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Punished by Love

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Osomatsu was thinking about Opine once more, it was only a couple of days since he last saw him. Although he didn't know much about him, his beautiful appearance captivated him. He didn't know how exactly but he just knew he needed to see him again.

"Maybe hang out a bit.. whatever friends do, I don't know!" Osomatsu mumbled and yawned, he flipped through the pages of his magazine. He stretched a bit and laid there with a confused face, "But how do I see him again? I only know his name.." He stood up and frowned.

Choromatsu walked into the living room and stared at Osomatsu, "What are you doing there frowning?" He sat down and started reading his idol magazine. Osomatsu smirked and sat down next to his brother, he stole the magazine and read through it. Choromatsu tried taking it away but his brother carelessly pushed him aside. He read the second page, "[Opine Meadows from the sensation 'Boys Generation' will be having a live solo concert on September 22nd! 8PM.]"

Osomatsu quickly stood up when he heard this and smiled, "This is perfect! I'll see Opine at that concert!" He ran to the door barefoot and laughed, "So long suckers!" but as he was about to leave Choromatsu stopped him. He sighed and dragged him angrily to the living room.

"Nii-san.. you do know that you have to buy tickets right? They're not letting you in for free! That's not how it works idiot!" He shook his head and looked over at Osomatsu. He stared at his brother confused, can he really not go in for free? Like isn't he already a friend of Opine's, he's sure he'll get in easily!
"Hey but aren't I Opine's friend? Can't I get a free pass if I'm like his super close friend and #1 fan?" He cocked his head, putting on a cocky face aswell.

Choromatsu just annoyingly looked at him, he grabbed the magazine and pointed at the prices for the tickets. "...Look! See how expensive they are? 10,540 yen!" The red hooded brother's jaw dropped, his attitude disappearing. He obviously didn't know Opine's concert tickets were that expensive, well maybe he was a high quality idol? Or some term that he didn't know. It didn't really matter when the tickets were a big budget!

He tapped the table and let out a sigh. Choromatsu looked away and continued to read his magazine. Occasionally squealing or pouting because he can't get the lastest Nya-chan merch. He laid there until Osomatsu made a weird noise.

"AHA!" He stood up celebrating and scooted over to his brother, poking him. "Hey Choromatsu-"
"Can you take me there?"
"Huh? Why not?!"
"Didn't you see how expensive it is?! I am NOT taking you there if you're only going to see him for his face!" He moved away from his pleading face to go to another room. Osomatsu tried following him but he slammed the door in his face before he could enter.

He crossed his arms and thought about ways he could earn money easily. He wasn't one to work so he sure as hell wasn't gonna start now. Or maybe he could just steal the money? Probably from Todomatsu, he was basically rich!
'That's how I'll do it,' He chuckled wickedly while rubbing his hands together. 'and I'll make sure he won't notice!'

He quickly ran to the kitchen where Todomatsu was at, he was playing games on his phone and giggling. Sitting at the table and enjoying his afternoon. But right as Osomatsu came over he stopped and eyed him. He went back on his phone as soon as he saw the smirk on his face. Swiftly typing at his screen.

Osomatsu came closer but he backed away. Pretending that he wasn't there. Until the cheek pulling snapped him out of it. He pouted and whined, "Osomatsu nii-san!! What do you want!" He slapped his hand away.
"Oh nothing.. just wanted to let you know that Karamatsu's messing with your things.. probably going through your porn stash." He smiled.
Todomatsu stood up and squealed, "He's doing WHAT?!"
"Going through your thin-"
Slam goes the door and Karamatsu screaming in the background.
He laughs and shakes his head, "It's so easy when your brothers a girl!" He starts to search around the kitchen, "Now time to find where the money is!"

He scavenges, he looks in the cupboards. 'Is this it?' He grabs a blue sparkly bag, it almost blinds him. 'Definitely not his.. Karamatsus! He probably has something in it!' He looks in the bag, moving stuff around, he finds ten dollars. 'This is really it?! At this rate I might as well act homeless!' He makes a sad face but still puts the money in his pocket.
Once again, he searches. Searches through everything else and found nothing.

'Of course Todomatsu wouldn't hide his money here! Probably somewhere no one would expect.'
He sneakily goes to the bathroom while hearing Todomatsu scolding Karamatsu.

"Didn't I say for no one to go through my stuff?! Do you guys not understand, are you stupid!" He yelled and tapped his foot repeatedly. Karamatsu nervously apologizes, "A-Ah, but buraza, I would never go through your private life. Like I know you wouldn't go through mine." He grinned but Todomatsu just stared at him with anger. He scolded him again and again.

Osomatsu smirking in the bathroom, he searches behind the mirror, goes through pills, bandaids, etc. And he still couldn't find anything.
'Where does he even hide it, that weasel!' He angrily bends down to the floor and searches. He touches a small coin purse behind the toilet. 'Aha! Todomatsus coin purse!' He snatches it and stands up, immediately seeing that wasn't Tottys. It was in fact Choromatsus. He scrunched his nose up, looking at the design. 'Is this that Rika he was meeting? The idol? God I don't know about idols or anything but damn she's hot!' He digs his fingers in and pulls out thirty dollars.

'Awesome,' he thinks to himself. 'I have fourty now! I just need sixty more!' He hastily puts the coin purse behind the toilet and runs out, hoping to have let no evidence. Although the only evidence was him putting his dirty little fingers in to grab the money.
He goes to the living room and finds Jyushimatsu there. Swinging around his baseball bat and laughing.

Osomatsu grins at him, "Hey Jyushimatsu, what are you doing here?"
The other brother waved at him, moving over to him. "I'm looking for baseballs!!.." He started to move around, "And Ichimatsu nii-san! Where is he?" He looked under some pillows and blankets, Osomatsu stared at him. "Nah, he's probably out, go check outside or something.." He stopped for a minute and thought, 'Would he give me money? I bet he would, I mean, why not!'
Jyushimatsu nodded and started to walk out, but Osomatsu stopped him. He looked behind his shoulder, "Eh?"
"Jyushimatsu," He whispered and put his head down. Trying to look sad so that maybe he would pity him. He talked at full speeds, "Can I borrow some money? I mean you don't need it right? I can return it later yeah? Can you give me twenty yen-"
Jyushimatsu threw him five cents and ran, "Bye nii-san!!" And he was out of sight.

"Five cents?! I am not going to that concert.."
Osomatsu clutches the pennies, Choromatsu watched him behind the door, 'He really does want to see that idol,' he took his secret coin purse outta his pocket and took one hundred out. 'Only this time, I've wanted to see Opine too anyways!' He came out and coughed, "Osomatsu nii-san."
He looked behind his shoulder and at Choromatsu, he was holding the money in his hands. 'One hundred yen! I'm saved!' He grinned happily. "Choromatsu! Is that for me~" He tried to grab it outta his hands but Choromatsu dodged, which led to him falling down, he groaned. He looked up at the money.

"I'm giving it to you but I'm going to come too." He crossed his arms. "I'm monitoring you as well, what if you do something gross AGAIN? That's not gonna happen." Osomatsu stood up on his feet and put his arm around his brother. He rubbed his head, "Aw thanks little bro! That's nice of you but.." He pulled away and shrugged, "When is it again?"
"Nii-san! You want to go so badly and you forget!" He picks it up from the table and points to the date, September 22nd.

Osomatsu had forgotten with all the ruckus. He scratches his head, "Ok I get it! We have to get ready then," He went to the stairs and looked at his brother. "I'm gonna look my best, watch me! Opine's even gonna give me that free pass!" He stormed off to put on his best clothes, he wanted to look nice to his first concert.

Choromatsu smiled. 'Hope this goes well.. unlike that one time..' He shivered and then went upstairs as well.


Osomatsu and Choromatsu walked and walked, they had no car so they were going super slow. And it was getting tiring for the both of them.

"Choromatsu when are we gonna be there? It's 7:30 and I'm getting tired." He yawned and tucked his hands in his pockets. Choromatsu sighed and looked around, "Don't get too tired, you're going to be experiencing something amazing!" He cupped his cheeks and closed his eyes. "The music, costumes, lights, everything! It'll be so amazing Osomatsu nii-san!" Osomatsu looked at him and laughed, "Is there gonna be hot babes as well or what?"
Choromatsu just stared at him and rolled his eyes, they walked in silence.

Until Choromatsu finally stopped at a flashy entrance.

Posters of Opine's face plastered all over the building. People were still coming, people with tickets were going in and others paying right then and there.
Osomatsu was star-struck. His mouth wide open, "Hey, I didn't know idols were so-" He stopped talking and looked over at Opine. He was taking pictures with fans. He wanted to go meet him so badly, he rushed over to him.

Choromatsu was looking at his phone. "Ok so Osomatsu nii-san, the first thing we're gonna do is-" He saw that Osomatsu wasn't next to him anymore, he started to panic. He looked over at the entrance, but the amount of people going in was too much. He started to walk around in hopes Osomatsu hadn't done anything bad ALREADY. He knew how crazy his brother could get when excited.

But he wasn't doing anything bad. Osomatsu was running over to Opine. He was zooming past everyone and almost knocked over a group of teenage girls. But he ignored them and called out his name. "Opine? Opine!"

Opine looked up from his booth, he saw a red hoodie and a familiar face. He smiled warmly at the figure running towards him. He stood up and ran towards him too.
Osomatsu smiled wide when he saw the piercing pink eyes, he got distracted though and tripped. Luckily enough, somebody catched him, and that somebody was Opine.

"Osomatsu! You came to my concert, I didn't know you were coming though, whys that?" He looked down at him, his face flushed.
"You didn't give me your number," He smirked and looked up at him.
"Oh yeah! And Choromatsu is here too." He pointed over at the confused boy at the entrance, who was still looking around. Opine giggled and helped Osomatsu gain his balance.
"Did you guys pay already? I was going to let you in for free." He looked over at the paying booth. Osomatsu shook his head, "Nah we haven't paid! But for free? You sure letting this nice man in for free is safe? I mean I could steal your girl."
Opine laughed and pat his head, "I don't have a girl Osomatsu." He whispered. To which he reacted with a blush, covering his face. 'Why did he say that so quietly though? Is he trying to tell me something?' He thought but Opine interrupted him.

He grabbed the red hooded mans hand gently and pointed over at the main lobby, "Let's go.." and then he yelled over at Choromatsu, "You too Choromatsu!"
He ran over to them and started yelling at his brother, ranting about the safety of not losing your way in idol concerts. But Osomatsu ignored him as well, he stared at the back of Opines head. His green hair blowing in the wind. He thought about how soft it would be if he touched it. He thought about how nice it would be if he could kiss him.

'Kiss him?' He suddenly realized what he was thinking about. 'But I'm not.. I'm not gay right?' He frowned to himself and just kept walking.
'I'm really not gay right?'