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The Gensokyo Group Chat

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DoThePlant: Is it alright if I invite a friend

Overdrive: Please go ahead!

DoThePlant: Thanks Reisen

DoThePlant added StainsofTime and Firesword to Gensokyo.

Firesword: And so, I arrive!

Firesword: Behold, foolish mortals, for the almighty Tenshi Hinanawi has graced your virtual sphere with her radiant divine presence.

StainsofTime: Tenshi, I did not secure you an invite to talk here just so you could act high and mighty and get kicked out immediately.

Firesword: Oops.

Firesword: Sorry, Iku.

DoThePlant: Hi tenshi it’s been a while

Firesword: Youmu, my darlin’! How have you been!!!

DoThePlant: Ive been good but very tired

DoThePlant: Reimu and marisa disappeared so im in charge

StainsofTime: “Disappeared”?

StainsofTime: You don’t seem particularly concerned.

DoThePlant: Yukari said shes working on it so im not worried

Firesword: Huh

Firesword: I guess that makes sense

DoThePlant: How have you been though

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): oh ho ho

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): who might this be

Firesword: Hello?

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): i have heard many tales of your foooolish celestial exploits miss hinanawi

Firesword: Foolish?!

Firesword: Now hold on just a second here!

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): indeed

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): your silliness

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): your clownin’ around, even

StainsofTime: Settle down, you two. Tenshi just got here.

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): never

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): i am a force of nature to all newcomers to this chat

Firesword: Uh, but consider this: fight me

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): okay let’s go right now

Firesword: 1v1 me in Fortnite.


indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): how

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): how the fuck do you know what fortnite is

Firesword: Unimportant, 1v1 me

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): let’s run duos actually this could be the most based team of all time


StainsofTime: Friendship? Again?


i-lived-bitch: Attention goobers

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): shut

i-lived-bitch: Usami do you really wish to provoke my wrath again

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): i said shut

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): you have hogged the spotlight of this group chat for long enough

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): it’s time for the funniest person alive (me) to take her throne back

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): you

i-lived-bitch: do not say it

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): and your

BENOTAFRAID: Don’t you fuckin say it

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): old lady friends

Eirin is now Online.

MakaiRepresent is now Online.

flowr is now Online.

swordlady is now Online.

Strun-Bah-Qo is now Online.

frogge is now Online.

Purple_Heart~(Yukarin): You have alerted the horde.

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): not again

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~) is now Offline.

frogge: GET HER ASS

Extra_Extra: I SEE HER

Extra_Extra: Watch this!

Strun-Bah-Qo: Get her, Aya!

Eirin: Let me help.


flowr: I will end this.

Extra_Extra: Oh, that’s a Dual Spark!

Extra_Extra: Ouchie wowchie!

Extra_Extra: OW!

Extra_Extra: @flowr stop hitting me you raggedy bitch

flowr: I beg your pardon?

Extra_Extra: Beg, then

flowr: I offer my assistance, and this is how I am thanked.


flowr: There will be nothing of you left to bury, Shameimaru

Extra_Extra: Oh it is on.

Extra_Extra: It is so fucking on I’m gonna slice you apart

DoThePlant: Oh are you a swordswoman too Aya

Extra_Extra: I am!

KochiYAAA: its on like d0nkey k0ng!!!1!

Extra_Extra: I am unsure what that means but I’m about to slash Yuuka into li’l tiny pieces

Extra_Extra: and feed her to her own flowers.

flowr: My flowers do not betray me. Your friends, on the other hand…

flowr has added CheckerBlack to Gensokyo.

CheckerBlack: Aya! I’ve come for you!

Extra_Extra: Wait, li’l Hatate is here!

Extra_Extra: Cute that you thought she could be any sort of help!

Extra_Extra: also TRAITOR

flowr: That is not all.

flowr: @Deva_Saur Arm, I require you. @Toxik-Lurv You, as well.



Deva_Saur: i am here, in the shadows

Toxik-Lurv: I’m gonna kill you aya

Extra_Extra: WAIT

Extra_Extra: YOU STOP THAT

Extra_Extra: Okay, fine, you wanna play that way…

CheckerBlack: Uh oh. I know what comes next..!

Extra_Extra: @2ndplacebastard @KochiYAAA Assist me!

KochiYAAA: 0k miss aya!!!! ill do mai best!

2ndplacebastard: they will know the power of rabbits

Deva_Saur: Hahah! a feeble little rabbit like you cannot take the might of an oni!

2ndplacebastard: i am in your house

Deva_Saur: What

Deva_Saur: OH G

2ndplacebastard: youre next

KochiYAAA: come at me br0!!

Extra_Extra: En garde, Kazami! HI-YAH!

flowr: this should be fun.

Purple_Heart~(Yukarin): What on Earth is happening in here?!

DoThePlant: It looks like violence

swordlady: ye i might join

DoThePlant: Oh hello miss konngara its nice to meet you finally

swordlady: you too

DoThePlant: Would you like to cross swords sometime I think we could both learn a lot

swordlady: that sounds nice

swordlady: ok

Purple_Heart~(Yukarin): They’re... communicating

Purple_Heart~(Yukarin): Oh, hello!

Purple_Heart~(Yukarin): @LookingForThePreciousThing I just saw you fly by the Hakurei Shrine

LookingForThePreciousThing: Well, I was more “launched”, really

LookingForThePreciousThing: But yes, hello!

Purple_Heart~(Yukarin): Exciting day in Gensokyo today, I see.

LookingForThePreciousThing: Yes

LookingForThePreciousThing: It seems it’s become an all-out battle royale

Firesword is now Online.

Firesword: I am intrigued, tell me more

LookingForThePreciousThing: Oh, hello, Tenshi!

Firesword: I’m a big battle royale fan, you know

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~) is now Online.

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): fortnite real

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~) is now Offline.

Firesword: She’s so eloquent and charming…

Purple_Heart~(Yukarin): Okay now I will kill her too.

Firesword: You won’t touch my new best friend!

Purple_Heart~(Yukarin): Hahaha... I haven’t played the villain in far too long, I feel.

Purple_Heart~(Yukarin): Come on then, Tenshi! Protect your best friend!

StainsofTime: I’m not in any danger, though?

StainsofTime: Oh

StainsofTime: I scrolled up.


StainsofTime: it’s fine it doesn’t hurt

LookingForThePreciousThing: Do you wanna talk about it?

StainsofTime: No it’s fine

StainsofTime: I’m a high-ranking envoy and messenger of Heaven

StainsofTime: I’m not crying by the way

LookingForThePreciousThing: I, um

LookingForThePreciousThing: I never said you were crying

StainsofTime: Maybe I just don’t do enough

StainsofTime: Am I not a good enough guardian

Purple_Heart~(Yukarin): Oh, please don’t feel so downtrodden, Miss Nagae

Purple_Heart~(Yukarin): You lost the status of Tenshi’s best friend when Shion Yorigami entered the picture~

StainsofTime: Okay thatr’s coooll

StainsofTime: Im’ gona gggo

StainsofTime is now Offline.

Purple_Heart~(Yukarin): Oh

Purple_Heart~(Yukarin): Oops

LookingForThePreciousThing: Yukari, what the fuck?!

Firesword: You’re a great fighter, Yukari!

Firesword: Wait, what happened? Why is Iku offline?

Purple_Heart~(Yukarin): It’s probably nothing, Tenshi. I wouldn’t worry about it~

Firesword: I scrolled up.

Purple_Heart~(Yukarin): Shit

Purple_Heart~(Yukarin) is now Offline.


Firesword changed status to Do Not Disturb.

LookingForThePreciousThing: Somehow, I’m only surprised that it wasn’t Marisa.

LookingForThePreciousThing: I’m gonna go talk to Iku now.


indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): HA

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): HA HA HA

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): I ESCAPED FROM THE CITY

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): JUST AS SONIC (god) INTENDED

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): @KochiYAAA LOOK AT ME NOW SANAE I AM UNTOUCHABLE

KochiYAAA: 0mg u actually made it 0ut?!?!?!?!/1?!

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): i forgot you typed like that

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): day ruined

KochiYAAA: sumi!!!!!!! d0nt b mean 2 me!!!!!!

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): since reimu and marisa are missing nobody can tell me to stop

DoThePlant: I can

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): but will you

DoThePlant: Yes

DoThePlant: Stop

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): damn, you got me there

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): ANYWAY

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): it feels good being the greatest escape artist in gensokyo

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): if only there were some way to REPORT what i did

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): to archive it for posterity, of course

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): but ah well

Extra_Extra: I would LOVE to show up right now!

Extra_Extra: Unfortunately, I have been psychically crushed and can’t fly!

Extra_Extra: crazy how that stuff happens isn’t it sumireko

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): what a good idea, aya!

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): i’ll talk to a reporter!

Extra_Extra: I already told you I can’t!

Extra_Extra: Wait.

Extra_Extra: No

Extra_Extra: No you wouldn’t.

Extra_Extra: You wouldn’t dare.

Extra_Extra: You wouldn’t DARE.

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): @CheckerBlack wus poppin

CheckerBlack: I would never pass up an interview for Gensokyo’s premier paper!

Extra_Extra: I hate you so much.

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): we still don’t have an update on reimu and marisa though

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): i wonder how they’re doing

Purple_Heart~(Yukarin): You know, funny story about that.


yakumo-2 summoned yakumo

yakumo-2 summoned hakurei

yakumo-2 summoned kirisame

yakumo-2 summoned satsuki

satsuki: What have you done to me?!

kirisame: holy shit we got out

yakumo: Ran, what are you doing?

yakumo-2: I’m ending this once and for all, Lady Yukari.

(in chapter 16!)