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The Mother Next Door

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Hari Evans, who used to be known as Harry James Potter, growled in frustration as he tried to open the front door of Number Four. He sighed and sat the baby carrier down and then ran a hand through his lower back length hair before putting it up. He had just finished putting his hair up when the front door opened. An adorable little girl with pink hair, that he just knew was natural, and wore a pink and black sundress, peaked out from behind it. Hari barely just resisted the urge to squeal and hug her.

"Hi! Are you Ri-chan?" she asked excited and Hari couldn't help but smile.

"Well, then, you have me at a disadvantage. You know my name but I don't know yours."

"I'm Yachiru!" she said cheerfully.

"Well it's nice to meet you Yachi-chan!" Hari said and she grinned.

"You too Ri-chan!" she said as she held the door open for him.

"Arigato." he said as he re-shouldered the baby bag and picked up the baby carrier.

"Welcome Ri-chan!" she said as she closed the door. Hari kept his smile even as he let the baby bag slide off his shoulder and onto the floor near the stairs. "Is that a baby?" she asked peaking over the edge, and Hari smiled at her cuteness.

"Yes it is." Hari said. "Her name is Midori." He lowered the carrier so Yachiru could see her. Midori had tuffs of black hair with orange here and there, and when she opened her eyes they were a mint green instead emerald like her mother's, but very pretty.

"She's so pretty!" Yachiru said and Hari smiled.

"Want to help me feed her?" he asked and Yachiru's eyes lit up.

"Hai!" she said clapping her hands in excitement and they moved into the kitchen. "Do you breast feed?" she asked as Hari made a bottle, and the people that had entered the kitchen choked slightly.

"I don't anymore. I did for the first few months but that's all. Next time I will do it for a lot longer." Hari told her and she nodded. She hopped up onto one of the kitchen chairs and Hari then kneeled in front of her and showed her how to hold and feed Midori.

"How is that even possible?" Ichigo asked and Hari tensed when he herd his voice, catching the tallest one's attention.

"I'm able to get pregnant, and all that comes with it." Hari stiffly said as he stood and turned to look at them. "And you guys are?"

"Ah, sorry! I'm Rukia Kuchiki."

"I'm Ichigo Kurosaki." Hari gritted his teeth and one person caught the action.

"I'm Renji Abarai."

"I'm Kenpachi Zaraki, and the little girl is Yachiru Kusajishi."

"Hey Kenny! Come look at Green-chan!" Yachiru said from her spot at the kitchen table.

"Green-chan?" he said raising an eyebrow as he moved closer, and making Hari burst into musical laughter, startling everyone.

"Her name's Midori." Hari explained looking at Kenpachi with sparkling emerald eyes. Kenpachi looked down at the baby and he started to put the puzzle together as his eyes took in her orange tuffs of hair mixed in with the black. But it seemed that was the only thing she got from her "father".

"Hey Ri-chan?" Yachiru asked looking up and Hari turned his attention to her. "Can Kenny hold her?"

"If he wants." Hari said with a little amusement as he watched Yachiru gently and carefully held Midori up. Kenpachi gently took her and held her in the crook of his right arm, his left hand held the bottle to her mouth.

"Wow." Ichigo said in shock, the other two nodded. "Who knew."

"I did Ichi!" Yachiru said as she went up to Hari and held her arms up with a small pout. "Kenny's holding Green-chan, so Ri-chan can hold me!" she said brightly, and Hari laughed and picked her up. He settled her on his hip, and the two watched Midori suck her bottle down, all while looking at Kenpachi.

"So how did you get experience?" Ichigo asked and Kenpachi raised an eyebrow.

"Yachiru." he said simply. "Thankfully she could eat baby food."

"Do you have pictures?" Hari asked looking up at the man.

"I'm sure." he mumbled.

"They're in my bag!" Yachiru chirped, her head now resting on Hari's shoulder. "I'm a cute baby!" she said and Hari laughed.

"I'm sure, Yachi-chan." Hari said. it was silent before there was a burp. They looked over to see Midori's eyes closing.

"Did she just burp on her own?" Rukia asked wide eyed.

"Hai. She is quite strange like that." Hari said a little proudly.

"She's asleep." Kenpachi said. Hari nodded and then the two carefully switched. Yachiru protested sleepily before snuggling down into Kenpachi's arms. Hari then went out of the kitchen and upstairs to his room. It had been redone when he had gotten back from Japan.

The walls were murals of the rainforest with animals that moved, the floor was a very soft shaggy white carpet, he had a four poster canopy bed with emerald silk sheets and green mosquito netting all around it to tie it into the room. Midori's crib and changing table were both made out of bamboo, and Midori's crib also had mosquito netting around it. There was also a bamboo desk with a glass top for Hari, a small side table made out of bamboo, and Hari's closet door and entrance door were both Japanese sliding doors. Hari walked over to Midori's crib and he gently laid her down as Kenpachi looked over the room.

"You can lay Yachiru in my bed." Hari told him and the much taller man nodded and went over to the bed. He parted the netting and gently tucked Yachiru in before leaving the netting. They were silent as they made their way down the stairs, only talking when Hari thanked Kenpachi for steadying him when he stumbled. When they got to the kitchen Petunia was cooking.

"The others are in the living room playing video games and talking if you want to join them." she said. Hari smiled but shook his head and went to help her. Kenpachi sat down at the table and silently watched as Hari cooked and talked with his aunt.

Hari Evans was beautiful, graceful, and powerful. He could feel the waves of power rolling off of the man in waves. It was a mix of reiatsu and magic, the two were intertwined nicely and tried to pull him in. Wrapping around his own reiatsu and combining together before retreating, Kenpachi's reiatsu reaching out for it as it did. Hari was a single parent who loved his daughter very much, and children in general it seemed. He was great with Yachiru, which was a must, and the little girl seemed to adore him as well, another must. He also seemed to be interested in Kenpachi also if his little looks and glances, and smiles sent his way were anything to go by. He also cooked. Kenpachi shook his head trying to clear it and Hari sent him an amused smile.

"Would you like coffee or something stronger, Zaraki-san?" Hari asked.

"Call me Kenpachi, and something stronger please." he said and Hari nodded and pulled out some sake. Kenpachi raised an eyebrow at the smirking male.

"Then you have to call me Hari, Kenpachi." Hari said, purring Kenpachi's name to the amusement to Petunia. She out right laughed when Kenpachi pulled the younger male onto his lap with a smirk as Hari went red. Hari smacked his chest but didn't move. He poured them sake and the two talked quietly as Petunia finished cooking.

Petunia called to the others that dinner was ready, as Hari and Kenpachi were to wrapped up in their discussion and each other. The others stared in shock at the two before Dudley let lose a cat call. Hari blushed and slid off of Kenpachi's lap. He was about to go get Yachiru when they heard a crash. Hari flew up the stairs to his room to see both children crying, Yachiru with a slightly bloody cut, and a lamp on the floor.

"I didn't - - the lamp itself - - Gomen!" Yachiru wailed. Hari sighed in slight relief before walking further into the room. He scooped the crying Midori up and held her with one arm while the other hugged Yachiru to his chest. The others were gathered in the doorway and hall.

"Shhhh." he whispered soothingly. Yachiru's sobs became softer but Midori continued to cry. Hari motioned for Kenpachi and the man went over to the three quickly. Instead of giving him Yachiru like they thought, he handed him Midori, who quieted at the sight of Kenpachi. Hari was then free to wrap both of his arms around Yachiru.

"It's not your fault Yachiru." Hari said getting her attention. "I'm going to tell you what I think happened and you tell me if I'm right, okay?" he said and she nodded.

"You woke up when you herd Midori giggling up a storm and when you opened your eyes you saw the lamp floating towards Midori. Then, when you grabbed the lamp it fell out of your hands and your hand got cut." he said and she nodded, tears gathering in her eyelashes. The other three shinigami standing in the hall looked at him funny.

"It's okay, it was just accidental magic." he told her. "It usually doesn't happen until the child is much older except for in dire cases, but I'm very powerful so it's not a surprise. I'm very, very thankful you were here to stop the lamp from going to Midori. Something even worse could have happened. So thank you very much Yachiru." he said with a breathtaking beautiful smile. "Now let's go clean your hand and bandage it, ne?" he said and she nodded. Hari picked her up and carried her to the bathroom.

"Hari-chan?" Yachiru asked getting Hari's attention as he sat her down on the counter and started to look for bandages. "What do you think of Kenny?" his eyes widened at the question before he smiled.

"He's handsome, strong, powerful, and makes me feel safe, which is very hard to do. He is also a very good father and very gentle." he said with a dreamy voice as he finished treating her wound. "After all, he did a great job with you." he said poking her nose making her giggle. He set her down and was about to leave when Yachiru spoke.

"Kenny really like Hari-chan and we both think your a great mother." Yachiru said and Hari blushed.

"Arigato, Yachi-chan." he said walking out of the bathroom, Yachiru right behind him. Kenpachi stood leaning against the wall next to the bathroom, the others were already down stairs it seemed.

"The others are downstairs," So he was right. " and Midori is asleep in her crib." the taichou said and Hari smiled at him.

"Arigato." Hari said and Kenpachi nodded.

"Yachiru, why don't you go on downstairs." Kenpachi said.

"Okay Kenny!" Yachiru said before bouncing down the stairs.

"Kurosaki is the father, isn't he?" Kenpachi asked and Hari looked at him is slight surprise before nodding.

"He is." Hari said. "While my aunt and Vernon were going through their divorce Dudley and I were sent to Japan. My teachers were not happy I was leaving but they couldn't stop it." Hari said snickering at that last part.

"You met him in Japan."

"Hai. We started out as friends, but we became something more. After we had sex he became distant and to busy to spend time with me. Add to the fact his friends didn't like me at all, so they would keep him as far from me as they could. I found out I was a month pregnant when I went to the Medic-witch because I kept throwing up." Hari said before laughing bitterly. "The first time we have sex and I get pregnant!" He ran a hand through his hair as he fought his tears. He lost the battle however when Kenpachi pulled him into his arms.

"I called him telling him I needed to talk to him about something very important. We agreed to meet at the cafe where we had our first date. I waited for four hours, but he never came, never called either. It was by chance that I looked out the window as I stood to leave, and there he was laughing and having a good time with his friends!" his hands were clutching Kenpachi's black shirt now as he began to shake, but he kept his head down so Kenpachi couldn't see the tears. "I came back here and after 9 months she was born."

"Nine months?"

"Hai. A male pregnancy for a male wizard is 9 months."

"Hm, why doesn't Ichigo recognize you?" Kenpachi asked as Hari finally stopped shaking.

"I don't look the same. I grew my hair out to my lower back, I got my eyes permanently fixed, I've gotten some sun, I actually grew some, and I got a whole new wardrobe of cloths that I like and actually fit me. Women's clothing too." Hari said, Kenpachi nodded before grinning and licking his lips.

"I can't wait to see you in them." he said and Hari blushed.

"Let's go eat." Hari said, still blushing as he tugged Kenpachi behind him.