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Ian woke up rested but somehow missing something. A quick glance behind him was enough to understand what he was missing. His husband. Another few second cleared his mind and reminded him that he was off today and must have overslept. Door closed, alarm off. Of course, Mickey wanted him to sleep. He jumped out of bed and onto his sweatpants discarded on the floor the night before. He grabbed a t-shirt on the pile of clean clothes waiting to be put away, checked it was his and exited the room, making a hard turn right to enter the bathroom. While peeing he tried to rehearse the little surprise he had for Mickey, anticipating his husband’s reaction to be flowery at best. As he could hear noise downstairs, he knew that Mickey would open the gift in front of everyone. But he didn’t care, making him uncomfortable was actually part of the excitement. The Gallagher household had never been shy when it came to sex, so they wouldn’t mind much anyhow.

Ian was excited. He knew Mickey would be surprised, after all, who in their right mind celebrate the anniversary of their first time? He grabbed the carefully wrapped box and climbed down the stairs gracefully.

As expected, the whole family was in the kitchen, including Lip and Tami, whose house still undergoing major work, were having most of their meals at the Gallaghers. Mickey was seated at the table, back to the stairs and sipping his coffee while checking Liam’s math homework. This was an unexpected turn of event that happened as the married couple settled for the first time ever. Mickey bounded differently with all the siblings (although not as much as Ian had hoped with Lip). But somehow, he became some sort of a confident figure for Liam. The two of them speaking Spanish helped for sure. Lip tried to join their conversations a few times, but his Spanish was nowhere good enough, so he soon retreated like a wounded dog. And out of the blue, Mickey had started helping with his homework. And more surprisingly so, he was good at it. Well for Math and Science at least, because, even in a good mood, English was a firm and definitive no. But still, every time this happened everyone would look at them openly surprised, although less and less as time went by. Obviously, they noticed the looks on them and reacted every time by having a few words in Spanish and laugh. That’s when Lip would react too by either leaving the room or rechecking Liam’s homework after Mickey.

Ian circled Mickey’s shoulders with his arms, crooning his nose in his husband’s neck and inhaled loudly. God this smell! Would he ever get tired of it?

Mickey shifted his head to the left to give more space to Ian so he could rest on his shoulder and keep his nose buried in the hollow of his neck. “Morning, Sleeping beauty!”

A low growl escaped Ian, coming from deep inside, “Mornin’”. And with no explanation he put the gift in front of Mickey.

“The fuck is that for?”. “Happy anniversary!”, Ian couldn’t conceal his grin. A few seconds of frowned brows and Mickey’s face lit up with one of these wide smiles he reserved to Ian only. It didn’t take him long to understand what anniversary Ian was celebrating, and the thought of that made Ian’s inside all fuzzy.

“But it’s not been a year since you’ve been married!” Liam was clearly trying to understand. And Ian obliged. “It’s another anniversary!”, “But…”, “Shut it, Liam”, Debbie stepped in, guessing that whatever anniversary they were celebrating, her little brother, or her daughter , for that matter, did not need to know.

Mickey made a quick work of the wrapping paper and looked surprised at the shoe box which evidently, by account of the noise it made when he shook it, didn’t contain shoes at all. The brunette opened the box and closed it almost immediately with a moody “Fucker”.
However, he didn’t close the box fast enough for Liam not to pick a glance. And sure enough, the boy had questions.

“What are those? It looks like a toy!” The question started a chain reaction and before either Ian or Mick could do anything, Debbie had opened the box and grabbed one of the items to examine it.

And leave it to Carl to push it the one step too far. “Oh, it’s Ben Wa Beads! You shove it up your ass and…” “Carl! Seriously?” Lip had suddenly stepped in knowing Carl would conscientiously give detailed information and How-tos on a sex toy to his 10-year-old brother.

Mickey got Lip’s intent and grabbed the box before running upstairs to put it away. But also, and mainly, to hide his blushing face. It was moments like this he wishes Ian and he had their own place. But Ian needed to stay in the Gallagher’s house for now, Mickey couldn’t deny the craziness in this house brought some sort of balance to his husband. So, they would stay there as long as necessary.

The Milkovich came back to a quieter kitchen, grabbed his coffee and leaned against the counter as Ian had seated in his place.

“Your phone rang, man”, he told his husband matter-of-factly. Ian finished his coffee in a few gulps. Dropped his mug in the sink and his pill bottles in their place by the microwave. He ran up the stairs so gracefully, his steps were soundless.

The phone was on the nightstand where he left it last night. Ian took a second to look at his childhood bedroom and how it had changed recently. Mickey was ok to stay here but only if they made it their room. Ian was comforted by both staying here and having his own space with his husband. He wasn’t sure Mickey would understand his need to stay in this house. But as usual the little thug got it even before Ian could explain it.
When the Milkovich brothers came around with Mickey’s fucking entire bedroom, Ian realized his husband knew him. When Carl moved all his stuff to their old bedroom, he realized that his husband knew him so well, he had actually done exactly what Ian needed, before he could even put it into words.
The bed was against the back wall in lieu and place of the bunk bed and the never used desk underneath, facing the window. A tall chest drawer was now replacing Ian’s old bed, and Mickey’s “alpha male” posters covered the walls. Ian felt safe in that room, surrounded by Mickey’s safety and his family’s comfort. He felt grounded.

The tall ginger grabbed his phone and saw a text message. Hoping it wasn’t help requested from work, he swiped his finger on the screen to see the message was coming from Mickey (?).

Mickey / 9:04 - Bet you though I wouldn’t think about it. Chest drawer, Asshole.

Ian didn’t notice he was agape until his mouth felt uncomfortably dry. Sure enough, a not that badly wrapped package was resting on the furniture. He grabbed it anxiously and opened it fast.
It took Ian a short while to understand what he was holding, but when he did, his legs started wobbling so much so that he practically had to jump on the bed to avoid falling down.

The simple black plastic frame was more or less the size of an A4 paper. Inside a wishing card had been cut in two to show the front and one of the inside pages.
The card was blue with a bunch of flowers in the middle, with a dominant of brown and yellow, petals all across the page, a dark blue and gold butterfly in the bottom right corner and a message in gold at the top. Someone had scratched parts of the message and written over it:

Happy Hanukah BIRTHDAY

The other part of the card was plain blue and only showed a handwritten message:

Happy birthday my gorgeous Ian,
mummy loves you so, so, so much, my darling!
Love, Mum

The writing in thick black pen was somewhat slightly deleted by time, but still perfectly readable. Ian looked at the frame for some time, unable to move, or even breathe. Just when he thought Mickey couldn’t possibly do more for him, the asshole stepped up and raised the bar even more.

Right now, the only thing Ian wanted was to go downstairs kiss his husband and try to control himself enough to reach their bedroom before he fucked him good and hard. The only thing he knew he could give Mickey right away that Mickey would appreciate: mind blowing sex. Until he found a way to prove to him once again that he loved him, the same way the fucker proved how much he loved him with this gift. He knew Mickey wouldn’t enjoy the display of affection in public (If you can call the Gallagher siblings public…).
Well, too damn bad for him, Ian was feeling so much love for his man right in this instant that he couldn’t care less about public display shit. He exited the bedroom in one expert slide and jumped down the stairs leading to the kitchen. Before anyone could acknowledge his presence, he was onto Mick and crashed their lips together, his tongue relentlessly demanding entry until finally the other man’s lips parted. Ian’s kiss was rough, strong, and sensual. His right hand had reach Mickey’s neck the second it could, while his left hand tightly held the febrile body by the waist. His whole body pushing his man into the counter, hard, with no shame and no regard for their bemused audience. Mickey managed to throw his full mug on the counter in the split second it took him to get what Ian was about to do. Abandoning the idea of resisting the tornado that was a horny Ian, he just braced himself, holding the other man’s hips as if they were buoys at high sea.

The coffee spilling on the counter caught the attention of the siblings around them who moved around to clear the mess. This brought Ian back to the reality of where they were and who was there with them. He was glad, as the way things were going, he wasn’t sure he wouldn’t have gone a bit too far before anyone stopped him. And given with which fervor Mickey was retaliating his kiss, he realized, that apparently, Mickey wouldn’t have been the one to stop him. This made the whole situation even more exciting.

Ian abruptly broke the kiss and grabbed his husband by the hand, leading them upstairs on the double.

A screaming Debbie, “Please, close your door this time!” was the last thing they heard before they abandoned themselves into each other, the way Ian could only do with Mickey, and Mickey with Ian. None of them believed in this soulmate crap. How could they, given where and how they grew up? Isn’t it sad, though, that should they believe in it, they’d understand that it was exactly what they were. Soulmates.