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A Delicate Want

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Yeong-shin looked nervous at the hut Seo-bi and the crown prince had disappeared in. The same one he had the argument with her about the soup he made. This cursed soup. The tiger hunter would do his best to make up for that, he had promised that to himself.

This time Seo-bi was in there to check on Lee Chang’s ear. Back when the undead almost reached the crown prince and Yeong-shin had shot it he knew it was too close to Lee Chang’s ear but it was either shoot or Lee Chang getting bitten.

The tiger hunter decided to go for the lesser evil.
Hopefully, the crown prince has not lost his hearing and did not plan to execute Yeong-shin for it.

The way he looked at me did not seem like he would.

The crown prince surprised, brown eyes filled his thoughts again. When their eyes had met it was like time slowed down and Yeong-shin’s heart was suddenly beating faster for a different reason than physical exhaustion.

Stop even thinking about it. Don’t go there.

Despite his thoughts, Yeong-shin could not help himself but wonder if he was mistaken when he saw something else flicker in Lee Chang’s eyes too.

„You can talk to him now.“
Suddenly Seo-bi was before him. They did not have a great start but the nurse started to grow on Yeong-shin. All she did was caring for the people just like Yeong-shin. She even covered for him when she explained the situation to the crown prince and other people.

„I… Thank you.“ Yeong-shin thought of denying that he wanted to talk to Lee Chang when she gave him a knowing smile but decided against it.

Seo-bi held the door open for him and he slowly stepped inside while looking at the floor.

„Yeong-shin?“ Lee Chang’s surprised voice startled him for a moment and he felt his heart beating faster again.

Calm down, he only said your name, your fake name. Why are you losing it over something simple like that?

Probably because Lee Chang was so different from all other noblemen and royals Yeong-shin had crossed ways with or had heard of.
Alone when he stomped in, his clothes flowing and punched the advisor of the magistrate hard enough to make him fly to the ground. Yeong-shin was only a tiny bit embarrassed about the way excitement flooded his body and gathered in his groan.
The fact that it was the crown prince brought him back to earth quickly.

However, when Lee Chang shouted desperately that he was different and he would leave no one behind Yeong-shin’s heart was gone. Especially because he was not only talking but also staying, standing in the dirt, not giving a care in the world about his appearance and pushing the wagon out with his own hands while the undead where already rising around them.


„Your highness,“ Yeong-shin bowed „I wanted to apologize for shooting so close to your face, I hope your ear is not damaged permanently.“

„Apologize?“ Lee Chang stepped closer to him and Yeong-shin looked up at him on instinct.

A mistake. The crown prince eyes were soft and there was this glimmer again, Yeong-shin thought he had seen before when Lee Chang had been looking at him.

„You saved my life there is nothing to apologize.“ to Yeong-shin’s surprise Lee Chang held his gaze and he found himself unable to look away.

„Is your ear ok?“

„You want to test it?“ that question totally threw Yeong-shin off guard.

Didn’t Seo-bi already check up on him

The crown prince’s face gave nothing away of his thoughts and he was silently waiting for Yeong-shin to answer.


„Come closer.“ smiling Lee Chang motioned him to step forward and with excitement building up again because of their closeness Yeong-shin did so.

„Whisper something in my ear.“ the crown prince leaned down a little so that Yeong-shin could reach up to him.

The crown prince was really tall.

Hesitantly Yeong-shin lifted his hand to lay it on the other's shoulder but remembered that he was not supposed to touch him and wanted to draw back but Lee Chang’s hand grabbed his wrist and guided his hand back up. The crown prince's hand was big and reassuring and the fabric of his clothes felt so different from Yeong-shin’s.

The crown prince leaned forward and offered Yeong-shin his left ear. Had he not—?
The tiger hunter leaned up on his tiptoes, clearly feeling the warmth of the other’s body and whispered against his ear.

„Isn’t this your unaffected ear?“

His lips almost brushed Lee Chang’s ears and quickly he leaned back down. Too close, too intimate.

The crown prince laughed lightly. „Yes, it is. It was only for comparison.“

His laugh completely caught Yeong-shin off guard and he might have been staring with an open mouth. Lee Chang only smiled at his inappropriate behavior and leaned down again, this time bowing his head to the other side. „Go on.“

Yeong-shin broke out of his daze and leaned up, his hand still on the taller mans’ shoulder.

„I never met a royal-like you.“ he mumbled quietly.

Lee Chang did not react at first but then seemed to realize Yeong-shin already said something.
„Maybe come a little closer and try a little louder?“

Just like the tiger hunter had feared he had hurt his hearing. Hopefully, it was not completely gone and will recover again.
Lee Chang stepped closer and when their chests touched, Yeong-shin still on his tip-toes, stumbled back a little, thrown off by their closeness. Hands on his waist to steadied him and his skin almost burned.

Licking his lips, Yeong-shin leaned in again and did as Chang told him. His lips brushed something soft when he talked and he wanted to jerk back but the hands around his waist kept him from doing so.

„Again. A little louder. I heard a sound but could not understand what you said.“ the crown prince was now whispering against Yeong-shin’s ear and he could not suppress a shiver and the wave of arousal when Lee Chang’s breath brushed over his sensitive skin.

„I never met a royal-like you.“ Yeong-shin repeated a third time and when the hands on his waist tightened he knew that this time Lee Chang had heard him.

The crown prince let out a breath that tickled Yeong-shin’s ear-shell. A feeling of pure desire flamed up within the tiger hunter it had been a while since he had been this close to someone. Back then when he was with his Chakho companions and they slept close to each other to keep warm.

And the last time he let himself get lost within another body had been even longer.

I want him.

I want him so badly.

Ignoring the fact that his next action could be his death sentence he pressed his lips softly against the spot right bellow Lee Chang’s ear. The crown prince took in a sharp breath and pressed him closer.
Yeong-shin took it as encouragement to kiss him again, this time a little lower.
Suddenly Lee Chang drew back and his warm hands cupped Yeong-shin’s face. Before Yeong-shin knew what was going on the prince's soft lips were on his.

Pressing his lips against Lee Chang’s Yeong-shin gripped his clothes and pulled him closer. The crown prince was kiss was eager but a little clumsy. Could it be that he never done that before?
Yeong-shin pressed his hand against Lee Chang’s chest so he would move back a little. The crown prince was looking at him with furrowed brows.
„Let me guide you.“ Yeong-shin’s lips brushed against Lee Chang’s lips when he spoke and he tilted his head and leaned in again, moving his lips against the other man’s. Lee Chang was a quick learner and soon their kiss deepened. Yeong-shin brushed his hand into the crown prince's neck and moaned against his lips. When their tongues met, Yeong-shin was painfully hard.

Their size difference caused the tiger hunter’s neck to hurt from having to look up all the time and he blindly reached for a piece of fabric he had seen nearby when he walked in. When he found it he threw it on the ground and guided Lee Chang to sit down on it.
Both moaned into each other mouths when Yeong-shin got into the crown prince's lap and ground down against the other’s groin.
Lee Chang was just as hard as Yeong-shin.

Ignoring all the possible punishments and driven by pure want Yeong-shin opened Lee Chang’s clothes that consisted of way too many layers and sighed satisfied when his hands finally met soft, heated skin.
The sweet sound of Lee Chang moans when Yeong-shin’s calloused fingers brushed over his nipples made the tiger hunter’s cock twitch.
Without breaking their kiss Yeong-shin pushed Lee Chang down to the floor and spread his legs with his knee so he could lie between them.

Both moaned when Yeong-shin lay down on Chang and their hips pressed into each other.
Yeong-shin broke their kiss to be able to look at the crown prince's face when he rolled his hips down again.
Seeing the crown prince otherwise composed face completely lost in pleasure was turning Yeon-shin on even more.
Lee Chang’s light skin caused an unbearable urge in Yeong-shin to mark it. He kissed down his neck and stopped at his collarbone which would be well hidden by his clothes. Yeong-shin sucked on the thin layer of skin over the bone and caused Lee Chang to gasp and bury his hand in Yeong-shin’s hair.
The tugging only added to the tiger hunter’s excitement and he sucked on the skin harder. Satisfied he brushed his finger over the bruised skin, causing a small whimper from the man underneath him.

Yeong-shin brushed the layers of fabric aside and moved his hand lower to cup Lee Chang’s hard cock through his pants. The crown prince throwing his head back and moaning was already worth the death penalty he would face for this. Yeong-shin had never had someone like Lee Chang before.
He was not like his rough-skinned Chakho comrades he met to quickly get some release and Yeong-shin wished they would be doing this at a different place with more time to really explore the other's body.

Leaning up to kiss Lee Chang again, Yeong-shin opened the other's pants and slid his hand inside to wrap it around the crown prince hot and throbbing cock. Lee Chang gasped into the kiss. Yeong-shin rubbed his thumb over his tip and the other jerked his hips up into his hand.

The tiger hunter leaned back, Lee Chang’s face was flushed and his parted lips were swollen and red. The crown prince looked up at him, panting, his eyes dark with desire and Yeong-shin’s cock twitched at the sight. He tilted his hand and elicited a lovely moan from Lee Chang.

„Your too dressed.“ the crown prince complained.

„Then do something against it.“
Yeong-shin smiled at Lee Chang while slowing down the movement of his hands and the crown prince reached for the strings that were holding Yeong-shin’s garments together.

When Lee Chang was done opening them, Yeong-shin retreated his hand, earning an unhappy sound and brushed his garments off his shoulders.

Lee Chang hastily opened Yeong-shin’s pants too while Yeong-shin and the tiger hunter pushed them down to his knees. Leaning on one hand, Yeong-shin used his other to wrap it around both their cocks. Yeong-shin gasped at the feeling of their cocks against his other and the crown prince arched his back, moaning sweetly.

I really wish we would have more time.

Yeong-shin would love to do so much more with the crown prince, oh, to feel his heat around his cock but he was almost sure that Lee Chang had not done this before and he would not rush this and hurt him. The crown prince’ guard could show up at any time once he realized that Seo-bi was not talking to him anymore.

If he knew I was here he would have stormed in already and I would lose my head faster than I could say hello.

Lee Chang moaned his name, the sound going straight to Yeong-shin’s cock. The tiger hunter knew he should not enjoy this so much.
But Yeong-shin could not care less about possible consequences, especially with the crown prince being splayed out so tempting under him.
The fact that he was doing something forbidden was making it even more exciting.

Yeong-shin brushed his thumb over both their heads and spread their leaking precome to used it and pump them both. The tiger hunter leaned down and kissed Chang’s chest, bit softly in his nipples, and left more bruises on his skin.

It was a stupid thing to do, if the crown prince’s guard or anyone else would see them and realized it was Yeong-shin they would kill him. But they would also know that even if only for a short time, he was mine.

With that thought, he left an even bigger bruise at the crook of his neck and Lee Chang whimpered and tightened his hand in his hair, when he sucked the skin into his mouth and scratched his teeth over it.

Satisfied he took in the marks he left, the last one dangerously close to where the hem of Lee Chang’s collar would be. Yeong-shin let go of their cocks and spit in his hand, he mixed his salvia with some more of their precome and wrapped his hand around both of them again.

„Wrap your hand around mine.“
Lee Chang brushed his hand from Yeong-shin’s shoulder over his chest and stomach and did as he was told. They were looking at each other now, both breathing hard and as much as Yeong-shin wanted to stretch this moment he also knew he should not gamble with fate much more.

Seo-bi was at least gone for 20 minutes and Mu-yeong only needed so much time to make sure the banters were still up. (Something Yeong-shin would check again too later.)

Yeong-shin increased his pace and started kissing Lee Chang’s neck. The crown prince tilted his head and his hand twitched around Yeong-shin’s. The way his breath started to get more irregular and his moans more desperate told the tiger hunter he was close. Lee Chang bent one of his knees and pressed his hips up.

„Yeong-shin I feel so—„ the crown prince voice was cracking into a moan.

„Just let go.“ Yeong-shin muttered against his skin and then Lee Chang was bucking his hips and threw his head back.

The tiger hunter covered his mouth with his to muffle his loud cry. Warm cum hit his stomach and chest and Yeong-shin slowed down the movement of his hand until he milked Lee Chang’s cock and he was furrowing his brow and whimpering, his hand trying to push the tiger hunter’s away.

Yeong-shin broke their kiss and took the beautiful sight of a spent crown prince in, burning it into his skull for times when he would be alone again. The tiger hunter brushed his hand through Lee Chang’s cum and used it to pump his own cock. He kept looking at Lee Chang who was still in a daze and jerked himself off.

It only took a few more strokes.

Yeong-shin’s arm gave away and he sank down on Lee Chang, their cum making their skin stick to each other. He was breathing hard against the crown prince neck while Lee Chang’s hands were caressing his slightly sweaty back.

„We should get dressed, I know Mu-yeong he will be looking for me by now.“

Yeong-shin nodded and heavily lifted himself up, he unwrapped one of his bandages on his hands and crumpled it up to use it and clean them as good as possible. They both would have to clean up better later.

Quietly both got dressed and when they were done and Yeong-shin thought Lee Chang would leave without another word the crown prince pulled him into a soft kiss.

They broke it hesitantly and in the way, Lee Chang looked at Yeong-shin he felt a pleasant warmth spread through his chest.

Just when they separated, Mu-Yeong came inside giving them just enough time between knocking and barging in to step away from each other.