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His Voice: HIStory3 Trapped

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When Shao Fei was allowed to leave the hospital, he almost ran to Tang Yi's house. "Tang Yi! Tang Yi! Where are you?" He opened every door and searched every room until he got to Tang Yi's office.

"Tang Yi!" Tang Yi looked up to see Shao Fei out of breath with his bag slung over his shoulder. He quickly got up dismissing his lawyer and looked Shao Fei over.

"You shouldn't be exerting yourself." Shao Fei sighed before pulling Tang Yi into a hug.

"Don't worry about me. I needed to be with you." Shao Fei buried his head in Tang Yi's shoulder breathing in the scent he hadn't smelt in over two weeks. "Why didn't you come to see me after the first visit?"

"I've been under house arrest. If you didn't come in here so quickly I think you would've seen Zhao Zi out there and the ankle brace." Shao Fei ddi a double take to the window and saw Zhao Zi down near the pool. What he didn't expect was that Jack was there as well distracting him very well. He sighed kissing Tang Yi softly on the lips.

"How did you only get Zhao Zi to guard you?"

"Good connections." He mumbled before breaking the hug and looking back down at the documents on the table. "We've been working on what to say for this court hearing nonstop."

"No matter what happens I will wait for you." Tang Yi sighed knowing Shao Fei meant what he said.

"I can't stop you can I? You tried to stop me for four years." He said with a small smirk.

"Why would I stop now? I have you in my arms, and I will always wait for you to be back in them Tang Yi." Shao Fei walked around the desk and pulled Tang Yi's chair out from under the desk.

Shao Fei gave Tang Yi a big smirk before caging him in his chair. "I took bullets for you, Tang Yi. You can't et rid of me no matter how hard you try." He sat his bag on the floor and straddled Tang Yi. "I'm staying for good."

Tang Yi smirked and wrapped his arms around Shao Fei to make sure he wouldn't fall before kissing him. The kiss was full of passion since they haven't been able to see each other for two weeks. Shao Fei got into a more comfortable position before he wrapped his fingers in Tang Yi's hair.

Tang Yi didn't mind this since it was Shao Fei and accepted the new form of physical contact. He brought Shao Fei's body closer to his. He wouldn't adit this out loud, but he loved the warmth coming from Shao Fei. He never wanted it to leave.

Shao Fei pulled back and kept his hands on Tang Yi's shoulders. A big smile that reached his eyes came to his face. "Come on, let's get away from this terribly stuffy room and spend some time together." SHao Fei got off Tang Yi's lap and held a hand out for Tang Yi.

Tang Yi smirked, shook his head, and took Shao Fei's hand before he was dragged down the stairs to the kitchen.

"Let's make some lunch and try to get it to those two idiots outside." Shao Fei suggested smirking. Tang Yi agreed and they got to work.

Shao Fei was in charge of decoration because not many people trust Shao Fei to not burn down the kitchen.

"A'Fei, thanks for staying with me." Tang Yi mumbled. 

"What? What was that? Can you say that again?" Tang Yi and SHao Fei both knew that Shao Fei heard it the first time, so Tang Yi turned around, dipped his finger in ketchup, and then proceeded to smear it on Shao Fei's nose.

Shao Fei looked at him shocked and decided to get the mustard and got to work on painting Tang Yi a nice mustard yellow.

By the time they finished, Tang Yi's nose, cheek, and some hair and clothing was yellow and the same went for Shao Fei but with red.

"Okay, I think we finished with the sandwiches." Shao Fei chuckled. 

"And killed the kitchen." Tang Yi mumbled. Shao Fei tried to clean out some of the ketchup. Tang Yi turned to look at Shao Fei and smirked. "You didn't get a spot."

"Where?" Shao Fei tried to clean his face again, but Tang Yi took the dish rag away before pulling Shao Fei into a "short" kiss.

Even if it was short, it made Shao Fei turn a dark red. "That was a cheap move." Shao Fei mumbled as he looked everywhere but at Tang Yi. Tang Yi chuckled and gave Shao Fei a plate of sandwiches as he took the others.

When they got outside, Jack was winning in a splashing war. "I thought you were supposed to be a guard." Shao Fei said with a judgmental look towards the two. The two guys in the pool stopped immediately and looked down bashfully.

"Sorry A'Fei. Jack was just being. . .Jack." Zhao Zi was at a loss and knew it.

"Why are you here? You left." Jack smirked and wrapped his arms around Zhao Zi's shoulders.

"I stayed for him." Zhao Zi kept his head down as Jack's smile grew with each passing second. Shao Fei smiled at his best friend's reactions and took the plate from Tang Yi.

"Here's something for when you're ready to take a break."

"Thank you, Shao Fei." Zhao Zi nodded and quickly got out of the pool leaving Jack with a pouty face.

"You're leaving me for food?!" Jack went over to the food and held it above Zhao Zi. 

"Of course I'm leaving you for food. Food is always nice to me, you on the other hand, keep picking on me, and I'm not dealing with it anymore." Zhao Zi tried to reach for the food, but he got a kiss instead. Shao Fei laughed at the spectacle. He placed a hand on Tang Yi's shoulder and brought them back inside the house.

"You would never leave me for food because I'm the one who makes the food! So ha." Jack smirked trapping Zhao Zi in his chair. Zhao Zi escaped with his heart racing and red cheeks while Jack followed with his Cheshire/Sadistic smile. Oh poor Zhao Zi.

"We will die if they stay as our 'bodyguards'." Shao Fei smirked at the comment and wrapped his arms around Tang Yi from behind.

"They are good bodyguards. Zhao Zi is a very scary person and can take someone out if the time comes. Put those two together and we'll be safe. Besides, you're a gang leader and I"m a police officer. I think we're going to be okay." Tang Yi sighed and tried to ignore just how good it felt to have Shao Fei so close to him. He needed to keep a level head.

This proved to be very hard. It had been two very long weeks since they were able to see each other, so no one is complaining. "Shao Fei, I don't want you going back to work." Tang Yi said after they were done remembering each other's bodies.

Shao Fei sat up and looked down at Tang Yi. "Why?" Tang Yi kept his poker face and placed a hand on Shao Fei's stomach rubbing small circles on it. Shao Fei's eyes widened at the sudden form of affection.

"I can't lose everything that I care for all over again." Shao Fei placed a hand over Tang Yi's smiling down at his lover.

"You will never lose me. I will always wait here for you. Remember that I chased you for four years. I'm not stopping now." Tang Yi was not put at ease yet, but he let it go knowing that Shao Fei would still try.

"Come on, let's just spend time together." Shao Fei wrapped his arms around Tang Yi's waist and spooned him.

When Shao Fei had fallen asleep, Tang Yi slithered out of the bed and went back to his office to find Jack in swinging his blade. He looked up at the sound of the door and held up a flash disk with a sadistic smile. "Here's everything that they have on you right now." Tang Yi took it from the red head and looked through everything. It was a lot worse than he wanted to remember.

"Some of the members are trying to get back at you because of what you're trying to do for XIn Tian Meng." Jack commented walking towards the door. "Make sure you have a way to win this." Jack closed the door behind him as Tang Yi sighed in frustration. The files kept pilling up and it was not looking pretty. He sent everything to his lawyer and they conversed through the night until very late.

"Tang Yi, come back to bed and rest." Tang Yi looked up to see Shao Fei in a robe and boxers.

"I'll be back in a few minutes. I'm just trying to fix some things." Shao Fei didn't believe that and walked into the room and around the desk to stand in front of Tang Yi. Tang Yi looked up at the man before him remembering the reason that he was still fighting even after everything that has happened.

"Please don't stress on this. We will put up a good fight against them."

"I don't want you to fight this battle more than you have to Shao Fei." Shao Fei sighed and opened his robe revealing all of the scars from his time with Tang Yi.

He pointed towards one in his shoulder and smirked. "This was from the time we had in the forest." Then he pointed to his lower abdomen. "This is when I protected Hong Ye." And lastly, he pointed towards the newest one near his upper chest. "This is from-"

"I already know. Please don't repeat that one. I was the one who put you in harms way." Tang Yi placed his hands over the bullet scars from Hong ye's incident and the one he caused. "I don't want to be the reason for your suffering."

"You are not the reason for my suffering. I stayed because I love you Tang Yi. I'm not leaving now. I stayed even though I got shot. That's what happens when you are a police officer. You expect these kinds of things, so why is it any different when I'm protecting you?" Tang Yi wanted to hide Shao Fei on a private island of sorts to take him away from all of this, but he knew just as well as anyone that that was going to be impossible.

Shao Fei brought a hand p and lifted Tang Yi's head to lock eyes with him. Shao Fei smiled and wrapped his arms around Tang Yi's waist. "I will wait for you no matter what happens." Tang Yi smirked and held Shao Fei close to him before tracing over all of the scars on Shao Fei's body.

"This will not be an easy life."

"Does it look like I'm running?" Shao Fei put a hand on Tang Yi's lower back and pulled them closer together. "Does it look like either of us are leaving?" Shao Fei placed Tang Yi's hand on his stomach and smirked. "The answer is no, Tang Yi." Tang Yi rolled his eyes and smiled at Shao Fei.

"Guess that means I can never get rid of you. I'm trapped aren't I?" Shao Fei smirked and gazed into Tang Yi's eyes.

"Took you long enough to figure that one out." Shao Fei brought Tang Yi into their shared bedroom standing in the doorway. Shao Fei's smirk turned into a full blown smile and leaned down to kiss Shao Fei.

"I love you too, A'Fei." Tang Yi sighed against Shao Fei's lips and proceeded to push Shao Fei into the room.

"Prove you love me." Tang Yi smirked and understood. 

"You don't have to tell me twice." Tang Yi pulled Shao Fei on top of him. Shao Fei felt sparks spread everywhere that Tang Yi touched. He loved this feeling, knowing that Tang Yi is still there with him and will love him.