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Fleeting Fireworks

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The downpour came down heavily in torrents from dense dark clouds; between flashes of lightning and claps of thunder, giant drops of rain pelted down pitter-patter against the glass window.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck, so troubling I can die!” Huang Shaotian angrily ripped off his snow-white headset and flung it onto the table. At this moment, his mood was as terrible as the weather outside.

That Warlock called Swoksaar again! Ever since an earlier period of time when he infiltrated undercover into Blue Brook Guild, and even had the misfortune of being found out by the opposing side’s boss, he would often meet with an ambush from Blue Brook Guild as soon as he went online.

“What’s his problem! Is there any meaning in trying to stare me down like this!” Huang Shaotian restlessly cursed that Warlock, filled with reluctance as he looked at that ‘Troubling Rain’ account card of his.

Today, he had finished in advance the homework that his teacher had assigned in school, upon getting home and his parents’ approval immediately rushed exuberantly onto Glory. But who would have expected that once he got online he would instantly be caught and pummelled by a whole group of people. Perhaps if it were someone else, they would have dropped the game in a rage and gone off to play other things, but Huang Shaotian was different.

First, he liked this game Glory; secondly, he liked the class Blade Master in Glory; thirdly, he liked the account that he currently used the most – Troubling Rain.

With higher than ordinary hand speed, faster than average awareness, precise and ingenious mechanics; in these aspects, Huang Shaotian was a prodigy possessing a gift that made countless regular players envy him. Consequently, most games were also completely unable to meet his standards.

It wasn’t easy for him to have found a game that challenged him this much. Moreover, the number of experts within were like clouds, he had been very happy playing these few months, who would have guessed that this would too so quickly meet a roadblock.

However, even encountering a prickly problem was not enough to quell Huang Shaotian’s burning love for Glory. At this sort of time, to avoid trouble and also to continue playing Glory, Huang Shaotian helplessly chose to employ a method that he was not fond of using previously – a side account.

A short moment later, Blade Master ‘Eat My Sword’ came online in Glory’s first server.

That’s right. This name was the reason why Huang Shaotian did not usually use this side account. Because it was really too comical! No matter how he looked at it, it was doused in several measures of childishness. If he carried this name to make a mark on Glory, it truly wouldn’t hit the right spots at all.

Eat My Sword was the first account card that Huang Shaotian had bought at thirteen years old when he came to play Glory, also the first Glory account card that he had in his life. But at the end of the day, it was very unfortunately ruined by the name that he had thoughtlessly picked out back then.

Huang Shaotian had originally intended to bury Eat My Sword in the snow for eternity, but from the looks of it now, it was still rather useful, minimally allowing him to temporarily feed his addiction for playing Glory.

After Eat My Sword came online, sure enough, he didn’t meet any sort of harassment. Huang Shaotian very contentedly controlled Eat My Sword to successively kill several dozen monsters, then out of the blue gave a passing Warlock a strike.

Because right now, looking at Warlocks really made him very unhappy, okay!

Eat My Sword’s level was barely past 25, but the Warlock called ‘Broken Bridge’ that Huang Shaotian provoked was level 30. The other party turned his viewport over in astonishment, obviously thinking that Huang Shaotian had carelessly pressed the wrong button earlier.

Sure enough, Huang Shaotian bided his time and when that person no longer cared about him, turning over and continuing to walk onwards – Chance!

His opportunistic style had been cultivated from very early on.

The Blade Master skill, Lunge, hit the target right smack. This time, Huang Shaotian did not hold back his strength, directly sending the opponent into the air with an Upwards Slash, quickly followed by a Sword Draw, then his body leapt up and with a sudden Falling Light Blade, smashed the other back down to the ground.

Afterimages of the blade flickered beautifully. Like a falcon swooping down on a rabbit, Eat My Sword immaculately finished knocking out a chain of attacks.

Warlocks who need a remote distance for their control skills naturally could not hold up against Blade Masters who excelled at melee combat, particularly so given that this person was now still completely at a loss - I hadn’t done anything, why am I suddenly the target of someone’s sneak attack? What’s this, say jump then jump? What on earth has happened?

Because of the level suppression, the damage dealt by Eat My Sword was not high. When that person on the other side had finally wrapped his mind around that he was being raided, he straightaway and exasperatedly swivelled his viewport around looking for a chance to counterattack. Skills all had cooldowns; once Eat My Sword’s wave of attacks finished, he had no choice but to stop, and that person hurriedly leveraged on this moment to throw a Flaming Arrow over.

Eat My Sword dodged to the side. With a flurry of action and completely without utilising any skill, he pressed on with basic attacks, yet his tempo was unimaginably quick.

The opposite person guessed that he could be facing an expert and hastily got Broken Bridge to evade and pull the distance further, not forgetting to use the voice function to scold, “Who do you think you are? Specially come looking for trouble? There’s an entire five level suppression, heck, what are you trying to pull! Do you have a problem!”

“So what, I came looking for trouble! You clearly know that there are five levels between us but still keep running running running, is there any meaning, huh! Coward!” Huang Shaotian at this time hadn’t reached puberty, his youthful voice was crisp and bright, stabbing into the other’s eardrums.

“Wtf, from your voice it’s obvious that you’re a little brat but your voice is not little at all! Watch brother teach you a lesson today!” The opposing person, upon hearing that the owner of this Blade Master still carried a child’s voice, immediately turned contemptuous.

Huang Shaotian instantly started to yell, “You’re the little brat, your whole family are all little brats! From your voice I can tell that you’re definitely at least a thirty-something old uncle this year! So old already but still playing games, I really feel sad for you! Five levels higher but still being chopped off by me, I feel even sadder for you!”

That man was currently controlling Broken Bridge to circle around with Eat My Sword. His age was only around twenty, and while he was very annoyed listening to Huang Shaotian’s trash talk, because of his more mature age, he had not received too harsh a blow. Instead, using while Huang Shaotian was speaking, Broken Bridge’s figure flickered under his control, hid behind a large tree, then from behind the large tree swiftly began the chant for Chaotic Rain.

Huang Shaotian’s trash talk had never affected his concentration. Even if this Chaotic Rain was a surprise attack from behind his back, Huang Shaotian realised it very promptly. Just as he was about to get Eat My Sword to dodge it, he suddenly heard the sound of several gunshots, as well as several trails of icy blue light suddenly flashing across the scope of his vision.

But these blue flashes did not hit him, instead, they accurately struck the Warlock behind the tree. Right after being struck by the bullets, a layer of ice instantly appeared over the other’s body and his actions became sluggish.

This was… the level 30 Spitfire skill, Freezing Bullet!

Huang Shaotian startled, hurriedly turned his viewport and as expected, saw a resplendently dressed Spitfire happen to jump down from a tree.

<Eternal Autumn>

Huang Shaotian first unconsciously tagged on the rest of the saying, ‘unifying rivers and lakes’, then reacting – seriously, what’s up with this exotic outlandish name?

Eternal Autumn stood upright with a handsome flourish following the attack, then, a quick sweep of his left hand and Broken Bridge was hit by a Stun Bullet.

While Broken Bridge was still stunned to the spot, Eternal Autumn immediately used both his left and right hands to throw over a large pile of grenades with a furious crackle, the sudden explosion of splendid light engulfing the entirety of Broken Bridge’s body.

Huang Shaotian’s heart shivered – this hand speed, it doesn’t seem like something most people can achieve?

After that, the timbre of a young man carrying a smile languidly rang out from near Broken Bridge and Eat My Sword. “A high-levelled bullying a low-levelled player, the old bullying the young. Do you really see any meaning to it?”

Huang Shaotian first froze up, then almost laughed out loud – turned out that this person thought that he was being bullied so rushed in to play the white knight?

Reflected by light and shadows, Eternal Autumn leisurely stood on the spot, after the black ponytail drifted down behind him, a hand shuddered faintly with the firing of the gun while the other hand flung out grenades into the air. The entire person was doused in a heroic air, exceptionally dashing, and Huang Shaotian almost went into a daze watching him from behind the screen.

After a wave of thunderous gunfire, there indistinctly came a yell from Broken Bridge. “Wtf what do you mean by the old bullying the young, it was clearly that brat who – ”

How could Huang Shaotian let the other take this opportunity to expose the truth? He loudly roared, “Watch my sword watch my sword watch my sword watch my sword watch my sword!” His hand inputted a Triple Slash, already rushing in front of Broken Bridge.

Eternal Autumn immediately and very cooperatively ceased fire, watching with much interest as Eat My Sword swiftly silenced the other with death, never interfering during this period.

Even if Huang Shaotian only dealt out a very small damage output, the other could still that there was more to him than meets the eye. When Broken Bridge breathed his last breath, he then opened his mouth to ask, his tone simple and forthright, “How old are you?”

Huang Shaotian felt rather good about this person that had provisionally lent him a hand, so he at once grinned and replied, “Fourteen, you?”

The asking party instantly got a shock, “So young?! I’m seventeen this year.” There was a brief pause, and that voice added with a smile, “You’re the same age as my younger sister, she’s still doing her homework now.”

“I only came to play after finishing my homework!” Huang Shaotian hastily explained, as if afraid that the other would misunderstand him to be a dunce loafing around.

Yet Eternal Autumn seemed not to care about this, continuing to say, “Your skills are really not bad, you definitely have a promising future ahead of you. Keep working hard, young man!”

Huang Shaotian froze. This was still the first time that he heard another person tell him that he had a future in gaming; most people felt that gaming was not a proper and respectable job. Even fellow classmates that Huang Shaotian played Glory with, every time they get chopped down by Huang Shaotian, would always pettily say, “What’s the use of being good at games, it’s not as if your grades are as good as mine.”

Lightly gritting his teeth, Huang Shaotian abruptly spoke up, “I see that you’re very strong too, could you PK a round with me?”

But the other laughed softly, already making to turn Eternal Autumn away and leave, “Bring it up again after you’re max-levelled.”

Eat My Sword hurriedly sprung behind Eternal Autumn, “Hey hey! You’re not max-levelled yet either! We still can fight even if we’re not max-levelled!”

As if only just realising this point, the other’s steps stopped; a text bubble containing a sweat emoji popped up above his head. “I forgot… This is my side account, I haven’t used it for long.”

Huang Shaotian grew excited as soon as he heard that. “This is also my side account! Recently I’ve met with a little bit of… ahem, small issue, so it’s not convenient to get on that account. Since you happen not to be max-levelled either, how about we party to level together! I can tell from your skill that you are very strong too!”

After speaking rapidly, Huang Shaotian didn’t even wait for the other’s reply before directly throwing over a friend request.

And while Eternal Autumn very promptly accepted the friend request, his tone instead grew slightly frantic, “Alright, I’ve got a little something now so can’t grind levels, practise yourself first, I’m logging off first, find you next time.”

“Eh eh eh how can you say leave then just leave ah what’s the hurry we haven’t even finished speaking! Ahhhhhh hey hey! Hey hey hey hey!”


A short moment later, a notification soundlessly appeared on Glory’s global channel: <Player Autumn Tree is now online>





Umbrella bro has full mastery across the gunner class, so I always felt that Umbrella bro would definitely have many gunner side accounts. I believe that Umbrella bro playing Spitfire would definitely be different from the gorgeousness of Le Le’s hundred blossoms style, I’m guessing it would have a very dashing feel to it? Hahaha

Just as implied, I personally feel that umbrella bro and shaotian’s personality has at least a smidge of similarity, that both of them speak a lot, are prodigies, spirited, smart and optimistic, so it’ll definitely be very interesting if you put them together.

This fic came about from a lot of headcanons, thanks to everyone for watching me ramble on for so long (:


Translator’s Note:

- Title lit translates as fireworks grow cold easily, the full saying popularly parallels love to be like a firework, with only a fleeting moment of beauty. Once this beauty passes, there is only infinite darkness (x)

- Troubling Rain is the shortened version of its Chinese name, which when translated in full, means the sound of rain at night is annoying (troubling)

- Eternal Autumn is loosely translated. Qianqiu Wandai lit translates as a thousand autumns, ten thousand generations. Thousand autumns in Chinese means a thousand years, with the implication of many centuries; ten thousand generations implying generation after generation. So is just a very extravagant way of saying for a very long time. The saying continues with ‘unifying rivers and lakes’, with rivers and lakes referring to all corners of the country, therefore together it means unifying the country for many generations

- Cfandom refers to Su Muqiu as umbrella bro (san-ge) cause they only knew him as such till the name was officially released in canon much later compared to how early on Myriad Manifestations Umbrella got introduced, which stuck and also got adapted into pairing names e.g. sanxiu for smq/yx

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“What’s up with you, taking your time like that.” After Autumn Tree finally appeared, Ye Xiu immediately said from the seat opposite him with a voice full of dissatisfaction.

Su Muqiu smiled merrily at him, looking to be in a very good mood, “I met a very capable kid today, he plays the Blade Master and is only fourteen years old.”

“You went over to pick on noobs but ended up getting beaten down instead?”

Su Muqiu rolled his eyes at Ye Xiu without any semblance of courtesy, “I couldn’t bear to see him being picked on by a higher-levelled guy so went to help serve justice okay!”

“Yo, couldn’t tell you still have this awareness.” Ye Xiu’s tone was very astonished.

Autumn Tree’s viewport swivelled over, directly and nimbly shooting at One Autumn Leaf, “Fuck off fuck off fuck off! Do you think that everyone is as savage as you without a bottom line!”

Ye Xiu swiftly got One Autumn Leaf to dodge but did not return fire. “Hey hey bro, chill a little, Swoksaar had snatched a wild BOSS just a while back. Gathering material to create silver equipment is serious business, don’t stir internal strife!”

Su Muqiu scoffed, “Even without you I can easily wipe him within a second myself.”

“Haha,” Ye Xiu laughed and did not comment.

While these two were busy bickering on this side, Huang Shaotian on the other side was feeling rather gloomy. It wasn’t easy for him to have run into an expert that wasn’t old, but he actually wasn’t able to even fight one round before the other went offline.

Huang Shaotian controlled Eat My Sword to blindly wander around for a while. Also lazy to raid another person, he ended up spending the remaining time civilly pummelling some monsters, afterwards outside the level 25 dungeon entrance randomly joined a party, brushed the copy twice and finally managed to rush his level up to 30 before bed. Then, he was nagged offline by his parents.



The next afternoon, Huang Shaotian rushed straight to the computer as soon as he got off school. However, after swiftly logging into Eat My Sword, he found that Eternal Autumn was not yet online. Huang Shaotian could only disinterestedly bring Eat My Sword out for a spin without much purpose. After levelling twice more, he spent a brief moment thinking about it, and decisively tried logging into his main account Troubling Rain.

This time, as soon as Troubling Rain went online, Huang Shaotian immediately scoped out his area with extreme caution, checking the surrounding activity. Waiting a long time to confirm that nothing was out of the ordinary, Huang Shaotian then let loose a long breath of relief and allowed Troubling Rain to start moving about.

After walking around idly for a while, Huang Shaotian unconsciously glanced towards the global channel and instantly noticed that something was off. Above, the chat screen was considerably lively and was being flooded by laughter and jokes of all kinds.

Rapidly skimming through it, Huang Shaotian straightaway knew what this was about. It appeared that a seldom seen wild BOSS had spawned over at Line Canyon, Cliff Ronin Alpine, and all the big guilds were busy trying to grab it.

“No wonder that Warlock is not around… He must be grabbing BOSS,” Huang Shaotian said to himself, then, abruptly thought of a good idea. He should go disrupt the other right now and take it as retribution for the aggro worked up from the mindless assassination the past few days.

After all, he was still a youth at heart. Once deciding on this fun objective, Huang Shaotian instantly felt spirited; Troubling Rain swiftly and energetically bounded off towards Line Canyon.

Following the coordinates reported on the global channel, Huang Shaotian smoothly found the location of the BOSS – but heck, this was also way too chaotic, no?!

Although presently it hadn’t been too long since Glory first opened its servers, falling far short of the flourish it would have a few years in the future, but the scene of a hundred players flocking together in front of him engaged in battle was still one that Huang Shaotian rarely saw. It really dazzled his eyes.

Directly going in at this moment to fight wildly as if possessed was not in line with Huang Shaotian’s opportunistic style, and it was hard to say if Swoksaar would concentrate fire on him should he be sighted, so Huang Shaotian silently decided to spectate the situation on the battlefield from the side for a while.

Huang Shaotian’s keen perception was at that time a natural talent. He easily identified a few characters with exceptionally outstanding mechanics from within the crowd of people, which were also IDs which most Glory players would be incomparably familiar with: Battle Mage One Autumn leaf, Sharpshooter Autumn Tree, Striker Desert Dust, Exorcist Peaceful Hermit, as well as the Warlock that he hated the most right now, Swoksaar.

After watching a while longer, Huang Shaotian was pretty much sure. Victory was locked between the Battle Mage-Sharpshooter and Warlock. Huang Shaotian had long heard of the partnership between One Autumn Leaf and Autumn Tree; watching it from up close, the fierceness of their assault was almost heaven-defying, even complemented by a perfect coordination.

However, perhaps because they had a history of drawing too much aggro, they had not especially gone to find helpers. It was essentially them two partnering up to take the BOSS battle. The remaining people all had several helpers, especially Swoksaar, who had brought along with him almost twenty others. He was currently commanding them to fight the battle as a group, and no matter how impressive Desert Dust and Peaceful Hermit were, it would be difficult for them to stand up against those helpers.

And so, the aggro of the BOSS was currently being held by those with Swoksaar. One Autumn Leaf and Autumn Tree flitted through the crowd of people easily whilst ingeniously using the aggro of the BOSS to fight a war of attrition against all sorts of players, also on occasion dealing attacks to Swoksaar, Desert Dust, etc.

Huang Shaotian waited quietly for a moment. He ascertained that Desert Dust and Peaceful Hermit had been resolved, with the aggro steady on Swoksaar and his helpers, he finally decided to take this chance to launch a sneak attack against those few lackeys forming an impregnable wall around Swoksaar. He had just directed Troubling Rain to take a few quick steps forward, yet within a moment, the situation of the battle abruptly changed.

He saw Autumn Tree’s figure whirl around rapidly and kick up into the air. Twin guns opened a line of fire towards the cliff, placing his body directly aloft above Swoksaar, following which his feet ruthlessly stamped down on the other’s head, two strings of bullets simultaneously shooting out swiftly – Sharpshooter skill, Punisher.

“Holy crap, super cool!” Huang Shaotian was accustomed to seeing the long-range play of Sharpshooters. This rapid close-combat mechanics really astounded him. However, he quickly felt that it was not quite right. Even if that earlier scene was very cool, what would Autumn Tree do now after penetrating into the thick of the enemy formation? After all, there were quite a few Battle Mages, Blade Masters, Brawlers and Strikers around him – all close-combat classes. Should this crowd collectively attack him, wasn’t he afraid that the opponent could simply sweep him away in one wave?

Sure enough, in the split second of Huang Shaotian’s realisation, many of the characters around Swoksaar already rushed up to Autumn Tree. Then, Huang Shaotian witnessed an even more jaw-dropping scene. As soon as Autumn Tree landed, he went into a Roundhouse Kick and swept down two people, landed a Knee Strike on Swoksaar, following which actually used a powerful skill, Random Firing, at an extremely close distance. Amidst the sound of gunfire, he simply relied on extremely powerful mechanics to hit several targets, disrupting the enemy troops into great chaos.

Is this dude really a Sharpshooter!!! Sharpshooters can actually still fight melee so impressively!!!

This scene caused all the blood in his body to boil in excitement. Huang Shaotian was sure now. The other was definitely a true genius, whether in hand speed, awareness or mechanics, this person was a Great God at the peak. And though he clearly knew that he couldn’t match up, right now he was dying to rush over and arena PK with the other.

It took a long time before Huang Shaotian found out that the virtuosic performance he had witnessed back then was called Gun Fu.

Afterwards in the tenth season, during the finals of Happy against Samsara, Huang Shaotian also watched Ye Xiu and Zhou Zekai face off in the individual challenge. The peerlessly wondrous Gun Fu received fervent praise from commentators Pan Lin and Li Yibo. Yet Huang Shaotian would watch it very calmly – what’s there amazing about it, he had already seen it in-game many years back.

Moreover, watching Autumn Tree’s perfectly timed skill execution, Huang Shaotian also understood this. The other had long accumulated his skill cooldowns and had also long anticipated the present situation. Because after Autumn Tree disrupted the enemies, One Autumn Leaf on the other side instantly used the great skill Rising Dragon Soars the Sky and directly swept over. The burst attacks of the Sharpshooter was merely a temporary measure, after all, Battle Mages are the true masters of melee. Very quickly, under One Autumn Leaf’s unyielding wave of attacks, added alongside Autumn Tree’s support and coordination, the ring of people around Swoksaar fell.

The two people’s coordination were like floating clouds and flowing water, natural and spontaneous. It could be said that their coordination was without flaw. Even if there were a few holes, those would simply and swiftly be patched up by their mechanics.

All this happened in under a minute. Yet it was enough to make the young Huang Shaotian stare dumbfounded, leaving a deep impression on him, at the same time invoking a proper inner reflection of his current skill level in Glory – let’s not speak of his lack of interest in tactics and command ability for now; simply based on fine and precise mechanics, he was still several ranks beneath the duo he had just watched earlier. It looked to be that if he wanted to become an expert, there were still a lot of things he had to learn.

After killing off those players and drawing the BOSS’ aggro, One Autumn Leaf and Autumn Tree very quickly rose to the forefront of those controlling the BOSS’ aggro. The two of them relied on extremely strong positioning to lead the BOSS around in circles for a long time, following which jointly dispatched the BOSS together.

“Amber Spear!” Seeing the materials that dropped, Su Muqiu unrestrainedly cried out in delight.

Ye Xiu also laughed and let out a sigh, “Fighting for this long really wasn’t in vain.”

“It’s too damn exhausting, let me take a short break,” Su Muqiu brought Autumn Tree offline, withdrew the account card and leaned back against the chair, shaking the fingers that had maintained a bout of high-intensity mechanics earlier.

Ye Xiu nodded nonchalantly, “Okay, then let’s not run copies tonight. I’ll go play a side account.”

“Oh? Which class are you playing this time?” Su Muqiu casually asked.

“Blade Master,” Ye Xiu replied simply, then added a few more sentences after, “I suggest that you also play Blade Master more. Haven’t you been researching the Unspecialised all this while? Blade Masters are unlike Berserkers and Spellblades, they can use five different swords. If the transition between the swords can be made smooth, it can also be called an Unspecialised in some sense.”

Hearing Ye Xiu bring up the Blade Master, Su Muqiu at once thought of Eat My Sword whom he had run into yesterday, and also thought of the agreement they made to grind levels together. He immediately smiled, “Good idea, I’ll go research a bit on Blade Masters now.”





Ye Xiu came online this chapter. As before, there are no pairings in this fic~

Referencing the original novel, Umbrella bro made the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella after Ye Xiu met Huang Shaotian, so wrote it like this~

If there’s any bug feel free to point it out x)

Chapter Text

As soon as Eternal Autumn came online, a huge barrage of system notifications popped up. Quickly following, a chain of new notifications started to bomb indiscriminately.

“AHHH!!! You finally came online, quickly come over quickly quickly, where’s that PK we agreed to huh huh huh??!!! [spazz] [spazz] [spazz]~”

The message the other sent over was rich in emojis and punctuation. Su Muqiu sweated profusely looking at it, speechless. While his main account Autumn Tree was an expert that was often invited by others to go into the arena, the tone of the other party would usually be aloof and disdainful, if not polite and reverent. Who would have thought that it would actually be his side account Eternal Autumn that received such an outlandish treatment.

“Shall we go straight into the arena? I’ll open a room.”

“Yes yes good good!!!” Right after that message ended, another one arrived again – “Hey hey hey, hang on, are we going into a fixed field? My level’s higher than yours now!”

Su Muqiu was a little amused. He glanced over at the other’s level, “Open what fixed field, are three levels even considered anything? Are you coming or not? If you aren’t, I’ll be going off now.”

“Hey, what even! Too arrogant!” The obvious confidence in the other’s tone not only did not offend Huang Shaotian, but aroused his full fighting spirit – the expert he needs is this kind of expert!!!

“Room 410, passcode’s the room number.”

A moment later, Eat My Sword appeared.

Eternal Autumn stood calmly in the centre of the empty arena field. Su Muqiu opened the voice channel, smiling as he spoke, “Come, then.”

Right as the match began, Eternal Autumn’s ammunition swept over first. Eat My Sword did not rashly release any skills, only briskly moving in an arc from the left side into position.

“Hey hey, why didn’t you come online yesterday! I even waited the whole day for you! Oh right, my name’s Huang Shaotian, what’s yours what’s yours? Or tell me what I should call you? – damnit, a sneak attack! Guard!”

From the beginning of the fight, Su Muqiu remained very focused. Thus, despite the constant noise that came from Huang Shaotian, he essentially heard none of it at all.

While Huang Shaotian on this side kept rambling on and on, the inputs under his hands never stopped either. He deftly evaded the countless bullets that Eternal Autumn sent whooshing over, and just as he prepared to turn about and send the other a Sword Draw, realised in surprise that the opposite side no longer had anyone there.

Huh? He was clearly the one evading, why didn’t the other continue attacking?

Huang Shaotian was puzzled. He raised his sword and rushed over, yet Eternal Autumn suddenly stopped fleeing, turned around swiftly and flung a fair number of grenades over with a flourish. Luckily, Huang Shaotian reacted quickly, using a Falling Light Blade to leap into the air. And in the split second after Eat My Sword floated up to dodge the assault beneath him, another blazing explosion enveloped his vision – Spitfire skill, Timed Grenade.

“Damn! What’s with this fighting style!” Huang Shaotian was taken aback, this seemed to go slightly beyond common sense. “Hey hey, what are you trying to do!” The reason why he would be hit by this kind of skill was firstly that this Spitfire’s fighting style was too baffling. After finishing a long-range assault would pull close-range, yet turning tail to flee in the end. He himself chased up, but the other abruptly stopped again and rapidly threw a whole bunch of grenades over. After smoothly dodging this assault, somehow the other was even able to precisely predict his position, long placing a Timed Grenade above in wait for him in the air, seizing the timing for the best effect.

Another reason was this, the other party could only be stronger than him, and the hand speed not inferior to his either. Whether it be the escape at the start or the sudden stop in the middle, his positioning was so quick that Huang Shaotian could practically only follow the opponent’s tempo. The split second that he abruptly turned back over to throw grenades was too much for the eyes to take in; Huang Shaotian had only just narrowly escaped. Who would have thought that that was nothing more than a bait, for the other had already set up an ambush above with a Timed Grenade.

Flash Bullets continually shot at him through the firelight before it scattered, dazzling Eat My Sword’s vision. Eternal Autumn’s Floating Bullet shot over swiftly, quickly followed by a barrage of skills that landed on Eat My Sword’s figure. “You talk too much and are way too inattentive, of course I’d be able to instant-kill you.”

“Says who! Talking has never affected my playing! What on earth is up with your fighting style, stopping and starting without any rhythm whatsoever!” Huang Shaotian’s noisy chatter sounded like it was in complaint, yet there was no hint of resentment in it at all.

Because right now, even his excitement couldn’t come quickly enough. Huang Shaotian was sure, this person, is definitely a great expert!

Just as this thought popped into his mind, the next second, the other’s subsequent words shattered them. “Oh, that was just my most recent experiment into which fighting style is good to play. Spitfire is not the class I’m most familiar with, after all.”

Huang Shaotian was flabbergasted. “What! Not familiar?! Not! Familiar?!”

He strongly punctuated each word with his incredulity. “Holy crap, are you just pulling my leg?!” Between his words, Eat My Sword finally completed a Quick Recover, and Eternal Autumn evaded the shockwave impact from a Falling Light Blade. Huang Shaotian hurriedly used Triple Slash to run to a place further from the other.

Su Muqiu unhurriedly directed Eternal Autumn to charge forward. “What’s there fun about this to pull your leg for?” Bullets rattled out from the automatic pistol. The bullets were normal attacks. Huang Shaotian very quickly hid away, yet a large portion still struck Eat My Sword’s figure, causing tears to stream down Huang Shaotian’s cheeks – what the heck is up with this bug-like precision?

“Hang on, then what’s the class you’re most skilled at?! It wouldn’t be Sharpshooter right!” Huang Shaotian abruptly seemed to realise something, opening his mouth to ask.

“Yeah, that can be considered one.”

Huang Shaotian was going crazy. “Considered one? One???” Seriously, what’s up with this person! How much of his skill is he hiding!

Su Muqiu cheerily replied, “There’s also Launcher and Mechanic.” Upon saying this, he tilted his head to the side. Because he was used to fighting shoulder to shoulder with Ye Xiu, his familiarity with Battle Mages was pretty much on par with the high proficiency he had for the Gunner class. “Yeah… I can probably count Battle Mage as one, too.”

Right after speaking, Eat My Sword suddenly turned around. Falling Light Blade – it was the skill that Huang Shaotian had wanted to release earlier but was unable to, and it came just as Su Muqiu thought of it. But the skill fanned over too abruptly, Huang Shaotian’s hand speed was also quick, immediately scoring a hit.

Succeeding in this sneak attack, Huang Shaotian instantly seized this opportunity to flaunt his hand speed. Eat My Sword’s normal attacks flickered lightning quick, even blocking bullets that Su Muqiu had shot out from a close distance. Then, in the space that Eternal Autumn paused, the normal attacks linked into an Upward Slash. A long swoosh of the sword followed, and he released another skill, Floating Stab.

This wave of combos was knocked out beautifully. However, what made Su Muqiu even more speechless was that the other’s chatter actually did not stop at all: “Wtfwtfwtfwtf! You actually play so many classes! Where do you even find the time! My cousin is seventeen this year and his hands are completely full preparing for his entrance exam! And hey, why are those that you play all Gunner subclasses, you wouldn’t happen to be proficient across the Gunner class, right, right?”

Even like this, he actually didn’t miss or slow down. What kind of magical multitasking passive skill was this? Su Muqiu felt amazed for the first time.

“I don’t go to school, I rely on gaming to make a living,” Su Muqiu had never treated this point as taboo when conversing with others. He also continued to say, “Of course because the more classes you play the better you get. Only after familiarising yourself with the fighting styles of each class, then can you find out their weaknesses and easily attack experts from every class.”

Huang Shaotian’s focus immediately shifted off track, “You don’t go to school? You only game? Did your family actually agree to that?”

Su Muqiu stopped for a moment and helplessly said, “I grew up in an orphanage, it’s just my sister and I depending on each other.”

Opposite him, Ye Xiu finally lost his patience, roasting, “Why are you so talkative today? Are you trying to chat up a girl or are you playing Glory, ah? Even so quickly leaking out your family history?”

Suffering the ridicule of his bosom buddy, Su Muqiu immediately felt wronged – damnit, the other side is a kid that talked too much, okay. It isn’t like I want to say that much either, but that other guy’s questions never stop coming!!!

Su Muqiu couldn’t bring himself to say that, so he covered the speaker and shouted back at Ye Xiu, “Is it any of your business! Don’t you know how to wear a headset?”

“I got tired of gaming and wanted to smoke, but ended up getting pestered by your incessant babble. Can’t you be a little quieter!”

Fortunately, after Su Muqiu replied to that, Huang Shaotian on the other side instantly stopped, obediently apologising, “Sorry…”

Su Muqiu hurriedly said, “It’s nothing.” Then, he continued to shout at Ye Xiu, “You’re a nuisance, go smoke elsewhere! Not even letting others speak, Mr Ye, you’re such a drag!”

“Haha, who was the one who talked so much he got lost the previous time, huh?”

Su Muqiu’s expression instantly turned ugly, “Fuck, you just wait, when we get to the arena later, we’ll see how I make you suffer.”

Huang Shaotian kept silent for a good while on this end. With Eternal Autumn switching between long- and short-range positioning, shrewd and precise shooting and surprise attacks with grenades, Eat My Sword eventually laid flat.

Both of them ceased playing, yet neither stepped out of the arena. Huang Shaotian pumped both fists, laughing happily, “This fight felt so good! You’re really incredible!” Following which, he thought of the other person that Su Muqiu seemed to be arguing with earlier and hastily asked in concern, “Who was that just now? Is there someone trying to cause you trouble?”

“No, just a friend,” Su Muqiu explained with a smile.

Su Muqiu was the first expert that Huang Shaotian went one-on-one against since playing Glory. Previously, the losses he had suffered under Swoksaar’s hand were practically the other side oppressing him with numbers. He had always refused to swallow it down. On the other hand, Su Muqiu had not only first saved him once at the start, he completely suppressed him the entire PK. So, Huang Shaotian now held an extremely favourable impression of Su Muqiu, and was brimming with admiration. “That friend of yours definitely can’t beat you!”

Su Muqiu startled. He unconsciously replied, “He’s not weaker than me.”

Huang Shaotian’s jaw was going to drop off in shock. Glory actually had so many experts that he had never noticed before. “What! He’s even stronger than you?”

Su Muqiu glanced over at Ye Xiu, thought of their evenly matched win record, though Ye Xiu was leading by just that little bit…

A few seconds later, Su Muqiu calmly spoke, “Not necessarily.”

There would surely be a day when he surpassed him.

Following which, Su Muqiu added a few words of encouragement, “You’re still young. At your level, as long as you persevere and continue playing, once you reach my age you definitely won’t be weaker than me.” There was a pause. Then, Su Muqiu smiled and continued to say, “However, by then, I’ll also be stronger than I am now.”

Huang Shaotian listened to the other’s praise and felt very happy, “That’s a given! To defeat you, I’ll work many, many times harder than you! Just wait, I’ll really challenge you in the future!”

“Alright, I’ll look forward to it.” Perhaps infected by the other’s display of fighting spirit, Su Muqiu couldn’t help but grow serious too.

“Ah…” Huang Shaotian seemed to think of something, his enthusiastic voice in a flash turning downcast. “But school will get busier and busier after high school. My family may not necessarily agree with me continuing to play like this, argh, I really want to keep playing Glory…”

Su Muqiu went silent for a moment. He wavered a little before speaking, “Ah, I’m not quite the best person you should be talking about this with… Everyone’s interests are different. However, if you’ve really set your heart to it, found something that you really want, then you shouldn’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

Huang Shaotian’s eyes slowly grew wide. “You, you’re saying, that if I really want to continue playing Glory, I should try to do so? But isn’t simply playing games the same as not getting into a good university, in the future I won’t be able to find a job too, how can I earn money then…”

Su Muqiu laughed. He did not answer this problem. Instead, he asked back, “Do you love Glory?”

There was no need to hear it. Of course Su Muqiu already knew the answer. Ever since they met, he had always been able to feel that despite the other only being fourteen years old, he was filled with a burning love for Glory. And this love was even purer than chasing victory, just as how he had especially sought him out looking to PK. It was definitely not merely in wishing to defeat him, but in savouring the elation and adrenaline in this type of battle between experts.

Sure enough, not split second after, Huang Shaotian said without any hesitation, “Yeah, I love it, I really really love it.”

Su Muqiu contentedly nodded his head, “Then that’s enough, things have a way of working out. As long as you sincerely love it, there will definitely be a way.”





Somehow felt angsty for a moment as I was writing this. Umbrella bro QAQ…


Translator’s Note:

- Simplified ‘boats naturally straighten at the pier head’ into ‘things have a way of working out’. Just felt a tad weighty for me somehow, esp when the idiom is brought up again later, whereas it came off more a casual drop when reading. My right as a translator kek, it’s still pretty neat though, so dropping a mention anyway

Chapter Text

After Su Muqiu said this to Huang Shaotian, Huang Shaotian spent several days on end considering what he could do to continue playing Glory.

At the same time, Huang Shaotian also levelled Eat My Sword on the side, as well as going to the arena with Eternal Autumn to PK. And every time he lamented that the other was indeed a great expert, his own skill slowly improved too.

Huang Shaotian was very happy on this side, yet on the other side, Ye Xiu found that Su Muqiu seemed to be a little off these past few days.

Sometimes, Ye Xiu would pass by while Su Muqiu and Huang Shaotian were in the arena. With his perception at this time, he could already tell that this Blade Master was able to grasp the precise timing and positioning for seizing opportunities quite well. His hand speed and awareness weren’t bad either, he could likely make a formidable opponent in the future.

But this was really not the main point. Rather, every time Su Muqiu went to PK with this Blade Master, his originally chatty nature would become even chattier. Furthermore, though Su Muqiu would be very excited as they played, every time after that, he would let loose a very long sigh as if nursing a very bad headache.

Ye Xiu hadn’t noticed it at the start too. Till he realised that Su Muqiu repeatedly took the wrong path and finally could no longer restrain himself. “Bro, did you leave your brain behind these few days? It isn’t some sort of post-PK side effect, right?”

Su Muqiu vigorously shook his head, “Fuck off fuck off, I just have a small headache…”

Afterwards, when Su Muqiu also reflected seriously on what was going on with him the past few days, he then thought it through. All this must have a very strong connection to Huang Shaotian!

That night, Su Muqiu took his side account out and waited for Huang Shaotian to appear. Once Eat My Sword came online, Su Muqiu immediately tossed him the room number, yet his voice sounded very solemn, “We’re not going to PK tonight.”

“Ehhh why! I just gave it a try and managed to use Shadow Steps to create four and a half shadows yesterday, you know! I was even waiting to beat you today so that I can find out the name of your main account!” Huang Shaotian had always wanted to know the main account name of this expert. Su Muqiu didn’t want to lie, but the aggro that the name Autumn Tree drew was too high. Therefore, in order not for the other to associate him to his main account Autumn Tree, he used the disparity in their strengths to give Huang Shaotian the simplest, yet also the most difficult solution – beat me first, I’ll tell you once you do.

Hearing Huang Shaotian’s words, Su Muqiu proudly said, “My friend beside me now can create five and a half shadows when he uses Blade Master. You still won’t be able to beat me.”

“That’s because you’re using Sharpshooter! If you’ve the ability then use another account to fight a round against my Blade Master,” Ye Xiu instantly taunted from the side.

Su Muqiu did not bother with Ye Xiu at all, continuing to speak to Huang Shaotian, “So buddy, today, I mainly want to discuss your fighting style with you…”

“You can just call me Shaotian! You’re the same age as my cousins, that’s what they all call me.”

Su Muqiu started. Then, he thought back on these past few days since they met; it really was like an older brother bringing along a noisy little brother. Possibly because he was already so used to taking care of Su Mucheng all these years, now also taking in Ye Xiu who had run away from home, so perhaps he had unconsciously brought about the air of an older brother about him?

Upon thinking of this, Su Muqiu couldn’t help but smile. “Alright, Shaotian, last time you told me that talking does not affect your mechanics when playing Glory. But have you considered that if you direct all the attention you use to talk into fighting, who knows, maybe you’d be able to play Blade Master better? Like in changing your swords or whatnot…”

Huang Shaotian went “eh” and fell silent for a long time, obviously turning over this question seriously. Su Muqiu did not disturb him either.

In fact, this was the key problem that caused Su Muqiu’s condition to slip up the past few days. First, Huang Shaotian really talked too much rubbish and the noise genuinely gave him a slight headache every time. Secondly, Su Muqiu couldn’t let Huang Shaotian be the only one speaking, so he also had to divide his attention to respond to him. Thirdly, Huang Shaotian was a prodigy. It was really not an easy task for Su Muqiu to completely suppress him who was intent on improving like the wind. Putting it all together, Su Muqiu hadn’t been feeling that great the past few days.

Huang Shaotian scratched his head and thought for a long while. Then, he finally spoke, “Hm, Brother Expert, actually it’s like this…”

“Hang on, don’t call me that…” Su Muqiu sweatdropped and couldn’t help correcting Huang Shaotian, “Since you said that I’m as old as your brother, why not you just call me Autumn bro.”

“Autumn?” Huang Shaotian instantly latched onto the wrong point, “Ah, is it because of Eternal Autumn or does your real name has the character for autumn in it?”

“Shaotian, off-topic,” Su Muqiu facepalmed and reminded the other.

“Alright, alright, am I not allowed to be just a little bit curious huh…” Huang Shaotian cleared his throat and continued speaking. “Because I get extremely overstimulated when I play Glory, I’m unable to fight seriously at all, so I searched around for other ways till I found that speaking or typing something from time to time can help me concentrate better, just like the way teachers occasionally give a reminder when you daydream in class. Therefore, I’ve always done it like this.”

Su Muqiu muttered lowly to himself for a moment and surmised the meaning of Huang Shaotian’s words. “You’re saying, you talk and type when playing Glory to focus your attention?”

Huang Shaotian nodded quickly, “Yeah, that’s right.”

“Then have you ever thought of trying to switch between swords or whatnot?” Su Muqiu pursued.

“Ah, that sort of playstyle is not my cup of tea. Switching here and there would tire me to death, and switching between different types of swords has a cooldown period as well. It’s too much brainwork… But say I get an equipment that allows me to quickly switch from a light sabre to a broadsword without any cooldown time, I don’t mind giving it a try~” Huang Shaotian replied cheerfully.

“That’s smart,” Su Muqiu praised him with a smile, because, the possibility of what Huang Shaotian described just happened to be what he was working on right now. “In that case, suppose I end up making one, when that time comes I’ll give you one to play with.” That way, who knows, maybe it could make Huang Shaotian talk a little less.

“WAH!” Huang Shaotian loudly exclaimed, “Too incredible!!! You actually know how to make silver equipment!!!”

Su Muqiu shrugged nonchalantly, “Yeah, it can be considered a little.”

On this side, Ye Xiu finally dealt with the BOSS at hand. Simply from listening to Su Muqiu’s words, he could roughly guess the entire conversation. He couldn’t resist throwing Su Muqiu a scornful look, “What are you acting for? You already leaked your family history to this kid, why not directly tell him about all those incredible sparkly silver equipment you’ve made.”

Before Su Muqiu could even say anything, Huang Shaotian had already overheard it, immediately shouting, “Damnit, that guy over there talks so big! Autumn bro, is he that friend you were talking about? Let me PK him.”

Su Muqiu broke into laughter at this. Ye Xiu glanced at him askew, “What did that little brat say?”

“He said you talk big and wants to play a few rounds with you,” Su Muqiu reported back honestly.

Ye Xiu narrowed his eyes, immediately got up and indicated for Su Muqiu to move aside. “Heh, who’s the one talking big? So be it, just fight then.”

Su Muqiu informed Huang Shaotian then joyfully got up and gave the headset and seat up to Ye Xiu.

As soon as Ye Xiu put on the headset, a prattling stream of words came over from the other end: “You’re the one talking big! Who was the one who called me a little brat, huh! Did you think that I wouldn’t hear you! This is Autumn bro’s account, don’t be a sore loser later, quickly go change to a class you’re familiar with to play against me!”

“Fuck, really too noisy… I can still wipe you in a second with a Spitfire account. Hurry up.” This could be considered Ye Xiu’s first time encountering the might of the future number one chatterbox of the Alliance; he did not even deign to ridicule anymore and went straight to business.

Su Muqiu simply stood by the side. As he watched Ye Xiu manipulate Eternal Autumn to knock out a magnificent stream of attacks, just like letting out a spectacle of fireworks, he listened to Ye Xiu’s relentless taunting without any pause in between – “Can you stop talking.” “My head is going to burst at this rate.” “The important thing about trash talk is quality, not quantity, understand?” “Had I known earlier I would’ve disabled voice-chat.”

When Eternal Autumn won, Ye Xiu immediately tugged off the headset, black lines running down his face as he looked at Su Muqiu, “I’ve played Glory for this long, but I’ve never met such a noisy guy. If this kid didn’t talk so much, I definitely could’ve killed him off much quicker.”

Su Muqiu laughed loudly, “Or maybe you would’ve lost more health, instead.”

Ye Xiu could not deny it. “That is really still a possibility… Oh right, hey, we’ve already known each other for this long. You’re usually not courteous to me at all, yet how are you chatting so happily with a chatterbox without ever getting annoyed?”

Su Muqiu leant over against the back of the chair and rolled his eyes at Ye Xiu, “Other people are way cuter than you okay, just that he’s a tad talkative.”

“Cute my ass… Oh, I know, it must be that it’s so rare for you two chatterboxes to have met, therefore found a resonance in each other,” Ye Xiu lazily started to roast.

The two were still bickering on this side, but Huang Shaotian’s shout suddenly carried from the headset that was hung on the rack, “Damnit! I can’t hold back anymore! It’s only winning one round against my side account, do you really think you’re all that! If you’ve the ability then use your main to fight against me!”

“Haha,” Ye Xiu laughed dryly and calmly said, “I’m afraid that just saying the name of my main account would terrify you.”

Huang Shaotian was quickly about to go crazy with rage at Ye Xiu’s tone, “Damn you damn you damn you!!! You just wait, I’ll log into Troubling Rain right now, then you and me, we’ll fight it out to the end!!!”

Once he finished speaking, Eat My Sword straightaway went offline. However, Su Muqiu and Ye Xiu were both still rooted to the spot.

“Troubling Rain? Isn’t that the Blade Master that infiltrated undercover into Blue Brook Guild, that Swoksaar even especially brings a group of people to keep killing?” Ye Xiu rubbed his chin, suddenly feeling that things were becoming interesting.

Su Muqiu sighed at the strange workings of fate. He also smiled and shook his head, “A Blade Master that can catch the attention of Swoksaar, no wonder he’s this remarkable…”

“That’s great then, since his good feelings for you are through the roof, just recruit him over to be our little bro. Next time, all the big guilds will face an extra foe, and we’ll never have to worry about grabbing BOSS again!” As Ye Xiu flaunted the dirtiness of his heart, he returned to sit back in front of the computer, this time, really logging into One Autumn Leaf.

Watching this, Su Muqiu couldn’t stop his eyebrows from raising in surprise, “You really intend to use One Autumn Leaf to play a round with him?”

Ye Xiu lit a cigarette and nodded calmly.

However, they weren’t able to have this round of PK. Because, right after Troubling Rain went online, he again met with an ambush from Blue Brook Guild.

Only, the purpose of this ambush was not to kill him – but from then on, changed the entire course of Huang Shaotian’s life.





Ye Xiu, Huang Shaotian and Umbrella bro are my favourite characters in The King’s Avatar. I ended up liking the way they interact even more while writing this piece.

I can only use that sentence Mu Mu said to express what my heart thinks, ‘If only he could be here, that would be best.’ However, there are no ifs.

Should all go to plan, the next chapter will be the last (T/N: author broke it into two cause of length). The ending definitely won’t play out like a tragedy, just treat this as a short interlude.

Translator’s Note:

- The Qiu in Su Muqiu is the same character for Autumn in Chinese

Chapter Text

Su Muqiu and Ye Xiu had absolutely no idea of what was happening on Huang Shaotian’s end. One Autumn Leaf had even especially sent Troubling Rain a friend request, but he never received a response from the other.

Ye Xiu raised his eyebrows and looked at Su Muqiu, “This kid wasn’t just blowing his own horn, right?”

The corner of Su Muqiu’s mouth twitched. “Do you think everyone is as unscrupulous as you?” He paused, and said, “It isn’t as if Troubling Rain is some kind of famous account. It’s only because we have been mixing around with those lackeys in Blue Brook Guild that we even know of his existence. Is there a need for such posturing?”

“Oh, you actually reminded me,” Ye Xiu turned back over and flipped through his friends list. He directly found Swoksaar and sent a message over, “Heyheyheyheyheyheyhey! Ask you something urgent!”

There was no reply for a very long time. Obviously, he was being ignored by the other party.

“That’s odd, he normally replies to messages very quickly… Shit!” Ye Xiu seemed to think of something important, quickly pulling up another person in Blue Brook Guild from his friends list and asking a few questions. His face immediately turned dark, “Damnit, the other side already set their hand down first.”

Su Muqiu rushed over to look. According to what this person told Ye Xiu, it turned out that their boss had been lying in wait for that Blade Master called Troubling Rain to come online the past few days and finally managed to catch him earlier, within a second gathering a bunch of comrades to ambush the other. However, this time, they actually didn’t end up fighting. Instead, they exchanged some mode of communication like QQ or whatnot, and both people went offline together.

“…How dirty-hearted,” Su Muqiu couldn’t help sighing, for a second feeling a ‘my little brother just got sniped’ type of bitter feeling. He intended to wait for the next time Huang Shaotian came online to have a good talk with him.

Despite saying this, both of them could understand why the other would do so. The might of One Autumn Leaf and Autumn Tree was unanimously acknowledged in the first server. No matter which guild, none of them could catch a good foothold when facing up against this duo, moreover with Blue Brook Guild suffering many losses under their hands. Being the first to discover this expert Blade Master, how could Swoksaar not have the intention to recruit the other?

Ye Xiu sighed dramatically, “Sigh, being an expert is really too stressful. Our rivals keep such tight watch on us.”

Su Muqiu didn’t bother responding to Ye Xiu’s narcissism. Conversely, he narrowed his eyes, “Swoksaar is very good at controlling the field. His skill releases are always placed at the most critical moments. This guy’s style is very similar to that. If they work together in the future, they could become strong opponents indeed.”

“Haha, but with me by your side, could we ever lose to them in a fight?” Ye Xiu brought One Autumn Leaf offline. He flippantly opened a web page, “Here, look at this. These people are only the tip of the iceberg. The experts that we meet in the future can only keep increasing.”

After briefly skimming a few lines, Su Muqiu quickly grew excited, “Glory Pro Alliance soon to be established… relevant arrangements are already underway, at present they are already engaged in business negotiations… Wait, does this mean we can play Glory competitions in the future?”

Ye Xiu gave a firm nod. “Yeah! Just that I don’t know when the details can be officially knocked out. Best it be next year, we’ll be of age by then.”

Su Muqiu smiled widely, looking to be in a very good mood, “This will be fun, I really can’t wait.”

“Haha, the in-game experts of Glory right now are so oppressed by us they can’t tell head from tail. When the Alliance opens, the very first championship will be ours for sure,” Ye Xiu vowed solemnly with a cigarette dangling from his mouth.

Su Muqiu swore and expressed his disdain, “Stop bragging. How do you know that there aren’t any hidden experts out there? Watch out that you don’t get your face slapped when the time comes.”

“Hey hey, your words are not right. When the time comes, we’ll both be on the same side. Isn’t slapping my face the same as slapping yours as well?” Ye Xiu earnestly pointed out. But when meeting Su Muqiu’s infuriated and speechless gaze, he could no longer hold himself back and he cracked into a smile first. “Hero, shall we go forth together?”

Su Muqiu glanced at Ye Xiu askew, the corners of his lips unconsciously curling up with the hint of a smile, “In that case, I can only, very grudgingly, accept.”



Quite a few days passed. Su Muqiu occasionally logged into his side account Eternal Autumn as before. He was quickly about to max level Eternal Autumn yet had never managed to catch Eat My Sword online all this while.

Ye Xiu even analysed this to Su Muqiu, saying that perhaps Swoksaar was a human trafficker, directly running off into the 3D world to kidnap this little chatterbox and the like; following which, Su Muqiu unceremoniously whacked him with a mouse.

Finally, on the fourth day, Eat My Sword took the initiative to seek Eternal Autumn out as soon as he came online. Su Muqiu then found out with surprise that the truth of the matter was really not too far off from Ye Xiu’s conjecture.

“Autumn bro Autumn bro Autumn bro where are you, I’ve got good news to share with you!!!”

Su Muqiu, as per usual, flung back the arena room number over to him. Once entering the room, Eat My Sword impatiently bounded over. He raised his lightsabre and with a sudden flash, instantly threw out a perfect Shadow Step with four immaculate shadows.

“Is this you improving or getting worse?” Su Muqiu smiled and said, easily shooting and tossing a grenade over, very quickly figuring out two false shadows.

“Hehe, it’s definitely an improvement! An expert has been guiding me personally the past few days!” In the few days that they hadn’t met, Huang Shaotian remained as chatty as before, his words never ceasing. “Oh right, Autumn bro, help me apologise to your friend! I got caught up with something when I went online that day, so I wasn’t able to make good on my word! Next time when the chance comes, I’ll use my main to PK him!”

“Nevermind him. Shaotian, earlier you mentioned you had some news to tell me. What news?” As he talked, the automatic handgun clattered and shot out several long chains of bullets, the speed so swift that Eat My Sword could barely keep up.

“Dang, Autumn bro, your Spitfire is getting better and better!” Huang Shaotian swiftly got Eat My Sword to kick backwards to switch his position as he rambled on in surprise, “Eh, before we speak of this let me ask something first. Autumn bro, where are you?”

Su Muqiu froze a moment, then realised that the other was asking him for his city of residence, and immediately replied, “City H.”

“Huh! What a pity! A few days ago, my geography teacher even taught me the saying that there’s paradise in heaven above, Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth below. City H sounds super far away from my place, I’m in City G, I originally thought that I could meet you and maybe even do it together with you…” Huang Shaotian couldn’t conceal the regret that filled his voice.

Su Muqiu smiled, his mind already catching on to an inkling of what this was about, “If you want to meet, there will be chances to in the future. But what was it that you wanted to do together with me?”

Hearing this question, Huang Shaotian’s voice and hand speed both burst forth, flaunting his multitasking passive skill to the max, telling Su Muqiu everything that had happened in the past few days.

Huang Shaotian started speaking of the grievance between his main account Troubling Rain and Swoksaar. At the start, he was merely being continually hunted down by the other and his lackeys; on the day that Huang Shaotian intended to PK with Ye Xiu, he once again was blocked by the other as soon as he went online. However, this time, he was not party to a barrage of attacks, conversely receiving the other’s warm and polite reception. The player behind Swoksaar first unreservedly and openly apologised for the previous incidences, saying that those ambushes were all to test his strength. Afterwards, asked Huang Shaotian if he truly loved playing this game Glory, and upon receiving Huang Shaotian’s affirmative answer, he threw over a QQ contact number, saying he wished to have a serious chat with him.

At that time, Huang Shaotian reckoned that if he did not comply, he would be killed instantly. So, he dubiously agreed to the other party. Then, on QQ, that person sent him that link regarding the setting up of the Glory Pro Alliance. He said that Huang Shaotian was a prodigy at Glory, if he sincerely loved this game, he could consider walking down this road. During this discussion, Huang Shaotian also learnt that the other was surnamed Wei, twenty-one years of age this year and a City G native like he.

When the first round of PK ended, it was as old still Eat My Sword that laid flat. Su Muqiu listened to the part of Huang Shaotian and that dude surnamed Wei meeting face-to-face, and finally couldn’t stop himself from cutting in, “Shaotian, how could you meet a stranger that you’ve only spoken a few sentences with? What if he’s a bad guy?”

“Hehe, I didn’t think that much at that time. Also, I feel that players like him who sincerely love Glory definitely can’t be bad people!”

Su Muqiu was at a loss. He had also guessed most of it, that Swoksaar must have personally taught Huang Shaotian various techniques in Glory the past few days, therefore Huang Shaotian hadn’t the time to get onto this side account. However, he still gave Huang Shaotian a small well-intentioned reminder, “Don’t do that next time.”

Huang Shaotian instantly and loudly replied, “At your command!” Then, he continued excitedly, “Hehe, hey brother, do you still remember what you said to me the other day? Who would have thought that I would so quickly find a way to continue playing Glory! Aren’t I incredible?”

The tone of the other was rather much like a little child begging for a sweet from a senior after doing something good. Su Muqiu wanted to laugh hearing this, but his mouth sang his praises, “Yes, very incredible! The words I said to you were true, right? Things do have a way of working out.”

Huang Shaotian snickered, “Definitely! Oh right, Boss Wei said that he intends to form a team in City G. Do you want to come over?”

Su Muqiu was not in a hurry to reply to this question. Instead, he began teasing first, “You’re even calling him Boss Wei now?”

Huang Shaotian instantly grew invigorated, “Ahhhh, Autumn bro, you don’t know how incredible he is!!! He’s really incredible at playing Glory! These few days he practised more than a hundred times with me. Don’t get angry but honestly speaking, I think that his skills are not worse than yours! I finally know what a true expert is like!”

Su Muqiu laughed lightly, his voice filled with confidence, “I may not win using the Spitfire now, but that may not be the case if I use another class.”

“Ehhh? Really? Autumn bro, does this mean that you’ve fought with Boss Wei before?! Then you must surely know each other! Quickly come and join us in City G!” Huang Shaotian’s entire person glowed.

“I won’t go to City G, my friends and family are all in City H.” Su Muqiu’s reply was very firm. Right after he finished speaking however, he heard the other side go “ah” in a very downtrodden manner, so he hurriedly reassured him, “So what if we’re in different cities, it isn’t as if there won’t be opportunities to meet in the future. We’ll meet sooner or later.”

Huang Shaotian listlessly harrumphed a few times, obviously still unable to get his spirits back up.

It was rare to see the dynamic Huang Shaotian this depressed. Su Muqiu hastily grappled for a method to divert the other’s attention, “Let’s not speak of this anymore. Shaotian, I want to show you a new Spitfire technique.”

So, the PK between them both began again. Eternal Autumn and Eat My Sword simultaneously took their places. Eat My Sword dodged the stream of bullets that Eternal Autumn sent his way, and those he couldn’t dodge, he used the sword to block from his body. Su Muqiu couldn’t help but sigh with emotion – Huang Shaotian had become more composed, his mechanics also much more focused than before.

He saw Eat My Sword leap upwards with a Rising Dragon Slash and a Falling Phoenix Slash came down the next moment; the automatic gun in Eternal Autumn’s right hand never stopped firing, and his left hand already long threw a few Remote-Control Grenades over. Huang Shaotian forcibly cancelled the skill straightaway and came down swiftly with a Falling Light Blade from mid-air. Su Muqiu got Eternal Autumn to retreat half a step, narrowly avoiding the radius of the shockwave, but found that Huang Shaotian had again switched to another skill – Blade Master level 45 skill, Headwind Strike.

Eat My Sword’s figure spun clockwise. Eternal Autumn was at that point encased in the sword light and could only receive the attack. Once gaining the upper hand, Huang Shaotian instantly grew excited, “Hehe, Autumn bro, I’m going to win already if you don’t show me that new technique soon!”

“You little brat, don’t get cocky too early,” Su Muqiu taunted, yet his voice carried a smile.

Sure enough, once Su Muqiu finished speaking, an even stronger shockwave ripped towards his figure in a split second – Spitfire skill, Implosion Grenade.

“Holy crap! How fast is that grenade throw!” Huang Shaotian was still shouting, but Su Muqiu interrupted him with a smile, “It’s coming, watch carefully!”

 Then, he only heard an endless whooshing sound. Within a second, Eat My Sword’s figure suspended mid-air was enshrouded by all sorts of hand grenades. Huang Shaotian got a shock, warning bells clanged in his heart. And the next second, this web of carefully arranged grenades, was ignited by a bullet that shot past in a flash. Eat My Sword’s vision was instantly engulfed by firelight of every colour, leaving only a sheet of radiance as if a spectacle of magnificent fireworks had been set off. His eyes dazzled, and he was hit by a spell of dizziness.

“Holy shit!!! Autumn bro, how on earth did you put out so many grenades in such a short time and even chain them together to cause an explosion!!! Can you be any cooler!!!” Eat My Sword tumbled in the dizzying display of light, but even the explosion was not able to drown out Huang Shaotian’s worshipful shouts of surprise.

Su Muqiu was very satisfied with the effect this time. As he continued to put out skills to suppress the other, he opened his mouth intending to explain. However, he suddenly found that Eat My Sword’s figure jolted right after landing to the ground and began moving towards Eternal Autumn’s position. He immediately and decisively threw the skill Chaotic Thunder over.

Of course, the effect of Chaotic Thunder was not as good as the effect of the earlier assault involving various hand grenades. Su Muqiu thought that disrupting Huang Shaotian in the chaos would be sufficient, but after that, he saw an even more astonishing scene – Eat My Sword actually used a Z-shake, stubbornly breaking past the space between several grenades. Then, his sword flashed, and he directly split apart the grenade that flew in front of him into two halves.

“…Shaotian, you are incredibly talented.” Su Muqiu sighed deeply in his heart. To fight so brilliantly this at fourteen years old, he surely had an even more boundless future ahead of him.

Huang Shaotian rarely heard people praise him this sincerely. Moreover, the other was a great expert that he really liked as well! Yet as he basked in happiness, he quickly found that Eat My Sword’s body suddenly entered a stunned state.

?! Huh, what’s this?! How did he get stunned? After the wave ended, shouldn’t Eternal Autumn’s skills all be in cooldown?

Eternal Autumn sent normal attacks over at him. Su Muqiu smiled as he said, “Haha, the grenade sounds were quite loud. You only cared to listen to me, but you hadn’t noticed the Stun Bullet, right?” The Stun Bullet was notorious for having a loud release, so Spitfires very rarely use this skill when playing 1v1 in Glory.

Tears streamed down Huang Shaotian’s face. “How can you do this!!!”

Afterwhich, Huang Shaotian watched as Su Muqiu let out another beautiful spectacle of fireworks for him. Just like this, Eternal Autumn smoothly washed Eat My Sword away.

Chapter Text

This round was very stimulating and beautiful to watch. Huang Shaotian’s excitement was greatly stirred. “Autumn bro, your main account is a Sharpshooter, right? How about it, play a round against my Troubling Rain?”

“We’ll discuss it again after you’ve beaten Eternal Autumn!” Su Muqiu rejected Hung Shaotian with a smile. The other instantly and reluctantly followed up, “But I won’t have a lot of chances to go on this side account in the future! Boss Wei wants me to focus on training up Troubling Rain!”

“Haha, I’m also pretty much done with playing this Spitfire. There probably won’t be many chances for me to go on again…” Su Muqiu pondered for a moment, and suddenly suggested, “How about this. When you’re done training up your Troubling Rain, just play in an Alliance match with me.”

Huang Shaotian was shocked, “Ehhhh?! Autumn bro, didn’t you say you wouldn’t be playing in the Alliance?”

Su Muqiu swore and scoffed, “I never said that, I only said that I wouldn’t go to City G. Did I ever say that I wouldn’t be competing?”

Huang Shaotian went oh and an epiphany struck him. He laughed loudly, “Ah, you’re intending to create your own team in City H! If that’s so, won’t we be opponents the next time we meet?!”

“Brat, you have to train many more years before you can even think about becoming my opponent!” Su Muqiu acted stern.

“Autumn bro, don’t be smug too soon. Boss Wei said that I’m improving at a godly speed, catching up to you is a mere matter of minutes!” Huang Shaotian yelled loudly, then again thought of something important, “Speaking of which, quickly tell me what the name of your main account is! How will I contact you otherwise!”

“We agreed that I would only tell you after you beat me, don’t think that I’ve forgotten this yet.”

 “Damnit, then tell me your real name?!” Huang Shaotian felt like he was being toyed with.

“It’s all the same, once I say it I’ll be exposed,” Su Muqiu responded seriously. In the face of Huang Shaotian’s childlike innocence, Su Muqiu decided to play this mysterious act to the end. Anyway, he knew that they would surely meet again in the future.

Huang Shaotian was so harrowed that he wanted to scratch a wall, “Fuck fuck fuck fuck, Autumn bro, do you really have to be so petty?”

“How about this, let’s make a promise. I’ll tell you my real name once you recognise me from the Alliance matches.” Su Muqiu increasingly felt that it was rather fun to tease Huang Shaotian.

“Gah, stop pulling my leg! If I recognise you in matches, I’ll naturally know your real name by then, will I still need you to tell me!” Huang Shaotian flew into a rage, but right after, a lightbulb flashed in his mind, “Ah ha, but I can look for you in Glory! The way you throw grenades is too cool, it’ll be so easy to recognise. Or I could go scout around whatever gunner-class experts and the like.”

Su Muqiu burst into laughter and silently decided not to use Spitfire accounts in the short term, “That works too, as long as you find me.”

“I definitely can!” Huang Shaotian thumped his chest and vowed earnestly.

Su Muqiu smiled. “Alright. I’ll be waiting for you.”

At that time, Su Muqiu was very certain – whether or not Huang Shaotian could find him before the Alliance matches started was irrelevant. Just based on the burning passion they share for Glory, there would surely be a day when they, as pro players, meet again.



Afterwards, Huang Shaotian busied under Wei Chen’s guidance, diligently raising his skill level in Glory. Su Muqiu, on the other hand, was busy researching Unspecialised and the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella with Ye Xiu. The two of them indeed never again had a chance to log into those two side accounts.

Furthermore, influenced by Wei Chen, Huang Shaotian firmly kept the terrifying names of One Autumn Leaf and Autumn Tree locked in his mind. In addition, he principally remembered the countless times they had shamelessly stolen away Blue Brook Guild’ BOSS. Those two scoundrels with just a little skill in Glory bullying noobs would be formidable opponents of Blue Rain in the future. They must be taken seriously. If he meets either one of them when alone, he must swiftly flee; otherwise, he would definitely be killed to the next respawn point. Thus, Huang Shaotian never actually had any opportunities for close contact with One Autumn Leaf and Autumn Tree.

Hence, Huang Shaotian never linked these two people with the – in his opinion – warm, interesting, righteous and intelligent Eternal Autumn.

Conversely, it was Ye Xiu and Su Muqiu who often caught wind of that Blue Brook Guild’s Troubling Rain who was a good hand at snatching BOSS. Both people knew this to be Huang Shaotian, therefore Su Muqiu would often boast to Ye Xiu that he had a good eye for skill.

By the time Huang Shaotian finally harboured a little suspicion towards the Shaprshooter Autumn Tree with the word ‘Autumn’ in his name, Glory happened to open their second server and a Spitfire with a gorgeous playstyle appeared. Huang Shaotian promptly decided to set up another side account to find that person. He spent the entire day hounding the other like a pest, non-stop yelling, “Autumn bro, don’t run! I’ve found you!”

At that time, he hadn’t noticed that the later nicknamed ‘Hundred Blossoms’ playstyle of the Spitfire was not at all similar to the cool playstyle of Eternal Autumn. Furthermore, when he PK-ed the other, he could still grind out a few wins – Huang Shaotian naturally assumed that this was because he had improved.

Of course, it wasn’t long before Huang Shaotian realised that he had identified the wrong person.

Because of Eternal Autumn, Huang Shaotian held a relatively good opinion of the Spitfire class. Along with this amusing and awkward series of incidences, these later became the foundation of Huang Shaotian and Zhang Jiale’s deep and radical friendship.

In the summer of that year, Glory indeed started a professional circuit.

Wei Chen established the team Blue Rain, moreover became the first captain of Blue Rain. The competition system then was different from now. Because of his age, Huang Shaotian could not participate in matches and could only remain in Blue Rain’s training camp.

However, Huang Shaotian never forgot the promise he made with Eternal Autumn.

Zhang Jiale was not the first person that Huang Shaotian had mistaken. In the second season, Huang Shaotian even went to look for Zhang Yiwei solely because he played the Sharpshooter well. And even in the fifth season when Zhou Zekai debuted, Huang Shaotian couldn’t help suspecting that Zhou Zekai could be Eternal Autumn. But when he saw the other’s age and reticence, reality sharply knocked Huang Shaotian in the head.

Huang Shaotian met Yu Wenzhou during his time in Blue Rain’s training camp and even spent a large portion of his idle time telling Yu Wenzhou about things related to Eternal Autumn. After that, Yu Wenzhou seriously contemplated it and guessed, there was a high possibility that this person had not continued playing Glory after that, therefore never entered the professional circuit.

Of course Huang Shaotian knew this to be a possibility. But he was unwilling to believe it and also felt it rather impossible. After all, it was this person’s burning love for Glory that had ignited Huang Shaotian to pursue his dreams. Therefore, Huang Shaotian watched every Alliance match at a set timing every day, simply in hope of catching a glimpse of Eternal Autumn’s figure from within.

And after that, time pulled longer. The memories that Eternal Autumn left Huang Shaotian resembled that spectacle of fireworks he had personally set off – short, radiant, beautiful, perishable; and after the curtain fell, inevitably growing cold.

Huang Shaotian knew that his hope of finding the other slimmed with the passing of the days. But he always hid this secret deep down in his heart, never to be forgotten.

Oh, right. There was one more thing that should be mentioned. During the time that Huang Shaotian looked for Eternal Autumn, there was a piece of dark history that he never wanted anyone to bring up.

 – He had almost mistaken Ye Xiu and that aggro-inducing face of his for Eternal Autumn!

It happened like this. In the first season, when Huang Shaotian watched every Alliance match at his usual time hoping to find a godly avatar similar to Eternal Autumn, he never found it. However, the Battle Mage One Autumn Leaf had an unforgettable flair. While Huang Shaotian found it rather odd that he did not see Autumn Tree by One Autumn Leaf’s side, he quickly flung this matter to the back of his mind.

Afterwards, Huang Shaotian found out that the player behind One Autumn Leaf was named ‘Ye Qiu’, and he abruptly thought of how the player behind Eternal Autumn had once mentioned to him that he was also decent at playing the Battle Mage. Huang Shaotian immediately grew excited.

It turned out that Eternal Autumn was actually such an incredible great god of Glory?!

Not only that, Ye Qiu was different from other pro players. He was very secretive, never revealing his face to the public. Therefore, Huang Shaotian was even more certain – a person this unwilling to let others find out his real identity, can surely only be Eternal Autumn himself!

Thus, when Blue Rain played against Excellent Era in a home game, Huang Shaotian especially followed Wei Chen to watch the match. After the match ended, he immediately ran into the player’s passageway to wait in the corridor for Ye Qiu himself to appear. But he never saw the chic and handsome guy that he had always imagined. Instead, he saw a young man with a cigarette perched between his lips. If it weren’t for members of Excellent Era behind him calling him ‘Captain’, Huang Shaotian would never have believed that that was Ye Qiu, because it was really too disillusioning, okay?!!!

“Hey, hey! Wait a minute!” Huang Shaotian hesitated for a long time, but still called hold of the other in the end.

Ye Xiu started. He looked over and saw that it was a boy half a head shorter than him, “Hm? You called me?”

Once Ye Xiu spoke, Huang Shaotian instantly felt discouraged again – ahhh, no matter how he thought about it, this definitely didn’t sound like Eternal Autumn’s voice! This person’s voice was a lazy drawl, he absolutely didn’t sound as good as Autumn bro! He had actually gotten it wrong again!

After riding high on anticipation for so long, the tremendous disappointment crushed down too abruptly. Huang Shaotian did not even notice that the voice of the person facing him was also slightly familiar. Instead, he immediately withered like a frost-bitten eggplant, “Sorry, I mistook you for someone else…”

“Shaotian, brat, where are you!” As the two people were talking, Wei Chen’s shout came from not far off.

“Coming!” Huang Shaotian replied. Hearing this, Ye Xiu suddenly turned around, his expression stunned as he looked at him, “You’re Huang Shaotian?”

Huang Shaotian’s eyes lit up. “You know me?” Could it be… that this person is really Eternal Autumn?

Huang Shaotian’s name stirred up several memories. Ye Xiu smiled and casually ruffled the teen’s short head of hair. “Of course, the kid that talks too much. Truly unforgettable.”

“Talks too much? How do you know I talk a lot? …Wait, had you played Spitfire before in the first server?” Huang Shaotian suddenly remembered that the player behind Eternal Autumn always taunted him for talking too much and was suddenly so anxious that even his questioning tone sounded off.

Because at this point, Huang Shaotian was not yet a pro player. A lot of players in Glory only knew that this character Troubling Rain liked to spew out text bubbles. They couldn’t have known that the player Huang Shaotian himself was a chatterbox.

Ye Xiu froze.

Somewhat distractedly, Ye Xiu recalled how he had first learnt of Huang Shaotian’s name. Part of the reason why he had called Huang Shaotian earlier was indeed because of the attention Su Muqiu kept on him. However, Ye Xiu had never expected that Huang Shaotian himself also remembered Su Muqiu. He thought that kids would have long forgotten affairs from such a long time ago. Yet, who could have known that the other was, like him, remembering it clearly as before, even –

Ye Xiu abruptly understood why Huang Shaotian had come over to ask if he was Ye Qiu. Huang Shaotian was looking for a person. And the person he was looking for, was Su Muqiu.

Ye Xiu’s fingers trembled imperceptibly. For a split second, the smile on his face grew stiff.

The next moment, Ye Xiu clenched his teeth. His expression was airy as he said, “Of course I played Spitfire before in the first server. I’m proficient across all classes, how can there be any class that I’ve never played before!”

“Ugh! How narcissistic!” Huang Shaotian turned his nose up. However, he was still not entirely sure if Ye Xiu was that person, so he couldn’t help asking again, “How do you know that I talk a lot?”

“Haha, I only know that Troubling Rain spouts a whole load of garbage and was told by your captain that the player behind Troubling Rain is called Huang Shaotian.” They had only just met. But within two sentences, Ye Xiu already began taunting the other.

Actually, Wei Chen had never mentioned to Ye Xiu that there was a boy called Huang Shaotian in their Blue Rain training camp.

But Huang Shaotian believed him. Nonetheless, the main point wasn’t this. He furiously jumped up and roared, “Wtfwtfwtfwtf! You’re too much! Excellent Era’s results are only a teeny bit better than Blue Rain’s okay! If you’re that good then come PKPKPKPK me!”

Ye Xiu cheerfully smiled and replied, “Sure.” Once saying this, Ye Xiu conveniently borrowed an autograph pen from his teammate and directly wrote his QQ number onto Huang Shaotian’s palm.

This marked the beginning of the friendship that Ye Xiu and Huang Shaotian built over PKs.

Not many rounds later, Huang Shaotian resolutely affirmed that Ye Xiu was most certainly not Eternal Autumn. Simply because this guy was simply too shameless, he really wanted to beat him up! Furthermore, Huang Shaotian also found out after they grew more familiar that Ye Xiu was not only adept across the Gunner class but was a through and through master of all classes.

Yet, for some unknown reason, whenever he saw Ye Xiu using Gunner subclasses, Huang Shaotian would always feel an inexplicable sense of familiarity. Along with Su Mucheng’s later support, in Huang Shaotian’s heart, Ye Xiu was outstanding with the Gunner class, his proficiency not worse than Eternal Autumn, and not worse than anyone in the Alliance.

Therefore, a very long time later, Huang Shaotian would go over to help Ye Xiu run dungeons. And when he saw Ye Xiu’s Delivery Gun technique, he would instantly grow invigorated.

But there were some things that Huang Shaotian would never know.

Back then, after giving his QQ to Huang Shaotian in their very first meeting, Ye Xiu had said with a seldom-seen seriousness. “When you have the time, come find me to practise. Keep working hard.”

With that said, Ye Xiu waved with his back to Huang Shaotian and disappeared from the player’s passageway.

Huang Shaotian clenched the numbers scribbled on his palm into a fist. He shouted at that person’s back, “Just wait! There will be a day when I surpass you for sure!”

However, Huang Shaotian had not known this: there was still a sentence stuck in Ye Xiu’s throat that he hadn’t said – “Muqiu thinks highly of you.”

 – “When you have the time, come find me to practise. Keep working hard. Muqiu thinks highly of you.”

From that moment on, Ye Xiu had decided. He would never tell Huang Shaotian of Su Muqiu’s death.