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Into The Night

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Sansa ran from their apartment and out into the pouring rain, she didn’t stop, she just kept running. Even in her bare feet, she kept on running, she didn’t care, she just had too get out of there, she had finally had enough of him.

She cried in utter fear as her legs carried her down the street, panting in desperation, his demanding calls had quietened down, for now... but that didn’t mean she was safe, he was still out there somewhere, her name on his lips, demanding her in the distance.

Her hair stuck to her face and she could barley see, she turned every corner she could to loose track of him.

Ramsay was the most evil human Sansa had ever met, she considered him the Devil, and being the girlfriend of the Devil was simply hell on earth. He wasn’t always so bad, infact it was his sweetness and charm that won her over in the beginning, he was a real gentleman. But once he got her it was a different story. Ramsay would keep Sansa locked in the apartment for weeks if she ever disobeyed him, refusing to let her out, Sansa would not see her family for months.

He would be kind one minute and then the next he made her feel worthless, he would slap her for even mentioning the idea of calling her mother. She was terrified every single day, but tonight as she sat in the bedroom, it was her chance too escape, she stuffed a few things into a bag, she didn’t know where she would go as all the buses too Winterfell were done for the night, but anywhere was better than here, but mid packing it all went wrong.

The apartment door opened. She heard him go into the kitchen, slamming his beers down on the table “where are you Sansa get in here” he sounded angry which was nothing new, she refused too be the target of whatever the next sick game he was about too play, and if he were to enter the room too see her packing, he’d kill her. So she decided to make a run for it, but it was unsuccessful and he caught her by the hair as she ran out the door, “you slut! What are you fucking doing!” he roared. “I’m leaving you!” She screamed, “get back in now, I mean it, you are dead if you leave me” he threatened. She worked her way out from his grasp and slammed the door shut in his face and darted down the apartment stairs, his screams echoed the halls, but she got out into the night a few seconds before him, shutting the front door, giving her a quick few seconds too run out of view from him.

She couldn’t believe that she actually got past him, she was certain he would catch up with her, but for now he was nowhere to be seen. She had ran a good two miles now, she had no clue where she was, the streets were in darkness with nothing but the light from the public telephone box flickering. Sansa only knew one number, Ramsay’s pal, Petyr. He was always nice too her when he was at their apartment, he knew what Ramsay was like, and often offered Sansa the chance to leave with him, so she always kept his number hidden in her pocket. She didn’t hesitate she ran straight too the phone. She frantically typed the numbers and waited for him to pick up. It felt like the longest 10 seconds of her life.

“Hello? Who’s calling it’s 2am?” He sounded tired and irritated but she didn’t care.

“Petyr, it’s Sansa, please please, can you come get me!? It’s Ramsay, I left him and he’s out here chasing me somewhere and I’m scared, I need you to come now, please!” She was shaking and could barley hold the phone still in her hand.

“Sansa? Yes, tell me where you are”

“I don’t know, there is a bar called The Tipsy Goose if that helps? and a pizza place called Pepperoni Dudes.” She looked around desperately trying to find some street sign too mark out where she was, she needed out of here and fast.

“Ah, Pepperoni Dudes, a classic” he laughed “just wait where you are I’ll be there in five or ten minutes” he hung up. She prayed he would get here soon, she got out of the telephone box and stood in the shadows so Ramsay wouldn’t see her. It felt like the longest wait of her life, her heart pounded as she waited for Petyr.


She was shivering in the cold as she saw the headlights come down the road. She had never been so grateful too see a car in her life. She ran straight to the door handle and she threw herself into the front seat next to Petyr.

“Petyr thank you!” She cried and hugged him tight. “Drive please, if he gets me I don’t know what he’ll do” she shook him urgently. “Okay, we can talk at my house or is there somewhere else I can bring you?” “No Your house is fine, just drive please, we have to go!” She looked out the window as Petyr began too drive, she was so grateful too be departing away from Ramsay and into safety.


She tried too relax in Petyrs sitting room but she could not stop shaking, Petyr looked at her with worry, he sat down next too her “Sansa what happened?” He turned to face her. “Ramsay and I got in a fight again, but I’m okay, it’s over now and I won’t have too see him again” she folded her arms and sat back. Petyr could see there was more to the story so he continued his investigation, “Sansa this isn’t the first time I’ve seen you in a state over him” he looked at her and noticed the bruises scattered on her arms, “look at your arms, what has he done?” Sansa looked down at the marks Ramsay left on her, tears began to form as she thought of the nights events. She broke down, “He hurts me all the time Petyr, all the time. He locks me up and doesn’t let me see anyone, only him, if I disobey him he hits me, spits on me, punches me, slaps me, locks me up in a room, you name it he would do it and tonight I was planning to run back too my family and never see him again, but he came back as I was packing” she sobbed choking on her words, “the look in his eyes.. he wanted too kill me, he told me he would, I always obey him so he was furious, id never been more scared in my life than when he walked in, he grabbed me by the hair as I ran down the stairs but I got out, long enough to give me a chance too loose him” she breathed out heavily, Petyr didn’t know what to say, he looked at her with pure worry. “Sansa, You’re safe now, I’ve always considered Ramsay a good friend, but I’ve always known him too have a bit of a temper, so I’m not all surprised to hear it, I won’t lie to you, I kind of hang around with him so I can keep an eye on you too” he laughed, bringing a small smile to Sansa for just a moment. “You’re safe now, stay here as long as you need” he put a hand on her knee and gave a reassuring smile. “Thank you Petyr you’ve really saved my life tonight”. She cleared the tears off her cheeks and smiled at him.


Sansa went too bed that night in Petyrs spare room, he had a very fancy home she thought. It was a bit too modern for her taste but nonetheless a beautiful place, and she wasn’t complaining, there were much worse places she could be tonight. She found it hard too sleep, her mind continuously on a loop of Ramsay somehow finding her and torturing her for what she did, he could always show up here, he was friends with Petyr. The scenarios raced through her head. Her foot caught on a material under the duvet. She pulled up object and found it was a pair of purple lace underwear. ‘Gross’ she thought.

She flung them to the corner of the room, clearly Petyr has had a bit of fun in this spare bed with someone. Petyr has been so kind too her tonight, he always was, she found it sweet that he was always watching out for her, she tried to focus on the safety she had as of now and she drifted off to sleep.


“Sansa wake up” She jolted from her sleep, “I hope you like bacon and toast” Petyr smiled at her standing over her bed side with a tray full of breakfast for her. She sat up and quickly trying to shake the sleep “Petyr, how lovely!” She beamed. “It’s no problem at all, how are you feeling today?” He set the tray on her lap, as Sansa remembered the events of the night before, feeling more clear headed about it now she felt rather silly, “I’m so embarrassed about last night, I’m sorry for bringing you into this, Ramsay is your friend, I over reacted, please don’t tell him” “Sansa” he stopped her panic “relax, you done the right thing, Ramsay and I aren’t as close as you think so don’t worry, I won’t tell him a thing!” Sansa smiled, although she was was petrified she didn’t regret leaving Ramsay.

Petyr sat on the edge of the bed next too her as Sansa dug into her meal. “So what are your plans today Sansa?” “Well I would go back to my family but it’s a Sunday so there’s no buses too Winterfell today, I would of liked too see my family again it’s been so long, but all my stuff is back at my apartment with Ramsay, so I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. My life’s a mess right now I really didn’t think any of this through.. I just knew he was out for a while and he never goes out, so it was my only chance too leave” Petyr reached for her hand and held it “just stay with me Sansa, you’ll be safe here I can go out and buy you a few things” “thank you but it would be best if I just leave tomorrow on the bus, my father could collect my things some other time.” She knew Ramsay would probably set fire to her stuff “I can’t burden you Petyr you’ve already been so kind” he shook his head and leaned closer to her “Sansa let me take care of everything it would be my pleasure to help you out” he looked down at her hand and continued stroking it, she looked down too, she didn’t know what was happening, she felt weird about the closeness but at the same time she didn’t mind it. “thank you” she said quietly, she could feel him slowly getting closer to her, before he stood up “I’ll get dressed and I’ll buy you some new things”. She smiled anxiously as he left the room.

“What just happened” she whispered to herself. Lying back in the bed feeling bashful, Sansa wondered if they just shared a moment, she felt crazy for thinking that, “he’s just being kind, it’s doesn’t mean he loves me or something” she didn’t know what she was thinking her head was all over the place but the kindness Petyr had shown her made her feel like she mattered and that she wasn’t some worthless slut, in which Ramsay liked to remind her she was daily.