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Alert the Press, I've Fucked My Boss

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Tobin walks out onto the cafe patio, spotting her friends, Alex and Allie sitting at a table, happily waving her over. She gives them the best smile that she can muster up after the morning that she has had and plops down in the empty seat at the table. “Sup guys?” She greets them, trying not to sound as stressed as she feels. Though, she knows that they can probably see right through her. She’s never been very good at hiding her emotions, especially not from her best friends. She wears her heart on her sleeve and finds it too exhausting to try and act like she’s not feeling whatever it is she’s feeling.

Sometimes it’s not a good thing, but mostly she decides it’s better than lying or bottling everything up.

And of course, they instantly notice the look on her face. Alex just pushes an empty glass towards her before filling it with the pitcher of bottomless mimosas they’d ordered for brunch. They watch her with concerned looks as she downs the first one and pours herself a second.

“How’s the job search going?” Allie asks hesitantly, knowing that’s what Tobin had been up to all morning and it’s probably what has her in a bad mood.

Tobin lets out a frustrated sigh and rubs her hands over her face. “I don’t want to talk about it,” she mumbles, letting her hands fall onto her lap, a frown on her face.

Alex and Allie frown at each other and then give her a sympathetic look. “That good?” Alex says with a grimace. “Why’d you quit your last job again?” She asks curiously. She knew that Tobin hadn’t loved working for her last employer, but quitting had been pretty abrupt. Though, Tobin rarely thinks things through before she does them, so it wasn’t super surprising either. She’s always been a pretty carefree spirit which sometimes gets her into trouble.

“She didn’t quit,” Allie says with a smirk. “She was fired,” she adds, raising a brow at Tobin.

Tobin winces and then shrugs at Alex, “We had creative differences,” she carefully explains.

“You photographed naked women for your conservative male boss’ website,” Allie says, not being able to hold in her laughter. “I’m surprised he didn’t have a heart attack.”

Tobin can’t help but let out a puff of laughter as well, “His website is trash. It’s all male dominated. He hired me to try and get some more female readers but he wouldn’t let me do anything that I wanted to do,” she says with a frown. “And the way he spoke about women in that magazine was awful. Honestly, I thought he’d like having naked women in it,” she says with a shrug.

“Yeah well, it was real women of all color and not just in the playboy magazine kind of way that he would secretly enjoy,” Allie explains to her. “He wouldn’t want his misogynistic readers to think that women had any flaws or don’t all just look like they are photo-shopped.”

Tobin lets out a sigh, “I hated working there,” she states with a frown.

“I know,” Alex nods agreeing with her. “But you also need the paycheck,” she says sympathetically.

Before Tobin can respond the server walks up to them with a smile on her face asking if they are ready to order. Tobin hadn’t even gotten a chance to look yet, but Allie and Alex seem eager to eat so she just decides on some breakfast Tacos and hands over her menu.

She looks back over at her friends once the server leaves them and quickly goes back to the conversation they were having. ”I’ll find something,” she says, though her luck hasn’t been great. She had a couple of interviews this morning that didn’t go well. She’s pretty sure her old boss is blackballing her and has told other magazines and newspapers not to hire her. Though, she’d really love to just do some freelance photography, and she does occasionally, but not enough to pay all of her bills. She still needs a steady paycheck and job to rely on until she can build up a better clientele. Or until she starts selling more prints and becomes a better known artist. But, she’s never really been good at networking because she’s not the most social person in the world.

“I know you are trying, but she’s right Tobin,” Allie says with a frown. “I don’t want you to hate what you do but we have rent coming up and I can’t afford both halves forever,” she explains to her.

“I’m sorry,” Tobin frowns, knowing that she’s right. She’d been pretty reckless with her last job, knowing that she couldn’t afford to lose it, no matter how much she hated it. She’s happy that she doesn’t have to work for such a terrible man anymore and she doesn’t have to keep compromising her morals for a job, but at the same time she knows that she needs the money.

“Hey, there's an opening at my magazine,” Alex speaks up. “I mean, it’s just an assistant job for our head of fashion,” she explains with a shrug. “It’ll be a lot of grunt work but it’s something,” she tells her. “Plus, maybe you could eventually work your way into getting to photograph some of the shoots,” she shrugs. “It’s a great magazine.”

“Oh that would be pretty cool!” Allie says, clapping her hands. “Head of fashion is Ashlyn Harris, right?” She asks with a grin, and Alex nods, “She’s amazing! That would be really cool to work with her, Tobs,” Allie says enthusiastically. “And she’s right, Re-imagine is an amazing women’s magazine. It’d be right up your ally,” she tells her.

Tobin scrunches her face up, thinking it over. She’s looked at the magazine a few times and it definitely seems like a better platform than what she was working for. It’s a women’s magazine and actually tackles real issues and doesn’t just sugar coat things. Though, she’s not sure she just wants to be someone’s assistant, running around and getting coffee and doing other meaningless tasks. She’s not lazy, but she doesn’t like spending all day doing things that don’t interest her. It’s why she’s never really been able to hold a steady job. She wants to be able to go where she wants and take photos of what she wants, not sit at a desk or do something else meaningless and boring.

Plus, she’s not exactly organized or sure she’d be right for the job. Though, it could be a good stepping stone into something bigger for her. She would love to be able to be a photographer for re-imagine. She knows that she could probably photograph what she wants to and would truly enjoy it. She’s just going to have to suck it up and start from the bottom. “Okay, I guess I could try,” she finally says with a small sigh, knowing she really can’t pass up the chance. A job is a job at this point.

“Great,” Alex smiles. “Just send me your resume and I’ll try and get you an interview,” Alex says. “I know that she’s had a few applicants, but I’m pretty sure I can get you the job,” she says, knowing her status at the magazine and that people trust her opinion.

“Okay,” Tobin says quietly, still not completely confident. And she doesn’t want to screw it up and have it look bad on Alex. But it’s better than doing nothing and she really does feel bad for leaving Allie with all the bills. “Thank you, Alex,” she says, giving her a smile, feeling a bit of stress lifted off of her.

Though, she’s not sure Ashlyn is going to want her. She doesn’t exactly have a resume to be a fashion designer’s assistant.

But, she supposes that it won’t hurt to try.

Tobin leans back in her chair and takes another drink of her mimosa, the alcohol already helping to relax her a bit. She’s been pretty stressed out the past couple of weeks, trying to find a job with no success and trying to manage her money. She really just wants to relax with her friends and not worry about it all for at least an hour.

“Can we go out tonight?” Tobin asks, looking at her friends expectantly. “I could use a drink. Something a little harder,” she adds, referring to the mimosa that she’s currently sipping on. Plus, she knows that she can’t have more than a couple otherwise she won’t be productive the rest of the day. And she has another interview after lunch that she should go to just in case this job doesn’t go through with Alex.

“I have a date,” Allie says with a grin.

Tobin just frowns, not knowing that her friend was dating someone. “With who?” She asks curiously.

“Servando set her up with one of his friends,” Alex informs her. “His name is Bati,”

“Bati?” Tobin asks, confused.

Alex just laughs in response, “It’s a nickname, his name is Jose Batista,” she shrugs. “He’s really cool and I think that him and Allie will get along pretty well,” she says with a smile.

“I’m excited!” Allie says, clapping happily. “We just have to find you someone, Tobs and then we can go on triple dates,” she smirks.

Tobin just rolls her eyes and takes another sip of her mimosa. “I think I’ll just focus on finding a job first. One thing at a time,” she says with a sigh. “Besides, I couldn’t afford to take a girl out right now,” she says with a wince. Sure, she has some money saved up but it’s not going to last long and she knows she doesn’t need to overspend just in case it takes longer than she plans to find another job.

“True,” Allie smirks. “We can find you a sugar mama,” she winks.

“Gross,” Tobin grimaces. “And no thank you. I can find a woman myself,” she informs them.

“When is the last time you even went out on a date?” Alex asks curiously.

Tobin furrows her brows and shrugs her shoulders. “I go on dates all the time,” she informs them.

“Meeting someone at the bar and sleeping with them doesn’t count as a date,” Allie argues.

Tobin just rolls her eyes again. “I don’t really have time for a relationship,” she tries to defend. Though, really she just has a hard time meeting people, other than quick hook ups in a bar.

She isn’t exactly shy, but she’s not a social butterfly either. She sticks with her friends and doesn’t go out of her way to meet new people, not that minds meeting new people either. But, she’s happy with her few close friends, rather than just knowing a lot of people.

Most of the girls she meets at bars just want sex anyway and they almost always approach her. Sometimes, she wishes that she could actually find a girlfriend but she’s fine with just sex sometimes, especially if it’s all she can get at the moment. It’s enjoyable and it’s easy.

Though, the thought of having a girlfriend and someone to share things with and be there with no matter what, sounds appealing as well. She’s always liked being in a relationship more than dating around, she just has a hard time finding someone she actually wants to settle with and who wants to settle with her. For some reason everyone always thinks she just wants casual and isn’t interested in a relationship. It’s probably because she has such a carefree attitude, but nobody really takes the time to get to know her and know what she really wants.

And that’s okay too.

It’ll happen when it happens, is what she keeps telling herself.

“Alex do you want to go grab a drink later?” She then asks, turning to the woman, since Allie was obviously out.

Alex just frowns and shakes her head, “I’m hanging with Serv, I’m sorry. We can go out tomorrow though,” she offers.

Tobin just sighs and nods her head, “Okay,” she settles, though she could really use a night out tonight. Maybe, she’ll just go by herself, though she doesn’t normally do that. She prefers to not drink alone. It seems a little less sad that way. Plus, she gets bored when she’s alone.

Before she has too much time to consider it, their food is arriving and Tobin realizes she’s a lot more hungry than she thought she was. She’s just been so stressed out that she hadn’t even thought about eating.

“Those tacos look bomb,” Allie comments, reaching over to steal a bite.

Tobin swats at her hand though and pulls the plate closer to her. “No way,” she shakes her head with a smirk.

Allie just pouts and goes back to the chicken salad she’d made the poor decision to order.


Christen walks out of her office and just about collides with someone, making her almost drop her phone. She looks up with a scowl ready to chew someone out, but then sighs when she sees her head of fashion, Ashlyn looking at her apologetically. “Sorry,” the woman grumbles, reaching out to steady Christen and make sure she’s okay.

“You okay?” Christen asks carefully, taking in how stressed out the woman looks.

“I’m fine,” Ashlyn sighs. “I just really need an assistant,” she informs her. “I definitely won’t ever take my assistant for granted again,” she says with a slight smirk. “I’ve never been so busy or unorganized. It’s driving me crazy.”

Christen just chuckles, nodding her head. “I know what you mean,” she assures her knowing how much more stressful her life would be if it weren’t for her assistant, Mal. “Do you need help with anything? I’m kind of booked up today but I can maybe spare Mal for a little while, later.”

“No,” Ashlyn quickly shakes her head. “You have more to worry about than I do, I’m not going to put more on you,” Ashlyn assures her. “I’ll just make Ali be my assistant,” she says with a wink.

Christen chuckles, shaking her head, “As long as she gets her articles done, that is fine with me,” she says with a smile.

Ashlyn nods, “Don’t worry she’d rather piss me off than you,” Ashlyn comments with a smirk.

Christen just shakes her head, amused with the girl. “Alright, I need to get going,” Christen says, moving around Ashlyn.

“Hey Christen! Me and Ali are having a little dinner party tomorrow night, would you like to come?” Ashlyn asks, which catches Christen a bit off guard.

She talks to Ashlyn pretty often and they’ve grabbed a quick lunch a few times, but they’ve never really hung out before. “Uh...probably not,” she answers honestly. “I mean...I just don’t know if that would be a good idea,” she comments, lowering her voice a bit, not really wanting the entire floor to hear their conversation.

Ashlyn just rolls her eyes, knowing that Christen was going to say no. She’s invited her to multiple things and she always says no. “Come on, Christen,” she sighs. “I know that you don’t really like fraternizing with your employees or whatever, but it’s me. We’re practically on the same level here,” she says, and Christen just narrows her eyes at the woman, making Ashlyn laugh. “Okay, fine we aren’t on the same level,” she sighs, waving her hand a bit dismissively. “But seriously, you are always here. Do you ever have any fun?” She questions, raising a brow at the woman.

Christen looks a bit offended, and straightens her back, putting her chin in the air slightly. “I have plenty of fun, thank you,” she says, a bit unconvincingly.

“Right,” Ashlyn smirks. “Come on, it’ll be fun. Julie and Crystal will be there with their husbands and then of course Ali,” she says with a shrug. “You should come and you can bring someone of course,” she informs her.

Christen just frowns, because she doesn’t have anyone to bring to a dinner party and she definitely doesn’t want to be the only one that is there alone when it’s clearly a couple’s thing. “I think I’ll pass, but thank you for the invite,” she says, giving Ashlyn a forced smile. “I have a lot of work to do,” she says, and it’s not a complete lie. Though, she could definitely afford to take a break. She just really doesn’t want to go.

“Okay, but I’ll email you the details just in case you change your mind,” Ashlyn tells her with a grin. “Now, I need to get going. I have more interviews this afternoon. So far there has literally been nobody that is qualified for this job. Like, I don’t know who is sending all of these people, but I’m starting to think that it’s a joke,” she says, making Christen chuckle. “So wish me luck,” she says hopefully.

“Good luck,” Christen smiles before letting Ashlyn go and then continuing her way through the floor.

“Christen!” She hears a voice call. She looks up from her phone and sees her assistant Mal walking towards her. “Here you go,” she says, handing an iced coffee over to the woman.

“Thanks,” Christen smiles. “Did you get in touch with legal?” She asks, going back to checking her emails.

“I did. You have an appointment in 10 minutes,” she tells her, making Christen look up with a frown. “You said as soon as possible and he’s available now. Plus, you don’t have anything else scheduled for another 2 hours,” Mal shrugs.

Christen just nods, not being able to be upset with how efficient Mal is. She’d definitely lucked out with her assistant. “Fine.” She sighs, turning around to head back to her office. “Take this down to Kelley in the ad department please,” she says, handing Mal a file. “Oh and schedule an appointment with Pinoe and her team after I get back from lunch. I’m definitely going to need to talk to all of the social media department today,” she says with a tired sigh.

“Is something wrong?” Mal asks in concern.

Christen pinches the bridge of her nose, “Yes, but it’ll be fine,” she tells her. “Take those to Kelley and then get back up here as quick as you can. I’ll need you to take some notes with my meeting from legal,” she instructs her.

Mal nods enthusiastically before practically running towards the elevators.


After lunch, Tobin makes her way down the street with her two friends, heading back to their cars. Thankfully, she had found a parking spot pretty close to the restaurant though her friends had to park a bit further down. So she at least had one thing going right for her today.

“Good luck on your interview, Tobs,” Alex says with a smile, pulling Tobin into a hug.

“Thank you,” Tobin says gratefully. “And thank you for lunch, you really didn’t have to pay,” she says with a frown. She’d argued when the bill came, but she also knew that there was no stopping Alex.

“It’s fine,” Alex says, waving her hand. “I know that you can pay for your own lunch, but I also know that you are going through a hard time right now and I just want to help,” she says with a shrug. “You are my friend and I love you,” she adds with a smile.

“I love you too,” Tobin says, rolling her eyes slightly at all the affection, though she smiles gratefully at her friend.

“I’ll see you at home tonight? I may need some help getting ready for my date,” Allie says with a grin.

Tobin just laughs and shakes her head, “When have you ever wanted fashion advice from me?” She asks teasingly. Tobin has a great fashion sense, but it’s not exactly Allie’s style. “I’ll be there for you though, no worries. I just have an interview in an hour and then I should be home,” she assures her.

“Okay, love you,” she says, giving Tobin a quick hug.

“Love you,” Tobin replies before jumping into her old mustang. She puts the key in the ignition and tries to start it, with no success. She tries it three more times before the engine comes roaring to life, making her let out a sigh of relief. She loves her car, but it is definitely old and needs some work.

“You need a new car, Tobs,” Alex tells her with a smile, shaking her head.

Tobin just frowns, “Shh, she’ll hear you,” she says, petting the dashboard of her beloved car. “She just needs a little attention,” Tobin defends. It’s just something she doesn’t exactly have the money to do right now. But she definitely doesn’t want a new car. She likes her old car, even though they make fun of her for it all the time and don’t understand why she doesn’t just get a new one. When she had a job, she could have afforded a new car but she didn’t want one. She’s always been pretty simple and doesn’t really see the point in fancy things. Her car still runs and gets her from point A to B, she just needs a little work.

Allie rolls her eyes at the girl and starts heading down the street with Alex to their own cars.

“Alright girl,” Tobin says softly, speaking to her car. “Please just get me to this interview on time,” she sighs, hoping that it won’t break down on her while she’s driving there. Not that it’s in that bad of shape, but it’s been her luck lately.

Alex walks back onto her floor of the magazine and sees her boyfriend, Servando walking out of her boss’ office. He is one of the lawyers for the magazine and when he’s on their floor it’s probably not a good sign, unless he’s here to see her and obviously that’s not the case right now.

“Hey, what’s going on?” She asks, as he approaches her.

Servando just sighs, shaking his head. “Someone is suing the magazine,” he tells her, making her eyes widen.

“Seriously?” She asks, a bit concerned.

“It’s no big deal,” he assures her. “It’s not the first time that it’s happened and it won’t be the last,” he tells her. “I have to go,” he says, leaning in and kissing her cheek. “I’ll see you tonight?” He asks, and Alex just nods distractedly.

She walks over to her boss’ office and knocks on the door. Normally she keeps the door open unless she’s having a meeting with someone or if she just needs some privacy, which is probably the case right now. But, Alex also wants to make sure that everything is okay.

Mal walks out of the office, giving Alex a small smile, and Alex can see that Mal looks a little stressed. “What’s going on?” Alex asks her, hoping that Mal will fill her in a little.

But, Mal shakes her had, “I’ve gotta go. Lots to do,” she says with a sigh.

Alex furrows her brows and then walks into the office and sees Christen sitting behind her desk, her face buried in her hands. Though, she quickly sits up straight, collecting herself as Alex walks into the room. “Hey,” Alex says softly. “What’s going on?” She asks, sitting down in the chair on the other side of Christen’s desk. “I’m kind of getting freaked out here,” she admits.

“Just being sued again,” Christen shrugs with a stoic face.

Alex just raises a brow at Christen’s seemingly unconcerned attitude towards something she thinks would be serious. “For what?” She asks curiously.

Christen leans back in her chair and looks at Alex with a sigh, “Do you remember the story that we ran last month about the gay teenager that got kicked out of his house?” Christen asks curiously.

Alex nods, “Yeah! He got roped into a whole prostitution ring just so he could have a place to live and some money to eat,” she says with a frown, thinking back to the sad story. “What about it? Is he okay?” She asks, growing concerned. She remembers him sharing his experience and she knew that he’d been in a dark place at times and she’s really hoping the worst hadn’t happened.

“He’s fine,” Christen assures her, knowing where her thoughts were going. “But, his parents are suing us,” she explains. “He’s a minor and his parents are throwing a fit over the story being published” she says with a sigh. “Obviously, they just feel guilty and are angry that they’re being called out on doing something so shitty,” she says, rolling her eyes.

“We didn’t even use their names,” Alex tries to defend. “And they kicked him out of their house and basically disowned him. They don’t really have a right to say what he does and doesn’t do or what interviews he does. It’s his story to tell,” she says, growing angry. “How did they even see it anyway? Doesn’t seem like the type of magazine they would read.”

Christen just shrugs. “It doesn’t really matter. He’s a minor and technically they still had to give consent to feature him in our magazine,” she says. “They never legally disowned him and they just found an opportunity for some money,” she informs Alex. “Plus, I’m sure they’re embarrassed for their actions now that the world knows,” she adds. “They’re just angry and taking it out on us.”

“So what are we going to do?” Alex asks.

“Well we have to pull it from the website. Obviously we can’t take it out of the printed copies that have already gone out.” She starts to explain. “But I’m sure we will just end up settling with them,” she tells her. “It’s fine, Alex. It happens,” she tries to explain. “We write about things that upset a lot of people. Believe me, it won’t be the last time we get threatened or someone tries to sue us. It’s not the first time,” she tells her.

Alex just nods, knowing that’s the same thing that her boyfriend had told her. Though, she had never realized they’d been sued before. It makes sense, but she’s never really thought about it or seen this side of the magazine. Her boyfriend is one of their lawyers, but they rarely talk about work. Plus, they haven’t been dating for that long so it’s probably something that had happened in the past.

“We will hopefully just be able to settle and they’ll get some money,” Christen says with a sigh. “That’s the easiest way. I don’t think they want the attention that would bring them if we go to court either,” she says, feeling confident about it.

“So they kick their teenage son out for being himself and then get paid for it? That’s fucked up,” Alex says, angry.

Christen nods in agreement, running a hand through her hair, “Yeah it is, but there isn’t much we can do about it,” she says regretfully. “I really need to get back to work though. Was there anything else you needed?” Christen asks, tiredly.

Alex just shakes her head, “No, I’ll leave you alone. Just let me know if there is anything that I can do to help,” she says, standing up from her chair.

“Thanks, Alex,” she says quietly, rolling her shoulders to try and ease some tension. “Just make sure you get me your article in by the end of the week, yeah?” She asks, knowing she doesn’t need the added stress of one of her writers not finishing their assignments.

“Yeah of course,” Alex assures her. “Oh, also,” Alex says, turning back around, though she frowns. “This is probably not a good time, but I have a friend that I’d like to recommend for the assistant job for Ashlyn,” she tells her. “She sent me her resume,” she tells her.

Christen just nods distractedly as she starts typing on her computer. “That’s all up to Ashlyn. I trust her to hire her own people,” she informs her, glancing back up at Alex. “You’ll have to go and talk to her,” she then tells her. “She did mention that she was having trouble finding someone though, so I’m sure she will be thrilled if you truly believe this woman is up for the job,” Christen informs her.

“Yes, she definitely is. Thank you,” Alex says, before walking out of Christen’s office.

She walks over to her desk and sees Ali sitting at her own desk across from Alex’s. She goes over to the girl with a sympathetic smile and places a hand on her shoulder, “Hey I just heard about the article you wrote,” she says softly. Ali had been the one to interview the young boy and get his story out into the world. She also knows how much this story meant to her and how much getting it out there meant.

Ali looks up and gives her a tight lipped smile, “Yeah,” she says simply, not really having any other words. She still hasn't fully processed it. “I feel terrible that something I wrote is causing so much trouble for Christen and the magazine,” she admits.

Alex shakes her head, giving Ali’s shoulder a comforting squeeze. “Hey it’s not your fault,” she tells her. “It was a great story,” she truthfully. “And anyway, at the end of the day, Christen makes the call on what we post and she probably knew that it could get some black lash,” she tries to explain.

Ali just nods, because she knows but it still doesn’t make it any easier. Her name was on the legal suit and she was kind of being sued as well, though it really just fell on the magazine.

“And regardless, it’s good that it was out there and that people saw it. It needs to be acknowledged that these things happen every day. It’s terrible and it causes these kids so much pain and hardship,” she says, shaking her head in anger.

“Yeah, I know. I hate that we have to take it off the site,” she says with a frown. “I’m going to try and come up with another article that doesn’t actually refer to anyone specific but it won’t be as empowering,” she explains.

“I’m sure it’ll be great,” Alex assures her. “Hey, have you seen your wife around here anywhere?” She asks curiously.

“She was down in the studio doing a shoot, but I’m not really sure anymore,” Ali says with a shrug. “She’s normally hard to find, she moves around so much,” she says with a small chuckle. “Do you want me to try and call her?”

Alex just shakes her head, “No, I’ll just email her and catch her later. I have someone that I’d like to suggest as her assistant,” she informs the girl. “She’s one of my best friends, but honestly I think she’d be great and I think her and Ash would get along great,” she tells her. “She’s a photographer, but she’s willing to start anywhere,” she says.

Ali just nods, “Well she hasn’t found anyone that she likes yet, so I’m sure she’ll be open for an interview,” Ali shrugs. “As long as you aren’t just trying to get your friend a job, even though she won’t be right for it.” Ali explains, though she doesn’t feel like Alex would do anything like that.

“Of course not,” Alex defends. “I’d never jeopardize the magazine or put Ashlyn in that type of situation. I really think that she’d be a good fit,” Alex says honestly. “She’s a great photographer and artist and she loves fashion. She says they’re just doodles, but she’s even designed some of her own clothes,” Alex shrugs.

“Okay well tell me if you need help getting a hold of her,” Ali says with a smile.

“Thanks,” Alex says gratefully, before heading back over to her desk.


After spending way too much time watching Allie change her clothes for her date, Tobin had finally sent her on her way and was able to get some time to herself. She’s still feeling the stress of the day on her shoulders and spending the last hour watching Allie go through her entire wardrobe hadn’t helped much. Allie kept asking for her opinion just to disagree with her and change into something else. It was exhausting, really. But, she knows that the girl was just nervous for her take and Tobin couldn’t really be mad at that.

She walks into one her favorite bar that her, Alex and Allie frequent. It’s just a couple of blocks away from the magazine that Alex works at and not too far from their apartment which makes it pretty easy.

She feels a little strange coming in by herself, but honestly she wants a drink after the day she’s had and both of her friends are busy. She could have just drank at home, but that seems a little more sad then going out alone. Plus, boring. She likes to be out and around people when she’s drinking.

She decides to just sit at the bar top, instead of grabbing a table in the back like they normally do. Maybe she won’t look so lame or lonely if she’s at the bar top. Plus, maybe she’ll be able to meet someone that she can have a conversation with if she sits here. Again, not that she’s the most social person, but it’s nice to have someone to chat with while having a drink.

She sits next to a woman wearing a sleek black pantsuit, looking very put together, except for her wild curly hair that Tobin immediately decides she loves. The woman is on her phone and has a scowl on her face, not looking like she’s up for any company. But, she’s also the only other person sitting at the bar at the moment so Tobin sits next to her anyway, though she keeps a respectable distance between them so she doesn’t seem too creepy or like she’s violating her space.

Tobin orders herself a beer and a shot of whiskey as soon as she sits down, the bartender already knowing what she likes.

While she waits on the bartender, she turns her attention back to the woman she’s sitting next to, just quietly observing her. She’s typing pretty hard on her phone, the scowl still evident on her face. She only takes a quick break to down the rest of the martini sitting in front of her before going back to angrily typing on her phone.

“Another one?” The bartender asks knowingly and Christen just nods, not looking up from her phone.

“You look like you had a worse day than I did,” Tobin comments with a friendly smile. But the girl doesn’t look up at her. Tobin isn’t even sure that she heard her, but the way the girl’s fingers pause on her phone momentarily, let her know that she did, she’s just ignoring her. “Wow, good talk,” Tobin mumbles, taking the shot of whiskey that the bartender places in front of her.

The woman next to her just furrows her brows and glances over at her, “What?” She asks, annoyed.

Tobin just shrugs at her. “I was just saying that you look like you had a shitty day too,” Tobin says casually. “I was just trying to make conversation,” she adds with another friendly smile. “I had a pretty crap day as well,” she says, hoping that if she gives her a little, that maybe she will give her something as well.

“Oh. Yeah, I did,” she replies shortly, before going back to her phone.

Tobin just bites her lip, watching the girl a moment longer, hoping that she’s going to look up from her phone and actually acknowledge Tobin, but she doesn’t. “Can I buy you another drink?” Tobin then asks.

The girl just sighs loudly and finally looks over at Tobin. “No,” she says simply and firmly.

Tobin is a little caught off guard by the intensity of the green eyes staring back at her, and she swallows hard. “Oh,” Tobin frowns. “Okay, I was just trying to be nice,” Tobin shrugs, feeling a bit awkward now under the woman’s intense gaze.

“Thanks, but I can buy my own drinks,” the woman responds, before going back to her phone.

“I’m sure that you can,” Tobin says, and she’s not really sure why she’s still trying to talk to this woman that obviously wants nothing to do with her. “Again, I was just trying to be nice. My bad,” she says with a sigh of her own, putting her hands up, backing off of the woman.

“Yeah, and I’m just trying to have a few drinks and forget about this shitty day without being hit on,” the woman snaps, glaring over at Tobin again.

Tobin just raises a brow at her, and laughs. “I wasn’t hitting on you,” she says, furrowing her brows. “Don’t flatter yourself,” she adds a bit bitterly. Though, Tobin can’t help but admit this woman is gorgeous and she would definitely hit on her. She’s a little uptight and mean though, Tobin is starting to learn. “Though, maybe you could use it. May loosen you up a bit,” Tobin can’t help but smirk.

The woman’s mouth drops and she stares at Tobin in shock. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me,” Tobin says simply. “You’re obviously really tense right now. I can see the way your entire body is tensed up and rigid. And you’re kind of being a bitch,” she says honestly.

“Did you just call me a bitch?” She asks, shocked.

Tobin just shrugs. “I said you are acting like one.”

“Does calling women bitches work for you or?

Tobin laughs and shakes her head, “I don’t make that a habit,” she admits. “But, again, I’m not hitting on you,” she reminds her.

“Right,” she mumbles in return, and once again goes back to her phone.

“I’m just saying that maybe you need to get laid,” Tobin says. “Not that I’m offering of course,” she smirks. Though, she’s not exactly not offering. “I’m Tobin by the way,” she says, realizing she hasn’t introduced herself yet.

“Christen,” the girl mumbles after a moment, clearly not sure if she wanted to give Tobin her name.

“Nice to meet you, Christen,” Tobin says with a smile, before taking a sip of her beer, feeling proud that she at least got some sort of information out of her.

Christen just hums in response, finishing her email and then setting her phone down on the counter. Tobin thinks that it means the girl is finally going to give her some attention and talk to her. “Can I pay my tab, please? Christen asks the bartender, making Tobin frown.

“You’re leaving?” Tobin asks, disappointed.

Christen glances over at her, “As much as I love being called a bitch, I think I should go,” she says honestly.

Tobin just rolls her eyes. “I didn’t call you a bitch,” she sighs. “You have to admit you are a little uptight. And a little rude,” She says, looking at Christen expectantly, seeing if she was actually going to deny it.

Christen just signs the credit card receipt and stands up off the bar, grabbing her purse. “And you are annoying,” she retorts. “I have to go. Oh and you should really work on some better lines to use on women,” she says simply, before heading towards the door.

“I wasn’t hitting on you!” Tobin calls after her, and she can’t help but smirk.

Tobin just watches her leave, not being able to stop herself from letting her eyes travel down the girl’s body. She has one of the best ass’ that she’s ever seen. And maybe she was uptight and rude, but for some reason, Tobin finds herself intrigued by the girl, and wanting to talk to her more.

She sighs and turns back to the bartender who is wiping down the counter where Christen was just sitting. “Does she come in here a lot?” She asks curiously. She’s in here quite a bit, but she’s never noticed the woman before. Though, her and her friends always sit in the back of the bar, and she doesn’t see a lot of who comes in. She’s normally pretty wrapped up in her friends.

“Yeah,” the bartender responds. “I think she works around here somewhere,” she informs her. “She is always alone and just has a few drinks before she leaves. She always looks a bit angry. I just assume her job is stressful. She’s not much of a talker,” she informs Tobin with a shrug. “She tips really well and never causes any problems so I like her,” she adds with a smile.

Tobin just nods, letting out a hum of acknowledgement. “I guess I’ll have to pay more attention.”

“You having another?” The woman asks, nodding down to Tobin’s empty beer.

“Sure,” Tobin nods, pushing the empty glass towards her. With a sigh, she glances around the bar, noticing how dead it is tonight and that there isn’t really anyone she sees that she’d want to talk to.

She pulls her phone out and looks up the re-imagine website. She decides she should read some articles and do some research on the company if she really wants this job.


“So how was your date?” Tobin asks curiously as she sits with her two friends at lunch. Thankfully, they’ve just decided to go to a pretty cheap cafe today that Tobin is pretty sure she can afford. They meet for lunch or brunch almost every day as long as their schedules line up and normally it’s not a problem. But with Tobin being unemployed she’s starting to get a little worried about her spending. And she hates that her friends always try and pay for her. She doesn’t want to be a charity case and she also knows that Allie is going to have to help her out with her half of the bills this month.

She just hopes she can find a job soon.

She really hopes that it works out with re-imagine, but she’s not going to get her hopes up.

“It was so great,” Allie gushes with a huge grin. “Alex was right, he’s perfect for me,”

“Okay, it was one date,” Tobin says, shaking her head with a smile. “Don’t start planning the wedding,” she rolls her eyes fondly.

Allie just shoves her with a laugh. “I’m not!” She defends. “I’m just saying that it went really well and I think that it could really go somewhere,” she says with a small shrug.

“That’s great,” Tobin smiles, “I’m happy for you,” she says honestly. Though, maybe she’s a little jealous too. Both of her friends have their lives together with good jobs and relationships and she doesn’t have either one right now. She kind of feels like she has nothing.

“Tobs, I talked to Ashlyn about you,” Alex informs her. “She said she will definitely schedule an interview with you, but she also told me no guarantees,” she says honestly. “She’s not going to give you the job just because you are my best friend,” she tells her.

“Of course not,” Tobin shakes her head. “I’d never want her to do that,” she says truthfully.

“You just have to wow her in your interview,” Allie says, “Which I am sure you’ll have no problem doing,” she adds with a smile. “You can be pretty charming,” she winks.

Tobin blushes slightly and shoves her friend, “I am not,” she mumbles, rolling her eyes. Honestly, she thinks she’s kind of awkward and terrible with words, but for some reason her friends seem to think she’s charming. And so do most women. Tobin doesn’t really understand it, but she’s not going to complain about it. She’s always had a pretty easy time getting women, even when she’s not trying.

“You should take some of your clothing designs,” Alex suggests.

Tobin’s eyes widen and her face turns red, “What? No way!” She exclaims. “Those are just random doodles, I’m not showing them to someone like Ashlyn Harris,” she says, rolling her eyes. “Besides, I’m not going for a fashion career,” she reminds them.

“No, but you are applying to be the head of fashion’s assistant. It may help if she knows you are interested in fashion and actually have some talent with it,” Alex replies. “You should take some of your fashion photography for sure,” she then says, knowing that Tobin would be more comfortable with that.

“Okay,” Tobin nods. “I can do that, if you think it’ll help,” she says, a bit unsurely. She’s not really sure how showing her art will help her get an assistant job, but she’s willing to try anything.

“It will,” Alex decides. “She wants someone with a good eye and someone with a similar taste to her own and you have that,” Alex explains. “She likes to get second opinions sometimes and I really think you could impress her,” she says confidently.

“Okay, when does she want to do this interview? Should I call her?” Tobin asks, not wanting to seem like she’s being lazy and making Alex do all the work for her.

“I’ll give you her email. She’s pretty busy so I wouldn’t bother her with a phone call. This is exactly why she needs an assistant,” she tells her.

“Okay, thank you. I’ll email her this afternoon,” she says with a nod.

“This is so exciting! We’re going to be working together!” Alex claps happily.

Tobin smiles and shakes her head, “I don’t have the job yet,” she reminds her, though she’s feeling herself getting a little excited as well. After she left the bar last night, she spent most of the night looking at older copies of the magazine and she’s pretty impressed with what she’s seen. It’s a great platform and they’re trying to do some good in the world which is exactly what Tobin wants to do.

Later that night they return to their usual bar, and Tobin is happy that her friends are actually joining her this time. Though, a part of her kind of wanted to go alone in hopes of seeing Christen at the bar again. But, she knows that she should probably just forget about the woman. She obviously didn’t want much to do with Tobin and Tobin doesn’t want to be that inappropriate and persistent person that won’t take no for an answer. Even though she never actually got told no, because she never actually even asked her out or hit on her.

She was just offering to buy her a drink to be nice. Or so she’ll tell herself.

She’s definitely not going to let Christen be right.

She has some pride too.

But they’ve been here for almost two hours now and she’s still seen no sign of the girl. She’s paying attention to her friends, but she finds herself glancing towards the bar every now and then trying to just catch a glimpse of Christen, but she hasn’t seen her yet. Though, she knows it was a little far fetched to believe that she’d run into her two nights in a row. Although the bartender did say she was in here a lot.

She tunes back into the conversation her friends are having, but just frowns when she realizes that Alex is telling some story involving Servando and Bati, the guy that Allie had gone out on a date with. She has only met Servando a couple of times and she’s definitely never met Bati so she’s not exactly interested in hearing whatever hi jinks the two apparently get up to together, being best friends.

Allie on the other hand, finds it hilarious and Tobin can tell that the woman is already very smitten for this guy. Tobin finds it pretty cute and she’s happy that Allie has found someone she likes so much. She definitely deserves it.

“Okay, I’m getting us some shots!” Allie shouts, standing up from the couch that they’re sitting at.

Tobin furrows her brows at her, because they don’t normally make it a habit to do shots, unless they’re celebrating something. Normally they just come out and have a few drinks and relax after a long day.

“We’re celebrating! I have a new man and you have a new job!” Allie exclaims.

“I don’t have a new job. I have a job interview,” Tobin corrects. “And I have gone on a handful of those the past few weeks and nothing has happened so don’t get too excited,” she says with a sigh.

“Don’t be so negative, Toby!” Allie scolds her. “You’re getting this job, I just know it!” She says before happily walking up to the bar to get them their shots.

Alex just laughs and turns back to Tobin, “So your interview is tomorrow afternoon?”

Tobin nods and takes a sip of her beer, “Yes, right after lunch,” she confirms. She’d emailed Ashlyn as soon as they’d left lunch and surprisingly, she hadn’t taken very long to reply to her. Even more surprising she’d scheduled the interview for the very next day. Tobin assumed she’d be too busy and it’d be a little further away, which would give her a little more time to prepare. Though, she figures that Ashlyn is pretty desperate for some help if she’s as busy as Alex says she is.

“Awesome. We can meet up for lunch and I’ll help prep you a bit and then we can go back in together?” Alex asks with a smile.

“That’d be great,” Tobin nods, gratefully.

“Alright ladies, here we go!” Allie says with a grin, placing the shots of tequila in front of them.

“Tequila? Really?” Tobin asks, shaking her head. “I have a job interview tomorrow!” She says, though she picks up the glass anyway.

Allie just waves her hand dismissively. “You’ll be fine! It’s in the afternoon, plus, it’s just one shot and I know you can handle way more than that,” she says, knowingly.

Tobin just smirks and clinks her glass with her friends, before throwing it back without a problem. Honestly, tequila is one of her favorites, she just tries not to drink too much of it. She’d spent the majority of the last few years partying and drinking way too much. She’s actually trying to get her life together now and be a little more responsible. Though, it’s a lot harder than it seems sometimes.

“Okay, I need to get going,” Alex says after a few more moments, grabbing her purse and standing up from her seat.

Allie frowns over at her, “Boo! We’re celebrating!” She scolds and Tobin can tell that her friend has maybe had a little too much to drink, which just makes her laugh.

“Get her home safe, yeah?” Alex asks, looking down at Tobin.

Tobin just nods her head before standing up and giving Alex a hug. “Yeah, of course.”

“Don’t drink too much. I’ll see you at lunch,” Alex says before giving Allie a hug as well and heading for the door of the bar.

Once she gets outside she surprisingly runs into her boss, her brows raising when she sees her. “Hey, Christen,” she says, a little shocked to see her outside of a bar. Not that she’s not allowed to enjoy herself as well, it’s just that Christen is always so serious and so work focused, it’s hard to imagine her having a life outside of the office. Which she knows is stupid and unfair.

“Hey,” Christen says back, straightening her back and clearly uncomfortable seeing one of her employees out as well. She’s never wanted to make it a habit to hang out with the people she works with. Even though, Ashlyn, Julie and Crystal constantly try and get her to do things with them. And maybe it wouldn’t be so bad hanging out with them once in awhile, but she honestly doesn’t have much time. And really, she’s never been good at making friends. She’s always been so focused on school and work that she’s never had much time for a social life.

Honestly, she doesn’t have any friends.

And she’s fine with that.

Or so she tells herself.

“I was with some friends. I’m leaving now though,” Alex finds herself saying, though she’s not really sure why. She just feels a bit weird for her boss to see her at a bar on a weeknight. Though, she supposes that Christen is here as well so she can’t really judge her. Though, it’s her magazine so she can do whatever she wants.

“Have a good night,” Christen nods simply.

“Yeah, you too,” Alex says, giving her a small awkward wave, before heading down the street.

Christen takes in a breath and then walks into the bar, taking her usual seat at the bar top. She doesn’t even have to ask before a dirty martini is sat in front of her.

It doesn’t take long for Tobin to spot Christen when she walks into the bar. She can’t stop herself from smiling and completely tuning out whatever it was Allie had been saying to her. “I’ll be right back,” she interrupts the blonde, before she stands up and makes her way over to the bar.

She sits down next to Christen with a smirk on her face. “Hey,” she greets.

Christen turns to look at her and then sighs when she realizes who it is. “You’ve got to be kidding,” she grumbles, rolling her eyes.

Tobin just laughs, even though she feels a bit offended at the reaction. “Wow, I’m happy to see you as well,” Tobin comments, the smirk still on her face, not letting the girl’s attitude deter her.

“I definitely didn’t say that,” Christen mumbles, pulling her phone out, just like she had the last time.

Tobin just watches her for a moment, observing her switch back and forth from drinking her martini and typing away on her phone. “You are pretty attached to that thing,” Tobin comments, nodding towards her phone. “You should put it down and actually enjoy yourself,” she tells her.

Christen just sighs again and glances over at Tobin. “It’s work. There is always something going on,” she says honestly.

“Ah so you are one of those workaholics,” Tobin smirks, just making the other girl glare at her, though she can’t really deny it. Running an entire magazine has definitely been stressful, especially with the lawsuit and everything else going on right now.

“I guess so,” Christen says with a shrug, and then goes back to her phone.

Tobin just lets out a hum and then glances over at Allie who is watching her. She decides that she should probably go back to her friend, considering she’d drank quite a bit tonight and she probably shouldn’t be on her own for long. “Alright, well I’ll leave you alone with your friend,” she says with a smirk, referring to her phone. “Put her drinks on me,” Tobin then tells the bartender, motioning towards Christen.

Christen’s head snaps up and she furrows her brows, “What? No,” she protests, shaking her head. “I told you that I don’t need you buying my drinks,” she says with a frown.

“I’ve got them, alright?” Tobin tells the bartender, who gives her a nod and walks away, not giving Christen another chance to protest.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” Christen says, annoyed.

Tobin just shrugs and gives her another smile. “I wanted to,” she says simply.

“Fine,” Christen sighs, “But this doesn’t mean I owe you anything,” she feels the need to say. “I don’t have to talk to you and I definitely don’t have to come home with you,” she says firmly.

Tobin just furrows her brows, shaking her head at Christen, “I would never think that,” she says seriously. She’s definitely not that kind of person to where she thinks someone has to sleep with her if she buys them drinks.

Christen studies her for a moment and then nods her head, believing her. “Okay,” she says, her face softening just a bit as she puts her cell phone down. “Thank you,” she then says, surprising Tobin.

It makes her grin widely at the woman, “You’re welcome,” she replies happily. “I really am going to leave you alone now,” Tobin assures her. “I should get back to my friend,” she says, motioning behind her to Allie, who is staring at her, looking a bit impatient.

“Oh okay,” Christen responds, and Tobin swears that she sounds disappointed.

“I’ll see you around, Christen,” Tobin says with a smile before walking back over to Allie and sitting down next to her.

“Who was that?” Allie asks immediately.

“Hmm?” Tobin asks, sipping her beer as her eyes move back over to Christen, “Oh, just a girl I met last night,” she says with a small shrug. “I had to come in alone last night since you guys were too busy for me,” Tobin says, narrowing her eyes, but she smiles at her friend, letting her know she’s not actually upset.

Allie just laughs, “Well you are welcome for that. She’s hot!” She exclaims, turning back to Tobin. “Did you hook up with her?” Allie asks knowingly.

“No,” Tobin answers easily. “She actually doesn’t like me very much. Said I was annoying,” Tobin says, with a chuckle.

Allie raises a brow and then glances back over at Christen, “I don’t think that’s true,” she comments.

“What do you mean?” Tobin asks, confused.

“She hasn’t stopped staring at you since you walked away,” Allie tells her.

Tobin furrows her brows again, not really believing Allie. She glances back over at Christen and sure enough finds her staring. Though, when she realizes she’s been caught, she quickly looks back down at her phone, trying to act as if she hadn’t been looking. Tobin smirks because she can see the blush from across the room.

“I think she’s into you, Tobs,” Allie smirks, nudging her friend.

Tobin takes another sip of her beer, leaning back against the couch. “I don’t know,” Tobin says, unsure. She looks back across the room at Christen and catches her eye once again. This time she doesn’t look away and bites down on her lip, giving Tobin a smile.

Tobin is a bit surprised but grins back at her before Christen goes back to her phone, and turns around to face the bartender again.

“Well go!” Allie says, slapping Tobin’s leg.

Tobin just laughs and shakes her head. “No,” she says, looking back at Allie. “I said that I’d get you home safely,” she says with a slight frown.

Allie just rolls her eyes. “I’ll be fine,” she assures her. “I text Bati,” she then reveals with a devilish grin.

“You what?” Tobin asks with wide eyes. “Allie, you went on one date with the guy and now you are drunk texting him?” She asks, not thinking that it’s a good idea.

Allie just shrugs her shoulders, “We’ve been texting all night,” she tells her. “He was with some friends at another bar down the street but he’s going to come over here,” she smiles.

“You sure that’s a good idea? You’re kind of drunk,” Tobin asks skeptically.

Allie rolls her eyes and lets out a dramatic sigh. “I’ll be fine. I’m not even that drunk, Toby,” she assures her. “Plus, if anything happens to me, he’s Servando’s best friend so you’ll know where to find him,” she says with a smirk, but that doesn’t make Tobin feel much better. “Now go! He said he’s almost here and your girl is paying out,” she says, making Tobin’s head whip around to see Christen signing her credit card receipt.

“Fine, but please text me if you need me,” she tells Allie, hesitantly standing up. “Or Alex,” she says, making Allie nod.

“Yes, mom,” Allie says sarcastically.

Tobin just rolls her eyes and heads towards the bar. She walks up behind Christen and leans over her shoulder, “Want to get out of here?” She whispers in her ear.

Christen jumps slightly and then turns her head enough to see Tobin standing behind her with a smirk on her face. Christen looks a bit offended for a moment at the offer, “Are you seriously asking me to go have sex with you?” She asks, not really sure she is believing it.

Tobin just smiles at her and shrugs her shoulders.

Christen opens her mouth to say something but then shuts it again, and Tobin doesn’t miss the way that Christen’s eyes travel up and down her body as she bites her lip.

“If you want,” Tobin says, making Christen’s eyes snap back up to meet her own. “And I think you do,” she says confidently.

Christen just frowns at her, and Tobin keeps smiling, which just kind of annoys Christen even further. “You’re so annoying,” she states with an eye roll. “It’s a little infuriating,” she admits.

Tobin chuckles and chugs the rest of her beer before sitting it on the bar. She waves over the bartender and quickly pays for her tab. “I see that you convinced her to let you pay for your own drinks,” Tobin remarks, not missing that minor detail.

“I told you that I can buy my own drinks,” Christen scowls.

Tobin just grins at her and shrugs her shoulders, “Whatever you want, Princess,” she says, making Christen scoff at the nickname. “Anyway....the offer is there if you want it,” she then tells her, standing back up off the bar.

Tobin then walks past her and out the front door, leaving Christen to consider her options.

It doesn’t take long before Christen is jumping off the stool and quickly walking outside, hoping to still catch up to Tobin. And when she gets outside, she sees Tobin casually leaning against the brick wall of the building, her hands in her pockets.

“You were waiting on me?” Christen asks, raising a brow.

Tobin just shrugs again, a smug grin on her face. “I knew you’d come,” she says simply.

Christen once again rolls her eyes at Tobin, “You are way too smug,” she says with a glare.

“And you are uptight, and a little rude, stubborn-

“Seriously?” Christen asks incredulously. “You really think I’m going to come home with you after you keep insulting me?” She asks, folding her arms across her chest.

“Yes, I do,” Tobin says confidently, stepping into Christen’s space. “You’re also beautiful, feisty, and so sexy,” she whispers, letting her arms wrap around Christen’s waist, pulling the girl close to her. Christen leans her head back slightly and lets her arms hang limply by her sides, but she doesn’t pull away from Tobin. “And I really want to kiss you right now,” Tobin says, letting her forehead rest against Christen’s.

Christen frowns and pulls back just slightly to look at Tobin, her eyes darting between Tobin’s eyes. After a few seconds, she rolls her eyes at herself letting out a huff and then brings her hand up, gripping the back of Tobin’s neck and crashing their lips together.

Tobin’s moans against Christen’s lips pulling the girl even closer to her as she deepens the kiss. She feels Christen’s fingers tangling in her hair as the kiss turns a bit desperate. She slides her hands down over Christen’s perfect ass and groans at the feel of it under her hands, her fingers gripping onto it, pressing Christen flush against her.

“Take me to your place,” Christen whispers against Tobin’s lips.

Tobin nods, her chest heaving as her breath comes out in soft pants. “Let’s go,” she says, pulling away from Christen to grab her hand and pull her down the street.

“Wait!” Christen giggles, trying to keep up with Tobin’s excited pace in her heels.

Tobin just grins at her and slows down just slightly to make it easier for Christen. Though, a part of her just wants to pick Christen up and carry her the rest of the way to their apartment so that they can get there quicker.

Christen seems to be just as impatient as Tobin is because after another minute, Tobin finds herself being pressed up against the wall of some random building, Christen’s lips against her own again.

Tobin grimaces as her head collides with the brick, but she can barely be bothered. She just pulls Christen closer and kisses her dirtily, all tongue and teeth as her chest heaves with her heavy breathing. She tangles her fingers in Christen’s hair and tugs her head to the side, before trailing her kisses down Christen’s neck.

“How far do you live?” Christen pants, her hands slipping up under Tobin’s shirt.

“Just another block,” Tobin replies, pulling her lips away from Christen’s neck. “Come on,” she says, reluctantly pushing herself off the wall and pulling Christen down the street.

As hot as that was, she really doesn’t want to fuck Christen on the busy sidewalk. The thought alone kind of makes her moan though.

“You coming?” Christen asks, tugging on Tobin’s hand.

Tobin just shakes her head, pulling herself from those dirty thoughts and nods her head. She leads Christen down the sidewalk trying to keep her hormones in check long enough to get them back to her apartment.