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The Book of Thursby: Faithwrights of Numenor.

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On The Book of Thursby.

The Book of Thursby (BoT) is a long running work that has its roots in an Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). It now spans several games. The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO,) Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV,) Star Wars: the Old Republic (SWTOR) by name. Historically I used it as a way to write guild lore ( originally the Sons of Numenor in LOTRO) as experienced by way of my main character Benjimir Thursby. The work has grown to envelope many characters, most my own, others included with the blessing of their creators.

In every game I play there is a Benjimir. I take my inspiration from Gen. George Patton's poem "Through a Looking Glass, darkly." Many faces, many names, but always me. In this way the Lore
behind each game has ties to that of the next game and the coming of Benjimir. Thursby in my gaming and role playing I enjoy the personal fun of always being rooted in a grand never ending adventure.

For each game I play there is a new volume of the BoT. Read long enough and you will notice the links connecting the worlds and story together. The connecting lore is a personal head canon of course. I don't hold anybody to it in RP or for guild membership. I have carefully written the BoT to keep the nods to head canon out of sight and not a part of in-game RP. And within a single volume the story is essentially self contained.

So when interacting in-game you would never know or hear of anything but compliant LOTRO lore for example. I dislike doing things that ever require people to bend their IC foundations.

It is a topic I handle carefully as there are some that recoil at even the concept of head canon that isn't entirely orthodox. I am always happy to answer questions.

On characters.

Since 2008 I have occasionally written characters I RP with, with their permission, into my stories. With LOTRO that practice has expanded and there are several characters who are or were actual player characters not my own. I wouldn't mind ghost writing for more characters but my plate is full at the moment.