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Tied to you

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What you saw was definitely not what you'd ever expected that day. Okay, let's be clear. You weren't really expecting ANYTHING. Especially not THAT image.

The day was so far just like the others. Normal. Boring. Tiring. A lot of rude clients. With a sigh you put keys and fumbled with your coat. The flat was quiet and only your mumbles could be heard. Your roommate - Gabriel; If he's not already towering behind you, is probably out.

You turned around. Indeed there he was. But... What??

From where you were standing he's on couch and HE looked like he couldn't move even a finger.
The sight itself wasn't bad. Quite opposite. Your giant of a roommate was sitting, or rather, trying to sit as primly as anyone could with a long, long bluish rope tying him in quite uncomfortable position. Aw he's wearing those sweatpants you bought him!

You had to admit, that was not what you pictured him in, while you were buying them but that's not a problem to you. Definitely not a problem.

You moved towards the sofa. A really fetching present indeed. Shiny muscles perfectly tensed... His bare chest gaining slightly pink colour... His blush was slowly expanding downwards and you had to stop following it. You were hungry before but that's a whole another feast on the table.

-'Um... Hi. As you see I'm in a quite sticky situation.' - He was so still. A deer in headlights.

*Oh not yet* you thought. - 'Looks uncomfortable. Are you okay?'

-'it is. I'll appreciate some help if you're amenable. It's tight and rubbing into all the wrong places'

You think it might be the first time hearing and seeing him distressed... Also this proper. Well. First time for everything, right?
You moved your hand to his left arm and tested the ropes. Tight indeed. Skin underneath was leaving slightly red marks and it looked really really good on him.
You traced your fingers down with the rope.

-'Hhh... What're you doing?' he fidgeted. You had to hold him still or he's going to fall to the floor face first.

-'You've wanted me to help so here i am. Helping. I do need to find the endings if it.' Some of the knots you've seen looked messy... It's going to be a looong night.

-'Yes, yes! You're right. They're at the back. Near my hands.' - You shifted him around. You could get used to manhandling him-'I tried to untie it myself but i think it's got worse...'

There it was. A bundle of knots. Just. Above. His sacrum.
You slowly untied the knots, not even trying to avoid touching his ass. You knew where the rope was running and from his shifting - what it was rubbing. But at this point not much can be done with it, can it?


You managed to free the rope endings and started working upwards. How was he able to tie those knotes tying his arms, you had no clue.... Huh.

You touched the knot between his shoulder blades.

You heard more than felt him taking a ragged breath in. But no sound followed.

-'G, is everything okay?'



There was no response. You fought yourself what to do but decided to loosen up that one knot. It was a nasty, fumbled one. So tightly tied that it pressured his spine there.

When it finally gave in, The pressure on your roommate's chest lessened. He was now able to slightly move his arms.
You placed your hands on his shoulders. He wasn't moving...


He wasn't breathing...

You panicked a little.


Without thinking, you manhandled him onto his back and pinned his shoulders  and tighs with your hands and knees.

You met his eyes. His cheeks were extremely red. His eyes focused on you but not really seeing. It's bad. You have to hurry or else he'll turn purple quick.

You roamed your hands on his torso looking for a way to loosen and let him breathe.


-'G? Gabe do you hear me?! Please don't pass out!' you were fully panicking now.

His eyes stayed at your face unmovingly.
You dismounted him, ran to the kitchen and grabbed the sharpest knife you had.

You ran back and just like that... He was not there. The doors to his room closed loudly after him.
You were dumbstruck.

What even happened.

You've put the knife away and walked towards his door. There was slight smell of ozone coming out of his room. You wanted to knock on his door but suddenly you felt like he'll be just right.


Were his legs tied up? You're not really sure... Oh you guess he'll manage.




He did finally emerged from his room after like an hour.

...why was he even away?
Weirdly you don't remember...
Welp! If you don't remember then it means it wasn't important~