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Iason's Tiny Pet

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Riki stepped out onto the counter carefully, stopping every few seconds to look and listen for anyone who may be awake in the dark apartment. The halls were dark and silent in the night. The teenage borrower looked around and gathered his hook and rope, shrugging the bag on his back into place. He was about to propel down, when suddenly a voice made him freeze. He looked around and spotted Guy coming from the wall. Riki smiled and jogged towards him. "What are you doing here?" he asked. "It's my turn tonight."

"I know, but you forgot the list. The guys might have added a few things." Guy gave him a wink when Riki took the paper with a sheepish grin. He often that he forgot the stupid list, but, he didn't need it. He remembered everything because it wasn't like they changed what they needed every week. Grains, fruit, paper, ink.

"I guess I can take a look," he said and glanced at the list and burst out laughing at the last two items. Alcohol and lube. Trust those guys to put that down. Guy put his hands on his hips, throwing a cocky look. Riki was so lucky to have found him when he did. Guy was perfect for him. His long, chestnut brown hair the boy loved to run his hands through was kept in a ponytail, but he left enough to slightly cover his obsidian eyes. His body was lean and limber from the lives they lived, stealing into Amoian's homes and taking what they needed. That meant they had to be strong. The black-haired boy nodded and was about to go down again, when Guy grabbed his arm, stopping him, concern written on his face. "Last time was too close," he said, putting his forehead against Riki's, their breath mingling. "You were almost seen by that eunuch. But, he's not as dangerous as that Blondie...If he were to see you, you would be killed in an instant. Remember that." He leaned forward, giving Riki a passionate kiss. "I want you in my bed tonight."

Riki smiled, kissing Guy deeply. "And I want you in me," he breathed, resting their foreheads together. "I'll return, I promise." He stuck the hook into the marble, and as he propelled down, an aching feeling came to his chest, and when he looked up, he saw Guy waving. He waved back, feeling as if that would be the last time he would see his lover. Shaking the thought from his head, he ran to the kitchen's island, where the main things he needed were kept.

Taking his handmade hook from the pack he carried, he flung the rope over his head, and let it go, hearing the metal hit the marble with a satisfying clink. Tugging a few times, Riki made sure it was secure, then began the climb up, using nothing but his upper body strength. By the time he reached the top, he was sweating and panting, taking a moment to rest. But, he had to move quickly, still having a lot to do. In the middle of the island counter were the containers filled with rice, pasta, and such, all of them connected by the metal hooks he used to get up. The one he stole when they first got there had been replaced weeks ago.

Leaving the rope where it was, this way he could get back down, Riki reached into his utility belt, unhooking a pair of gloves made from cloth and double-sided tape which he attached to his gloves and shoes. He dropped his backpack to the counter, fixing it so it was wide open, and climbed up the clear container. It was strenuous work, but he was fit enough to do it even if he was a little winded by the time he reached the top. Riki reached the top and took a rest. Riki was glad that the Blondie had a schedule for everything, that gave him time to take a breather after climbing. The boy could appreciate the fact that the two giants were in bed by a certain time, even the eunuch, who stayed up to finish cleaning.

He slid open the container of rice, scooping out handfuls, and dropped them into his bag, a few bouncing out. Riki could pick them up when he got down or else the eunuch would notice. Again and again, he copied that action with the pasta and the oats, then slid down the plastic to the counter, wobbling a bit, removing the tape once he was down. He checked the list again. Bread was next.

Walking over to the bread box, he easily lifted it and inhaled the smell of freshly baked bread from that morning. He'd never had anything like it before they moved to the tower, and now he and the gang couldn't get enough of the bread that eunuch made. A large chunk of it was missing, which made it so much easier for Riki to slice off a bit. Reaching into his back pocket, he pulled out a knife that Guy had made for him. Sure, it was just a piece of metal sharpened with plastic and tape covering one end of it, but it was still something his lover made. Quickly he sliced enough bread for the gang to make it for the week.

By this time, his bag was full to bursting, but he enough room for a grape that was hanging out of the bowl of fruit on the counter. Once his pack was full, he closed it with a grunt and slung it over his shoulders. Riki checked the list for the third time, going over it to make sure he wasn't forgetting something. And then it hit him. The lube, he was sure, was in the eunuch's room. Riki shuddered at the memory of that thing. He hated it, with its ever vigilant eyes, noticing every little thing, including him. A few weeks ago he tried to see what (his?) room was like, and the moment he opened a spot in the wall, that was when that man's eyes found him. Strange, almost silver eyes, staring right at him for a moment, before Riki slammed the wall shut. Over his breathing, he could hear the eunuch moving over to the wall, shifting things like it was looking for him. He knew from that moment on, he couldn't go anywhere near it. So would he get the lube? Fuck no. He valued his life more than his pleasure, so they would just have to do with oil.

But that alcohol he could do. Sliding down his rope, Riki's feet touched the ground and once his hook was in his hand, Riki started running. He stopped at the doorway, looking down the long hall for anyone, but it was silent. Taking off like a streak, he ran into the sitting room. When he'd first seen this room, he was blown away. Expensive furniture was set up just right in the room, and the clearest crystal ornaments sat in the open. Once, when he came in, he found a pair of gold cuff links on the table, a blue stone placed in the middle of them both. He'd thought to give them to Guy since they were on the ground, they wouldn't be missed, right? He was wrong. The next day, while they were sleeping, they were all woken by the sound of a resounding crack that rang through the walls. Riki knew that sound, it was the sound of someone being slapped, and slapped hard. Instantly he knew it was his fault, but he never returned the links.

Stopping in the doorway of the sitting room, he stopped in the shadows and listened, only going when he knew it was safe. It was dangerous being out in the open, but even more dangerous was being on the floor out in the open. The two moons illuminated the way for him, they're light bright in the darkness. The room he was in was huge, expanding at least ten miles(from his perspective) from doorway to the huge, picture window that framed Tanagura, the city of Midas shining in the background. He would have loved to stop and enjoy the view, but by the positions of the moons, he knew he wouldn't have time to look his fill and get back before the household woke.

So, keeping his head down, he ran up to the posh bar, only stopping to catch his breath. Finally, he took out his well-used rope and hook, swinging it above his head to gain momentum, then let go. But, the bar top was higher than the kitchen counters, and his hook hit the bottom of the bar with a resounding clack, the hardwood making it seem louder than it was. He paused a moment, stilling his breath to listen, but it remained silent.

Riki sighed and was about to throw it when he felt the floor moving under his feet. It was small at first, but it grew in size until the floor under him shook so hard it was hard to keep his balance. Riki managed to get to the bar and lean against it, but what met his vision was not good. The owner of the apartment stood in the doorway of the sitting room, illuminated by the two moons of Eros looking like a blonde god as he stared at the bar before taking his first step into the room.