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Hungry Like the Wolf

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Transformation by Lostonthisisland

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For some, it's easy to believe in the fantastical. For Josh, it wasn't so easy.


Even when he found himself lying naked in the middle of the woods, the taste of carcass in his mouth and blood under his fingernails, it wasn't easy.


Josh sat up slowly, the sound of buzzing flies came to his ears and he looked over to see the shredded remains of a deer.


Entrails, shiny white bone, drying blood and the deer's frozen, dead stare met his eyes and Josh felt his stomach roil at the sight and smell.


He threw his hand over his mouth and looked away, his breath coming in short. Jesus.


The skin around his mouth and chin felt flaky and tight and Josh scrubbed at it until flakes of dried blood fell into his palm.


Did I... he swallowed and a flash of a memory came, swallowing warm, raw meat, hot blood running down his chin.


Josh made a sound of disgust before he rose on shaky legs. And oh god, he was covered in it, dried, crusting blood. He scraped at his chest as he walked, trying to clean himself of the stuff but it wouldn't come off.


Pine needles and twigs cut into the soles of his feet as Josh tried to find a way out of the woods, as he tried to find a way home.


Could this really be happening? Could he really be a... a werewolf?