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The Book of Thursby: Faithwrights of Numenor.

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"Foresight prepared them, destiny rewarded them." - Benjimir Thursby, "The Analects."

"The Turn of the Age and the Rise of the House of Thursby."

The Fall of Numenor realized the Deciever's desire to heap vengeance on Numenor. It did not however purge it's pride and wisdom from Middle-earth. Arnor and Gondor and their fortress cities had long been founded. Havens and bastions of the Faithful were well established when Westernesse fell. Aboard ships of the Faithwrights Elendil and his sons were conveyed to new shores with the icons of Numenor and a resolve to preserve it's memory.

The Faithwrights took to their own haven in Belfalas and tended their work and business throughout Middle-earth. Content to take their reward from lives of peace along the shores of the Bay of Belfalas, the Faithwrights sought no title or fiefdom from the named King. As they had since the First Age they took to service as trusted counselors to the King and the Prince, given lordship over Belfalas.

Tondera gave command to raise a hall on the greater island in the Bay of Belfalas. It was also at this time she took as her husband the chief of a stalwart clan of Middle-men. The clan had over the Age founded settlements and merchantiles in the Faithwrights stead. As a token of solidarity with and to seal their bond the Faithwrights took as their own the sire name of the clan. Thus was founded the House of Thursby.

The Faithful were not alone in escaping Numenor's doom. Kingsmen had long held sway in the haven of Umbar. Their blood would run thin and diminish with speed after Westernesse fell. Yet the hate of the Valar, Faithful and the engrained resentment that infected the Kingsmen remained. From the haven the Corsairs of Umbar gave body and name to the shadow of the Kingsmen. Soon they grappled with the Navy of Gondor and thus with the ships and men of the House of Thursby throughout the coming Age.

Even as this bitter rivalry took root House Thursby was called upon by the King as he marshalled the might of the race of men to the Last Alliance. Once more ships and men under the House banner conveyed might to war. The Deciever fell and the long Second Age came to an end.

Yet the Last Alliance's victory was incomplete and the Third Age of Middle-earth began under shadow. It was long after the Deciever fell before the Dagger of Warding and the Beacon of Andunie fell dark. A great ring of power was lost. Fell folk remained throughout many a mountain range. Corsairs challenged for supremacy at sea. New and hateful foes plagued the Kingdoms from the east. Most disconcertingly, the bloodlines of Numenor scattered, sundered and diminished. Strife, pride and petty wants buckled the bonds among men of High Blood. Middle-men carried on and looked with weary eyes on the Lords who presumed Dominion over them yet provided little wisdom or prosperity.

The House of Thursby settled into the long watchful peace and laid foundations to guard against the shadows seen in dreams of the future. The House sent it's sons and daughters to learn and serve in the halls of man, King and Elf alike. They kept watch over Middle-earth with the pride of true sons of Westernesse and the absolute resolve that against the Shadows, Numenor would prevail.


To be continued in

The Book of Thursby: Sons of Numenor