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Whiskey and Chased

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“This is the third time this month,” Eduan stated, expression grim.

“Doesn’t matter. I’m alive and well.”

“Alive and well, my ass. You have a stab wound in the stomach and you call that well?” He snapped, if his son is not hurt, he might smack him in the head.

“I’m patched up, father.”

“I already contacted FUG, their best bodyguard is on its way now.” He plopped down on the visitor chair, wrinkling his best suit. He needs some alcohol to absorb everything. Aguero's so stubborn, he's going to get grey hair at this point.

“I’m capable, cancel the contract.”

“Silence, brat. You have no right to argue on this one, especially since you are the heir.”

A sigh was answered back to him. Such an ungrateful child. “I won’t have to go through all of this if you haven't created dozens of children. You can’t even figure out who’s trying to kill me.”

“Still under investigation.” Eduan retorted back.

What Aguero said was true, he has several children outside of his marriage. He didn’t mean to, but he succumbs to depression and loneliness when his wife died due to an ambush. Now all the children are fighting for the inheritance.

A knock on the door cut him short from his brooding, “Come in.”

“Eduan.” A tall man greeted him, followed by a child. “You must be the Aguero brat,” Jinsung smirked at his son after reconciling his handshake.

“Yeah, sure.” His son drawls out, not even looking at them, busy working in the laptop that was plopped in his front.

“This is Viole, he was assigned as your son’s bodyguard by the elders.” Jinsung nodded towards the young man.

Khun looked up when Viole strides towards his bed. “Jyu Viole Grace.” Voice polite despite the passive and emotionless face. The young man was tall, lean but on muscular built, with ridiculous long black hair. Sharp golden eyes peering at him in between the locks that cover his face.

He looks capable.

He smirked, “Khun.” Adjusting his sitting position without inducing pain in his stab wound. “Khun Aguero Agnis.”

“I will be working with you starting today, Mr. Khun.” The young man stated, settling himself beside his bed, standing and unmoving like a statue.

“Let’s discuss the contract in private, Jinsung. I’ll go ahead, Aguero.” His father stood up, preparing to leave. “I know you are itching to work, but at least take a breather now that you are injured.

Khun didn’t answer, just shrugging his shoulders as Eduan and Jinsung went out of the room.

“Viole, how old are you?” He asked, curious. He cannot see his face completely because of his hair and bangs.

He was wearing a fitted black turtleneck paired with simple black slacks and trenchcoat. The coat a bit on the loose side, to hide his guns perhaps?

Viole didn’t answer him.

Great. A talkative type.

How boring.


It’s been a few months since Viole started to guard him, and he has a bit of observation for the young man.

He doesn't answer and gives any recognition to any personal questions, whether from a single ‘Where did you grow up?’ to a simpler ‘How’s your day?’

He did, however, answer some basic questions of ‘How long have you been working with FUG?’, how many martial arts he’s familiar with, if he’s proficient with swords and guns alike - which he got a yes to everything.

So Viole is like a walking killer machine, the only difference is he has chosen a line of work on a decent side. He cannot imagine someone like him being a hired killer. He was sure he’s long dead if someone like Viole comes after him.

He did learn, however, after a few more months that if he stated his questions as a command, that Viole would answer- albeit one of few words, voice low with reluctance.

So yeah, they are the same age. He has no family, or friends or pets. He has no hobby except reading books. A boring man.

And yet, he’s intriguing at the same time.

He puts himself on a higher seat than normal people. He’s cunning. He uses people and throws them after like a pawn. If you are useless and of no more use, you can say goodbye forever. He can also read people like an open book. He has a strong instinct on how to manipulate people. Except for Viole. He’s a walking enigma.

He’s unreadable. He cannot find any flaw in him. He cannot manipulate him because he’s technically alone, with no family and friends, just FUG and him as his subject of protection. He also doesn’t care about money or status symbol, which he learned with surprise, seeing as Viole quickly manhandled a well-known politician Po Bidau Gustang and all of his bodyguards under a minute just from cursing him and touching him at the shoulders. It was on the news for a few weeks. His father laughing like a maniac after seeing the scandal once it has broken out. Telling him not to worry since their lawyers are doing damage control and that little shit deserves it.

And yet he doesn’t mind it. He likes his presence, to the point that he is now a familiar face around him.

His employees knew him. Shibisu likes to chat with Viole even though he doesn’t really get a response from the man. Hatz also acknowledged him after he saw how capable Viole was from the politician scandal. And Rak- God, that stupid gator demanded a duel from Viole because of the same reason as Hatz.

His female employees, on the other hand, are getting out of hand. Before they are trying to suck at him, being too polite and touchy, trying to get his attention because of his good looks and wealth. Now that he has Viole at his side following him like a shadow, the population of the female employees who gawk and squeals silently at him doubles- to him and to Viole especially.

He’s not blind, Viole is really good looking. Gloomy, serious, and dangerous.

His friend Endorsi doesn’t really differ from the flock. They were in a dinner meeting, discussing potential merge up with Yuri Jahad’s empire when Endorsi asked Viole out on a date in front of everyone.

The whole table went silent, eyes on Endorsi to Viole to him. “Don’t look at me, I’m not the one who was asked,” he uttered exasperatedly.

“Apologies, Miss Endorsi. I’m flattered but my priority is Mr. Khun’s safety and wellness.” Viole replied politely, low voice like a ring of the bell in his ears. He intertwined his fingers and hid his lower face against it, controlling the smirk that was breaking out of his mask.

This is why Viole is so entertaining.

Endorsi is a well-known model and actor. Who also works in his company and helps with marketing and advertisements, a perfect example of beauty and brains. For Viole to turn down a star like her that many men drools? It was gold.

“How about on your rest day?” Endorsi insisted. Shibisu, Hatz, and Rak have started to talk to themselves, suddenly in their own world.

“I appreciate the offer, Miss Endorsi, but I need to stay with Mr. Khun. I have no rest day.”

The room went silent once more, Endorsi shooting daggers towards him, “Maybe next time, Endorsi.” He defended Viole, hoping that the rejection she got won’t get out of hand. The woman was like a bull when triggered.

“You’re so cruel, Khun. You’re making Viole work 24/7 around you?” She frowned at him.

He just shrugged, ignoring her remark. As if he hadn’t forced the man to take a rest, to no avail.


The merging of Jahad’s company and his was a huge success. Everything went well, the media live covering the contract signing between the two.

He invited his whole team to dinner, booking the hotel penthouse with a personal chef and a bar to accommodate them.

Wangnan, Prince, Akraptor, and Rak have been drinking and playing competitive volleyball on the swimming pool, while the rest have been on their respective small groups chatting. 

Viole took a small sample of his food before allowing him to eat it. “No poison?” He teased, the man shaking his head. The chef was a personal hire of his father so he was sure that he’s safe from being poisoned. Viole sampling his food for poison has grown into a habit now for both of them.

Also, he’s fully aware that the man wouldn’t eat together with him so he better gets a small bite of whatever he was having in between while doing his job.

“Viole, can you help me get some cola and an additional plate of steak please?.” He commented to Viole who nodded before disappearing to get his request.

He’s not hungry, he’s been eating and drinking since late afternoon and it's almost midnight. “Take a seat please.” He patted the vacant seat on his right. Viole just looked at him, face blank of emotions before following his orders.

“It's yours. Take a break tonight. I want you to eat.” He told Viole, starting to take a bite out of his food once Viole had settled beside him. “Just tonight. You won’t be so cruel to leave me sitting alone while everyone is having fun, aren't’ you?” He added, seeing the small frown on the man’s face, opening his mouth to argue. It took a few seconds before he started to eat also.


“Can you loosen up? We’ve been together for two years now, it’s not like FUG is keeping an eye on you around the clock and I wouldn’t mind you being informal with me.” He sipped at his wine. He really likes his golden eyes. It was warm and the only expressive point in his rather blank face. 

“I’m... used to this, Mr. Khun. Working non-stop.” Viole was looking down at his plate, bangs covering his eyes. “It doesn’t matter if I break down my body, I already lose my will to live anyway.” It was a silent murmur but he heard it anyway. The first time that Viole opened to him, and it took him off-guard. What does that even mean?

“Look.” He said slowly, “I don’t know your past or whatever burden you are carrying.” He said loudly, resting his face on his fist. Viole was looking at him, honest golden eyes burning with vulnerability for the first time. He’s feeling a turmoil in his chest, his fondness for Viole growing. “You have me now, Viole. I don’t care about the contract my father signed with FUG. Just give me a word and I will do everything in my power to protect you by my side.”

A wind blew, swiping the long locks that were covering Viole’s face. He looks younger than his age. “Let me protect you too, okay?” He asked with his hand turned upside down towards Viole. A warm calloused hand took hold of his hand back. He squeezed and intertwined their fingers.

“Oi, Mr. big shot.” Endorsi popped out, breaking their moment. Viole yanked his hand away but he gripped it tighter, pulling their hands down under the table so Endorsi wouldn’t see. “I challenge you to a drinking contest, if I win, you will give Viole one rest day so we could go on our date!” 

Shit, Endorsi is drunk, and as if he will give Viole to other people, let alone to a dangerous woman like her. “I’m already full.” He commented. A bottle of whiskey was slammed down on their table.

“Oi! I won, you guys owe me a hundred bucks each!”

“What the fuck was that?” He growled, earning a snort from Viole. “Hey, I heard that!” He snapped. “I’m treating you guys to an expensive hotel and this is what you do behind my back? Fine, I’ll accept your challenge, don’t you dare cry on me after when you lose.”

“Mr.Khun,” Viole pulled him back, he squeezed his hand before letting go.

He found himself being carried by Viole a few hours later back to his master suite. He was so dizzy and feeling sick, yet Viole’s back is wide and warm, lulling him to the verge of sleep.

“Mr. Khun, I’m putting you down, okay?” Viole gently sat on the bed, making sure he was properly seated before standing up. Fuck, he’s so dizzy and nauseous. Fuck Endorsi and her bets. Scratch that, fuck the whole team.

“I’ll get you some water and wet towels.” Viole was gone before he can even form a word.

He opened his eyes when Viole wiped his face and neck with a cold damp towel. It felt good. “Mr. Khun?” He called out, assisting him to sit up. When did he fell asleep? “Drink this or you will get a hangover tomorrow.” A pill was shoved in his mouth followed by water. He drank greedily, throat too dry from all the alcohol he consumed.

“I’ll remove your shoes and shirt, okay?” A murmur. He might be too drunk but he knows Viole taking care of him is not part of his contract. He should go and leave.

“Viole, you may rest.” He slumped back on the bed. The air conditioning feels good.

“I’ll do that Mr. Khun, in a while.” Viole’s fingers deftly unbuttoning his shirt.

Maybe it’s the attraction he feels for Viole or maybe its the alcohol or him being stupid but he tugged Viole’s hands towards him. “Stay here, with me, tonight.” He murmured in his ears, not letting go of his grasp on the man.

He was pleased with the goosebumps on Viole’s neck and arms. “It’s-”

“Stay.” He repeated.

“Okay, Mr. Khun. I will stay with you.” Viole tucked him properly on the bed, laying down beside him after removing his own shoes and top too, leaving him in a white undergarment shirt and his pants. He scooted on the man, falling asleep peacefully.


A few months later, they were on a long drive towards the outer city for a charity event. He was sitting in the middle of the car with his laptop, answering emails when Viole blurted out his name, “Mr. Khun?”

“Yes, Viole?” He hummed, typing a response.

“Do you trust me?” Viole followed, voice low and gentle.

“What do you mean? Do you even have to ask?” He frowned, he’s glad that Viole has somehow loosened up to him after that night in the hotel where he got wasted, but he still talks nonsense sometimes.

“Do you trust me, Mr.Khun?” Viole repeated, looking at him in the mirror, the corner of his eyes crinkling along with his smile.

He met his eyes, “Yes.”

“Good. I want you to pack your laptop and hold onto your bag. I know how important your laptop and phone are for your work.”

He frowned, not liking what he heard. “I don’t understand.”

“You will do what I said, Mr. Khun.” Viole chuckles. He sighed, what a strange man. He started to pack his gadgets in the bag.

“You ready?” Viole asked.

“Ready for what?” He’s starting to get suspicious.

“Can you help and assist me to forward the passenger seat. Questions later, okay?” He took out his seatbelt and push the passenger seat in the front forward, giving him more space in the middle. “Now do the same to your seat, Mr. Khun. The whole middle seat, push it backward.” He pressed a button, a mechanical sound vibrating a few seconds later. His seat started to move backward.

“Good we have more space now, Mr. Khun,” Viole replied, hands busy moving the map on the GPS. “You know what’s interesting on this road?”

Cold dread creeping in the back of his nape, he doesn't see any car following them. “What’s interesting?” His throat suddenly dry.

“It’s a few hundred kilometers of a straight road.” Viole pointed out on the GPS. "Plus its a dead spot, very few cars drives here. We won't hurt or kill anyone."

“Viole.” He rubbed his eyebrows, “Stop playing games, what is it?” He has a bad feeling about this.

“Scoot over.” Viole ordered, “Towards the door. Now.” He hurriedly followed, leaning against the door, carefully observing Viole. Viole took out a thin metal in his coat, locking it against the wheel.

“Wait, Viole..?” He started to panic, they’re in a moving car. What is he doing locking the wheels?!

Viole was suddenly on his side, hugging him tight. “Will take a few seconds or a minute before it loses its hold. Hold tight to me, don't let go no matter what.” His mouth was on his ears. He gasped when Viole threw the door open before jumping, throwing the both of them on the stretch of grass field of the side of the road.

Viole hit the ground first before they rolled over violently a few meters, only stopping when they hit a tree. There was a loud crash, their car hitting a tree also.

He groaned loudly, “Viole!! What the fuck was that?! We almost died you brat!!” He pushed himself up, groaning, and feeling sore.

“Are you hurt anywhere?” Viole was suddenly over him, checking for any injuries. “You’re safe.” He murmured, suddenly hugging him. His lips ghosting on his cheeks and neck. “You’re safe. Thank God you are safe.” Viole was repeating it, like a mantra.

“Viole?” His brain went blank from the kiss and hug. That was too much.

“The car was rigged. It was slowly getting faster and the break suddenly stopped working. I cannot control the car anymore.” Viole stood up, helping him on his feet. “My fault, I should have noticed before we went on the road.” Viole was already calling someone on his phone, explaining what happened to them.

He was shocked and cold. Hands visibly trembling, dread clinging on his back. “Backup is on the way. I know this is too sudden but would you like to have a break and sit down on some random tree?”

He nodded, voice not working. The car exploded, making him jump. Viole was suddenly on him, hugging him securely, assuring him they're safe.

“Next time, give me a heads-up and not just throw us out of harm's way.” He was drinking some water from his bag, head already cleared after a few minutes.

“It’s fun to see you panic.” Viole’s tone was full of playful amusement.

He growled, but cannot help but chuckle with Viole. “I should fire you.”

“Sure, that way I can ask you out on a proper date and not out on some random tree like this.”

He whipped his head fast, grunting in shock when Viole kissed him on the lips. “I’m so relieved you are safe, Mr. Khun.” He murmured, kissing him again.

“I kind of liking this countryside date, you know, it’s growing on me.” He hummed, he grabbed Viole's collar, pulling him back to another kiss.