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No One Gets Out of Here Alive

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Sally is super excited to go to college. She already misses her pack so much but NYU is a great school and they’d all wanted her to go.

They were so supportive and great and, gosh, she misses them.

She hopes she makes some friends. It’s going to be hard, pretending to be human all the time.

Sally knows she can do it!

She’s sitting in her first-year English class. It’s boring. The professor is taking attendance and there’s, like, a million people in the class.

He stumbles over a name and she vaguely hears, “Stilinski.”

It snags her attention because she recognizes that name from somewhere…

And someone behind her says, “That’s me! Um, people usually call me Stiles. For obvious reasons.”

She turns her head so fast she might as well be that girl on the exorcist.

There’s a really cute guy sitting three rows back. Mussed brown hair and moles everywhere.

So cute!

He also had a nice voice. Those eyes were pretty great.

His name, though… Stiles

There’s no way that The Stiles Stilinski is in her freshman English class.

No way.

She might be a werewolf but her life is not this exciting.

There are too many people around for her to catch his scent. She wants to scent him so bad.

She’s all buzzing energy and dying for the class to end. The professor dismisses them and she stalks, um, follows Stiles until she gets him in a corner.

Sally is so nervous but she’ll never forgive herself if she doesn’t at least ask, “Gosh, I’m so nervous. So I know that it’s pretty unlikely, although your name is kinda unique, but are you that Stiles?”

She’s a little sad that she can’t catch the scent of any wolves on him because he smells clean.

Suspiciously clean.

He looks baffled as he asks, “Um, which Stiles?”

She looks around before whispering, “You know, the Stiles from Beacon Hills? All-around badass human? The one in the stories?”

“What?” he croaks, “What stories are people telling about me?”

It’s him! She’s dying, squirtle! Everyone in her pack is going to die of jealousy. She’s meeting The Stiles Stilinski!

He’s starting to smell a little panicked, so she asks for his autograph and number before darting away.

She doesn’t want to be late for her next class.

She’s super disappointed when he says he’s trying to get out of the supernatural.

Sally had been hoping they could be friends.

Then he comes into class reeking of an alpha and it makes her smirk. Seems like someone couldn’t stay out of the supernatural.

Or… well, based on the scent, the supernatural couldn’t stay out of Stiles.

She giggles.

After the class ends, he punches her. She giggles at the disapproving looks everyone gives him.

They end up being friends.

Her pack is so jealous.

She tries not to show off.