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Their first time felt like coming home, like breathing in and out a crisp morning air. Never in his life had Paul ever been a smooth seducer, yet when Emma not so subtly dropped hints that a date with him would be just what she was into, endearing himself to her was the easiest thing to do. There wasn’t a moment where they didn’t flow well together, where Paul hesitated even for a second if this was a good idea. Of course, there was the occasional clumsiness of a first date, of circling around one another and getting to know the other better past the initial crush. It wasn’t forced, though, nor was it awkward. A nice dinner some place, the details all fading into irrelevance as Emma invited him over upstairs back to her place. A kiss, then not just kisses, and they tumbled into her bed and found bliss in each other’s arms like she really was his girlfriend, like they had done this a hundred times before and knew each other’s bodies well already. Nothing to blow his mind out, yet precisely perfect for how good and nice and normal the night went. Emma had sex like she had anything, blunt and unashamed but with him she was also all smiles and teasing and passion. He felt just a little more confident when she looked up at him with tender eyes, when she came and clamped around him with a goofy groan she buried in his shoulder and when he was done, started up conversation with him again like this was just any other moment, like this was just what they did now, and Paul realized that it was. By no merit of his own, he supposed that being with Emma, whether out on dates or right here in her bed, was his life now. And he was in it for as long as she would have him.

Their first time was a flustered mess of tentative awkwardness and he wouldn’t have had it any other way. His first time, for no one had ever wanted a thing to do with a lovesick country pumpkin like Tootsie, but hers too, for Mega-Girl had not found it in her to love and to cherish before him. He didn’t think he had taught her love, not like people thought. He had only brought her attention to a part of herself she hadn’t known well before. When it came to sex, though, neither of them had a thing to learn from each other, both just about as clueless as the other. They said Mega-Girl was cold and ruthless and uncaring, but Tootsie found her mellow and yielding and so, so soft in his embrace. They said Tootsie was an idiot and good for nothing, but Mega-Girl found him caring and patient and so willing to listen and to bend himself to what they were finding out gave her the pleasure he craved to incite in her. Loving each other, from the flutter of their heart to the lust of their bodies, had nothing to do with what the others thought of their relation anyways. It had everything to do with looking into Mega-Girl’s anxious eyes and soothing the nerve with his kisses. It was about matching his pace to her desires and learning to love her, to better love her. Mega-Girl wouldn’t have had anyone else in the world anyways.

Their first time together just clicked in a way they had not when it was just two by two. Emberly’s first time with Grunt was a little disappointing, a little too fast and too brusque, no matter how tender the whispers and whimpers he gave her and how dearly she cared for him. Her first time with Tiblyn was warm and steady and comfortable, but lacking the urgency, the steam, only two friends who with one twist of fate, with one sincere kiss, turned to something closer. The three of them together, though, lacked for nothing at all. Three pieces of a puzzle falling together to completion and the first night lingered into morning, never all three satiated at the same time and always one of them begging for more so that the other two kept the ambiance till the small hours of dawn. She loved Grunt and his timid gentle ways as he tried to pleasure both of them the best he could. She loved how sweet, how ready to love and to be loved Tiblyn was. Her hands on them, their hands on Emberly, kisses melting into one another till they weren’t even certain anymore who of the other two they were pleasuring, who they were promising love and fidelity to. Grunt moved in with them not long after and the whole apartment breathed out relief. Each of them with one of the other lacked something shaped like the third. Three peas fit perfectly in the same pod.

Their first time was quickly followed by a second, a third, more than they chose to count. Sally was pure fire in his arms and Joey was consumed with her with every fiber of his body. He was taken by love, his heart pumping strong and fierce down to his dick, which was craving her so hard he could hardly wait a second to show her just how much he returned the feelings she had so boldly confessed. Sally’s hand around him, the other hand seizing his wrist to guide his fingers between her legs and make him feel that her desires had not changed since yesterday, that she still wanted him. Only now, he knew he wanted her too. None of the nerve he had felt with Vanessa was here today. He found himself grinning from ear to ear, kissing Sally with all the passion that had been brewing up in him for seventeen years finally rightfully targeted. A quirky beautiful little nerd for a dumb weirdo like him, matching like nobody else in the world could have. The bells of heaven’s gates rang up loud inside his head and the stars aligned when his dick poked in, when Sally’s arms wrapped around his neck to hold him close, when their bodies rolled together like it was their first and last fuck in their existence and they had to make the best of it. They made the best of it, alright. Even with Sally’s mom downstairs, with her siblings in their rooms, even if school was starting soon and they had little time, Joey and Sally found bliss half a dozen times before they were torn from each other’s arms. A whole day of school was hell when they only wanted each other, but the evening came and back to the privacy of her room, they could love each other again. And again and again and again.

Their first time only made sense because they did and always would. The quarterback and the cheer captain, two of the popular kids, of the good kids, likely to succeed and to be happy. Back when nothing in the world mattered but the smile of Becky Barnes at him, back when lighting up Tom Houston’s eyes was her only aim and effort, love was found in every breath and every moment. A crush on each other budded into going out, grew into being in love with each other and how else to prove it than making love? He took her in his bed and with all of himself tried to show the strength of his feelings, how much he wanted her, and she was certain the world was aligning for them when their bodies joined and she looked up into his pretty eyes. She was certain that her present and future was entwined with Tom’s and that now that they had been brought together, nothing could tear them apart. Less rosy, she adored the feel of his arms around her, the way she stretched for him as they found each other with every thrust of his hips into hers and learned together the art of making love. They learned just right. Every occasion they had from then on was an excuse to listen to their frantic horny hearts. Loving Becky was a necessity, loving Tom was the most natural thing in the world. If they had known in advance the path their lives would follow once they parted, they might have stayed there in Tom’s bed, in Becky’s arms a little longer still.

Their first time wasn’t planned, but it never surprised Zazzalil, so eager to try it as she had been. Keeri had been her best friend since childhood, her first kiss in any case, back when they were kids and wanted to pretend to be grown ups and to know what they were doing. They were probably still kids when they started having sex, too early for most people but in her best friend’s arms she felt in the safest in the world. Teasing kisses turned to making out, and making out wasn’t nearly enough to quench the desire pulsing through Zazzalil from head to toe. With Keeri’s face between her legs, she was a little less on the edge, a little more content. Her hands clenched the sheets underneath and she bit her lips so hard she could taste blood, for fear they would be heard and she would be sent away forever, never again allowed at Keeri’s. Fingers and tongue and lips, neither of them with any idea in the world how it was that they were supposed to do this, nothing in sex ed that ever taught much, and nothing at all about how two girls were supposed to have sex. She never even knew if they had done it right. When it was her turn and she repaid on Keeri all the favors that had been granted her before, she knew much better. Keeri’s hand reached out for hers and clasped tight and when they looked into each other’s eyes, they smiled at each other and they knew. They never talked about it, not in so many serious words, but it happened again. And again and often until either of them started dating someone else. And only then it stopped.

Their first time was a surprise, a welcome addition to the usual hangout of smoking and chilling, once the first kiss turned steamy and dry humping no longer sufficed either. The taste of weed clang to her palate, her mouth and mind thick with it yet her senses were sharper than Lex could ever remember. Deb's hand tucked away under the pillows at first but very soon holding her hand, the joint passed from lips to lips and before long it had burned up and lit much more than bargained. Calloused fingers through Deb's curls, holding tight, too tight for fear she would blink and the girl would be gone with a puff of smoke. She liked her so very much, had for months but more than ever now that their feelings were brought to light, she was terrified to lose her. Grabbing her waist to pull her close, to keep her right on her lap and never, ever let go. Bliss at her fingers, afraid with every thrust of Deb's hips into her palm that it might be the last, afraid to look away for one second and to be alone the next. Lex wasn’t used to happiness coming and staying in her life. Deb kissed her. Their breaths panted into one another, their bodies undulating as one as Deb graciously took and took every morsel of tenderness Lex sent her way. There was always more to replenish with every passing instant. A groan muffled into Lex’s neck, a few last frantic rolls of her hips, and Deb came. And she stayed.

Their first time had been a work in the making for too many months by the time they allowed themselves to love the other. Clark had dreamed it often enough, Bruce had denied himself the permission, but when they opened the door to the emotions that had blossomed between them over time, they both walked right through it just as confidently as the other. It was a strange thing for Clark to be kissing the man he had fallen for all that time ago, the man he had thought would hate him forever. It was a strange thing for Bruce to be kissing the man he had avoided and despised for so long until he had simply forgotten to, until he had let his heart take over and forgotten any slight of the past. And it was an even stranger thing when kisses turned more languid, more enamored and the feel of skin under their fingers was all that mattered. A hand around their dicks stroked leisurely as Clark explored with his lips the line of Bruce’s neck, the sharp hard bulk of his shoulders, down the broad chest he could finally lay his hand on and caress to his heart’s desire. Perhaps the bickering had been worth it for this moment in time when at last they were each other’s everything. Clark had known other men before, but he had not loved them and his heart had not been moved like it now drummed with every slide of his palm up and down, with every kiss at Bruce’s skin, with every groan they prompted. Bruce had never let himself love any man but having now found the one who was perfect and perfect for him, he had no care in the world for the rest of mankind. Of course they came under Clark’s good touch, of course the sticky mess they made on Bruce’s stomach would have to be cleaned up and they would need to leave each other’s arms at some point, but all of that was distant future and irrelevant. They kissed again, more tender now that they were satisfied. A first time so long to come, weighed carefully over time, could not be taken back and they both intended to make the moment linger on and on till it was robbed from them to make room for the next.

Their first time was a frenzy, so foolishly into each other they never stopped a second to think it through. Jack Bauer's smile was dashing, easy to love, easier to like. He lived just a few blocks over, close enough that Slippery When Wet made her secretive way down to the house of the Dikrats every night when her parents were asleep to make out with him. Far away enough from their neat little home with the tiniest picket fence yard that Dad still called it one of those streets and would not have allowed the visits if he had known. Slippery When Wet wouldn't let anyone, not even her good dad, tell her how to live her life. In Jack Bauer’s arms she was free, knocking at his basement room's window and sliding down to heaven or hell at his good will, and very soon making out didn’t quite cut it anymore and they craved for more. The first time hurt a little although, lost in their childish infatuation, neither of them really stopped to notice. Her hands flat on his chest, she took for herself the pleasure she wanted from him, riding him right up to heaven. Warm adoring eyes stared up at her in wonder with a spark she thought was magical. No idea what they were doing, scratching the itch that had been burning for a while on both parts, no idea that there was more at play than the touch of his hands on her and the kisses she demanded at his lips. Two kids in rut finding together the clumsy ways to tame the beast within. She sobered up soon enough when her belly grew with another kid that was their own. Still no idea what they were doing, but for better or for worse, they had to find out for themselves and for this mishap they had created. Suddenly, she was a little less eager for his smile, his kind eyes. From child to mother in the blink of an eye, several months of hell. At least there would always be the memory of that sweet, sweet first time.

Their first time was the object of anxious hesitation for months or years before they took the plunge. Princess for many years had thought she would never want to have sex, till she had fallen for the sweet neighbor girl and realized that she would never want to have sex with men. Still, even in Mouthface’s arms, there was an initial reluctance and for a long time, kisses and embraces was all there would be. Mouthface was ever patient, ever careful to never push matters any further and to let Princess cross any new step on her own. At first there was the matter of privacy, of course. Being caught kissing in her room was an entirely different story than if they had been caught in the act of love, no matter how accepting their parents all were. Then, there was the ticking clock of soon moving out for college and for work, and Princess timidly asked if Mouthface wouldn’t be alright with waiting till they had a place of their own. Mouthface was alright with any and everything to do with her honey and said as much, but in the end it was Princess who fast forwarded the idea just a little bit. In the moment, it felt right. In the moment, she wasn’t scared at all. It was summer and Mouthface’s parents and brother were out of town for the weekend. One minute, they were lying next to each other and muttering sweetnesses to one another. The next, they were kissing and Princess felt within her heart the nudge she had needed all along, the certitude that she now felt ready. Mouthface was all tenderness, a little silly and a little hesitant with inexperience, but her fingers served Princess just as well as her own and her mouth served even greater miracles that she could only try and repay in full. Their faces were flushed crimson when they were done, breathless with giggles that lost themselves into each other’s necks as they cuddled tight. It felt alright to be snuggling into Mouthface’s naked embrace. It wasn’t scary after all. In that moment and in all other such moments to come, it felt perfectly fine.

Their first time was out of a fairy tale, if fairy tales could ever contain such naughty deeds retold. Ja’far fell for Sherrezade the very moment he laid his eyes on her. She fell for him the moment he started to speak to her. It had supposed to be a date, both of them so busy with the passion that was their work that they had always kept romance on the backburner till some friends they had in common had arranged their meeting for them. How well they actually fit together, they never could have foreseen. Sherrezade was a vision out of dreams he had never even known he had, Ja’far was the part of herself she had not known she had missed. Not an hour passed before she invited him in her home, in her bed. They made love like long lost lovers finally reunited after a too great separation. It was his first time, it was not hers. Regardless, the same passion urged them together and he thought he would forever remember the moans at her lips when she guided him inside her for the first time, and the smile she gave him. She took him like she had been waiting for him her whole life, and in a way she had. Notions of love started to make sense to them, always witnessed but never lived until they now imbued every inch of their bodies. It didn’t last all that long, not with the hunger devouring him whole, but the love never stopped when the lovemaking did. Maybe, Ja’far thought, it would last a lifetime. Or maybe it would last even more.

Their first time was crude and unnecessary. Linda had taken many lovers before, but there was no love in the way Wilbur Cross grabbed her arms and pinned them over her head with his hand as the other rubbed between her legs the pleasure she demanded from him. He was taunting, just bordering on threatening in a way that enticed and challenged her like no other man before. Too used to be the assertive one, she was finding herself engrossed with how blunt Wiley was, with how little he hesitated and took what he knew they both wanted. He took her all night, bending her body at his will in positions all more obscene than the next and Linda knew she would have felt degraded with any other man, knew she would have put a stop to any attempt to boss her around if it had been anyone else. Wiley didn’t boss around. He didn’t mess around. He gave and especially took with precise expertise. He was vulgar, too. Every time his dick pushed in, now insufferably leisurely and in the next breath fast and furious, he noted in his nasty drawl how wet she was around him, how eager for him she had been, how very much at his mercy. Linda whimpered into the pillows and took and took and took. She had had so many men in her life, vainly trying to fill the gap in her existence that had wanted filling that never would feel whole. Wiley filled her alright. Past the silly concerns of the other men who tried to flatter her beauty as if Linda wasn’t already at a stellar confidence in that area, Wiley never once filled her head with lies that this was any more rosy than an unfaithful hotel fuck. He wanted her − and he didn’t. He could have had any other woman, she was sure, just like she had as many men, yet in this moment, they had chosen to fuck each other and only each other and they did it exquisitely. She didn’t need him, but beyond being desired, for the first time she wanted him. The thought terrified her and she buried it deep at the back of her mind, but every time his fingers brushed against her to press heavy, every time he drove himself inside her again, she wanted him even more. She craved like nothing else before, like Wilbur had sparked up a fire that was consuming the entire world starting with this expensive hotel room. He never, ever saw her again, and Linda burned in longing for him for the rest of her days.

Their first time was so deliciously terrifying, so needed yet the biggest shame of her life. Charlotte was awakened by the touch of Ted’s hands on her, old sensations she had thought she would never feel again. She had not thought she would be touched again by a man who craved her, yet in his arms she was the most attractive of seductresses, she was desirable and so ardently desired. With Charlotte under him and her legs hooked around his waist, with every cute little moan she gave every time his dick thrust in again, Ted felt like the smoothest of lovers, the best fuck in human history. It was an affair that had started without a beginning. Conversations had blended into one another till Charlotte had realized they were no longer so friendly as she had told herself and she had been incapable of pointing to the moment she had fallen for him, the moment of betrayal. Sneaky kisses when no one was seeing finally crowned in taking him to the guest bed on one of the many lonely nights without Sam. Perhaps for the many years she had been untouched and unwanted, she was alive and thrilled by every caress he paid her, by every word that came out of his mouth, crude as they were. She felt beautiful again, she felt hot and sexy and she felt so very alive. The high lasted just about as long as it took for Ted to make her come, which wasn’t long at all. She burst into sobs when she remembered how disgusted she was with herself, how pathetic for having so easily broken her wedding vows. Ted rubbed her back and made many promises she was certain he didn’t mean. At least she didn’t feel quite as lonely anymore. The lesser of two woes was still a great burden to bear.

Their first time was so long awaited Cletus might have teared up when McDoon took him for a lover. Years of pining on his own, not helped in the least by the occasional kisses McDoon gave him on those nights they were either tired or tipsy. In the morning, Cletus never dared to remind him of them and McDoon never acknowledged them of his own. That night, he had braced himself for the inevitable heartbreak that would follow when McDoon leaned into him on the couch and pressed hungry kisses at his lips, at his neck, but when the kisses didn’t stop, Cletus didn’t know if this was better or worse for the panic filling him. Having yearned for so long, he didn’t know how to receive. McDoon took his face in his hands and kissed him long and good. Then he asked him if he’d like to suck his dick and Cletus’s tender heart forgot that he had wanted romance and another part of him took over. McDoon’s dick in his hand, in his mouth was better than nothing at all and Cletus was groaning with satisfaction. McDoon’s hand toyed with the waistband of Cletus’s boxers under his jeans till it slid underneath to grab a cheek and declared he wanted to fuck his ass. At least Cletus found in himself the boldness to ask for a bed, at least he asked to lie on his back to gaze up into McDoon’s eyes when they did it. Under him, he felt whole for the first time in his life. He felt seen and cared for and although there was some pain, there was some awkwardness, it all faded away with every kiss McDoon gave him as he fucked him good. It didn’t last long enough for Cletus to really thaw into enjoying the sensation much, yet when McDoon’s rough fingers wrapped around him to finish him off, he spilled into his palm like he had been on the edge all along. In the morning, McDoon never mentioned what had happened. At least not until the next time it did.

Their first time was a spell cast to seduce her, a trick that enthralled her soul forever. Mara’s ears were numb with the bass of club’s music, the beat drumming into every part of her body till she was one with it. Oola danced so torturously well, like she was so attuned with the rhythm around her that her body did all the work on its own and she only had to follow along. All night, Mara tried to catch her attention, but it wasn’t so easily given. The occasional smile thrown her way was only crumbs and Mara wanted the whole cake, to devour it all. When Oola caught her wrist to pull her close and spoke into her ear words nearly swallowed by the loud music, Mara might have melted down to a puddle. The offer was made to meet her outside and Mara all but ran there unabashed, so eager she was. She tried to show herself enticing, to achieve even a fraction of how Oola had made her feel all night from the dance floor. She had barely opened her mouth, though, that Oola shut it with a demanding kiss and asked her to keep it down unless she wanted the club security to put them on a blacklist. Dropping to her knees, she more than made up for the chiding. Mara’s tight pants were tugged hastily down and Oola gave her a taste of heaven right here in a dark and dully loud alleyway, barely hidden away from the exit door. She came ridiculously fast and nearly fell for being too unsteady on her shaky legs, which only made Oola grin yet more smugly as she swapped the two of them around and Mara thought that she had reached another plane of existence that existed only between Oola’s thighs under her eager mouth. Her partner was a little less rosy when she came. In fact, Mara was certain she would have gone right back to the party inside if it weren’t for her begging for her number. Oola eyed her up and down and shrugged. She gave it away verbally, a mumble before getting back inside but Mara caught it and memorized it. And promised herself to use it as soon as she dared.

Their first time happened a long time after the thought of it crossed their mind. Back when Zazzalil was the most insensitive and reckless brat she knew, back when Jemilla was a boring know-it-all who wouldn’t know fun if it punched her in the face, when they had no relationship to speak of except a very loose acquaintance that could never be called a friendship, the desire had still always been there from the start. It had never tamed down over the years, intensified as their relation turned much more hectic and when finally the cleft between them was breached for good, it was more vivid than ever. When Jemilla brought Zazzalil home, though, when she pressed her into the mattress to cover her with kisses, a strange tenderness took over her and their first moments of intimacy were a lot softer than either of them had ever imagined. The guilty daydreams of Zazzalil bent whichever way to her enticement were fading and giving way to the real tangible desire of proving the strength of her heart with all the fondness she now felt. Zazzalil, so daring and smartass otherwise, took her ministrations in a way Jemilla could only accurately think of as cute. A sudden tear in the very thread of their dynamics, all the sass was gone in the moment they had each other for the first time. When it came to it, Jemilla only found herself wanting to please and cherish Zazzalil and Zazzalil only wanted to gently welcome Jemilla into her life for good, to show her just how committed she was to the feelings they had admitted prior. For the first time, there was no power play, there was no pretense, only finding in each other the love and comfort they had been craving without knowing. And the good thing was that they had each other for good and as many times as they wanted forever and ever and ever.