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The Gensokyo Group Chat

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HakureiReimu created server Gensokyo Discussion

HakureiReimu added baddest-witch-jp and KochiYAAA to server Gensokyo Discussion

HakureiReimu: Hello you two

baddest-witch-jp: oh what

KochiYAAA: oh!!!!! did u get a phone reimu

baddest-witch-jp: sanae is that you

KochiYAAA: hiiiii! yes its me

KochiYAAA: i didnt know u2 had phones!!!!!!

HakureiReimu: I wanted to have a way to easily contact people in the event of incidents, and maybe be able to talk to them without having to leave the shrine

baddest-witch-jp: typical lmao

baddest-witch-jp: reimu hakurei being lazy, more at 7

HakureiReimu: Marisa Kirisame, editor of the Bunbunmaru newspaper

baddest-witch-jp: oh that sounds awful nevermind

baddest-witch-jp: i take it back

baddest-witch-jp: so who else are we gonna invite

HakureiReimu: I was thinking Youmu and Sakuya but I don’t know if they have time, and Youmu might have bad connection in Hakugyokurou

KochiYAAA: that sounds fun!!!!!! maybe we could add sumireko too cuz she’s like

KochiYAAA: the ph0ne girl

HakureiReimu: That makes sense, Reisen wouldn’t be a bad choice either as long as she can handle the tech and

HakureiReimu: can get it herself, because I for sure can’t fund it

baddest-witch-jp: gimme invite perms i wanna add some people

HakureiReimu: Marisa

HakureiReimu: Are you aware of the reputation you have involving any sort of power at all

HakureiReimu: Who would you even add

baddest-witch-jp: reimu i have no idea what you could possibly be implying with such accusatory language i am a paragon of decency

baddest-witch-jp: just a few friends of mine

HakureiReimu : I’m going to let Sanae do it instead because I trust her to not invite everyone she knows

HakureiReimu: Is that fine with you, Sanae

KochiYAAA: Ok!!!!! ill only add a few 4 now

HakureiReimu updated roles for KochiYAAA

baddest-witch-jp: traitor

KochiYAAA added indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~) , DoThePlant , and Overdrive to server Gensokyo Discussion

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): i must be dreaming bc theres not a chance in any hell i know of that reimu fuckin hakurei would make a CHATROOM

HakureiReimu : Welcome everyone, I wanted an easy way to talk to people without having to leave the shrine so I made a chat room

HakureiReimu: Times are changing, Sumireko, and I don’t want to be the one left behind

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): its ok you can say kaguya

DoThePlant: Hi its youmu

HakureiReimu: Does your phone work in Hag Kokoro

HakureiReimu: It changed my message, what

HakureiReimu: Hakugyokurou*

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): baby’s first autocorrect, i’m so proud

Overdrive: Who is everyone? I’m reisen

baddest-witch-jp: marisa here

HakureiReimu: I’m Reimu but you already knew that I think

KochiYAAA: sorry i had 2 do some things!!!!! im sanae

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): wow just one message from sanae and i already want to leave

KochiYAAA: y!!!!! i just said hell0 ;’(

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): i’m sorry but you type like someone from the mid 2000s and it’s activating my fight-or-flight response

DoThePlant: I think it’s fine

Overdrive: Don’t be mean to sanae! as long as we understand her why does it matter how she types?

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): okay okay fine

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): i won’t bully green reimu anymore

baddest-witch-jp: “green reimu”

baddest-witch-jp: incredible

HakureiReimu: Behave yourselves, everyone

HakureiReimu: I’d prefer it if you didn’t gang up on the only other useful incident resolver besides myself

Overdrive: WHAT

baddest-witch-jp: are you challenging me you red-white disappointment

DoThePlant: Reimu is right

KochiYAAA: i mean i DID do most of the stuff on tha m00n but everyone’s helped out somehow!!!

baddest-witch-jp: don’t patronize me i am dangerous

Overdrive: You’re a human though

baddest-witch-jp: so are reimu, sanae, and youmu but i don’t see anyone questioning them

Overdrive: Sanae is a half god, youmu is half ghost, and reimu is reimu

Overdrive: That’s enough incentive to not antagonize them

baddest-witch-jp: brb going to burn down eientei

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): yeah stick it to those rabbits and single doctor marisa

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): show the only people capable of healing wounded youkai who’s boss

baddest-witch-jp: there won’t be any wounded youkai when i’m done

HakureiReimu: I thought that was my line

Overdrive: I feel threatened

DoThePlant: Me too and I’m not even a youkai

DoThePlant: Also I’m half phantom not half ghost reisen

Overdrive: Oh, okay

KochiYAAA: marisa u need 2 stop

baddest-witch-jp: yeah ur right

baddest-witch-jp: i decided to borrow some stuff from youmu’s place instead

DoThePlant: Get out of my house I can hear you

baddest-witch-jp: no

HakureiReimu: Well I’d say this chat was a resounding success

HakureiReimu: It hasn’t even been an hour and Marisa is already starting a fight

HakureiReimu: I think I’ll sign off for the night and maybe I’ll have the mental capacity to deal with this tomorrow, when it’s not eleven pm

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): it doesn’t get better trust me

KochiYAAA: ok good night reimu!!!!! also i think youmu and marisa are fighting? did i read that situation right

Overdrive: I think that’s what’s happening according to reimu

Overdrive: I’ll get off for now too

indescribably_cool_ikea_furniture_(sumi~): same

KochiYAAA: ok ill wait 4 marisa and youmu to finish their fight then ill get off 2 but its so nice to talk 2 u all!!!!!!!

Overdrive: You’re too good for us sanae


baddest-witch-jp: get fucked

DoThePlant: I hate you so much

KochiYAAA: hey u2 everyone else is asleep but i wanted 2 wish u good night!!!!!

baddest-witch-jp: sanae i wanted you to remember forever that i totally trashed youmu in a duel

DoThePlant: You didn’t trash anything except my house

DoThePlant: Mistress Yuyuko is gonna have me clean up this entire mess all because you wanted a midnight snack

baddest-witch-jp: but i won and you didn’t

DoThePlant: We didnt even duel

DoThePlant: You just stole a bunch of food and left

baddest-witch-jp: i accomplished my goal that counts as winning

KochiYAAA: u didnt win the spellcard duel but u won in your heart which is all that matters marisa <33333

baddest-witch-jp: see sanae agrees

DoThePlant: I’m going to bed

DoThePlant: Goodnight

baddest-witch-jp: lmao goodnight youmu and goodnight sanae

baddest-witch-jp: no hard feelings i’ll pay you back someday

KochiYAAA: i have a l0t of things 2 do tomorr0w so ill talk 2 u then??? lady kanako wants me 2 have a healthy sleep schedule

baddest-witch-jp: yeah sure thing sanae, goodnight i’ll talk to you tomorrow

baddest-witch-jp: oh could you give me invite permission before you leave though

baddest-witch-jp: i won’t mass invite people, magician’s word

KochiYAAA: ok i guess!!!! but pls dont make a bad choice or else reimu will get mad @ meeee

KochiYAAA updated permissions for baddest-witch-jp

baddest-witch-jp: thanks sanae, i appreciate it

baddest-witch-jp: goodnight for real this time

KochiYAAA: good niiiiite!!!!! :DDD

KochiYAAA changed status to Do Not Disturb

baddest-witch-jp is now AFK.



baddest-witch-jp is no longer AFK.

baddest-witch-jp added MakaiRepresent and i-lived-bitch to server Gensokyo Discussion .

MakaiRepresent: Did we make it in?

i-lived-bitch: Marisa you are my favorite

baddest-witch-jp: the reckoning begins muahahaha

MakaiRepresent: I already regret this.