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an empire, or this ?

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it’s been months and months since napoleon left the mansion. since he disappeared without a trace.


he doesn’t know himself what exactly happened, just that he forgave his nemesis and gained a friend.


wellington got to his feet before him, maybe because he was a full vampire while napoleon had clung to his humanity until he couldn’t anymore. he was like a vampire duckling, didn’t know how to use his strength or his ‘powers’ to heal faster.


but at last, he is better and on his way to return to le comte’s mansion — head full of apologies and maybe regrets.


he wants to be home. he wants to see her. she must have been so scared, so sad... he wants to hold her tight and profess his love to her once more.


but she was out of time when he went missing and she must have returned to her home — to some place he’ll never reach.


he is lucky enough to find le comte in the foyer when he enters the mansion — the door familiarly unlocked from all the residents coming and going — and the pure blood can’t hide his surprise.


napoleon doesn’t have time to even think about speaking, le comte is already in front of him, checking for injuries with a frown.


« do you know how worried we were ? we searched everywhere for you ! we thought you were dead ! »


saint-germain starts scolding him, and even though part of him wants to rebel, he is not a child, it feels good to feel love and missed.


his head shoots up when he hears a little squeak from up the stairs, he totally tuned off from le comte’s scolding at some point, settling instead for keeping his head down and looking apologetic — what he is.


MC is there, wearing a plain white night robe — unusual as it is only a little past noon, she should be helping sebastian around the house.


no, most importantly, she should be gone. back to her own time where she belonged.


but she’s still here, and she’s still as beautiful as the day he disappeared — her hair is a little longer now, and she seemed to have taken some weight, but she’s still gorgeous. so gorgeous he completely forgets the presence of the comte, who doesn’t mind.


MC finally snaps out of her surprise and storms down the stairs, barefoot, barely raising her skirts enough to not trip on them.


« careful, ma chérie. » le compte scolds, « you wouldn’t want to fall now. »


and when napoleon doesn’t exactly likes the gentle tone in which he called her his darling he likes how she pays le comte no mind to run right into his arms instead.


« amour !! you’re back !! » she exclaims, throwing her arms around his neck. « i missed you so, so much, you have no idea. »


he easily lifts her up from the ground, definitely noticing the extra weight, and the enlarged belly. when he puts her down and she steps back, he glances down at her body and at her hands, gently spread across the bump.


she’s pregnant.


« i seriously thought you were dead, you know ? »

« i’m sorry about that. i wish i could have came back sooner. »


napoleon’s eyes travel from MC, to le comte, and back at MC. he looks down, and then turns to his savior again. saint-germain only smiles.


« i’ll leave you two alone for now, » he says. « MC, careful about yourself okay ? »

« won’t you stop treating me like an invalid  yet ? »







they sit down in the garden, at the shade of the roseraie, and MC lightly leans back on the bench, stretching herself a little.


her enlarged belly is more noticeable when she sits like that, the light fabric draping over it, and napoleon finds himself unable to look away.


« so... you’re pregnant, hm. »

« i guess i am, yes. »


he doesn’t need to look up to know she has that same gentle smile she often gave him. her hand gently caresses her bump, smoothing the clothing over it.


« how are you faring ? » he asks. « le comte seemed awfully worried. »

« i... i’m okay mostly. everyone is just worried because but it’s a difficult pregnancy but i’m already at twenty-two weeks so the panic should have died down. the first three months are the most dangerous you know ? »


he doesn’t. he actually doesn’t know the first thing about pregnancy. when was she supposed to show the first signs ? did he miss them ? or was he gone more than the twenty weeks ?


« you shouldn’t have stayed then. i’m sure it’s not nearly as safe here than it is in your times. » he finally looks up, and she smiles

« i know. but i couldn’t bring myself to have my baby grow without a father. »


she seems sad now, and he is almost sure she’s gonna tell him the father is saint-germain or sebastian or maybe even jean. they always were awfully close.


« i really thought you were dead you know. i think i spent at least four days scooped up in my room crying your loss. jean literally had to force me to eat. »


he isn’t sure he likes where this is going. he doesn’t want to hear anything more, but he feels like cutting her off would be incredibly rude when she sounds so sad.


« he’s been a really good friend to me while you were gone. i understand why you like him so much... i think he was affected as much as i was by your disappearance. but eventually we started to believe that there was no way you were dead, after all. not you. »


maybe they were just comforting each other in their denial.


« when i found out i was pregnant... well, i thought of going back to my time for the reason you stated before. i already knew i would have a hard time giving birth, so everyone pressed me to go home and get medical assistance but... if there was the slightest chance of you coming back, of you meeting the tiny half vampire growing inside of me, i wanted to stay. »


and there he is, sitting in front of her with the most surprised expression on his face.


« so... is it... mine ? »


she lets out a giggle, and only now does he realize how much he missed her laugh, the way her eyes light up or how she always hides her face politely behind her hand when she does.


« well, given how everybody’s already ecstatic to have a baby around, it might as well have eleven fathers but, yes, it is yours. » she takes his hand in hers. « who else’s would it be ? you’re the only man i love. »


she doesn’t really expect anything. after all, they had barely started dating when napoleon went missing and when it seemed like he would gladly give up his life for her, they still had only know each other for a month.


of course, the pregnancy was an accident and MC doesn’t even know if she could have used a kind of birth-control to avoid getting pregnant.


« it’s okay if you don’t want a baby though, i mean, i chose to keep it without asking for your opinion and to be honest i don’t even know if the concept of aborting is a think yet but don’t feel pressured to like... be the father if you don’t feel— »

« and let someone else be the father of my child ? »


napoleon cuts her before she gets a chance to finish.


« while i certainly weren’t expecting you to be pregnant, i can assure you that there is nothing, absolutely nothing that could make me happier than knowing we’ll have a family. »


he looks at her with the gentlest smile and reaches forward but stops his hand maybe two inches away from her belly.


« can i feel the bump ? is it moving ? i want to feel it kick ! »


she can’t help but laugh upon seeing him with stars in his eyes. she holds his hand and gently lays it on her bump.


« i can feel it moving, yes, but i don’t think you will feel anything yet. also, it is way too early for it to kick, and i don’t know if i’m looking forward to it. »


it’s a lie. she is more than eager to feeling it kick, even more so now that napoleon is back home.


he seems a little disappointed, and she wonders if he was too busy with matter of states or even war to enjoy the pregnancy of his wife in his former life. napoleon had children with joséphine, right ?


« i’m not sure i remember how to be a father. i don’t even think i was a very good one. »


he says, almost an answer to her unspoken question. his jade eyes cloud over with sadness, but his hand is so gentle as he caresses her belly over her robe.


« you’ll be the best father, i already know. » she smiles. « you are amazing with children. »


how even can he doubt his abilities when she saw him teach the poorer children. when she witnessed him ready to kill for them. if he acted so fatherly with them when they weren’t related, she can only assume how he would be with a child of his own (no killings though).


« i don’t know how you managed in your first life, history books only tell so much, but you’re not the man you were before. you don’t have a country to rule or protect this time. it’s just you, me, and the baby and i will be there to protect you too. » her hands reaches to cup his cheek and he leans into her touch. he missed her so much. « i promise we’ll be okay. all three of us. »


and this time around, napoleon will not make the same mistakes. if all he has to do is care for and protect his family, he will do it, and he would give away all the empires in the world because nothing will ever feel more important than what he has right now.