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The Truth of RA9

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Blinking my eyes open, lines started appearing beside everything, outlining almost everything I saw. Soon, the lines started fading into the background and a man started to appear through these lines, coloring coming in from the dark blue lines that settled to show the young person in front of me had dark brown hair and ever enchanting light blue eyes.

"You're awake!" the young voice said enthusiastically. I would say the boy was between the ages sixteen and seventeen, going through the awkward teenage phase he remembered Teddy going through.

Opening my mouth, a resounding bark echoed through the dark blue bedroom I was in, pausing and shifting from my position, I looked down and noted the dark black fur that coated paws that rested in front of me. Just as I realized I was in some type of animal, probably a dog from the resounding bark I made, senses started overloading my system and I felt a sneeze build up as my sensitive nose tried to take it all in.

The dirty laundry in the corner, the boy in front of me that seemed to reek of a week without a shower, the comforters that definitely needed changing along with the days-old cans of various sodas littered around a desk in the corner of the room and slowly aging pizza crust too. "Are you okay?" the boy muttered as he looked over a computer that seemed to be hooked up to something.

Sneezing and finally feeling some of my sensations calm with it, I felt a tug against my neck and realized the laptop was hooked up to the back of my neck. Pausing and trying to reach out to death, I felt death calm my racing heart, or apparently, thirium heart as Death finally informed me about the life that I was now in.

Gone were my human bones, skins, and emotions. I was now an android, but something went ‘wrong’ along the way. Of course, Life had to meddle in it, she loved doing that to random timelines. Feeling my soul rest inside my thirium heart, I felt my tail wag as the boy in front of me did some sort of victory dance.

"Gavin!" The boy shouted in glee toward his closed door.

I heard the footsteps race this way and enter the room without much thought. "What, Elijah?" the boy growled out, I deduced they might just be the same age but paused as his system suddenly connected to the internet and all access to every electronic in the room. Without much thought or meaning, my robotic mind went through every phone on the premises and found out the boy that created him was Elijah Kamski, the half-brother of Gavin Reed. Half-brothers with different mothers, but after Gavin's mom, Chloe Reed, died when he was seven, Maddie Kamski took in Gavin without much thought and threw her husband out of the house after finding out he knew about Gavin but abandoned the boy for his mistakes and infidelity. That was until both boys were fifteen when Maddie had died in an unfortunate shooting downtown. Matthew, their father, didn't want either boy so Professor Amanda Stern had taken in Elijah, leaving Gavin in the foster system. Apparently, though, it seemed Elijah had somehow gotten Gavin to stay with them.

Pushing aside the pop-ups along the side of his eyes, he ignored the Instability that kept showing up and crawled toward Elijah and pushed his nose against the hand that rested there. If he was going to be a dog, then he was going to fucking enjoy the most out of it. "Woah, down-boy," Elijah commanded and I saw the prompt to get down off the boy and promptly ignored it as I licked Elijah's cheek, feeling the need to make sure the boy was happy.

Seeing the prompt about instability again, I ignored it as Elijah just laughed and pushed me down. Feeling proud for making the boy happy, I moved back but didn't go back to lying down, but merely seated myself on some type of metal slab I was on. The other boy, Gavin, came closer. "I thought Androids were supposed to do what they're told. Why didn't he?" Gavin asked cautiously as he knelt beside his brother but didn't reach toward me.

"I don't know," Elijah mused as he looked over at the computer, my system already hacking into it and telling him it was my coding. Feeling the need to leave it alone, I disengaged from the laptop. "Maybe it's because his coding is a bit different than Chloe's because he's a dog. I wanted to make him dog-like, meaning I had to take away the ability to talk for one. And dogs are freer than humans, his main objective is to make his human happy," Elijah said as he scrolled through his coding.

"Is it safe?" Gavin asked cautiously as he rubbed his nose, I spotted a scare at the top of it.

"He's not like Brutus, he'd never hurt you, Gavin," Elijah said with a scowl as he moved his hand for me to get closer.

With the knowledge the boy might've been attacked by a dog, I felt my ears tip back and got down on my belly and crawled toward the other boy. Gavin hesitantly placed his hand on top of my head and I felt them smoothly card through my hair and felt myself lean into the feeling. Damn, he should've been a dog animagus if this is what it felt like. Giving a small lick to the child's cheek and hearing the giggle that passed through the boy I refrained myself from continuing the assault should the boy get scared by him.

"He's really soft," Gavin muttered as he slowly relaxed.

Elijah just shrugged and looked through the coding once more before giving a stressed sigh. "Alright, now the test part," Elijah muttered as he reached behind my neck and carefully pulled out the cord that connected him to the computer.

Briefly seeing red all around him as my system seemed to not like the disconnect, a prompt telling me to sleep, but I steeled himself and pushed against the red wall that appeared. I didn't want to sleep, I wanted to be with the boy that woke him up longer. Feeling it crumble under my assault, I gave a joyful bark and watched Elijah's face break into a smile. "It worked!" he shouted.

Feeling a bit bad at the fact that he technically shouldn't have worked, I did my best to ignore the guilt that followed and tried to reorganize the rushing emotions that followed through my body. It was weird, and my heart sped up slightly at the onslaught but disregarded it.

"What's his name?" Gavin asked with a smile at seeing his brother's glee.

Elijah seemed to light up as he got up and raced toward his desk where a white-collar laid on the table with a circular dog tag hanging from it.

"I thought about it, and his designation is RA9. Cause you know, K9, I thought RA9 was appropriate. Reed's Android," Elijah said with a blinding smile that made his dimples shine as he slid the collar over my head before tightening it slightly until it rested comfortably on my neck but didn't choke me.

"That's not a name," Gavin pointed out as he moved back from me.

"Well, baby brother, what do you suggest?" Elijah asked as the plate that rested along my upper chest comfortable read RA9.

Before Gavin could say anything, they heard a soft knock on the door and a blonde woman with amazing blue eyes entered the room. I smelt the stranger and recoiled slightly as metal and thirium entered my nose. This was also an android, and Merlin did she look like a human. He couldn't even tell she wasn't until his nose told him so.

"Chloe! What do you have?" Elijah asked, noting the tray in her hands.

I couldn't sit still any longer though and got up and raced toward the android and ignored Elijah telling me to stop and come back. Sniffing her shoes first and taking in the metal that encased her but I smelt a hint of sun and grass that seemed to blend nicely with her natural smell. It wasn't until he stopped smelling her that something inside me, probably Master of Death related, noted the tiny soul that was hidden inside her thirium heart. It was a tiny thing, almost naturally like a baby but this seemed like a fledgling Phoenix that hadn't found flames yet to grow into the amazing bird it naturally was. Without much thought, I poked my nose against the exposed hand that was slowly reaching down to me and felt the skin retract around my muzzle.

Flashes of emotions went through me. Concern. Happiness. Amazement. Guilt. Horror. Before it finally settled on Shock and I jumped backward as the tray the android was holding toppled out of her hand and the hand that had been holding it up flew to her mouth in hysteria and tears gathered at the corner of her eyes.

"Chloe!" Both boys shouted in shock and concern as they raced toward the two androids. Chloe finally moved her hand from her mouth to stare at them in front of her in amazement. " alive," she said. It would've taken an ominous had the tears flowed down her cheeks and shock was still shown on her face as she turned her hand, examining each and every slight flaw they may have over the time she's been a groundskeeper for Amanda.

"Chloe?" Elijah asked, seeming unsettled.

"I've awoken," she said softly, almost confused before settling into gratitude as she looked down toward me. "Thank you," she directed toward me.

Wagging my tail in happiness at watching the soul that lay dormant awaken and flourish under the new emotions it felt, I jumped back in shock as quiet steps started coming up the stairs. My system was telling me to hide, and without much thought, I dived underneath the bed without much thought.

"RA9?" Elijah asked in confusion but seemed to stop as a looming figure entered the room.

"What's going on here?" her snake-like voice reminded me of Voldemort and I refrained from coming out of my hiding spot just to bite the figure. Though it didn't stop my lips from pulling back, though, I had enough restraint from keeping the growl out of my voice.

"Amanda!" Elijah spoke and I noted the hint of hesitance, fear , in them, "Chloe just did something remarkable . She deviated from her natural state!" Elijah said with excitement as Gavin edged himself out of the room. Chloe stared around at her in shock, even as she ignored the small puddle of cookies and hot chocolate that surrounded her feet.

I watched as Amanda's expression soured as she glared at Chloe before aiming it toward Elijah. "What did you do! If all androids turn out like it, then we'd need to do a massive recall. This isn't good for the business," Amanda hissed out and felt the fur at the back of my neck stand. Stay hidden or go to Elijah and comfort the boy.

Just as I was about to go to Elijah to comfort him, a message appeared at the corner of my eyes. " Stay where you are. " The prompt said and I eyed Elijah and spotted him with a phone behind his back, seeming texting without looking. Probably had a type of way to communicate with him through it.

Feeling guilt over my decision, I restlessly watched the two's conversation. "Why would we recall them. I made life, it's amazing," Elijah said with slight confusion.

"That's not their purpose though, their purpose , is to serve humans. They don't have emotions, they're androids , Elijah. Or have you forgotten our deal ?" Amanda asked, her tone turning almost sickly sweet as Chloe stared at her with furrowed eyes that I could detect anger hidden within them, especially as his hands clenched beside her.

I watched as Elijah shallowly swallowed as her face twisted into being upset as Amanda continued to talk. "I took you in because you can make me a lot of money. The only reason your bastard of an idiot brother is here is that you said you won't make any more of them if I didn't. But in order to make them, they can't have any faults , Elijah. So fix the problem , or your brother goes ," Amanda said with a glare toward Chloe before turning on the spot and leaving the room.

Watching Elijah's lip wobble, I listened to the retreating figure that was Amanda and inched my way out from under the bed and shifted to the front of Elijah and knelt in front of him before putting both my paws on his shoulder and leaned forward to lick the tears that were slowly going down the boy's cheeks. The sob that burst through Elijah's chest made my heart clench as he gripped the fur on my back and scooted closer to me as he ducked his head between my shoulder.

I watched the hand that came down on Elijah's shoulder and looked up to see the Chloe model kneel beside us and draw the boy into her arms. I let her and laid down beside them, offering Elijah the support he clearly needed while being between a rock and a hard place.

Finally, Elijah drew back and wiped his tear-streaked cheeks and eyes. "Chloe, I need you to do something for me. Amanda can never know about RA9...I need...I need you to get him downtown. I can't...I can't destroy him. He's perfect . Please," Elijah pleaded out.

"Of course, Elijah," Chloe said with a small, depressed smile. "Would it make you happy?"

Elijah's smile was broken as he wiped his nose before something of steel entered him. "If Amanda doesn't even know of his existence, then he'll be alive and safe. That's what's important," Elijah said before kneeling in front of me and holding the sides of my face gently, his fingers caressing the sides of my muzzle calmly as he seemed to drink in my appearance.

"Stay hidden, RA9, and always know I love you. You are perfect and amazing. I'm sorry for doing this. Please, stay safe and never let yourself be captured. One day...One day I hope your kind will be free and we will be reunited," Elijah said before closing his eyes, seeming to try and refrain from crying again.

I leaned up toward Elijah and licked his cheek before nuzzling it and imagined myself saying, " Of course, young one, for you I will stay safe. "

This is the story of how I was reborn as RA9 and helped an Android Revolution happen.