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Crowley knelt among the ashes of the bookstore. So many memories had been made here. He could see the nights of jovial drinking, the days of calm rest spent with his angel. 


“Aziraphale. Aziraphale, I wish I could’ve told you before. There’s so much we didn’t do. That we should have done.”


Crowley caught the phantom scent of Aziraphale. A new cologne he had said. Crowley laughed maniacally at the thought of God sending him the reassurance of Aziraphale’s presence still with him. Of course, his angel would be hovering over him.


“What should we do now, Crowley?”


Crowley felt something the size of a star drop within him. He jumped to his feet and staggered around in shock. He turned and saw the celestial being standing right behind as if nothing had happened.


“Crowley? Crowley are you alright?”


“It’s tickety boo.”


Crowley looked up slowly. Just seeing Aziraphale, and knowing that he was alive . It was too much for the demon to bear. 


“Oh thank god Aziraphale! You’re alive, you’re alive !”


Crowley jumped up into Aziraphale’s arms. He felt the warmth radiating from him, a heat that he had not felt in over six thousand years. Aziraphale was back. His Angel was back. The relief that came from the knowledge that he was alive and well was too much and his mask broke slightly as his yellow eyes filled with tears. 


“Crowley? Crowley, dear, I’m concerned. Please, are you alright?”


That one question was all it took for the rest of his mask to fall. He cried. Aziraphale’s heart broke as he heard the agonizing sobs coming from the demon. The angel wondered if he had heard Crowley clearly. 


“Crowley, did you think I was dead?


The sobs stopped. Crowley looked right into Aziraphale’s blue eyes.

“Don’t you ever scare me like that again.”


Crowley thought of Grobletombus. He didn’t know what the fuck that thing was. A god? Just some random creature that had been put into some far corner of the Universe? The more he thought of him, the more he realized that he had made a real connection with him. It must have been something to do with how they were both supernatural, in a way. Or maybe this god had a different way of making others remember him. 


He suddenly felt a shock ripple through his body. There was a heavy emptiness that overtook his mind after the ripples dissipated. He looked up at Aziraphale to confirm he hadn’t been cruelly taken from him right after their reunion. His worry was sated after seeing the angel petting his hair.


Then what could have caused such a loss? He couldn’t think of any other being that had even a remotely close connection to him. Unless… 


The blue god that he had met. The brother that he had met at Alpha Centauri. It couldn’t have been. Gods didn’t just die. 


Crowley searched his mind for the presence of Grobletombus. His mind raced to find any flicker of Grobletombus. No.


“He’s gone. Aziraphale, he’s gone!”


He had barely known Grobletombus, but he had done so much for him. If it weren’t for him he may have never seen his Angel again. Sometimes the ones you encounter for only a minute can leave the greatest impact. Crowley broke down in tears for the second time that day.