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A Little Experience For Takita

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Takita hummed as she strolled down the hall of the Quen Zaza. She had finished laundry ahead of schedule and was ready to get back to the book she'd picked up at the last town. She wasn't all that great at reading the tiny print, but she was getting better the more she practiced. Vannie was on deck doing maintenance, so she'd have the room to herself for two more hours. She could take off her draking uniform and lay on her clean sheets in her underwear while she read, and Vannie would never know.

Takita turned the handle of the door and froze in shock as she struggled to comprehend the sight that greeted her.

Giraud was laying on the floor of their room, his uniform under his head, which left him completely naked and... Mika's shaggy head between his legs!

"Eek!" Takita squealed. Giraud's eyes snapped open and his mouth fell open in embarrassment. Takita slammed her hands over her eyes, so she heard, rather than saw, when Mika released Giraud's... thing... with a ludicrous lip pop.

"What." He asked in his usual nonchalant tone.

"Ohmigod." Takita turned on her heel and raced out the door, slamming it shut behind her. She raced down the hall to take refuge in the kitchens.

"What's the matter, Takita?" Yoshi asked as she burst in and threw herself next to a sack of potatoes.

"I don't wanna talk about it." She hid her face in her hands.

"Okay, but peel me three potatoes while you're there." Yoshi tossed a peeler into her lap. Takita bit her lip and acquiesced. It had been a dream, had been a hallucination, nothing had happened... She totally didn't see Mika and Giraud doing anything inappropriate in her and Vannie's room, no way...

A week crawled by and Takita was jumpier than a baby dragon. Every time Mika or Giraud so much as looked at her or said a word she would squeak in fear and run away, redder than a tomato. Gibbs had certainly noticed, hell, everyone had noticed. But none of them dared try to get what was wrong out of the three.

Takita lay on her bunk that night, hot and sweaty from the building storm from outside and unable to get any peace. Every time she closed her eyes now, she saw Mika and Giraud together on the floor, Giraud's thing in Mika's mouth while Giraud panted for breath.

Takita's thighs clenched involuntarily as a wave of heat bubbled in her lower abdomen and she tossed the blankets off her, rolling over yet again. Good thing Vannie wasn't here to tell her to shut up and let her sleep, they'd been put on opposite shifts this week.

Sure, she knew what was going on with her body. She was naive, but not that innocent. She'd heard the men talking about relieving their tensions together and separately, even Vannie probably indulged herself once in a while. But she'd never really done that to herself before and the prospect was daunting, what if she did it wrong? Maybe she'd go to the latrine and see what she could do about it there in the private space. Bare minimum, maybe some cold water on her face would help her calm down enough to sleep if her original plan didn't work out.

She shuffled down the dim inner hallway to the latrine, double checking the color of the lock on the handle before she opened the latch.

For a moment, Takita almost couldn't comprehend what she was looking at. And then she let out a shriek of disbelief.

Mika was laying flat on the bathroom floor, hands under his head, and Giraud was on top of him. She'd caught Giraud in the middle of riding Mika in the latrine!

At her shriek the two dark-haired men jumped. Giraud tried to cover himself, blushing furiously, and Mika just looked perturbed. Takita ran back out of the latrine, slamming the door behind her and nearly running Gaga down in her hurry to return to her room.

She lay on her bed with her pillow over her face, adrenaline pumping as she processed what she'd just seen. Mika and Giraud were having sex in the unlocked latrine! What if Gibbs had walked in, what if the Acting Captain had caught them at it?

A knock sounded at the door. Takita guiltily slid off her bed and went to answer it, anxiety flopping in her stomach. Giraud stood in the hallway, flushed and panting.

"Look, I need to-" Takita squeaked and slammed the door in his face. She jumped back up on her bunk and hid under the blankets. The door opened, making her cringe, but a cloud of Vannie's perfume wafted in.

"Why is Giraud out in the hallway looking like an embarrassed puppy?" Vannie asked, flopping on her bed. "You catch him and Mika fucking in the latrine or something?"

Takita whimpered.

"Relax, they do it all the time. Someday they're going to learn to lock the door."

"Y-y-you've seen them?" Takita squeaked.

"The whole crew has. I'm surprised you made it this long without walking in on them somewhere. See anything good?"

Takita groaned in reply.

"Listen, go take a walk, let Giraud talk to you if he needs to." Vannie said, inspecting her nails.

Takita slithered out of her bed, thinking a walk might do her some good. She put on her coat to guard against the chill and slipped on her outdoor boots.

"You need to blow off some steam. Take a personal minute on your way back and get that out of your system."

"Why do you think I was going to the latrine in the first place?" Takita grumbled, shutting the door behind her. Giraud was thankfully gone, she could ascend to the upper deck in peace.

Up on deck, the air was thick with humidity but the breeze from the ship's travel helped a little. Takita walked to the bow and then gave her arms a little stretch before taking a lap around the deck. Her heart thudded as she surreptitiously kept an eye out for Giraud and Mika on her way.

"Hey, kid." Gibbs said as she passed him on bow lookout for a second time. "What's got your rope in a knot?"

"Nothing." Takita squeaked, flushing to the roots of her hair. "Nothing, er, why would you ask that?"

Gibbs leveled a look at her and took a toothpick out of his pocket to chew on.

"You look like you're mulling something over in that big brain of yours. You've been off all week."

Takita's shoulders slumped. She really hadn't been very covert with her embarrassment and it had affected her work. She'd never be a good draker if she kept letting things like this throw her off.

"Can you keep a secret, Gibbs?" Takita asked. He nodded and gestured for her to continue.

"L-last week I caught, um, well... I caught Geralt and Mika doing something explicit in my room."

"Damn fools. I told them to stop using empty bedrooms and stick to other more private areas." Gibbs grumbled.

"T-that's just it, sir, I caught them somewhere else just a little while ago. This time it was even more explicit."

"Wow, two times in a week? Your unlucky draw, seems like."

Takita huffed a sigh, going to the railing and looking out at the purplish clouds looming on the horizon.

"So what? Mika and Geralt is nothing new around here. They get wound up on the chases and then have to blow it off somehow."

"I'd never caught them at it before." Takita mumbled, face hot. "I'd never seen anything like that before."

Gibbs sighed and came over to the railing. Takita forced her gaze out over the clouds.

"I guess I forget how young you are." Gibbs said, pitching his chewed toothpick over the side of the ship. Takita huffed in indignation.

"I'm an adult, in case you forgot." She said hotly. "I can't help it if I'm just inexperienced. No one ever asks me if I'm interested in blowing off steam."

Gibbs chuckled, leaning his elbows on the rail.

"Don't laugh at me, sir, it makes me feel worse." Takita mumbled, turning away.

"Hey now, look at me." Gibbs turned Takita back to him. "You're an adult, you have needs, you should just march up to someone on the crew and tell them what you want."

"I don't know what I want!" Takita burst out, tears welling in her eyes. "I've never dealt with this before."

Gibbs sighed, running a hand over his face.

"I get off shift at 0100, I'll come pick you up at your room. Just... Don't tell anyone." He said before slouching off to do a round. Takita gaped after him.

What had she just gotten herself into?