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The mug of coffee nearly slipped from your fingers in shock. The soft music piping into the room from your Bluetooth speaker was the only sound to be heard. Your breath was caught in your throat, barely able to believe your eyes. It had to be a joke, right? But, no--it couldn't be spam. It was the same email address that had confirmed your membership in the lottery, after all. 

You took a few deep gasps of air as you set your mug down on the desk with shaky fingers, not trusting yourself to keep it in one piece otherwise. 

You cleared your throat and quickly set to composing a response, confirming your involvement and asking specifics about timeframe, travel costs, and climate to bring clothing for. Within minutes, a representative got back to you with answers.



Dear Ms Min, 

Thank you so much for confirming your trip with us! The team is so happy to be having you join us for this season of Run BTS. 

This special season will mean that you'll be staying with us for  approximately three months. We've spared no expense with you as our guest, and as such, all travel expenses, food, and accommodations are included. As for what to bring, I would suggest mostly keeping warm, tropical weather in mind, although it is important to prepare for anything. There will be laundry and kitchen facilities provided on the property, so please bring any clothing you want. I would also suggest some swimwear, athletic clothing and shoes, and at least one or two evening dresses for some of our planned events. 

Do not bring towels, we have plenty. Also, any electronic devices you'd prefer to bring for your own entertainment during free time. There are televisions in the lounge area, your bedroom, and one on the outside patio, with hookups for media players and gaming systems. I know that Jungkook is planning on bringing a Switch and his gaming PC. 

We will let you know if there are any other things that come up. Please contact us if you have any more questions!


--BigHit Production Management


You could barely believe your eyes. You dialed your boss, chewing your lip in excited anticipation. 


"Hey, Barry? This is my week's notice, I'm taking a sabbatical." 

How long? Can you pick up some slack while away? 

"Three months, and I won't be taking my work computer with me. If you really need me to design something important, just call me at this number." 

Alright, fine. Get ready for your trip and have fun. 

"Wait, really? It's that easy?" 

You're one of our best workers, but we can get by without you. Though, if Chelsea calls you every ten minutes with questions, that's not on me.

The two of you laughed together for a minute. 

"Ah, well, thanks anyway, Barry. I'll see you in three months." 

No problem, Min. Take care of yourself. 

The click of him hanging up felt incredibly final. You knew things were going to change for your foreseeable future, and it felt incredible--your first real escape in almost five years.



You stepped out of your taxi with your three suitcases and carry-on, muttering under your breath about the roundabout route your cabbie had taken. He'd very obviously taken the long way to the airport, making your skin prickle with irritation. You tossed him his payment, but he still didn't seem to regret it one bit. He screeched out of the airport lane without so much as a backward glance, and you were incredibly tempted to stick your tongue out at him; you resisted the urge. It was a good thing, too, as right outside of the airport doors was a woman holding your name on a sign. You approached and she beamed at you, holding out her hand to shake. She introduced herself as Producer Lin as you shook her hand.


"Good morning, Ms. Min! I'm so pleased you could join us for this little surprise! The boys are so excited to meet you!"

She grabbed your smallest bag and carried on with surprising professionalism, two men in black swooping in beside you as they distributed your luggage between them. 


"BigHit sees this as a marvelous opportunity, so we've spared no expense on this trip. The band insisted that we use their jet to bring you to the island, which is approximately 10 hours away. You're welcome to sleep for the flight, or whatever you'd like. There are movies available, as well as food and drink should you get peckish. Ah! Right this way."

She briskly led you through airport security and into the terminal, where, as promised, the private jet was waiting. As you ascended the stairs, you noted the silver chrome lining the jet in a stylish swoosh. The interior was decorated in black, white, and chrome. It was incredibly spacious, with more than enough room for all 7 Bangtan Boys, their crew, and possibly family members if needed. You chose a seat near the middle, yawning widely as you buckled up and settled in for the flight. You were asleep before takeoff. 

"Ms. Min! We're about to begin our descent. We'll land in a few minutes." 

Your chipper handler patted your hand and returned to her place at the front of the plane. You stretched and pulled up the window cover, gazing down at a beautiful island with a lagoon on the western side. There was what looked like a forest of sorts, a small airport, and a large property on the opposite side that was facing the lagoon. You didn't know where you were, but that was probably for the best. You sure as hell didn't want paparazzi showing up out of nowhere. 

The landing was smooth and uneventful. You disembarked just as the sun was beginning to touch the horizon. Another producer was waiting for you on the landing strip, a wide smile firmly screwed in place. 


"Welcome, Ms. Min! It's a pleasure to have you. The boys are already at the house." He set a decent pace, quick but not too fast for you to keep up. "Your bags will be brought to your room for you, while you and the boys are eating dinner. You'll have a few days to get to know them before we start shooting this season of Run BTS..." 


"Wow, really?" 


"What, did you think we'd drop you in the deep end so quickly?" He laughed at your sheepish expression. "We're not that heartless. No, we didn't want to be waving a bunch of cameras in your face the first time you met them. Though it would be interesting, you're new to show business, and I'm sure it will be nerve-wracking enough without all of us spying on you." 

His words were without venom; in fact, he was very kind and almost father-like in how he held himself. You appreciated his consideration for you. 

The villa wasn't far from the airport, perhaps a ten minute drive. You balled your hands into fists, feeling the butterflies start to kick in. You'd loved BTS for so long now, you were terrified of meeting them for real. Would they be different than you expected them to be? You hoped not... 

You couldn't stop yourself from wrinkling your pants with your nervousness. Soft jeans that were cuffed slightly above your ankles, sneakers, and a nice but comfortable blouse--this was how they would see you for the first time. 

Suddenly aware of the very long nap you'd taken on the way there, you checked your appearance. Somehow, your makeup had held up decently well. A pop of red matte lipstick, combined with slightly filled in eyebrows and gentle eye makeup that enhanced your features nicely. You wore only a light moisturizer/sunscreen on your skin, foregoing foundation considering the humidity you'd be living with from now on. Your hair was swept back with mousse, recently cropped short as was normal for your summer routine. 

Overall, you looked pleasant, down to earth, and quite cute, if you could say so yourself. Though the blouse showed your cleavage a little bit, it was tasteful and classy enough for a first meeting. 

Of course, you had nothing to go on for how one should look when meeting international celebrities. 

The car ride was over sooner than you'd anticipated, and before you could exit the car, your escort was opening the door for you and offering his hand. 


"Right this way, Ms. Min." 

He led you into the villa, calling out into the large house. 


"Boys? We're back!" 

There was a quiet shuffling at first, the only warning before several male figures came barreling out of the deeper portion of the house. Thumping footsteps preceded the ones coming down from the second floor, and soon, you were surrounded by the seven boys you'd been absolutely in love with for years. Namjoon, Jimin, and J-Hope were in the front, with Taehyung wrestling with Yoongi and Jin to come forward to see you. Jungkook peeked from between his brothers but kept his distance, eyeing you quietly.

Jimin was first to greet you, his smile wide and friendly as he waved. 


"Hi! It's so nice to finally meet you!" 

Jungkook jostled forwards from the back, fighting to glimpse you. But, as soon as he caught your gaze, he froze. Eyes wide like a deer caught in headlights, his lips parted in an inaudible gasp as Namjoon started to speak. 


"Wow, you look fantastic. Was your flight okay?"

Hoseok grinned and prodded Namjoon in the ribs, earning a yelp from his younger friend. 


"Hyung! So considerate! Bangtan's ace, Kim Namjoon!" He looked you in the eye, his smile still wide. "I'm J-Hope--"

You smiled and waved your hands dismissively. 


"Guys, I know who you are," You laughed. 

At first, you thought you said the wrong thing. Everyone fell silent, watching you in awe. 


"Well, that certainly makes things much easier," Jin observed. "Welcome to our little slice of heaven, Y/N." 

Taehyung finally managed to push past everyone else, his eyes wide when he saw you. 


"Fantastic is an understatement, hyung," He breathed. 

You blushed at the compliment, ears feeling hot as Taehyung leaned in and gave you a bear hug. As if a switch had been flipped, each boy in turn joined in, hugging you close. Only Suga held back, his smile soft but distant as he stood a foot away from the massive group hug. 


"Guys, I can't breathe!" You giggled. 


"Ah! Sorry!" Taehyung and Namjoon said this in unison as they pulled back, sounding embarrassed. 


"Would you like something to eat? Jin made ramen for dinner," Suga intoned. His voice was very deep and gruff, such a contrast from his cherubic face. 

Your stomach chose that precise moment to growl loudly, earning a chuckle from the producer behind you. 


"With that, I take my leave. You boys call or text me if you need anything." 


"Of course!" Namjoon called after him, apparently the only boy who'd noticed.

The band was leading you into he kitchen already, where there was a great big crockpot full of hot food. 

You couldn't stop smiling. Jin joked and told stories, Jimin laughing softly at each one while Namjoon turned to you.


"So, where are you from?"

Taehyung and Jungkook listened raptly while you spoke.


"United States. Lived just about everywhere, honestly. Most recently, I live in Oregon."


"What do you do for a living, Y/N?" Taehyung asked. He watched you closely, interested.


"I'm a designer. I basically draw for people when they need something. I specialize in character design, specifically. I mostly work with entertainment companies, but I've freelanced for other franchises before, too." 

The group all made an ooh sound, impressed. 


"That's so cool!" Jimin commented. 

Jungkook and Tae nodded in the affirmative, as well. 


"I do some drawing from time to time, too," Jungkook ventured. "Probably nothing like yours, but just beginner's stuff for now." 


"Ah, classic Kookie. He's being modest. He's actually really good." Jimin shouldered his embarrassed friend, grinning impishly. "Stop being humble, Kookie!" 

Kook just blushed and ducked his head, trying to avoid any more attention.


"For real, Kookie. I'm not humble, and everyone loves me!" Jin pointed out. 

Everyone snickered at the oldest; though his words should have been offensive or considered narcissistic, it was fun and cute from Jin. 

The conversation drifted on throughout the evening, passing from foods and traveling locations, and eventually landing on their music.


"Alright, is someone else gonna ask it, or do I have to?" Jimin finally piped up. Blank stares earned a high-pitched laugh from him before he continued. "I can't be the only one who's curious--why did you enter our little lottery? How long have you been a fan? Who's your bias?"

Once again, all eyes were on you. Heat flooded your cheeks and ears, his directness causing you to choke on some broth. Finally, you gave Jimin a sheepish smile. 


"Ah, well--I entered this lottery because I didn't think I'd win, honestly. I've never won any of the drawings to see you in concert, so I figured that would happen again, and I'd see some perfect girl on your next season. But... by some bizarre twist of fate, here I am." 

Your shoulders slumped a little at the memories of every concert drawing, and every time you lost. The ache you'd felt, how hollow and not good enough you'd been...


"Pfft! What do you mean? We have the perfect girl right here!" Hoseok grinned and clapped you on the shoulder, his enthusiasm contagious. 

Everyone smiled at you softly, Jimin reaching forward to touch your knee in comfort. You blinked back the tears, trying to cheer up for them. 


"Hey, I'm not complaining. This is a dream come true! I never thought I'd even get to meet you guys, let alone spend time with you. I--just--thank you for letting me be here." 

Against your will, tears began to flow. Jimin hushed you gently, swiping away your sadness with his thumbs on your cheeks. He cooed at you in Korean, soothing you with his melodic voice. 

The others began to gather their dinner dishes while you calmed down, finally coming to sit around you once they were cleared away. 


"You're not escaping the other questions, by the way. How long have you been a fan?" Suga surprised you with his comment. 


"Oh, c'mon, hyung, that's what you're interested in? What about her bias? I wanna know who you love the most!" Tae chirped. 

You couldn't help the giggle that escaped your chest. 


"Ah. I discovered your music through Halsey, actually. I heard Boy With Luv and I was hooked ever since. I've listened to the rest of your music nonstop once I discovered what a variety you had. I'm still addicted to your Blood Sweat & Tears music videos," You laughed.


"Alright, spill the beans. BTS bias: go." Hoseok prompted.


"God, do you really need to know?"

Jin, Jungkook, and Tae all shouted a yes, earning laughter from Hoseok and Namjoon. They still listened intently, though, as you took a deep breath and avoided their eyes. 


"I, uh..." You cleared your throat. "Jimin was my immediate bias. Soon, though, Namjoon shared that pedestal with him when I listened to more of your songs. Jungkook is my bias breaker." 

With the air cleared, you winced and ducked your head, unable look at any of them. Jin protested with an annoyed sound and Hoseok made a funny little screech. 


"But--I'm worldwide handsome! I'm everyone's favorite!" 


"Hyung-ah, you know you're my favorite!" Jimin tried to make him feel better, but wasn't succeeding very well. 


"Maybe it's because you're annoying," Suga muttered. 

Namjoon struggled to calm down his bandmates, though his ears were hot, too. 


"Come now, this isn't fair to her! Stop this!" Namjoon protested.

Tae looked like a wounded puppy as he crawled closer to you, eyes wide. 


"Do you at least like all of us?" He begged. You felt your heart melt. 


"Please don't get the wrong idea! I love all of you--it's not like it's easy for me to choose just one! V, I love all of you," You struggled to reassure him, taking his hand in yours. 

He softened at that, pulling your hand to his cheek as he regarded you. 




"I promise." You glanced up to see the rest of the group watching you with soft expressions. "What?" 


"We're sorry," Namjoon shot an accusatory glare at Jin, "Aren't we?"

Jin sighed like an irritated tween before meeting your gaze a little guiltily. 


"Yes, we're sorry. Though I don't understand why you like Jimin so much. He's so--short!" 

Jimin. gasped, scandalized. 


"I'm not short! You're all just fucking giants!"

You suppressed a giggle and Namjoon hid a smile behind his hand. 


"Jimin, you're still taller than me, it's fine." You patted his hand consolingly.

He seemed at least a little validated, puffing up his chest as he stuck his tongue out at Jin playfully. 


"Well, at least I'm the bias of a cute thing like you." Jimin winked and you squeaked, hiding your face behind your hands, struggling to keep in your laughter. 


"And why am I one of your biases?" Namjoon prodded. He didn't seem to believe you or understand your choice, which made your heart hurt a little.


"Honestly? ...I love your voice," You murmured. "It's so deep and I love the way you rap, especially in moonchild. But, yet, I also love Jimin's voice and how lovely it sounds when he hits high notes. I love all of your voices as much as I love your personalities. BTS is just... amazing." 


"Well, boys, I'd say we've already succeeded in making her like us," Jin noted wryly. "Our little moonchild needed no convincing, after all." 


"Ey, moonchild, I like that," Jungkook added. "It's nice, and I like that song, too." 

Namjoon was blushing incredibly hard as he mouthed a wordless thank you. Without warning, you cracked a very wide yawn, shuddering with the force of it. Suga mirrored you, and soon waves of exhaustion were rippling through the group. 


"Ah, can you guys show me to my room?" 


"Aw, already--?" Jungkook was cut off by his own yawn. "Ugh, fine." 

The boys began to rise and Namjoon helped you to your feet. 


"Ironically, you'll be sharing a wing with your biases," Namjoon commented. "You're in the same hall as Jimin, Jungkook, and I. Hoseok, Suga, Tae, and Jin are in the other side of the house."

Tae pouted. 


"I wanted to talk to Y/N more!" He whined. 

You gave him a sleepy smile and ruffled his hair. 


"If I promise we'll talk first thing tomorrow, will you let me sleep?" 

Tae eyed you suspiciously, but nodded. 


"Okay. Goodnight!" He spun around and trotted off to play some games, presumably, as he didn't seem particularly keen on sleep yet. 

Everyone else bid you goodnight until you were left with the three men you found more attractive than anyone. You struggled to contain your blush as Joon took your hand and started to lead you up the staircase to your rooms. 


"You're closest to the bathroom, at the end of the hall here. I'm across from you, Kook is next to me, and Jimin is next to you. If you need anything, don't hesitate to let us know." 

He flashed you a bit of dimple before ducking into his room and shutting the door with a soft click. Jungkook disappeared into his room as well, seemingly more embarrassed than even you. That left you and Jimin in the hallway, staring at your doors. 


"I, uh, I'm really flattered that I'm your bias," Jimin began. "Is it alright if I ask why?" 

Your blush made him stammer, trying to correct his mistake. 


"Of course, you don't have to tell me! I was just curious... I mean, you don't strike me as the kind of girl who'd be enamored with someone just because of their voice or looks..." 

After a pause, you started to speak. You couldn't lie to him.


"I loved how kind you were. Every time I watched Run BTS, every VLive I saw, it just reinforced how much I liked you. Your laugh and how soft you were--I was doomed from the start." You sighed and stopped at your door, offering him a sad smile. "Good night, Jimin." 

You shut it behind you and flopped down on your bed, his expression was burned into your retinas. A kind of soft shocked look on his face, eyes wide and mouth in a soft curved "o". He knocked softly on your door, so soft that at first, you didn't hear it. His second knock brought you upright, and his third drew you to the door.

When you opened it, Jimin kissed your forehead, soft and quick, before giving you a sweet smile.


"Good night, Y/N."

And with that, Jimin disappeared into his own room for the night.