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His Voice: HIStory3 Trapped

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Shao Fei woke up the next day to find Tang Yi gone. Shao Fei wanted to go find him, but something wasn't allowing him to get up easily.

"Morning." Shao Fei glared up at Tang Yi. He had a smirk on his face as he stared down at the masterpiece he created. 

"Morning Tang Yi." Tang Yi's smirk changed to a full smile as he sat down next to Shao Fei. "How could you leave me here? I thought we were going to stay in bed today." Tang Yi's smile fell as he remembered why he was woken so early.


Tang Yi woke up looking down at Shao Fei. Shao Fei's head lay on his chest. Tang Yi woke up looking down at Shao Fei's bangs out of his eyes looking at the most peaceful time in his life. He loved waking up to this, and he hoped it would stay like this. But nothing lasts forever.

"Tang Yi, you need to come see this." A voice said through the door. Tang Yi sat up and saw a figure. He laid Shao Fei on the bed cuddled to his pillow.

He put on some boxers and an open button up before opening the door to find Zhao Zi there. He held a file up to his face and was looking away from the door. "Something is wrong with the court. You need to tell A'Fei the consequences of what could happen."

"What do you mean?"

Zhao Zi looked at him with a saddened look. "I don't want A'Fei to go through what Li Chen wen through when Chen WenHao went to prison." Tang Yi's facial expression changed to one of almost pure fear and anger. He looked at the files and flipped through them like a mad man to find everything was true. They had found too much dirt on him from when he was still trying to fix Xin Tian Meng.

"Where did they find all of this?" Zhao Zi shrugged.

"You already got everything from Chen WenHao that idiot gave him." Zhao Zi gave Tang Yi a pitiful face and left. "i'm sorry about what's going to happen. Just know that we will bring something that they do not know about yet." Tang Yi nodded and went into his office to finish some points on his case. Zhao Zi left the grounds and went back to his house, well almost ran, since Jack was making breakfast.

Tang Yi rubbed his temples trying to figure out the next plan of action. It wasn't until it hit 8am that he realized that Shao Fei was still asleep. He walked into the room and tried to forget the bad stuff. 'For Shao Fei.'

-End of Flashback-

Shao Fei sat up and wrapped his arms around Tang Yi's shoulders from behind. "What's wrong?"

"It's nothing. It will be fine." Shao Fei didn't believe him and turned Tang Yi around to face him.

"Do not keep this all inside for my sake. We are dating and I'm having your child. I'm here to help you as a person, as your best friend, and as your lover. Tell me what's wrong, Tang Yi!"

Tang Yi sighed and nodded. "They found too much on me that could potentially put me in prison for twenty years." Shao Fei looked at Tang Yi wide eyed. "See? There's no way for us to work out if this happens."

"I'm staying. I will wait Tang Yi." Tang Yi looked at Shao Fei and kept his emotions back knowing that he couldn't get Shao Fei out of this situation no matter what he said.

"Thank you for staying." Shao Fei took Tang Yi's hands in his and squeezed them tightly. He kissed each of them and smiled. "I will never leave." Shao Fei got up with a limp while Tang Yi held back the chuckles with a few coughs. Shao Fei flipped him off with a smirk and a shake of the butt before he went to look at the file near Tang Yi's body.

"They don't have enough with what I have against them." Tang Yi looked at him confused, but Shao Fei's smirk said something that no one else knew but him.

"What do you have planned?" Shao Fei went to his laptop and pulled out a few documents that proved he was innocent. And he also pulled out the tests he did when he tried to find out if he was pregnant.

"With this, we can at least give our side a fighting battle." They both knew it was stretch, but they went with it. The court hearing was tomorrow and that was going to determine how this child was going to live their life. 

Knowing the kind of things that Tang Yi has done, it seems that the court will hinder the last wish of Tang GuoDong for just a little longer.

-At Zhao Zi's house-

Zhao Zi ran into his house seeing Jack with an apron on and cooking food. He was almost in tears and back hugged Jack.

"What's wrong, Zhao Zi?" Jack turned around and wrapped his arms around Zhao Zi.

"I can't help my best friend. Everything is turning to shit, and all I can do is just stand here and wait for everything to hit the roof." Zhao Zi sat down on the stairs and put his head in his hands as he evaluated his options.

"It will get better, Zhao Zi." Jack stirred the pot one more time before putting everything on a plate and setting it in the microwave. He took off his apron and sat next to Zhao Zi. He hated seeing him so upset and concerned. "Please stop being upset about this. I don't like seeing my Zhao Zi be upset."

That got Zhao Zi to look up at him. Shock was evident on his face. "W-W-What do you mean by yo-your Z-Zhao Z-Z-Zi?!" Zhao Zi's face was beet red and Jack loved this. Making Zhao Zi flustered was definitely one of his favorite hobbies of all time.

"I mean what I said." Jack smirked and trapped Zhao Zi between the wall of the stairs and his body. "Just let it out and tell me everything." Jack brought Zhao ZI's head up to make their eyes meet.

"Everything is changing. Our boss, our friend, they're both a part of this terrible ploy. You lied to me about everything as a person. I can't help my best friend! What am I in this?! All I can see is a weak man who can't even help anyone. I. . .I'm just a small speck in this world, and I can't change anything." Zhao Zi looked down at his clasped hands while Jack looked guilty.

"You will be able to do something, Zhao Zi. I'm sorry that I lied about who I am to you, but it was because I needed to keep you safe."

"Then who are you and what are you hiding from me?"

"I'm a mercenary, Zhao Zi. The only thing I hid from you is that I worked with someone bad and back then I had to leave, but I never hid or lied to you about how I feel for you."

"I'm a police officer who is tied to a gang. I can't be kept safe forever. I just wanted to be at a place where you could trust me to handle this kind of information." Jack moved back and leaned on the other wall across from Zhao Zi and sighed.

Zhao Zi stared at the man before him who cared for him. He sighed and turned to go upstairs. Jack knew he fucked up so badly with the decisions he made, so as a last resort, he gathered all of his courage and pulled Zhao Zi back to him and made him fall in his lap.

"AHH!" Zhao Zi shut his eyes waiting for the inevitable impact but nothing came. He looked up and saw the guilt, pain, and truths inside of Jack's distant eyes. Something clenched inside of Zhao Zi that even he couldn't figure out. 

"I don't want you to see me like this. I want you to see me as your love-able red head who will never leave you."

"I already see that, but from now on, I expect to know everything." Jack looked at Zhao Zi with his stupid smile and picked him up before quickly running up the stairs and to their bedroom.

"HEY! What about the food?!"

"But I'm about to get fed now!"