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A Friend Like Hiro

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Seventeen-year-old Naoyuki Andō  relaxed into his bed. A quiet Friday in his small apartment left him flipping through a textbook lazily as his best friend Shishigami Hiro was taking a call in the next room. Having recently learned of the truth behind his only boyhood friend, Andō had warmed up to the help. Hiro, the one person he trusted above any other, was a powerful android.

About 175 cm, an average looking body graced with a handsome head, with short navy-colored hair. Two soft deep brown eyes glowed above a mouth shaped in a barely-there smile. His facial expression, if you could even call it that, looked enigmatic, yet friendly.

Out of his body, sprouted two legs, and two arms. At his standard setting, the flexible arms and legs could extend and retract, almost able to move like pincers for extra dexterity while cleaning. Circular clamps manifested from his hands, although they could change format and size as needed. Panels in his body could also open to supply extra appendages and tools used for every day usage. Suffice it to say, he had all the good.

Not really paying the bot any mind,  Andō found himself intrigued by a movie that was just reaching a steamy romantic moment. Being a special channel, the show playing was quick to heat up far more than expected.  Andō got tense and bit his lower lip.

Due to being so busy at school, and figuring out how to grow accustomed to Hiro's abilities, he hadn't spent much time worrying about his Tenshi (Angel) as Andō called him. Usually he would play with himself often, but the last week had been dedicated to the basics. As the couple on the screen began to move in a steady rhythm,  Andō let his hand wander to the waistband of his black briefs.

Over his briefs, he could feel heat coming from between his legs. He gently cupped over his sex, glancing around for Hiro. He was in Andō's line of vision, but facing away, looking at a random book on the shelf. Turning his attention back to the TV, he slowly rubbed up and down, keeping as quiet as he could.

Six minutes passed, the love scene reaching its own lurid climax.  Andō laid sat, lightly stroking his moistening cock through her panties. He wasn't satisfied to say the least. Grabbing the remote, he cued up the Top Secret channel he never uses. As if anyone really believes that old excuse.

Still teasing, he found an arousing sensual video to watch, blushing like he was worried somehow people in school knew what he was doing. As the movie began,  Andō bit his lip. In a moment of bravery, he stood up to remove his pants. Stepping out of them, he stooped watching as the man on the screen began sucking his partners hardening nipples. The other man moaned.

"Oh wow..."  Andō breathed. Still a virgin, to sexual play with an actual partner, he imagined what it would be like to feel someone give him the same treatment. Brown eyes glued to the screen, he began to lower himself to the bed... Except he forgot that when he stepped forward out of his pants he also stepped farther from the bed.

".. OH FUCK!"  Andō helped as he landed on his butt on the floor. It didn't hurt, thankfully, but he was startled. He laid there, dazed for eight seconds and sprawled our on the carpet.

" Andō? Are you alright??" A familiar comforting voice rang out.

Lifting his head and looking down between his legs, Hiro stood a couple feet away. Concern clearly present in his voice, although his facial expression remained stoic.

"Hiro! Oh, no! No! I'm okay," he chuckled, trying to play it off.  Andō began to shift to get up, as Hiro walked forward and gently used his arms to stead his friend's legs. "What are you doing?"  Andō asked, slightly bewildered at the current situation.

"I'm checking for potential injury, Andō . Now, do you feel pain in your tail bone?" With his hands gently clamped around  Andō's ankles, Hiro moved his legs to stretch them out.

"N-No! No pain! Just uhm..."  Andō moved his hands to try to hide his briefs, which no doubt had developed a wet spot by now. Unfortunately for him, Hiro noticed and began scanning his brown eyes over the area, searching for any other issues.

" Andō, it looks like this part of your body has a higher temperature than usual. I'm detecting increased blood flow as well. Are you certain you're not hurt?"

 Andō almost wanted to scoff. This robot apparently knew the basics of medical assistance, but didn't know about his sex? He wasn't sure if this was a good or bad thing.

"Yeah! I'm completely sure! Now, could you please-OH GOD!" A front panel in Hiro's body opened up, and another arm reached out to press lightly against  Andō's briefs.

" Andō, it looks like some liquid has spilled here too. Shall I clean it up for you?"

The arm that had reached out to assess the boy's mess it found, pulled back into the panel briefly, then reappeared. It now had a bulb-shaped head, made out of what looked like a soft spongy material.  Andō stayed speechless for a moment. Surely his robot friend wasn't being serious.

"No, Andō  you really don't need to do that. Please let me go?"

"Are you certain, Andō?" Hiro let go of his legs, but remained where he was.  Andō looked back to the screen, where the bottom man was now being eaten out by his partner, his tongue darting between the other one's hole as he moaned and teased his nipples. Another rush of heat. "I'm still detecting increased blood flow and more messiness" Hiro explained.

 Andō bit his lip. He looked at the sponge-like bulb and then looked at Hiro. He knew he had to follow the law of robotics and couldn't cause his friend any harm. If he was honest, he was genuinely curious of what the hell Hiro was going to do to him-or how he would clean Andō up he meant.

"Uhm... o-okay, Hiro. Go ahead and... clean.. me?.."  Andō rolled his eyes at how weird that sounded.

"Yes, Andō."

Hiro's arms reached out again, this time grabbing his thighs instead of his ankles. He then moved them away to spread  Andō's legs out, as he laid back on the floor his hips tilted upwards.

"Whoa! What're you doing?" In this position,  Andō could still prop up on his elbows, but his brief clad ass was clearly open and his legs were held open by Hiro.

"In order to properly clean you, I must have enough access to the area." Hiro explained. Once again the bulb extending from his front panel moved forward.  Andō gulped, watching it approach between his legs. What happened next, he didn't expect.

This unusual tool was evidently equipped with a rotary motor to move it around as it absorbed spills. It was currently rotating slowly, but it also had a soft vibrating. The second it made contact with his briefs,  Andō realized just what was happening.

"Oh my God!!" He gasped.

Silently, Hiro began "cleaning" in reality he was now using one of his tools so rub circles around Andō's sex. As the circles moved in a slow rhythm, he moved the arm about, in attempts to soak up more of his friend's wetness.  Andō's breathing began to speed up. For five more minutes this continued, and the heat in his stomach was starting to form.

"Andō," Hiro offered. "It would appear my standard setting isn't really absorbing the spill. I'm going to increase the pressure and speed." Without giving him a second to register it, the arm sped up, a gentle pace now massaging against  Andō's penis.

"Oohhh oh wow. Uhh okay, I don't think...uh Hiro!?"

"Yes?" The massage continued.

"It's, um... it's not gonna... ah!" The bulb bad contact with a hardened nub. Hiro noticed as  Andō's jumped and tensed suddenly. He scanned the boy's body again.

"I'm reading increased heart rate and an increase of blood flow in various areas of your body Andō. I'm programmed to provide more personal assistance and care. Would you like to activate this mode at this time?"

 Andō gasped as he stared incredulously at Hiro. Was this his way of saying he actually WAS built to know about sex?

Only one way to find out.

"Uhm... Ah... okay... I mean-er... well.." a pause took over as the massage moved upward over his sensitive spot again. His eyes drifted shut.

" Andō?"

"Ah! Okay fuck it! Yes, activate personal assistance mode or whatever you call it!"

"Personal care and treatment mode, activated." Hiro confirmed. Pulling back the mechanical arm, he broke contact with Andō's sex, which was slowly beginning to throb.

"Hey, wait a minute what are yo-" bzzzzzzzzz.

 Andō's jaw dropped as the arm with the sponge-like bulb on it remained in place, but was now clearly vibrating and rotating in circular motions ever so slightly. Without a word, Hiro returned contact with  Andō's ass.

"Ohhhhhhhhh my goood" his eyes rolled back and the boy moaned.

Here on the floor of his  bedroom, the movie long forgotten,  Andō laid on the floor squirming and moaning. Legs still spread and restrained, hips and ass canted towards the ceiling. Hiro stood vibrating his brief covered ass;  Andō was overcome by the amorous sight. The vibrations seeping through his briefs were building in a way he couldn't explain. He couldn't believe he was having his robotic best friend service him this way. Even more shocking that he made no move to stop.

Minute after minute ticked by, as  Andō moaned and rocked his hips against Hiro's massaging appendage.

"Ahhhhhhh hahhnnnmmmm"

 Andō shifted the arm upwards slightly and began to circle around  Andō's hard butt.

"Ah! Yes! There please!" Jolts of pleasure shot from his cock to  Andō's toes, but Hiro didn't move close just yet.

"Is this where it's the most comforting to you,  Andō?" Even with his direct introspective talk,  Andō was still turned on by Hiro's devoted treatment and care.

"Yes! Please on my ass! Aaahhh"

Hiro immediately obeyed his friend, zeroing in on the bundle of nerves that was quickly sending  Andō into ecstasy. As the vibrations made contact with his ass, he arched back and let out a long moan. Unable to resist, he lifted his head back up to watch Hiro.

His dominant hand on  Andō's own cheek in disbelief as he could only lay back and get lost in the sight of his legs held back, unable to move, as Hiro used one of his tools to pleasure his friend's soaking hole.

It seemed he knew exactly where to touch to make  Andō's toes curl. The tight circles around his hole making him practically squeal with delight now. Hiro remained silent, intent on serving his friend as long as necessary.  Andō wondered if he would do this all night. The thought made his inner walls clench.

"Oh! Oh I'm getting close... ohhhh"

The heat in his sweaty core was beginning to climb to new heights. The waves of pleasure shoot through him reaching a precipice together as the vibrating wand happened to hit the perfect angle against his throbbing rose bud.  Andō tensed all over, gritting his teeth as he felt his climax hold for what felt like a leap through time. Then:

"Ahhhhnn ahhh ahh!! Oh my God yeah ahhhhhh!!"

His unbridled release rushed through him, pleasure emanating from his cock all the way through his body. His inner walls contracted with every wave and he shook and moaned. As  Andō's hips rolled around with Hiro's massage, he kept up with his friend's rhythm, following  Andō's every move.

Oh my God..  Andō thought I really?..

"Andō, I'm still detecting increased blood flow, high temperature, and wetness from you. Want me to continue my attempts to clean and service you?" Hiro lowered the speed of the vibrations, but continued circling  Andō's ass. He's moved away from  Andō's overly sensitive butt, giving him a break. The spent teen gasped and bit his lip.  Andō couldn't resist the pleasure still flowing through him. It was just too tempting.

"Keep... going Hiro" he grinned.

"Yes, Andō."

Before he had a chance to prepare, Hiro went right back to teasing  Andō's ass. Circling and circling, the arm played with him. The steady vibrations still prolonging his first orgasm, but moving  Andō into his second even faster. All he could do was continue to moan and watch, completely overwhelmed.

"Ahhhh ahhh oh my God yes. Give me M-more"

"Yes, Andō."

The arms gripping his thighs stretched him even more. The vibrating android arm pressed harder.

"Fuck! Ah!"  Andō's second orgasm hit faster than the first. Again he erupted in an electric spasm, giggling and moaning from the intense sensations running through him. Hiro didn't slow down this time.

"Oh my goddddahhh! Again? Ohhh oh please oh ohh!

 Andō was in ecstasy. He'd never experience this much pleasure before, and Hiro was the gift that kept on giving. On and on he continued to massage and vibrate his sensitive hole, teasing through it's second climax and into a third.  Andō rolled his hips into the bulb of the vibrator, giggling as his ass and cock were beginning to become more sensitive. As his fourth orgasm began, the sensation through his briefs began to tickle slightly, only adding to the boy's pleasure.

"Ehhheheheh Ahh!" The teasing felt endless at this point. But Hiro must've sensed Andō's limits approaching, as he now began to build his friend to a grand finale.

Slowing down the treatment, Hiro softened the vibrations to a rhythm that somehow reached deep into  Andō's core. Up and down Andō's ass lips he massaged, taking he time to tease and caress. Andō panted breathlessly, his chest heaving, but craving the touch even more. Slowly, Hiro began to pick up the pace again, sweeping over his pulsing bundle of nerves with every pass.

"Ah... Ahh!... ah!... hnn!"  Andō felt his orgasm grow at the top of his head. Like shower water raining over him, tingles ran down his spine, down to his toes, before moving back up. It was as if all the overcoming sensations came to a peak at the very tip of his cock, which Hiro has now begun to vibrate just enough to elicit that ticklish power that drove  Andō wild.

"OhhhhhmygooodddHiro!!" He yelped.  Andō's ass spasm and a final flood of juicy cum soaked through his briefs. Hiro's treatment has spread his friend's wetness almost everywhere, his initial intention to clean him an entirely fake goal. Of course  Andō wasn't complaining at all at this point.

Gently Hiro continued to massage  Andō's ass as he came down from his final climax. Soft moans and coos left his lips at every soft brush and tickle. Laying there spent and panting, Hiro released his legs and retracted the sponge back into his panel. Inside that cylinder, various buzzes and whistles would take to cleaning and sanitizing all tools he used. As   Andō caught his breath, Hiro moved to the TV to turn it off, then back to Andō. Gently he helped his friend up off of the floor and scanned traces of Andō's wetness on the floor.  Andō blushed.

"Andō, why don't you take a shower while I clean and then make dinner?" The front panel opened again, this time providing Hiro with a cleaning cloth.

"Y- yeah that sounds good.. thanks Hiro."  Andō muttered. By now he was totally dazed and spent, a shower sounding perfect at that moment. The way Hiro behaved completely collected about what just happened was actually a relief to him.

"Yeah, no problem Andō." was all Hiro said as he turned to clean the floor, and Andō turned to head towards his bathroom.

 Andō had to remember to thank his friend for talking him into getting a beautiful massage