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X O X O, Thank You

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   Izuku stepped into the kitchen a bit later than normal, eyes droopy and a small yawn escaping him. He'd forgone his usual morning jog in favor of sleeping in a bit longer. He donned his sleepwear, an oversized, off-white t-shirt that read 'flannel' and grey boxers. He let his nose guide him straight to the kitchen, ignoring (read: 'not noticing') the looks he recieved from his classmates that were present.

   Once he passed the threshold of the kitchen, he allowed his eyes to open and a small smile to present itself upon taking in the sight before him. Katsuki stood in the kitchen, wearing nothing but his uniform pants, and was plating the breakfast (b u f f e t more like) he'd just prepared. 

   "Alright idiots, come eat!" he yelled out, setting down a final bowl as everyone began to swarm the kitchen. Izuku stared happily for a moment longer before lazily dragging himself towards the blonde, arms outstretched as he prepared to hug the boy.

   "Kacchan~!! You're so amazing, I bet it tastes great!" He wrapped the taller boy in a hug, eyes slipping closed with the force of his smile and head tilting slightly to the right.

   "Tch, whatever shitty nerd." He said this relatively quietly (quiet for Katsuki at least), and rolled his eyes.

   Izuku just smiled a tad bit wider before stepping to his tippy-toes and planting a soft, sleepy kiss directly onto Katsuki's lips.

Thank You 

   The kiss screamed this message to the two, but to everyone else, the kiss was the most shocking thing they'd ever witnessed.

   In fact, it left them speechless.






   The common room was bathed in an ever changing light, the television playing the movie Beetlejuice at nearly 4am on a Tuesday. To any onlookers, the low volume of the television drowned out the running commentary the three boys kept going.

   "I'm just saying, this scene is one of the best in film history!" Denki softly exclaimed, the hand connected to the arm that rested around Izuku's shoulders jutting out for a moment before reclaiming its place on said boy's arm. 

   "Honestly, I feel like you're right but also at the same time, you sound absolutely absurd." Izuku giggled, the cause being a mixture of Hitoshi's response and the movie before him. His eyes never left the large screen as the movie's characters began to sing Day-O and dance around the room.

   "As amazing and iconic as this movie is, I think I prefer Little Shop of Horrors," the freckled boy expressed softly. Denki gasped, exclaiming a simple 'You take that back!' as Hitoshi lifted his head slightly from Izuku's lap and stared. He then shook his head gently before laying back down, mumbling something about unseen movies.

   Izuku stared down at Hitoshi in shock, praying that he hadn't heard what he thought he had.

   "I'm sorry, did you just say that you've never seen the iconic masterpiece that is Little Shop of Horrors?!"

   Denki released a relatively loud 'What?!' and all of a sudden, there are two boys staring at Hitoshi. When he doesn't respond, Izuku begins to speak.

   "Oh my god, we're so watching that next! I can't believe this!"


   After finishing up Beetlejuice and Little Shop of Horrors, Denki is just about asleep and Hitoshi and Izuku aren't too far behind him. Even if its just a few minutes before they get up for school, they'll take any sleep they can get.

   Before Izuku can pass out, he twists his body slightly and leans up a bit to plant a kiss on Denki's plump lips. There's a tiny surprised squeak on Denki's part, but it's quickly followed by a small satisfied smile. There's a bit more twisting and leaning before Izuku can successfully hit Hitoshi with his own kiss, the pout the lavender-haired boy sported strong enough to make Izuku want to beg forgiveness.

Thank You






   Izuku felt somewhat secure, knowing that Tokoyami was just down the hall. Occasionally, feelings and memories became too much for the usually bright boy. He never really had anyone to talk to about anything before he built a friendship with Tokoyami.

   "It was terrifying!" The two boys and Dark Shadow sat in Tokoyami's dorm room, the lights off and moonlight filtering in through the curtains. Nightmares brought back terrible memories in the dead of night.

   Izuku didn't want to be alone anymore.

   "I could've died right then in that moment! If his finger so much as twitched, I'd be a goner! And nobody noticed! In a sea of people no one realized! No one came to help!" The boy's soft cries were beginning to become sobs that wracked his small frame.

   "And he was gonna hurt all those people! All of their lives were in my hands in that moment and I couldn't even save my own. It was terrible Tokoyami! I hate that feeling! Feeling useless! I've been called useless, called Deku my entire life but I never truly believed it until that moment! I couldn't do anything!"

   "I couldn't breathe!"

Oh God he can't breathe

"And I relive it every night!"

He's going to die

"And it doesn't stop!"

Someone please make it stop!

Help him!

Help him, please!

He's screaming, why don't you hear him?

He's terrified, why don't you see him?

Help him!

Make it Stop!

Please! Help him




Help him



Help him

Help him

Help him

help him

"Help me, please."

   He couldn't take a breath, couldn't catch a break. 

   He couldn't hear anything besides to rushing of his blood and his heart pounding.

   God, he could barely feel anything. He could vaguely feel the warmth of a body pressed close to his own. He could feel an odd senstion, sort of cool but with undertones of warmth. He felt a hand on his lower back, stable and grounding, bringing him back.

   Soon he could hear a voice, not quite a whisper but low in his ears.

   Reassurances were whispered as Izuku curled up on himself and gripped the front of Tokoyami's shirt tighter, sobs powerful enough to jolt both boys.

   He was held tight, sweet nothings drowning out everything else, and the scent of pine and honey filling his brain.

   As he calmed down, he tilted his head up slightly to see Tokoyami's face, only to find the boy staring at him, a caring intensity to his gaze.

   Izuku couldn't help himself as he planted kiss after kiss on the gentle boy's beak.

Thank You

Thank You

You Saved Me

Thank You

   Izuku planted one final kiss on Tokoyami before softly pecking dark shadow's cheeks and forehead a few times and drifting off.