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Fuyumi Rewards her Hero

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"Ryuko, it's me," Izuku said, knocking on her office door. He'd already let her know he was coming to visit her, but it only seemed polite to confirm who he was. He probably would have done so anyway, but he felt it was even more important now that it would normally be considering what had happened with her, Nejire, her outside window and the naughty video he, Midnight and Mandalay had made.

"Come in, Midoriya," Ryukyu said quietly. He could hear how muted and on edge she sounded, and he hated it. It was exactly for this reason that he was here. Her texts with them, particularly with Nejire, had revealed how embarrassed she was about being caught by Nejire watching the video at work, and the misunderstandings that had arisen from that. A little bit of embarrassment was natural, but even through text it was obvious that this went beyond normal embarrassment for her. Fuyumi believed that he should come and try to cheer her up, and he was happy to take her up on that suggestion.

He made sure to have a welcoming and happy smile on his face as he opened her office door and stepped inside, because he wanted her to see that he wasn't angry with her at all.

"Hello, Izuku," Ryuko said. She looked up at him and did her best to smile as well, but the smile did not reach her eyes.

"Hi, Ryuko," he said brightly. "Thanks for making time to see me today."

"Of course," she said. "I understand why you wanted to come and speak with me in person."

"Somehow I think you really don't," he said, laughing slightly. He looked towards the chair on the other side of her desk across from her. "Mind if I sit down?"

"By all means, please," Ryuko said, nodding and gesturing towards the chair. "But I believe you're wrong. There's only one reason you would want to come and speak with me in person, and it's to talk about my mistake in watching that sensitive video here in the office where anyone could see."

"There are plenty of reasons I would want to come and talk to you, Ryuko," he said, still smiling as he sat down in the chair across from her. "I like you." He planted his elbows on the desk and leaned closer to her so he could whisper to her. "And not just because having sex with you is so good."

"Izuku!" she gasped. She looked over his shoulder and cast a nervous glance at her office door as if making sure that he'd remembered to close it behind him, which of course he had. She even looked behind her to confirm that she had the window blinds shut, and they were. Even after confirming that there was no chance anyone else had heard him say it, she still looked nervous. That little mishap really had done a number on her. He had work to do.

"It's true," he said, leaning back into a more casual sitting posture in the chair. "There are lots of reasons I would like to talk to you and spend time with you. But yes, you're right that I came to talk about what happened with Nejire." Ryuko nodded, and he saw her shoulders tense up slightly like she was bracing herself for a scolding. "I came to make sure you aren't feeling guilty for something that was an honest mistake."

"It was an honest mistake, yes," she said, nodding her head. "But it was still careless of me to watch that video without making sure that no one else could see it. Even watching it in my office in the first place was a foolish decision, and I want to apologize again for it."

"You've already apologized," he said. "Several times. You've apologized to me and to Fuyumi, and I bet you've sent several messages to Midnight and Mandalay too, right?" Ryuko gave another solemn nod. "We all know you meant it, but we also think you're being way too hard on yourself. It was a risk for us to film that video and spread it around anyway, and you didn't intentionally show it to Nejire or anyone else. How were you supposed to know that your former sidekick would be floating in the air outside your window?" He chuckled, and he was pleased to see a little smile come to her face as well. But he could see that she wasn't entirely reassured yet, so he kept going.

"There's also the fact that seeing that video led to Nejire going and talking to Fuyumi, thinking I was cheating behind her back," he said. "And that led to me having sex with her and Fuyumi, which I can tell you was one heck of a great night. So, everything worked out great, Ryuko, really. We know that you're sorry for what happened, but you've already punished yourself more than any of us think you deserve. So please, forgive yourself, accept that none of us are angry with you and move past this properly."

"I appreciate you saying that, Izuku," she said slowly. "And I believe that you are sincere about it."

"I am," he replied right away. "We all are. We've all already forgiven you, for what little there even was to forgive. Now you just need to forgive yourself."

"I will try," she said seriously. "But I believe there's something you can do to help me with that."

"Oh yeah?" He leaned across the desk again, curious what she had in mind. "What's that?" If there was anything he could do beyond reassuring her that it was no big deal and they weren't angry with her, he would be happy to do it.

"I want you to figure out a way for me to make it up to you," she said. "Please, if there is anything you can think of that you feel would be a proper way for me to show my regret for my mistake, tell me."

Izuku's natural reaction was to wave off her request and repeat his message that she was being way too hard on herself, but he didn't do that. If he had been dealing with someone else he might have taken that route, but he knew that this wouldn't be the right approach to take with Ryuko. She was going to remain insistent, and unless he could come up with some way for her to work off whatever guilt and embarrassment she felt over what had happened, things were going to remain weird. His best and only option was to indulge her.

"Okay," he said, nodding. "There's something I have always wanted to see you do, and if this is so important to you, I guess this would be a good time to ask for it."

"Please ask," she said quickly. She sat up straighter in her chair, demonstrably interested to hear what form of repayment he had come up with to make things right. "If it is at all within my power, I swear to do it."

"Can you stop by my house later, wearing your piece in the hero-themed swimwear that came out earlier this year?" he asked. Ryuko's cheeks reddened slightly, and it made him smile. He knew she'd been somewhat embarrassed to have a two piece bikini released in her name and with the colors designed to match her hero costume, but it had been a nationwide initiative among all the female heroes and all of the proceeds had been donated to charitable causes, so she had gone along with it.

"Very well," she said, nodding. "I will do it." It was obvious that she knew where this would inevitably lead, and equally obvious that she was excited by the idea. The existence of a Ryukyu bikini might be embarrassing for her, but putting that bikini on and coming over to have sex with him clearly held its appeal for her. Naturally it appealed to him too, which was why he'd made the request in the first place. She needed some way to work through her misplaced guilt, and if he could help her do that and have one hell of a night with her at the same time, why not run with it?

"Great," he said. "Then I'll see you tonight."


Fuyumi grinned as she typed up a reply to Ryukyu's text requesting privacy at the house tonight so the kids would not be disturbed. Izuku had already called and let her know about the agreement that he and the Dragoon Hero had come to, and Fuyumi was happy to help out however she could. If Ryuko was worried about disturbing the kids, Fuyumi would take care of that. In her reply she assured Ryuko that she and the kids would go and visit their Grandma Inko for the night, so she could make her 'apologies' to Deku without needing to concern herself with anything else.

She meant it too. As much as she would have enjoyed being there to watch and perhaps participate in Ryukyu's apology, she felt like she should sit this fun night out. Spending the night catching up with Inko and entertaining the children was what Fuyumi would do, and she would have a great time doing so. But just because she wouldn't be there didn't mean that Ryuko and Izuku would be alone in the house. She felt like giving the apologetic hero some competition would be both more beneficial to her in her attempt to move beyond the overabundance of guilt she was putting on herself and more fun for everyone involved.

Fortunately she didn't even need to invite anyone else over to provide that competition. In her text she'd assured Ryuko that she and the kids wouldn't be home tonight, and that was true. But there was one more person who lived in the house, and this seemed like a great opportunity for her to step in.

After sending off her text to Ryuko, Fuyumi wrote up a note for her mother explaining the situation, and making a couple of 'suggestions' on how she might help make the evening even more memorable and the apology even more impactful. Then, after finishing her note, she headed upstairs to look through their swimwear until she found the right piece for her mother to don herself in.

Fuyumi smiled when she walked back down the stairs holding a little purple micro bikini that her mom was going to look amazing in. She was going to knock Izuku's socks off with this, and also give Ryukyu ample competition as she sought to make up for her mistake.

"Good luck, Ryuko," she said to herself, laughing. "And have fun."


Ryuko took a deep breath, stretched her arms and back and got in the right mental state before she knocked on the door. While she was admittedly excited for what was to come, she could not lose sight of the greater purpose of her visit tonight. She knew that Izuku and the women affected truly did not hold her responsible for what happened with Nejire and didn't want her to keep punishing herself for it, but that wasn't good enough for her. It was important for Ryuko's own sense of responsibility that she spend tonight doing whatever Izuku wanted. She wanted tonight to be wonderful enough for him that she left in the morning content that they were even and she had made up for her mistake, and that would require her best effort.

She exhaled and then knocked on the door, ready to make up for her mistake even if she was the only one who felt it needed to be redeemed. Izuku must have been standing around and waiting for her to come knock on the door, because it was only a handful of seconds after her knock before he opened the door and stood to greet her.

"Hi, Ryuko," he said, smiling at her. "Thanks for coming." He took a step back and held the door open wider for her, and she bowed her head respectfully and stepped inside. She walked a bit deeper into his home and heard him close the door behind her.

“Thank you for having me,” she said. She heard him walking towards her, and turned around to look at him. “Are the children gone?”

“Yeah, they left almost an hour ago,” he said, nodding. “Fuyumi took them over to my mom’s house, and all three of them will be spending the night there.” He laughed. “I’ll miss them, of course, but I know how excited my mom is about the unexpected sleepover.” Ryukyu smiled in understanding. She wouldn’t claim to know Izuku’s mother well, but even the brief time she’d spent around her had been enough for her to see just how much that woman loved her grandchildren. If Ryuko's request for the privacy needed for her to make amends would also bring that kind woman who had raised such a wonderful son happy, that was a nice bonus.

There was also another bonus to it; one that benefited Ryuko herself. She’d never thought she would wear the ‘Noble Dragoon Ryukyu’ bikini she’d been given by the swimwear company again. She’d had to wear it for the promotional pictures and videos that were taken to advertise the launch of the charity hero line, but after that it had been shoved in a drawer and there it had stayed, seemingly never to be worn again.

But after receiving Izuku’s request earlier that day, she had been looking forward to the moment where she would be able to honor his request and let him see her in the bikini in person. Modeling for photos and videos had been the source of no small amount of embarrassment, but modeling the bikini specifically for Deku didn’t seem so bad. She actually was looking forward to the moment where she would shed the simple and conservative shirt and pants she’d worn over it and show him what he had been waiting to see, and as he looked at her now, she felt that anticipation pick up.

“You made a request of me today,” she began. She reached down to grab the hem of her shirt and started pulling it up her body. “You wanted to see me in the bikini I modeled for the charity swimwear line.” She pulled the shirt clear of her head, folded it up carefully and placed it down on top of one of his couch cushions. Now she was wearing only a bikini top above the waist. The top was the same dark red as the qipao she wore when doing hero work, and the yellow claw patterns that ran around her neck in the hero costume were replicated with matching miniature claws across each breast.

Even though the cut of the top was not as daring as, say, the Creati version (or the Midnight item, of course, which was so skimpy it had just barely been deemed acceptable for the promotion, and that was only after several alterations had been made from the initial design submitted by Nemuri herself), it was still a bikini top and she still was a woman with a respectably large chest, so there was plenty for Izuku to admire.

Admire it he did, because Deku wasn’t shy about staring at her breasts that nicely filled out the bikini top. But whereas having almost any other man leering at her in such a way would likely have filled her with unease, with Deku it brought undeniable excitement. His eyes were welcome to look at her in open appreciation, just as his hands would be welcome on her body soon enough. If he’d chosen to take a couple of steps forward, grab her and immediately take what he wanted from her before she could even get her pants off, she would have let him. She wouldn’t have minded that at all; not from him.

Izuku didn’t do that though. He stayed where he was and he kept his hands to himself, so she assumed that he was content for now to stand back and let her finish stripping down to her bikini. Ryuko gave it to him. She had chosen a pair of loose pants that didn’t require any unzipping or unbuttoning, so she merely had to pull them down her legs and step out of them once they were down around her ankles. She bent over to pick them up off of the floor and fold them up like she had with the shirt, and as she did so she realized that she was giving Izuku a very nice view of her ass in the bikini bottoms. Much like the top, the bottoms were on the more modest side in comparison to some of the other suits in the pro heroine line. But it was still her bending over and sticking her ass out right in front of him while she was wearing a two-piece bikini, so Izuku’s whistle of appreciation wasn’t totally unexpected.

“Very nice,” he said. “And I see they put one of the little yellow claws across the butt too. That’s a nice touch.”

“Yes,” Ryuko said. Despite being excited about what was to come, she couldn’t help blushing a bit at the reminder. If it had been up to her there would not have been any claw patterns across the breasts, the rear or the crotch of the suit. But it hadn’t been up to her. The final decisions had belonged to the group that designed the suits, and they were adamant that a plain dark red bikini with no other additions would make for a poor ‘Dragoon Hero’ bikini. The claw patterns were apparently a vital part of the costume, and so they had been included in the final design. That was one of the reasons she hadn’t had any intention of wearing the bikini out in public, but hearing Izuku comment on them positively wasn’t so bad.

She placed the pants on top of her shorts, forming a neat pile of her clothing to grab later when it was time to get dressed again. She didn’t expect that to come any time soon though. Izuku might not have spelled it out, but it seemed apparent that she would not be fully dressed again for quite some time. It wouldn’t surprise her if she was putting both her clothes and her bikini back on only the following morning.

Ryuko fully expected to be dropping the bikini as well soon enough, but first she needed to let Izuku get a good look at her in it. Now that she’d taken her clothes off, she put her hands behind her back and stood still, allowing him to take a long look at her body in the bikini that had been modeled after her hero costume. After waiting for what she deemed to be a more than adequate amount of time, she slowly spun around to let him get another extended look at the view from behind. She licked her lips, anticipating his appraisal.

It wasn’t like there was much doubt about how he would feel. She knew that he was attracted to her body, and he’d found the idea of her modeling this bikini for him appealing enough to quickly come up with this request when she asked for some way to redeem herself. Still, this man lit a fire in her that no other ever had. She was drawn to him, and she wanted him to be satisfied by the time she left, whenever that might be. It wasn’t just because she felt the need to make up for her mistake either. Ryukyu sought Izuku Midoriya’s approval. She craved it, and she had since that unforgettable night when Fuyumi arranged for her, Midnight and Mirko to wait for him in his office and fuck him.

“You look fantastic in that,” he said, stepping up behind her and wrapping his arms around her body. Ryuko felt like she could melt into those arms and never want to leave them. She sighed and brought her hands to his arms, stroking his skin and enjoying being close to him. Thoughts of pleasing him and making up for her mistake faded from her mind as she stood there and let Izuku hold her.

“And how do I look?”

Ryukyu gasped and jolted in surprise, because that question had not been asked by either her or Izuku. The voice was actually familiar to her, but in her surprise she didn’t immediately register who it belonged to. She hadn’t expected anyone else to be in the house with them. Hadn’t Fuyumi promised to leave for the night and take the kids with her, and hadn’t Izuku subsequently confirmed that his lover and children had left well before she’d arrived?

She stepped out of his arms and spun around in the direction of the voice so she could identify who had spoken, and the moment she saw Rei walking down the stairs she nearly groaned. Fuyumi had told her she would be gone and the kids would be too, but she hadn’t said anything about her mom. Ryuko didn’t waste any time wondering whether it had been an honest oversight or not, because she knew the answer to that right away. This was exactly the sort of game Fuyumi would find great amusement in setting up. Ryukyu couldn’t even bring herself to be annoyed by it either, because it was this mischievous side of Fuyumi that had brought her into Deku’s orbit to begin with.

“Wow, you look incredible, Rei,” Izuku said, staring at her as she reached the bottom of the stairs. She remained there for a bit, taking advantage of the elevated position and striking a pose.

Izuku wasn’t wrong. Rei did look incredible. She was a beautiful woman, so it wasn’t really a surprise that she would look great, but this was more than that. It wasn’t like she’d come down the stairs dressed like she normally would be and it was nothing but her natural everyday beauty that drew Izuku’s interest. Rei was wearing nothing but a little purple bikini that was more daring than anything Ryuko would wear out in public, and definitely was more revealing than the suit Izuku had requested she wear tonight.

Ryuko hadn’t tried any of the other suits from the hero line on other than her own, but she was pretty sure that only the Midnight suit approached the level of bared skin that this suit of Rei’s did. Her breasts were almost bursting out of her top, and the string that covered her pussy did so only narrowly.

“Oh, you’re sweet,” Rei said, giggling and finally stepping down. “Fuyumi picked this out for me, and since I heard Ryukyu would be coming over to model her bikini for you, I figured I might as well do the same.” She smiled sweetly at Ryuko. “You don’t mind, do you?”

“Of course not,” Ryuko answered, inclining her head. “It’s your home, after all. I’m merely a guest. Besides, the more the merrier, yes?” She wasn’t about to make a scene by trying to insist that it should be her and her alone that modeled for Deku tonight. For one thing, she was making this up to everyone in the group. That included Izuku, who obviously would enjoy himself even more if he had both of them there to play with.

It also included Fuyumi who had arranged for the surprise, and even Rei who had no problem sharing her man with Ryukyu and all of the others who filtered in and out of their home and their bed. What kind of hypocrite would Ryuko be if she got angry over having to share tonight? She had not anticipated having to compete with any other woman for his attention tonight, but if this was the form that paying all of them back for her mistake would take, she would embrace it and make the most of it. She would spend the night doing whatever she needed to do to show them both that she was sorry.

"Great!" Rei said. "Then it'll be a double modeling session! Won't that be fun, Izuku?" She did a quick little twirl, and as she spun around Ryuko caught a glimpse of the backside of Rei's bikini. The material did not appear any thicker in the back. She had little more than a tiny string between her ass cheeks, but as far as her cheeks themselves were concerned, those were all but completely exposed.

"Yes," Izuku said, nodding his head decisively. "It's going to be fun. Lots of fun."

Ryuko just nodded. She clearly had her work cut out for her, but that wasn't anything to get discouraged about. The competition had been unexpected for her, but she wouldn't be intimidated by it or by the absurdly skimpy bikini Fuyumi had picked out for Rei.

She'd wanted to earn their forgiveness, and the stiffer the competition for his attention tonight, the more she could feel as if she really did deserve it.


Ryuko and Rei might be competing in one sense, but they were also working together at the same time.

They'd taken turns modeling their bikinis for Izuku for awhile, and he'd appreciated them both. Ryuko had been encouraged by how easily she could entice him even when her bikini was fairly tame in comparison to the far skimpier micro bikini that Rei was sporting. When he hadn't been able to just stand and watch anymore and had started kissing and touching them, his hands had groped at her body as eagerly as they had gone after Rei's.

He had taken turns kissing them both while his hands explored them, groping at an ass with one hand and using the other to squeeze the other woman's breasts at the same time. Ryuko offered herself up to all of it, allowing him to use her however he wished. Her task was to make him happy, and if this was what did it she would stand there while he kissed and groped them both all night long.

Inevitably he'd wanted more though, and Rei had helped him along by sliding her hand between their bodies and rubbing his cock through his pants. Ryuko, not wanting to fall too far behind the other woman as they both sought to please their man, brought one of her own hands into play. Together they rubbed his cock, which by this point was hard and tenting his pants, and the feeling of two hands stroking him through the cloth made Izuku groan.

"I think it's past time that we bring the Dicku out to play," Rei said, giggling. Ryuko nearly snorted at the line, but refocused when she saw the white-haired woman looking at her. "What do you say, Ryukyu? Do you want to help me out with this, or should I take care of him myself?" Her right hand slid over to grab onto the waistband of Izuku's pants, and she gave a little tug.

"I'll help," Ryuko said, promptly moving her own hand over to grab onto the waistband of his pants. She wasn't about to stand there passively while Rei took care of everything. She had an apology to make and a man to please, and helping Rei slide his pants down his legs was an important step in that.

His underwear came next, and then Izuku's cock was free. He had been ogling both girls in their bikinis for some time now, but the time had come for them to do the ogling. Ryuko licked her lips as she stared at Izuku's cock. In whatever time passed between their sexual encounters, Ryuko could almost convince herself that she was embellishing his size in her head. A cock that big couldn't even feel good inside of her, certainly, so her memory had to be playing tricks on her. But there it was, awe-inspiring as ever.

"Beautiful," Rei said, staring at his cock in open adoration. She lived with him and saw his cock more often than anyone aside from potentially Fuyumi, and yet she looked just as awed by it as Ryuko felt. Maybe that was a feeling that would have remained regardless of how often she saw it then. Rei dropped to her knees on the floor in front of him, wrapped her hand around his shaft and started slowly stroking him.

Realizing that she was quickly falling behind with Rei having taken the initiative while she just stood there and watched, Ryuko hurriedly got down on her knees beside her and reached out for his cock as well. Rei didn't try to hold onto it all for herself, thankfully. She made room for Ryuko to grab hold of it as well, and the two of them started jerking him off together.

Rei had moved her hand lower down to make room for Ryuko, so rather than trying to stroke him from top to bottom, she let Rei have the base and the balls to play with as she pleased while she focused on the top half of his cock. Ryuko ran her hand up and down quickly, but she paid particular attention to the cockhead, running her fingers across it before leaning her head in and taking a lick that made him groan.

"Oh, good idea, Ryukyu!" Rei exclaimed. "Let's get our mouths involved. You'd like that, wouldn’t you, Izuku?"

"I already liked what you were doing," he replied, looking down at them both with lust in his eyes. "I really liked it. But if you want to start licking and sucking me, I'm not about to stop you." Rei laughed.

"I'll take that as a yes," she said. She pulled her hand off of the base of his cock and started licking it instead, and after a few seconds she turned her head and started to plant kisses along it, progressively working her way towards his balls.

Ryuko was still determined to keep up, so she resumed her own efforts. She moved her tongue in circles, giving Izuku's cockhead the kind of attention that it richly deserved. Hearing him groan and knowing that her spiraling tongue was responsible for at least a portion of it made her happy, but she wouldn't stop there. She could hear Rei licking and kissing at his balls, so she knew that the other woman was holding nothing back. If Ryuko wanted to stay in this as something other than a simple accessory, she had to keep pushing forward.

That was something she had no problem doing. She stopped licking his cockhead and took it between her lips to suck on it instead. Izuku's groans got louder the moment that her lips began to suckle at his tip, and even though Rei was obviously doing a great job of pleasuring him with her mouth working at his balls, the timing matched up too perfectly for Ryuko's suckling not to have made a noticeable impact.

Both of them continued to do their best, sucking at his cockhead and his balls simultaneously, and Izuku was the lucky beneficiary of their combined efforts. Even if she hadn't been able to see him, Ryuko would have heard the pleasure they were giving him in how deeply he groaned. But she could see him, rather easily in fact, and she took full advantage of it. She kept her eyes on his face while she sucked him, in part because she wanted to see that look of pleasure on his face and in part because she knew that being able to see her staring up at him would only enhance that pleasure. It was a wonderful cycle, really, and it all amounted to her feeling an overwhelming excitement in her belly at the way she could make this man feel, even if she wasn't doing it all by herself.

Ryuko gradually started to go beyond Izuku’s tip and suck more of his cock, though she did it gradually. It wasn’t that she was intimidated by his size. This wasn’t her first time with his cock between her lips and she had been able to handle him before, so she had full confidence in her ability to take him. What it was really about was the nature of this team blowjob she and Rei were treating him to. With the other woman using her mouth to please him as well, Ryuko didn’t have his whole cock freely available to suck on at once. Since she was keeping to the top half while Rei took the bottom, it seemed logical to her to work slowly and focus more on drawing out the pleasure as much as possible while she bobbed her way lower down.

Izuku definitely enjoyed it. In addition to her being able to hear his groans and see the pleasure on his face, he gave her even more of an indicator of how he felt when he reached his hand down, rested it on top of her head and stroked her hair. That pat might as well have been him telling her that she was being a good girl, and Ryuko felt an even greater desire to suck him and please him. Izuku’s other hand went lower to pat Rei’s head as well, but Ryuko felt no jealousy over that. She had his attention and was bringing him pleasure, and it didn’t bother her that she wasn’t the only woman doing so.

“That’s good,” he said through his groans, speaking to them for the first time since their double blowjob had gotten started. “You’re both doing so damn good, and you look so good kneeling on the floor in your bikinis. I’m so lucky to have such good girls here to model for me and take care of me.”

She hadn’t needed any greater motivation to give him her all, but he’d given it to her anyway. Now her lips bobbed just a little quicker and her tongue flicked against him with just a bit more energy, wanting to show him just how good a girl she really was. She could also hear Rei’s slurping of his balls get a little bit louder than it had already been, and so knew that she was not the only one who had found inspiration in his praise.

Ryuko could have stayed there, bobbing her head on the top half of his cock and licking and suckling at the head every time she pulled back, until the sun came up in the morning. She very would might have done that if she hadn’t been interrupted, and when she did stop it was only after Rei pulled her mouth off of Deku’s balls and looked up at her. “Want to switch for a little bit?” she asked.

Ryuko nodded. “Yes,” she said. “I’d like to be able to take care of every bit of Izuku before I pull away.” While she would have had no problem with continuing to do what she had been doing, moving on and getting her mouth on all of him definitely held its appeal.

“Exactly what I was thinking,” Rei said brightly. The two women shared a smile of understanding, and then they switched roles. Rei went up and brought her mouth to his cockhead, and out of the corner of her eye Ryuko caught her taking the tip between her lips and moaning as she began to suck it. Ryuko didn’t watch that for long, because she had her own job to handle.

She started halfway down his shaft and proceeded from there, licking and kissing her way to the base and below. When she reached his balls, she was not shy about getting in close and batting first one and then the other with her tongue, and after that she did not hesitate to suck on them as well. Rei had done it, and she couldn’t let herself fall behind. But she also simply wanted to make Izuku feel good and sucking on his balls was a great way to show him how good a girl she really was.

The two women moved back and forth a couple of times, sharing in the delightful responsibility of bringing pleasure to the man they were both prepared to dedicate their entire night to. Competition wasn’t as much the name of the game now. They were a team, at least for the moment, and together they brought Izuku ever closer to the point of no return. He kept patting their heads and stroking their hair, and the groans he let out got louder and more meaningful the longer they went on. Ryuko knew what those sounds meant, and obviously Rei did as well since she had been with him a good deal more. They were getting close.

There wasn’t a discussion or debate about changing their approach towards the end. Rei moved up from his balls to lick at one side of his shaft, and Ryuko automatically adjusted to do the same on his other side. It just felt natural that they be on even footing as they finished him off, considering both of them had done their part in bringing him to this point. They licked his cock together, making him groan, and when Ryuko felt his hand pull on her hair tightly she knew that it wouldn’t be long now. They were about to finish him off. She felt a desire to take the tip between her lips so she could swallow his cum, but she hesitated, not knowing how Rei would feel about that. It might have started out as a competition, but they felt more like teammates than rivals at this point.

“Go ahead and take the head in your mouth,” Rei said, pulling her lips back just a hair.

“Are you sure?” Ryuko asked. It was what her heart was set on, and when Rei had first come down the stairs and interrupted what she’d thought would be a night for her alone to earn his forgiveness as well as her own, she probably would have jumped at the chance immediately. But it couldn’t be denied that Izuku’s pleasure was Rei’s doing as much as it was hers, and Ryuko’s sense of fairness made her hesitate about claiming all of the reward for herself.

“I’m sure,” Rei said, grinning. “Don’t worry. I’ll get what I want too.”

Ryuko wasn’t sure what she meant by that, but clearly the other woman didn’t have a problem with her swallowing his cum and that was what mattered. She took the head of Izuku’s cock between her lips and suckled, staring up at him and pleading with her eyes for him to give her what she wanted. Rei helped out as well, pressing her lips to his shaft and loudly smooching him while also reaching down to gently squeeze his balls.

Izuku didn’t announce it ahead of time, but Ryuko didn’t need him to. She knew what was coming, and she was excited by it. She was happy to feel his cum hitting her tongue, and she moaned and sealed her lips tighter around the head so she could make sure she got it all.

“Good girl,” he groaned. “Very good girl.” Izuku had stopped pulling on her hair, but now reached down to stroke her cheek with his fingertips while he filled her mouth with his cum. “Now I’m glad you didn’t forgive yourself so easily. You making it up to me with your mouth was way better than any apology.”

She was practically glowing by the time he’d finished cumming and she pulled her mouth off of his cock. She was on the cusp of thanking him for letting her come over and apologize with her body, and at the same time assure him that she was nowhere near done making her amends just yet, but before she could do so she felt a pair of hands come up to grab her head. They weren’t Izuku’s hands, but Rei’s.

Rei turned her head towards her and immediately surged forward to kiss her hard on the lips. Ryuko gasped in surprise, and Rei capitalized by shoving her tongue into her mouth. She had already swallowed most of Izuku’s cum while he was feeding it to her, but Rei took whatever was left in the process of kissing her. Ryuko hadn’t expected it, but she didn’t fight against it either. The other woman had earned her share, and if this was how she wanted to claim it, she was welcome to. It was an enjoyable kiss anyway. Rei’s lips were soft even if the kiss itself was fierce and passionate.

Besides, watching the two of them kissing had an obvious impact on Izuku. Ryuko heard him groan and turned her eyes towards him while keeping her lips pressed firmly against Rei’s, and she saw those normally warm and kind green eyes darkened with hunger. He’d only just finished filling her mouth with his seed, but watching her make out with the mother of one of his children had him ready to pounce right away.

“Upstairs,” he said. His voice was little more than a rough growl, and Ryuko hung on every word even while continuing to kiss Rei. “We’re taking this upstairs. And the bikinis are coming off.”


Both women were naked by the time they stumbled up the stairs after Izuku. They were both eager to get there, but they were also so horny that they couldn’t keep their hands or lips off of each other on their way up the stairs. That had delayed them quite a bit, but eventually they did make it up the stairs, through the door and into the master bedroom where Izuku impatiently waited for them.

“About fucking time,” he said. As soon as they stepped through the door Izuku was marching towards them purposefully, and Ryuko’s heart pounded as this powerful man got closer to her. She was naked now, the bikini that had been styled after her hero costume and that he had specifically requested she wear over tonight having wound up bunched in a ball on the landing halfway up the stairs. She was exposed and vulnerable, and his erect cock looked poised to take her. She could feel her arousal spiking at the thought of it.

He didn’t go for her though. Izuku grabbed Rei, pulled her hand out of Ryuko’s and lifted her up into his arms easily. He carried Fuyumi’s mother over to the bed and dropped her down onto it none too gently. Her body bounced, and she laughed about it. She knew what was coming, and apparently was as eager for it as Ryuko was. But unlike her, Ryuko was apparently going to have to wait her turn.

“Don’t worry,” Izuku said, looking back over her shoulder at her. “You’re going to get yours, I promise. I’m going to fuck you until you feel like you’ve made up for letting Nejire see that video. I’ll do it until morning if that’s what it takes.” Ryuko liked the sound of that very much, but Izuku turned away from her and back towards the bed where he’d just dropped Rei. “But first I’m going to take care of this one.”

“But why do I need to be punished?” Rei asked innocently, or with a façade of innocence at least. “I didn’t do anything wrong. She’s the one who got caught watching the video at work. All I did was come down to model for you and join the fun.”

“Don’t pretend you weren’t asking for this, walking down the stairs in that tiny little bikini,” he replied, climbing onto the bed. “Unlike her with the video, you knew exactly what you were doing. And now I’m going to fuck you just like a tease like you deserves.” He put his arms around her hips to pull her body closer to him, and pushed her legs up and closer to her head while getting into position.

“Oh no, anything but that!” Rei said loudly. It was truly atrocious acting, because if Ryuko could tell how much she wanted this from here, Izuku couldn’t miss it when he was literally right on top of her. But she wasn’t really trying to convince him that she was against what was about to happen. It was all a game, and Deku was about to come out on top.

Ryuko doubted very seriously that Rei felt like she’d lost anything when Izuku’s cock pushed inside and he began to fuck her. She moaned right away, and Ryuko was definitely envious of her for being thrown down and fucked. They’d gotten him fired up and brought this aggression out of him together, but it was Rei who had her legs pushed up into the air while Izuku’s hips began to move and he pounded her hard.

It wasn’t like this was a surprise to Ryuko. She’d seen Izuku get into the heat of the moment and fuck a woman hard before. She’d watched him hammer even the likes of Mirko into submission, so claiming Rei’s body and making it his own with a series of balls-deep thrusts was like child’s play for him. Ryuko had even felt a similar level of aggression from him herself. Her body knew what it felt like to have the powerful young #1 ranked hero dominating it, owning it and making her love every second of it.

But tonight she felt a need to please him, to make up for her mistake by letting him use her body however he wanted. Even though it had been an honest error, one that the had already forgiven her for and had apparently even worked out positively since it had gotten him and Fuyumi a night with Nejire, her sense of honor demanded that she make it up to them. She wanted to be the one with her legs in the air and moaning like a needy slut as Izuku’s strong hips moved back and forth and drove his cock deep into her pussy. She wanted it to be her body being rocked under the power of his thrusts, and she wanted it to be caused the bed to shake beneath her as she got pounded in a mating press.

It wasn’t her, though. It was Rei’s legs that flailed and shook in the air as she got fucked, and Rei’s butt cheeks that Ryuko could see jiggling as the relentless pounding continued. Ryuko didn’t get to make those sounds of intense, overwhelmed pleasure herself, but instead had to stand and listen to them coming from another woman, and a woman who lived with him and could have him rail her body like this every night if that was what she wanted. It just didn’t seem fair. It didn’t seem fair at all. But maybe that was the whole idea. Maybe this was part of her punishment. Maybe Izuku was going to have her apologize not just by roughly using her body, but by making her stand around, wait her turn and rub her thighs together with need before she got to do so.

“Take it, Rei!” Izuku snapped, taunting his lover in between the rapid thrusts and the smacking of his muscular thighs against her lower legs, just above her ass. “This is what you wanted, isn’t it? It might have been Fuyumi’s idea, but you knew what you were doing. You wouldn’t have put that bikini on in the first place if you weren’t hoping that I would toss you down and fuck the hell out of you at some point during the night. Well, here you go. You can have what you wanted.”

Rei wasn’t in any position to respond to him properly, because she just kept moaning and grunting as Izuku dominated her. He didn’t seem to be waiting on a response anyway, because he kept the thrusts coming. It was possible that he wasn’t doing this to taunt Ryuko at all and was simply fully focused on the woman beneath him whose body he was pounding into the mattress, and honestly that would be an even more effective way of teasing and punishing her than deliberately making her watch and wait. Whatever the case may be, it was extremely effective. Ryuko rubbed her thighs together, squeezed her breast and whimpered, wishing that those thighs were up in the air and it was his hand rather than her own that was squeezing her breast instead.

But it wasn’t her, not yet at least. Ryuko could only stand there in Izuku’s bedroom and watch as he made Rei’s legs flail and her entire body shake under the demands of his massive thrusts. As she watched the forceful mating press taking place and listened to Harry’s grunts of exertion, Rei’s cries of excitement and the bed creaking beneath every thrust, Ryuko’s need became almost unbearable.

She liked to think of herself as a calm woman who always kept her head and maintained her discipline. She ruled her urges, not the other way around. Being with Izuku was the only time she’d ever really been given reason to doubt her own ability to keep her head on straight, but it had never been as bad as it was now. She needed him badly, and she didn’t know how much longer she would be able to take simply watching.

“Hey, Ryukyu,” Izuku said suddenly.

“Y-yes?” she said, quickly turning her attention away from the mating press pounding Rei was getting for the first time since it had started.

“Rei’s getting a little loud. How about you come over here and use her lips to keep her quiet?”

“Of course!” she said. She hurried over to the bed and got into position down on her side next to Rei, leaning in and kissing her no more than twenty or thirty seconds after Izuku had made the initial request. She was here to help him however he wanted, and even if she would prefer to do it by having him immediately slam her down onto the bed and fuck her harder than he ever had before, assisting by kissing Rei wasn’t a bad alternative at all.

Having the beautiful white-haired woman kiss her back hard and moan into her mouth certainly beat standing there and watching by herself. Ryuko could feel Rei’s passion and excitement as they kissed, not that the way the bed shook violently underneath her and almost threatened to make her lose her balance and fall on her face wasn’t enough of a sign on its own.

Ryuko had the distinct feeling that Izuku was pretty close as well, if the deep grunts he was letting out and the increasingly powerful thrusts meant what she had reason to believe they did, but she had no doubts where Rei was concerned. It was obvious that the woman was about to be fucked right over the edge, and the closer she got to it the more desperately she kissed Ryuko. Her hands grabbed onto Ryuko’s hair and tugged her closer, and the helpful Dragoon Hero did her best to kiss her back and let her express her excitement into her mouth. Rei deserved an apology too, and this was a great way for her to give it.

Rei’s climax was obvious when it landed just with how sharply she gasped into her mouth and how she held onto her hair as if for dear life, but for Ryuko it blended together with Izuku joining her. She’d been right about him being close as well, and apparently feeling his lover cum on his cock was enough to get him the rest of the way there. With no one to muffle him like Ryuko’s mouth was smothering Rei’s orgasmic screams, he was free to announce it to them both.

“Here it comes, Rei,” he said. “You wanted it. You knew what you were doing when you put that bikini on, and now you’re getting what you wanted. So take it. Take it all!”

What she took was his cum inside of her, and a large amount of it too if Ryuko was any judge. If he was anyone else Ryuko might have worried about him not having anything left for her by the time he was done with Rei, but she knew better. She’d seen and felt the kind of stamina that Izuku possessed, and that left her confident that he was going to have more than enough of everything left for her when the time came.

Hopefully that time would be soon, because she was already dripping wet and beyond ready for him to finally fuck her. Rei had gotten her moment, and she deserved it. But Ryuko had watched and waited for quite long enough in her opinion, so she could only hope that Izuku would finish filling Rei with his cum soon and turn his attention to her.

His orgasm probably didn’t last nearly as long as it felt to Ryuko, but after what seemed to be a ridiculously long wait he finally pulled his cock out of Rei with a sigh. Ryuko broke their kiss and left the other woman panting on the bed while she tucked her knees beneath her and sat with her hands in her lap, waiting for Izuku to dictate what would come next. She knew what she wanted to come next, but whether or not she would get it was up to him.

He smiled, clearly amused by her obvious anticipation. "Are you ready to pay me back in full now, Ryukyu? Ready to make up for your mistake with your body?"

"Yes," she whispered. "I'm ready, Izuku." She was as ready as she had ever been, and probably more.

"Then I'm going to take you," he said, reaching out to grab her. "Don't worry about needing to push yourself to apologize, because I'm going to be the one doing the pushing. You came over here to make things right. I'll take care of the rest."

He flipped her onto her back and spread her legs before pushing them up into the air and towards her head just as he'd done with Rei. She was more flexible and athletic than the other woman (naturally, since she was a pro hero), so Izuku felt comfortable pushing her harder and making her use some of that flexibility. Her knees reached above her breasts and far closer to her head than Rei's had gotten. She was proud of herself for being able to contort like this for him. She had worked hard to be in the shape that she was in, and if letting him use that body hard was how she could make up for what had happened with Nejire, that sounded like the best form of repayment possible to her.

"I'm not going to be nearly as gentle with you as I was with Rei," he promised as he moved his cock into position. Ryuko's eyes widened at the idea that anything he'd just done being referred to as gentle. "She was a little tease tonight, but that's all. You made a big mistake, didn't you, Ryukyu?"

"Yes," she whispered. "I did." She knew that he didn't really believe that what she'd done was much of a big deal at all, but this was obviously him settling into a role and giving her what she wanted. And did she ever want it! She was happy to be able to apologize to him by having him push her legs into the air and mate her, though if she was being honest this was for her own benefit as much as his.

She gasped as Izuku's cock slid inside of her, fulfilling the needs that had been building inside of her since he'd visited her office earlier in the day and had shot up rapidly once she'd arrived at his home. She really was as aroused as she could ever remember being in her life, and Izuku penetrating her at last was a tremendous relief.

There wasn't any time to sit there and savor it, because Izuku very quickly threw himself into fucking her hard. She'd expected nothing less, especially not after he had promised to give her something far harder than what she'd just watched him do to Rei, but he still stunned her with just how hard he fucked her.

"One For All isn't just for beating villains and keeping the peace," he said. "It's also useful for making careless girls like you pay for your mistakes."

Ryuko would have agreed with him had she been able, but there was no way she could say a word right now. She couldn't really even moan. The thrusts from Izuku were so powerful that the breath got driven from her lungs again and again. He hadn't needed to actually tell her that he was using his quirk for her to realize that it was happening. There was a strength behind his body that she had never felt from him before while he fucked her, and that was saying something. He moved so quickly that it felt like his cock was nearly constantly buried deep inside of her, and yet she could still feel the impact of him driving it into her each time.

His hips smacked against her lower thighs, and if she thought the meeting of flesh on flesh had been remarkable while he was fucking Rei, this was so much rougher that the two didn't even belong in the same category in her mind. There was so much force behind their joining that even Izuku's body seemed to shake above her, and a couple of times she noticed his arms trembling from the effort of supporting him while he slammed into her.

She didn't often have a chance to check on that though, because most of the time she was far too busy trying to keep them from rolling back in her head. This was far beyond anything she'd ever received from Izuku. She struggled to remember if she'd even seen him fuck Mirko like this. If he hadn't, he really should. This ferocious, balls-deep One for All mating press was just the sort of thing that the horny rabbit would love.

As for Ryuko, as surprised as she was by just how hard he was going, she found that it was exactly what she wanted, at least tonight. Maybe she would have felt differently on another night, but this bed-shaking fuck seemed like the perfect way for her to let go of whatever guilt she'd still been holding on to despite all of their reassurances.

"This is what you deserve, Ryukyu," Izuku said as he fucked her. "By the time I'm done, you're going to be too exhausted to worry about anything. I'm not going to stop fucking you until that happens, and I don't care how long it takes."

She could not understand how he was able to get any words out while pushing his body this hard, let anyone string together coherent sentences. But maybe she shouldn't have been surprised at all, coming from him. He was in total control of the situation and of her, and that was just how it was supposed to be. Even as he mated her so unbelievably hard, he still could talk to her and remind her of what tonight was really all about.

"You're about to lose it, aren't you?" he asked. She tried to tell him yes, but she still couldn't get enough breath into her lungs to say a word. She couldn't even nod her head in the affirmative, because it and the rest of her body were getting rocked around too much by the full-body fuck he was subjecting her to.

"Come and kiss her, Rei," he said. "She needs something to hold onto right now."

Ryuko hadn't realized Rei was in any state to do much of anything, but their lips were soon pressed together, mirroring what Ryuko had done earlier while it was her getting mated. Izuku was right; of course he was. Her body was about to crash hard, she was powerless to stop it or slow it down, and she liked it that way.

She let out her best attempt at a scream as her body shook with pleasure. She didn't know what it would have sounded like given her physical state, but it didn't matter since it was all swallowed up by Rei's mouth anyway. Their roles were reversed, and Ryuko now understood the comfort of being kissed through the mating by the other woman. It was nice to have something else to grab onto and maintain some semblance of rational thought even as Izuku's cock made her body feel things that her mind struggled to comprehend. She was just cognizant enough to comprehend what Izuku said next.

"Here comes your punishment, Ryukyu," Izuku growled. "You're getting the same thing she got. Take it all!"

She closed her eyes and grabbed onto Rei's shoulder with trembling fingers as Izuku pressed his cock deep inside of her and filled her with his cum. There was just as much of it as before; there was so much of it that some came right back out of her and trickled down towards her ass as Izuku filled her. And even as he continued to fill her, Izuku still found a way to remind her of what this was and why she was here.

"I hope you're ready," he said, "because this isn't the end. Fuyumi and the kids are gone for the night, and I plan to use your body until neither of us can move a muscle. Doesn't that sound like the best way possible to make sure you've made up for your mistake?"

It did, though it remained to be seen whether she could actually live up to his expectations. Ryuko didn't know how much her body would be able to take before she had to admit defeat, but she would give it her all. She was willing to go until she dropped, but her concern was that she might be far closer to that point than she would have liked to be. She definitely wanted to give Izuku everything she had, but the simple reality was that without at least a bit of a break, her body might be on its last legs already.

"Why don’t you give her some time to catch her breath and recover before you go back to punishing her, Deku?" Rei suggested, leaning in to kiss the side of his neck and rub his back. "The poor thing needs a break. You can go back to using me for a bit, and then switch back to her afterwards."

Izuku nodded slowly. "You have a point. She might be one of the strongest female heroes around, but even the biggest and strongest can't take much of One for All without needing some time to recover." He pulled his cock out of Ryuko and allowed her legs to come back down and rest on the bed where they belonged, and it was only after that had happened that she realized just how sore they really were.

"Rest up, Ryukyu," he said. "It seems like I'll have something else to do for the next few minutes, so you can catch your breath and recover. But I will be back for more." Ryuko found the strength to nod her head, even if only barely, but it was enough for Izuku. He nodded back and then turned towards Rei.

"Come here, you," he said, tackling Rei to the bed. She giggled and squirmed around playfully, and they ended up with her on her hands and knees and Deku grabbing her by the hips so he could enter her from behind.


Ryuko watched the scene play out with both amusement and relief. Rei had come to her rescue in a major way. They'd started as competitors for his attention but had quickly become partners who worked together and relied on each other, and they would share the load of bearing his dominance for the rest of the night.

With Rei's help, she was going to make sure that she ended the night feeling as if she had worked off whatever debt she needed to repay. She would also be beyond exhausted, but that was a small price to pay for the relief, as well as the sexual satisfaction, she would find by morning.


Izuku cracked his back and neck in his chair, stretching his muscles out as he settled into the office for a day at his hero agency. It had been a long and exhausting night with Rei and Ryukyu, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. It was going to be difficult to focus on work after a night like he’d just had, but he’d just have to power through it somehow.

After checking to make sure there were no emergency communications that needed priority, he turned on his computer and opened his inbox. The various fan messages, requests for interviews and offers of sponsorships were either cleared out or marked to be read later, but after scrolling down a bit he saw one that caught his attention. It had been a long time since he’d had any contact with Melissa Shield, and seeing her name pop up in his inbox seemed worth investigating before he read any of the other messages he’d received since last night.

Hi Deku! Long time no talk, right? I’d say sorry for not sending you anything just to chat, but we’ve been so busy here working on new tech that there’s been no time for much else. But I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how little time there is in the day. You’ve become a great pro hero—and I hear you’re even a father now! Congratulations!

Anyway, I’m emailing you because I wanted to invite you out to I-Island for the expo in a few weeks. We’ve been working on some really cool stuff that I think you’ll be interested in! Plus it would be fun to catch up with you. Talking through emails or texts is fine, but nothing beats talking to someone in person, don’t you think?

I know it’s kind of short notice, and obviously you’ve got lots of responsibilities between your hero work and being a dad now, so I completely understand if you can’t make it out. But I would really love it if you could make it out for the expo! Again, I know how busy you must be and I’ll completely understand if you just can’t make time for it, so don’t worry about upsetting me if it’s not something you can fit into your schedule.

But I’d appreciate it if you could write back soon and let me know either way; that way I’ll know whether or not I should take the plunge and work on this idea I had for a new piece of equipment specifically designed for you. And no, I’m NOT going to give you any hints about what it is ahead of time. If you want to know, you’ll have to come out here and see it for yourself. Is it manipulative of me to tease you like that? Probably. But I’m going to think of it as me making my best sales pitch to try and make it worth your while to clear your schedule so you can come out, haha!

Okay, I’ve probably gone on too long as it is and I’ve got plenty of work to do before the expo whether you’ll be here or not, so I’ll end this here and get back to work. Just write me back when you’ve made a decision.

Hoping to see you soon,

Melissa Shield

Deku quickly began to type up a reply. He didn’t need to take any time to think about this. Yes, there would always be plenty to do around Japan, and the messages and requests on his time would only pile up if he left for I-Island. But he could trust the safety of the country to the many other capable heroes for a bit, and going to the expo and seeing the newest items that the thousands of scientists there had come up with could be viewed as a very worthwhile reason to make the trip. He couldn’t wait to see whatever Melissa had come up with specifically for him too.

Right after sending off his reply to Melissa, Deku picked up his phone to call Fuyumi and let her know about this change in his schedule so she could plan accordingly. He would also need to contact some of the other heroes and commission officials so there wouldn’t be any surprises in store for anyone who needed to know what was going on.

The #1 ranked hero in the nation would soon be hopping on a plane and heading to I-Island.