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Punished by Love

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It was 6:30 pm and a Friday, Choromatsu had been getting ready for a Nya-chan concert that he had eagerly been wanting to attend.
He buttoned up his shirt and looked into the mirror, "Nobody is going to ruin my night!" He swooned, grabbing his cap. "Today it's just me and Nya-chan.." He caressed it, deeply sighing. He smiled and put it on. "Yes! Nothing is going to go wrong!" He fist-bumped the air.

Choromatsu walked downstairs. The brothers noticed he was in a good mood. His obsession over that idol was annoying but it was honestly nice seeing him enjoy something. His older brother felt like teasing him today though. He didn't want him to have so much fun without him. Hey, they are brothers after all.

Osomatsu laughed when he saw him all dressed up. It reminded him of how girls dressed up so fancy with their big skirts. He stood up and crossed his arms, facing him. He lazily leaned to the side. "Going to see that Nya-chan again?~ Does my little brother wanna lose his virginity?" He mockingly rubbed his nose.
"It's okay, you can tell us, my dear brother! Nothing beats true love!" Karamatsu butted in and leaned onto the window.
Ichimatsu cursed at Karamatsu and Todomatsu rolled his eyes. He continued texting on his phone and giggling. He didn't care about what his brothers did and ignored them. And Jyushimatsu always did his own thing, nobody understood him but Ichimatsu so they let him be.

Choromatsu gritted his teeth. He definitely didn't need Osomatsu teasing him right now, not when Nya-chan was also holding a meet and greet. He looked away and frowned, "I don't need to tell you anything Osomatsu nii-san! You're not going to ruin my night so I'm walking away."
He quickly ran to the door and slammed it open, hurrying down the road in hopes Osomatsu wouldn't go after him.

"Hey! Don't leave your onii-chan talking to himself! Come back!" But he was already nowhere in sight.

Osomatsu shrugged his shoulders and laid down again, taking a quick snooze before they had dinner. He began dreaming of heading somewhere as well.



Choromatsu had barely made it there before the show had begun. The flashing lights almost blinded him but nevertheless, he was still excited to head in.
There were only seven or eight people in line. Everyone else already inside and watching a music video.

He pulled out his tickets and handed them to security. He blushed and ran to find a spot in the crowd. Everyone looked the same so it was confusing when it seemed like he passed them.

He decided to side between two average looking boys. Brown hair and eyes, just the norm. He felt relieved he found a spot though. Idol concerts were always so packed and especially if they're famous. Unfortunately, he didn't have time to think anymore when the lights started moving everywhere. People screaming loudly and chanting. Nya-chan appeared on stage.

"Nyan! Nyan! Nyan!" She shouted and everybody did too. She thanked her fans for being here and read a heartfelt speech. Everyone showing their support by staying quiet.
She finished by thanking her fans and with one final nyan, the show had started. Pop music playing, the lights flickering, and the people waving their glow sticks. It truly was an experience.



Time had gone by too fast. It just felt like time was stopped.
It had been an hour already and after a short break, someone had caught his eye. It wasn't a girl though, it was a man.

He appeared to have green hair with pink eyes, his turtleneck sweater was light green and his jeans were gray. He just stood out way too much for someone NOT to notice him. Choromatsu frowned and scratched his chin, he wondered if he was with someone.

He had never seen someone so colorful like him so naturally, he was curious. "It wouldn't hurt to ask who he is." He mumbled and so with that thought in his mind. He was going to talk to him. Maybe he'd end up making friends. He was at a Nya-chan concert after all. 'He definitely likes other idols!' Choromatsu smiled and with that in mind. He cheered even harder.



Everyone took off except for some people who had tickets for the meet and greet. Choromatsu was one of them and so was the green-haired guy. He was walking slowly to the stand and stood behind him. He was smiling softly and crossing his arms. While everyone else was talking, he stayed silent. He looked everywhere and often looked dazed.

Choromatsu peeked behind his shoulder. He only wanted to stare for a moment but he found himself admiring his appearance. He was about to stare for a bit longer until the guy caught Choromatsu staring at him. Their eyes locked, the other man's pink eyes stared into his brown ones. He couldn't seem to look away. He felt bewitched. He felt like he was in a trance.

The guy's white skin turned a light shade of red. He smiled warmly at him and turned away. He continued to gaze at him and hadn't snapped out of it until a security guard called him up. He sheepishly walked up to the stand and shook Nya-chan's hand.

He smiled shyly, "N-Nya-chan, it's so good to meet y-you again! I promise no one's here to disturb you."
She gasped and smiled nervously, "I'm so glad to see you again, nyan..." Her voice sounding shaky, she wanted to get rid of this guy quickly. "I hope you come again! And uh anyways, thanks for meeting with me!" She pointed at the countless merchandise she had, "Feel free to take anything you like! Max one thing, thank you nyan!" Hoping she could make Choromatsu back off and leave her alone.

He thankfully nodded and ran over to the desk, carefully picking out one thing. As soon as he was about to leave and turn the corner. He overheard Nya-chans' conversation with the strange guy. So he decided to hide behind a bush and eavesdrop. Hoping for some info on the green-haired guy.

"It's so good to see you again Nya. Your concert was amazing like always. I really enjoyed it." The mystery guy gleamed and held her hand. Nya-chan giggled and patted his in return. "It was all thanks to you Opine! Nyan!" He laughed and spoke quietly, leaning closer to her face. Nya-chan giggled and spoke into his ear.
He couldn't quite hear them but he had found out the man's name. Opine. A weird one but it really fits him.

"What are they talking about?" He mumbled, cupping his ear and leaning a bit closer.

Opine moved away from her, he smiled one last time and began to walk away. She waved goodbye and continued on with the next person.
And then Choromatsu pursued him, he walked steadily, keeping up with "Opine." Until he'd find the right moment to talk to him.

It was when he almost walked up to Chibita's oden stand that he decided to stop him. He sneakily walked up behind him and tapped his shoulder. Opine turned his head and stopped to face him. His smile gone but putting on a curious face.
"You're the one who was looking at me." His voice nothing but a whisper. Choromatsu scratched the back of his neck nervously, "Uh y-yeah! I'm sorry I stared at you, I didn't mean to." He frowned, feeling embarrassed.

Opine just looked at him, it was weird how humans always had these habits. It honestly surprised him sometimes.

"You don't have to apologize. I didn't mind you staring at me."
Choromatsu took a sigh of relief. He was so glad to know he didn't scare someone off. Especially someone who seemed to love idols like him. He was finally gaining something on his own. Totty never helped him gain popularity. "I know we just met but why don't you. Come over? We could discuss Nya-chan and other idol stuff!" He smiled and started to gleam. Excited that he was gonna be able to talk with someone. 

And of course, Opine couldn't reject his newfound friend. He grabbed and shook Choromatsu's hand, "Yes! I'll come with you. Hm, Mr..?"
"Choromatsu Matsuno."



It had been a long silent walk to his house. Opine stayed quiet and looked around, he appreciated how peaceful it was. He had a busy life and sometimes he just wanted some peace and quiet.
Choromatsu didn't know why he wasn't talking though. He thought he did something wrong. Usually, people didn't like him that much. It was hard for him to make friends for being so low in the social pyramid. He's a NEET.

He frowned and put his head down. Opine looked down at him, confused as to why he was so sad. He pats his head, stroking his hair. "Why do you look so sad?" He blankly stared. Choromatsus head shot up and he backed away.
"I.." Choromatsu stopped talking and looked away. It was embarrassing to share his issues. He didn't feel as tough when he shared any of his weaknesses. So he smiled and put his head up, "Nevermind. Come on, we're almost there." He began to walk faster and Opine followed him until he stopped.

He turned corners and went everywhere until he finally slowed down. He frowned at the house and sighed. Mumbling to himself about the house's exterior. He clenched his backpack and looked behind him, "Please come in." He awkwardly smiled and opened the door. It was already 8 pm when he arrived and everyone was still up. The brothers welcomed him back and yawned.

Opine walked in next and everyone gasped. Todomatsu peeked from his cellphone, and his jaw dropped. Karamatsu chuckled, "I see you brought someone home brother!"
"WOW! WHO'S THAT?!" Jyushimatsu chimed in and running over to Opine. Shaking his hand violently and making him laugh. Ichimatsu just dismissed him and played with one of his many cats.

Osomatsu was laying down, he rubbed his eyes and yawned. He was sleeping until he got woke up. He hated it when people disturbed him while he was taking a nap.

He stood up and angrily frowned. "Hey! Didn't you guys know I was sleeping?! What's with all the noise?" His voice sounding a bit raspy. "What are all of you looking at?" He pushed through everyone and came face to face with pink eyes. He backed away and gawked at Opine. Attempting to think of something to say but all he could do was stare. He felt embarrassed and flustered. The world seemed to be stopping. He couldn't hear anything. And while he stood there frozen, everyone else raised a brow.

Todomatsu snickered. "Is he in love or something?" Karamatsu pushed his glasses up and pointed at Osomatsu. "I too understand what it's like to be in love! I have someone special as well!" Choromatsu crossed his arms, "It seems weird for Osomatsu nii-san to like a man. I've only seen him be interested in women." He walked over in front of him and snapped his fingers. With that, he returned to his normal self. He held his head and groaned, "I zoned out but don't think I didn't hear you guys!"

Osomatsu walked over to the couch and sat down. Opine observing him along the way. "I'm not gay like Karamatsu over there, I just zoned out, you know?"
Everyone laughed except Choromatsu. Who was actually questioning his sexuality.
Opine kept looking over at the red hooded matsu. Smiling warmly at him and Osomatsu trying his best to look away.

"It's already late so it's best to escort my guest out. It was a late visit but I know Opine enjoyed it." Choromatsu smiled proudly as he walked Opine over to the door. Everyone waved goodbye except Osomatsu. Quietly looking out the window he thought about what happened to him. Remembering those bright pink eyes in his memory.

Opine smiled and waved goodbye, "I hope we meet again, everyone. And," He paused and looked behind Choromatsu. "You too Osomatsu." He blushed and walked out. His footsteps audible and finally disappearing when the door closed. Osomatsu blankly looked over at it. Confusion was written all over his face and his brothers noticed. They didn't say anything else though and continued on with what they were doing.

The hours passed by, the time to go to sleep. Midnight and yet he was still on the couch while everyone snored. He had put on his pajamas but still recalling his encounter. Wondering when Opine and he would meet again.