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Cat For Hire

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As John walked into the abandoned subway tunnel, the click of his shoes echoed off the walls of concrete. The dust he stirred up made his nose itch. He would never admit it to anyone, but he missed the ruined carpet of The Library. Being an Army brat he never really stayed in one place for long enough for it to feel like a home, but The Library had started to feel like one.

As he walked to the subway car that held Finch's computers, something with glowing eyes stared back at him through the darkness. He hoped like hell that it wasn't a large rat. A cat stepped out of the shadows, but just to be safe he patted the gun in his holster.

Walking into the subway car he sat down on a seat and a black ball of fur rubbed against his leg.

'What the hell is this?' John asked Finch as he nudged the thing with his toe. It didn't so much move as sniff at his shoe. It was a skinny black cat.

Finch turned his chair around and licked his lips. 'Oh, dear. Bear took the liberty of hiring the services of a cat to help control the rat population.'


'Oh, yes. I never joke about the rodent population. She is quite efficient, she has already caught three rats.'

John smirked. 'So Bear basically hired the cat version of Shaw?'

'It would appear so.'

'Does he pay her in catnip?'

'I didn't ask. I thought it best to leave the details up to Bear.

As John leaned back the cat jumped on his lap and laid down. John poked at it.

'Off my lap, furball.'

The cat looked up at him with contempt and laid back down. Put it in a black tank-top and it really would be the cat version of Shaw.