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Reasons Why You Should Consider Writing a Fic of Taichi Going To Hokuo Instead Of Mizusawa:

  • taichi calling sudo "sudo senpai" 😭😭😭 okay that's it
  • yo don't you think sudo would help taichi with his arata insecurities?? (come on taichi let your senpais help you)
  • there's a reason why everyone looks up to sudo in team hokuo and yeah it's cause he's the ace BUT ALSO i'm sure he's the best senpai!!
  • in my head sudo would be a harada-sensei/tsubogichi like figure to taichi, so like both friend and mentor?? sadist taichi activated
  • canon!taichi being the leader in mizusawa but hokuo!taichi being babied by his senpais 😭😭😭 
  • i love team hokuo i really do want a spinoff!! don't you want to see some hokuo team shenanigans!! (Ex. hokuo figuring out mashima likes chihaya (taichi never tells them he's just so obvious) and the team uses the retrot cards to figure out who chihaya likes!! retro: "senpai i don't think my cards work like that", amakasu: "eh, hyoro lighten up! now tell us what the cards say" mashima walks in on them and is just like "💢💢💢 senpai what are you guys doing 💢💢💢" 👌👌👌 good shit
    • side note, this interaction was based on a chihayafuru fic here in ao3 (predictions by kiyala, where mima uses the retrot cards to figure out if sudo is a top or bottom LOL)
  • We need more sudo fics!! please!! by we I really just mean me!!! 

aksdjask man i love taichi and sudou, all their interactions in canon are so !!! it is my greatest wish that we get taichi going to toudai so he and sudou can play karuta alot ;__; if we don't get a taichihaya ending Please let taichi be buddies with sudou u__u econ major sudou and med student taichi !!! maaan we love to see it... commissioning this art was lowkey really fun cause i get to think about and talk about taichi with my friends lmao i rly hope i can write a fic... pls don't let this be just a daydream @ self LOL