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Fleeting Fireworks

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The downpour came down heavily in torrents from dense dark clouds; between flashes of lightning and claps of thunder, giant drops of rain pelted down pitter-patter against the glass window.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck, so troubling I can die!” Huang Shaotian angrily ripped off his snow-white headset and flung it onto the table. At this moment, his mood was as terrible as the weather outside.

That Warlock called Swoksaar again! Ever since an earlier period of time when he infiltrated undercover into Blue Brook Guild, and even had the misfortune of being found out by the opposing side’s boss, he would often meet with an ambush from Blue Brook Guild as soon as he went online.

“What’s his problem! Is there any meaning in trying to stare me down like this!” Huang Shaotian restlessly cursed that Warlock, filled with reluctance as he looked at that ‘Troubling Rain’ account card of his.

Today, he had finished in advance the homework that his teacher had assigned in school, upon getting home and his parents’ approval immediately rushed exuberantly onto Glory. But who would have expected that once he got online he would instantly be caught and pummelled by a whole group of people. Perhaps if it were someone else, they would have dropped the game in a rage and gone off to play other things, but Huang Shaotian was different.

First, he liked this game Glory; secondly, he liked the class Blade Master in Glory; thirdly, he liked the account that he currently used the most – Troubling Rain.

With higher than ordinary hand speed, faster than average awareness, precise and ingenious mechanics; in these aspects, Huang Shaotian was a prodigy possessing a gift that made countless regular players envy him. Consequently, most games were also completely unable to meet his standards.

It wasn’t easy for him to have found a game that challenged him this much. Moreover, the number of experts within were like clouds, he had been very happy playing these few months, who would have guessed that this would too so quickly meet a roadblock.

However, even encountering a prickly problem was not enough to quell Huang Shaotian’s burning love for Glory. At this sort of time, to avoid trouble and also to continue playing Glory, Huang Shaotian helplessly chose to employ a method that he was not fond of using previously – a side account.

A short moment later, Blade Master ‘Eat My Sword’ came online in Glory’s first server.

That’s right. This name was the reason why Huang Shaotian did not usually use this side account. Because it was really too comical! No matter how he looked at it, it was doused in several measures of childishness. If he carried this name to make a mark on Glory, it truly wouldn’t hit the right spots at all.

Eat My Sword was the first account card that Huang Shaotian had bought at thirteen years old when he came to play Glory, also the first Glory account card that he had in his life. But at the end of the day, it was very unfortunately ruined by the name that he had thoughtlessly picked out back then.

Huang Shaotian had originally intended to bury Eat My Sword in the snow for eternity, but from the looks of it now, it was still rather useful, minimally allowing him to temporarily feed his addiction for playing Glory.

After Eat My Sword came online, sure enough, he didn’t meet any sort of harassment. Huang Shaotian very contentedly controlled Eat My Sword to successively kill several dozen monsters, then out of the blue gave a passing Warlock a strike.

Because right now, looking at Warlocks really made him very unhappy, okay!

Eat My Sword’s level was barely past 25, but the Warlock called ‘Broken Bridge’ that Huang Shaotian provoked was level 30. The other party turned his viewport over in astonishment, obviously thinking that Huang Shaotian had carelessly pressed the wrong button earlier.

Sure enough, Huang Shaotian bided his time and when that person no longer cared about him, turning over and continuing to walk onwards – Chance!

His opportunistic style had been cultivated from very early on.

The Blade Master skill, Lunge, hit the target right smack. This time, Huang Shaotian did not hold back his strength, directly sending the opponent into the air with an Upwards Slash, quickly followed by a Sword Draw, then his body leapt up and with a sudden Falling Light Blade, smashed the other back down to the ground.

Afterimages of the blade flickered beautifully. Like a falcon swooping down on a rabbit, Eat My Sword immaculately finished knocking out a chain of attacks.

Warlocks who need a remote distance for their control skills naturally could not hold up against Blade Masters who excelled at melee combat, particularly so given that this person was now still completely at a loss - I hadn’t done anything, why am I suddenly the target of someone’s sneak attack? What’s this, say jump then jump? What on earth has happened?

Because of the level suppression, the damage dealt by Eat My Sword was not high. When that person on the other side had finally wrapped his mind around that he was being raided, he straightaway and exasperatedly swivelled his viewport around looking for a chance to counterattack. Skills all had cooldowns; once Eat My Sword’s wave of attacks finished, he had no choice but to stop, and that person hurriedly leveraged on this moment to throw a Flaming Arrow over.

Eat My Sword dodged to the side. With a flurry of action and completely without utilising any skill, he pressed on with basic attacks, yet his tempo was unimaginably quick.

The opposite person guessed that he could be facing an expert and hastily got Broken Bridge to evade and pull the distance further, not forgetting to use the voice function to scold, “Who do you think you are? Specially come looking for trouble? There’s an entire five level suppression, heck, what are you trying to pull! Do you have a problem!”

“So what, I came looking for trouble! You clearly know that there are five levels between us but still keep running running running, is there any meaning, huh! Coward!” Huang Shaotian at this time hadn’t reached puberty, his youthful voice was crisp and bright, stabbing into the other’s eardrums.

“Wtf, from your voice it’s obvious that you’re a little brat but your voice is not little at all! Watch brother teach you a lesson today!” The opposing person, upon hearing that the owner of this Blade Master still carried a child’s voice, immediately turned contemptuous.

Huang Shaotian instantly started to yell, “You’re the little brat, your whole family are all little brats! From your voice I can tell that you’re definitely at least a thirty-something old uncle this year! So old already but still playing games, I really feel sad for you! Five levels higher but still being chopped off by me, I feel even sadder for you!”

That man was currently controlling Broken Bridge to circle around with Eat My Sword. His age was only around twenty, and while he was very annoyed listening to Huang Shaotian’s trash talk, because of his more mature age, he had not received too harsh a blow. Instead, using while Huang Shaotian was speaking, Broken Bridge’s figure flickered under his control, hid behind a large tree, then from behind the large tree swiftly began the chant for Chaotic Rain.

Huang Shaotian’s trash talk had never affected his concentration. Even if this Chaotic Rain was a surprise attack from behind his back, Huang Shaotian realised it very promptly. Just as he was about to get Eat My Sword to dodge it, he suddenly heard the sound of several gunshots, as well as several trails of icy blue light suddenly flashing across the scope of his vision.

But these blue flashes did not hit him, instead, they accurately struck the Warlock behind the tree. Right after being struck by the bullets, a layer of ice instantly appeared over the other’s body and his actions became sluggish.

This was… the level 30 Spitfire skill, Freezing Bullet!

Huang Shaotian startled, hurriedly turned his viewport and as expected, saw a resplendently dressed Spitfire happen to jump down from a tree.

<Eternal Autumn>

Huang Shaotian first unconsciously tagged on the rest of the saying, ‘unifying rivers and lakes’, then reacting – seriously, what’s up with this exotic outlandish name?

Eternal Autumn stood upright with a handsome flourish following the attack, then, a quick sweep of his left hand and Broken Bridge was hit by a Stun Bullet.

While Broken Bridge was still stunned to the spot, Eternal Autumn immediately used both his left and right hands to throw over a large pile of grenades with a furious crackle, the sudden explosion of splendid light engulfing the entirety of Broken Bridge’s body.

Huang Shaotian’s heart shivered – this hand speed, it doesn’t seem like something most people can achieve?

After that, the timbre of a young man carrying a smile languidly rang out from near Broken Bridge and Eat My Sword. “A high-levelled bullying a low-levelled player, the old bullying the young. Do you really see any meaning to it?”

Huang Shaotian first froze up, then almost laughed out loud – turned out that this person thought that he was being bullied so rushed in to play the white knight?

Reflected by light and shadows, Eternal Autumn leisurely stood on the spot, after the black ponytail drifted down behind him, a hand shuddered faintly with the firing of the gun while the other hand flung out grenades into the air. The entire person was doused in a heroic air, exceptionally dashing, and Huang Shaotian almost went into a daze watching him from behind the screen.

After a wave of thunderous gunfire, there indistinctly came a yell from Broken Bridge. “Wtf what do you mean by the old bullying the young, it was clearly that brat who – ”

How could Huang Shaotian let the other take this opportunity to expose the truth? He loudly roared, “Watch my sword watch my sword watch my sword watch my sword watch my sword!” His hand inputted a Triple Slash, already rushing in front of Broken Bridge.

Eternal Autumn immediately and very cooperatively ceased fire, watching with much interest as Eat My Sword swiftly silenced the other with death, never interfering during this period.

Even if Huang Shaotian only dealt out a very small damage output, the other could still that there was more to him than meets the eye. When Broken Bridge breathed his last breath, he then opened his mouth to ask, his tone simple and forthright, “How old are you?”

Huang Shaotian felt rather good about this person that had provisionally lent him a hand, so he at once grinned and replied, “Fourteen, you?”

The asking party instantly got a shock, “So young?! I’m seventeen this year.” There was a brief pause, and that voice added with a smile, “You’re the same age as my younger sister, she’s still doing her homework now.”

“I only came to play after finishing my homework!” Huang Shaotian hastily explained, as if afraid that the other would misunderstand him to be a dunce loafing around.

Yet Eternal Autumn seemed not to care about this, continuing to say, “Your skills are really not bad, you definitely have a promising future ahead of you. Keep working hard, young man!”

Huang Shaotian froze. This was still the first time that he heard another person tell him that he had a future in gaming; most people felt that gaming was not a proper and respectable job. Even fellow classmates that Huang Shaotian played Glory with, every time they get chopped down by Huang Shaotian, would always pettily say, “What’s the use of being good at games, it’s not as if your grades are as good as mine.”

Lightly gritting his teeth, Huang Shaotian abruptly spoke up, “I see that you’re very strong too, could you PK a round with me?”

But the other laughed softly, already making to turn Eternal Autumn away and leave, “Bring it up again after you’re max-levelled.”

Eat My Sword hurriedly sprung behind Eternal Autumn, “Hey hey! You’re not max-levelled yet either! We still can fight even if we’re not max-levelled!”

As if only just realising this point, the other’s steps stopped; a text bubble containing a sweat emoji popped up above his head. “I forgot… This is my side account, I haven’t used it for long.”

Huang Shaotian grew excited as soon as he heard that. “This is also my side account! Recently I’ve met with a little bit of… ahem, small issue, so it’s not convenient to get on that account. Since you happen not to be max-levelled either, how about we party to level together! I can tell from your skill that you are very strong too!”

After speaking rapidly, Huang Shaotian didn’t even wait for the other’s reply before directly throwing over a friend request.

And while Eternal Autumn very promptly accepted the friend request, his tone instead grew slightly frantic, “Alright, I’ve got a little something now so can’t grind levels, practise yourself first, I’m logging off first, find you next time.”

“Eh eh eh how can you say leave then just leave ah what’s the hurry we haven’t even finished speaking! Ahhhhhh hey hey! Hey hey hey hey!”


A short moment later, a notification soundlessly appeared on Glory’s global channel: <Player Autumn Tree is now online>





Umbrella bro has full mastery across the gunner class, so I always felt that Umbrella bro would definitely have many gunner side accounts. I believe that Umbrella bro playing Spitfire would definitely be different from the gorgeousness of Le Le’s hundred blossoms style, I’m guessing it would have a very dashing feel to it? Hahaha

Just as implied, I personally feel that umbrella bro and shaotian’s personality has at least a smidge of similarity, that both of them speak a lot, are prodigies, spirited, smart and optimistic, so it’ll definitely be very interesting if you put them together.

This fic came about from a lot of headcanons, thanks to everyone for watching me ramble on for so long (:


Translator’s Note:

- Title lit translates as fireworks grow cold easily, the full saying popularly parallels love to be like a firework, with only a fleeting moment of beauty. Once this beauty passes, there is only infinite darkness (x)

- Troubling Rain is the shortened version of its Chinese name, which when translated in full, means the sound of rain at night is annoying (troubling)

- Eternal Autumn is loosely translated. Qianqiu Wandai lit translates as a thousand autumns, ten thousand generations. Thousand autumns in Chinese means a thousand years, with the implication of many centuries; ten thousand generations implying generation after generation. So is just a very extravagant way of saying for a very long time. The saying continues with ‘unifying rivers and lakes’, with rivers and lakes referring to all corners of the country, therefore together it means unifying the country for many generations

- Cfandom refers to Su Muqiu as umbrella bro (san-ge) cause they only knew him as such till the name was officially released in canon much later compared to how early on Myriad Manifestations Umbrella got introduced, which stuck and also got adapted into pairing names e.g. sanxiu for smq/yx