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You woke insanely early, which vexed you considerably. Namjoon was still blissfully snoring into your hair, and Jimin had somehow found himself wrapped around you like a teddy bear. Namjoon's legs were tangled with all three of you, a feat that you had no idea how it had occurred. TBH, though, you weren't that mad. How could you stay mad at them? (The answer is: you can't. Nope.)

Luckily, Jimin chose that precise moment to roll off of you and splay across Namjoon's bed, star fishing in a way that wasn't as expansive as you expected. Jimin wasn't short, per se, he was just a little smaller than his fellows. Especially when compared to the giant that was currently giving you a loving squeeze.

You pecked Namjoon on the cheek and quickly extricated yourself from his clutches, wordlessly disappearing into the hall. You didn't even bother to pick up your bikini from his floor; as far as you were concerned, he could keep it if he wanted. You were too high on last night to really care about much of anything right then. 

After a quick shower and throwing on whatever comfy clothes were clean, you padded downstairs in stocking feet to see Jin pouring himself a cup of coffee. 


"Morning, Jin."


"Well, good morning to you, too. You know, the walls here aren't as thick as they look." He raised his eyebrows at you, not exactly accusingly, but definitely not innocently. 

You winced a little, shoulders rising involuntarily. 


"That bad, huh?" 

Jin laughed airily, waving it off as though it were nothing. 


"Don't worry about it. I'm a light sleeper in strange places like this. Besides, you get used to it when living with this many guys for so long." Still, he seemed curious. "I mostly heard Jimin, but I'm pretty sure from the placement of those love-bites that he wasn't the only participant in your little late-night soirée." 

Jin sipped his coffee, eyeing you for your reaction. You hummed, shrugging nonchalantly. 


"Can I ask you a question?" 


"I'm an open book." 


"When you were with Namjoon, how much of him could you take?" Jin choked on his coffee, to which you grinned. "I only ask because it wasn't as hard as I expected. He's really hot when he's all riled up, isn't he?" 

Though his eyes were narrowed, a sly smile slipped onto his lips. 


"You absolute minx. I tip my hat to you, my dear." He mimed tipping a hat, and took another long drag from his mug. "Namjoon and Jimin at the same time? I never would have thought."


"A delicious combo, if you ask me. A shame nobody explored that, that I could find." 




"Nothing." You busied yourself with making your own morning beverage, ignoring Jin's strange look at you. 

After doctoring it with plenty of chocolate milk and sugar, you sat next to Jin. His shoulders brushed yours, and you enjoyed the early morning silence together, only broken by the occasional sip of coffee. 

At around 7:00, Jungkook jogged upstairs from the gym and plopped down across from you with pink cheeks and covered with sweat. 


"Jinnie," Jungkook cooed, charm cranked up to 11, "Would my amazing hyung be willing to make me breakfast this morning?" 

Jin stiffened, his spine straightening and his fingertips tightening around his mug. Without missing a beat, you patted Jin's shoulder and got up from your stool. 


"I got it, Jungkook. Just promise me you'll take a shower before you eat." You shot him a shit-eating grin before disappearing behind the refrigerator door. 

He raced around the counter and attacked you from behind, lifting you in a tight hug under your ribcage. You broke into squealing giggles as he shook you lightly.


"Why? Don't you like me when I'm all loose and sweaty?" He swung you around and peppered you with kisses on your neck and shoulders. You weakly smacked his arms where he held you in a vice, a poor attempt at getting him to stop. 


"No! Please! You stink, and I just showered!" You made your voice more overdramatic than it needed to be, but it delighted Jungkook as he finally set you down. 


"So? You could always shower with me, and then there'd be no harm done." Jungkook nibbled your earlobe and you swatted his head playfully as he finally ducked away to shower.

Jin smirked through the whole exchange, his eyebrow raised in interest. 


"Seems like everyone around here is completely taken with you." 


"I don't even know how. Like, I'm kinda frumpy most of the time." You laughed lightly, pulling out the carton of eggs, some milk, and bread. "Sometimes I think y'all are crazy or something." 

When you spun back to grab a spatula, Jin was frowning and his eyebrows were furrowed. 


"What do you mean by that? You always look beautiful."

You snorted, turning on a burner and placing a healthy pat of butter on your pan. 


"Yeah, I'm a regular Marilyn alright." 


"I see no need for the sarcasm, Y/N. You don't need makeup to be beautiful. When you wear it, all it does is draw attention to your best features."


"And what would those be?" As you spread the butter in the pan.

Jin put his empty mug in the sink and rested his cheek on his palm, observing you curiously. 


"Your laugh, for one. It's intoxicating." 

You started, unsure you heard him correctly. As you stared at him in disbelief, Jin indicated at your pan with a soft smile. 

"Your butter is ready, Y/N."

Coming back to your senses, you blinked and grabbed an egg from the carton and cracked it into the pan. Perfect form, to your exhilaration. The yolk remained intact as it drifted over the pan, the white solidifying and sizzling satisfyingly. The edges began to golden in perfect measure. 


"Thanks. I don't think anyone has told me that before." 


"Well, it's true. Your eyes are lovely, too. So full of life and so bright." 

You let the egg pop in its pan for a few more seconds, grabbing a plate from the cupboard, before expertly flipping it. The yolk didn't break, and you gently pressed the white down in places it might not cook as evenly. 

You slid it out of the pan when you were sure it was cooked, added a little extra butter, and cracked in a second egg. 


"Could you put two pieces of bread in the toaster and get it started, please?" 

Jin was quick to assist, doing as he was told. Jungkook came back into the kitchen with a puff of steam in his wake, his hair still damp. 


"Fuck, something smells awesome." Jungkook hummed in appreciation, a blissful smile gracing his features as his eyes drifted shut. 

You successfully flipped the second egg just as the toast popped up. 


"Put it on the plate before it burns," You directed, buttering toast like an old pro and arranging it prettily. 

Jin watched it carefully, and just as you finished with the toast, he slid the egg out of the pan and onto the plate. You thanked him and took down a glass, pouring milk almost to the top. Satisfied with the presentation of your work, you took the plate and the glass over to the kitchen island for Jungkook. His eyes were as wide as saucers, and his mouth dropped in surprise at how pretty his breakfast looked. 


"It's damn near too perfect to eat," Jungkook mused. 

Though he snapped a picture on his phone for posterity, his sentiment did nothing to slow him from digging in with gusto. Jin snickered softly as he watched the maknae eat like a starving man, dipping his toast in the golden yolks as fast as he could so that it wouldn't get everywhere. 


"You never eat that fast when I cook for you," Jin groused, though he didn't look too sore about it. 


"Then get better, hyung-ah!" Jungkook spoke with a full mouth, but he still snarked back. 

You rolled your eyes, glancing back to see the burner was still on. 


"Anybody else want eggs?" 

Jin shook his head, having already eaten. Yoongi was dragging himself into the kitchen at that moment, the bags under his eyes extremely dark. 


"All I want is a black coffee." His voice was gravelly and almost painful sounding, but you acknowledged his answer. 

Jin set to making Yoongi's coffee, while a few other members trickled in. 


"Final call, does anybody else want eggs?"

Namjoon swept in, wrapping his arms around your waist and humming as he held you to him tightly. 


"I'd love some, if you'd be so kind. Thanks, honey." He pressed a kiss to your cheek and gave you one last squeeze before sitting down at the island next to Yoongi. 

A pleasant lingering waft of his shampoo in his wake made you smile, the familiar scent eliciting a serene expression on your face. 


"I'd also love some breakfast, but I don't need anything fancy. Whatever you're cooking, I'll have." J-Hope piped up from the counter, chipper as only a morning person could be. 


"So, Namjoon and Hobi? Four fried eggs and toast coming up." 

You made Namjoon's eggs perfecty and without any mistakes, but Hobi's second yolk broke as you cracked it in the pan. You groaned forlornly, watching as it spread sadly across the pan and colored most of the egg a pale yellow. Jin asked over your shoulder. 


"How unfortunate. Five out of six is pretty good, though, if you ask me." He sighed dramatically and patted your shoulder. 

As though reading your mind, he toasted bread for Namjoon and J-Hope without having to ask. You smiled at that, appreciating how well you could work together when you set your mind to a task. You really hoped you and Jin could become friends. 

Though, something had started to bother you in the back of your mind. A small little nagging something, an offhand comment. Namjoon usually called you little lamb; why had he chosen to call you 'honey'? Why now?

As you plated and served up their breakfasts, you couldn't help but feel like it would bug you for a little while. 

It wasn't like you hated the nickname. It actually felt... nice, coming from Namjoon. Maybe it was his way of apologizing for how rough he'd been the night before? You couldn't be sure, but you found yourself hoping that he'd call you 'honey' again.

When everybody had been fed, you turned off the burner and filled your pan with hot water and dish soap. You weren't that hungry, so you just had a bagel with cream cheese. Namjoon noticed this, raising an eyebrow. 


"Really? After last night, I would've thought you'd be starving today." He shot you a wink, which was lost on no one. 


"I don't know. I thought so too, but maybe you just didn't work me hard enough." You returned his wink with a shit-eating smirk, something that made him flush a little at the implications. 


"Wh--you're kidding, right?" 


"Nope. Next time, I wouldn't mind seeing you get a little more rough, to be honest. That was hot as hell." You swallowed a bite of bagel, something dawning on you. "My god. Y'all are gonna turn me into a fucking switch at this rate." 

Jungkook snorted, shooting you a sideways glance. 


"Who said you weren't a switch?"


"Hmm, let me see--Me. I said that. I used to moonlight as a domme, you know." You finished your bagel, to which you realized you now had five sets of eyes on you. Five sets of very hungry eyes.


"What?" Namjoon's voice was breathy, which only widened your smirk. 


"Yeah. College was wild as hell for me, I'll tell you what." Like this was no big revelation, you pulled out your phone and started playing a game. You tapped on your screen and watched the tiny Mario run and hop at your whim, pretending not to notice the dark shape of Namjoon dart away from the counter. Without looking up, you asked, "What's eating him?" 


"Not sure. I'll go check on him." J-Hope stood from his seat, throwing you a smile that you felt rather than saw. "Thank you for breakfast, Y/N. It was delicious." 


"Would've been more delicious if I could've fried that damn egg without the yolk breaking!" You tossed this out loudly, and you heard Hobi's familiar cackle down the hall as he moved up the stairs. 

That left Jin, Jungkook, and Suga sitting around you while you played on your phone. Conversation started on its own, Jin and Suga talking quietly while Jungkook pulled out his own phone. 


"Hey, Y/N, I don't think I have your phone number," Jungkook said suddenly. 

You glanced up (since you'd just died) and nodded. 


"Okay. Hand it over." 

He eagerly passed you his phone and you tapped your digits into a new contact. You did your best to enter your name in Hangul, though it was rough goings. You gave up after a short while with a derisive laugh. 

"Damn Hangul. I never could get it right." 

Jungkook's eyes widened in understanding and read it more carefully, laughing when he saw your mistake. 


"It's okay, I gotchu, baby." He fixed it and showed it to you so that you could see it written properly. 

You nodded sagely and squinted, the syllabic blocks slowly becoming less foreign. 


"Thanks, Kookie." 


"So, you started to learn Korean?" Suga seemed surprised, but interested. 


"Yeah, a little while ago. I started learning because I saw a really good K-Drama and I recognized a few phrases that I pieced together from hearing them so much. I wanted to formally understand it, so I took up Hangul. My professor lied, Korean is definitely not easier than Japanese!" 

You laughed in spite of yourself, feeling a little embarrassed. 


"There are similarities, but I think it might be a little easier to go from Korean to Japanese." Suga shrugged, sipping from his mug. 


"What K-Drama were you watching?" Jin asked. "Maybe I've heard of it." 

You blushed, lowering your gaze as you muttered its name under your breath. 


"I'm sorry, what was that?" Jungkook's eyebrows scrunched. 

Heaving a deep sigh, you spoke louder and more clearly this time. 



Jin beamed at you then, smacking the island triumphantly. 


"I've definitely heard of that one! That's the one V was in, right?" 

You nodded silently, feeling your cheeks redden ever more steadily. 


"Ohh, was that the one--?"


"No spoilers, please!" You blurted out, startling Jungkook and cutting him off. 


"Whatever the lady wants," Jin acquiesced. "I must agree, though, that it is very good."

Jimin chose that moment to come barreling down the stairs to envelop you in a hug, peppering your cheeks with kisses as he held you. You sputtered and giggled, swatting at him in a feeble attempt to halt his progress. 


"Damn." Yoongi squinted at the display, his face expressing morbid curiosity. 

Finally, Jimin released you with one more squeeze. He made himself some cereal and plopped down next to your seat, an innocent smile flashed your way when you took notice of this. 


"So what's the plan for today?" You asked. 


"Really? You're just going to ignore the cute attack that you just suffered?" Yoongi glanced between you and Jimin, disbelief on his face. 

Jin cackled his windshield wiper laugh, only to have you roll your eyes. 


"What? I happen to like affection, for your information, Mishter Min." 

Yoongi sighed and shook his head as though he didn't understand, before deciding to answer your question. 


"The crew said that we're not gonna film again until next week. They're trying to edit everything we've filmed so far and they need to catch up." 


"Yeah, come to think of it, we've been filming much more often and more close together than we usually do in a season," Jimin pointed out. "Normally we only film once in a week, more if an episode needs a follow-up..." 

Jin nodded thoughtfully. Instead, you snorted, which drew everyone's confused attention. 


"Guys, really? Gee, what's different this season, hmm?" You exaggeratedly indicated to yourself when they still didn't get it. "Me, you dorks! I'm the mitigating factor here."

All three of them thought about it for a second before agreeing. 


"Okay, I can see that. It has been a little weird trying to integrate someone new." At your expression, Jin rushed to explain, "That came out wrong. It's not that you're weird or anything, it's just strange for us because it's usually always been us seven and adding an eighth has been new--!" 

You laughed at his floundering and helpfully cut him off. 


"You're fine, Jin. Don't worry about it. I'm sure it's been weird for all of you." 


"That doesn't mean we don't love you!" Jimin proclaimed, leaning sideways to envelop you in an all-encompassing hug that made your heart feel fuzzy.

You let your eyes drift shut and you hugged him back, a soft smile lighting on your face. 


"Fucking flirt," Yoongi muttered. 

Jimin stuck his tongue out at his hyung, only squeezing you more tightly. 


"She said she likes affection, so I'm not going to let her go without!" He punctuated his point by pressing a chaste kiss to your hair, which earned a giggle from you. He pressed his cheek to your forehead one more time before he released you and returned to his cereal. 


"Jimin, you're impossible." 


"You're just jealous that I'm cuter than you are." 


"There are a lot of people who don't find you cute, you little shit."

Jin sighed, caught between his quarreling friends. He turned to you and smiled. 


"Wanna go on a walk with me, Y/N?" 


"Gladly." Without another word, you and Jin rose from the island and headed outside, putting on sneakers at the door. 

Once outside, you heaved a great sigh of relief. 


"As much as I love them, they can really be impossible sometimes," Jin laughed. "Beach or jungle?" 


"Hmm, how about jungle? I'm feeling like I wanna see some nature right now." 


"Sounds good to me." Jin offered you his arm with a quiet smile, and you took it easily. 

You walked in amiable silence for a few minutes, enjoying the sights of the trees and flowers that had just begun to bloom. It was breathtakingly beautiful here among the foliage, with the early morning sunlight filtering in through the leaves to supply a gentle green glow to your surroundings. You inhaled deeply, enjoying the scent of the cool dew-kissed green. 


"It's so beautiful out here today." You slowed to listen to the birdsong, shutting your eyes and feeling a smile hit your face as you soaked up the sun. 


"It's not as pretty as me, though." Jin shot you a wink when you giggled. "I actually do have a question for you, though..."


"Hmm? What's up?" 


"What are your intentions with Namjoon?" Realizing he had your full attention, he blushed and continued on: "--Or, really, any of us for that matter?"

Your gaze drifted across the trees, deep in thought. You didn't really have a good answer to that. 


"Honestly, Jin--I don't know. I have such strong feelings for all of you, and that much has never changed. But--would it ever, really be possible to continue what we have? You're idols, insanely popular and with millions of adoring fans. I'm just one blip among all of them, and I would hate to keep you away from the rest of them. I don't want to keep you to myself, just for my selfish desires.

I care deeply about all of you. I'd never do anything to intentionally hurt any of you, but I also don't know how this will end. What is it exactly that you want to know?" 

Jin sighed, shifting on his feet. 


"Do you love him?"

The words may as well have struck you with lightning. Your heart raced and you struggled to breathe, not daring to give plausibility to the thought. You didn't want to believe it--but when Jin said it and confronted you with that reality so clearly, you knew there was only one answer in your heart. 

Tears sprang to your eyes and you choked back a sob, forcing yourself to breathe deeply. 


"I swear I didn't mean to--" Jin wrapped his arms around you as you cried. "I didn't want to love him. Why the fuck does Namjoon have the right to do this to me? It's not like we can even be together, why did this happen to me?" 

Jin hushed you softly, rubbing your back as you sobbed into his chest. His even breathing helped calm you a little, but your heart still hurt. You snorted. 


"I guess it comes as no fucking surprise. I already loved all of you as a fan, but once I was confronted face-to-face with how wonderful all of you were, I was doomed." 

You felt yourself shudder violently against Jin, the beginning warning signs of a panic attack taking hold. Your breathing quickened and you blinked hard, trying to quell the panic and fear. Jin tightened his arms around you, noting the shift and trying to ground you to the present. 


"Shh, it's okay. Breathe. You're okay. You're in a safe place. I won't hurt you, nobody will hurt you. Breathe." He held the back of your head, stroking your hair gently. "Breathe for me, moonchild." 

You shook with the force of your attack, feeling your vision tunnel and seeing spots. Jin just rocked you through it, holding you tighter every time you started to whimper. He was impossibly kind and patient with you, eventually singing comfortingly in Korean. 

He pressed his lips to your forehead, pulling back just enough to look into your eyes. He held your face in both hands, wiping your tears with his thumbs. 


"Are you still with me, Y/N?" 

You managed to nod, though it made the world spin. 


"I think I need to sit down." You felt really queasy, and your head was uncomfortably heavy on your neck. 

Jin guided you to a fallen tree trunk, helping you sit. You started to fall but Jin caught you and propped you up against him, letting you rest your back against his chest. Your head rolled from side to side, trying to focus on something to help it pass. 


"I'm so sorry," You whispered. Your own voice felt foreign to you.

Jin shushed you, caressing your arms lovingly as he corrected your language. 


"You have done nothing wrong. This isn't your fault. I'm not angry at you." He sighed heavily, rubbing your arms. "Honestly, I'm relieved. Namjoon hasn't always had the best taste in relationships, but I can see that he made a good choice in you." 


"I love him." You tasted it in your mouth, testing the feel of the words and the weight they carried. "Never would've guessed." 

Jin laughed, his first real one in half an hour. 


"Honey, you're not as subtle as you think you are. I'm pretty sure the only one who doesn't know is Namjoon himself." 


"Wh--then why did the others sleep with me, if they knew?" 


"Pfft. Think of it this way: the most attractive man you've ever seen walks up to you and asks to have sex. You know for a fact that this man has interest in another person, but he is outright asking to be with you. You want this man, so you do this man, regardless of who you know he is interested in. Because in that moment, he wants to be with you. Does that put it into perspective a little?" 

You sighed, leaning back into him. 


"I suppose. Still feels shitty, though." 


"Why? You're the insanely hot man in this scenario! You've managed to wrap every single one of my bandmates around your little finger, and that doesn't make you even a little bit proud?"

You shrugged. 


"I dunno. It just feels weird because I'm aware that I'm in love with Namjoon."


"Just because you are doesn't mean anything has to change. All of us are still crazy about you, and we've got plenty of time to spend with you and enjoy your company. Can't you do the same?"


"I... can try." 


"Good." Jin pressed a kiss to your temple. "We just want you to be happy, Y/N." 

Your vision had finally returned to normal, and your head skinned less. You managed to turn to face Jin, your eyes unsure. 


"Can you promise me just one thing?" Your voice tentative, as though you were afraid he'd refuse. 

Well, Jin was a gentleman, and a gentleman would never refuse a lady like you.


"What can I promise you?" 


"Don't forget about me when this is all over. Call and text me occasionally, if you can. Just... don't let this dissolve like a dream." 

Jin's eyes softened, and he thought he could feel his heart break a little. 


"I won't let them forget. Though, I don't think they will. You're too special for that." 

As if to confirm his point, your phone vibrated in your pocket. It was Jungkook. 


where did you disappear to? 🥺


You couldn't help the feeling of happiness that made your heart swell at the sight. Maybe Jin was right, and they would remember you on their own. You hoped that was the case. 


Just needed some fresh air

Decided to go on a walk with Jin


You watched as the little bubble popped up, showing that he was typing. 



please come back

the hyungs want to play mariokart with you


You smirked and began typing a response, Jin leaning over to watch. 


They want a rematch, do they? Sounds like they're a glutton 
for punishment 😂


Jungkook typed again, probably trying to hold in his laughter.


exactly, you to need help me put them in their place

let's show em how it's done, babyyy 😘


Jin snorted, seeming to be personally offended. 


"Little shit." 


"Hey, he has a right to be cocky. He actually came close to beating me last time." You grinned at Jin, who looked scandalized. 


"How dare you, madam! I remember holding my own in that fight!"

You snickered. 


"Sure... from fifth place." 


"I got third, thank you very much!"

Not budging an inch, you simply looked at him smugly.


"I think what I'm hearing is that it's time for a rematch." 


"Fine! This time I'll show you that Kim Seokjin cannot be beaten!" Jin got up from the log and offered you his hand for assistance, which you took despite your pride. 

You couldn't blame Jin, he was just nice that way and didn't mean it maliciously. So, you followed him on the path back to the house, smack-talking the entire way.