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Into The Night

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Sansa had the week from hell. Ramsay had worked his way into her life and manipulated Sansa to be with him and she was drained.

Her parents thought it was the best news ever that they were “back together”. But she had too keep Sandor safe, she would never forgive herself if Ramsay and Petyr sent people to hurt him.

So she sucked it up and played along with Ramsay’s cruel games. She wasn’t so sure how long this was supposed to go on but Ramsay was already moving all her things into their new cottage.

She felt sick in the new place, it was lovely, a perfect little home but she was with a monster so she considered it a prison cell.

Her mother was thrilled as it was just down the road from Winterfell and Ramsay swore he would allow her time with her family, so long as she doesn’t leave him.

Tonight was their first night and she was terrified. She made Ramsay sleep downstairs in Winterfell telling him it was too be respectful in her parents home.

But he swore he would “fuck her again” and that he had “waited so long to do so” her skin crawled at the thought.

He will never touch me. She swore to herself.

She put on her pyjamas for the night in her new room with Ramsay. Trying her best to sleep so she wouldn’t have to face him tonight, she was petrified.

An hour or so later she woke to hear him stirring in the bed beside her, climbing over her and kissing her ears and neck. She kept her eyes shut. She thought about Sandor and what he would do if he was here.. he would beat Ramsay black and blue and we would run away together.. but Sandor was gone now, my life is with Ramsay again.

She kept her eyes shut feeling the tears battling to break free. She shook with fear begging to any gods that would hear her to make Ramsay stop.

Any miracle will do Gods please, help me.

His hands swarmed over her body as she cried silently. He grabbed her breasts with determination and began sucking on her neck.

He was getting irritated at her lack of response, she couldn’t believe he was even expecting her to get turned on by him. Not after all he has put her through.

“Wake up, we need too break in our new bed” he breathed against her ear, the feeling of his wet breath was making her sick.

His hands grew more desperate at her silence and she could feel him grow angrier, it was a usual trait she was used to.

“Sansa I know you’re awake” he said mockingly.

“Wake up!” He barked and grabbed her face turning it sharply to face him, straddling over her and pinning her arms down with his hands. He stared at her with an evil grin as she jolted her eyes open at his force.

“Get off me” she spat.

“Don’t make this hard, we’ve been together for so long, don’t think me a monster” he shook his head bitterly.

“Ha!” She laughed “no, no, you’re no monster, you’re much much worse” she looked at him bravely not knowing what had come over her.

He looked at her not knowing what to say, she never answered him back or even dared to question his wishes, but she’d grown a lot from her time at the brothel, she had seen quite a few monsters.

He forced his lips on hers hard, as she screamed beneath him, she tried to wriggle free as he held her down and her muffled cries filled the room.

“Get off me” she sobbed desperately, as she was unable to get him off her. He was much stronger than her.

The door bell rang. A glimmer of hope flashed in her mind,

He groaned enraged. “Stay here” he pointed a finger at her as she lay distressed.

Ramsay went to get the door and locked her in the room. She could hear him talking. The conversation sounded serious, it was a man all she could hear was the mumbling. Something was annoying Ramsay..

She ran to the window, to find a way out, she could climb down safely enough from up here, but Sandor would get hurt if I leave.

She was distraught, she couldn’t stay here, he’s going to hurt me, but I can’t let them hurt Sandor either.

My father will help me I just need to get out of here! I’ll run home and tell my family and we can sort something out and get in contact with Sandor. It will be okay. If I stay here he’ll hurt me everyday and every night.

She opened the window as fast but as quiet as she could, it was dark and rainy outside, but that was the least of her worries.

She jumped onto the little roof bellow and down into the garden at the side of the house, slipping onto the grass, her white pyjamas now covered in mud, she made a run for it barley able to see a thing with the rain lashing down on her.

She could see Petyr’s cars from the brothel parked out front, and Ramsay in deep discussion with Petyr himself. Both looking extremely tense. She was truly terrified now, what are they planning? she was not safe here.

She stood up and made a run for it down the country lane, it was a 10 minute run to her home, she ran and ran and cried frantically trying to catch her breath.

She felt like she was about to pass out with fear, looking back she saw him running up to get her in the distance.

She screamed a death like scream as she tried her hardest to keep going but she was out of breath and still had a long enough way to go.

Her slippers were drenched and she was covered in mud, struggling to keep her stamina up now. She could hear his demanding footsteps on her tail now.

She gave in and flopped her self at the side of the road on the grass. “Just take me! Just kill me!” She screamed up to the sky, throwing her drenched body against the swampy grass and drowning in the tears and rain.

Then she felt someone grab her by the waist and lifting him up.

You’re alright Littlebird” a sweet familiar voice sang.

“Sandor!” She snapped her eyes open and frowned her face at him in confusion. “Why are you here?”

“You’re mother let slip I was staying at a hotel down the road and Ramsay found me, so he got Petyr to hold me hostage, but you know me girl, I’m a big old strong fucker, of course I got myself out” he laughed looking down at her and wiping the rain from her face.

“Sandor you have no idea how happy I am to see you” she hugged him tight.

“Yeah I’m lucky to have found you before they would have, now we’ve got to get out of here” he urged.

“My home is straight ahead from here! My father will keep up safe in the estate.”

“Okay lets go” he ran back to Sansas house. He could hear shouts, and knew they were spotted.

The house was now in sight Sansa cling onto Sandor shivering in her wet clothes. He ran up the lane and set her on the porch, and she banged at the doors.

“Sansa?” Arya came to the door, “why are you all wet, who’s he?”

“This is Sandor, please let us in Arya. Ramsay is after me and Petyr is with him we need in now!”

“Alright, alright come in” she moaned.

“Dad!” Sansa called in distress.

“What’s going on?” Her father called walking in with her confused mother by his side.

“Ramsay is after me, and he’s going to come here with Petyr please do something, he can’t take me back there” she cried.

“Take you back where? What is this all about?” Her mother tutted.

Sandor stepped in as Sansa was clearly going to have a panic attack at this stage. “Ramsay and Petyr are pals they’ll bring Sansa back to his brothel to work and you won’t be seeing her again”

“What? A brothel?” Her dad looked at her with wide eyes.

“I didn’t want to tell you” she turned to Arya who comforted her.

“That’s where I met Sansa I was the door man there and I brought her home, but she seemed to have gone back to Ramsay..” Sandor looked puzzled at her choices.

She looked at Sandor “I only did it because he said he’d hurt you if I didn’t get back with him.. and look they did get you anyway”

“Right, well he won’t be getting you again, he’ll be sorry for this” Ned shook his head and went out to the front garden waiting for the pair to show up.

“I should go with him, they won’t be near you again little bird you’re back home and safe now” Sandor smiled and strode out along with Ned.

She panicked as she, her mother and Arya gathered by the window to watch the two men.

The car turned up not a minute later and Petyr stepped out looking as innocent as ever, Ramsay joined him, she could see the fake innocent act they were putting on infront of her dad.

Then she saw Sandor stand tall above the two towering intimidation over them. Petyr looked uncomfortable while Ramsay’s face turned to a scowl. Ramsay swung a punch at Sandor and Sansa gasped.

Ned began on an un expecting Petyr. Sansa didn’t worry now as she knew Sandor and her father were strong. She could see them now worm their way back to the car covering the blood coming from their noses.

Ned patter Sandors back as they walked back to the house.

“I like you Sandor” Ned laughed hard as they returned into the house.

“What happened!” Her mother asked in panic.

“They won’t be back” Ned smiled

“Why what did you say?” Arya raised an eyebrow, “they didn’t stay very long”

“They we’re afraid of your old dad and my new fighting buddy Sandor here” Ned joked, he looked pleased with himself.

Sansa stared in silence, she didn’t want to know anything the two said, please be gone and just let me move on, she wished.

Sandor came over to her as everyone listened too Ned. “You okay girl?”

“I don’t know.. what if they be back?” She looked at him innocently.

“I’d never, ever let them hurt you again, or they’ll end up dead” his voice sounding serious.

“How did you get them to just go then?”

“I’ve got a lot of shit on Petyr that could ruin his reputation, and Ramsay is just plain scared of me”

She laughed softly, she wasn’t sure she would ever feel safe again, Ramsay was obsessed with controlling her she knew in her heart he would stop at nothing to get hold of her, but she had to try and trust that she would be safe now she was back with her loved ones.

Later that night after her mother had made them dinner in honour of Ned and Sandors bravery, Sandor stayed and they all played board games. Sansa has never felt this happy in a long time, everyone was laughing their heads off and it all just felt right, like she had a normal life, just having Sandor here as though he were her boyfriend and part of the family.. but the realisation came over her afterwards, he wasn’t her boyfriend, she hated herself for even imagining it.

“Well I’m going to call it a night now” Ned stood from his chair after being named victor of the board game.

“Sandor you’re more than welcome to stay in the guest room?” Her mother offered as she put a hand to his shoulder.

“No, I’ll head home it’s a long drive and I should get started, but thank you both i had a great night.” He smiled at them as they nodded in agreement and left the room.

“Well I’m gonna go too, I’m not sitting with you two love birds” Arya mocked and stood up.

“Love birds? Really” Sansa giggled too Sandor.

“Yeah we weren’t flirting at all” Sandor quizzed Arya.

“The whole day and night, every time I looked over you Sandor, you were staring at my sister like a love sick puppy...” she left the room, pleased that she made her point.

Sandor looked red, Sansa couldn’t help but laugh, she was loving it inside.

“So you’re gonna go?” Sansa smiled trying to cover her disappointment.

“Yeah I thought we already had our last goodbye but I guess a second is now in order” he laughed and stood, helping her to her feet.

“Well okay” she gave him a hug but lingered longer than she should.

“Okay little bird, I’ll see you” he tried to leave but she held him close.

“Sorry I’ll just miss you and I want to hug you a little more” she said muffled by his chest. “Okay I’m ready now I’ll walk you out”

The two walked towards the front door and Sansa watched him open the door. “You’re gonna be okay girl” he smiled.

“I want you too stay with me tonight..” she blurted.

“I shouldn’t” he looked down sadly.

“Why not?” She asked looking up at him with annoyance.

“I’ll just end up falling even more in love with you than I already am”

“You’re in love with me?” She raised her eyebrows in shock.

“I shouldn’t be.. but I am.. tonight confirmed it, sitting with your family.. I’d love to be with you in that way and annoy your sister and be best buds with your dad.. but it’s just a fantasy and I should go.” He made his way out.

She chased behind him. “I want that too” she called.

He stopped and turned to her “im just a reminder of that place and I’m way older than you, please Sansa I’ve already told you to find yourself.”

“Oh who cares about finding myself. I love you too and I love you now, not in the future, now! I’m ready to be with you Sandor, you show me what true love is”

She began crying, and he stared at her and shook his head in defeat. “Fuck it” he spat and stormed towards her and cupped his hands around her waist pulling her to him and kissing her passionately.

The butterflies filling her stomach were overwhelming but she was so happy.

He pulled away. “Sansa now you’re stuck with me. Is that okay?”

“That’s all I wanted..” she giggled.

She led him back into the house and up to her room, her mother would disapprove, but tonight was special. She led Sandor into her bed and they got under the covers and kissed each other for what felt like hours.

“We will take it slow little bird, so you’re ready, but I can’t see myself ever walking away from you now” he pulled her close and kissed her head as she lay on his chest.

“I know it’s crazy.. I have a lot of healing to do but, I love you Sandor, like I can’t imagine my life without you, and I know you’ll be good to me.”

“I’ll spend the rest of my life letting you know you’re a princess, you’ll be sick of me soon enough with how good I want to treat you” he laughed. “I’m just clueless as to how anyone would hurt you, I can’t believe I get to be with you right now in your bed.. I promise you now Sansa, I will love you everyday and you’ll never know anything other than love”