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Pretty? Oh, Thank You

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“Pretty uncle!” Jin Ling cries upon sight of Jin Guangyao.

Nie Huaisang hides a smirk behind his fan as Jin Guangyao smiles and heads straight for Jiang Wanyin and Jin Ling. The young Jin Sect Heir is dressed in the familiar purple robes of the Yunmeng Jiang Sect today, his hair done up rather nicely with a lotus pin holding it up.

There’s a soft look in Jiang Wanyin’s eyes as he watches Jin Ling, then it twists into a scowl, and Nie Huaisang smooths his own features into a wide-eyed look. Perhaps there’s some sense in pretending he doesn’t know what Jin Ling is talking about. But, he thinks as he observes Jin Guangyao approaching the two.

It’ll be fun to pretend.

He snaps his fan closed, bites his bottom lip as he stares down at Jin Ling. The boy stares up at his youngest uncle with such a disdainful look on his face, close enough to be Jiang Wanyin’s scowl. Nie Huaisang nears the other Sect Leader and inclines his head.

“Sect Leader Jiang!” he says meekly, close enough to see Jiang Wanyin twitch. The furrowing of his brows, the tight press of his lips, the glare directed towards Jin Guangyao... he’s annoyed. Nie Huaisang flips his fan open and covers his smile, but leaves his eyes wide. “I wasn’t expecting you to be here!”

“You were told that I would be here,” Jiang Wanyin says in disbelief.

“I didn’t know!”

“What the fuck do you mean, I didn’t know?”

He fiddles with his fan. “I truly didn’t, Jiang-xiong! Perhaps, you can tell me later when we’re alone?” he says, empathizes on the last word, and flutters his eyelashes at the other man. Nie Huaisang tries not to smile when Jiang Wanyin turns a faint shade of pink and looks away with a huff.

“Fine,” Jiang Wanyin snarls out.

Brightens and beams at him. “Wonderful!”

“You’re not pretty uncle, xiaoshu,” Jin Ling says with a huff, so similar to Jiang Wanyin, and takes his attention away from the other Sect Leader. “Xiaoshu isn’t as pretty as pretty uncle.”

Oh, the fun is about to begin.

Jin Guangyao stares down at him, dumbfounded. “What?” he asks weakly, and Nie Huaisang blinks with wide eyes as Jin Ling points to him. Oh, this is good. He flips his fan open and gasps, flutters his fan.

“Pretty uncle is there!”

Nie Huaisang?” Jiang Wanyin stares at his nephew, his scowl turning into a look of mild surprise, like he hasn’t been expecting this. Nie Huaisang doesn’t blame him for not thinking so, even if his previous expression says otherwise. “You think that this idiot–” The man gestures towards him with disbelief. “–is pretty?”

Jin Ling nods importantly, a faint look of smugness on his face. “Yes. Pretty uncle.”

Nie Huaisang internally preens. Then–

“Pretty uncle is pretty, so therefore he has to be with jiujiu.”

Jin Guangyao stares, Jiang Wanyin turns a bright shade of red, and Nie Huaisang drops his fan in shock. “Jin Rulan!” Jiang Wanyin roars and jumps to his feet, the flush of red creeping up his ears, and—oh. Oh. Nie Huaisang feels his own cheeks heat up. “Why would you sprout such bullsh–”

The Jin Sect Heir gives the man a look of disbelief. “Jiujiu should stop being dumb.”

“You–” Jiang Wanyin lets out a strangled noise and dives for the boy. Jin Ling shrieks and ducks under the lunge, while Jin Guangyao settles his face into a soft smile. Nie Huaisang covers his own wide smile with his fan. Such an endearing boy. Perhaps he can court Jiang Wanyin.

Jin Ling did give him an opening for it, after all.