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A Delightful Treat

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A smile flickered across Napoleon’s face while MC lapped at the dripping ice cream which was briskly melting all in good fortune to the scalding heat that graced the mansion this late afternoon.

MC returned from town after completing an errand for Sebastian. As a token of the butler’s gratitude, he had prepared a serving of the delicious frozen treat upon her return. While Napoleon had been eagerly anticipating her arrival back home, he spared not a moment’s notice to join her in the garden under the gazebo where she was sampling the ice cream. The vampire chuckled as settled down next to her and brushed the rough pad of his thumb against the drop of ice cream that was trickling down her chin.

“Nunuche, your cheeks are nearly as bright as the roses in the garden Sebastian tends to.”

“I wonder whose fault that could be for being so suggestive when we can easily be spotted by the others,” MC grumbled, snapping her head in the opposite direction to avoid Napoleon’s mocking gaze.

“Now surely there is no one else to blame but yourself for that,” the emperor simpered, watching MC dab the corner of her lip with the handkerchief he offered her. “Besides, you can’t condemn me for a transgression this minor when you’re the one looking as cute as you do right now.”

Despite Napoleon’s hushed tone, MC managed to catch the compliment, and affectionately ran her hand down his back.

“How thoughtful of you,” she praised, her eyes narrowing to playfully taunt him. MC leaned in to poke his arm but jumped abruptly in her seat when the chilliness of the melting ice cream startled her when it dripped onto her hand. Napoleon heaved a heavy sigh before clutching onto her wrist, and snatching his already soiled handkerchief away from her.

“Troublesome as ever,” Napoleon murmured, drawing his tongue and leisurely trickled it along the top of her hand. “Stop squirming, I haven’t finished cleaning you yet.”

“Napoleon! What if someone sees us?” MC hissed, wincing at the stinging pain of her nails digging into the fist clenched up from trying to inhibit the moan threatening to escape in response to her lover’s tantalizing licks.

“Ugh, oh god!” she whimpered, her body slightly trembling as Napoleon commenced an infiltration of kisses down the length of her fingertips.

“Our secret should be safe if you can manage to keep that voice of yours down,” Napoleon hummed, before encasing his mouth around one of her slender fingers. “Hmm, interesting. You always taste delicious, but something today is missing.”

His eyes traveled over to remaining ice cream in MC’s other hand, and the vampire arched his brow suggestively. Napoleon guided her hand over and dipped her fingers into the puddle of sorbet. She gasped as he inched closer to graze her fingers against his lips.

“Feed me, Nunuche. Or perhaps I shall devour you instead.”

“Ah, Napoleon!” she cried out as her fingers were engulfed by the warmth of his mouth.

MC’s mewls only served to encourage Napoleon, because his sucking grew harder as he teased her sticky yet sweet tasting digits.

“Napoleon,” MC groaned, while her body pleasantly basked in the rousing jolts of lust he was awakening within.

“Does it feel that good?” Napoleon mumbled in between savoring the taste of sugar on her fingers. “I’ve barely done anything yet.”

“You know it does, but it’s not enough,” she demanded in a huff. “I don’t care where we are anymore. All I know is that I can’t wait any longer!”

“You’re awfully honest today,” Napoleon admired while slinking himself closer until his thigh was firmly pressed against hers. “That type of sincerity deserves a reward of the highest caliber.”

Napoleon surveyed the yard to ensure their privacy, and slipped his hand beneath the table and encroached slowly up MC’s skirt. She uttered a soft whinny as his thumb stroked her clit through the fabric of her panties. A flash of heat soared throughout MC’s lower body, and the taut of her nipple hardened as her wetness slicked onto her womanhood. Feeling a passionate sense of frenzy, MC threw her arm around Napoleon’s neck, and rushed to close the distance between them by pulling him into a deep kiss. The taste from the ice cream lingered in his mouth, and the sequence of the sugary sweetness combined with the stimulation of Napoleon’s petting was enough for her to grind her lower body against his hand in a frantic need for the friction.

“I want to feel more of you, Napoleon,” MC implored, and tugged at the bottom of his lip with her teeth in a desperate impatience.

Napoleon compelled by slipping his hand inside her underwear and reveled in the sounds of her melodious moans when he easily pushed his fingers between her glistening folds. MC’s hips rolled as she took charge and bucked against her man while he curled his fingers within her. Being sure to match the pace of her grinding, Napoleon’s thumb circled her clit and angled his fingers to hit the magical spot that would successfully send MC shocking waves of euphoria.

“I-I’m about to-!”

“Of course, you are,” Napoleon boasted, triumphantly watching his girlfriend’s body pulsate from the after waves of reaching her climax. “I know everything about you, and I’m the only one that could make you feel like this.”

With her chest still heaving from their encounter, MC swiftly adjusted her blouse and skirt, while Napoleon nonchalantly lounged next to her.

“Thanks for sharing your treat with me. Although I’m not sure whether the ice cream or getting to taste you was the actual dessert.”

MC pretended to be annoyed with Napoleon’s antics and scowled at him, but her boyfriend was none the wiser and clasped his hand down on top of hers.

“Silly girl, you’re sticky,” Napoleon chided. Catching MC off guard, he scooped her up into his arms and started carrying her back to the mansion. “Prepare yourself, Nunuche. We’re going to take a bath together, and your about to receive a very thorough cleaning until I’m satisfied you’re no longer dirty. Although, knowing you that may take some time.”

Entranced by Napoleon’s loving gaze, MC bared no mind to their surroundings, and she reached out to softly stroke the side of his cheek. Occupied with Napoleon’s adoring glances, MC made a mental note to thank Sebastian later for the ice cream which ended up turning into a delicious foreplay session.

Although that part would be her and Napoleon’s dirty little secret. 😉