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Got Caught (I should've placed a sign)

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Set: Mark's apartment
VeeMark were just cuddling on Mark's bed after their *ehem* afternoon session. They haven't seen even a shadow of each other for almost two weeks because of their final exams. They tried multiple times to see each other but every attempt was unsuccessful. When they finally been able to meet, they agreed to just buy a take out and eat early dinner at Mark's apartment. They ate and talked about school stuff while trying to control themselves (yeah, they were really subtle) not to jump the other. After eating, Mark stood up to clean their plates but Vee pulled him back down and kissed him. Vee couldn't control himself anymore and claimed his dessert. After that, they cleaned up their mess (both on the table and on Mark's bed) and cuddled while scrolling through their phones. Vee saw that Bar updated his FB by uploading a photo of him and Gun holding hands with a caption "I'll hold on to you forever #TOSSARA". Vee showed the post to Mark smiling while the younger smirked.

Mark: Hmn. They're cute.
Vee: But we're cuter.
Mark: (blushes) Pshhh we're not.
Vee: (pinches Mark's cheeks) you're so cute when you feel shy.
Mark: No, I'm not.
Vee: "No, you're not cute" or "no, you're not shy"?
Mark: (glares at Vee) P'Vee....
Vee: What? I'm just asking.

Mark glares harder at Vee while the other laughs. Mark pouts because he could not think of anything to say back but his mind suggested something. Something reeaaallly naughty and would definitely surprise the older of the two. Is it PG? Nope. Will it make him shy? Yep. But is it worth it? Oh, yes!

Mark loosens Vee's back hug and turns around to face and sit on his lap. The cackling senior abruptly stopped laughing and was taken aback by the actions of the freshman. Mark didn't give him time to pull himself together and wrapped his arms around Vee's neck. He pushed away his embarrassment and moved his face closer to Vee's.

Mark: You still think I'm cute?
Vee: (realizes what the other is trying to do and smirks) Oho~ this is definitely not cute.
Mark: (arches his eyebrow in question) What then?
Vee: (puts his mouth near Mark's ear and breaths) Sexy~

Mark shivers at Vee's action and the older used this distraction to pull Mark's waist closer until their chests are touching. Mark yelped at the sudden movement and tried to pull his face away but the senior immediately locked his hand on his neck and waist.

Mark: P'Vee....
Vee: Want another round?
Mark: (looks at Vee questioningly) Aren't you tired?
Vee: Yes. But you're making me excited.
Mark: Pervert! (Your fault (- _-))
Vee: Your pervert.

Mark made move to slap his shoulder but Vee caught his hand. Vee licked his mouth and stared at Mark with lust in his eyes. Mark returned his stare with equal intensity as Vee slowly moved his face closer. Their lips we're almost touching when they were interrupted by a loud voice.

Kamphan: Ai' Maaaaarrrkkkk! Ah... Shiaaaaaa!

Kamphan halts his steps and the other two with him did the same. Field's eyes bulged wide while James had his mouth hanging wide open in shock.

Mark turned his head to see his friends standing near the edge of his bed with shocked faces. Upon seeing his friends' expressions, he tried to push himself up and remove himself from Vee's lap but the older was quick to react and locked his other arm around his waist securing him there. Mark wiggled himself in protest but the other just tightened his grip and gave him a cheeky smile.

The three's expression quickly morphed from shock to amusement. Field was the first to find his voice, he fake coughed to get the couple's attention.

Field: *ahem*! Sawadee P'Vee.

The couple turned back to the three standing by the edge of the bed. Mark looks at them with an obvious question in his eyes while Vee nods back to the three in greeting still wearing his cheeky smile.

Vee: 'wadee... What brings you three here?
Kamphan: Oh. We just wanted to invite Mark to go to the new bar to celebrate.
Vee: The one near the X resto?
Kamphan: Yes P'.
James: But it seems our friend is busy right now.
Vee: He really is.
Mark: P'Vee! (looks back at his friends) I'll go with you guys.
Field: It's fine. Really. (teases Mark with a smirk)
Mark: No, I'm not busy and I'm going with you.
Vee: Okaaayyyyy.... You heard him kids. He's not busy. Why don't you guys go ahead and I'll bring him there.
James: P', if you're bringing him then why don't you just join us.
Mark: (glares at James)
Kamphan: Yeah. Call your friends too and let's all drink together.
Vee: Great! Meet us then there. Reserve a table will you?
Field: Will do. (looks at Mark) And another thing, next time place a "Do not disturb" sign outside the door to avoid accidents. But thank you for not doing that today.
Mark: (picks up his pen on the bed side table and chucks it at Field) Yeah, yeah. Now get out!
Field: (catches the pen, throws it back at Mark and laughs) See you there then Ai'Mark, P'.
Vee: (nods)
Mark: Get lost.
James: Doing it! Byeeeeeee.

The three friends scurried out the door laughing, closing the door behind them.

Field: Well that was a sight.
Kamphan: I wish I recorded it.
Field: Agreed
James: Mark would kill you before you can.
Kamphan: But P'Vee would stop him.
Field: double agreed.
James: Okay, okay. Now start driving. We still need to secure a table.

The three drove away thinking about how they'll tease Mark in front of Vee's friends later.


Mark buried his face on Vee's neck.

Vee: Well, your friends are kinda cool.
Mark: Shut up. Don't even start.
Vee: You really are cute when you're shy.
Mark: I said shut up. Go take bath if you're going with us.
Vee: Wanna join me?
Mark: P'!
Vee: Going... Going...