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His Voice: HIStory3 Trapped

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His voice always echoes around this house . It calms him, but now that's the only thing that can calm him. So what happens when it goes away? We all know how he reacted when he was gone just for a day. How do you think he will react with a longer period of time? What he do when he finds out that it's not just Shao Fei that he has to save?'

Let's just say Tang Yi went a little overboard. Somehow, it went further than when he went to visit his adoptive family. "Cough" 80 missed calls, 30 voice messages, 100 tests, and 35 voice mails very close to turning Taiwan upside down "cough". Wow had a lot stuck there, well, Jack has physical proof unbeknownst to his boss for blackmail purposes.

Tang Yi almost jumped out of his car leaving Jack in the back as he went searching for Shao Fei. Even with his calm exterior, anyone could see that the boss was not fine.

"Shao Fei?! Shao Fei?!" He yelled running through the halls of their shared house. He finally reached their bedroom and found no one there. He almost tore the place apart looking for something. A'Fei's clothes were still there, but everything else was gone. No A'Fei.

"A'Fei?!" He checked his phone again and still nothing. 

"Are you forgetting the GPS on his phone?" Jack asked as he passed twirling his knife looking a little out of breath.

"No I haven't. It has only been three days since he's contacted me." Tang Yi said with a large hint of sarcasm. Jack held up his hands in surrender with his usual smirk on his face. Tang Yi pinched the bridge of his nose trying to figure out what happened.

"Boss? We found a note." One of his workers said. He nodded and took it from the man.

'Hi Mr. Tang Yi, want to find your boy toy? Come to ********* and choose.' Tang Yi crumpled the note trying to keep his anger at bay.

"What do you wish to do boss?" Jack asked leaning in the door frame.

"Get ready. We're leaving at first light." He spat before going to his room. He closed and locked it. With quick strides, Tang Yi reached into his closet and took Shao Fei's hoodie and laid down on the bed calming down instantly as he fell asleep to the smell of his lover. No one could ever see him in this state, not even Hong Ye. He could still hear Shao Fei's voice as he yelled across a room for him.

Jack's POV

I walked over to Zhao Zi's house with a big smile on my face. I opened the door to find Zhao Zi sitting in front of a cup of instant noodles.

"Hi." Zhao Zi turned around with big eyes. 'Cute.' I walked over and offered my heart to him in the form of my famous feast.

"Okay, you're forgiven." I smirked and sat down next to him.

"I would like it better if you would eat me." I tried to hide my laugh as Zhao Zi turned a bright pink.

"W-What are you saying?!" He asked and tried to get away from my gaze. "I will not eat people!"

"You are too innocent, my little foodie." I ruffled his hair to his dismay. "But this isn't the only reason why I'm here. When was the last time you saw Shao Fei?" My face got serious as I watched all of the emotions run through his face.

"I saw him a few days ago. Wait, is A'Fei in trouble?! Did something happen to him?!" Zhao Zi tried to get answers from me as he shook me roughly. In a different situation, I would love his touch. "Please don't tell me that A'Fei is dead!" 

I clasped his hand in mine and intertwined our fingers. "He is not dead. We just don't know where he is, and the boss is just getting very frustrated since he has lost contact with Shao Fei." I tried to calm him, but nothing seemed to work. Then a nice lightbulb appeared.




I leaned in and kissed his soft lips. I smirked against them and wrapped an arm around his waist. When I pulled away, Zhao Zi was red all over and breathing heavily.

"I'll see you when I get back." I said smirking. I turned to leave the dining room until I felt a hand around my wrist. "What is it my little foodie?" I asked when I turned to see him with his head down.

"Please stay." I smiled down at the mop of black hair that I can call mine. I walked over to Zhao Zi, my smile growing with each step.

"I will never leave you, Zhao Zi." I placed my thumb and index finger under his chin and made him look at me. "I love you Zhao Li'An. Please look at me." I smiled wide as he finally looked up at me. 

I picked Zhao Zi up and we both fell asleep in each other's arms.

3rd Person POV

Tang Yi woke up to find the bed felt cold. Everything came back and he ran to put on a suit before meeting Jack and his driver at the door.

When they got to the building, it looked like something from Cheung Wen Hao, but he was already done with this company, so who is doing this? Tang Yi walked in with Jack and a few men trailing behind him.

"It's nice to see you again, Tang Yi." Everyone looked up to see Li Zhi De. The men pulled guns out ready to fire. Jack kept his sly smirk on his face as Tang Yi's poker face faltered. "Are you looking for your precious boy toy?"

"Just give Meng Shao Fei back to Xiang Tian Meng and no one will get hurt." Tang Yi said clenching his fists to stop from punching the man in front of him. Blood was starting to pool in his fists, but he didn't give two shits.

"Choose then." A'De's voice echoed through the buidling.

"Choose what?"

"Oh, do you not know? Well, I guess I could let little FeiFei answer himself." He motioned for some men to come closer. They brought in a computer and showed live video footage of Shao Fei chained to a chair. Tang Yi had to fight down the urge to kill A'De and moved closer to the scren.

"Haha, Meng Shao Fei, have anything to say to your gang leader of a boyfriend?" A'De crossed his arms over his chest loving how he had the upper hand after many years. Now, the big bad boss has two weaknesses. Hong Ye and Shao Fei. Shao Fei looked up at Tang Yi with pleading eyes. "IF you won't then I will." A'De snapped his fingers, and Shao Fei paled considerably seeing a shadow come closer.

"No!" A'Fei whisper yelled. Talking hurt him a lot. "Tang Yi. . .I didn't mean to lose contact with you. I went to the quack. . .to see what was wrong with me. They got me there. I-I'm pregnant."

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That's impossible Shao Fei. Both you and I know that men cannot reproduce." Tang Yi said trying to reason with the new information. "There are no drugs or anything that could make you fertile. It's-" Tang Yi stopped as Shao Fei's face changed into one from fear to seriousness. Jack could see through them and saw the fear in each other's circumstances.

"Tang Yi! Just please, don't attack them." Shao Fei pulled on his chains trying to show he was okay, but something was pulled in a very wrong direction. Shao Fei let out a cry of pain, and that was all it took for Tang Yi to walk up to A De holding a gun to his temple.

"Haha, shoot me. See what happens after you kill me." A De lifted his arms up in a crazed way. "He will never be able to accept you again. His police job will force him to go against you if you attack me. Do your worst. How would your child feel knowing that you're a murderer to one of your own?"

Tang Yi struggled with his emotions as he held the gun at A De. The gun was not shaking but his eyes were. They were clouded with emotions of trying to kill him or save the one he loves. Shao Fei looked at the TV screen helpless. That was until he saw that the guard had let his guard down. Shao Fei lifted his leg and kicked him before using all of his force to break the chair against the wall. No one except Jack saw what occurred. He covered his mouth to keep from laughing out loud. Shao Fei broke down the door and ran as quickly as he could to Tang Yi.

Jack made his way to the door and unlocked it right before Shao Fei came bounding into the room. 

"Tang Yi?! Tang Yi!" Shao Fei ran over to Tang Yi and tried to push him away from A De. "Tang Yi, it's not worth it. Please just let Zhao Zi and the rest handle everything. Can we please go home?" Shao Fei held Tang Yi close to him trying to get through his stubbornness.

"He hurt you Shao Fei. He should pay for his crimes." Tang Yi said trying to keep Shao Fei out of the line of fire. "Let me go A Fei."

"No, I am not letting you do this."

"You should listen to your little toy Tang Yi." A De held his gun up in a mocking way.

"Tang Yi, let's just go." Tang Yi looked into Shao Fei's eyes and finally agreed. Tang Yi shook lose of Shao Fei's grip before placing a hand on his waist keeping him close. "What about him?" Tang Yi made a hand motion before Zhao Zi and the other police men came rushing inside the building.

"Hey babe!" Jack yelled after everyone was handcuffed. Zhao Zi turned around shocked as Jack smiled like a happy teenage boy saying hi to his high school crush.

"Don't say that while we're working Jack." Jack gave him a big smile before following Tang Yi and the others out the door and into the car. He opened the door to the back to find Tang Yi glaring at him. Shao Fei was sound asleep in his lap curled against him.

"Right. Meet you back at the house in a few boss." And with that Jack closed the door with a Cheshire grin as he almost skipped back to Zhao Zi to tell him the good news. He was going to stay for a few and make dinner!

Tang Yi looked at the man laying before him with many questions floating in his head.
"How is this possible Shao Fei? I do want kids, but I don't want them to grow up like this. I want us to have normal lives."

"Mmm. . ." Shao Fei turned around to face Tang Yi and nuzzled into his torso. No one but Meng Shao Fei has ever seen this, but Tang Yi has a big smile (for a Tang Yi smile) plastered on his face. 'Too cute.'

The driver pulled into the drive way and opened the door for Tang Yi. Tang Yi didn't realize though, because he was having an internal battle with himself. Half of him was really pissed and didn't want to seem weak, and half of him wanted to carry Shao Fei up to their room and hold him as close as possible.

A combination of the two is what followed. Tang Yi woke Shao Fei from his slumber. Shao Fei looked up like a lost kitten before realizing where he was specially who's lap. He started to squirm trying to get away from the extremely embarrassing position.

Tang Yi rolled his eyes and got out before grabbing Shao Fei's wrists and pulling him into his hold. Tang Yi promptly moved Shao Fei so that he was being carried bridal style. "L-let me go Tang Yi! I can walk!" Shao Fei "demanded" more like whined.

"I'm not doing that." Tang Yi pulled Shao Fei closer to him. He didn't want to let go of his most prized possession. "I'm not letting go of you A'Fei." With the tone in his voice, Shao Fei knew that he couldn't change Tang Yi's mind, so he just wrapped his arms around his neck.

When they entered their shared room, Tang Yi carefully placed Shao Fei on the bed before turning on the bath tub. Shao Fei kept his gaze down as everything in the past few days circled around his head.

It turned a little too dark very quickly.


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Shao Fei's brain = bold

Flashback = italics

Shao Fei stared a the closed door where Tang Yi was. He finally had a moment to remember what happened two nights ago. He wished he never went against Hong Ye's wishes.

[Flashback Two Days Ago]

Shao Fei glanced outside Tang Yi's office window in his house hoping to catch a glimpse of his lover before running down the stairs like a maniac to hug him. Wait, he can't do that in public. Oh well, poor A'Fei.

"He's not going to come here faster if you keep glaring at the driveway."  Shao Fei turned around to see a shorter figure with many books in her hands.

"I-I'm not staring at the driveway, Hong Ye." Shao Fei said trying to hide his growing blush at being caught.  Tang Yi, come home quickly. "I was just gazing at the house's beautiful garden."

"The garden is on the other side, but nice try Shao Fei. He'll be back soon. Just wait for him." Hong Ye placed all of the books and documents on the coffee table before starting the workload. Dao Yi walked in with an apologetic smile. He handed his miss her coffee before standing at her side.

Easy for you to say. You have your lover near you all of the time. I'm just glad he's not doing anything at the bar. I do not trust that "Andy" guy. Stop hanging off of my boyfriend like he's yours!

Hong Ye and Dao Yi hid their laughter at the little spectacle Shao Fei was doing in front of the glass wall. HIs eyes were wide and his hands were moving in many different directions. The "stop hanging off of my boyfriend like he's yours" was an added bonus.

Shao Fei finally turned around trying to calm himself from the image that was being created in his head. He did not want to picture Andy and Tang Yi all over each other. They are not together, he has a boyfriend. Get that into your head, Meng Shao Fei!

"Shao Fei, stop pacing a hole into the floor and just go to the police station to get your mind off of things." Hong Ye suggested.

"Take a guard while you're at it. Tang Yi will have our heads if you get hurt." Dao Yi insisted trying to reason with a very distressed Shao Fei. "We just want to make sure you're going to be okay." Shao Fei understood, but he left the house without telling anyone. When Shao Fei was near the police building, he felt something ht his head and passed out. Next thing he knew, he was chained to a chair in a dark room.

Shao Fei came back to the present, but his thoughts were loud and proud. Oh shit, Tang Yi knows about them. He hasn't brought it up since I told him on the monitor. He probably doesn't want them. I mean, who could blame him? He's still trying to get Xi Tian Meng out of the drug business, people are trying to kill him everyday. Ugh, why did you not tell him about this earlier Meng Shao Fei you idiot. Now he probably doesn't want me. No, I don't think I could handle that.

Out in the real world, Tang Yi just finished making the bath in the other room. "Shao Fei, the bath is ready. Shao Fei? A'Fei?!" Tang Yi started to panic when he got no response from the other male. He rushed in to find Shao Fei in a daze of sorts. Tang Yi let out a sigh of relief before he saw A'Fei still hadn't noticed him.

He sighed and kneeled in front of Shao Fei and put a hand on his cheek. "What is going on in your mind that you didn't hear me, A'Fei?" Shao Fei was startled to say the least. His eyes widened but calmed down the moment he realized it was Tang Yi staring at him and Zhi De.

"N-Nothing! What were you saying just now?" Tang Yi looked at him with concern in his eyes. 

"Don't lie to me, A'Fei." Shao Fei looked everywhere but at him. He didn't know what to say or how to word it. He was using most of his strength to keep his emotions at bay and not to worry Tang Yi more than he already is.

"Tang Yi, how did you know to come find me? All I am is a trial. It's an 'I'll give it a try' relationship." Shao Fei wanted to hide away from Tang Yi after he said those words.

"Is that what's worrying you?" His face was a combination of worry, anger, and some form of affection. Shao Fei shook his head.

"That's not all." Tang Yi places his hand on Shao Fei's cheek while the other held his hand.

"Tell me what is going on, Shao Fei."

"You don't want me or them anymore." And that's when the dam broke as Shao Fei tried to hide his tears from Tang Yi. He put on a harder face and got up. "Never mind. I'm just going to go take a bath." Tang Yi was not having any of this and pulled Shao Fei back onto the bed before pinning him to it.

"How in the world could I not want you or them?" Tang Yi asked putting a hand on Shao Fei's stomach. "Do you remember what I did when you went missing the first time? What about when you got shot from protecting Hong Ye?"

"I thought you beat him up because he tried to shoot Hong Ye." Tang Yi's eyes widened as he realized he just revealed his real motive for hurting that man.

"The point, A'Fei, is that I want you." He said steering away from that shooting incident. 'Shao Fei, I would flip Taiwan over to find you.' Tang Yi thought as he gazed into Shao Fei's eyes with love. "I'm never going to let anything happen to you two every again." Shao Fei smiled with a few tears in his eyes and kissed Tang Yi.

"I love you, Tang Yi."

"I love you too, Shao Fei. Don't think like that ever again, Shao Fei." Shao Fei nodded before gasping as Tang Yi lifted him and brought them to the bathroom.

"I still don't see how you could think that I don't care for you, Shao Fei." Tang Yi was facing the door as he said this upon Shao Fei's request.

"You have all of them at the club, and I"m going to look so dis-" Shao Fei could feel Tang Yi's hidden anger on him talking down about himself and stopped. "I'm going to look different." Tang Yi smirked before turning around and looking at Shao Fei.

Shao Fei's eyes widened before he scrambled around to cover himself. "Tang Yi!" Tang Yi's smirk never left his face as he walked to stand right in front of Shao Fei. "Don't look at me Tang Yi! I'm not dressed!"

Tang Yi smirked and wrapped an arm around Shao Fei's body keeping him close. "It's not like I haven't seen you like this. I mean, we are together and I have made love to you enough times to show you how much I love you. And I mean, this did happen." Shao Fei's blush spread everywhere. Tang Yi smiled and moved Shao Fei into the tub.

"Why are you being so lovey dovey?"

Tang Yi leaned over and whispered in his ear"I can't be around you like this, Shao Fei?" Shao Fei shuddered.

"N-No, I was just wondering why. You're never like this unless you're super happy or. . .stressed/scared." Shao Fei finally looked up at Tang Yi with a worried look in his eyes. "Tang Yi, are you scared of something?"

Tang Yi looked into Shao Fei's eyes. His eyes gave the answer right away. "I don't want to lose you. I have already almost lost you so many times. Now that you have another life to take care of, I do not want to put you in harms way nor do I want to lose you." 'I can't lose the most important thing in my life. I can't lose the one person who makes me feel like a normal human being.' Tang Yi placed a soft hand on top of Shao Fei's stomach pleading for Shao Fei to understand.

Shao Fei put a hand on top of Tang Yi's giving him a huge smile. "i'm never leaving. I thought you figured that out when I was chasing you for four years." He smirked and leaned over the bathtub, put a hand on his cheek, and kissed Tang Yi. Tang Yi gladly accepted it and held him like he was the only person, the voice that he needs to hear to stay sane in this crazy world.

After the bath, Tang Yi placed Shao Fei on the bed before stripping himself of his suit and back hugged Shao Fei keeping an arm securely against Shao Fei's chest and a softer, yet just as firm arm around his stomach.

'I will protect you and your mother no matter what.' Was all Tang Yi thought about before falling asleep to Shao Fei's soft breathing.

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Tang Yi felt the bed dip as Shao Fei changed his position to be able to hold Tang Yi too. The moment was so good that Tang Yi knew something was going to happen to break it. Not even two seconds later, someone was ringing the doorbell constantly. Tang Yi checked the security cameras to see Jack. 'Strike him down where he stands.' Tang Yi rubbed at his temples as the guards let him in and he waltzed up the stairs.


"Tang Yi, why is Jack out there" Shao Fei turned to see Jack standing outside the bedroom door.

"Zhao ZI kicked me out after I tried to kiss him at work." Shao Fei sighed and ran quickly to the closet as Tang Yi walked with Jack to his office.

"Now, what is the real reason that you're here so soon, Jack?" Jack smirked and sat down flipping his butterfly knife.

"We found where Ah De got his information. You're not going to like the answer." He walked over and placed a hand on the table. "It's from your father." Tang Yi's eyes widened slightly before his poker face returned.

"What?! Why would he harm you when he knows that you're his own son?!" The men looked up to see Shao Fei. He was gasping for air looking like he just ran up there.

"It's something that we can't decipher yet." Jack sighed before walking over to the door frame. "Keep this one in check for me. We'd like to see this TangFei ship become a luxury cruise ship." He smirked and walked out leaving a strong faced Shao Fei, but Tang Yi just rubbed his forehead in frustration.

"I swear. I wonder why in the world I hired that merc." Shao Fei smiled and pushed himself off of the door frame.

"Well, he is something. I'm just glad he accepts us and makes Zhao Zi happy." Shao Fei sat on the desk looking down at Tang Yi. Tang Yi rolled his eyes. He moved his head to look at some documents on his desk while putting a hand on Shao Fei's thigh. Shao Fei smiled at this. This was the kind of affection he loved the most. He placed his hand on top of Tang Yi's savoring moments like this.

"I'm going to the police station. I'll be back soon." Tang Yi's head whipped up at Shao Fei's retreating figure with a kind of fear in his eyes. To the average person, he would look pissed.

"Take Jack with you." Speak of the devil and he shall appear. Jack walked past the door and poked his head in.

"You called?" Jack's infamous smile on his face.

"Take Shao Fei down to the police station."

Shao Fei's eyes widened. "Tang Yi! I don't need an escort! I'm fine!" Tang Yi wasn't having any of that and made Jack follow the fuming Shao Fei.

A few feet from Tang Yi's house, and Jack had already brought a car around and had the passenger door open. "Please don't fight, Shao Fei. I want to be able to see Zhao Zi too." Jack's smile widened as he thought of Zhao Zi. Shao Fei finally gave in and got into the car. Mistake number one. Never let Jack drive. He's only been really good as a getaway driver. By the time they got to the police station, Shao Fei was ready to either pass out or puke or both.

Zhao Zi was walking outside at the time, but when he saw Jack, he started fast walking to the police station's door. "Zhao Zi!" Jack called out as he waved. Zhao ZI's face went a dark red as he ran into the building. Shao Fei hid his laughter with a few coughs before patting Jack on the back and walking into the police station.

Jack sighed with a happy grin before turning to get back in his car to get back to Tang Yi's estate.

Back at the office, Shao Fei was running around fixing everything that he missed. "Senior, do you have the documents we need for the butcher case?" Shao Fei handed Yi Qi the documents without even sparing her a glance. 'How could stuff pile so high in three days?!' Shao Fei was about to pull his hair out until he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"You okay, A'Fei?" He turned to see Zhao Zi with a concerned look. Shao Fei nodded before they both walked out of the office area and stood in the hallway. "Is it about Tang Yi?"

"No, it's just my own mind giving me a hard time." Shao Fei put a smile on his face trying to reassure his best friend.

"Guys! You have to see this!" They both turned to see Yi Qi almost in tears. "It's the boss. He and A'Zhi. . .they were just arrested.

"What for? Yi Qi, what happened?!" Zhao Zi asked panicking.

"Drug selling from a case four years ago." Shao Fei didn't hear anything else and ran to Tang Yi's house at full speed.

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Tang Yi stood above the low like that killed his mother and Tang Guo Dong. "Do you have any last words you pathetic piece of trash?!" 

Shao Fei came running in and stood in front of Tang Yi trying to calm him down. "Tang Yi! Don't do this. Just let me take him to the police and have him tested under the court of law!"

"Step away from this A'Fei." Tang Yi's eyes looked cold and deadly, but Shao Fei didn't back down.

"No Tang Yi! I'm not letting you do what your father did! Tang Yi blanked for a second remembering that Li Chen and Chen Wen Hao are his biological parents. Chen Wen Hao went to prison while Li Chen kept the child a secret. 

Tang Yi was trying not to visibly shake at the realization before he pulled the gun out again. "Tang Yi! Just let it go and let me take him. Please, I want you there for me, for me, for us." He begged taking Tang Yi's hand and placing it on his still flat stomach.

A'Zhi looked at them wide eyed and then started to laugh. "Haha, history repeats itself again. The dumbest person decides to fall for the darker part of this world! Too good, Meng Shao Fei!" Shao Fei glared at him and turned his body so that he was still blocking Tang Yi, but he was not facing A'Zhi.

"Try saying that again. We already have people here to take you."

"Take me in? Don't make me laugh." His bloody face made him look twice as demented as he kneeled before them. "Just take me in." Shao Fei went over to and was about to put hand cuffs on A'Zhi before he came up and ran at Tang Yi. Tang Yi shot him in self defense knowing that A'Zhi had broken free of his restraints, but he didn't expect who he shot.

"Tang Yi. . ." Everyone looked over to see Shao Fei on the ground bleeding.

"A'FEI!!!! SHAO FEI!!! DO NOT LEAVE ME!!!! MENG SHAO FEI!!!!!" A'Zhi looked on in horror seeing Shao Fei gripping his bloody shirt. Tang Yi motioned for someone and they got an ambulance and headed over quickly to the "quack". They left someone to arrest A'Zhi don't worry.

At the hospital, Shao Fei was treated immediately. That's why everyone in the room was shocked, like gaping mouth shocked.

Zhao Zi came running and was willing to kill Tang Yi for what he did. "What is wrong with you Tang Yi?! How could you let him be in the line of fire?! Why would you do that to him?! Hasn't he been through enough with you?!!!" Jack came around the corner and held Zhao Zi back.

"Please Zhao Zi, Meng Shao Fei is fine. He will heal." He said trying to calm down Zhao Zi.

"No! He hurt him and could've hurt the baby!!" The others turned to Tang Yi with mixed emotions of hurt and pity.

"Tang Yi, others, he's going to be okay." Tang Yi turned to Dr. Wei and almost gave him whiplash jerking him from side to side. 

"Are you sure?! What about the baby?!"

"I'm positive. He's fine Tang Yi so is the baby. You may go in two at a time, but remember he's still healing." Everyone looked at Tang Yi and mentally agreed to let him go. Though, Yi Qi Did look like she wanted to kill him.

Tang Yi felt a hand on his shoulder and looked to see the doc. "Remember that he is the only one who would die for you. Don't let this one go." Tang Yi quickly walked through the door and shut it behind him to give them some privacy.

"Shao Fei." Was all he got out before he felt his throat clench. He tightened his fists trying to keep his emotions at bay. "I can't keep you out of this pain. What can I do?" He reached a hand out and rubbed his thumb against Shao Fei's knuckles.

Shao Fei's voice floated through his head as he remembered having a similar encounter. 'I will never leave this life Tang Yi. I have chased you for four years, and I'm not stopping now.' Shao Fei wouldn't try to get out of this kind of life without Tang Yi in tow. Tang Yi smirked as he held back the want to hold him tight. "You'll never be able to have a better life A'Fei." Tang Yi sighed. He was about to turn for Zhao Zi to come in when he heard the monitor start to go berserk. He rushed over and tried to wake Shao Fei up. He was about to get the doctor, but he felt a strong tug on his hand and a small grunt.

"Hmm?" Shao Fei had a small smirk on his face. Tang Yi turned around and pushed the nurse button before sitting down in the chair next to Shao Fei's bed. "I'm not leaving." Shao Fei smiled at Tang Yi before the nurse came in and checked his vitals. Tang Yi gave Shao Fei one last look before Zhao Zi came inside giving Tang Yi a look. He sighed and looked down at the cuffs.

"Don't take him yet!"

"We have to take him soon, A'Fei. He went against the law." 

"I just ran because I didn't want him to go to jail!" Shao Fei took Tang Yi's hand in his and kept a firm grip on it. Apparently that bed was going too. 

"He still shot a police officer. You know as well as I do that you can only fix this on trial." Shao Fei's eyes darkened, but he understood.

"It was for self defense." Tang Yi sighed and took his phone out calling his lawyer.

"Well try but remember they'll try to dig up everything you've done with Xing Tian Meng." Zhao Zi said before he and Tang Yi left.

Dr. Wei walked in and gave him a sad smile. "You must have been dropped on your head as a child to chase after Tang Yi this long."

"I love him." 

"And that's why I like you. Bring in the factor that he is still human and he was trying to make his gang drug free. Bring humanity back into the court room." He smirked before checking the IV and left.

Shao Fei fell asleep soon after trying not to worry about the future.

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When Shao Fei was allowed to leave the hospital, he almost ran to Tang Yi's house. "Tang Yi! Tang Yi! Where are you?" He opened every door and searched every room until he got to Tang Yi's office.

"Tang Yi!" Tang Yi looked up to see Shao Fei out of breath with his bag slung over his shoulder. He quickly got up dismissing his lawyer and looked Shao Fei over.

"You shouldn't be exerting yourself." Shao Fei sighed before pulling Tang Yi into a hug.

"Don't worry about me. I needed to be with you." Shao Fei buried his head in Tang Yi's shoulder breathing in the scent he hadn't smelt in over two weeks. "Why didn't you come to see me after the first visit?"

"I've been under house arrest. If you didn't come in here so quickly I think you would've seen Zhao Zi out there and the ankle brace." Shao Fei ddi a double take to the window and saw Zhao Zi down near the pool. What he didn't expect was that Jack was there as well distracting him very well. He sighed kissing Tang Yi softly on the lips.

"How did you only get Zhao Zi to guard you?"

"Good connections." He mumbled before breaking the hug and looking back down at the documents on the table. "We've been working on what to say for this court hearing nonstop."

"No matter what happens I will wait for you." Tang Yi sighed knowing Shao Fei meant what he said.

"I can't stop you can I? You tried to stop me for four years." He said with a small smirk.

"Why would I stop now? I have you in my arms, and I will always wait for you to be back in them Tang Yi." Shao Fei walked around the desk and pulled Tang Yi's chair out from under the desk.

Shao Fei gave Tang Yi a big smirk before caging him in his chair. "I took bullets for you, Tang Yi. You can't et rid of me no matter how hard you try." He sat his bag on the floor and straddled Tang Yi. "I'm staying for good."

Tang Yi smirked and wrapped his arms around Shao Fei to make sure he wouldn't fall before kissing him. The kiss was full of passion since they haven't been able to see each other for two weeks. Shao Fei got into a more comfortable position before he wrapped his fingers in Tang Yi's hair.

Tang Yi didn't mind this since it was Shao Fei and accepted the new form of physical contact. He brought Shao Fei's body closer to his. He wouldn't adit this out loud, but he loved the warmth coming from Shao Fei. He never wanted it to leave.

Shao Fei pulled back and kept his hands on Tang Yi's shoulders. A big smile that reached his eyes came to his face. "Come on, let's get away from this terribly stuffy room and spend some time together." SHao Fei got off Tang Yi's lap and held a hand out for Tang Yi.

Tang Yi smirked, shook his head, and took Shao Fei's hand before he was dragged down the stairs to the kitchen.

"Let's make some lunch and try to get it to those two idiots outside." Shao Fei suggested smirking. Tang Yi agreed and they got to work.

Shao Fei was in charge of decoration because not many people trust Shao Fei to not burn down the kitchen.

"A'Fei, thanks for staying with me." Tang Yi mumbled. 

"What? What was that? Can you say that again?" Tang Yi and SHao Fei both knew that Shao Fei heard it the first time, so Tang Yi turned around, dipped his finger in ketchup, and then proceeded to smear it on Shao Fei's nose.

Shao Fei looked at him shocked and decided to get the mustard and got to work on painting Tang Yi a nice mustard yellow.

By the time they finished, Tang Yi's nose, cheek, and some hair and clothing was yellow and the same went for Shao Fei but with red.

"Okay, I think we finished with the sandwiches." Shao Fei chuckled. 

"And killed the kitchen." Tang Yi mumbled. Shao Fei tried to clean out some of the ketchup. Tang Yi turned to look at Shao Fei and smirked. "You didn't get a spot."

"Where?" Shao Fei tried to clean his face again, but Tang Yi took the dish rag away before pulling Shao Fei into a "short" kiss.

Even if it was short, it made Shao Fei turn a dark red. "That was a cheap move." Shao Fei mumbled as he looked everywhere but at Tang Yi. Tang Yi chuckled and gave Shao Fei a plate of sandwiches as he took the others.

When they got outside, Jack was winning in a splashing war. "I thought you were supposed to be a guard." Shao Fei said with a judgmental look towards the two. The two guys in the pool stopped immediately and looked down bashfully.

"Sorry A'Fei. Jack was just being. . .Jack." Zhao Zi was at a loss and knew it.

"Why are you here? You left." Jack smirked and wrapped his arms around Zhao Zi's shoulders.

"I stayed for him." Zhao Zi kept his head down as Jack's smile grew with each passing second. Shao Fei smiled at his best friend's reactions and took the plate from Tang Yi.

"Here's something for when you're ready to take a break."

"Thank you, Shao Fei." Zhao Zi nodded and quickly got out of the pool leaving Jack with a pouty face.

"You're leaving me for food?!" Jack went over to the food and held it above Zhao Zi. 

"Of course I'm leaving you for food. Food is always nice to me, you on the other hand, keep picking on me, and I'm not dealing with it anymore." Zhao Zi tried to reach for the food, but he got a kiss instead. Shao Fei laughed at the spectacle. He placed a hand on Tang Yi's shoulder and brought them back inside the house.

"You would never leave me for food because I'm the one who makes the food! So ha." Jack smirked trapping Zhao Zi in his chair. Zhao Zi escaped with his heart racing and red cheeks while Jack followed with his Cheshire/Sadistic smile. Oh poor Zhao Zi.

"We will die if they stay as our 'bodyguards'." Shao Fei smirked at the comment and wrapped his arms around Tang Yi from behind.

"They are good bodyguards. Zhao Zi is a very scary person and can take someone out if the time comes. Put those two together and we'll be safe. Besides, you're a gang leader and I"m a police officer. I think we're going to be okay." Tang Yi sighed and tried to ignore just how good it felt to have Shao Fei so close to him. He needed to keep a level head.

This proved to be very hard. It had been two very long weeks since they were able to see each other, so no one is complaining. "Shao Fei, I don't want you going back to work." Tang Yi said after they were done remembering each other's bodies.

Shao Fei sat up and looked down at Tang Yi. "Why?" Tang Yi kept his poker face and placed a hand on Shao Fei's stomach rubbing small circles on it. Shao Fei's eyes widened at the sudden form of affection.

"I can't lose everything that I care for all over again." Shao Fei placed a hand over Tang Yi's smiling down at his lover.

"You will never lose me. I will always wait here for you. Remember that I chased you for four years. I'm not stopping now." Tang Yi was not put at ease yet, but he let it go knowing that Shao Fei would still try.

"Come on, let's just spend time together." Shao Fei wrapped his arms around Tang Yi's waist and spooned him.

When Shao Fei had fallen asleep, Tang Yi slithered out of the bed and went back to his office to find Jack in swinging his blade. He looked up at the sound of the door and held up a flash disk with a sadistic smile. "Here's everything that they have on you right now." Tang Yi took it from the red head and looked through everything. It was a lot worse than he wanted to remember.

"Some of the members are trying to get back at you because of what you're trying to do for XIn Tian Meng." Jack commented walking towards the door. "Make sure you have a way to win this." Jack closed the door behind him as Tang Yi sighed in frustration. The files kept pilling up and it was not looking pretty. He sent everything to his lawyer and they conversed through the night until very late.

"Tang Yi, come back to bed and rest." Tang Yi looked up to see Shao Fei in a robe and boxers.

"I'll be back in a few minutes. I'm just trying to fix some things." Shao Fei didn't believe that and walked into the room and around the desk to stand in front of Tang Yi. Tang Yi looked up at the man before him remembering the reason that he was still fighting even after everything that has happened.

"Please don't stress on this. We will put up a good fight against them."

"I don't want you to fight this battle more than you have to Shao Fei." Shao Fei sighed and opened his robe revealing all of the scars from his time with Tang Yi.

He pointed towards one in his shoulder and smirked. "This was from the time we had in the forest." Then he pointed to his lower abdomen. "This is when I protected Hong Ye." And lastly, he pointed towards the newest one near his upper chest. "This is from-"

"I already know. Please don't repeat that one. I was the one who put you in harms way." Tang Yi placed his hands over the bullet scars from Hong ye's incident and the one he caused. "I don't want to be the reason for your suffering."

"You are not the reason for my suffering. I stayed because I love you Tang Yi. I'm not leaving now. I stayed even though I got shot. That's what happens when you are a police officer. You expect these kinds of things, so why is it any different when I'm protecting you?" Tang Yi wanted to hide Shao Fei on a private island of sorts to take him away from all of this, but he knew just as well as anyone that that was going to be impossible.

Shao Fei brought a hand p and lifted Tang Yi's head to lock eyes with him. Shao Fei smiled and wrapped his arms around Tang Yi's waist. "I will wait for you no matter what happens." Tang Yi smirked and held Shao Fei close to him before tracing over all of the scars on Shao Fei's body.

"This will not be an easy life."

"Does it look like I'm running?" Shao Fei put a hand on Tang Yi's lower back and pulled them closer together. "Does it look like either of us are leaving?" Shao Fei placed Tang Yi's hand on his stomach and smirked. "The answer is no, Tang Yi." Tang Yi rolled his eyes and smiled at Shao Fei.

"Guess that means I can never get rid of you. I'm trapped aren't I?" Shao Fei smirked and gazed into Tang Yi's eyes.

"Took you long enough to figure that one out." Shao Fei brought Tang Yi into their shared bedroom standing in the doorway. Shao Fei's smirk turned into a full blown smile and leaned down to kiss Shao Fei.

"I love you too, A'Fei." Tang Yi sighed against Shao Fei's lips and proceeded to push Shao Fei into the room.

"Prove you love me." Tang Yi smirked and understood. 

"You don't have to tell me twice." Tang Yi pulled Shao Fei on top of him. Shao Fei felt sparks spread everywhere that Tang Yi touched. He loved this feeling, knowing that Tang Yi is still there with him and will love him.

Chapter Text

Shao Fei woke up the next day to find Tang Yi gone. Shao Fei wanted to go find him, but something wasn't allowing him to get up easily.

"Morning." Shao Fei glared up at Tang Yi. He had a smirk on his face as he stared down at the masterpiece he created. 

"Morning Tang Yi." Tang Yi's smirk changed to a full smile as he sat down next to Shao Fei. "How could you leave me here? I thought we were going to stay in bed today." Tang Yi's smile fell as he remembered why he was woken so early.


Tang Yi woke up looking down at Shao Fei. Shao Fei's head lay on his chest. Tang Yi woke up looking down at Shao Fei's bangs out of his eyes looking at the most peaceful time in his life. He loved waking up to this, and he hoped it would stay like this. But nothing lasts forever.

"Tang Yi, you need to come see this." A voice said through the door. Tang Yi sat up and saw a figure. He laid Shao Fei on the bed cuddled to his pillow.

He put on some boxers and an open button up before opening the door to find Zhao Zi there. He held a file up to his face and was looking away from the door. "Something is wrong with the court. You need to tell A'Fei the consequences of what could happen."

"What do you mean?"

Zhao Zi looked at him with a saddened look. "I don't want A'Fei to go through what Li Chen wen through when Chen WenHao went to prison." Tang Yi's facial expression changed to one of almost pure fear and anger. He looked at the files and flipped through them like a mad man to find everything was true. They had found too much dirt on him from when he was still trying to fix Xin Tian Meng.

"Where did they find all of this?" Zhao Zi shrugged.

"You already got everything from Chen WenHao that idiot gave him." Zhao Zi gave Tang Yi a pitiful face and left. "i'm sorry about what's going to happen. Just know that we will bring something that they do not know about yet." Tang Yi nodded and went into his office to finish some points on his case. Zhao Zi left the grounds and went back to his house, well almost ran, since Jack was making breakfast.

Tang Yi rubbed his temples trying to figure out the next plan of action. It wasn't until it hit 8am that he realized that Shao Fei was still asleep. He walked into the room and tried to forget the bad stuff. 'For Shao Fei.'

-End of Flashback-

Shao Fei sat up and wrapped his arms around Tang Yi's shoulders from behind. "What's wrong?"

"It's nothing. It will be fine." Shao Fei didn't believe him and turned Tang Yi around to face him.

"Do not keep this all inside for my sake. We are dating and I'm having your child. I'm here to help you as a person, as your best friend, and as your lover. Tell me what's wrong, Tang Yi!"

Tang Yi sighed and nodded. "They found too much on me that could potentially put me in prison for twenty years." Shao Fei looked at Tang Yi wide eyed. "See? There's no way for us to work out if this happens."

"I'm staying. I will wait Tang Yi." Tang Yi looked at Shao Fei and kept his emotions back knowing that he couldn't get Shao Fei out of this situation no matter what he said.

"Thank you for staying." Shao Fei took Tang Yi's hands in his and squeezed them tightly. He kissed each of them and smiled. "I will never leave." Shao Fei got up with a limp while Tang Yi held back the chuckles with a few coughs. Shao Fei flipped him off with a smirk and a shake of the butt before he went to look at the file near Tang Yi's body.

"They don't have enough with what I have against them." Tang Yi looked at him confused, but Shao Fei's smirk said something that no one else knew but him.

"What do you have planned?" Shao Fei went to his laptop and pulled out a few documents that proved he was innocent. And he also pulled out the tests he did when he tried to find out if he was pregnant.

"With this, we can at least give our side a fighting battle." They both knew it was stretch, but they went with it. The court hearing was tomorrow and that was going to determine how this child was going to live their life. 

Knowing the kind of things that Tang Yi has done, it seems that the court will hinder the last wish of Tang GuoDong for just a little longer.

-At Zhao Zi's house-

Zhao Zi ran into his house seeing Jack with an apron on and cooking food. He was almost in tears and back hugged Jack.

"What's wrong, Zhao Zi?" Jack turned around and wrapped his arms around Zhao Zi.

"I can't help my best friend. Everything is turning to shit, and all I can do is just stand here and wait for everything to hit the roof." Zhao Zi sat down on the stairs and put his head in his hands as he evaluated his options.

"It will get better, Zhao Zi." Jack stirred the pot one more time before putting everything on a plate and setting it in the microwave. He took off his apron and sat next to Zhao Zi. He hated seeing him so upset and concerned. "Please stop being upset about this. I don't like seeing my Zhao Zi be upset."

That got Zhao Zi to look up at him. Shock was evident on his face. "W-W-What do you mean by yo-your Z-Zhao Z-Z-Zi?!" Zhao Zi's face was beet red and Jack loved this. Making Zhao Zi flustered was definitely one of his favorite hobbies of all time.

"I mean what I said." Jack smirked and trapped Zhao Zi between the wall of the stairs and his body. "Just let it out and tell me everything." Jack brought Zhao ZI's head up to make their eyes meet.

"Everything is changing. Our boss, our friend, they're both a part of this terrible ploy. You lied to me about everything as a person. I can't help my best friend! What am I in this?! All I can see is a weak man who can't even help anyone. I. . .I'm just a small speck in this world, and I can't change anything." Zhao Zi looked down at his clasped hands while Jack looked guilty.

"You will be able to do something, Zhao Zi. I'm sorry that I lied about who I am to you, but it was because I needed to keep you safe."

"Then who are you and what are you hiding from me?"

"I'm a mercenary, Zhao Zi. The only thing I hid from you is that I worked with someone bad and back then I had to leave, but I never hid or lied to you about how I feel for you."

"I'm a police officer who is tied to a gang. I can't be kept safe forever. I just wanted to be at a place where you could trust me to handle this kind of information." Jack moved back and leaned on the other wall across from Zhao Zi and sighed.

Zhao Zi stared at the man before him who cared for him. He sighed and turned to go upstairs. Jack knew he fucked up so badly with the decisions he made, so as a last resort, he gathered all of his courage and pulled Zhao Zi back to him and made him fall in his lap.

"AHH!" Zhao Zi shut his eyes waiting for the inevitable impact but nothing came. He looked up and saw the guilt, pain, and truths inside of Jack's distant eyes. Something clenched inside of Zhao Zi that even he couldn't figure out. 

"I don't want you to see me like this. I want you to see me as your love-able red head who will never leave you."

"I already see that, but from now on, I expect to know everything." Jack looked at Zhao Zi with his stupid smile and picked him up before quickly running up the stairs and to their bedroom.

"HEY! What about the food?!"

"But I'm about to get fed now!"