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It started after the kidnapping incident when everyone moved into the dorms.

You had been shaken to the core when it all went down but now that it was over the only person you were actually concerned about was Bakugou. There was no doubt he would hold his own but you could tell his behaviour had been off since he had come back. You were also smart enough to know he wouldn’t talk about it.

That didn’t mean you would let it go.

Everyone was sitting in the common area, buzzing about the new dorm life. From their perspective, things were smoother, more subtle in their transition from home to dorm life. Your chin rested in your hand, your other lingering on your lap. You watched as the others filled the silence with conversation and you instinctively turned your head to find Bakugou.

He was sitting in a corner seat, arms crossed while Kirishima talked to him about something, you couldn’t quite hear. Through the window sunlight shined onto the left side of his face and casted a shadow along the other. It highlighted his hair around his forehead and the indifferent expression on his face. The sight alone brought back memories of the event, when all you could think about was saving your classmate.

It was then Mina decided it would be a good idea to check out the boys rooms and rate them accordingly. Your gaze snapped to the girls in front of you and you couldn’t help but jump on board. The excitement of moving into the dorms was an infectious thing and you hoped it would reach everyone—especially him.

As you went from floor to floor and observed each room you couldn’t help but feel something was missing. Instinctively you searched the crowd, noticing a few faces missing. It was then Kirishima mentioned Bakugou had gone to bed and something inside you snapped. You just couldn’t take the guilt eating away at you anymore.

‘Actually, I just remembered I forgot something in my room.’ You called to your friends and quickly jumped out of the elevator.

‘Oh, alright,’ Ochako called after you. ‘Meet us at the next floor soon okay!’

You nodded with a smile as the door closed.

Then you turned and headed back down toward Bakugou’s room.

It was stupid really, going into his private space in order to check on him. He was definitely not someone who would take that lightly. But getting yelled at didn’t really bother you. The fact he might bottle it all up did.

When you reached the door you took a deep breath and knocked.

There was no answer.

You knocked again this time adding, ‘It’s me, can I come in?’

‘Get lost. I’m not showing anyone my room.’ He replied, voice muffled by the door.

‘That’s not why I’m here and it’s just me.’

There was a pause which made you a little hopeful.

‘I don’t care, I’m sleeping.’

‘You’re a pretty talkative sleeper.’

‘And you’re pretty damn annoying.’

‘Would you stop being an idiot and let me in,’ you sighed, pressing your forehead against the wood. ‘Please.’

There was another pause.

‘Why are you here?’

‘To talk to you.’

‘So, talk.’

‘Are you seriously going to make me shout to you through the door all night?’

‘If you plan on being here all night then I’m moving out.’

You groaned, trying to remind yourself why you were there in the first place. With a deep breath, you pushed off the door, feeling the cool wood against your fingers as they slid down.

‘If you won’t open the door then I’ll just get in there my own way.’

‘Tch, whatever.’ You heard him grunt. ‘Just get lost already.’

‘Nope, I’m coming in. 3…2…’ You paused waiting for him to protest. ‘1.’

You used your teleportation quirk and found yourself standing in the centre of his room.

The room was dark, obviously he hadn’t lied about his intention to sleep since all the lights were out. The curtain of the room was open an inch letting in the moonlight. Using the subtle light it cast, you searched the rest of the room. That was when you spotted a large mound in the bed.

You took a deep breath, preparing to say something.

His eyes met yours once you did. Him lying on his bed looking up at you and you standing, (uninvited) in his room.

‘Say what you want and get out already.’ He said, a little softer than usual.

‘Yeah, yeah.’ You sighed, reaching behind in the dark until you found what felt like a chair. After a few moments of awkward manoeuvring you sat down on the chair which slid back into the desk. With more shifting and shuffling you managed to turn it to face him.

‘Well I haven’t got all night,’ Bakugou said a little louder, ‘Don’t think I won’t throw you out.’

‘I came to check on you and—’

‘I don’t need a babysitter.’

‘Would you shut up and just listen to me,’ you sighed again, trying to force yourself once again to remember why you were there. ‘Like I said, I came to check on you and to apologise.’

You could tell by his silence that he hadn’t expected that.

‘That night at camp when…’ You needed to choose your words carefully. ‘When it happened. A big part of that was my fault.’

‘How was it your fault?’ His tone soft again but still held a touch his brash nature—that touch of him.

‘Because I was there and my quirk is supposed to be for those situations, okay? I should have been faster to get to you and—’

‘Enough already!’ He sat up. ‘Don’t be dumb enough to think it was your fault, no ones going to blame you for it so why even worry?’ You heard him sigh. ‘If that’s all you’re worried about then don’t be. So stop feeling guilty over nothing. You can go now.’

‘It’s not nothing.’ You said, firmly. ‘It’s a big deal to me.’

‘Well it’s not to me so forget it.’ You heard him flop back down against his pillow. ‘If you’re that worried then learn to make your quirk better.’

‘I plan to.’

A heavy silence filled the air but it wasn’t uncomfortable just new and unexplored.

You concentrated on the way the fabric of your pants slid between you fingers as your fists balled against them. Taking a deep breath, you realised that in his own way, Bakugou had told you not to feel guilty on his account and you knew he meant it. But you also knew it was probably him blaming himself.

‘It’s not your fault either you know,’ you said, softly. ‘No one blames you.’

‘Tch.’ He rolled over toward the wall, away from you. ‘Is that all?’

Why do you take on everything alone?

Honestly, that was all you had come to say but a part of you didn’t feel like his feelings toward the matter was resolved. You needed to do more or at least try to say something to make him talk.

‘What was it like?’ You paused, before clarifying, ‘Being taken by villains who wanted to recruit you.’

‘What do you think?’ Bakugou scoffed, shifting in his bed. ‘It was an insulting pain in the ass. Are asking if I was scared?’

‘I would have been. Of course I wouldn’t let that get in the way of my trying to escape but I would have been scared. I think anyone would have been scared.’

‘I wasn’t scared of a bunch of villains.’

‘That’s not what I mean.’

‘Huh? What the hell do you mean then?’

‘Just that not knowing what was going to happen would have been awful. Wondering how long it would take before someone would come. Villains assuming they could recruit you in the first place. Getting so misjudged when you aren’t even close to being a villain.’

Bakugou didn’t reply but you heard him shift again, presumably to turn further away from you since you couldn’t make out his face anymore.

‘I know you’re fearless but I figured even you needed to vent about it. Talk to someone who isn’t just trying to find out every detail about the event to track them down, you know?’ You sighed and stood from the chair and looked out the window.

‘I’m not fearless,’ he said, quietly, ‘I just don’t worry about all the dumb stuff like you do.’

For the first time that conversation you smiled.

‘Yeah, I guess that’s true.’ You let out a small laugh as you approached his bed. ‘But that stuff isn’t dumb, it’s normal. Don’t act like you don’t worry about that stuff sometimes.’ You leant down on the bed and poked him.

Bakugou flinched and looked over his shoulder.

‘Get out already!’

You laughed again. ‘Aw, come on I thought we had a breakthrough.’ You poked him again. ‘Come and inspect the last of the rooms with everyone.’

‘Hell no.’

‘Geez.’ You poked him again

‘Stop it.’

‘Come on!’

Another poke.


You went to poke him again but he turned and grabbed out wrist before you could.

With a yelp you fell forward onto the bed, face first against his pillow and your arm slung around him.

‘What the hell? Get out of my bed.’ Bakugou said, a little too quietly.

When you lifted yourself up, it took you a second to realise the position you were in. As you did you got an inhale of his scent. You weren’t sure if it was his scent or the scent of his shampoo sunken into the pillow but it was… nice? Fascinating.

You turned onto your back, removing your arm from around him with a huff.

‘You’re the one pulled me onto your bed.’ You reminded him, feeling a tingling sensation shoot through the arm that had touched him.

‘The hell I did.’ He shifted next to you.

‘Yeah well, either way, it’s still your fault.’

Bakugou grumbled but he didn’t push you out like you thought he would. Maybe he didn’t mind as much as he was making out. You took it upon yourself to test that theory.

‘Well, this bed is pretty comfy,’ You said coyly, faking a yawn, ‘and I am tired.’


A smile spread across your face.

You were fairly certain that had any of the other classmates tried this they would have been blasted out the door by now. That fact alone urged you to revel in this moment as long as possible.

Kicking your house shoes off you cautiously shifted and got under the blanket. The moment you did you were surrounded by warmth. You could feel it envelop you but most especially from his back which you accidentally grazed with your arm.

‘What the hell?’ Bakugou said, looking back at you for second before shoving his face back down on the pillow.

You turned to face his back, wondering whether or not you were crossing a line.

Bakugou wasn’t the type of person to keep quiet if you were bothering him and you honestly wondered why he hadn’t made more of an effort to kick you out. By his standards it was well pretty strange. Perhaps there was something more to it.

A boldness rose in you, a boldness you hadn’t know was there.

The next thing you knew you were scooting closer to Bakugou and carefully putting an arm around him to spoon.

He tensed on impact, making no sudden movements. You swear after a few seconds his skin grew even hotter but neither of you said anything. And he didn’t explode either.

You don’t know what possessed you to hold him. Somewhere in the back of your mind the idea of making sure he was alright turned into a need to make him feel alright. Words had seem to fail when it came to Bakugou so actions served as your only resort.

Still, it did seem a little overboard but it also felt nice. Really nice.

‘You’re warm,’ you whispered without thinking, letting your eyes drift closed.

‘Obviously,’ Bakugou replied, still not moving out of your hold.

You shuffled a little bit closer to him, seeking out more of his warmth. Your body had felt so cold in comparison to the heat he was radiating. He was like your own personal heater. Oh, you wanted more of this.

His breath hitched as you shifted, causing your eyes to crack open, as if only realising what you were doing. Perhaps this wasn’t a good idea after all.

‘Do you want me to leave now?’ You whispered.

‘I want to sleep.’

That wasn’t exactly an answer.

Just when you opened your mouth to say something else he snapped.

‘Just shut up and go to sleep and I swear if you tell anyone else about this—’

‘I won’t,’ you promised, ‘Let’s sleep.’

‘Hmph.’ Bakugou grunted before pressing further into the pillow.

There was much left unsaid between the two of you but it was undoubtedly there, like a cloud-veiled moon in the sky, with faint light shinning through, not entirely seen, not entirely hidden.

You snuggled your head into the pillow and pressed closer.

That night you fell asleep holding Bakugou like it was the most natural thing in the world.



In the morning you both stirred awake immersed in a new reality. Except you weren’t in the same position you had been in when you had fallen asleep. Bakugou had shifted and moved and was facing you. It took a second for your eyes to focus but when they did you found his wide eyes staring back at you.

So it hadn’t been a dream after all. Damn.

You didn’t want him to freak out about it so you tried to act casual.

Carefully, shifting your arms away, you stretched before getting out of the bed. You made sure not to do it too fast as to look like you were running away. A part of you wasn’t sure why that was important, perhaps you simply didn’t want to hurt his feelings?

‘Morning.’ You mumbled, sleepily turning back to him. ‘I should be getting back to my room.’

Bakugou didn’t say anything, just stared at you.

‘Well, see you later.’ You said, teleporting to your room.

The moment you did you dropped the casual facade and wondered what the hell you had done. You had spent the night sleeping in Bakugou’s bed and he let you. That was something you never anticipated to happen.

Slapping your hands over your cheeks you groaned. Then, determined to dive back into reality, you went about busying yourself with a shower. You needed to forget what had happened and focus on going to school.

At breakfast you made a point to act as normal as possible and fight the urge to seek him out. As you spooned every last bite into your mouth, Ochako talked about how sleeping in the dorm was refreshing, you nodded along.  But you couldn’t quite invest yourself into the conversation like you normally would, too distracted by the problem you faced.

Internally, you resigned yourself to the fact that it was a one time thing. Bakugou would definitely pretend it never happened and you were fine with that. Things would go back to normal soon enough and the uncertainty bubbling inside you would surely disappear.

For the rest of the day things went on like they normally did. The class spent the day working on developing ultimate moves which quickly took your mind off things. You already had in mind some moves you could utilise but you needed to fine tune them if they were going to be ultimate. You needed to get stronger.

Then there was your costume design to reconsider.

When your eyes did finally land on Bakugou he seemed very enthralled with his ultimate move training. It brought a smile to your face seeing how pumped he was. It also made you feel at ease, knowing he wasn’t worrying about the night before. That was definitely a good thing..

‘Did you have any thoughts on costume changes?’

You turned to find Ochako standing behind you, pulling your attention away.

‘I’m thinking of same design but with a lighter material and lighter boots.’ You smiled, the ideas and possibilities overcoming you. ‘That way I can move faster and it will be less effort to phase from one place to another, you know?’

‘That’s really smart!’ Ochako agreed. ‘I was thinking of making a couple upgrades too! Did you want to come arrange them with me?’

‘Yeah, sounds good.’

You turned to spare one last look toward Bakugou. He was standing on top of the makeshift mountain and already looking at you. Your eyes met for a painstaking moment before you turned away and followed Ochako. You were barely aware of the goosebumps on your skin on the way out of the training room.

The day had been so packed that it went by pretty quickly and before you knew it the training was over.

‘Hey, are you coming?’ Mina called out to you. ‘We are all walking back to the dorms together.’

You waved her off. ‘It’s fine, I’ll catch up soon. I just have to pack up my stuff!’

By the time you had finished packing up your things you were left alone in the classroom. It wasn’t that big a deal being left alone when you were about to walk back the dorm room where everyone was waiting. A part of you enjoyed the small moment alone.

As you walked out the door, bag on your shoulder, you were alerted to someones presence.

Turning with a defensive stance, you found Bakugou leaning against the wall.

‘Oh, hey,’ you said, stopping next to him, ‘Were you waiting for me?’

Bakugou scoffed. ‘No, why would I do that?’

You shrugged, unfazed. ‘I don’t know.’

‘I just didn’t feel like walking back chatting with everyone else, alright?’


When he didn’t say anything else or move to walk away you wondered what he was waiting for. Then an idea struck you.

‘Well since you’re still here,’ you began, clutching the strap of your bag a little tighter, ‘did you want to walk back together? I’m kind of enjoying the quiet too.’

Bakugou sighed. ‘Yeah, whatever.’

You gave him a small smile and began walking back toward the dorms together.

Bakugou stood at your side, walking with his hands buried deep in his pockets. He also looked deep in thought, judging by his frown, so you didn’t bother trying to make conversation. It was nice just walking together in silence for a change.

The quiet allowed your mind to wander to the night before and an uncertain feeling bubbled inside of you. A thousand questions penetrated your mind. (Was this his way of making things normal between the two of you again? Was that why he was waiting for you?) Perhaps he really did want to avoid everyone else and it had nothing to do with you.

Pushing out the intrusive thoughts and forcing a smile, you continued on walking. Instead of dwelling on the unease you instead wondered about dinner and how it was going to work with everyone else there. Perhaps there would ramen or soba.

‘Hey?’ Bakugou asked, breaking your train of thought.

‘Hm?’ You replied.

When he didn’t reply you stopped and turned, realising he wasn’t walking beside you anymore. He stopped a few steps behind you and staring at the ground.

‘What is it?’ You asked.

‘Are you going to annoy me again tonight if I slip out early?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Don’t play dumb!’ He yelled, like he always did.

‘I’m not, you just need to be more specific!’ You parried but you underestimated how much the night before had affected him.

Bakugou could have meant several things. Were you going to go into his room and bother him or even go and sleep in his bed again. Out of all the possibilities, you knew which one was the most likely. You just weren’t sure why he was asking.

‘You know what I mean.’ He said, quietly.

‘I…hadn’t thought about tonight.’ You replied, honestly. You had been so caught up in the past night you hadn’t thought about the next one. That was Bakugou though, always thinking ahead.

When he didn’t reply or move you knew you had to say something else or the two of you would remain there frozen in silence.

‘Did you want me to come?’

‘Like I care!’ He said a little too quickly, brushing past you.

You blinked at the bluntness of his statement but it didn’t really bother you as much as it amused you. Then your smile faded a little as you realised there was nothing fragile about his voice but the words still came across to you as vulnerable.

When you didn’t follow him Bakugou turned back.

‘Hurry up or the others will be a pain and ask me where you are!’

‘Coming.’ You ran to catch up.

The rest of the walk was made in silence. Your head spinning at the implications of Bakugou’s question and the way he had acted.

There were more questions. Did he want to make sure it wouldn’t happen again? Is that why he was waiting outside of the classroom?

Whatever the case you decided going to his room tonight would not be a good idea. Not that it bothered you; you had already told yourself it was a onetime thing. A sudden fluttery feeling arose inside you as you brushed by him and you each went your seperate ways.



The excitement of dorm life still bubbled amongst the girls and Ochako decided to show Tsuyu the rooms. Ultimately, you got dragged along since you had missed out on some too.

They assumed you had gone to bed the night before so Ochako filled you in on everything you missed. You wanted to return the gesture and tell her what had really happened to you but you knew you couldn’t. It wasn’t the sort of secret you could share even with your friend. After all, it wasn’t just your secret.

Time moved pretty quickly after that.

Dinner came around and after came cleaning up followed by everyone heading to shower or retreating to their own rooms. You took the opportunity to shower and return to your room, reflecting on the day.

The whole time you worried you had crossed a line with Bakugou. Even you, as forward a person as you were, couldn’t deny that sleeping in the same bed as him had been weird. Especially how calming and warm it had felt. Bakugou was anything but calming when it came to day to day life.

Deciding to ignore that thought for now, you came back to the common area to see if anyone was still awake. That’s when you heard the array of voices; the girls talking in one part of the common area and the boys in the other.

The moment you entered the room your eyes met with Bakugou’s. You stopped, exchanging a long glance before he looked away. With an internal shrug you turned toward the girls and joined in on their conversation. Something about Ochako being in love.

You smiled and asked her if it were true. It only made her blush and freak out.

‘I don’t think she is going to tell us.’ You chuckled. ‘Maybe we should let her be.’

Momo agreed.

‘Aw come on Ochako!’ Mina insisted.

‘You know,’ you began, ‘maybe she would be more willing if you all talked about who you loved.’ You raised your brows at Mina for emphasis.

‘But I don’t have anyone!’ Mina groaned.

‘Then maybe Ochako doesn’t either.’

Mina pouted but relented and you simply shrugged.

‘Fine we’ll drop it,’ Mina agreed, before adding, ‘For now!’

You chuckled again. ‘Good enough.’

A burst of laughter and yelling came from the boys sat across the room. You turned toward the noise to find Bakugou standing.

‘Would you shut up!’ He yelled, before turning to walk away. ‘I’m going to bed!’ He shoved his hands in his pockets as he walked by the couch you were sitting on.

The moment Bakugou walked by he looked up at you, your eyes meeting once again. They lingered for a moment and you were overcome by a profound want—the want to reach out to him—to sooth him. Then he looked away and hurried by in a huff.

There was something about that look you couldn’t shake. In fact, it looked like he was trying to tell you something. It resembled the look he gave you earlier when you walked home, when he was telling you hurry up.

No, that couldn’t have been it. He would have said something, right?

Shaking your head of the thought, you turned your attention back to the girls. For about five painful minutes you tried to get re-involved in the conversation but you just couldn’t concentrate. There were too many questions on your mind. Too many things unanswered gathered inside you like a pile of rocks weighing you down.

‘I’m going to bed,’ you said, standing up abruptly. ‘See you in the morning.’

The girls bided you goodnight and you were gone, walking in long strides toward the elevator. You could feel the heat in your cheeks with every step, the adrenaline pumping inside of you.

Pushing the button for the fourth floor, the doors shut in front of you, sealing off the voices of the common room. All the babble disappeared and the silence hit you like a cold shower. As the elevator began to ascend with a jolt, you felt somewhat numb. Your mind jumped from thought to thought without focus.

The doors dinged open and that fluttering feeling emerged in your stomach.

The question remained: should you go straight to your room or should you go and see Bakugou again?

Earlier in the day you had decided that you wouldn’t but that look he gave you made you question that decision.

Hurry up.

Hurry up meant he wanted you to come.

The doors began to close when you shoved your arm out to stop it. It opened with another ding and you leapt out onto your floor, heading to your room.

When you came face to face with your door, you froze. Even as your hand came to the handle it hesitated. Something in the back of your mind screamed at you to go and figure out what he had meant. You couldn’t ignore it—that wasn’t who you were.

‘Damn it.’ You muttered, releasing your hand from the handle.

Then without another thought, you teleported into Bakugou’s room.

‘About time.’

You turned to find Bakugou in his bed, hands behind his head and looking up at you. It was bizarre to witness how his face lit up at the sight of you. He probably didn’t even realise he was changing expressions.

‘If you wanted me to come you could have just said so when we walked home.’

‘Who cares? You figured it out.’

‘Actually, I’m still confused.’ You took a seat on the edge of the bed. ‘Why did you want me to come?’

Bakugou rolled his eyes. ‘Just hurry up, already!’

He really had a knack for ordering you to hurry up without telling you the what for. You did have a pretty good idea but a part of you still wanted to make him work for it.

‘Hurry up and what?’

He didn’t reply.

‘Fine.’ You relented, lifting up the covers and crawling in beside him.

Bakugou tensed a little as your arm grazed his but he didn’t move away.

You manoeuvred under the covers until you were both on your backs, side by side and staring at the ceiling. The urge to recoil was there, palpable in how he tensed under your softest touch but neither of you moved. There was a subconscious awareness of your surroundings, fine-tuned into each other, you could feel it.

‘You really are warm,’ you whispered, snuggling back against the mattress.

‘Shut up,’ he said, but it was quiet, like he the only meaning behind it was that he had nothing else to say.

You frowned a little.

‘What’s wrong with saying—’

‘If you’re gonna talk at least talk about something else.’

‘Alright,’ you said thinking of another topic. ‘Do you think you’re ready for the licensing exams?’

Bakugou snorted. ‘Of course I am!’

You chuckled. ‘I wish I was that confident.’

‘Don’t be stupid, just work on controlling your quirk better.’

‘It’s not my quirk I’m worried about.’ You were shocked at your own honesty. ‘I’m just worried about making the right decisions when facing so many unknown opponents.’

‘Yeah well…’ Bakugou paused, ‘Tch, just work on your weaknesses if you’ve already developed your ultimate moves.’

You turned your face slightly to look at him.

Bakugou was still staring at the ceiling but his expression was softer than usual. God, was he actually trying to make you feel better?

‘That’s what I aim to do.’ You turned back to the ceiling. ‘It’s better to worry about my weaknesses than pretend they're not there at all, otherwise I won’t get stronger.’


The two of you stayed there for awhile in silence, staring up at the ceiling your arms occasionally grazing when either of you shifted. It was nice and calming, as though all your worries had been taken away.

‘Let’s go to sleep.’ Bakugou said, turning onto his side away from you. There was an implicit don’t you dare reject me thrown underneath the statement.

‘Alright.’ You turned the same way and automatically slid an arm over him.

Bakugou tensed again but he didn’t protest.

‘Goodnight,’ you whispered, closing your eyes.

He grunted in reply.

And just like that you began a routine.



Things in your day to day life went back to normal. The little anxieties you had toward the situation vanished from your mind. And you assumed it was the same for Bakugou.

During the day you attended the summer courses with your classmates and worked on getting stronger for the licensing exam. During the night you would continue working, spend time with your class mates and then, inevitably, you would find yourself in Bakugou’s room.

He never asked you to come (after that one time) but he was always expecting you. One night you confirmed that when you were a lot later than usual, studying up on something that could help you control your quirk better when you teleported into his room. He was annoyed at you for taking so long and even rolled over for you to get in.

Some nights the two of you would talk about the day or have next to nothing conversations that warmed your heart. Other nights, when you were both exhausted, you would climb into bed and fall asleep straight away. No matter what happened it always ended in Bakugou rolling over and you following suit.

It was a comfortable routine that you both kept a secret.

Outside of that you and Bakugou didn’t interact too much. You didn’t know whether it was because he was worried about the secret being exposed or if it was because you were afraid it meant something more than it did. It was better this way—that’s what you told yourselves.

Then the licensing exams came around. You were granted a license and Bakugou wasn’t. It was something that would hit him hard.

That night you were feeling exhausted but you were worried about both Todoroki and Bakugou since they had failed. Todoroki wasn’t the kind to open up to you so you merely wished him luck for next time. Bakugou on the other hand, well, you were worried enough to go to his room. That worry grew exponentially when you realised he wasn’t there.

An uneasy feeling resided in the pit of your stomach as you looked around his empty room. A part of you wondered whether this was him telling you to go back to your own room tonight. On the other hand, you couldn’t imagine him avoiding his own room merely because of you. He would just tell you to leave and that would be that.

Then there was the last time he had disappeared—kidnapped by villains. The thought of that made you more uneasy. You considered going to tell Aizawa but if you were wrong then Bakugou would only get into trouble. That was the last thing he needed.

You decided to bide your time and wait for him.

What you hadn’t expected was that he would come back ridiculously late and beaten up, covered in bruises and bandages.

As the door clicked open and he entered, Bakugou froze when he saw you, his mouth open and his eyes wide. It was like he hadn’t expected you to be there an —oh you actually waited? When he walked in and looked down, letting the door gently shut behind him.


‘Did you come to gloat?’ He cut you off.

It was like a punch to the gut accompanied by a light fluttering feeling in your stomach. You never realised that something small, like that assumption, could make you feel so deeply.

‘Of course not.’ You stood from the desk chair and took a few steps closer. ‘What happened to you?’

‘Nothing, it doesn’t matter.’

He still wouldn’t look at you.

‘Yes, it does.’

Bakugou’s fists clenched by his side before they, just as quickly, unclenched again.

‘I had unfinished business with Deku alright, the rest is none of your business.’

‘Alright.’ You exhaled, relieved it wasn’t something worse. ‘Are you okay?’

He looked up at you with wide eyes. He hadn’t expected that.

‘I’m fine.’

You nodded before asking, ‘Is Midoriya, alright?’

Bakugou frowned. ‘Why do you care?’

‘You obviously fought, I’m making sure everyone involved is alright.’

‘Whatever, he’s fine.’ Bakugou sat down on the bed and looked away. ‘You didn’t have to come here.’ There was something heavy that weighed on his mind. You could feel it just by looking at him, like a heavy weight pushing his feelings down.

‘I know but I was worried.’

‘Tch.’ His fists balled against his pants. ‘Why?’

‘Because of what happened today.’ You took a step closer. ‘Because when I got here you were no where to be seen. I was worried something had happened to you.’

‘You think I’m that weak?’ You saw the grip on his pants tighten. ‘That I’d easily get into trouble again with some villains or something?’

His words filled you with guilt. You had thought the worst but not because you thought he was weak. A part of you had seen he was vulnerable which is why you had reached out to him in the first place but you never ever saw it as a weakness.

‘I didn’t know what to think,’ you replied. ‘But I know you’re not weak. The one thing you have never been is weak.’

Bakugou’s hands unfurled and sat flat against his thighs.

‘It’s late,’ he said, getting under the covers. ‘I’m going to sleep.’

You didn’t know if that was an invitation or him telling you to get out.

Again, you reminded yourself that had he wanted you to leave he would likely have used his words, very loudly, to tell you.

Taking a deep breath you stepped toward the bed and lifted up the covers. Then you cautiously manoeuvred under them, trying your hardest not to bump Bakugou in the process. It would be like poking the bear if you did.

Feeling very much awake you stayed on your back, staring at the ceiling. Beside you Bakugou shifted, pushing himself further into the mattress. You smiled at the action and wondered what he was thinking.

‘Hurry up and go to sleep,’ he grumbled, voice slightly muffled by the pillow.

A small smile came to your lips as you rolled over and put your arm on top of his. Your fingertips loosely slid between his as you pressed against him.

Bakugou flinched at the new contact but he didn’t pull away. Instead he surprised you by enclosing his fingers around yours and tugging you closer.

That night neither of you fell asleep straight away.

You were awake thinking about what could have happened between him and Midoriya. And you didn’t know it but he was awake, very conscious of you breath tickling the back of his neck and the way you made him feel so comfortable and confused at the same time.




Something shifted between you and Bakugou after that, like another wall between the two of you had been torn down.

Since Midoriya and Bakugou were on house arrest they missed out on classes. Each night when you went to Bakugou’s room he would pester you about what he had missed. You shrugged with a smile and apologised since you and the rest of the class were made to keep it a secret.

Every time Bakugou would grumpily go to bed and sulk and you would tease that maybe you should sleep in your own bed. He would never stop you but he would grumble to himself and mumble a ‘Whatever.’ He would also stop asking you about class for the rest of the night.

Then the subject of work study was brought up and explained by the Big Three.

Before you knew it you were doing your work study with Kirishima and Tamaki at Fatgum’s agency. That meant more days and nights away from school and working out in the field. It also meant more questions from Bakugou when you returned.

You couldn’t remember him being this talkative before. All he wanted to do was find out what he was missing out on. It was probably more of a blow to him that both you and Kirishima were out in the field where as he was left alone. You two were the closest to him after all, although you weren’t sure if he would use the term friends. Not when you were concerned anyway.

One night you didn’t get back in until 3am and you were thoroughly exhausted. You needed to recharge before you could so much as think about using your quirk. It was a miracle you made it through a shower before you flopped down on your bed.

Although your body was exhausted your mind was still racing with the nights events and you couldn’t sleep.

Then there was a knock at the door.

You groaned in response.

There was another knock.

‘Open the damn door.’ Bakugou’s voice carried in a harsh whisper.

With an exaggerated groan you pushed yourself up and opened the door. Your eyelids were heavy, barely able to stay open as you looked up at Bakugou.

He looked down at you with a frown.

‘Well…’ He said, scratching the back of his neck. ‘Move, already.’

You stepped to the side to allow him in and shut the door.

‘What,’ you paused to yawn before continuing, ‘are you you doing here?’

‘What do you think?’ He was harsh, almost angry but you weren’t sure why. ‘I heard Kirishima get back ages ago.’

Ah, that was it.

It dawned on you why he was so irritated, remembering how you felt back at the night of the licensing exams.

‘I didn’t want to wake you. Plus, I’m too exhausted to use my quirk after tonight.’ Then you realised something. ‘Wait. Did you wait up for me?’

Bakugou immediately looked away and if your lights were on, you swore you would have seen a blush across his cheeks.

You let out a soft laugh.

‘Sorry, I was trying to be nice but I just made you worry.’

‘Who said I was worried?’ His gaze snapped back to yours with a frown. ‘What happened to you?’ His eyes observing the tape on your cheek.

‘Oh this?’ Your hand touched it absentmindedly. ‘Some jerk landed a hit but I landed more, no big deal.’

His frown deepened but he didn’t say anything.

‘Anyway,’ you continued, swaying a little. ‘I’m really tired so…’ You fell froward your forehead landing against his chest.

You were more tired than you realised.

Bakugou brought a hand to your arm to steady you, steering you upright.

‘Come on, let’s go to bed.’

‘I can’t teleport, remember?’

‘I meant here, idiot.’ He guided you down to the bed then released you, letting you do the rest.

Once you shifted under the covers you grabbed hold of his wrist and pulled him down.

‘What the hell,’ he muttered, shifting under the covers beside you. ‘Such a pain.’

It was different to how you two usually slept but things between you had changed. You were sure you could both feel it.

Beside you Bakugou remained on his back making no move to turn over.

With a sigh you shifted to face him then slung an arm over him like you usually did. He relaxed at your touch and shifted closer. You could feel his gaze on you but you were too tired to open your eyes or comment on it. All you cared about right then and the was sleeping.

‘Your mattress is soft,’ Bakugou said, quietly.

‘Is it?’ You mumbled. ‘Hadn’t noticed.’


Then you realised. ‘Actually, this is the first time I’ve slept in my bed.’

Bakugou let out a sharp breath, as though he had just realised it too. You felt him tense a little, his gaze still burning a hole through you. You contented yourself by wriggling a little against him then relaxing again.

Just as you were drifting off you swore you heard him let out a soft laugh but you weren’t sure. What you did feel was his hand settling over yours just as sleep took you.


In the morning you awoke in the same position.

You stirred, gently pressing your cheek into the pillow with a soft groan. As your eyes cracked open they met Bakugou’s staring back at you. He was wide awake.

‘What time is it?’ You mumbled, letting your eyes close again.

‘Later than usual.’ He replied.


‘Geez how tired are you?’ He scoffed. ‘Not for you. I got extra lessons though remember.’

‘Oh, that sucks.’ You sighed, ready to drift off again.

‘Hey don’t go back to sleep!’ He nudged you. ‘I need to get back to my room, I’ve got to leave.’

You groaned in reply.

‘Tch.’ His tone softened a little. ‘Come on.’

‘What do you need me for? Just go to your room.’

‘Are you stupid?’ When you didn’t reply he added, ‘Everyones waking up now. I can’t just walk out of here without them spotting me so I need your stupid quirk to get me there!’

‘Oh right.’

Without thinking you activated your quirk, teleporting you to Bakugou’s room but being half asleep you miscalculated a little. Instead on landing on the bed you two landed with a thud on his floor.

‘Damn it!’ Bakugou yelled. ‘What was that?’

‘Sorry.’ You said, sitting up with a yawn. ‘I barely slept.’

Bakugou’s expression softened a little.

‘Just go back and sleep. I’ve gotta get ready.’

You nodded, still drowsy. ‘Bye, have fun.’

Then you were gone, teleporting back to the warmth of your bed. Snuggling beneath the covers, letting what was left of Bakugou’s scent fill your senses, you slowly drifted back to sleep.



When you awoke you went downstairs to do your catch up work from the classes you had missed with Kirishima. You were glad you weren’t doing your work study alone. Kirishima was also fun to be around so the time flew and you didn’t feel so anxious about missing out on so much work.

By the time the two of you were done it was dinner time.

The two of you began to ate, talking and laughing between bites. Then Kirishima turned to the entrance with a smile.

‘Oh, hey guys! You’re back just in time for dinner, come join us!’

You turned to where his gaze shifted to see Bakugou and Todoroki walk in. Noticing Bakugou looked a little angry you gave him a smile.

‘Yeah, come join us!’ You called.

‘I don’t wanna eat with him!’ Bakugou yelled, gesturing to Todoroki.

Todoroki didn’t seemed fazed by this, walking instead further down the table to join another group.

‘You didn’t have to be a jerk,’ you said, unamused.

‘I just spent all day with icy hot.’ He scoffed. ‘I’m getting some dinner.’

Bakugou left to get his meal and you and Kirishima turned to each other laughing.

‘So, anyway,’ Kirishima began, ‘Fatgum said next time we would be patrolling in pairs during the day.’

‘Yeah, it’ll be like regular hero duties,’ you replied, ‘did you do much of that when you did your internship?’

‘Yeah a little but it was more them showing us rather than us participating.’

You nodded. ‘Same here.’ Then a smile came to your face. ‘To think we are finally getting a feel for doing regular hero duties. It feels surreal.’

‘Yeah, I just don’t want to get too cocky and mess up.’

‘Aha, now you’re making me nervous.’ You shook you head. ‘Don’t worry I have faith in us.’

‘Me too!’

‘Me too, what?’

The two of you turned to find Bakugou there, holding his tray off food and looking at you.

‘Oh, just work study stuff.’ You said, trying to tone down the enthusiasm.

You felt bad rubbing in the work study in his face while he was still working toward his license. You could tell Kirishima was doing the same when he followed your lead.

‘Tch.’ Bakugou sat down next to Kirishima and began eating.

‘How are the extra classes?’ Kirishima asked.

‘Lame.’ Bakugou replied, not looking up. ‘You two were talking about the work study.’

Kirishima’s face lit up. ‘Yeah you should have seen us yesterday!’ He launched into recounting the events of the night before.

You smiled and nodded, explaining things whenever Kirishima turned his attention to you. The whole time you felt Bakugou’s gaze on you and you couldn’t help but feel something was different. You spared him the occasional glance, not wanting to alert Kirishima to anything but you were certain he was too involved in his storytelling to notice.

When he was done you excused yourself to go shower. You spared Bakugou one sympathetic smile as you stood before bidding them both farewell.

The shower gave you time to relax and wash your hair properly. The night before you had been too tired and just rinsed it. Now, you finally got a chance to give it a deep clean. It also gave you time to think about everything until your mind drifted to that one thing that seemed to always nag at you: Bakugou.

There was something off about him at dinner but you couldn’t quite put your finger on what it was. You considered that perhaps you were to hyper aware of each other. Maybe you were reading too much into it.

After your shower you went straight to your room. It was late and you needed time to recharge your social battery. Plus, you still felt a little tired from yesterday. You barely had time to sit down on your bed when there was a knock at your door. 

‘Who is it? You asked.

There was a long pause.

‘It’s me.’


‘Come in.’

The door opened slowly and Bakugou hesitated before stepping inside. The door clicked shut behind him and his eyes met yours.

A heavy silence fell between you.

‘Is everything okay?’ You asked, gently.

‘I didn’t feel like waiting.’ He said, quickly. ‘Not like yesterday.’

‘It’s still early. I was going to come soon anyway.’

Bakugou huffed then looked up and around your room.

‘Did you…’ You watched him eyeing your room with curiosity, ‘Did you want to stay here?’

‘I don’t care.’ His eyes caught on something. He stepped to the side and looked over your shelves, eyes lingering on certain items before jerking his head to the next.

‘Let me just check over my work before I go to sleep.’ You stood and walked over to your desk, getting out the catch up work you had done earlier. ‘You can sit on the bed if you want.’

‘Yeah,’ He replied, distracted.

You smiled and began reading through your work.

Bakugou didn’t shift from his position in front of the shelves.

‘Is this you?’ He asked, pointing to a photo.

You turned to see which one it was then nodded.

‘Yeah that’s me with my parents.’

Bakugou grunted in acknowledgment then turned away and went to lie down on the bed.

You turned back and continued going through your notes. As you went you found a few grammatical errors in your answers that you touched up. Then you checked all the notes you had made for the new math formulas.

‘What’s with all the books?’ Bakugou asked.

You paused, processing what he had said.

‘I like to read,’ you replied, immediately returning to your work.

Bakugou grunted again. He didn’t speak the rest of the time you spent checking your work. You were surprised he had asked you questions about yourself in the first place. You tried not to let him distract you.

When you were finally done you placed the completed work in your bag. Then you reached your arms up and stretched, craning you neck from side to side. That was when you turned to find his eyes glued on you. It caught you a little off guard.

‘Something wrong?’ You asked, lowering your arms.

‘No,’ He said, still looking at you.


You walked over to the bed and waited for him to move. When he didn’t you frowned.

‘So are you going to let me go to bed?’ You asked.

‘What do you think I’ve been hanging around for?’ Bakugou shifted under the covers and huffed.

You crawled in next to him like you usually did and cuddled up beside him.

The two of you didn’t talk. You also noticed that he also felt incredibly tense under your touch. He wasn’t relaxing and you were certain he felt hotter than usual.

‘What’s wrong?’ You asked.


You scoffed. ‘Yeah, right.’

Retracting your arm and rolling onto your back you sighed.

Bakugou growled and rolled onto his back too, his head turning to face you.

‘I told you, it’s nothing.’

‘Yeah right,’ you laughed, dryly. ‘I can feel your frustration from here, whatever it is that’s making you like this.’

‘Don’t be stupid.’ He muttered.

You sighed. ‘Look if you're worried about the licensing makeup exam then don’t be. I’m sure you’ll get it no problem.’

‘Obviously, I will.’ He was a little too smug for your liking but you ignored it.

‘And,’ you continued, ‘If you’re worried about getting a work study then I’m sure you’ll get one easy too. Even if you don’t you’ve always got Kirishima as a connection to Fatgum so you could always—’

‘Shut up!’ Bakugou snapped. ‘I’m not worried, alright!’

‘Shh!’ You turned to him with a frown. ‘You want the other’s to hear you?’

He groaned and turned to face the ceiling.

‘Look, I won’t pretend to know what is bothering you but don’t just bottle it up like you usually do.’ When he didn’t say anything you continued. ‘I’m not saying you have to tell me but you can if you want to.’

Bakugou didn’t say anything right away. He contented himself by staring at something on the ceiling.

You watched him, sensing some of his frustrations calming as his body relaxed next to you. An all consuming feeling filled you as you continued to look at him. It began in the pit of stomach and trailed up to your sternum. You were then very much aware of your heart beating, echoing through your body.

‘It’s nothing,’ Bakugou said, tone softening. ‘It was just something stupid. Let’s sleep.’

‘Okay.’ You cuddled up against his side again. ‘So warm,’ you whispered without thinking.

Bakugou didn’t say anything, just pushed himself a little closer to you.

For the second time since this thing between you two started, you fell asleep in your bed with Bakugou. You did have to admit that your mattress was a lot softer than his.



After that things grew a little distant between the two of you. It was expected on his part, with Bakugou it was always one step forward two steps back. But for you it had to do with something bigger and beyond your control.

You and the other work study students were informed about Eri and the operation. All of your emotional and mental energy channeled into the operation.

Between the assignment and the secrecy, it made it hard to be your usual self. You weren’t the only one either and your classmates were beginning to notice. It wasn’t something you could change until you had answers.

Most of the day you were emotionally checked out, constantly wondering whether or not they would succeed in finding her location. Ochako and Tsuyu stayed by you most of the day exchanging uncertain glances. It was the only thing you could do since you couldn’t discuss it with other people around. It would do more harm that good.

At lunch you sat with Kirishima whose own somber mood matched your own.

‘It’s hard not being able to say anything and pretend.’ You confessed, forcing yourself to eat your ramen.

‘I know.’ He said, staring at his own food. ‘I hate sitting around and waiting.’

‘Me too but imagine how Mirio and Midoriya must feel.’ You sighed, letting your noodles fall back into you bowl as you slumped back in your chair.

‘What the hell happened to you two?’

You looked up to see Bakugou join you.

‘Work study stuff,’ Kirishima mumbled, still staring at his food.

Bakugou looked at you, silently asking a million questions.

‘Sorry, we can’t talk about it.’ You said, not even able to force a smile.

‘Yeah, sorry.’ Kirishima added.

A heavy silence fell between you. You were torn between keeping your emotional switch off and crying. You could feel a lump in your throat.

‘Stop mopping about and eat already!’ Bakugou said, slamming his fist down.

That seemed to wake both of you from you somber trance as you exchanged glances. Without saying anything you both began to eat your food. You were thankful you were distracted from crying. The last thing you wanted was people worrying about you.

Bakugou sighed, sparing each of you a glance before he turned his attention to his own food.

You knew by that interaction alone there was going to be questions later. You couldn’t bring yourself to worry about that. You simply didn’t have the energy.

‘What do we have next period?’ You asked, staring down at your bowl.

‘Math.’ Kirishima and Bakugou said at the same time.

You sighed and leant your cheek into the palm of your hand.

‘Just what this day needed,’ You mumbled, bringing the noodles to your mouth.



The rest of the day went by in a blur. You weren’t sure if the notes you took made sense. If you weren’t already missing days of school for work study you would have stayed in bed. Even the lecture of Iida would have been worth it.

You spent a lot of time avoiding your classmates when you could and keeping to yourself. The possibility of them picking up on this behaviour was high but there wasn’t anything else you could do. It was painful to force a smile and lie. They would understand in the end. You just had to be patient.

When you returned to your room you contemplated staying there. You knew that if you went to see Bakugou he would just ask questions. Then you remembered that night he sought you out. Maybe this time he would figure out to stay away. Yeah right.

Taking a deep breath you teleported to his room.

Bakugou was sitting on his bed, turning toward you when you arrived.

‘Hey.’ You said, half-heartedly, looking down at the floor.

‘Hey.’ He replied.

You stood there expectantly, waiting for the questions. When they didn’t come you looked up at him with an uncertain expression. But Bakugou wasn’t looking at you, he was looking down at his hands.

‘Everything okay?’ You asked.

He stopped and looked up a little.

‘Shouldn’t I be asking you that?’

‘You know I can’t—’

‘You can’t talk about it, yeah I know. That’s all I’ve heard from you.’

‘I’m sorry. It’s not intentional or personal.’ You took a deep breath and sat beside him. ‘It’s just really important.’ You let your face fall into your hands.

‘Yeah, I figured.’

Giving your eyes a gentle rub you then removed your hands from your face. You reminded yourself to keep it together.

‘Thank you.’

He turned, looking a little startled. ‘For what?’

‘For not asking about it again, even though I know you’re dying to ask.’

‘Please, I’m not stupid.’

‘I know you’re not.’ You said, putting your hand on his.

Bakugou flinched, looking down at your hands. For a hairsplitting second you thought he was going to keep it there but he quickly snatched his hand back and turned away.

It was amusing to see him in this almost bashful way but you didn’t dare laugh. Instead you simply smiled and placed your hand back in your lap.

‘I’m going to bed,’ he mumbled, the line he always used to retreat and avoid the conversation.

You stood up feeling it shift under you.

Once he was settled he turned back to you. ‘Don’t tell me you still don’t get it.’

You smirked and hopped in beside him.

‘I’m not going anywhere,’ You whispered, shifting to settle in.

Before you could settle completely Bakugou shifted and turned to face you.

You froze, waiting him to say something or do something but he just stared at you. There was a soft crease on his brow, his eyes looking at you like he wanted to say something but couldn’t. There was a pain somewhere behind his gaze you could see it.

On instinct, you reached out to him, extending every part of you that you could emotionally muster and placed your hand on his cheek. It grew hot at your touch and his eyes squeezed shut.

The thought of removing it reached the forefront of your mind but vanished when you felt his hand on top of yours. He clutched your hand and kept your palm pressed to his cheek. Don’t let go.

You swiped your thumb away from your pointer finger and across his burning cheek then back again. I won’t let go.

There was something he was trying to tell you. Something he wanted to communicate but couldn’t. You felt it, felt the same pain enveloping you but you couldn’t determine the source. The things you felt were merely a byproduct of his emotions.

Bakugou opened his eyes and looked at you.

That all-consuming feeling returned again. All you wanted to do was wrap your arms around him and pull him close and oh, suddenly you wanted to kiss him. It wasn’t even your own selfish desires that formed that want. It was an act that served take away his pain, as if by kissing him you could take all those frustrations he felt onto yourself.

Instead of kissing Bakugou you closed your eyes and took a deep breath.

There was so many things going on. You weren’t thinking straight. All the stress was building up and obviously you were projecting onto Bakugou. It was something you had imagined, nothing more.

It was only after you opened your eyes again that you realised his hand was no longer there.

His eyes watched you intently. Your hand on his cheek burned. Everything between you two buzzed and screamed and you couldn’t bare it any longer.

You retrieved your hand slowly and he moved back first—like he always did.

‘We should sleep,’ your voice scrapped against your throat. Your mind reeling with theories, to circumvent the only logical conclusion of that burning touch into one that would suit your own needs.

A crease formed across Bakugou’s brow then, with a huff, he turned back around without another word.

Suddenly, the gap between you too filled with emptiness.

The intensity of your emotions confused you and hollowed you out. You wanted to reach out to Bakugou again, to hold him like you usually did but that need was now tainted with uncertainty. You attempted to regain your composure, afraid to reach out to him again and give yourself more ideas.

No, something isn’t right.

In one swift motion, you turned away from him, burying yourself beneath the covers. Your eyes squeezed shut and you drew a shallow breath. In and out in and out. It wasn’t long before you relaxed and eased into a deep slumber.



Something was vibrating against the bed side table. Next to you, Bakugou swore groggily.

You blindly slapped the bedside table looking for the source of the buzzing when you found your phone. Stifling a yawn, you pulled it to you face and squinted when the light blinded you.

Bakugou mumbled something against your neck.

Straining your eyes you deciphered the messages, one from Ochako and the others from—Damn.

The moment you read the update your body stiffened and your eyes widened.

Let’s meet in the common area.”

It was only when you went to get up that you realised Bakugou was wrapped around you. And his grip was strong. His breath tickled the back of your neck.

Squirming in his hold you attempted to shift his arms.

Bakugou grumbled and pushed himself closer to you in an attempt to stop you moving.

‘I have to get up.’ You whispered.

He mumbled something impossible to make out.

You rolled your eyes.

‘Come on.’ You squirmed again. ‘I promise, I’ll be back.’

Using more force you broke his hold and jumped out of bed.

‘You really are different when you’re half asleep.’ You mumbled, watching him resettle, his arm reaching out for the loss of warmth.

Bakugou looked so childlike in his sleepy state, entangled in the sheet and sleeping on his side with an arm reached out to where you once sat. A temptation arose, to reach out to him, to ghost your fingers over his profile: over his forehead and down to the tip of his nose. But the memories of the night before rushed to the forefront of your mind and your hand burned at the thought.

Then you teleported back to your room and went downstairs to meet the other work study classmates. It was time to take action and find Eri.



That day you broke your promise and didn’t return to Bakugou’s room. Instead, you retired to your room and left before he even got out of bed.

A lot of things happened that day, during the rescue operation.

In the end Midoriya was able to rescue Eri but each of you took a hit and went down hard. Many of the heroes found themselves being taken the hospital, yourself included.

When you woke up in the hospital room you went to sit up when a searing pain overcame you arms. Looking down at your arms and legs you noticed they were bandaged from top to bottom. It was a little surreal waking up safe and away from the fight.

It was also a little strange waking up alone.

‘You look like hell.’

You looked up to find Bakugou standing at the end of the bed, hands shoved in his pockets and an indifferent expression on his face.

Then you remembered. ‘Kirishima and the others are they—’

‘How do you think I got the memo to be here?’ He sighed. ‘They got beat up pretty bad and are couple rooms down but they’re fine.’

‘Oh, good.’ You looked back down at your bandaged hands, feeling the sting beneath them.

‘What the hell happened?’

You pressed your lips together then looked up to meet his gaze. His frown was deep, he was angry but you weren’t sure why.

‘The rescue operation was to save a little girl.’

‘Yeah I got the logistics of it idiot. I meant why the hell didn’t you tell me you were leaving?’ His jaw clenched and his expression darkened.

‘I’m sorry, I tried but I didn’t want to wake you.’

‘That’s a crappy excuse.’

‘It’s not like I could have told you what was happening.’

‘You could have said something!’

You hadn’t expected this reaction from him but now you were watching him you realised there was no other way he could possibly react. Something inside him hurt.

‘Why are you angry?’ It was a question asked not to prod but to understand.

‘Why wouldn’t I be?’ He looked down for a moment. ‘You say you are going to train and make your quirk better. Then you leave without saying anything and now you're burnt all over from overusing your quirk.’

‘If I hadn’t used my quirk then more people would have died!’ You snapped, a newly realised anger surging through you. ‘I’ll heal up fine in a few days so what’s a few burns compared to their lives? Even with my quirk I couldn’t save everyone!’

‘You idiot,’ Bakugou said. ‘That’s not your fault.’

‘Maybe not but maybe if I had been stronger I could have done something more.’

Bakugou didn’t answer and you watched him look over and out the window beside your bed. The rays from the afternoon sun shone through onto him. His features were soft in this light, his expression didn’t look so hardened.

‘There’s no point worrying about what you could have done all the time. Just focus on getting stronger instead.’

You took a deep breath, letting it sit in your lungs before exhaling again. With that you already felt lighter.

‘I know,’ You whispered. ‘That’s what you said last time.’

There had been something about his words, something underlying that told you he knew how you felt. Perhaps he harboured some of the same guilt you had but for other reasons—he had his own reasons.

When he didn’t say anything you asked, ‘What’s the matter?’

‘Nothing.’ His voice was dry. He cleared his throat and turned back to face you.

It had been weeks since the two of you had fallen into the routine. All that extra time spent talking about everything and about nothing. You even started eating meals together and talking outside of the dorm rooms. Sometimes you argued and it took willpower on both sides not to lose yourselves to the familiarity of standing on opposite sides.

Now, you wanted to push further than merely being on the same side.

‘Always so secretive.’ You sighed and challenged his gaze. ‘What is nothing to you, Bakugou?’

‘Tch.’ He was deflecting. ‘Why do you care?’

—Because you care.

‘I think we established a long time ago that I care about you,’ Your brow creased a little before you continued, ‘The question is: what am I to you?’

Bakugou blushed at the question. It wasn’t a dark, obvious blush, in fact you probably wouldn’t have noticed it if you weren’t watching for a reaction. It was soft and uncharacteristic but at the same time very fitting. His frown deepened.

‘What does it matter?’ He deflected again, shifting on his feet.

For someone who was brutally honest about everything else, Bakugou definitely was not in touch with his feelings. Or at least had no intention being open about them.

‘Well maybe you should think about that before you come in here lecturing me.’ You hadn’t meant to be harsh but you couldn’t hold back. ‘I mean if you don’t care then maybe this thing between us…whatever it is, should stop.’

‘What the hell? Of course I care—’

The door to your room opened and the nurse doing the rounds entered.

‘Oh, good you are awake.’ The nurse approached the bed. ‘I’ve got to change the bandages so your friend will have to wait outside while I check everything over.’

You nodded. ‘That’s okay.’ You turned to Bakugou, ‘I’ll see you later.’

He mumbled a goodbye before leaving, the door sliding shut behind him.



It was nighttime when you and Kirishima returned to the dorm building. Both of you needed a little extra time to heal considering the extent of your injuries. He had even made a point of visiting you once he could get out of bed. It was nice having someone to talk to and pass the time with. Once again you were thankful for Kirishima.

It was well after dinner time but there was still a group of your classmates awake discussing something over on the couches. You made a beeline for the elevator, hoping to slip by them unnoticed and Kirishima followed behind you.

When the doors shut you pushed the button to your floor.

‘Are you going to go see him?’ Kirishima asked.

You let out a soft gasp.

‘What do you mean?’ You asked, hand tightening on your bag strap.

‘I share a wall with Bakugou and he’s not exactly quiet when he talks.’ There was amusement behind his words. ‘I kind of put a couple things together and figured it out.’

‘It’s not like that.’ You sighed, trying to find the right words.

‘Yeah, I know.’ He gave you a wide smile. ‘You both are my friends after all, I know you two pretty well.’

You returned his smile, feeling a little more at ease.

‘Right.’ The doors dinged open and you both stepped out. ‘Did you tell him that you know?’

‘What are you crazy? Of course not. Besides it wouldn’t help whatever situation you two have gotten yourselves into.’

‘Thanks, Kirishima.’ You turned toward your hall.

‘No problem.’ He moved to walk away before he stopped and turned. ‘I hope everything works out! Night.’ He gave you a quick wave.

‘Goodnight.’ You waved back.

With a smile, you returned to your room and pack away your belongings.

When you were done you set your bag down by your desk and took in the room.

Your bedroom was clean, aside from the stray water bottle on the floor beside your bed and the book you had been reading the day before you left turned upside down on the desk. It didn’t throw the room off balance but was a small wrinkle, a sign it had been lived in. In reality though you spent more time in the common area and Bakugou’s room than your own. This space was reserved for the few hours a day you needed to be alone.

Being at the hospital had created more than enough alone time. You almost drove yourself crazy with all the thoughts you had, all the little things you tried to decipher. In fact, you had felt rather lonely there, especially at night when you had to sleep.

You had missed sleeping with Bakugou. But after the last conversation the two of you had, you knew it was necessary to have some space. You realised then that you could probably sleep in your own room and he wouldn’t know you were back. A small part of you wanted to do that—to avoid Bakugou. But the part that wanted to see him was far bigger.

With a sigh you pushed yourself off the bed and stood in the centre of the room. In your head you counted backwards from 5, hoping you didn’t pop into his room at the wrong time.

After a deep breath you hit 1 and teleported into Bakugou’s dimly lit bedroom. Immediately your eyes went to the bed which was empty. Then you turned toward the source of light—the desk lamp—and saw Bakugou sitting there.

He had turned to face you, presumably having heard you teleport in. He looked at you expectantly but neither of you spoke.

The silence was heavy, filled with all the unsaid thoughts that you hid from each other. You contented yourself with sitting on the bed behind you, keeping your body facing him, your eyes not leaving his for a second. He met your stare head on, his brow creasing slightly. Both of you had fallen into the defensive stance, the walls around you up and your hearts hidden.

It took all your willpower not submit to that hold, the arguments and the projecting and instead try to pull those walls down.

‘What are you thinking about?’ You asked, softly, testing the waters.

Bakugou’s lip twitched and his fists balled against his pants.

‘Nothing.’ It was a defensive response, one he didn’t even think about but was automatic. ‘Just thinking about going to bed.’ Another excuse—it was always that excuse.

The circles you both went in were beginning to frustrate you. For once you wanted to simply say what was on the forefront of your mind and have him do the same.

Then you stood, eyes still holding his gaze and walked over to him.

‘You are avoiding it again, Bakugou.’ You said, firmly. ‘You weren’t really thinking about bed. You weren’t even looking at it. You were looking at me—still looking at me.’

He swallowed thickly, painfully audible in the silent room.

You leant down a little, feeling the weight of his gaze on you, watching your every move. You reached out to touch him, reached out to let him know it was okay but just before your hand reached him shoulder he flinched away.

‘Don’t.’ He croaked, standing upright in front of you.

‘Why not?’ You challenged, a stubbornness in your voice, impatience and irritation too. You’re both upright now daring each other to look away, to give in—you want to give in.

You can almost see the objections swimming in his eyes but he wasn’t vocalising them. His silence only prompted you to push further. You reached out again but Bakugou grabbed your wrist. You attempt to pull it forward. It was enough to trigger his reflexes and he yanked your arm away and in turn pushed you off balance.

You stumbled forward but saved yourself as your feet regained their footing. When you stare up at each other you there was something burning between you too. Something that was about to explode.

Bakugou lunged first–he always did, you go to pull your wrist back but you underestimated how firm the grip on your wrist was. Your eye contact doesn’t break but his eyes become hooded, half-lidded as he leant toward you. A kiss was pressed to your mouth, desperate and quick. The floodgates have opened. You followed his lips back as he retreated and then you kissed him.

He pulled back again and looked away, his cheeks blushing. You were too stunned to comment on it though because he had just kissed you. Your mind was still processing when he cleared his throat.

‘Let’s go to bed.’

You nodded accepting the retreat this one time and followed him under the covers. Your mind was far too alert to sleep. Too overcome with what had just happened.



That morning you awoke slowly, a few rays of sun peaking through the curtains into the room. With a yawn you shifted back a little and blinked your eyes open. When you immersed in world around you, you realised you were spooning Bakugou like you had several times before.

It was different this time, you had certainly never kissed before you went to bed.

As though hearing your thoughts Bakugou shifted and turned to face you his eyes seemingly wide awake as they met yours.

For a while the two of you simply stared at each other. You concentrated on how warm he was beneath your touch, your arm still wrapped around him. He seemed content lying there, waiting—for what you didn’t know.

‘Why did you kiss me?’ It was a kind question, with no hint of malice in your voice.

You felt him grow hotter.

‘Why did you kiss me back?’ He was deflecting again and you weren’t going to play that game.

‘Because I wanted to kiss you.’ Your voice was light but the weight behind those words weighed like a stone. ‘Why did you kiss me?’ You repeated the question, you needed to know.

‘Because.’ He stopped for a second, looking up at you. ‘Because every time we do this it feels like I’m on fire, even when you act like your slightest touch or comment would burn me, don’t think I’m stupid enough not to notice. What you don’t seem to get through your head is that I’m made to burn.’

For once there was such conviction behind his words. All this time you had thought you were the only one burning when he was practically up in flames beside you.

There was a pause as you glanced down from his lips back to his eyes.

‘Do you still want to burn?’ You whispered, as if a ‘no’ was still in sight, as if a ‘no’ would turn this entire situation upside down and you could abandon emotions and leave the room never to return.

Bakugou practically snorted. ‘Obviously.’

That temptation to caress his face was there again and this time you didn’t deny yourself the pleasure. You let fingers trace over over his forehead, down the bridge of his nose, over the apple of his cheek, the contour of his lips and down the column of his throat.

It was enough for Bakugou to lunge forward again. His lips meeting yours with a firmness, a certainty that said he wanted this. And you indulged it, your hand still ghosting over his neck, reaching back up to his face.

Bakugou’s kisses turned softer, more lazy, more true to the earliness of the morning. And when he broke away he reached out to you for the first time and buried his face in your neck.

It was then you realised that your relationship with Bakugou had changed so rapidly over the course of a few months that it only felt natural to continue to move forward. You knew that whatever this was, it would continue to change as the two of you grew together.

For now all you wanted to do was rest there with Bakugou a little while longer.