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Breaking Bracelets With Zayn

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“Is that your bracelet on the floor?” Niall asked and took a bite of his sandwich.

The five boys were at a signing and the crowd was massive and loud. Although they were excited to mingle with the fans, they always enjoyed the thirty minutes break that they had since they get to eat and lazy around for a while.

“Umm...” Zayn cleared his throat and looked at the blue object that was on the floor. “I’ve no idea.”

“Must be Harry,” Liam chuckled. “Where is he anyway?”

“I dunno,” Louis said through a mouthful of his cheese sandwich. “But he’s missing a good meal.”

“Did anyone else hear noises from Harry’s room last night?” Niall asked as he wiped at his mouth.

Zayn’s head shot up at the statement and he swallowed hard; were they being that loud? “He was probably jerking off to some porn,” Zayn shrugged.

“Or maybe he had someone with him,” Louis smirked and looked at Zayn who quickly looked away.

“How would you know?” Zayn tried to ask as casually as he could.

“Just saying,” Louis patted Zayn’s arm. “You’re behaving as though you were the one with curly but don’t want anyone to know.”

“What a crazeh thing to think of,” Zayn laughed nervously and got to his feet.

“Running away, Zayn?” Liam asked and snickered behind his hand.

“I'm not,” Zayn chuckled and picked a bottle from the table. “Just getting some water.”

“Do you know where Harry is?” Louis asked and pulled the bottle from Zayn’s hand.

“He doesn’t tell me everything,” Zayn stated and glared at Louis.

“I was just asking,” Louis defended. “He just broke your bracelet and disappeared.”

“And that automatically means that I know where he is,” Zayn shook his head.

“He probably called you somewhere to do your sex things,” Niall laughed.

“I don’t know where y’all get these ideas from but I don’t do ‘sex things’ with Harry,” Zayn grumbled and got to his feet.

“Where are you going?” Liam asked when he noticed the Bradford boy walking away.

“Just need to use the toilet,” Zayn said without turning around to look at Liam and shoved his phone in his pocket.

Zayn walked down the corridor and pushed open the bathroom door, scanning the room for any sign of Harry. Before he knew it, Zayn heard the door being locked behind him and spun around to see a smiling Harry. The younger boy moved toward Zayn and was about to press his lips to Zayn when the Bradford boy grabbed him by the shoulder and pushed him against the counter.

“What took you so long?”

“I was chatting with the lads,” Zayn shrugged. “What’s blue?”

“Straight to the point, huh?” Harry grinned and hopped onto the counter, sitting on the edge and pulling Zayn between his legs. “Well, that’s a good thing; you got me hard with that gorgeous smile of yours since we were in the middle of the signing.”

Zayn halted Harry when he pulled him closer by the collar. “Today I’ll decide how it goes.”

“We don’t have time for that,” Harry stated and motioned for Zayn to sit on the counter too after jumping off it.

“What is blue?” Zayn asked again.

“Oral Sex,” Harry grinned and his hand moved to unzip Zayn’s jeans. Harry pulled Zayn’s jeans all the way down his legs and let it rest around his ankles, pressing a kiss to his erection through his boxers. Lifting his head to look at Zayn, Harry slid a hand into Zayn’s boxers and ran it along his length.

Harry pulled the head of Zayn’s dick out of the waistband of his tight black boxers and ran his tongue over the skin, earning an impatient groan from the older boy who was already reaching for the waistband of the boxers to pull it off. Harry shook his head and slapped Zayn’s prying hands away; it was his duty to do that. Taking the elastic between his teeth, Harry pulled the cotton material out of his way so that it rested at Zayn’s mid-thighs.

In a slow motion, Harry ran his thumb across the head and wrapped his fingers around Zayn’s length. With his eyes locked with Zayn’s, Harry moved his hand up and down a couple of times, smearing the pre-cum that had collected at the tip. Harry licked his lips and bent forward, leaving the softest kiss at the head of Zayn’s shaft. With as much confidence as he could muster, the curly-haired boy opened his mouth and took the tip of Zayn’s dick into his mouth, rolling his tongue around the head. Zayn bit his lips and placed a hand to Harry’s cheek, stroking the skin as the younger boy kept doing what he was. Sliding his hand to the back of Harry’s head, Zayn laced his fingers into the soft curls and urged Harry to take him deeper.

Harry mumbled something incoherent around Zayn’s length and opened his mouth wider, taking him as deep as he could but immediately pulled away, coughing slightly. Licking the underside of Zayn’s erection, Harry cupped Zayn’s balls in one hand and gently caressed them before taking them into his mouth, sucking on them. When he was ready, he again took in the erection but made sure not to go too deep in case he would gag again. Zayn’s finger pads massaged Harry’s scalp as the curly-haired boy’s head kept bobbing in his lap. While his mouth never stopped its action, his hand left Zayn’s balls and wrapped itself at the base of the older boy’s shaft. Zayn bucked his hips and thrust into Harry’s mouth, meeting the younger boy’s pace.

Harry’s free hand found its way under Zayn’s t-shirt and rubbed at his nipple before pinching hard on it. Biting his lips to keep himself from making noise, Zayn breathed in short puffs as he could feel all the blood in his body rushing to that one particular spot in his lower abdomen. Harry bobbed his head faster, sucking powerfully on Zayn’s length while his hand did not fail to keep up with the speed. Just like he predicted, those actions were too much for Zayn to cope with and he shot his load into Harry’s mouth. Harry kept going until he got everything out of Zayn before pulling away and standing between the Bradford boy’s slightly parted knees, pressing a kiss to his lips while he came down from his high.

“My turn now,” Zayn whispered once his breathing was more steady.

Zayn hopped off the counter and pulled his undies and jeans back on before pushing Harry against the wall and dropping to his knees in front of the curly head.

“Zayn, we don’t... we don’t have time for this,” Harry mumbled as Zayn reached for his belt buckle, his hand stopping the Bradford boy.

Zayn checked his Rolex; Harry was right. They had exactly seven minutes before heading back to the signing. “Like I said, I decide this time.”

“But the others must be wondering where we are.”

“Chickening out, Hazza?” Zayn smirked and Harry looked away, knowing he would not be able to refuse Zayn if he was wearing that fucking killer smirk on his lips.

“What? Of course not.”

“Don’t worry about the others, I’ll handle them,” Zayn again reached for Harry’s belt and undid it.

“But we have to go back to the signing soon,” Harry protested weakly as Zayn popped open the button and unzipped his jeans.

“We’ll tell the boys that I found you in the toilet and that you were sick. And we got you back as soon as you felt better. Ok?”

Harry nodded and Zayn smiled. Without wasting more time, considering all the minutes they had wasted while conversing, Zayn quickly peeled Harry’s Calvin Klein boxers off his hips and let it fall to the boy’s ankles along with his trousers. Zayn’s lips tugged upward at the corners when he came face to face with Harry’s erection and took it into his hand, fisting it. Spitting on the hardened flesh, Zayn smeared the saliva over the length to lubricate it before taking it into his mouth, his lips closing delicately around Harry’s penis. Slowly, Zayn swallowed all of Harry’s shaft into his mouth expertly before pulling away until only the head rested into his mouth.

Harry cursed and closed his eyes; the sight was too much for him to deal with. Never in his life had he thought Zayn Malik would get on his knees to suck him and he doubted he would last long if he kept looking at Zayn; Zayn with his half-opened eyes, Zayn with his mouth around his dick. Pulling away, Zayn took the head of Harry’s shaft into his mouth and pressed his tongue against the slit before rolling it around the sensitive head. Zayn again took all of Harry into his mouth, proceeding to get him off while wishing he had more time to give Harry a good treat. Zayn pulled away before repeating the movement again as one of his hand found its way to Harry’s hip to hold him steady.

With his free hand, Zayn reached for Harry’s balls and squeezed them lightly. Harry squeezed his eyes and pressed his palms flat against the white tiled wall. Zayn sucked powerfully while his head kept bobbing and his fingers fumbled with Harry’s balls. Small whimpers escaped Harry’s parted lips as he sensed his orgasm approaching. To Harry’s disappointment, Zayn pulled away and again spat on his length. His hand left Harry’s testicles and fingers curled around Harry’s erection, jerking him off, slowly at first and then picking up a quick pace. Feeling Harry’s climax approaching, Zayn quickly enclosed his mouth around the head, just in time to catch the first drop of semen. After catching all of Harry’s juice into his mouth, Zayn got to his feet and faced the younger boy.

Zayn pressed his mouth against Harry’s and was glad when Harry parted his lips. Smiling into the kiss, Zayn did what he intended to do; he rubbed his tongue against Harry’s and transferred the cum he had collected into his mouth to Harry’s parted one. Harry wrapped his arms around Zayn’s neck while Zayn pressed his palm against the wall on either side of Harry’s head as they shared a cum-coated kiss. Zayn pulled away and panted, wiping the cum that had dripped down his chin with the back of his hands. Harry licked at his lips and straightened his clothes before getting some paper towel to wipe at his chin. Zayn splashed some water on his face, careful not to wet his hair before patting his skin dry. After taking a last look at himself in the mirror, Zayn turned to look at Harry, checking if the other boy was ready to go.

“That was awesome,” Harry grinned and bumped shoulder with Zayn as they walked to their lounge area.

“Yeah,” Zayn laughed. “Can’t wait to know what black means.”

“Don’t be so impatient, Malik,” Harry bit his lips. “You didn’t even like the sex bracelets.”

“How can I not be when you put it in your sexy ways?” Zayn smirked and goosed Harry’s ass, moving away from the younger boy as soon as they approached the other boys.

“Where have you two been?” Liam asked, a firm glare on his face. “It’s already time to go back and you didn’t even get something to eat.”

“Just chill, Li,” Zayn patted the boy’s shoulder. “We were just using the toilet.”

“I am chilled,” Liam protested. “It’s just that... couldn’t you two wait?”

“Wait? Wait for what? To use the toilet?” Harry laughed. “You don’t want us to wee in our pants, do you?”

“You know what I meant,” Liam chuckled and pointed to the broken bracelet that was still lying on the floor.

“They’re just teenagers in need,” Niall laughed.

“What do you mean?” Zayn asked and slapped the back of Niall’s head before dropping himself on the sofa.

“Oh, don’t give me that,” Niall rolled his eyes. “We all know what you and Harry have been doing.”

“Yeah and if you want to hide what you’re doing, you have to try harder,” Louis shook his head with a huge smile on his lips.

“Leave him alone; you’re making him uncomfortable,” Harry smiled and patted Zayn’s back.

“When I said ‘you’, I meant both of you,” Louis stated.

“Humphf,” Harry sighed and made a face as he plopped himself beside Zayn. “End of discussion.”

“We checked what blue is,” Niall stated and shook his hips from side to side, a huge grin on his face.

“Does that automatically mean that we gave each other heads?” Zayn raised an eyebrow.

“I never said that... wait, did you?” Niall’s head shot up and he stared at his friends with wide eyes.

“I never said that either,” Zayn shrugged.

“Yeah?” Louis laughed. “If so, how did you know what blue meant?”

“Uh-oh... you’re caught and there’s no way out,” Liam said with a clap of his tongue.

“Shut up,” Zayn warned. “I’ve no idea where y’all get these dirty thoughts about Harry and myself but I don’t wanna hear about them.”

“Trust me, what we think about you two is not as wild as what you do together,” Liam laughed along with Niall and Louis.

“You’re impossible,” Zayn shook his head, a small smile creeping on his face. “I knew what blue meant, by the way.”

“How?” the three boys asked in unison.

“Well...” Harry smirked. “Zayn’s kinda kinky; he just doesn’t show it to everyone.”

“And he showed it to you,” Niall said and burst out laughing.

“Maybe...” Harry wriggled his eyebrows and got to his feet. “Shall we? The fans are waiting.”

“What exactly have you guys been doing in the bathroom?” Louis raised an eyebrow and cut the curly-haired boy off when he opened his mouth to answer. “And don’t tell me that you were peeing or whatever excuse you had. I know that you were not doing innocent things in there.”

“What?” Zayn coughed as his eyes caught what Louis was staring at.

“Why are you looking at my leg?” Harry crossed his arms over his chest as Zayn hid his face behind his palms.

“Is that cum?” Louis asked as he pointed to the white substance on Harry’s jeans and all eyes, except Zayn’s, turned to look at the younger boy.

“Do you have anything to say about that?” Niall asked and high-fived with Louis and Liam while laughing.

“Umm...” Zayn cleared his throat. “It’s not what you think...”

“Zayn...” Harry bit his upper lip and turned to the other three, a smirk playing on his lips. “You wanna know what happened?”

“They don’t wanna know, they don’t need to know,” Zayn stated and grabbed a paper napkin, handing it to Harry.

Louis took a seat on the armrest and wrapped an arm around Zayn’s shoulder. “We already know, Zayn. We just want you to confirm it.”

“I'm not confirming anything,” Zayn lifted his hands up and got to his feet.

“DeNIALL,” Liam stated and chuckled as he patted Zayn’s back. “Was it Niall, then?”

“Hey, I was with you the whole time,” Niall protested.

“Just spill it out already, Zayn; we know already,” Louis repeated with a laugh.

“Lou...” Zayn whined.

“Alright, alright,” Louis sighed and turned to the curly head. “Harry?”

“Don’t look at me like this,” Harry chuckled. “We were just... you know...”

“You did Zayn,” Louis stated. “It’s obvious; you’ve been breaking his bracelets since he started wearing them.”

“No, we did each other,” Harry grinned. “How can I not? Zayn is irresistible.”

“I can’t believe it,” Liam shook his head. “You can’t just go and blow each other in a public bathroom; there are paps everywhere.”

“Well, Zayn’s been killing me with that irresistible smirk since the morning,” Harry stated. “He makes me...”

“Harry...” Zayn said in a warning tone and glared at Harry before moving closer to him and whispering. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“They wanna know,” Harry whispered back and shrugged while bumping shoulder with Zayn.

“You can’t,” Zayn sighed and moved away when he realised that the other three boy’s eyes were on them.

“How was he?” Louis asked excitedly.

“Huge,” Harry bit his lips and sent a wink Zayn’s way.

Zayn took hold of Harry’s hand and dragged him to a corner. “You’ve got to stop that,” Zayn warned.

“They already know; stop making a big deal out of it,” Harry stated and shook his head.

“Fine, no more breaking bracelets for you,” Zayn wriggled his eyebrows with a smirk.

“Zayn...” Harry sighed and crossed his arms over his chest. “No more fun for me, means no more fun for you.”

“You know, you’re making it more obvious by behaving this way, right?” Louis chuckled as he moved to Zayn and Harry.

“If this is what you want,” Zayn whispered into Harry’s ear and turned to Louis. “Ok, I’ll say it. Harry and I blew each other.”

“Knew you’d end up admitting it,” Liam smiled. “We know that you can’t resist Harry.”

“End of conversation,” Zayn said and motioned for the boys to get going, grinning at Harry.