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Inked future

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-          My mother is in her study right now but this evening I will go there and grab some parchment and a quill. – whispered the girl and the blonde nodded.

-          Then I will see you at the evening, and take care of each other ok?

-          Ok! - was their response and Emma quickly went to the woods, hoping that the little delay didn’t upset Regina

Enchanted forest- Evening

Emma sighed and looked at her side in which Regina was standing looking intently at her former home, when Emma had explained the whole situation to Regina the brunette had put her lips in a tight line and had refused to talk to her but, when Emma had started preparing to met with the younger version of the other woman, Regina had come along with her without making any sound.

-          Why are you here?- asked Emma for the thousand time- If she… well, if little you sees you she isn’t going to flip or something. You can change your own future!- said trying to have a reaction for the brunette who was now toying with the fabric of her clothes.

The sun was about to hide and the big and large shadows made everything look eerie and enchanted, Emma looked at the distant cottage again with a lump in her throat, she didn’t have to have asked the little Regina to steal from her mother, if the woman found out the girl was going to be punished and the blonde couldn’t stand the thought of that.

-          Maybe is better if I go near the house- whispered to Regina who emitted a long and exasperated sigh.

-          Miss Swan, I would be glad if you doesn’t speak anymore and simply wait with me until I gave you the parchment. - came Regina’s voice through gritted teeth.

-          The majesty speaks now?- asked the blonde while feeling a pang of hurt in her heart, seeing the woman and seeing the girl that this woman once were was painful because she could see herself in the little girl and each time that he thought about the little girl she could also see herself in the grown woman.- Why are you here?- asked finally, her causticity now gone.

-          I simply want to be sure that everything goes smoothly Miss Swan. – Said the brunette while sharpening her features, hiding something that the blonde couldn’t pinpoint in that moment. - And also because there is something that I want to listen.- whispered softly the older woman.

Emma was about to ask what was Regina talking about when the voice of the younger version of the woman could be heard and the older version became invisible.

The blonde smiled to the girl although she wondered what the other woman had tried to say with that last statement and kneeled before the little brunette who had parchment and a quill firmly tucked in her hands.

-          Emma- said the brunette again- Where are you?- her voice started to have an edge of anxiety so the blonde exited the shelter of the woods and approached the girl with the smile firmly planted in her lips.

-          I’m here, did you have problems? - asked eyeing cautiously the body of the girl, hoping that Cora hadn’t hurt here in any way.

But Regina shook her head before handing her adult companion the objects.

-          No, Mother didn’t see me. What are you going to do with this? - asked finally the girl and Emma bit her lip once before sighing.

-          You see, Regina, this things are going to help me, ok? - The brunette nodded once and Emma could feel the eyes of the other brunette in the back of her skull. - I am not from here- started the blonde again and little Regina nodded again and smiled a little- Yes, I know that you knew it- answered Emma chuckling- The thing is that with these things I will be able to return home.

-          So you are going to go? - The voice of the girl broke at the end and Emma needed a moment before answering with a smile nod. - You… are you going to come back?

Emma looked at the girl and saw the grief, the sadness of that voice reflected at her with those big brown eyes and, without thinking, she touched the girl once in the cheek and smiled to her.

-          I don’t know, maybe I will be here before you start missing me, or maybe I am visiting you in a couple of years or maybe… we won’t see each other’s again. But… I promise that even if it takes years I will try to make you smile again ok? And you need to be strong. You can promise me that?

The girl nodded and sniffled before looking at Emma’s green eyes with conviction.

-          I will learn to ride so then I will be able to go to see you. - said with fire in her eyes and Emma smiled at that.

-          I’m sure you are going to be an awesome rider.

Regina then nodded once again and turned, waving one more time at the blonde before returning to the cottage. Not a moment later the older Regina emerged from the forest and looked pensively to the disappearing girl.

-          You knew that this was going to happen- Muttered Emma eyeing carefully to the brunette who simply kept looking at her younger self. - This was what you wanted to hear again? Why? How could you know what was going to happen?

-          I suppose that once my younger self decided to come here my past changed somehow and, therefore I already knew what was going to happen Miss Swan, let’s go, we still need to figure out how to work with Merlin’s ink.

-          You still haven’t say to me why you wanted to listen to that conversation- insisted the blonde but Regina walked away and Emma ended going after her.




Rumplestisking opened the Regina’s door that he had created once again when they had left the house and went to the study, which was now empty.

He hadn’t told the Charmings what he saw but there had been something between the papers that had caught his attention; a piece of parchment and a quill with dry ink in the tip. The objects weren’t strange but the magic that they emitted was something truly rare, and different because the “odor” of that magic wasn’t something that Regina could create and neither could Emma, it was something entirely different, something that he had seen before…

In the abandoned house.

Smirking he grabbed the objects and look at them, the magic was strong but dulled and he nodded to himself before cackling, Regina had used Merlin’s magic something that could have good results or bad results due to the volatile magic of the trapped magician.

He was starting to turn when something cold touched his neck.

-          Not so fast mate- came the voice laced with rum of Hook’s- What are you doing here?

-          I could ask you the same question, dearie- answered Rumplestiskin, her voice laced with disgust.

-          I’m here because I didn’t trust you, what have you take crocodile?

-          A way to found Emma- spitted the dark one while forming a new plan, he didn’t want to destroy Regina, not anymore, but he wanted to meddle something with the brunette’s life and he was sure that the ink was something that he could use.

-          Explain yourself- Demanded the pirate and the older man feigned irritation before answering.

-          The ink that is in this parchment is powerful, it is from a strong magician that maybe you had heard about: Merlin.- Hook nodded- I have the feeling that our beloved queen had used this to change something and since Merlin’s magic is erratic because of his imprisonment the spell backfired and captured Emma and Regina in it.

-          And how can I help Emma? - asked the pirate and Rumplestiskin smirked once more.

-          If you give me something that it is Emma’s I can make a spell that can help you find her.

Hook only nodded before exiting the former Queen mansion and Rumple shook her head while smiling, he was going to have fun with this.


Enchanted forest

Regina was muttering something under her breath while Emma paced feeling useless like every time that something magical appeared in her life. “Which happens a lot considering everything” thought before sighing dramatically.

-          Careful dear, I don’t wish to explain your parents that you couldn’t stand two nights away from their cozy home- Came the sour voice of Regina and the blonde looked at her with every ounce of exasperation resonating in her brain.

-          I will stop sighing when you stop and admit that you wanted to hear me being your friend- was the quick reply and Regina focused again in the enchantment for a couple of minutes before closing her eyes in frustration.- What is now?- asked Emma pointing at the ink that glowed a little.

-          Is just that I can’t write an exact time, the ink refuses it, every time that I try to write the exact moment the ink disappears from the parchment.

-          Maybe it wants to do this in a different way- said Emma approaching the brunette and the ink carefully.

-          And what do you propose Miss Swan?

-          Write something that is closer in time, maybe the ink has discharged and needs sometime to be powerful enough.

Regina eyed the blonde before turning her back at hear and started pacing herself, something that Emma had said was true: Merlin’s magic was erratic and playful, it was the result of many years being imprisoned without a way of escaping. Maybe that was the game that the ink wanted to play, if they traveled through time a few years each time the ink could permit it and when they reached a moment in which the book opened they could re-write in it and then they would return to Storybrooke. It meant that Regna would have to bear the blonde’s presence a little more but if she needed to be truthful with herself that wasn’t as worse as she keep telling said blonde.

-          We will do your idiotic idea Miss Swan, finally some of your brain has start to function.

The blonde made a face but kneeled next to Regina with a little smile playing in her lips, the blankets that Regina had conjured firmly grabbed in her hands.

-          Whenever you are ready- said before half-closing her eyes and Regina, sighing, turned to the blonde and, without acknowledging her she finally muttered something:

-          Thank you for the words that you told me when I was little.

Emma nodded and as Regina started writing she said one final sentence:

-          I told you, I am not only the daughter of my parents.

Then, they were gone.


A/N I know that for the time being Hook is being… well, Hook, but I believe that love and admiration are two different things and although Emma can (and certainly does) admires Regina she still doesn’t love her, not in a way that she can see it or realize it. I’m not a fan of Hook, believe me, I find hard to stomach his presence sometimes but I want to be truthful with the position in which the characters are right now on the show so we will have to bear with Hook a little more. But, don’t worry, this story is a SwanQueen one, is only that I love the slow burn (If you don’t believe me go and read P.S; You are worthy…)(End of advertising) xD