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kiss me like your boyfriend

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Zhongli Luo is an introvert. She doesn't like people, people don't generally care enough to get to know her, the world spins on. She tries not to stir up too much drama at school, because, well, it's easier to just get through her schoolwork and play games on her phone during breaks than get involved in the storm of other human lives going on around her. School is just a thing that she does, and tries not to get involved in. When she gets home, she'll dive back into her Twitch streams, because interacting with faceless usernames is a lot easier than real people.

This is normally how her days go: 


- She wakes up.


- She makes breakfast.


- She goes to school.


- She goes home.


- She does her homework.


- She starts a Twitch stream for one of the many games on her beefy gaming computer.


- She plays for several hours.


- She goes to bed.


- Rinse + Repeat.

It's simple enough, but of course, the world can never just...keep on spinning. Someone always has to run along and fuck with everyone's peace and well-being.


For Zhongli Luo, that comes in the form of Rong Jiahui--four feet and eleven inches of walking disaster with a loud voice and a spectacularly chaotic reputation. In Rong Jiahui's defense, she did nothing. The world-shaking event that upturns Zhongli Luo's meticulously crafted life is her own stupid brain, tripping face-first into a big lesbian crush on Rong Jiahui. 


It starts off small enough. From across their World History class, Zhongli Luo starts to notice Jiahui. Everything about her is just slightly...rounded. She's soft and small and suddenly Zhongli Luo finds herself imagining what it would be like to scoop her up and kiss her on that little nose of hers, to run her fingers through her thick black hair, to hold her close and breathe in her scent (watermelon, Zhongli Luo notes as she passes Jiahui in the halls. She smells like watermelon candy).


The crush crashes into Zhongli Luo's life with all the rage of a herd of elephants. She suddenly can’t get enough of Jiahui, finding herself looking for the girl amongst the ebb and flow of students whenever she’s walking through the halls.


For three months, she pines. Uselessly, hopelessly, ridiculously, she pines, with no hopes of reciprocation. After all, Jiahui must be straight, with the way she gossips about boys with that constant gang of girls surrounding her at all times. 


And then it all comes to a crux when Valentine’s Day catches her unawares with a pink note taped to her locker and a rose stuck through her lock.


Dear Miss Zhongli Luo, it reads. It has come to my attention that you are not, in fact, a boy. This explains EVERYTHING. I’ve had a crush on you since freshman year, Luo-jie! And it’s been quite a rollercoaster, let me tell you, because I’m also absolutely positive that I’m a lesbian, which has prevented me from making any advances. BUT APPARENTLY???? YOU’RE A GIRL. I’M A FUCKING IDIOT. Anyway all that being said, I like you, wanna date? 


At the bottom of the note is a phone number and a name. 


The name is Rong Jiahui.


Zhongli Luo stares at the note for a long while. 


After several minutes pass of processing the note’s contents, she startles as it all settles in, jerking her body so hard that the note flies out of her hand, and she fumbles for the note as she fishes her phone out of her pocket and desperately taps the number into a new contact.


And then texts the number. 


Rong Jiahui?


Two seconds later, a body comes barreling out of nowhere and crashes into Zhongli Luo, wrapping her in a tight embrace, and then Rong Jiahui pulls back, grinning. “Jiejie!” she cries, loudly.


Zhongli Luo winces, but the corners of her mouth quirk up. “You wrote me a note.”


“I did! ” Jiahui says proudly. Then a look of horror crosses her face. “Wait, texting me was a ‘yes,’ right? You’ll date me? Because I totally could’ve just misinterpreted that just then, you could’ve been texting me to reject me, oh fuck, I fucked up--”


Zhongli Luo leans down and kisses her. 


“Oh.” Jiahui breathes when they part a few seconds later. “Okay. Hell yeah. Lunch on saturday?”


“That sounds wonderful,” Zhongli Luo says, immediately cancelling all of her plans in her head.