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The mug of coffee nearly slipped from your fingers in shock. The soft music piping into the room from your Bluetooth speaker was the only sound to be heard. Your breath was caught in your throat, barely able to believe your eyes. It had to be a joke, right? But, no--it couldn't be spam. It was the same email address that had confirmed your membership in the lottery, after all. 

You took a few deep gasps of air as you set your mug down on the desk with shaky fingers, not trusting yourself to keep it in one piece otherwise. 

You cleared your throat and quickly set to composing a response, confirming your involvement and asking specifics about timeframe, travel costs, and climate to bring clothing for. Within minutes, a representative got back to you with answers.



Dear Ms Min, 

Thank you so much for confirming your trip with us! The team is so happy to be having you join us for this season of Run BTS. 

This special season will mean that you'll be staying with us for  approximately three months. We've spared no expense with you as our guest, and as such, all travel expenses, food, and accommodations are included. As for what to bring, I would suggest mostly keeping warm, tropical weather in mind, although it is important to prepare for anything. There will be laundry and kitchen facilities provided on the property, so please bring any clothing you want. I would also suggest some swimwear, athletic clothing and shoes, and at least one or two evening dresses for some of our planned events. 

Do not bring towels, we have plenty. Also, any electronic devices you'd prefer to bring for your own entertainment during free time. There are televisions in the lounge area, your bedroom, and one on the outside patio, with hookups for media players and gaming systems. I know that Jungkook is planning on bringing a Switch and his gaming PC. 

We will let you know if there are any other things that come up. Please contact us if you have any more questions!


--BigHit Production Management


You could barely believe your eyes. You dialed your boss, chewing your lip in excited anticipation. 


"Hey, Barry? This is my week's notice, I'm taking a sabbatical." 

How long? Can you pick up some slack while away? 

"Three months, and I won't be taking my work computer with me. If you really need me to design something important, just call me at this number." 

Alright, fine. Get ready for your trip and have fun. 

"Wait, really? It's that easy?" 

You're one of our best workers, but we can get by without you. Though, if Chelsea calls you every ten minutes with questions, that's not on me.

The two of you laughed together for a minute. 

"Ah, well, thanks anyway, Barry. I'll see you in three months." 

No problem, Min. Take care of yourself. 

The click of him hanging up felt incredibly final. You knew things were going to change for your foreseeable future, and it felt incredible--your first real escape in almost five years.



You stepped out of your taxi with your three suitcases and carry-on, muttering under your breath about the roundabout route your cabbie had taken. He'd very obviously taken the long way to the airport, making your skin prickle with irritation. You tossed him his payment, but he still didn't seem to regret it one bit. He screeched out of the airport lane without so much as a backward glance, and you were incredibly tempted to stick your tongue out at him; you resisted the urge. It was a good thing, too, as right outside of the airport doors was a woman holding your name on a sign. You approached and she beamed at you, holding out her hand to shake. She introduced herself as Producer Lin as you shook her hand.


"Good morning, Ms. Min! I'm so pleased you could join us for this little surprise! The boys are so excited to meet you!"

She grabbed your smallest bag and carried on with surprising professionalism, two men in black swooping in beside you as they distributed your luggage between them. 


"BigHit sees this as a marvelous opportunity, so we've spared no expense on this trip. The band insisted that we use their jet to bring you to the island, which is approximately 10 hours away. You're welcome to sleep for the flight, or whatever you'd like. There are movies available, as well as food and drink should you get peckish. Ah! Right this way."

She briskly led you through airport security and into the terminal, where, as promised, the private jet was waiting. As you ascended the stairs, you noted the silver chrome lining the jet in a stylish swoosh. The interior was decorated in black, white, and chrome. It was incredibly spacious, with more than enough room for all 7 Bangtan Boys, their crew, and possibly family members if needed. You chose a seat near the middle, yawning widely as you buckled up and settled in for the flight. You were asleep before takeoff. 

"Ms. Min! We're about to begin our descent. We'll land in a few minutes." 

Your chipper handler patted your hand and returned to her place at the front of the plane. You stretched and pulled up the window cover, gazing down at a beautiful island with a lagoon on the western side. There was what looked like a forest of sorts, a small airport, and a large property on the opposite side that was facing the lagoon. You didn't know where you were, but that was probably for the best. You sure as hell didn't want paparazzi showing up out of nowhere. 

The landing was smooth and uneventful. You disembarked just as the sun was beginning to touch the horizon. Another producer was waiting for you on the landing strip, a wide smile firmly screwed in place. 


"Welcome, Ms. Min! It's a pleasure to have you. The boys are already at the house." He set a decent pace, quick but not too fast for you to keep up. "Your bags will be brought to your room for you, while you and the boys are eating dinner. You'll have a few days to get to know them before we start shooting this season of Run BTS..." 


"Wow, really?" 


"What, did you think we'd drop you in the deep end so quickly?" He laughed at your sheepish expression. "We're not that heartless. No, we didn't want to be waving a bunch of cameras in your face the first time you met them. Though it would be interesting, you're new to show business, and I'm sure it will be nerve-wracking enough without all of us spying on you." 

His words were without venom; in fact, he was very kind and almost father-like in how he held himself. You appreciated his consideration for you. 

The villa wasn't far from the airport, perhaps a ten minute drive. You balled your hands into fists, feeling the butterflies start to kick in. You'd loved BTS for so long now, you were terrified of meeting them for real. Would they be different than you expected them to be? You hoped not... 

You couldn't stop yourself from wrinkling your pants with your nervousness. Soft jeans that were cuffed slightly above your ankles, sneakers, and a nice but comfortable blouse--this was how they would see you for the first time. 

Suddenly aware of the very long nap you'd taken on the way there, you checked your appearance. Somehow, your makeup had held up decently well. A pop of red matte lipstick, combined with slightly filled in eyebrows and gentle eye makeup that enhanced your features nicely. You wore only a light moisturizer/sunscreen on your skin, foregoing foundation considering the humidity you'd be living with from now on. Your hair was swept back with mousse, recently cropped short as was normal for your summer routine. 

Overall, you looked pleasant, down to earth, and quite cute, if you could say so yourself. Though the blouse showed your cleavage a little bit, it was tasteful and classy enough for a first meeting. 

Of course, you had nothing to go on for how one should look when meeting international celebrities. 

The car ride was over sooner than you'd anticipated, and before you could exit the car, your escort was opening the door for you and offering his hand. 


"Right this way, Ms. Min." 

He led you into the villa, calling out into the large house. 


"Boys? We're back!" 

There was a quiet shuffling at first, the only warning before several male figures came barreling out of the deeper portion of the house. Thumping footsteps preceded the ones coming down from the second floor, and soon, you were surrounded by the seven boys you'd been absolutely in love with for years. Namjoon, Jimin, and J-Hope were in the front, with Taehyung wrestling with Yoongi and Jin to come forward to see you. Jungkook peeked from between his brothers but kept his distance, eyeing you quietly.

Jimin was first to greet you, his smile wide and friendly as he waved. 


"Hi! It's so nice to finally meet you!" 

Jungkook jostled forwards from the back, fighting to glimpse you. But, as soon as he caught your gaze, he froze. Eyes wide like a deer caught in headlights, his lips parted in an inaudible gasp as Namjoon started to speak. 


"Wow, you look fantastic. Was your flight okay?"

Hoseok grinned and prodded Namjoon in the ribs, earning a yelp from his younger friend. 


"Hyung! So considerate! Bangtan's ace, Kim Namjoon!" He looked you in the eye, his smile still wide. "I'm J-Hope--"

You smiled and waved your hands dismissively. 


"Guys, I know who you are," You laughed. 

At first, you thought you said the wrong thing. Everyone fell silent, watching you in awe. 


"Well, that certainly makes things much easier," Jin observed. "Welcome to our little slice of heaven, Y/N." 

Taehyung finally managed to push past everyone else, his eyes wide when he saw you. 


"Fantastic is an understatement, hyung," He breathed. 

You blushed at the compliment, ears feeling hot as Taehyung leaned in and gave you a bear hug. As if a switch had been flipped, each boy in turn joined in, hugging you close. Only Suga held back, his smile soft but distant as he stood a foot away from the massive group hug. 


"Guys, I can't breathe!" You giggled. 


"Ah! Sorry!" Taehyung and Namjoon said this in unison as they pulled back, sounding embarrassed. 


"Would you like something to eat? Jin made ramen for dinner," Suga intoned. His voice was very deep and gruff, such a contrast from his cherubic face. 

Your stomach chose that precise moment to growl loudly, earning a chuckle from the producer behind you. 


"With that, I take my leave. You boys call or text me if you need anything." 


"Of course!" Namjoon called after him, apparently the only boy who'd noticed.

The band was leading you into he kitchen already, where there was a great big crockpot full of hot food. 

You couldn't stop smiling. Jin joked and told stories, Jimin laughing softly at each one while Namjoon turned to you.


"So, where are you from?"

Taehyung and Jungkook listened raptly while you spoke.


"United States. Lived just about everywhere, honestly. Most recently, I live in Oregon."


"What do you do for a living, Y/N?" Taehyung asked. He watched you closely, interested.


"I'm a designer. I basically draw for people when they need something. I specialize in character design, specifically. I mostly work with entertainment companies, but I've freelanced for other franchises before, too." 

The group all made an ooh sound, impressed. 


"That's so cool!" Jimin commented. 

Jungkook and Tae nodded in the affirmative, as well. 


"I do some drawing from time to time, too," Jungkook ventured. "Probably nothing like yours, but just beginner's stuff for now." 


"Ah, classic Kookie. He's being modest. He's actually really good." Jimin shouldered his embarrassed friend, grinning impishly. "Stop being humble, Kookie!" 

Kook just blushed and ducked his head, trying to avoid any more attention.


"For real, Kookie. I'm not humble, and everyone loves me!" Jin pointed out. 

Everyone snickered at the oldest; though his words should have been offensive or considered narcissistic, it was fun and cute from Jin. 

The conversation drifted on throughout the evening, passing from foods and traveling locations, and eventually landing on their music.


"Alright, is someone else gonna ask it, or do I have to?" Jimin finally piped up. Blank stares earned a high-pitched laugh from him before he continued. "I can't be the only one who's curious--why did you enter our little lottery? How long have you been a fan? Who's your bias?"

Once again, all eyes were on you. Heat flooded your cheeks and ears, his directness causing you to choke on some broth. Finally, you gave Jimin a sheepish smile. 


"Ah, well--I entered this lottery because I didn't think I'd win, honestly. I've never won any of the drawings to see you in concert, so I figured that would happen again, and I'd see some perfect girl on your next season. But... by some bizarre twist of fate, here I am." 

Your shoulders slumped a little at the memories of every concert drawing, and every time you lost. The ache you'd felt, how hollow and not good enough you'd been...


"Pfft! What do you mean? We have the perfect girl right here!" Hoseok grinned and clapped you on the shoulder, his enthusiasm contagious. 

Everyone smiled at you softly, Jimin reaching forward to touch your knee in comfort. You blinked back the tears, trying to cheer up for them. 


"Hey, I'm not complaining. This is a dream come true! I never thought I'd even get to meet you guys, let alone spend time with you. I--just--thank you for letting me be here." 

Against your will, tears began to flow. Jimin hushed you gently, swiping away your sadness with his thumbs on your cheeks. He cooed at you in Korean, soothing you with his melodic voice. 

The others began to gather their dinner dishes while you calmed down, finally coming to sit around you once they were cleared away. 


"You're not escaping the other questions, by the way. How long have you been a fan?" Suga surprised you with his comment. 


"Oh, c'mon, hyung, that's what you're interested in? What about her bias? I wanna know who you love the most!" Tae chirped. 

You couldn't help the giggle that escaped your chest. 


"Ah. I discovered your music through Halsey, actually. I heard Boy With Luv and I was hooked ever since. I've listened to the rest of your music nonstop once I discovered what a variety you had. I'm still addicted to your Blood Sweat & Tears music videos," You laughed.


"Alright, spill the beans. BTS bias: go." Hoseok prompted.


"God, do you really need to know?"

Jin, Jungkook, and Tae all shouted a yes, earning laughter from Hoseok and Namjoon. They still listened intently, though, as you took a deep breath and avoided their eyes. 


"I, uh..." You cleared your throat. "Jimin was my immediate bias. Soon, though, Namjoon shared that pedestal with him when I listened to more of your songs. Jungkook is my bias breaker." 

With the air cleared, you winced and ducked your head, unable look at any of them. Jin protested with an annoyed sound and Hoseok made a funny little screech. 


"But--I'm worldwide handsome! I'm everyone's favorite!" 


"Hyung-ah, you know you're my favorite!" Jimin tried to make him feel better, but wasn't succeeding very well. 


"Maybe it's because you're annoying," Suga muttered. 

Namjoon struggled to calm down his bandmates, though his ears were hot, too. 


"Come now, this isn't fair to her! Stop this!" Namjoon protested.

Tae looked like a wounded puppy as he crawled closer to you, eyes wide. 


"Do you at least like all of us?" He begged. You felt your heart melt. 


"Please don't get the wrong idea! I love all of you--it's not like it's easy for me to choose just one! V, I love all of you," You struggled to reassure him, taking his hand in yours. 

He softened at that, pulling your hand to his cheek as he regarded you. 




"I promise." You glanced up to see the rest of the group watching you with soft expressions. "What?" 


"We're sorry," Namjoon shot an accusatory glare at Jin, "Aren't we?"

Jin sighed like an irritated tween before meeting your gaze a little guiltily. 


"Yes, we're sorry. Though I don't understand why you like Jimin so much. He's so--short!" 

Jimin. gasped, scandalized. 


"I'm not short! You're all just fucking giants!"

You suppressed a giggle and Namjoon hid a smile behind his hand. 


"Jimin, you're still taller than me, it's fine." You patted his hand consolingly.

He seemed at least a little validated, puffing up his chest as he stuck his tongue out at Jin playfully. 


"Well, at least I'm the bias of a cute thing like you." Jimin winked and you squeaked, hiding your face behind your hands, struggling to keep in your laughter. 


"And why am I one of your biases?" Namjoon prodded. He didn't seem to believe you or understand your choice, which made your heart hurt a little.


"Honestly? ...I love your voice," You murmured. "It's so deep and I love the way you rap, especially in moonchild. But, yet, I also love Jimin's voice and how lovely it sounds when he hits high notes. I love all of your voices as much as I love your personalities. BTS is just... amazing." 


"Well, boys, I'd say we've already succeeded in making her like us," Jin noted wryly. "Our little moonchild needed no convincing, after all." 


"Ey, moonchild, I like that," Jungkook added. "It's nice, and I like that song, too." 

Namjoon was blushing incredibly hard as he mouthed a wordless thank you. Without warning, you cracked a very wide yawn, shuddering with the force of it. Suga mirrored you, and soon waves of exhaustion were rippling through the group. 


"Ah, can you guys show me to my room?" 


"Aw, already--?" Jungkook was cut off by his own yawn. "Ugh, fine." 

The boys began to rise and Namjoon helped you to your feet. 


"Ironically, you'll be sharing a wing with your biases," Namjoon commented. "You're in the same hall as Jimin, Jungkook, and I. Hoseok, Suga, Tae, and Jin are in the other side of the house."

Tae pouted. 


"I wanted to talk to Y/N more!" He whined. 

You gave him a sleepy smile and ruffled his hair. 


"If I promise we'll talk first thing tomorrow, will you let me sleep?" 

Tae eyed you suspiciously, but nodded. 


"Okay. Goodnight!" He spun around and trotted off to play some games, presumably, as he didn't seem particularly keen on sleep yet. 

Everyone else bid you goodnight until you were left with the three men you found more attractive than anyone. You struggled to contain your blush as Joon took your hand and started to lead you up the staircase to your rooms. 


"You're closest to the bathroom, at the end of the hall here. I'm across from you, Kook is next to me, and Jimin is next to you. If you need anything, don't hesitate to let us know." 

He flashed you a bit of dimple before ducking into his room and shutting the door with a soft click. Jungkook disappeared into his room as well, seemingly more embarrassed than even you. That left you and Jimin in the hallway, staring at your doors. 


"I, uh, I'm really flattered that I'm your bias," Jimin began. "Is it alright if I ask why?" 

Your blush made him stammer, trying to correct his mistake. 


"Of course, you don't have to tell me! I was just curious... I mean, you don't strike me as the kind of girl who'd be enamored with someone just because of their voice or looks..." 

After a pause, you started to speak. You couldn't lie to him.


"I loved how kind you were. Every time I watched Run BTS, every VLive I saw, it just reinforced how much I liked you. Your laugh and how soft you were--I was doomed from the start." You sighed and stopped at your door, offering him a sad smile. "Good night, Jimin." 

You shut it behind you and flopped down on your bed, his expression was burned into your retinas. A kind of soft shocked look on his face, eyes wide and mouth in a soft curved "o". He knocked softly on your door, so soft that at first, you didn't hear it. His second knock brought you upright, and his third drew you to the door.

When you opened it, Jimin kissed your forehead, soft and quick, before giving you a sweet smile.


"Good night, Y/N."

And with that, Jimin disappeared into his own room for the night.  



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You groaned and sat up, glancing at the clock on your nightstand. 3:02. You wanted to scream in frustration. 

Instead, you threw back your covers and opened your door, padding down the hall to the first floor. It was still an ungodly hour, darkness enshrouding the villa in menacing shadows. Still, it was peaceful; a nice contrast to the rambunctious cacophony that came with the day. You silently made your way into the kitchen, checking cabinets for the right size glass. You slipped three ice cubes in it and poured some water in, enjoying the little crackle that the ice made.


"Couldn't sleep?" Namjoon's voice was soft enough that he didn't startle you too badly.

Your eyes darted towards the sound. He was sitting on one of the couches of the lounge area, laptop perched on his thighs with its light turned low. Namjoon offered you a kind smile (of course flashing that adorable dimple of his) and scooted aside so that he wasn't taking up the whole couch. You wandered in to sit beside him, sipping quietly. He nodded in acknowledgment  and returned his attention to his laptop, bracing his arm around the back of the couch behind you.


"New place, new sounds, same old insomnia," You muttered. 

He quirked his mouth in sympathy. 


"I know that all too well." 


"Are you okay with me being here? Do you need space to work?" 


"Nah, you're fine. I'm just drafting some lyrics, no big deal." 

You glanced at his screen, but the text was in Korean. Not wanting to pry, you sighed and tilted your head back against the couch.

His presence was strangely comforting; here he was, an international superstar! Namjoon should have made you feel like fangirling into oblivion. (Perhaps you would still do so later.) But, somehow, all you felt was pleasant butterflies at his warmth beside you. Namjoon didn't make you incredibly nervous like you'd anticipated. He was introspective and soft around the edges, one of the original reasons you had begun to fall for him so long ago. 

Indeed, it was very nice to sit in the near-darkness with him. 

The two of you sat in comfortable silence for a while, just enjoying each other's company. You listened to the occasional soft clicking of his keyboard, lulled into a half-doze. You set your empty glass on the coffee table and sleepily snuggled up into his side, nestling your head against his shoulder. His arm came down around you, his fingers absently tracing shapes on your skin. 

Your eyes snapped open after a few moments of bliss. 


"Oh my god, I'm sorry. Is this okay? I should go." You moved to leave, but he pulled you back into his side, a soft chuckle rumbling in his chest. 


"You're not bothering me at all. I actually find you soothing. You need the sleep, and you seem like you might not get it if you go back to your room. Stay a while with me." 

Though still nervous you'd overstepped, you were able to settle back in against him. He was so beautiful, even in the low light of his computer. Maybe even especially so. His voice was even more transfixing in these low, quiet tones. Namjoon had definitely earned his spot as one of your biases. 


"So, I've been meaning to ask you... What did you like most about my raps?"  

You smiled softly in your sleepy state, snuggling your face further into his chest as you mulled it over with a low hum. 


"You're so smooth. I like how you switch flows every so often, and you only repeat yourself if it's important. My favorite solo track was either seoul, tokyo, or moonchild. I loved it when you remixed Champion with Fall Out Boy. And I know it's a little older, but I loved Change with Wale. Your lyrics are always so heavy-hitting and honest, and combined with that voice of yours, I can't get enough. Been playing mono on repeat for a week now... and... mm..." 

You trailed off into unintelligible little sounds that seemed like they should've been words. Realizing your mistake, you just grunted and moaned softly as you burrowed further into Namjoon's cocoon of heat. He would've laughed, if only that wouldn't have woken you up. You were fucking adorable.

Namjoon stroked your arm, grazing his knuckles over your skin delicately, and murmuring into your hair soft words you couldn't understand--his deep timbre helping you finally succumb to sleep.

Sunlight streamed in through the floor-to-ceiling windows, a sunbeam peeking through the curtains and falling precisely on your closed eyelids. The soft thud of a heartbeat beneath you didn't register at first, thinking it was your own in your ear. But as the sun warmed your face, consciousness returned to you slowly, and your shame began to become painfully obvious. You cracked your eyelids open, finding your face smooshed into the soft fabric of Namjoon's flannel sleep shirt. He smelled so pleasant and soft, like clean sheets that had been slept in by someone wearing expensive cologne. 

His arms were wrapped around you comfortably, like he'd held you close in your sleep to keep you from falling. He had somehow moved almost completely beneath you, his long legs stretched out across the length of the couch and his head supported by a throw pillow. Your fingers were fisted in his shirt, legs tangled up in his. His laptop was resting on the floor, charging. 

Though the whole scene was rather adorable and wholesome, you quickly became aware of how compromising a situation this was. It seemed as though it was *ahem* that time of morning. Namjoon's sleep pants were barely hiding a considerable problem, so considerable, in fact, you were surprised he was still sleeping so soundly.

His arms were heavy around you, but it just made you feel safe and secure. One of Namjoon's hands was resting over your own where it was gripping his shirt, his other comfortably draped around your waist. His chin gently rested on the top of your head.

There was no way for you to disentangle yourself from him without waking him up with your clumsiness. 

Wincing and trying your very hardest not to be awkward, you gently wriggled out of Namjoon's grasp, aiming to roll towards the back of the couch. You planned to hop over the back of it and slip away. However, Namjoon would have none of this. His arm flexed around you and reeled you back in with a soft grunt, this time pulling your nose up into his neck for a beat. Your breath on his neck, however, caused his eyelids to fly open. You wriggled in panic, your thigh brushing his morning wood with an embarrassed squeak.

Seeming to recognize the situation, Namjoon gasped in surprise and sat up, releasing you like he'd been burned. 


"I'm so sorry, I didn't want to wake you--!" Namjoon rushed to cover his very large problem with a throw blanket, "You were peaceful and warm, it was super late!" 

He was so bashful, as though it was somehow his fault. You laughed nervously and tried to reassure him. 


"No, no, it's my fault. You were just trying to help me sleep."


"I should've carried you back up to your room! I should've been a gentleman!" 


"It's okay, Namjoon! I'm used to sleeping next to someone, is all. Please, calm yourself." 

At first, he seemed to relax; until he realized you were used to sleeping next to someone. 


"Um--Oh god, do you have a boyfriend? Is that why?" Now he felt a million times worse. 


"No! God, no--I never would've come here if I did." You blushed, "Not like I expect anything from any of you! God, I need coffee--!" 

You jumped up from the couch as though you'd been burned and raced into the kitchen to make some coffee. Namjoon could be seen out of your periphery slapping his forehead in irritation and embarrassment at his own silliness, a small smile spreading across your lips in spite of yourself. You proceeded to prepare a mug of coffee using the Keurig machine on the counter. Namjoon, apparently feeling that it was better to interact with you than wallow in his embarrassment, came to the kitchen island to watch you work. 

Once it was brewed, you went to the fridge and poured in a large amount of flavored creamer. Once you stirred it, it was a very pale color, almost the color of sand. Namjoon scoffed at this, eyeing it skeptically. 


"That's a lot of cream," He teased. "Don't you want to taste any coffee with your creamer?" 

You laughed a little, tossing it in the microwave to heat it back up. 


"Black coffee by itself is way too bitter for me. I like my coffee like I like my men: sweet." 

You immediately regretted this comment, blushing like a beet and busying yourself with your mug to test the temperature. Instead of judging you, though, Namjoon offered a hearty chuckle before moving behind you to make his own mug. 

At around 10:00 am, when you were just finishing the last of your very tall cup of coffee, Taehyung wandered into the kitchen looking sleepy and disheveled. His hair was fluffy and curly, sticking up in all directions in its silky dark waves. He blinked at you blearily, his voice gravelly with sleep. 


"Normally, I don't like coffee, but I might need it today." 

You laughed and indicated for him to sit down. 


"Here, I'll make you one. What would you like?" 

He paused, thinking about it, before yawning heavily. 


"Something that'll wake me up." 

Namjoon ruffled his friend's hair good-naturedly, his dimple flashing. You had to hide a squeak of appreciation behind your hand, turning it into a cough. You hoped nobody noticed. 

As V nursed his mug, you sat down across from Namjoon, resting your cheek on your palm as you leaned on the counter. The sunlight was quickly warming the living area in the tropical morning, and there was the soft sound of birdsong that could be heard faintly through the glass. 

Slowly, ever so slowly, more of BTS trickled in, one by one. Jin came in showered and dressed and raring to go; Jungkook was in sweatpants and a loose tee; Jimin, a sexy button-down with comfortable black slacks and no shoes. J-Hope bounced in just as Jin started making breakfast, his eyes glittering with the promise of food. 

Suga was the last to rise, his eyes squinty and his demeanor dark. You had to hide a giggle as he plopped down next to you, grumbling something to Hoseok that made him laugh. 


"What a beautiful day! I think we should go swimming, take advantage of this gorgeous weather, yeah?" Jin beamed, his smile as radiant as the sun outside at the sound of several affirmative noises. "Alright, youngest first, today..." 

He quickly served up some omelettes, seeming to know all of his friends' preferences. Finally, he glanced at you, his discerning eye sizing you up. 


"No, wait, don't tell me! Let me guess..." He stroked his chin, thinking hard as you two stared each other down.

He grinned and set to making your omelette without a word, using his best judgement. The plate that was put in front of you smelled heavenly, and as you took a bite, you groaned in ecstasy. Jin looked very pleased with himself.


"As always, our Hyung is a perfect 10!" Jimin encouraged.  

Jin smirked, puffed up a little at the compliment. You snarfed down your omelette in less than a few minutes, earning an appreciative nod from both Jimin and V. Jimin's cheeks were rather full as he ate, reminding you of memes and videos you'd seen of him in the past; you fought the urge to giggle once more. He was just as adorable in real life, if not ten times more.

As the boys finished up one by one, drifting off to get ready for a day at the beach, you hung back. While you wanted to spend all of the time in the world with them, you were pretty insecure about yourself--especially since your most recent ex had made you question every ounce of self-esteem you'd once possessed. Now, logically, you'd known he was a dick, but it was pretty hard to get his harsh words out of your head. It made you pretty mad at yourself, but it was hard to shut out the anxiety bouncing around in your head.


"What's wrong? Do you not like the beach?" Suga was the last one sticking around, too. His eyes were only just now starting to perk up a little, even after two mugs of coffee with breakfast.

You winced, letting out a slow exhale as you wondered how much to divulge. His expectant, patient silence had your skin prickling with guilt. 


"I... don't really like wearing swimsuits, no. I love the ocean and being on the boardwalk at the Oregon coast, but--I don't like my body. It's easier when I'm wearing clothing, I can hide a lot with the right outfit. Swimsuits don't really leave room for that, though." 

Suga tilted his head at you, his expression doubtful. 


"Bullshit." At your startled expression, he tsked and continued: "From what we've seen, you're gorgeous. My guess is you've got someone who called you names once and you've questioned it ever since." 

For a moment, you just stared. 

Suga stared right back. He was dead serious.

And, for the first time in a while, you felt seen

Not in the obligatory sense, but--understood. You sighed and nodded hesitantly, to which he scoffed and turned to face you more fully. He gave you a once-over, eyes appraising and calm even as you squirmed under his gaze. With another disbelieving tsk, he turned to Jungkook, who was jogging down the stairs in nothing but a pair of small swim-trunks. 


"Oy, Kookie, I need your opinion real quick." 

Jungkook paused, tossing his towel over his shoulder, and approached the island with wide, curious eyes. Waiting. 


"I want you to take a good, long look at Chickie here," Suga enunciated, "and I want you to tell her, with a straight face, what you think of her appearance. No lying, or I'mma get Namjoon-hyung to break that Switch of yours." 

You blushed straight to the roots of your hair, glancing away to avoid his eyes. He looked almost as embarrassed as you were. But, still, you heard soft padding footsteps as Jungkook moved around the island to look. You felt fingers under your chin as he lifted your face, forcing you to meet his deep doe eyes. 

Jungkook closely looked at you, going over every line and plane of your features, an attentive, observant expression on his face. After a few uncomfortable moments where you'd forgotten how to breathe, Jungkook spoke as he dropped your chin.


"I think she's beautiful." 


"Don't tell me, idiot, tell her. She's the one who needs to hear it." Suga rolled his eyes, making you blush even harder, if that was possible. 

Jungkook took a deep breath, and forced you to look at him again. Though he looked embarrassed, his voice was sincere. 


"Y/N, you're beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you differently." He offered you a small reassuring smile before leaving the kitchen.

You barely held back the tears as Jungkook went to grab some flip-flops and wait on the patio for the others. Suga sighed and pulled you into him for a hug, patting your hair as you cried softly. 


"Who did this to you, little bird?" 

His words felt rhetorical, as though you weren't supposed to hear them. It had been so long since anyone had called you beautiful--and even longer since you'd believed them. You'd never in a million years would have thought that the golden maknae of all people would be the first to try to help you believe...

Some more footsteps announced the arrival of Jimin and V, both of whom looked rather alarmed at seeing you like this. Suga sighed and nodded them over, carefully letting you pull back. You dashed away your tears with the back of your hand in embarrassment, eyes finding your feet again.


"What--?" Jimin's eyes searched you for any injuries, worry creasing his face. 


"Some dick told her lies," Suga supplied, "Like making her think that she's unattractive or some bullshit like that." 

V's heart looked like it melted right then and there, his face scrunching up in empathy and hurt for you. With a soft coo, he pulled you into a hug, rocking you back and forth and running his hands over your back in an effort to console you. 


"Hush now, you're beautiful. You're smart. You're incredible," Taehyung murmured. 

Jimin agreed, squishing you between himself and Taehyung in a human sandwich. Jimin rested his cheek on the back of your head, gently rubbing your arms in an effort to calm you. You let out a soft sob, heart aching with the outpouring of love from these beautiful humans. 


"I will personally deck anyone who calls you anything less than perfect," Jimin purred into your hair. 

That caused you to snort, pulling back enough to momentarily lament ruining Taehyung's soft white tee. 


"Please. You've known me one night--that's hardly enough to go on." Still, you wiped your eyes and offered them a grateful smile. 


"C'mon, go upstairs and get that cute butt into a bathing suit. We're going swimming in a warm sea!" Taehyung gave your behind a gentle pat, pushing you in the direction of your room. 

Suga watched all of this go down with mild interest before rolling his eyes at his younger friends. 


"You two are hopeless flirts, you know that? Have you no shame?" His voice was quieter up here, but you could still see his irritated expression in your mind. You smiled in spite of yourself. 


"There's nothing wrong with complimenting a lady when she needs it!" V protested. 


"Obviously, she needs to remember her own worth. We can help guide her in the right direction, but ultimately she needs to decide it for herself..." Jimin's higher voice carried clearly through the house, fading once you shut your door behind you. 

They were all so kind to you, so unerringly supportive and sweet. 

Though you didn't want to let them down, you still fussed over which bathing suit to wear. You'd brought two separate suit sets, with the potential to mix and match with different items for different activities. For now, you decided on a plain black bikini top and some colorful striped swim shorts that ended halfway up your thighs. You pulled your hair up and out of your face, and only bothered with putting on some eyebrow pencil to help define your features a little. Opting for just some chapstick on your lips and nothing on your eyes, you came back downstairs with a large blue beach towel wrapped around you against the cold air conditioning. 

Jimin and V were still in the kitchen, with Jimin now sporting blue trunks with a black dragon snaking up the right leg. V had shucked his shirt and was now just wearing his shorts, a soft grey material with a red drawstring at the waist. At least his hair was more tamed now, you thought with a smile. Your face flushed at the two very well-developed male chests, as well as the fact that you were quite exposed yourself. You felt your stomach tighten automatically, arms going to cover your chest self-consciously. 

Jimin beamed at you as you descended, holding out a hand for you to take. V did the same, taking your other hand, his adorable boxy smile making all of the clouds in your head go away. You were now unable to hide from their appreciative gazes, the thought making your cheeks even hotter.


"Let's shed this towel, ah? There's no need to hide from us," Jimin cooed. 

V slid open the glass door, leading the rest of you outside by his gentle tug. 

On the patio sat Namjoon, Jin, and Suga, while J-Hope was already a small shape on the beach, chasing after Jungkook. You felt heat on your face as the three men saw you, eyes widening in appreciation. 

Namjoon's hair had been swept back and he had a towel draped around his neck, his washboard chest and relaxed tummy sliding down into an attractive  shape that led to the hem of his  dusty pink shorts. Jin had opted for simplicity, with navy blue shorts and brown sandals. Suga was in a white t-shirt and black shorts, his dark hair reflecting the sunlight with prismatic blue hues. 

Suga offered you a slow smile and tilted his head towards the beach in a silent question. 


"Come on! Hoseok and Kookie already beat us there!" Jin bounced off towards the surf with unrivaled enthusiasm. 

Though Jimin and Tae seemed excited and ready, too, they hung back, staying with you and following your much slower pace. Suga took up position at the back of your little group, chatting softly with Namjoon as the five of you made your way for the beach. 


"Did you sleep well, hyung?" Jimin's mischievous glance back at Namjoon made him stammer. 


"I-ah--well enough, I suppose. I stayed up too late writing lyrics, you know--the usual." 

Jimin and Taehyung giggled together at some shared secret, Tae's hand releasing yours to drift to rest at the small of your back. 


"Are you sure about that, hyung?" 


"Yes, why wouldn't I be?" 


"Oh, nothing... it's just that Y/N's hair smells like your cologne." 

Suga snorted at Namjoon's scandalized expression, though you weren't much better. You were blushing all the way to the roots of your hair. 


"Tae, I swear nothing happened! I couldn't sleep, so I came downstairs for some water and Namjoon was on the couch with his laptop--!" You groaned in embarrassment and frustration as they laughed at your state. "We just chatted a little and I fell asleep on the couch!" 

Namjoon seethed, frustrated at them for thinking he would ever be uncouth.


"You of all people should know it's never polite to wake a sleeping lady, Jimin--especially when she's sleeping on you." 

Jimin quickly shut his mouth, but he couldn't hide his smirk. 


"I'm not judging you, Joonie. Though, I hope for her sake that you woke up before her." 

Namjoon huffed in embarrassment, earning a soft snort from you. You felt emboldened as the caffeine finally kicked in, full-force.


"I'm glad I didn't, Jimin--how else would I have found out the one thing every fangirl ever wishes to know about her bias?" You turned and took a pointed look at Namjoon's shorts before winking and grinning like the cat that got the cream.

Jimin blanched and coughed. 


"Sorry I asked." 


"Hey, it's not Joonie's fault that he's been blessed by the gods." You cackled at their startled expressions, finally starting to relax a little now that the conversation wasn't on you anymore.

Now thoroughly embarrassed and completely uncomfortable with the impressed glances he was getting from his younger brothers, Namjoon coughed and dodged around the three of you and jogged ahead to the sea. Suga wolf whistled after him, earning collective giggles from all of you. 


"I wasn't gonna embarrass him any more to his face, but I can definitely confirm Y/N's report. Joon is packing some serious heat in those shorts." At your curious glances, Suga snickered and leaned in between your face and Taehyung's. "Jin said he could barely take half of his length." 

You gasped loudly, jaw practically hitting the floor. 


"Wait, Jin and Namjoon--?"


"Eh, ancient history, but they definitely used to."

Jimin and Tae seemed a little shocked, but after a moment of thought, Tae nodded in respect. 




"Damn indeed, Tae. Damn indeed." Suga winked mischievously and squeezed Tae's and your shoulders before pulling back to hang behind you. 


"While we're on the subject, what kinda relationships are y'all in right now?" You carefully ventured. 

Jimin grinned and glanced back at Suga. 


"Suga and J-Hope have definitely spending more time together than with the rest of us, that's for sure."

Suga glared at Jimin, but his voice held no venom when he responded. 


"We're keeping that just between us. Do I dabble with him a little? Maybe. But if any of you breathe a word of this to him or anyone else, I will murder all of you." 

It was less a threat, and more of a promise. You shuddered at the deadness in his expression. 


"Cross my heart and hope to die," You muttered. "Scout's honor." 

He nodded, satisfied, before falling silent once more. 


"I want to clarify," Jimin began, "though there are a lot of fan theories and rumors about all of us being in one big gay gangbang or whatnot, most of those are just that--rumors. Everyone says Kook and I or Tae and I are together, but we're just best friends. I am totally unattached." 

He shot you a wink before squeezing your hand in his. Tae nodded. 


"I'm not into Jimin like that. I wouldn't mind doing a guy, but Jiminie and I are just too close for that. I know everything about this idiot, I don't think I have it in me to fuck him!"

Jimin feigned heartbreak, clutching at his chest dramatically. 


"You mean, you don't think I'm beautiful, Taehyung-ah?" Jimin sounded so wounded, you couldn't help but giggle.

Tae threw back his head, playing along with the ruse as he hiked up his voice in a silly way. 


"Of course I think you're gorgeous, babe. You're just too much of a serial flirt for me to be able to commit." He paused. "Though, if I had to choose, I wouldn't mind doing Kookie..." 

You laughed. 


"I think there isn't anyone who would mind doing Kookie, the boy is built like a mountain." 


"I'd be jealous at that comment, but I can't disagree!" Jimin cackled. "Alright, we can gossip more later. We're on the beach! We need to have some fun!" 

Jimin whooped and dropped his towel on the sand, raising both of his hands over his head as he sprinted towards the surf. Tae sighed and squeezed your hand before following suit. 

Suga grumbled, coming up beside you to drape his arm across your shoulders. 


"What a bunch of dorks." 

You couldn't hide the smile that lit up your face as you watched the boys attack each other with splashes of water and sand. 


"I dunno. I kinda like them." You bumped your hip into him playfully.

Suga snorted. 


"Of course you do. It's impossible not to once you spend time with them." He gently rubbed your arm, glancing down at you. "So, whattaya say? Wanna show these losers how it's done?" 

You met his gaze, your inner competitiveness making your eyes glitter evilly. 





Chapter Text

Suga grinned at your sudden fire, stripping his shirt and tossing it onto Jimin's towel. You spread out your beach towel, using Suga's and your shoes to weigh it down before straightening up again. Your bare skin winked at the sun, almost sparkling in the tropical heat as you turned to grin menacingly at Suga. 


"So, what's the plan?" 

He shrugged, his salty attitude undermined by his soft eyes. 


"It's your coup, princess." 

Your eyes sparkled as you winked at him. 


"Alright. Follow my lead." 

You approached the surf at an unassuming pace, a decent walking speed but not quite a jog. Jungkook was completely soaked from head to toe, with Hoseok cackling at the way he was wringing out his shorts of water. Jin's famous windshield wiper laugh was in full force as well, his cheeks and lips flushed from the exertion. Namjoon stood further away, only ankle-deep in the surf. Jimin and Tae were chasing each other as they splashed little waves in a play-fight. 

You and Suga approached nonchalantly, until you were about ten feet away from Namjoon. Without warning, you silently sprinted and leaped onto Namjoon's back, earning a startled yelp from him as he dangerously teetered towards the water. Like a felled tree, he crashed right into an oncoming wave, a colossal splash hitting everyone within a fifteen foot radius. At the same moment you'd jumped on Namjoon, Suga had leapt at J-Hope, who awkwardly caught one of Suga's legs. Suga threw his arms around Hope's neck, making a funny squawking sound as his other leg slipped from under him. J-Hope collapsed under the sudden movement, disappearing completely below the water's surface with a surprised yell. 

You laughed yourself hoarse as Namjoon sputtered and sat up, his hair now plastered to his face in a way that would've been unflattering if it was anyone else. Jungkook giggled and pointed at Namjoon's face, Jimin and Taehyung pausing their waterfight long enough to see who had sprayed them. 


"Sneak attack," You murmured playfully, an evil grin on your lips as you booped Namjoon's nose in teasing. 

He sighed and shoved you back into the water, before erupting into laughter himself. You bobbed back to the surface and spat a stream of seawater at his chest, sputtering in disgust. 


"Oh my god, it's so salty," You groaned. 


"That's what she said," Jin muttered. 

J-Hope caught it and laughed even as he struggled to stand back up with Suga whining and clinging to him like a child. Jin took pity and helped the two of them stand, the group eyeing you with newfound curiosity. 


"I never would've pegged you for the sneaky type, Y/N." Jungkook waggled his eyebrows at you. "At least not without screaming the whole way, like Hoseok likes to do."

J-Hope protested, but you laughed at the statement. 


"Normally, I would've--but I needed to see Namjoon's face when he was actually surprised." You grinned impishly, sticking your tongue out at him as he batted you away half-heartedly. 


"I thought you were a diehard fan, Y/N," Taehyung teased, "Haven't you watched every single stream and video we've ever released?"

You rolled your eyes at his sarcasm. 


"Of course it's different in person, Tae, shut up!" 

He just snickered, splashing you weakly. You squinted in the bright sunlight, the last cloud having drifted away. 


"Fuck, should've brought my sunglasses, that was stupid." 


"Here, use mine." Jungkook produced a pair of metal sunglasses out of nowhere, offering them to you. 

After taking a moment to wonder where in the hell he was hiding those with a small suit like that, you took them gratefully. 


"Wow, that's hot." Jimin nudged Jungkook in the ribs, earning a small squeak from him. "Why don't I look that good in your stuff, Kookie?!"

Jungkook rolled his eyes, shoving his hyung away again. 


"Use them as long as you need, Y/N." 


"Yes, please, for all of our sakes..." Taehyung bit his lip, his eyes sultry as he looked you up and down. His voice was soft and a little raspy, and it was all you could do to avoid making an appreciative noise. 

You cleared your throat, suddenly very aware of seven sets of eyes on you. If you were a weaker woman--more submissive, perhaps?--you probably would've begged for them right then and there. But you had stronger self-control than that. If anyone was going to beg, it would be them.


"Anyways..." You cleared your throat, silently noting the effect you had on them. "You have any idea what sort of episodes we'll be filming while here?" 

As though a spell had been broken, Jin suddenly piped up again, his normal silly self. 


"Ah! There's going to be at least one water fight, I saw one of the producers trying to hide some massive water pistols while we were packing the van..." 


"Probably a cooking episode or two," Hoseok added. "We've always had at least one of those."


"I guarantee you that they're gonna try to scare us somehow." Namjoon rolled his eyes. 


"Oooo, speaking of scary, can we watch a scary movie tonight?" Your eyes glittered as some of the members shifted uncomfortably. "Oh, do I sense some scaredy-cats in the mix?" 


"Of course you do," Hoseok spat, "I thought you called yourself a fan!" 

The teasing in his smile made you erupt into a giggle fit. 


"Alright, how about something that's supposed to be scary, but isn't anymore because it's so old?" 

Jungkook tapped his chin thoughtfully, Tae and Jimin with matching expressions. All of you had slowly drifted into a circle, about knee-deep in water. 


"The original Halloween?" You suggested. "It's old, it can be a little cringey, but above all: it's so much fun to poke holes in." 

Hoseok still looked a little green, so you threw your arms up in frustration. 


"It's either that or Silence of the Lambs." Your eyes glinted mischievously as they regarded you with new eyes, some a little concerned. 


"Just what did we get ourselves into, I wonder?" Jimin laughed. "Hyungs, if you don't want to watch Y/N's scary movies, you can watch something else in your rooms! We all have TVs. Though I must admit, I can't wait to hear her scintillating commentary..." 

Namjoon perked up, a wide grin on his face that was accentuated by his dimple. 


"Scintillating, that's a great word..." 

You smiled and lightly punched Namjoon on the arm. 


"So, do we have a final vote?" You waggled your eyebrows. 

Jin sighed. 


"Can it at least wait until after dinner? I don't want to be cooking when I get scared, bad things can happen..." His ears tinted pink at some previous memory. 


"I'll be watching a Disney movie in my room, thank you very much..." Hoseok muttered. Jin seemed like he was interested in joining him, much to Suga's chagrin. 

You had to hide a smile behind your hand, avoiding Suga's glare. 


"Okay, show of hands--do I have any takers?" Your gaze swept around the circle as Jimin, Taehyung, and Suga all raised their hands. Namjoon rolled his eyes and reluctantly raised his as well. Jungkook's wide doe eyes met yours and you raised an eyebrow, waiting. He made a small tsk sound and raised his as well. 


"Majority rules, we get the big TV." You clapped your hands together, happy that was settled.

Namjoon tilted his head to the side with his eyes shut and face in a grimace, as though he was expecting to regret his decision. You sputtered out a laugh, patting his shoulder reassuringly. 


"If any of you get scared, feel free to hug me. Not very many horror movies can scare me." 

Namjoon peeked at you, his slow smile reminiscent of something... perhaps not so innocent. His expression caused your eyelids to flutter as you imagined him tied up to his headboard, a silk choker wrapped around that beautiful neck--

You were snapped from your thoughts when Jimin let out a high giggle at Jin and Hoseok's scandalized expressions. 


"You all want to be scared?" Hoseok screeched. "No thank you! Sorry, Y/N, but I draw the line there!" 

Jin shrugged. 


"I'd definitely rather keep Hope company than endure a serial killer who can't die. I'll be enjoying my night in with some singing animated animals, thank you very much."

You snickered. 


"Well, hell, since the 'fraidy cats are out, why don't we do some real horror?"

Jimin and Namjoon blanched, shaking their heads pleadingly. 


"Please, for the sake of my stomach, no." Tae patted his belly fondly, drawing your gaze to his finely bronzed abdomen. 

He had an adorable belly button and a smooth stomach, with strong muscles underneath but a little softer than some of the others. All around you were six-packs and gleaming pecs, all in varying shades of gold and bronze. Suga was the lightest, his porcelain skin winking in the sun. You blinked, glancing back up at Jimin, who'd apparently been talking to you.


"What do you think, Y/N?" 

You glanced around the group quickly, searching for clues as to what had just happened. Coming up empty, you glanced back at Jimin. 


"Sorry, I wasn't paying attention. I was too busy enjoying the view." You coughed and dropped your gaze, cheeks flushing a little as your true meaning sank in. 


"Jesus, you're a thirsty little thing, aren't you..." Suga observed.

Your face felt hot and you dropped to your knees to hide in the water, feeling as though you'd overstepped. You and your stupid big mouth...


Jimin laughed lightheartedly, waving off the tension with grace. 


"C'mon guys, can you really blame her? We're all but naked, ourselves..." 


"So's she! It's not like we're staring at her like horny teenagers!" Jin protested, though his voice held a little more joking in it than Suga's. 


"Hey, that's not fair, Hyung," Namjoon muttered. "She's our guest and a fan, cut her some slack."

That was the last thing you heard before you started back for the beach. You suddenly felt very exposed. 

You were at the edge of the waterline, feet slapping on the packed sand, when a hand caught your wrist. You spun in surprise and smashed your face into Namjoon's chest, earning a small oof from him as his hands flew up to steady you. He chuckled as you stumbled away from him, muttering curses. The other boys were following from a short distance, scolding each other from the sound of it. 


"Don't worry about them," Namjoon cringed at your embarrassed expression, scratching his the back of his head. "We're all a little rusty on how to talk to girls. Especially such beautiful ones..." 

He licked his lips unconsciously, his gaze catching on your mouth. You fought the urge to kiss him, instead biting your bottom lip. His eyelids lowered in what you chose to view as arousal. Satisfied that you could maintain some semblance of control, you insisted you were fine and moved to go get your things. Namjoon remained where he was, stunned, as he watched you walk away. The rest of the boys caught up to him, falling silent as they all watched you shrink on the beach. 


"She's really something, isn't she?" Jimin cooed. 

Namjoon cleared his throat and nodded in agreement, struggling to remove the fog from his head. God, he really wanted you. 


"She's a fucking tease is what she is." Yoongi returned Namjoon's dirty look. "What? You know you were all thinking it, too." 

Jungkook blew out air between his lips in disbelief. 


"Oh, as if you're not," Jungkook shot back. "All of us are baiting assholes. Stop acting like you wouldn't jump at the chance to make her squirm."

Yoongi huffed, chastised. Hoseok snickered at his friend's scowl. 


"Cheer up, Yoongs! You never know, maybe she'll fall for your grumpy grandpa routine..."


"Fuck you," Yoongi muttered. 


"Been there, done that, tell me something new." 

Yoongi stared at Hoseok, who had a self-satisfied grin on his face as their gazes deadlocked. Finally, they broke eye contact long enough to recognize that everyone else had started moving back up the beach to meet you on the patio. 


"I swear to God, I'll kill you one of these days." Yoongi growled. Still, he couldn't hide the laugh that escaped him when Hoseok waggled his eyebrows at him. 


"Did we just come out to the group?" Hoseok glanced ahead, shoving his hands into the pockets of his trunks. 

Yoongi let out a long-suffering sigh. 


"That's on you, not on me."


"Eh, whatever. I'm sure Y/N will understand that some of us swing both ways." Hoseok hip-checked Yoongi, giggling before breaking into a run to catch up with everyone else. 



Chapter Text

You didn't know how time had flown by so quickly, but by the time everyone made it back to the house, it was almost 4:00. Jin quickly set to work on some dinner, with Jungkook assisting him; everyone else took their time showering and changing into comfy clothes. 

Your hair was soft and bouncy as you left your room, clad in a printed set of pajamas. Striped in blue and white, there was a small embroidered image of the BT21 characters on your breast pocket. You walked in bare feet, noticing Jimin's door swinging ajar. His strong voice resonated from within, echoing along with the sound of running water. You blushed, wanting to step away; still, you couldn't bring yourself to. Moving with the stealth of a ninja, you tip-toed into his room, silently shutting his door behind you. You looked around his room in wide-eyed wonder, noting the array of makeup products spread out on his bed, the polaroids and photographs taped to the wall, and the unmistakable scent of him. Everything just screamed Jimin, from the fashionable clothing strewn across his pillow to the earrings on his nightstand. You crossed your arms over your chest as you smiled softly at his belongings, fondness creeping back up on you like a sneaker wave. 

You were so engrossed in enjoying a cute group photo of Jimin and the rest of BTS that you didn't hear the water turn off. Jimin still continued to sing just as loudly, the bathroom fan still going, so you didn't think you were found out just yet, perhaps. That's probably why you didn't sneak out right away. There was too much to look at, all of the photos and papers and little tokens from fans--all things that made your heart nearly melt. 

Jimin's voice faded into a soft humming, followed by a hair-dryer droning in the background. You held your breath, wondering how long you should press your luck. 

Well, apparently you took a moment too long to decide; Jimin strode out of his bathroom with fluffy hair and wide eyes, bare as the day he was born. You squeaked in embarrassment and quickly hid your eyes, spinning so that your back faced him. You shook with the force of your shame, wishing you could just disappear. 


"Well, this isn't what I was expecting." Jimin calmly grabbed a towel hanging on his door and wrapped it around his waist. 


"I'm so fucking sorry," You squeaked. "I just heard you singing and I wanted to listen and then I saw all of these cute photographs and I overstepped and I'm so goddamn sorry--!"

Jimin shushed you gently, a kind smile on his face as he spun you to face him. 


"Hey hey, it's fine. No harm done." The laughter on his face drew you to pause, peeking up through your lashes at him suspiciously. He only giggled, sweeping back his hair playfully. "You know, if you wanted to see me naked, Y/N, all you had to do was ask nicely." 

You blushed to the roots of your hair, but you couldn't help the glance at his tattooed ribcage and still-damp torso. You bit your lip, something that was definitely not lost on Jimin. He tilted your chin up at him, his eyes searching your face intently. 


"Well? Is that what you want, sweetpea?" Jimin's voice had dropped in timbre, into his Dangerously Sexy™️ range. His eyes were serious, half-lidded and curious as he caught every tiny reaction of yours. 

You grit your teeth, lip twitching into a small and momentary snarl as you chose your words carefully. 


"As much as I would love to see that... I don't beg." Your eyes flashed in defiance as you met his gaze. "I prefer to watch others get on their knees." 

Jimin bit his lip, his hand drifting down your neck to rest his thumb at the hollow of your throat. He traced tiny circles on your skin, his breath warm and minty as he leaned in. He stopped when your noses were inches apart, his breath feathering over your face pleasantly. 


"I would certainly be most willing to oblige, Y/N." He nuzzled your ear, his voice soft. "Tell me--how would you prefer your sub?" 

You chuckled darkly, hands drifting up to rest on Jimin's chest as he pressed ever closer. 


"Mmm... Tied up, with a pretty choker around his neck..." 

Jimin pulled back, a grin on his face. 


"Lucky for you, I have several. And... I happen to know that Tae has some bondage silks in his room."

You smirked up at him, palms traveling down his washboard stomach slowly, fingers brushing the black ink on his skin. Just as your hands hit the edge of his towel, a loud knock on Jimin's door stopped you. 


"Jimin! Dinner's ready downstairs!" Tae called through the door, impatience evident in his rushed sentence. He could be heard flying back down to the first floor on heavy feet. 

Jimin groaned softly and moved to grip your wrists (probably to continue guiding them down) but you smirked and pulled away. Jimin whined in protest, and you could see why: his towel was now tented and he looked damn near ready to cry. You laughed and patted his cheek fondly before dodging around him towards his door. Jimin pressed his nose into the back of your head, inhaling deeply into your hair and drawing you to pause at the sensation. Jimin ran his hands up and down your arms; his erection could be felt through the towel and your pajamas, causing you to raise an eyebrow at his shameless tactics. Jimin's hands snaked around your front to unbutton your shirt, making you lean your head back against his chest. Your eyelids snapped open before he reached the third button, jumping away from him as though you'd been shocked. Jimin raised his hands in surrender, though he still seemed pleased by the little peek of cleavage he'd stolen. 

You left his room in a huff, more aroused than you'd care to admit from his ministrations. You caught sight of yourself in a mirror near the stairwell, your hair attractively ruffled and sleep-blouse unbuttoned just enough to see the shadow of cleavage. It was just a tease, not nearly enough to be deemed inappropriate. Your collarbone winked at you from beneath the soft fabric. 

With a small puff of air, you decided there was no harm in leaving it as it was, and so you continued downstairs to eat. 

Six sets of eyes landed on you all at once. Sensing you'd walked in as they were talking about you, you silently fell into your seat beside Namjoon with red cheeks and lowered eyes. 


"So, we got a text from one of our producers," Namjoon began. "Our first episode will be the day after tomorrow. Producer Shin said you should dress as comfortably as possible, as we'll be moving a lot. My guess is that we'll be doing some sort of relay race or game..." 

You blew air from between your lips, unenthusiastic. 


"Marvelous. You all will get to see how pathetically unathletic I am."

Some of the boys laughed. 


"It's not like we're athletic either," Jin pointed out. "Except for Jungkook, but he doesn't count. He's too damn good at everything for him to count." 

You grinned, glancing at Jungkook before responding. 


"Of course I know you guys are shitty at sports. I just hoped I'd get to escape that label for a little longer." 

Good-natured laughter rippled around you. 


"No shame in it, no shame." J-Hope took a big bite of his pork. "Just do what I do: fail spectacularly while making inhumanly loud noises."

Jin's windshield wiper laugh could be heard once more, and you had to suppress a snort. 

Jimin plopped down on Taehyung's other side when everyone else was almost done with dinner, his expression like that of a kicked puppy's. You rolled your eyes at his theatrics, unmoved. Namjoon and Tae glanced between you and Jimin curiously, but said nothing. 

You inhaled the rest of your food, refusing to meet Jimin's gaze and instead talking to Hoseok and Namjoon about possibilities for the first episode. When everyone had eaten their fill, you looked around expectantly, wiggling your eyebrows. Jin sighed and nodded in defeat. You grinned and clapped.


"Alright, let's get our scary movie on!" You whooped enthusiastically, pumping your fist in the air. 

Jin and J-Hope grimaced with identical expressions of discomfort. 


"And that, my friends, is where I take my leave," J-Hope said. "Have fun with the emotional trauma!" 

Without another word, he zipped down the hall to his room. Jin called back over his shoulder while pointing at the youngest members. 


"You're doing the dishes tonight!" Before disappearing, too.

You snickered at Jungkook's irritated expression. 


"But I helped him cook," He griped. 

You shrugged, hopping up to set up the movie. Suga made some popcorn while Namjoon grabbed a bunch of bottles from the fridge. Namjoon dropped onto the floor next to you, his arm draping comfortably behind your shoulders as you fiddled with the TV remote. When you were satisfied that the movie was set up properly and set down the remote, Namjoon offered you a bottled beverage. You eyed it curiously as you had only a rudimentary understanding of a few vowels in Korean. You watched Namjoon shake it, fascinated.


"Um. What's that?" 

Namjoon chuckled and opened it for you. 


"This is called soju. It's alcoholic, but nice and sweet. Try it, it's really good." 

The bottle was dark green and had a pale label with flower petals and a drawn peach on it, with the writing in navy blue throughout. You sniffed the opening curiously, and were pleasantly surprised to find a very sweet smell. 


"I figured you wouldn't like the taste of alcohol since you have such an aversion to bitterness. Peach is one of the more palatable flavors." 

You smiled softly at his thoughtfulness, allowing yourself to cuddle closer to him as you took a swig. Holy fuck, was he right. It was slightly bubbly and tickled the tongue in a pleasant way, with the sweetness almost completely masking the alcohol. Even after the sweetness began to dissipate, the alcohol taste wasn't bad at all. You made an impressed noise and took a bigger drink, earning a laugh from Namjoon. 


"Careful, it's stronger than a beer. Probably stick to just one, for now." 

You made a disappointed grunt but figured he was right. You swallowed with a satisfied exhale just as the rest of the boys began filing in to watch the movie. Suga stretched out with a loud groan on the couch to the far right, taking up the whole thing by himself as he munched on some chips. Tae huffed at this display, instead electing to grab a bunch of pillows and sit on your other side. He rested his head in your lap, humming softly in satisfaction when you absently pet his hair. Jimin seemed slightly put out, as though he were being excluded on purpose. Not suffering any similar complaints, Jungkook dove onto the couch behind you and Namjoon, earning a startled laugh from the three of you on the floor. Jungkook peeked around your shoulder and offered all of you popcorn with a smug smile. 

You laughed and pushed his face away playfully, earning giggles from him and Tae. Now, Jimin really pouted. He looked around for any other places to occupy, feeling robbed. 

Namjoon took pity on him, smiling as he patted his own lap. Namjoon put a pillow down over his legs so that Jimin could lie down and feel included. 

You kissed Namjoon's cheek appreciatively before pressing play on the remote. Namjoon didn't stop smiling for the first fifteen minutes of the movie. 

Tae jumped every time Michael Myers showed up out of nowhere, a small gasp escaping him when he did. You chuckled and stroked his hair, allowing him to settle. Jungkook seemed to be enjoying it as much as you were, commenting whenever something didn't make sense with a snicker in his voice. 

There was a collective sigh of relief when Laurie thought she killed Michael Myers the first time. You smirked at their peaceful expressions, earning a concerned look from Jimin as he cranked his neck to look up at you. His concern was validated when Taehyung screeched at the screen. 

You cackled as everyone sputtered at seeing Michael very much not dead. The credits rolled and Suga's bag of chips went flying at the TV. 


"What the hell kind of an ending was that?!" Suga fumed. "He's not fucking dead? He can't be killed? What the fuck was the fucking point!" 

You laughed at his frustration, earning a glare from the guy in question. Jungkook shrugged. 


"I mean, it wasn't that bad for what it was. It's not like it promised to be some groundbreaking advancement in film, or whatever. It's a cult classic." 


"I liked it well enough," Namjoon conceded. "I want to know how he survived being shot, though." 


"Eh, they go more deeply into his powers or whatever in the later movies. The first time I saw this one was at one of my Halloween parties a few years ago. That was a lot of fun." 

Taehyung flipped onto his other side so that he could look up at you curiously while you spoke. 


"Can we come to your next one, Y/N?" His big puppy eyes dared you to try to resist. 

Holy fuck, he had you wrapped around his little finger. You smiled and brushed some of his hair out of his face. 


"Of course you can. As soon as I have one, you're at the top of the guest list." 

Namjoon raised his eyebrow at you. 


"The way you say that, it sounds like you haven't had any parties for a while." 

You shrugged. 


"So what if I haven't. For you guys, I'd be happy to stretch my party-planning muscles." To emphasize your point, you ruffled Tae's hair lovingly. He offered you his adorable boxy grin and your heart melted. You wanted him to smile like that all of the time. 

Jungkook bounced off of the couch to land on the floor between you and Suga, his eyes alight with mischief. 


"We should play a game! We still have plenty of snacks, you know, and these definitely shouldn't go to waste." He shook the popcorn bowl before pulling out some bags of cookies and fruit snacks from his hoodie. 

You looked around at the other faces, who seemed tentative but interested. Taehyung and Jimin had sat upright on the floor and Suga had slid down to join you as well. The soju had definitely gone to your head, but you weren't thinking about that. You were thinking about how incredibly hot all of them were, sitting around you in a little circle on the hardwood. You giggled softly, earning a sideways glance from Namjoon. 


"What are you thinking about, little lamb?" His deep voice rolled over you and made contact directly with your core. 

You shivered, painfully aware of the fact that your nipples were peaking. You struggled to form words, and failing at that, attempted to listen to what Jungkook was saying. 


"What are some party games you've played before, Y/N?" 

You gulped, suddenly feeling embarrassed. 


"Well, um... the parties I had in college were, um... not exactly PG-13." 

Jungkook grinned. 


"Even better. Off with the kid gloves. Let's get to know each other better, hmm?" Jungkook grabbed your empty soju bottle and spun it deftly, watching it skitter on the floor until it slowed to land on you. His eyes softened. "Y/N, and everyone, if something makes you uncomfortable, please say so. Green is go, yellow is slow down, red is stop. Understood?"

Everyone nodded, leaning forward anxiously now. Jungkook crawled closer to you, his eyes searching yours for permission. Once you nodded, Jungkook leaned in and pressed his lips to yours. It was soft and sweet, but you knew the second you asked for it, he would devour you. You knew Jungkook's type, and you hoped to one day explore every facet of him as a lover; but for now, you sated yourself with his very capable and almost loving kiss. He pulled away with a slight blush, checking to make sure you were okay. You smiled and patted his cheek, and Jungkook returned to his spot as he cleared his throat. Shrugging, you took the bottle and spun it roughly like an old pro. 

It bounced a little with your flair, but it slowed to a stop and pointed at Namjoon. You grinned and turned to face him fully, watching his embarrassment bloom across his face. 


"This is really quiet, isn't there supposed to be razzing or something?" Namjoon glanced around nervously, to which Jimin giggled. 


"What, you want us to, hyung? You look nervous enough without us giving you a hard time."

Suga blew air from between his lips, rolling his eyes. 


"Get it over with, Joon. She probably won't bite unless you ask her to." 

Yoongi's comment did nothing to help Namjoon. You rolled your eyes and leaned closer, pressing your forehead to his. 


"Ignore them. Just pay attention to me." 

Your voice lulled him back into himself, and he seemed to remember how much he liked you. Namjoon let his eyelids flutter shut, and he leaned in to delicately kiss you. His hand came up to cup your jaw, his fingers sliding into your hair with ease. He slipped his tongue across the seam of your lips, a gentle exploration that made your heart race. You kissed Namjoon probably longer than you should have. You were lost in his lips and it felt amazing to finally breach the awkwardness between the two of you, cutting through to the tension that you felt towards each other. You were vaguely aware of Jimin clearing his throat and spinning the bottle, drawing you back to the present. You pulled away, embarrassed, letting your hands slide away from Namjoon's neck. He tried to follow your lips at first before realizing you weren't alone, letting out a bashful chuckle.


"Sorry, Y/N. You're too damn delightful." 

Jimin huffed as his bottle finally slowed and pointed at Jungkook. Jungkook shrugged and leaned forward with his lips puffed out. Jimin rolled his eyes and planted a quick kiss on his friend, who patted his back proudly when done. 

Taehyung spun it next, having to kiss Suga--much to his chagrin. Suga pointed at his cheek, and Tae complied sweetly. Namjoon spun it, having not gone yet, and landed on Jimin. Namjoon didn't seem too disappointed by this, actually full-on smooching his younger bandmate considerably longer than Jimin had with Jungkook. You hid a smile behind your hand as Namjoon's fingers slid into Jimin's hair. 


"Nah, Joonie, I think you're the one with addicting lips," You concluded slyly. Jimin's blush was evident when he pulled away, quickly combing through his hair where Namjoon had messed it up.

Around the circle you went in a ping-pong-esque fashion; Jungkook kissed Suga, Tae practically made out with Jungkook, Tae definitely made out with Namjoon, and finally, Jimin spun the bottle when it landed on you. He crawled closer and sealed his mouth with yours, pent-up sexual tension releasing as he devoured your mouth. His hand drifted down to play with your breast as he kissed you, a small moan escaping him as your tongues collided with one another. Jimin's kiss was all-consuming, and goddamn if you weren't ready for someone to just take you. 

You pulled away, breathing hard, as Jimin smirked in triumph. You spun it and it landed on Suga, who seemed a little embarrassed as he gave you a quick, chaste peck. At your raised eyebrow, he blushed harder. 



You giggled in understanding. 


"If you don't want to, why didn't you say so?"


"That's the thing," Yoongi muttered, "I do want to. You're delectable. I'm just kinda... committed right now, you know? Maybe later, though." He winked at you before spinning the bottle himself. It landed back on him, so he kissed the back of his hand and passed it on to Tae again. Tae giggled when it landed on you, bouncing over to practically land in your lap. 

You offered him a smile as he cupped your face in his warm hands and pressed your noses together softly. 


"Any colors you want to say?" Tae whispered conspiratorially, his eyes searching you for discomfort. 



Taehyung couldn't contain his glee as he enthusiastically kissed you deeply, even nibbling on your bottom lip as he enjoyed your mouth. His hands barely tightened around you as they slid down a little, cupping your neck in a delicious way. He hummed deep in his chest at the gasp you gave him, pulling back with an extremely satisfied smack. 


"You taste of peaches and Namjoon's strawberry lip balm, Y/N." 

You laughed, lightly slapping his thigh where it straddled your hips. 


"You taste like strawberries, too, Tae. Don't even come at me like that." 

He giggled and backed off, sticking out his tongue between his teeth in a playful way. Namjoon landed on you again, and this time, there was no hesitation as you attacked each other's mouths. His lips were so soft and practiced that you had to wonder just what he and Jin had got up to when they were together. 

Namjoon grunted a little as he pulled you further onto his lap. You bit his lip and tugged lightly, and he let out the most sinful noise you'd ever heard from Kim Namjoon. You felt everyone's eyes on you as you brushed your thumbs against his jawline, Namjoon's gasps and sounds increasingly becoming more and more lewd. It took the sound of the bottle spinning for you to pull back and look into Namjoon's blown-out eyes, his jaw jutting forward in irritation as you pulled away. He didn't want you to. He wanted you to himself, if only for one fucking night. 

Namjoon's irritation was betrayed in the deep tone of his voice as he called out to the rest of the group. 


"Has everyone had their fill?" 

Jungkook whined softly. 


"Namjoon, you got to kiss her twice! The rest of us haven't!" 

Namjoon's lip twitched and you felt something stirring beneath you as he turned to glare at everyone else. 


"Luck of the game," He muttered. 

Jungkook huffed and indicated that the bottle was pointing at your spot in the circle. 


"Still, I'd say luck has it that I get at least one more turn." 

Your cheeks darkened as you climbed off of Namjoon, his erection giving you precious friction against your slit as you dismounted him. You shuddered involuntarily as Jungkook was on you immediately, his hands on your ass as he lifted you onto him. Namjoon could be heard growling to your left, but you were enveloped in Jungkook. His smell was incredibly pleasant, and though he kissed you more furtively this time, he still didn't unleash his full potential. Yet. The promise still hung in the air. 

Feeling his time ticking, Jungkook pulled away first, lightly smacking your ass in appreciation and to get you off of his legs. You went back to your spot with your tail between your legs just as Suga stood up to leave. 


"I'm tired. Good night." 

He disappeared without another word, but you couldn't help but noticing he did not go to his door. J-Hope's door swung shut behind him and you had to suppress a smile. You shipped it harder than you cared to admit. 


"Am I... interrupting?" Jin's voice snapped you out of your thoughts, eyes widening as you saw Tae and Jungkook making out again. Taehyung popped off of Jungkook with a boxy grin. 


"Care to join us, Hyung? Yoongi just left so we have another spot." He pointed at Suga's vacated seat. "We're playing spin the bottle, it's really fun." 

Jin's mouth quirked up in a wry smile as he seated himself on your right side. 


"Cat got your tongue, Joonie? You're looking a little green around the gills." 

Namjoon coughed and shifted his position so that his sweatpants concealed his erection better. 


"I'm just tipsy, that's all." 

You felt your ears get hot as Jin took the bottle and spun it next. Namjoon. OOf. You hoped this wasn't as bad as it felt. Jin's smile dropped and he watched Namjoon carefully. 



Wordlessly, Jin spun it again without hesitation. He laughed and planted a sweet kiss on Jimin's cheek, ruffling his younger friend's hair as he settled back into his place. 

And on it went. Jungkook kissed Jin, Jin kissed himself a few times, and Tae seriously kissed Jimin. You spun it this time, and felt heat on your cheeks as it pointed at Jin. You began to stutter about how he didn't have to if he didn't want to; you'd gotten the feeling a few times that Jin didn't like you as much because Namjoon was so interested in you. 

Jin laughed airily, patting your knee to comfort you. 


"Don't worry about it, kiddo. Come here. There doesn't need to be any more animosity between us." 

You still felt embarrassed as you sidled up next to him, your eyes unable to meet his. Jin placed his fingers beneath your chin, lifting your face to his level. He offered you a genuine smile and kissed you sweetly, his lips moving softly against your own. It almost felt like an apology. 

He was unbelievably gentle and slow with his kiss, giving you all the time you needed. When he pulled back to check on you, your eyelids stayed closed for a second longer than necessary. He stroked your jaw fondly and pecked your cheek before releasing you from his grasp. Jungkook sighed and set aside his empty popcorn bowl. 


"Well, I don't know about you guys, but I really need some sleep."

As if to confirm this, Taehyung chose that exact moment to heave a wide yawn and stretch his arms behind his head. Jimin seemed a little upset, but decided from how he had to fight his own yawn, it was probably best to not argue. Jin nodded and bid everyone good night as he disappeared into his room, as well. 

Namjoon stayed frozen on the floor, not moving even as you bustled about to put away the leftover snacks and throw away empty bottles and cans. You were just washing the popcorn bowl out in the sink when you felt warmth behind you. Namjoon pressed his nose into your neck, inhaling your scent even as you tried to focus on what you were doing. He stroked your arms gently, invitingly, until you had no choice but to set down the red bowl and lean back into him. He hummed softly into your hair, pressing a soft kiss to the back of your head. 


"I know it's late," His voice was muffled by your hair, "but do you want to take this to my room?" 

You tilted your head to expose your neck and collarbone to him, letting out a content sigh as he pressed soft kisses to your neck and shoulder. 


"What are the odds of you carrying me?" 

Namjoon barked out a laugh and nuzzled your skin happily. 


"Higher than you'd think." 

You turned in his grasp and hit him with big, pleading eyes. 


"Pretty please?" 

Namjoon swept you into a bridal carry without protest, earning a small squeak of surprise from you. He carried you up to his room quietly, his bare feet barely audible on the hardwood floors. He gently shut the door behind you with his foot and set you on his bed, taking in the sight of you there. Namjoon licked his lips and fell to his knees so that he could kiss you, humming appreciatively when you slid your fingers up his scalp. He backed up just long enough to shed his t-shirt and the two of you moved onto the bed so that both of you were comfortable. 

You cupped his face in your hands, taking a moment to just look at his beauty and wonder at it. He rewarded you with a dimple and you made a needy noise in your diaphragm. You kissed his dimple repeatedly, working your way back to his mouth and letting his tongue play with yours. Namjoon's voice rumbled in his chest and you moaned in response. God, you wanted him. 

Feeling your arousal get the better of you, you growled and rolled on top of Namjoon so that he was on his back. He looked up at you with wide, surprised eyes as you straddled him fully, unbuttoning your shirt slowly and methodically. He watched in fascination, enjoying every second. Once it was completely unbuttoned, you leaned down to kiss him deeply. It hung from your frame, not yet giving him a full view of you; this seemed to make him impatient, but he didn't protest. You sat up and grinned at him.


"Are you gonna be my good boy tonight, Namjoon?" 

His eyes widened in understanding and his lips parted slightly as he watched your face. You had slipped into something darker, more in control, and he was kind of loving it. 

Namjoon nodded quickly. You tutted at him in disappointment. 


"Good boys answer when asked a question. I said: are you going to be my good boy?" 

He felt the weight beneath your words and swallowed thickly. 


"Yes, Y/N. I promise I'll be good." 

You smiled and patted his cheek softly. 


"Excellent. You're doing perfect, Namjoon." You rewarded him with a kiss, which he greedily accepted. You sat back up and he whined at the loss, your eyes roving around his room languidly. Your core throbbed with aching need, but you couldn't let him have you that easily.

You slid off of the bed to remove your pajama pants, revealing light blue panties. You almost faltered for a moment; you loved the shape of your legs, but hated the scars. You didn't let this stop you, however, from sliding your underwear down your hips frustratingly slowly. Namjoon must have caught your flicker of unease because he propped himself up slightly onto his elbows, eyes full of concern. 


"Y/N, you don't have to do this for me. If you're uncomfortable with this--"

You laughed sharply. 


"I appreciate the gesture, Namjoon, but there is nothing you're forcing me to do. I want you as much as you want me. There is no grey area here." 

With finality, you climbed back onto his bed and pushed him flat. You unbuttoned his sweatpants and helped him lose them, fascinated by the sheer size of Namjoon's dick as it finally confronted you. 


"Damn." You couldn't help it. You definitely, definitely stared. 

Just as Namjoon began to feel embarrassed, you took his length into your hands and began pumping him. Namjoon threw his head back and exhaled roughly, his tip already starting to leak. He blindly reached for his nightstand and fiddled around until he had a condom, tearing it open and rolling it down as you took your hands away. You sat back just enough to see him in his full naked glory, a flexing washboard stomach and beautiful long legs to boot. You stroked your clit a few times, checking your slit to make sure you were wet enough, and crawled forward so that you rested above him. You sat at his waist, sliding down so that his length ran along your opening and afforded you precious friction. You kissed Namjoon's neck and collarbone, his breathing becoming ragged as you moved your hips up and down to coat his erection with your arousal. 

Namjoon touched your breasts with reverence, his thumbs moving in little circles as he worked to please you. His hips jerked and you were reminded that he was very needy (in the best kind of way). You propped yourself up on your elbows, your nipples brushing his pecs as you moved your hips further against him. Namjoon gasped and sought your lips again, kissing anywhere he could reach you. You slid up a little, gasping and sitting up. 


"Namjoon, I need your fingers first," You managed. 

He nodded and snaked his way down your torso to play with your clit with one finger as his others traveled lower. He slipped one digit inside of you, a satisfied grunt escaping you at finally feeling something. Encouraged, Namjoon continued, eventually having three fingers buried up to the knuckle. 


"Are you ready for me, little lamb?" 

You blinked away your daze and answered by sitting up off of his hand, moving down his torso, and settling at his tip. You held him upright beneath you, rotating your hips to coat his head and make it a little easier. Pfft, who were you kidding? No matter how much you prepared, he was still gonna skewer you alive. 

Resigning yourself to your fate, you slowly sank onto him with an elongated sigh. You had to stop halfway, your thighs quaking with effort but your body refusing to proceed until it was easier. Then, you descended again, finally enveloping him up to the hilt. Namjoon let out an oof with the feeling, fighting to keep his hips still as you panted. 

You felt so wonderfully full, better than anything you'd felt in a long time. He hit you so deeply, it was a wonder that you weren't in any pain. Namjoon's breath shuddered and his fingers dug into the flesh of your thighs, his expression blissed out as you slowly rotated your hips in a circular motion. Namjoon whispered your name like a prayer, stroking the skin of your thighs affectionately as you rode him achingly slowly. 

You simply lost yourself in the feeling, his low voice earning small gasps of your own as you enjoyed his body. You didn't focus on anything other than Namjoon, meeting his eyes as you deliberately rotated. He reached his release first and you could feel the slight softening inside you as he came down from his high. He didn't pull out, though. Namjoon gently worked at your clit, trying to help you along, as well. Still, you didn't have a sudden, mind-blowing orgasm like in the porn you'd been drip-fed over the years. It was more drawn out, a constant kind of pleasure that made your skin tingle when it creeped up on you. You relaxed with a loud sigh and felt your legs go limp beneath you as you fell forward onto him. You breathed heavily for a few moments before disentangling yourself from him. 

As he pulled out, the absence made shivers rock you harshly. If anything, the act of being empty again was more intense. You sighed in relief as you watched him step into the bathroom to dispose of the condom and clean himself. When he was done, Namjoon came back with a warm washcloth. 

He gently cleaned you of your fluids, his touch soft and almost loving as he worked. He caressed your legs when he was done, offering you a small smile, before returning to put away the rag. Namjoon slipped on a pair of boxer briefs and a t-shirt, to which you whined at the loss of the sight of his beautiful body. He chuckled softly and grabbed a shirt for you as well, crossing to sit beside you on the bed. He sat you upright and tugged it over your head, the soft fabric smelling so wonderfully like him. You smiled sleepily up at him and lifted your arms expectantly as you fell back onto his bed. 


"Please snuggle with me," You cooed. 

Namjoon sighed, glancing at his door in a moment of hesitation before giving in to the temptation. He turned off his lights and crawled in bed on top of you, nestling himself between your legs and wrapping his arms around your waist as though he were hugging a teddy bear. You fell asleep with Namjoon's head resting against your chest, your hearts beating in time with one another. 



Chapter Text

When you finally opened your eyes, it was almost ten in the morning. Namjoon was still snuggled against your chest, his face buried in the soft fabric of your t-shirt. You could feel the light rumble of his snoring against your ribcage, his expression dreamy and soft. You didn't want to move, truthfully. Last night was the best sleep you'd had in months

You glanced at the clock on Namjoon's nightstand, wincing at the late hour. You'd probably catch hell for this. Pfft. Not that you really cared. You couldn't muster any remorse as you gazed down at Namjoon's sleeping form. Your fingers brushed at his hair fondly, combing through it lightly as you pet his soft locks. He felt so incredibly good pressed against you like this, so warm and comforting; you wanted him to be your sleeping buddy for a few more nights if he could help you sleep this well. 

Still, you'd have to confront the day sooner or later. 

Sighing in resignation, you gently peeled Namjoon off of you so that you could escape. He grumbled in his morning voice, arms flinging out to catch you before you could get up. He inhaled deeply and blinked his eyes open blearily, his face splitting into a grin when he recognized you were still here. 


"You stayed," He mumbled. Namjoon looked like he'd had the best night of his life, all smiles and dimples as he gazed up at you. 

You laughed lightly and sat back on the edge of his bed to Namjoon's glee. He wrapped his arms around you in a hug as he sat up, kissing your cheek in greeting. 


"I did. You were too comfy." You patted his arm fondly where it rested around your shoulders. "Though, we do have to rejoin the land of the living. They'll become suspicious if we don't." 

Namjoon scoffed lightly, but he knew you were right. He sighed deeply and nuzzled your hair as he closed his eyes. 


"Do we at least have time for a shower?" 

You glanced at his bathroom, silently approximating the size of his fixtures. 


"Mm, I think my bathroom's bigger. Grab some clothes and meet me in my room." You pecked his cheek and hopped up off of his bed, careful to gather your pajamas in your arms before darting across the hall. 

You shut your door very quietly behind you, tiptoeing around so that you wouldn't be heard. You stripped and shut the bathroom door behind you, vigorously brushing your teeth and washing your face of sleep. By the time you were clean and refreshed, you heard Namjoon's soft footsteps and his knock on the door. You opened it for him and he stepped in behind you, enveloping you in his arms. You kissed him sweetly before spinning around to start the water. 

Namjoon silently stripped behind you until he was bare as well, and followed you into the shower. It was warm and steamy and it felt incredible on your sore muscles. Namjoon shampooed your hair for you, earning a low moan from your throat as he worked. His fingers danced along your scalp, working up a nice lather until he felt you were ready to rinse. While you washed away the suds, Namjoon turned and bent his knees so that you could do the same for him. You scrubbed his hair gently but thoroughly, your nails lightly scratching his scalp in a way that made his body nearly go limp. You rinsed your hands and began to lather soap over his shoulders and neck. Namjoon had to brace himself on the wall with his hands, for fear he would collapse from how good it felt. You switched places so that he could rinse his hair and back, before he started to lather you up as well. He took extra care to clean your back as well as your front, his hands making smooth circles over your breasts, stomach, and arms. 

You hummed in satisfaction, taking in the beauty that was his naked body. He was built strong, with powerful legs and arms and a torso that was a little soft but still very capable. He raised an eyebrow at you. 


"Enjoying the view, little lamb?"

You bit your lip and couldn't help the small snort that escaped you. 


"Absolutely. You're definitely way better than I imagined..." 

His laughter was cut off as your hands swept over his chest smoothly; you loved the feel of his water-and-soap-slicked skin. Namjoon tilted his head back as he let you wash him, a low satisfied sigh escaping him as you moved. As you soon discovered, Namjoon was very ticklish. He had to bite back a giggle when you swept your hands over his tummy, and you grinned evilly up at him. Namjoon's eyes widened with fear as you let your fingers dance teasingly across his stomach, very nearly causing him to yelp. You snickered and he smacked your ass in irritation, pulling you into him to trap you so that you couldn't tickle him anymore. 

Your breasts pressed into his slick chest, and he fought the urge to take you again. You read his thoughts and questioningly traveled lower to his hardening dick. His eyelids fluttered as he considered the temptation, but his eyes snapped open when you tried to guide him to you. 

Namjoon shook his head resolutely. 


"Shower sex isn't nearly as much fun as it sounds," he clarified. "It's much easier--and safer--in the bedroom." 

You laughed, remembering his clumsy tendencies, and agreed softly. Still, you kissed him as he held you close. It was so lovely being here with him, so comfortable after such a short amount of time. 

The water around you started to cool, and you reluctantly pulled back. Namjoon looked like he wanted to protest, but from how prune-y both of you were, it was probably for the best. The two of you finished cleaning up and rinsed for the last time, shutting off the water just before it was ice cold. 

You stepped out of the shower and helped each other dry off. Namjoon dressed as you perused your clothing that you'd brought, curious as to what the day might call for. While you were thumbing through your clothing choices, Namjoon hugged you from behind, fully dressed. His hands rested on your hips as he kissed your shoulder, his voice a low purr. 


"You should dress nicely today." 


"Got something planned, have you?" 


"Not me, specifically. Jungkook and Taehyung wanted an excuse to dress up for you." 

You snorted. 


"What do you mean by that?" 


"They texted me earlier. They wanted to have a mini-concert for you, since you didn't get the chance to see us live before." He laughed and gently stroked your sides at your sudden tenseness. "Shh, it's okay. It was J-Hope's idea, actually. I think everyone is completely besotted with you." 


"Mm? And what about you, Mr. Kim?" You twisted in his grasp and wrapped your arms around his neck, standing on your tiptoes to meet his height. 

He grinned at you, his dimple flashing. 


"I count myself among them."

You touched noses and your eyes slid shut, enjoying the smell and feel of Namjoon. Your phone chimed on your bed and you groaned, blinking irritably at it's glowing screen. You rolled your eyes and released him to check it. An unknown number was telling you to come downstairs for breakfast. 


"Do you know this number?" 

Namjoon squinted at your screen for only a second. 


"Yeah, that's Jin. He probably got your number from one of the producers." 

You sighed and tossed it back onto your bed, moving to your clothing once more. 


"Help me choose, Kim Daily?" You wiggled your eyebrows at him sensuously, to which Namjoon hid his smile behind his hand. 


"I mean I can try. It's not like I'm used to women's clothing..." 

Still, he stepped forward and perused your options with you. By the time you decided on your outfit, there was a knock on your door. 


"Are you alive in there, Y/N? We have a surprise for you!" Taehyung's chipper voice cut through your door, and Namjoon looked like he was about to have a heart attack. 


"I'll be down in a bit, I swear. I was just getting dressed." You sounded calm as a cucumber, and Tae bought it. 


"Okay! See you soon!"

Namjoon visibly relaxed and plopped onto your bed, observing his handiwork. You were in a sexy tank top that flowed fluidly around you while still showcasing your curves, with a lacy black bralette underneath that peeked out near your neck. Your pants were tight, black, and cropped at the ankle, where you wore rose gold strappy sandals. You felt very feminine, which wasn't something you could say that often. You gave Namjoon a twirl, allowing him to enjoy what he'd put together. Lastly, you picked out a rose gold ring to wear on your pinky finger, with white cubic zirconia stones arranged to look like flowers and leaves. 

Namjoon looked at your jewelry, too, humming quietly in thought before picking out a rose gold bar necklace that settled nicely between your breasts. You snickered but did not protest; if you were being honest, you'd have picked that one, too. 


"Perfect," He purred. 

Namjoon stepped back to admire you one last time. You took this moment to look at him, as well. Namjoon had opted for flawlessness, as always. This time, he wore classy grey trousers and a white button-down with a French tuck. It was simple and deceptively sexy; something that shouldn't have been so good on him, but that he pulled off perfectly. You smiled at him fondly. 


"C'mon. We've got a party to crash."

Namjoon nodded and tossed you your phone before leaving your room, with you at his heels. 

Chapter Text

You came down the stairs at around 11:30, having just finished perfecting your makeup. Jin beamed at you and indicated at the precariously high stack of pancakes on the kitchen island. 


"Our lady of the hour! Please have a seat, Y/N!" Jin was interrupted in his introduction when he noticed Jimin was in the seat that was meant for you. Jin puffed up and glared at his younger bandmate, irritation making his voice shrill. "Jimin, move it! You're ruining everything!" 

Jimin shrugged and scooted over one seat, planting himself firmly in Taehyung's lap. The two of them giggled at Jin's infuriation. 

Namjoon snickered as well from his seat across from you. He'd come downstairs earlier after you'd finalized your sexy little outfit, hoping to avoid arousing too much suspicion. 


"In any case, Y/N, please help yourself. I thought some traditionally American food would make you a little more comfortable." 

You took a deep breath through your nose, enjoying the scent of pancakes, bacon, and syrup. You hummed in satisfaction, grinning at Jin appreciatively. 


"Thank you, Jin. It smells amazing." You piled your plate high with pancakes and bacon, earning an impressed glance from Jimin and V as you chowed down--all while keeping your lipstick completely intact. That in and of itself deserved a medal, Jimin thought. He knew how difficult it could be to keep makeup in place.

You scarfed your food and looked up to see seven sets of eyes on you, your cheeks comically full and probably looking like a squirrel. You gulped and glanced around in concern. 


"Um. What?" 


"You're amazing," Namjoon muttered. You tilted your head in confusion before Namjoon and everyone else moved into the main living space in perfect sync. Though you knew their surprise, it still made your skin tingle to think they were actually following through with it.

You spun on your barstool, following them with your eyes. Jungkook, at the back of the group, smiled at you adorably and grabbed your hand. He raised his eyebrows at you and led you by the hand into the living area, kissing your knuckles and indicating for you to take a seat. Shrugging, you came in to sit on the couch.

Jin muttered something to the other members, and before you knew it, the seven of them were getting into position to start singing songs from Map of the Soul - 7. Your eyes widened as they moved and sang for you. Jungkook had set up the TV to have karaoke versions of their songs on the screen, so that they could sing just for you--no distractions, no awkward silences, just their music and you.

You watched in awe of their fluid movements. Apparently, Jimin had remembered that you liked chokers on men; at least three of the members were wearing one, at first glance. Jimin, Jungkook, and Taehyung all wore them, in black and red, and J-Hope was wearing a shirt that had a triangular cut-out that effectively looked like a choker. They were all dressed in black, grey and white. Namjoon had added some sort of black harness to his outfit, a little leather number that hugged his frame and betrayed the hard body beneath those billowy clothes. You nearly drooled at the sight.

Jimin was in all black and glitter, with an open sparkly vest and abs for days. Jungkook was in a silk black shirt with ripped black skinny-jeans. Taehyung wore a smoky grey pirate top, black corset, and shiny leather pants. J-Hope was in grey, with a sheer mesh top over a black fitted tank and smooth grey pants. Jin was in a mostly open white button-down, not too dissimilar from Namjoon's outfit, but with black pants instead. Yoongi was in what you could only call "soft boy couture"--all white, ruffles, and flowing cloth. It betrayed his gruff, gravely voice when he rapped. 

MOTS7 flowed around you with certainty and perfect timing. Whenever a unit's song came on that excluded other members, they would back off and stand silently behind, looking sexy in their eyeliner and concert clothes. They rarely took their eyes off of you, leaving you drowning in sincere glances and smolder. Whenever a vocal line song came up, the rappers would be watching you intently, and vice versa.

It was impossible to not be enamored by every single one of these men. 

You wanted nothing more than for this set to never end. 

MOTS7 wasn't all they sang. They performed Best of Me, MAMA, Blood Sweat & Tears, MIC Drop, Airplane Pt 2, and Don't Leave Me. Their voices carried spectacularly, even in such a (comparatively) small space. You were floored by how wonderful they were, especially in person. They moved so perfectly, and their dancing did little to affect their singing. After Don't Leave Me, Jin smiled broadly at you and bowed. 


"Any final requests from our lovely lady?" 

Though they were breathing hard, all of them looked immensely pleased with themselves. You blushed brightly, eyes watering a little. Emotions overwhelmed you as the gravity of the situation sank in, and you stuttered as you tried to decide. Honestly, you were struggling with how aroused you were and how full your heart was. They were so incredibly perfect, and you were once again reminded why you loved all of them so dearly.

Finally, you met his eyes with a watery smile. 


"Save Me, please."

Jungkook set it up, and the boys launched into it, Namjoon winking in approval as the vocal line belted out the first verse. You sang along where you could, tears in your eyes as they serenaded you with unwavering patience and pitch. 

As they concluded, their breathing heavy and their poses sustained, you erupted into applause and tears.


"Hey, hush now, little lamb," Namjoon cooed. His arms wrapped around you even as you continued to cry. "We wanted to make you happy, not sad!" 

You laughed and sniffled through the tears, hugging him back tightly. 


"I am happy. I'm too happy for words." You laughed as all of the members gathered around you and squished you into a group hug, their reassurances soft on their lips. 


"Please smile for us, sweetpea," Jimin murmured into your hair. 

You snickered. 


"It would be a lot easier to smile if I could breathe, guys." 

They muttered in irritation but still backed off, though Namjoon lingered a little longer than the rest. You beamed at them, wiping away your tears and gazing at each of them in turn. This was what it felt like to be important to the Bangtan Boys. To be loved and cared for when they had little reason to give you a second glance. 

You groaned at the futileness of your makeup, the smudges on your face leaving you probably looking like a raccoon. Jimin giggled softly and aided you with this, wiping away the tears and smudges in equal measure. 


"It's alright. You're prettier this way, Y/N." Jimin beamed at your now-bare face, even as you rolled your eyes. 


"Mmm-hm. Sure, Chimchim."

Even as the sarcasm rolled off your tongue, you captured him in an appreciative hug. You were interrupted by the chiming of your phone in your back pocket, earning a frustrated noise from your diaphragm. 

You pulled back from Jimin to see your mom's number on the screen. You huffed and smiled apologetically at everyone before answering it. You winced and jerked it away from your ear at the sound of your mom's voice screaming at you on the other end of the line. 



You waited for her to take a breath before finally answering. 


"Mom, breathe, okay? I'm fine. I'm taking a vacation. You know I was running myself into the ground at work. I'm just taking some time away to breathe for a little while." 


"Why can't you breathe here? At home? Where I can actually keep an eye on you and make sure you're eating properly and taking care of yourself? You know how you get sometimes, Bunny!" 

You pinched the bridge of your nose as she continued on and on, sighing deeply. 


"Mom, I don't want to go home. I'm on a beautiful island in the tropics and I might actually get a tan for once in my life. Do you know how hard it is to get a tan in Oregon? Next to impossible, thank you very much..." 


"I don't care! Tanning is bad for your skin, anyway!" 

This was going nowhere fast. You glanced around the circle of expectant faces pleadingly, daring to hope that someone would come rescue you. 

Like an angel sent from above, Jin swooped in with all of the confidence that only Worldwide Handsome could muster without being a jackass. 


"Ahh~! Hello, Mrs. Min! I'm so glad to finally be able to talk to you. My name is Seokjin and I'd like you to know that your daughter is being very well taken care of." He paused, listening, and tilted the phone slightly so that you could barely hear some of the conversation. At your whispered prompt, Jin explained: "No, no, I'm not your daughter's boyfriend or anything like that. She's just on a trip with six of our friends. Uh-huh. Yeah, no, we're having a great time! We went swimming at this gorgeous sunny beach yesterday, and tomorrow we're going to go on a hike in the mountains!"

Your mom spoke much more softly to him now that she wasn't yelling at you. She sounded almost... impressed?

"No, no, we decided to pay for her travel expenses. You know how Y/N works far too hard all of the time, tirelessly trying to prove to her boss that she's better than he thinks she is."

You elbowed him in the ribs, but he pushed on. 

"Yes, I know, Mrs. Min! I promise that we will take good care of her while she's here. Yes, plenty of sunscreen and no alcohol. Got it. Thank you so much for being so understanding! You have a wonderful day, Mrs. Min! Goodbye!" 

Jin hung up gracefully and passed you your phone with a smug expression. 


"And that, my friends, is how it's done." He winked at you as he included the rest of the group, "It's all about the smile. They can hear it in your voice." 

Suga shuddered. 


"Parents. A terrifying breed." 

Taehyung seemed more scandalized than anything else. 


"You didn't tell your family where you were going, or anything?" His eyes were wide as he spoke, his mouth falling slightly open in disbelief. 


"Pfft. I did. I told her I was taking a well-deserved vacation. Woman has selective hearing or something." You rolled your eyes and left the living room, stretching your arms over your head. "I think I'm gonna go outside for a while, relax and soak up some sun. Anyone wanna join me?" 


"I'm gonna take a nap," Suga yawned. 

He disappeared into his room with a very final-sounding click, and J-Hope laughed. 


"I swear to god, he's a grandpa trapped in the body of a young man." J-Hope smiled amiably at you and shrugged. "Sure, I'll keep you company. I think I'm gonna change first, though." 


"Yeah, that was my plan." You nodded in acknowledgment and trotted up the stairs to slip into something more comfortable. 

Oh, when I say comfortable, I mean it. It's not an innuendo for something sexy like a negligee for them to stare at you in. Nah, fam. You put on a bikini top only because a bra sounded like torture, and tossed on a loose army green T-shirt that was a few sizes too big for you. Feeling like you didn't wanna just waltz around in just a T-shirt dress, you put on some black cotton shorts and a baseball cap. You looked kind of like a hobo, dressed in basically a few yards of extra material that felt like you were swimming in cotton, but at least you were a very comfy and sort of cute hobo. 

You padded downstairs in bare feet, eyes half-lidded as you made for the patio. J-Hope was already lounging outside with a bottle of soju in one hand, shading his eyes with his other. A few other members were scattered about the patio, Namjoon sunbathing in a patch of light like a cat; Jin was holding a metal sunlight reflector or whatever you called it as he worked on his own tan. Jungkook and Jimin could be seen kicking a ball between them on the beach nearest the house, shirtless and in loose shorts each. 

Hoseok patted the seat next to him with a friendly expression, his face warm with sun. You sat down next to him, completely ensconced in the shade. 


"Isn't it great outside? This place is a paradise," He murmured. "I think I could get used to this. When I retire, it's gonna be somewhere similar. Tropical and sunny." 

You couldn't help your smile. That sounded like J-Hope, the resident Ray of Sunshine of Bangtan. You hummed in appreciation, enjoying the radiant heat. 


"I came here from Oregon, so I was afraid I wasn't going to enjoy the heat very much. I sunburn really easily and I melt in the heat if it gets much higher than 80 degrees. But this, this is nice." 

J-Hope side-eyed you for a second before barking out a laugh. 


"I forget you're an American sometimes. Fahrenheit. Okay." 

You shot him a grin. 


"Damn straight. Land of the freedom units. We only measure things in bald eagles and craft beer. 'Merica." 

He laughed boisterously, patting your hand where it rested on the arm of your lawn chair. 


"I knew I liked you. A good sense of humor goes a long way." 

Your eyes slid shut on their own as you enjoyed the comfortable silence, punctuated by the occasional banter from Jungkook and Jimin on the beach. Jin eventually got up and came back with a tray of soju, handing them out to you and Namjoon. Hoseok gazed at him pleadingly and Jin rolled his eyes, but he still took the empty bottle and replaced it with a new one. 


"You're the best, Jinnie~!" J-Hope popped open his bottle and crossed his ankles, throwing it back for a good swig. 

Jin mumbled that yes, yes he was the best, before setting down his own bottle and taking Hoseok's empty one inside. 

J-Hope enjoyed his drink for a few moments before turning to you with a knowing smile. 


"I'm sure you've got questions." 

You shot him a shy glance, biting your tongue. Still, you couldn't hold it back. 


"You share a room with Jimin, right? At the dorm?"


"Indeed I do," J-Hope confirmed. He took a big sip of soju. "I love him to death. He's a little shit, but he's like my brother."

You smiled down at your legs, unable to look at him. J-Hope sighed and turned in his seat so that he was facing you more directly. 


"Look, Y/N. I've known him for a long time. Hell, I've lived with him for a long time. These guys, they're incredibly important to me. That said, I know Jimin has a thing for you. Some of us aren't great at showing it outwardly, but all of us like you. Please, don't feel pressured to do anything on our account. We're just happy to have you here, and if there's ever a point where you feel uncomfortable or put on the spot, don't hesitate to let us know. We want you to be happy while you're here with us, and I know we'll do our best to contribute to that." 

J-Hope gave your fingers a friendly squeeze and got up from his seat to stretch properly. 


"I'm gonna go check on Grandpa Yoongi, make sure he didn't have a heart attack from all of that dancing." He shot you a wink and moved to leave, but you caught his wrist. 

He stopped at the sliding glass door and you wrapped him in a hug, pressing your face into his chest. 


"Thank you." 

Hoseok relaxed and hugged you back, petting the back of your skull affectionately before releasing you. 


"Anytime, princess." 

Jin dodged around him as he left, eyeing you with playful suspicion. 


"Uh-uh, and where is my hug, Y/N?" Jin raised his voice indignantly, tapping his foot on the patio in mock scolding. 

You laughed and opened your arms expectantly, Jin's sweet smile warming your heart when he enveloped you in a hug. He was warm and sun-kissed, despite having been inside for a while. Jin seemed reluctant to let you go, but he obliged when you patted his back lightly. 


"At this rate, I'm gonna have to give them out to people standing in a line," You joked. 

Jin smirked and sat down on the patio next to Namjoon's sprawling form. Jin poked Namjoon's cheek, laughing when Namjoon made a small grunt. Jin proceeded to poke his cheek until Namjoon cracked open one eyelid to look up at him. 


"Th' fuck ya want?" Namjoon grumbled. 


"I think Y/N is giving out free hugs. You should claim yours, Mon." 

Namjoon deigned to open both eyes to glance over at you, who had your arms crossed over your chest and an amused smile on your face. Namjoon relaxed at your playful expression, and moaned as he struggled to move. His bones creaked and he sat up with a heave, his eyes pitiful as he peeked up at you. 


"Any chance I can have mine delivered?" 

You scoffed but complied, dropping onto the deck beside him and hugging him from the side. Unsatisfied, Namjoon pulled you onto his lap so that you could hug him properly, burying your face in his neck as he supported and cradled you easily with his arms. You hummed softly and squeezed him, pecking his cheek as he set you back on the ground safely. 


"Hey, I never got a kiss with my hug!" Jin protested. 

You snickered and Namjoon stuck his tongue out at Jin. 


"That's because I'm special and you're not, Jin." 


"Pfft. I smell favoritism." 

You laughed and patted Jin's knee consolingly. 


"The night's still young, Jin. There's always the promise of later." You shot him a wink, which delighted Jin and irritated Namjoon. 

Taehyung came out onto the patio with wet hair and a towel around his neck, his lovely bronzed chest lightly damp with his shower. Without even questioning, he plopped down onto the deck beside you, his smile boxy. 


"Did you like your concert, Y/N?" 

You beamed at him. 


"Yes I did, very much thank you." 

Tae looked very pleased at that. 


"Good! We didn't want you to be sad since this was the first time you'd ever seen us in person, and Hoseok thought it would be nice to let you hear us live even if you couldn't have the full concert experience." 

You didn't know how he did it, but every single time Taehyung opened his mouth, you fell in love with him more. He was just so adorable and pure, it was impossible to not like him. 

Tae giggled lightly and threw his arm across your shoulders, resting his head against yours. 


"I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Y/N." His voice was soft and sweet, like a nice brew of tea. 

You rested your hand on his thigh, and he sighed contentedly. Namjoon looked between the two of you, unsure whether he should be jealous or not. Recognizing how harmless Tae had meant it, he relaxed a little; but Namjoon still didn't seem 100% comfortable with the friendly embrace between you. 

Jungkook and Jimin chose that moment to jog up. Jimin was very winded, his breathing ragged as he swatted feebly at an unruffled Jungkook. JK was only a little sweaty, his muscled chest heaving with every breath. Jungkook's hair was windswept, damp, and the only sign that he had exercised. You were once again amazed at the muscled maknae, his massive thighs and how well he knew how to use all of it. 

It was a comical contrast to Jimin, who, with his lithe dancer's figure and tight body, was breathing like he'd just run a marathon. His face was flushed and his hair was plastered to his forehead, with irritation painting his features as he looked at his junior. 


"You... suck," Jimin panted at Jungkook, supporting himself on his knees. "You... said... we could... walk!" 

Jungkook smirked and patted Jimin's back affectionately. 


"I said you could walk, Mochi. You didn't have to follow me."

Everyone except Jimin proceeded to giggle. He harrumphed and dropped down to sit on the edge of a lawn chair, his perfect mouth turned into a pout. Even when irritated, Jimin was beautiful. 

Jungkook shrugged, snatched Taehyung's towel, and dabbed at his own neck and face. Taehyung quirked an eyebrow but said nothing. 


"So, what's for.. Uh, I guess it would be dinner?" 

Your question drew attention to the sudden loud growl from Jungkook's stomach. Jin laughed and moved to stand up, his arms stretching over his head. 


"I was thinking someone else could handle the cooking, if you'd be so kind, Y/N. I need a break from feeding these food pits." He jokingly prodded at Namjoon's arm with his foot, before lightly socking Jimin in the arm. 

You nodded, glancing around the little circle. 


"Anything y'all want in particular?" 


"I don't care, I'm just hungry," Jungkook said helpfully. "I'll eat just about anything as long as it's edible. This is a great opportunity to try some bona-fide American food." 

When no one else offered any opinions, you shrugged and hopped up to rustle up some grub. You tossed your hat onto the counter and ducked into the walk-in cupboard next to the fridge to the sound of the others filing off to get dressed for dinner. 

Inside the pantry, there was a wide variety of ingredients. Several types of noodles and pasta, rice, and an array of canned and other dry goods greeted you, with a shelf dedicated to fruits and vegetables that didn't need to be refrigerated. You picked through the jars, bags, and containers carefully, perusing your options with great consideration. Jungkook popped his head in the door, his doe eyes wide as he regarded you. 


"I've been instructed to help you," He asserted. 

You giggled and nodded, opening the door wider for him to join you. He shut it behind him to make more space in the already tight closet, his body heat warm on your back as he looked over your shoulder at the jars in your hands. 

It was a little hard to think with him so close to you, but you managed to keep your thoughts on pasta combinations for a good five minutes. Unfortunately for you, when those five minutes were almost over, Jungkook shifted in the pantry, trying to get more comfortable--sending his pelvis rocking into your ass. Revealing his half-hard-on to you. 

Well shit, now you couldn't think about anything else. You spun so that your back pressed into the shelves, your eyes wide and your breathing fast. Jungkook's face reddened at being found out and he bit his lip sheepishly. 


"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," He stammered, "You just smell so good and you were so close--" 

Jungkook drifted closer without thinking, his heat pressing against you again. You'd be remiss if you tried to ignore the desire pooling within you, but you definitely didn't want to make him uncomfortable. But, goddamn, he was intoxicating. He'd cleaned up while you'd had your face buried in ingredients. Jungkook had put on a soft v-neck T-shirt and basketball shorts, his bare feet shuffling with unsure energy. 

You hadn't run for the hills yet, so Jungkook started talking again. 


"I haven't been able to stop thinking about last night, when you kissed me like that..." Jungkook licked his lips, insecurity gnawing at him. "If you'd let me, I'd like to kiss you again." 

You let out a pent-up breath you didn't know you were holding, gaze boring into his. 


"Then, what are you waiting for?" 

His eyelids fluttered, his breath coming out in a rush as he captured your lips with his own. His hands cupped your face and the back of your neck, his kiss ravenous as he devoured your mouth. A small hint of the power he'd held back before was flashed at you, a teaser of what he was capable of that only made you want him more. Jungkook moaned softly into your mouth, the sound gentle and like the coo of a dove. Jungkook really knew how to get you going, fuck. Your sound that escaped you was more gravely, needy, and aggressive. Your fingers buried themselves in his shirt, a vice-like grip that grounded you as he continued to rock your world. 

Jungkook kissed you with wild abandon, his breathing heavy as he dug his fingertips into your scalp. God, you didn't want this to end. But the shelving that was biting into your back reminded you where you were, who was waiting for you, and what you were supposed to be doing. Jungkook bit your lip playfully just as Suga's rough, sleep-addled voice could be heard in the living room. 


"Why aren't you in the kitchen?"


"Y/N said she'd cook tonight, so I'm taking a well-deserved break." 


"Well, I don't see her, either."


"I think she's in the pantry." 

You sucked in a breath through your nose and released Jungkook's shirt, pulling away from his searching lips with a startled movement. You rushed to turn around and grab the ingredients you wanted, even as Jungkook touched your ass and squeezed it teasingly behind you. 


"This isn't over," Jungkook purred into the shell of your ear, his voice incredibly low as Suga rapped on the pantry impatiently.


"Oy. What are we having? You got six hungry guys out here." 

You cleared your throat and Jungkook released you, allowing you to maneuver around him and exit the pantry. Jungkook adjusted his erection so that it wasn't as noticeable and picked up one of the ingredients you'd dropped, following you into the kitchen. 


"I thought some fettuccine alfredo would be nice, with some cooked vegetables." You paused, shutting your eyes in resignation as you did some quick math. "This isn't enough pasta. Jungkook! Is there any more of these flat noodles on the shelf?" 

He dutifully ducked inside and came back out with another package of pasta and a second jar of sauce. 


"Oh, can you also grab me a can of sliced mushrooms? Thank you!" You turned to the fridge to grab a few packages of frozen asparagus.

Jungkook placed the can of mushrooms next to the rest of your ingredients, and you instructed him to bring some water to a boil in a large pot. After watching him fill it with water and turn on the burner, you sprinkled some salt in the water to help it boil faster and covered it with its matching lid. 

While the water was getting ready, you began cooking the asparagus, dusting some salt and pepper over the frozen stalks and drizzling some olive oil over it to make sure it didn't stick. Using a wooden spoon, you shuffled the asparagus while it sizzled pleasingly. 

Jungkook added all of the packages of noodles when the water was at a rolling boil, stirring them with a spoon as he did. He covered the pot again and waited while you finished with the first bag of asparagus. 


"Can you get me a plate for the asparagus?" 

Jungkook was beaten to it by a beaming Taehyung, who offered you a decently-sized platter covered in wild colors. You smiled and accepted it with a thank-you, plating up the asparagus and moving on to the next package. While you were letting it cook, Jungkook stirred the pasta a few times to make sure it wasn't sticking. You finished the other two packages of asparagus (they were pretty small, and there were eight of you) and plated them up, setting the now-heaping plate on the kitchen island to get it out of the way. 

Jungkook offered you a spoonful of flat noodles for you to taste, so you took it and ran it under cool water before biting it. They were perfectly al dente, so you helped Jungkook drain the pasta and set the pot back onto the (now off) stovetop burner. Jungkook opened the jars of sauce and stirred it into the pasta while you quickly seared the canned mushrooms in the asparagus pan, heating them through and adding a little salt before adding them to the pasta-sauce mixture. After a good final stir from Jungkook (and his annoying muscle-bunny arms), you deemed it ready with a satisfied grin. 

You grabbed some parmesan cheese from the fridge and set it next to the asparagus, a thin sheen of sweat over your brow. 


"Dinner's ready! Come and get it!"

You pulled out enough plates and silverware for everyone, plating it as they lined up. You distributed everything evenly, a good serving size for each member, and sprinkled a little parmesan over each plate to add garnish. 

Jin's eyes sparkled with approval at the lovely spread, a gleeful smile on his lips as he inhaled deeply. You handed out the plates of food and finally sat down with a small oof. Jungkook helpfully handed you a plate of food, as well, and everyone sat around the kitchen island to dig in. 

You hummed with each bite, both from how hungry you were and how well it had turned out. The pasta was perfect, and combined with the sauce and the extra something that the mushrooms added, it was heaven. Jungkook nodded in appreciation, Jin sang your praises without end, and everyone else just inhaled their food. Overall, it was a complete success, and you had to feel a little tingle of pride. 


"It's so creamy!" Taehyung commented happily. "Can you make this for us sometimes, Jin-hyung?" 

Jin laughed softly. 


"I don't know if I can make it as well as Y/N, but I'll definitely give it a try." 

You preened under the constant praise. Namjoon groaned in a way that reminded you of last night, earning a flush to your cheeks that you tried to play off as part of cooking with heat. Jungkook nudged your foot with his own, Jungkook's expression betraying nothing as he caressed the back of your calf with his foot. You ignored him valiantly, no matter how good it felt, and continued with your food until you were full. You moved to clean your plate in the sink and his leg retracted without protest, as though nothing had happened. You washed your plate and silverware in the sink, taking Namjoon's dishes as well. Jin hip-checked you out of the way and shushed you when you tried to protest. 


"You made dinner, you shouldn't be doing our dishes, too! I got this, just go sit down."

You sighed but couldn't argue with his facial expression. Resigned, you moved to sprawl on the first couch, head falling back and eyes fluttering shut. Everyone cleared away their dishes and Jin cleaned them, their soft chatter lulling you into a happy twilight. You were vaguely aware of them moving around you to settle in the living room as well, along with the low volume of the TV as they tried to decide on a movie. You felt a soft smile drift onto your face as you felt warmth beside you, a gentle hand on your thigh as someone sat on your couch. Taehyung (you could tell from the little hum he let out when he sat beneath you on the floor) rested his head on your other knee, his arm wrapping languidly around your leg in an easygoing embrace. 

From the sound coming out of the TV, they were watching anime. Your eyes felt insanely heavy, so you didn't really bother to open them. Instead, you listened a little more wholly, catching phrases and voices that seemed familiar. You caught a few names that you knew, but were too tired to put together. The end credits rolled and they switched series, to something you definitely knew. You forced your eyelids open to see your favorite green-haired protagonist, Midoriya Izuku, having a crisis as he saw Uravity in her costume for the first time. You hummed in approval, trying to force your eyes to stay open. You caught sight of Namjoon's hand on your thigh, Jungkook at his feet, and Tae and Jimin cuddling on the floor. Suga was snoring on one of the other couches, J-Hope was watching the screen raptly from beneath Suga, and Jin was laying on his stomach with his face near the screen like a little kid. 

You had time to grin to yourself before you finally succumbed to sleep. 


Chapter Text

When you opened your eyes the next morning, you felt an explicit sense of déjà vu. You were once again cuddled up on top of Namjoon, on the couch, with the sunlight on your face. Only, this time, there were more people everywhere. 

Jimin, Jungkook, and Taehyung were in some sort of cuddle pile, all sleeping soundly. Suga and J-Hope were adorably ensconced in each other's arms, both looking blissfully comfortable. Although you didn't want to wake any of them up, you were feeling a little sweaty from being pressed so closely to Namjoon, the human space heater. 

Wincing but unable to disentangle yourself gracefully (again), you slipped from Namjoon's grasp and tiptoed around the splayed limbs and haphazard bodies on the floor. Finally able to walk without fear of stepping on a pop star, you quickly moved up the stairs to get ready for the day ahead. 

One of the producers had texted you to let you know that the game would start around noon, so you had plenty of time to shower, get dressed, and make them breakfast. You jogged downstairs in sneakers, shorts, a sports bra and T-shirt, with a baseball cap in your hand. Your hair was still wet and you didn't want to make your inevitable hat hair any worse than it had to be. 

Most of the members were still snoozing soundly at 10:00, so you went about making French toast to draw them from their stupors. Jungkook was the first to perk up, following his nose until he found himself in front of a stack of hot toast. He hummed in appreciation and took two slices to start. They were golden brown and dusted in powdered sugar, just like your Aunt Pam used to make. You grinned as he wolfed them down and took several more pieces, this time venturing forth to try them with the syrup that was sitting out. The sounds of Jungkook very vocally enjoying his food amused you to no end--and woke up the rest of the group. 

Namjoon made a big tiger yawn as he stretched his arms over his head, his legs curling towards his body in an adorable way. Jimin snorted lightly and sat bolt upright, glancing around sleepily before realizing Jungkook was already eating. He shook Taehyung and the two of them got up to sit on either side of Jungkook. Jin sniffed loudly and sauntered over as well. Namjoon next, and J-Hope. Suga, as always, was the last to rise. 

You made an entire loaf of bread's worth of French toast, and even had to break into a new bag.


"Everyone had enough?" 

Satisfied nods all around meant you were only cooking for yourself, now, so you only made two slices. The bread was thick and French toast always seemed to hit better with a tall glass of milk. 

You sat down with a huff after turning the burner off and settling in to eat. Most of the boys had gone to their respective rooms to get dressed for the day. Jungkook, however, was already back downstairs. You were left alone with him for the first time since yesterday... 

Jungkook seemed to be aware of this, as well, for he settled behind you and began kissing your neck and rubbing your arms as you ate. You let your eyelids flutter shut at the sensation, his lips lulling you into a hazy mist of lust. You finished your last piece in a little bit of a rush, pushing aside the plate and leaning back into his kisses. 

Glancing at the stove clock, it was only about 11:00. You had plenty of time if you wanted to have a little bit of play... 

Jungkook purred when you took his hand, leading him away from the kitchen with bedroom eyes. Before you could open your door, he pulled you into his room and shut his door behind you. Though Jungkook started off bashful, you noted that he was not new to sex as a whole. His room contained plenty of toys, silks, and rope to make use of. None of that seemed to be on his mind right now, though, as he instead sought your lips and drew towards his bed.

Jungkook was an amazing kisser. His lips danced against yours with practiced ease, both aggressive and gentle at the same time. Your breathing deepened as he set to using his hands on you, drifting over your exposed skin and sending sparks up your nerves at his heat. You lost your shirt and made quick work of his as well, pulling back just for a moment to marvel at his hard chest. Jungkook smirked at you knowingly. 


"Enjoying the view?" 


"Duh." You shot forward in a moment of boldness and sucked just below his collarbone, where it couldn't be seen. 

His eyelids fluttered as his lips parted in a gasp, a musical sound that you wanted to hear more of. You growled softly in your throat and bit his collarbone, his hands flying up to bury themselves in your hair. Jungkook was no stranger to roughness, and he had to admit, he rather enjoyed a dominant girl. Jungkook liked dominating guys more, anyways. He fed you the sounds you so loved to hear, and finally you sat back on your heels to lift your sports bra over your head. Jungkook's eyes widened comically as he watched you do this, his attention fixated on your body and how it moved. 

He found you to be irresistible. How anyone else could have ever thought differently was beyond him. 

Jungkook moaned softly and lurched forward to suck on your right breast fervently, his thumb aggressively attacking your left. His other hand slid up your back appreciatively, loving the feeling of your smooth skin. You threw your head back and bit your lip to stop from crying out. Jungkook knew how to work you, that was for sure. He switched breasts, his right hand drifting down your body to finger at the hem of your cotton shorts. He wanted you now, but he was going to make sure you remembered him. Jungkook wanted to make you as addicted to sex as he and the rest of his friends were. 

Your fingers played with the strands of hair at the nape of his neck, relishing the feeling of his teeth on your nipple and his tongue on the rest of your breast. He pulled off of you with a sinful pop! and grinned at you like a Cheshire Cat, your fingers still buried in his hair. 

Unable to keep waiting, you scooted back and pulled your shorts down your legs (with Jungkook's assistance, of course). Jungkook pressed a finger to your slit, his lips twisting mischievously at the sensation. 


"You're a needy little thing, aren't you?" He cooed. When your cheeks flushed indignantly, he shushed you softly. "Don't worry. I love that. There's nothing wrong with knowing what you want and going after it." 

Jungkook stroked at your slit smoothly, working your opening as his other hand squeezed your thigh. You almost lost yourself in the sensation, until you recognized his ministrations had stopped. Jungkook was looking at your legs more closely, his eyes soft but unreadable. You winced when you saw what he was looking at, your legs curling closer to your body on instinct. 

Jungkook quickly grabbed your knees and pressed them down, gently but firmly, and ran his thumb over the skin of your outer thigh in a feather-light motion. You shut your eyes, regretting this. 

You had scars on your legs. Some of them were stretch marks, in relatively harmless purple streaks from your growth spurts as a teen, but others you had acquired much more painfully. You were no longer in a place in your life that made those marks necessary, but when you were a few years younger, those scars had been the only thing that grounded you in reality. Depression wasn't a cakewalk, but you were much better now--which was why you were so ashamed. 

So ashamed that you had once been so weak as to feel the need to mar your once-beautiful flesh with marks that would never fade, the kind made with a blade. 

When you finally managed to open your eyes, Jungkook had tears in his. With shaky breath, Jungkook stooped to kiss each and every scar with methodical gentleness, his tears making the kisses wet and a little salty. You wanted to pull away, to escape, to stop hurting from your past--but Jungkook lovingly paid attention to each imperfection, and when he had kissed the last one, he propped himself up on his arms and crawled up your body to press a soft kiss to your lips. His tears had stopped flowing, but they were fresh on his cheeks, and you once again regretted everything that your scars had wrought. 


"I hope you never feel that way again," Jungkook murmured against the hollow at your throat, his voice unsteady. "If it matters, I still want to make love to you like there's no tomorrow. But, seeing how our time is running out..." 

You cursed and glanced at his bedside table. His clock read 11:45. With another flung curse, you sighed deeply. Jungkook lifted your chin so that you would look at him, his eyes sparkling once more. 


"Next time, you won't be getting off the hook with as little, princess. You won't be able to walk when I'm through with you, later."

Jungkook bit your lip playfully and let his fingers press into your neck a little harder than they needed to, his message clear. Next time, your past won't stop me. 

With that last tease, Jungkook dressed and darted downstairs. You glanced at the clock, still half-naked and a little dazed. It was now 11:50. You needed to get moving. You quickly pulled on your clothes and shoes and jogged to make it in time, your face a little flushed. You grabbed your discarded hat from the kitchen counter and went outside, following the sound of chatter to meet your favorite band on the grass for your VLive debut. 



Chapter Text

You wove through the production team until you saw the boys all standing in a line on the grass. Before you could join them, one of the camera crew stopped you. 


"They're gonna do their intro first," She explained. "You'll come on after they've introduced you. This is the only episode where we'll do it this way, so keep that in mind." 

You nodded and wrung your hands, a little uneasy now that you had to wait. Namjoon sought you out and shot you a thumbs-up, making you smile a little. The main camera director counted down on his fingers: 3... 2... 1...

The boys all shouted their customary Run BTS! introduction, bouncy and energetic as they talked. This was the first episode you'd ever seen that was almost entirely in English, which you were thankful for. 


"So, what are we doing today?" Jin asked, his features expressive as he looked to the production crew. 


"Firstly, you'll be joined by a special guest." 

The boys all lit up at once, their expressions excited as they all looked at you. 


"Min Y/N! Come on, you can stop hiding now!" Jimin beamed at you brightly, jogging forward to grab your hand and pull you into the camera shot. Your face was red as you offered a shaky smile. 


"Everyone, this is Min Y/N. She's the ARMY who won our lottery! Now she'll be filming a bunch of Run BTS! episodes with us for this next season."

You tried to look confident as you smiled and waved, unsure what to say. Jimin squeezed your hand encouragingly. 


"Hi! I'm Y/N and I've lived in a lot of places. The most interesting was Japan for a year and Oregon, most recently. I can't believe I'm here, honestly." You let out a quick laugh, and the boys smiled as you did. "I love your guys' music, so I'm really excited to get to spend this time with you. I hope you will enjoy this time as much as I already am."

With a sly smile spreading on your face, you quickly added: 


"Oh, and I'm ready to kick all of your butts at every game we play." Your grin was met by a thumbs-up from the camera director. 

You could do this. You took a few deep breaths as BTS laughed next to you. 


"I hope you can fulfill that promise, Y/N! Alright, Director, what's our game for today?" 


"Today, you will be participating in a relay race. First, draw lots to choose your teams." 

The camera's light flashed off for a second while the producers explained the game. From your experience, it meant that they would edit in the rules for the audience in post-production.

Essentially, there would be two teams of four. Each team had to try to complete each task in the least amount of time. The last team to complete each task would receive a penalty. If one team got more than two penalties, they automatically lost the game. The losing team would have to clean up everything afterwards. 

The first task was to be focused on balance. All four members had to run to the finish line and return to their team with an egg balanced on a spoon in their mouth. 

At that, the producer pointed at a camera and the light went back on. Everyone gathered around to draw lots for their team. Jimin commented that he hoped he won because he knew how messy his friends were. 

All of you stood in a line and held folded pieces of blue paper. You glanced down the line nervously as they opened their slips one by one. Suga got A, so he stayed where he was at the beginning of the line. J-Hope got B, and moved to the other end with a sad noise and a wave at his friend. Jungkook was B, as well, and moved to join his hyung with a resigned sigh. Jin threw his arms around Suga when he opened it and saw an A, grinning like a kid as he hugged his friend. Namjoon and Taehyung also opened A's, which meant that Jimin and you both were Team B. 


"I'm concerned as to how this will go," Namjoon mused with a hint of fear in his voice. "They have all of the athletic people! Well, and J-Hope." 

You grinned evilly even as Hoseok screeched indignantly. 


"I never said I was athletic, Namjoon. I'm just insanely competitive." 

Jungkook seemed a little less hopeless than before. 


"Hey, we can use that." Jungkook put his fist in the center of your little circle, so you bumped your knuckles to his. 

Your team all put their hands in the center, already thinking strategy. 


"I don't know about you guys, but I'm going last," Jungkook began. "If nothing else, I can make up for lost time at the eleventh hour. J-Hope, you should go first, followed by Y/N and Jimin. This way, we can have a strong finish and have a little bit of wiggle room for mistakes." 

You nodded, everyone agreeing with the maknae. 


"If you've decided the order in which you will race, it is time to choose your team names." The same camera producer called out over the din, his eyes warm as he watched circles of heads peek over each other. 


"Team Seokjin!" Jin's voice drowned out everything else, earning a snigger from you. Taehyung counted on his fingers and then piped up instead. 


"Team Sunamjin-hyung!" 

Namjoon appreciated the effort, from the way he patted Tae's shoulder, but whispered in his ear. Too hard to say, or remember, you thought. Tae drooped a little but called out a weak Team Seokjin with an unenthusiastic pump of his fist. Yoongi looked like he wanted a nap. 

With a shit-eating grin, Jungkook glanced at all of us before yelling proudly, 


"Team Athletic!"

Your team laughed at that, nodding in approval. 


"Alright, Team Seokjin and Team Athletic. Get in your desired running order now." 

You did as you were told, getting behind J-Hope and in front of Jimin. The producer came forward and handed each front-runner a spoon and a raw egg before jogging back behind the camera. A female staff member stood about a tennis court away, holding a yellow ribbon that was tied to an overhead light that would turn on once it got dark. J-Hope put his spoon in his mouth and the egg on top, his breathing accentuated with small noises each time as he gritted his teeth and tried to not make a scene. Suga stood to his right, looking almost bored as he suspended his egg. Jin was right next to you, and then Taehyung, and Namjoon holding up the rear. 

The starting shot was sounded and J-Hope wobbled off, keeping fairly close to Suga as they raced. 


"You know, I almost feel sorry for you," Jimin purred into your ear, "Here I've got a fantastic view, and you have to stare at Hope-hyung's backside all night long." 

You held back a giggle as J-Hope flailed about with his egg. 


"Actually, it's not a bad view at all." You deliberately pressed yourself back against Jimin, feeling him stiffen as your body brushed against his pelvis. 

Innocently, you stood back up where you were supposed to, as though you'd lost your balance on accident. Jungkook snickered behind Jimin, earning a swift sock to the shoulder from his hyung. J-Hope squawked and flailed as he spun back towards you, his legs like jelly as he tried to move fast without losing his egg. Suga calmly speed-walked at an even pace, and although J-Hope initially overtook him, his consistency meant that he passed J-Hope while he was floundering.

Still, Hoseok squeaked and surged forward, pulling ahead of Suga with inhuman sounds. J-Hope passed you his spoon first, and you took a similar strategy to Suga. Going steady and balancing your egg, you sped forward and left Team Seokjin in the dust while they were still transferring their egg. You rounded the bend and came back with a triumphant smile, just as Jin was trying to race forward with his.

You dodged his haphazard attempt to knock your egg away and quickly handed it off to Jimin, jogging back to the end of the line. Hoseok grinned at you in approval, offering you a thumbs-up. He looked at the camera and showed off his heart-shaped smile, soft cackles escaping him as Jin windmilled his arms in order to keep his balance. Jimin finished his run quickly and efficiently; Jungkook left 'em all in the dust. Just as Namjoon was receiving the egg from Taehyung (who had moved valiantly to make up for lost time but ended up breaking the original egg) Jungkook returned to home base with a triumphant set of arms over his head. 

The producers ended the race and your team got the first point, leaving Team Seokjin to carry the first penalty. 

Everyone lined up in their teams, standing at attention as we reflected on the game. 


"That was much harder than I thought it would be!" Taehyung remarked.

Jin nodded soberly, a little deflated at how poorly his team had performed. Jungkook, in contrast, looked like he was standing a little taller with pride. 


"That was fun!" J-Hope pumped his fist in the air for emphasis, bouncing on his feet as he did so. 

You hid your laughter behind your hand, mirroring Namjoon's expression at his bandmate. Jimin patted your shoulder proudly, beaming at the cameras so that his eyes disappeared. 


"Y/N, you did so well! Much better than I was expecting! It looks like Min Y/N is our dark-horse, secret ace!" 

Jungkook cooed in agreement, throwing his arm across your shoulders as your team praised your surprise victory. 


"All I can say is, you're going down, Y/N!" Jin called playfully. "Your reign as ace will be short-lived, and Kim Seokjin will be king again once more!" 

Jin stood up straighter, his broad shoulders on full display as he stood with his hands on his waist and Namjoon and Tae presenting him with theatrical flourish. Suga simply watched with an amused expression, nodding in acknowledgement at your victory. 


"Director, what's next?" Namjoon earnestly asked. 

The next task made many members blanche at the prospect of such a game. In pass-the-water, each team would have to pass a full cup of water down the line and try to fill an empty bucket with as much water as they could before the time ran out. You wouldn't know how much time you had, so you would have to work as fast as possible. The cup had to be passed from person to person and poured into the goal bucket without the use of hands. (The cup could be filled with hands to make things a little easier and faster).

Namjoon in particular looked kind of pale, his eyes darting from you to the rest of your team in a jolt of protectiveness. Still, you were surprisingly calm. Your team circled up and discussed strategy, Jungkook taking point again. 


"Alright, Jimin, Hoseok, Y/N, me. This is our line order. Jimin, fill the cup as high as it will go. We're going for finesse this time around, okay? Volume is most important. Keep the cup as full as possible and make sure you're steady. We got this, guys. Ah, ppaiting!" 

You broke your circle and lined up as directed, between an empty bucket and a full one. Jimin was handed an empty, clear plastic cup; Taehyung was handed one, as well. You watched the other team: Taehyung, Jin, Suga, and Namjoon--as they readied themselves for a rough fight. 

The starting signal was sounded and Jimin sprang into action, quickly filling his cup to the brim and turning to pass it to Hoseok. The four of you were like a well-oiled machine, passing the cup quickly and efficiently as though you'd done it many times before. Jungkook emptied the first cupful of water as Team Seokjin started panicking at Suga, who was wobbling precariously with his cup in his teeth. 

You passed the empty cup back through your teeth as instructed, Jimin refilled it, and repeated your previous feat twice more. Your bucket was a few inches fuller than theirs, but you didn't stop for anything. Namjoon was, strangely enough, their saving grace in this game, as he was such a klutz that he spilled the water into the bucket without even trying. Still, Jungkook's steady consistency won out for you in the end, keeping you neck-and-neck up until the final whistle for time. 

The buckets were so close, in fact, that one of the producers had to measure how much water was in each with a measuring tape. Team Seokjin lost by a hair, earning agonized cries from their team. 

You high-fived your teammates, though you felt a little bad for your other friends. 


"Team Athletic wins this race! Your prize is a table of snacks and the rest of the day off!" 

While Hoseok and Jungkook cheered, you sighed as you watched the other boys cleaning up the mess from the activities. The producers had plenty of things for them to clean, despite how short the race felt. 

Guilt gnawing at your gut, you brought a package of Pocky sticks with you as you came over to the losing side.


"Need any help?" 

The softness in your voice dispelled any delusions of malevolency, so Namjoon smiled in acceptance. You helped them clean up the broken eggs and other spilled props in companionable silence, unaware of several sets of eyes (and cameras) all trained on you. If you could have seen the editing that would've added to that moment, you would have seen little pink words scrolling near your face saying that you were a perfect addition to the Bangtan entourage. 

Jimin joined you on the pavement as well, helping you sweep debris and scrub the patio at the direction of the different producers. The losing boys seemed grateful, as you helped them finish that much faster. 

Once everything was clean to the production team's satisfaction, you shared snacks with the older boys. Jimin fed Taehyung some strips of barbecued pork, and you offered some different flavors of candy and treats to Namjoon and Jin. Suga went straight for the kebabs, and the producers had to shake their heads at the kindness. 

More words, again, would be added later, commenting on how perfect and wonderful the boys of Bangtan were for helping and sharing their hard-earned snacks. 



Even as you chatted with your favorite boys and the cameras were slowly taken down and put away, Jungkook couldn't tear his eyes away from you. No matter what he did, you could not stop surprising him at every turn. He wanted you, and he wasn't going to keep being apologetic for it. 

He kept noticing the way Jimin and Taehyung gravitated towards you, as well as the soft way Namjoon met your eyes. Jungkook knew everyone was fucking screwed when it came to you, but he didn't really care. You'd outright said he was your bias breaker, so he wasn't too worried. If anything, it made him all the more motivated to keep your attention. 

You felt his hand on your thigh, but you did your best not to show it. You knew Jungkook was probably roiling with sexual desire now, on the heels of your victory, but you didn't want to give the game away so soon. It would feel that much more amazing later on when you actually gave in, after all. 

The longer he touched you, however, the harder he made it to ignore him. Jungkook could read you like a book, and the both of you knew it. He intended to have you screaming his name by morning light, one way or another. 

Of course, it didn't help that Namjoon was being fucking adorable and adding to your, ahem... pelvic discomfort. All of the boys around you were only making your arousal worse, in their own ways. Suga, though sullen, had a nigh-unreadable expression on his soft face that made you want to squish his cheeks. Jimin kept giggling and making his eyes disappear, which always got you right in the feels. Jin was being a mother hen, always hilarious and sometimes hawt. Taehyung was whispering in low, deep tones to Jimin, his voice having been something that had often made you weak. Even J-Hope's cute heart-shaped smile got your heart going. 

You were majorly fucked. Which, unfortunately for you, meant the opposite of the fun connotation of the phrase. It kind of felt like it meant you weren't going to get any at all

Wanting to vent your frustrations but not nearly bold enough to do so sober, you quickly rose from the snack table and dashed into the pantry to find some alcohol. Of course, you didn't see the shape that darted into the kitchen behind you. 

If Jungkook was to have his way, you'd be screaming his name before long. 

There was a soft click behind you when Jungkook opened the pantry door, his expression ravenous. In retrospect, it was kind of stupid of you to come in alone, in the first place. Still, you couldn't muster an ounce of remorse as Jungkook took you by the hand and whisked you upstairs to leave the alcohol behind. Perhaps it was stupid, considering that you'd only gone in to retrieve alcohol in the first place and that the boys would probably come looking for you when you took longer than normal, but you shoved those thoughts away when you registered the fact that Jungkook was already shedding all of his clothing. 

You'd somehow ended up in his room again, but this time, nothing in the heavens or on the face of the earth could stop Jungkook from ravaging you. 


"You've been driving me crazy all day," Jungkook growled. "Clothes off, now." 

The soft-boi voice was long gone, replaced by a command that both excited and irritated you. 


"Really? A frumpy T-shirt and shorts got you going? Gee, what a heinous seduction technique on my part..." You rolled your eyes and let the sarcasm drip off of you, only irritating Jungkook more as he sat down on the edge of his bed with more force than necessary. To be fair, he was fucking hot like this. You'd always loved the thought of a kind and respectful muscle-bunny looking up to his noona with perfect sub energy, making your heart melt as you dominated the hell out of him (and he gratefully accepted it). But this? Hell, you might transition into a switch if Jungkook looked like this when he was being a domme...

Snapping from your thoughts, you lifted your shirt over your head to reveal the sports bra underneath. Despite how unattractive you felt, Jungkook's eyes raked themselves up your body appreciatively. Just the attention from his eyes alone made you feel a little bolder. After kicking off your shoes and peeling off your socks, you had no excuses left. So, without further ado, you pushed your shorts down your legs as well, leaving you in just your underwear. 

Not that you wanted to make any more excuses. 

Jungkook crooked his finger at you, drawing you in with his animal magnetism. 


"After a long day such as today, I'm tempted to punish you. But I've been waiting long enough." Jungkook grabbed the back of your neck and pulled you into a hard kiss, his impatience clear in the rough handling. 

You sat on his lap, just away from his dick, but supporting yourself on the strong part of his thighs. Jungkook seemed frustrated from the lack of friction, but he wanted you to be ready for him; his fingers made their way between your legs to work you up. He was incredibly skilled, despite being the youngest. You threw your head back, sending your breasts barely touching his chest. Jungkook growled impatiently, shifting his legs so that you slid closer to him. His hard-on hit your stomach, earning a moan from both of you at the same time. Of course, it was kind of hard to tell the difference between his dick and his abs. He was so hard in every sense of the word: his muscles, his phallus, and his eyes. 

When Jungkook determined you were ready for him (both from your mewling and from the slick that now covered his palm) he briskly lifted you by your hips and lowered you onto his tip with surprising precision.

You gasped heavily and dug your fingernails into his shoulders, raking your claws up to his neck to clutch at the back of his skull. Jungkook was all too pleased with this sound, and dropped you onto him a little faster and harder, until you enveloped him to the hilt. Jungkook's higher end of his voice exhibited his pleasure, thighs quickly clenching and unclenching in quick succession as you began to move. The sound of your bodies connecting with one another was kind of disgusting and uncouth, but the both of you were too caught in the throes of pleasure to care. 

If either of you would have cared to notice, you might have seen someone peeking through the crack in the doorway to see you. But you didn't, and you definitely had no idea that one of your oppas was enjoying the show. 

In fact, the longer that Hoseok observed you, the harder he became. Your body was tightly coiled around Jungkook's, and it was a pure display of sexuality and human perfection. Hoseok knew what he would be fucking Suga with, tonight.

Wordlessly, Hoseok left, courteously shutting Jungkook's door without a sound in respect of your privacy. Sure, he was a heathen who was addicted to sex, but at least he wasn't a monster. He definitely didn't want Namjoon to happen upon you. Namjoon was already head-over-heels in love with you, and Hoseok would be the last person to break his rose-colored lenses. 

(Anyways, you're not here for the deeply sweet and tooth-rottingly fluffy friendship-ties between these idols. You're here to get fucked by BTS. Onwards with the sin.)

You arched your back just as Jungkook hit a particularly deep part of you, your thighs squeezing his in a feat of strength that startled him at first. God, if it didn't turn him on, though. He loved the idea of you being able to crush a man's skull with your powerful thighs. In fact, as he let his hands drift down to caress them, he could feel the raw muscle and power that lurked under your layer of healthy fat. He loved the texture of your skin and the way you flexed around him, and damn him--he wanted you all to himself, for the rest of time. 

Jungkook let his fingertips sink into the flesh at the junction of your hips, the pleasure making his forearm muscles pop and tendons move. You leaned forward and bit his earlobe, tugging lightly on the silver hoop earring that dangled there.

You had no way of knowing how many kinks the maknae had, but somehow, you managed to hit him right in his gut every single time. No matter what you did, it always sent him reeling. Jungkook tilted his hips forward, letting you get a better angle to wrap your legs around him more fully. It was amazing nobody had heard you yet; the betraying creaks of his mattress couldn't be quiet. That, coupled with the fact that Jungkook was now pulling breathless moans from you with every thrust. You weren't exactly a subtle type of gal. Maybe that was what he liked about you. Unapologetic, strong, and unafraid to take charge and dominate when the situation arose.

Jungkook couldn't wait to let you flex your domme muscles with him, but for now, he was filled with a carnal need that couldn't be ignored. He needed to bury himself in you as far as he could and make you scream for him, the rest of his friends be damned. 

He shuddered and you felt his thighs tense beneath you, his toes curling as he fought the urge to orgasm. Jungkook wasn't ready for this to be over, it had only been like five minutes--

Jungkook growled deep in his throat as he shoved you off of him, rolling away from you as his load shot into his bath towel on the floor. His breathing was erratic as he rode and chased his high, his irritation at it being over too soon only exacerbated by the fact that he hadn't helped you orgasm outright. 


"Fuck, fuck. I'm so sorry. That's the first time I've finished that quickly." Jungkook bit his lip and dug his fingernails into his thighs, eyebrows furrowed. 

He had to admit, though, that was the best fuck he'd had in a while. Bar none. Hell, Jungkook was even into some really kinky shit. Somehow, your body topped all of that. It kind of irritated him, if he was honest. Who gave you the right to feel that good?

He finally came back to his senses and noticed that you were still lying on your back, stars in your eyes. Okay, maybe you'd managed to come after all. He crawled over to you, checking your pulse and helping you into a sitting position even as his cock twitched against your thigh in oversensitivity. Concern bloomed in his chest at how out of it you seemed.

Your eyes were half-lidded and unfocused as you tried to look at him, rocked to the core with how he'd felt inside of you. Blinking rapidly, you took a few deep breaths and managed to look him in the eye, a dopey and kind of stupid grin on your face as you registered beyond the shellshock. 


"Wow," You mused. "Namjoon may be bigger, but goddamn, you can use that dick." You flushed as you realized what you'd said, swallowing thickly and trying to change the subject. "They'll be looking for us downstairs. We need to get cleaned up." 

Jungkook helped you stand up, feeling impossibly smug in spite of himself. Well, maybe being a sex addict came with its perks, after all. He grinned and dressed with a faraway smile, all too pleased with himself and with you. Before you could leave his room, he pulled you into him for a hug, his lips seeking yours in a sweet and chaste kiss. 

His eyes twinkled at you as he regarded you, his breath warm on your face and his fingers lacing with yours. 


"If there's anything else I can do for you," Jungkook purred, "I'm a whisper away." 



Chapter Text

You slipped downstairs without anyone noticing you'd been gone. Since you brought back bottles of soju for everyone, you hoped they assumed you'd just been to the bathroom for a few minutes. Considering that Jungkook came back at a different time (showered and in comfy sweats, now) you hoped that everyone was oblivious to your midday romp. 

At first, this was mostly true. 

J-Hope would take his accidental peek with him to his grave. But then alcohol loosened you up, and though a few warning bells dimly went off in your brain, you couldn't keep your goddamn mouth shut. 


"Let's play Never Have I Ever!" Your words slurred a little, and you hoped none of them would notice. 

Jungkook's ears perked at this, and he curiously regarded you with open interest. 


"How do you play it?"


"Well, you hold up ten fingers, right? Then, everyone goes around the circle and says something they've never done. If someone in the circle has done that thing, they have to put down a finger. If you put down all ten fingers, I think you've lost? I can't remember that rule very well. You're supposed to get other people's fingers down and keep yours up, I think." 

You blinked, amazed that you had managed to articulate so many words without messing up. 

Namjoon grinned, clasping his hands together with anticipation. 


"Sounds like fun. Shall we?" 


"Oo! Oo! I want to go first!" Taehyung waved his hand in the air excitedly. 

After the group's silent agreement, everyone held up ten fingers and turned to Taehyung. 


"Never have I ever... seen a live owl." 

You shrugged and shook your head. Nobody put their fingers down. Jimin sat beside him, his mouth tilting to one side as he hummed in thought. 


"Never have I ever been on a normal date." 

You grumbled and plopped down a finger, as did Jungkook. Everyone else had to keep their fingers up. 


"Y'all suck at this," You snickered. 

J-Hope went next. 


"Never have I ever slept with a woman." 

You winced and lowered another finger, to their surprise. Jungkook, Jimin, Taehyung, Namjoon, Suga, and Jin all lowered their fingers beside you. Hoseok grinned and waggled his eyebrows at you. 


"I'm sensing a story," He teased. 

You rolled your eyes. 


"College mistake. Never doing that again."

Suga huffed and moved his hair out of his face. 


"Never have I ever read a Japanese manga." 

Jin, Namjoon, Jimin, Tae, Jungkook, and you all lowered fingers. You tapped your chin, gazing around at the group with a sly smile. 


"Never have I ever been to South Korea." 

Six fingers went down in tandem. 


"That was a cheap shot," Jimin groused. 

You only giggled and indicated for Jin to go next. 


"Never have I ever attended American public school," Jin deadpanned. You put down another finger, leaving you with six fingers left as you shot him a death glare. 

Jungkook quickly rushed out his words. 


"Never have I ever failed a class." 

You were now at five fingers, with Jin rolling his eyes as he dropped another as well. Jimin glared at Jungkook in irritation as he was left with seven. 

Namjoon sighed as he tried to think of something. 


"Never have I ever been in unrequited love." 

Your eyes fell. Four. 

Jimin was the only other person that lowered a finger with you. Six. 

You forced yourself to focus on Taehyung as the next round began. 


"Never have I ever slept with a famous person," Taehyung chirped innocently. 

His statement held far deeper implications for you as you squinted and were left with three. Namjoon, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, and Jungkook all lowered their fingers, as well. Tae gawked at you with round, full eyes, a small smile creeping onto his face. 


"Okay, that's a surprise. I was expecting to get almost all of Bangtan, but not our guest!" He laughed good-naturedly, slapping his knee. "Is it too offensive if I want to know who?"

Your ears turned pink and you struggled with words. Namjoon cleared his throat and volunteered his information freely, a gesture you appreciated. 


"Well, you obviously know Jin and I have done each other." 


"Yes, although you weren't the only famous cherry I popped, Joonie," Jin purred smoothly. 

J-Hope and Suga avoided looking at each other, but it was pretty plain to see that everyone acknowledged their relationship silently. Jungkook sighed and rolled his eyes. 


"A better question would be, who haven't I slept with?" He shrugged innocently. "What can I say? I get around." 

You snickered softly, but that was a mistake, as it drew all eyes back to you. 

Your ears felt hot again as you stammered out an answer. 


"I slept with an anime voice actor one time," You covered lamely. Namjoon seemed a little relieved, but Jungkook looked downright insulted. 


"Yeah, and...?" His voice pitched expectantly, irritation rising. 

You blushed and your eyes darted to Namjoon. Big mistake. Several sets of eyes shot wide, and Jimin in particular looked absolutely scandalized. 


"How the hell did you beat me to it?!" Jimin was incredulous, his lips parted in an expression that, in any other situation, would have been downright erotic. 

Namjoon avoided his team's eyes, his shoulders jumping up to his ears in embarrassment. 


"It just sort of happened!" Namjoon defended. 

Jungkook threw his hands up in the air in frustration. 


"She did me, too! It's not like that's much of a trophy considering all the places this dick has been, but like--!" He made an exasperated noise and crossed his arms, falling back into his chair. 

You wanted to disappear. Seven sets of eyes were regarding you in a new light, and it didn't feel like a particularly flattering one. 

Namjoon sighed and moved next to you, his arm draping across your shoulders as you burrowed your face into his chest. 


"It's not like you guys can blame her, okay? I practically threw myself at her, and besides, she's been in love with all of us for many years..." 


"I mean, I wasn't judging," Tae clarified. 


"If we're confessing things, I threw myself at her, too. Y/N is the first girl I've been interested in for a long time, and I mean really interested in." Jungkook defended you as well, which made your heart warm a little. 


"Honestly, I'm just mad I've been left out," Jimin crossed his arms over his chest. "I've had my eyes on her longer than any of you and I feel distinctly ignored." 

You managed to pull yourself together enough to face them again, Namjoon gently squeezing your arm in support. 


"I'm sorry. I hope you don't see me any differently." You glanced from person to person, hope blooming in your chest when you recognized there was no animosity. 


"Why would we? Because you exercised your sexual freedom? Please. If that were a crime, we'd all be guilty." Jin offered you a kind smile and took your hand in his, squeezing your fingers gently. "If you still like us, we'd love to have you continue living here with us for the rest of the season." 


"We're not mad at all!" Taehyung echoed. "Heck, I'm proud! Y/N, hitting what she likes!" 

Taehyung giggled and crawled forward on his knees, throwing his arms around you in a big bear hug. 


"I like you a lot, but that doesn't mean I'm mad that you slept with Jungkook. Hell, if I were anyone else, I'd sleep with Jungkook," Namjoon joked lightly. "Don't worry about me being jealous, Y/N. Do whatever and whoever you want." 

You permitted yourself a small giggle and caught the dimple he flashed at you. He was just happy you weren't feeling as bad. 


"So, it's settled then? We're all one, big, happy group of friends?" J-Hope clapped his hands expectantly, hoping beyond hope that this had resolved itself smoothly. 


"As long as you don't hate me, I'm happy," You murmured. 


"Of course we don't hate you, that would be stupid," Yoongi asserted. "I would physically fight anyone who did over something like that."

You smiled gratefully at all of these wonderful young men, wondering how you could've been so lucky to have them. 



Chapter Text

Once Bangtan had sufficiently determined that you were okay and no longer embarrassed, they decided to have some ice cream with you over a movie. 


"Mm, what kind though?" Jimin's face was buried in the freezer as he shuffled through the items there. "We have mochi ice cream, rocky road, pistachio--who the hell wanted pistachio?--Oreo, Neapolitan, vanilla bean, and--oo, wow, half cotton candy and bubblegum. Someone's special." 

You hummed in thought. 


"What kind of mochi is there?" 


"There are a ton of boxes here. It looks like strawberry, green tea, and red bean." 

You glanced around at the other assembled members, watching their reactions. 


"I'm kinda in the mood for mochi ice cream. If someone wants to split a strawberry box and a green tea box with me, that would be perfect." 


"I'll split one with you, Y/N," Taehyung grinned. "I was thinking about having strawberry and red bean, anyways." 


"I'll split a green tea box with you," Jimin confirmed, his voice muffled by the fridge as he fished around. He pulled out one of each and set them on the counter. "What does everyone else want?"

J-Hope asked for red bean, Suga and Jin green tea, and Jungkook and Jimin wanted strawberry. Once the boxes were properly distributed, everyone migrated to the living room to decide on a movie. 


"How about some anime tonight?" You requested. 


"What are you in the mood for?" Hoseok was in charge of the remote this time, since he was more fair and better at listening to everyone. 


"I'm thinking either Kimetsu no Yaiba or Boku no Hero Academia.

Namjoon raised an eyebrow at you. 


"And where did you acquire almost perfect Japanese pronunciation?"

You shrugged. 


"I took Japanese in college from a professor who was native to Japan. Also, lots of anime." 

He chuckled at this, patting the back of the couch he was sitting on. 


"Personally, I'd like to continue Cells at Work! because it's funny and pretty light-hearted," Jin provided.


"Fruits Basket!" Tae chanted enthusuastically, pumping his fists. "Furuba! Furuba! Furuba!"

J-Hope nodded thoughtfully before glancing around at the rest of the group. 


"Fruits Basket sounds good. What episode are you guys on?" You'd seen about half of the original, and none of the 2019 one.


"Eh, like 20-ish. You good with subs?" J-Hope asked as he flipped through settings like a whiz. 


"Of course. Watching subtitled anime is how I learned 'almost perfect Japanese'," You mocked Namjoon's voice with hilarious accuracy, making his ears turn pink. 

A fit of laughter erupted from the group, with Jimin almost choking on his mochi. 

And that was how you immersed yourself in the world of the zodiac boys, surrounded by several dreamy ones in real life, too. Jimin and Taehyung flanked you as they shared their mochi boxes between you, with Taehyung resting his head on your shoulder and Jimin's leg touching yours. You were very comfortable, your fingers covered in flour and your tongue going numb from the cold ice cream in the centers. Your favorite part was the squishy rice dough on the outside, which was perfectly chewy and tasted absolutely delicious. 

Furuba played on the big TV until about ten, long after the last vestiges of mochi had been devoured. In fact, your tongue was finally beginning to regain feeling, with sharp tingles reminding you of this as blood began to flow more normally. 

J-Hope turned off the TV, stretching like a cat as he looked around at the snoozing boys in various states of sprawl. Jin was completely star fishing on the couch next to Namjoon, his foot in dangerously close proximity to Namjoon's lightly snoring face. Taehyung was sleeping soundly, his arms having wrapped around your middle and his face snuggled into your chest. Jimin seemed a little irritated at how close Tae was to your breasts, but you only laughed. Tae was adorable and affectionate, and you had to admit, you couldn't wait to test out that undying devotion in the bedroom. 

Now, though, as J-Hope managed to drag his friends into their rooms one by one, Jimin's mind was squarely fixated on you. He sort of understood why you'd slept with Namjoon first. It was plain to see the easy chemistry you'd had on day one. Jungkook, well, as the band's repeated sentiments had been, was practically a sex god. He couldn't blame you there, either. 

However, he'd be damned if he wasn't next on your list. 

Though, Taehyung didn't look like he was releasing you anytime soon. Perhaps he could work something out with Tae...

You managed to stretch your arms over your head a little, arching your back away from the couch. Tae muttered in Korean, probably protesting your movements. Considering that Tae was a decent bit bigger than you, you didn't have much choice when he tightened his snuggle and pulled you back towards the edge of the couch. 

You huffed but smiled at Jimin, patting Tae's head as you did. 


"And I thought Namjoon was a cuddle bunny." You laughed good-naturedly, proceeding to ruffle Tae's hair affectionately even as he began to snore again. 

Jimin said nothing, his brain working as he tried to process any possible path he could take that would let him into your bedroom. 

He didn't have long to wait, as Tae suddenly sat upright, his eyes half-lidded and his voice deep as he jolted away from you, covering his crotch in embarrassment. 


"Oh my god, I'm so sorry!" His voice was still bleary with sleep, but his eyes were wide with horror. "You were just so comfortable and--I swear, it has a mind of it's own!"

You glanced down to see the surprisingly large erection that Taehyung was trying (and failing) to hide with his hands. Noticing how futile it was, he darted upward to grab a pillow, smashing it between his legs as he turned a darker shade of pink. 

You giggled, waving it off nonchalantly. 


"It's fine, Tae. It's not like I'm mad." 

Jimin could smell your arousal a mile away. He could tell that far from being embarrassing, you found it empowering. His lips quirked up slightly. Checkmate


"Of course it's fine. She's into it, actually." Jimin observed with all the calm confidence that only he could achieve. 

Tae's eyes widened in embarrassment, glancing away and trying to pretend he didn't just hear that. 


"Goddamn it, Jimin, don't tease me like that when I'm trying to make it go away!" Taehyung sounded irritated, his fingers digging into the pillow with more urgency. 

You gulped, not wanting to deny Jimin's statement. If you did, you'd be a liar. Still, you didn't outright want to corroborate it, either. You were conflicted; on the one hand, you wanted to enjoy the same soft affection and comfortableness with Tae as you had when it was purely innocent. But, on the other, you kind of wanted to take him with carnal aggression unlike he'd ever seen. Jimin sensed your hesitation, and being the instigator he was, curled his mouth into a wider grin. 


"She's not even denying it. Look at her squirm, Tae--we've got her more flustered than she wants to admit." 

You glared at Jimin, your cheeks heating up as you felt your irritation rise and your inner domme rear her head. 


"Shut your mouth if you know what's good for you," You growled. 

Both men eyed you. This was the tone neither of them had heard before. Jimin had heard a similar one in his room, but this--he'd woken the sleeping dragon. Taehyung felt himself shudder in his pants, pure need pooling in his stomach as he processed your voice. 


"Y/N, if you keep using that voice on me, I'll ruin my favorite sweatpants," Taehyung advised. His voice was just on the edge of a whine, but not quite that high. Yet. 

You shot a glare at him, anger rising subtly. Your voice dropped to a much quieter, more dangerous tone. 


"You wouldn't dare. Not until I tell you to." 

Well, fuck. You were in too deep. Your domme couldn't be called back, now. Jimin, grinning like the cat that got the cream, jumped to his feet and helped Taehyung stand. You rose without the need of his offered hand, stalking to Taehyung's room because it was closest. Tae opened it for you and closed it behind him and Jimin. 

You opened Tae's closet without asking, almost immediately finding what you were looking for. Bindings, chokers, a riding crop, whip, and several blindfolds all greeted you, among other harnesses that you'd have to peruse more closely at a later date. You could've sworn you heard Jimin's soft keen: pick your filter, which me do you want?  

You had to fight an overwhelming urge to cry out, biting your finger to silence yourself. You wanted all of Jimin, and that was the problem. You wanted to see him dominant and submissive, which was contradictory but the thought of it brought you great pleasure. 

Instead of fulfilling this right away, however, you tossed a hard command over your shoulder as you found a suit in the closet. 


"Both of you, on your knees. Now." 

Taehyung tripped over himself to comply, his breathing quickening as he watched you grab one of his suits and stalk into his bathroom. You didn't have any high heels, which irritated you, but you made do with the suit you'd found. You kept the white undershirt buttoned all the way up to your neck, letting your breasts press tightly against the shirt. This had to be one of the other's suits, perhaps Jimin's at the size. Taehyung was both bigger than you and kept his clothes loose, and yet this suit fit you like a glove. You had to wonder if Jimin and Taehyung had experimented together after all...

Still, you didn't let it phase you as you pulled on the trousers and admired the way the suit hugged your legs and arms. After affixing a narrow black silk tie around your neck, you assessed your appearance smugly. A touch of hair product and you looked like a sexy CEO; you were ready to dominate the hell out of these two. 

You walked out brandishing a riding crop. Jimin regarded you with round eyes, all vestiges of his brattiness wiped from his expression. He was full sub now, and you were going to play that for all that it was worth. 

Taehyung nearly drooled at the sight of you. Though fully clothed, there was something so demanding and commandeering and sexy about you in a tight suit like that. It excited him to no end. 

You twisted the crop in your hand, deliberately walking to his closet to grab a pair of loafers. You wanted all the of power, the respect usually afforded to a man when he was in a domme headspace. Feeling a rush of adrenaline, you ordered them to get undressed. 


"Clothes. Off." 

Jimin ripped off his shirt immediately, earning a small quirk of your lips at the sight. You had to admit, you were going to enjoy this. You'd been waiting to see Jimin completely naked, and this was going to be delicious. Taehyung and Jimin rushed to derobe, all the way down to their underwear. Both wore boxer briefs. Jimin's were dark grey with a light grey waistband, and Tae's were  blue and patterned with Pokémon. You smirked in amusement, lightly smacking your riding crop against your palm. 


"How adorable, Taehyung. Tell me, is what's underneath just as childish?" 

Tae shook his head vigorously. 


"I wasn't expecting such a treat today, Mistress. If I had known I was going to be rewarded like this, I would have worn something more to your liking; a lace thong, perhaps? Harness? I live to please you, Mistress." 

He bowed his head as you approached him, your movements slow and deliberate as you lifted his chin so that he looked you in the eye. His breathing was fast as he met your gaze unwaveringly, excitement tantamount. 


"That's very thoughtful of you, Taehyung. Lace would look so pretty on your beautiful skin. Though, I must admit, I'm quite excited to see you bound in a harness, with a choker around your pretty neck." 

You dropped his chin roughly and turned to Jimin, who was now noticeably hard in his underwear, his abdomen tense as he balanced on his knees. 


"What about you, Chim Chim?" You purred. Your words held a dark undercurrent, much different from your normal tone of voice. 

Jimin met your gaze with wide, innocent eyes, his duality coming out full blast as he regarded you. 


"Whatever could you mean, Mistress?" 


"Would you have shown up better-prepared if this was a sure thing?" 


"I would've worn a spiked leather collar for you if I'd known," Jimin confirmed. At your expression, he rushed to demure, "Mistress." 

You grinned in appreciation. 


"It seems my boys know what I like without asking. Wonderful." You indicated for Jimin to tilt his head back, exposing his beautifully long neck to you. "Though, to hide this pretty neck would be a crime." 

Your fingers found his carotid arteries on either side of his jaw, applying gentle but firm pressure to restrict their flow. Jimin moaned in appreciation, his jaw dropping in ecstasy as you choked him. You never overdid it, however. After only a few seconds or so, you released him, earning a disappointed whine from Jimin. 


"Have I displeased you, Mistress?" His puppy eyes pled with you, real hurt in them as he wondered why you weren't paying attention to him anymore. 


"We can't ignore V, greedy boy." You chastised him with a click of your tongue, circling behind Jimin to stand at Tae's back. 

You wove your fingers into his hair, slowly and deliberately, until you had a decent amount to grip properly. You wrenched his head back, his Adam's apple jumping as his eyelids fluttered at the sensation. 


"Such a good, obedient playmate," You cooed. Your other hand caressed V's cheek. 

Your fingertips brushed at his lips, drawing his bottom lip down in a dominating gesture. Without hesitation, V took your fingers in his mouth and sucked as hard as he could, a pent-up breath releasing from his lungs at the pleasure. 

You hummed in approval and released him, stepping away from them both. 


"Indeed, you've been so good for me tonight. I'm tempted to reward you handsomely..." You drew out your sentence in a long pause, their bated breath leaving the room in a tense silence. "Still, I haven't had the chance to truly control anyone in a while. I think you'll have to wait for your reward." 

Grabbing V's desk chair, you brought it between them to set it in front of the pair, about three or four feet away from them. You sat in it, spreading your legs wide as you leaned forward in your seat, resting your elbows on your knees. The black tie at your throat dangled between your legs as you moved. You regarded them coldly as they waited, watching you with blown-out eyes. 


"Taehyung, you look so very uncomfortable. Jimin, wouldn't you like to help him out?" 


"Of course, Mistress. What do you want me to do?" 

You flipped up your palm in a sweeping gesture, a small smile on your lips as your eyes hungrily bored into his. 


"Touch him." 

Jimin nodded and moved closer to his friend, his hands moving to palm at Taehyung's erection. V moaned loudly at the friction, his hand darting to grip Jimin's shoulder for suppert. Jimin's other hand squeezed Taehyung's waist as he stroked him, his eyes clouding over at the action. Jimin was almost as hard as V, at this point. 


"Good Mochi," You purred. "Do you want to kiss Taehyung?" 

Jimin's gaze darted to yours, asking permission. He nodded desperately, looking at Tae as though making sure it was okay. Tae was too far gone, instantly darting forward to crush his mouth to Jimin's. Taehyung moved Jimin's right hand to his stomach, pressing it into his abs and the small trail of hair leading into his underwear. Their mouths clashed aggressively and hungrily as Jimin continued to stroke V with continued urgency. 

With a satisfied hum, you sat back in your chair and snapped your fingers. Jimin pulled back from V, a thin rivulet of saliva connecting their swollen lips as they parted. Jimin stopped his ministrations and hovered back from his friend, waiting. Both of them looked at you for their next instructions. 

You stroked your chin thoughtfully, eyes raking over their hard bodies. You were incredibly aroused, the sheer feeling of power nearly enough to make you come undone right there. You tempered yourself, however, and tilted your head to one side. 


"Jimin, bed." 

He jumped up and knelt on the end of Tae's bed expectantly, his palms pressed flat against his tight thighs. 


"What to do with you," You mused. "I could do so many things. Torture you with lack of touch, blindfold you, whip you, tie you up..." 

With each added phrase, Taehyung looked like he might burst. He was so whipped for you it wasn't even funny. You reminded him of Hoseok, but prettier and sexier. 

You rose from your chair, standing near the corner of the bed. 


"Jimin, on your back." 

He fell backwards and waited. 

You squatted in front of Taehyung, your hand slipping to cup the back of his neck. Taehyung was pliant under your touch, his eyelids fluttering shut as you pressed your lips to his. He tasted of Jimin's cherry chapstick, a thought that made arousal pool in your gut. You tightened the grip on the back of his neck, your other hand coming up to his throat to squeeze there as well. Your fingernails dug into his flesh, eliciting a shrill call from V as you kissed and clawed at him. He moaned in the prettiest way. 

You bit his lip and raked your nails down his neck to his shoulders, and he had to throw his head back as he shuddered. You gripped his face in your right hand, your fingers digging into the soft skin of his face mercilessly as you forced him to look at you. 


"Taehyung. Tsk tsk tsk." You shook your head slowly. "I know you're enjoying yourself, but you really should've controlled your reactions. Now, you have to watch." 

You rose to your full height, loosening the tie that had been around your throat, and pulling it off in one fluid movement. Taehyung's eyes widened in understanding and he immediately offered you his wrists. 

With a smirk, you slowly bound his wrists with your tie, sure to fit a finger beneath it to make sure his circulation wouldn't be hindered. 


"Can you get out of it?" You asked him smoothly, and Tae struggled with it futilely for a moment before shaking his head no. 

You nodded and dragged him up onto the bed with you, indicating for him to kneel at the head of the bed. Taehyung did as he was told, resting his bound hands between his thighs as he straightened his spine in perfect posture. 

Satisfied he was going to get a perfect view, you crawled off of the bed and began to disrobe slowly and deliberately. Taehyung looked like he was about to hyperventilate as he watched every movement of your slender fingers, each button that popped as you undid your outer jacket. Jimin could be seen shaking on the bed as he fought the urge to sit up and watch you. You smirked. 


"Jimin, if you want to look at me, all you have to do is ask." 


"Please, may I watch you, Mistress?" Jimin's voice keened with need, a hike in his pitch making you bite your lip. 


"Of course, baby. Sit up, if it makes you comfortable." 

Immediately, Jimin scrambled to sit up and take in the action of you unbuttoning your white shirt, the buttons springing away from each other to reveal the flesh-toned bra beneath. It was simple, not lingerie per se, but it definitely made your girls pop nicely. You tasted blood, forcing you to release your lip from between your teeth. You settled for a smirk instead, taking in the heaving, sweat-slicked chests that winked at you in the light of Taehyung's overhead chandelier. 

Free of your shirt, you undid your belt and kicked off your loafers. Jimin was matching Taehyung for speed of breath, almost sounding like a keening puppy as he whimpered. You deliberately slid your trousers over your hips seductively, revealing your comfortable black Victoria's Secret underwear. You took these off last, finally pointing for Jimin to lie back. He waited for you eagerly. 

Lovingly, you removed his underwear and sat back on your heels as you watched his dick dance for you. He was so ready it looked fucking painful. 


"Tae, do you have condoms?" 

Wordlessly, Taehyung spun and grabbed a handful from his bedside drawer. He couldn't move very well since his hands were bound, but he tossed them on the bedspread between him and Jimin. You smiled sweetly at him and grabbed one, tearing it open with your teeth and rolling it down Jimin's length with practiced ease. Jimin looked up at you with eyes full of stars, his lips parting deliciously as you rose and moved to hover over his tip. 


"May I touch you, Mistress? What will please you?" 

As you sank down onto him without warning, a huff of air escaped his lungs in surprise. Jimin gasped and his hands flew to your hips, his fingers digging into your sides as he adjusted to how tight you were. 


"Oh--oh fuck," Jimin wheezed. 

You began to ride him relentlessly, putting your thighs to work as you moved your hips aggressively. Jimin whined in appreciation, moving to sit up a little as he leaned up to kiss you. You met him halfway, your lips attacking his and loving how they felt against yours. Jimin had what your friends from high school called "dick-sucking lips"--lips that were too fucking pretty and full to be fair. Jimin unhooked your bra and it disappeared over the side of Tae's bed, his attention now fixed on your swollen nipples. You ravaged him with abandon, throwing your head back in pleasure when Jimin's hands found your breasts. He moved away from your lips and let his tongue play with your breasts, his teeth gently biting here and there as he went. 

Taehyung could be heard enjoying the show, but you were too caught up in the feeling of Jimin to care. Jimin seemed to mirror your sentiment, his thumbs coordinating with his mouth to give you the most pleasure possible. He sucked on your left breast, letting it pop away from his lips even as he exhaled on the wet flesh, moving to repeat this on the other side. He felt so sinfully good, you actually forgot that you weren't alone for a minute. You bucked your hips as Jimin fucked you (or you fucked Jimin? It was hard to tell who was riding who anymore), your eyes clamping shut as your movements became increasingly erratic. You suddenly stilled, pinning Jimin to the bed to stop him from moving, your body a razor's edge away from orgasm. With the sudden lack of movement, you felt the familiar ripple of edging, your body begging you to either stop altogether or move. 

Once you'd ridden that high, you began to move again at your neck-breaking pace, Jimin finally sitting up fully to paw at your ass and press your chest into his. 

Rows of hard abs and tight muscles pressed against you, your arousal only increasing at this new position. Jimin fucked you with a vengeance, his lips leaving blooming marks on your collarbone wherever they traveled. Though you didn't want this to end, you could feel yourself rocketing towards finishing much faster than last time, and weren't able to stop in time. Your body tightened around Jimin like a vice, his pretty voice calling out at the sudden change in intensity. His eyes pleaded with you silently, his lips parted in a question as he looked on the verge of tears. 

With a final jolt of your hips, you grabbed either side of his face with your hands and touched your nose to his, your eyes burning with inner fire. Your voice was soft and only for him, but it retained its air of dominance as you spoke.


"Come for me, pretty little Mochi." 

That was all he needed, one more show of iron willpower. Jimin shuddered violently as he came inside of you, his dick twitching as he felt all of the repercussions. Jimin fell back onto the pillows, his breathing incredibly hard as you ground further onto him to help him ride his high. His eyes were full of clouds as he smiled dreamily up at you, his hand finding yours as he made his way back to the land of the living. 

You dismounted Jimin with a satisfied moan, his dick slipping out of you and making you shudder with the feeling of emptiness again. As Jimin moved to clean himself up, you turned to a very needy and hurting Taehyung. 


"Did you enjoy your show, V?" 

His reply was breathless. 


"Yes, Mistress!" 

You smiled slightly in approval, crawling forward to lift his hands from his dick. it was painful-looking, much more painful than Jimin's had been. You tsked softly, your eyes showing sympathy as you looked at his very impressive and girthy member. 


"Poor little baby has been neglected. Would you like me to take care of you?" 


"Only if Mistress wants to!" The tone of his voice betrayed the want behind his words, and you chuckled indulgently. 


"Of course I want to. I want my boys to be happy." You leaned closer, stroking a tear away from his cheek. "You've been so good for me, baby boy. Say the word and I'll help you." 


"Please, Mistress!" The desperation in his voice was all you needed. Though you were still quivering, you mounted Tae without another word, relishing this new sensation. You probably shouldn't have done it raw, but goddamn, it felt so good. Taehyung was a different kind of pleasure from the others. You wanted to take your time with him, feel every inch, and revel in his body. 

Tae made deep and needy noises, his bound hands pressed between your chests as you rocked back and forth slowly over his aching cock. This position perfectly allowed your clit to be hit just right as you moved, and you cupped Tae's face as you kissed him. 

Taehyung's hands touched your face as well, loving the feeling of your skin pressed against his. He couldn't even begin to describe how good you felt around his cock, so hot and tight and everything he needed. 

Jimin moved behind you and kissed down your spine, between your shoulder blades and caressing your bare skin with reverence. You moaned at this added contact, and Jimin smiled against your back as he continued. His hands drifted to squeeze Tae's thighs comfortingly. You fucked Taehyung slowly and deliberately, drawing out his pleasure as long as you could. 


"Mistress, it hurts--it's so good, you're so good, but may I please come?" The pain in his voice was evident. 

You purred against his lips and quickly slipped off of him, before turning to Jimin. 


"Use your mouth and help him finish, Mochi." 

Jimin moaned and dropped to his hands and knees, his ass in the air as he took Tae's whole length in his mouth at once. Taehyung threw his head back, groaning at the feeling of Jimin's tongue playing with his slit. 


"Alright... Come." 

At your command, Taehyung cried out, his fingers digging into the sheets as Jimin sucked him dry. You pulled Jimin's face up and teased down his bottom lip. Jimin's mouth opened automatically for you and you peeked inside; letting his mouth close again, you pet his hair.


"Oh, Mochi, you're so perfect. You both are so wonderfully good." You grabbed Taehyung and pulled him close as well, hugging them to your chest.

The three of you held each other for a moment, heaving a collective sigh.

Now that everyone had been satiated, your domme slipped back into the shadows of your mind, and you blinked blearily. 


"Everyone okay?" You confirmed. 

Jimin pulled back so that he could sit upright properly, his smile positively radiant. 


"Are you kidding? That was the best sex I've had in years." He beamed at you and caressed your face lightly. "I hope that next time, you'll permit me to lead." 

You laughed lightly. 


"Oh, so there's going to be a next time?" 


"If I have any say in the matter, yes please." Taehyung's deep voice was muffled by the skin of your breast as he pressed his face into it, enjoying the warmth of your body. 

V finally sat up, too, glancing between you and Jimin. 


"I hope we're still good, Jimin," Taehyung said. He seemed a little embarrassed now that his subspace was beginning to wane. 

Jimin smiled at him. 


"Tae, I promise, we're fine. You're still my ride-or-die." 

V let out a relieved breath, his features relaxing. You smiled to yourself before recognizing how sticky all of you were. 


"Quick shower, then snuggles?" 


"Are we both invited?" Jimin teased, eyebrows wiggling. 


"Obviously, I'm not a monster."

Your shared shower was largely uneventful, filled only with soft compliments and simple caresses. Most of your aftercare lied in the afterglow cuddles, where you were sandwiched between Taehyung and Jimin. Taehyung slowly stroked your stomach, his head resting on your chest (as was his favorite place to be), while Jimin had his arm wrapped around you and your head rested on his pec. The three of you didn't know how long you stayed like that, occasionally chatting or commenting about something that had been particularly good. 

You fell asleep sometime after midnight, exhausted, but happy and at peace.



Chapter Text

You woke up with Jimin's nose in your hair. Taehyung had left a note next to you, saying that Jungkook had texted him and they were going to be playing a video game in Kookie's room if you needed him. Glancing at Tae's clock, it was only about nine in the morning. Still, you felt strangely awake, and shifted subtly against Jimin as you tried to shake life back into your limbs. Jimin sighed dreamily and smiled down at you, his lips even more swollen than usual. 


"Hello, beautiful. You sleep okay?" He brushed your hair out of your eyes. 

You returned his smile and caught his fingers in your own, settling back into bed with him. 


"Yes I did, thanks for asking." You realized you were still very naked, as was he.

Jimin glanced down and rolled his eyes. 


"Ignore the morning wood, please. I just want to have a nice, quiet moment with you before we have to rejoin the rest of our idiots." 

You nodded, allowing yourself to relax. His hard-on dissipated and he was just sweet Chim Chim, occasionally caressing some part of you or pressing a kiss to your skin. Soon, you couldn't stop yourself and kissed his lips, earning a happy little chirp from him as he shifted and held you in his arms more comfortably. The two of you kissed for a while, just enjoying the feeling of each other's warmth and softness. 

Of course, it couldn't last. 

A hard knock on the door caused you to pull away from him in irritation, glaring at whoever was the culprit. 


"Get your asses out of bed. We're shooting soon." Yoongi's gruff voice could be heard on the other side of the door, his patience sounding incredibly thin. 

You rolled your eyes and pressed one more kiss to Jimin's lips before throwing on one of Taehyung's clean shirts (which nearly reached your knees) padding out in bare feet and hearing Jimin snickering behind you. 

You threw open the door and looked Yoongi in the eye, your expression almost as irritated as his. He took in your attire, unfazed, and scoffed. 


"Looks like someone had fun."


"No shit, Sherlock." You flipped your hair, sizing him up a little indiscreetly. "Probably had a better time than you."

Suga twisted his face in a mocking expression as he mimicked your voice, putting his hands on his hips and taking an annoyed stance like the one you currently had. You mocked him right back and headed for your room, feeling slightly smug at the loud laughter from Jin and Jimin at your impressions. 

You dressed for hiking, as Namjoon had been courteous enough to text you about today's filming. Today was to be a scavenger hunt, so you dressed in long pants and your black combat boots, with an athletic tank top and a hoodie tied around your waist. You quickly applied a generous amount of sunscreen and put on a hat, heading downstairs with the sunscreen still in hand. 


"Can you help me? I can't reach everything." 

Jin, who was closest, shrugged and squeezed a generous amount of SPF 100 to his palm. 

He applied it to your ears, nose, chin, and neck, as well as the areas of your back that you couldn't reach. For good measure, he added a little bit to your scalp where your hair was shortest and your hat didn't cover. Jin stood back, assessing his work, and thinking better of it, slathered the rest over your cheeks with a shit-eating grin. You sputtered but grinned back at him, swiping the bottle back from Jin. 


"Care to return the favor, sunshine?" 

You rolled your eyes and applied some sunscreen to his face and neck, although you didn't really think he needed it. Still, he beamed at you in response and patted the top of your head affectionately. 

Jimin came downstairs in shorts, a T-shirt, and sneakers, his jaw dropping when he saw you and Jin. 


"Bruh. You look like someone attacked you with cream cheese." 

At first, you thought he was exaggerating. But you darted to the mirror hanging near the sliding door, and Jimin was indeed correct. You started giggling uncontrollably and spun to face both of them, trying to hold back your smile in order to say your joke. 


"There's plenty here if you want a bite, Chim Chim." You winked seductively, Jin giggling at you as Jimin's ears turned a little pink. 

Jungkook and Taehyung chose that moment to come out of Kook's room, bickering about the game they'd been playing. From the end you caught, it sounded like they'd been playing Overwatch


"Who are your mains?" Your question must've caught Tae off-guard, but Jungkook didn't miss a beat.


"I move around a lot. I like to be good at all of the characters so that I can fill whatever role is needed in any particular match." He paused. "Though, recently, I've been playing Baptiste quite a bit."

Tae's eyes lit up in understanding and he bounced on his toes. 


"I do that too, but my favorites are Zarya and Genji. I love all of their designs! Do you play Overwatch?"

You smiled as Tae talked so enthusiastically, enjoying his fervor. 


"I haven't been able to play much, but Echo is the character I want to become the best at. Before she debuted, I played a lot of Brigitte. Visually, though, I think that Ashe is the most badass, other than maybe Reaper." 

Jungkook's jaw had dropped and he was gazing at you with an unfathomable expression. Tae appreciated your picks, nodding in thought. Jungkook, after blinking, smiled and spoke curtly. 


"Fuck, you're sexy." 

Jimin sputtered and eyed his friend, surprise plastered on his face. 


"Damn. Kookie pulling out the swears." Jimin checked the clock on the stove and smacked the counter. "Nonetheless, we have somewhere to be. Everyone outside." 

You followed Tae outside and assembled with the rest of Bangtan, finding yourself sandwiched between Taehyung and Jin, who offered you a cheeky smile as the producers finally were able to start the cameras. 

BTS shouted their classic intro in Korean, and you jumped with them, your expression elated as you observed them in their natural environment. 

Today, you would be going on a scavenger hunt to find the flags hidden throughout the island. They were electrically neon, so it would be really easy to spot them. Pink flags were 2 points, blue flags were five, and electric yellow flags were worth ten points. The member to find the most flags at the end of the hunt would get to choose the punishment for the lowest scorer. Members were allowed to team up, but in groups no larger than three. The producers handed out bags to everyone, small packs with a single strap that had reflective tape on it. You secured yours across your body like a purse, with the pouch on your front. 

BTS nodded in understanding as they took in the rules. You sighed and listened intently, concerned about the penalty. 

As it turned out, the winning team from last time, Team Athletic, would have a one-minute head start. You breathed out a quick huff of relief, but still eyed your group members. Jungkook was tightly coiled and ready to strike, resembling a panther waiting for its opportunity to pounce. J-Hope seemed really nervous but determined, leaning forward on his dominant foot. Jimin was hopping from foot to foot in an effort to warm up. You turned your eyes back to the starting line, following the directions of the head producer. You glanced behind you to see the line of camera people that had moved up, all with individual cameras and sound equipment. So, you'd have a shadow. You were fine with this, you knew how they were good at keeping up with their marks. 

With a determined nod at your camera woman (who gave you an encouraging thumbs-up), you gazed straight ahead and readied your stance. 

You were supposed to try to stick within visual proximity of the hiking trail, so that's where you would start. 

The starting pistol was fired and you sprinted ahead like a shot, keeping pace with Jungkook as you started to lead the pack. Jimin was behind you, J-Hope next to him. You kept your breathing in check and focused on searching the underbrush for hidden flags. By pure luck, you managed to spot a yellow one hanging on a branch above you. Without missing a beat, you leapt at it, catching it in your fingers and slipping it into your open pouch while keeping your pace. Jungkook griped behind you, and Jimin cried out in frustration. You sprinted down the path, your years of high school track finally proving themselves as you had a decently high stamina. 

Jimin found a blue flag on the opposite side of the trail, and J-Hope managed to find a couple of pink ones. You weren't worried. You kept your steady pace and your eyes peeled, finding another flag and reaching it just before Jungkook; this one was blue. 

Jimin cursed under his breath, having to slow down against his better judgement. J-Hope kept going, leaving the three of you as you slowed to a walk. 

You glanced between Jimin and Jungkook, raising your eyebrows suggestively. 


"Wanna team up?" You smiled sweetly. 

Really, you didn't want any chance of losing. Jimin looked delighted that you had asked, jogging closer to loop his arm with yours. 


"I'm all yours, beautiful." 

Jungkook rolled his eyes and shrugged. 


"Sure. Might as well." 

Jimin handed you his flag without hesitation, but Jungkook kept his. You didn't blame him. If you felt it was necessary, you were ready to split without a moment's notice. The three of you jogged down the path, listening to the sounds of the other members screeching and fighting further back the path. 

You were much more methodical this time, taking the extra care to grab even the pink flags when you saw them. Jimin handed you flags that he picked up, though you noticed that he did, in fact, keep a five-pointer in his pouch for safekeeping. Good. He wouldn't be left in last place if you left. 

Namjoon ran to catch up, his eyebrows furrowed as he stopped next to you. 


"Have you found any yet?" He panted. 

You were quick to shake your head. 


"Not at all," You lamented. "The crew must've hid them really well!"

When Namjoon groaned in despair, you winked at your camera lady with a subtle thumbs-up. Jimin kept silent, though he enjoyed your deviousness. Jungkook was still busy searching high and low, and coming up empty. J-Hope must've grabbed any from this area. 

The five of you walked further up the path to find J-Hope sitting on a felled tree, his breathing haggard and winded. He waved a few forlorn-looking flags in his hand, though it didn't look like he thought nine points were worth it. 


"Suga and Jin are teamed up," Namjoon informed you. "Tae just wandered off into the forest, so I hope he doesn't get lost." 


"Too bad all of us can't coordinate, or we'd win for sure." You sighed in 'remorse' and turned to Jungkook and Jimin. "We should keep going, yeah?" 

You blew a kiss at Namjoon as you left, which left him short-circuiting for a good five minutes. 

In that time, Jungkook, Jimin, and you found three more flags. They were all pink, but any little bit helped. Jungkook kept his flags to himself. You were too warm to want to do the math, but you were probably in the lead. 

Your team managed to find one more of each color before your camera people informed you that the game was over. The three of you made your way back in the waning heat of the evening, with your bag much more full than it had been earlier. Jimin held your hand through the underbrush, earning a small smile from you and a scowl from Jungkook. 

Commentary on this would later include "Did we miss something? Natural chemistry between Chim-Chim and the new girl~~" in Korean. 

Everyone lined up back on the patio, in order of age. Jungkook seemed downright scandalized when he noticed you were behind him in the age line. 


"Um, don't you need to be on this side?" He asked. 

You glanced where he was indicating, and you shook your head. 


"Ah, no. You're '97, and I'm '99. You're older than me, Kook." 

Oh, he definitely looked shocked at this. Jungkook blinked a few times and settled backwards into the line again, but looked like he was having trouble processing this. He had been so used to thinking of you as his noona, Jungkook felt like he'd been tricked. Though, to be fair, he had heard you muttering something about oppas, oppas everywhere when you were particularly drunk and BTS had been squished together over food. Jungkook blinked a few more times, and in post, the crew would edit in a buffering symbol over his head. 

Jin and Suga went first, claiming a total of twelve points. They'd gone down a side path and found two blue flags and a pink, though from how sweaty they were, it looked like they'd had a rough go of it. 


"That path may have been a mistake," Jin chuckled. "It was definitely much more off-road than the main trail."

His comment held a little weight, as Jin was known to be one of the strongest of the group. You and Namjoon hid giggles behind your hands at Suga's sour expression. He was pink in the cheeks and very grumpy, his voice gravelly and deep with irritation. 


"I love our crew, but you are very mean for making this episode," He huffed. He looked directly the main camera, his face dead. "You know who you are." 

Later would be added, "Poor Grandpa Yoongi" in dark blue letters. Then they cut to a wide shot showing Jin and Yoongi fist-bumping despite their low numbers, with "Hyung Teamwork!!" surrounded by hearts. 

Next up, J-Hope sighed and held up his nine points, looking rather dejected. 


"I was even ahead of the athletes for a while, but I got too tired and they passed me..." He tried to smile, but it quickly gave way to a sad pout. 

RM sighed and patted his shoulder, taking pity on his hyung's sadness. 


"Hobi-hyung, do you want to share my points with me?" 

Hoseok's eyes lit up like a child on Christmas morning, and he threw his arms around RM with a jubilant screech. 


"We're now at fourteen, so we're not in last place!" RM brandished his blue flag, proving his statement with a cute dimple-smile. 

Now at Jimin, he glanced between you and Jungkook, trying to hide a smile. Jimin stepped forward and held up his solitary blue flag, flashing his aegyo with a vengeance that would make any fangirl swoon.


"I didn't find very many, but that's okay because I have awesome friends!" He winked at the camera and stepped back in line.

Taehyung blinked, as though realizing it was his turn, and stepped forward with three flags: two yellow and a blue. His bandmates screeched in recognition, with Hobi in particular seeming to take it the worst. You just smiled. You glanced at one of the other cameras and winked, an evil undertone creeping into your expression.

Jungkook came forward with a yellow, two pinks, and a blue.


"I am very confident in what's going to happen next." He turned to Jimin and you, grinning. "I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that my team wins: Jimin, Y/N, and I."

However, when you stepped forward, you shot a knowing grin at Jimin.


"Ah, Jimin, Jungkook. I must admit, I felt really bad about this decision at first, but I don't anymore. I'm not claiming them as my team." 

You opened your secret pocket and showed the camera a considerable stack of flags. Five pinks, two blues, and three yellows. Jimin's jaw dropped when you fanned out your full stack like a hand of cards, betrayal on his features as you started to laugh at his expression. 


"Sorry, Chim Chim. Had to do it to ya." You offered your flags to the producers to authenticate, and they confirmed that the flags were in fact valid. 

The show flashed to ten minutes ago, when you and your camera person took a detour through the smaller off shooting paths and grabbed a bunch of extra flags that you didn't acknowledge to your team members. "Sneaky~~!" would be added in later, along with some fitting sound effects at your mischievous grin at the camera. You whispered to the camera (and the audience at home): I really want to win and watch the boys do something silly, so we'll keep this between us ARMYs... with an accompanying wink, shoving your extra flags into a separate pouch that the boys wouldn't see. 

You bowed nice and low for your Oscar-worthy performance, entirely too happy with yourself. Jin nodded in respect.


"Though, to be fair, you only have yourself to blame, Mochi. You've taken advantage of your cute face to make your members think you had fewer flags than you actually did, giving me the idea." You cackled at his resigned expression as he let out a saddened sigh. 

You clapped your hands together and turned to the director, still riding your victory high. 


"So, what's the penalty for our sweet Bangtan Boys?" 

Before any of them could react, the camera director sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. 


"You, as the winner, get to choose their penalty."

Your eyes widened, and suddenly seven hawt guys were swarming you and begging to be let off the hook easily. You grinned evilly, peeking between them to address the crew member in charge. 


"So, how long do I have to decide a penalty?" 

According to them, you were running out of time for this particular episode. The next filming date was in two days' time, so you could have until then. You grinned and looked straight at the camera. 


"When I see you next, ARMY, we will have a decision on the penalty for Suga and Jin--and possibly others, if I decide to be really mean. Until then, My heart goes out to my fellow ARMYs!"

You shouted the outro in your best imitation of Korean, to the chagrin of everyone else. Jimin snorted. 


"That's definitely not right." 

BTS shouted their outro this time, in perfect sync and a little dejectedly. 

The camera crew packed up, and you were left with a circle of seven around you, full of mixed reactions. 


"So, we have to treat you like a queen until you decide," Suga groused. "Fantastic." 


"Are you kidding? I was born for this!" Jin puffed up his chest, a kind and gallant expression on his face. "Milady, I am at your beck and call, day and night. You now have my phone number, so do not hesitate to call upon me, have you any need whatsoever." 

He threw in a wink for added effect, and you giggled softly. Jimin and Jungkook were still salty at you for your betrayal, but it seemed like they'd get over it soon enough. Taehyung grinned and threw his arm across your shoulders, planting a kiss on your neck at the base of your ear. 


"What awesome acting! You were calm as a cucumber, and that twist ending!" He sighed dreamily and squeezed your shoulders approvingly. "My little baby is growing up so fast." 

Jimin feigned hurt as he clutched at his chest, gazing at V with such intensity, you honestly wondered how they'd never fucked before.


"I thought I was your baby," Jimin whined. 

Tae offered his cutest boxy grin before taking Jimin's hand and solemnly meeting his eyes. 


"You've been replaced." 

Jungkook hissed, eyes wide. 


"OOoooo, burned!" 

Jimin giggled and fist-bumped Tae, sharing a wink before you started working your way indoors. You seriously needed a shower, and considering the smell now that you were in closer quarters with the boys, it was pretty clear that they needed them, as well. The hyungs chattered amongst themselves, with the maknae line hovering around you as you crossed the threshold into the villa. 

You slipped from Tae's grasp and all but sprinted upstairs, needing to rid yourself of sunscreen, sweat, and the outdoors. You showered very thoroughly, scrubbing yourself from head to toe in order to remove all evidence of your activities of the day. By the time you stepped out, you were pink from the steam and from the rigorous cleaning. You didn't bother to dry your hair, but focused on applying face lotion and treating the bug bites you found on your arms. When you stepped into your bedroom wrapped in a towel, you were a little surprised to see Jin of all people sitting at your desk. 

You cleared your throat and he swiveled in your chair, an embarrassed smile on his face. He was already clean, so he must've come in fairly recently. 


"This isn't what it looks like," Jin rushed, his ears becoming hot as you continued to hold his gaze pointedly. "I actually... wanted to talk to you about something." 

You grabbed your robe from the bathroom door hook and put it on over your towel, slipping the towel from beneath it and laying it on your bed. You sat on the end corner near Jin, concern entering your features at his uncomfortable expression and stiff posture. 


"What's wrong?" 

He sighed and wrung his hands, trying to choose his words carefully.


"Normally I would've talked to V about this, but I think he's a little too close to the issue to not get caught up in it." 

You waited for him to continue, your concern deepening. He leaned forward to support his weight on his knees with elbows resting on his legs.


"I'm worried about Jimin." He seemed emboldened by your interest, and decided to keep going. "Jimin has always been too hard on himself, seeking perfection and somehow being his worst critic. I'm afraid that he's pushing himself too hard." 


"What do you mean? You guys don't have any concerts to practice for, you're on hiatus right now." 


"Exactly. He should be taking a break, but he isn't. I expect to see Jungkook in the gym with me, but Jimin has been practicing some of our routines much more religiously lately. I think he's going to hurt himself." 

You pursed your lips, steepling your fingers as you absorbed this information. After a thoughtful pause: 


"So, why don't you think Taehyung should know this? Jimin is his best friend, and they're the closest in age. What can I bring to the conversation that he can't?"

Jin was hesitant now, his expression betraying his discomfort at your question. 


"I don't want to betray Jimin's confidence, but--he's head over heels for you. I think he might actually listen if it came from you." 

You blinked in surprise, your confusion etched on your face. 


"Wh--but what about Hobi? Jimin's really close with him, too. They're roommates, for God's sake. Or even Jungkook!" You bit your lip, insecurity seeping into your voice. "Jimin has known all of you much longer than I have. Hell, I met you this week. What can I possibly have to say that will make a difference if none of you can?" 

Jin sighed and leaned back a little, making an I don't know gesture with his hands. 


"I just have a gut feeling, you know? We're like his brothers. He loves us, but that doesn't mean he'll be 100% willing to listen to us. But... You're a fan. I think if it came from you, Jimin might actually stop and think about it more carefully." 

You didn't seem convinced, so Jin spread his hands in defeat. 


"It's up to you. But it's just something to think about. Please." 

Your fingers dug into your bathrobe, anxiety gnawing at your stomach. Though you didn't see how it would help, you definitely didn't want Jimin to get hurt. With a resigned sigh, you nodded in agreement. 


"I'll talk to him about it." 

Jin let out a soft cry of relief, letting his head fall into his hands. 


"Thank you." He took a few moments to steady his breathing before he lifted his head again, meeting your eyes with a grateful smile. "I'll make sure Kookie and I go for a run instead of going to the gym. You should be able to catch him there now, actually." 

You nodded and rose from the edge of your bed, Jin rising with you. He threw his arms around you in a tight hug, caressing the back of your head with all the emotion of a thankful big brother, worried about his younger brother. Jin left your room with one more smile before gently shutting your door behind him. 

You hoped you were about to do the right thing. 



Chapter Text

You quickly got dressed and headed downstairs into the basement, seeking out the leader of the maknae line. Jimin was in the back room, sweating like a dog as he focused on his choreography. Now that you knew you should be worried, you could see some of the warning signs. 

Jimin's eyes looked darker than they should have, puffier, with his normally healthy cheeks looking hollowed and thin. He flowed through the dance with perfect precision, ending with a flair and stopping on his right foot. His breathing was heavy as you slowly followed him inside, afraid you might startle him. He didn't notice you until you were almost on top of him. 

Jimin looked up at you finally, exhausted. He collapsed onto the hardwood without a word, just breathing loudly as you sat down beside him. 


"Are you okay?" You gently ventured. 

Jimin waved you off nonchalantly. 


"I'm not too broken up about your betrayal, if that's what you mean," Jimin explained. "If anything, it just makes me more determined to woo you and win your affections."

He shot you a heartbreaking smile, but it didn't reach his eyes. You sighed softly and wiped a bead of sweat from his cheek, your face sad as you recognized everything Jin had warned about. The more you thought about it, the more obvious it became. Jimin had been pushing himself more than usual, and it was showing more with every coming day. 

It certainly explained why he hadn't been able to keep up with Jungkook that day on the beach. 


"Jimin... I'm worried about you." 


"Oh, are you now? As much as I relish the attention, what's prompted this sudden change of heart?" He winked at you playfully. "You weren't very worried about me today when you betrayed Kookie and I at the flag counting." 


"You're not yourself, lately, Mochi." 

His smile faded. 

"I think you've been pushing yourself too hard." 

Just like that, his smile was gone. Jimin's head fell back onto the hardwood, his eyes becoming distant. 

"Jimin, please look at me." 

He didn't, and it hurt you deeper than you wanted to admit. 

"You know you're always way harder on yourself than you need to be--"


"I'm not hard enough. I'm still making mistakes."

You let your hand fall to the floor, fingers curling into a weak fist. Tears stung and threatened your eyes, forcing you to take a few breaths as he refused to believe you.


"You know... I... used to be like you. Always destroying my own self esteem, thinking I was never enough." You tugged the hem of your shorts further up your thigh, showcasing your scars for him to see. 

Jimin's heart looked like it broke as he took them in. You rolled it back down and showed the other leg, with older and more crudely made cuts. 

"You know, you were the reason that I pulled myself out of it." 

Jimin sat upright, pain on his face as he let his fingertips ghost over your puckered skin. 

"It's probably a stupid story, honestly. You were in a recorded Live, one I hadn't been able to watch when you made it because of the time difference. But, it felt like you were looking right at me. And you said, 'I don't want any of you to feel sad or not take care of yourselves. So, please, be healthy for me. Take care of yourself. Eat well, eat often, and take care of your body. It's the only one you have, and I can't stand the thought of any of you hurting.'

It was dumb, especially since my parents had tried to tell me to take care of myself, too. I'd never been able to take their words to heart, and yet, when you said it, my heart melted--and I suddenly had to get better. You were so sincere, and the thought of making you cry was more painful than anything else I'd felt in a long time. 

So, I worked harder than I had before. I went to therapy, I started running again, and I looked at myself from a new perspective. You helped me be okay.

I tell you this because I need you to understand--I'm not saying this just to make you feel bad about practicing. I'm saying this because I see in you some of the same self-destructive thinking and habits that got me into that mess in the first place. The last thing I want is to see you get hurt. You drive all of your fans to distraction with worry, you know. We love you so much, and yet you're always so much harder on yourself than we could ever be..." 

Jimin pulled you into him for a hug, lifting you so that you could sit on his lap while he held you. Tears flitted down your face against your will. 


"It's not stupid." Jimin gently rubbed your back as tears spilled down your face without your permission. "I promise I'll slow down. Please don't cry. I promise." 

You crumpled his T-shirt in your fists, feeling a rush of emotion hit you all at once. You cried with him there for what felt like hours, but could have only been a few minutes. Once the tears couldn't come anymore, you continued to hold him, not wanting to let go of your Mochi. 

In fact, you were still hugging him when you felt it. 

(If you have a vagina, my dear audience, you know exactly what I'm talking about.) 

That first... rush

You winced and pulled back, suddenly very aware of all of your anatomy. Jimin didn't seem to process what was wrong. So, in an effort to save face, you patted his shoulder and tried to get up. You certainly didn't want to bleed all over a pop star. 

Jimin, however, didn't seem too keen at the idea. He tried to pull you back onto his lap, but since he was tired, you were able to slip out of his grasp successfully. 


"Jimin, as much as I want to extend this moment, I really need the bathroom." You started to head out of the room even as you said this.

He blinked, but after a moment to process, he shrugged and followed you. Fuck. 

You practically raced up the stairs to your room, frantically searching for your stash. By the time you emerged triumphant, both Jin and Jimin were standing outside of your bedroom, sharing the hallway. You shut yourself inside of your bathroom, hoping beyond hope that they'd get distracted and go downstairs to find the others. You cleaned yourself up, switched underwear, and put on some dark leggings. Everything clicked into place as to why you'd been so emotional and irritable lately; it was almost your time. 

Feeling considerably better but now feeling the pangs of a headache, you left your bathroom and found yourself smacking into someone on the way out of your bedroom. Fuck. They hadn't left yet. 

Jimin's eyes widened with concern when he noticed your pained grimace. 


"Y/N, are you alright?"

You winced and waved him off, your hand involuntarily flying to your abdomen (as though pressure would help the feeling of hot knives. Yeah, no).

Jin steadied you, wearing an identical expression of worry. Jin checked your temperature, his frown deepening as you blinked and struggled with what lie to tell them. You were very feminist and fucking ready to take on sexism any day, but there were some things you wanted to keep secret from these international superstars. You plastered a smile on your face and waved at them as though it was nothing. 


"I'm fine, guys. I've just got a pounding headache." 


"Come on, I'll make you some herbal green tea." Jin wrapped his arm around your shoulders protectively and steered you towards the stairs, your headache only pounding harder. 

You really wanted to escape, but with two Korean idols flanking you and now watching your every move, your chances of doing so had dwindled considerably. You internally cursed as they all but dragged you down the stairs with them, earning concerned glances from Namjoon and Taehyung from the living room. 

Jin sat you down on a kitchen bar stool, with Jimin fussing over you at your side. Although you appreciated the care and thought behind their actions, you kind of wanted to just be alone to wallow in your misery. Namjoon must've picked up on your prickly pear vibe, because he was soon inspecting you as well. He placed the back of his hand against your cheeks and forehead, his eyebrows furrowing as he watched your expression carefully. 

You, unfortunately, had to deal with a particularly vicious cramp at that exact moment, and couldn't control the wince you made. You doubled over a little, clutching your abdomen as though you'd been kicked in the stomach. 


"What did you say was wrong with her?" Namjoon offhandedly asked Jin, his gaze never leaving you. 

Jin hummed and finished stirring your tea, gliding over to place it in front of you. 


"She said she had a horrible headache, but I think it's something else. She looked positively pale upstairs--!" 

Namjoon raised his palm to silence Jin, his expression grim and realization dawning on him. He recognized some things about your reactions, and it made him want to grimace in sympathy. Namjoon tilted your chin up so that you would look at him, his smile sympathetic. 


"Y/N... Are you on birth control?" 

You uttered a humorless laugh. 


"Wouldn't ya know it? Doc prescribed it to make this shit easier... I think I need a stronger dose again." You sucked in a deep breath as a particularly rusty fork stabbed you in the gut, your eyes clamping shut with the force of it. 

Namjoon tsked softly and lifted you into his arms without a word, carrying you over to the couch. Jin grabbed your tea and followed, crowing a little at his 'hard work' being ignored. 


"Does nobody understand the artistic vision required to make the perfect cup of tea?" Jin complained. 

Namjoon rolled his eyes and rested his hands on his hips, glaring at Jin. 


"Jin, for once in your life, shut up." 

Taehyung seemed to finally notice that you were in pain (before he'd been engrossed in his Switch version of the Legend of Zelda) and came over to kneel at your side. Namjoon huffed and glanced at you before explaining himself. 


"Y/N is a girl. Every month, girls go through something that makes them irritable and experience great pain." He stared expectantly at Jin and Jimin. 

Tae's face lit up and he pouted at you as he took your hand in his. 


"Aww, Y/N! I'm so sorry. That must really suck." 

Jin blinked a few times, and Jimin looked like he'd spaced out. Namjoon launched into fast Korean, his irritation mounting by the second. Finally, recognition dawned on both of their faces at the same time, followed by embarrassed wincing. Namjoon muttered curses and shook his head in disbelief, looking like he wanted to smack both of them. 

You sighed and offered a weak smile to Namjoon. 


"Right. Forgot you have a sister." You weakly gave him a thumbs-up, before groaning and clutching your stomach again.

Tae whimpered and squeezed your hand, looking liked a kicked puppy. 


"Is there anything we can do to help you feel better, Y/N?" Tae looked like he would've tried to jump the moon if it would help.

You squeezed his fingers back, feeling apologetic. 


"Unfortunately, I don't think there's anything you can do. Thanks for asking, though." You let your head fall back onto the couch pillows, trying to breathe through a particularly rough cramp.

Namjoon suddenly snapped his fingers and rushed into the kitchen, rifling through the cupboards until he found a water bottle that was microwavable. He filled it with water and microwaved it a few times until it was warm, but not hot enough to burn you. He wrapped it in a soft towel and came back into the living room to gently place it against your skin. 

Namjoon flashed a dimple at you when a satisfied sigh escaped your chest, your eyelids drifting closed at the welcome heat. Tae grinned at Namjoon with pride. 


"Ahh, Hyung, you're so smart and thoughtful!" Tae patted Namjoon's shoulder. 


"Is nobody going to acknowledge the tea!" Jin huffed and grabbed your mug, sipping from it himself in irritation. 


"Actually, peppermint tea would be much better, if you could, Jin." 

Since Jin started to sputter in indignation, Jimin silently went to work instead. Feeling substantially snubbed, Jin grated out a quick good night and slammed his bedroom door behind him. You snickered softly to yourself in response. 


"Something you'd like to share with the class, little lamb?" Namjoon's voice was soft as he knelt near Taehyung, their elbows touching. 

You grinned at him, enjoying your inside joke. 


"I just had a thought--from the sound of it, it must be Jin's time of the month, too." You snickered softly and felt your cheeks flush at how mean it was. "Sorry, it just--"

Tae offered a short chuckle, patting your entwined hands with his free one. 


"You'd be surprised." 

Namjoon rolled his eyes but couldn't hide his smile. Jimin strode over to hand you a steaming mug of peppermint tea, with plenty of honey and a splash of milk. You took it gratefully and sipped at it, enjoying the menthol aroma. 


"Mmm. Just how I like it. Thank you, Jimin." 

He preened under the praise, feeling particularly appreciated after Jin's exit. You groaned and twisted onto your side, curling into a ball as you were rocked once more with an unpleasant uterine seizure.

The three guys around you all simultaneously agreed that this was getting you nowhere, so they helped you sit up properly. Namjoon, being the largest, slid onto the couch immediately behind you, his thighs supporting you as Jimin and Tae each flanked your body as they gently settled you back against Namjoon's chest. Taehyung snuggled up into your side, stuffing pillows behind him and Jimin so that they could properly cuddle you. 

Namjoon's steady breathing behind you was very comforting, as was the feeling of Tae's hands gently massaging your abdomen as he tried to ease the ache. Jimin twined his fingers with yours. 

You were vaguely aware of Jimin's light snoring before you, too, succumbed to the warmth and fell asleep ensconced between three of the people you loved most. 


"I hope she feels better soon," Taehyung murmured. He brushed a strand of your hair away from your eyes, his face soft. 

Namjoon sighed, careful that he didn't jostle you with the movement. 


"I hope so, too, Tae." 


"What do you think she'll make Jin-hyung and Suga-hyung do for their penalty?" 

Namjoon smiled softly into your hair, pressing a kiss to your head. 


"I don't know. She talks big and has a rough bark, but deep down, she's very soft and kind. I think she'll make them do something silly, that they mildly dislike, but she won't be cruel." 

Tae nodded thoughtfully, taking the time to properly look at your face. 

Though you didn't particularly think so most of the time, Taehyung thought you were breathtaking. He loved everything about your features; from your eyes to the shape of your nose to the curve of your lips and how they led to your shapely chin. He didn't think perfection existed, until he met you. 

Namjoon thought likewise. He thought you were wonderful. Beautiful, yes, but also funny and smart and so different from everything that he'd been exposed to. He suspected that part of his overprotectiveness towards you was that you had moments where you reminded him of his little sister. And yet, you were so perfectly unique, that he couldn't understand why he thought that way at all. In any case, he knew he was absolutely doomed and would probably lose you to Jimin or Jungkook. That didn't really matter to him now, though. Now, he wanted to enjoy the feeling of you pressed into his chest, so perfectly comfortable with him that you could sleep in his warmth. 

He wanted to enjoy every moment that he had with you, for they were very precious to him. 

Namjoon blinked. 

Both of his friends had fallen asleep, Jimin on Namjoon's shoulder and Taehyung pressed into you. It was very late. Namjoon reached for the remote and dimmed the lights to the point of near-darkness, giving himself time to adjust. He took one more long breath, enjoying your scent and feel, before letting his head fall back as he, too, pursued sleep. 



Chapter Text

"I am seriously wounded that nobody invited me to this cuddle puddle," Jungkook complained. 

You opened your eyes to find your face buried in Namjoon's shirt, your arms thrown haphazardly around Jimin and Taehyung in equal measure. You straddled Namjoon as you held all three of them close to you, and you felt embarrassment rise in your chest as you tried to move--and succeeded only in falling backwards towards the floor. 

Jungkook caught you easily, smiling brightly down at you as he dragged you upright into a standing position by your armpits. You swayed on your feet a little, so he stood behind you as you steadied yourself. Namjoon yawned a big tiger yawn and blinked as he realized his human blanket was no longer cuddling him. He seemed irritated by the fact that Jimin's face was now at crotch-level, so he shoved his friend away from him with a low grunt. 


"It was impromptu," You defended. 

You remembered the reason for said cuddle puddle and made for the stairs, feeling the ache deep in your core. Jungkook shrugged and went about making breakfast with a cheerful (if teasing) attitude. 

When you came back downstairs all refreshed and changed, the four boys were all enjoying breakfast at the kitchen island. Jin was, curiously, still nowhere to be seen; neither were Hoseok or Yoongi. You smirked at this knowledge, thinking that maybe Yoongi had finally gotten laid. Jin was probably still sulking, maybe in the gym downstairs or something to force everyone else to fend for themselves. 

Nonetheless, you helped Jungkook finish up breakfast with a song on your tongue. Ever the cheeky lad, he stole a kiss from you and took the moment to give your butt a playful squeeze. 

You smacked him away from you, sticking out your tongue as he giggled to himself at his clever ploy. Namjoon raised an eyebrow at Jungkook, his expression dry. Jungkook must've caught on to the somber mood at the island, as his grin faltered. 


"Am I... missing something?"

Jimin's shoulders jumped up a little, as though he were being yelled at. You rolled your eyes and put your plate down across from Joon's. 


"Jimin got a fangirl's scolding last night because he was working too hard." 

Jungkook let out a short laugh after a beat, amused.


"Ahh... I told ya it'd catch up to you, Diminie." Jungkook laughed again, loving his hyung's sullen expression. "What did you threaten him with to make him listen to you?" 

You silently ate, refusing to answer. Jimin was now substantially pink, and he tried to hide it behind his glass of milk as he drank from it. 

"What, no sex if he practices too much?" 

Jimin choked on his breakfast, too pink for words as his embarrassment transformed into rage. 


"Kook! You--are an--asshole!" Jimin sounded like he was about to hack up a lung. 

Namjoon smacked Jungkook on the head, his irritation with the maknae high, as well. 


"I can't believe you'd talk about her like that when Y/N is literally right here," Namjoon growled. "If you don't watch yourself, I'll break your Switch, little bunny." 

Jungkook's shit-eating grin quickly disappeared as a deathly pallor overtook his face. Knowing he had Jungkook right where he wanted him, Namjoon jerked his chin in your direction. 

"Apologize to Y/N. Now." 

Jungkook immediately spun to face you, taking your hands in his as he bowed his head. 


"I'm sorry, noona. I didn't mean anything by it." 

You snorted, rolling your eyes. 


"Jungkook, how many times do I have to tell you that you're older than me...?" 

Both Jimin and Namjoon seemed surprised by this information, leading Tae to sigh irritably. 


"Am I the only person who read everything in our briefing packet?" He cursed in Korean, throwing his hands up in surrender. 

Namjoon offered you an apologetic smile. 


"It felt... wrong... to read more than your name. I wanted to get to know you on my own." 

Jimin shrugged, glancing down the line at his friends. 


"I never got my briefing packet. I suspect sabotage." He sent a pointed look at Jungkook, who was hiding beneath his bangs. 

You made a noncommittal noise in your throat and cleared away your breakfast dishes, scrubbing them in the sink even as someone rested their head between your shoulders. You finished your cutlery and dried your hands, waiting for them to speak. 


"I really am sorry. The last thing I'd ever want to do is hurt you." Jungkook sighed softly and let his hands come up to gently rest at your waist. "Pleasing you is so much more fun, anyways." 

You let out another unladylike snort and turned to face him. Jungkook now hovered away from you, oozing kicked puppy energy. 


"I don't care, Kookie. If Jimin hadn't listened to my sob story on his own, I would've made sex my second incentive." You gave him a weak smile, patting his arm as you moved around him to leave the kitchen. 

He caught you before you could make a complete escape, however. Jungkook's breath ghosted over your skin as he teased you, his touch soft and enticing as he gave you bedroom eyes. 


"Maybe so. But I really want to apologize. You can do anything you want to me, if you'd like to punish me..." 

You held back a snicker, trying to keep a straight face. 


"Can I store that statement for later?" Your smile was teasing, which was a little less of a reaction than Jungkook had been hoping for. 


"Um... No?" 


"Aww. Why does there have to be a time limit on something like that." You tsked and moved to leave, Jungkook's frustration mounting as he caught you again. 


"Wh--are you mad at me, noona? Do you not want me? Is my body not enough...?" His seductive purr only reminded you of the dull pain in your core, and you winced. 


"Kookie, that's not it--" 

You heard a soft laugh from behind you and were made aware of Namjoon's tall shape gently extricating you from Jungkook's grasp. Namjoon spoke in rapid-fire Korean, his grin not disappearing once as he explained your situation--and Jungkook's color drained from his face. He glanced quickly between you and Joon, and smacked his forehead in realization. 


"Ahh--So that's why--ahh." Jungkook sighed and shook his head. "Sorry, noona. My mistake." 

Jungkook swiftly left the room, with Namjoon shouting at his back. 


"She's not even your noona! She's not--! Ah, forget it." He waved it off and slipped his hand in yours, squeezing lightly. "Are you feeling any better today?" 


"A little, though goddamn--" You grimaced and glanced at Jungkook's door. "He wasn't making it easy on me. Sex is the last thing I want to think about right now." 

Namjoon chuckled lightly, an adorable sound that you could never get enough of. 


"Wasn't even on my mind. I actually thought we could go down to the gym and get some exercise. The increased blood flow and endorphins from exercise can--"


"Yeah, yeah, they help with periods." At his curious expression, you laughed. "Joonie, I've been living with this shit every month for the last nine years of my life. You're not the only one who's done their research."

You gently patted his cheek and began to move upstairs.

"I hate exercise, but I'll do it with you if it'll make you happy. Be down in ten."

Namjoon's dimple broke again, causing your heart to flutter. Yeah, it was worth it. 


Capri leggings, a sports bra and athletic tank top, and sneakers. You'd put your hair up into a tiny bun on top of your head and were now jogging down two flights of stairs to meet the fourth-oldest boy in the house. Namjoon smiled at you and clicked a button on a remote, hard and fast metal blasting over the speakers in another language. 

Unfortunately for you, Namjoon had chosen basketball shorts and a muscle tank that showcased his beautiful ribs, shoulders, and arms. You wanted to fucking drool, but you managed to keep it to yourself. It was a good thing that you'd opted for a tampon this time around, because Namjoon worked you surprisingly hard. 

He made you do a quick mile on the treadmill and another mile on the bike. In between, he made you do rope pull-ups, stair-steps, and battle ropes. By the time you were permitted a break, your skin was flushed a dark pink and dripping with sweat. You rested your weight with your hands above your knees, struggling to regulate your breathing.


"Heads up." 

Namjoon tossed you a water bottle, which you gratefully emptied in seconds. His eyebrows shot up, impressed. 

"Y/N... that's 30 ounces." 

You wiped the corner of your mouth with the back of your hand, panting as you waited for him to continue. 



He shrugged and sipped on his water, keeping his thoughts to himself. After a ten-minute break, Namjoon got you working on kettle bells and farmers' carries. He spotted you for back squats and helped you with bench presses. You were working out for so long that eventually you spotted Jin slinking in to start using the lat machine. Jungkook showed up at one point, just as you and Namjoon were finishing up with stretches and lunges. 

Though you felt like you might collapse from exhaustion, your limbs shaky and flushed, you felt surprisingly okay. Your cramps had magically dissipated into nothing more than a dull hum, and your breath was much more even. Namjoon gave Jungkook the remote to the sound system and grinned at you as he tossed you a white towel.


"I'm so proud of you, Y/N. You were a beast out there today." 

You fist-bumped Namjoon and he pulled you into a hug, patting your back proudly. After returning his hug, you sighed and pulled back. 


"Ugh. I need a shower." You made for the stairs, Namjoon at your side. 


"Am I invited?" He stuck his tongue out at you playfully, and you elbowed him in the ribs. 


"Joon, I am so disgusting right now--"


"Yeah, so am I. Anyways, you look so cute like this." He flashed you dimple as you climbed the stairs together. "With your face pink and your eyes so bright, you're positively adorable." 

You scoffed, rolling your eyes as you crossed the threshold of the main floor. 


"Baby boy, you may know everything there is to know about periods, but it's a whole different ballgame when you have to come face-to-face with that kind of blood." 

Namjoon shrugged, though you did notice he seemed a little less sure. 

"And besides, as much as I want to see that hot naked bod, I can wait. We have time, Joon. It's fine."

Finally, he seemed to agree. Namjoon kissed your cheek and went to shower in his own room. After shutting your door behind you, you let out a quick breath of relief. You peeled off your sweaty clothing and high-tailed it to your bathroom, taking out the tampon with a satisfied wince. Your uterus protested the movement, but relaxed a little once the intrusion was gone. You stepped into the shower and enjoyed your half-hour of alone time and peace, taking the time to carefully scrub the sweat from every inch of your body. 

Your mind wandered to Jin and Suga, wondering what you should do to punish them--without being a complete asshole. With Jin, you could probably make him eat something he didn't like. Suga, maybe make him dance a rough choreography...? You were still unsure what would make both of them uncomfortable. You hoped you could think of something by Monday...

You stepped out of the shower when you were sufficiently wrinkly, a lot on your mind. You enveloped yourself in the plush white robe provided in the house, which was much fluffier than the light blue one you'd brought with you. Slipping on some house shoes, you applied some face moisturizer and some stretch-mark lotion on your stomach and legs. When you were nicely greased up with lotion, you opened the bathroom door and turned on the fan as you left it. 

You were only mildly surprised to see Jin sprawled across your bedspread, in a silk black robe of his own. His bedroom eyes surprised you more than anything else. You snorted and crossed your arms, raising an eyebrow at the oldest band member. 


"Jin, what are you doing?" 


"What, I'm not allowed to try to bribe you so that you'll give me a lighter sentence?" Jin giggled, breaking the spell his previous expression had cast.

You rolled your eyes and sat down on the bed, facing him. 


"I was expecting you to butter me up with food." 


"I can do that, too. But I was hoping you'd allow me to seduce you."

His lightheartedness made his comment seem like the most natural response in the world. You still laughed, though. 


"Jin, you know I'm bleeding. It's not gonna be pleasant for either of us if you try to do it now."

He seemed offended. 


"I've lived with the God of Destruction for so long that I hardly remember a time that he wasn't around. Blood doesn't phase me anymore." 

You laughed, disbelief painting your features. 


"Jin, you're a scaredy-cat. You freak out pretty easily. Don't even come at me with that." 


"Don't you want to let me try?" 

You bit your lip, watching as Jin sat up on his knees and undid the tie on his robe, letting his shoulders slide free from the slinky black cloth. Muscle rippled over his frame, which was much more built than you'd anticipated. You were very, very close to caving, but you definitely didn't want him to know that. 

Suddenly remembering that you were, in fact, wearing white, you got up off of your bed and rifled through your things to find some black underwear. Jin could be heard shuffling around to face you. 

"I'm feeling distinctly unappreciated and unattractive right now," Jin pouted. 

When you turned to face him again, he was fully naked. You blinked, actually surprised. Jin definitely was pure muscle, very wiry and from the looks of it, very strong. He looked like he didn't have a single ounce of weight that wasn't purely functional. Jin dropped to his hands and knees, arching his back so that he could face you and look into your eyes. 

"Will you let me make you feel better?" 

You threw your head back and groaned in irritation at yourself and the quivering between your legs. You really didn't want sex right now, but maybe he could understand that...


"Jin..." You sighed and met his eyes, taking on a more commanding and low tone. "No penetration of any kind. I am very much in pain." 

Okay, maybe very much in pain was a bit of an exaggeration, but you were annoyed. You were horny, but you didn't want to be touched in your pants. Whatever, you'd have to roll with it. 

Jin nodded easily, leaning back on his haunches to give you room to lay down next to him. He straddled you, his lips immediately ghosting over your own as he slowly untied the rope at your waist. Jin lavished attention on your mouth, his soft lips paying homage to the girl he wanted. 

He gently opened your robe and played with your breasts expertly, letting his thumbs do most of the work. You hummed softly, and Jin responded in kind, taking it as praise to his ability to kiss. Jin trailed kisses away from your mouth to your jaw, below your ear, and down your neck until he was past your collarbone. Jin sucked a dark hickey on the lower half of your right breast, earning a deep, guttural sound from your diaphragm. 

"Harder," You urged. 

Jin happily complied, leaving a trail of hickies across your right breast. You buried your fingers in his soft hair, your nails clawing at his scalp as he kissed across your sternum to pay attention to your left breast. You spread your legs for him to nestle closer to you, his strong thighs pressing into yours. 

Jin kissed you for longer than you thought possible. In fact, you lost track of time so much that you were startled when your stomach growled. Jin laughed against your stomach and smiled up at you, gently squeezing your waist as he sat up. 

"Who's cooking dinner, since you're here?" 


"I have delegated my Chef duties to Min Yoongi and Jung Hoseok," Jin proudly stated. "They're more than capable. In fact, they should be finishing up soon--"

A knock at your door confirmed this. Jin hopped up limberly and threw on his robe as you closed yours and answered your door. 

Taehyung grinned his boxy grin at you from the hallway. 


"Hope-hyung and Suga-hyung say dinner is ready. Are you feeling any better, Y/N?" 


"Yeah, I'm feeling better. Thanks for asking." You offered him a soft smile. "I'll be down soon, let me get dressed and I'll come sit with you." 

He giggled and bounced on his toes, satisfied. You could hear him bounding down the hall as you shut your door behind him. 


"You heard the boy. Time to get moving." You clapped your hands, mischief glinting in your eyes as you moved to your closet. 


"My dear, am I being kicked out so soon?" 


"Yes, because I'm hungry. Although, it would be rude of you to leave without one more goodbye kiss." 


"Let the record show that Kim Seokjin is never, ever rude--least of all to a lady such as you." 

He sweetly kissed your lips, his hands caressing the back of your skull as he held you close to him. After a breathless moment, you pulled back with a satisfied flush to your cheeks. 


"Okay, you may go." 

Jin caught the joke in your voice, and dramatically swept into a low bow as he backed away from you. 


"It's been a pleasure, milady." He shot you a wink and shut your door quietly, ever a gentleman. 

You'd given up on any pretenses of normalcy, so you felt perfectly comfortable opting for soft jogger sweatpants and a baggy T-shirt that fell just over your butt in loose curves. You were ready to be cuddled, and since you never wanted to assume, you grabbed your stuffed Catbug from your things and went downstairs to eat. 



Taehyung squealed when he saw the round animal cradled in your arms, jumping up to get a closer look at it. He cooed in appreciation, loving how soft it was and his cute lil face. You smiled back at him and ruffled Tae's long curls in response, loving his sweet nature. Namjoon had gotten up off the couch to look at it, too, trying to hide his interest. You vaguely remembered that he had a soft spot for cute things. 


"This is Catbug," You informed them, "He's from the cartoon Bravest Warriors and he is my soulmate. He is all I'll ever need, end of story. I love him." 

You offered a beaming smile and squeezed Catbug for emphasis, earning identical expressions of adoration from Namjoon and Taehyung. 


"Can I hug him?" Tae asked, his eyes wide as saucers. 

You grinned and offered it to him, who hugged it sweetly and snuggled his face into Catbug's fur. He hummed happily, his eyelids fluttering closed before he opened them again and handed Catbug back to you. At Namjoon's curious expression, Tae shrugged. 


"What? It smells like Y/N." 

Namjoon giggled softly and pressed a kiss to your forehead. 


"And we all know she smells the best." 

Tae nodded enthusiastically, smiling his boxy smile as his gaze darted between you and Namjoon. 


"C'mon, Y/N, I saved you a good seat on the couch next to me!" 

You fell onto the couch, and Tae was quick to snuggle up into your side. Namjoon looked a little irritated that there wasn't any room on your other side (as that's where the arm of the couch was) so he sat down at your feet, instead. Jimin was talking with J-Hope as they raced on the TV, playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Suga was in the kitchen still, serving up plates for those who wanted them. Jungkook grabbed two of the filled ones and started passing them out, first to Namjoon and you, and on down the line of people. Jin waltzed in a little later, in loose harem pants and a T-shirt. He sat down on the floor next to J-Hope, looking like the cat that got the cream. 

Jungkook was the first to question this, grinning suspiciously.


"Fuck, Jin. Did Namjoon finally suck your dick or something?" 

Jin shot the maknae a glare, his expression immediately souring. 


"Not all of us have to get off all the time, Jeon Jungkook. Some of us enjoy serving others more than anything else."

With all the prim propriety of a mother hen, Jin settled back into his seat next to Hoseok without another word. Jungkook's eyes shot around the circle, trying to figure out just who Jin had 'serviced'.

Coming up empty, Jungkook shrugged and passed Jin a plate before sitting down on the couch next to Tae. V cuddled closer to you, burying his face in the crook of your neck. He kissed your skin breezily, the most natural thing ever, as he twined his fingers with yours. 

You giggled, squeezing his hand before trying to pull away. 


"Tae, I'm hungry! I have to eat!" 

He pouted, but released your hand from his grasp. You snarfed down some delicious Korean food that you didn't know the name of, but enjoyed nonetheless. As soon as you were done, Taehyung tangled his fingers with yours once again, even taking your plate from you and setting it down on the floor next to Namjoon. You watched Jimin and J-Hope race each other for the duration of one full cup, before Jungkook insisted that others play as well--since it was his Switch. 

You, Jungkook, Jin, and Taehyung all took up controllers and readied yourselves for the next race. You quickly snatched up King Boo from the character lineup, making Tae pout a little in response. Jungkook chose Bowser, Jin chose Peach, and Tae finally settled on a yellow Yoshi. 

Depending on the course, you completely wiped the floor with them. Rainbow Road gave you some trouble, nearly toppling your crown, but a strong finish in the Water Park track left you victorious. You stood up and rose your controller above your head in a victory dance, a frustrated chorus of groans rising from the players. Jungkook had been riding your tail in every single race, with Taehyung and Jin consistently holding up third and fourth places alternatively. They were pretty well-matched for skill. You snickered down at all of them, putting your hands on your hips. 


"Jesus, guys, and I don't even have a Switch!" 


"Shut up, Y/N." Jungkook skulked, wounded. 

This only made you laugh harder. 


"Right, competitive Jungkookie. Forgive me, I forgot. Especially since he was eating nothing but my dust for a majority of those races." You cackled and high-fived Namjoon, who smirked back at you. 

Tae sighed and offered his controller to Namjoon, who took it gladly. He turned to you and wrapped his arms around your middle, snuggling his face into your warmth. You giggled, trying to pry him off of you. 


"Tae, there's a new cup starting--!"


"Either race with me right here or give up. I'm not moving, aleumdaun."

You knew you couldn't properly win if Tae was snuggled so enticingly to you. Absolutely not. He was a cuddle bug and you were fucking smitten by that about him. Sensing no escape, you huffed and tossed your controller to J-Hope. 


"Kick their asses." 



Chapter Text

After everyone else had trickled off to bed that Sunday night, you were still in the living room with your laptop. The lights were dimmed down into almost complete darkness, with simple vague silhouettes all you needed in order to prevent yourself from tripping. 

At first, you checked your work email out of habit; mostly your coworkers wishing you luck on your vacation. A few unopened work requests, but they were marked low priority and could wait until you got back. 

Then, you bounced around the internet for a little while. Youtube, catching up on some of your favorite gamers. One of them had finally released a new episode of Raft, so you watched that for half an hour. You switched to Tumblr, checking some of your favorite fandom blogs and seeing a bunch of awesome fan art that made you feel hella inspired. After answering a question you had in your inbox, you logged out of your Art Tumblr and got into your favorite fan fiction website, AO3. 

This was where you spent a good amount of time, winding down from the day. There were a few stories you'd been following for years, long arching dramas that lasted for hundreds of chapters. You loved them so much, and hoped they could be published in real, hard-copy print one day. After reading a few updated chapters, you finally settled in to work on one of your own fan fiction stories. 

It had a simple concept, but the reception had been insanely positive. You proof-read one of your recent drafts and saved the edits, feeling your eyes start to droop a little just as you finished the last paragraph. You shut your laptop once you were sure it had saved, leaning your head back against the couch to rest your eyes from the light of the screen for a moment.

You intended to get a glass of water and head upstairs to bed. 

That didn't happen, though. 

You rubbed your eyes vigorously as you were rising from the couch to enter the kitchen, a small yawn parting your lips. You rifled through the fridge for the water pitcher, and as you shut the door, you nearly dropped it. Suga was standing where the door had been open, so you hadn't seen him enter the kitchen. He smiled apologetically and steadied you with a gentle hand at your elbow. 


"Sorry, didn't mean to startle you." 

You huffed, blinking rapidly as your heart tried to slow down. 


"Jesus, Sug, you gave me a fucking heart attack." You moved past him to set the pitcher down on the kitchen island, turning a glass upright to pour yourself some water. "What's got you up at this hour? Lyrics? World domination?" 



You uttered an ah in acknowledgement, nodding as you filled your cup and turned to put away the pitcher. Yoongi shifted on his feet uncomfortably, trying to avoid your curious gaze. He failed, as you shut the fridge and leaned on the door expectantly. 


"You always sneak up on unsuspecting girls when you can't sleep?" 

He snorted, and you raised your eyebrow as you waited for him to continue.


"No, promise." He sighed. "I get stressed out when it's this late. My mind just gets going and I never have the ability to calm it down, so I usually pour it into music." 

He smiled ruefully. 

"Not really possible now, since I left most of my production equipment back in Seoul." 

You offered him a sympathetic smile as you grabbed your glass. 


"I can understand that. I left my work tablet at home, so I can't draw here, either. I should've brought a sketchbook or something, and I usually always do, but--I just forgot it this time." You shrugged, your expression relaxed and not very regretful. "Oh, well. One more reason for me to keep my nose off of a screen and to actually enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet and spend time with you guys." 

He tried for a smile as you sipped your water. 


"You said you draw people, right?"


"Yep. Well, mostly, anyway. That's what I specialize in and what I went to school to do. I do ads now because that's what puts bread on the table."


"Can I see?" 

You smiled and nodded, indicating for him to follow you to the couch. You curled up with your knees under you as you tapped through your phone to get to Instagram, where you stored most of your oldest (and best) art from your college years. You handed your phone to him and watched his face light up at the intricate lines and sharp edges that defined your style. You were fluid but precise, with a semi-realistic style that took advantage of both your imagination and the keen observation of your eyes. Yoongi scrolled through your art for longer than you expected, which warmed your heart a little. 

He took genuine interest in each piece, slowly drinking in the visuals and understanding every line's purpose before moving on to the next one. Yoongi even oohed and ahhed at a few of your most intricate pieces, large, sprawling drawings that were massive but did not compromise on detail. In particular, he seemed drawn to your favorite drawing from college. 

It was in a dark palette, but it maintained its integrity with the lighting that accompanied it. It felt like an image of a woman slicked in oil, her lips parted as her eyes were clamped shut and horns protruded from her temples. A golden dress flowed around her figure, decadent, loose robes that felt like they smothered the rest of her body. It was your magnum opus, your best work, and the farthest thing possible from what you got paid to do now. 

Yoongi must've picked up on the sadness in your eyes as you talked about it, for he took your hand in his and squeezed your fingers lightly. 


"Do you have a way to make prints of this?" 

You shook the clouds from your eyes, focusing on him, the moment, and his words. 


"Yes. I have it stored on my computer, full resolution. If you want, I can order you a couple. Wasn't your birthday recently?" 


"Nevermind my birthday. I'm paying you for them, I'll make you rich because you deserve it. Fuck, I want you to do the cover art for my next mixtape." 

Your eyes shot wide as you stared at him, your mouth hanging agape. You struggled for breath like a beached fish. 

"Close your mouth, you'll swallow a fly if you keep it open like that." 


"Yoongs, that's no way to talk to Y/N."

Your eyes darted up to see J-Hope smirking at you, dropping to his knees so that he could rest his arms on the back of the sofa. Suga huffed, as though embarrassed that he'd been caught being nice to you. 


"I can say whatever the fuck I want, Hobi." 


"Oh, I'm fully aware, Yoongs. But just know, I won't stop Joonie from beating you shitless if he hears you talk to her like that." Hoseok's smile was so bright, you were pretty sure you didn't need any other light source for miles. 


"What brings you out here so late?" Your curiosity got the better of you. "I know he has creative insomnia and I'm just a night owl, so what's your excuse?"

Hoseok laughed, the sound clear and enchanting. 


"What, I can't be worried about my pal, here? Honestly, I came looking for you to see what kinda punishment you had cookin' for Suga, here." He winked at his elder. "And, maybe, ask for a lighter sentence." 

You sighed and tilted your head back, resting it against the couch. You let your eyes drift shut as you spoke. 


"Honestly, I don't know. I was thinking I could maybe make Jin eat something he doesn't like, but that's not gonna affect Yoongi as bad. It has to be something that both of them will dislike, but not something that'll make me be an asshole. Ya feel me?" 

J-Hope nodded solemnly, thinking. As you puzzled over it some more, though, you shot upright with a grin. 

"Wait, I've got it." 

Oh, this was too perfect. You could force them to listen to everyone complimenting them. The bandmembers, staff, it could be anyone--but they had to stand there and listen to compliments. That would make both of them really uncomfortable, but it wasn't a bad uncomfortable. You grinned at Hoseok, gears turning in your brain. He must've caught your evil genius vibe, because he leaned closer with an intent expression in his eyes. 


"Do tell, princess."

Yoongi tried to lean closer, as well, but Hoseok just pushed his face away without even looking. 


"We're gonna kill em with kindness." 

Yoongi looked skeptical as Hoseok's eyes widened. 


"You mean--?" 


"Yep. Compliment the shit out of them until they turn pink from the attention." 

Suga blanched, his already-pale skin losing any color it used to have. 


"You wouldn't." His voice was lifeless, devoid of emotion, but you could feel the panic emanating from him as he spoke. 


"Oh, you know I would, sweetie. And will." You grinned and high-fived Hoseok, who looked all too delighted at your suggestion. 


"I love your devious streak, it's a great look on you." Hoseok didn't stop smiling as he glanced between you and Suga. 

Yoongi, however, was not amused. 


"Is there anything I could do to make you not do that?"

You tapped your chin thoughtfully, humming as you drew out the moment of his discomfort. 


"That depends. What would you be willing to do?"

Yoongi, with the most serious expression you'd ever seen: 


"I'd fuck you right here, right now, while my boyfriend watched." 

Hoseok's grin slipped into an expression of surprise, his eyes wide. Then, he slipped into something a little... darker. 


"Sug, if you fuck her, you know I have to have a turn, too." The way his voice was so serious made you shudder. 

J-Hope, the normally peppy ray of sunshine of Bangtan, was going domme on Min Yoongi. You wanted to moan, but refrained from doing so. There were people sleeping, after all. 


"As much as I relish the idea," You acknowledged, biting your lip, "I'm not bleeding all over this $3000 couch. We go upstairs and we prepare for this. Properly." 

Their eyes lit up with identical dark shades of lust. 


"My dear," Hoseok purred, "Your wish is our command." 



Chapter Text

As soon as you'd consented, the Wonder Twins whisked you upstairs and locked your door behind them. Hoseok immediately began preparing for the main event, laying down a black towel over your bedspread and moving some wipes and tissues to the nightstand (within reach). 

While he was preparing everything like a good boy, Yoongi ravaged your mouth with greater passion than you'd ever felt from him before. His hands wandered over your body, leaving nothing unexplored as he kissed you with such aggression that you forgot how to breathe. 

You could hear Hoseok's smirk in his words as he spoke. 


"Slow down, Yoongs. You don't know if she's used to rough play or not." 

The man in question just chuckled darkly, meeting your eyes. 


"Yes, I do. She loves it rough." 

He tilted your head back and pressed on your carotid arteries, making your eyelids flutter with the sudden rush of pleasure. You gasped for breath heavily, loving the feel of his fingers pressed into your neck with such practiced ease. When he released you, you whined in protest, earning some laughter from both of the males. 


"I know you're used to being the one in charge," Hoseok began, "but I hope you'll understand that I won't wrest my control over to you as readily as our dear little Yoongi might." 

You managed a rough chuckle, your eyes darting over his hard form with appreciation. 


"I've been learning that I might be a little more of a switch than I previously thought. Though I won't exactly make it easy on you, Hobi." 

You stared him down with a silent challenge, to which he only smiled. 


"Perfect. We have an understanding, then." He jerked his jaw at Yoongi, eyes dark. "Bed, Suga. And lose those clothes. Now." 

His playmate immediately complied, shedding his unnecessary layers and kneeling on your bed next to the towel, his dick already hardening at the prospect of what was about to happen. 

You tsked and savored Yoongi's bare body, the soft ripples and planes of flesh that made him look like a porcelain doll: pretty and perfect in every way. Hoseok turned to you, his eyes hardening as his voice deepened. You were flattered that he felt the need to use his full-domme voice with you; this would be fun


"And you, princess." He took your face in his hand, pursing your lips for you as he squeezed your cheeks a little in his grip. "My pretty little spitfire. How are you going to behave?"

You narrowed your eyes and wrenched your face away from his grasp, biting your lip deliberately. 


"I don't know. I'm tempted to fuck you first just to shut you up, sunshine." You winked at him, even as you began undressing without being asked. 


"Sharp-tongued words from someone so eager to comply," He observed. "I'll let it slide for now, but only because you made me hard with talk like that." 

J-Hope palmed his hard-on through his pants as you crawled up onto the bed, facing Yoongi with determination. You were now bare, which was fine since you were sitting on a black towel--but you had to admit you were still a little nervous. You'd never tried period sex before, so this would be a learning experience. 


"Don't forget, there are tissues and wipes on the nightstand." 

You nodded at J-Hope, flashing him an appreciative smile. He could always tell when you were uncomfortable, which definitely helped your relationship. You finally laid on your back, your arms automatically wanting to go to cover your chest. You felt exposed as Yoongi crawled over on top of you, his gaze hungry as his mouth sought yours once more. He gently took your wrists and shifted your hands away from your body, his hands moving to caress your breasts. For all of the bluster and hard words he spat, Suga really was sweet as he kissed you. 

Hoseok groaned at the sight of it, in fact. He touched himself to the sight of Yoongi kissing you slowly and turning you on.

Yoongi eventually opened his eyes long enough to notice the... many love bites you had on the undersides of your breasts, on your sternum, and beneath your collarbone. They had already faded to almost nothing (your skin didn't retain bruising very long, your only saving grace when you lived with your parents) but Yoongi knew where to look. He smirked down at you, fluttering his pretty eyelashes at you. 


"Looks like my little bird has been busy." He squeezed your sides lightly, pride evident in his voice. "At least we're not the only ones addicted to dick." 

He tossed this over his shoulder at Hoseok, who shot out a sharp laugh. You bit your lip, blush creeping into your cheeks and ears as he looked down at your bare torso. Yoongi patted your waist teasingly, pressing a kiss to your sternum. 


"Don't worry, baby. I won't tell anyone if you won't." 

He chose that moment to align himself with your entrance, seeking your eyes before he moved any further. You smiled and nodded softly, so Yoongi slowly sank into you. He rocked slowly, making your toes curl at how good it felt to have him inside you. You winced and he paused, waiting for you to acclimate. 


"Also, just because I'm bleeding doesn't mean I can't get pregnant. Don't come in me, please. Not ready for kids." 

Yoongi and Hoseok broke into a fit of giggles at your comment. Yoongi grinned his gummy smile down at you and stroked your cheek fondly. 


"Don't worry, little bird. I wasn't planning on it."


"He's contractually obligated to only come in my ass," Hoseok snarked. 

All three of you burst into laughter at this, Yoongi shaking his head in disbelief. 


"I thought that was just between us, Hobi." His over exaggerated facial expression was icing on the cake, and you couldn't hold back your giggles. 


"Oh my god, you're funny, Yoongi. Why the fuck do you let everyone else make all the jokes? You're so good at playing off the cuff." 

He shrugged, rocking his hips once. 


"Eh. It means more to them than it does to me."

You didn't want to take it as gospel, but you let the matter drop. For now. 


"He always gets much funnier when he's having sex," Hobi commented, sticking his tongue out between his teeth as he smiled. "One of the reasons I haven't cut him off yet." 


"Bitch, you know if anyone is getting cut off, it's you, you fucking sex fiend." Yoongi spat, giving his hips a particularly aggressive roll. "You keep me up when I finally have the chance to sleep, asshole. Why are you so needy?" 

Hobi rolled his eyes. 


"I seem to remember you coming into my room after your long work hours, sweetheart." 

Suga groaned and stilled his hips at your pained expression, patting your stomach as you worked through a particularly rough cramp. 


"Shh, it's okay, chickie. You're fine, you're doing great." Yoongi leaned down to kiss you sweetly, his thumb wiping a tear away from your eyelid with such gentleness that you felt your heart ache. 

You breathed deeply a few times as he worked you through it, eventually bringing you to a nice orgasm that was as soft as he was. Yoongi pulled out before he came, slicked in your blood. Luckily, he shot his load directly at Hoseok's chest. As soon as he was done, Yoongi cleaned himself and you with care, making sure you were okay each step of the way. 

Hoseok crawled onto the bed with you after cleaning himself as well, his eyes soft as he regarded you carefully. 


"Are you okay, princess? How you doing? Talk to me." 

You blinked and grinned up at both of them, stars in your eyes even as you began to drift off. 


"Thanks, guys." 

You drifted in and out of consciousness, vaguely aware of the boys cleaning you up and putting some underwear and a T-shirt on for you. You finally fell asleep with them carefully cradling your body between the two of them, Yoongi already snoring softly. 



Chapter Text

You woke up in the middle of the night, aware of two empty spaces beside you. The room felt very cold, all by yourself in your bedroom, clean and nestled into your covers with loving hands. You tried to fall back asleep, but you couldn't. You felt too alone. 

After a fruitless half hour of tossing and turning, you sighed and sat up, checking to make sure your pad was still in place, and scooted out of bed to cross the hall. You knocked on Namjoon's door, rubbing your eyes as his door swung open. At first he was confused, blinking in the automatic hallway light, but his face softened when you stepped closer and rested your face on his chest. 


"Can I sleep with you?" 

Your voice was soft, as though you were afraid that he might say no. Namjoon let out a small breathy laugh and wrapped his arms around you, kissing your hair as he did. 


"Of course. Come in." 

He shut his door behind you and took your hand, leading you to his bed. He got in first and you immediately fell on top of him, hugging him close to you like a teddy bear. His hands hovered above you for only a moment before coming down to gently rub your back. Your cheek pressed directly against his chest, so that you could feel his heartbeat in your body. He felt like home. Namjoon hummed as he let his hands travel up and down your back, his voice so soft that it was barely above a whisper. You could feel his deep rumble in his chest, a small smile involuntarily stretching across your lips as you enjoyed his scent. 

Namjoon sang softly in Korean, what sounded like a children's lullaby. It was so wonderful from his lips, you felt yourself relaxing even as you fought against it. You didn't want this moment of closeness to end, you were so happy and content here in his arms. Namjoon felt like home. 

Your limbs felt like lead as your eyes sealed themselves shut. 

Namjoon thought you were finally asleep. He allowed himself a small sigh as he gazed down at you, so beautiful in the moonlight. He'd begun writing a song for you, but he didn't know if he could ever bring himself to share it with anyone else. As you were laying here in his arms, he felt himself thinking over the pieces he'd written so far. 


In your eyes I see  everything I want

You are so much more than I thought I deserved

Your eyes leak and they tell me everything I need to know

Rain and waterfalls that stem from your pain

I want to save you with every breath

How will I ever be the same after you? 


Your eyes, they tell

Of far-off places and unfamiliar faces

I would go anywhere and do it all

If only I could see that smile and stop those tears

I know you've been broken before, but I will fight

I will put your pieces back together, I will marvel at your beauty

For those broken pieces sparkle more than the stars ever could

Yes, your eyes are where I see myself

I see the future I never dared to want

I hope that's what you want to see, as well

I hope that's the story that your eyes will tell.


Namjoon felt his heart lurch as you held him closer, burying your face in his shirt.

He would continue writing until he had something worthy of your ears. For now, though, he was content to let sleep claim him. 



You woke up at around nine when Namjoon's phone chimed on his nightstand. He groaned softly and blinked, long arm reaching out to grab it from its charger. 


"Filming commences at noon, producer says." He sighed and clicked his phone off, setting it back on the table as he let his arms settle around you once more. 

You would've fallen back asleep, too, if it weren't for the sound of bickering in the hallway. 


"I told you it was a dick move." Suga's deep morning voice was irritable and short as he grumbled.


"There was no way we were in a sustainable position, we were so uncomfortable on her tiny bed." J-Hope sounded surprisingly chipper, making you wonder if he'd gotten some last night as well. 


"Still, we should've left a note or something. She probably hates us now." 


"She can hate me, then. It was my idea, Sug. I really needed some decent sleep." 


"I sure hope she understands. Though, to be fair, you weren't really included that much. I don't think you even got to kiss her, did you?" 


"Nah, but that's not her fault. Poor thing was exhausted. Besides, I can handle being denied more than you can, spoiled little Suga." 

You heard some shuffling as they were right outside your door. There was a knock, and no answer. 


"Little bird? You in there?" 

You could hear them fading into soft distant rumbles as they went into your empty room, finally letting you fall back into Namjoon's arms with a satisfied huff. 


"I thought they'd never leave."


"Hey, at least they feel bad." Namjoon ruffled your hair affectionately. "Though I can't imagine anyone abandoning you after sex. Sounds like high treason." 


"They stuck around until I fell asleep, at least. They cleaned me up and tried to make me comfortable. They're not bad guys." 


"No, they're not." 

Comfortable silence spread between the two of you as Namjoon's thumb traced languid shapes on your arm. Suga and J-Hope could be heard leaving your room with loud arguments on their lips, each one blaming the other for your disappearance. The sound made you smile a little in spite of yourself. At least they did care.

You snuggled with Namjoon in a comfortable half-doze for another half hour, until his phone chimed again. 


"Ugh. Jin is bugging me about breakfast." Namjoon squeezed your arm slightly, leaning down to kiss your hair. "You hungry, little lamb?" 


"Yeah, I could eat. Meet you downstairs?" 


"No problem." He tilted your chin up so that he could kiss you properly, soft and sweet and perfect. 

Finally, you slipped away from him and darted across the hall to get dressed and change your products again. You chose some cute skinny capris in light denim and a baby blue tank top with white flowers. It complimented your skin nicely. 

You darted downstairs and nearly bowled over Jimin, who was trying to head back up to his room. The two of you swayed and tried to catch your balance as you were overtaken by giggles. 


"Y/N! Are you okay?" He wiped a tear from his eyes, laughter still in his voice as he tried to steady you. 


"Yeah, just startled. Wasn't expecting to run into you." 


"Apparently not." He grinned his cute mochi grin and pecked your cheek as he carefully maneuvered around you. 

Continuing downstairs, you found Jin and Jungkook in charge of food. 


"Y/N! So glad you could join us!" Jin beamed brightly, sweeping his arm in a grand gesture at the kitchen island. "Please, take a seat, any seat!" 

You sat down next to Taehyung, who seemed delighted at your decision. Namjoon was on his other side at the corner of the island, his food almost gone. 


"So, what's the plan for today?" You patted the countertop enthusiastically, looking around at the faces assembled. Jimin had drifted back downstairs in nothing but a pair of swim trunks, a towel wrapped across his shoulders and sunglasses perched in his hair. 


"Aside from your penalty for the losing team of last week's game, I think we're going to be doing something on the beach. Bring some sandals and a towel." Namjoon rose from his stool and gathered the empty dishes, courteously taking V's, J-Hope's, and Suga's plates in addition to his own. 


"Sounds exciting." 


"I hope so. I can't wait to see you in a bikini." Jungkook flashed an impish grin at you as he took his own seat for breakfast. 

Jin whapped Kookie on the knuckles with a wooden spoon, speaking quickly in Korean that sounded like chastisement. You giggled with Taehyung and Jimin as Jin chased Jungkook with that same spoon, both of them shouting at each other in rapid-fire Korean. 


"I could get used to this," Jimin remarked. 


"Used to what?" You smirked at the chase around the island.


"Kookie getting in trouble. He's usually always bullying us. It's nice to see a change in power dynamics for once." 

You giggled with Tae and Jimin some more, chatting about the day and what lied ahead.

Namjoon felt his heart ache at the sadness deep in your eyes. He could only hope that when the time was right, he'd know how to help you.


Chapter Text

"First up, we have the penalty for the losing team from last week! Y/N, have you made your decision?" 

You beamed at the main camera, nodding enthusiastically. 


"Why, yes I have. Suga, Jin, can you step forward for me, please?" 

Looking as though they were about to be sent to the gallows, the two oldest members stepped forward reluctantly. You grinned and moved everyone else into a line across from them, and stood between the two sides, facing the camera in an upside-down "U" shape. 


"My boys, you have to listen to genuine compliments from every other member of BTS and myself. You cannot cover your ears or run away." 

Jin blanched, his expression as though he was about to see a dog get shot. Meanwhile, the rest of the members enthusiastically started chattering amongst themselves, anticipating what came next. 

Suga shook his head sadly, resigned to his fate. 


"And even after I tried to bribe you, too." He sighed deeply and seemed to visibly brace himself, shifting his weight uneasily. "Alright. Hit me." 

You grinned and joined the other half of Bangtan, lining up beside them. 


"Since it's my idea, I'll go first. Jin, you are endlessly funny, humble, and kind. You never cease to amaze me with your witty sense of humor and your devotion to the others." You smiled softly at him and turned to Suga next. "And Suga, I can honestly say that you surprise me. Despite your disinterested and sometimes aggressive facade, you are incredibly caring and thoughtful. You spend so much time loving your fellow bandmates, it's amazing to me that you find time to make such awesome music as you do. Both of you are a treasure to know." 

Several of the boys around you oohed appreciatively, a few sparse claps rippling through the line. Beside you was J-Hope, his expression surprised as he glanced between you and the other boys. 


"How do I follow up after that?" He laughed, returning his attention to Jin and Yoongi. "Well, Jin, you're silly and you always make everything better. I'm glad to have you as my hyung. And Sug, you're like an angry kitten: adorable, sometimes mean, but once you tire yourself out, you're the sweetest." 

Yoongi seemed especially pink after Hoseok's comment, his eyes staying stubbornly fixed on the ground. Jin's ears were red, and he looked like he was trying to shrink into his shirt. 

Namjoon was next, and he just grinned at J-Hope until it was his turn to speak. 


"Jin, you're awesome. I may not say it enough, but I appreciate having you in my life. You're a great friend and I care about you deeply. Plus, you're a phenomenal cook." He broke out into laughter with the rest of the group, all agreeing on Jin's cooking prowess. "Suga, you're one of my closest friends and I will always appreciate you. Keep writing badass lyrics, and don't stop being the cute smol sleepy grandpa you were meant to be."

You giggled along at his last add-on, struggling to hide your laughter behind your fist. Next up was Jimin, his smile so wide that his eyes had disappeared. 


"Hyungs! Jin, I love your jokes more than the rest of Bangtan. You and I share a lot of similarities--"


"Except your height," Jungkook interjected. 

Jimin shot him a glare before turning back to Jin and Suga, both of whom were trying to hold in giggles. 


"--And I hope both of you live very long lives, full of happiness, good health, and plenty of love. Suga, I'm glad that I've been able to get to know you better over these past few years. I hope we can go on many more adventures together." 

Taehyung beamed and offered Jimin a thumbs-up before turning to his hyungs.


"It's hard for me to come up with new compliments that haven't been said already, so--Borahae!!" Taehyung made a heart with his hands and did some of the best aegyo you'd seen from him in a few Run BTS! seasons. "Jin, worldwide handsome, please don't ever stop being my hyung. Suga, you always make me laugh with where you fall asleep and how often you do, but your songs are so good. PLEASE LET ME BE IN A CYPHER!"

After a beat of silence, Jungkook immediately launched into his entry. 


"Jin-hyung, you make me laugh and you're silly. You're like my big brother and I love you. Suga, you annoy me sometimes, but you're still awesome. I hope all of us get to continue to stay together for as long as possible." 

Jin let out a soft sob and rushed forward, pulling his friends into a group hug. Suga rolled his eyes but joined in nonetheless, hugging his bandmates tightly as they all cooed and shouted happily. You hid your mouth behind your hand, blushing and smiling profusely at how much you loved all of them and their adorable display. Jin opened his eyes and turned to you, spreading his arm invitingly for you to join in. 


"We wouldn't be here without ARMYs like you. If I could, I would hug all of them, but since you're here--" Jin beamed at you and waved for you to join, which was met by several agreements from his fellows. 

Tears sprang to your eyes and you moved to join in on the hug, Jin's hand patting and rubbing your back kindly as you rested your face on Suga's shoulder and ensconced yourself in the love puddle. Everyone snuggled closer, and in that perfect moment, you were happy. 

Added later would be sparkling pink words written in Hangul, reaffirming the cuteness and love that BTS shared so freely. Finally, Jin patted your back one last time and loosened his hold, the spell broken. Still feeling giddy, you grinned at all of them and shouted at the top of your lungs: 



BTS collectively giggled and beamed back at you, with returned borahaes and salanghaes rippling through the members appreciatively. 

Returning to your senses, you turned to the producers and cleared your throat. 


"So, why are we on the beach today and why am I in a bikini?" 

Laughter echoed around you at that sentiment; all of the boys were in swimwear as well, various shades of posh swim shorts that individually outpriced your entire wardrobe combined. 

Today was going to be a water-fight. The producers each had identical NERF water guns, all spray-painted in different colors. You grinned like a madwoman as they explained the rules of today's game. 

You would be competing for snack rights today, with several tasty dishes up for grabs. Two teams, four people each, would be trying to completely soak the other. This would be graded on a few factors of your sharpshooting: accuracy, volume of each hit, and total hits against each team. 

That being said, it was time to choose teams. 

You clapped your hands together and glanced down the line of boys, as though asking for permission to go first. Seeing no opposition, you bounced forward and took a slip of paper. 


"Can I at least choose the color of my gun?" 

The woman holding the cup smiled warmly and nodded. Pumping your paper in the air in triumph, you practically pounced on the tall producer holding the black pistol with neon tubing. You heard a curse behind you somewhere (you couldn't tell who it had been) and fell back in line, waiting for everyone else to grab their team papers and their water rifles. 

You took the time to familiarize yourself with your weapon, humming appreciatively at how sensitive the trigger was and how straight the stream. You were going to absolutely annihilate these amateurs. 


"Alright, now we're going to show our teams to the camera on the count of--one, two, three!" Jin announced this and everyone flipped open their orange papers at the same moment. 

You, Taehyung, Namjoon, and Jimin were on the same team, leaving Jin, Jungkook, J-Hope and Suga on the other side. Tae and Jimin held hands and jumped excitedly and Namjoon high-fived you, his cute little dimple making your heart melt. 


"Team Purple!" You shouted, and your fellows joined in on your chant. "No mercy, guys. Let's absolutely crush them." 

Jimin and Taehyung looked at each other with identical evil grins, Namjoon meeting your eyes with something unreadable. Whatever it was, you were hella into it. He looked sexy as hell when he was all intense like that. 


"Team Kim Seokjin!" 

That was absolutely no surprise. You giggled into the fist that wasn't holding your water rifle before raising your chin in defiance, meeting the other team's gazes in turn. 


"Y'all are fucking going down, Jin!" You caught yourself quickly, glancing around. "They can edit that out, right?" 


"You're good!" The camera man closest to you gave you a thumbs-up in confirmation, so you kept going. 


"We'll see about that, Princess!" J-Hope taunted, waving his neon yellow and blue pistol with flair. "I bet you shoot like a girl!


"If you mean I have impeccable aim and am merciless, then hell yeah I shoot like a girl! Bring it on, Hobi!"

You lined up next to the water bucket on your side of the beach, approximately twenty feet away from the literal line in the sand. You stood near your water supply, whereas Jungkook and Jin moved their water buckets right next to the line. You readied your weapon, glancing down the line at your teammates. Jimin had opted for two small bubblegum pink pistols, favoring accuracy over volume. Taehyung was the exact opposite, sporting a massive violet gun with a much larger reservoir. Namjoon held the same gun as yours, a happy medium between accuracy and volume that was the equivalent of a sniper rifle to Taehyung's bazooka. Namjoon's was neon blue with a shock of purple and pink. 

The producers were mostly talking amongst themselves, doing quick last minute checks as you sized each other up. Jungkook was holding a gun similar to yours, only his was white with a slash of red. He had modified it, taking off one of the attachments from the other guns and retrofitting the front with a piece of black plastic that looked like the silencer on a real gun. J-Hope, of course, had managed to find the most loud and colorful pistol that was available, covered in erratic stains of color that were so bright that it was almost painful to look at in the bright morning sunlight. 

Jin was the picture of finesse, his lithe figure accentuated by the slender pink weapons he sported in either hand. You doubted they would have much staying power, but you definitely thought they could hit their targets--if Jin was as good of a shot as he looked. Suga was holding a regular water gun, spray-painted matte black. It was the most unassuming of the lot, but it would probably serve him just fine. 

You squared your shoulders and steeled your gaze just as the head producer started filming again. 


"Ready! Set!" He paused, his hand held aloft. "GO!" 

Like a bat out of hell, you immediately set to work. Mercilessly you pummeled each member with your water, landing solid hits on each member before anyone else had even drawn their guns. As you ran out on Jungkook, you hopped backwards behind Namjoon as you reloaded. Your team, emboldened by your kamikaze surprise attack, fired at will, landing square hits on Jin and Suga in particular. J-Hope screeched unnecessarily, even though he wasn't getting hit as much. 

You quickly rotated out with your team like a well-oiled machine, your aim true and aggressive. Once smacked out of their stupors, Team Seokjin fired back with a vengeance, attacking wildly and without discernment. Jin hit J-Hope with one of his flailing limbs on accident, sparking a barrage of friendly fire that left them seriously lagging behind your team. Jungkook practically carried his team, constantly landing solid hits on Namjoon and Taehyung (the biggest targets). Suga fired back only at those who hit him, which meant you kept getting splashes to the face even as you caught on to his game. You stopped aiming for him, and he stopped hitting you. With a grin, you focused on the other three, raining holy fire on them with your perfect aim and quick footwork.

Jimin and Taehyung worked well together, covering each other's weaknesses and making up for where each lacked. Namjoon, although a little wild with his spray, was a good enough player that you had no doubt that your team would be victorious. 

In the end, your teamwork was what won you the game. Suga eventually started yelling at Jin and J-Hope for fighting with each other, the squabbling boys earning a large amount of water from five guns at once as punishment (yours, Namjoon's, Jimin's double pistols, and Taehyung's mega-gun). Jungkook rolled his eyes and fired off one last shot that hit you squarely in the face just as the head producer ended the game. 

You sputtered and flipped Jungkook the bird behind Namjoon's torso where the camera couldn't see, to which he merely grinned back at you. 


"Team Purple wins the first pick of snacks! As you won, you can choose two dishes per person. Team Seokjin, you may choose one dish each once they've all chosen." 

You let out a victory screech, tossing down your gun and hopping into Namjoon's waiting arms. He lifted you in a hug, his grinning face pressed into your stomach as you raised both fists over your head in triumph. Jimin and Taehyung hugged you on either side as well, the lot of you jumping and making so much noise it was amazing that no one yelled at you for such a display. Jin hung his head, but overall Team Seokjin remained surprisingly unsore losers. They laughed and joked as they waited for your group to make your selections, their expressions relaxed as they shifted on the sand. 

Towels were passed out and your team selected with great reverence, in the end amassing a feast fit for a king. You chose orange chicken and crab puffs, Jimin kimchi jjigae and barbecued pork, Namjoon Kalguksu and stir-fried vegetables, and Taehyung Japchae and sticky rice. 


"Since we won, can we also get free beverages?" You bounced on your toes and implored with big eyes.

The production team loved the attempt at aegyo, and just for your performance of puppy dog eyes, your wish was fulfilled and some orange sodas were added to your list of items. 

Jin's team chose as well and all of you sat down around a beach campfire to eat, laughing about the day with towels draped around your necks and sand in your hair. 



Chapter Text

Once the cameras were put away and the crew had gone, the sun was just beginning to touch the horizon. The crew had stuck around for so long to capture your group dynamics, watching you joke and kid around with each other as you ate. Now, you were finally alone and dry, sitting on the beach around a dying campfire and catching the last of the day's sunlight on your skin. You were sitting in a circle on various blankets and towels as they had been arranged earlier, and now everyone was sitting in amiable silence watching the sun set. 



You hummed acknowledgement, glancing at Taehyung. He beamed at you, his boxy smile touching your heart in the way that only he could. 


"I'm really glad you were able to come be with us."

Rumbles around the circle confirmed this; Jin grinned in agreement, Suga nodded, and J-Hope raised his drink in salute. Heat touched your cheeks as you quickly glanced from boy to boy, unsure how to handle the compliment. 


"I'm glad, too, Taehyung. It's been amazing getting to know you all." You returned his smile and ruffled his hair, earning a soft giggle when you did so. 

You sat back, resting your weight on your palms as you watched the sky dreamily. Really is a dream come true, you mused. 

At first, you didn't notice when Namjoon shifted uncomfortably at your new sitting position. Heck, you didn't even notice Taehyung pointedly turning away when he happened to glance over. It wasn't until Jimin's eyes nearly popped out of his head that you finally noticed what was going on. 

You probably should have suspected something like this to happen. After all, you weren't wearing the more conservative bathing suit you'd brought along. No. You were clad in the bikini to end all bikinis. This sucker was expensive as hell and sexy as sin. Course, it didn't help that your more comfortable pose left your girls practically popping out of your top. 

Clearing your throat and trying to shift so that you weren't so exposed, you shifted a little here and there, but it only painfully made you realize that there really was no modest position in this suit. Your cheeks flushed at this realization, which was only exacerbated by the fact that nobody was watching the sunset anymore. It came softly and without warning, leaving you caught like a deer in headlights. 



One word, one simple little expletive. Whispered under breath, it wasn't meant to be heard. Still, you leveled your chin and gazed around the circle expectantly. 


"What?" You didn't know who'd spoken, but it could've been Namjoon or Jimin from where the sound came from. 


"How is it that nobody has snatched you up yet?" This time, you could definitely tell it was Jimin. His eyes were narrowed in disbelief, drinking in the sight of you deliberately as though he were enjoying a fine wine. Namjoon tsked in response, his lip caught between his teeth as he regarded you. 


"I was just asking myself the very same question, Jiminie." 

Welp. So much for shame. Each and every man sitting around the circle had his eyes on you, hungrily enjoying the sight of your exposed body. Your arms moved instinctively to cover your chest, but Taehyung stopped you with a gentle hand on your wrist. 


"Y/N, you don't have to hide from us. You're beautiful. Own it like the queen you are!" His purr was incredibly compelling. 

You felt your spine straighten a little, your girls pressing forward seductively at the motion. 


"I'm serious, by the way. Why are you still single?" Jimin didn't drop his gaze, his attention fully fixed on you. 

A soft sigh escaped your lips without your permission; you felt the urge to squirm, to avoid their eyes, to run away.


"My last boyfriend said some things that I couldn't shake from my head. I stopped believing in myself, stopped thinking I was worth anything more than what he said I was. I think it would've been easier if he didn't get along so well with everyone else in my life, but he was like mold: kept coming back no matter how many times I tried to get rid of him. 

Luckily for me, he caught up with an ex and that was the end of that. This September will be the two-year anniversary of our break-up. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to attract anyone for more than a one-night-stand since he destroyed my self-esteem. I hope that answered your question."


"What a dick," Yoongi noted. "I hope you realize that if you can get all seven members of an insanely popular boyband interested in you, you're pretty goddamn special."

You scoffed, swiping away a rebellious tear that had escaped you. 


"Uh-huh. I'm sure you all adore me for my personality and not for the fact that I'm probably the only within-age girl that you've encountered for any extended period of time since your debut." 

Namjoon looked positively scandalized by the sheer amount of sarcasm dripping from your words. 


"Are you saying we don't have sex lives?" His hand flew to his chest with the weight of the insult, his eyes full of mirth. 

Taking the challenge, you smirked. 


"Yeah, I am. Outside each other, that is." You winked at J-Hope, who let out a sputtering laugh. 


"I hate that she's got me pegged. Jungguggie, make it stop!" Hobi cackled lightly, his face flushing at your sustained teasing gaze. 

He shoved his maknae playfully, who suddenly looked around with incredibly wide eyes. 


"What? She's mostly right." He coughed. "I mean... I'm pretty sure Jimin and I are the only ones who do have sex lives. Though I'm more of a 'man-whore' than he is."

He made heavy air-quotes as he said this, rolling his eyes before crossing his arms over his chest. Jimin broke into a fit of giggles, nearly falling over into Namjoon. 


"Okay, okay, but admit it! You're definitely a bigger man-whore than I am, Kookie! I at least treat them to dinner first!"

Jungkook's face contorted in irritation. 


"Oh, sure, blame the sex addict. Real mature, Chim-chim. The girls I get are hotter than the girls you do, though." 

You snickered into your fist, suddenly silencing the two guys as they looked to you. 


"Well, it's just--how do your standards differ, exactly? Since both of you fucked me in the same week?"


"OHhhh!" Jin made a hissing noise into his fist, offering you a hand to fist-bump, "Burn!" 

You smugly glanced between Jungkook and Jimin, both of whom seemed at a loss for words. Namjoon snickered into his soju bottle, happening to meet your gaze across the fire. Finally, Jimin threw his arms up in defeat. Apparently, Jungkook had kept mercilessly attacking him while you weren't listening. 


"You're so fucking mean to your hyungs, Jungkook! How do you even have any friends?"

Jungkook grinned his sweet bunny grin, the one that made every fangirl melt whenever it was sighted. 


"Because I'm cute, that's how."



Namjoon pressed you into the wall of the stairwell, nuzzling your neck with a deep breath through his nose. His arms caged you in place, a low appreciative noise forming in the back of his throat. 

The rest of the members were scattered throughout the house in various states of undress. Jin was showering in his room, Jungkook and Taehyung were playing Overwatch in the living room. Jimin was showering upstairs, too. You thought J-Hope and Suga were in the kitchen, but you couldn't tell just from their voices. They also could have been spectating the game on TV.

You struggled to hold in the gasp that was forming at Namjoon's attention and he smiled against your skin, his intentions making themselves known as his fingers played with the tie between your breasts.


"The others are right there--" Your whisper was less of a protest and more a soft goading. The unspoken challenge charged the air between you: What are you going to do about it? 

Namjoon only chuckled darkly and bit your earlobe, his voice deeper than normal. 


"Who cares? If they walk in on us here, they'll probably just want to join in..." 

Aware that he was making a very compelling argument for his case, Namjoon untied your top and took your left breast in his mouth with a satisfied grunt. Your fingers laced themselves in his soft hair, fingernails scratching his scalp in the most delicious way. Namjoon sucked on your breast roughly and your head tilted back, trying to fight the urge to bang your skull into the wall. You were vaguely aware of water being shut off somewhere in the house, but you couldn't bring yourself to care with how Namjoon was worshipping your breasts. 


"You're so fucking sexy," Namjoon breathed, tweaking your right nipple between his fingers roughly. "I've been thinking about you like this all day. I love it when you're aggressive and take what you want." 

He emphasized his point with a hard suck on your chest, a hickey blossoming on your skin when he pulled away. 


"Right now, I want you. And I'm definitely debating taking you right here, within earshot of your best friends."

Namjoon's breath stuttered and he stilled, pressing his forehead against your sternum to steady himself for a moment. He bit his lip, desire overcoming him as his mouth finally crashed into yours. You grasped at his smooth skin, clawing at his shoulders and sides as you tried to bring his body impossibly closer to yours. One of your legs wrapped itself around his waist, drawing his erection between your thighs in a wonderful way. You ground yourself onto him for a moment, completely caught up in the feeling of a horny and deprived Kim Namjoon. 

You opened your eyes when a new hand found itself on your hip, pulling back just enough to see Park Jimin freshly showered and with pupils the size of moons as he watched you kiss Namjoon. 


"Is this a private affair, or can anybody join?" Jimin purred. His other hand was caressing Namjoon as well, gently sliding up his elder's back in a smooth motion that he mirrored on your spine. 

Namjoon all but growled, his fingers digging into your flesh possessively before he finally looked at Jimin. 


"The one time you actually show interest in me and it's when I want to make love to Y/N. Of course." 


"I won't forget about you, Joonie. You'll get just as much attention as Y/N. More if you behave." Jimin winked at you, a sinful smile spreading across his lips.


"To be fair, I am getting a little uncomfortable on the stairs," You added helpfully. "As hot as the whole 'fucking in public' thing is as an idea, in execution it's much less fun." 


"That settles it! Come upstairs," Jimin whined, his pretty face drawing forth agreement in a heartbeat. 

Namjoon sighed and disentangled himself from you just enough so that he could pick you up and carry you to the second floor. Jimin followed eagerly, his eyes bright and ready to enjoy the show. 

Namjoon shut the door behind Jimin with his foot before setting you gently on his bed. You made quick work of removing your bikini, watching in anticipation as Namjoon stripped as well. Jimin pulled up Namjoon's desk chair and sank into it, his hand disappearing beneath the waistband of his board shorts.

Meanwhile, Namjoon was already attacking your skin with his lips, practically bowling you over with the force of his assault. You made a noise in appreciation and let your fingernails dig into the flesh of his back, earning a groan as he kissed you again. His lips were soft and pillowy as ever, but this time they were fighting with yours. His kiss this time was much hungrier and more demanding, asking of you that which he wanted with much more force than he'd dared to use before. Perhaps because he knew you wouldn't break.

You moaned into his mouth and he swallowed your sound eagerly, his hands flying up to caress your jaw and support your neck. His thumbs graced your pulse, but he left it as more of a promise for what was to come. 

Just as Namjoon let himself nestle between your legs, you felt him shift against the string that dangled there.


"Fuck, wait, stop stop stop." You winced and sat up, remembering the tampon you'd put in earlier. 

Namjoon jumped away from you as though he'd been shocked, his eyes wide with fear that he'd misstepped. You offered him a placating smile and jogged over to his bathroom to take it out, pleased to see that it wasn't as bad as you'd expected. Popping your head back into the room, you offered Jimin a sweet smile. 


"Jiminie? Would you please scurry over to my room and grab the packet of pills on my bathroom counter?" 

He nodded and disappeared; Namjoon offered you his hand, a small grin making his dimple flash at you. 


"Still shy with me, even after everything?" 

You shook your head before darting back inside to wash your hands. 


"Nah! I just didn't think y'all would wanna see a used tampon." 

When you reentered his room, Namjoon leveled you with a deadpan stare. Jimin handed you your pills, of which you took the first one and grinned at Namjoon. 


"You're kidding, right? I'm sure I've seen much worse." 


"Hey, I was trying to be nice, wise guy. Period blood is disgusting, and I was trying to save you the trauma of looking at it." You sidled up to him, twining your fingers with his even as he pulled you close. 


"Wise guy, huh? Why do I like it from your lips?" Namjoon smirked as he rested his hands on your hips. "In any case, Min Y/N, I believe I was about to make love to you." 


"I do believe so, Kim Namjoon."

His lips found yours again, and you could hear Jimin's soft keen of appreciation as Namjoon worshipped your body.


"Fuck. You're so fucking hot..." Jimin grunted prettily as he touched himself, basking in the sight of Namjoon handling you so roughly. 


"Well, Joonie? You're the one who's apparently taking the reins tonight. Whattaya say?" You let your fingers curl in his hair, feeling a grin cross your face in spite of yourself.

Namjoon pulled off of your collarbone with a slick pop! before steering you towards the bed. You collapsed on the edge, gazing up at Namjoon's imposing silhouette through your eyelashes. He seemed a little irritated, but he managed to keep his tone even when he spoke.


"Only if he's good." 

Jimin's voice appeared over your shoulder, as he was suddenly kneeling on the bed behind you. His breath feathered over your skin in a rush of heat.




"Fine, then. Just don't get in my way." Namjoon's growl hit you right in your core as he collapsed on top of you, ravaging you with his teeth and tongue.

You kissed roughly like that for a while, your entire body screaming to be closer to him in any way it could. Your nails clawed at him, your legs wrapped themselves around his waist, and your torso arched into him with a guttural noise. Jimin pressed soft kisses to your shoulders and neck, his hair tickling your ear as he did. 

Namjoon's fingertips grazed across your clit and he sat back, his eyebrow raising at the wetness that greeted him. You nearly drooled at the sight of him kneeling there, his massive dick standing at attention and his abdomen flexed for balance, his beautiful thighs warm to the touch.


"So ready for me, little lamb. I haven't even done anything yet." He laughed softly, that amazing deep laugh that made you weak in the knees. 

You never thought you would let a man dominate you again, but hell, Namjoon was definitely a sight to behold when he was riled up like this. You hoped this wasn't going to be a one-time occurrence. He leaned back towards you, his breath fanning over you in fast, hot puffs of air. He was much more aroused than his calm tone would suggest. You smiled lightly at this, your hands flitting back to embed themselves in Jimin's hair. 

Jimin moaned so beautifully, his lips parting and his chin resting on your shoulder at the touch that you rewarded him with. In this little hierarchy you were still higher on the totem pole than Jimin, a fact that you were more than happy to exploit. His submissive tendencies still hit you in all the right places. You bit your lip as Namjoon began massaging you, Jimin mirroring his movements like a soft shadow. 

Namjoon kissed your neck and left flowering blooms in his wake, his hands ghosting over your skin in a way that gave you goosebumps. Finally discerning that you were ready, Namjoon shifted so that both of you could be comfortable. Satisfied, he smiled, showcasing that beautiful dimple, and entered you in one swift movement. 

Damn near knocked the air out of you, too. He gave you a minute to adjust, but afterwards he began a grueling pace. His rough movements were only matched by the speed at which he made them, the feeling of it making stars come to your eyes much quicker than you thought possible. Jimin had begun to massage your breasts as Namjoon fucked you, and his mouth on your pulse had you gasping in no time. 

Of course, it probably helped that Namjoon had licked his fingers and was now playing with your clit in a very practiced and measured way. 

You lost awareness for a moment as you simply let him ride you, an experience that was one you'd probably tell your grandchildren about someday. The way Namjoon's body connected with yours was unfathomable, the push and pull of your bodies together enough to bring actual tears to your eyes.

Jimin cooed at the sight, his lips finding your skin as he positioned himself behind you and helped prop you more upright. 


"Hyung, is that better?" 


"Fuuuck, yes," Namjoon's answer came out in a prolonged rush of breath, his movement stilling as he chased the edge as close as he could.

You were so full, it felt amazing. Namjoon hit places you didn't think were possible, but you were loving every second of this. A day of wearing a tampon did nothing to prepare you for the force of nature that was Kim Namjoon. 

He pushed himself past your petals again and again, rocking back and forth and leaning back on his heels as he pulled you along with him. He sat back, balancing you on his massive thighs, letting you settle down as far down as you could take him. You were about 90% sure that Namjoon was hitting your cervix at least partially, you felt him so deep inside of your body. You half-expected to see his tip by looking down at your stomach. 

Jimin showered kisses and caresses over your back and neck, ensuring that he wasn't forgotten. Namjoon growled softly in a way that you almost interpreted as jealousy--that is, until Jimin leaned forward and planted a kiss directly on Namjoon's lips. Jimin kissed a trail down Namjoon's face to his neck and collarbone, eliciting a rough sigh from Namjoon at the feeling. All the while, Jimin continued to caress the both of you, his hands splayed comfortably over Namjoon's back and his thumb playing with your breast, respectively.

You whined, feeling neglected, and Jimin switched sides, kissing you instead. Namjoon snorted (possibly embarrassed at how good that had felt) and gave you a particularly rough jerk that earned a moan from deep within your diaphragm. You bounced a little, flexing your thighs and adjusting your position so that you could chase your own high. You felt Jimin's erection pressed into your leg as he sought touch, his arousal reaching the point of pain. 

Namjoon caught Jimin's chin in his fingers and drew him forwards for a kiss, forcing your movements to still. You felt a shudderingly strong orgasm rip through you as Namjoon brushed your clit one last time, sending you collapsing into him. Your face buried itself in his shoulder and you were no longer able to support yourself, your legs turned to jelly. Namjoon pulled away from Jimin's lips with an audibly wet sound as he adjusted with your weight, supporting you as he moved to make you more comfortable. 

He laid you back into the pillows, pulling out of you with a wince. Jimin immediately was on him, his mouth enveloping Namjoon's dick to the hilt. He hollowed his cheeks, earning an unholy moan from Namjoon. Well, fuck

Not to be outdone, you shoved Jimin away and did your damndest to suck Namjoon off, your fingernails digging into his thighs as you took as much of him as you possibly could. Namjoon's eyes were blown out impossibly wide as he buried his fingers in your hair. 


"Fuck, yes, you're so sexy," He shook as he struggled to speak. "Your mouth feels so good--"

Namjoon's next words were swallowed by Jimin, whose lips found purchase on his. You growled in irritation and Namjoon clutched at your hair more desperately, appreciating the vibrations. Namjoon moaned just as Jimin bit his bottom lip and you felt a blast of heat down your throat as Namjoon came with a bang. 

Fireworks were going off in Namjoon's brain as he chased the feeling you gave him, his whole body shuddering a little with the force of it. Jimin sat back on his heels, a self-satisfied grin plastered firmly on his face. You sucked Namjoon dry for as long as you could take it before rising off of him with a loud pop. You immediately slid up to kiss Namjoon, his lips swollen and sensitive from so much stimulation. 


"I gotta admit, you really did 'beat that pussy' like nobody else," You teased with a purr. 

Namjoon's face contorted in embarrassment and recognition at your reference. 


"I see you've heard some of my younger self's covers." He heaved a deep sigh. "Expensive Girl is forever a blight on my professional career..." 

Jimin giggled into his hand. 


"It's not like Trouble was much better, hyung. You and Jin, such fucking pervs." 


"I mean, Trouble was hot as hell though," You pointed out. "Jin's moans were damn good, especially when paired with your raps." 

Namjoon finally met your gaze despite his embarrassment, a small smile slipping through. 


"Jin sounds nothing like that during sex, by the way. He sounds much less pretty." Emboldened by your giggles, Namjoon let his eyelids lower a little. "Not nearly as pretty as you sound during sex, Y/N."


"See? Fucking PERV!" Jimin smacked Namjoon in the face with his own pillow, earning a fit of laughter from everyone involved. 


"I'm gonna let it slide, just because Namjoon is sexy as fuck." You bit his earlobe, hard, before sitting back on his bed with a smug expression. 

Jimin rolled his eyes. 


"What am I, chopped liver?" 

Without missing a beat, you pounced on Jimin and captured his lips with yours. Your hands cupped his jawline, thumb swiping his cheek roughly before you released him. 


"No, you're sexy too. Different flavor, though. You're more bubblegum and chokers, Namjoon is more rough and to the point." You playfully swatted Jimin's cheek, earning a moan from him as you brushed his still-hard erection. 

"Aw, poor baby. Did I neglect you?" 

His pupils exploded as he nodded vigorously, his lips parting in expectation. 


"I think you should take care of him, Y/N. Especially since he was so good for us." Namjoon purred, and it hit you right in your core. 

It had only been a few minutes, but you could feel the familiar tingle between your legs as you inspected Jimin's blissed-out expression. Smiling decisively, you dipped your hand down to guide him into your waiting center. 

Jimin gasped at the sudden contact and keened loudly when you enveloped him to the hilt. His cries were so melodic, you could hear the musician in him as he all but sang for you.



Jimin struggled for breath when you started to move, his eyes screwed shut as he lost himself in the feeling of you. Namjoon had drifted behind you, his hands coming to caress your hips and slide down to play with your clit from behind. Jimin's fingers dug into the flesh at your ribs, his thumbs playing with your breasts as he fought to breathe. 

You rode Jimin for all he was worth, forcing him as deep inside of you as he could go. Now that you were in control, you dominated the fuck out of Jimin in every way you could think of. You pulled his hair, bit his bottom lip and earlobes, and left blooms of bruises on his collarbones wherever you kissed him. Unsatisfied with just this, you stilled your movements and felt your fingers flit to his carotids on their own.

Jimin's eyes fluttered in such a pretty way that you almost forgot to count. Coming back into yourself, you made sure you wouldn't do any damage and released him. He whined at the loss, his perfect lips parting in protest. He looked pretty banged up at this point, with his swollen and bruised lips and the hickeys marring his otherwise faultless skin. You felt your lips stretch into a smile and you pressed yourself backwards so that you were sandwiched between Namjoon and Jimin, the heat of Namjoon's torso against your back as you used his body to support yourself. 

Namjoon growled into your hair as he let his fingertips bite into your skin, tiny crescents left in their wake at the force of his touch. Your hips stuttered and you forced yourself to be still, falling back from the razor's edge and loving the way it felt as you rode the high a little longer. Jimin stirred within you and managed a weak buck before you gripped his thigh roughly, instantly making him stop. 


"Good boys only move when they're told," You hissed. 

Jimin nodded quickly, biting his lip hard enough to draw blood. It ran down his face slowly, though he didn't seem to notice. You licked a stripe up his chin, tasting the metallic tang of his blood before softly caressing his mouth with yours, a much more gentle kiss than you'd previously given him. You started moving your hips again, but this time you were much slower and methodical. It felt like you were making love to him for the first time, as opposed to the rough sex you'd forced him to endure before. 

Jimin's body relaxed and he pulled you closer, pressing your torso into his as he let his arms wrap around you. Namjoon picked up on the change in mood and began to press soft and loving kisses to your spine, his skin supple as he pressed it to yours. 

It felt  a m a z I n g . Hell, better than your wildest dreams. You came twice more, but slower and in smaller magnitude. You lifted yourself off of Jimin and Namjoon finished him with his mouth alone, Jimin's expression close to bliss as he orgasmed for the first time tonight. 

The lot of you collapsed on Namjoon's bed, you lying on top of Namjoon. Jimin plopped on top of you, pressing his face between your breasts. This was all well and good for you, but it knocked the air out of Namjoon. Jimin winced and rolled off of you, to which all three of you broke into laughter. 


"Fuck, that was awesome, right?" You marveled. "Jesus Christ, Namjoon. It's like you've been blessed by the gods."

Jimin snickered into your shoulder, his arm snaking across your waist. 


"Of course he has. I've never seen a dick that big, and I've seen some of the tallest NBA players naked. That shit's gotta be painful sometimes."

Namjoon's ears turned red, you could feel their heat pressed into your cheek. You smiled in spite of yourself. 


"Don't feel embarrassed, Namjoon. It's a goddamn compliment. If I could have dick like that on tap, I'd never stray from my bed." You craned your neck to regard him curiously. "Would you let me make a dildo of your penis?" 

Both Namjoon and Jimin stared at you with disbelieving eyes. You snickered loudly and moved to face them. 


"You can't tell me that you'd never thought of that. You have any idea how fucking lucrative that would be?" Namjoon still looked scandalized, so you laughed it off and shook your head. "Alright, your loss. Guess you're stuck with me until I can find a better dick." 

You said this jokingly, but you were surprised to see how okay with that Namjoon was. 


"What, was that supposed to be a threat? Use me all you want, baby. I'm not going anywhere." Namjoon offered you a dimple smile and grabbed a pair of boxers and a T-shirt from his bedside table without getting up. "Now, are you going to cuddle me or keep staring at our abs?" 

You snorted and felt your cheeks flush with warmth, a little annoyed that you'd been caught. 


"I can look if I want, goddamn it. It's not my fault you're built like gods and just as beautiful." You sniffed indignantly and hopped up to grab a shirt from Namjoon's closet, taking your time to choose something that looked comfy.

You settled on a distressed boyfriend tee, one that had small horizontal rips all over it. It was mouse grey and soft as hell, so you slipped it on over your head and were pleasantly happy when you saw that it showed just enough skin but left your nipples covered. Jimin whined at the lack of nakedness that was surrounding him now, a petulant child as he straightened his spine and pouted. 


"Well, fuck, it's no fun if I'm the only one naked." He huffed and politely asked for a shirt as well. 

Namjoon laughed and crossed his room to the opposite corner, finding a pair of sweatpants and a shirt that would work for Jimin. 


"You know, normally I sleep naked, so this is a huge step for me." Jimin's teasing only elicited an eye roll and a giggle, so he shrugged and promptly jumped onto Namjoon's bed. 

The two men took up a large majority of the bed, leaving you contemplating your place a beat too long. Namjoon patted his stomach invitingly. You moved to obey, but Jimin, not wanting to be ignored, shifted so that his arm slid behind Namjoon. Catching on, Namjoon mirrored his pose, and they created a comfortable little nest between them where you could snuggle both of them.

A smile involuntarily hit your face as you took up residence here, loving the smell of Namjoon that surrounded you comfortingly. Jimin nuzzled his face into your neck, inhaling deeply as you pressed yourself as closely to Namjoon as physics would allow. Jimin pressed in, too, so that you were a happy and comfortable sandwich. Namjoon clapped and the lights doused, and sleep claimed you easily as an old friend.  



Chapter Text

You woke insanely early, which vexed you considerably. Namjoon was still blissfully snoring into your hair, and Jimin had somehow found himself wrapped around you like a teddy bear. Namjoon's legs were tangled with all three of you, a feat that you had no idea how it had occurred. TBH, though, you weren't that mad. How could you stay mad at them? (The answer is: you can't. Nope.)

Luckily, Jimin chose that precise moment to roll off of you and splay across Namjoon's bed, star fishing in a way that wasn't as expansive as you expected. Jimin wasn't short, per se, he was just a little smaller than his fellows. Especially when compared to the giant that was currently giving you a loving squeeze.

You pecked Namjoon on the cheek and quickly extricated yourself from his clutches, wordlessly disappearing into the hall. You didn't even bother to pick up your bikini from his floor; as far as you were concerned, he could keep it if he wanted. You were too high on last night to really care about much of anything right then. 

After a quick shower and throwing on whatever comfy clothes were clean, you padded downstairs in stocking feet to see Jin pouring himself a cup of coffee. 


"Morning, Jin."


"Well, good morning to you, too. You know, the walls here aren't as thick as they look." He raised his eyebrows at you, not exactly accusingly, but definitely not innocently. 

You winced a little, shoulders rising involuntarily. 


"That bad, huh?" 

Jin laughed airily, waving it off as though it were nothing. 


"Don't worry about it. I'm a light sleeper in strange places like this. Besides, you get used to it when living with this many guys for so long." Still, he seemed curious. "I mostly heard Jimin, but I'm pretty sure from the placement of those love-bites that he wasn't the only participant in your little late-night soirée." 

Jin sipped his coffee, eyeing you for your reaction. You hummed, shrugging nonchalantly. 


"Can I ask you a question?" 


"I'm an open book." 


"When you were with Namjoon, how much of him could you take?" Jin choked on his coffee, to which you grinned. "I only ask because it wasn't as hard as I expected. He's really hot when he's all riled up, isn't he?" 

Though his eyes were narrowed, a sly smile slipped onto his lips. 


"You absolute minx. I tip my hat to you, my dear." He mimed tipping a hat, and took another long drag from his mug. "Namjoon and Jimin at the same time? I never would have thought."


"A delicious combo, if you ask me. A shame nobody explored that, that I could find." 




"Nothing." You busied yourself with making your own morning beverage, ignoring Jin's strange look at you. 

After doctoring it with plenty of chocolate milk and sugar, you sat next to Jin. His shoulders brushed yours, and you enjoyed the early morning silence together, only broken by the occasional sip of coffee. 

At around 7:00, Jungkook jogged upstairs from the gym and plopped down across from you with pink cheeks and covered with sweat. 


"Jinnie," Jungkook cooed, charm cranked up to 11, "Would my amazing hyung be willing to make me breakfast this morning?" 

Jin stiffened, his spine straightening and his fingertips tightening around his mug. Without missing a beat, you patted Jin's shoulder and got up from your stool. 


"I got it, Jungkook. Just promise me you'll take a shower before you eat." You shot him a shit-eating grin before disappearing behind the refrigerator door. 

He raced around the counter and attacked you from behind, lifting you in a tight hug under your ribcage. You broke into squealing giggles as he shook you lightly.


"Why? Don't you like me when I'm all loose and sweaty?" He swung you around and peppered you with kisses on your neck and shoulders. You weakly smacked his arms where he held you in a vice, a poor attempt at getting him to stop. 


"No! Please! You stink, and I just showered!" You made your voice more overdramatic than it needed to be, but it delighted Jungkook as he finally set you down. 


"So? You could always shower with me, and then there'd be no harm done." Jungkook nibbled your earlobe and you swatted his head playfully as he finally ducked away to shower.

Jin smirked through the whole exchange, his eyebrow raised in interest. 


"Seems like everyone around here is completely taken with you." 


"I don't even know how. Like, I'm kinda frumpy most of the time." You laughed lightly, pulling out the carton of eggs, some milk, and bread. "Sometimes I think y'all are crazy or something." 

When you spun back to grab a spatula, Jin was frowning and his eyebrows were furrowed. 


"What do you mean by that? You always look beautiful."

You snorted, turning on a burner and placing a healthy pat of butter on your pan. 


"Yeah, I'm a regular Marilyn alright." 


"I see no need for the sarcasm, Y/N. You don't need makeup to be beautiful. When you wear it, all it does is draw attention to your best features."


"And what would those be?" As you spread the butter in the pan.

Jin put his empty mug in the sink and rested his cheek on his palm, observing you curiously. 


"Your laugh, for one. It's intoxicating." 

You started, unsure you heard him correctly. As you stared at him in disbelief, Jin indicated at your pan with a soft smile. 

"Your butter is ready, Y/N."

Coming back to your senses, you blinked and grabbed an egg from the carton and cracked it into the pan. Perfect form, to your exhilaration. The yolk remained intact as it drifted over the pan, the white solidifying and sizzling satisfyingly. The edges began to golden in perfect measure. 


"Thanks. I don't think anyone has told me that before." 


"Well, it's true. Your eyes are lovely, too. So full of life and so bright." 

You let the egg pop in its pan for a few more seconds, grabbing a plate from the cupboard, before expertly flipping it. The yolk didn't break, and you gently pressed the white down in places it might not cook as evenly. 

You slid it out of the pan when you were sure it was cooked, added a little extra butter, and cracked in a second egg. 


"Could you put two pieces of bread in the toaster and get it started, please?" 

Jin was quick to assist, doing as he was told. Jungkook came back into the kitchen with a puff of steam in his wake, his hair still damp. 


"Fuck, something smells awesome." Jungkook hummed in appreciation, a blissful smile gracing his features as his eyes drifted shut. 

You successfully flipped the second egg just as the toast popped up. 


"Put it on the plate before it burns," You directed, buttering toast like an old pro and arranging it prettily. 

Jin watched it carefully, and just as you finished with the toast, he slid the egg out of the pan and onto the plate. You thanked him and took down a glass, pouring milk almost to the top. Satisfied with the presentation of your work, you took the plate and the glass over to the kitchen island for Jungkook. His eyes were as wide as saucers, and his mouth dropped in surprise at how pretty his breakfast looked. 


"It's damn near too perfect to eat," Jungkook mused. 

Though he snapped a picture on his phone for posterity, his sentiment did nothing to slow him from digging in with gusto. Jin snickered softly as he watched the maknae eat like a starving man, dipping his toast in the golden yolks as fast as he could so that it wouldn't get everywhere. 


"You never eat that fast when I cook for you," Jin groused, though he didn't look too sore about it. 


"Then get better, hyung-ah!" Jungkook spoke with a full mouth, but he still snarked back. 

You rolled your eyes, glancing back to see the burner was still on. 


"Anybody else want eggs?" 

Jin shook his head, having already eaten. Yoongi was dragging himself into the kitchen at that moment, the bags under his eyes extremely dark. 


"All I want is a black coffee." His voice was gravelly and almost painful sounding, but you acknowledged his answer. 

Jin set to making Yoongi's coffee, while a few other members trickled in. 


"Final call, does anybody else want eggs?"

Namjoon swept in, wrapping his arms around your waist and humming as he held you to him tightly. 


"I'd love some, if you'd be so kind. Thanks, honey." He pressed a kiss to your cheek and gave you one last squeeze before sitting down at the island next to Yoongi. 

A pleasant lingering waft of his shampoo in his wake made you smile, the familiar scent eliciting a serene expression on your face. 


"I'd also love some breakfast, but I don't need anything fancy. Whatever you're cooking, I'll have." J-Hope piped up from the counter, chipper as only a morning person could be. 


"So, Namjoon and Hobi? Four fried eggs and toast coming up." 

You made Namjoon's eggs perfecty and without any mistakes, but Hobi's second yolk broke as you cracked it in the pan. You groaned forlornly, watching as it spread sadly across the pan and colored most of the egg a pale yellow. Jin asked over your shoulder. 


"How unfortunate. Five out of six is pretty good, though, if you ask me." He sighed dramatically and patted your shoulder. 

As though reading your mind, he toasted bread for Namjoon and J-Hope without having to ask. You smiled at that, appreciating how well you could work together when you set your mind to a task. You really hoped you and Jin could become friends. 

Though, something had started to bother you in the back of your mind. A small little nagging something, an offhand comment. Namjoon usually called you little lamb; why had he chosen to call you 'honey'? Why now?

As you plated and served up their breakfasts, you couldn't help but feel like it would bug you for a little while. 

It wasn't like you hated the nickname. It actually felt... nice, coming from Namjoon. Maybe it was his way of apologizing for how rough he'd been the night before? You couldn't be sure, but you found yourself hoping that he'd call you 'honey' again.

When everybody had been fed, you turned off the burner and filled your pan with hot water and dish soap. You weren't that hungry, so you just had a bagel with cream cheese. Namjoon noticed this, raising an eyebrow. 


"Really? After last night, I would've thought you'd be starving today." He shot you a wink, which was lost on no one. 


"I don't know. I thought so too, but maybe you just didn't work me hard enough." You returned his wink with a shit-eating smirk, something that made him flush a little at the implications. 


"Wh--you're kidding, right?" 


"Nope. Next time, I wouldn't mind seeing you get a little more rough, to be honest. That was hot as hell." You swallowed a bite of bagel, something dawning on you. "My god. Y'all are gonna turn me into a fucking switch at this rate." 

Jungkook snorted, shooting you a sideways glance. 


"Who said you weren't a switch?"


"Hmm, let me see--Me. I said that. I used to moonlight as a domme, you know." You finished your bagel, to which you realized you now had five sets of eyes on you. Five sets of very hungry eyes.


"What?" Namjoon's voice was breathy, which only widened your smirk. 


"Yeah. College was wild as hell for me, I'll tell you what." Like this was no big revelation, you pulled out your phone and started playing a game. You tapped on your screen and watched the tiny Mario run and hop at your whim, pretending not to notice the dark shape of Namjoon dart away from the counter. Without looking up, you asked, "What's eating him?" 


"Not sure. I'll go check on him." J-Hope stood from his seat, throwing you a smile that you felt rather than saw. "Thank you for breakfast, Y/N. It was delicious." 


"Would've been more delicious if I could've fried that damn egg without the yolk breaking!" You tossed this out loudly, and you heard Hobi's familiar cackle down the hall as he moved up the stairs. 

That left Jin, Jungkook, and Suga sitting around you while you played on your phone. Conversation started on its own, Jin and Suga talking quietly while Jungkook pulled out his own phone. 


"Hey, Y/N, I don't think I have your phone number," Jungkook said suddenly. 

You glanced up (since you'd just died) and nodded. 


"Okay. Hand it over." 

He eagerly passed you his phone and you tapped your digits into a new contact. You did your best to enter your name in Hangul, though it was rough goings. You gave up after a short while with a derisive laugh. 

"Damn Hangul. I never could get it right." 

Jungkook's eyes widened in understanding and read it more carefully, laughing when he saw your mistake. 


"It's okay, I gotchu, baby." He fixed it and showed it to you so that you could see it written properly. 

You nodded sagely and squinted, the syllabic blocks slowly becoming less foreign. 


"Thanks, Kookie." 


"So, you started to learn Korean?" Suga seemed surprised, but interested. 


"Yeah, a little while ago. I started learning because I saw a really good K-Drama and I recognized a few phrases that I pieced together from hearing them so much. I wanted to formally understand it, so I took up Hangul. My professor lied, Korean is definitely not easier than Japanese!" 

You laughed in spite of yourself, feeling a little embarrassed. 


"There are similarities, but I think it might be a little easier to go from Korean to Japanese." Suga shrugged, sipping from his mug. 


"What K-Drama were you watching?" Jin asked. "Maybe I've heard of it." 

You blushed, lowering your gaze as you muttered its name under your breath. 


"I'm sorry, what was that?" Jungkook's eyebrows scrunched. 

Heaving a deep sigh, you spoke louder and more clearly this time. 



Jin beamed at you then, smacking the island triumphantly. 


"I've definitely heard of that one! That's the one V was in, right?" 

You nodded silently, feeling your cheeks redden ever more steadily. 


"Ohh, was that the one--?"


"No spoilers, please!" You blurted out, startling Jungkook and cutting him off. 


"Whatever the lady wants," Jin acquiesced. "I must agree, though, that it is very good."

Jimin chose that moment to come barreling down the stairs to envelop you in a hug, peppering your cheeks with kisses as he held you. You sputtered and giggled, swatting at him in a feeble attempt to halt his progress. 


"Damn." Yoongi squinted at the display, his face expressing morbid curiosity. 

Finally, Jimin released you with one more squeeze. He made himself some cereal and plopped down next to your seat, an innocent smile flashed your way when you took notice of this. 


"So what's the plan for today?" You asked. 


"Really? You're just going to ignore the cute attack that you just suffered?" Yoongi glanced between you and Jimin, disbelief on his face. 

Jin cackled his windshield wiper laugh, only to have you roll your eyes. 


"What? I happen to like affection, for your information, Mishter Min." 

Yoongi sighed and shook his head as though he didn't understand, before deciding to answer your question. 


"The crew said that we're not gonna film again until next week. They're trying to edit everything we've filmed so far and they need to catch up." 


"Yeah, come to think of it, we've been filming much more often and more close together than we usually do in a season," Jimin pointed out. "Normally we only film once in a week, more if an episode needs a follow-up..." 

Jin nodded thoughtfully. Instead, you snorted, which drew everyone's confused attention. 


"Guys, really? Gee, what's different this season, hmm?" You exaggeratedly indicated to yourself when they still didn't get it. "Me, you dorks! I'm the mitigating factor here."

All three of them thought about it for a second before agreeing. 


"Okay, I can see that. It has been a little weird trying to integrate someone new." At your expression, Jin rushed to explain, "That came out wrong. It's not that you're weird or anything, it's just strange for us because it's usually always been us seven and adding an eighth has been new--!" 

You laughed at his floundering and helpfully cut him off. 


"You're fine, Jin. Don't worry about it. I'm sure it's been weird for all of you." 


"That doesn't mean we don't love you!" Jimin proclaimed, leaning sideways to envelop you in an all-encompassing hug that made your heart feel fuzzy.

You let your eyes drift shut and you hugged him back, a soft smile lighting on your face. 


"Fucking flirt," Yoongi muttered. 

Jimin stuck his tongue out at his hyung, only squeezing you more tightly. 


"She said she likes affection, so I'm not going to let her go without!" He punctuated his point by pressing a chaste kiss to your hair, which earned a giggle from you. He pressed his cheek to your forehead one more time before he released you and returned to his cereal. 


"Jimin, you're impossible." 


"You're just jealous that I'm cuter than you are." 


"There are a lot of people who don't find you cute, you little shit."

Jin sighed, caught between his quarreling friends. He turned to you and smiled. 


"Wanna go on a walk with me, Y/N?" 


"Gladly." Without another word, you and Jin rose from the island and headed outside, putting on sneakers at the door. 

Once outside, you heaved a great sigh of relief. 


"As much as I love them, they can really be impossible sometimes," Jin laughed. "Beach or jungle?" 


"Hmm, how about jungle? I'm feeling like I wanna see some nature right now." 


"Sounds good to me." Jin offered you his arm with a quiet smile, and you took it easily. 

You walked in amiable silence for a few minutes, enjoying the sights of the trees and flowers that had just begun to bloom. It was breathtakingly beautiful here among the foliage, with the early morning sunlight filtering in through the leaves to supply a gentle green glow to your surroundings. You inhaled deeply, enjoying the scent of the cool dew-kissed green. 


"It's so beautiful out here today." You slowed to listen to the birdsong, shutting your eyes and feeling a smile hit your face as you soaked up the sun. 


"It's not as pretty as me, though." Jin shot you a wink when you giggled. "I actually do have a question for you, though..."


"Hmm? What's up?" 


"What are your intentions with Namjoon?" Realizing he had your full attention, he blushed and continued on: "--Or, really, any of us for that matter?"

Your gaze drifted across the trees, deep in thought. You didn't really have a good answer to that. 


"Honestly, Jin--I don't know. I have such strong feelings for all of you, and that much has never changed. But--would it ever, really be possible to continue what we have? You're idols, insanely popular and with millions of adoring fans. I'm just one blip among all of them, and I would hate to keep you away from the rest of them. I don't want to keep you to myself, just for my selfish desires.

I care deeply about all of you. I'd never do anything to intentionally hurt any of you, but I also don't know how this will end. What is it exactly that you want to know?" 

Jin sighed, shifting on his feet. 


"Do you love him?"

The words may as well have struck you with lightning. Your heart raced and you struggled to breathe, not daring to give plausibility to the thought. You didn't want to believe it--but when Jin said it and confronted you with that reality so clearly, you knew there was only one answer in your heart. 

Tears sprang to your eyes and you choked back a sob, forcing yourself to breathe deeply. 


"I swear I didn't mean to--" Jin wrapped his arms around you as you cried. "I didn't want to love him. Why the fuck does Namjoon have the right to do this to me? It's not like we can even be together, why did this happen to me?" 

Jin hushed you softly, rubbing your back as you sobbed into his chest. His even breathing helped calm you a little, but your heart still hurt. You snorted. 


"I guess it comes as no fucking surprise. I already loved all of you as a fan, but once I was confronted face-to-face with how wonderful all of you were, I was doomed." 

You felt yourself shudder violently against Jin, the beginning warning signs of a panic attack taking hold. Your breathing quickened and you blinked hard, trying to quell the panic and fear. Jin tightened his arms around you, noting the shift and trying to ground you to the present. 


"Shh, it's okay. Breathe. You're okay. You're in a safe place. I won't hurt you, nobody will hurt you. Breathe." He held the back of your head, stroking your hair gently. "Breathe for me, moonchild." 

You shook with the force of your attack, feeling your vision tunnel and seeing spots. Jin just rocked you through it, holding you tighter every time you started to whimper. He was impossibly kind and patient with you, eventually singing comfortingly in Korean. 

He pressed his lips to your forehead, pulling back just enough to look into your eyes. He held your face in both hands, wiping your tears with his thumbs. 


"Are you still with me, Y/N?" 

You managed to nod, though it made the world spin. 


"I think I need to sit down." You felt really queasy, and your head was uncomfortably heavy on your neck. 

Jin guided you to a fallen tree trunk, helping you sit. You started to fall but Jin caught you and propped you up against him, letting you rest your back against his chest. Your head rolled from side to side, trying to focus on something to help it pass. 


"I'm so sorry," You whispered. Your own voice felt foreign to you.

Jin shushed you, caressing your arms lovingly as he corrected your language. 


"You have done nothing wrong. This isn't your fault. I'm not angry at you." He sighed heavily, rubbing your arms. "Honestly, I'm relieved. Namjoon hasn't always had the best taste in relationships, but I can see that he made a good choice in you." 


"I love him." You tasted it in your mouth, testing the feel of the words and the weight they carried. "Never would've guessed." 

Jin laughed, his first real one in half an hour. 


"Honey, you're not as subtle as you think you are. I'm pretty sure the only one who doesn't know is Namjoon himself." 


"Wh--then why did the others sleep with me, if they knew?" 


"Pfft. Think of it this way: the most attractive man you've ever seen walks up to you and asks to have sex. You know for a fact that this man has interest in another person, but he is outright asking to be with you. You want this man, so you do this man, regardless of who you know he is interested in. Because in that moment, he wants to be with you. Does that put it into perspective a little?" 

You sighed, leaning back into him. 


"I suppose. Still feels shitty, though." 


"Why? You're the insanely hot man in this scenario! You've managed to wrap every single one of my bandmates around your little finger, and that doesn't make you even a little bit proud?"

You shrugged. 


"I dunno. It just feels weird because I'm aware that I'm in love with Namjoon."


"Just because you are doesn't mean anything has to change. All of us are still crazy about you, and we've got plenty of time to spend with you and enjoy your company. Can't you do the same?"


"I... can try." 


"Good." Jin pressed a kiss to your temple. "We just want you to be happy, Y/N." 

Your vision had finally returned to normal, and your head skinned less. You managed to turn to face Jin, your eyes unsure. 


"Can you promise me just one thing?" Your voice tentative, as though you were afraid he'd refuse. 

Well, Jin was a gentleman, and a gentleman would never refuse a lady like you.


"What can I promise you?" 


"Don't forget about me when this is all over. Call and text me occasionally, if you can. Just... don't let this dissolve like a dream." 

Jin's eyes softened, and he thought he could feel his heart break a little. 


"I won't let them forget. Though, I don't think they will. You're too special for that." 

As if to confirm his point, your phone vibrated in your pocket. It was Jungkook. 


where did you disappear to? 🥺


You couldn't help the feeling of happiness that made your heart swell at the sight. Maybe Jin was right, and they would remember you on their own. You hoped that was the case. 


Just needed some fresh air

Decided to go on a walk with Jin


You watched as the little bubble popped up, showing that he was typing. 



please come back

the hyungs want to play mariokart with you


You smirked and began typing a response, Jin leaning over to watch. 


They want a rematch, do they? Sounds like they're a glutton 
for punishment 😂


Jungkook typed again, probably trying to hold in his laughter.


exactly, you to need help me put them in their place

let's show em how it's done, babyyy 😘


Jin snorted, seeming to be personally offended. 


"Little shit." 


"Hey, he has a right to be cocky. He actually came close to beating me last time." You grinned at Jin, who looked scandalized. 


"How dare you, madam! I remember holding my own in that fight!"

You snickered. 


"Sure... from fifth place." 


"I got third, thank you very much!"

Not budging an inch, you simply looked at him smugly.


"I think what I'm hearing is that it's time for a rematch." 


"Fine! This time I'll show you that Kim Seokjin cannot be beaten!" Jin got up from the log and offered you his hand for assistance, which you took despite your pride. 

You couldn't blame Jin, he was just nice that way and didn't mean it maliciously. So, you followed him on the path back to the house, smack-talking the entire way. 



Chapter Text

Jungkook and Jimin were neck-and-neck when you opened the sliding glass door to the villa, with screeches from J-Hope confirming that he was losing horribly. Taehyung was unusually calm as he rapidly controlled his kart, wiping the floor with Hobi as he repeatedly hit him with bananas and several green shells. 

You dropped to the floor beneath Jimin and Jungkook where they sat on their couch, watching the screen with interest. Jin watched while standing for a short minute before drawing up a stool from the kitchen. Taehyung pulled out a surprise victory when both Jungkook and Jimin got hit with the same blue shell. Jungkook damn near threw down his controller in anger, but Jimin caught it right before it hit you. 


"Bruh, you almost hit her! What kind of--!" Jimin groaned in exasperation and snatched the controller away from Jungkook, instead offering it to you. "Y/N, you haven't had a turn yet, you wanna play? Since Guggie can't be trusted?" 

You grinned and swiped it before Jungkook could go in for the steal. 


"My pleasure. Get ready to lose, baby." You winked, making Jimin blush. 

You breezed through the settings and chose Rosalina paired with a bike. Taehyung chose King Boo, J-Hope a brilliant red Yoshi, and Jimin settled on Luigi. You sped through the cup settings and readied yourself for a landslide of a win. 

Jimin planted his legs on either side of you, his controller just behind your skull. You felt one of his legs caress your side lightly before the starting bell rang. You raced ahead without caring to acknowledge his obvious distraction technique, taking advantage of your speed boost to leave everyone else in the dust. Blank Tae didn't get mad. He just drove like a demon, with an expressionless focus that made him a force to be reckoned with. 


"C'mon boys, I don't even have a fucking Switch!" You taunted.

Jimin grunted in concentration, and J-Hope made a crazy screeching noise that was impossibly loud as Jimin nailed him with a red shell. You grinned evilly and left a trail of bananas in your wake, catching Taehyung and ending his tenure from riding your tail. You ended the race with a Bob-omb immediately behind you that hit at least three characters. 


"And that is how it's done, son!" You did a small victory dance while seated, waiting for the next screen to boot up. 

J-Hope nearly sobbed, placing down his controller in defeat. 


"Anybody wanna take up my spot? I don't think I can handle more disappointment..." 

Jin took Hoseok's controller and settled in for the desert track, surprisingly holding his own in this race. Of course, none of them were any match for you. You had drifting down to a T, and there was nobody who had as precise of timing as you did. Jimin whined when he lost to you this time, as he was literally seconds behind you. Jin was in third this time, Taehyung somewhere in fourth or fifth. Tae shrugged. 


"Better luck next time, Jimin." Tae patted Jimin's knee consolingly, but he couldn't be calmed. 


"I was right there!"  Jimin sighed forlornly and readied himself for the next race. "I'm gonna get you this time, Y/N!" 

You sniggered like an asshole. 


"What's gonna make this time any different from the last ten times I've beaten you?"

Jimin grinned evilly, cranked your chin up to face him, and planted a hard kiss on your lips. His tongue sought your own, and you were swept up in the feeling of Jimin for a few seconds until he broke the kiss and promptly hit the accelerator. 

You gasped in surprise and raced off after him, keeping pace with Tae and Jin as they jostled for second and third. Irritated by his dirty tactics, you felt zero remorse when you sent several red shells and a blue ahead of you. Taehyung spun out, as did Jin, leaving you following Jimin at a distance while you waited. 


"Got a little present headed your way, Chim Chim."

His eyes widened in comprehension and fear. He didn't have a speaker, so he was doomed to sit back and watch while he got hit and you blazed past him. 


"Hurts to suck, doesn't it?" You tossed over your shoulder. 

Jimin whined like a kicked puppy, left chasing fourth place for the remainder of the track. Tae came in after you, with Jin holding up third. 


"Damn, girl, you cold." Jin cackled, sending you an approving thumbs-up. "I like that in a woman." 

Taehyung rolled his eyes, though he had the ghost of a smile on his face as he fired back. 


"Jin, you like everything in a woman. If it's got woman parts, you like it." 

Jin didn't seem to see the problem with that. 


"And? Your point is...?" 


"Casanova," Tae muttered under his breath.


"Bully," Jin shot back. 


"Guys! Keep it friendly in here, eh?" You shot Tae a glance, trying to tell him to shut up.

J-Hope snickered at your comment, glancing at Jimin. 


"Seems like Jimin didn't want to keep things friendly." He watched you out of the corner of his eye, his expression full of mischief. "Pulling a dirty stunt like that and still losing. You're making all of us look bad, Jiminie."

The younger boy glared at J-Hope. 


"Oh, like you're much better, Hobi. I know all about you and Suga's little... arrangement."

Having finished your cup in the top spot, you put down your controller, engrossed in this juicy exchange. 


"Arrangement? What kind of arrangement?" You couldn't hide your curiosity. 

Hoseok rolled his eyes, seemingly unperturbed. 


"Go ahead and tell them if you want, Jimin. Not like I care." 

Jimin seemed chastised, as though realizing how petty and childish he sounded. 


"Well, if it's not going to irritate you, why should I?" He fell silent and instead opted to start the next round of selections for a new cup. 

J-Hope shrugged and left the living room, heading in the direction of the studio instead. Taehyung let out a big tiger yawn, stretching luxuriously for a second. 


"I think it's time for my nap. Or maybe a snack. I dunno. Have fun." Tae wandered back into his room, taking his personal controller with him. 

That left you, Jimin, Jin, and Jungkook.


"Can I play yet?" Jungkook wheedled, his dark eyes wide as he flopped over to look at you. 

You giggled and rolled your eyes, starting to pass him the controller as he whooped triumphantly. However, Jimin stopped you, instead handing Jungkook his controller. 


"You haven't played too much, and I've been on all day. My fingers hurt." He relinquished his and let you keep your controller. 

Jungkook shrugged. 


"Maybe Y/N and I can have a real head-to-head match this time!" Jungkook grinned down at you, holding out a fist. 

You bumped his fist before grabbing his wrist and pulling it towards you a little, an impish expression on your face. 


"Get ready to lose, bunny." 


And lose, Jungkook did. You wiped the floor with him through three consecutive cups, his desperation rising with each one. In fact, he got so sloppy by the third cup that Jin actually got second place instead. He roared after losing the last race, letting his controller fall onto the couch as he tackled you into the ground, pinning you beneath his massive muscled body. Jimin tried to get him off of you, but you were too busy staring to fight back. 

Jungkook's eyes were like a shark's as he bit his lip, gazing down at you with such a deadened gaze that you wondered what was going through his head. Jin heaved a sigh and wrenched Jungkook off of you easily, throwing the youngest over his shoulder and tossing him onto the opposite couch to calm down. 


"Stop being such a sore loser, Kook. It's not a good look on you." Jin murmured salaciously, with the hidden message that Jungkook shouldn't disobey. 

Still fuming, Jungkook got up and left the room without another word. Jimin stooped to make sure you were okay. 


"Did he hurt you?" Jimin's eyes were wide with concern. 


"No, I'm fine. Just a little startled."

Jin tsked, tapping his foot as his hands went to his hips. He looked every bit the part of a disgruntled mother. 


"I'd better go check on him before he breaks something. I swear, it's like raising a child! It never ends." Jin shot you an apologetic glance and left to follow Jungkook to his room. 

Jimin carefully helped you up, his fingers gently squeezing yours. You winced when you straightened fully. 


"Where does it hurt? What's wrong?" Jimin fawned over you, lifting your shirt to see a bruise already forming where Jungkook had pinned you with his knee. He cursed under his breath in Korean, letting your shirt fall back into place. "I swear to God, I'm gonna kill him."

You rolled your eyes. 


"Over something small as that? I'm surprised you didn't kill him because he fucked me first." 

Jimin's posture loosened a little, but he was still angry. His fingertips gently tested the bruise, working to understand how painful it was. Overall, it wasn't that bad. You suspected Jungkook's knee had banged against your hip bone in his hurry. You rested your hand on top of his, trying to reassure him with a smile. 


"Chim, I'm fine. It's just a bruise. I've dealt with much worse, believe me."

He sighed deeply and twined his fingers with yours, taking comfort in the small act of skinship. After a minute of silence, Jimin met your eyes, a little sheepish. 




"What's on your mind, mochi?"

He seemed caught off-guard at the nickname, but was determined to say what was on his mind. He worked himself up to it, squeezing your hand for courage.


"Will you sleep in my room tonight?" 

You tilted your head curiously, hoping he would elaborate. When he didn't immediately, you gently prodded him along. 


"Any particular reason why?" 

Jimin scrunched his face in irritation. 


"What? I want to spend time with you, is that so hard to fathom?" 

You smirked. 


"As someone with abysmally low self-esteem, yes, it is." You lightly punched him on the arm. "C'mon, I'm making jokes here and you aren't laughing with me." 


"I get the sense that your 'jokes' are founded in truth." Jimin gave you a firm glance, trying to convey the importance of his words. 


"So what if they are? That's what makes 'em funny and relatable. The answer's yes, by the way, in case there was any doubt." 

Jimin wanted to feel relieved, but he was sure something was missing. He deigned to answer you, if only to explain his reasoning.


"Honestly,  I feel happier when I'm around you. I get some of the best sleep of my life when you're next to me." Jimin paused, dread gnawing at his stomach from your comment. "Why don't you think that I'd want to be with you?" 

You lowered your eyes, your fingers embedding themselves in the cloth of your pants. 


"I never believe people when they say that. I've had too much experience with people saying it and leaving anyway." 

Jimin forced you to look at him, his eyes searching your face with a pained expression. His fingertips pressed into your chin firmly but it didn't hurt.


"Y/N, all I want is to be with you. I want it more than I want to breathe. Can you believe that, just this once, for me?" 


When he was looking at you like that, with his pretty round face and those perfect lips that were slightly parted and with a tiny furrow between his brows, there was no way you could resist. You felt the sadness welling up, but you tamped it down. Instead, you focused on Jimin, letting him engulf your senses. 

He truly was breathtaking, even when he'd spent all day sitting on a couch in sweatpants playing video games. His face was clear of makeup, but it did nothing to detract from his natural magnetism. His lips were so full and pink, and the way his hair swept over his forehead--

You didn't realize you were leaning in until your lips met his. You didn't stop yourself, instead pressing closer when you realized. Jimin's hands came up to caress your face, his thumbs taking your tears away. 

He was so kind, warm, and soft. Your mochi. 

Jimin broke the kiss long enough to meet your eyes, something sad hidden in the depths of his gaze. His own eyes filled with tears, and he offered you a rueful smile as he wiped them away with he back of his hand. 


"Why, of all people, did it have to be you?" His voice was soft and it cracked on the last word, before his lips met yours again. 

There was something bittersweet between you as he lovingly kissed you there. Jimin poured his heart into kissing you, all of the feelings and the warmth and the ache he felt when he looked at you. He hated himself for it, because he knew he wasn't the only one--but he couldn't make himself love you any less. 

Your tears mingled together as you kissed, the sweetness of Jimin tempered by the salt of your combined sadness. You could feel it in the way he held you, the way he looked at you. It was hard for you to understand, honestly. 

How on earth had you managed to make two completely different men fall for you? And, more importantly, how had you managed to fall for each of them?



Chapter Text

Jimin took you to his room, guiding you by the hand. It was after dinner, and too many people had gone to bed to warrant the others staying up. You were in your pajamas, your teeth were brushed, and you'd already taken your pill. There was nothing stopping you from spending a quiet, happy evening with Jimin. 

Well, that's what you told yourself. 

Namjoon was being strangely distant, lately, and it hurt. You didn't want to feel him inching away, but with every averted glance, it became all the more obvious. If he avoided you again tomorrow, you'd have to confront him about it. 

Jimin shut his door behind you, his hand never dropping yours. It was adorably endearing that holding hands was his favorite type of touch, similar to Taehyung's. You loved the feeling of his tapered fingers as they held yours. 

His room hadn't changed much from the last time you'd seen it. A little messier, perhaps, as it was almost time for everyone to do their laundry. Jimin crossed the room to open a backpack that was sitting in the far corner, where he pulled out a crisp black tablet that was absolutely massive. He glanced at you curiously, a small smile as he indicated to his bed. 


"You can make yourself comfortable, you know. Don't be standing in the middle of my room like a stranger." 

His teasing drew you out of your silent observation and you quickly sat on the edge of his bed, embarrassed. Jimin didn't seem bothered and instead simply sat down next to you, his shoulder brushing yours as he tapped through pages of apps and finally found what he was looking for. 

You smiled as you watched the intro play for Demon Slayer. 


"You know me too well." 

He snorted. 


"I haven't even known you for that long, sweet pea. Are you sure it's not just because I listen?"


"Eh, maybe so, but at least you remembered. That's a lot more than I can say about most guys I've gone out with."


"Oh, darling, is this a proposal?" He dramatically let his hand float to his forehead like a damsel in distress, throwing his head back and exposing that beautiful neck. 


"If that's not a yes, I don't know what is," You jibed back. 

Jimin giggled delicately, a sound that you'd never tire of hearing, as he flopped back onto his bed to get more comfortable. You followed suit, cuddling into his side to binge-watch the second half of the first season. 

At around 10:30, you yawned one too many times and Jimin laughed. 


"Alright, point taken, beautiful." He turned it off and put the iPad on his bedside table, hitting the light. 

He settled back down into the cocoon of covers, pillows, and limbs, snuggling his face right next to yours. Jimin's soft puffs of breath tickled your face pleasantly, and you fell asleep surrounded by warmth. 

Unfortunately for you, your brain wouldn't let you be happy without repercussions. 

You had vicious dreams. You were surrounded by the boys, all in a circle around you. Namjoon was standing further away, on the arm of a taller, more beautiful woman with long black hair. You called out to him, but he couldn't hear you; he was trapped in her spell. When you looked around, the others were gone. You could hear Jimin calling your name, but none of them were anywhere to be seen. The others soon started crying your name, too, louder and louder until you couldn't hear anything else. 

Jimin shook you awake, his expression startled. You immediately took a few gasping breaths, realizing you'd been screaming. 


"Sweet pea, breathe! Are you okay? Can you see me?" 

Your breath was heavy and your cheeks were wet, the effects of a disappearing nightmare. You blinked and glanced around to see Namjoon and Jungkook kneeling near Jimin's bedside, identical expressions of concern on their faces. 




"I'm here, little lamb. What happened?" 

You felt the tears refresh themselves, spilling out over your face without permission. 


"You left me," You choked. "All of you left me."

Jimin engulfed you then, letting you bury your face in his chest as he squeezed you comfortingly. You felt warm hands touch your back, a gentle caress full of love. Namjoon.


"We're right here, princess. Breathe." Jungkook's soft coo was more comforting than it should have been. 

Namjoon softly rubbed your back, providing grounding for you as a million thoughts raced through your head. 

For one, you were irrevocably in love with them. Jimin and Namjoon had stolen pieces of your heart and each were fighting for what the other possessed. And that said nothing of the parts that the others held; Jungkook and Taehyung all possessed a part of you, as did Jin and Hobi and Suga. You were torn, and it hurt to love so much at once. 

How could you possibly leave any of them?


"Little lamb? Please talk to me, honey." 

You allowed Jimin to disentangle you from him, cupping your face in his hands as he inspected your face. You were dead-looking, your eyes drifting blankly this way and that as tears flowed from them freely. Furrowing his brow, Jimin turned you to face Namjoon fully. Worry encased all of their features, with Namjoon appearing the most afraid. He touched your neck lovingly, caressing your jaw with his thumbs as he searched your face. 

"Y/N. Talk to me." Namjoon wasn't asking anymore. 

Drawn out of your stupor, you blinked at focused on Namjoon for the first time since you'd last spoken. He was beautifully sleep-tousled, his hair wavy and sticking up in all directions. It made your heart ache with how pretty he was.


"I don't want you to forget about me when this is over. I don't want to just disappear from your lives just because we have to leave the island." 

All three of them laughed, almost at the same time. Namjoon pressed his forehead to yours, brushing away your tears with the pads of his thumbs. 


"That's not something you should be worrying about, little lamb. If anything, you should be worrying about how you'll get any work done with how often we'll be calling you." Namjoon let out a breathy laugh and pressed a soft kiss to your forehead. 


"Amen to that," Jungkook confirmed with a bunny grin. "We're gonna bug you so much that you'll end up finding us annoying."


"FaceTiming you into oblivion until you don't have any data left!" Jimin added helpfully, rubbing your back. 

You couldn't help the smile that spread across your face as your eyes fluttered shut. Namjoon held you close and stroked the back of your head affectionately, humming softly in amusement. 


"As if we'd let you just disappear..." Namjoon tsked. "Contrary to popular belief, we're not assholes."

You scoffed lightly, not opening your eyes. 


"The only people who think you're assholes don't know you."

Namjoon laughed and finally pulled back enough to meet your eyes. He was just glad you weren't crying anymore. 


"Thanks for the vote of confidence, baby." Namjoon kissed you once, a soft and chaste kiss, before glancing behind you to look at Jimin. "You got this from here, Chim?" 


"Of course." 

Namjoon smiled and squeezed your hand one last time before letting out a big tiger yawn. 


"Great, because I'm beat. I'll see you tomorrow, little lamb." 

Jungkook seemed more hesitant to follow his hyung, his gaze hovering between you and Jimin. 


"Are you sure you're okay, Y/N?" Jungkook asked.

You nodded, feeling some of your sadness ebb away. 


"Yeah. I'll be fine." 


"We all love you, Y/N. You don't have to go through this alone." Jungkook offered you one more half-smile before disappearing, as well. 

Jimin sat in silence with you for a moment, the only sound in the room your staggered breathing. In the end, it was Jimin who spoke first, his feelings getting the better of him.


"Can I kiss you?"

Like the asshole you were, you gave him a wry smile. 


"I don't know, can you?" 


"May I kiss you?"

Inner grammar nazi appeased, you offered him a smile as you nodded. Jimin's breath fanned over your face delicately as he took his time leaning in, allowing the tension to build. He kissed you softly but earnestly, his gentleness not a sign of weakness but of self-control. You felt the love that he poured into his kiss, the desire and the need making itself known as you let yourself become lost in him. 

Jimin was a force to be reckoned with, like a tropical storm that demanded respect while remaining beautiful all the while. You never once doubted his underlying power, but now, it was making itself known to you in the most lovely and perfect way. Jimin rolled you onto your back, pinning you beneath him as he deepened the kiss. He supported himself on his elbows so that his weight didn't crush you, his lips exploring yours with a hunger that made your stomach churn with excitement. 

He wanted you, for some unknown reason, and by damn you were going to follow through if it killed you. 

You let your hands wander over his frame experimentally, caressing his shoulders and sides as he continued to lavish attention on your mouth. He loved the taste of you and could never get enough. 

Jimin pulled back just long enough to take a deep breath before diving back in, pressing kisses to the underside of your jaw and down your throat. Your fingernails dug into his back when he sucked a hickey onto your throat above your pulse, your legs automatically wrapping around his waist. He laughed lightly at this, releasing your flesh from between his teeth with a playful noise. 


"So eager for me already?"

Unable to form words, you nodded heavily, barely able to sustain eye contact as your arousal betrayed you. Jimin was incredibly sexy, his soft purr hitting you in all the right places. 

You impatiently began to remove your pajamas until Jimin stopped you, pressing a gentle kiss to your knuckles as he carefully met your eyes. 

"I'm doing it right, this time. Don't worry, I'll take care of you." 

Jimin slowly undid your buttons, working his way down your body with meticulous and precise movements. You wanted him to move faster, but you could tell from the reverence in his gaze that he wanted this to be special. Jimin carefully removed your top, taking his time to drink in the sight of your bare torso. 


"Like what you see, mochi?" 


"Ha! That's the understatement of the year." Jimin stooped to press a kiss above your belly button, his hands caressing your sides as he worshipped the sensitive skin. 

You let out a gasp of surprise when his fingers slipped beneath the waistband of your pants. 


"I thought you wanted to go slow?" 


"I can feel how impatient you are, baby." Jimin laughed lightly, slipping your bottoms down over your hips and removing them completely. He raised an eyebrow in amusement. "No underwear? Darling, if I didn't know any better, I'd think you had the intent of seducing me all along." 

You blushed scarlet, finding the wherewithal in your lust-filled haze to glare at him indignantly. 


"Sometimes I'm too sensitive to sleep in underwear, thank you very much. If I were trying to seduce you, I'd wear a shit-ton of lace and probably a bondage harness." 

Jimin shuddered, a look of bliss on his face as he imagined it. 


"Well. We'll definitely have to explore that more deeply at a later date." He opened his eyes and smiled down at you playfully, giving your thigh a loving pat. "Right now, I'm going to make love to you and make you come undone without any of that." 

The unspoken sentiment at the end of his sentence was clear: tonight, you were equals. Without the labels of dom and sub, he was going to make sure you knew how he felt about you. Jimin was going to make love to you, and you couldn't wait.

Jimin tested your entrance with his fingertips, his eyelids fluttering at the slick that covered his palm. He let out a pretty noise high in his range, taking the opportunity to play with your clit in a way that made you yelp. A smug grin firmly screwed in place, Jimin aligned himself with your entrance, testing the waters as he carefully moved forward. You gasped as he slowly entered you, the slow pace extra torturous. When he was fully sheathed, tears pooled at the edges of your eyes with the sensation. 

Jimin wasn't especially large or small, but the way he moved made all the difference. The way he worked those dancer's hips was downright sinful, especially with the way you arched against him. The stimulus was too much when paired with his attention to your clit, and you fell back with heavy breaths and stars in your eyes before you could say "Dionysus"

You managed to focus on his face, taking it in your hands as you pressed his forehead to yours. Eyelids fluttered closed as you felt his pulse inside of you, but with his stilled movements, he did not come. Jimin just let you ride out your orgasm and overstimulation, instead memorizing the constellation of moles on your face. He was beyond elated to be allowed to see you like this, blissed out at his touch and his alone. 

When you were ready, Jimin started to move a little, his hips swerving in the most delicious way. You forced your eyes open and gazed at his face as he brought you to a second orgasm. 

Jimin couldn't contain himself this time, and yanked himself away from you before shooting his load into a shirt on his floor. Jimin panted there for a moment, his hard body flexed with the effort it took to remain upright after such an experience. Jimin collapsed on top of you and gently swiped some of your hair out of your face. He looked a little dazed. 


"Fuck, Jimin," You breathed. At his quizzical look, you laughed heavily. "Jesus fucking Christ. Y'all are gonna be the death of me." 


"How so?" 


"By the time this is over, I'll have fallen in love with every single one of you. It's gonna be fucking impossible to leave you." 

Jimin broke into a grin in spite of himself, nuzzling his nose into your skin affectionately. 


"I take it that you enjoyed yourself, then."




"Just checking." Jimin laughed, kissed you, and hopped up to pee. 

While he was in the bathroom, you pulled a clean T-shirt from his drawer. It didn't quite cover your nether region well enough, so you rifled through his drawers until you found something a little longer. Jimin came back and pulled on some boxers for your sake, before pulling you into a warm hug. You fell onto the bed and cuddled for the rest of the night. 

When Jimin thought you were asleep, he pressed his lips to your hair and whispered in Korean something he didn't think you'd understand. Unfortunately for him, he underestimated you for the first time since he'd known you. 

You knew exactly what salanghae meant.



Your phone dinged somewhere in the room, drawing you from the warmth of Jimin's arms. You staggered towards the pile of your clothes and fumbled with the pockets until you found it. You squinted in the near-darkness against the bright screen of your phone. It was a notification from Jungkook, a part of a group chat. You edited everybody's contact information as you followed along down the list.


JK: bangtan sonyeondan, sound off!

JK: y/n needs to know who's who in here


Jin: Jin here

Jin: Also Jungkook it's three in the morning what the fuck


RM: Namjoon and I second Jin's sentiment


Tae: Sup Y/N it's ya panda boi also known as Taehyung


Suga: I hate all of you for waking me up this late


Hobi: bruh you never went to sleep in the first place, why u lying yoongs



Suga: I JUST got to bed 


JK: ok great that's everyone but jimin and he's prolly still sleeping after the romp he had with y/n


RM: Yeah, I guarantee it after how loud he was. Jesus, Chim Chim, I could hear you across the hall and my room is the furthest from yours


Jin: I could hear you and I'm downstairs


Tae: I could hear you and I'm not even on the same continent


JK: hyrule doesn't count, tae


Hobi: Jimin-ah will be so mad when he wakes up lmfao


Chapter Text

Jimin woke up before you for once, a delicate yawn escaping his chest as he blinked blearily. He always slept better when you were around. 

Careful not to wake you, Jimin shifted you so that he could get up and shower. You dozed all the way through his very famously long shower, only beginning to stir when he was choosing his clothing for the day. You propped yourself up on one elbow and watched him move, sliding hangers this way and that as he contemplated his options. 


"I know I'm biased," You observed, "but you look really fucking sexy in a choker." 

Jimin glanced back at you with a mischievous grin and slid all of the hangers to one side, revealing a jewelry rack that was very well-stocked. You squeaked and bounced up to look, thumbing through his various accessories with immense interest. You settled on a thick velvet ribbon choker and fastened its chain at the back of Jimin's neck, admiring the way the black ribbon contrasted against his tan skin. 

Jimin turned to inspect his reflection, approval etched on his features. 


"Hell, I might head downstairs just like this." 

You snickered. 


"Really? You want all of your friends to see you in your birthday suit and a black choker? What a great message to send." Sarcasm dripped from your words, but Jimin only giggled. 


"I know, right?" Becoming more serious, though, he pulled two shirts from the closet and held them up for you to inspect. "Which one?"

In his left hand, he held a slick purple button-down blouse that was very slinky and would likely cling to his frame deliciously. In the other, he showed you a black V-neck T-shirt that would leave little to the imagination from how tight it would be. You'd probably fit in it more comfortably than Jimin, but you had to admit the possibility of him slipping into it made you damn near drool. 

You chose the V-neck with a barely-veiled glance at his dick before turning to his closet again. Jimin put it on and pulled out a pair of dark wash skinny jeans on his own, topping off the look with a pair of black Oxfords. 

Jimin looked damn good, and you had to fight against the urge to fuck him against the wall. He wasn't helping, either, as he took the opportunity to shift your shirt to the side and begin kissing your collarbone. 


"Hey, careful! I'm gonna have to use enough concealer without you adding a new hickey to the mix." 


"The boys don't care, and I know I sure as hell don't."


"Well, you're not who I'm worried about, are you? ARMYs would have a fucking field day." 

Jimin didn't seem convinced, but he obeyed you anyway. He followed you into your room to help you pick out something as well, apparently to 'return the favor'. In the end, you were quite an odd couple indeed. 

Jimin had picked out a pretty yellow sundress for you, a pastel number that ended mid-thigh. It accentuated your breasts nicely, but most of the focus remained on your eyes. Jimin had, amazingly, done your makeup better than even you could. It was all at once striking and subtle, more than enough yet not in the way. 

He chose a diamond necklace that settled just above your cleavage, a nice hint of sparkle that was all you needed. Paired with some strappy sandals, you were ready for a day at the beach--or perhaps more accurately, a photoshoot at the beach. You knew you wouldn't last long in such an outfit, especially with the underwear Jimin had picked out for you, but it was a good look at least.

By the time you headed downstairs together, it was almost 10:00. Jungkook was sitting on the floor, his eyes glued to his phone with a blank, wide-eyed expression on his face. Jin was sitting on the couch with a cup of instant ramen, and V was leaning over Kook's shoulder to read along with him. V's expression was more openly scandalized than Jungkook's shellshocked blank stare, but the longer you watched them, the lower your heart fell into your stomach. 

Something wasn't right about the way that Jungkook glanced up at you and had to quickly look away with bright-fucking-red cheeks. Huffing in irritation, you put your hands on your hips and  tapped your foot, raising an eyebrow as you stared down at them. 


"What's got you boys so tied up in knots?" 

Taehyung suddenly met your gaze and gulped thickly, taking in the sight of you in your short and summery dress. 


"We were just, uh... looking into the whole... domme thing." Taehyung answered before Jungkook could stop him, earning a swift slap from his maknae. "What? That's what you're doing!"

Jungkook looked like a chastised puppy. You smirked, realizing the reason why they were so bashful. 


"Oh, is that all? I thought you'd found my fanfiction." You waltzed into the kitchen nonchalantly, not failing to catch the necks that strained to catch a glimpse of you.

Jimin seemed just as caught under your spell as the others, his eyes wide as he followed you hastily into the kitchen. 


"Fanfiction?" He tried to sound only mildly interested, like a faint curiosity about the weather. 

Jimin failed miserably, his feigned disinterest sounding like the bated breath of someone on the edge of their seat. You smirked to yourself and went about making yourself some breakfast without missing a beat or acknowledging their curiosity. Jungkook and Taehyung scrambled up from the floor to lean on the island next to Jimin, the maknaes all lined up in a pretty little row. Namjoon chose that moment to stumble downstairs sleepily, blinking in surprise to see them all staring at you at once. Jin rolled his eyes at the maknaes, making Namjoon crack a hidden dimple as he moved to sit at the kitchen island for breakfast. 


"What's for breakfast, Y/N?" Namjoon chimed in, if a little sleepily. His voice crackled with morning gravel. 


"I was thinking pancakes sounded good." You leaned around your silly little entourage and called out to Jin in the other room. "You wanna help me make pancakes, Eat Jin?" 

Jin slurped the last of his ramen and tilted his head thoughtfully as he rose to put his chopsticks in the sink. 


"As much as I would love to assist you, I have a virtual appointment to keep." Jin winked at you when he passed, sashaying away as if he knew what a little shit he was.

Namjoon drooped a little, peeking up at you through his lashes. 


"I would help you, if I wasn't hopeless in the kitchen..." 

You giggled and pecked Namjoon on the cheek reassuringly. 


"Don't worry about it, Joon." Pivoting on your right foot, you moved to the cupboard to grab a box of Bisquick and a few other ingredients. 

When you came back into the kitchen proper, Hobi was chatting with Joon in an animated manner of rapid-fire Korean. You set down your spoils and started pulling out a large electric griddle from beneath the counter, earning J-Hope's curiosity. 


"Hey, Hobi, wanna help me make some breakfast for the boys?"

Beaming his heart-smile, J-Hope swiftly crossed to your side and glanced around at your supplies. 


"Absolutely! What would you like me to do?"

Squeezing his hand appreciatively, you directed him on his way so that you could get the griddle heated up. It sat on the stove and took up that entire space, so you were working with much more limited space than you were used to, but it was fun with Hobi at your side. He helped you without trouble, as he'd made pancakes at least once before. You smiled at the memory of that Run episode, when he and Jungkook had to make them without eggs because they'd lost a morning mission. 

It had been especially funny because they couldn't read very much of the instructions at first until they found the brand on the NAVER dictionary website. You snickered at the memory, having loved that whole arc at the house in Canada. 

You and Hobi worked and laughed like a well-oiled machine, soon having a perfect batter that was exactly what you remembered about your mom's pancakes. You handed Hoseok a spatula and began pouring the batter in evenly sized discs, watching in satisfaction as little bubbles began appearing in the surface of the batter. 

In the back of your awareness, you heard Jungkook, Jimin, and V muttering amongst themselves about your previous activities. You didn't let it get to you, however, and continued making perfect pancakes with the house's resident ray of sunshine. You slid the finished cakes onto a plate and kept working over the hot griddle, rolling your eyes when you heard a particularly scandalized collective gasp behind you.

J-Hope snickered and glanced at you, curiosity burning in his eyes. 


"Why do I get the feeling that they're reading something of yours?" 


"My, you've got keen instincts," You muttered, glancing over your shoulder to see Namjoon blushing like a fucking beet as he read over Jimin's shoulder. "Gee, what tipped you off?" 


"Jungkook started muttering 'noona' under his breath and Tae started saying your name. Really not that hard to guess." He laughed good-naturedly, patting your forearm lightly. 

You were almost finished with the bowl of batter, a sizable stack of pancakes teetering precariously on the platter next to your griddle. You rolled your eyes and grinned conspiratorially at Hobi, lowering your voice. 


"They may have discovered some of my earlier works." 


"Oo, do tell."


"I didn't just used to be a domme. Before I got a steady career in my field, I wrote erotica for a few magazines to make my bills. They were so popular that I published them on AO3. That's probably what they're reading."

J-Hope squeaked in laughter, turning off the griddle once he finished his last flapjack. You took the platter to the island and Hobi grabbed the butter and syrup at your direction.


"Alright, boys, breakfast is served." Hobi announced proudly. 

Unsurprisingly, nobody looked up from Jimin's phone. You rolled your eyes and grabbed a stack of plates from the cupboard, stacking them on the island and took one for yourself. Feeling under-appreciated, Hoseok chirped indignantly and took a plate, too, stacking it high with three pancakes. You followed suit and proceeded to slather them in butter and syrup. 

None of the boys who were reading even flinched at the aroma of breakfast, instead remaining with their eyes glued to Jimin's screen. You ate and shook your head at their display, Hobi having to hide his laughter behind his hand. 

After you were finished with your plate, you crossed the kitchen to put it in the sink and run some water. While Hobi was occupied with the dishes, you moved behind some of the unsuspecting boys to see what they were reading. Unsurprisingly, Jimin and Jungkook had managed to find the raunchiest trash you'd ever written on the first try. It was a piece from a few years ago, when you were fresh out of college for the summer and had a lot of time on your hands. It wasn't even a BTS fic, though you had plenty--it was based on an obscure video game from 2018 or 2019. You didn't think they'd know about it (since it was an indie title) but Jungkook was lapping it up. 

In any case, there were definitely some questionable choices in that fic. Lots of unnecessary sex and some equally glorified violence that, looking back on it, raised some questions about your headspace at the time.

You snickered softly and rolled your eyes, catching Namjoon's attention as he regarded you with impossibly wide eyes. 


"That's not even good shit, it's just the most explicit. If you want the good shit, look at one of my BTS fanfics or any of my new stuff. I dunno, try Love Maze or something."


"You wrote about us?" Hoseok twisted to look at you curiously, but Jimin and Jungkook were already rushing to look. 


"Fuck yeah, Hobi. Y'all were my life for a few years, before I actually got a job. I definitely had more than one fantasy about things I wanted to do to you if I ever met you." 

With a boisterous laugh, Hoseok finished up the dishes he was washing to lean on the counter with his face in his hands. 


"So then tell me this: were any of those fantasies fulfilled?" He wiggled his eyebrows salaciously, earning a snicker from you. 

You glanced to the other members, who were both pretending to not listen and intently hanging on to every word.


"Of course!" You carefully glanced at Jimin and Namjoon, smiling out of the corner of your mouth at the memory of the first time you'd wanted to have a threesome with them. "There were definitely a few surprises though, not gonna lie. I was surprised Jin never made a move."

Hobi grinned like he had a secret, leaning in close to mutter softly. 


"I wouldn't count on that statement remaining true for long, girlie." Straightening, J-Hope smiled good-naturedly and made a sweeping gesture at the boys assembled. "Well, to be fair, I doubt that anything you could have written would ever manage to measure up to the real thing. So, no harm done."

Smacking the countertop energetically, J-Hope bounced out of the kitchen with the purpose of finding Yoongi. 

Now alone with the ones who had been reading your smut, you felt really awkward. You stole a glance and found all four of them gazing at you intently, not even bothering to hide it anymore.  Jungkook had a wide bunny grin, teasing on the tip of his tongue and infused in every word as he spoke. 


"I mean, I thought I had some idea how your dirty mind worked, but this--" He indicated at his phone, "--I'd never imagined this."

Jimin and V wore identical expressions of delighted mischief. 


"I hope you continue to want us," V confessed. "I think you're amazing and I would love to be with you like this."

Taehyung lifted the screen for you to see: the chapter in Love Maze that was about him, entitled 'Gentle Hands.' You smiled softly at the memory of that one, meeting his gaze with patience and affection. 


"As long as you remain yourselves, I will always want you." 

Taehyung beamed at that, making you feel like you'd finally done something right. Jungkook, Jimin, and Namjoon wore almost identical expressions of thinly veiled desire. 


"You know... these don't have to be... just stories." Namjoon's voice washed over you in a scintillating manner, his deep timbre incredibly disarming.

When the weight of his words dawned on you, all you could do was stare. Jimin glanced at Namjoon, a sly smile on his face. 


"Are you sure, Joonie? There's some stuff in here that might be too rough for you," Jimin teased. 

Jungkook scoffed. 


"There are some things she's written that are too rough for you, Jimin."

You sighed deeply, offering a small smile. 


"We don't have to. Some things are better left as they are--just stories. We'll have plenty of time to make our own, new memories together."

You exited the kitchen to head to your room, leaving the four of them shellshocked and speechless. 


"Did that just happen?" Taehyung managed. 


"I think it did," Namjoon confirmed. 


"What exactly just happened?" Jimin seemed at a loss, trying to piece together what your cryptic response meant.


"We just offered to make her wildest dreams come true through sex and play... and she rejected us," Jungkook clarified. He locked his phone and twisted in his seat to meet Namjoon's eyes, just as surprised as any of them were. "I don't think I've ever been turned down before." 


"Like she said, we have plenty of time," Jimin defended lamely. "Though I must admit, I'm disappointed. I was hoping she'd respond with a resounding, enthusiastic yes."


"Well, no use pouting over it," Namjoon finally spoke up, his mind catching on the way you'd reacted. "Let's go for a walk, yeah?" 

Wordlessly, all four of them left the kitchen and headed for the beach. 



You sat down on the edge of your bed and stared at the wall for a minute, uncomprehending. You'd expected teasing and ribbing, sure, but never that they'd be so willing to try out your fantasies at the drop of a hat. It felt a little weird to think about, that they'd found your work. You hoped they wouldn't read all of it too closely, as it would likely result in many hurt feelings. 

You stayed in your room for an undetermined amount of time. It was the first time you'd been alone for a while, you couldn't even clearly remember the last time you had been. The feeling of relaxing alone was refreshing, because as much as you loved all seven of them, the Bangtan Bunch could be a little overwhelming. You changed your clothes into something soft and comfortable, a pair of loose sleep pants and a T-shirt. You snuggled into your bed (which had been unslept in for a few days) and cuddled your Catbug, enjoying the first sliver of alone time that you'd experienced in what was probably a week. 

You browsed through your phone, checking Buzzfeed, because why the fuck not. You got lost in Apple News, clicking through articles and mindlessly consuming information. After you got bored with this, you got up and stretched luxuriously, feeling thoroughly relaxed and recharged. 

Feeling like a bit of fresh air, you grabbed your headphones and decided to go for a walk on the beach. Beach weather was your favorite weather, so crisp and clean did the air feel.

You jogged down the stairs and listened to The Wrecks at half volume (which was more than enough) and slid open the door to see Hobi sunbathing on the patio. You nodded at him in greeting and continued on your way, kicking off your shoes to relish the feeling of sand between your toes. You hiked up your pants so that the hem of your pants wouldn't get sandy, walking towards the sea lost in your thoughts. 



Chapter Text

You didn't see the boys carousing ten yards away from you, enveloped in your music and your feelings. You wanted to scream at the top of your lungs, but you kept the inner turmoil to yourself. Thoughts raced through your head as you struggled to parse through the endless mountain of guilt and attachment.

You knew you wanted Namjoon, but it wasn't as simple as that. Jimin and Taehyung each held a piece of your heart, as well. And if the others had anything to say about it, they'd take what was left.

I'm feeling fine
I found a flower, it's in my shoe and it is mine
Things are fine now, yeah it's alright
And all these god damn people in the world
They're all just getting by 

You almost wanted to laugh at the irony. You knew Freaking Out was about a drug trip, but you couldn't stop loving the song. The duality of simultaneously being perfectly alright and absolutely freaking the fuck out was a pretty damn accurate descriptor for your current emotional state.

I'm standing up, I'm sitting down
I'm freaking out, I'm freaking out

I feel fine, the best I've felt in quite a while
I feel fine, waited for this all my life
Save my soul, I swear I may never die
I feel fine, I'm freaking out, and I feel fine

You took a deep breath through your nose and exhaled slowly, tilting your face towards the sky as you found your center. Clouds rolled across the sun, allowing you to feel the cool of the day within the shade. It felt so good to be back at the beach, you mused. The breeze rustled in your hair and quickly cooled your scalp. The longer you thought to yourself, everything seemed to solidify into tangible and achievable goals. Stress melted away, and you felt yourself meet your fate with acceptance. 

You could do this. You were Min-Fucking-Y/N. 

You opened your eyes and felt a weight lifted from your mind, realizing that no matter what happened, you could be happy with what you'd already experienced. You'd tell Namjoon how you felt if the situation presented itself or the need should arise. Until then, you'd just appreciate what you had, while you had it. 

Jimin tackled you from behind, knocking you over into the hard sand with a playful scream. You grunted in surprise, rolling over with laughter as he squeezed you tight and pinned you into the sand. You ripped out your earbuds and smacked him upside the head, trying to wriggle out of his grasp. 


"Get off--!" You couldn't stop laughing, though, and the order wasn't as threatening as you'd intended. 

Namjoon jogged up, looking exhausted with his maknaes. Taehyung sprinted forward and landed on top of you, with Jungkook at his heels. You wheezed with effort, only barely managing to get them off of your diaphragm. 


"Guys, I swear to god--" Namjoon sighed heavily and yanked Taehyung off of the dog pile, dropping him into the sand only to grab Jungkook by the ankles and begin dragging him as well. 

Taehyung, recognizing the joke was over, rose to help Namjoon pull the struggling maknae from where he clutched at Jimin's waist. The four of them screeched in different pitches, nearly bursting your eardrums. 

Roaring, you shoved Jungkook with your foot, landing squarely on his face and dislodging him from Jimin enough for the other two to successfully drag him away. Jungkook grabbed at the sand helplessly, leaving claw marks in it as they pulled him far enough away so that they could drop his legs and lay him flat. Namjoon promptly sat on Jungkook, with Tae plopping down onto Kook's butt just to feel included. 

Jimin huffed and panted, laughing weakly as he struggled to sit upright on shaking arms. 


"Sorry about that, Y/N! I didn't know I was bringing the cavalry with me." He heaved himself off of you and sat back on the balls of his feet, checking you over with concern. "Are you hurt?" 

You snorted, shifting in place as you made sure everything was still functioning. 


"I'm fine. Y'all sure as hell didn't help, though." You glared at the others, though you couldn't keep the smile off of your face. "So, was there a reason behind crushing me to death?" 

Taehyung immediately became horrified, hopping up off of the struggling Jungkook to sprint over and help you up, his eyes wide. 


"I'm sorry! Are you okay? We were just playing!" 

You laughed it off and let Taehyung help you to your feet, patting his back as he did. 


"I'm just fucking with y'all, it's fine. A little more warning next time, though, wouldya?" You giggled at Taehyung's chastised expression, like that of a kicked puppy. 

Namjoon was suddenly bucked off of Jungkook with such force as it sent him face-first into the sand. Jungkook shot upright and circled Namjoon with darting footwork, quickly shifting his weight from one foot to the other as he danced around his elder. Namjoon groaned and struggled to lift himself up, only to fall back into his original position. 


"Dammit, Kook, now you broke him." Jimin sighed heavily and tried to help Namjoon to his feet, but was definitely not the right person for the job. 

Namjoon dragged him down with him, his weight too much for the lightly-framed dancer. Jimin squealed in protest, prompting Tae to assist him. You stared at the display of flailing limbs and surprising awkwardness, hiding your snicker behind pursed lips.

Jungkook shook himself of sand and moved to slip his hand in yours, tilting his head towards the villa. 


"They'll be fine, Taehyung is stronger than Jimin," Jungkook smiled, as though this were the most mundane of activities for them. 

Unconvinced, you squeezed Jungkook's hand before releasing it to check on Namjoon. You knelt and took his face between your hands. Namjoon immediately relaxed and allowed his younger brothers to successfully hoist him more upright between them, propping him up so that he could kneel in front of you. 

Smiling, you gently swiped sand from Namjoon's now-blushing face and kissed his forehead. Giving his cheek a playful pat, you rose to your feet. 


"Eh, you're right, he's fine." You took Jungkook by the hand and started towards the villa, earning laughter from the maknae. 


"I told you! Namjoon's been drinking with them before, it's not like this is the first time they've had to carry him home." He let his thumb stroke your hand softly as you walked. 

Jungkook loved the feeling of your hand in his. Your hands fit perfectly together, your fingers snugly wedged between his own. He was impressed by how soft your skin was, too. To be fair, he knew how carefully artists took care of their hands when they could. He'd been friends with enough artists in school to understand your care. Even Yoongi was the same; perhaps pianists and artists weren't so different in that regard. 

Jungkook blinked, suddenly aware that you'd been speaking to him. 


"I'm going to miss you guys so much," You were saying. Your eyes had taken on a faraway look, unfocused on the ground ahead of you. 

Jungkook squeezed your fingers and turned to face you, coming to a stop as he traced shapes over the back of your hand with his other.


"You're not going to lose us. We're like mold: we're just gonna keep coming back." He felt a little less guilty when you offered him a half-smile. "Is there anything I can do to help you feel less sad?"

You snorted, covering his hand with your own. His hands were larger than yours, but not by a lot. They were warm and strong, though, covered in veins and very muscular. Muscle bunny. 


"I just... need to enjoy every minute I have with you. I need to stay out of my head, that's all." You let your eyes wander up from your joined hands to his chest, which was still a little sandy but not nearly as bad as before.

You sighed and gently stroked the back of his hand, enjoying the warmth that he radiated. All of them were like small furnaces, but Jungkook and Taehyung had to be the warmest. Jungkook moved forward and wrapped you in a hug, allowing you to melt into him. He held you close, grounding you with his snug embrace. 

You stood there together for long enough that Namjoon and the others caught up with you. The three of them walked in a row, Jimin-Namjoon-Taehyung, in case Namjoon decided to trip and fall on his face again. 


"Hey, strangers!" Jimin chirped gleefully. 

You shook the stardust from your eyes and offered them a cocky smile, pulling away from Jungkook as though you weren't bothered in the slightest. (That was a lie.) 


"About time you showed up!" You teased, hands on your hips. "Fucking slowpokes, you have any idea how long we've been waiting for you?" 

Jungkook could feel that the sadness had only been pushed down, and that it wasn't really gone. Namjoon and Jimin could also sense something was off, but they couldn't tell what--especially not with you beaming so brilliantly at them, like they were the best thing to happen to you all day. 


"Namjoon is pretty much dead weight, that's why," Jimin groused. 


"I wouldn't say dead weight," Taehyung corrected, "Old man weight, maybe." 

Namjoon scoffed and lightly swatted Taehyung on the back of the head, rolling his eyes. 


"I'm only one year older than you, sae-kki!

Tae giggled and stuck his tongue out between his teeth, hip-checking Namjoon teasingly. 


"Shit, guess I'm getting old, too. Do you think I'm old, Y/N?"

You rolled your eyes. 


"You're only four years older than me, Tae." 

Namjoon smirked as Jungkook pointedly ignored this sentence of yours, remaining oblivious. 


"Told you she's not your noona, Kook." Namjoon was definitely smug as he moved forward to drape his arm across your shoulder possessively, leading you towards the house. 

Jimin and Taehyung followed immediately afterwards, leaving Jungkook the last to leave. 

He followed at a distance, if a little sulkily. 

Something wasn't quite sitting right with Jungkook about your sudden shift from melancholy to happiness. He figured you'd had too much practice hiding your true emotions from people, and that made his heart ache. All he wanted was for you to be happy, with him, for the rest of his life. 

Jungkook blinked, startled at that revelation. He really did want to spend the rest of his life with you. He knew he was being selfish, but he wanted you to himself. He loved you, as stupid and cliche as that sounded. He almost wanted to laugh at the irony; after how short of a time he'd known you, he somehow had found himself going the one thing he'd prided himself on being able to avoid: catching feelings.


J-Hope cooked dinner that night. It was tasty, though you couldn't name it if you tried. After dinner, everyone curled up together on the couch and watched a scary movie together. Jin and Hobi held you closely between them as they shook like leaves in the wind, their fear getting the better of them. You merely smiled and let them snuggle you, if it would comfort them enough to watch it with you. Somehow, all eight of you managed to squish together on the couch and the immediate floor in front of it, sharing each other's warmth as you lost yourself in the suspense of Brightburn.

Since it's a fairly obscure film and I don't know how many people have actually seen it, I won't spoil it. But I'll have you know, it's fifty shades of fucked up.

As the credits rolled, Jin and Hobi had expressions of shock and horror plastered on their faces. Jin seemed unable to close his mouth as he blinked heavily a few times, the news reels that accompanied the credits doing nothing to aid his condition. 


"What... the actual fuck... did I just watch?" Jin finally managed. 

Suga ate some popcorn from where he lounged across Hobi's lap, fairly unperturbed. He'd had a few moments during the murder scenes where he'd been surprised, but overall he was unscathed. 


"It's basically what might've happened if Superman wasn't good," You explained. "It's a cautionary tale as to what could happen, even if you do everything right."


"That was both barbaric and some of the best cinema I've seen," Yoongi calmly commented. "I'm sort of appalled that someone thought of this, but I can see the effort they put into making it."


"That was the most scarring thing I think I've ever seen," J-Hope corrected, exiting from the movie. "I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight, thanks." 

Suga rolled his eyes. 


"Sure, you will. I'll help."

You snorted, but didn't doubt it.


"Please. This isn't even the most scarring thing I've seen. You wanna see scarring, try the sequel to Silence of the Lambs. The Hannibal with Anthony Hopkins, not the series. The new series is good, but the movie was fucking awful. Way more evil than it needed to be."


"Damn, and that's coming from a horror junkie." Jungkook commented, a smirk on his face.


"Exactly. Do yourself a favor and never watch that." 

Jin was stubbornly remaining Velcroed to your arm, holding you in a vice-like grip. Hobi had reluctantly peeled himself off of you to get himself some water, and Suga had gotten up to follow him and help calm him down. Taehyung took advantage of the momentary vacancy to slide up onto the couch and cuddle you, burying his face in the crook of your neck. Jimin had left to get a snack, and Jungkook had needed to use the bathroom.

"Ugh, I could get used to this," You hummed softly. 

You couldn't get enough of how affectionate all of them were; as a touch-starved single woman living alone, they were a dream come true. 


"Good," Jin murmured into your hair. "You deserve to be pampered to the ends of the earth." 


"Agreed," Namjoon purred. "In fact..." 

Pivoting, Namjoon knelt on the floor in front of your section of the couch, his eyes full of something that hadn't been there before. You'd changed into something clean earlier when you'd come back inside, now clad in soft pajama shorts and a button-up pajama shirt. Namjoon caressed the backs of your ankles and slid his hands up your calves, slowly moving up your legs until they rested above your knees. The way his eyes were half-lidded and his lips curved like sin made your heart beat faster.

Jin smirked down at Namjoon, shifting so that his arm went behind you over the couch. 


"Have something in mind, Joonie?" 

Namjoon hummed in response, licking his lips as he met your questioning gaze squarely. 


"If she'll let me." His voice was soft and deep, a low purr that was too delicious for his own good.

You nodded almost imperceptibly and Taehyung glanced between you and Namjoon, his curiosity piqued. Never breaking eye contact, Namjoon propped himself up higher and spread your legs slowly, choosing to shift the fabric of your shorts to one side. Call it fate, call it feeling too warm in the afternoon--but as it so happened, you were going commando right then. Namjoon noticed this with a soft hum of approval, his face inching closer to the apex of your thighs. 

Jin was fascinated. He'd never seen Namjoon like this before. You brought forth something in him that was altogether new.

Namjoon nosed aside your shorts and let his tongue dart out to taste you, his hands carefully caressing the sides of your thighs with loving gentleness. You let your eyelids flutter and your head fall back onto Jin's arm. Your previous boyfriends had never been giving enough to permit you such a pleasure as this, but as Namjoon experimentally let himself taste you deeper and deeper, you knew that you wouldn't have to go without again. 

Namjoon's tongue dived into your folds with surprising expertise, his dexterous muscle feeling absolutely heavenly against your insides. Taehyung, caught up in the sight of Namjoon eating you out, began kissing your neck softly. Jin leaned in and let his breath tickle your ear and neck, teasing you without quite giving you the satisfaction of touch.

You'd heard it said that how a man raps is indication of how well he gives head. Well, considering the fact that Namjoon was extremely quick in his flows, you had to agree. The way that he lapped at you was more than what you could've ever dreamed it would feel. 

So much so, in fact, that it was incredibly fucking hard to keep quiet about it. 


"Now, now," Jin murmured against your skin, "Better keep quiet before the whole house wants to join." 

Namjoon lapped at your clit, hitting it with a rhythm that had your fingertips digging into the fabric of the couch. Taehyung began to touch himself at the sight, palming his erection through his pants. Namjoon squeezed your thighs as a gentle reminder to widen your legs, which you quickly did. 


"Fuck." It escaped your lips in a rushed whisper before you could stop it. 


"Y/N? You okay?" Suga's voice could be heard from the kitchen, behind the island. 


"Yup! I'm fine!" You hoped you didn't sound as panicked as you felt. 

Namjoon laughed softly into your body, the sound hitting you deliciously. You strained against the urge to grab his hair and shove him deeper into you. 

Taehyung carefully detached your hand from the couch and weaved his fingers with yours, pressing a kiss to your knuckles. 


"Just breathe." Taehyung cooed as though you didn't have a very skilled and large tongue between your legs. 

Fortunately for you, the couch was tilted at such an angle that Suga walked right by without noticing his leader crouching in front of you. He was too busy yawning to see much of anything, anyways. Unfortunately, Hobi was both more observant and more awake than his boyfriend. Suga plowed on ahead to his room unawares while Hoseok stopped in his tracks and stared. He couldn't tell if he wanted to laugh or blush and look away. 

From the way you were turning pink, he was amazed that you hadn't made a noise yet. Namjoon was known amongst the group to be the most... ah... shall we say, adept at navigating oral pleasure. (The first time he'd tried, Jin wouldn't shut up about it for a week.)

Hobi observed curiously for only a few moments more before he silently slipped into Yoongi's room, hoping that he'd gone unnoticed. 

Taehyung snickered softly, his deep velveteen voice already transitioning into his Seductive Sexy Tone™️. (Yep, we're talking Singularity and Stigma type of purr. You know the one.) He graced his fingernails over the skin of your arm teasingly, letting the contact drag out. 


"Good thing J-Hope is the only one among us who has tact," Jin muttered.

If Namjoon hadn't chosen that precise moment to give your clit a particularly good pass, you would've probably stiffened at Jin's comment. Instead, though, you found yourself melting into a puddle of blissed-out American. 


"Are you enjoying yourself, aleumdaun?" Tae's breath tickled your ear, his voice doing wonders for your chase.

Namjoon chuckled into you again, taking a moment to lift his eyes and wink. His meaning was very clear: of course you were. Kim fucking Namjoon was worshipping your cunt, of course you were enjoying yourself. Taehyung chuckled and pressed kisses to your collarbone just as Jin began to do the same. 


"fuck," You breathed, fingertips clawing desperately at the couch. 

Sensing how tightly you were wound, Taehyung moved his leg closer so that you wouldn't cause anymore damage to the defenseless cloth. You clutched at his thigh feverishly, letting your head fall back and your jaw to drop. Your thighs squeezed Namjoon's head more tightly than you probably should have, but you were so fucking close--

Namjoon sat back, looking immensely pleased with himself as you shook with the force of being brought to the edge and then denied. Namjoon took the time to lick his chin clean of your juices before smiling seductively, his eyes full of mischief. He leaned a little forward, caressing the sides of your thighs as he did. 


"Does my baby girl want to come?" 

You were hardly in a state to form a coherent answer, but you tried anyway. 


"Y--yes please," You managed. You could barely understand yourself since it was heaved out quite heavily with your panting breaths. 

Namjoon kissed your leg audiblly and lightly slapped the meat of your thigh before rising to his feet, a glint in his eye and power in his stance.


"Then, come."  

You had no idea why or how, but somehow with the combination of Jin and Taehyung's ministrations and the tone of Namjoon's voice made you do just that. You couldn't hold back the scream that tore through your frame, leaving you a spent, quaky mess. 

Namjoon bent down to kiss your cheek, his palm a gentle warmth on the side of your face. You stuttered out a thank you between breaths, the stars in your eyes making your vision unfocused enough that you felt rather than saw the dimple that he blessed you with. 


"Anything for you, my little lamb." 

He kissed you once more and rose to go to bed. Taehyung called out to him when he reached the stairs, drawing him to pause. 


"Hyung, may I please her next?" Tae had twisted from his position on the couch to look at Namjoon with wide, imploring eyes. 

Namjoon didn't look, but barely tilted his head towards Taehyung before answering. 


"You will fulfill whatever she wishes, Taehyung." Then, he disappeared upstairs. 

You blinked a few times and were finally able to see clearly again, your limbs still weak from the force of your orgasm. Namjoon really knew how to play you like a violin, fucking hell. You laughed wryly to yourself, shifting to sit more properly. Jin quirked an eyebrow at you. 


"Penny for your thoughts?"


"Pfft, nothing. Y'all are gonna be the fucking death of me, that's for sure." You tested your range of movement and realized how thirsty you were. "Tae, could you get me a glass of water, please?" 

Taehyung immediately pressed a kiss to your cheek and hopped up to do so. 


"I know that incredible brain is fixating on something. C'mon. Tell me, baby girl." He patted his lap invitingly, as though you were five and about to tell Santa what you wanted for Christmas.

Though the thought was ludicrous and rather silly, you tamped it down and slid so that you sat across Jin's lap. He easily lifted you so that you could sit comfortably, and you were reminded that Jin was actually the strongest out of Bangtan. 

Sighing, you offered him a soft smile. 


"I was just thinking how Namjoon can read me so well. It's scary sometimes. He just always knows what I need." 

Taehyung offered you a nice glass of water with several ice cubes in it. They were the fun animal ones, and you couldn't hide the smile that spread across your face at the sight. 

"Thanks, Tae." 

He nodded, beaming, and sat next to Jin, pulling your legs across his lap too. Jin thought about it for a moment before laughing quietly. 


"I think it's because you're more alike than you appear. You share many qualities." 

Taehyung tilted his head to rest it on Jin's shoulder as he mulled over it, his mouth drifting to one side. 


"Namjoon-hyung is a very kind and thoughtful person. He puts all of us before himself and he works very hard. I think there couldn't be a better person to share qualities with." Taehyung finally met your gaze, "Namjoon-hyung would sooner die than hurt you on purpose, Y/N. I think if you want to let him have your heart, nobody would protect it more fiercely than Namjoon-hyung." 

You and Jin shared equally taken-aback expressions, completely blown away by this young man that was wise beyond his years. 


"I believe you." You forced yourself to admit this, your voice wanting to catch in your throat. "I hate that I believe you, but I do."

You heaved a sigh, rubbing your eyes tiredly. 


"Then, what's the problem?" Tae wheedled carefully. "If you trust him, what's wrong?"

Jin's heart broke with the self-deprecating laugh that came out of your chest, sounding too forced and too real all at once. 


"I don't trust myself."



Chapter Text

"I'm not under any delusions that I'll be your first choice," Jin murmured. His eyes were wide and sincere, his voice soft and only for you. "I know that your heart lies elsewhere. But that's not what concerns me right now. The only thing that concerns me is that you look like you're in pain right now."

He dropped the sincerity and broke into a windshield-wiper laugh, earning a timely smack from you. 


"Goddamn it, Jin." 


"Hey, I call 'em like I see 'em." Jin hovered over your prone form, his gaze curious as he sought permission. "So... are you going to let me have sex with you, or are you going to deprive yourself of the best thing that will ever happen to you?" 

You sputtered and rolled your eyes, though you couldn't stop yourself from laughing. Jin wiggled his eyebrows, only making your laughing fit worse. 


"Grab a condom, Jinnie." 

He beamed at you, a lovely sight if you could say so yourself, and hopped up to grab one from his nightstand. He expertly rolled it onto himself and came back to kneel on the bed in front of you, his smile only fading a little when he spoke. 


"So, how would you like your Prince Seokjin tonight? Dominant? Loving? Is it soft boi time up in here?" With each option, Jin struck a different pose. 

You snickered, propping yourself up to look at him with a soft expression. 


"I want my Seokjin how he really is." 

Jin's face softened at that, almost a little sad. His heart melted at how you were looking at him, and Jin had to quickly rub his lower eyelids with his thumbs to keep from getting overwhelmed. He barked out a short rueful laugh, meeting your quizzical gaze with more than a little sadness. 


"Ahhh, fuck." A short pause as you waited for him to continue. "You know, you really are too perfect for your own good. I can see why my dongsaengs are so in love with you." 

Before you could question him further, Jin kissed you. It was soft and sweet, as gentlemanly as Jin was himself. He cupped your jaw, the caress as natural as could be. You pulled away from Jin slightly, your lips making a sound as you did.


"Does that mean... we're all fucked?" You breathed. 

Jin chuckled, his eyes dancing over your face. 


"I think we were all fucked as soon as we saw you." Jin kissed you again, his hands drifting over your bare body. 

His lips were unfathomably soft and smooth, a slight tang of strawberries on his tongue from the dessert you'd made earlier. Jin's kiss was much softer than any of the others'; it was kind, it was graceful, and measured. Selfless, even. 

As Jin made love to you in the darkness of his room, lit only by the galaxy lamp on his bedside table, it felt like the perfect balance of give and take. Jin made sure you felt as good as he did when he touched you, which meant you were left a sweaty mess by the time you had your first orgasm. He treated you like a princess, never leaving bruises or marks, but leaving sensation and love in his wake. 

You could see why Jin didn't come for you right away. Sex, to Jin, was an emotional experience as well as a carnal one; he used it to deepen relationships and add meaning to them. It was beautiful and incredibly romantic, just as anyone could expect from our dear Kim Seokjin.

Jin didn't care if you screamed or merely whispered, all he wanted was for you to feel loved and cared for. You thought it was more than you deserved. 

The two of you laid next to each other when Jin was finished, the blanket on his bed pulled up to your chests. Jin's fingers laced through your own.


"If you had to choose, could you do it?" Your voice sounded very small. 

Jin didn't answer for a long moment, drawing out the time to come up with an answer. Finally, he sighed and squeezed your fingers. 


"No, I don't think I could."

You didn't think you could, either.



Jin snuck away from your sleeping form with a small pang of guilt, but this couldn't be avoided any longer. He called a Bangtan family meeting outside on the patio under the stars, waiting impatiently by the lit fire pit for his dongsaengs. 

One by one, they wandered outside, rubbing sleep from their eyes and confusion etched into their auras. Jin sighed heavily, feeling the gravity of the situation truly hit him as he watched his best friends gather around him. Needing to steel his nerves, Jin crossed the deck to shut the sliding glass door behind J-Hope, the last to come outside. 


"So, we need to talk." 

The other boys stiffened, suddenly awake. Jin's tone was different than usual; it held none of its trademark levity. Namjoon felt a rock forming in the pit of his stomach.  


"What about?" Jimin asked what everyone else was thinking. He thought he knew, but he prayed he was wrong. 


"It's time to talk, formally, over what we're going to do about Y/N." Jin finally looked at the faces of his group, stress lines creasing his beautiful face. Everyone present was dead silent. "We know she has nightmares about being alone. That means she has abandonment issues and is very afraid of us leaving her. Of course, it doesn't help that several of those among us have begun to fall for her." 

Jin pointedly glanced around the circle, pausing at Namjoon a little longer than the rest. Namjoon hung his head a little, unable to deny it.

"We have to figure out how we're going to make her feel better, yes, but also how we're going to deal with her absence when she does leave."


"Why does she have to leave?" Taehyung blurted out suddenly. "Who says she does? What if we paid for all of her expenses and let her travel with us? She could stay. It's not like any of us are hurting financially."

Jin pinched the bridge of his nose, feeling the beginning dregs of a headache coming on. 


"Is that really realistic? She does have a life, you know," Suga pointed out. "She has a family, friends, a job. I doubt they'd be happy if she dropped everything to run away with the circus, so to speak."

Jin nodded. Yoongi made a lot of sense. 


"On the other side of that, we could always pay for her to visit us every year. That way, she could keep her job and her life, but still be able to see us when she wanted to," Hoseok tried. 


"Once a year? Would that really ever be enough?" Jimin sounded attacked. "I have to say, I side with Tae: I don't want her to leave."


"She fits in with us so seamlessly," Jungkook added. 

Silence fell over the group as everyone looked to Namjoon. He was at a loss for words, making a small grunting noise as he shook his head to say I don't know. There was a long pause, charged with many emotions. Finally, Namjoon met Jin's eyes with unshed tears in his own. 


"I don't think I can lose her," Namjoon confessed. 


"It's not like any of us want to, Joonie." Jin was getting frustrated. "It's been so wonderful getting to know her and spend time with her this season. We've all grown close. But we can't just ask her to leave her entire life behind for the hell of being an idol!"


"I don't think it's hell," Taehyung protested softly. "It's hard, sometimes. Depressing, even. But I think it would be a lot easier if we had her in our corner."

The boys listened to the tropical sounds of cicadas in the night, the stars overhead cold and indifferent to their pain. They continued to sparkle and shine, no matter what happened down below them. 


"She doesn't have to be in the spotlight," Jungkook broke the silence, drawing six pairs of eyes to him. He swallowed thickly, glancing from Jimin to Namjoon expectantly. "Right? I mean, she could come with us and just be part of the production team. She could do promotional artwork and things. That way, she wouldn't feel like she was stealing from us or anything." 


"That's actually not a bad idea," Suga acknowledged. "If she were working for us, we would be able to keep her close without sacrificing her identity. And anyway, if you guys don't hire her, I most certainly will. The girl's got fucking talent."

Jin was definitely exasperated now. 


"Have you idiots forgotten that she would literally be picking up everything and leaving everyone she knows and loves, just for us? Could you really live with yourselves if you let her do that?"


"I think we should let her decide," Suga shrugged. "She's got a good head on her shoulders. She'll know what's best for her better than you will, Jin."

Jin sighed, a migraine pulling at the backs of his eyes. He gazed at all of his friends, waiting for someone else to add their input. He couldn't be the only one feeling guilt over you, he just couldn't. 


"Let's not ruin the rest of the season with talk about such things," Jungkook posited. "We'll ask her opinion a few days before she has to leave, and then we'll give her space to figure it out. That way, we can hear her thoughts. When everything is said and done, when she's said her piece and all eight of us discuss it together, we'll be able to come to a decision then."

Namjoon let out a pent-up breath of relief when everyone agreed. At least it wasn't just him swaying the discussion; his friends didn't want to lose you, either. 



Chapter Text

You woke up alone. In Jin's stead, he had left a stuffed RJ plush. It was about the size of a body pillow and it smelled like him. You sighed and glanced around his room, remembering that Jin always got up way earlier than everyone else. There was a note on his bedside table, next to your fully-charged phone. 

I didn't want to wake you. Sleep as long as you need. 

~Jin ♥️

His handwriting was a little stilted, but you suspected that was because he'd written it in English. You knew he had very neat penmanship when he wrote in Korean. 

You let yourself fall back into his bed, holding the pillow close to your chest. You weren't really ready to interact with anyone today. You were physically and emotionally exhausted, ready to sleep through the day if you could. 

Soon, though, you began to feel restless. You knew you couldn't avoid them forever; so, you threw on a T-shirt and some of his shorts to join the land of the living. When you opened his door, however, there was nobody to be seen. The living room was empty, as was the kitchen. 

You padded to the kitchen in bare feet, inspecting it for signs of life. In the fridge, there was some breakfast that someone had made for you, a Tupperware with your name on it. 

You glanced around, curious as to the very obvious silence that hung in the air. The house felt decidedly empty, which was a first. It felt a little sad, if you were honest. You'd gotten used to the sounds of your boys as they laughed and lived together. 

Shrugging to yourself, you popped your Tupperware into the microwave and reheated the omelette. You were delighted to find it filled with spinach, bacon, and a hearty amount of cheese. It was delicious, even after being microwaved. You ate in silence for a little while, blinking blearily in the bright morning sunlight. 

This was the first time it actually felt like you were on an island. Before, you'd been so enveloped in the others that you'd barely had a chance to take note of your surroundings. I mean, who cared what the house looked like when you were spending time with seven international K-Pop stars?

As you took the time to notice such things, it became apparent just how much money BigHit must've spent to have you here. The kitchen was swanky and spacious, with all new appliances and a large sink next to the fridge. The colors were well-coordinated and modern, sleek snow-white walls paired with shiny black appliances and accents. The dishes were modern as well, black square plates and black octagonal bowls; the cups in the cupboards were crystal-clear and sparkled as though they'd just been polished. The kitchen island was smooth and black, possibly resin or stone--the kind that sparkled when light it it just right. 

A hanging rack above the island held various pots and pans in an artful display. The pantry was nestled in a corner near the fridge, with the interior space extending even further than it looked (probably into the area beneath the stairs). Mirrors seemed to be a large decorating point; there were a lot of them scattered throughout the house. While you were taking the time to look around, you noticed that there was a marked lack of artwork on the walls. Wherever there might have been a large and ugly generic abstract painting, there was instead either a black-framed mirror or nothing at all. Architecturally, there was little need for the empty spaces to be taken up. The clean lines of the house really eliminated the feeling that the walls were all that empty. 

High, vaulted floor-to-ceiling windows and several skylights provided natural lighting during the day, with small embedded lights for the low light in the evening. The flat screen television was very large, at least as wide as the doors in a normal house would be tall. The floors seemed to be a smooth acacia-colored hardwood, but from the texture it could've been simulated for all you knew.

Several couches littered the main living space, with a few singular chairs on the opposite side of the room facing the floor-to ceiling windows with a coffee table between them. A small round black rug sat beneath a massive vase that sat in the farthest corner, towards the outside of the house. The vase was empty, but it was rather impressive all on its own. It appeared to be made of a very heavy, shiny white glass. The adjacent corner held the ground-floor bedrooms and a bathroom across from it, hidden in the hallway space behind the staircase. 

Having finished both your breakfast and your silent observations, you put the Tupperware in the sink to soak. You checked your phone, a little saddened to find nothing important. No messages from your favorite people. 

Resigned with the fact that you would be alone for the time being, you gathered some art supplies from your room and came back downstairs to settle on a couch. You set up some music to play from the TV, in the mood for some Panic! At the Disco, and began sketching.

At first, you started with some cartoony people just to loosen yourself up and get back into the feel of a pencil. You'd shied away from traditional media more recently, but pen and paper had always been your first love. Once your hand was all warmed up, you flipped to a clean page and began drawing a decently large portrait that would take up most of the space. You'd been practicing with different ethnicities for the last few years, mixing it up and experimenting with eye shapes and nose profiles to make your people more interesting. 

Somehow, as you sketched, the man you drew turned into Jimin. You blinked rapidly as it dawned on you. Tilting the Moleskine this way and that, you had to admit it was a very accurate likeness. You'd somehow managed to capture the purse of his lips, the curve of his eyes, and the shape of his nose in almost perfect spacing. 

Shaking your head, you flipped to a new page and began again. This time you let your pencil move on its own, losing yourself in the feeling of drawing to music. It was one of your favorite practices, forcing yourself to create something in a short time and move on when that time was over. 

You drew this face at a different angle, with the pose slightly shifted. The jaw was more angular, the nose flatter, and the eyes a differentoh my God it was Namjoon. This time you nearly shrieked out loud. New Perspective blared through the surround-sound speakers while you stared, slack-jawed, and the lovely face stared back at you with soulful eyes. 

You paused your music and switched stations, figuring Brendon Urie was a little too much of an emotional pothole for you to deal with. You put on a playlist with some female artists--Halsey, Lorde, Florence + the Machine, Lana del Rey--and leaned back into the couch, trying your goddamned best to relax. A few deep breaths centered you again, and your pencil hit paper again. This time, you began a double-page spread. It was an art-nouveau stylized piece, with a female elf that you had imagined a few times before. 

Her hair flowed across the page like the ink that would soon define it. Her bearing was strong and her expression gave away nothing. It was one of your favorite works so far, and you could only hope that it would become better with color. 

You were so engrossed in the page that you didn't notice a sleepy Hoseok stumbling out of his room. The floors of the house were deceptively quiet, and combined with the socks that covered his feet, you were completely oblivious to his existence. 

He rubbed sleep from his eyes as he curiously peered at the black book in your hands, his eyebrows rising in awe at the precision with which you put pencil to paper. Florence crooned over the speakers, lamenting and describing seven devils. 


"Yoongi's right, you're incredibly talented." 

His voice nearly made you jump out of your skin. You were lucky you'd had your pencil off of the page when he startled you, so there was really no harm done, but you damn near wanted to smack him into next week. Even if he had just complimented you. 


"Jesus fucking Christ, Hobi!" You dropped your pencil onto your book and snapped it shut, whirling on the dancer with labored breaths. "You gave me a fucking heart attack! I thought I was alone..."

Hoseok raised his palms in surrender, wincing at your tone. With a heavy huff, you collapsed against the back of the couch and watched him quietly for a moment. 

"Sorry. You didn't mean to scare me and I didn't ruin it, so it's fine." You glanced up at Hobi through your lashes, feeling a little guilty. "You wanna see it?" 

Smiling, Hoseok nodded enthusiastically. 


"I'd love to!"

You handed him the notebook and he circled around the couch to sit next to you, sliding out the pencil so that he could explore your drawings. You chewed on your lip as you watched his face intently, feeling internally irritated that his opinion mattered to you so much. Not that you had anything to worry about. Hoseok was completely enamored with your renderings. 

His eyes widened with childlike wonder with every flipped page, his mouth quickly moving from a heart to an 'O' and back again. He really was adorable, the unmutable hope of Bangtan. 


"You drew all of these?" He asked with disbelief. When you nodded, he broke into a beaming smile. "You're amazing! These are so beautiful!"

You felt your cheeks heat up under the gaze of the ray of sunshine before he returned his attention to your book, flipping another page to see--

Ah, fuck. You'd forgotten about those. 

Hoseok's face softened at the sight of all of the portraits you'd drawn more recently. Most of the pages before had been anatomy studies, line of action practices, and images of faces that you'd made up. But these portraits were personal

His face lit up like a child on Christmas morning when he saw himself in one of the pages. 

"Oh! You drew me!" 

It made your heart ache a little at how happy he was at that--as though other fans might've excluded him on purpose. You had a few studies of each member on their own pages; Their facial expressions, their phrases, silly things that made the page feel full and put-together. Hoseok's showed off his smile most prominently. You loved his smile and how much love and heart and soul he expressed so easily. As an artist, he was really fun to draw. 


"Of course I did. You guys were a fun challenge for me to practice with." 

Hoseok giggled, appreciating this. 

After those pages, he discovered some cute sketches you'd done of other actors and singers. Billie Eilish was a prominent figure in your sketchbook because you could never quite get her expressions right, but it was a fun challenge to play with the colors and shapes of her face. 

Hoseok's eyes softened when he found todays' pieces. Jimin's sad eyes stared off into the middle distance, his pout more pronounced than usual. Then, Hoseok found Namjoon. This one was partially more detailed than the previous drawing, mostly because you'd zeroed in on some of the details more closely than with the loose lines you'd used for Jimin. Namjoon's likeness was ethereal, his mouth soft and his eyes focused. 




"I know, it's not perfect. I think I made his chin a little too long and the hair is all off--"

Hoseok cut you off incredulously, sputtering as he struggled to articulate himself. 


"What? No! This is, this is beautiful. You have to show it to him!"

You scoffed and regarded him skeptically, but he remained steadfast. 

"I mean it! Joonie would probably literally melt if he saw this."

You blushed hard, your ears joining in on the action. 


"Hah, maybe it's better that he doesn't, then."


"Wh--is there nothing I can say to convince you otherwise?"


"Probably not." 



Hoseok forced you to look at him, his eyes searching yours with such vulnerability that you felt exposed, yourself. You could sense what he would say next. He would testify to the depths of Namjoon's feelings for you, you'd believe him, and you'd end up broken because of it. You didn't want to hear this. 

So, you leaned in. Hoseok's lips collided with yours and he could taste salt--the tears that were flowing freely down your face. He sighed through his nose, a quiet sound of defeat. If you didn't want to hear it from him, who was he to force you to listen? 

Without breaking the kiss, Hoseok gently set your sketchbook down with reverence on the table behind him. You could feel his acceptance of your dodge, and relief settled in where there shouldn't have been. 

Hoseok kissed you sweetly, even going so far as to wipe your tears from your cheeks. Everything about him was so kind and genuine, you couldn't help but feel soothed in his presence. 

He was the one to pull away first, his eyes darting over you to make sure you were okay. You pulled him into a hug, wrapping your arms around his neck as you leaned forward into his body. His arms automatically came up to hug you back, his hands a comforting warmth on your spine. 

Maybe everything would be okay. You hoped it would be true.



Chapter Text

"You know what? Let's go to the beach today, just you and me." 

You looked up from your sketch to see Hobi with a resolute expression on his face, even as he rested his face on his fist cutely. You made a noncommittal noise in your throat, expecting him to continue. When he didn't, you urged him on. 


"What brought this about?" 


"I just think it would be fun. I haven't had the chance to spend as much time with you as I've wanted, you know? I have a frisbee in my room, and we could bring a picnic basket for when we get hungry. We could make a day of it!" Hoseok grinned widely at you as he gestured excitedly. 

Well, hell, how could you say no to that?

The happiness that oozed from his pores was more than enough to put you in a good mood. You returned his smile and closed your sketchbook, setting it on the side table next to you. 


"Alright, sounds like fun. I'm gonna go change, then. Meet you in the kitchen in fifteen?" 

His eyes disappeared with the happy giggle he offered at your response.




He'd mentioned bringing a frisbee, so you opted for something you could move around in easily. A pair of loose, cotton black shorts and a T-shirt and hoodie. You also put on a baseball cap and flip-flops; you doubted you'd do well if you got sand in your sneakers. 

You jogged back downstairs looking decidedly athletic and cute, finding Hobi still in his room. Being the proactive person you were, you started on making your lunch: a few sandwiches, some apple slices, grapes, carrot sticks, and a ziplock bag of chips. You were just finishing bagging up the chips when Hoseok emerged from his room, looking like sunshine incarnate. He held a bright red frisbee in one hand, and a picnic basket and his sunglasses in the other. He wore loose board shorts and a pretty yellow and blue Tommy Bahama printed shirt. You were reminded that Hoseok was, indeed, a dancer by the peek of his well-developed thighs and calves. 

He set the basket on the counter and circled around to gaze at your prepared spread with approval. 


"Anything else you wanna add?" You washed your hands, glancing at him over your shoulder as he started to pack up the food. 


"We're gonna need something to drink, it's pretty warm outside right now. I'll grab some waters and sodas." Hoseok opened the fridge and tossed you two water bottles, which you added to the basket. "What kinna soda you want?" 




"Perfect." Hobi shut the fridge, holding an orange soda for you and Sprite for him. "Good thing I opted for the insulated bag; everything will keep for a few hours."

You finished up with some napkins and an ice-pack before heading out to the deck. Hoseok grabbed a large beach towel from the deck and you were on your way. You and Hobi walked in amiable silence, hand in hand on the trip to the edge of the beach.

Hobi set down the picnic basket a decent distance from the surf, where the sand was still dry and loose, and spread out the towel next to it. He dropped his sandals on the towel and you did the same. Then, you walked a little closer to the water, and stood about eight or nine feet away from Hoseok. It was a surprisingly calm day, with very little wind to disrupt your game. 

Hoseok was quite good at throwing the frisbee, though his throws often wobbled a little. You were obviously the more skilled, but it was still fun throwing it back and forth between you. 


"So, how are you liking our insane little family?" Smooth toss, low catch. 

You smirked, straightening your spine and lining up a throw a little to his left. 


"Y'all are pretty fun. Definitely better than I hoped for, honestly." Straight throw.

Hoseok laughed, chasing the frisbee and missing by only inches. He stooped to pick it up, shaking the sand from it, and stood upright to shoot it right back at you without missing a beat. He was now about eleven feet away from you. 


"Really? How so?" He caught it easily this time. "Did you think we'd be stuck-up rich kids in real life?" 

You rolled your eyes, waiting for him to throw it back. 


"I mean, not in so many words, but kind of. I had this deep fear that you were all putting on personas for the cameras, that you were all stereotypical idols." 

Hoseok winced loudly and tossed it to you, his expression wounded. 


"Ouch. I hope we dispelled those fears, because I think it would be exhausting to fake what we have." 

You cackled along with him, nearly diving to catch it. 


"Most of em, anyways." You threw it back quickly. 


"Wait, no no no--what you you mean, most of them?" Hoseok caught it, but he didn't throw it this time.

He waited for his answer patiently, even going so far as to step closer until he was only six feet away from you. 


"Aish--I don't know. I'm just an anxious person, I'm always going to have irrational fears about people."


"Uh-uh, that's not good enough," Hobi badgered; his tone wasn't angry, just persistent. He shook the frisbee at you in chastisement. "What is it that you're still afraid of?"

You lowered your eyes, unable to meet his gaze. Your voice sounded incredibly small when you finally managed to speak up. 


"It feels like it will go one of two ways: I'll hurt one of you, or you leave me and I end up alone." 

Hoseok was silent for a moment, watching you carefully as he measured how to respond. After only a moment or so of thought, however, he just smiled. 


"Both are impossible." At your dubious expression, he merely shook his head. "Nope. Not happening. If any of us gets hurt, it will be our own damn fault. And there's no way you're getting rid of us because we like you too much." 

You blew air through your lips skeptically, doubt on your face. 


"Sure, you say that--"


"Nah, I'm serious. You know what we did last night? We had a family meeting about you, and it was completely unanimous. Everyone likes you, hands down." 

You shifted on your feet, unsure what to say. Sensing your discomfort, Hoseok sighed. 


"I'm not gonna tell you what to do or what to think. I know it's hard, opening up to people and letting them in. But just this once, I'm going to ask you a favor: trust us." Hoseok could feel your trepidation, so he rushed to explain. "Hey, I know how that sounds. Whenever people say that shit, they end up fucking you over in the end. But I swear, we won't let you down." 

Truth be told, you were tired of worrying. You knew it was just how you were, to feel fear over the unknown and to feel weak in the face of it. But for the first time in your life, you'd found something that was worth fighting for. 

You met his eyes, seeing all of the kindness and love that this man held--not just for you, or for BTS, but his love for the world. If you could manage to put trust anyone, it would be Hobi.

With a small smile, you nodded once. 


"I believe you. After all, you are ARMY's hope." 

Hoseok beamed at you and he ran forward to lift you into a hug. He spun you around in the sand, earning shrieking giggles as he wobbled and managed to set you down again safely. 


"Good, because I was running out of things to say." 

You giggled and lightly smacked his chest, not bothering to pull away from his embrace. Hoseok kissed your forehead sweetly and let his chin rest on top of your head for a moment of closeness that was welcomed. He was sun-kissed and warm, his golden skin almost glowing in the afternoon.

Your stomach chose that precise moment to growl, and Hoseok let out a cackle at the sound. 


"Sounds like someone's hungry," He teased. "C'mon, let's get some lunch."


"Race ya?" 

Hoseok sighed but before he could say no you slipped from his grasp and sprinted towards your things. 


"No fair!" He screeched, taking off after you at full speed. 

You beat him, but that didn't stop him from tackling you into the towel and very nearly knocking over the basket. The two of you erupted into a fit giggles. 


"You're such a sore loser!" You shoved him off of you and sat upright, twisting to grab the basket to dole out food. 


"And you're a cheater," Hobi shot back, rolling over so that he could right himself. "What a pair we make, huh?" 


"I guess. Though, if I had to choose, I'd say you and Yoongi make a pretty good one." You eyed him over the rim of the basket, a sly smile playing on your lips. 


"I did make a pretty good choice with that one," He conceded. "He's a dork, but Yoongi has a big heart. I wouldn't change a thing about him." 


"You guys are really cute together." 

Hoseok snorted lightly, taking a sandwich from the pile. 


"I should hope so. I've spent so much time trying to get that boy out of his shell; I want the world to see what I do." 


"I think he's out of his shell plenty. He's just choosing to withhold his comments because they could start wars." You popped a grape in your mouth, watching Hoseok struggle to keep in his peals of laughter. 


"He's really not gentle with his words, is he?" 


"Nah, but Yoongi is so much more fun that way." You munched on some carrots, gazing out at the ocean behind Hobi. It really was a beautiful day. You swallowed and returned your attention to your current companion. "So, what was your favorite choreography to work on?" 

Hoseok tilted his head, deep in thought as he pondered it. 


"You know what, I'm not sure. All of them were really fun to come up with, but I don't know that I could choose just one. I did have a lot of fun working on my solo tracks, though." 

You nodded enthusiastically. 


"I really liked Daydream. EGO was great, too."


"Mm, yeah, EGO was a lot of fun." Hoseok smiled fondly at the memory. "I loved getting to have creative input on the music video for it." 


"It seems like all of your tracks are very colorful," You mused. "EGO was very bright and had a lot of patterns, and Daydream had a lot of cool imagery. I liked how there were goldfish swimming around your head."

Hoseok glowed at the praise as you took a big bite of your sandwich. 


"Well, I'm glad you liked my songs. I enjoyed making them and I'm happy that you enjoyed seeing them, too." 


"Oh, of course. You've got such a unique voice, and I like that a lot of your tracks are very upbeat." You paused, watching the pure delight Hoseok felt at the comments.

It sparked a memory from a while go, something that had lied dormant and forgotten for quite some time. Now, though, it was all you could think about, and it made you a little sad. Hoseok was such a kind human being, and he deserved to be happy like that all the time. 



"What can I do for you, princess?" He dove into his second sandwich with gusto.


"I... I just want to say I'm sorry." 

Hoseok blinked and looked at you with wide eyes, shocked.


"What on earth for?" 

You swallowed thickly, your heart giving an uncomfortable pang. 


"I know that there are ARMYs out there who have been cruel to you. I just want you to know, that you are such an inspiration to me. Every time I've seen you on VLive, you've always made me smile and feel happier. You're a ray of sunshine that has helped me in some of my darker moments. My life is better with you in it and I appreciate you so much." 

Hoseok blinked a few more times, as though stunned. Then, the sun came out from behind the clouds when he gave you a smile that was enough to make you melt. 


"You have no need to apologize. I appreciate your kindness, but you shouldn't worry about that. I'm a big boy." Hoseok took your hand in his and squeezed it gently, his eyes full of warmth.


"Okay. I just get the feeling that, sometimes, you aren't told that you're appreciated enough." 


"I get more than enough love from my band and the millions of ARMYs who do care, Y/N. Please don't worry about me." 


"Ha, sorry." 


"Wh--hey, don't apologize! I'm touched that you felt concerned about me. But please, don't be sorry for feeling that way. Don't apologize for how you think." 

You ate in silence for a few minutes as you mulled over his words. Don't apologize for how you think. 


"I guess I just grew up that way," You mused aloud. "As a girl, I always felt like I needed to apologize for everything. My extended family always made me feel like I took up more space than I should have, and I felt guilty because of that." 

Hoseok shook his head. 


"No. You shouldn't. Not everything is your fault, you know." Hoseok laughed at your taken-aback expression, "And don't apologize again, because I know it was on the tip of your tongue!"

You sputtered and busied yourself with finishing your sandwich, your cheeks pink because he was absolutely right.


"Can you believe they pushed back Black Widow again?" You peered up from beneath your eyelashes. 


"Ugh. I swear, they're never going to actually release it. It was supposed to come out in 2018, originally, you know? At this rate I'll be too old to enjoy it when they finally do."

You giggled, nodding in agreement. 


"At least we have a bunch of other movies to tide us over until they decide to pull their heads out of their asses. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has like 24 or 25 movies in it right now, so it's not like we don't have anything to watch."


"I knowwwww, but it's not the saaaame," Hoseok whined. "I've seen all of them so many times, I've lost count..." 


"God, I want to see the Demon Slayer movie," You mused. 


"Demon Slayer was never my favorite, but I will admit it's a beautiful anime."


"Ugh, the art is so goddamn satisfying to look at. I actually started watching Tokyo Ghoul recently, too. You probably wouldn't like that one either, though." 

Judging from how green around the gills Hoseok looked, you assumed correctly. 


"I tried to watch the first episode once. Not a fan." 


"Fair. It's not for everyone." 


"Fruits Basket is a much safer topic."

You laughed, reaching for a soda. 


"Of course it is, it's a romantic comedy! Ooo, Ranma 1/2 is a great one. It's ridiculous and a little lewd but it's so funny."

Hoseok tilted his head curiously, narrowing his eyes a little. 


"Lewd, how?"


"I mean, Ranma is a boy who turns into a girl when he gets splashed with cold water, so they don't shy away from showing breasts. But it's not even that bad. It's pretty funny though, and I think that makes up for it because they don't sexualize it in an over-the-top way." 

Hoseok nodded in understanding. 


"I might give it a try at some point." 


"You should! It's really funny because Ranma's dad turns into a panda when splashed with cold water, so that causes almost as many problems as when Ranma turns into a girl. It's full of mayhem and I love it." 

Hoseok smiled softly at your enthusiasm, seeming to take your word for it. 


"Jin will probably kill me for asking this when he's not around, but what are some of your favorite foods?" 

You hummed in thought, tapping your chin as you munched on some chips. 


"I love Japanese food. Chimichangas and burritos. I like pasta and Italian food. Bread. Oh my god, bread. I like s'mores. Ugh, Chinese is a guilty pleasure, especially crab puffs. Thai is good, but some of their stuff is too spicy for me. I love salmon, especially with a little bit of lemon pepper and lemon juice..." 

Hoseok snickered, trying to hide his laughter behind his hand. 


"Maybe it would have been easier to ask what you don't like."


"Spicy things and bitter things." You returned his grin. "Oh, I love strawberries. I love fruit."


"Is our cooking living up to your expectations?"


"Absolutely. I wasn't expecting y'all to cook special things for me, that was really thoughtful. Though I wouldn't mind trying some more Korean food." You winked. 

Hoseok nodded enthusiastically. 


"Of course! Although, Korean food is pretty spicy, so we might have to lower that heat a little bit." 


"For the sake of my pansy ass, yes please." 

Almost all of the food was gone by now, so you were picking up the trash and putting it back in the picnic basket. Hoseok noticed it and helped you, blushing slightly when your hands touched while reaching for the same ziplock bag. 


"I'm sure we can work something out," He cooed. His voice was a little breathless, as though waiting for something to happen. 

His tongue darted out to lick his lips, his gaze darting to your mouth. You became aware of just how close you were, your legs resting against each other's. Hoseok met your eyes expectantly, searching for permission as he leaned forward at a glacial pace. You slid into a sly smirk, your eyes roving over his face with amusement. 


"I never thought you'd be one to seek permission," You purred. "I always took you for the taking type."

Hoseok blinked, as though a spell had been broken, and laughed airily. 


"Relationships don't always have to have power dynamics, kitten. Yoongi scratches that itch for me just fine." He couldn't stop himself from staring at your mouth again. "I respect you enough to not demand something from you that isn't your cup of tea." 

You raised an eyebrow, leaning closer and making him lean back in subconscious response. Hoseok was actually nervous. He really was just adorable.


"I agree that power dynamics are optional... so why don't you just kiss me already?"

That was all he needed; Hoseok's lips met your own and his hands found your jaw and you were suddenly lying down beneath him. Hoseok kissed you deeply, his strong dancer's body hovering over your own with ease. He explored you boldly, one hand drifting down your body to rest at your waist. His breath fanned over your face in quick warm bursts, a testament to just how badly he wanted you. 

You were just starting to get into a nice rhythm when your phone rang from somewhere nearby.

You groaned into Hoseok's mouth in irritation and pulled away with a huff, shooting him an apologetic glance as your fists tightened in his shirt. Hoseok only laughed and reached for your phone, picking it up and answering before you could stop him. 


"Min Y/N's phone, how can I help you?" 

You facepalmed silently, feeling embarrassment creep up on you as Hoseok merely grinned down at you impishly. 

"Yeah, we had lunch down at the beach. We're just having a day in the sun and sand." Hoseok sat back on his heels with you still pinned beneath him, allowing you to see the evidence of his arousal. He started speaking in rapid-fire Korean, sounding both amused and irritated. You caught hyung, but he was speaking too fast for you to catch much else. 

You waited impatiently for him to finish speaking to whomever was on the other side of your phone, drumming your fingers on his thigh as you did. 

"Ah, hyung-ah, we'll be back before dark. Stop worrying about us, we'll be fine." Hoseok sighed deeply as he listened to what sounded like shouting on the other end--from multiple parties, it sounded like--and cut them off with a sharp exclamation. He argued some more before hanging up in the middle of one of the hyung's rants. He rolled his eyes and tossed your phone back onto the towel, seeming impatient. 


"What was that all about?"

Hoseok smiled thinly, dropping back down on top of you. 


"Don't worry about it. The hyungs have been arranging a surprise for you for tonight, that's all." He tried to kiss you, but you stopped him with a finger to his lips as you glared up at him. 


"Is that what today was all about? Distracting me so that they could go behind my back?" 

Hoseok snorted, though he stopped when he realized you actually looked irritated. 


"What? No, of course not. I wanted to take you to the beach even without Jin making big plans and shit. The game plan was just to get you out of the house, didn't matter who ran into you first or how we did it." Hoseok paused, sensing you weren't appeased. "You still look mad. Are you mad?"

Your mouth had shifted to one side of your face, lips pursed in displeasure. Hoseok sighed in disappointment, cooing softly as he tried to wheedle his way back into your good graces. 

"Please don't be mad. They mean well."

Fuck. When he was giving you those sad puppy eyes, you couldn't stay mad at him. You heaved a disgusted sigh and gave him a light smack on the cheek before pulling him down to press your forehead to his. 


"Next time, just tell me. None of this subterfuge bullshit."

Hoseok nearly collapsed in relief, his hands coming up to caress you gently. 


"Sure thing, mama." Hoseok kissed you softly then, his lips warm from the sun. 


About an hour later, the two of you decided to put your feet in the water a little. You walked hand-in-hand along the surf, watching the tides bring in shells and critters alike with each cresting wave. 


"Ah, Namjoon loves crabs," Hoseok murmured with a soft smile.

A small one was embedding itself in the sand against the next wave, its little body scuttling the particles around itself with surprising speed. You felt fuzzy at the sight of the little crustacean, living the beady black eyes that blinked shut as the next rush of water came up to meet it. Shells drifted in with this particular wave, a few small white ones and what looked like a piece of sea glass. Driftwood floated on the surface of the white foam, long pieces that were worn smooth by long periods of time on the water. 

Hoseok squeezed your hand gently, pointing at a group of sea birds darting out from the grass further down the beach. They were light brown in color with long gangly legs, chasing after the waves in pursuit of mollusks. The two of you smiled at the sight, watching a particularly small bird grab a clam that was too big for it. 

You walked together on the beach until the sun started to touch the horizon, reminding Hoseok that you had somewhere to be. You packed everything up and walked barefoot back to the house, his lips ghosting over the skin of your neck as you left the waves behind you. 



Chapter Text

Hoseok set down the picnic basket on the deck as you moved up the steps, stretching and draping the beach towel across a lounge chair. The sun wasn't quite gone from view yet, with brilliant streaks of color painting the sky as it decided to dip into the sea. Hoseok stopped you right before you got to the back door, his hands catching on your hips as he pulled you close. You regarded him curiously, but he simply shook his head. 


"I just want you to myself for one more blessed moment." He pressed his forehead to yours, shutting his eyes as he let out a slow calming breath. "I loved being with you this afternoon. I hope we can have fun together again soon." 

You smiled and leaned into his embrace, feeling yourself relax in the tender closeness. Hoseok sighed gently and began pressing kisses to your face, dotting your cheeks and nose with cute little pecks. 


"Hobi..." You murmured through your breath, your eyes fluttering shut at his contact. 

His breath hitched, forcing himself to still. 


"We're literally ten feet away from the others," He whispered. "They're waiting to surprise you."


"They can wait a little longer, can't they?" Your lips ghosted over his throat, your exhale feathering over his skin and leaving a rush of goosebumps in its wake.

Hoseok shuddered and his hands flew up to catch your wrists, his pupils flaring as he made a snap decision. He snatched up a blanket that was on the railing and turned back to face you with fire in his eyes. 


"Follow me," He hissed and pulled you by the wrist as he darted away from the sliding glass doors towards the jungle. 

Hoseok led you into the trees a little ways away from the house, far enough that any sounds would go unnoticed. He spread out the blanket on a clear spot of grass, carefully flattening it so that you could be comfortable. Hoseok immediately dropped to his knees and rid himself of his shirt, giving you an unobstructed view of his rippling chest. Not needing any further invitation, you knelt in front of him and captured his lips with your own. 

He helped you undress, his movements reverent and sensual as he touched you. However, even as he kissed you, you could sense a little bit of hesitation when you led his hands to your bare breasts. He pulled back just enough to look down at your chest, open curiosity on his face as he took you in. Then, something he'd said before dawned on you. 


"Hoseok, are you nervous?"

He blushed a little, glancing away. 


"It's not like I'm a stranger to sex... I'm very much not, in fact. I just... I don't know how to make a woman feel good." He bit his lip. "I had a girlfriend before we debuted, but we broke up before we were serious enough to go that far. After that, it's all been one night stands wherever I could get them--until I found out Yoongi liked me. We've only been with each other ever since." 

You offered him a patient smile, caressing his face gently and feeling your heart clench when he leaned into your palm. 

"I want you. But I want to do this right." Hoseok closed his eyes for a moment, steeling himself, before opening them with determination. "Tell me what to do. Help me make you feel good." 


"Well..." You drew out the word, letting it fall off your lips in a slow and intoxicating way. "You're already on the right track. You kiss like a god." 

The both of you broke into barks of laughter at the thought, tension breaking in a comfortable way.


"Good to know," He laughed. 


"While this is true, hickeys are the way to go. Especially on and around the breasts, as the skin is very thin and sensitive." 

Nodding, Hoseok dipped his head to press an open-mouthed kiss on your breast, letting his tongue swirl over the skin. Barely knowing what he was doing, and he still managed to draw a shaky breath from your lips. Ridiculous

Encouraged, Hoseok became bolder, lavishing attention on both of your breasts with a comfortableness that was a little surprising. He pulled off of your skin with a wet sound, instead moving to cup your breasts with his hands and play with them with his thumbs. 


"Like this?" He purred.

You gulped audibly, one arm darting outwards to support yourself on his shoulder. Hoseok chuckled in response, understanding making his eyes seem to glow with mirth. 

"Ah, I don't know what I was worried about," He teased, "You're so easy to please..."

You shot him a glare out of the corner of your eye, only making him more delighted. 


"Keep it up, see what happens," You threatened. 


"I'm only kidding, mama," He cooed. Hoseok's lips met your neck and you melted a little, relaxing at his touch. 

You blinked a little blankly, struggling to remember your next train of thought. 


"The--the female anatomy is quite remarkable," You stuttered, "--did you know that the clitoris has more than 8,000 nerve endings?"

Hoseok offered you a slow smile, taking the hint with ease as he slipped his fingers between your legs. You carefully guided him by his wrist until he hit it, a small yelp escaping you when he struck it with his fingernail. Taking notice of this, he took advantage of his slightly long fingernails and lightly scraped them back and forth across your flesh. Your head fell back abruptly and he caught you by the neck with lightning reflexes, his eyes wide. 


"You okay, mama?" 

You giggled, sounding pretty drunk, even to you. 


" 'm fine, Hobi. You're doing great." You caressed his chin with your right hand, a gentle smile on your face as he let out a small breath in relief. 


"Let me know if I need to stop." 


" 'f course. Same goes for you, Bub." You sounded a little cartoonish and silly, to be honest, but you couldn't help it. 

Hoseok was a fucking natural at this, and it was kind of annoying; nobody had the right to be this good at their first rodeo. He hit all of your buttons on his first try. The actual fuck

In any case, Hoseok lowered you to the ground slowly, making sure not to bump your head, and supported himself above you on his hands and knees. His mouth graced over your skin, sending goosebumps and shivers over you. 

He lowered himself so that he was positioned with his face between your legs, studying your anatomy with interest. Without warning, his tongue darted out between his lips and he tasted you curiously, drawing a yelp of surprise. 

Hoseok chuckled lightly, withdrawing his tongue and moving it around his mouth, as though taking the time to analyze the taste.


"Not what I was expecting, but definitely better than dick." Hoseok grinned impishly up at you, making you blush profusely. 

He kissed your inner thigh and gave your butt a light smack, lifting himself upright and crawling forward and up your body. His lips met your jugular, a soft kiss that felt like the most natural thing in the world. 


"Are you ready, Hoseok?" Your voice came out in a whisper, hardly wanting to disturb his presence at your neck. 


"If you are, then yes." Hoseok moved to face you, his pretty beaming smile sending a pulse straight to your core. 

Not a moment too soon, either. He carefully found the right angle, assuring that you wouldn't be in any pain, and allowed himself to slip past your lips. He gasped in shock at the sensation, feeling every pulse and twitch of your muscles in ultra-high-definition. Hoseok's breathing was heavy as he struggled to adjust to you, completely new to the feeling of your heat and pressure. 


"Ugh." You really needed him to move, but you could tell from his face that he wasn't quite strong enough to try.

Deciding to help him along, you moved ever so slightly, experimentally, reminding him that you were here. His eyes flew open and he took a deep breath, recognizing your discomfort, and made an attempt at moving his hips in response. 


"Jesus, fuck, oh," Hoseok's muscles flexed with effort as he adjusted to the sensation of moving. "Fuck, yes--"

You shifted and pushed Hoseok into a sitting position, moving so that he was beneath you and you rested on his thighs. You began to move, lifting yourself up and back down to carefully test his waters. 

Definitely the right move. Hoseok immediately grabbed your hips and moved you urgently, helping you ride him desperately. Hoseok opened his eyes for the first time in a few minutes and managed a deep breath, his fingertips squeezing your hips in acknowledgment. 


"You doing okay?" You breathed. 


"Better than okay," He laughed, "Are you?"


"Yes." You shot him a grin as he brushed the hair from your face. "Are you always this vocal during sex?"

He sputtered in disbelief. 


"Y/N, have you met me? I'm always loud." 

Deciding to test his theory, you kissed him again. 



You and Hoseok stumbled back to the house considerably more relaxed than when you'd left. Hoseok had managed to make you come twice, which was pretty impressive considering it was his first time with a woman. You definitely appreciated his effort to please, and had rewarded it generously. 

Now, you had a surprise party to get to. 

You entered the dark house first, sliding the door open and kicking off your shoes. 


"Hello? Is anybody home?"

You were met with silence at first, so you moved into the kitchen to flip on some lights. As soon as you did, the hiding K-Pop idols jumped out from behind the couch, screaming and overlapping so that you couldn't tell what anyone was saying. Recognizing the problem, Hoseok sighed and took a deep breath. 


"SHUT IT!" He immediately silenced everyone else in the room, which made him nearly droop in relief. "That's much better. Now, one at a time."

Jin piped up first, a big beaming grin screwed firmly in place. 


"Surprise!" He gestured grandly to a long dining table that had been set up in the living room. 

There was a considerable amount of food covering the entire surface area, you could understand how it would take them ages to make it all. A surprising variety was present: from Chinese crab puffs, American style hamburgers and pastries, to meat buns, Japanese onigiri--plus more simple items, such as strawberries and other sliced fruits and vegetables. A beautiful tiered cake was the centerpiece, lovingly iced with flowers of varying size adorning its surface.

"It took us literally all day, which is why we had to get you out of the house. Please don't be mad!" Jin pouted with his adorable poofy lips, laying the puppy eyes on thick. "Pwetty pwease don't be mad."

He blinked a few times, sealing the deal with his undeniable aegyo. You broke into a grin, shooting forward to wrap your arms around him in a hug. 


"Jinnie! Why would I be mad? You made me an entire feast! This must've taken so much work!" You pressed quick kisses on his cheeks as he laughed and hugged you back. "Thank you so much!"

Jungkook elbowed Hoseok in the ribs, smug. 


"I toldya she'd love it." 

Yoongi rolled his eyes. 


"We all knew she would love it, dummy. Stop acting like she's a hard read."

Namjoon couldn't help but smile at your enthusiasm. You hopped down from Jin to coo at the spread, looking on in awe at the splendor. Pretty much the whole crew had pitched in: Hoseok had spent the night before preparing several pots of rice, Yoongi and Jungkook worked on the sides and appetizers, Jin made the entrees and cut the fruit, and Jimin had made the pastries and desserts. Taehyung had focused on presentation, taking the time to plate each and every finished dish as soon as it was ready. Unfortunately, all Namjoon could do to help was to stay back and watch. 

Jimin had asked for his assistance here and there out of the kindness of his heart, but overall, he'd not had much of a hand in this feat of human ingenuity. Still, it was worth it since he hadn't broken anything... or put in too much salt, etc. 

Instead, he'd mostly acted as a taste-tester. Worked just fine for him and Tae. It was totally worth it to see your blissed-out expression when you took the first few bites of your food. 

Taehyung bounced around the table, excitedly pointing out different dishes and their names. You watched him with interest, eagerly tasting each one as he went. Jin stood a little way back, next to Hoseok, and watched with pleased expressions. Yoongi merely rolled his eyes and started filling up a paper plate. Jungkook had already filled up his own plate and was scarfing it all down like a starving man. Jimin beamed and showed you the frosting flowers he'd made for the cake and some of the smaller pastries. 


"Do you like them? I wasn't sure what color would suit you best, since none of them compare to your beauty," Jimin cooed. His eyes sparkled with sincerity, making you cough and blush as you struggled to hide from his gaze. 

If they were in an anime, glitter and roses would've been surrounding Jimin right then. Namjoon hid a snicker behind his hand at the display. 


"Jimin-ah, you're a serial flirt," Tae hissed, though his voice held no venom. "Do you mean anything you say?"

Jimin turned his enticing gaze to his friend, licking his lips as his voice nearly reached a moan. 


"Only when I'm talking to you, Taehyungie." He caressed Tae's face dramatically, before dissolving into giggles. "Try this one, Y/N!" 

Jimin offered you a lovely little frosted pastry, with delicate petals frosted upon its crust. It tasted absolutely divine, with a sweet but not overpowering filling that tasted of apples, maybe pears. You groaned in a voice that was borderline erotic, licking the frosting from your upper lip with your eyes rolled back into your head. 


"Fuck, that's good."

Seizing the opportunity, Jimin dove in for a kiss, capturing any leftover frosting and crumps with his own lips. He pulled away looking way too fucking smug, humming with a grin. 


"I agree." 

You snorted, irritated that you'd been had. Taehyung, amused at this whole altercation, simply gripped your chin and offered you a spoonful of a fragrant dish you couldn't name. Shrugging, you tasted it without complaint. It was spicy, but not in the way you were used to. It was a pleasant kind of heat, hot and sweet at once, like when Taehyung or Namjoon kissed you--

Your eyes snapped open and your cheeks became incredibly red, to which you reached for the bowl of strawberries to hide your guilt. Jimin quirked an eyebrow, amused confusion gracing his lovely features. Before he could question it, however, you launched into the next few dishes with gusto, tasting everything until you had absolutely no room left. 

The others had been nibbling here and there, with Jungkook being the most adventurous. Namjoon took a slice of Jimin's cake carefully, gingerly laying the fluffy confection on his plate as though he were conducting surgery. 

You watched him curiously as he lifted his first forkful to his lips, fascinated as bliss spread across his face when he tasted it. 


"I see your cooking skills have not tainted with time," Namjoon hummed happily. "Wonderful work all around, everyone." 

Jungkook mumbled unintelligibly through his still-full cheeks, just as satisfied as his elder. Jin was finally taking the time to eat some of the spoils, his face pleasantly content as he enjoyed the fruits of their labor. Hoseok and Yoongi chattered quietly on the couch as they finished their food, and Jimin and Taehyung continued pestering you to try new things even as you felt like passing out. 

When they finally stopped, you were sprawled out on the couch, surrounded by all seven of your favorite people. They chattered quietly about the day, enjoying each others' company in the low light of the evening. Jin confirmed everyone had had their fill, and rose to begin putting food away. You tried to get up to help all of them, but Namjoon pushed you back onto the couch easily. 


"Hey now. This was all for you; we wouldn't be good hosts if we made you clean up after your own surprise party." Namjoon smiled softly down at you and pressed a kiss to your hairline, picking up your plate from beside you. "Relax for a little while, huh?" 

You tried to protest, but you were far too full to form fully coherent thoughts. You fell asleep against the couch, listening to the low sounds of the boys cleaning up all around you. 

Overall, it had been a wonderful day. Almost too wonderful for words. 

As you drifted off, you couldn't help but breezily wonder if life could be like this all the time. If you could get over your anxiety, maybe, just maybe... you could love all of them. 

These thoughts wouldn't be remembered when you woke up in the morning, but as you let darkness envelop you, for the first time in a long time, you felt fully at peace.