips kiss, nip, and caress your skin that you are in for a long night with his attentions devoted to your pleasure, his own gratification being derived from your satisfaction.
                Soon, he has you completely undressed and his eyes wander over you the same way his lips did moments before.
                “Your body is breathtaking,” he tells you, taking your hand and leading you over to the bed that sits in the corner of the small studio apartment.
                He gets you to lay down on it, stepping back to undress himself. Once he is completely unclothed, he approaches the bed, laying down against you in such a way that you feel each taut muscle in his body, the hardness between his thighs pressing against you and telling you how great his desire is to take you. But he is far from fulfilling that desire, continuing to lavish all attention on you. His fingers trace over each curve of you, moving lower to immerse themselves between your legs, causing your breath to come out in moans and pleas as he unhurriedly brings you to ecstasy. As he coaxes you down from the high, his mouth finds yours again. He kisses you breathless, his hips leisurely moving against yours, creating a friction for him but still not giving him full satiation yet. Once you have your breath back, he brings you back to the point of bliss twice more with his fingers before finally rolling fully on top of you. He fits your bodies together as another gasp escapes your lips, a hiss emitting from his as he is still for a moment. Then he begins moving. While inside you, he brings his lips to your ear, whispering dirty things, lewd enough to make a sailor blush, poetic enough to fill a novel. Languidly, he makes love to you, for hours, finally escalating his movements enough to bring you both to the point of pleasure, still ensuring you tumble over right before he does. He continues kissing you through the afterglow, bringing you both back down to earth.  Your desire for each other now fully quenched, you drift to sleep, his body pressed against you from behind. And you both know that it will only be mere hours before that yearning for each other is renewed and he will start all over again.

Chapter Text

As soon as you bring him inside your small house, he pulls you to him and starts kissing you with an extraordinary amount of passion. You return the kiss eagerly – you want to thank this knight, and you have some ideas how to do so. In the tavern earlier this evening, he rescued you from some drunken letch trying to get under your skirt. Sir Gwaine has quite a reputation in that tavern for being involved in bar brawls, but he is generally considered admirable for his sense of honor. You have often heard other girls talk about wanting to take him to bed, but from what you’ve heard, he hasn’t slept with any of them.

After your handsome savior walked you home to ensure your safety, you invited him inside for some stew. The stew has now clearly been forgotten as his mouth moves over yours hungrily, his hands sliding up and down your sides. Your hands explore his firm chest through the thin fabric of his tunic, and then slip up into his thick hair, controlling the way his tongue slides past your lips. Heat is licking through you at every touch, and if the hardness pressing against your hip is any indication, he is experiencing the same sensation.
You pull his tunic over his head and toss it away, taking in his glorious body with your eyes. Gwaine scoops you into his arms and lavishes your neck with kisses while he carries you over to your simple bed, laying you down on it and reclining next to you. His head propped up with one arm, his free hand begins undoing the laces on the front of your bodice as he gazes at you, anticipating what he will see when he removes your garments.

Piece by piece he removes your clothing until you are entirely bare, and he admires the sight before lowering his mouth to yours again. His mouth moves down to your chest as his hand moves between your thighs and he begins making fire rush through you as his fingers find every sensitive part. Before you fall over the edge, you roll over on top of him and release his lips to start kissing down his chest and stomach, at the same time undoing his pants. You free his arousal and your mouth moves lower. You hear his sharp intake of breath as you begin thanking him for saving you in the tavern, using your lips and tongue to give him pleasure. However, he does not let you finish; you are surprised as his hands cup your head and bring it up to his mouth. He groans at the loss of your mouth on his most intimate part, and you can’t imagine why he stopped you. He gives you a searing kiss, then turns you so that you are on your back and begins kissing down your body. He moves between your legs and tastes you, making you moan with pleasure at the new experience. You can’t believe that a well-respected knight stopped you in the middle of rewarding him for a good deed in order to bring satisfaction to you, a simple barmaid.

He brings you to a crest of pleasure, your hands fisting around his hair, and then he slides up your body to ravish your mouth with his. When he releases your lips, he gazes down at you for a moment.

“You are so beautiful,” he tells you, and he actually sounds like he means it, unlike the drunks that usually tell you that in the tavern. He enters you and you almost immediately give in to another wave of pleasure, moaning at the way he fits you perfectly. Soon after, he cries out as his own release comes, and for over an hour afterward he presses kisses into the afterglow of your skin before spooning you and bringing you both into a restful sleep.

Chapter Text

You close your magazine the moment you hear the door open, breathing a sigh of relief that he is finally home. You hate when your boyfriend, Agent Clint Barton, has to go on a mission and it is always wonderful when he comes home safely. Before he even has a chance to enter the living room, you run and meet him at the front door. You capture his lips in a searing kiss as his arms go around your waist, tightening around you and pulling you into his body. Right before your lips meet, you register the look in his eyes. It is a familiar one after missions, a look of lust and need, desperate for a release that he knows only you can provide. As his tongue slides into your mouth, he presses you against the wall behind you, his body holding you against it as he tries to get as close as he possibly can to you. Frantically, you kiss, hands wandering desperately as you both undress the other. Suddenly, Clint turns you, slamming you into the door, your face pressed against wood. His hand slides down, groping your ass before slipping between your legs, groaning as he discovers how ready you are for him.

“Babe, do you know how unbelievably sexy you are?” he growls in your ear, his hand reaching down to stroke himself a few times.

He enters you in one swift motion, pressing you harder into the wood as his movements become rough and rapid, causing you to moan loudly, his teeth biting into your shoulder as he quickly brings you to a first wave of pleasure. As you begin to come off your high, his fingers reach around, teasing you into a second wave. You scream his name as he follows you quickly over the edge.

Panting, he drops his head to your shoulder, placing a sweet kiss there.

“Sorry I got carried away,” he apologizes.

“It’s fine. I know you need that after missions…besides…you know I love that rough side of you.”

“Well,” he says, turning you around and planting a heated, loving kiss on your lips, “now I need to take you upstairs and take my time with you.”

You kiss him again before replying, with a smile,

“Lead the way.”

He scoops you up in his arms, carrying you upstairs and placing you gently on the bed. His body follows yours and, with a passionate kiss, he begins gearing up for round two.

Chapter Text

You’ve been on this gorram ship for months and frankly, you’re aching for a man. Ever since that ex-boyfriend of yours discovered that you’re a Browncoat, you’ve been running for your life. Your brother is paying the crew of Serenity quite a sum to transport you safely as far away as they can get you.

You’re grateful, you really are…but you need to feel the touch of a man. Truth be told, you’ve had your eye on that captain ever since you set foot on this boat, but he ain’t shown any signs of making a move. He’s got to have needs too, and to your surprise, he hasn’t seemed to have tried with the pretty mechanic or the registered companion on his crew.

You think, hell, there ain’t no harm in trying, so you find your way into his bunk and wait for him to come to bed. All you’ve got on is a long shirt he let you borrow to sleep in. He looks surprised to see you there, but not like he has objections.

“Is there something you need?” he asks, looking confused.

“Well, now that you mention it, there is,” you say coyly. He waits for you to get to the point, so you do just that, and begin slowly unbuttoning your shirt, keeping eye contact with him. He stares on, a bit baffled, but doesn’t move to stop you. The shirt falls to the floor, and he sees all of you, and you notice the front of his brown pants gets a little tighter. He backs up a bit, making sure he’s not within reach of you, but he can’t seem to look away.

“Now, listen, it’s not that you ain’t…desirable,” he begins, “but your brother’s not paying me to take liberties.”

“Well, he ain’t here, Captain. I’m a grown woman. What I choose to do here is my business. Are you sayin’ you don’t want to bed me?”

“Oh, I want to. Very much…” he says, clearly searching his brain for another objection.

“Then maybe you should be over here where I am,” you inform him. When he doesn’t move, continuing his internal battle, you pick up his shirt and slip it back on your shoulders. “ ‘Course, if you ain’t interested, maybe I’ll see if I’m more welcome in Jayne’s bunk,” you shrug, but he takes two big steps over to you and crushes you into him, devouring your mouth with his. He pushes his shirt off of you and you slide his suspenders down his shoulders, beginning to undress him as his tongue finds its way around your mouth.

Your hand slides down his now bare chest and you grab him through his pants, stroking his arousal and making him groan into your mouth. He backs you over to his bed and lays you both down on it, then begins sucking at your neck and chest while you get him out of his pants. Your hands explore his naked body while you arch into his mouth, and the floodgates open and you grab him by the ass to lead him toward you. He complies and pushes forward, giving you the pleasing sensations you’ve missed for months, bringing you closer and closer to being satiated. After you come down from the crest of the first wave of bliss, he rolls you onto your side and moves behind you, adjusting your legs so that he can move into you from a different angle.

You and he spend all night fulfilling your lustful needs with each other, and the next morning you wake up with him wrapped around you, knowing that your stay on this ship will be a lot more satisfying from now on.

Chapter Text

There he was, across the cantina, looking so cocky and full of himself: your rival, Han Solo. For some reason, he always seemed to get in your way and steal your jobs. You were barely getting by anymore. Smuggling is a hard enough business as is without the aid of someone constantly stealing clients out from under you. You glare at him, taking another hit of your drink; you need to get out of there.
You are just about to make your way to the door when Han approaches you, tapping you on the shoulder,
“Do we have a problem?” he asks, “Or do you just glare at random men for no reason?”
“Yes we have a problem. You keep stealing my clients.”
“I do nothing of the sort. I earn my jobs fair and square. Not my fault I’m just a better smuggler than you.”
You scoff at the idea, deciding to just leave before you punch him in the face, but he stops you.
“Who are you anyway?”
You tell him your name and a look of realization comes into his face.
“Well, listen sweetheart, I’m sorry you think I’m stealing from you on purpose, but it’s a tough business. You take jobs where you can take them. But, hey, if you want me to throw a couple your way…just say the word. I mean, I know it must be hard for a woman…”
You don’t let him finish his sentence, slapping him hard across the face before storming out of the cantina. Unfortunately, he follows you out.
“Sweetheart, I was kidding. I know you can get jobs yourself. Why do you think I know your name?”
He follows you into an alley you try to skirt down, hoping he will get the hint.
“I mean, you’re the best smuggler out there. After me, of course.”
You turn on him, backing him against the wall in the narrow alley.
“Will you just leave me alone? You cause enough trouble in my life without me having to stare at your scruffy face!”
“Scruffy? I’m scruffy?”
“Yeah…you are!”
“Well you’re no beauty queen yourself there honey.”
“Please, if I wasn’t your rival, you would bed me in a heartbeat,” you tell him, getting in his face.
“You think so?”
“Yeah, I do.”
You have no idea who started it but suddenly his lips are on yours, kissing you roughly, devouring your mouth as you yank at his hair. He releases your lips, his mouth moving to bite and suck at your neck, leaving red marks. You groan, lifting your legs and wrapping them around his waist. He hikes up your skirt and you can feel his arousal pressing against you through the layers of fabric. As his mouth travels down to your chest, you reach you hand down, gripping him tightly through his pants and stroking him forcibly. His mouth falters as a moan emits from his mouth.
“Don’t start something you can’t finish,” he growls into your cleavage, his breathing getting heavier.
“Who says I can’t finish it? Come on, show me what you got smuggler man.”
“As you wish, sweetheart.”
Reaching down, he pulls himself out of his pants before pushing the fabric of your knickers aside. In one movement, he pushes into you forcefully, not allowing you time to adjust as he begins moving, his thrusts harsh and quick. The wall bites into your back as you capture his lips again, letting his mouth swallow your moans and curses as he sends shockwaves of pleasure through you. It is only moments before you are screaming his name, burying your head in his neck in an attempt not to draw attention. He finishes right after you, his nails digging into your hips as he groans. You remove your legs from his waist, straightening out your hair and clothing. He does the same, panting and smirking at you.
“I still hate you,” you tell him, making a motion past him.
He grabs your wrist, bringing his mouth to yours and kissing you soundly. Against your will, you melt into it.
“You keep telling yourself that,” he says when he pulls away.
With a huff, you head down the alley, hearing him yell as you go,
“Until next time?”
You turn around, sending him a mischievous smile before vanishing around the corner.

Chapter Text

“Tonight, I want you to be in control,” Sherlock purrs in your ear.
These sexual “experiments” between you and Sherlock have become a regular thing lately and the two of you have just crawled into bed for yet another night together. However, usually Sherlock is the one in charge, exploring how your body reacts to different things he does.
“You want me to be in control?”
“Yes. I want to do an experiment in touch and sensation.”
He pulls out a pair of handcuffs and a scarf.
“You will handcuff me to this bed, blindfold me, and test my reaction to different types of touch.”
You willingly agree, looking forward to teasing him the way he usually does you. After you get him handcuffed and blindfolded, you slowly take off your clothes, making sure to rub against his bare skin with each garment you remove so he can feel you getting undressed for him. Once you are completely naked, you begin kissing him everywhere, starting with his ear, pressing your lips to the sensitive skin beneath the lobe. You hear his breath hitch a bit as you run your teeth over the kiss, your fingers tugging at his hair in different ways. From his ear, you move to his neck, taking your time to kiss then suck then bite, sometimes hard enough to break skin. He groans at each increasing sensation and you see him slowly become more and more aroused. Your kisses travel past his neck to his collarbone and down his chest. You use your teeth, your lips, your fingernails to cause him to writhe and gasp and moan as you slowly make your way down his entire body. The fact that he can’t see adds to your teasing as you begin licking and blowing air over places he least expects. You reach his hipbones and he strains upwards, unconsciously trying to guide you to where he wants your mouth, but you skip over it entirely, moving down to his ankles and making your way slowly up each leg. When you finally reach the area between his thighs, you lean in, ghosting your breath close to him as he curses and strains at the handcuffs. Finally, when he has reached the point of making your very name a curse, you relent and have mercy, taking him in fully and working him almost to completion with just your mouth. But you stop short and he growls at the loss until he feels you glide up his body, sitting up and taking a moment to position yourself above him before sinking down on him fully, causing you both to moan loudly. Your teasing has worked you up as well and you turn the languid foreplay into fast and brutal lovemaking as you ride him, bringing you both to completion quickly before you collapse, exhausted, on his chest. Once you finally catch your breath, you remove the blindfold and unlock the handcuffs. He rolls over, spooning you, as you both continue to come down from the sexual high.
“How was that for sensation experimentation?” you ask him, as his fingers trace up and down your arm.
“Perfect. But perhaps next time you can use the riding crop.”
And you smile at the image that his words conjure.

Chapter Text

You step beneath the hot water, letting it relax you into a practically comatose state. You know your boyfriend, Sam Winchester, will be home soon from a week long hunt and you want to shower and get the apartment cleaned up a bit before he arrives. Just as you are about to begin washing your body, you hear the front door open and Sam call your name. A smile crosses your face as you can picture him realizing you are in the shower, knowing it is only moments before he will be joining you. True to form, a few minutes later you hear the curtain move behind you and Sam steps in behind you, his hands immediately going around you as his lips find your neck. By the way his hands are desperately wandering on you, you know that it was a rough hunt and he needs an outlet for the thoughts racing in his mind. Turning around, you aggressively capture his lips, matching his eagerness as his hand wraps in your hair. He wrenches the strands around his hand, earning him a moan from you as he holds your mouth to his, his tongue eagerly exploring every corner of your mouth. When he finally lets you breathe, he wastes no time in turning you around, pressing you against the tile wall of the shower as he falls to his knees. He slips one hand between your legs, parting them as his fingers begin teasing you mercilessly, his mouth soon joining his hand, working you over until you are crying his name loudly, the sound of it echoing off the bathroom walls. He stands up, allowing you only seconds to recover before he is pushing inside you, taking you roughly against the wall. His breaths become ragged and he is groaning your name as he continues going faster and harder, driving into you. Only seconds later you are whimpering his name again, your release bringing about his as he buries his face in your neck. You both slump against the wall, his kisses on your shoulder becoming sweet and loving as he comes down from his high. You turn around again, kissing him sweetly, taking time to greet him properly.
“Hi,” he finally manages to breathe out.
“Hi” you reply, smiling at him, “rough hunt?”
“You could say that.”
He smiles at you again as you both take time to take a proper shower. You both dry off and head into the bedroom. However, clothes are never put back on as you spend the rest of the evening taking his mind off the hunt.

Chapter Text

You don’t know how it happened. The last thing you remember is Agent Pete Lattimer coming to your house to look at a fan you recently purchased. The fan belonged to an old prostitute who had been brutally murdered by a client, at least that is what you remember the pawn shop dealer telling you. The agent had knocked on your door and asked if he could talk to you about the fan. You thought it odd but you didn’t see any reason why not. You took him into the room where you displayed the fan, he took it from your hand, and suddenly the two of you were kissing, his lips ravishing yours as you began furiously unbuttoning his shirt.
Now, you are in your bed, fully undressed as his hands wander your body. You release his lips to kiss down his neck, down his chest, past his stomach. For some unknown reason, all you want to do is bring pleasure to this man in any way you can. Kissing down past his hip bones, you use your mouth to completely engulf him, earning you a satisfying groan as you begin moving, his hand tangled in your hair. He is about to lose it when he stops you, dragging you back up to his lips. He kisses you passionately as you situate yourself on top of him, sinking onto him to finish the job you had started with your mouth. His hands come up to your hips, controlling your movements on him as you bring him closer and closer to the edge. He moans his release, his hand coming up and sliding between your thighs to bring you to yours at the same time. Panting, you collapse on the bed next to him, both coming down from the sexual high. Seconds pass and you suddenly look at each other.
“What are we doing?” you ask him, completely confused as to why you are in bed with a complete stranger.
“I don’t know…but I have a feeling it has something to do with that fan.”
“The fan?”
He then proceeds to explain his job and how he needs to take the fan from you due to its effects. You nod, processing what he is saying.
“So,” you say when he is done, “we only slept together just now because of this fan.”
“I guess so. Although, I must say, it was not unpleasant. You are pretty amazing, you know that.”
“You were fantastic yourself.”
He rolls on his side to look at you,
“Want to give it another go? This time by our choice and not the influence of some dead hooker?”
You answer him with a heated kiss. Tongues begin exploring once again as he slides his fingers down between your legs, setting off an entire afternoon between the sheets.

Chapter Text

It takes a moment as you wake up to realize exactly where you are. The last thing you remember was running down some alley, trying to get away from the club as fast as you can. You had just returned from dancing and took a sip of your drink. As you did, you noticed a guy staring oddly at you from across the club. It didn’t take a detective to deduce he had drugged your drink and you knew you needed to get away from there as fast as possible, hopefully before the drug took full affect. You took off out the front door, cutting into backstreets and trying to lose him. However, soon your vision started to blur and that was the last thing you remember.
Now, you find yourself in a bed. Panicked, you wonder if the guy actually did catch up with you but quickly dismiss that theory since you are still dressed. There is, however, someone in the bed with you; thankfully, he is also dressed. Well, at least he has some shorts on. You take a moment to look him over, trying to remember anything from the night before. He doesn’t look familiar with his long blond hair, built muscles, and multiple tattoos. You think about rolling out of bed and figuring out exactly where you are when the guy beside you stirs.
“Good morning,” he says groggily, “How are you feeling?”
“Okay, I guess. I have a bit of a headache.”
“Yeah, date rape drugs tend to do that to you.”
“Um…I don’t mean to be rude but where am I and who are you?”
“Name’s Jax. Jax Teller. You’re in the Sons of Anarchy clubhouse.”
A moment of slight panic seizes you as you recognize of the motorcycle club that seems to run Charming. But the guy next to you doesn’t exactly seem threatening to you and you calm yourself down, realizing you aren’t exactly in any danger.
“How did I get here?” you inquire, looking around.
“I found you last night sitting on the side of the road, looking lost and incoherent. Didn’t take long for me to figure out you had been drugged, probably by some douchebag at the club. I couldn’t find any ID on you, so I brought you back here for the night. Thought I should at least keep an eye on you, make sure you made it through the night.”
“Oh…well, thank you. Sincerely.”
“It’s no problem.”
“No, seriously, that was a really nice thing for you to do.”
You lean over to give him a thank-you kiss on the cheek but, as you pull away, you lock gazes with the gorgeous blue-eyed biker. Before you can think it through, you are moving your lips over his, thanking him for his kind deed in an entirely new way. He kisses you back, both of you inhaling passionately as his tongue slides over yours, his hands gliding over the curves of your body in obvious appreciation. You’re not sure what is motivating you to sleep with this man but desire burns through you as you guide his hands beneath the dress you are wearing, hoping he will take it off. He eagerly obliges, his mouth leaving yours to bite and suck your neck as his fingers explore the newly revealed skin. Jax rolls on top of you upon removing both your undergarments, leaving you bare before him. His teeth and tongue lick across your chest as you moan, arching into him as his mouth sucks on both sensitive spots. He grins against you, continuing his quest south. After a glance up at you for permission, he lifts your legs over his shoulders, giving him the best access to between your thighs. With his tongue alone, he brings you to climax in just minutes, your hands fisting in the sheets as you curse and moan. He finally relinquishes, slipping back up your body, only to roll you over so that you’re on top of him. He gazes up at you, his eyes glazed over with lust as he slowly runs his hands over your hips, your stomach, your chest. You grind against him, his arousal pressing against you, before you lift yourself and slip him inside you. He makes a satisfied hum as you take a moment to adjust to his massive size. As you begin to move, he circles his thumbs on your chest, saying,
“You feel like heaven, darlin’. Yeah, just like that.”
His encouragement motivates you to move faster, swirling your hips as you ride him. His hands move to your hips, guiding your movements even more as you bring yourself to another crest of pleasure. You cry out as he suddenly flips you over again. Seeing you have been satisfied, his movements become rapid, forceful, as he quickly works towards his own release. His thumb between your thighs brings you to completion just after him and you both collapse, panting, on the bed.
“That’s one hell of a way to say thank you,” he jokes.
You laugh and sit up, moving to get dressed again. Once you are put back together, he shows you out. You give him one final kiss before walking out, smiling as you feel the questioning eyes of the other bikers following you out the door until it closes.

Chapter Text

You hear the door to your quarters open, and then you feel his arms wrap around you from behind while he whispers naughty things against your neck in Russian. It’s a huge turn-on when Pavel does this, and he knows it. You sigh and melt back into him as his hands wander over your body through your uniform, making your heart race. The words in the foreign language vibrate over your skin as his hand sides up your thigh and under your skirt, teasing you through the fabric that separates him from your most sensitive part.

You turn around and capture his lips, pulling at his uniform and guiding his hands to remove yours. Soon, you are both out of your uniforms. He groans softly as you slide your tongue over his, at the same time grinding your hips into him. Your boyfriend’s excitement grows and he begins walking you toward your bed, pushing you gently down onto it and rolling on top of you. He takes a moment longer to drink in your lips, and then lifts his head and looks at you, almost shyly.

“I cannot reseest you,” he tells you, his accent making it sound even sweeter. “You make me burn vith passion.”

“I do? Show me,” you request.

His lips return to your neck, kissing down it and past your collarbone, taking the time to explore the sensations his mouth can make on your chest, licking and sucking at the soft skin, occasionally muttering something in his native tongue. You hold his head against you and moan with pleasure, encouraging him to continue his trek down your body, sighing as his mouth travels down your stomach in the same manner. He is soon between your legs, and he sucks and kisses his way up the insides of your thighs.

“Don’t stop talking,” you instruct, so he continues saying things in Russian against your thighs. You have no idea what he’s saying, but you don’t care.

He begins sucking on one of your hip bones, his fingers moving over the area you most want him to touch, and you cry out at the feeling as his hand explores this part of you in new ways. He slides a couple fingers into you and you arch against the bed, the vibration of his voice against your hip and stomach increasing the pleasure. Just before you fall over the edge, his mouth joins his hand, speaking against you and carrying you past the threshold.

He removes his hand and slides back up your body, making you whimper at the loss of him, but as he starts to position himself for another activity, you lift your hips to meet him, gripping him tightly as he slides into you and moans into your collarbone. The two of you move together, bringing each other toward bliss, and he cries out a Russian curse as you finish at the same time, tensing against one another.

He collapses on top of you and you both catch your breath before he rolls off of you and you curl up onto his chest, the cuddling as intimate as the act you just performed. You kiss his chest, the afterglow making his skin warm and flushed, and before long you fall asleep on him as he strokes your hair and tells you that he loves you, and you don’t need a translation.

Chapter Text

You turn down another alley, running as fast as you can. You are too afraid to see if the Alliance officer is still chasing you. Okay, okay, you may have said some things to him that aren’t exactly polite. But they are true. You hear footfalls coming close behind you and panic rises in you. Suddenly, you find yourself being pressed to a wall, a warm body covering yours.

“Trust me,” the man whispers before abruptly consuming your mouth with his.

His hands traverse your curves as he presses your body closer to the wall. You are kissing him back although you are not entirely sure why. But you hear the Alliance officer run by and breathe a sigh of relief that is captured by the mouth of your savior. After several more minutes of passionate kissing, the man finally releases your lips, finally stepping back and allowing you to get a good look at him. He is a handsome man with shaggy brown hair, beautiful green-blue eyes, and wearing a burgundy shirt, brown pants, and suspenders.

“I apologize for the suddenness of that but it seemed the only way to lose that gorram Alliance scumbag. Captain Malcom Reynolds.”
You introduce yourself and he shakes your hand.

“Nice to meet you. So, mind tellin’ me why a woman such as yourself was running from an officer?”

“I may have said some things that he took offense to. Not my fault he is so sensitive.”

The captain laughs and shakes his head.

“Well, I best be gettin’ back to my ship. It was nice to meet you.”

“Umm…Captain,” you begin, looking for the words to ask him what you want.

“Please, call me Mal.”


But you can’t find the words to say what you want and decide to show him instead by wrapping your hands around his suspenders and pulling his mouth to yours again, turning so that he is the one back against the wall this time. You slide your hands up his shirt and into his hair, your tongue eagerly pressing past his lips to tangle intimately with his. When you are both out of breath and you release his lips, he says,

“What was that for?”

“For saving me. Can’t a girl say thank you?”

“Well, I guess it is only proper manners,” he replies with a sassy smile.

Deciding to be bold, you reply,

“You know, if you come back to my place, I can thank you properly.”

“Now, how can I say no to that?”

You lead him back to your small place a few streets over, keeping your eye out for Alliance officers. Once inside, he immediately presses you to the door, surprising you. You can tell it has been awhile since he has been with a woman as he consumes your mouth with his, eagerly working to undress you. It has been awhile for you too and you work just as fast to remove his clothes. Both naked, Mal kisses you over to your bed but pauses before getting on it.

“Now, I just gotta ask, do you like things rough or do you want me to bed you gentle-like?”

“Rough,” you say with a flirtatious grin.

“I was hoping you would say that,” he replies, “Turn around and bend yourself over that bed.”

You do as he instructs and instantly feel a sharp slap on your backside. He instantly soothes the pain by rubbing his hand over the spot before delivering another sharp slap. You gasp and moan as he continues. He stops for a moment, moving behind you and slipping his fingers between your legs.

“I guess you liked that,” he says cheekily, his fingers sliding inside you for a moment, working you up some more, before he pulls back.

You feel him grasp yours hips as he lines up behind you. Suddenly, he enters you forcefully, taking a moment to let you adjust to his size before he starts moving, taking you roughly as you begin spitting curses in Mandarin. One of his hands moves to your chest, squeezing and groping as he speeds up. It isn’t long before you are both tumbling over the edge, collapsing on the bed together as you come down from your high.

“Gorram Mal, you are amazing. That felt more like you thanking me than me thanking you.”

“Well,” he replies, moving you both so you are curled on his chest, his hand playing with you hair, “give me a bit and we can do something about that if you like.”

You smile in response, already beginning to drift off as he plays with your hair. You know that after a short nap, the two of you will be ready for another round.

Chapter Text

You like to sit on the edge of the dock and think sometimes. The sound and smell of the waves relaxes you as a tear runs down your face. A couple weeks ago, you caught your man cheating on you and ended things. Now that the initial sting has passed, you are doing better, but still have moments when the image resurfaces to your mind and brings back all those feelings. You dealt with it by getting in your car and driving until you found somewhere where you didn’t know a soul. It had landed you in some tiny, not-even-on-the-map town called Storybrooke. The locals seemed a little suspicious of you at first, but after a couple weeks they calmed down. Tonight, you have chosen to deal with those dreadful feelings that came rushing back by filling your flask with whiskey and going to the dock. At this point, you can’t get your head to stop telling you that you’re unattractive and undesirable, and you wish you could get rid of that feeling – it’s the worst part of the whole thing.

“Are you lost, love?” a deep British voice asks behind you. You wipe your face and turn to see an absolutely gorgeous man with black hair and green eyes, his jaw covered with a layer of scruff, looking at you with green eyes that have a bit of sadness in them. He’s dressed a little oddly – leather pants, leather vest, leather coat – but it looks damn good on the man. You can’t help but notice that there is a hook in place of one of his hands, but it doesn’t weird you out.

“Geographically, no,” you tell him. “Emotionally…maybe a little.”

“Mind if I join you, then? Perhaps we can help each other find our way.”

“Sure,” you shrug, and he sits next to you, one knee propped up to lean his arm on, the other leg dangling over the edge of the dock. “Whiskey?” you offer, holding out your flask.

“Got my own,” he says, pulling out his own flask. You shrug again and each of you take a swig from your own flasks. “Killian Jones,” he introduces. You tell him your name and he nods. There’s a moment of silence, and then he says, “What’s his name, then?”

“How can you tell?”

“Let’s just say I’m in the same boat,” he says, then cringes as if he’s just made a bad pun. “Her name is Swan. Emma Swan.”

“The sheriff? Ouch.” You tell him the name of your ex, the name you haven’t spoken in weeks, and it feels cathartic. You exchange stories of rejection, sipping whiskey and nodding in sympathy at each other. Then you two sit in silence for a moment before his voice cuts through the sound of the waves.

“Only a fool would give up a woman like you,” he says.

“You’re just saying that to make me feel better,” you tell him, “but it’s nice to hear. Thank you.”

“I mean it, love. You don’t deserve that. You need a man who appreciates you.”

“Are you coming on to me? Trying to get some rebound action?”

“Don’t flatter yourself, love,” he snaps, offended. “I was being honest.”

“Don’t get testy, I wasn’t trying to insult you. I was just thinking…never mind.”

“What were you thinking?” he asks curiously.

“I was thinking that if you wanted to, I wouldn’t be unwilling…” you say, the whiskey having just enough effect to make you bold, although your cheeks burn with color. He raises his eyebrows as if surprised. “Never mind, forget I said something,” you mumble, looking away. For a moment there’s just the painfully peaceful sound of the waves, and then you feel a cold piece of metal on your chin. He uses his hook to turn your face toward him, and then he’s leaning in and kissing you longingly, drinking your lips like a man dying of thirst. You sigh into the feeling and run your hands through his hair. He smells like leather and the sea; his lips taste like salt and whiskey, and he wraps the hook arm around your waist while his hand slides around the back of your neck. The kiss increases with passion as tongues begin introductions to each other. Finally, you come up for breath and look at him, his lips redder from the contact, his hair mussed.

“Should we take this somewhere more private?” you ask breathlessly, reeling from the kiss.

“No need, there’s somewhere right here,” he tells you, and you look at him curiously. He stands up and offers his hand to you, helping you up. He leads you to the side of the dock and places you in a very specific spot.

“Step forward,” he tells you.

“I’ll fall into the water,” you say.

“You won’t. Trust me.” You are skeptical, but the worst that can happen is that you’ll get wet, so you step forward and your foot hits something solid. As soon as your shoe steps down, a large, old-fashioned pirate ship appears before your eyes, and you have just stepped onto it. “Invisibility spell,” he explains, and you like his ideas as he leads you farther into the ship, cloaking it once again.

He takes you to his quarters and starts kissing you again, and the floodgates open. You two immediately begin yanking at each other’s clothes, yearning to feel the touch of the other on your skin. You get him down to just his leather pants and he gets you down to your knickers before the pair of you collapse onto the bed. He begins biting and sucking on your neck as your hands run all over his skin, then slide down the front of his pants to grab him, making him growl against you.
You push his pants off so that you can reach his arousal more easily, stroking him for a bit while he moans into your chest as his mouth works over it, exciting your most sensitive areas. He eventually slides out of your reach as he begins kissing lower, all the way down your torso, running his teeth over the soft skin as you grab handfuls of his hair. You feel the coolness of his hook slide down your stomach and then hook into your knickers, pulling them away as the metal grazes over your most intimate part, making you gasp with new sensations. He runs the round part of the hook over the insides of your thighs, the coldness of the metal making you tremble, and then he contrasts it with the warmth of his mouth as his lips and tongue begin bringing you toward a crest of pleasure. You begin swearing loudly as he brings you over the edge, knowing that a pirate surely won’t mind the expletives, finishing off with his name exploding from your mouth.

He slides back up your body and you beg him to take you, and as he slides into you he begins using some colorful language of his own in rhythm with his movements. He moves faster, harder, both of you letting out all of your feelings, your frustrations, your anger, your misery, cursing like sailors, using each other’s names like obscenities. You tumble over the threshold together, then collapse next to each other, panting and covered in sweat. You don’t even realize you fall asleep. You simply wake up the next morning in his bed, and begin to get dressed.
“We should do this again, love,” he says, kissing your neck as you sit on the bed to put on your shoes.

“Any time,” you smile, turning to kiss him on the mouth.

“You know where to find me,” he says into your neck, his scruff aggravating the beard burn you already have there, and you love the sting.

“I’ll see you soon, Killian Jones,” you tell him before stepping off his ship, your emotional wound already a little better.

Chapter Text

A rain falls heavily on the roof as you groan and roll out of bed. It was a late night and the last thing you feel like doing is going to work. Granted, that “late night” was caused by your boyfriend, Detective Inspector Greg Lestrade who had spent hours last night making love to you, completely wearing you out. It had been completely wonderful but now you are exhausted and work sounds like the worst thing in the world. But the responsible part of you treks to the kitchen, taking the time to measure out coffee and push the start button. You are just about to head back to the bedroom to grab your robe and slip into the shower when you feel two strong hands come around your waist.
“Come back to bed, love,” Greg whispers in your ear, “I’m not nearly done with you yet.”
You feel him begin to place kisses into your neck as you melt back into him. And it takes all your strength to step away from him, telling him,
“I really wish I could but I have to work.”
“Your work will be there tomorrow, darling,” he says, walking back to you and placing his arms around your waist, “And you haven’t had a day off in a long time.”
“What are you saying?” you ask, sighing into the kisses he once again begins placing on your skin.
“I’m saying phone in sick. A mental health day counts.”
You debate internally with yourself. It’s true you haven’t had a day off in ages. But you are not usually the type to call in unless you absolutely have to. Your argument with yourself continues and you almost tell your boyfriend you have to go to work when he suddenly captures your lips, giving you such a searing, passionate kiss you feel your knees buckle and your heart begins racing as heat rushes through you. When he finally releases your mouth, you take a moment to get your breath back, finally saying,
“Alright, give me two minutes to call.”
“I’ll just be waiting for you in the bedroom,” he replies, placing one more kiss on your lips before walking away with an impish smile.
You quickly make the call to work, turn off the coffee machine, and wander back to the bedroom. You smile at Greg, who is already naked and waiting for you, as you remove your pajamas and slip into bed beside him. Instantly, he rolls to you, ravishing your lips again, delving his wet tongue into your mouth, making you groan as he explores each nerve ending. His hands begin wandering your body, slipping his fingers down past your stomach and gliding them between your legs. He parts your thighs and slides a few digits inside you, swallowing the moan you release before moving his lips to your neck. With his mouth, he travels down your body, pausing to suck at each mark he made last night, darkening them, his fingers continuing to move in and out of you as he does. You writhe and moan, begging him to move his mouth lower. Your pleas have the desired affect and his mouth joins his hand, licking and sucking at you until you reach a wave of ecstasy, screaming his name. As you ride out the high, Greg slides back up your body, kissing you deeply as he rolls on top of you. In one movement, he slowly guides himself inside you, groaning and leaning his head onto your shoulder as he pauses a moment. You are deliciously sore still from the night before and he feels wonderful as he begins moving slowly, languorously, making passionate, unhurried love to you as the rain continues falling on the roof. After he has brought you to your second wave of pleasure, he rolls off of you, repositioning you both so that you are now on top, riding him to a third wave, one that brings him completion as well as he follows you over the edge. You collapse off of him, settling into his side as he spoons you, running his fingertips over your arm.
“Now what do you want to do with your sick day, love?” he purrs in your ear, nuzzling his face into your hair.
“Well…I was thinking maybe a break for a leisurely breakfast…then I want to be right back between these sheets with you.”
“That sounds like a perfect day.”

Chapter Text

You look at Michael Westen with gratitude. A few days ago, you had thought it impossible that you would escape from your abusive ex-boyfriend, but this incredible man and his friends had made sure that asshole was going to be locked away for the rest of his life.

Michael had insisted on seeing you home, so he was now standing in your house. He looks happy to see you feeling safe again.

“I wish I knew how to thank you,” you tell him. He wouldn’t even accept payment from you. “Is there anything you want? Anything at all?”

“I’m just glad you can move on with your life,” he replies. “What I would want, I can’t ask for.”

“Please tell me. I have to repay you somehow.”

Michael looks at you for a moment, hesitantly, and then tentatively reaches up and tucks a strand of hair behind your ear, brushing your cheek.

“I can’t,” he says again, and you suddenly realize what he wants. It’s the same thing you want.

Before you can think about what you’re doing, you can lean forward and kiss him eagerly. He is surprised, but kisses you back and threads his fingers into your hair. A moment later, you stop kissing him, trying to see his reaction. He looks like he’s trying to see yours too.

When you’re both sure that the other is okay with what’s happening, the kissing begins again, even more passionately than before. His tongue pushes past your lips as he pulls you roughly against him. Your fingers dig into his muscular shoulders through his shirt.

A few moments later, you are pulling his t-shirt off over his head. He sighs as you start kissing and biting down his chest. When you reach his khaki pants, he watches intently as you undo them and pull them down along with his boxer briefs.

“Damn,” he gasps as you take him into your mouth. You pause for a moment to push him onto the couch so he can relax while you bring him to the edge of bliss. Before you can finish the task, he pulls you up by the hair and brings your mouth to his. You straddle him, and still fully clothed. He starts unzipping your dress and sucking a dark mark into your neck, his free hand slipping under you to touch you through your knickers.

He manages to lift your dress over you until it’s off, tosses it aside, and immediately follows with your bra. He dips his head to tease your chest with his tongue and teeth, slipping his hand into your knickers and using it to bring you satisfaction.

You stand up to catch your breath and remove your knickers, preparing for the final event that will complete your gratitude to him, leaving you both exhausted and happy.

Chapter Text

It is the first time you have gone out in public with him, Crowley, the one they call king of hell. Until now, your relationship has been kept private, all interactions, mostly physical, being kept to the bedroom, either yours or his. But, for some reason, he wanted to take you to dinner tonight. The waiter sits the two of you in a back booth, secluded from most people which makes the experience even better since you receive the privilege of being out but still have the benefit of keeping things secret. You have just finished dinner and now you and Crowley are just sitting, sipping on drinks. The martini you ordered has been drained awhile ago and you are really just waiting on Crowley to finish his whiskey, something he always takes his precious time doing. Honestly, you are just ready to get out of there, wanting to take him home and do unspeakable things to his body. Or perhaps he will do things to yours. The dominant person in the bedroom often shifts and you can’t quite tell what mood he is in tonight.
You glance over at him as he lowers the glass from his lips. You notice a drop of whiskey sitting at the corner of his mouth. In an effort to convince him to leave, you lean over, using your tongue to slowly remove the drop. As you pull away, you raise your eyebrows at him, watching his pupils dilate as he quickly picks up on your intentions.
“A bit eager for something, darling?” he asks, his deep voice and rich accent already causing your heart to race and blood to boil.
“Perhaps,” you reply flirtatiously, dipping your finger into your martini glass, grabbing one last drop of chocolate and raising it to your lips.
“You’re being an awful tease, you know,” he tells you, his eyes widening further as he watches you swirl your tongue around the tip of your finger, licking it clean, “We’re in public, you know, so I wouldn’t start something you aren’t willing to finish.”
“Who says I’m not willing?”
This must have been the final breaking point for him as you notice an obvious shift in mood; he’s in a dominant mood for sure.
“Under the table, love,” he instructs you, knowing you need no further explanation for what he is wanting.
Without hesitation, you slide beneath the tablecloth, crawling over to him and getting on your knees between his legs. His arousal is obvious and you begin stroking him through his trousers, causing a low growl to reach your ears. Smiling, you slowly begin undoing his belt before unzipping him. He always insists on wearing nothing underneath so you easily pull him from the fabric. You use your hand to stroke him a few times, working him up. One of his hands reaches down, tangling in your hair; your hand is not what he wants. Grinning, you lower your head and slowly take him in, enjoying the slight hiss it earns you. Bobbing your mouth on him, you begin working him over, using your tongue to take him in deeper as his hand grips tighter in your hair, controlling your motions on him. It isn’t long before he finds his release, his hand yanking your hair afterwords and directing you back above the table. He captures your mouth in a searing kiss, his tongue pressing inside forcefully, but briefly, before he pulls away, nipping roughly at your bottom lip as he does.
“How about we go home and see what else that talented mouth of yours can do tonight?” he purrs, sending your heart racing and causing heat to rush through you.
You wait anxiously as he pays the bill and practically drags you outside. In mere moments, you are back at his place, eagerly waiting to see what else he has in store for you that night.

Chapter Text

“Dammit, Gabriel,” you hiss as he runs his teeth over your inner thigh. He’s got you tied to the bed and blindfolded. He’s been teasing you mercilessly for over an hour. You curse at him.

“Not yet,” he says mischievously.

He’s being so mean. Sometimes he goes long minutes without touching you, telling you what he’s going to do to you, sometimes whispering it just a breath’s length away from your skin, but not actually touching your aching flesh. It’s agonizing. It’s downright cruel.

Gabriel takes your earlobe into his mouth, playing with it between his teeth and then sucking on the skin just below it, making you moan. He sucks dark marks all the way down your neck…nips across your collarbone…trails his tongue along your chest, circling and sucking. You need him to make his way lower, but then he’s stopped touching you again.

“I hate you,” you groan. He laughs and runs a finger down your stomach, stopping at your hip bone.

“No you don’t,” he answers confidently. He’s right, but there’s no way in hell that you’re letting him know that right now. You moan as he sucks on one of your hip bones, then runs his teeth over it, repeating the same treatment to the other one. His finger touches you where you need it too, finding the most pleasurable area, then it’s gone a few moments later. You whimper at the loss, your skin practically throbbing with need to be touched.

“Gabriel, you will pay for this,” you gasp.

“Is that a promise?” he wants to know, but he doesn’t let you answer with anything more than a cry of pleasure as his lips and tongue are suddenly between your legs, finding every sweet spot and bringing you closer to ecstasy. Before you pass the threshold, though, he’s gone again. You shout expletives at him, and are met only with a teasing laugh. “You know what I want to hear,” he tells you.

You do know it. He wants you to beg for him, to make you desperate for him. You’ve been trying to wait, trying not to spoil his fun, but you can’t take it anymore. You need him. Now.
“Please. Please, Gabriel,” you plead, shaking with desperation.

“That’s more like it,” he says, satisfied with himself. You feel his excitement rubbing against the most sensitive part of you, but he isn’t giving you the release you need.

“Gabriel, please, would you just do me already?” you scream. He practically growls at that, loving to hear you desperate for him, and finally enters you hard. He brings you three rounds of bliss before finally allowing his own pleasure, collapsing on top of you, spent and satisfied. Only then does he untie you and remove the blindfold.

“Well, that was fun,” he says with a grin, reclining next to you smugly.

“Oh, we’re not done yet,” you inform him. “I told you I would make you pay for that.” With this promise, you pin him down and get ready for round two.

Chapter Text

You go to the sickbay because the captain ordered it, but you think it’s pointless. So you fell on a rock and cut yourself when you beamed down with the rest of the landing team. It’s just a scratch, albeit a big, deep one that cut through your uniform and left a gash across your chest, revealing some cleavage. You could easily just clean it up yourself in your quarters, but Captain Kirk was adamant that you go to the sickbay.

When you get there, Dr. McCoy is alone, cleaning some surgical instruments. You’ve always been way too attracted to the man for your own good, and it’s not helping that you can see his arms flexing even through his long-sleeved uniform as he works. The last thing you need is him poking around your chest and getting you all worked up when he’s not going to do anything about it. You imagine his strong hands there, stroking your sensitive skin, and you almost tremble at the thought. Damn him for being so sexy.

He hears your boots on the floor of the sickbay and turns to see who his visitor is, and you aren’t sure if its wishful thinking or not, but you think you notice him get distracted by your now-exposed cleavage when he sees you.

“What can I do for you?” he asks, a bit more gruffly than necessary, since he it’s not like he’s doing anything right now.

“The captain ordered me to get this looked at,” you tell him, walking closer and facing him to indicate the cut. His gaze drifts down to your chest again, lingers there for a moment, then rises to your face. He grunts as if you’re annoying him in some way and puts down a scalpel.

“Have a seat,” he grumps, and you sit on his table. “I’m going to have to get your uniform out of the way,” he says, grabbing a pair of scissors. Damn. He starts cutting a few slits in the top of your uniform, exposing your black bra and everything above it, and once again his eyes lower to your cleavage, having a hard time focusing on your wound. A moment later, he snaps out of it and grabs a cloth and some antiseptic to clean the cut, dabbing at the swell of your chest. You almost can’t help yourself but arch into his hand a little bit, wishing he would touch you for real. This seems to distract him. He finishes dabbing at the gash and begins bandaging it. The straps of your bra are in the way, and he doesn’t seem to know what to do about it.
“Damn feminine garments get in the way of everything,” he mutters, almost quietly enough that you can’t understand him. That mouth may always be grouching about something, but you can’t stop imagining it on you.

Bones starts slowly sliding the straps down your shoulders, mesmerized by his own hand doing the action, pushing them out of the way so that the garment is barely covering you anymore. He gets the cut wrapped up, his hands lingering a bit longer than necessary on your skin. Then, to your surprise, almost as if he’s testing you, he makes direct eye contact with you and runs a finger down your cleavage before removing his hand.

When you let out an involuntary sigh, his lips are on yours hungrily, moving urgently over yours, his tongue pressing past your lips to explore. His hands wrap around your waist and pull you into him. You slide your hands slowly up under his uniform shirt and feel the warm muscles beneath. His hands leave you for a moment, long enough for you to remove his shirt and toss it away, and then he tears your uniform off the rest of the way.

You part your legs to allow him room to move closer, feeling his arousal languidly grind against you through your undergarments. He lets out a low groan when you wrap your legs around him and run your teeth over his neck, feeling your bra unhook in the process. A moment later, his mouth has replaced it, licking and sucking at the sensitive area right below your bandaged wound, and you push his pants and boxers off of his hips. His mouth kisses up to your neck and you move his hands down to your hips to urge him to remove the last of the fabric. He does this unhurriedly, his mouth moving against your neck seductively.

“I’ve wanted this for so long,” you tell him.

“That makes two of us,” he growls into your skin, making you almost lose it right then and there. Your heart soars as he pushes into you, knowing that he’s wanted this as much as you have, loving the feeling of him groaning into your shoulder as he brings you both waves of pleasure. As you’re both breathing heavily, foreheads pressed together, he asks if he can join you in your quarters that night for more.

Chapter Text

God, these debriefing missions were boring. You never really knew why you had to attend them. I mean, you were on the assignment, you know what happened. Next to you sits Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. You have to admit you are impressed he is even here. Yes he was on the mission but he rarely showed up to the meetings afterward. You glance over at him; he really is attractive. You and he have fooled around once or twice, never anything serious. And the two of you were definitely flirting on the mission. Thoughts of what you would rather be doing with him cross your mind but you shake the daydreams away, attempting to focus on the meeting.

Only seconds later, you feel calloused fingers tracing lines on the inside of your knee; apparently Tony was having some similar thoughts about you. You glance over again and notice the wicked smirk on his face and wonder exactly what he is plotting in that head of his. It only takes moments for you to figure it out as his fingers trail higher up your thigh. Damn you for wearing the skirt today and not the pants. You cross your legs, attempting to deter him and focus on the meeting. But he gently pushes your other leg aside, slipping his hand further up until it is beneath your skirt. Heat is rushing through you as you try to direct your attention to Fury. But Tony’s hand keeps on climbing higher and, soon, his fingers are tracing over your knickers, teasing gentle lines up and down you through the fabric. You stifle a moan as he applies further pressure. The look on his face tells you he knows exactly what he is doing.

His other hand briefly slips briefly below the table to nudge your knees further apart, giving him better access. His teasings continue but you finally get yourself under control, determined to ignore the way your heart is pounding. Tony sees he is losing his advantage and pulls out the big guns, sliding his fingers into your knickers, eliminating any barrier between you and him. Deftly, he slips two fingers inside you, his thumb making circles on your most sensitive spot. A gasp almost escapes you but you manage to bite your lip, sending silent curses his way and praying Fury hurries towards the end of the meeting as Tony begins slowly moving his fingers in and out.

Finally, Fury draws the meeting to a close and you subtly push Tony’s hand away. You are almost at the brink though, and your body aches at the loss. He looks at you, silently communicating, and, without a word, drags you into an abandoned office.

Tony locks the door and instantly walks over to you. His hand wraps behind your neck, bringing your lips to his. His mouth ravishes yours, tongues dancing as you quickly pull his t-shirt over his head. Releasing his lips, you kiss down to the glowing arc reactor, running your tongue over the cool metal, drawing a groan from his lips. His pupils are blown wide with lust and his hands suddenly reach forward, ripping open the blouse you’re wearing. You want to protest but his mouth on your cleavage stops the words as your hands tangle deeply in his hair. He gets your bra off and begins licking and sucking at your chest, causing your breath to quicken and heart to beat faster. When he finally returns his mouth to yours, you want him more than ever. Sensing your need, Tony suddenly turns you around, bending you roughly over the desk behind you. He hastily pushes your skirt around your ankles and you hear him unzip. With one strong thrust, he enters you, a loud groan escaping both your lips. Instantly, he sets a rapid pace, letting you feel every inch of him as he pounds into you. He leans over you, his chest to your back, his lips right next to you as he tells you how good you feel and how he has imagined doing this for so long.

All the foreplay in the meeting left you on the edge and you soon find yourself falling over it, practically screaming his name as you do. But he doesn’t let up. Instead, he slips his hand around you, his fingers once again circling the sensitive spot. He brings you twice more to the point of ecstasy before allowing himself to fall over the edge as well.

You both stand up, panting and searching for breath. With a bruising kiss, he ends your tryst, beginning to put himself back together.

“Wait,” you tell him, “what am I supposed to wear? You ripped my shirt.”

He tosses you his t-shirt, electing to go shirtless himself.

“Yeah, because that doesn’t tell everyone what we just did.”

With a smug smile, he leaves the office, letting you finish putting yourself together. You can’t help the smile on your own face as you get dressed again, hoping that you and Tony can do this again soon.

Chapter Text

You wake up to a change in sound and hazily roll over, discovering that you are alone in the bed. A moment later after your brain processes things, you hear the shower water running in the bathroom. When you got home from a long day at work, your boyfriend, John Watson, had sat patiently through dinner and TV. When the two of you went to bed, he had started kissing you passionately, tracing his lips down your neck. It had been tempting, but you were exhausted, and so you stopped him before things really got going and the two of you went to sleep.

Wondering what he’s doing up and in the shower, you tiptoe to the bathroom and peek inside, realizing there is no steam – he’s taking a cold shower. You didn’t realize you got him so worked up, so now an idea forms in your mind and you step inside, silently closing the door again. Without making a sound, you strip off your pajamas and then carefully reach a hand behind the curtain to turn the water warmer before you get in.

“Aah!” John cries in surprise, and you slip in behind him. When your hands touch his back, he relaxes a bit and lets the warm water wash over him the way your hands are running down his chest. “Darling, what are you doing up?” he asks, putting his hands over yours.

“I woke up and heard you in here. I thought you might want some company,” you tell him, wrapping your arms around his waist and kissing up his neck. He sighs and enjoys it for a moment, then takes your hands to unclasp them and turns to face you.

“It’s not that I mind, but…I thought you were too tired,” he says, looking hopeful. He doesn’t want to make you do anything you aren’t in the mood for, but just knowing that you made him take a cold shower has gotten you a bit worked up.

“I was, but I got a couple of hours in. I have the whole rest of the night to sleep. Right now, I want something else,” you say coyly, sliding a hand down him to grab the part of him that is starting to become excited. He gasps at the sensation and brings a hand behind your neck to lower his mouth to yours hungrily. You kiss him back for a few minutes, stroking him, and then finally break the kiss.

“This shower has taken an unexpected turn,” he says a bit jokingly, but you can tell he’s loving it. You surprise him with another unexpected turn of events when you get down on your knees and take him into your mouth. “Oh God,” he moans, throwing his head back at the feeling. He leans back a bit so that he’s resting against the tiles while you please him with your mouth. “Darling, that’s amazing,” he tells you.

After several minutes, you stand up and he whimpers a bit with the loss of your mouth on him, but he pulls you close to kiss you again. You sigh into his mouth as his hands trace over every curve of your body, resting on the parts of you that he knows excite you the most, the parts he knows most intimately. His mouth finds its way to your collarbone, your chest, the small of your back. He’s driving you crazy, and you know you’ve gotten him nice and aroused.

“John,” you say, as if his name is an instruction, and he lifts you until your legs are wrapped around him. A moment later, your back is against the tile wall and he slides into you, both of you moaning as you fit together perfectly. You know that you’re both being a bit loud, but you know from experience that Sherlock is completely indifferent to it. After feeling two waves of pleasure, John finishes too, and the two of you lean against the walls recovering. You two finish cleaning up in the shower, then head back to bed for another round.

Chapter Text

The sounds of his grunts and thumps wake you up. Ever since his interaction with the artifact on your last mission, Agent Ward has kept you up with his late night boxing sessions. Slipping on a robe, you sneak down to see him. As usual, he is pounding away at the punching bag.
“Grant, are you sure you don’t need to talk?” you ask, repeating the question you have asked every night since this started.
“No!” he grunts, hitting the bag harder.
“Grant!” you say, grabbing his hand and stopping his actions, “Something is clearly wrong. Let me help you!”
Finally, he ceases hitting the bag, turning his attentions to you as his eyes run over you in your barely-closed garment.
“You want to help?” he growls, placing his hands on your hips, “Then turn around and place your hands on the wall.”
The look in his eyes has turned from anger and frustration to lust. The flirtations between the two of you had never been a secret and you would be lying if you hadn’t thought about a situation like this more than once before. So, willingly, you comply with his request.
As soon as your hands hit the wall, you feel his firm body pressed against your body, his arousal obvious against your back through his pants. Your breath quickens as one of his hands began tracing over your body, groping at your curves through the thin fabric of the robe.
“I’ve always wanted to see you like this,” he growls in your ear, reaching around to untie the robe, “Legs spread. Prone before me. At my mercy.”
His hand is over your chest now, muscular fingers squeezing at your flesh as his thumb slowly circles one of your most sensitive spots. His other hand pulls the garment away, leaving you completely naked before him. As he steps back and looks you over, you practically feel his leer and your heart beats quicker, wanting him to touch you again. Your wish is quickly granted and you feel his body pressing against yours again, his hands running over your every curve. Suddenly, his hand comes down firmly on your ass, the slap resounding through the silent aircraft. You cry out, the sting warming over your skin as you mentally beg for him to do it again.
“Do you like that?” he asks you, “You like when I punish you?”
His hand repeats the motion, over and over, until you are sure there is a permanent handprint on your flesh.
Practically panting for him, you feel his arousal pressing firmly against your ass and you want him to take you, roughly, not caring who could walk in and see you. As if reading your thoughts, you hear him undo his zipper and free himself from the constricting pants.
Without warning, he enters you hard and fast, not allowing any time for you to adjust to his size. He instantly sets a punishing pace, fucking you against the wall. Reaching down, he grabs your wrists, pinning them to the wall as he continues thrusting into you. The line between pleasure and pain is blurred and you hear yourself moaning, practically crying out his name as a curse.
“That’s right,” he grunts in your ear, continuing to move in and out of you, “scream my name. Tell me how much you love the feel of me inside of you.”
His motions become more aggressive and you can feel yourself nearing the edge of pleasure.
“Yes,” you beg him, “faster.”
He pounds into you, pushing you over the edge as you cry out his name. His own release follows and he collapses against you, breathing heavily as he works on catching his breath. Whatever tension he was feeling is gone and exhaustion seems to take over.
“Sorry,” he tells you, worried he forced you into something.
“Don’t be,” you reply, helping him to his bunk, “that was incredible.”
He casts you a sleepy smile as he crawls into his bed.
“I guess you did help after all,” he tells you, barely conscious anymore.
“Guess I did,” you tell him, about to close the door, “And perhaps I can help again some other time.”
He grins at you, drifting off to sleep as you hit the button for the door. Exhausted yourself, you make your way to your own bunk, hoping he will be okay with similar late-night sessions in the future, artifact or no artifact.

Chapter Text

“You again,” you say as you enter the room, holding his medical file. As a nurse for S.H.I.E.L.D., you’ve seen this man a couple times before. You’ve flirted every time, and to be honest, you feel an attraction to him unlike any you’ve ever felt. You’ve seen a lot of good-looking men wearing practically nothing – it’s just a part of your profession – but none of their bodies has gotten your hormones flaring up like Agent Triplett seems to.

“Me again? I thought you’d be happy to see me again, nurse,” he teases. He’s shirtless, and you can’t help but give his muscular torso a once-over. You imagine running your tongue over those abs, and try to push the image out of your mind. He gives you a smirk as if he can guess your thoughts.

“Are you sure you’re not just coming here to see me?” you joke. He has a deep cut on his chest, and you start cleaning it and bandaging it up without him having to even say anything. He doesn’t answer the question until you’re done, not stepping away with his face so close to yours.

“Maybe I am,” he says, looking cheekily into your eyes. “Are you saying you would have a problem with that?”

“Not exactly,” you flirt, looking back at him with a coy smile.

“Maybe I just can’t resist coming here to see your sexy ass in those scrubs,” he says, putting his hands on your hips to pull you closer. You give him a saucy smile for a moment, and then the two of you are kissing urgently, having no idea who started it. His hands have now moved from your hips to your ass, pulling you up onto the exam table so that you’re straddling him. Your hands are exploring his torso, being careful not to aggravate his bandaged wound, and he starts scooting back until he’s leaned up against the wall, his legs across the exam table. You crawl back on top of him and straddle him again, kissing down his neck and sucking on his collarbone.

Trip works his hands under the top half of your scrubs and pushes it over your head, leaning forward to nibble on your neck as you throw your head back to give him a better angle. He unhooks your bra and moves his mouth lower, slowly teasing every inch of skin he can get his lips and tongue on. His hands are around your back, stroking the skin there and finding the sensitive spot on the base of your spine, making you moan and grind into him. You feel the hardness of his excitement growing and muster your strength to break free from his grasp.
Fulfilling one of your fantasies, you start kissing your way down his chest, down his abs, and start removing his pants. Once you’ve gotten him down to his tight black boxer briefs, you move the fabric down to free what has been straining against it, tossing this last garment away. You take him into your mouth and enjoy the loud groan that escapes his throat, turned on by the way his head falls back against the wall.

“Damn…” he says, lifting his head so he can watch you please him with your mouth. “God, that’s hot,” he moans, his head falling back again.

Just when you know he’s about to lose it, you stop what you’re doing and straddle him again, exploring his mouth intimately with yours, allowing him to slide your scrubs down over your hips. He enjoys the red silky knickers for a moment, then removes them too, replacing them with his fingers and watching you arch against him, gasping his name. He runs the fingers of his unoccupied hand over your lower spine again, then presses a kiss right into the skin where your neck meets your shoulder, bringing you the first wave of ecstasy.

Craving more, you lower yourself onto him and he moans into your neck and holds you up with his hands on your back, tracing circles over your lower spine as you move closer to a second round of pleasure. Right as you are riding the wave, his comes too, and it’s even better than you imagined it would be.

After a hot naked make out to ease you two down from the high, you get off of him and the two of you get dressed.

“Same time tomorrow?” he asks.

“You bet,” you tell him. He gives you one last steamy kiss and then leaves, and you know you’ll be counting the minutes down until his next visit.

Chapter Text

You wake up in a cold sweat, heart racing and tears running down your face. He was there again in your dreams, your stalker ex-boyfriend. You begin to calm down a bit and begin looking around. After a few minutes of trying to remember where you are, you finally realize you are still at Michael Westen’s place. You have been staying in his warehouse apartment for several days now; it seemed like a safe haven until Michael took care of your crazy ex. You lay back down, trying to clear the nightmare from your head. As you settle back on the pillow, you feel Michael’s arm tighten around your waist and his voice whisper,

“Hey, are you okay?”

You nod your head yes, glad to have him there. After your first nightmare the first night you were there, Michael insisted he share a bed with you to keep you calm. Considering how incredibly attractive he is, you had no complaints. And so far, everything had been pretty innocent, you and he doing nothing more than cuddling. But when he finally accomplished getting your ex thrown in jail, your view of him had changed; you have always had a thing for protective guys. Your mind flashes back to the image of your ex being thrown in the back of a cop car and suddenly you find Michael irresistible.

Rolling over, you find yourself face to face with the attractive ex-spy.

“I’m okay,” you assure him again, “just another nightmare.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. But I promise he won’t come near you ever again.”

“I know.”

The two of you look at each other, the glance at each other’s lips unmistakable. Suddenly, your lips are on his, tasting him as he begins to kiss you back. All your imaginings are nothing compared to how this actually feels. His hands slide up your back, pulling you closer to him, as his tongue delves into your mouth, his desire for you pressing obviously against your thigh. You slide your hands under his t-shirt, feeling the taut muscles underneath; you need to see them. Removing the shirt, your mouth leaves his to begin exploring his neck and down to his chest. He groans loudly as you suck on his nipple, biting lightly at the sensitive skin. He tangles his hands in your hair, bringing your mouth back to his and rolling on top of you. His movements are suddenly desperate and passionate as he practically rips your shirt off you, followed quickly by your sweatpants. Michael begins kissing his way past your neck, spending time sucking and groping at your chest before moving his head lower. When he reaches your knickers, his tongue begins teasing you through the fabric as he looks up at you from between your legs. You throw your head back on the pillow, hand tangled in his hair as you hold him right there. He eventually has mercy and removes the garment altogether, bringing you to a crest of pleasure that has you screaming his name.

As you struggle to catch your breath, he slides back up your body, kissing you deeply. His need for you has not subsided and you quickly remove his pants and boxers, sliding your hand down to stroke him. Before you know what’s happening, he has rolled you again and you find yourself straddling him. He gives you a wicked grin as his hands move up your body to your chest,

“I want to watch you ride me, want to watch you finish,” he tells you seductively, as he uses his thumbs to circle the sensitive nerves there, drawing a moan from you.

You grind against him, feeling already another wave of pleasure building. Unable to wait any longer, you lift your hips, sliding him inside you. A gasp escapes from you at his sheer size and you allow yourself a moment to adjust. But soon you have set a steady rhythm, lifting and lowering yourself on him. Before long, he is panting your name and you can tell he is close. You are almost there yourself and the sudden addition of his hand between your thighs brings you over the edge as you moan out his name. His own release follows with your name on his lips and you collapse beside him. After you both catch your breath, he finally says,

“That may have been a bit unprofessional. But you are amazing.”

“Not unprofessional at all,” you tell him, “And you are damn incredible yourself.”

“We should probably get some sleep.”

“We could. But honestly, I rather keep doing this.”

“Well, I can’t argue with that.”

He rolls over to capture your lips once again and, after several minutes of kissing and hands wandering, you are already gearing up for round two.

Chapter Text

“Nice wheels,” you say to him, the sexy stranger who is just leaving the diner, getting into his Chevy Impala. He is alone, although you’ve seen him around town with another guy. The other one must be busy today, because right now this gorgeous man is deliciously alone, and you can’t help but entertain the mental image of him doing the dirtiest things to your body.

He turns to see who is speaking to him, and when he looks at you, a series of expressions cross his face. It starts with surprise, maybe that an attractive woman would have noticed his car. Then it moves to admiration as his eyes glance over your body, taking in the cleavage exposed by your low-cut top. He lifts his eyes to yours and gives you a flirtatious grin.

“You like her?” he asks, and his voice turns you on even more, deep and rugged, the kind of voice that could vibrate against a girl’s skin and drive her to the edge without even being touched.

“Hell yeah,” you tell him, walking closer, and he glances down to watch your tight jeans hug your curves as you move. “I’m really into cars. What is that, a ’67?”

“Yeah. She’s my Baby,” he says affectionately, knowing that he’s making you hot for him as he slides a hand over the hood the way you imagine him moving his hand over your body.

“I’d love to take a ride in a car like that,” you croon, pretending to wipe a piece of fuzz off of his plaid shirt, feeling the muscles of his shoulders underneath. “What’s a girl got to do to feel how fast she can go?” You watch his throat move as he swallows, knowing that he’s getting as turned on as you are, and wanting so badly to bite that sexy neck of his.

“How about I show you now, and we’ll figure out how you can thank me later,” he suggests, his words barely concealing the meaning. You both know exactly how you can repay him for the ride. You get in the passenger’s seat, and he hops in behind the wheel, and pulls out of the diner. With a few strategic turns, he has found a straight, long, deserted road in the middle of nowhere, and he steps on the gas. The Impala’s engine growls, the floor beneath you rumbles, and you enjoy the feeling as the two of you speed through the trees.

You’re getting hornier by the second, and you want this man to take care of it. Your hand finds its way to his knee and you slowly slide it up his thigh, looking up to see his perfect jaw tighten as it becomes harder for him to focus on the road. Once your hand finds the bulge where his jeans are pulled tight, he groans and almost throws his head back, his knuckles white from gripping the wheel as you stroke him through his jeans. Wanting to make him so hot for you that he can’t stand it, you lean over and suck on his neck, waiting until a dark mark has formed before you run your teeth over it and then your tongue, making him growl with lust.

With a screech of tires, he quickly pulls over to the side of the road in the space between a couple trees and puts Baby in park. He immediately grabs you by the hair and devours your mouth with his, lips and tongue exploring every inch and hands wandering. At some point, the two of you tumble into the back seat, him on top of you, and you immediately push his plaid shirt off of his shoulders and quickly pull his black t-shirt over his head. Your hands slide over his chest, abs, and back as you explore his bare torso, running your fingers over the tattoo on his chest and the hand-print shaped burn on his shoulder that you’re too lustful to ask about right now.

He pulls your shirt over your head and reaches under you to unhook your bra, his mouth kissing and nibbling its way all the way from your ear to your chest, teasing the sensitive areas with his incredible lips. While his mouth is busy, his hands undo your jeans and start pulling them off, along with your knickers, and toss them aside. You roll over so that you’re on top of him and start kissing and biting at everything you can get to – his jaw, his neck, his shoulder, his chest. He moans as his hands tease your chest and slide lower, running over your thighs and between them, exactly where you need him to touch you. With a movement of his fingers, he brings you waves of pleasure, and you try to cry out but you are out of voice, so you just collapse on top of him and catch your breath.

A few moments later, he has teased you until you’re ready for more, and he rolls you over again and captures your mouth with his, hastening to undo his own pants, pushing them and his boxer briefs off and kicking them away. He positions the two of you so that you’re comfortable and then pushes inside of you, causing the two of you to moan in unison as your hands run all over each other’s bodies. As he moves faster, you grab his firm ass to encourage him, and soon you are tensing with the second round of ecstasy. His comes immediately after, and soon the two of you are collapsed together, breathing heavily to recover, and after about ten minutes, finally get dressed. He drives you home and you thank him, opening the car door.

“Hey…if you’re still in town for a few days…you know where I live. I’m definitely up for another ride,” you say, and he knows you’re not just talking about the car.

Chapter Text

You come home and slam your purse down on the table. After an absolutely horrible day at work, you are frustrated and angry and stressed out. Your boss has been putting tons of pressure on you lately, and you can’t take it anymore. You need some stress relief, and fast. Your boyfriend, Dyson, appears and looks at you with concern.

“Are you alright, babe?” he asks, noticing how you are slamming your keys down.

“No! I mean…I’m sorry, I just had a really stressful day at work,” you tell him, knowing that it isn’t fair to take out your frustrations on him.

“I might be able to help,” he says thoughtfully. “Come with me.”

You take a deep breath to release some tension and follow him toward your bedroom. He immediately takes off his shirt, leaving him in only his jeans – even his feet are bare. You two haven’t had sex in a while, and you’ve only just now realized how busy you’ve been.

“Take off your clothes,” he tells you in a commanding tone. You are curious what he has in mind, and begin removing every layer of your clothes until you’re standing naked in front of him. You expect him to kiss you, but he doesn’t. “Get on the bed. Face down,” he orders. You obey, and you feel the bed move as he sits down next to you.

A moment later, you’re feeling his strong hands digging deep into your muscles, working away the knots and tension that have formed in your back, shoulders, and neck in the last couple of weeks. You sigh with contentment as you feel the tightness melting away, relaxing you. He works his way down your back, down your arms, and then starts again at your ankles to work his way up your legs, releasing stress from parts of your body you barely knew existed. You feel quite relaxed when you feel his lips gently moving up your neck in a path of loving kisses. It’s sweet, but not what you need.

“Dyson?” you say.

“Yeah,” he answers against your skin.

“I’m not a delicate little flower,” you remind him. Sure, it’s been a month or so, but you’d think he’d remember what you like.

“Are you telling me you want me to fuck you hard right now?” he asks bluntly.

“God, yes,” you say, getting turned on simply by the change in his voice.

Without another word, he turns you over and pins your wrists to the bed, then kisses you with passion and lust. His tongue roughly enters your mouth, exploring before he bites your lower lip, holding it in his teeth for a moment before finally releasing it. He hears you moan in pleasure and you begin undoing his jeans, pushing them away along with his boxer briefs as he grinds his excitement against you.

You look into his eyes wickedly, biting your already swollen bottom lip, and you watch, aroused, as his eyes turn gold and his teeth sharpen. He arches his back as his muscles bulge, straining against his skin. An animalistic part of him has emerged, and you are becoming more aroused by the second. He lowers his head and nips at the sensitive area just below your ear with his wolf teeth, his hands tightening around your wrists until you know bruises are forming. You cry out with pleasure and lift your hips to meet his, wrapping your legs around his waist to encourage him.

His hands release your wrists long enough to grab your hips roughly and thrust himself inside of you, growling at the sensation while he listens to you gasp his name. His fingers dig into your forearms again as he frantically moves inside of you, grunting at the feeling of you around him. You scream as the first wave of pleasure courses through your body, and he sinks his teeth into your neck as he holds back, wanting you to feel a second wave before he gives in.

Fortunately for him, the second round of satisfaction comes quickly, and you cry out once more, arching your body into his, and he growls into your neck as he finally allows himself release. It takes a few minutes from the two of you to come down from the high, and finally he collapses next to you and you breathe heavily next to each other, covered in sweat.

“I needed that,” you tell him, already feeling infinitely more relaxed. “Thank you. I love you.”

“I love you too,” he says, his chest heaving. “There’s more where that came from.”

You smile wickedly at him and straddle him, digging your nails into his chest for round two.

Chapter Text

You get home from a long day of work, tossing your purse on the floor as you flop down on the couch. Your boyfriend, Castiel, the fallen angel, is sitting on the couch, crunching on potato chips.
“Are you alright?” he asks, setting down the bag in his hand and pulling you into his side.
“Yeah,” you sigh, curling up in his arms, “just another long and horrible day at work.”
“It’s been like this ever since you became a manager.”
“I know. But, the pay is nice and it’s not always bad. It’’s just hard being in control all the time. I am sick of telling people what to do. For once, I’d like to be the one listening to commands rather than giving them. It would just be relaxing for a change.”
“Go in the bedroom and take off your clothes.”
“I said...go in the bedroom and remove your clothes.”
You give your boyfriend a weird look, wondering what has gotten into him.
“You said you wished to be the one obeying commands. I am here to fulfill that desire. So take off your clothes.”
Smiling, you stand from the couch and wander into the bedroom, slowly undoing the buttons on your shirt, tossing it aside, and sliding your skirt down your legs. Cas follows close behind, his hungry look making you smile as heat rushes through your body.
“All of them,” he commands when you hesitate with the bra clasp.
He sits on the edge of the bed as you remove your remaining undergarments and are soon standing naked before him, awaiting your next command.
“Well done,” he tells you, “Now, remove my clothes...slowly.”
You walk over to him, taking your time as you strip him of his tie, shirt, pants, and finally white boxers. His excitement over his new dominating role is quite evident as you toss his final garment aside and stand in front of him.
“Now,” he tells you, “on your knees. I want you to suck me off.”
Smirking, you obey; you’re also enjoying this new role playing. You sink to your knees, using your hand to stroke him a few times before taking him fully into your mouth. A groan escapes his throat as you feel his hand tangle in your hair, guiding you as you slip your mouth up and down him. With your mouth and tongue, you continue to work him over, hearing his breathing become more ragged as you realize he is close. Suddenly, he stops you, gripping your hair tightly and pulling you off him.
“That’s enough,” he tells you standing, “Bend over the bed and anchor yourself.
You know exactly what he wants and you position yourself next to bed, gripping the covers tight as you feel Castiel slip behind you, his hand gliding over the bare skin of your ass.
“Good,” he says, slipping his hand between your legs and encouraging you to spread them, “Such an obedient girl.”
He slips a few fingers inside you, causing a moan to escape your lips as he moves them in and out of you. Soon, he removes his fingers, positioning himself behind you. In one motion, he enters you roughly, immediately beginning to set a rapid pace. His hands glide up your back, eventually reaching around to the front of you to tease your most sensitive areas. One hand goes to your chest, groping it as his thumb makes circles, causing you to curse out his name. His name becomes nothing more than an inaudible gasp as his other hand slips between your thighs, pinching and rubbing as he continues pounding into you. After helping you find your own release twice, he follows you over your third wave of ecstasy, groaning your name as you both collapse in an exhausted pile on the bed.
Somehow, you both manage to pull yourselves beneath the covers, spooning in the afterglow as he begins playing with your hair.
“I hope that was okay,” he tells you, kissing the side of your head.
“More than okay. You know, you should bring that dominant side out more often. It’s a total turn-on.”
“I will have to keep that in mind for later.”
“Yes. You didn’t think I was done with you tonight, did you?”

Chapter Text

The bake sale is tomorrow and you are working furiously in the kitchen to get the cupcakes baked and frosted. Your boyfriend, Balthazar, is in the living room, trying to keep himself busy while you are working. But he is not being very successful. You have just finished making the frosting and are about to start working on the first cupcake when you feel him slip up behind you, his hands going immediately to your hips. His lips find your neck and you sigh as you feel him begin nibbling on the skin there, making his way up.
“You are being quite a distraction,” you tell him, not entirely complaining as one hand leaves your hip to move your hair out of the way.
“Well that was my intention,” he replies, continuing to kiss your neck, the hand on your hip slowly sliding up to your stomach.
“Balthazar, I need to finish these cupcakes.”
“I think they could wait about an hour.”
“An hour?”
“Yes. What I have in mind should take about that long I imagine...longer if you desire, of course. You see, you are being a distraction yourself here in the kitchen. I keep watching your hips sway as you move about, keep watching you bend over to remove the trays from the oven. And I can’t take your teasing anymore.”
Suddenly, he turns you around, capturing your lips as his hands tangle in your hair. At the feeling of his kiss, all intentions of baking leave your mind as passion surges through you. Your hands slide up his chest, feeling the taut muscles beneath his t-shirt. His tongue slips into your mouth as his hands remove your shirt over your head. Then, he lifts your legs around his middle, pressing you back against the counter as your kissing escalates in eagerness. Pulling back from the counter, he sinks to his knees, lowering you to the floor of the kitchen. As he strips off his own shirt, you look up at him in a bit of surprise,
“Right here?” you ask as he tosses his shirt aside.
“Yes, I need to have you right now.”
He captures your lips again, his fingers moving to the zipper of your jeans. He slowly removes your pants and you eagerly divest him of his. Both of you are breathing hard at the point as his arousal is evident against the front of his boxer briefs. He moves his mouth to your neck, kissing slowly down to your cleavage as his hand slips beneath you to undo your bra. He quickly tosses the garment away before continuing his path down your body. When he reaches your knickers, he lifts your legs over his shoulders, using his mouth to tease you through the fabric until you are begging him to remove them. He happily obliges before returning his mouth to between your legs and bringing you to your first wave of pleasure. As you are panting and coming down from the high, he removes his final garment and slides back up your body. His lips find yours again as he enters you slowly. You swallow each other’s groans of pleasure as he braces himself against the tile, passionately making love to you on the kitchen floor until you are both screaming in ecstasy.

Chapter Text

It has been a long day for your boyfriend, Hale. You can tell simply by the fact that all he wants to do when he arrives home from a day as the Ash is take a long, hot, shower. He barely says hello to you as he wanders through the door and into the bathroom. You know he is lost in his own head. Moments later, you hear the water turn on and it isn’t very long before steam begins to pour through the crack at the bottom of the door. The only time your boyfriend takes showers this hot is when he really needs some stress relief.
Your day has been relatively stress free and you feel bad for Hale. He has so much to deal with and you want to just make things better for him. Suddenly, an idea pops into your head. With all he has had going on, there hasn’t been much sexy times for the both of you; that is about to change.
It is dark outside and the apartment you share is on a top floor so you know there is no danger of anyone seeing you. So, you slip out of your clothes, walking naked, silent, to the bathroom. Quietly, you crack the door, slipping inside and closing it behind you to trap most of the steam inside. Through the clear door, you see your man standing in the shower, washing his hair. He is completely lost in his own thoughts and has no idea you are in the room. You are glad about this as you slip to the shower and silently slide the door open. Stepping in, you slowly wrap your arms around his middle from behind. He starts briefly but quickly figures out it is you.
“Hey beautiful,” he murmurs, sighing as your hands begin to roam his body.
He groans as you slide your hands down, grabbing his growing excitement and beginning to stroke him. You plant kisses on his neck as he leans back into you, enjoying the feeling of your hand on him. But soon, his desire for you becomes too much and he turns around, capturing your lips as he pushes you gently against the wall. His hand wanders down past your chest to between your legs. He teases you slowly, making you practically beg for him before he drops to his knees. With his tongue, he licks and sucks at you until you are crying his name, riding out your first wave of pleasure before bringing him back up to your lips.
His kisses are passionate and hungry, expressing an outpouring of stress, as he lifts one of your legs around his middle and enters you slowly. You groan as he fills you and drop your head to his shoulder. Slowly, he begins thrusting, returning his lips to yours to capture both your moans as he works towards bringing you a second wave of ecstasy.
Through his movements and his fingers between your thighs, he brings you two more crests of pleasure before finally giving into his own release. With a groan, he comes apart at the same time as you, kissing you languidly as you both drop down from your high. You both take several moments to catch your breath before he turns off the water and you step out from the shower. After drying off, he captures your lips once again. His stressful day means he is far from done with you for the night. With tender kisses, he leads you into the bedroom, spending the remainder of the evening making love to you until you both fall fast asleep in each other’s arms.

Chapter Text

You are just about to cross the street when a car suddenly turns, hitting you hard and knocking you to the ground. As you lay there, dazed and in pain, the car speeds off and you know you’ll never seen them again. You are just laying there for a moment, pondering if you should move, when a motorcycle suddenly roars to a stop next to you.
“Are you okay?” a voice asks and his face comes into view above you.
He is a burly looking man with a long beard, long hair, and tattoos on his arms. You recognize the patch he is wearing as the local MC, Sons of Anarchy. After processing this information, you realize he asked you a question.
“I...I think so...” you reply, slowly trying to get up.
“Just take it easy,” he tells you, helping you up.
He does a cursory check for anything broken before finally saying,
“I think we should get you to the hospital, just to be safe.”
You shake your head, which is still throbbing,
“No...I can’t go to the hospital. I don’t have insurance. I’m sure I’ll be okay.”
He doesn’t look convinced as he replies,
“I think you should get looked at. Come with me. We have a doctor back at Teller Morrow...I am sure she can patch you up.”
You want to protest but you know he is probably right. Still unsure of your decision, you get on the back of his bike, and he drives you back to the garage, making sure to go slow and take it easy in case you really are hurt.
Moments later, the biker, who you learn is named Opie, pulls up to the garage and leads you into the clubhouse.
“Are you sure I can be in here?” you ask timidly as a few of the other club members give you a suspicious look.
“Absolutely. Especially since you’re with me.”
“Hey Op,” a man with shaggy blonde hair says, approaching you, “who’s this?”
He introduces you and explains what happened.
“Is Tara around? I was hoping she could take a look at her.”
The man with blonde hair, who you learn is named Jax, calls to Tara who appears out of the back. The doctor then comes over and examines you.
“Well, I don’t see too much damage done aside from these few cuts and bruises. But you could have a concussion so I would have someone keep an eye on you for the next 24 hours or so.”
“I live alone,” you say regretfully.
“She can stay in my room,” Opie says.
“I don’t want to be an imposition,” you reply, still feeling nervous in this unfamiliar environment.
“Nonsense,” Jax replies, “you are more than welcome to stay.”
You nod and Opie leads you to his room. He gives you a giant t-shirt to change into and leaves you to rest for awhile, promising to come check on you soon. Suddenly exhausted, you take him up on that offer and slip into the t-shirt, falling asleep quickly after slipping between the covers.
Later that night, Opie and you head back to the room after a quick supper of fast food he picked up.
“I can just sleep in the chair,” he tells you, not wanting to make you uncomfortable.
“That is completely unnecessary,” you reply, looking at how big the bed is.
He doesn’t protest and strips down to his boxers before crawling beneath the sheets with you. For a moment, the two of you are silent. Finally, you roll over to face him.
“Thank you for helping me today,” you tell him.
“You’re welcome,” he replies.
There is another moment of silence before you suddenly lean in and kiss him. For a moment, he kisses you back before you suddenly pull away.
“I’m sorry,” you tell him, “I’m not sure why I did that. I don’t normally...”
But he cuts you off as his fingers wind in your hair and he pulls your lips back to his. Eagerly, he kisses you, one of his hands sliding down to your neck as your fingers find their way to his long hair. Sighing, he rolls on top of you, his tongue gently prying your lips apart to explore your mouth. As his hands make their way to the bottom of the shirt, you realize just how long it has been since you slept with anyone and suddenly you need him right then and there.
He removes the shirt over your head, his lips finding their way to your neck. He nibbles his way down as his fingers begin stroking over your chest. Moaning, you lift your hips to meet with his, desperately wanting to feel him inside you. Getting the message, his hands leave your chest to remove your knickers, leaving you completely bare before him. For a moment, he just sits back to admire you, his eyes wandering hungrily over your body. Then, he lowers himself back on top of you, kissing you passionately once again as your hands go for his boxers. You stroke him a few times through the fabric, feeling his excitement grow even bigger, as he groans loudly. Having mercy, you remove the remaining garment and toss it aside.
He enters you with one swift stroke and you both groan as he gives you a chance to adjust to his enormous size. He is definitely bigger than you have ever had before but it feels so wonderful. After a moment, you encourage him to move and he begins to rock into you, setting a slow but passionate pace. He kisses you again, swallowing your sighs and moans. Releasing your lips, he braces one arm against the wall behind the bed and begins moving faster. You can feel yourself almost there and dig your nails into his back, drawing a growl from him. In mere seconds, you are falling over the edge, gasping in pleasure as he keeps going, getting faster and faster as he chases his own release. You can tell he is close but he wants you to finish with him. His fingers slip between your thighs and soon you both fall over the edge, gasping each other’s names.
Searching for breath, he rolls off you, collapsing on the bed. When you both are finally able to speak, he looks at you, grinning,
“Well, that is not exactly what I was planning but I can’t say I’m complaining.”
“Me either,” you reply, “I had no idea how much I needed that.”
Leaning over, he kisses you deeply and you both fall into a deep sleep moments later.
The next morning, he wakes you with his mouth between your thighs and soon sets off a wonderful session of morning sex. Afterwards, after finally coming down from your high, you get dressed and the two of you make your way out into the clubhouse amongst cat calls, whistles, and knowing grins. Outside, you hand Opie your phone number and give him one last kiss before making your way out of the parking lot and back towards your place, hoping you see him again soon.

Chapter Text

Your alarm goes off and you slowly open your eyes. Why the hell is that thing going off when you have nowhere to be today? Damn it, you must have forgotten to check it last night. Cursing yourself for not being thorough, you lie in bed, wide awake. There is no going back to sleep now. You glance over at your still-sleeping boyfriend, Tony Stark. After a second, an idea pops into your head. It just isn’t fair that he is sleeping when you are wide awake. And you intend on taking care of that.
Grinning, you slowly slide beneath the covers. You notice that he is already partially-hard, a common occurrence for him in the morning. After stroking him a few times, you slowly take him into your mouth, sliding your lips up and down him, using your tongue in just the way you know he loves. It isn’t long before he begins to stir, his sleepy breathing turning into light moans as he gets more and more aroused by your mouth. Soon, he is full on groaning, his hand reaching down to tangle in your hair, encouraging your motions as he gets closer.
You can tell he is almost there when he suddenly stops you, using his hand to bring you back above to covers. His face is still groggy, a combination of drowsiness and arousal.
“Come here, baby. Ride me,” he whispers in a sleepy voice that still manages to drip with sex.
Incredibly turned on yourself, you slide up his body, kissing him passionately before straddling him. His sleepy eyes are locked with yours as you position yourself and sink down on him. Both of you groan loudly, as if you hadn’t spent most of the night before engaged in similar activities. Grinning, you set a steady rhythm, raising and lowering yourself on him, feeling every inch of him hit you in all the right places. This is his favorite position, one that gives him the best view of you and you use that to your advantage as you slide your hands over your body, still gazing down at him while you ride him. He groans loudly, cursing as you speed up. His hands graze up your thighs, one coming to rest between your legs. He is close and you can tell, but he never lets himself finish before you. His thumb moves between your legs and his circling motions soon have you crying out as you ride him harder and faster. Moments later, his own release comes and he finishes moaning your name along with curses.
Panting, you roll off him, curling into his side. Once you both catch your breath, he gazes down at you, briefly leaning over to properly kiss you good morning.
“That was the hottest thing a woman has ever done for me. You are amazing.”
He kisses you again, lingering this time in a way that always sends tingles throughout your whole body. When he finally releases your lips, he glances over at the clock.
“It’s kind of early, isn’t it?” he inquires.
“Yeah, but I forgot to turn off my alarm.”
“Fair enough. But I’m glad you did. Because now we have time for a shower,” he tells you with an evil grin.
Before you have a chance to protest, he gets out of bed and hoists you over his shoulder, carrying you to the shower. He turns on the water and you both get in, repeating the earlier activities in the bed several times over.

Chapter Text

“We can’t do this,” you hiss to the king of Hell as he drags you outside, “Dean will kill us.”
“Only if he catches us, darling...which is really half the fun.”
It has been several months now since you drunkenly hooked up with Crowley. At first, you thought it was a one time occurrence. But it keeps happening. And each time, you tell yourself it is the last time. But he is just so damn charming and irresistible, what are you supposed to do? Not to mention, he is unbelievable in bed, having the mysterious power to know exactly what you need to have you screaming his name over and over.
Crowley leads you over to the parked Impala, a wicked smirk on his face. You glance around to see if anyone is watching, still unsure about this idea. But any further doubts and objections you have are lost when he backs you against the door, his lips capturing your own as he kisses you with hunger and passion. You reach your fingers up into his hair, holding his mouth to yours as his tongue pushes past your lips to explore. Slowly, his hand slides up to your chest, his thumb circling you through the thin fabric of your tank top. You moan into his mouth as heat rushes through you. All too soon, his mouth leaves yours to trail kisses down your throat, his fingers still rubbing you through your tank top.
“Crowley, please,” you beg, wanting him to speed things up.
“Eager little thing, aren’t we?” he grins, finally reaching behind you to open the car door.
His lips find yours again as he pushes you into the back seat, following you down and taking a moment to close the door behind him. Crowley now hovers over, grinning down at you as he removes both of your clothes with the snap of his fingers.
“I have no patience for undressing you tonight, my pet,” he croons in your ear before kissing down your neck.
He takes a moment to suck at your skin, drawing blood to the surface and leaving the marks he knows you will struggle to cover up tomorrow. You gasp and sigh beneath him, canting your hips up to meet his. He is going much to slow for your taste. But suddenly, his hands are under you, shifting both of you so that you are now straddling him in the backseat. You can feel his excitement pressing against you as you circle your hips, smiling at the groan you earn. His hand reaches up to tangle in your hair, pulling on the strands as he locks his lips to yours. Soon, he releases your lips, locking eyes with you, an evil smirk on his face.
“I want to see you ride me, darling,” he practically purrs, “I want to see the look in your eyes as you fall apart around me. And don’t hold back your beautiful noises, pet. I want to hear exactly how good I make you feel.”
You groan at his words, raising your hips and positioning yourself over him. Slowly, you lower yourself, both of you moaning as he fills you completely. After a few seconds of adjustment, you being raising and lowering yourself on him, gasping and calling his name as you feel him hit just the right spot every time. Crowley moves his hands to your hips, guiding your movements, a smirk on his face as he watches you writhe on him.
“That’s it, pet. Just like that. I love watching you like this. So wanton, desperate. You feel so tight...faster now, pet. I want to watch you shatter.”
You can feel the pleasure building and you start riding him faster, your fingers slipping between your thighs as you seek that extra pressure to put you over the edge. Crowley groans at the sight of it, leaning up to kiss and suck at your chest. The feeling of his teeth is your final breaking point and you scream his name, his hands guiding you through your climax until you collapse weakly against him, panting.
“Beautiful, darling.’s my turn.”
Before you have a chance to recover, Crowley has you on your hands and knees, pressed forward as he settles himself behind you.
“Brace yourself against the door, love,” he tells you before swiftly entering you again, setting a brutal pace as he chases his own release.
The small space of the backspace forces him down on top of you and you can feel his chest pressed against your back. His lips move to your ear as curses, moans, and dirty thoughts pour from his lips. You feel a second round of pleasure building as he slams into you, telling you how wonderful you feel and what a good little pet you are.
“Crowley...” you whine as his pace builds, “please...I’m so close...”
It’s all the prompting he needs to reach around and slide his fingers between your thighs, sending you tumbling over the edge once more causing you to gasp out his name as your body spasms in pleasure. Your second release triggers his and he stills inside you, his body collapsing even further onto you as his pleasure subsides.
Eventually, Crowley raises himself off you, snapping his fingers and causing both your clothes to reappear.
“Now wasn’t that fun?” he asks, leaning over to kiss you.
You manage to nod, your whole body still tired but buzzing from the experience. Crowley opens the door and crawls out of the car first with you following close behind. The two of you head back into the bunker and manage to avoid Dean and Sam as Crowley directs you quickly to the bedroom. Soon enough, the two of you are in between the sheets, ready for another round.

Chapter Text

You wake up shaking, a short scream escaping from your lips before you realize it, and then remember where you are. Ever since you almost got killed by a demon, you’ve been having nightmares every night. You haven’t had a good night’s sleep ever since that night three months ago.

After the Winchesters saved you during their hunt, they found out you didn’t have anywhere to go, so they took you to a bunker for safety until you could figure something out. Most of the time they were gone on hunts, so it was just you and their friend Kevin in that bunker 24/7. Sure, most of the time, he was working on translating that tablet, but you sometimes managed to talk him into taking breaks, and over the months, the two of you had become kind of close.

So close that he kissed you a few nights ago, but then Dean walked in and neither of you had mentioned it since. Now, it would just be too awkward to bring up. It is hard sometimes being there with him all the time, being so attracted to him and not knowing what he was thinking, and not knowing whether or not you should say something.

You take a few deep breaths, trying to remember that it was just a dream and that you were safe at the bunker, when the door to the room cracks open just a touch, letting in a beam of light that you have to adjust to with a few blinks. Kevin’s voice comes through the doorway, and it might be the best sound you’ve ever heard after that terrifying dream.

“Are you okay?” he asks hesitantly.

“Yeah…” you reply, although Kevin is not convinced. “It’s just another nightmare,” you explain.

“You’re still getting them every night?” he asks, opening the door a little wider.

“Yeah. I am fine when I go to sleep, but then I wake up, and even though I know I’m safe here, I feel so alone and vulnerable…I hate feeling like that,” you admit, tearing up a little. You hate feeling scared all the time and how weak it makes you feel.

“If you want, I can stay in here with you for the night,” he offers. “I can bring a chair in or something.”

“I’d really appreciate that,” you say gratefully. “But look…there’s plenty of room here, if you don’t mind sharing. You look tired, and the bed will be a lot more comfortable.”

“Thanks,” Kevin accepts your offer, kicking off his shoes and socks and taking off the open button-up shirt he’s wearing. He scoots into bed next to you in his jeans and t-shirt, and you’re suddenly very aware that you have no pants on, since you’ve been sleeping in one of Sam’s big plaid shirts.

Now that he’s in the bed with you, the need to be close to someone, to feel safe and protected, overcomes you and you curl onto his chest instinctively. He doesn’t seem to mind, wrapping his arms around you and rubbing your back comfortingly. You inhale his soothing smell of wooden pencils and semi-clean laundry – it’s hard to find the time to stay completely fresh in that bunker – and feel yourself finally relaxing. Without thinking, you start drawing lines down the front of Kevin’s shirt with your finger, and after a couple minutes you feel his breathing becoming heavier and realize his body has tensed up a little…everywhere.

“Kevin,” you whisper, tilting your head up toward him.

“Did you mind when I kissed you?” he asks as a response.

“No…I was just about to ask about that. I’ve been thinking about it.”

“I have too,” he confesses. You use the hand on his chest to push yourself up a little, enough to make your face easier to access, and he doesn’t waste time in capturing your lips with his, giving you a passionate kiss as he wraps you up more tightly into his arms. The two of you make out for several minutes, pulling each other closer, when he finally stops and turns so that you are back on the mattress instead of on him.

“Did I do something wrong?” you ask. You had been hoping things would progress in that direction.

“No, it’s just that…I really want you, but I can’t take advantage of you,” he says.

“It’s not like that,” you tell him. You’re scared and vulnerable, but not about that. “I want this…I have for weeks,” you tell him. He looks like he debates this in his head for a moment, but one look at you tells him that you mean it, so he pulls you in again for more intense kissing, and before long you’ve peeled his shirt off over his head, revealing the abs he has apparently been hiding underneath. He presses several kisses into your neck, then begins unbuttoning Sam’s shirt until you’re wearing only a scrap of fabric covering an essential area.

Kevin starts kissing his way down your body, stopping at your knickers and then moving back up, lingering at any place that seems extra sensitive based on your gasps. You press your fingers into his back, up into his hair, and finally undo his jeans, pushing them away and pulling him out of his boxers, making him moan into your shoulder as you feel him with your hand. He takes his time running his hands over your body while you get him worked up, finding all the areas that cause heat to rush through you, and finally, when the two of you can’t take it anymore, he removes the last of the clothing and slides into you, looking at your face to make sure you haven’t changed your mind. Once he’s inside, though, you both throw your heads back at the feeling.

You had no idea how much you wanted this until now, when it’s happening. He is just what you need tonight. The two of you move together languidly at first, and then with slowly increasing speed until your orgasms crash over the two of you together, making your bodies tense up with ecstasy. After a few minutes of being wrapped up in each other, breathing yourselves down from the high, he adjusts so that he’s spooning you, stroking his fingers up and down your arm.

Finally, you fall into the most peaceful sleep in three months, having a feeling that you’ll be sleeping a lot better from now on.

Chapter Text

If there is one thing your boyfriend, Sam Winchester, likes more than anything, it’s morning sex. He is practically insatiable when he wakes up. Which is why you aren’t surprised when you wake up to Sam’s mouth slowly kissing down your neck as his hand gently kneads your breast. Still in a sleepy state, you moan softly, pressing yourself back against him. He groans in response as you rub against his obvious excitement and you can feel his cheeky grin against your throat. His other hand slides from your stomach down to the apex of your thighs. Taking a moment to hook one of your legs over his, opening you up to him, his fingers return to where they were and begin rubbing slow circles, causing you to press yourself into his hand, seeking more friction as your brain springs to a fully awake and aroused state.
“Sam,” you moan, turning your head slightly to look back at him.
“What is it, baby?” he asks, turned on even more by the already desperate tone of your voice.
But he doesn’t give you a chance to answer as his lips finds yours. The kisses turn passionate in an instant as his tongue presses into your mouth, eagerly sliding over yours as the speed of his fingers between your thighs increases, gliding between your legs momentarily before returning to your most sensitive spot. You moan loudly into his mouth and roll so that you are facing him. Immediately, both his hands seek your fair and he tangles them in the strands, gripping tightly as he holds your mouth to his. His excitement is obvious and you cant your hips forward, ready for him to fuck you right then and there. But he has other plans.
His mouth finally releases yours and begins to travel south, down your neck and lower as he maneuvers the two of you so that he is hovering over you. You gasp as he continues to suck and bite his way down your body, pausing to pay eager attention to each breast before continuing down to your stomach. When he finally reaches your thighs, he grins up at you and pushes your legs apart. And without warning, he dives between them, his tongue licking and sucking as he hums in pleasure, as if you are the best thing he has ever tasted. You curse and writhe on the bed, your hand reaching down to tangle in his hair as he adds his fingers to the mix. It isn’t long before you feel your insides tighten with a familiar pleasure, falling over the edge only seconds later as Sam continues to eat you out through your orgasm, lapping up every last bit of you.
When you finally come down from your high, Sam slides back up your body, capturing your lips in a searing kiss as his tongue slides over yours. You groan, eager to feel him inside of you.
“Sam...please...”you beg, as he slowly begins teasing you once again with his fingers.
“Please what?” he asks, smirking at you.
“Please...just fuck me!”
“Anything you ask, baby. Now, turn over...hands and knees.”
You eagerly oblige, knowing it is a favorite position for both of you. You feel Sam move behind you, his hand on your hip as he lines himself up. Without warning, he pushes inside you, causing both of you to groan at the sensation.
“Fuck, baby, you feel so good,” he says, beginning to move slowly.
But his slow pace quickly picks up and soon he is fucking roughly into you, his sculpted chest pressing down on you as one hand grips your hip and the other presses against the wall for support. All that either of you can manage is moans and groans as you both feel the promise of pleasure building.
“I want you to finish with me,” Sam whispers in your ear.
“Sam...I’m so close...”
Sam reaches around, slipping his fingers between your thighs, causing you to curse and moan even louder.
Just when you think you can’t take it anymore, you feel his imminent release and it pushes you over the edge. With a scream, you finish with him and both of you collapse on the bed, panting hard.
“That was amazing, baby,” he says, pulling you into his arms.
For a moment the two of you lay there, trying to catch your breath. Sam then kisses you and gets out of bed.
“Where are you going?” you ask, confused.
“Just to the bathroom to clean up a bit. But don’t go anywhere...I am far from finished with you.”

Chapter Text

It has been a long time since you went out on a Friday night. Even though none of your friends are free, you decide to go out anyway, determined to have a good time. It takes quite awhile to decide what to wear but you eventually choose the low-cut black dress that displays just enough of your cleavage to still be classy and sexy at the same time. You touch up your makeup and head out to the local martini bar.
Two martinis later, you are really enjoying yourself, chatting easily with the bartender and just people watching. There is even a cute guy you have been eyeing across the room and he seems to notice you too. You are just about to make a move when suddenly a drunken idiot steps into your line of view.
“Hey,” he slurs, leaning closer than he should.
His gaze travels down to your cleavage and fixates there as his hands come forward.
“You know, you should really cover those up,” he says, leering at you, his hands only an inch from your chest.
Although you know he is just a moron you should ignore, shame rushes through you and you unconsciously cross your arms over your chest. While you would never admit it to anyone, you had always been self-conscious about your well-endowed chest. Clothes never fit right and it is nearly impossible for you to not be displaying some kind of cleavage. You had developed early and from then on, it was all guys ever noticed about you. Granted, most of them didn’t have the nerve to actually say anything.
Your cheeks burn with humiliation as the man continues rambling on about how you are being a temptation and you fight the urge to cry. Just as you are about to push past him, you hear a voice say over his shoulder.
“What did you just say to her?”
The drunk stands aside enough for you to see it is the man you have been eye flirting with all night. His shaggy brown hair accents his gorgeous eyes and his t-shirt hugs him just tight enough to reveal his toned chest. He sends a smile your way before continuing his lecture of the man still leering down at you.
“Where do you get off telling a lady to cover herself up just because you don’t have the self control not to look at her like a piece of meat? Did you ever think that maybe she is wearing that dress because it makes her feel beautiful and it has nothing to do with you at all?”
“Well she’s asking for it...dressing like that.”
You see the man’s fists clench as he tries to control his temper.
“You, sir, are the kind of person that gives our gender a bad name. For your information, she could be sitting her naked and not asking for it, as you so delicately put it. Now, I suggest you take your drunk ass outside, get a cab, and go home, before I do something that will require medical attention from one of my coworkers.”
With a defeated look, the man wanders away, too ashamed to even notice the glares being sent his way from other patrons. Once the attractive stranger makes sure the man has actually gone outside, he turns his attention back to you.
“I am so sorry about that. I apologize for my gender. And for the record, you look very beautiful tonight and definitely very classy.”
“Thank you,” you manage to say, glancing up shyly at him.
“Let me buy you a drink, no strings attached.”
You nod and he signals to the bartender. Once you have your drink, he turns to walk away, but you stop him.
“You can sit with me...if you want,” you offer, indicating to the empty seat next to you.
Smiling, the man sits down, ordering a whiskey for himself.
“Thank you for doing that,” you tell him, starting to feel a bit better already.
“It’s my pleasure. It just angers me so much to see guys do stuff like that. I’m T.C. , by the way.”
You tell him your name and it isn’t long before you are chatting openly with him. You learn he is a doctor at the local hospital and that he usually works the night shift; he just happens to have a night off for once. Through two more martinis, you sit and talk with him, grateful for the company.
Before long, it is last call and the two of you head outside. You are about to hail a cab, when, mustering all your courage, you turn to T.C.
“Would you like to come back to my place for a nightcap?”
His smile gives you his answer and soon the two of you are sharing the back of a cab. A short ride later, the taxi pulls up in front of your building and the two of you get out and head up to your place.
“Make yourself comfortable,” you tell him, going into the kitchen and pouring each of you a glass of whiskey.
You return to the living room and join him on the couch. He graciously takes his drink from you and soon you are both chatting as you did at the bar. After a bit, you both set your empty glasses down and he looks at you,
“You know, I wasn’t lying before. You are very very beautiful.”
“Thank you,” you reply, blushing.
“You look as if you don’t believe me.”
“It’s not that I don’t believe you. It’s just...when most guys say it, they are usually just referring to my chest and nothing else.”
“Well I’m not most guys. And let me assure you that, while I you have to is not the only thing I am looking at. There are so many stunning things about you, it is honestly difficult to pick just one.”
You feel your breath catch as he moves closer to you on the couch.
“Aside from you obvious wit and charm, your hair is gorgeous. Your legs could bring any man to his knees. Your eyes are enchanting. And your lips...well...they’re practically irresistible.”
This last phrase is muttered just centimeters from your mouth and you realize that, at some point during his speech, the two of you had leaned closer to each other. In seconds, his lips are on yours, kissing you with a passion you had never experienced from a man. It was as if kissing you was his only goal for the night and nothing else mattered at that moment aside from his mouth on yours.
His hands slide down to your hips, pulling you closer to him as his tongue begs entrance past your lips. You grant him his request and he soon begins exploring your mouth with renewed hunger. Finally, breathless, he pulls away,
“If you want me to stop, just say so.”
“Please,” you whisper to him, “don’t stop.”
You hear him inhale as the two of you begin kissing again, this time rising from the couch and making your way to the bedroom. He kisses you over to the bed and leans you back onto it. You both crawl towards the top of the bed and his mouth attacks your neck, pressing kisses into your skin as his hands slip to the hem of your dress. He seeks a quick look on consent from you before lifting it over your head. He quickly follows with your bra and knickers, leaving you completely naked beneath him. For a second, all he does is stare.
“You are breathtaking,” he tells you before leaning down to kiss you again.
When he finally releases your lips, you look up at him, smiling.
“You know, you seem to have an unfair advantage right now.”
He smirks down at you before pulling his shirt over his head. The toned muscles of his chest capture your attention as your hands reach down to begin working on his jeans. Soon, you are both naked and his lips return to yours as if he is unable to get enough of you. But this time hands are wandering eagerly as you get to know each other in a whole new way. With both of you practically panting, T.C. positions himself perfectly on top of you. You are both so worked up at this point, you know foreplay is not an option. After briefly sliding a finger between your thighs to assure you’re ready, for him T. C. pushes inside of you, both of you gasping as you adjust to his size.
After a second or two, you beg him to move and he soon sets a slow pace, thrusting hard inside of you and making you moan with each movement. His hand braces on the wall behind you as he continues thrusting, leaning down to kiss you and nip at the skin of your neck and kiss your ample chest that started all of this.
“More...please...” you beg him and he speeds up, reducing both of you to gasps and curses.
“T.C...I’m...” you begin but don’t get a chance to finish as he slips his fingers down to circle around your most sensitive spot, causing pleasure to burst through your body.
You finish, gasping his name, bringing him over the edge with you. Breathing hard, he rolls off you, managing to pull back the sheets as he gathers you in his arms. Once you have both caught your breath, you roll to face him, gazing up at him.
“Thank you, again, for what you did tonight.”
“It was my pleasure,” he tells you, making sure you understand his double meaning.
You shake your head at him but roll back over in the bed. His arm comes around your waist, spooning you, as you feel him begin to drift off to sleep. With a smile, you feel your body begin to surrender to sleep as well, knowing there will be more fun to come in the morning.

Chapter Text

You walk into the lounge area of the S.H.I.E.L.D. base, surprised to find Fitz sitting on the couch, alone, with a large glass of whiskey in his hand. It is two in the morning and you were planning on having the lounge all to yourself for awhile, determined to watch a movie to help you sleep. But those plans will clearly have to wait. Fitz hasn’t spotted you yet and you take a moment to just observe him. It is clear he is distraught as he takes another large gulp of the potent liquid. You are a relatively new transfer to the base but you already know why Fitz is so upset. For months now, he has been trying to find a way to bring his best friend, Gemma Simmons, back from wherever she vanished too through an alien portal. Everyone else believes she is dead but Fitz refuses to give up hope.
Deciding not to be creepy, you slowly approach Fitz. You don’t know him very well but you hope you might be able to provide him some kind of comfort.
“Mind if I join you?” you ask quietly.
He gestures towards the space next to him on the couch and you sit down. Without a word, he pours you a glass of whiskey. You graciously accept and, for several long minutes, the two of you sit, sipping in silence.
“Do you want to talk about it?” you finally ask, already sure you know the answer.
But to your surprise, Fitz nods and looks at you, tears gathering in his eyes.
“I feel like such a horrible person,” he begins, taking another sip of his drink.
“Why?” you reply, confused.
“Because...I told myself I would never give up on her. But I am out of ideas. I still believe she is alive. But I have no way of bringing her back.”
“Well, I know I don’t know you very well, but I still think you are the person that can.”
Fitz sighs, leaning against you and laying his head on your shoulder. It is clear he doesn’t want to talk about it any further and, not knowing what else to do, you wrap your arm around him, running your fingers through his hair. Fitz nuzzles closer to you, enjoying the feeling of your hand on his head.
After several more seconds of silence, you suddenly feel lips press against the base of your neck. It takes you off guard at first, unsure of where he is going with this. He continues to press kisses up your throat, ending at the sweet spot right below your ear. You can’t help the moan that escapes you and you turn you head to capture his lips with yours. It is as if a floodgate opens and Fitz is suddenly kissing you with more fervor. His hand tangles in your hair as his tongue begs entrance past your lips. You willingly open to him, sighing as his tongue slides over yours, exploring your mouth. Normally, you are not impulsive like this, but it is clear Fitz needs something to distract him, if only for a night. And, truth be told, it has been awhile since anyone touched you as well.
Despite his sometimes shy demeanor, Fitz’s kisses are demanding yet gentle and it isn’t long before you are both standing up from the couch, moving wordlessly towards his room. As you make your way down the corridors, Fitz sometimes stops to press you against the wall, kissing you eagerly before moving on. The moment you enter the room, he shuts the door behind you and instantly slides his hands beneath your shirt. After looking at you briefly for permission, he removes the garment over your head before kissing down your flesh as he moves you towards the bed. Gently, he lays you down on it, following you down and continuing his quest down to your chest. You tangle your hands in his hair as he removes your bra and sucks one nipple into his mouth. His hand reaches up to stroke over the other one causing you to moan and arch against him.
“Fitz, please,” you beg, tired of the teasing.
With a wicked grin, he makes his way down your body, slowly sliding off your pajama pants and knickers. Once you are completely undressed, he removes his own clothes before laying back on top of you.
“Are you sure this is okay?” he asks again, not wanting to do something you are uncomfortable with.
“Yes, please, I need you...right now,” you tell him, thrusting your hips upward in an effort to encourage him to move things along.
Fitz smiles and lines himself up, sliding inside you in one swift motion. You both groan simultaneously, taking a second to get used to the feeling of each other as his forehead falls to your shoulder. When you nod, Fitz begins to move, his motions slow but powerful. Languidly, he fucks you, your hips rising up to meet his every thrust. For those moments, nothing else matters and no words are said. The room is filled only with his groans and your gasps of pleasure. Slowly, you feel yourself building towards ecstasy and with a strong thrust, Fitz pushes you over the edge and stars form before your eyes as you finish, moaning his name. Your pleasure brings him to his and he drops his head to your shoulder once again as he stills inside you. For several seconds, the two of you simply stay like that, allowing the high to subside. Eventually, though, he rolls off you, falling on his back next to you. After a while, he rolls on his side, looking at you,
“Thank you,” he simply says and you smile back at him.
Exhaustion begins to take over for both of you and you roll on your side, allowing him to spoon you. Yes, the problem he is facing will still be there tomorrow, but tonight, at least, you were able to distract him.

Chapter Text

You like to stay on the Enterprise when the rest of the crew is on shore leave. It’s quiet and strangely peaceful on the ship, and no one bothers you. Sure, partaking of the pleasures of whatever planet you’ve landed on could be fun, but sometimes you just want the tranquility that only being all alone can provide.

Not that you couldn’t go for…certain pleasures. It’s been a while since you were touched, and being in deep space for years with only fellow space explorers can put a damper on the whole thing.

You’re contemplating giving in and beaming down as you wander onto the bridge, fascinated by all the controls. Just as you consider heading to the transporter room, someone steps off of the turbolift. You immediately recognize the chief engineer, whom you’ve drunkenly flirted with in the lounge on more than one occasion. He looks surprised to see you, but gives you a smile.

“You’re not on the planet?” he asks in his Scottish accent.

“No…I decided to stay for some quiet. What about you?”

“No planet can bring me the satisfaction that being on this ship can,” he explains. Scotty loves the Enterprise. Loves it. A lot.

“I love being on the Enterprise as well,” you tell him, causing him to glow with pride, “although I can think of a few pleasures the ship currently can’t provide,” you say, unsure whether you want him to deduce your meaning or not. At first, he simply looks offended.

“What do ye mean, there are pleasures the Enterprise can’t provide?” he snaps, fire in his eyes.

“I only meant…pleasures that are…human…carnal,” you say, deciding to just put it out there before he socks you in the jaw for insulting his baby.

“Oh…oh, I see,” he says, suddenly interested. “Yes, well…none of that to be gotten here…what with just the two of us…all alone,” he concludes, his eyes drifting down your body, taking in the way your short, skin-tight uniform hugs your curves. “What choice do you have but to beam down?”

“Well, I’d really prefer to stay here,” you say suggestively, shifting a little closer to him. For a moment you wonder if the two of you really are the only ones on the ship, but Scotty’s one of the best engineers in the Federation – he would have been sure to do a scan of the ship. “Of course, that only leaves one other option,” you suggest, running a finger down his chest and lower.

“Bloody hell,” he mutters, and grabs you by the back of the head to pull your mouth to his. You sigh into his mouth, experiencing something you have to admit you’ve thought about before. All of that tipsy banter in the lounge between the two of you has made you curious what it might be like to have his dirty mouth exploring your body. You slip off his uniform shirt, finding his body more toned than you would have expected, and push him down into the Captain’s chair. He looks taken aback as you slip off your uniform dress and straddle him. “In the Captain’s chair, eh? I never knew you were such a naughty girl,” he purrs against the hollow between your breasts as he unhooks your bra.

You moan with desire and reach below you to undo his pants, reaching in and pulling him out of them as he groans a string of expletives into your ear. The heat of his mouth is on one of your nipples and you feel his fingers move your panties aside and begin teasing you beneath them, preparing you for what is to come.

You lower yourself down onto him and the two of you cry out with pleasure as you fit together, getting used to the feeling again, as it’s been a long time for both of you. He puts his hands on your hips and helps you move over him, speeding up and slowing down and speeding up again until you feel yourself on the edge of ecstasy. Knowing how close you are, he slips a hand between your legs and makes you shout out his name, and a moment later he shouts a simple “fuck!” before falling over the edge after you. You collapse against his shoulder as the two of you breathe heavily, coming down from the high.

Just as you two finish getting dressed again, a voice comes through Scotty’s communicator.

“Mr. Scott? We’re ready to beam up,” Captain Kirk says.

“Perfect timing, Captain. She’s all set,” Scotty replies, giving you a wicked grin. Before he heads to the transporter room, he asks you to stop by his quarters that night for round 2.

Chapter Text

What’s For Breakfast?

It is still fairly early when you wiggle out from beneath your boyfriend, Benny’s, arm. You slip on your large t-shirt, not bothering with underwear since you are sure your boyfriend will have many ideas for how to spend the morning when he finally gets up. But in the meantime, you are starving and decide to head downstairs to make a quick breakfast.
You wander into the kitchen, deciding what to make. It will honestly probably be awhile before Benny is awake so you begin grabbing ingredients for an omelet. It is in the midst of dicing tomatoes when you feel two firm hands slip around your waist.
“Mornin’ darlin’” Benny whispers against your neck, placing a few kisses into your soft skin.
But before you can tilt your head back to allow him more access, his lips are suddenly gone. You feel his hands gently nudge your knees apart and he slides between your legs. You look down at him, his back to the cabinets and his head positioned at just the perfect position for him to…just the sight of him with his head between your legs already has heat rushing through your body.
“Benny, what are you doing?” you manage to barely get out.
“I’m having my breakfast. I mean, what do you except me to do when you wear this flimsy t-shirt and,” he takes a moment to lift the bottom of the shirt a bit, “and nothing else it would seem.”
He presses a few kisses to the inside of your thighs and you feel yourself hold back a groan as your fingers grip the counter to steady yourself.
“I mean,” he says, pausing to gaze up at you as he runs a finger between your thighs, “unless you rather I just have toast or something.”
All you can do is nod your head no and Benny takes it as a green light, diving between your thighs. Slowly, he licks and sucks his way up to just where you want him. Deciding he needs better access, he lifts your leg over his shoulder, causing you to be pressed up right against his mouth, his scruff rubbing deliciously against the insides of your thighs. Fearing injury, you push the cutting board to the other side of the counter before gripping the edges, profanities spilling from your mouth as Benny wastes no time diving into you, his tongue thrusting in and out, occasionally pausing to slip up and suck and lick at the small bundle of nerves. He groans at the taste of you and the vibrations echo up through your body.
“Benny…fuck…don’t stop!” you practically scream as his tongue continues moving faster, finding each little spot inside you that has you practically panting for air.
You feel yourself climb closer and closer towards the edge, causing you to grind yourself down on Benny’s face, your hips moving with the motions of his mouth until he is practically fucking you with his tongue.
But you don’t have a chance to finish the sentence as pleasure explodes behind your eyes and courses through your body. Benny continues eating you out through your orgasm, licking and sucking up every last drop.
Exhausted, you collapse down on the counter, breathing hard and trying to focus your mind again. Benny pushes himself out from between your legs and stands up.
“Stay right there,” he instructs, removing the boxers he is wearing, “I’m not done with you yet, darlin’”
Before you truly have a chance to recover, Benny pushes roughly inside you, causing you both to gasp. He sets a hard, fast pace, slamming into you from behind, his chest pressed against your back and his hands gripping your hips.
“You feel incredible,” he growls in your ear, “so tight, so wet for me.”
His speed increases and you can feel yourself careening towards the edge once more.
“Benny!” you scream as you explode.
His pounds into you even faster, coaxing you through the orgasm as his hands slide up your arms, interlacing his fingers with yours as his own orgasm follows. Thrusting in and out of you, he finally stills, collapsing on top of you. For a second, you both just lay there, panting and trying to gain your composure.
“That was amazing,” he finally says, standing back up.
You nod in agreement, still out of breath.
“Well, since I interrupted you from your breakfast, I will let you get back to it. But when you’re done, I’ll be upstairs waiting for the next round. He kisses you lovingly and deeply before turning to head back to bed. Your mind still reeling, you put away your omelet ingredients. Suddenly a quick piece of toast sounds much more appealing.

Chapter Text

It has been weeks since you heard from your boyfriend, Sam Winchester. You know he is on another hunt which actually has you more worried. Every time he leaves, you wonder if he will be coming back. To try and relieve a bit of your stress, you decide to take a shower. Stripping off your clothes, you step beneath the streaming hot water. Instant relief fills your body and you take your time soaping up and rinsing off. As you shower, your mind begins to wander to what it would be like if Sam were in the shower with you. You imagine his large hands running down your body, his tongue chasing the trails of water. This fantasy instantly has you hot and bothered; you must find relief. You are just beginning to trail a hand down your stomach and between your legs...then the door opens.
“Hey baby, just wanted to let you know I’m home.”
You pull aside the shower curtain to find Sam standing in the doorway, barefoot but still in the suit he was wearing on the case.
“Sam!” you exclaim, stepping out from beneath the water and hurrying over to him.
He steps back to avoid getting wet but still leans down to place a passionate kiss against your lips.
“I’m just going to go change real quick while you finish your shower. Then I can properly say hello.”
“No time for that,” you reply grabbing him by the tie and kissing him with even more passion.
Still kissing, you drag him towards the shower, pulling him inside before he has a chance to protest. His need suddenly as desperate as yours, he pulls you against his now drenched white shirt. His hands slide up your bare back, one hand tangling in your hair as he deepens the kiss, sliding his tongue into your mouth and groaning at the feeling of your naked body pressed against him. Wasting no time, you begin unbuttoning his shirt, pulling the wet fabric away from him to reveal his toned muscles underneath. Your mouth leaves his and you begin to kiss a path down his chest. You drop to your knees and you hear him hold back a moan as he gazes down at you in front of him.
Slowly, you remove his belt and begin to pull down his pants. You leave them around his knees while you begin stroking him slowly. His head hits the wall behind him as you immediately take him completely into your mouth, feeling him hit the back of your throat as you control your urge to gag. You begin to slowly work him in and out of your mouth, your tongue running along and around his entire length. Soon, you can feel him getting close and you pull him from your mouth with satisfied grin.
He groans in frustration but it isn’t long before he kicks off his pants and roughly pulls you to your feet, pressing you against the wall as he captures your mouth once again. His mouth then moves to your throat, sucking a dark mark into it and nipping at it with his teeth before sinking to his knees before you.
“My turn,” he growls before burying his head between your legs.
A loud moan escapes your lips as Sam devours you like a man who hasn’t eaten for a week. His lips and tongue find all the right places, hitting every perfect spot, and it isn’t long before he has you panting for breath, your hand tangled in his hair as you ride his face.
“Sam,” you whine, “I’m so close.”
“Come for me baby,” is his muffled response before his tongue delves further inside you.
On command, you feel pleasure explode through your body and you grip Sam’s hair tighter as he continues to eat you out through your orgasm. As your pleasure subsides, Sam rises to his feet.
“Turn around for me baby.”
You do as he says and turn around, bracing yourself against the wall. Sam pulls your hips back slightly and positions himself at your entrance. Without hesitating, he slams into you, filling you up completely. He immediately sets a brutal pace, his hands gripping your hips with strength guaranteed to leave bruises when you are done. All you can do is mutter incoherently as Sam quickly drives you to another wave of pleasure. But he doesn’t stop there. Over and over, he slams into you, his groans becoming louder and louder. Before long, you feel yourself falling over the edge a third time, this time bringing Sam with you. Sam finally stills inside you, collapsing over your back as he tries to catch his breath. Eventually, you both stand up. You turn around and press a loving kiss to Sam’s lips.
“Sorry but I just couldn’t wait to have you,” you tell him, wrapping your arms around him.
“Can’t say I’m complaining. Maybe I should stay away that long more often.”
“Don’t you dare,” you reply, smacking him on the chest before reaching behind him to finally turn off the water.

Chapter Text

You are cuddling with Bucky Barnes on the couch, watching a movie. The two of you haven’t know each other long but your friendship developed fast. Now, cuddling and other such things are common for the two of you. And, truth be told, there is always an awkward sexual tension but, for some reason, Bucky always seems to pull away right when something is about to happen. You try not to question it, though, and just enjoy his friendship.
As you watch the movie, you try to cuddle closer to Bucky, reaching for his left arm, the metal one, to wrap it around you. But he pulls it back. Thinking he is just playing around, you reach for it again but, again, he pulls it away, this time more forcibly.
“What’s wrong?” you ask, frustrated by his actions.
“Nothing,” he replies curtly.
“Then why won’t you let me put your arm around me?”
Bucky says nothing but just turns his attention back to the movie. You study his profile from the side for a minute, trying to figure out what is going through his head. You look at the sorrow in his eyes and suddenly realize why he is pulling away now, why he always pulls away from you when you are close to letting something happen.
“Are you embarrassed by the arm?” you inquire quietly.
He remains silent but looks down at his lap.
“Bucky, there is nothing to be embarrassed about,” you tell him, directing his gaze at you.
He meets your eyes, finally answering.
“How can you say that? This arm makes me a mutant, a freak. It’s a weapon. How could anyone even want me to touch them with this thing?”
He starts to completely pull away from you but you stop him, holding his gaze as you once again reach for his arm. This time, he doesn’t pull it back, letting you take his hand, waiting to see what you will do. Slowly, you lift his metal fingers to your lips. Not breaking your gaze, you slip one digit into your mouth, sucking gently on it as you swirl your tongue around the cold material. He gulps audibly as you then take two fingers into your mouth, bobbing your head as you move them in and out.
You then let go of his hand and lay back on the couch, drawing him with you. Your fingers tangle in his hair as you draw his mouth to yours, kissing him passionately, your tongue gliding into his mouth. You feel his body surrender as he begins to kiss you back, a moan rising in the back of his throat as his non-metal hand begins to explore your curves. Not letting him forget your purpose in this, you take his metal hand once again, sliding it beneath your shirt and onto your breast. The metal is cold against your skin and you gasp as Bucky squeezes and gropes you, his thumb circling your nipple.
As Bucky moves his mouth to your neck, kissing the skin there, your hips lift off the couch, grinding against the obvious length pressed against the front of his athletic shorts. This is all the motivation he needs to lose control and rip your shirt off, his mouth now attacking your chest, leaving love bites that you are sure will still be there tomorrow. Spurred on by him, you take his shirt off too followed shortly by his athletic shorts and boxers. He pushes your pants and underwear down with his metal arm, tossing them aside before bringing his fingers back to glide between your legs. You gasp as he suddenly pushes two fingers inside you, moving them in and out, faster and faster until you are screaming his name as he pushes you over the edge.
Gasping, you start coming down from your high, but Bucky is far from done. All his original hesitation is gone as he stares down at you, capturing your lips in a searing kiss while he pushes roughly inside you, filling you completely. You knew he was big but it still comes as a shock and he allows you several seconds to adjust before he begins thrusting forcefully, fucking you into the couch as he ravishes your mouth with his own. Your hands scrape down his back and you raise your hips to meet his thrusts. Suddenly, his metal arm comes up, tangling in your hair as he pulls your head aside, leaving your throat vulnerable to him. His movements become harder and faster as he gets closer and closer. Leaning up, you begin whispering praise in his ear,
“Yes...just like that...fuck me harder...pull my hair just like that…”
Your words push him over the edge and he groans your name loudly, pulling you over the edge with him. Panting, he releases your hair and collapses on top of you, his head laying on your heaving chest. Once he gets his breath back, he looks up at you, placing sweet kisses on your collarbone and up to your jaw. He kisses you gently on the lips then looks deep in your eyes.
“Thank you,” he tells you sincerely, pure gratitude in his eyes.
“Anytime,” you reply, a happy smirk on your face.
He leans down to kiss you once again before laying back down on your chest. Together, you both fall asleep on the couch, completely forgetting about the movie still playing on in the background.

Chapter Text

“ do I look?” you ask the two boys sitting at the table in the library, spinning around in your slinky cocktail dress.
“Hot,” Dean replies, taking a sip of his beer.
“Dean,” Sam scolds, “Y/N, you look lovely.”
“Thank you Sam,” you reply.
“So what’s this dude’s name that you’re going out with?” Dean inquires.
“Some name,” he mutters under his breath, “Well, I hope you have a good time.”
“Thank you,” you reply, “Well, I’m off and I will see you boys later tonight.
You make your way towards the door of the bunker. After years of living on the road and hunting with the Winchesters, you are finally taking a night to yourself. Although you were hesitant to say yes when Thompson first asked you out, you finally decided you deserved a night out and graciously accepted his invitation for drinks at a local hotel bar. The boys had both been skeptical at first, giving you their usual big brother type warnings but they eventually told you they were happy for you and hoped you had a good time.
Grabbing your purse, you slip out the front door, taking out your car keys and heading off towards your date. Back in the library, Sam looks at Dean, trying to read the expression on his face as he sips his beer. Finally he asks,
“Are you ever going to tell her, man?”
“No,” Dean replies, reaching for another book and brushing off the subject.

. . .

Later that night, you open the door to the bunker, slamming it as you make your way down the stairs. All you want is a hot shower and a strong drink; this night was not what you hoped. All the noise you make as you slam down your belongings draws the attention of Sam in the kitchen.
“Hey, you’re back,” he comments, studying your face, “Woah, I take it tonight didn’t go well?”
“No it did not.”
Dean hears you both and comes sauntering from his bedroom.
“So, how was it?” he inquires.
“Men are pigs! I almost prefer monsters. At least I can understand them.”
“Hey, Y/N, why don’t you tell us what happened,” Sam says soothingly, walking over to you.
He gives you a huge hug and you can already feel yourself beginning to relax. You wrap your arms around his middle and breathe in his familiar scent of paper, cotton, and pine. Suddenly, all the events of the night begin building up in your mind and you feel tears start to form. You are about to spill when you feel another familiar hand on your back.
“How about this?” Dean says, “You go take a hot shower, get into something comfortable, and we’ll meet you in my room with a glass of whiskey. Sound good?”
You nod, grateful for the two brothers standing before you. They knew you so well and you had no idea what you would do without them in your life. Pulling away from Sam, you place a quick kiss on Dean’s cheek before heading off to the shower.
About thirty minutes later, you wander into Dean’s room. Both the brothers are already there, drinks in hand. Dean pats the space between them and you crawl onto the bed. He hands you a drink, gives you a chance to take a few large sips, then both look at you expectantly.
“So,” you begin, preparing to tell your long tale, “We met at the bar, like I told you. It went great at first. He took my coat, helped me into my chair and we ordered drinks. That is where the nice evening stopped. The rest of the time he simply went on and on about his business ventures, how rich he is, and the things he refuses to change for any woman. He never asked any questions about me, he interrupted any attempt of a sentence I may have started, and, to top it off, all his conversation was directed at my tits.”
“Wow,” Dean says, “I mean, you look hot but seriously?”
“Oh that wasn’t even the worst part of the night. After a drink or two, he finally asks for the check. The bartender puts it down and...he doesn’t even move. It just sat there awkwardly between us while I waited for him to pay. Eventually, it was too much and I looked at him. There he was, looking at me expectantly. At that point, I just wanted to get out of there so I paid and started to stand up, thanking him for the evening. But he just reached over, put his hand on my thigh, and said, ‘So, I got us a room upstairs. Shall we?’”
“You are kidding me!” Sam exclaims.
“Nope. He tried for quite a while to convince me to go up with him. When it became clear I wasn’t going to, he just stood up and left in a huff. Didn’t even look back.”
“Wow,” is all Dean can manage as both boys process the story you just told them.
After several moments, Sam puts his arm around your shoulder and pulls you into his chest for a hug.
“Well, I’m sorry that happened to you. Some guys just suck.”
“Thanks. And yeah, they really do. It reminded me why I don’t date. Honestly, I just want to forget all about it and relax tonight.”
“Well we can take care of that,” Dean says, reaching over and turning on the TV.
Finishing your drinks, the three of you settle down on the bed. These are the moments you are happiest with the Winchesters. After long hunts, the three of you always just take a night to relax and unwind. As per usual, your head is on Dean’s chest, your fingers tracing lines up and down his t-shirt, while Sam spoons you from behind, his arm wrapped firmly around your waist. It is just pure bliss as you lay there, Dean playing with your hair, Sam occasionally kissing your shoulder, and the three of you watching mindless movies on TV.

. . .

Eventually it gets quite late and Sam decides to head to bed, leaving you and Dean cuddling on the bed. The movie plays on in the background when Dean suddenly turns his head to look at you.
“I really am sorry that happened to you,” he tells you, sincerity in his eyes, “You deserve so much better than that.”
“Thanks Dean. I really am done with dating though; it just doesn’t work with this life.”
“That’s not entirely true,” Dean mutters.
There is silence for a second between the two of you as Dean allows his face to drift closer to yours. Before you know it, you lean in too and his lips are pressed against yours, kissing you softly, hesitantly. Not once had the thought of kissing Dean crossed your mind before but now it is the only thing you want to do. Fireworks shoot through your heart as you lean closer, pressing your chest against his as his hand runs up your back and threads into your hair. Your arm slides around him, holding him closer to you, as the kiss becomes deeper, his tongue gliding along your lips and into your mouth. You sigh against his lips and he rolls you onto your back, letting his weight rest on top of you. Finally, he pulls away for breath.
No words are spoken as he stares down at you, all the unanswered questions between you needing to be saved for another time. Without hesitation, he leans down and kisses you again, moving quickly down to your neck. His lips travel over your skin, nipping and sucking, working his way down to your chest. Your hands find their way to his hair and you gasp as his tongue glides along your cleavage. With a question in his eyes, he glances up at you, asking your approval to remove your shirt. You nod and he glides it over your head.
His eyes devour you as he realizes you aren’t wearing a bra. Once again, he brings his mouth down to your chest, one thumb circling your nipple as he sucks the other between his lips. Involuntarily, you moan and lift your hips up to his. The length pressing against his sweatpants is impressive and you grind against it, causing him to groan against your chest. Deciding things need to be fair, you lift his t-shirt off, allowing yourself to take a moment of appreciation for his sculpted chest. But you don’t get to appreciate long before he slides your pants and underwear off, his mouth continuing to move lower. He pushes your legs apart and begins to kiss up your thighs but you stop him. He gazes up at you questioningly.
“Need to feel you inside me Dean,” you plead, your voice coming out more wrecked than you planned as you slip his sweatpants off.
He slides back up your body, catching your mouth once again in a passionate kiss as he slides his impressive length inside you. His forehead falls to yours as you gasp, adjusting to how he feels. Then he starts moving, slowly, passionately. No words are exchanged, only gasps, moans, and sighs as you both begin moving towards ecstasy. Soon you both are falling over the edge, your mouths locked in a passionate kiss. For a few seconds, you both don’t move, Dean laying on your chest as you run your fingers up and down his back. Finally, he rolls off you, lying by your side while lifting his head to talk to you.
“I should have told you how I felt about you sooner...but I’m crazy about you.”
“I wish you had told me sooner too. I want to be yours Dean.”
A huge smile crosses his face as he pulls you down onto his chest, his fingers running up and down your back. Contented, you both drift off to sleep, only to wake hours later and make love again.

Chapter Text

“We’re lost,” you snap.
“We’re not lost,” Dean retorts.
“Yes we are...we are supposed to be on Highway 93.”
“We’re on Highway 93!”
“Oh really? Then why does that sign say 95?”
“Well...okay...but this connects to 93.”
“How do you know?”
“All roads connect somehow.”
You sigh in exasperation. Dean and you had been having this same argument for the last hour. After discovering that a case was a little too big for him to handle, Sam called a few days ago and asked for some help. Normally, Dean would just go alone but the two of you hadn’t been dating long and the idea of being away from him again for so long was more than you could bear. So you insisted on joining him this time. But the town where the case was turned out to be incredibly small and apparently impossible to find.
“Just pull over for a second and I will study the map.”
“No, if we keep going this way, I’m sure we’ll find something that connects.”
“Or we’ll end up at a dead end in the middle of nowhere with an ax murderer.”
“Wouldn’t be the first time,” Dean replies, grinning his self-assured grin.
“Just pull over!” you command.
Grumbling to himself, Dean finally concedes and pulls the Impala to the side of the road. In the dying light of the slowly setting sun, you begin to study the map. A few minutes later, you can feel Dean staring at you.
“What?” you ask him, not even bothering to glance over.
“You’re cute when you concentrate.”
You roll your eyes, not even wanting to dignify his irritating comment with a response.
“You are,” he insists, “You get these cute worry lines around your eyes.”
He leans in and kisses the lines before slowly kissing down your cheek to your jaw and eventually to your lips, gently turning your chin with his finger as he captures your mouth in a heated kiss. His kiss. It never fails to turn you to jelly. There is always something in the way his lips form to yours, the way his hands always find the right places to touch, that makes you forget what you were doing. All too soon, he pulls away, looking at you in anticipation.
“I know that look,” you tell him, “do you seriously want to have sex right now?”
“Why not?” he replies, shrugging, “We’re on an abandoned road, it’s getting dark out, and you know how much fun we always have in the backseat.”
“Romantic,” you reply, “so finding me irresistible has nothing to do with it?”
“It has everything to do with it. You know I always want you,” he says, leaning over to begin kissing down your neck.
You try to resist but the desire pooling in your stomach soon takes over and you turn your head to capture his lips once again. Hands begin wandering and it isn’t long before both of you are practically panting for the other. After a moment, Dean makes a motion to get out the car so you can both move to the backseat. But you shake your head. He looks at you with confusion, waiting for you to explain.
“No, stay right here...just move your seat back. There’s something I want to try.”
His already large grin grows larger at the mischievousness in your voice. You unbuckle your seatbelt and slide as gracefully as possible over to where he is. After some strategic maneuvering, you manage to straddle him, taking a moment to smile down at him before leaning down and pressing your mouth to his once more. Dean deepens the kiss as his tongue slides between your lips, his hands gliding up your back to press you closer to him. Your hands find his hair and you tug on it gently, grinning at the slight gasp it earns you.
You sigh into his mouth as you feel him harden beneath you. Seeking friction for yourself as well, you slowly begin to rock your hips, grinding yourself down onto his length. His mouth leaves yours as he groans loudly, his head falling back against the seat as his hands find your hips.
“Shit...faster,” he implores as he uses his hands to guide you, pressing you harder down against him.
A moan escapes your own lips as you speed up, the arousal in your stomach growing tighter. Your hands grip his shoulders as you continue moving, curses falling from your lips as you feel yourself getting closer and closer to the edge.
“If we...keep going...I’m not...gonna last…” Dean manages to get out.
Desperate to feel him inside you, you stop, hoisting yourself up and reaching beneath you. As quickly as possible, you undo his jeans, pushing them down just enough before reaching in and pulling Dean’s hard length out of his boxers. You then move your hand under your skirt, pushing your knickers aside and out of the way. With your other hand, you grasp his length, adjusting yourself before sinking onto him. A loud groan escapes from both of you as you quickly begin moving, raising and lowering yourself on him as the edge draws closer and closer.
You can feel Dean getting closer too as he grasps your hips tightly, using his strength to move you up and down as he thrusts roughly up into you.
“Dean...yes...just like that…” you praise as he pushes you closer and closer, the knot in your stomach threatening to break.
With one final hard thrust, you both fall over the edge, cursing and groaning. You take a few seconds to recover and Dean leans up to kiss you gently.
“That was amazing,” he tells you as you fix your skirt and slide back to your side of the car.
“It was,” you nod, still trying to catch your breath.
For a few seconds, the two of you simply sit in the silence of the car.
“But Dean,” you finally say, breaking the quiet, “we’re still lost.”

Chapter Text

This isn’t the first time you have watched your boyfriend, Bucky Barnes, working out and practicing his combat skills. But today you can’t keep your eyes off him. You watch with fascination, and, if you’re honest, a little bit of lust, as he slices the knife through the air, using it like a master. He pauses in his sequence and looks over at you, sending you a smile, before continuing. With each movement, you find yourself more and more turned on. You decide to leave before you insist on distracting him.
Later that night, you are lying in bed, reading a book. Most of the gang is still downstairs in the tower, just hanging out and drinking. But you wanted a little quiet time before you and Bucky go to bed. It is pretty late and you are about to set down your book and turn out the lights when Bucky strides in the room.
“Just in time,” you tell him, smiling at him.
But he doesn’t move towards the bed, makes no motion to strip down and join you. Rather he is studying you, it seems, an intense look on his face as his eyes roam your body. You look down to remind yourself what you are wearing but it only adds to your confusion about his mood. It isn’t the first time you have worn one of his shirts to bed. And you have never gotten this reaction before. But the more you look at him, the more you can clearly see lust written all over his face.
“See something you like?” you ask him, sending him a flirtatious glance.
Bucky still doesn’t move but simply closes the door behind him. You are about to question his actions when he finally speaks.
“Come over here,” he commands.
You recognize that voice. It is one you have heard only on rare occasion. It is the voice that comes out when Bucky wants to be in charge...when his only name is “Sir”...and it sends shivers down your spine. You get out of the bed and walk over to where he is standing.
“Do you trust me?” he asks, still eyeing you, his gaze wandering down your body, lingering on your exposed legs.
“Yes,” you reply, your mouth suddenly feeling dry as arousal rushes through your body.
“Yes what?” he practically growls.
“Yes sir.”
“Good girl,” he praises, “strip for me.”
You seductively reach down and slide the shirt over your head then loop your fingers in your knickers and push them down your legs, leaving you completely naked before him. Slowly, he begins walking around you, absorbing the view of you from every angle.
“I noticed you watching me during my practice today. You seemed particularly interested in the knife.”
As he says this, he withdraws the knife from his waistband, holding it up for you to see. You gulp at the sight of it and feel warmth rush to your core. Bucky moves behind you, his metal hand sliding down to grip your hip as the right slowly slides the knife up your chest to your throat. You can’t help the moan that escapes your lips and you involuntarily thrust your hips back, pressing against Bucky’s growing length in his athletic shorts.
“Do you like that?” he purrs in your ear, “Like when I run this blade over your flushed skin?”
You nod eagerly, slowly moving your hips against him, feeling him get harder with your actions.
“I can’t hear you.”
“Yes sir.”
“What are the code words?” he asks, taking a step back.
“Green is go. Red is stop.”
“Good girl. Now, get on the bed.”
You climb onto the bed and lay back, watching him as he slowly approaches you, eyeing you like prey.
“Put your hands above your head and don’t move them.”
You do as he asks, gripping the headboard while internally begging that you will have the willpower to keep them there. Bucky walks over to the side of the bed, expertly flipping the knife between his fingers. When he reaches you, he slowly begins running the cold steel of the blade over your skin.
“Color?” he inquires.
“Green,” you eagerly reply.
Smirking, he starts with your throat, guiding the knife across your pulse point and down to your chest. Carefully...lightly...he circles each nipple with the tip, watching them harden beneath his touch. A loud moan escapes your lips as he does so and the smirk on his face grows as he watches you slowly come undone. Once he has you writhing on the bed from his attention to your chest, he slides the knife lower, across your stomach, tracing each hip bone, before sliding lower. An obscene sound falls from your mouth as he carefully guides the blade between your thighs. Your legs fall open involuntarily, allowing him more access as he presses the side of the knife against your small bundle of nerves. Dipping it briefly between your folds, Bucky then lifts the knife, allowing it to catch in the light. The wetness there is obvious and you find yourself practically coming already as he sticks his tongue out and licks the blade.
“You taste like heaven, sweetheart,” he purrs at you, the arousal in his shorts becoming even more pronounced, “I think I need more.”
Bucky sets the knife down on the nightstand and positions himself at the foot of the bed. Spreading your legs even wider, he looks up at you, the smirk on his face so evil and so self satisfied.
“Now don’t you dare move those hands or I will stop immediately. Is that understood?”
“Yes sir,” you reply.
And with that, Bucky lifts your legs to his shoulder and dives between your thighs. In moments, his tongue finds all the right spots to have you moaning his name, lifting your hips off the bed as you force yourself not to let go of the headboard and grab his hair. He eats you out like a man devouring his last meal and soon you are screaming his name as he pushes you into orgasm.
Once you come down from your high, Bucky emerges from between your legs and slides off the bed. Slowly, he undresses, knowing you are watching him. When he is as naked as you are, he crawls on the bed next to you as you lay there, awaiting his next order.
“I want you to ride me,” he tells you, laying back against the pillow and putting his hands behind his head.
You eagerly obey, straddling him and lining him up before you sink down on his length. Both of you moan as you slowly begin using your legs to move up and down on him, your hands pressed to his chest as you ride him. It isn’t long before his hands fall to your hips, using his strength to move you even faster.
“Bucky...yes…” you cry as you feel the second orgasm quickly approaching.
“Come for me sweetheart,” he commands and your body obeys on cue.
Before you even have a chance to catch your breath, Bucky flips you over and pulls your ass in the air. Immediately, he pushes back inside you, pounding into you relentlessly as his hand repeatedly slaps your backside, causing red marks to appear.
“Bucky!” you scream as a third wave of pleasure washes over you unexpectedly, bringing him with you.
After a few thrusts, he stills inside you, collapsing across your back as you both catch your breath. It takes several seconds before either of you can speak again.
“You okay, sweetheart?” he asks, sitting up and rolling onto his back on the bed.
You manage to nod and collapse next to him. Mustering all his strength, Bucky gets up and turns out the light. He makes his way back to the bed and pulls you under the covers with him. Exhausted, you curl into his sculpted chest as his hand begins playing with your hair.
“The knife wasn’t too much, was it?” he asks, some hesitation in his voice.
“Not at all. It was incredibly hot.”
You can feel him smile as he leans down to place a kiss into your hair. And with the night still playing in your head, you fall asleep in the safety of his arms.

Chapter Text

The phone on your bedside table lights up and a text appears on the screen. Since it is two in the morning, you know it can only be one person. And you know that person can only want one thing. You reach over and glance at the text, just a simple image of a hat. When you saw Jefferson earlier, you got the feeling it might be a problem night and this text confirms it. Without hesitation, you pull on some sweatpants and a t-shirt and head over to his house.
Most people would be angry about being dragged out of bed in the middle of the night, especially for something like casual sex. But it isn’t casual; it is anything but. Jefferson has always been a good friend to you, there for you through many struggles. And you have been there for him. These late night meetings are just a form of that. Whenever Jefferson gets stuck in his own head, obsessed with creating a portal, you are the only one that can bring him back. You give him something he can control, something he is in charge of. On nights like these, Jefferson needs you, all of you. And you give it to him willingly. You allow him to take whatever he needs from you and he does the same for you on nights where you are close to insanity.
You arrive at his house and knock on the front door. It is only seconds before he yanks it open, looking like a madman. In anticipation of your arrival, he has already removed most of his clothes and stands in the doorway wearing only his pants. Behind his crazed eyes, you see a deep sorrow and you know tonight will get rough. Which is honestly how you like it. You enjoy seeing the marks the next day, remembering how he makes you feel every time you are together. And, if you are completely honest, these nights help you as much as they help him. Your life is filled with constant chaos and pressure put on you to handle things. By allowing Jefferson to take control, to use your body as he needs, he allows you the freedom to just be, to relax and let someone else be in charge for once. You both need this.
Jefferson’s eyes meet yours and you simply nod, giving him the permission he needs. Without a word, he pulls you inside, shutting the door behind you. In mere seconds, he is on you, his hands tangling roughly in your air and pulling your lips to his. His tongue invades your mouth and you find your breath taken away as he kisses you roughly, passionately. Desperate to be inside you, he turns you around and presses you against the wall. He removes his own pants before shoving your sweatpants down around your ankles. Pulling your hips back, so roughly you know there will be bruises, he glides a finger between your legs, watching it glisten as he holds it up to the light.
“So ready for me,” he growls in your ear.
You whimper and nod your head as he slams into you from behind, already setting a brutal pace. The only sounds filling the air are skin slapping against skin and the moans coming from both of you as he quickly brings you to the edge, pushing you over it as you scream his name. Not nearly done with you, he practically drags you into his bedroom, removing the remainder of your clothes as you go. Once inside, he gently pushes you to your knees in front of him, slowly stroking his shaft as he steps towards you.
“Suck,” is all he says and you willingly open.
You take just the tip into your mouth, gliding your tongue around it and sucking on it before taking him in deeper. His head falls back as your mouth wraps around his entire length, allowing him to hit the back of your throat as you swallow around him. You gently bob your head up and down, using your tongue along his length. But he wants more. Wrapping your hair around his hand, he holds you steady as he begins to fuck your mouth harder. You allow him to set the pace, gazing up at him as he loses himself in the pleasure. When you can feel he is just about to lose it, he pulls away from you, releasing your hair and letting you sink to the floor.
“On the bed,” he commands, “hands and knees.”
You quickly climb onto the bed, getting into position. Already you are whimpering in anticipation when you feel him crawl up behind you. He slaps your ass once before slamming into you as he did in the hallway. You moan loudly as he thrusts in and out, hitting every right spot to make you see stars. Still sensitive from before, you can tell it won’t be long before another wave of pleasure hits you. And you know he isn’t far behind you. His breathing gets shallower as he slams into you faster and faster.
“Come for me,” he growls, “Come for me now.”
Your body obeys his command and your mind goes blank with pleasure. With one last thrust, Jefferson follows you over the edge, screaming your name. For a second, he merely collapses on your back, both of you catching your breath. But eventually he pulls away and rolls on his back on the bed. You fall next to him, curling up on his chest. It is silent for a moment and you wait for him to speak.
“Thank you,” he finally says, pulling you closer.
“You’re welcome,” you reply, kissing his chest, “Are you okay now?”
“Yes, thanks to you, I am.”

Chapter Text

You roll over in the bed, trying aimlessly to get to sleep. Your boyfriend, Spike, rolls with you and you feel his arm go around your middle. Suddenly, as his hand wanders down your body, you are painfully aware of the way your stomach forms a giant bulge at your middle, only accentuated by the way you are lying. Spike’s hand slides down to where your self-conscious pooch is bulging out and you find yourself pulling away. Spike moves along with you, insisting on being pressed against you from behind. But, as his hand continues his journey, you find yourself pulling away again, not wanting him to feel what, at the moment, is causing you so much embarrassment.
“What’s the matter, pet?” he asks, concern lacing his voice, “Have I done something wrong?”
You shake your head no and try to readjust in the bed, taking his hand and sliding it up to your chest. You can feel him smirking as his fingers begin tweaking your nipples and you turn your head to kiss him, allowing him to swallow your moans. Your tongue delves into his mouth as you deepen the kiss. You are distracted enough that you almost don’t notice one of his hands sliding lower down your body again...until it slides over your stomach. You instantly pull away, wrapping your arms around your middle.
“What’s with the sudden shyness, love?” he asks, his hand on your shoulder rolling you over to face him.
“It’s nothing,” you tell him but the look on his face as he gazes down at you tells you he doesn’t remotely believe you.
“I can read you like a book, pet. Now, tell me what’s wrong.”
You avert your gaze, staring at the wall, the ceiling, anywhere but at him. Finally, you take a deep breath and tell him.
“I’m just feeling a little self conscious about my stomach. I hate the way it forms that bulge when I lay on my side and I didn’t want you feeling it. It’s so embarrassing.”
An odd look crosses Spike’s face before he suddenly rips the covers away, leaving you completely naked and exposed beneath him. On instinct, you wrap your arms around yourself and bring your knees to your chest, trying to cover what you don’t want him to see. But Spike gently pulls your arms away, pushes your knees down, and straddles you.
“Is this what you’re embarrassed about?” he asks you, his hands sliding carefully over your every curve.
You nod, wishing you had never brought it up.
“Well let me tell you something,” Spike continues, “You have nothing to be ashamed of. I love your body. Every part of it.”
Spike leans over you, his fingers entwining with yours as he raises your hands and pins them on either side of your head. His eyes turn serious, searching yours.
“Do you have any idea what you do to me, pet?”
You shake your head no. A smirk crosses Spike’s face and your breath hitches as you feel him begin to rut against you, his hard length gliding between your legs, sliding over that sensitive little bundle of nerves.
“You feel that? How hard I am? That’s what you do to me. Every single day. Whenever I see you, it takes every ounce of strength for me not to throw you against the nearest surface and have my way with you. I always want you. Do you believe me?”
You are barely able to nod your head yes as you begin to feel your wetness coating him as he continues to move on top of you.
“Well let me leave you with no doubt,” he tells you, reaching down between your bodies and gliding himself inside you.
It is the most intense love you have ever made. Spike’s thrusts are slow but firm, gliding slowly out of you, making sure you feel every inch before slamming back into you, hitting at just the right spot that makes stars dance in your vision. His kisses are languid, passionate, his tongue tangling with yours as he swallows your every gasp, moan, and sigh. As he makes love to you, Spike’s hands grasp at your body. He fills them with your breasts, pinching and tweaking your nipples until they are hard, before sliding them down to your hips. He holds you so firmly you can feel the bruises that are already forming there. But you look forward to seeing them tomorrow, a reminder of how he feels about you, how much he loves your curves.
No words are spoken as the two of you continue making love for hours, your breaths eventually getting more and more ragged as you feel the onslaught of pleasure racing through your body.
“Spike,” you whisper as you suddenly fall over the edge, stars forming at the edge of your vision as you arch off the mattress.
With a grunt, Spike follows shortly after you, his breathing labored as he hovers above you. After several moments of trying to catch his breath, he pulls out of you and rolls to his back, bringing you with him. Your head finds his chest and he kisses you soundly as he wraps his arms around you.
“Thank you,” you whisper to him in the dark.
“It was my pleasure, pet. And I am always here if you need any more reassurance.”
You smack him playfully on the chest before snuggling closer to him and drifting off into a deep sleep. In the morning, as you get ready for the day, you notice the dark circles on your hips. And you smile.

Chapter Text

It is a Friday night after a long hunt and the only thing you want to do is spend the night in comfy clothes, curled up on the couch in the bunker, eating junk food and watching Netflix. Of course, the comfy clothes are starting to become a bigger problem than you imagined.
“Why is it so damn hot?!” you yell to whoever is in the bunker.
“Because it’s snowing outside!” Dean yells back from the kitchen.
“That does not mean it has to be a tropical island inside!”
“Yes it does! It is -16 outside and I am cold. So the heat is staying on!”
You know you are going to lose this argument and stomp back to your room. It takes a lot of consideration but you finally decide that you are going to simply wear a t-shirt. Forget pants. And the boys in the bunker can deal with it if they insist on keeping it so hot. Finally at a comfortable temperature, you grab a bag of potato chips and a beer and make your way into the living room. It is with utter relief that you collapse on the couch, turning on the television and settling in for a night of nothing.
Several hours later, you are still watching television when you feel someone standing behind you. You turn and find Castiel hovering in the entrance of the room, watching the television but not moving.
“You know the hovering is a bit unsettling Cas. You are welcome to join me.”
“I didn’t want to disturb your evening.”
“You aren’t disturbing me at all.”
Cas removes his trenchcoat and settles next to you on the couch. For a few minutes, the two of you watch the show in silence. Then Castiel notices what you are wearing. You feel his eyes wander up your body, lingering on your legs and the way your t-shirt rests lightly on your thighs, the fabric hitched up so high it is almost revealing your lacy underwear below.
“See something you like?” you tease Cas, grinning as you watch his gaze finally meet yours.
“No, I mean, yes, I just...I was just surprised to see you not wearing pants.”
“Well, it was too hot and Dean refuses to turn the heat down.”
“I see.”
The conversation dies off and you both return to watching television.
Hours pass and it gets later and later. Soon, you and Cas are the only ones awake in the bunker, Dean and Sam having gone to bed long before. Over the course of the night, you and Cas have found yourselves scooting closer and closer on the couch so that by now your legs are pressed against each other. You have never really had anything more than a simple friendship with Castiel up until now but, in what you consider a somewhat bold move, you lean your head onto his shoulder, snuggling closer to him. He smiles down at you and his hand innocently drifts to your knee.
But his fingers against your bare skin prove more distracting than you could have imagined. Subconsciously, he begins drawing patterns on the inside of your knee, his hand moving ever so slightly higher each time. And maybe it’s because you haven’t spent much time alone with Castiel until now so you never realized just how attractive he is. Maybe it’s the suddenly erotic scene playing on the screen now. Or maybe it’s because you just haven’t been touched by any man in awhile. But you find yourself sliding down ever so slightly on the couch, opening your legs a bit wider, allowing him easier access as his hand continues gradually moving up your thigh.
As you continue the ruse of watching TV, Cas’s hand pushes your t-shirt up even higher, exposing the black lacy edge of your panties. For a second, his attention leaves the screen, his eyes devouring you, a smirk crossing his face as he uses just his middle finger to trace along the scalloped edge of your underwear, sliding just slightly beneath it. His eyes return to the screen as his finger slips further into the fabric, sliding lightly up and down your entrance, teasing. Soon, a second finger joins and you see the wicked look on his face as your breathing gets more ragged, arousal beginning to pool between your thighs. You feel Cas adjust his hand and slip two fingers inside you, causing a gasp to escape your lips. Crooking his fingers, he begins to move in and out you, his slow, leisurely pace teasing you, building it up. You begin grinding yourself into his hand, silently begging him to go faster, seeking more friction. Mercifully, his thumb slides up, slowly circling your little bundle of nerves. With a slight bit of pressure, he pushes you over the edge and you throw your head back against the couch, gasping his name.
“Oh my god, Cas...that was amazing,” you manage to get out, grinning up at him.
You give him no chance to reply as you lean up, capturing his lips with yours, gliding your tongue into his mouth. Your hand reaches into his hair, tugging at the strands and causing him to moan. Finally, you release his lips, smiling at him.
“Let me return the favor,” you tell him, sliding down to the floor and settling between his knees.
You see him swallow hard as you slowly undo the button of his pants and slide the zipper down. Pulling both his pants and boxers down, you free his impressive length, watching as it bounces against his stomach. You smile up at him once more before leaning down and licking a long line up his shaft, sucking the head between your lips, the groan you earn music to your ears. Without hesitation, you lean up, taking his entire length down your throat and swallowing around him. You hear him curse as his hand tangles in your hair. As he tugs on the strands, you allow him to take control, his hips thrusting up into you as he gently fucks your mouth. You bob your head up and down in time with his movements and you can tell he is getting close.
“Y/N...I’m...I’m gonna…” he chokes out as you suck him faster, encouraging him to let go.
With a strangled sound, you feel him come down your throat and you swallow every drop. His fingers slowly release your hair and his hand falls to his side. Smiling, you stand up, beaming at him as you sit next to him once more. His breathing begins to slow and he captures your mouth once again, tasting himself on your tongue.
Suddenly, he pushes you back on the couch, his mouth moving from your lips to your neck to your thighs. As he slowly kisses up each side, you give him an inquisitive look.
“Cas...what are you doing?”
He places a final kiss to your skin before sitting up a bit, looking at you.
“Making things even,” he tells you, grinning, “See...I haven’t had the opportunity to taste you yet.”

Chapter Text

It is the mechanical whirring sound that sends your heart racing, causing you to leap up from the couch and run to the window. You watch the blue police box slowly materialize, a huge grin on your face as you wait eagerly for the door to open. And then there he is, standing in your front yard. Captain Jack Harkness. He is finally back for another visit. Just the sight of him, standing there, smile on his face as he bids farewell to the Doctor, causes heat to rush to your core and you realize it has been months since you have seen him. And he knows you are watching as he glances up towards your window, sending you his charming smile before racing up the stairs to your apartment.
“It’s about time you showed up,” you tell him, opening the door wide for him to come inside.
“Sorry, got caught up in some Cybermen shenanigans. It is so good to see you though,” he replies, sweeping you into his arms for a hug that knocks the wind out of you.
You return the hug, smiling like crazy as you bury your face in his neck, inhaling his scent, an odd combination of metal, pine, and something purely Jack. It has been less than a year since you started this odd friends with benefits type arrangement with the time traveler and you are amazed at how comfortable you are around him. And at how much you want him the moment you see him.
“I missed you,” he whispers in your ear.
“I missed you too,” you reply, holding him tighter.
“Bedroom?” he asks and you can feel his wicked grin against your cheek.
“As if you even have to ask.”
Jack kicks the front door closed and follows you eagerly down the hallway and into the bedroom. Thankfully you live alone so there is no need to close the door as Jack captures your lips in a passionate and eager kiss, his hands already working to remove your dress over your head. You begin unbuttoning his shirt as he walks you over to the bed. Slowly, he pushes you back on it, his mouth leaving yours to begin exploring your neck, your chest, your stomach, lower, kissing every inch of skin he can reach.
“Jack, please,” you beg, “I need you inside me now.”
With a grin, Jack slides back up your body, kissing you gently. His lips mold against yours languidly, sensually, and you can tell that he is not going to give into your demands. Rather, he is going to take his time with you, teasing you, exploring every inch of you. And he is right. You have plenty of time and there is no need to rush things.
Smiling against his lips, you reach up, tangling your hands in his hair and holding his mouth to yours.
“Turn over,” he whispers against your lips.
You know exactly what he is doing as you quickly divest yourself of the rest of your clothes and lay on your stomach on the bed. You then feel Jack straddle you, his knees resting on either side of you. His muscular hands come down on your shoulders as he begins to massage all the tense muscles of your back. Sighing, you arch into him as his mouth follows his hands and he continues kissing your skin, open mouthed kisses, possessive kisses. He moves slowly down your back, skipping over your ass to massage down your thighs, your calves, your ankles, your feet. All the while, he continues worshiping you with his lips and tongue.
Eventually, he sets your foot gently down on the bed and you can tell he has removed his final garment before laying down, half on, half off the bed. Heat rushes to your core as you feel him spread your legs, opening you up to him. And you can’t help the moan that escapes your lips as you feel him lick a long line between your thighs. You grip the sheets as he continues to lick and suck every bit of you, groaning as he does, eating you out like a man who has been starving in the desert.
“Jack...please…” you beg, your hips bucking off the bed, unsure of exactly what you are asking him to do.
You feel his hand reach around, fingers quickly circling your bundle of nerves as he plunges his tongue inside you, sending you over the edge. And you come with a scream of his name.
With a satisfied look on his face, he lays completely on top of you, kissing you and allowing you a few moments to recover. And when you do, he reaches between you, guiding himself into you, filling you completely. It takes you a second to adjust to his massive size again but soon you are begging him to move. And he does. Slow yet forceful thrusts, moving so that you feel every inch of him as he pushes into you over and over. His hands reach up, intertwining his fingers with yours and holding them over your head. You feel yourself building towards release once again.
“Faster,” you beg, “harder. Please Jack.”
On the brink himself, he gives into your begging, pulling himself up and grabbing your hips. His fingers gripping so hard they could leave bruises, Jack pounds into you over and over again. And all of sudden, you are coming again, gasping as pleasure rushes through you. Jack follows closely after and the two of you collapse on the bed, breathing heavily, sweaty and happy.
“That was amazing,” you finally manage to tell him, rolling over and laying on his chest.
“It really was,” he agrees as he leans down to kiss you, “So, what do you want to do now?”
“Hmm...I suggest a short nap...then I’m ready for round two…”
“Sounds good to me,” he says with a huge grin on his face.
You really have missed this man.

Chapter Text

Sunlight filters through your blinds and over your eyelids; it is already morning. But you are far from ready to open your eyes and face the day yet. All you want to do is let your mind play over everything you remember from the dream you were having.
The way his fingers wrapped around your hips as he pulled you close to him right before he kissed you. His stunning green eyes glancing meaningfully down to your slightly ajar lips. In that moment, that glance, your stomach dropped and your heart started beating faster than it ever had before. And you knew, without a doubt, that he was going to kiss you. And then he did. His lips molded to yours in a way that could only be described as perfection. They were soft, pliable, parting your own lips gently as he possessed your mouth. Then you felt his tongue slide out, gliding languidly inside and across your tongue. And his sigh echoed yours as you both fell deeper into the kiss.
You remember his hands moving from their position on your hips up your back, holding you even closer. One of them traveled to your hair, his fingers tangling in your locks as he held your mouth firmly to his, not wanting to relinquish you from the kiss for a second.
It was then that you started walking backwards towards the bedroom, unable to withstand the lust raging within you for a second more. You remember bringing him with you, leading him with your lips and him willingly following. When you got to the bedroom, your mouths finally separated and he took a step back, just taking a moment to look at you, confirming that you actually wanted what was about to happen. Then his lips were back on yours, this time more eager, desperate. He lifted your shirt over your head as his mouth attacked your neck. You returned the favor, your eyes searching the lines of his hard muscles, swallowing hard as you realized what exactly was about to happen.
He pushed you back onto the bed, sliding your jeans down your legs along with your underwear and you found yourself completely naked before him. His eyes devoured you, taking the time to absorb each curve and line of your body. Then his hands were on you, the rough calluses rubbing against your skin and causing you to arch into his touch. He started with your ankles, gliding his hands slowly up your thighs, pushing your legs apart and taking a moment to brush his fingers over your now dripping entrance before moving up your body even further. His fingers traced lightly over your stomach, up over your breasts, his thumbs circling your nipples. You could still feel the way he explored your body, the sensations of it turning you on right now just as it had then.
Then he was completely naked as well, having lost his pants and boxers quickly before covering his body with yours. And he kissed you again, his tongue caressing your own as he slowly slid inside you, groaning loudly as he filled you completely. Both of you took a moment to adjust and you could still feel the way your body reacted when he slowly began to move, taking his time to let you feel every inch of his impressive length. Neither of you said anything, your passions only expressed through groans and sighs. His thrusts grew more forceful, both of you building up to release.
Then you were both there, tumbling over the edge. And you could still vividly see the look on his face as he filled you up. As if being there with you, inside you, was the only place he ever wanted to be. As if this was his idea of heaven. And you are sure your face reflected that same emotion as you moaned out his name, your nerves firing pleasure through your body.
Every sensation of your moments with him rushed through your brain as you fought off the fact that you had to get up eventually. But you couldn’t fight it forever and you slowly opened your eyes. And a smile broke across your face as you realized it was no dream at all. There he was, in the flesh, a serene look across his face as he still slept deeply, his arm flopped across your stomach. Dean Winchester. Your longtime friend now turned lover. And you knew that you didn’t have to hold onto those sensations from the night before with such a death grip because you could feel them again anytime you wanted.

Chapter Text

It is around midnight when you call your boyfriend, Peter Burke. He has been working late all week and you are getting worried about his mental health. After several rings, he finally picks up.
“Hi sweetie,” he sighs and you can tell how stressed he is.
“Hey babe. You still working?”
“Yeah, could be a little bit still. I am so sorry.”
“Well, I’m outside the building. Can I come up for a few minutes?”
You wait until Peter comes to get you and the two of you get into the elevator, riding it up to his floor. The place is dark, the silence eerie as he makes his way up to his desk. Everyone else has gone home. Peter sits down at his desk, glancing over his work while trying not to ignore you.
“So, you have a lot left to do?” you inquire, looking at the papers spread across his desk.
“Yeah, this case just gets more and more complicated.”
“Well, I’m not gonna stop you from working,” you tell him, walking behind him and sliding your hands down his chest, “but any chance you can take a break?”
You slowly begin kissing his neck and you hear his breath hitch as you hit a particularly sensitive spot.
“A break you say? What did you have in mind?”
“Well, I have a few ideas.”
You strut around from behind him, turning his chair so you can straddle his lap. Leaning down, you capture his mouth in a searing kiss, your tongue pushing immediately past his lips to explore as you begin rocking your hips against the growing length in his pants. He groans into your mouth, kissing you back with equal passion. When you finally release his lips, he pulls back and looks at you, his pupils blown with lust.
“We’re going to do this here? Right now?”
“Why not?” you ask him, your lips returning to his neck, “No one else is here. You need a bit of stress relief. And honestly, I find the idea of office sex incredibly hot.”
This last statement is accompanied by a light nip to his earlobe and, by the sigh he emits, you know you have him. With a huge grin on your face, you slide off his lap and onto the floor. Gazing up at him, you undo his belt and unzip his pants, reaching in to free his impressive length. Your eyes lock on his as you lick a long line up his shaft, sucking lightly on the tip as you reach the top. He groans loudly and bucks up towards your lips. Smiling, you lean up and take him fully into your mouth, your head bobbing up and down as Peter tries harder and harder to control himself.
Finally, when he can no longer take it, he guides you up and turns you around, placing your hands on the desk. In one swift movement, he shoves down your skirt, along with your underwear, and pushes fully inside you. Moaning loudly, you try to grip the desk as your boyfriend begins thrusting roughly in and out of you, hitting just the right spot every single time.
“Oh god, Peter, yeah, just like that,” you tell him, encouraging him.
Your words spur him on and he slams into you even harder, his breathing ragged as he fucks you against his desk. Reaching around, he rips open your blouse, sending buttons flying, and slips his hands inside your bra, his fingers tweaking your nipples as you practically scream from pleasure. It begins to seep through your body and you can feel the knot in your stomach tighten as you get closer and closer.
You are right on the edge and encourage him to go faster, slipping your fingers down to rub fast circles around your little bundle of nerves.
“Peter...Peter...fuck...I’m about to…”
And then pleasure erupts through your body as you scream and brace yourself on the desk. Peter is right behind you and he moans loudly as he spills himself into you. For several seconds the only sound in the office is your heavy breathing as both of you try to slow your hearts down. He slips himself out of you and leans down to kiss your shoulder.
“That was amazing, sweetheart,” he tells you and you nod in agreement.
Straightening up, you begin to put yourself back together as he does the same. Huge smiles are on both of your faces.
“Well, I will let you get back to your work,” you tell him, glancing at the clock.
“Actually,” he replies, “I think I have more important things to do at home. Like getting you into bed and making you scream the rest of the night.”
“I like this plan,” you say, leaning up to kiss him.
He gathers his stuff and leads you out of the office, shutting the lights out as you go.

Chapter Text

Your heart races rapidly as the laser hits the wall directly where you were standing only moments ago. Ignoring the pain in your chest and lungs as you race down the alleyway, you grip the hand of your savior tighter, praying you can keep up. Finally, after what seems like miles, the man finally slows down, allowing you to catch your breath.
“What was that thing?” you gasp, your heart still racing from the experience.
“A Dalek. They’re a...oh never mind, I can’t really explain at the moment. I have to get back there and stop them. Will you be okay?”
“I think so. I only live a block from here actually,” you tell him, pointing down the street at your building.
“Fantastic. Well get inside and stay there.”
You nod your head and the man turns to leave.
“Wait!” you call after him, causing him to turn back around, “I never even caught your name.”
“I’m the Doctor,” he replies, a huge grin on his face.
You don’t really understand what he means but you don’t have time to question him. He turns back around and starts walking down the street. When he is almost out of hearing range, you call after him.
“Doctor! I’m Y/N! Come see me later?”
Your only answer is a huge smile as he disappears around the corner. But you’re hoping that is a yes.
Later that evening, you hear a knock on your door and you walk over to open it. Standing on the other side is the Doctor, same huge grin on his face.
“Can I come in?” he asks, not really waiting for an answer as he steps into the apartment.
He takes some time to look around, nodding in approval, although approval of what you have no idea. Eventually, he comes back to where you are still standing by the entrance.
“Are you doing alright?” he inquires.
“Yeah. It took a bit for my nerves to calm down but a hot shower and some tea helped a lot. But, I still don’t understand what that thing was. And who are you?”
“Well, that’s a long story,” he replies.
“I have no plans tonight,” you tell him, indicating towards the couch where you both go and sit down.
Over the next hour or so, the Doctor tells you all about the Daleks, his TARDIS, time lords, and a lot more that you don’t really understand completely. But you listen attentively, nodding in the appropriate places. Then you notice an odd look on his face at the mention of one name.
“Who is Rose?” you ask.
“Just a friend,” he replies, his face falling into a heartbreaking expression, “She’s not here anymore.”
You can tell he doesn’t want to say anymore about her. But the look on his face says it all. It is a look you have had many, many times.
“I know how you’re feeling,” you tell him, reaching out and taking his hand, “My fiance left me several months ago.”
He raises his head, his eyes locking with yours, seeing the true understanding there.
“I’m terribly sorry to hear that,” he tells you and you can tell he genuinely means it.
“Thank you. Yeah, it was hard to deal with, especially at first. And, what surprised me the most was just how lonely I felt. How lonely I still feel. All the time.”
“I understand a little bit about loneliness.”
“But,” the Doctor continues, trying to lift the mood, “pretty girl like you, I can’t imagine you will be alone for long.”
“You’d be surprised. I am so busy with work and other commitments, I don’t have time to meet anyone. Not even to go out for a night and meet a guy at a bar or something like that.”
You never meant to make everything so serious but now that you are thinking about it, all the sorrow over the lonely nights comes pouring back. In vain, you fight the tears coming to your eyes. Without saying a word, the Doctor puts his arm around you, pulling you against him as he runs his hand up and down your arm.
“Well you are not alone tonight,” he tells you once the tears have subsided.
“No, no I’m not,” you reply, looking up at him, “And you aren’t either.”
You can see the words sink deep into his soul as your eyes lock. There is so much pain reflected there, the sympathetic feeling of too many nights spent dreaming of having someone by your side. Then, without thought, his lips are on yours. The kiss is slow at first, languid and drawn out. But so much repressed sorrow flows out of both you and into the kiss, escalating it in passion as his tongue slides into your mouth, stroking yours, as you lay back on the couch.
Time seems to slow down as you undress each other in stages, kissing every available inch of skin along the way. Before long, you are both completely naked and he looks at you for permission before gently sliding into you, both of you closing your eyes as new sensations burst through you. After allowing you to adjust, he slowly begins moving, sliding in and out of you, all the while touching and kissing you. His thrusts are teasing, bringing you to the edge before backing off again, prolonging your love making as both of you pour sorrow and loneliness into languid kisses.
Your lovemaking continues long into the night...on the couch, on the floor, and finally on the bed. With a final thrust, he pushes you into one last orgasm, followed by his own, before he rolls off you, panting heavily on the bed beside you.
“Thank you,” he whispers before kissing you one last time and both of you fall into a deep sleep.
The next morning, you wake up in bed alone, a simple note of thanks and appreciation and caring left on your bedside table. It is signed the Doctor. And though you know you will probably never see him again, you can feel your life is changed by this passionate encounter with the man in the blue police box.

Chapter Text

You wrap the warm covers closer around you, not yet ready to move from underneath their comfort. Next to you, your boyfriend, Steve Rogers, mumbles in his sleep, moving closer to you and wrapping his arms around you. It has only been a few months since you started going out with Steve but waking up next to him is already your favorite thing in the world. You snuggle closer to him, placing a sweet kiss on his lips that pulls him into consciousness. His eyes flutter open for only a second before he closes them again, deepening the kiss as his grip around you gets tighter.
“Come here,” he whispers in the morning quiet, “I need you closer.”
You roll fully on your side, sliding into his grasp as his hands glide up your bare back. Gently, his tongue probes your mouth open and slips inside, exploring with all the gentleness required of the lazy morning. You moan lightly as his tongue strokes yours and your hand finds its way to his mussed up hair.
“Good morning,” he finally says, his lips releasing yours to slowly kiss down your neck.
“Did you sleep well?” he asks as his nose nuzzles your skin.
“I did,” you tell him, your fingers playing with his hair as he kisses back up your neck, “did you?”
“I always sleep well next to you,” he tells you, smiling against your lips.
“Oh yeah?”
“Yeah. Now, enough talking...kiss me.”
His lips capture yours again, the kisses languid, sleepy, happy. His arms hold your tighter and he groans at the feeling of your breasts pressed against his chest. A hand slides down your back and across your ass, encouraging you to put your leg over his. You do and as your thigh settles itself over his hip, you feel the unmistakable hardness pressing against your entrance. You groan, thrusting against his tip as it now slips easily up and down your folds. The kisses become more passionate, lips and tongues taking their time to explore deeper.
Then, without a word, Steve pushes himself inside you, stretching you in the delicious way that he does every single time you make love. His impressive size fills you completely and for a while you both just lay there, exchanging kisses and holding each other in the most intimate way possible. But soon it is too much and Steve begins slowly thrusting in and out of you, taking his time to make sure you feel every inch of him. This is how morning sex always is with him, slow, teasing, building to a climax. Hands and lips explore every inch they can but you never let go of him and he never lets go of you.
As Steve’s thrusts become more forceful, pressing himself deep inside you, you can feel the pressure building in your core, every nerve of your body on fire. And with one final thrust, he sends you both over the edge, moaning each other’s names between your lips. Steve stills himself, capturing your mouth in a kiss filled with love and satisfaction, before carefully rolling over, pulling you onto his chest. His fingers play with your hair as you listen to his heart race inside his chest. And there is only comfortable silence between you as you simply relish in the presence of each other. Yes, soon you will both have to get up and face the day. But it’s Sunday and no one else will be up for awhile, giving you plenty of time to enjoy a lazy morning with your Captain.

Chapter Text

Why does he have to stay in the bunker? Why do the boys let him? They know how you feel about him. There is no one on Earth you hate more than Crowley! And yet they insist he can stay. If you didn’t love them so much, you might kill them.
Any why does he always hang around you? He knows what he did. He knows how you feel. And yet he is always nearby it seems. Watching you as you cook in the kitchen. Distracting you while you research a case in the library. You have even found him “conveniently” walking by your bedroom some mornings. He probably does it just to irritate you. Ugh, you can’t stand him!
You settle down on the couch in the living room with your book, grateful that he doesn’t seem to be around for once. Maybe he is off with the boys on the hunt. Who knows? But you are grateful for the peace and quiet. It is rare that you get an afternoon to yourself in the bunker. And you plan to put it to good use. Unfortunately, it is only about thirty minutes later, when you are just getting into the plot, that you feel his eyes on you.
“Get lost Crowley,” you tell him without lifting your eyes from the page.
“Don’t think I will, love. I’m pretty content right here.”
“I wasn’t asking,” you growl.
Crowley says nothing but continues to stare at you. While it is annoying, you refuse to let him see that and try your best to ignore him. But it is hard when he comes and sits on the couch next to you.
“What do you want?” you finally say, looking up from your book and glaring at him.
“Nothing. Just want to sit next to you if that’s okay.”
You have had just about enough. Anger filling every bone in your body, you slam your book down on the floor and turn to him.
“No, no that’s not okay! And it’s not okay that you constantly follow me around! And it’s not okay that you insist on staying here!”
You are standing at this point, getting in his face. Now, this is possibly a questionable decision considering he is, after all, the king of hell, but at the moment you couldn’t care less. All you can think about is letting him have it.
“And you want to know what’s really not okay?!” you scream, “It’s really not okay that you killed my parents! You giant bag of dicks!”
“Why must you keep bringing that up?” he asks, the volume of his voice rising as well as he stands from the couch, “That was thirteen years ago! And I didn’t know they were your parents! I didn’t even know you then!”
“You think that changes anything? Do you really just expect me to forgive and forget? THEY WERE MY PARENTS!”
Crowley sighs and walks over to the other side of the room, his back to you. If you didn’t know better, he almost looks sad, regretful. His back stays turned to you but you hear him say,
“No, no I don’t expect you to just forgive and forget. But at the time, I didn’t really have a choice in the matter.”
“What do you mean?” you ask hesitantly, not sure you are prepared for his bullshit excuse.
“Back then, I was just a crossroads demon. I made deals. It’s what I did.”
You take a moment to process what he is saying. He couldn’t possibly mean what you think he means…
“Are you saying that someone sold their soul for you to kill my parents?”
“Yes,” he replies, after some hesitation.
“I...but...who would...I just…”
“It was a disgruntled ex-employee. Your parents fired him and he was angry. So angry he summoned me. Believe me, he regretted it almost instantly.”
You try to understand what he is saying, why he is telling you this. Your mind filters through a huge range of emotions. But it settles back on anger, with maybe a little less hatred than before.
“You didn’t have to take the deal,” you tell him, some of the venom gone from your voice.
“Perhaps not. But back then, I was making deals like that all the time. It was part of the job. No one sells their soul lightly, you know. Most of my deals were of an unfavorable nature.”
You want to object to this but you know he is right. And yet something is still bothering you.
“All this still doesn’t explain why you are hanging around me all the time. Can’t you have a little pity maybe? Understand that seeing you is maybe difficult for me? And yet you insist on constantly being around me, spending time with me. Why?”
He mutters something but you can’t hear him with his back to you.
“I’m sorry, what did you say?” you ask him.
“Because I like you!” he yells, turning around.
His eyes are fixed on you, waiting for a reaction. But all you can do is stare. Never once have you imagined he was interested in you. Especially since he knew how you felt about him.
“You like me? As in, like me like me?” you finally ask, “Why?”
Crowley laughs.
“Oh for a plethora of reasons, darling. First, you are clearly smart, oftentimes smarter than even Moose and Squirrel. Second, you are strong and don’t put up with people’s bullshit, especially mine, which I happen to like that quality in a woman. And third, I have eyes, pet. You are gorgeous. Curvy, sexy, seductive, and absolutely fuckable.”
You feel a surge of lust race through your body at his last comments. It’s true that lust and hate are nearly inseparable at times. And, due to several dreams beyond your control, you have wondered what it would be like to be fucked by Crowley several times. But you never imagined he felt the same way. And although you are still angry, although you still can’t quite forgive him, you begin to wonder if there is one way he can start making it up to you.
“You realize I can read your thoughts, love,” he says, beginning to walk towards you.
A blush crosses over your face and you find yourself glued in place as he continues to make his way across the room towards you.
“I know you can’t forgive me for killing your parents...perhaps in time. And I know you are still angry. But I know you are also wondering right now just how I would feel inside you, wondering what it would be like to have my hands all over that voluptuous body of yours. You’re wondering what my lips taste like.”
By the time he finishes speaking, he is directly in front of you, his seductive mouth only inches from yours. You swallow hard, confused and aroused at the same time by the feelings raging through your body.
“I’m still angry at you,” you tell him, unable to stop staring at his lips.
“Good,” he replies, taking a small step closer, “use that.”
And the next thing you know his lips crash down on yours, his arms going around your waist to draw you tightly against him. You release the breath you didn’t you were holding, moaning into his mouth as your hands find the edges of his suit. You grip it tight, pulling him against you as your mouth opens to the persistent press of his tongue. His hands slip down to your ass, squeezing it and using it to push you against him, and you can feel how hard he is already.
In a bold move, you turn and push him down on the couch, straddling him as you continue to kiss him frantically, all lips and teeth and tongue. One of his hands slides into your hair and he yanks your head back, exposing your throat. His mouth leaves yours, trailing kisses and bite marks down to your chest.
“You are far too clothed, darling.”
With a snap of his fingers, all of your clothes (and his) are gone and you grind down against his length, seeking friction. He smirks and kisses down to your nipples, taking each one in between his teeth, biting them, soothing them with his tongue. Your eyes close in pleasure and you don’t see his hand slip down between your legs. But your eyes fly open as one finger slowly glides along your slit.
“All this for me, love?” he asks, showing you his glistening finger, “You can admit it. No shame in it.”
You nod, your body too full of lust at the moment to care about how angry you are at him.
“I want to taste you,” he tells you, looking directly into your eyes.
Again you nod and suddenly find yourself on your back on the couch. Crowley grins up at you. Throwing your legs over his shoulders, he slowly kisses up your thighs, making his way to where you want him most. Your hips buck towards his mouth of their own accord.
“Patience darling. I’ve waited a long time for this and I plan to enjoy the moment.”
An evil smile plastered on his face, Crowley leans in, licking a long line up your slit, causing you to moan loudly. He continues in this manner, slow, teasing, until you are practically begging him for more. And finally he gives in, sucking your clit into his mouth and pushing you almost over the edge.
“Please…” you hear yourself beg out loud.
“As you wish,” he tells you, diving between your legs.
Suddenly, his tongue is everywhere, circling your clit, thrusting in and out of your dripping entrance. And his noises are sinful as if he is eating the best meal ever prepared. He moans against you, his tongue bringing you closer and closer to the edge.
“Crowley,” you scream falling over it.
You are panting, your heart racing, as he lowers your legs and slides up your body. He kisses you deeply, allowing you to come down from your high. But his weight on top of you reminds you that you want to be in charge. Surprising him, you flip over, straddling him on the couch now. You reach down and grab his hard cock, teasing the tip against your entrance. He moans and his hands grip your waist, trying to push further inside you. When you finally feel he has had enough teasing, you slide down his shaft, fully seating him inside you.
A loud moan escapes both your lips as you take a moment to adjust to his impressive size. But soon that isn’t enough and you start moving yourself up and down on him. The lust from before takes over and before long you are fucking yourself on his cock, moving hard and fast. You don’t care how loud you’re being at the moment, your moans and pleas filling the bunker. All you can focus on is how good he feels inside you. Beneath you, Crowley is cursing too, his hands on your waist moving you up and down, faster and harder.
“Oh fuck, Crowley,” you groan, “I’m gonna come…”
“Come for me darling,” he tells you, thrusting his hips up harder, skin slapping against skin.
With a loud shout of his name, you fall over the edge, bringing him with you. For several long seconds, you simply sit there, heart racing, beating faster than it ever has. He is breathing hard, looking up at you with a satisfied smile. Eventually, you crawl off him, reaching for your clothes, that somehow ended up on the floor, as he simply watches you. When you have them all gathered you walk back over to him.
“Next time,” you tell him, “no simply snapping the clothes off. I want to undress you.”
“So there will be a next time?” he asks, a knowing grin on his face.
“Maybe. You still have a lot of making up to do.”
You lean down and kiss him before sauntering out of the room, still completely naked. You’re headed for the shower...and possibly round two...should he decide to follow.

Chapter Text

It is hot, insanely hot. And it doesn’t help that the air conditioning in the Avengers’ Tower went out. Tony is fixing it as fast as he can but, being Tony, things have gone a little awry and the tower remains unbearably hot. You have been trying to be productive and get things done all day but it is just too hot and you give up. Feeling drowsy, you head to your room to take a nap. It is unbearably hot so you strip off as much of your clothing as you can. In just a bikini top and tiny cut-off denim shorts, you lay down on the bed, drifting off almost immediately as the heat lulls you into its drowsy trap.
A little while later, you jolt awake as a drop of cold water hits you squarely in your belly button. Your eyes focus and you realize your boyfriend, Bucky Barnes, is hovering over you, shirtless, a piece of ice held between his lips. He smiles around the ice before lowering it slowly to your belly button, leaving it there this time to slowly melt into a little puddle. Then he sucks the water up.
“Bucky, what are you doing?” you ask sleepily, smiling up at him.
“Cooling you off,” he replies, grabbing another ice cube from the large bowl on the nightstand.
He grins down at you, ice cube in his mouth, and brings his lips to yours. You take the other half of the cold block into your mouth and it slowly begins to melt. With his tongue, Bucky presses the ice into your mouth. You suck on it for a second before pushing it back. You continue in this manner, ice cube passing back and forth as your tongue duels with his. You will never get enough of his kisses. Once the ice cube is gone, he leans back a second, staring down at you.
“Just lay back and enjoy it, kitten.” he tells you, reaching for more ice.
He places the ice in his mouth, drawing it slowly down your neck, letting the icy water run down your throat. He runs it along your collarbone then lower, circling your nipples through the fabric of your bikini top. Grabbing more ice, he unties your top, pushing the fabric aside, before lowering his mouth and placing the ice against your skin, once again circling each stiff peak, chuckling at your gasps at the cold feeling.
Once both your nipples are sharp, desperate peaks, he takes another ice cube, drawing it down your stomach to your hips. He circles each hip bone, letting the ice slowly melt and drip over and down your sides. Slowly, he unzips your shirts, removing them down your legs along with your panties. He spreads your legs. Taking a final ice cube, he places it in his mouth, lays down on the bed with his head between your thighs, and draws cold circles on your clit. You gasp at such an unfamiliar feeling in such an intimate area.
“Bucky, fuck, that feels amazing.”
Once the ice cube melts, he doesn’t remove his tongue, drawing lines up and down your slit, sucking up the water, licking you, until you are rolling your hips against his mouth, begging for more.
“Come here kitten,” he tells you, standing up and moving you aside on the bed so he can lay down.
He taps your legs, indicating for you to come and straddle his face. You eagerly comply, lowering yourself onto his tongue, feeling it press inside you. A loud moan escapes your lips as you begin to ride his face, his groans from your taste spurring you on. In only moments, you feel the familiar pull and soon you are screaming out his name, riding out your orgasm on his tongue. You roll to the side and laugh as you come down from your high.
“That was amazing,” you tell him, leaning over to kiss him.
“It was. You taste incredible. You always do.”
You kiss him again before suddenly straddling him, reaching for the bowl of ice.
“Now it’s my turn,” you tell him, leaning down to trace the ice over his neck. He groans and thrusts his hips up, grinding his length, still locked in his pants, against your dripping core. You let the ice melt over his skin before grabbing another cube, moving lower with it, circling his nipples, over his tight abs. You will never get enough of this man’s sexy body. You trace another cube lower, teasing along the line of his shorts before undoing them and pulling them off like he did yours. His impressive cock springs forward and you get a genius idea.
You reach over, taking another ice cube and placing it in your mouth. For a few seconds, you just let it melt, making your mouth and tongue cold. Then you lean down and take Bucky’s entire length into your mouth. He groans at this new sensation, fisting his metal hand in your hair and gently pushing you up and down his length. Using your tongue, you push the ice cube against his length and you feel him get even harder in your mouth.
“Unnggh...kitten...that feels...just don’t stop…”
His hips thrust up from the bed and you feel his cock go down your throat. You swallow around him, eliciting yet another long groan. With Bucky, you never need to tell him he can take control, be as rough as he wants. It is just an inherent understanding between the two of you and he often takes full advantage of it. Like now, as his hand threads deeper into your hair, pulling on it, the light pain pushing against the border of pleasure just the way you like it. His thrusts get more forceful and you just relax your mouth, letting him fuck your throat. You can tell he is close when he suddenly pulls away.
“I want to come inside you,” he tells you, pulling you up from where you are lying and kisses you deeply.
He then flips you over onto your hands and knees, not hesitating for a second as he thrusts himself inside you, resuming the rough and forceful pace he had just moments ago in your mouth. Both his hands grip your hips tightly and you can feel the metal fingers leaving tiny bruises on your skin. You look forward to admiring them later.
“Fuck kitten,” he groans, “you always feel so good. So tight and wet and eager for me.”
You moan at his filthy words and grip the sheets in your fists. He pounds into you over and over, driving you closer to the edge.
“Yes, Bucky, yes! So close!” you scream.
He reaches around, his fingers rubbing fast, furious circles on your clit. It pushes you over the edge and you come with a scream of his name. With a loud groan, he follows you over, pressing himself deeper inside of you as he rides out his orgasm. Exhausted and sweaty, you both collapse on the bed, smiling and laughing.
“Oh that was incredible,” you tell him, rolling over to kiss him.
“Oh yeah.”
“And that ice thing was amazing.”
“Really?” he asks, looking over at you, “Then perhaps I should tell Tony to break the air conditioning more often.”

Chapter Text

You are still in disbelief as you stare at the text in front of you. How dare he, after all these months, after breaking your heart, have the audacity to ask you for your blessing on his new relationship? Fuck him. He can go to hell for all you care. Well, hope she enjoys crappy sex because that is all she will be getting with him. You know that from several first-hand experiences.
“Stop staring at that text,” your best friend tells you from where she is sitting on your bed.
“Sorry. I just can’t believe he would actually ask me something like that.”
“Yeah, well, he’s an idiot. You knew that already.”
“You know what you need?” your friend asks, coming over to where you are sitting at your computer.
“A rebound.”
You wrinkle your nose at the idea, unsure of how you feel about it.
“I don’t know…”
“Trust me. The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else.”
“Maybe. But I’m pretty sure that only refers to someone actually good in bed.”
“Not all sex is bad sex. You’ve just had bad experiences.”
“If you say so.”
“Listen, just trust me. Just this once. Here’s what you do. Get on Tinder, find some dude looking for no big commitments, meet him, screw him, lose him.”
You just look at her skeptically. This is not the first time she has suggested this and you have to admit there is some appeal. But you just don’t believe her about there being such a thing as good sex. If there was, you would jump on this idea in a heartbeat. And you are about to tell her this but she is already opening up Tinder and creating your profile. She puts down minimal information about you, selects the hottest picture she can find, and then begins browsing through the available guys. After several rejections, she finally pauses on a picture.
“How about him?” she asks, moving aside so you can see who she has selected.
The guy is incredibly hot, to be fair. Brown hair, incredible green eyes, sexy hands and arms. Yeah, you would not mind a night in bed with him...if he was good.
“He’s hot. But if he is that good looking, what is he doing on a dating website?”
“Well,” your friend replies, scrolling down a bit, “it looks like he is just in town for a few nights. No strings attached. Just a hook-up kind of thing. This is probably easier than trolling the bars.”
“Okay, fair. But do you really think he looks like that?” you ask, indicating to the screen.
“Only one way to find out,” she replies, raising her eyes and smiling at you.
Your mind wavers back and forth, debating what to do. But, in the end, you know your friend is right. And after telling her that you will at least meet the guy, you send him a message. The reply is almost instant and you plan to meet at your favorite local bar that night at eight. At least if things go bad or he is a creep, you know everyone there and can easily leave. And if things go right...well...then you better make sure you are wearing your sexiest panties.
You get to the bar early. You want a chance to speak with the bartender, who happens to be a good friend of yours, about what is going on.
“So, if I feel comfortable with this guy, I will order a whiskey, neat. If I order a whiskey on the rocks, I am not comfortable and might need help getting rid of him.”
“You got it.”
You sit down at the bar, downing a shot as you wait. Then he walks in the front door and damn if he doesn’t look exactly like his picture. Looking around the room, he spots you, sending a smile your way as he begins walking towards you.
“Hey,” he says, extending his hand in greeting, “I’m Dean.”
You introduce yourself and shake his hand. They are calloused, rough, but strong. Which you happen to find incredibly sexy. He sits down on the stool next to you and signals for the bartender. As he does, you take a moment to asses the situation. He seems like a decent guy and his picture was actually of him. Plus there is just something in his manner that makes you trust him.
“Can I get you a drink?” he asks, pulling you from your thoughts.
“Um, yeah, whiskey, neat,” you reply, smiling at the bartender who sends a subtle nod your way.
“Girl after my own heart,” he says, grinning.
You both get your drinks and take huge sips before he decides to just jump right in.
“So,” he begins, “I gotta ask, what brings you on a site like Tinder? You are gorgeous, by the way.”
“Thank you. And honestly, you are the first person I have even talked to on Tinder. Actually, today is my first day being on it.”
“Why’s that?”
“Well, typical story I guess. Broke up with the boyfriend. He has a new girlfriend. And my best friend thinks I could use a rebound to get over him. But I’m not so sure.”
“And why is that?”
“Honestly, I’m not looking for a relationship and I am just not sure I want to waste my time on meaningless, mediocre sex.”
Dean takes a sip of his drink and looks at you, mildly offended.
“What makes you think it would be mediocre?”
“Isn’t all sex?”
“Not in my experience,” he replies with a laugh.
“Okay, well maybe not for guys. But girls are harder to please in bed. I am not convinced any girl has had truly good sex.”
“Well I have never gotten any complaints.”
“You know, you seem pretty sure of yourself,” you tell him, laughing and taking a sip of your drink.
“I think I have reason to be. Listen, I will make you a deal. You give me a chance to prove to you that not all sex is bad. Let me have one night with you. And if you are bored or not enjoying it, you can walk out. I won’t be offended.”
You look at him skeptically, glancing down at his extended hand. You can’t believe you are even considering this. But he is incredibly hot and even his lips are wicked sexy. If he really is as good as he says he is, it would definitely be worth it. You look up at him again, taking another sip of your drink.
“Everyone thinks they’re good in bed,” you tell him, smiling at him to let him know you are at least half joking.
“Okay. Fair. Well then, come here,” he replies, crooking his finger at you.
“Why?” you ask.
“Just...scoot closer. I promise I won’t bite. Unless you want me to that is,” he says, winking at you.
You decide to take the risk and scoot closer to him. He leans forward, sliding his hand into your hair. You feel his thumb resting on your cheek and you instinctively close your eyes as he leans in, pressing his lips to yours in a long, sensual kiss. Damn! His lips are sin itself and you can’t stop your heart from racing or your lips from chasing his as he pulls away.
“And that’s the thing I’ve been told I’m worst at,” he grins, taking a long drink of his whiskey.
You need a drink yourself after that kiss and down the remaining liquid in your glass in one gulp. Trying to compose yourself and look completely normal, you turn back to him, attempting to make your face as nonchalant as possible.
“Okay, I think I am up for your challenge,” you tell him and the grin on his face tells you he isn’t fooled one bit by your indifference.
“Well, if you’re comfortable with it, my car is just outside.”
“Sounds good. Lead the way.”
He pays the bartender, who looks at you for confirmation that you are okay. You give him a smile and a nod and follow Dean out the door. Wow, even his car is sexy. He opens the door for you and you are about to get in when he suddenly presses you to the car, kissing you again. You feel your knees weaken and you shakily get into the car once he pulls away. And it is a good thing the drive to his hotel is so short because you are not sure you will last with the way he decides to tease you during the ride. His fingers lightly gliding up your thigh, occasionally making their way beneath your denim mini-skirt. You are eager to feel his hands all over you, his lips on yours again. Maybe he is as good as he says.
Once you arrive at the hotel, he wraps his arm around you, leading you to the room. You can tell already he is big on physical affection as his hands never leave you. They stroke your arm, caress your lower back, even as you are walking towards the hotel. You get to the room and he unlocks it, ushering you inside. The door closes and you set down your purse on a nearby chair while he takes off his jacket. Then he is right in front of you, gazing down at you with a sexy smoulder before his hand wraps itself behind your neck, pulling your lips up to his.
The kisses are different this time, more eager, seeking, hungry. His tongue slides against your lips, begging entrance, and you open to him, moaning as he explores your mouth. Your hand slides up into his hair as his slides from your face to your waist, pulling you tight against him.
“I’m going to make you feel so good tonight, sweetheart,” he growls directly into your ear as his hands slip beneath the fabric of your top.
There is heat where he is touching you, his fingers stroking the skin of your stomach as his lips return to yours. Honestly, you could simply kiss him all night and it would still be better than anything you have ever experienced. But you want more. You push his plaid shirt off his shoulders, throwing it to the side, before your hands slide underneath his grey t-shirt. Oh my god. You can feel the lines of his sculpted muscles beneath your fingertips. You have to see. So you lift his shirt over his head, pulling away from the kiss to look at him.
“Damn,” you whisper, your eyes lingering on his torso.
He smiles at you. Your eyes travel up his chest, taking in the odd black tattoo. Unable to resist, you reach out and stroke your fingers over it.
“What’s this?”
“Long story. Honestly too long for tonight.”
“Fair enough. Well, I think it’s sexy.”
“Oh yeah.”
To prove your point, you lean in and run your tongue over it, loving the slight gasp you hear him make as you do. He brings your lips back to his again, a renewed hunger in his kiss, and pulls your top over your head.
“Now this is hot,” he says, looking down at your black, practically see through, lace bra.
“Oh yeah.”
Dean reaches out, cupping your breasts in his hands, his thumbs grazing over your nipples through the fabric. Moaning, you throw your head back, pushing your chest harder into his hands.
“You like that?” he asks and you nod your approval.
You can practically feel the grin on his face as he suddenly leans forward, sucking your right nipple into his mouth, teasing you with his tongue through the fabric.
“Oh god, Dean.”
“Oh there is far more to come than that sweetheart.”
He moves to your other nipple, sucking it even harder through the fabric, drawing a loud moan from you.
“Dean, you are already better than every other guy I have been with.”
His head shoots up, looking at you in surprise.
“Seriously? What kind of guys have you been with, if you don’t mind me asking?”
He moves to your neck, licking and biting at the skin. You wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him close to you.
“Selfish ones,” you finally reply, “Barely any foreplay, always a one track mind with all of them. I hardly mattered, that was for sure.”
“That is ridiculous. It sounds like you haven’t even had a chance to explore different things you might like.”
As he speaks, he turns you, slowly moving you towards the bed as his hands slide down to undo the button on your skirt, unzip it, and push it down your legs.
“Not really. I mean, I know things that sound hot but most I have never actually tried,” you tell him, stepping out of your skirt.
“Then I am going to have fun tonight. So, what have you tried? Like, how do you feel about oral?”
“Giving or receiving?” you ask, your hands working on undoing his jeans.
“Both, I guess.”
“Giving, I actually kind of enjoy it most of the time. Receiving...well, I have no idea. Never experienced it.”
“No guy has ever gone down on you?” Dean asks in shock, pushing you lightly back on the bed before crawling over you, his hands all over your body.
“Well, that’s just frickin’ crazy,” he says, kissing up to your ear, biting it lightly as he undoes your bra clasp, removing the garment.
You thrust your hips up to meet his, seeking friction. You have never been this turned on before. He groans and you reach down to cup him through his boxers. Even without seeing it, you know he is incredibly big. Definitely bigger than you have ever had before. As you slowly stroke him, Dean leans in towards your ear, his voice lower, gruffer than it was before.
“Do you want me to eat you out tonight?” he growls.
You nod your head.
“Would you like that?” he continues, “You want me to devour you, to feel my tongue press inside you? Want me to suck you and lick you until you’re screaming?”
“God yes Dean”
“Then spread your legs for me darlin.”
He slowly kisses down your body, taking the time to worship each part, his hands and mouth learning all of you. When he finally gets to your thighs, he carefully rolls your lace panties down your legs, tossing them aside. He spreads your legs with his hands then leans in to slowly kiss up your thighs, his eyes never leaving yours as he does. The closer he gets to your dripping core, the wetter you get. And after an agonizing few minutes, he leans in, licking one long line up your slit. Your eyes drop shut and you thrust your hips up to meet his mouth. It is an odd new feeling but absolutely incredible. After a few slow licks, he presses his hand to your stomach, holding you down as he dives in. Licking, sucking, humming, eating as if his life depends on it. The feeling is unreal and you are groaning out unintelligible sounds, begging him for more. And suddenly, you feel the build up in your core. You are rushing towards an orgasm and Dean can tell, his mouth working you over even more. In mere moments, he pushes you over the edge and you come, harder than you ever have before. He licks up every drop, moaning against you as he eases you down from your high.
“Sweetheart, you taste amazing,” he tells you, sliding up your body to kiss you, his tongue tasting of you.
He kisses you senseless again, his hips thrusting, grinding, causing his impressive length to rub against your now drenched core through his boxers.
“Dean, fuck me. Please. Need to feel you inside me.”
“As you wish, sweetheart.”
Reaching down, he pushes his boxers off, tossing them to the side before grasping his hard cock in his hand. You were right in thinking he is bigger than you have ever had and you realize this even more as he starts to press inside you, stretching you. You hiss at this new feeling and he slows down.
“You okay?” he asks and you nod at him, encouraging him to keep going.
He continues to push slowly and before long he is fully seated inside you. His forehead drops to yours as you both take a second to adjust to this new feeling.
“You are so tight,” he tells you as he begins to slowly pull himself out again.
The pace is slow, controlled, as he lets you feel every inch of him, dragging along your walls, the feeling of pleasure almost overwhelming. And once you are used to his size, you urge him to go faster. His thrusts speed up and he picks up your right leg, throwing it over his shoulder. You moan loudly at this new angle, reaching up to pull his lips down to yours. You can’t get enough of him, his taste, the touch of his fingers on your nipples, the feel of him pushing in and out of you.
“You want to ride me?” he whispers in your ear.
You nod your head and he rolls both of you so you are now straddling him. This is something completely new to you put you did see someone do it in a porn your ex-boyfriend made you watch with him. Slowly, you begin raising and lowering yourself on Dean’s cock. This new angle is something incredible and you start to speed up your movements, enjoying the way he is now hitting the perfect spot every single time.
“Fuck baby, you feel so good,” he tells you, his hands sliding up to your hips, controlling your movements.
You lean back, swirling your hips around his length, your fingers pulling at your chest, pinching your nipple. You have never felt sexier. One of Dean’s hands leaves your hip and slides down to where you are joined. He begins circling your clit in small movements and pleasure surges through you.
“Oh god,” you moan, “yes, just like that.”
His movements on your clit speed up and you are soon falling over the edge. With the onset of your second orgasm, Dean lets himself go and chases his own release. Sitting up, he captures your lips in a passionate kiss, thrusting himself up into you at a brutal pace. He then flips you back over, covering his body with yours. Pounding into you relentlessly now, Dean buries his face in your neck, moaning your name over and over. You are still sensitive from your last release and hovering close to the edge. And it doesn’t take much to push you over as Dean buries himself inside you once more, groaning out your name as he comes. Rolling off you, he is smiling and laughing, panting as he tries to catch his breath.
“Well, I guess I can’t speak for you, but I thought that was incredible.”
“It actually was,” you concede, your heart still racing.
“Not mediocre?” he jokes.
“Not at all.”
You start to stand up, ready to put on your clothes and leave, knowing Dean will soon be drifting off to sleep.
“Where are you going?” he asks, rolling onto his side.
“I was leaving...I thought that was the plan…”
“Well, I mean, you can leave if you want. I was thinking you could stay here. We could cuddle and sleep for a bit. Then we can do this all over again.”
“I guess we can do that,” you say, a huge grin on your face.
As you get back in the bed, Dean pulls the covers down and you both crawl under. He rolls to you, pulling you close to him and wrapping you in his arms. He is warm and comfortable and you feel better than you have in a long time. With a smile on your face, you quickly drift off to sleep, looking forward to how he will wake you up in just a few hours.

Chapter Text

You look at the map on your phone one more time, trying to decide which way to go. Why are London streets so confusing? Okay, they are probably not as confusing as they seem but you have only been here a week and it seems like a maze to you.
“Ugh,” you huff to yourself, “where is it?”
“Excuse me,” a voice interrupts your thoughts, “can I help you find something?”
For a moment, you simply freeze. You know that voice. Taking a deep breath, you turn to confirm your suspicions. And yes, standing right next to you is Tom Hiddleston, your favorite actor and quite possibly biggest celebrity crush. But you don’t want him to know that. So, attempting to keep your cool you reply,
“Yes. I’m looking for the John Keats house?”
“Oh, you’re very close actually. It is just a few blocks over. I’m going that way. Would you like me to show you?”
You nod your head, afraid if you open your mouth that you will spill out the multitude of thoughts racing through your head at the moment and nothing would be more mortifying.
“I’m Tom, by the way,” he says as an introduction, “although guessing by your blush you may have known that already?”
“I did, actually,” you confess.
You introduce yourself then fall into an awkward silence next to Tom. A silence which he eventually breaks.
“So, what brings you to London?”
“Well, my best friend and I decided to travel around Europe for a year actually. This is our first stop and we have only been here for a week.”
“That sounds like a fantastic trip. And where is she today?”
“Working. You see, we couldn’t save up all the money for a whole year so we decided to work while we are here to earn enough for all our travels. So, she is at a coffee shop today and I thought I would take the opportunity to do some sightseeing.”
“All on your own?”
“Yeah, not incredibly exciting by myself but that’s okay.”
He seems to think a moment before he gives his reply.
“Well, I don’t meant to impose or anything but I have no plans for today and would love to join you. If you’d like that is.”
“I think that would be okay,” you reply, nodding far too much to pull off the casualness in your voice.
He laughs his infectious laugh and places his hand on your lower back, escorting you up the stairs to John Keat’s house. Your heart beats faster at his touch and you know already it is going to be difficult to keep it together all day. But what a wonderful problem to have.
But it turns out to not be a problem at all. It is quite the opposite in fact. As the day goes on, you find yourself getting more and more comfortable around Tom, as if you have known him your entire life. Conversation is easy and you find you have a lot in common. From museum to museum, you spend the day getting to know Tom and learning more about London as well. And before you know it, it is nearly five o’clock.
“What time will your friend be home from work?” he asks, looking at his watch.
“Actually, she texted me about an hour ago saying she was getting some drinks with people from her work. So looks like it is just me tonight.”
“I am actually rather glad to hear that. There is this restaurant I have been dying to try and was wondering if you would like to join me.”
“I’d love to,” you reply, sending a quick text to your friend to let her know what your new plan is.
Tom hails a cab and gives the driver the address of the restaurant. You arrive quickly and are soon seated across from him, perusing the Asian fusion menu. After ordering, you and Tom continue your conversation as you tell him about your various hobbies.
Dinner turns into more drinks and soon it is rather late in the evening. Tom escorts you out of the martini bar he took you to and starts trying to catch a cab. While you wait for one to appear, he turns to you, a smile on his face.
“I have thoroughly enjoyed today.”
“I have too,” you reply, grinning up at him.
“I was wondering, and I completely understand if you say no, but I was wondering if you might want to come back to my place.”
There is hope in his eyes and you can hardly say no, not that you want to. So you nod at him and the grin on his face grows. As he gets the attention of a taxi, you shoot a quick text to your friend, letting her know there is a good chance you might not be home tonight.
Back at his place, Tom pours you each a glass of wine, bringing it over to the couch where you are sitting. You sip the intoxicating red liquid and smile at Tom. Conversation continues and you are still shocked by how easy it is to talk to him. As the night goes on, you find yourself feeling the effects of the wine. Tom is clearly feeling them too and both of you are getting more affectionate. As you continue to talk, you slip your shoes off and place your legs in his lap. His hand immediately rests on them, his fingers lightly brushing up and down as you chat.
Conversation begins to lag and you and Tom have been slowly moving closer together. You are now practically in his lap, his face only a few inches away. The lights in the room are dim so you can’t completely see his expression but you can feel him glancing down at your lips. Sentences become only half finished as your mouths move closer together. It is a dance, a drumroll, your lips coming almost within contact of each other, your nose brushing his. You can feel his breath and your heart is racing so loud you are certain he must hear it. All words have ceased and the only sound in the room is breathing, you and him, in and out. The dance of your mouths moves closer and you feel your lips brush gently over his. Then his lips press firmly to yours as he kisses you with the passion that has been building all evening. His hands find your hair as his tongue slides sensually over yours. He tastes of wine and something sweet, something uniquely Tom.
His mouth still on yours, he lays you back down on the couch, half covering your body with his. For a moment, his lips leave yours and travel lightly across your chin, down your throat, returning to capture your mouth in more desirous kisses. Your hands slide over the soft cotton of his shirt as you moan lightly into his mouth. After awhile, you feel one of his hands slide down from your hair, over your chest, and down to your legs. Slowly, he slides up the hem of your skirt, revealing your knickers beneath. You are suddenly grateful you decided to wear your sexy red lace ones that day. He continues kissing you, his lips all the more eager, and gradually eases his long fingers beneath the fabric. You moan loudly into his mouth as he slowly begins circling your clit. As you arch your back beneath his touch, feeling his fingers trace lightly over your dripping slit, you hear him chuckle against your neck. It is a side of Tom you always thought existed and one you can’t believe you’re experiencing first hand.
“So wet for me,” he whispers into your skin, his voice a combination of dirty, commanding, and awestruck that he is doing this with you.
His fingers dip briefly inside you before returning to your clit. He continues rubbing slow circles around it, gradually building that pleasure inside you, as he moves his mouth back to your once again. He is in no hurry as he swallows each of your moans, grinning against your lips as you grip the fabric of his shirt, feeling yourself move closer and closer to the edge. You are almost there and he knows it, leaning up to whisper in your ear,
“Come for me.”
It is a question and a command all in one and it pushes you over the edge. With a quiet moan, you arch against his hand, moving your hips in time with his fingers as he coaxes you through your orgasm. You are panting hard, heart racing, as you come down from the high, hips once more resting on the couch. He kisses you again, sweeter, gentler, this time before pulling back to look you in the eyes. Smiling down at you, he brushes a loose lock of hair out of your face.
“Shall we go to the bedroom?” he asks and you nod your agreement.
He helps you up from the couch and slowly leads you over to the bedroom, pausing every now and then to kiss you. Once there, he asks you to wait as he cleans up the few things scattered on his bed. While he does, you use the opportunity to explore his room a bit, pausing on the overflowing bookshelves. You are just leaning in to take a closer look at one of the titles when you feel his warm hands wrap around your hips, pulling you back against him. You sigh as Tom’s lips travel up your neck, leaving sensual kisses on your skin. His hands slide up your body from your hips, over your breasts, coming to rest on your shoulders where he begins to massage your muscles.
“Wow, you’re incredibly tight here,” he observes, his fingers beginning to press deeper into the knots.
“Yeah,” you reply, feeling tension begin to leave your body, “I always am. My friend and I always joke how horrified a masseuse would be if I ever got the chance to go to one.”
“Well I think I have a solution,” Tom tells you, his hands slipping down and lifting your shirt over your head.
He turns you to face him, slowly undressing you, kissing you in between each garment that is removed. Finally, he slides your lacy panties down your legs, leaving you bare before him.
“Now, lay down on the bed,” he tells you, that commanding edge in his voice.
“Wait,” you reply, reaching over and starting to unbutton his shirt.
With the same precision he had, you undress him, taking the time to glide your hands over his bare skin, your fingers exploring parts of his body you have only seen in his movies. He is soon just as naked as you and you take a moment to admire him, your eyes glancing over his sexy muscular lines.
“I just wanted to even the playing field,” you tell him, smiling as you kiss him again.
His hands reach for your hips and he gently moves you towards the bed, still kissing you. When you get there, he turns you around, urging you to lay on your stomach. He makes sure you are comfortable and you close your eyes, amazed at how relaxed you feel, how easy this is. Then you feel the bed dip slightly as his hands begin working on your feet, his skilled fingers pressing and pushing on knots you didn’t even know you had. Nothing has felt this good in a long time.
Once your feet have been thoroughly massaged, he moves up to your calves, working out the tension there as well. He works his way up both your legs, parting them when he gets to the top. For a moment, his hands leave you and you can almost feel the way he is gazing as the place between your thighs. Unexpectedly, he leans down, his tongue gliding up and down your entrance. It dips briefly inside you and your hips buck off the bed.
“Oh god,” you moan, turning it into a whimper as his mouth leaves you.
“Sorry, you looked too good not to taste.”
But he is undeterred from his mission and he soon returns his hands to you, massaging even your ass, leaving no part of you untouched. When he gets to your back, you feel him straddle you, his knees on either side of your hips. He leans forward to work over your shoulders and you feel his stiff length, rubbing lightly against you. He is definitely as turned on as you feel.
Before you know it, the massage is over. You cannot believe how relaxed you feel. Then suddenly Tom covers your body with his and all your nerves are on edge, in a good way. You can feel every bit of him, his toned muscles, his hot skin, it is overwhelming. And his scent surrounds you, intoxicating you. You feel him reach down, rubbing the tip of his cock up and down your entrance, teasing you.
“Please Tom, need you inside me,” you beg.
He happily obliges, pressing himself slowly into you, allowing you to adjust to how big he is. You hear him groan into your ear when he is fully inside you, his hands reaching up to intertwine his fingers with yours.
“You feel incredible,” he tells you, slowly beginning to thrust in and out.
With slow languid movements, he makes love to you, whispering your name, moaning, groaning, kissing everywhere his lips can reach. You can feel him getting closer, his thrusts getting more forceful, stronger, deeper. He suddenly rolls you to your back, entering you once again as he hovers over you. His thrusts get even faster as his mouth finds your nipples. He rolls them with his tongue, biting gently on each one.
“Tom,” you moan, “I’m so close.”
With one hand, he braces himself against the headboard above you, thrusting harder now, his other hand reaching down to rub eager circles on your clit. For the second time that night he tells you to come. And for the second time, you obey, bringing him over the edge with you. Panting, heart racing, he collapses on top of you. You have feel his chest heaving, pressing down on yours, as he kisses you, resting his forehead against yours.
“You are amazing,” he whispers to you, kissing you with a new tenderness.
He rolls off of you, pulling your naked form against him, his fingers stroking your hair as you trace gentle lines on his chest. For several minutes, you both lay in a content silence, just enjoying the afterglow. He finally breaks that silence, saying,
“I really am so glad you got lost today. And that you let me tag along with you. I haven’t felt this comfortable with someone in a long while.”
“Me either,” you tell him, kissing his chest.
“Do you suppose your friend might let me take you away again tomorrow night?”
“I think that could be arranged,” you reply with a smile.

Chapter Text

It is hot. More than hot. Is there something more than hot? Well if there is, that is what this is. But as much as you hate the heat, at least it gives you a legitimate excuse to eat as many popsicles as you want. Speaking of which, you definitely need one right now.
You make your way to the massive kitchen in the Avengers’ Tower. Thanks to Tony’s sweet tooth and Clint’s affinity for any kind of snack, you can always find boxes of popsicles in the freezer. You open the door and scan for what kind you want. After thinking for awhile, you finally decide on the classic red, white, and blue bomb pop. You loved them as a kid and you love them now. Excitedly, you peel off the wrapper and give the popsicle a good lick as you make your way into the main living room.
The room is empty aside from Steve, who is sitting and watching a movie on the big television. You have always had an odd relationship with Steve. Well, maybe you are the one who has made it awkward. The problem is that you like him a lot. And the bigger problem is that he knows it. least you think he knows. How could he not, honestly? You are always so obvious with your crushes. And everyone else in the tower knows...and teases you relentlessly about it. And as far as you can tell, he doesn’t seem to feel the same way. Although he does always smile when you enter the room.
Ignoring your instinct to run from the situation, you decide to do the opposite and join him on the couch. Summoning your courage (and making yourself seem as cool as possible) you walk over to him and sit down.
“Hey Y/N,” Steve greets you, scooting over to make room for you.
“Hey,” you reply, making yourself comfy.
You both lapse into silence as you watch the movie. It is a thriller you haven’t seen before and you are instantly sucked into the plot as you enjoy your popsicle. But after only a few minutes, you can tell Steve is not as into the movie as you are. Glancing over, you catch him staring at you. You give him a quizzical look as you run your tongue up your popsicle. Then it dawns on you that he is staring directly at your mouth, watching your ministrations on the popsicle very carefully. Could he possibly be turned on by this? You glance down at his pants. Yes, definitely turned on.
This is so completely unexpected and you decide to play with him a bit. Smirking at him, you lick the popsicle slowly, swirling your tongue around the tip of it. Steve swallows hard and keeps staring at your mouth, utterly hypnotized. You wink at him and wrap your lips around the popsicle, taking as much of it as you can into your mouth. Steve is unable to control the moan that leaves his lips and his cheeks instantly turn bright red. He is suddenly aware of what he is doing and grabs a pillow to cover the length tenting his pants.
“Don’t do that,” you tell him, smiling at him.
Still looking him in the eyes, you grin and toss the pillow aside. Popsicle still in hand, you lean down, running your tongue along the outline of his cock through his pants. You then imitate the move on the popsicle as you use your hand to stroke him through the fabric. Steve’s face is bright red but he is smiling at you. Feeling bold, you sit up and press your lips to his. His kiss is hungry, eager, as he tangles his hand in your hair to hold your mouth to his.
“You taste so sweet,” he tells you, the cheeky smile on his face instantly making you wet.
You lean down to kiss him again, bolder this time as you slide your tongue over his. He groans into your mouth as you continue to stroke him. Then the popsicle in your hand brushes against his neck, pulling you apart. You pull the popsicle away, leaving a long, sticky trail on his skin. With a smile, you lean down and lick the sugary syrup off.
“My bedroom?” Steve asks, his hands falling to your hips.
“Yes. But first I want to grab something. I’ll meet you there.”
Steve gives you an inquiring look but heads off towards his bedroom. You, meanwhile, run to the kitchen. Licking the popsicle juice off Steve’s neck gave you an idea. You throw away the popsicle you are eating and grab a fresh one from the freezer. Then you run to meet Steve in his room.
Steve is eagerly waiting for you, pacing his floor; he looks almost nervous. But once he sees you, relief floods his face and he crosses the room in just a few quick steps. Then he is standing in front of you. For a moment, he only stares down at you, smiling. But his pupils are huge and black with lust and he quickly pushes you back against the wall behind you, kissing you eagerly, hungrily. You kiss him back, loving the feel of his hard muscles pressed against you. And you still honestly can’t believe this is happening. But you have a plan and you can’t allow yourself to get completely lost in kissing Steve, letting him take the lead, no matter how easy it would be.
“Get undressed and lay on the bed,” you tell him, winking at him.
He hesitates for a moment, shocked at how demanding you are being. But he sees the popsicle in your hand, the mischievous glint in your eyes, and eagerly complies. You feel your breath catch as you watch him undress. His body is so incredibly sexy. Your eyes trace over the muscles of his chest, his abs, his sexy ass. And you can barely focus when he slides his boxer briefs down his legs, revealing his rock hard cock. You figured he was big but damn! Suddenly, you are almost a little nervous. But you are determined.
With a smirk on your face, you saunter over to the bed where he is laying, unwrapping the popsicle as you do. Smiling, you put the popsicle in your mouth, licking and sucking it as you straddle Steve. He gazes up at you, his hand reflexively reaching for your hips. Once you are satisfied with the sticky state of your popsicle, you take the icy treat and run it across Steve’s lips. Once they are coated in the sweet liquid, you lean down and lick it off, taking the time to remove every little drop with your tongue. Steve groans and parts his lips, sucking the tip of your tongue into his mouth. It makes you even wetter if that is possible.
When Steve releases your tongue, you run the popsicle along his neck, once again using your mouth to remove it. Then you move to his collar bone. All along his body, you coat his skin with the sticky popsicle juice, taking your time to lick it off, enjoying how turned on you are making him. Then you get to the end of your popsicle. And to his cock. You run the remaining bit of popsicle over his stiff length, loving the way his hips arch off the bad, the catch in his breath at the icy feeling. Soon, his cock is covered in sweet popsicle sugar and you throw the stick to the side. Then, eyes on his, you lean down and slowly begin licking it off. Using your tongue, you tease him, alternating between licking his length and sucking on the tip. It drives him wild as his hips thrust violently off the bed, wanting more. Once most of the popsicle juice is gone, you lean down and take his entire length in your mouth, swallowing him down until he hits the back of your throat.
“Shit!” he yells, his hand fisting in your hair, holding you on his length.
You gag around him and he releases you. You slide your mouth back up, once again licking and sucking it, running your tongue over each little ridge.
“I want you to fuck me,” you tell him honestly, unsure of where this courage is coming from.
He nods eagerly and pulls you back up to kiss him.
“I need to be inside you,” he whispers against your lips.
Hearing such filthy words coming from the mouth of Steve Rogers is enough to send you over the edge and you want to strip off your clothes and take him right then and there. But the fact remains that he is still covered with sticky sugary syrup, despite your best efforts to remove it all, and having that inside you is not even close to sexy.
“Let’s take a shower,” you tell him, leaning down to kiss him again.
He groans against your mouth and sits up on the bed, taking you with him. His muscular arms wrap around your waist as he consumes your lips with his. Carrying you in his arms, he slides off the bed and makes his way to his bathroom. You are grateful that each bedroom has it’s own bathroom as he locks the door behind you and you know you don’t have to worry about anyone interrupting you. Eagerly, he strips you out of your clothes, tossing your tank top and shirt off to the side. He takes a moment to appreciate your matching black bra and panty set before promptly removing them as well, leaving you naked before him. His eyes wash over you and you can’t help the heat that runs through your body. Who ever thought you would be here with Steve Rogers?
Wanting to move things along, you reach behind him, turning on the water so it can heat up. While it does, Steve takes the time to explore you the way you explored him. His lips latch onto your neck, sucking at the soft skin as his hands glide down from your shoulders to your breasts. He cups them in his massive hands, his thumbs circling your nipples. Moaning, you feel yourself arching into his touch, wanting so badly for the shower to be ready so you can feel him inside you. His lips move from your neck to your nipples. He sucks on each one, flicking his tongue against the hardened peaks. Steve comes across as so innocent at times but you are quickly learning there is nothing innocent or inexperienced about him in the bedroom.
As he licks and nips at your chest, his hand ventures lower, gliding over your hips then down between your legs. With one finger, he traces up and down your slit, causing you to moan and seek more friction from him. He then moves his hand away, staring you straight in the eyes.
“Are you this wet just from sucking my cock?” he asks, a hint of disbelief in his voice.
You nod your head, too turned on to actually create any words at the moment.
“Naughty girl,” he whispers, ducking his head to bite at your neck again.
The water is finally warm and you both step beneath the delicious feeling spray. Steve’s mouth is on yours again and hands begin wandering all over each other’s bodies. Then Steve backs you to the wall, surprising you as he drops to his knees. He doesn’t even give you time to react before his mouth is between your thighs, devouring you. As his tongue delves between your folds, you feel your knees giving out. And he feels it too so he throws one leg over his shoulder, opening you up to him even more.
“Oh my god, Steve,” you moan, one hand reaching down to firmly grasp his hair.
You can feel his deep groans against your core and when you look down, you see his hand is wrapped tightly around his cock, stroking in long, slow movements as he eats you out.
“Please Steve,” you beg, “need you inside me.”
“Not until you come,” he tells you, a commanding edge in his voice.
His tongue moves from your dripping entrance up to your clit where he begins to flick and suck, causing you to start feeling the build up deep in your core. His hand leaves his cock and he eagerly inserts two fingers inside, moving them quickly in and out, fucking you with his hand and tongue.
“Steve...ugh...I am so close.”
You can feel Steve smile against you right before he wraps his lips around your clit and sucks hard. With a scream, you fall over the edge, pulling at Steve’s hair as you ride out your orgasm on his hand. As you come down from your high, he stands up, a huge shit-eating grin on his face.
But you are far from done with him and you pull his lips down to yours, kissing him hungrily almost savagely. He moans into your mouth, throwing both your legs around his waist as he thrusts inside you. Immediately, he sets a brutal pace, pounding into you for all he’s worth. The look on his face is nearly animalistic and you can’t believe how hot it is to see Steve Roger’s never ending composure fall apart like this. Grinning at you, he leans in and captures your lips again, his tongue eagerly seeking yours.
“You feel incredible,” he groans in your ear, “so tight and hot and wet...just for me.”
“Fuck Steve,” you moan as he continues pounding into you.
“Are you going to come for me again? Going to come all over my cock?”
As his thumb finds your clit, you can only answer him in incoherent noises. You can feel yourself rushing towards the edge again as you bury your face in his neck.
“Come on Y/N...come for me!”
With his words, you tumble over the edge, bringing him with you as he moans your name into your neck, thrusting into you a few more times as you both ride out your orgasms. Breathing hard, hearts racing, you unwrap your legs from Steve’s waist as he pulls out and sets you down on the shower floor. With a smile on his face, he wraps his arms around your waist and you lean your head against his chest. You kiss the spot right above his heart then stare up at him, finding him already grinning down at you. He brushes a wet piece of hair out of your face before leaning down and kissing you, softly this time, tenderly. Then, resting his chin on your head, he tells you,
“I have wanted that for so long. You can’t even imagine.”
Your gaze shoots up to meet his, seeing if he is joking or not. But his face is definitely serious.
“You have?” you inquire, still not sure if you believe it.
“Then why did you never make a move?” you ask, smacking him playfully on the chest.
“I don’t know,” he shrugs, “We were just friends. And I didn’t know if you felt the same way. I mean, I’m not exactly great at reading how girls feel or at asking them out.”
You just shake your head, laughing, and bury your face in his chest again.
“What?” he asks, “What did I say?”
“Oh Captain Rogers,” you say, leaning up to press a kiss to his lips, “you really are oblivious sometimes.”
He simply gives you a confused look.
“Steve, I have been crazy about you for quite awhile.”
“You have?!”
“Yes. And everyone in the tower knows it. I was certain you knew!”
“Ugh, I cannot believe how oblivious I was. Or that Tony didn’t tell me.”
You both just stand there in the water for a moment, silently pondering the new information you just learned about each other.
“So we could have been together, could have been doing that, for awhile?” he finally asks.
“I guess so.”
“Well, I guess all that matters is that we are together now.”
“We’re together?” you say hopefully.
“I think so. If you want to be. I mean, I don’t do what we just did with just anyone.”
“Together then.”
He smiles at you, kissing you once again. The kiss turns passionate once again in only moments and soon hands are wandering all over.
“So,” he asks, pulling his hands away long enough to turn off the water, “ready for another round?”
You nod eagerly as he steps with you out of the shower, sweeping you off your feet as he carries you back to the bed.

Chapter Text

The front door slams against the wall, startling you from your book. You are in the bedroom, reading, just waiting for your boyfriend, Sam Winchester, to come home. It has been weeks since you’ve seen him and you are eager to wrap your arms around him again, to kiss him, to just have him hold you all night. But you know that slam of the door all too well. You know the angry footsteps in the hall. You know the thunk of his jacket as it hits the wall. It was a rough hunt.
He storms into the bedroom and you feel your heart go out to him as his eyes dart around the room. Whatever he just hunted with his brother has him spooked, stressed. Then his eyes fall to you. And some of the tension eases from his face. It is something only you would notice, the way his shoulders fall ever so slightly. The way his fists unclench. The way his eyes release some of their anger. And the way they fill with lust. It is like this every time he gets back from a really bad hunt. And you know what is going to happen next, the thought of it immediately sending heat to your core.
With his eyes, Sam silently begs you for what you know he needs. And you nod your head in agreement. His relief is almost immediate as he quickly undoes his belt, pulls his zipper down hastily, and throws his pants to the ground. You look down and see he is already hard; he must have been thinking about this is the car. But you don’t have time to look for long as he climbs onto the bed, turning you onto your stomach as he reaches down and yanks your panties off, nearly ripping them. He pushes your skirt up and slides up to cover your body with his. You know how desperate he is, making it all the more meaningful as he takes a moment to glide his finger between your legs, checking that you are ready for him, that you want this too.
“Fuck,” he curses beneath his breath, feeling how soaked you already are.
This is all the permission he needs as he reaches down and lines up his hard cock with your entrance. Without hesitation, he slams into you, filling you up completely. You gasp, your hands fisting in the covers as he begins to fuck you hard. His arms are braced on either side of you and the only sounds filling the room are your moans, his grunts, the sound of skin slapping against skin. His thrusts are deep, hard, yet slow. One of his hands grips your hair and yanks your head back, causing you to moan louder. You love Sam like this, so full of reckless abandon, and your mouth opens to his eager, passionate kisses. And you know he needs this after a rough hunt, needs to release the built up stress, needs to feel in control of something. And you are more than willing to give it to him.
Sam’s thrusts become faster and he gets closer and closer to his release. His body fully covers yours now as his hands reach out to yours, intertwining your fingers with his. You can tell he is almost there but he is holding back for your sake.
“Please, baby. I can’t last much longer. Please come for me,” he begs in your ear.
The desperate edge of his voice and the force of his thrusts is all you need to find your own release and you scream his name, pulling him over the edge with you. His thrusts still as he collapses on top of you, panting.
“Thank you,” he finally says into the silence.
“Of course,” you tell him, turning your head so you can kiss him properly.
He rolls off you, standing up next to the bed and helping you up as well.
“Are you okay?” he asks, the question he always asks after a session like this.
“Better than okay,” you tell him, walking over to wrap your arms around his middle, “Are you hungry?”
“Starving,” he replies, gazing down at you.
“Then let’s order some pizza, watch a movie, then you can bring me back in here and have your way with me all night long.”
“I like the sound of that,” he says, reaching over to pull his pants back on before following you out into the living room.

Chapter Text

“That’s the last bloody time I help the Scooby gang,” your boyfriend, Spike, grumps as he walks in the front door of his crypt.
You have the night off work and are simply lounging in his chair, watching something brainless on television. It always bothers you to see your man so upset like that, knowing how stressed he can get sometimes. But you think you have a way of making him feel at least a little better that night. Smiling at him, you immediately get up from the chair and indicate that he should sit down. He does so willingly and you walk over, pouring him a glass of Jack Daniel’s and bringing it over to him.
“Thanks pet. You’ve no idea how much I need to get this night out of my mind.”
“Well,” you say, sitting down on his lap, his arm going around your waist, “I might have a few ideas on how to do that.”
Leaning in, you place gentle kisses on his neck, grinning against his skin as you hear his breath catch and a light groan escapes his throat. Your mouth continues its path up to his ear and you gently take the lobe between your teeth, biting lightly, causing his hips to buck of their own free will.
“Keep that up,” he tells you, turning his face to bury in your neck, “and I won’t be responsible for what I do next.”
You can hear the smirk in his voice and know that this is just the moment you have been waiting for all night. With a wicked smile, you bite down a little harder on his ear.
“Maybe I want to see what happens next,” you whisper to him.
He sets his now-empty glass down on the table next to him before scooping you up in his arms, causing you to squeal as he carries you swiftly over to the opening that leads down to the bedroom. With the ease of a cat, he jumps through the hole, holding you tightly against him as he lands lightly on his feet.
“Well you asked for it,” he tells you, bringing you over to the bed.
He drops you on it, immediately following you down as his mouth meets yours, his tongue pressing past your lips to explore. His kiss tastes like whiskey and you never find yourself sick of the way his mouth feels when it is against yours. You grab at his black leather jacket, pulling him closer to you and at the same time trying to push it off, wanting him less clothed. His fingers tangle in your hair and you hear him moan against your mouth, making you want him even more. Eventually, you push his jacket off and immediately follow it with his button up shirt and t-shirt. You pull away from his mouth, backing off just enough to graze your eyes over his trimmed physique; you will never tire of seeing him this way.
Grinning at your obvious appreciation of him, he leans in, running his teeth lightly over the skin of your next. You even feel his fangs come out briefly, sending a shiver through your body. As he kisses your neck, his hands make their way to the edge of your shirt and he slowly lifts it over your head, revealing a red lace bra beneath.
“This is new,” he says, taking a moment to appreciate the alluring way it accentuates your breasts, “but it really must go.”
He smirks and reaches behind your back, undoing the clasp and tossing the garment gently into the corner. With your chest now exposed, his lips quickly latch on to one of your nipples, drawing it firmly between his teeth and causing your back to arch and a loud groan to leave your throat. Not saying a word, he moves to your other nipple, giving it the same treatment as the first until it is wet and hard, begging for even more touch. A plea Spike eagerly fulfills as his mouth finds yours again and his hands slide up past your stomach to clutch your breasts in his hands.
Your hips thrust upwards and you can feel how hard he already is, straining against the front of his pants. Now, normally, you would unzip those pants, take him in your palm, and make him cum all over your hand. That is what you have been doing for the last month or so. And he would willingly reciprocate, fingering you until you are screaming his name. And it’s not that you haven’t enjoyed either of these activities. And you couldn’t be more grateful that Spike has respected your decision to wait, especially since you are a virgin. But you are ready for more now. And you know he is too. It almost happened last night. He and you were getting hot and heavy in the bed, panting and moaning as hands wandered and tongues slid over each other in a search for dominance. Then Spike’s mouth began following his hands, down past your breasts, to your stomach, to the edge of the skirt you were wearing. And he was just about to slip it off when he stopped himself. At the time, you were both relieved and disappointed. But that mix of feelings soon turned into all disappointment and you began thinking about what you wanted from him.
In fact, you have been thinking about it all day. You love each other; you have both said as much. And it is clear to you that he isn’t using you or just trying to sleep with you. Spike is a straight-shooting guy and not the type to make a girl his prize or goal or anything like that. And he has never pressured you, always letting you lead where things go physically. That means the world to you. Which is why you think you are ready to move beyond simple hand stuff. And tonight is just the night to do so.
As Spike moves his mouth back to yours, you slide your hand down, unzipping his pants and pushing them off past his hips. As usual, he isn’t wearing any boxers and you grip his stiff length in your hand.
“Shit, love,” he groans against your mouth, “how are you so good at that?”
You don’t reply as you slowly sit up, kissing him as you do. Slowly, you turn with him so that he is now the one laying on the bed and you are hovering above him. He gives you a confused look but doesn’t comment as you begin kissing down his neck, nibbling and sucking on his skin. You move down past his neck, to his chest, his tight abs...all the way down to those extraordinary lines that lead you directly to his hard shaft. God you love those lines. Taking your time, you lick and kiss along each one, feeling him get even bigger in your hand. You glance up, grinning at Spike, who has his head thrown back on the pillow, enjoying your teasing. But you throw your teasing aside and slowly lick around his head.
Spike shoots straight up in the bed, a look of shock and lust covering his face as he stares down at you,
“What on earth are you doing, pet?” he asks.
“Is this not okay?” you reply, your question a combination of feigned innocence and genuine concern.
“Well, of course it’s’s’ve never...I mean, I sure you want to do this?”
You laugh a little, amused because you have never seen Spike actually flustered before. It is rather endearing, although he would probably end you if you ever told him that. But you are not losing focus on your intention that night.
“I absolutely want to do this,” you tell him, coaxing him back down onto the bed as you slowly stroke his cock.
He complies, any argument lost in the moan that escapes his lips at the feel of your hand around him. Smiling, you return to your task. Although you have never given a blow job before, you admit you have watched a few videos and hope you know what to do. You lick slowly around his tip before taking him into your mouth. Your hand strokes up and down as you run your tongue all around him. Relaxing your jaw, you take him further into your mouth, slowly lowering yourself around him until he hits the back of your throat, making you gag slightly. A swallow from you makes a loud moan escape his lips as he gently thrusts between your parted lips. You begin bobbing your head up and down, swirling your tongue around his cock as you suck and tease him. Glancing up, you notice his head is thrown back against the pillow and you have never felt more powerful in your life. You continue moving your mouth on him, feeling his grip tighten in your hair and his breathing speed up. You know he is close. So you take your mouth off him.
“Why’d you stop?” he questions, a look of genuine concern and interest plastered across his face as he glances down at you.
“Because,” you reply with a smirk, slowly sliding up his body, “I don’t want to finish you like that tonight. I want you to cum inside me.”
You see the realization of what you are saying cross his face. Slowly, he sits up, giving you a more serious look than you have ever seen him wear before.
“Are you sure?” he asks slowly, almost whispering the words.
You eagerly nod your head. He opens his arms, indicating he wants you to come to him. Wrapping himself around you, he looks at you.
“Listen pet. Last night...I wasn’t trying to imply anything. I don’t want you to think I am pressuring you into anything. Or that I was trying anything. I just got carried away is all.”
“I know,” you reassure him, “but last night really did get me thinking. And I am ready for this. I really appreciate how patient you have been with me. But the reality is...I love you. And I know you love me. I can’t think of anyone better I want to do this with for the first time.”
He searches your face, making certain you truly want this. But he also doesn’t question you, something you greatly appreciate. You have thought about this a lot and you know you are absolutely ready to do this with him.
With renewed passion, Spike captures your mouth, his hands wandering over you, sliding over your chest and down to the button of your jeans. In a swift movement, he undoes it, gliding the zipper down, and pushing the pants off your body. You lift your hips, getting rid of the offending garment, before sliding your fingers into his hair, holding his mouth to yours. But you suddenly gasp into his mouth as you feel his hand slide into your knickers, rubbing circles on your clit. It is not the first time he has done it but somehow it feels completely new.
“Oh god, Spike,” you moan, your head falling to his shoulder, your hips bucking against his fingers.
“You like that pet?” he asks, his fingers moving faster.
All you can do is nod your head, your mouth at a loss for words as you can feel the orgasm rushing quickly towards you. But then he stops and you huff in exasperation.
“Not yet, love” he tells you, gently rolling you so you are flat on your back.
Slowly, he begins kissing down your neck, his mouth paying attention to every exposed part of you. He makes his way down past your nipples, past your stomach, to the very edge of your knickers, just like the night before. But this time he doesn’t stop. With a smirk up at you, he loops his thumbs in the edges of the fabric and slides them down your legs, slipping them over your feet and tossing them aside to join your jeans. He then slowly parts your legs, his open admiration of what is between them making you blush bright red. With a final nod of consent from you, he leans down and licks a long line up your dripping slit. Your hips buck up at this new sensation and you throw your head back onto the pillow. You feel his tongue push further inside you, licking and exploring as he moans in approval at your taste. As he eats you out, you can’t help but tangle your fingers in his hair, pulling at the platinum strands, which only encourages him. His mouth leaves your opening, licking up to your clit, sucking it between his lips. A scream leaves your mouth as pleasure runs through you and the orgasm hits you out of nowhere. As you are coming down from your high, you hear him chuckle against you as he kisses up each thigh and back up your body, his lips capturing yours again, letting you taste yourself on his tongue.
“Did you like that pet?” he asks, although he already knows the answer.
You nod slowly, still feeling light-headed from your recent climax.
“Good. Now, are you still certain about this?”
“Yes,” you reply, kissing him again, “absolutely.”
“Then come here.”
He rolls to his side, bringing you with him. You are face to face now and he wraps his arms around you, grabbing one of your legs and throwing it over his hip. This opens you up and you can feel the tip of his rock-hard cock pressing gently against your entrance. For a second, you are nervous and almost call the whole thing off. But the look of love and lust in Spike’s eyes calms those anxieties and makes you wet all over again. He leans in and kisses you before whispering in your ear,
“I promise I won’t hurt you.”
With this vow, he slowly presses himself inside you. The pressure is enormous and there is the slight burn of pain underlying a unique pleasure that builds the further inside he gets. Once he is fully seated inside of you, he grows still, waiting for you to adjust to the feeling. He looks deep into your eyes and there is a tenderness there that you have never seen from him. Smiling, you lean in, kissing him with more passion than you ever have before.
“Move,” you then whisper in his ear and you feel the built up tension begin to leave his body as he starts thrusting inside you.
Starting shallow at first, his movements begin getting faster and faster, the groans from his mouth getting louder and louder as he feels your tightness gripping him so incredibly. You can tell he is right on the edge but he is waiting for you, knowing that your ultimate pleasure is far more important than his. His hand slips between you and his thumb runs tight circles on your clit. This is all it takes to bring you to your next climax.
“Oh fuck! Spike!” you shout as your orgasm explodes through your body.
Your pleasure sets off his and he finishes with a loud groan of your name, slowly stilling inside you as he comes down off his high. For a moment, the two of you lay there, face to face, panting, exchanging light kisses and not saying a word. Finally, he opens his eyes and you open yours.
“You okay?” he asks quietly.
You nod, a huge grin crossing your face. He smiles his wicked smile back at you, leaning over to give you a proper kiss. Rolling away from each other, you both lay on the bed, hearts still racing, exchanging occasional laughs and glances. After several moments of comfortable silence, Spike looks over at you, a wicked smirk crossing his face.
“Wanna go again?” he asks.
“Absolutely,” you reply, rolling over to him, seizing his lips in a heated kiss before straddling him, rubbing your still sensitive center over his already-hardening cock.

Chapter Text

You never get tired of the look of impatience that crosses Crowley’s face each time he returns and finds you still seated on his throne. Although nothing really beats the first time. You grin as you remember the way he stalked into the throne room, all cocky and full of swagger, only to stop short as he realized you were occupying his usual spot.
“Who the hell are you?” he growled, his anger quickly rising to his face.
“I’m Y/N. Don’t you recognize me? I worked for you for years.”
“You look vaguely familiar,” he conceded, “but if you work for me, then what gives you the right to sit on my throne?”
“Oh haven’t you heard?” you asked, rising slowly and walking towards him, “I run this place now.”
“Like hell you do!” he yelled, making a move towards you.
But the guards quickly stopped him, stepping protectively in front of you. You smiled and signaled to them that you were okay, sending them back to their places on either side of the throne.
“Actually, I do. You’ve been gone so much, playing with your little human friends, that the power was really just up for grabs. I’ve been running things around here for awhile now actually. You would have known that if you ever cared to come back every now and then.”
Crowley was so angry, he sputtered nonsense out of his mouth as he searched for a solution to this new problem. But just then his phone rang. He glanced at the identity of the caller and promptly turned to leave again.
“This isn’t over,” he threw over his shoulder as he made his way to the door and you made your way back to the throne.
“Oh but it is,” you replied to his retreating back, “I think you’ll find an absent king is no real king at all.”
That was a while ago now and with every infrequent trip back to hell, Crowley continues to search for a way to regain his power and have you out of the picture. But the answer continues to elude him and you find it ever so amusing. Actually, you find him amusing, and, you must admit, quite sexy. It is more than just a few times your mind has wandered to what being with him would actually be like.
“You’re still here, I see,” he grumps, approaching you.
“Of course. Where else would I be? I have my kingdom to run.”
“No, it’s my kingdom to run.”
“Are you ever going to let that go?” you sigh, “It’s such an old argument.”
“No!” he yells, walking even closer to the throne, “I will never let it go until I am once again king of hell.”
The guards beside you take a step forward but you signal them to remain at ease. You know Crowley won’t actually do anything. And, in fact, you meet his challenge this time, standing up and staring him straight in the eye.
“That will never happen, my dear Crowley. Because, you see, you don’t actually want it back. Oh sure, you were mad at first. But now some time has passed and you aren’t so sure you want your old title. In fact, I think you rather enjoy being free of the responsibility. Not to mention, I think you like seeing me on the throne. Don’t act like I haven’t noticed the way your eyes wander over me whenever you walk in the room. But, of course, you won’t ever do anything about these not-so-subtle feelings of yours. It would be admitting weakness.”
Crowley doesn’t say anything but you can see his chest heaving and you know you have him right where you want him. You take a step closer.
“The fact of the matter is, I happen to like you too. I think we could make a great team. But your pride won’t let you. You are so concerned about what everyone might think about you, giving into a woman, even though we are all aware of your little human-blood addiction, which I think I would be far more embarrassed about.”
His eyes widen and he watches you closely as you take another step towards him.
“So you pretend to hate me, play the strong, wronged, ex-king of hell. When deep down you know what it would be like for us to be together, for you to do the things I know you’re dying to do to me.”
You are less than an inch away from him now. His lips part slightly and he doesn’t back away as you move your face towards him.
“But I guess I could be wrong,” you tell him, leaning in towards him, “maybe you wouldn’t like having me at all.”
“And why is that, darling?” he manages to breathe out.
“I’m not one of your precious Winchesters.”
As you turn back towards the throne, what little resolve Crowley has remaining clearly snaps and he grabs your wrist, turning you as he captures your mouth with his. You smile as he bites your bottom lip. This is the exact reaction you were hoping for. This is what you have been waiting for, a release of the building sexual tension.
His kisses are rough, dominating, as he walks you back towards the throne. But you match him for passion, kissing him back almost violently as you sit down hard on the soft, red, velvet cushion. His hands trace down your body, gliding easily over the fabric of your black, silken dress. With a slight flick of your hand, you dismiss the guards before reaching out, grabbing the lapels of his suit to pull Crowley closer to you, your tongue pressing past his lips to deepen the kiss. But he suddenly pulls back, his lips moving to your neck where you feel him suck the skin hard, sure to leave an obvious mark. Then he is on his knees in front of you. The sight of it catches you completely off guard as you stare at him, his eyes full of hunger and lust. Wetness pools between your thighs and you clench them together.
“No, no, darling,” Crowley scolds, noticing your actions, “I think I want those much wider apart.”
You gasp lightly as he slides his hand up your leg, beneath the slit that runs from your ankles to your upper thigh. He parts the fabric, revealing the skin beneath.
“No knickers in sight,” he comments, a wicked grin on his face, “Naughty girl.”
He pushes your legs far apart, his gaze on what is between them leaving you speechless and panting at the same time. After what seems like an eternity, Crowley eventually leans in, his eyes watching your face as he places his tongue against your wet slit, licking up and down eagerly. Your eyes fall closed and your head falls back against the throne.
“Fuck...Crowley,” you moan, your hips bucking against his tongue.
With an eager hunger, Crowley continues eating you out, alternating between licking you up and down, thrusting his tongue inside you, and sucking on your sensitive clit. His skills are amazing, beyond anything you imagined, and it isn’t long before you feel the pressure building inside.
“Crowley,” you gasp, “I’m...I’m about…”
“I know darling. Don’t you dare hold back.”
His words push you over the edge and you feel your hips thrust forward as your orgasm consumes your body. Crowley continues working his tongue over you, licking up every drop, as you slowly come down from your high, body tingling. He settles your dress back around your legs before getting off his knees and kissing you deeply.
“Bedroom?” you whisper to him.
You lead him down the hall, barely touching each other, not raising any suspicion about the raging sexual tension arcing between the two of you. Finally, you reach the main bedroom and you open the doors and practically drag him inside.
“These are my chambers!” he protests.
“Not anymore. And do you really want to argue about that now?”
“Good point,” he concedes, kissing you once again as he presses you roughly against the wall.
But it’s your turn to have some fun. You forcefully walk him back towards the bed, taking charge of the situation, your mouth never leaving his. With a snap of your fingers, you are both completely undressed, and you take a second to admire his body before pushing him down onto the mattress. You stand over him for a moment, letting him get a good luck at your fully unclothed body, before pushing his legs apart and kneeling between them.
You smirk up at him, loving his look of eager expectation. Grinning, you scratch your nails hard down his chest, causing his hips to buck up of their own accord and red marks to appear on his skin. Then, without hesitation, you wrap your lips around his shaft and take the entire length down your throat.
“Shit! Fuck!” he curses loudly, throwing his head back on the pillow.
You swallow around him eliciting another groan, before beginning to bob your head up and down, your tongue running up and down his length. His hand moves to your hair and his hips thrust upwards, matching your movements. With one hand, you stroke his length as your mouth works his over. With your other hand, you reach up, running your nails over his chest, his stomach, and down. Crowley groans as you suck him off and a power rushes through you as you continue to bring him closer to completion. And when he is just about there, you stop.
“Hey!” he objects, raising his head to look at you, “I finished you off.”
“And I’ll make sure you finish,” you tell him, grinning at him evilly, “Just not right now.”
Crowley makes an exasperated noise as you stand up and crawl onto the bed. You nod towards the head of the bed and he moves up, laying his head on one of the pillows. With a smirk, you straddle him, taking his cock in your head and running the dripping tip up and down your entrance, teasing him. His hands come up, his fingers wrapping themselves around your hips and squeezing hard. Finished with teasing him, you raise yourself up and slip him inside you, sliding down his length. Damn, the rumors are true...he is big! He fills you up, hitting all the right places. Closing your eyes, you begin rocking your hips back and forth, riding him slowly. His hands moves from your hips to your breasts, squeezing them gently while circling his thumbs around your nipples.
“You know,” you whisper in his ear as you lean down, “I think I know of a much better spot for your hands.”
“Oh really?” he counters.
You nod and reach down, taking his wrists in your hands. Then, with a swiftness that surprises him, you handcuff him to the headboard. He looks shocked for a moment before a smile crosses his face.
“Kinky. I like it. You certainly are full of surprises.”
“You don’t know the half of it,” you retort.
Now that Crowley’s hands are secure, you place your palms on his chest and truly start to ride him. Faster and faster you raise and lower yourself on him, feeling the tip of him hit at just the right spot.
“Crowley, fuck, you feel so good.”
“The deal was worth every inch, love.”
You can feel a second orgasm building and reach down between your legs, circling your clit with rapid movements. And you can feel Crowley’s eyes on you as you do. In only mere moments, you feel yourself fall over the edge, groaning out unintelligible sounds as you collapse on Crowley’s chest.
Completely spent, you reach up and release Crowley from the handcuffs. But he is definitely not done and eagerly pounces on you, turning you and getting you up on your hands and knees; he is in charge now. Without a moment of hesitation, he pushes back inside you, burying himself deep as he begins fucking you hard. There is no holding back now. Crowley is done being teased and you are done teasing. His thrusts are fast and hard, his hands gripping your hips, clutching your ass, grunts filling the room. And it feels amazing. He is filling you up in a way you have never felt before and this new position means he is hitting the right spot even better than before. It feels so good you can practically feel your eyes roll back in your head and you have to take the sheets in your teeth to keep from repeatedly screaming his name.
“Come. Come for me right now,” he growls, barely holding it together.
Your body willingly complies and you tumble over the edge once more, immediately going limp from pleasure as you shout his name. He follows right behind you, holding himself inside you as he finishes, moaning your name. Exhausted, you collapse on the bed, your body almost numb. You roll on your back, panting, heart racing. Crowley collapses on top of you, his head on your chest. Neither of you says anything for several moments. Finally, he gets the energy to move and raises his head to kiss you, a kiss filled with no less passion than before.
“That,” he says, “was incredible.”
“I have to agree,” you reply, kissing him again.
Suddenly, his phone buzzes on the side table, where it apparently ended up when you vanished both your clothes earlier. He looks at the caller id, answers it, mumbles a few short replies, then hangs up and sighs.
“Apparently, I’m needed.”
“Go on,” you tell him with a smirk, already settling yourself beneath the covers, “I’ll keep that throne warm for you.”
He snaps his clothes back on and gives you a look of lust mixed with exasperation. Then he is out the door. Completely spent, you make yourself comfortable in the large bed, knowing you will soon drift off to sleep. But your mind is already replaying what just happened. You can’t wait until his next visit.

Chapter Text

The jazz bar is crowded as you pay your cover charge and enter the room. Thankfully, the bar has quite a few open seats and you quickly select one, settling in and looking over the bottles of alcohol to ponder what you want. As if you really need to think about it.
“Sidecar, please,” you tell the bartender, ordering your go-to drink, “with bourbon.”
The bartender nods and walks off to fix you the drink while you look around the room. But you are soon interrupted by a male voice next to you.
“Sidecar with bourbon. Very sexy order. You know, most women, and most people for that matter, probably don’t even know what that is.”
You are in no mood to be hit on by sleazy New York men and quickly reply with,
“Well, I’m not most women.”
“I can see that,” the male voice replies.
“And just what is that supposed to mean?” you ask, finally turning towards the source of the voice.
“Nothing bad,” the man replies, hands thrown up in self-defense, “I meant it as a compliment. I mean, young woman, alone, wearing a nice dress, but not looking to pick up a guy, clearly. It just says different. In a good way.”
The man says nothing more, clearly feeling no need to further defend his answer as he turns back to his glass of scotch. You are still suspicious as you study him, trying to decide whether or not you are still upset. You take in his nice suit, well-trimmed facial hair, casual attitude, and come to the conclusion that he really didn’t mean it as an insult. You are probably just cranky from the apartment hunting and the stress of starting a new job.
“Thank you,” you finally say, taking a sip from the martini glass that the bartender just set down in front of you.
“What?” the man replies, turning to you again.
“Thank you...for the compliment earlier...about the drink order being sexy. Thanks. And, sorry I was so rude. I’m just tired but I didn’t meant to take it out on you.”
“No harm done,” he tells you, extending his hand for you to shake, “Tony.”
You introduce yourself and take another sip of the drink. The bartender definitely knows how to make a good sidecar.
“So,” Tony says, obviously looking to continue the conversation, “what brings you to New York?”
“What makes you think I don’t live here?”
“You just don’t have the look I guess.”
“Well, you’re right. Kind of. I just moved here. Like, just just moved here.”
“Oh yeah? What for?”
“Got a job as a sous chef at that new Asian fusion restaurant in Times Square.”
“Wow, a girl who orders sexy drinks and can cook. That’s the dream. Albeit, I am impressed with anyone who can cook since I have zero kitchen skills and usually end up burning the ramen.”
You laugh, smiling at him and feeling yourself relax for the first time that week.
“Well,” you tell him, “if you come into the restaurant, I will be more than happy to make you some and show you how it should really taste.”
He laughs at your joke and moves closer to you. Normally, this move would put you on guard but Tony seems like a nice guy, not the usual sleaze that hits on you, and it is nice to actually be chatting with someone outside of work for a change. The two of you sit and talk for awhile, ordering second drinks as the the topic of conversation moves to what he does, a businessman apparently, specializing in technology and customer relations. He asks how you are enjoying New York and recommends a few places for you to check out when you get a chance. As you finish the second drinks, a live band begins to play and soon sultry, bluesy music is filling the bar. Couples move from their seats onto the dance floor, holding each other close and moving with the music.
“Want to dance?” Tony asks you, getting off of his stool and extending his hand.
You take it, smiling at him, as he leads you to the dance floor. You recognize the familiar sounds of the song “Fever” that the band is playing and soon find yourself sinking into the song, the beat pulsing through you as Tony wraps his arm around your waist and pulls you against his body. He smells of whiskey and really good cologne and you find the scent of him intoxicating in a way you never have with any other guy before. Sighing at the long forgotten feeling of a man’s body so close to yours, you slide your hand up his arm to rest on his shoulder. His other hand takes yours and you feel his hips begin moving in time with the beat, moving you with him. Clearly this man knows how to dance. You smile and allow yourself to follow his expert lead.
All around the dance floor, Tony leads you, spinning you, bringing you back against his body, his cheek resting against the side of yours. You can’t remember the last time you were this close to a guy. Your last boyfriend broke up with you over a year ago. And aside from a very random one night stand right after that break up, you haven’t even so much as hugged a guy. But being with Tony feels so right. You can tell even through his suit that his body is toned and suddenly your mind begins wondering if you might get the chance to see it. But you are brought back to the present as the notes of the song die down and, much to your regret, Tony takes a step back.
“You are a wonderful dancer” he tells you, grinning.
“I was going to say the same thing about you,” you reply, “I was just expecting a typical slow dance but you, sir, you raised the bar.”
“It’s what I’m best at.”
The cheeky smirk on his face sends shivers through your body and you can’t help but wonder what it would be like to kiss that smug smile off his lips. But before your fantasy can take any true form, another song starts, and you find yourself once again pressed against Tony’s body. This time, the notes of “I Put A Spell On You” come floating out of the band’s instruments, filling the air. Unlike the more upbeat style of the dance before it, this particular dance with Tony is filled with slight movements, gentle touches, his fingers tracing lightly over your arms, hand gripping your hip as he moves you on the hardwood. The hand holding yours releases your fingers and slides up around the back of your neck, fingers tangling in your hair, causing you to sigh. Your now free hand comes up to rest on his chest. You feel something hard and slightly cold beneath the fabric of his shirt but you don’t have time to think about that now. All that matters is his hands on you, his forehead pressed to yours, his lips only centimeters away. Your heart is racing and you are greatly considering closing that small gap between you. But the song ends, couples part, and silently Tony and you make your way back to the bar, ordering another round of drinks and taking a breather from the sexual tension arcing between the two of you.
Conversation returns to normal as you both enjoy your drinks, chatting contentedly about various topics, but the attraction between you never fades. And once the drinks are gone, he leads your back out onto the dance floor, pulling you against him again. You dance song after song together, unable to part, not wanting to part. Tony is truly amazing on the dance floor and you wonder where he learned to move like that. But you don’t really care as long as his hands keep touching you, his lips keep occasionally grazing your neck, your cheek. You never want this night to end. And as the band announces their last song, you find yourself asking the question you have been working on the nerve to ask Tony all night.
“Do you want to come back to my hotel?”
The question sounds almost sleazy the moment it leaves your lips and you wish you had found an apartment already that you could invite him back to. But for the moment, the hotel is your home and there is no way you are passing up the opportunity of a night between the sheets with him just because your bed is temporary. You focus your attention away from your embarrassment and focus it back on him, waiting for his answer. A grin crosses his face.
“I thought you would never ask.”
Walking back to the bar, he pays the bill for both of you, a very classy move, and takes your hand, leading you outside to the bustling streets of New York City. He hails a cab, you give the driver the hotel address, and suddenly the two of you are off to the second part of the evening, hands still not leaving each other, leaving teasing touches on the way to the hotel.
You get to the hotel and you almost hesitate as you slide the key into the door and watch the green light appear. But Tony’s hand on your lower back, guiding you into the room removes all doubt and you walk inside, not bothering with the lights as he shuts the door behind you. But despite the enormous sexual tension at the bar, there is an awkward silence between you now as you realize you have no idea how to do this.
“Would you, uh, like a drink?” you offer lamely, searching for something to say.
“No,” Tony says, walking over to you and wrapping his arms around your middle, “I just want to do this.”
His hand slips into your hair as his lips come down on yours, soft and warm and urgent. You are so grateful for his confidence and that he made the first move as you kiss him back. With the press of tongue past your lips and into your mouth, the floodgates of everything that has been building that night burst open and you suddenly can’t get enough of him. Your hands grasp his hair as you hold his mouth to yours, tasting the whiskey left on his tongue as it explores and licks every perfect place. Connected, you make your way over to the bed and he pushes you gently back onto it, following you down. His hands roam your body, sliding beneath your dress. They feel good on your skin and you think again just how long it has been since a man touched you this way. And yet, at the same time, no man has ever touched you in exactly this way. His fingers are attentive, unhurried, like he is learning every spot on you that shivers beneath his attentions. And his kisses are the same way, his tongue and lips learning yours, figuring out exactly what you like, what makes you come apart beneath him.
Eventually, his mouth leaves yours and trails kisses down your neck, sucking, nipping, licking, tasting your skin, leaving shivers in his wake.
“Oh god, Tony,” you moan as his hands slide up to your breasts, feeling them through your dress.
“Here” he says, getting off you, “stand up.”
He helps you off the bed then slowly moves behind you. You press yourself back against him, feeling the hard length of him resting against your backside. His fingers fiddle with the zipper of your dress before he slowly slides it down your spine, pushing the fabric aside and letting it fall to the ground. He then undoes the clasp of your bra, sliding it down your shoulders and dropping it to the floor. Now that you are topless before him, you feel his hands slide around to your front, grasping your breasts in his palms. His fingers come up, pinching and tweaking your nipples, earning him a loud groan as your head falls back against his shoulder. He then turns you around, his mouth instantly latching to one of your aching, hard peaks, sucking it between his lips and running his teeth over it.
“Oh shit,” you hear come from your mouth and in response, his hand slides down your stomach and he dips his fingers into your already-soaked lace underwear.
“Oh fuck,” is his reply as he feels how wet you are, his fingers gliding easily along your slit.
Slowly, he slides two fingers inside you, pumping them in and out for a few strokes before removing his hand and sliding your panties down your legs. You are now completely naked before him and feel you need to even the playing field. With quick fingers, you toss off his jacket and tie and begin undoing the buttons of his shirt. But you pause when you reach a blue circle glowing in his chest. Although you want to ask, you don’t want to sound rude so you simply give him a quizzical look.
“Long story,” he tells you, “but it’s not dangerous. I promise.”
You accept his answer and lean forward to run your tongue over it. It’s actually kind of sexy. A lot of you wants to spend time licking and sucking everything on his chest but he is still annoyingly dressed so you continue undoing his shirt, tossing it aside when you are done. As you reach for his belt, he captures your mouth again and his kisses overwhelm you as you finish undressing him.
Now that you are both naked, he walks you back towards the bed, crawling onto it and bringing you with him. You are both kneeling on the soft comforter and you take the opportunity to return your mouth to his chest. Licking and sucking, you make your way up his abs, around the glowing circle, tonguing each nipple which causes him to hiss and pull your mouth back to his. It is clear you both have had enough teasing as he lowers you to the bed and immediately slides inside. Maybe it has just been that long for you but he feels incredible, his stiff length filling you completely.
“Fuck” his grunts as he begins thrusting inside you, slowly at first then quickly picking up the pace.
All the sexual tension and teasing from the night begins to be released as your hips thrust up to meet his.
“You feel so damn good,” he tells you, leaning down to kiss you roughly.
Your tongues tangle together as he raises one of your legs over his shoulder, deepening the angle. As his thrusts speed up, hitting just the right spot, you can feel yourself getting closer to the edge. But suddenly he is gone and you moan at the loss of him inside you.
“Turn over,” he whispers in your ear, biting it softly.
You eagerly comply and roll onto your stomach. His hands grip your hips, tilting them up just enough for him to slide back inside. As good as the last position felt, this is a million times more amazing.
“Fuck Tony,” you moan as he thrusts hard and slow into your aching core.
“You like that?” he asks and you can hear the grin in his words.
Wordlessly, you nod your head.
“You want more?”
You nod your head again and Tony begins speeding up, his hands raising your ass into the air even more so he can reach beneath you and move his thumb over your clit in rapid circles. Words are escaping you now and all you can manage are pleasured groans and heavy breaths. Tony has reached the same point and you can tell he is close as well.
“Oh shit,” he says, fucking into you with all his strength.
The fingers on your clit speed up and suddenly you are falling over the edge, stars exploding behind your closed eyes as pleasure courses through your body. Tony follows you right over the edge and pumps twice more inside you with a string of curse words falling off his lips. Exhausted, he collapses on top of you.
“Oh my god,” you finally manage to say.
“My thoughts exactly,” he replies, kissing you gently on the shoulder.
He then rolls off of you and you roll onto your back, staring at the ceiling. For many long wordless minutes, you both simply lay there, recovering. Then Tony finally breaks the silence.
“Want to have that last drink and then go again?” he asks, looking over at you.
You meet his gaze and smile.
“That sounds like a perfect idea.”
The next morning, Tony is gone and you read the note he left on the pillow beside you, giving you his number and telling you he hopes you call him. You smile, order some coffee from room service, and turn on the television. The remote drops from your hand as you see Tony’s face across the screen. Businessman, my ass! you think, watching the story unfold. Holy shit, you just fucked Iron Man!

Chapter Text

“Can I have another one?” you ask the bartender, lifting your empty shot glass.
He raises his eyebrow at you but turns wordlessly to grab the bottle and fill your glass again. You almost resent even the eyebrow raise. If a guy were drinking as much as you were tonight, he wouldn’t even question it. It’s only because you are a girl that he is questioning. Well, buddy, this is one girl who can hold her liquor. And after what you endured this afternoon, you are going to need a hell of a lot of it.
You down the shot and set the glass back down on the counter just as another customer sits down next to you. Glancing over briefly, you note he is a decently attractive man with a few days scruff covering his defined jaw, white t-shirt showing off his defined chest, and some nice butt hugging jeans. Of course, you also note the dark circles beneath his hazel eyes. Looks like he could use a few drinks too. As if reading your mind, he signals to the bartender, saying,
“I’ll have exactly what she’s having.”
Out of the corner of your eye, you see him gesture to the glassware in front of you. You admit it looks pretty bad. Ice is melting in one glass and another is half full. Add that to the empty shot glass and you guess you can understand the bartender’s reaction. Of course, that does draw your attention to the fact that the gentleman next to you just ordered the same thing but all at once.
“Bad day?” you say, knowing how cliche it sounds.
“You could say that,” he replies, downing the shot set down in front of him.
“I know how that goes.”
“I guess you do,” he chuckles, gesturing once again to the glasses, “T.C., by the way.”
You introduce yourself, shaking the hand he offers. Then conversation drops off and you both drink in silence for awhile. It isn’t until a tear falls down your cheek, catching you completely by surprise, that he speaks up again.
“You okay?” he asks cautiously.
“Yeah,” you reply, wiping away the errant tear, “just ex-boyfriend shit.”
“Ah,” he nods, knowingly, “so a man flirting with you tonight is probably the last thing you want.”
You can tell he is trying to lighten the mood and you smile at him, shaking your head.
“Nah,” you reply, “I’m not that kind of girl.”
He gives you a confused look, one almost bordering on the side of offended.
“Not the type of girl who turns into a man-hater once one boy screws her over,” you explain.
“Well that is very rational of you.”
You shrug.
“I have a brother. Plus I have had many guy friends. None of them dicks.”
He laughs again and returns to his drink, taking several long sips. As he does, he notices you finish off your current one. Immediately, he signals to the bartender to bring you another. And you send him a grateful smile.
“So,” he says, allowing you time to take your first sip of the fresh drink, “feel like talking about it?”
You take a moment to ponder his question, something he doesn’t seem to actually mind. To be honest, it would be nice to get some of this stuff off your chest. Who knows? Maybe you were overreacting, maybe you aren’t reacting enough. Either way, it would nice to talk about it.
“Sure,” you finally say, turning to fully face him.
“Where to begin,” you start, “Well, my boyfriend broke up with me today. Same old sob story of most girls at some point in their life. But, in some ways, my breakup is slightly different.”
You pause a moment, searching for the words to say. You aren’t sure what to tell him, what to leave out, what’s important, what’s not. He seems to read your mind and begins prompting you with questions.
“How long were you two together?”
“On and off for about six or seven years. It’s hard to really say because we have broken up a few times. But before today, it had been about three years since the last breakup so I thought things were finally settled between us. All the drama was over, we were finally taking things seriously.”
“Let me guess. He wasn’t feeling the same way?”
“You could say that. He broke up with me because he cheated.”
T.C. seemed to ponder this for a moment.
“What?” you finally ask.
“It’s just interesting, is all.”
“What is?”
“Well, most of the time when a guy cheats, it’s the girl who does the dumping.”
“True. But, most guys don’t knock up the girl they cheat with.”
“Oof,” T.C. says, “that’s rough. So he broke up with you because he got this other girl pregnant?”
“And let me guess, he told you he was just doing the right thing and making sure this baby has a father around?”
“You guessed it.”
“How noble of him.”
T.C.’s voice is laced with sarcasm causing you both to laugh.
“Yeah,” you sigh, taking another drink, “he even told me how he still loves me and how he wishes things were different.”
“Wow,” T.C. replies, shaking his head, “he sounds like a piece of work. Tell me he was at least good in bed.”
“What?!” you ask, sputtering on your drink.
“Well, honestly, he sounds like a jerk and I can’t understand another reason to stay with him except for him being amazing in bed.”
You are quiet for a bit, just sipping on your drink, deciding on whether or not to say what you are actually thinking.
“I wouldn’t really know,” you finally admit.
“You guys never?”
“No, we did. But not very often. I don’t know if he was good in bed because we never had enough sex for me to really find out. We hadn’t even shared the same bed for at least 7 months prior to the breakup. His choice. Not mine. Believe me.”
“Well that is a shame. If I had a woman like you, I wouldn’t let one day go by without showing her how much she means to me by making her scream in pleasure. Not that...I’m implying we...that wasn’t what…”
You stop his babbling with a hand on his shoulder.
“No worries. I know what you meant. And thank you. Honestly, if I had a guy like you, especially one who looks like you, I wouldn’t let a day go by either without waking you up in the best way possible.”
“Are you saying you find me attractive?” he asks you, a huge grin on his face.
“I might be,” you reply, grinning and taking a sip of your drink.
He acknowledges the compliment with a sip of his own drink, letting the moment linger between you until you break the silence.
“So,” you say, “enough about my sad story. What’s yours?”
He chuckles.
“Same thing I guess. I broke up with my girlfriend. For different reasons than you but same result I guess. Technically, it happened a while ago but this is the first night off I’ve had for it to really sink in.”
“I’m sorry. Why did you break up with her?”
“Well, I just got back from Afghanistan, stuff happened over there, and she couldn’t handle the man it turned me into, which was not a good one, for a while, I admit. I mean, she tried. She really did. But I saw what it was putting her through. And she deserves better than that.”
“Yeah, I get that. That is a lot for some people to deal with.”
“You speak as if you have some experience with it.”
“My brother did two tours in Afghanistan. As did my best friend. And when my friend was home between those tours, his girlfriend at the time experienced the same thing. They ended up breaking up right before he went back.”
“Got it. So you probably do understand. Also, your best friend is a guy? How did your ex feel about that?”
You are quiet for a moment, sipping on your drink.
“Um...he never made it back from that second tour.”
“Oh,” T.C. replies, “I’m sorry to hear that.”
T.C. suddenly signals the bartender to bring over two more shots. Once they arrive, T.C. hands one to you and turns to face you.
“Well, before this night gets even more depressing for both of us, I say we drink one more shot and move on to something a little lighter.”
“I agree!” you say, sick of wallowing in self pity and sorrow.
“To those we’ve lost,” he says, raising his shot glass.
You clink your glass against his and throw back the amber liquid, letting its warmth roll through you as you set the empty glass back down on the counter.
“Now,” he says, “I am breaking my usual rule right now, but, let’s go dance.”
“I don’t know you,” you say hesitantly.
“Hey, I am breaking a very strict no dance rule for you. Don’t let me down now.”
He grins at you, getting off his stool and offering his hand. Convinced, you smile back and take his hand, letting him lead you to the makeshift dance floor where couples are already swaying to the music. He wraps his arm around you and pulls you in close. You can’t help but notice how firm his chest is and how good he smells. Wow, how long has it been since a guy has touched you like this? Probably years. Your ex-boyfriend never wanted to do anything like this. But you push that asshole from your mind and just enjoy the moment as T.C. dances you around the floor.
It is several songs later when you both finally return to your seats, ordering another round of drinks. Your heart is racing and you can tell your face is red and flushed. You are out of breath but you can’t remember the last time you had this much fun. Nothing could spoil your mood now. And then your phone goes off, alerting you to an incoming text. Begrudgingly, you open it.
Hey baby. I am sorry how things worked out between us. I am just trying to do the right thing. But I still love you and can’t stand the thought of you being all alone tonight.
“Are you kidding me?!” you exclaim as you read the text again.
Who the hell does he think he is?
“Is that from him?” T.C. asks, reading over your shoulder.
“Yes! I can’t believe he would have the nerve to send something like that after what he did. Actually, no, I can believe it. He is so oblivious and thinks he is God’s gift to women that he can’t imagine anything but me sitting at home, pining over him. What an ass!”
“Here,” T.C. says, scooting his stool closer to you, “I have an idea.”
Reaching around you, he takes the phone from your hand and fiddles with it for a second. Content, he reaches out in front of you holding the phone.
“Smile,” he says, leaning in and pressing his cheek to yours.
You smile and the camera flashes, capturing the selfie.
“Another,” he says, adjusting the camera angle as he turns his head to plant a kiss on your cheek.
Then he lowers the phone and hands it back to you.
“There,” he tells you, a satisfied grin on his face, “send those to your ex. Show him what happens when he just assumes you’re alone tonight.”
“You are brilliant,” you tell him, pressing send on the pictures.
“Wait!” he says, setting his drink back down, “I have one more picture idea!”
He takes the phone from you again and holds it out with his right hand, making sure the angle is right. Then, with his left, he reaches up, turning your face to him. With a quick glance down, he lowers his lips to yours, kissing you gently. You are surprised at first although you have been hoping he would do that for a while. But the suddenness of it catches you off guard and you take a moment to react. But then your lips part for him and you deepen the kiss. You vaguely register the flash of the camera but it is lost in the back of your mind as you continue kissing the attractive doctor. With his lips still on yours, he sets the phone down and reaches up to lace his fingers in your hair. You slide your hands up his t-shirt and lace your fingers behind his neck. The kiss is passionate and intense, filled with lust and loss. You can’t remember any kiss feeling like this before. But all too soon, his lips are gone and he sits back in his seat, taking a deep drink of his whiskey. You do the same, needing a moment to recover. Then you feel his hand on your knee.
“Send him that last picture then do you want to get out of here? Only if you want to of course.”
“Absolutely,” you tell him, leaning in to kiss him again really quick, making sure he knows that you definitely do want to leave with him.
You send the text, he pays the tabs, and then you are walking out the door with the handsome doctor, eager to get somewhere private to start the second part of your night.
After a quick discussion, you both decide to go back to your place. Since you were both drinking, he calls a cab and you climb in the backseat once it arrives, trying to hide how suddenly nervous you are. The ride is quick, quicker than you would like honestly and before long, the cab is pulling up in front of your place. T.C. climbs out and helps you out as well. In silence, you both walk to the front door, you unlock it, and you both go inside. The silence is thick around you as you fiddle with your keys, finally setting them in the bowl on the table by the front door.
“I’m sorry,” you say, afraid to look him in the eye.
“Don’t apologize,” he tells you, placing his hand on your shoulder, “we don’t have to do anything if you’re not comfortable or not ready.”
“No, no,” you tell him, “it’s not that. It’s just...I have no idea how to do this. You know, how to get things going or whatever. Not exactly one of my strengths.”
“Oh,” he replies, looking surprised, “well if that’s the only issue…”
His sentence trails off as he steps closer to you. He wraps his arm around your waist, pulling you against his chest. The other hand comes up to brush a piece of hair out of your face.
“Why don’t we just start with this?” he asks rhetorically.
With that, his lips come down to yours, kissing you passionately, no longer inhibited by the gaze of the people surrounding you in the bar. With his lips on yours, your nervousness melts away and you return his kiss. Your hands slip around his waist and up his back as he spins you around, pressing you against the front door. Slipping your tongue past his lips, it tangles with is and you hear him sigh into your mouth. The evidence of how much he enjoys it presents itself against your leg, heightening your own arousal. Suddenly you can’t get him to the bedroom soon enough.
“Let’s go upstairs,” you tell him, pulling away from him and leading him towards the stairs.
Once in the bedroom, he backs you towards the bed. His mouth is back on yours and you are kissing, open-mouthed, tongues tangling. Your knees hit the edge of the bed. Smirking, you slide your hands down, palming his hard length through his jeans, causing him to groan loudly and tangle both hands in your hair. You quit teasing him and reach to remove his white t-shirt over his head. For a moment, you pause in kissing him, admiring his sculpted chest underneath. His doesn’t comment on your staring, only smirks at you and reaches over to return the favor, pulling your shirt over your head as well. Then he is the one staring. And almost reverently, he reaches behind you, popping the clasp on your bra and taking it off.
“Damn!” is all he says as he leans over, taking one of your nipples into his mouth.
“Oh god, T.C.!” you exclaim as he sucks on you, his tongue flicking and playing.
He moves to the other nipple applying the same treatment, his eyes glancing up at you, eating up your reactions to his attentions. While his tongue circles your nipple, his hand slides down your side and underneath your skirt. Teasingly, his finger glides up and down your opening through your underwear.
“Already this wet for me?” he whispers, grinning against your chest.
He slides the silk aside and slips one finger inside you, pumping it in and out as his thumb finds your clit. You throw your head back, moaning loudly as you feel him insert another feeling.
“More, please,” you beg and he speeds up his thrusts.
You can feel your orgasm building and start thrusting your hips in time with his fingers. His lips leave your chest and return to yours, kissing you deeply as you explode around his hand, pleasure surging through your body as your knees go weak, causing you to collapse against him.
“Holy shit T.C.!” you say, panting in the aftermath of your orgasm.
“That’s just the beginning,” he promises.
Standing up, he pulls your skirt and underwear down, helping you step out of them. Once naked, he captures your mouth again as you undo his belt and take his pants up. Still kissing, you reach between you two and stroke him. Groaning, he thrusts into your hand.
“Bed, now,” he gasps.
The two of you collapse back on the bed, crawling up to the pillows. The kisses are desperate now, hands sliding all over, exploring, grabbing. Without hesitation, he slides inside you, immediately setting a fast, frenzied pace. Sex was never like this with your ex and you are shocked at how amazing this feels. You grab his hair, pulling his lips back to yours, while he throws one of your legs over his shoulders, fucking you deeper.
“T.C.!” you gasp, “I’m...I’m gonna come again!”
“Come for me baby!”
Your second orgasm of the night washes over you, better than the first one. Not giving you any time to recover, T.C. slides out of you and sits up. He pulls you down into his lap, sliding inside you again. He is so deep, hitting spots you never knew existed. His arms are wrapped around your middle and his hips thrust wildly up into you.
“I can’t hold off much longer,” he tells you between gasping breaths, “Come one more time for me.”
His hand reaches between you, his thumb finding your clit. He rubs desperate circles on it. And unbelievably, for the third time that night, you feel your body explode and give over to its third orgasm. T.C. follows with his own release seconds later. Exhausted, sweaty, breathing hard, you collapse beside each other on the bed.
“That...was...amazing!” you tell him.
“Yeah, wow,” he agrees, “can’t remember the last time I had sex like that.”
“I’ve never had sex like that!”
He chuckles and rolls onto his side. You roll to face him and he leans across to kiss you gently. Scooting over, you lay your head on his chest as his arm comes around you, his fingers stroking up and down your arm. You feel him kiss the top of your head and you smile.
“So,” he says, his voice sounding sleepy, “I need to rest for a bit, probably an hour or two, then I am totally planning on waking you up for round two.”
“I like the sound of that,” you tell him, snuggling into his chest, “Although I am not sure how anything will compete with that first round.”
“Oh, you have no idea,” he laughs, “I haven’t even shown you what I can do with my mouth yet.”
A tingle goes through you as you already begin imagining what will happen in a few hours. In seconds, you hear his breathing even out as he falls asleep. And you aren’t far behind. But the last thought you have before you nod off is that you never even looked at your phone to see what your ex said.

Chapter Text

You are horny, horny as hell. There is no other word for it. Yes, you know it isn’t exactly lady-like to use such a word but who cares? After being on the road hunting for a week, you are craving for just one moment alone, just one moment of relief. Granted, you tried to get relief while on the hunt, using the one night you went to the bar with the boys to attempt to pick up a random guy. But no such luck. Of course, they were both successful, leaving you even more sexually frustrated. You were planning on getting yourself off last night before bed but by the time you got home from the hunt, said goodnight to Sam and Dean, and slid between the covers, you were just too tired. You even tried, your hands roaming your heated body, every nerve on edge. But somehow, in the midst of it, you fell asleep and never reached the moment of climax you desperately need. But it is morning now. The bunker is quiet and you know you have at least an hour before you need to meet the boys down in the kitchen to discuss the next case.
As usual, you slept naked and you can feel the way the soft sheets caress your skin. Everything feels on edge, aroused. You feel the cotton slide over your nipples, instantly making them harden. You groan, needing release. Excited about this rare moment alone, you slide your hand down your body, swirling your finger briefly over your clit before returning to your breasts. You take your time as you give them a gentle squeeze, feeling their weight in your hands. You pinch your nipples, making them even harder. They have always been your most sensitive part. You gently circle around them, avoiding the most sensitive spot, teasing yourself. Then, you give each nipple a hard squeeze, causing you to call out as you almost come right on the spot.
Your body surging with pleasure now, you slide a hand back down to your entrance. Spreading your legs wider, you bring your knees up, opening yourself up, making you feel sexy and exposed. With one finger, you trace up and down your slit, shocked at how wet you already are. But you aren’t ready to fully give over to your orgasm yet. You continue teasing, sliding your hands up and down your thighs, occasionally brushing up and over your clit. When you can’t take it anymore, you begin circling your clit with one finger, using your wetness to glide over it. As you circle, you slide one finger inside, moving it in and out. It feels amazing. Already, you are close to finishing. You slide in one more finger, pumping them in and out as you continue circling that sensitive bundle of nerves. Then something makes your stop completely as your body stiffens in shock.
“Need a hand?” you hear from the now open door; you glance towards the voice in horror.
Standing at the door is Dean, looking at you with amusement and more than a hint of lust. His eyes are directed towards your spread legs where your fingers are still inside of you. Wait, what? Fuck! You quickly remove your fingers and grab the sheets to cover yourself.
“Shit! Dean! Knock much?!”
“Sorry,” he apologizes, looking sincere, “I just heard you in here and, well, I was curious.”
“Oh god, you heard me too?!”
“Darling, you are not exactly quiet.”
“Shit. Sorry. I just….you know...really needed to.”
“Trust me, I get it,” he tells you, walking towards the bed, “We all hit that point. Hell, I’m there too. Which is probably why I opened the door. I mean, clearly I was enjoying it.”
He directs your gaze down to his jeans which are tented impressively with his reaction to you. And you can’t deny how wet the sight makes you.
“I really am sorry I invaded your privacy. If you want me to leave,” he says, getting your attention, “I will. I promise.”
You consider the offer.
“But,” he continues, his fingers slowly reaching out to trace down your throat, “I would honestly love to stay and give you a hand...maybe a mouth?”
The smirk on his face is irresistible, and you would be lying if you said you hadn’t thought about it before. Well, thought about both him and Sam honestly. So, realizing he has already seen everything anyway, you nod your head yes.
“Okay,” you finally manage to say and a smile crosses his face.
Gently, he lowers the covers you are holding tightly to your body. He moves your arms to the side, revealing your naked body.
“Gorgeous,” he says, grinning, “Now lay back.”
You do as he says, laying back on the pillow, watching him. He straightens your legs then parts them, once again staring at the spot right between your thighs. Almost reverently, he reaches out and strokes one finger up your slit. Your hips buck up at his touch.
“You were close,” he smirks, running his finger up and down, gathering the wetness there.
You nod at him, unable to speak. You are so turned on. With a grin and an eyebrow raise that asks permission, he leans down and licks one long strip up your opening and over your clit.
“Fuck you taste good,” he tells you, diving in to taste you again.
His tongue enters you and you cry out in pleasure. Encouraged by your reaction, he reaches his thumb up and circles your clit, putting pressure on it as he does. Your body explodes in pleasure, waves of orgasm pulsing through you.
“Dean!” you call, “Fuck!”
He sits ups, smirking at you.
“I’m not done yet,” he tells you, smiling.
While you are still riding the crest of the first orgasm, he slips two fingers inside you and starts pumping them in and out, twisting them and turning them in a way that only comes from experience. He is hitting new spots in you, his thumb working your clit again, and you can feel your second orgasm coming on fast. He senses it too and works his fingers faster, harder. In mere seconds, you are falling over the edge again, coming all over his hand.
“Oh god, Dean, shit!”
He works you through your orgasm, helping your body relax against the bed when it finishes. You smile up at him in thanks, unable to speak.
“That was hot,” is all he says as he heads towards the door.
Mustering your strength, you call out to him,
“Dean! Get your ass back here!”
He turns, surprised, and walks back towards the bed. You sit up as he approaches, grabbing him by the belt and pulling him towards you. Smirking up at him, you palm him through his pants. He groans and thrusts up into your hand. You squeeze him, smiling, and ask him,
“You didn’t really think we were done yet, did you?”

Chapter Text

The hunt is already long and it hasn’t even really begun yet. Exhausted, you shuffle into the motel room you are sharing with Dean. Normally, you would each have separate rooms but this is the only room available and you are both too tired to argue or find another place. Thankfully, the bed is huge and can easily fit both of you.
“I’ll take left, you take right?” Dean asks, stripping out of his clothes.
“Sounds good to me.”
Dean is down to his boxers already and pulls back the covers to collapse in bed. You, however, need a little more effort to get ready for bed. After using the restroom and taking a moment to brush your teeth, you return to the room. For a moment, you ponder what to sleep in. It’s not that you really care since the two of you are pretty close anyway. But you hadn’t asked him what he is comfortable with so it gives you pause. But exhaustion and a desire for comfort wins out and you strip down to your underwear and slip beneath the covers. In moments, you are sound asleep.
It is hours later when you wake up, your eyes trying to focus in the dark as you slowly remember where you are. The room is silent except for the traffic noises outside, but even those are few and far between. Not much happens out in the middle of nowhere. You are about to roll over and go back to sleep when you suddenly hear a faint noise beside you, something sounding almost like a moan. You freeze. Was that moan Dean? Was he just making noises in his sleep? Then you hear another one, slightly louder than the first, and a whispered word you can’t make out. Your body is on full alert as you try to figure out what to do.
The bed springs squeak slightly as you feel Dean adjust whatever position he is laying in and the light slapping sounds confirm exactly what he is doing next to you. For a moment, you just lay there, your breath caught in your throat, trying to figure out how to handle this. It’s clear that he thinks you are asleep and it would save embarrassment for everyone if you just turn over and do just that. But you can’t ignore this. Not only is it distracting in general, making sleep impossible, but you find yourself, unexpectedly, incredibly turned on. It’s not like you haven’t noticed how attractive Dean is or how he sometimes stares at you. But you never thought of anything like this happening. Until now.
Dean moans again next to you and the sounds of his hand around his cock speed up. Almost like a reflex, you find your hand slipping down your body, sliding over your breast, pinching your nipple as you go. Being extra careful not to make Dean aware of your awake status, you slide your hand beneath the waistband of your panties. Already you can tell how wet you are, confirming it by gliding a finger along your slit. It feels so good and you stifle a moan of your own as you continue to listen to the sounds of Dean’s pleasure in the bed next to you.
But your underwear is restricting your movements, hindering your own pleasure, so carefully, slowly, you slide them down your legs and kick them to the side. Feeling free, you open your legs wider, being very careful not to make Dean aware of your movements or touch his leg with your foot. You hear him grunt next to you and can tell he is getting completely lost in what he is doing. His voice is shaky as he moans and his hand moves faster. At his sounds, you feel wetness surge between your thighs and you insert two fingers inside, thrusting them gently as your other hand slides slowly down, your fingers lightly circling your clit.
It feels so good and soon you are as lost as Dean, his sounds prompting you to move faster, harder, almost forgetting you are trying not let him know you hear him and that you are awake as well, doing what he is doing. As a moan escapes his lips, a moan escapes yours as well. But you barely notice. You are too lost in your own pleasure.
But he notices. And suddenly you feel his lips at your ear. His hand doesn’t leave his cock and his stroking becomes even harder and faster as he realizes the effect he is having on you. You moan louder as he takes your earlobe between his teeth, running his tongue over the sensitive flesh before dropping his lips to your neck and letting out a shuddering breath against your collarbone.
Neither of you says a word as you both continue to climb the heights of your own pleasure, your individual sounds spurring the other on. All inhibitions are lost at this point and the bed shakes with your movements. Dean’s face is buried in your neck, his sounds muffled against your skin as his hand moves faster and faster on his cock. Your fingers pump faster inside you as your finger presses down on your clit. You are both so close. Dean’s breathing speeds up and soon the sounds of his moans tell you he is cumming, spilling into his fist. His sounds of pleasure trigger your own orgasm and you finish with a scream, your hips arching off the bed.
As you slowly come down from your high, you sink into the bed, feeling Dean do the same next to you. For several long moments there is only the silence of the hotel room as you both realize what just happened.
“Uh...Dean…” you begin, searching for words.
“Yeah…” he also begins.
But words fail both of you and, after several more moments of silence, you roll onto your side, facing away from Dean. You aren’t really sure what to do. And he doesn’t seem to know either. But, in a completely unexpected gesture, you feel him slide over to you and slip his arm around your waist. Spooning you, he places a kiss on your neck before resting his head on the pillow next to you. There will definitely need to be some discussion in the morning. But for now, you are content to simply fall asleep in his arms, mind replaying what just happened.

Chapter Text

“I have one last birthday surprise for you,” Neal tells you as you both walk through the door of his little apartment.
“Another one? Neal, you really didn’t have to. This birthday has already been so amazing with the dinner, and the dancing, and the necklace.”
Your fingers move up to your throat to finger the delicate jewels that now adorn your neck. Neal is always spoiling you but he has gone above and beyond for your birthday. You can’t possibly imagine what more he has planned.
“Well, this surprise is a little bit different,” he says as he takes of his tie and unbuttons the first few buttons of his shirt.
“Oh really?” you inquire, smiling at him seductively.
“Absolutely,” he replies, “just lay back on the bed.”
“So it is that type of surprise.”
Neal doesn’t answer, just watches you as you make your way over to the bed. Before you lay down, you slip your dress over your head, leaving you in just your underwear and heels. You begin to take your shoes off as well but Neal’s voice stops you.
“Heels on,” he commands you, his voice leaving no room for argument.
You smirk at him and climb on top of the covers. Making your way towards the head of the bed, you find yourself stopped by Neal’s hand around your ankle and you look back to see him shaking his head no.
“I want you here,” he tells you, “sitting on the edge of the bed.”
“Okay…” you reply, confused but doing as he says.
You sit down and dangle your feet over the edge, leaning back on your elbows as you watch Neal, trying to figure out what he is planning. Shirt half unbuttoned, he leans over you, grinning down at you as his eyes roam down your body. With a grin, he reaches behind you and removes your bra, his hand taking time to graze over your breasts, tweaking your nipples as he goes. You gasp at the sensation and moan lightly as his hand slides down your stomach, past your hips, to between your legs. Gently, he pushes you back a little further and spreads your legs.
“Already so wet,” he chuckles, his fingers now making circular movements between your thighs, through your panties.
“So,” he begins, his hand continuing to tease you through the fabric as he talks to you, “I know we have slept together already a handful of times. But there is one thing I haven’t done yet. It happens to be my favorite thing to do for a girl but I wanted to save the first time for a special occasion.”
As he talks, your brain begins to cycle through what he could possibly be talking about. There are a number of things he could be referring to, you guess. The sex you have had with him hasn’t been too much more than vanilla up to this point. Not bad, of course. Actually, it has been quite amazing. But nothing too fancy either. You are both still trying to learn each other’s bodies and what the other likes. Honestly, you haven’t even given him a blow job yet, although the thought has crossed your mind.
Before you have time to wonder further what his plans might be, you find your panties are gone, subtly slid down your legs and deposited on the floor. In their place is Neal’s face, his eye looking pleadingly up at you from between your thighs, asking your permission. You feel your breath catch in your throat, suddenly aware of what he means. And you know why he waited until now. No guy has ever gone down on you before. No guy has ever even offered. And this is something you shared with Neal fairly early in the relationship. It means a lot to you that he wants to make it special. And your birthday seems like a perfectly special occasion. So you nod your head yes.
With a beaming smile on his face, Neal lowers his lips down to your dripping entrance and you brace for the feeling of him kissing you there. But it doesn’t come. Instead, a cool breath ghosts over your skin, sending shivers up your spine and raising goosebumps on your skin. The teasing breaths continue and you wriggle on the mattress, loving and hating it at the same time. You hear Neal chuckle as you try to lift your hips to meet his mouth, the teasing making you all the more desperate to experience what you have been missing out on all these years. But a firm hand on your pelvis presses you back down into the mattress, reminding you that he is in control. Gently, he kisses the insides of your thighs, moving down towards your knees then back closer to where you want him. His kisses get closer and closer to your center and you hold back a frustrated whine. In response to your protests, he simply grins against your skin. Finally his teasing ceases and his mouth is once again hovering over your dripping entrance, even more wet now after his attentions. You glance down and see him grin up at you, his eagerness to do this obvious on his face. With one last smirk, he lowers his face between your legs and finally kisses you where you have never been kissed before.
The sensation is different, unexpected, but incredibly wonderful. He continues to press slow kisses all over, up and down your slit and up to the throbbing bundle of nerves above it. You writhe against his grip on your hips, desperate for more contact. He readily obliges you and his kisses become open against your skin, his tongue darting out to slide briefly inside you. At his first taste of you, he moans deep in his throat and dives in to taste more of you. The vibrations of his moans resonate through you and you answer with a moan of your own.
“Oh god, Neal! Fuck!”
“You like that beautiful?” he asks, lifting his head just enough to meet your eyes.
“Yes!” you reply, the answer more whine than actual word, “Please don’t stop.”
“As you wish,” he answers, a cheeky smile on his face.
Neal dives back between your legs with more zeal than before, his tongue exploring every inch of you. Curse words fall from your lips as your hands find their way into his hair, holding his mouth to you as you thrust your hips against his mouth. To get a better angle, Neal suddenly places your legs over his shoulders as his hands slide beneath your ass, bringing you closer to his mouth and holding you against him as he continues to eat you out. Your hands tangle further in his hair and you can feel yourself rushing quickly towards climax.
“Neal...please…” you beg, not even sure what you’re begging for.
His tongue and his lips are everywhere, inside you, running along your slit, then sliding up to your aching clit. Your orgasm gets closer and you desperately want more from him. Neal senses your desperation and his lips move up to that little bundle of nerves. Sucking it into his mouth, his hand reaches up and he slips two fingers inside you, making a come hither motion that immediately sends you over the edge.
“Oh fuck!” you scream, holding Neal’s face to you as you ride out your climax.
He continues eating you out through your orgasm, Your brain soon begins coming down from the waves of pleasure and your body begins sagging in relief. But Neal doesn’t even stop then. His mouth continues working you over with renewed vigor, pushing you quickly towards a second climax. You feel his tongue deep inside you, touching parts you never imagined he could. As you glance down, you realize just how sexy he looks. His hair is a rumpled mess, his eyes are closed in pleasure as his mouth continues working towards bringing you to a second orgasm. Then you suddenly can’t process how sexy he looks as your climax hits you like a freight train, waves of pleasure washing over you as your speech becomes incoherent. You writhe and thrash on the bed as you pulse against Neal’s mouth. As your brain becomes blank, you realize you never knew it could feel like this.
The attentions of Neal’s mouth slow as he coaxes you down through your second high. As you collapse back down on the bed, Neal moves from between your legs and up your body. His lips capture yours and you can taste yourself on his tongue, something you thought would be kind of gross but actually turns out to be incredibly hot.
“That was amazing!” you whisper into his mouth as he kisses you passionately.
“I’m glad you liked it,” he replies, jokingly, as he deepens the kiss by pulling you tighter against his body.
For several long moments, you simply kiss him, your body still humming in pleasure from his actions. But when you finally feel you have your breath back, you surprise him by flipping both of you over so he is laying on his back beneath you. With a wicked smirk, you give him one last kiss before slowly moving your mouth down his body. You take the time to kiss his chest, his abs, savoring the taste of his skin, continuing to move down until you reach his hard cock. It is obvious how much going down on you turned him on and you feel yourself getting wet all over again at the thought. You look up at him from your place at the foot of the bed, happy he is watching your every movement, a question in his eyes. With a smile, you answer that question.
“It’s my turn now.”

Chapter Text

How could you be so stupid? Did you really think that he would wait around for you when you constantly went out on hunts? You can’t even blame him for cheating. It’s not like you are around much. And yet it hurts; it hurts all the same. He seemed so different, like he understood your weird schedule, your secretiveness, your constant trips. But apparently he didn’t; he was just like everyone else.
More thoughts like these run through your head as you down the remaining whiskey in your glass. You want more and head towards the bunker’s kitchen to refill your tumbler. You are almost there when you hear the chords of an AC/DC song coming down the hallway. Dean must be in the kitchen too. For a moment, you consider just turning back and forgetting about the whiskey. You don’t want to see anyone. And clearly neither do Dean or Sam since the three of you immediately retreated to your rooms when you got home earlier that night. But the desire for whiskey outweighs your desire to avoid people and you push your way into the kitchen.
Dean is leaning over the counter, sipping his own glass of whiskey, eyes closed as he takes in the lyrics pouring over him. He didn’t hear you come in and you don’t want to startle him so you stand in the door for a moment, uncertain of what to do.
“What do you want?” he grunts, his eyes still closed. So he did hear you.
“Just came to get more whiskey. I’ll be out of your hair in no time.”
You walk over to the bottle sitting next to him and fill your glass to the halfway mark, immediately taking a few large gulps of it. Dean eyes you for a moment.
“You okay?” he asks, taking a drink from his glass.
“Just fine,” you mutter, turning to leave.
But when Dean remains silent, you stop. Normally, he would never let it go just like that. He would pressure you to find out what you are hiding. Not that you actually want him to do that. But his lack of questions is incredibly unsettling and you turn back to face him.
“Are YOU okay?” you ask slowly, noticing the way he avoids eye contact with you.
He doesn’t answer with words but lets out a slight grunt and turns his attention back to his whiskey. Although you want nothing more than to retreat to your room again, you can’t leave Dean like this. So you gently approach him.
“Dean,” you say hesitantly, “if this is about the wasn’t your fault.”
He shakes off your hand and walks across the kitchen, taking a long swig from his glass as he restarts the song.
“There was nothing you could have done to save her. She was gone the moment that demon took over.”
His head bobs to the music, ignoring what you’re saying. You want to continue to press the issue, hating how Dean beats himself up over things he can’t control. But you know it will do no good and you are honestly in no mood to deal with his attitude.
“Fine,” you say, giving up and walking towards the door, “just stay in here and wallow. I have my own issues to deal with.”
You start to wander out of the kitchen when Dean’s voice behind you stops you in your tracks.
“Hey!” he barks, more aggressively that you’re sure he means to, “you don’t get to leave so easy. If you’re gonna chew me out for wallowing, then you at least have to tell me what’s going on.”
Upset by his tone, you turn back towards him abruptly.
“I wasn’t chewing you out!” you yell at him, “I was concerned about you! So sorry!”
“Well I’m worried about you too!”
“Fine! If you really want to know what’s wrong...Jordan cheated on me!”
The anger in Dean’s face immediately dissipates and is replaced with a look of pity and concern.
“Seriously?” he asks, coming towards you, bottle of whiskey extended.
“Yeah,” you reply, holding out your glass for him to fill up, “Guess he couldn’t handle my lifestyle the way he said he could when we first started going out.”
Dean sighs and clinks his glass to yours before you both take a long drink.
“Well, I am more than happy to kick that son-of-a-bitch’s ass for you. Just say the word.”
“No need,” you say, shaking your head, “I can’t honestly say I blame him. Not that I’m justifying his cheating but I do get it. I’m never around. I have all these secrets. I think it’s just time for me to accept that a hunter has no time for a dating life.”
“Don’t talk like that,” Dean replies, his voice taking on a harsh edge, “You’ll find someone. And you could even take a step back from hunting, start living a more normal life.”
As he sips his drink, you just stare at Dean, dumbfounded.
“What?” he asks when he finally notices you staring at him.
“Live a normal life? Step back from hunting?”
“Yeah, you could easily do it.”
“Well, yeah, I could. But that doesn’t mean I want to. Would you ever do that?”
“Of course not. But that’s different.”
“Why?” you demand, your anger rising once again, “Why is it so different?”
“It just is, okay?!”
Dean begins stalking away again, heading for the now almost empty whiskey bottle. But you have had it.
“No!” you shout at his back, slamming your glass down on the counter, “It’s not different. You always act like the martyr who doesn’t deserve anything good. Like all you deserve is hunting and one night stands and you have no choice, acting like you’re the only one who this life is difficult for. But it’s difficult for all of us! And yes, any one of us could leave the like regular people! But you know as well as I do that we would never make that choice, that the hunter life is just part of who we are.”
As you are ranting, the two of you move closer to one another, anger and stress streaming off you both in waves.
“And yes,” you continue “sometimes the whole dating, steady relationship thing is appealing. But you know what? Sometimes so is the blow off stress, one night stand thing.”
“One night stand? What the hell do you know about one night stands? When is the last time you had a one night stand?”
“Okay, so it’s been awhile! That’s exactly what I’m saying! I kept trying the dating thing but, to prove my point, it’s not worth it!”
“Fine! Then give up the dating thing! I won’t stop you! How about you go the bar right now and pick up some guy?!”
“Well maybe I will!”
“Please,” Dean scoffs, “you won’t do it. That’s not you. That’s what I’m trying to say. You’re the dating type who’s just giving up too easy. I’m the one night stand type.”
At this point, you and Dean are mere inches from each other, the heat rolling off of you and filling the air around you.
“Don’t test me, Dean! I’ll do it. In fact, I’m going to go change and leave right now!”
“Great! Go ahead!”
Chests heaving, you and Dean simply stare at each other, eyes searching the other. Then suddenly Dean’s hands are tangled in your hair, his mouth on yours, lips consuming and devouring. Your body immediately responds to his, moaning into the kiss and leaning against him. Hands sliding up his chest, they don’t push him away but rather pull him closer, grabbing the front of his shirt and clutching it as if your life depends on it.
The kisses are rough and desperate, matching the beat of AC/DC still playing in the background. Eager, he backs you against the metal counter, his hands landing on either side of you as lips move from your mouth to your neck.
“Dean,” you moan, feeling his teeth nip at the delicate skin on your throat.
Your hands find his hair and bring his mouth back to yours as his hands wrap around your middle and slide down to your ass.
“Now’s your moment to ask me to stop,” Dean gasps out, briefly breaking the intense lip lock.
“Just shut up and kiss me,” you reply, bringing your lips back to his.
With this green light, Dean pulls your hips to his and you can feel the stiff outline against his jeans. This only serves to fuel the fire and you intensify the kiss, sliding your tongue into his mouth and over his. Clutching handfuls of your ass, he pulls you even closer as if he can’t get close enough. But as you discover moments later, closer is definitely possible.
In one swift moment, his hands slide up from your ass and remove your t-shirt over your head. He follows instantly with your bra, wasting no time in getting you topless. Moaning, you throw your head back as his rough hands find your breasts, massaging them in a manner that is not remotely close to gentle. Then you gasp as his hands suddenly wrap on your waist and put you on the metal surface behind you. His mouth leaves yours as he buries his face in your cleavage, lips sucking and biting every bit of skin he can reach.
“Damn Dean,” you whisper, hands holding his head to you as he sucks one nipple between his lips.
He moves to the other one and your hair grasps his hair tighter, hips thrusting upward in hopes for contact with his body. Frustrated and needing more, you pull his mouth back to yours.
“No more foreplay,” you whisper against his lips as you jump down from the counter, slipping the plaid shirt off his shoulders in the process.
Once your feet are back on the ground, you immediately follow with his t-shirt, tossing it to the side as your tongue glides over his now-bare pecs. You let your mouth continue exploring his chest as your fingers work to undo his belt buckle. The sound it makes as it slides out from his jeans and lands on the floor is one of the sexiest things you have heard in awhile. That is, until you grip his hard shaft through the denim and the groan it earns you blows the belt buckle out of the water.
You slide his jeans down his legs, taking his boxers with them, leaving him completely naked in front of you.
“What are you doing?” he asks when you don’t move.
“Just taking a moment to appreciate,” you reply, a smirk on your face.
That smirk is quickly whipped away by his kiss as he kicks out of his jeans and pulls you close to him again. His tongue tangles with yours and he slides your sweatpants down along with your lace black thong. Then it’s his turn to appreciate.
“Damn,” he murmurs as his eyes roam over your every curve.
Then his hands are on you again, gripping your hips as he backs you over to the table. Jumping up, you let him lay you back on the cold surface, spreading your legs wide for him and pulling him towards you by wrapping your legs around him. Dean braces himself with one arm as he reaches his other hand down and slides a finger along your wet slit.
“Oh god Dean,” you whine, moving your hips up to meet his hand, seeking more, “just fuck me already!”
“I was making sure you were ready for me, but, sweetheart, you’re soaked.”
No more words are said as Dean presses you back onto the table and lines his cock up at your entrance. In one swift movement, he enters you, causing both of you to hiss in pleasure, eyes closing as you both adjust to the new feeling. But it only takes seconds before Dean begins slamming into you, setting a brutal pace as he fucks you harder than you have ever experienced before.
“Oh shit!” you scream, gripping the edges of the table as Dean’s fingers grasp your waist.
“Fuck baby, I’m not gonna last long this time.”
With a few more strokes, he is groaning out your name and his orgasm pulls you over the edge and into your own. Dean sighs happily as he collapses on top of you, kissing you again. But the kiss is different this time, filled with satiation and passion. You return the kiss, your pulse still racing but a smile on your face, one Dean can feel against his lips. Finally he releases your lips, resting his forehead against yours.
“That was fucking incredible,” he tells you, grinning.
“It sure was.”
Both of you just smile at each other in silence, heartbeats returning to normal and breath beginning to even out. When you are both back to relatively normal, Dean stands up and begins to gather his discarded clothing.
“So,” you begin as you slip on your pants, “I feel like you said something about finishing fast this time? Meaning you intend on there being other times?”
“Well,” Dean replies, pulling up his jeans, “I was thinking of dragging you back to my bedroom right now so I can take my time with you. If you’re up for it that is.”
“Count me in,” you say with a smirk, pulling on your t-shirt.
“Excellent. Then let’s go.”
“Oh please do!”
The sound of Sam’s voice from the hallway freezes both of you in your paths and you just stare at each other for a second, slight embarrassment crossing your faces. You completely forgot Sam was in the bunker too. But you are too elated and satisfied to feel bad for long and you hear yourself giggle a little as Dean throws his arm around your shoulders and you head out of the kitchen.
“Sorry Sam,” Dean apologizes as you walk by him and down the hall towards Dean’s room.
And the last thing you hear is Sam mumbling about needing something stronger than a beer now but his voice is quickly drowned out by the feeling of Dean’s teeth nibbling your ear.